Venetian Mask Necklace

Did you know that Venetian masks are actually used for more than just creepy rich-people orgies? It's true! They also come in lots of different styles - some of them even have normal-sized noses! This Venetian Mask Necklace ($120) celebrates the prettier side of the... [More]

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Sterling Silver Mood Ring

Love the concept of mood rings but hate that they usually come in cardboard display boxes at drug store checkouts, the stone ensconced in the belly of a turtle or penguin or the center of the sun? No worries, we found this sterling silver mood... [More]

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astrid & miyu All Eyes On Me Earrings

Finally, earrings that will go with every single party outfit we own! The astrid & miyu* cascading All Eyes On Me Earrings ($112, shipping from the UK) are just the things to elevate our holiday party ensembles from pretty to pizzazz-y. They're a little heavy,... [More]

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Kelly Wearstler Carlton Cuff

Cupcake sprinkles in bracelet form! This Kelly Wearstler cuff ($325) brings the party with its colorful sparkles and jazzy cut-outs. If you're feeling low on energy, we bet you'll feel better as soon as you put this on.... [More]

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Ring My Neck Lovebird

Pregnancy, bloating, or that extra slice of cheesecake have your fingers feeling fat? You can still keep the symbol of your lifelong commitment handy with The Lovebird ($99). This clever design transforms your wedding or engagement ring into a charming necklace. And once your fingers... [More]

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Mixed Emotions Spike Bracelet

We're pretty steadfast in our love for the Mixed Emotions Spike Bracelet ($132) from Joomi Lim. The bracelet combines tri-colored metal spikes with a soft chocolate-colored chain for a look that's both edgy and feminine. It'll toughen up your look without making you look too... [More]

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Salvador Dali Cosmic Eye Necklace

"Cosmic" is a nice way of describing the visions of out-there artist Salvador Dalí - nicer than "completely wacked-out", at any rate. Lobster telephone, anyone? Fans of the mustachioed madman's surreal visions will also probably dig the eccentric look of this Salvador Dali Cosmic Eye... [More]

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Cigarette Lighter Ring

Ah, the unmistakable sight of the top of a lighter - it makes your nerves cheer and your lungs cower! Suitable for a fashion accessory, no? The Cigarette Lighter Ring ($22, size 7) may not light cigarettes, but with it on you'll be smoky enough... [More]

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Birthstone Bullet Rings

Think birthstone jewelry is totally lame? These Birthstone Bullet Rings ($24) might change your tune, placing colorful crystal representations of your month's gem into the cores of .38 Special bullets. Best of all, they come with two stones, which means you can't get one for... [More]

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Trikona Ring

King me! This modern and minimalist gold-plated ring ($145) will look majestic by itself, but we're intrigued by its ability to interlock and stack with the other rings in the KRYSOS + CHANDI collection.... [More]

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Zinnia Stud Earrings

The first thing to love about these Zinnia Stud Earrings ($15) is the array of colors. The second thing to love is the fact that they're made out of cantaloupe seeds. Made by artisans working out of Medellín, Colombia, these earrings will provide that final... [More]

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Cleaver Ring

The fake arrow-through-the-head has been done to death, but the Cleaver Ring ($190), handmade with sterling silver and recycled wood, is a Halloween accessory you can wear all year! Fake blood not included (but highly recommended).... [More]

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Pavé Tip Pyramid Bracelet

We'd say this gold-plated, CZ-encrusted pyramid stud bracelet ($170) is a more than suitable replacement for all your old Hot Topic accessories from high school.... [More]

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Silver Double Cage Ring

Stacks on stacks on stacks! Get on trend with this pair of silver rings ($32), which, when worn on both knuckles, gives the illusion of your wearing four separate rings. Other than the bonus of looking rad, you also decrease your chances of losing a... [More]

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Marmara Coin Collar

This is a statement piece if ever we've seen one. Its weight is "substantial but not too heavy", but even if it was "too heavy," we might grin and bear it. We love all the details on the Marmara Coin Collar ($78), and the matte... [More]

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Kenneth Jay Lane Blue Agate Pendant Necklace

When you decide to make a necklace ($150) featuring a three-and-a-half-inch piece of deep blue agate, you'd better let that stone do the heavy lifting, at least in terms of the design. In terms of load-bearing, it's up to the wearer's neck and the gold-plated... [More]

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Fish in a Bag Necklace

It was the height of pimpin' style in the 1970s to rock fat platforms with honest-to-goodness live goldfish swimming around inside. We don't feel so hot about the idea of sacrificing a live critter to our sense of style, which is why we'd rather express... [More]

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Nima Tassel Necklace

Who said tassels are just for drapery and graduation caps? Adorn yourself with these simple ornaments by wearing the Nima Tassel Necklace ($128); its royal blue, cobalt, and gold tassels hang on a metallic ombré rope.... [More]

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MONVATOO Golden Unicorn Ring

You want your jewelry to make a statement. This Monvatoo Golden Unicorn Ring ($93) obliges, telling the world that you've got one funky sense of fashion. (Either that, or wearing it means you're a virgin.)... [More]

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The Executioner Guillotine Necklace

We've worn necklaces with daggers and revolvers, but if it's one thing that belongs around our necks, it's a guillotine! Promoting the idea that you really can turn any weapon into jewelry, the Executioner necklace ($128) is stylish, cute, and a bit dangerous!... [More]

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