Kasta Snake Hoops

Looking for a unique, possibly venomous, take on classic hoop earrings? These Kasta Snake Hoops ($300) fulfill your quotas for both hoops and animal accessories! It's not just that they're snakes - they're also hammered and crooked for a gothic look that retains some elegance.... [More]

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Hallowmas Red Blood Necklace

Bones and skulls are good, but where's the blood? Why, it's dripping down your chest when you wear this Hallowmas Red Blood Necklace ($12). The red metal shows you have a dark side without being over-the-top, so you can wear it outside of your vampire... [More]

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Love Tree Necklace

Be warned: wearing this Love Tree Necklace ($110) may lead to strangers staring at your bosom. But don't worry, they're not checking out your cleavage. They're just trying to decipher the message hidden under the cutwork overlay of this eye-catching piece.... [More]

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Vintage Fox Design Ring

Now here's something everyone can enjoy! This Vintage Fox Design Ring ($10) features only the best parts of a fox: the head and the tail! And the design of the face is so original, not to mention loveable!... [More]

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Lena Wald Diamond Alligator Earring

Sometimes something is so ridiculous, it crosses the line right back over into fantastic again. Case in point: this Lena Wald Diamond Alligator Earring ($100-200). Yes, this thing is made with honest-to-goodness diamonds set into a gold reptile. And do note that the listing is... [More]

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Bike Brooch

We love to ride our bicycles, especially when we can do so while showing off some whimsical, thematically-appropriate accessories, such as this sunny Bike Brooch ($39). Use it to brighten up a blazer or add a funky detail to your messenger bag.... [More]

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Bing Bang Silver Eternity Skull Ring

We love statement jewelry, and the Bing Bang Silver Eternity Skull Ring ($68) definitely fits the bill. We're not sure if it says "I'm trendy," "I'm tough," or "I like forensic anthropology," but we're sure Morticia Addams would approve.... [More]

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Bird Skull Bracelet

Human skulls are fine and good, but sometimes you want a little variety. You're looking for this Bird Skull Bracelet ($18). This one-of-a-kind bracelet has a look that just can't be duplicated. The repeating beaks also make it appealing to fans of spikes. Isn't it... [More]

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Doubtblush: Alcozer & J Dorella Doll Necklace

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent... [More]

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Valor Pendant

Do note that this Valor Pendant ($39) is a bit more wee than it appears. But that doesn't mean that the impact of this crystal-encrusted shield is any less mighty. As hobbits have taught us, brave things can come in tiny packages.... [More]

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Bird in the Hand Necklace

We know Outblush exists to fuel your mercantile desires, but we think you should use the sweet Bird in the Hand Necklace ($30) as a reminder to be grateful for what you have. When it comes down to it, we'd rather see you content with... [More]

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"Quilted" Leaf Earrings

We're totally digging fabric jewelry lately, and these "Quilted" Leaf Earrings ($18) are a perfect demonstration of why. Cleverly stitched from recycled fabric, they're playful, eye-catching, and light enough not to give us a headache when we're wearing them. What's not to like?... [More]

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Labyrinth Ring

Ugly is the new pretty. We don't even know if that's a joke: the Labyrinth Ring ($10) is so hideously grotesque that it's downright beautiful. The wild branches and blatant metal look remind us of an abstract sculpture created by someone who sleeps in a... [More]

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Valentine Necklace

You don't need no valentine! It's 2013! You can be your own valentine! May we suggest gifting yourself the sweet, hand-crocheted Valentine Necklace ($39) by HoKiou? After all the dud dates you've dealt with over the years, it'll be nice to relax and spoil yourself.... [More]

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Skeleton Cameo Ring

Saylor Rose here takes the vintage cameo ring and give it a morbid twist. The Skeleton Cameo Ring ($16) is made - by hand! - from 100% upcycled and ecofriendly material. It resembles a genuine cameo ring so much, it's bone-chilling.... [More]

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Octopus King Necklace

If this were just a normal, peasant octopus, we might not have featured it - but this is an octopus KING! From Owl Monkeys, Canada's resident experts on cute, comes the Octopus King Necklace ($6). You'll love the crystal tentacles, the sparkling blue eyes, and... [More]

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Three Point Plan Pendant

Not every accessory needs a cute critter or a reminder of our own mortality. Sometimes all it needs is a basic kindergarten shape! Take the Three Point Plan Pendant ($15) from Merrin & Gussy. Such a simple design, and yet still elegant and timeless.... [More]

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Indian Outlaw Necklace

A clean white shirt, a denim jacket, and possibly a ten-gallon hat: that's what we'll be sporting along with this Indian Outlaw Necklace ($16). And to any of you say that might be Western-wear overkill, we reply: this town ain't big enough for the two... [More]

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Simona V Amethyst Slice Necklace

There's no need for bells and whistles when the Amethyst Slice Necklace ($49) by Simona V has its own charming natural beauty. It's a sliver of amethyst set in pure gold and hung on a barely-there chain. The layered rock makes a unique statement without... [More]

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Magnolia Statement Necklace in Fern

We're getting a bit hot and bothered about this Magnolia Statement Necklace ($220). The semiprecious stones and delicately wrought gold-plated leaves create a perfectly elegant balance we're dying to clasp on and start showing off.... [More]

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