Trends 101: How to Safely Do Spring & Summer 2011 Fashion Trends at Work

Bright pink, orange & yellow. All-white outfits. Lace. Super-structured clothes. Military details. Platforms. We all love drooling over the latest trends in our fave fashion mags, but let's face it: The bulk of your clothing & beauty budget ends up going towards work attire, yes? After all, you're there at least five days a week, so your closet probably weighs more towards the "tastefully appropriate business attire" side than "fun n' funky casual." We've already talked about how to dress like yourself at work (link to previous post here), but how can you do add of the fabulous spring & summer 2011 trends to your business wardrobe without going gaudy or spending a mint? Duh. Nordstrom Rack's discounted designer clothes & accessories to the rescue!

Here are our tips for adding spring trends to your 9-5 clothes on the cheap!

Bright Pink, Orange, and Yellow: If you work at a conservative law office, showing up in a fuchsia or lemon hued dress probably isn't wise. A cute camisole, beaded necklace, or cuff bracelet in bright shades worn with an otherwise neutral outfit will add an inexpensive pop of color. We're also digging a bright pedicure peeking out from peep-toe pumps.

All-White Ensembles: Aside from the innate impracticality of wearing all white (especially if you want to, you know, EAT), cheap white clothes tend to be a little sheer. Solution? Go for one white piece, like a skirt, pants, or floaty blouse, and anchor the look with darker separates.

Lace: Lace is sexy, but so easy to overdo. A lace-trimmed blouse can do 9-5 duty, so long as it's not overly low cut (ditto a lace-trimmed tank under a blazer). Our favorite idea? Lace jewelry. Many designers have taken castings of lace and made earrings, rings, or pendants from the intricate patterns on lacework. Gorgeous!

Super Structured Clothes: The 80's are back, but in a good way, and the newest iterations of structure involve wearable shoulder pads and strong tailoring. While you don't want to look like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, small shoulder pads or a wide, stiff belt are easy ways to add defined lines to your silhouette.

Military Details: Hut, two, three, four! Camouflage and fatigues are not office attire, but trench coats, epaulet-trimmed jackets, and brass jewelry are. Khaki, brown, and olive also make for great neutral bases to any ensemble without making you look like G.I. Jane.

Platforms: Play that funky music, and boogie 'til you - okay, so giant 1970's-style platforms are not only challenging to walk in, but not office-appropriate. Solution? Platform peep-toes or chunky wedge pumps. You'll get height and flair without the disco effect.

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