Oscar de la Renta Two Tone Eyelet Pump

We do a lot of shopping for frugal brides, but if your budget for wedding footwear knows no bounds, may we suggest the Oscar de la Renta Two Tone Eyelet Pump ($675)? Just send us a couple snapshots to thank us (or an invitation -... [More]

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Paul Green Posh Lace Up Sneakers

It feels like we're prone to blowing our shoe budgets on heeled sandals and sexy pumps. But when we think about it, we spend just as much time in casual footwear, so maybe we should indulge our feet in Paul Green Posh Lace Up Sneakers... [More]

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Disco Ball Combat Boots

Given the success of the disco ball in the '70s, we've been wondering why they don't make everything out of mirror fragments! These Disco Ball Combat Boots ($118) are just the beginning. We imagine a world of disco ball furniture, disco ball cars, and one... [More]

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Seychelles Lost Control Wedge

When rope and a red-and-blue color scheme aren't nautical enough for you, you need the Seychelles Lost Control wedges ($65), which feature teeny tiny boats.... [More]

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Qlarity Oxfords

Welcome to the future! Not the actual future, but rather an interpretation of the future from some hip Hollywood director. These space-age Qlarity oxfords ($60) will go great with your hoverboard, your jetpack, and all the other cool tech we were promised as children. (We... [More]

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Lace Oracle Lace Up Espadrilles

Keeping a pair of white tennies clean has never been one of our talents, but the Lace Oracle Lace Up Espadrille ($55) from Soludos is giving us plenty of incentive to get our act together. The raffia-trimmed sole and delicate lace upper are too pretty... [More]

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Tri-Color Wedges

These Tri-Color Wedges ($465) go one step beyond boring old Bi-Color Wedges! With satin on the outside, a suede insert, and an ankle strap, these shoes are playing for keeps.... [More]

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Oriental Blossom Ditsy Seagrass Flip-Flops

If you're going to wear flip-flops, you might as well go all out - your footsteps are going to attract extra attention anyway! Oriental Blossom Ditsy Seagrass Flip-Flops ($23)... [More]

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Jeffrey Campbell Gatsby Oxford

Whether you're a fan of the movie (or the book) or not, we can all agree that these Gatsby Oxfords ($178) are certainly worth creating a new identity and throwing lavish parties over. Or at least they're a pretty wonderful summer shoe; combining the openness... [More]

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Doubtblush: Creep Up Flashing Platforms

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there... [More]

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Seychelles Turning Point Sandal

Been looking for a shoe that will match your tennis balls? Your search is over. This Seychelles Turning Point Sandal ($85) comes in a spectacular Day-Glo suede with sky blue lining. We don't recommend wearing them when you actually hit the court, but they'll look... [More]

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Ida Skimmer in Natural Straw Calf

The all-leather editions of this elegantly simple flat are certainly cute in their own right, but it's the Natural Straw take on this Ida Skimmer ($298) that has us salivating. In this luxe little flat, a traditional woven base meets a bright yellow toe cap... [More]

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Ash "Virgin" Rose (Pink) Leather High Top Sneaker

These Ash "Virgin" Rose (Pink) Leather High Top Sneakers ($185) are an upgrade from the old kicks you rocked in grade school. They've got belts and buckles instead of laces, which give them an edge. But in rose pink, they're delightfully girly.... [More]

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Green Noelle Espadrilles

Remember when "It looks like this was just thrown together" used to be a bad thing? That comfy patchwork quality isn't the only reason we like the Green Noelle Espadrilles ($44) - half the appeal is the Le Bunny Bleu logo! Also available in blue... [More]

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B.a.i.t. Donna Wedge

It's entirely possible that the print on this B.a.i.t. Donna Wedge ($48) closely resembles the yellow wallpaper that drove Charlotte Perkins Gilman's poor narrator out of her noggin. But put the same sort of hypnotically repetitive pattern onto a cute sandal instead of an attic... [More]

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White Metal Plate Embellished Strap Wedges

Chic wedges with chunky straps: you're ready for love. Chic wedges with chunky straps embellished with metal plates: you're ready for anything. Also available in black and red. White Metal Plate Embellished Strap Wedges ($110).... [More]

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Quilted Platform Pumps

Grandma never knit you anything this chic! (Wait, these aren't knitted.) These faux-leather Quilted Platform Pumps ($44) are a patchwork combination of style, originality, and awesomeness! (Wait, they're not patchwork either.)... [More]

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Børn Marnee Flat

Børn shoes are built for comfort, and for the sort of durability that lets you track a moose for miles through the countryside. They also tend to look like the sort of shoes a moose tracker might wear, which is why these Børn Marnee Flats... [More]

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Jessica Simpson Blossom Pumps

What's great about these Jessica Simpson Blossom pumps ($89) is that they're all about celebration. Sure, your boyfriend could have broken up with you and started dating your ex-best friend, but don't these just put a smile on your face? They can be your "look... [More]

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Leopard Susie Slippers

For the true fashionista, even slippers must be fabulous! The Leopard Susie Slippers ($10) not only feel great but look great, too. After all, you never know who's going to see them the morning after...... [More]

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