Horse Ring

Just think of the fun you can have when people ask you where you got this Horse Ring ($80). Tell them it was a gift from the sexy cowboy who carried off your grandmother, or that your great-uncle dug it up as part of a... [More]

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Victorian Governess Cuff

Crafty types will love the thread-snipping theme of this Victorian Governess Cuff ($130), modeled after tiny pairs of antique scissors. If you agree, don't hesitate to pull that add-to-cart trigger. With only forty in existence, this piece will soon be as lost as the era... [More]

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ALEX AND CHLOE Mixtape Earrings

Oh no! There's an '80s party coming up, and you don't have any accessories! Good thing you check Outblush, or you might never have seen the ALEX AND CHLOE Mixtape Earrings ($50)! At only two inches long, these bite-sized cassette tapes add a subtle but... [More]

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Busy Bee Ring

The honeybee: nature's version of the unappreciated workaholic. Show the world that you don't get paid enough for the work you do with this Busy Bee Ring ($4)! The shiny black-and-yellow enamel and crystal wings make it sweet.... [More]

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Of Courage Necklace

Cut gemstones are overrated! The agates in the Of Courage Necklace ($135) look like they came straight from the mine. The stylized ball-bead chain beautifully contrasts with the jagged roughness of the stones, making this necklace suitable for both formal and casual settings.... [More]

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Red, Coral, and Gold Pinwheel Earrings

Finally, we have discovered a use for origami. Don't get us wrong: we love the stuff. We just inevitably leave it sitting on a side table until it gathers enough dust to get tossed in the trash. These Red, Coral, and Gold Pinwheel Earrings ($23),... [More]

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Leopard Square Earrings

Usually it turns out badly when you combine things that work best individually, like when we tried to make pizza soup. But these Leopard Square Earrings ($7) succeed where the pizza oven failed! They combine trendy leopard print with classic design, and throw in an... [More]

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Deco Heist Ring

We can't say for sure why we like the Deco Heist Ring ($10), but we can say for sure that we do like it! Is it the unique color scheme, or maybe the chaotic mosaic design? Maybe it's best not to question it. Also available... [More]

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Screw Ring

What can we say about the Screw Ring ($15) that won't sound like innuendo? Well, it looks cool, so there's that. This metal ring has a unique design that tells the world you don't need a man to fix the kitchen sink when it breaks.... [More]

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Hearts Aflutter Cuff Bracelet

While it takes a lot to make our hearts skip a beat (like this photo of Ewan McGregor and his puppy!), we will admit to feeling a little flutter when we spotted the Hearts Aflutter Cuff Bracelet ($58). So while our chances of meeting Ewan... [More]

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Bird Cage Necklace

Birds in cages are pretty, but who needs the noise? This necklace ($6) features a beautifully crafted cage with a white bird inside, without the hassle of keeping something alive!... [More]

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Heart Tree Valentine's Pendant

What if Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss farmed an orchard together in Equestria? The view would look a little like this Heart Tree Valentine's Pendant ($10) from Riverwalk Designs. Available in copper, brass, black, and either shiny or antiqued silver.... [More]

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Floppy Disk Earrings

What are we going to enjoy most about wearing these Floppy Disk Earrings ($12)? Probably how people under the age of twenty-five stare at them in confusion, wondering what bizarre and obscure symbol we're using to decorate our ears.... [More]

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Fold Me A Paper Crane Necklace

Origami cranes are always so much cuter than real cranes (and a lot less bitey, too). That's why we adore the Fold Me A Paper Crane Necklace ($16)! It's like having a (very small) flock of paper cranes flying around your neck all day!... [More]

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Neon Lights Necklace

Don't eat the jewelry! The charms on the Neon Lights Necklace ($16) may look like sugary candy, but that's just their sweet design. The gleaming goldtone chain really complements the fluorescent pink enamel and makes it looks so... tasty! Well, we suppose it wouldn't hurt... [More]

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DIY Not? Necklace

Captivating and clever, the DIY Not? Necklace ($20) has a lot of character. Express your interest in pattern-making, crafting, or creativity in general. Or be kind of creepy.... [More]

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Vivienne Westwood Valentine Kiss Stud Earrings

Why Vivienne Westwood Valentine Kiss Stud Earrings ($65 on sale)? A classic red lip never goes out of style, and sometimes your date needs a few hints. Okay, more than a few.... [More]

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White Squirrel Earrings

Squirrels are not adorable. They're noisy, nasty, attic-chewing, birdseed-stealing tree rats. But Toronto artist Hoi-An Tang has done the seemingly impossible, and made them look downright precious in these White Squirrel Earrings ($32). We figure that alone makes them worth a buy.... [More]

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Punk Pavé Short Safety Pin Earrings

In high school, we knew this girl who was soo badass that she wore safety pins in her ears. We're sure you knew her, too. Or at least, someone like her. Apparently she grew up and gave away her secrets to designer Tom Binns. The... [More]

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Animal Pendant

We love elephants. When we visit the zoo, we'll sit and gaze at the elephant compound for several morally conflicted hours. Someday, maybe, we'll go to Africa. In the meantime, we'll show off our affection by wearing the pachyderm edition of this charming Animal Pendant... [More]

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