Hawaii 503 Silk Tanktop

This isn't your everyday palm-tree-and-hibiscus-covered Hawaiian shirt. Look a little closer and you'll see it's your everyday Douglas-fir-and-rhododendron covered Pacific Northwest shirt ($78)! Turn expectations upside down and head out in this fabulous collaboration between two Portland-based designers.... [More]

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Wild Cat Black Monogram T-Shirt

We love the sketchy hand-drawn quality of this cropped black tee ($29) - it helps it stand out from all the other sugary sweet cat-themed apparel. Wild cats don't have time for rulers.... [More]

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Elephant Print Top

Elephants aren't exactly subtle. At up to thirteen feet tall and around fifteen thousand pounds, they're not the sort of pet you can hide from the landlord or sneak into a café in your purse. But their presence is a touch more delicate on this... [More]

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Rejected Sweatshirt

Who does that poodle in the Rejected Sweatshirt ($42) think she is?! One trip to the salon and now she treats everyone around her like dogs! Chin up, little guy, it's just a matter of time before you find someone to love that pug mug... [More]

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I'm So Tired T-Shirt

Usually when we're tired the last thing we want to do is strike up a conversation with a stranger, but that might be what happens when you go out in this shirt ($22), so special in its total honesty. Wear it at the gym, to... [More]

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ALTRU New York Times Stacked Tee Shirt

It's hard to think of a more quintessential weekend morning routine than coffee, brunch, freshly cut flowers, and a certain publication's crossword puzzle. Sometimes the Sunday edition is a little tricky, but there's nothing difficult about lounging in this comfy New York Times logo tee... [More]

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Talula Mott T-Shirt

We're sure you've had weeks where your grocery list looked a lot like the print on this Talula Mott T-Shirt ($35), with the possible addition of "ramen". Hey, it's all about prioritizing. This extra-wide scoop neck top makes for a snarky tribute to those leaner... [More]

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Don't Put Me Down For Cardio Tank

Exhausted from huffing and puffing it through your bootcamp workout class? We don't blame you. The Don't Put Me Down For Cardio Tank ($26) will alert gym buddies that you're staying far away from the treadmill that day. If you're avoiding the gym altogether, pull... [More]

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Love Fire Trinity Blouse

We're big fans of Charlie Brown's classic zigzag shirt, but yellow is such a hard color to pull off. Instead, try an homage to everybody's favorite lovable loser with the Trinity Blouse's ($20) subtle chevrons. Lucy still probably won't be holding that football for you... [More]

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Hydrogen Bondage Tee

Get your mind out of the gutter...and into a chemistry book. Hydrogen Bondage tee ($15).... [More]

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House Brawl Tee

The Sorting Hat's got a cushy job - it only works one day a year, it gets to read minds, and its primary task is judging other people's children (hell, we do that anyway!). If you've ever been bored and "sorted" yourself and your loved... [More]

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Nerd T-Shirt

Oh yeah? Would a so-called "nerd" be able understand the necessary math behind and then design the blueprints for a massive computerized machine capable of traversing the stratosphere? ...don't answer that. Nerd T-Shirt ($20).... [More]

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Death is New Punk Tank

Say what you will about hipsters, you gotta admire their tenacity... keeping that flamboyant haircut all the way to the grave. At least in death, their skinny jeans never fit better. Death is New Punk Tank ($18). Available in White and Gray.... [More]

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Take A Hike Tee

Lace up your new boots, get out the bug spray, pack up some gorp, and toss on the Take A Hike Tee ($32) from TrulySanctuary. It's time to delight in the greatness of nature!... [More]

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Untitled and Co VAIN Sweatshirt

We would have liked the Untitled and Co VAIN Sweatshirt ($60) even without the girls. That Clueless reference is just icing on the cake.... [More]

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Hell Yes Ice Cream Women's V-neck

When it comes to ice cream, we'd like to hear more people exclaiming "hell, yes" instead of giving themselves guilt trips. The Hell Yes Ice Cream Women's V-neck ($25) expresses the sentiment loud and clear on a soft polyester and jersey blend fabric. And if... [More]

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Decorated Nerd T-Shirt

Forget commemorating feats like salesmanship or first aid - when are you going to use those in the real world anyway? We want recognition for actual accomplishments! Where's our badge for building a castle out of tiny plastic bricks? Where's our badge for catching 'em... [More]

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Jamestown Top

You could be covered in prison tattoos and missing a front tooth and you'd still look ethereally feminine in this Jamestown Top ($180). Its combination of delicate lace with ivory bow accents would make even The Rock look like a princess (if it came in... [More]

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DJ Pusheen Crew Neck T-Shirt

Who's that pumping out those groovy tunes? Why, it's DJ Pusheen, the big-boned feline from the famous online comic. The DJ Pusheen Crew Neck T-shirt ($24) has everything we want in a t-shirt - and by that we mean it has a cat on it!... [More]

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Made In Hell-A Praduh Tee

What do you get when Valley girl vocabulary meets antiestablishment sensibility? The Made In Hell-A Praduh tee ($50), obvs. Though it's a little hard to say "eff overpriced fashion" when you're spending fifty bucks on this.... [More]

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