Kwanzaa: Cheap Thrill

Kwanzaa gifts (zawadi) are supposed to be handmade, or at least personal. Which is meaningful, and great for those who actually have some artsy/craftsy skill. For those who cannot sculpt, draw, sew or otherwise artverb, though, this is the sort of challenge that can put... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Dixie's Lefty Gamer Guy's Christmas Gift

Says Dixie: "My fiancé is a lefty computer gamer. He even mouses with his left hand (unlike almost every other lefty I know). I am looking for either (1) a gaming mouse geared for left hand use (with multiple buttons) or (2) a gaming keyboard... [More]

kids garden in a bag-s.jpg

Kids Garden in a Bag

A clever combination of coloring book and educational agriculture kit, the Kids Garden in a Bag ($16) is a great tool for growing minds. Kids just mix the included ingredients in the standing leak-proof bag and watch their little plant sprout and shoot up on... [More]

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Striptease Kit: A Guide to the Art of Striptease

Striptease Kit: A Guide to the Art of Striptease

This could be possibly the best gift you give your guy this holiday season! The Striptease Kit: A Guide to the Art of Striptease ($20) will teach you all the right moves to impress your guy. This tantalizing little kit includes a 48 page illustrated... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Jenn's Boyfriend's Christmas Gift

Says Jenn: "I've started my Christmas shopping, and I'm looking for the perfect gift for my boyfriend. He loves anything Harley, Steelers, Denis Leary, knives/swords/guns, cooking, autobiographies, Boondock Saints, music, movies, mustangs, etc. Please, please, please help!" Hi, Jenn! Marian here, and as one of... [More]



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Nixon The 51-30 Watch

So, here's the plan: Buy your man this sweet Nixon 'The 51-30' Men's Bracelet Watch ($450) for Christmas. It'll be a great special occasion piece and definitely a wow-worthy gift. And then, you can steal it and rock the fancy mens watch trend. Bonus!... [More]

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Doubtblush: Wreck the Halls - Eastport Clear Backpack

We've all got a horror story about the time our mom gave us a box filled with tampons and a training bra in front of our entire family that one Christmas, or the time our new boyfriend gave us a membership to an S&M club,... [More]

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Blackbird 4 Oz. Hip Flask with Bayonet Top

For Christmas, get your guy a gift he will keep forever. The 4 oz. Hip Flask with Bayonet Top ($95) at Blackbird is made (with lots of love!) in Sheffield, England of time-tested pewter. Because it's lead-free, it won't have any effect on the taste... [More]

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Outblush 2010 Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

1. The Apple iPad ($499,16GB Wi-Fi). Someone needs this badly, and it might just be you. The iPad is merely the ultimate gadget juju. If your maladjusted loved one ignores its siren call because it lacks a front-facing camera, see number 11 below. 2. They... [More]

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Festivus/Winter Solstice: Cheap Thrills

Oh sure, it's a fake holiday, made popular by the show Seinfeld, but lots of people still have fun with Festivus. If you're looking for that perfect Festivus reminder (no gift giving allowed, remember), we have a few ideas that just might wrestle you to... [More]

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go girl-s.jpg

Lewis N Clark Travel Sewing Kit

Some of you more adept seamstresses might want to boo the Lewis N Clark Travel Sewing Kit ($13) off the stage, but we swear, it's one of the best practical stocking stuffers our there. We've danced ourselves right out of a seam one times too... [More]

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Santa Boxerbrief

You know all that pervy 'sexy Santa' lingerie that comes out this time of year? Tiny scraps of red velvet and white marabou? Yeah, it makes us cringe too. But look, we think we found the male equivalent in these hilarious if not a bit... [More]

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emergency clown nose-s.jpg

Emergency Clown Nose

For our perpetual kid significant other, the Emergency Clown Nose ($5) is a must for their cheer-us-up repertoire. Assuming no one has a clown phobia here, this is a goofy pick-me-up anytime. And, duh, if you find gimmicks like this annoying, this isn't a good... [More]

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Vivite System Travel Size Set

For some reason, our mom has taken to using the free hotel "facial bar soap" during the extent of her travels. Cheap alternative or not, it's not ok. Here mom, you're getting the Vivite System Travel Size Set ($20) in your stocking.... [More]

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table topics-s.jpg

Table Topics

Traditional ice breakers are tedious and a lot of times downright creepy. We're seeing new ways to get mouths flapping thanks to the Table Topics ($27) conversation starter game. Whether we use it to ease family tensions or as an after hours all friends and... [More]

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Prada Vitello Logo Wallet

Look, we know that while he's young and building his career, your guy is not likely to have a lot of cash to fill this Prada Vitello Logo Wallet ($340) with. Here's what we suggest: You hand him the gift box, wait for him to... [More]

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PB Teen Grand Cordless Phone

Pottery Barn Teen offers a Cordless Phone ($99) that is so ill, so fly, that even the surliest of Ashleys, Madisons and Olivias are sure to say, "This is totally dumb!" (Which we are assured is actually a good thing....). The directory holds 10 names... [More]

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Bob Ross Master Paint Set

We know a group of Michigan State Alumni who would love to receive the Bob Ross Master Paint Set ($66) as a gift. Seems these guys spent many a happy hour huddled in their dorm room, watching the late Mr. Ross create art, explaining each... [More]

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Nixon Spencer Watch

Nixon Spencer Watch

The Nixon Spencer Watch ($250) is a watch that would rock your guy's world! The black-plated stainless-steel watch has a digital and analog face, which is super cool for your guy especially if he's a techy kind of guy. There are also date, alarm and... [More]

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Magnetic Poetry Writer's Remedy

We don't want to scar you, our gentle friends, with the words that have been known slip from our lips on those occasions when writer's block has locked our brains and dammed our creative flow. For the writer in your life, may we suggest the... [More]

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