Luca Jumper

Laze your way into cooler summer nights in this Luca Jumper ($99). The asymmetric cut in lightweight cotton is perfect for tossing on over your tanks or sundresses without sacrificing an ounce of sophistication. (We don't exactly have sophistication to spare.)... [More]

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Cecile Striped Wrap

When you invest in a cashmere piece as soft as the Cecile Striped Wrap ($199), you're making the right call. Sure, you could get a few different summer wraps or lightweight sweaters for the same price, but they won't be cashmere! Shrugging into this pastel... [More]

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Horse Print Sweatshirt

We here at Outblush can't pass up a unicorn shirt - especially one in pastels! Reawaken your inner child with the inaccurately named Horse Print Sweatshirt ($37). And if it's too cheesy for you, you can wear it ironically! It's nice when things are versatile... [More]

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Yin Yang Shredded Knit

Ah, nothing quite enhances the tranquility of a yin-yang symbol like shredded detailing. This Yin Yang Shredded Knit ($100) features a ribbed hemline, shreds, and an asymmetrical hem.... [More]

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Holy Cats Sweater

Well, this Holy Cats Sweater ($46) destroys shirts with cute cats on them for us. But on the other hand, to not quote Abraham Lincoln, "People who like this sort of thing will find that this is the sort of thing they like."... [More]

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Zip Back Open Stitch Sweater

This Zip Back Open Stitch Sweater ($40) is breaking all the sweater rules. Sweaters are supposed to be for keeping you warm and cozy through the winter, but with its lightweight open weave, this looks downright breezy. What can we say? We've always had a... [More]

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Make Amends Striped Sweater

We like the message behind the Make Amends Striped Sweater ($58): if mohair and wool can put aside their differences and make amends, why can't we? See how happy these fibers are now that they've put the past behind them? They look so great together!... [More]

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Shooting Star Lennon Sweater

Why do we love the Shooting Star Lennon Sweater ($218)? You have a sweet-and-innocent star design with an extra sugary rainbow trail, but before it gets too cutesy, you notice the destroyed detailing!... [More]

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My Favorite Sweater Baggy Beach Jumper

Aside from the ultra-comfy material, the appeal of the My Favorite Sweater Baggy Beach Jumper ($100) is the text. There's no clever wordplay or double entendre, but there is something laughably funny about such an enthusiastic statement written in such plain and unassuming text. We... [More]

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Zara Velour Sweater with Star

You must have really impressed your kindergarten teacher to get a gold star that big! (Technically it's lime, but c'mon.) The Zara Velour Sweater with Star ($40) is an ordinary shirt with an ordinary design, but the black hem, cuffs, and collar work to make... [More]

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Peace Weekend Warrior Hoodie

While we adore all things fashion, we admit that some events are not best seen as opportunities to dress to the nines. Some days, you just need to schlep to and from the gym in something comfy. The Peace Weekend Warrior Hoodie ($65) from Junk... [More]

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BB Dakota Kayla Sweater

What can we say about the Kayla Sweater ($52) from BB Dakota that the picture can't say better? Those stripes and that color scheme express themselves just fine!... [More]

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Jacquard Crewneck Cardigan

When we're spending all that time yachting this summer, we'll need something to toss on over our tank tops when that ocean breeze picks up. This Jacquard Crewneck Cardigan ($88) will do perfectly. The chain-link pattern and navy-aqua color combination give it just the right... [More]

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Heart Embellished Pullover

Not sure if this is a wholesome shirt because it's got a heart on it, or a dark shirt because that heart is black...but one thing we're sure of is that this Heart Embellished Pullover ($32) is a nice addition to our closets. Long sleeves,... [More]

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Sundae Dressed Sweater

Dress in your sundae best! The Sundae Dressed Sweater ($73) from Sugarhill Boutique is a delicious treat for your wardrobe. The navy blue sweater features three-quarter-length sleeves and a knitted collar the color of French Vanilla!... [More]

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Loose Strip Black-Yellow Jumper

You see a lot of stripes in the wild, but only bees know how to keep it simple (we're talking to you, zebras!). This Loose Strip Black-Yellow Jumper ($90) is the perfect thing to hide your boring, one-color human coat! Be the bee!... [More]

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Loose Paris Pullover

Paris and New York City must have a T-shirt rivalry. And NYC may have the numbers, but Paris has got the style. Just take this Loose Paris Pullover ($40) - its loose knit, wide collar, and cute design make it a worthwhile shirt whether you've... [More]

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Today Is My Hot Mess Day Hoodie

This phrase could not have been put on a more appropriate garment. You know you've given up on life for the moment when you go out in public with your Hot Mess Day hoodie ($52) and yoga pants on. We're not judging. In fact, we're... [More]

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Colorful Spliced Pullover

It's not about the quantity of colors, but the quality! The so-called Colorful Spliced Pullover ($40) only uses three colors, but what it does with them is amazing! We don't mind the loose comfy cotton or the round neck, either.... [More]

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Seablue Puffin Jumper

What is it about wee puffins that makes us love them so? We're up for paying homage to the bright-beaked birds by snuggling into the Seablue Puffin Jumper ($138). After all, it's probably the closest we'll get to actually snuggling a puffin. We hear they... [More]

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