Fuzz-Free Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are like the duct tape of the beauty world - we use them for everything from applying eyeshadow to erasing mascara smudges to cleaning up the edges of our nails after a manicure. However - this is important - not all cotton swabs... [More]

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Save the Blow Dry Moisture Eliminating Queen of Shower Caps

Forget the whales, it's time to Save the Blow Dry! (Just kidding. We totally love the whales.) But seriously, it is pretty annoying to take off your shower cap to find that your hair still somehow managed to get wet. This is precisely why the... [More]

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Cosmetic Tool Organizer

Until your boss starts accepting "I couldn't find my eyeliner" as a reasonable excuse for coming in late, we suggest using this beauty tool organizer ($8) to corral your pencils and thin brushes. Simply snap up to eight tools into the slots, and never waste... [More]

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Serrated Makeup Sponge

When you see the word "serrated" in a product name, your first thought is not, "I want to rub that on my face." However, in the case of this makeup sponge ($5), it refers to the soft, jagged layers that help ensure streak-free coverage. To... [More]

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Tropical Floral Eyelash Curler

Most eyelash curlers look so... clinical. However, the pretty gold finish and bright pop of flowers on the handle make this model ($4) look less like a torture device and more like the girly beauty gadget it actually is.... [More]

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Duck Mirror

Mirror mirror on my counter: who's the fowlest one of all? Oh, it's you, Duck Mirror ($68). Such handsome webbed feet you have there. It makes you look so much more interesting than your standard bathroom swivel mirror. You know the drill, mirror: we agree... [More]

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Pinch Provisions Shemergency Kit

While it may not be realistic for you to carry this Shemergency Kit ($35) (what a name) around with you at all times, you definitely need to make sure it's around when you're carrying a large tote for a long day, or you're at any... [More]

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SoCal Curls Hair Curling Tie

Aside from the corkscrew, the microwave is probably our most-used kitchen tool. And thanks to SoCal Curls, it's now good for more than just heating up our sad, single lady leftover dinners. Pop in this Hair Curling Tie ($19) for thirty seconds, wrap your hair... [More]

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Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Our love of expensive beauty products demands a certain amount of frugality in other areas of our lives, which is why we're all about this tiny spatula ($5). The long stem and flexible sponge allow us to get every last drop out of our various... [More]

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NuMe Titan 3

The state of your hair will be forever changed when you add the NuMe Titan 3 ($230) to your coiffing routine. It's portable (three barrels and one base take up less room in your luggage than three different full-size curling irons), it comes with its... [More]

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Beauty Bar II Deluxe Makeup & Cosmetic Organizer

This handmade wooden makeup organizer ($59) has enough cubbies and cups to store all of your beauty goods, plus it props up your iPad mini, Air, or iPhone so you can watch makeup tutorials while you apply. Or, just watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo... [More]

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NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

The NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device ($325) is the newest way of receiving spa quality treatments at home. It produces gentle microcurrent waves to reduce signs of aging and stimulate the skin, and it's clinically proven to reduce wrinkles. The fact that it looks like... [More]

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Olivia Garden Finger Brush

There are so many cool things about the Finger Brush ($25) that we don't even know where to begin. For starters, the curved "finger" design hugs your scalp for better control and comfort and the vents allow for faster drying. But here's the best part:... [More]

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SuperSmile Crystal Collection Toothbrush

These SuperSmile toothbrushes ($15) are ergonomically shaped to guide your hands to the ADA-recommended 45-degree brushing angle, and their five rows of bristles are nice and gentle on your gums. But more importantly, look how pretty! We love the look of the slender Lucite handle... [More]

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Hot Tools Deep Waver

Don't be alarmed by the fact that this looks like a glorified crimping iron - it won't make you look like vintage Michael Bolton. No, the Deep Waver ($48, on sale) creates bigger, softer waves than the crimpers of yesteryear. We suggest leaving the ends... [More]

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Sephora Collection Pull It Together Travel Bag

When we travel, our makeup cases always seem to morph into Mary Poppins' magic bag - they look small from the outside, but the inside feels like a cavernous abyss as we paw around looking for our damn lipstick that's nowhere to be found. We... [More]

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We've always been jealous of people patient enough to create beautiful objects by meticulously folding paper. While we may suck at origami, we have a feeling we'll be naturals at the art of Hairagami. This fun little tool ($7) makes updos a snap; you can... [More]

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Makeup Eraser

There are many things in life we wish we could easily erase - the memory of most first dates and every picture of ourselves from the early aughts come to mind. The Makeup Eraser ($20) can't do any of that, but it can wipe away... [More]

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Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

The Infiniti Pro Curl Secret ($100) is so strange, we're not even going to try and describe it - just watch the commercial. Even though it seems like it would be somewhat disconcerting to watch your hair get sucked out of sight into a steaming... [More]

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Yellow Dot Print Train Case

Not in the habit of traveling by train? That's okay - you can still carry your beauty essentials in the Yellow Dot Print Train Case ($92) from BURU on a plane or in a car. (Or hey, even in a hot air balloon if you'd... [More]

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