Evil Twin Spike Necklace

Straight off of Xena's weapon rack comes the Evil Twin Spike Necklace ($14)! Those curved spikes and that plated texture really set this beauty apart from those more conservative "good twin" spike necklaces.... [More]

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Zodiac Medallion Necklace

The Zodiac Medallion Necklace ($14) - or "Hippie Dog Tag" as we call it - is a great way to show off your sign and streamline conversations with your fortune teller. The classic brass design makes a nice accent whether you believe in astrology or... [More]

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Noelle Gold Necklace in White

This season, it's all about lightening up. And no, we're not just talking about those "Oh crap, I have to get back into a bathing suit" crash diets. This Noelle Necklace ($110) from Kendra Scott might come in a range of hues, but softly iridescent... [More]

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Little Prince Necklace

It's a strange universe we live in, and no one seems to understand except a talking fox! Remind yourself of the advantages of a child's perspective with the Little Prince Necklace ($6).... [More]

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Flower Drop Necklace & Earring Set

Not into pastels, floral prints, or generally spring-ish fashions? You can still give a nod to good weather by wearing the Flower Drop Necklace & Earring Set ($65) from Biodidactic Designs. The black nickel set ditches the ultra-feminine look by outlining the simple silhouette of... [More]

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Hop Hop Hop Cloud Necklace

How utterly adorable is this cloud necklace ($75)? We think it's cute enough to hug. Use it to add a loveable and ironic accent to your favorite summer sundress.... [More]

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Margaret Vera Leather Cuff

Coachella is upon us. We should all take this opportunity to try our best to appear as if we haven't tried at all when it comes to getting dressed for the event. Even though we may have braided our hair loosely, torn our denim shorts... [More]

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Australian Found Wood Necklace

We'll admit it: we're totally getting sucked in by the styling when it comes to this Australian Found Wood Necklace ($85). This piece might not look nearly as nice around our necks as it does in the midst of this artful assemblage of twigs and... [More]

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Freddy Gold Honeycomb Necklace

Isn't nature grand? Why resort to invention when it gives us such awesome forms to play with? Just take a peek at the Freddy Gold Honeycomb Necklace ($75). This lovely replica of a bit of hive geometry makes for a perfectly delicate accessory. Just make... [More]

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Gemini Braid Necklace

The hand-embroidered details on this simple Gemini Braid Necklace ($85) are meant to playfully pay tribute to the astrological twins. Use it to celebrate the hyperactive borderline schizophrenics in your life.... [More]

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Imitation Pearl Rabbit Necklace

Did one of the Hello Kitty cast members break out in hives, or is it the Imitation Pearl Rabbit Necklace ($16). Those aren't real pearls and that's not an actual children's character - but the beauty of imitations is the price!... [More]

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Crystal Pomegranate Earrings

Yeah, we thought they were grapes too. With their deep red color and appetizing gleam, these Crystal Pomegranate Earrings ($9) will give your look a nice accent (and a nice mythological allusion).... [More]

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Golden Grass Bracelet

This Golden Grass Bracelet ($24) isn't made with your average lawn clippings. Naturally lustrous golden grass is grown in Brazil, harvested once yearly, and woven into these pretty bangles by local artisans. Start saving those pennies: these look lovely individually, but become truly stunning in... [More]

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Swinging Bird Earrings

Everything is cuter when it's smaller (a historic discovery made by the Heinz company when they first released those miniature bottles of ketchup). The Heinz breakthrough slowly fed into the fashion industry, where we now have dime-sized earrings. The Swinging Bird Earrings ($6) are simple,... [More]

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ARA Butterfly Ring

Butterflies sure are pretty...until they get close, and you notice their big eyes and those ridiculous antennae! That's why in jewelry they typically leave those things out. Just look at the ARA Butterfly Ring ($47) - all the good parts of a butterfly, none of... [More]

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Cultured Black Pearl Stud Earrings

Dear White Pearls, Hey. It's us, Outblush. Listen, we've had a good run, but our tastes are changing, and you're just a little too...let's be polite and say "traditional." We're looking for something exciting, adventurous, and different - like these Cultured Black Pearl Stud Earrings... [More]

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Anchor Twist Ring

Dress with all the style and pizzazz of an old-fashioned sailor! With its classic anchor design and rope-styled band, the last thing the Anchor Twist Ring ($28) will do is weigh you down!... [More]

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Rose Luce Boho Drops

Less is very often more. Just compare Marlon Brando's On the Waterfront days with the Island of Dr. Moreau era. Three times the Brando = way less appeal. These Rose Luce Boho Drops ($24) are another fine example. The delicate acrylic drops couldn't get any... [More]

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Cast of Vices Handcuff Bracelet

It isn't often we find a piece of jewelry that makes us look like we've just broken loose from a sentencing hearing, but this Cast of Vices Handcuff Bracelet ($250) does the job. And since it's shiny and gold, we won't get mistaken for mere... [More]

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Vintage Mosaic Post Earrings

Good taste never goes out of style - which explains why we haven't seen those big shoulder pads since the eighties. If only the cast of Dynasty had worn these Vintage Mosaic Post Earrings ($27) instead, their show might not seem so dated now.... [More]

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