Cheap Thrill: Girls Point Index Stickers

Something specific in that textbook (or, let's be honest, magazine) you want to remember? The adorable ladies of the Girls Point Index Stickers ($4) are here to help! Just place them in your reading material with their kerchief pointing to that special tidbit you'd like... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Pixie Market Teal Curved Sunglasses

Have some fun in the sun this spring by tossing on these Teal Curved Sunglasses ($12) at Pixie Market. They're inexpensive, boldly colored, and way trendy. Keep a pair in your purse, in your dashboard, and your bike basket! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Sometimes you just know a good miracle worker when you see it. Or in this case, lather it! This little bar of Bamboo Charcoal Soap with Japanese Camellia Oil ($6) is a great all-natural way to clean sensitive, acne-prone skin. The bamboo charcoal deep cleans... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Urban 1972 Heavy Metal Paisley Brooch

The Heavy Metal Paisley Brooch ($7) at Urban 1972 appeals to the good and bad in us. The paisley shape and rhinestones say "girly and feminine" while the metal says, "we've got a wild side!" So you choose. Pin this to a work cardi, your... [More]

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be mine kit-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Be Mine EKit

Flowers and candies are nice and all, but a banner really says something. The Be Mine EKit ($7) has instructions and templates to make a big banner and a matching mini banner (use it instead of a ribbon on the gift, guys). That's pretty cute.... [More]

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spanish sweeathearts-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Mi Corazon Spanish Sweethearts

Ya know how Spanish makes everything sound more intriguing? Well check it: Mi Corazon Spanish Sweethearts ($2). Muy caliente. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]

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leaf-it notes-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Leaf-It Notes

Turn heads at the office with your green style. The Leaf-It Notes ($6) look like, you guessed it, fallen leaves. Hey, it's a welcome departure from post-its. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Cupid Pin

Oh, let's face it: we don't all LOVE Valentine's Day. Even if we do have someone special in our lives, we hate knowing that he feels obligated to do something spectacular, or that we're supposed to be extra loving that day. We venture to say... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: BudTrap

Some people have magic ninja skills and are able to wrap up headphone cords without creating a big tangle. Us, not so much. No matter how neatly we wrap them, it seems like when we grab our iPod, we can never get the headphone cord... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Yummy Earth Pomegranate Pucker Drops

We can not stop sucking on these Yummy Earth Pomegranate Pucker Drops ($4). They're small, sweet, organic, and we can pop one in our mouths every time we need to hold our tongues in heated office meetings, around our mothers-in-law, and when we generally feel... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Knock Knock Crap Receiptable Organizer

So you've made your New Year's Resolution to streamline your life and be a generally all-round organized and together kind of person. We'll uh, wish you luck in that and point you in the direction of the Knock Knock Crap Receiptable Organizer ($6). It's a... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Itty Bitty Birthday Banner

We know you're a big deal, but you're getting a little old for a cubicle filled with balloons and streamers. Understated elegance comes with age. Itty Bitty Birthday Banner ($3) What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: H2O Plus Cooling Eye Patches

It's a simple thing, really. Not only do these H2O+ Cooling Eye Patches ($6) decrease puffiness and soothe your tired eyes, but they also force you to lie still for five minutes, which in and of itself can turn your day around.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Words of Wisdom Coin Purse

Even though the Words of Wisdom Coin Purse ($5) would undoubtedly be too small to hold all the cashola we'd need to buy the shoes we covet, we're still going to give a nod at it's wisdom. Plus, it looks like it'll hold plastic, and... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Wine Glass Stick'ems

Wine charms are great and all, but it's kind of annoying to have those little baubles interfering with our cocktail consumption, and we always manage to lose one or two from the set anyway. These Let It Snow Wine Glass Stick'ems ($4) accomplish the same... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Cupcake Lip Balm Gift Set

As much as we'd like to tell you that we picked up a few of these as stocking stuffers for teen family members, we can't in good conscience. Really, we squealed when we saw the Cupcake Lip Balm Gift Set ($9), and promptly purchased a... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Bacon Gift Wrap

We're pretty sure every man on the planet has a not-so-secret love affair with bacon. (We're pretty partial to it ourselves.) So this Holiday season, wrap your man's most manly gift--a box of Omaha Steaks, perhaps?--with Bacon Gift Wrap ($4). Mmm, yummy! What's a Cheap... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Expo Dry Erase Markers with Erasers

If you've ever left your messy roommate a crisp, perfectly-worded, and ever so slightly snippy chore reminder on the whiteboard, only to realize that it contained an embarrassing spelling error, forcing you to try to erase the offending letters very carefully with your thumb and... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Fellowes Frost Mouse Pad

We don't know about you, but we're thinking it's time to shake things up at the office. And by "shake things up" we really mean switch out our boring, fraying at the edges mouse pad and replacing it with the Fellowes Frost Mouse Pad ($5,... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Kama Sutra Rubber Bands

As far as we know, there's no real reason to ever need the Kama Sutra Rubber Bands ($5). They're not particularly pretty when stretched out as bracelets on our wrists, they don't really do a good job of banding things together. But seriously, if there... [More]

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