Shiny Black Tusk Bangle

Isn't it great we live in an age when we can buy "tusk" jewelry and it's not made from real elephant? The Shiny Black Tusk Bangle ($160) is an adjustable brass bangle that's inspired by - not carved from - the majestic elephant.... [More]

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Crystal Turtle Stud Earrings

All animals with predominantly round shapes really should be made into stud earrings. The Crystal Turtle Stud Earrings ($8) work...the Anteater Stud Earrings were kind of a dud. Also available in gold crystal.... [More]

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Hotrod Rocks Piston Earrings

If you're looking for a suggestive sex metaphor, you won't find a better one than the piston! These Hotrod Rocks Piston Earrings ($40) are all about thrusting, pulling out, then thrusting again, and then... whew, did it just get hot in here?... [More]

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Multi Gemstone Gold Splice Necklace

It's like one of those dazzling, brilliantly colored statement necklaces, but for a '50s television set. Multi Gemstone Gold Splice Necklace ($9).... [More]

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Crossroads Ring

Like the paneling at your grandparents' house so much, you want to wear it around? This Crossroads Ring ($427) features solid, old-world craftsmanship that'll stand the test of time.... [More]

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Tiger Print Leaf Drop Earrings

They said it couldn't be done, but the Tiger Print Leaf Drop Earrings ($5) are proof that geneticists have successfully crossed a tiger with a birch tree. Expect the B-movie about it this summer. (It's called Grrch.)... [More]

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Rustic Deco Silver Collar Necklace

Yeah, we can't tie knots properly either... If you like knot necklaces, this Rustic Deco Silver Collar Necklace ($15) meets the minimum requirement with the most basic knot in existence: two strings touching. (Does that even count?)... [More]

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Charm School Vintage Jellies

Plastic has never been more fun, before or since, than it was in the 1980s, before greater knowledge of how lousy it is for the planet went and ruined the fun with a hefty dose of environmental guilt. That's why we're loving the look of... [More]

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Black and Gold Spike Ring

The Black and Gold Spike Ring ($22) is a solid accessory for a variety of different looks. It could also double as a meat tenderizer. Go figure.... [More]

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The Wanderlust Watch

While we wish we didn't have to keep track of the minutes during the summer months, it's probably best to make our appointments and show up to work on time almost every day. At least this floral Wanderlust wrap watch ($40) reflects our would-that-we-could-be-carefree attitudes.... [More]

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Gingham Rope Knot Necklace

Tone down your favorite neon top by pairing it with the preppy Gingham Rope Knot Necklace ($45) designed by Yoko Minemura. It'll add texture to your outfit and confirm your reputation as a total trendsetter.... [More]

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Acrylic Brockton Block Bracelet

If you're chronically indecisive, stop reading right now. The endless possibilities you can have engraved into this Acrylic Brockton Block Bracelet ($48) will leave you paralyzed. Will you commemorate your anniversary? Inscribe the name of your beloved? Or play suck up with "I... [More]

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Skull Cross Single Wing Ring

It used to be that we wore skulls to set ourselves apart from the mainstream crowd - but now the mainstream crowd is wearing them! What's a counter-cultural girl to do? Add a bat wing, a bone cross, and a cranial crack. Skull Cross Single... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Mini Notebook Heart Earrings

Pop in the Mini Notebook Heart Earrings ($8) when you're feeling especially bookish...err, notebook-ish? The little hearts sport loose-leaf lines, just like the paper you used during grade school to doodle your crush's name. Caution: wearing them may give you the urge to sharpen a... [More]

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Odyssey Ring

Some people like to wear bright and flashy jewelry with tons of ornaments to "make a statement." What statement is the Odyssey Ring ($16) making? Either "Cut the crap" or "Tell me, Muse, of the man of many ways."... [More]

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Heart & Star Ring

We've loved hearts and stars ever since we were three, while basic shapes like squares and circles just seem childish. This Heart & Star Ring ($14) will go great with your clover, horseshoe, or red balloon necklace.... [More]

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Bronze Double Bone Bracelet

Who would have thought the remnants of a good meal could also be a fashion accessory? The Bronze Double Bone Bracelet ($152) has a chic dark appeal along with its always-appropriate color and texture.... [More]

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Love Books Earrings

Is "love" a little too general for your taste? Narrow it down by wearing the Love Books Earrings ($23). When you love a good book, you're bound to have a pretty good appreciation for the other soul-nurturing things in your life anyway, right?... [More]

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Vanessa Mooney Capulet Ring

You may think the Capulets are a no-good family of thumb-biters, but you have to admit, the Vanessa Mooney Capulet Ring ($63) has a classic, antique style that could win any Romeo's heart.... [More]

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North Star Earrings

We've been bombarded with nautical fashions this summer, but we can safely say that the North Star Earrings ($330) by Erica Weiner are at the top of our list. While the diamonds add to the wow factor, we're most taken with the simple star design.... [More]

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