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Eel Skin Ruched Coin Purse

We prefer to collect our loose change and sentimental lint fuzzies in containers we won't grow tired of, and the bright teal Eel Skin Ruched Coin Purse ($40) fits the bill. The ruching here is rougher than we're used to seeing, and it highlights the delicate surface of the eel skin nicely. The zing of pink in its contrasting zipper pull sure doesn't hurt either. (Note: this shouldn't be considered an endorsement of animal products.)

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Posted on 02.07.10 at 12:39 PM

"(Note: this shouldn't be considered an endorsement of animal products.) "
What kind of doublespeak is this?
"Here's something that we love, created from the skin of an animal, but we don't want to hurt the animals". Wtf? Last I checked, eels are animals.


Posted on 02.07.10 at 6:16 PM

I'm with minipeds. This post is beyond hypocritical. It's also incredibly inconsistent with the rest of your site. How can you possible make any statements about withholding endorsements for animal products, when your site is filled with posts for leather jackets and leather shoes? I was willing to overlook this because I'd never seen you claim to be an animal cruelty-free zone. But your hypocrisy is astounding. You've just lost a customer.

One Ring to Rule Them All

Posted on 02.08.10 at 12:49 PM

Gosh, Carrie and minipeds, how awesome of you to point out that one sentence in that one post. We'll readily admit we're not perfect, but at least we try to hit the root of the problem rather than calling out a relatively harmless and well-meaning group of people who may have made an error in statement. Next time, do you think you could give us lessons on how to be nitpicky and rude?

Overall, Outblush is a site that brings you products that are worthwhile regardless of the designer, materials, or politics behind these products. You, as the reader, have the right to decide whether you like or dislike the product for whatever reason you feel is valid. We research and respond to users' requests for products, and gladly consider products that you all feel are worth sharing (share now at!).

On a related note, keep an eye out for a great line of vegan handbags we'll be telling you about soon!


Posted on 02.09.10 at 1:20 PM

Oh boy, the claws came out. Ha. Carrie must have hit a nerve, and she should have! When I saw this post I was a little insulted. Outblush CONSTANTLY endorses animal products and to suddenly slap on "Oh we don't endorse animal products" is absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, ladies, have a sense of shame-- or I'd settle for a sense of irony.

One Ring to Rule Them All

Posted on 02.09.10 at 3:12 PM

Well, Vic, I'll be happy to send out one more message and then let y'all have the last word(s): It's not so much that we do or do not endorse animal products as it is that one little sentence seems to have attracted the self-righteous indignation of 2-3 people.

Rather than just jumping to the conclusion that we're hypocrites, maybe at least one of the commenters should have pointed out this statement to see what our reaction would be. At this point, I have no intention of taking down that statement - even though it is something I would usually ask the editor to delete - simply because it is representative to me of the lovely differences in our editors that don't often get to come through on the day-to-day posts.

And P.S.: I'm not ashamed of my editors or their individual stances for AND against animal products.


Posted on 02.09.10 at 3:33 PM

It's amazing that you managed to post not once, but twice-- and the whole time never admitting the plain fact that you (Shock!) made a very silly comment that is logically ridiculous. Instead, you cattily lash out at readers who feel very reasonably that your comment was at the very least untenable.

It's hilarious that you'd finish this off by embracing the contradictory nonsense. "Hey, we love our editors that manage to somehow be be both for and against animal products at the same time!"


Posted on 02.09.10 at 4:05 PM

Outblush is the new Obama. Am I right?


Posted on 02.09.10 at 4:29 PM

Actually, Vic, I think she (he? she?) meant that some of the editors are for animal stuff and some are against. What's with all the negativity though, Outblush and commenters? Can't a person (on either side) make a mistake?


Posted on 02.09.10 at 5:48 PM

They sure can-- and if they're adults, they can admit it instead of having a hissy fit.


Posted on 02.09.10 at 6:41 PM

I have quite literally never seen such ungracious words written by a person who professes to represent an organization to a potential customer. This is not ultimately about a person's stance on animal cruelty. While I clearly have a strong opinion about this topic, my deep concern is the hypocrisy that is taking place through this very exchange. I used to work as a retail manager and this type of attitude would have gotten me fired immediately. While I'm glad that you seem to believe that people will continue to use your website because of your sassy attitude, I believe if you continue to make it apparent that this attitude extends into how you treat customers, you may not be around for long.


Posted on 02.09.10 at 7:16 PM

Some helpful hints to Outblush just to show that while I may be severely annoyed, my first mission is to educate. Hope you find it helpful ladies!


Posted on 02.09.10 at 7:36 PM

"Item: Eel Skin Ruched Coin Purse.
(Note: this shouldn't be considered an endorsement of animal products.) "

uhh.. I'm pretty sure it is! If you are going to feature an animal product because of how amazing/cute you think it is, you are endorsing it. If you're going to feature it, don't think that a half-hearted disclaimer is going to make everyone happy.


Posted on 02.10.10 at 9:17 AM

Wow, okay, this is nuts. I can totally see both sides of the story here and how it probably started as a mis-worded sentence, but is all the vitriol necessary? This is a shopping blog, not the Huffington Post or CNN! Dudes and dudettes, chill!


Posted on 02.11.10 at 8:41 AM

Ok people, simmer down. I should probably bow out of this fight altogether, but I happen to know that Jennifer's insight on the ambiguous statement in question is the closest to the truth. "[S]ome of the editors are for animal stuff and some are against." It's that simple. We're attempting to respect everyone's perspective on the issue. We happen to be animal lovers and fashion followers here, which is a conflict of interest in many cases.


Posted on 02.11.10 at 10:26 AM

I'm looking forward to being the recipient of this "respect" thing of which you speak. I have yet to experience something you are clearly striving so hard to provide. Or are you only reserving it for the varying perspectives of your staff? Again, I'll point you to this helpful piece on how to communicate with customers.


Posted on 02.11.10 at 11:41 AM

@Carrie: While we agree that it's important to be respectful to our various readers and their personal beliefs, there is, unfortunately, no possible way to accommodate every single person on the planet.

We don't actually sell anything on OB, so aren't bound to the same restrictions as a retail chain or for-profit magazine (as suggested by the article you recommended, Carrie, which we *did* read and appreciate). There are ten different Outblush editors, who all have vastly different personal styles & beliefs - which, actually, is why they were brought on board, so they could speak to different segments of our readership. Of course, we always regret any perceived errors in judgment, and offense caused to valued readers, but overall, this seems to be a case of "Let's agree to disagree."

Please feel free to continue any discussions in the comments: if you’d like to see more vegan-friendly products, recommend them to us, or submit a Personal Shopper column request. In the meantime, we are returning to our regularly scheduled product review posts.


Posted on 02.11.10 at 12:20 PM

Thank you--this is all I needed. This discussion stopped being about animal cruelty a long time ago. My posts were primarily about my frustrations regarding the response by Outblush staff to my initial post. It was rude and unneccessary. Quite frankly, this whole thing could have ended right away if those speaking on behalf of Outblush had initially responded in a respectful manner to the concerns. Thank you, and I'm done.

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