Tea Shop Bookshelf Necklace

We already think the adorable lit-nerd necklaces from Etsy seller Coryographies are completely fabulous. She only upped the ante with this Tea Shop Bookshelf Necklace ($50). After all, what could be better together than a cup of Earl Grey and a good read?... [More]

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Ancient Roman Necklace

Obviously this isn't an actual Ancient Roman Necklace. We'd expect that to run us a bit more than $225, and would probably have to buy it in either Sotheby's or a shady alley somewhere. But this modern piece certainly captures the antique spirit, and we're... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Opaque Rhinestone Necklace

We dreamed of owning a necklace like this...when we were seven. But why should we let the whole "being a grown-up" thing ruin the fun now? Especially when this Opaque Rhinestone Necklace ($13) in unapologetic pink can be delivered to our front doors for virtually... [More]

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Jules Smith Nature's Heart Ring

Valentine's Day is coming up fast, and for guys and gals looking for a unique gift on a serious budget, may we suggest this Jules Smith Nature's Heart Ring ($49)? This delicate gold band with a natural wooden heart threaded onto it makes the perfect... [More]

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Ainsley Bracelet

If there was any more blingin' sparkle packed into this Ainsley Bracelet ($98), it'd probably be visible from space. That means it'll certainly get us noticed when we browse the local café's latest collection of unemployed man-poets.... [More]

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Workhorse Sheridan Bracelet

We don't know any six-fingered men, and our dads are still alive and kicking (thankfully), but there are times we catch ourselves wishing we had a reason to recite a sweet revenge mantra like that coined by the legendary Inigo Montoya. Sadly, the only vengeance... [More]

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Givenchy Shark Tooth Necklace

The gold-toned and turquoise-stoned Givenchy Shark Tooth Necklace ($745) is certainly a step up from the collectible teeth you coveted at the aquarium gift shop on your second-grade field trip. Actually, it's a giant leap across a gaping canyon, considering that your childhood souvenirs cost... [More]

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The Second House Rose Gold Crown Studs

Playing Pretty Pretty Princess as young girls set us up for an obsession with baubles and trinkets. Understandably, these Second House Rose Gold Crown Studs ($30) appeal to us on that very same level. The purple stones feel so appropriately regal. And as we see... [More]

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Workhorse Cupid Necklace

Hallmark and every grocery store want us to know that Valentine's Day is coming! And frankly, we're just not ready for it, so we were prepared to turn a blind eye to this Cupid Necklace ($172) - until we realized it wasn't a little cherub.... [More]

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Celebration Statement Necklace

We may have already cleaned up the confetti from our New Year's party and packed away the twinkly lights, but that doesn't mean we've stopped celebrating. In fact, we're finding little ways to celebrate every day, and we don't even care that a coworker caught... [More]

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Jerry Grant 6 Diamond Cluster Ring

What's better than one diamond set in yellow gold given to you by a guy you sort of like? Six diamonds set in rose gold ($380) and purchased with your own money.... [More]

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Terrarium Pendant

It'd be pretty cool to wear a real terrarium around your neck, but we have a feeling we'd wind up with dirt in our cleavage if we tried it, and that would lead to many awkward moments. We've already been caught fishing popcorn out of... [More]

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Personalized Love Letter Locket Charm

They say this Personalized Letter Locket Charm ($84) is meant for messages of love, but we think it's a pretty darned cute accessory for single types as well. Maybe we'll have the tiny silver letter inscribed with the GPS coordinates of the shop where we... [More]

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Pyrite Tassel Bracelet

How pretty will this super-simple Pyrite Tassel Bracelet ($98) look peeking out from under the cuffs of our winter blazers? We suspect it'll be almost as cute as when it's complementing our summer sundresses. (If it's supposed to last 'til the return of warmer weather,... [More]

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Poison Cuff

We've been watching a lot of Xena on Netflix lately, so we're all about anything that screams warrior princess. This Poison Cuff ($135), for example, lends a perfect hint of Grecian dominatrix to our ensembles, with its elegantly coiling snake on a leather base.... [More]

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Sorelle Danielle Hoops

Not sure if you want to wear gold or silver with today's outfit? Free up your mind to weigh more important decisions and hook the Sorelle Danielle Hoops ($50) into your lobes. These two-tone earrings have a soft and romantic feel, so while they'll pair... [More]

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Darlybird Vintage Emerald Isle Earrings

When someone asks where you got these Vintage Emerald Isle Earrings ($12), you can blithely claim you found them in some dusty old antique shop. Then you can spin an outlandish tale about how the earrings were originally owned by a 1920s silent movie ingenue... [More]

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Bohemian Bardot Ring

The new year is the perfect time to make a new statement. That's easy to do when you let the Bohemian Bardot Ring ($71) from Samantha Wills help you. The large ring features a teardrop stone in an eye-catching multicolored pattern. It'll go with anything... [More]

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Slim Monogram Cuffs

These Slim Monogram Cuffs ($58) are so thin that we could totally wear a few of them together to spell out words. We're thinking three is the max, so we're toying with AFK, FLY or SOS! And of course, we're open to suggestions if you... [More]

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Equilibrist and Flags Long Necklace

Running away to join the circus might sound great in theory, but we're sure the reality of a life of death-defying stunts or shoveling elephant dung is less glamorous than it sounds. This Equilibrist and Flags Long Necklace ($131), however, is perfectly appealing, with its... [More]

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