Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel

Raise your hand if you have oily skin that shines like a freshly waxed car? If you could see through the computer screen into our office, you'd see us raising both hands. But if you saw us in person, you'd never know thanks to PeterThomas... [More]

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NARS Makeup Removing Water

Since we started therapy last month, we've been taking better care of ourselves as a whole. Now we're eating better, exercising often, and actually taking the time to doll ourselves up more frequently than before. And instead of just taking a bar of soap to... [More]

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Masqueology Pore Minimizing

We come across a lot of products in our wide and vast search for Outblush fodder. But we specifically seek out anything that requires us to sit still for any amount of time. The Masqueology Pore Minimizing ($24) mask instructs us to sit down for... [More]

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Fresh Soy Face Cream

A good foundation is key in most every aspect of life. Relationships, tall buildings, and most importantly, makeup routines. The Fresh Soy Face Cream ($38) is the best base for your daily beautification. Wake up, tinkle, apply the Soy Face Cream, let it soak in... [More]

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Tata Harper Rejuventating Serum

We all know the story of Narcissus (if you don't, read it here so this post is relevant) so we're a little hesitant to use Tata Harper Rejuventating Serum ($150). The narcissus bulb extract does increase the strength of skin cells, in turn giving you... [More]

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How to Look Good When You're Being Photographed

Whether you're prepping for your best friend's wedding, your birthday, or your engagement photos (congratulations!), looking good while being photographed is important. From hair to lips to nails, everything counts. Thankfully, Walgreens has tons of great options to help us look great while being photographed.... [More]

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YSL Beauty Temps Majeur Cleansing Balm

Cleansing milks are all over the place this year. And we've tried a few. Most of them work really well, almost surprisingly well considering how thin most formulas are. But YSL Beauty Temps Majeur Cleansing Balm ($65) takes the cake. This stuff can actually remove... [More]

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Boots Olive Wonderbalm

We were first introduced to Boots while studying abroad in London and quickly realized how perfect the brand was for a student on a budget. And one recent overnight application of Olive Wonderbalm ($9) to our dry, cracked heels made it clear that we've been... [More]

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Mario Badescu Cellufirm Drops

Now, the description for Mario Badescu Cellufirm Drops ($25) says that you should apply four or five drops to the face and neck for instant plumping and revitalization of the skin. But with a name like "Cellufirm" we can't help but wonder how effective it... [More]

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Arise Swiss Alpine Cosmetic Cleansing Milk, Soothing Toner and Night Cream

Do you know what it's like to be limited to one cleansing routine throughout your twenties out of fear that your skin will positively ignite in acne the instant you switch to something new? We do. And it's both tedious and obnoxious. We have always... [More]

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Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes

It may take an entire evening of hard partying to ruin your face, but it only takes a minute to piece it back together. Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes ($38) delivers a powerful punch of MIB Complex, reducing puffiness and dark circles, within sixty seconds of... [More]

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Carita Ideal Controle Powder Lotion

Is it an astringent or is it a lotion? Well, Carita Ideal Controle Powder Lotion ($58) is kind of both. It eliminates impurities and absorbs oil like an astringent but it also mattifies like a priming lotion. Sooo, which is it? We don't really care.... [More]

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B. Kamins Anti-Blemish Pads

If you're still using the same face cleansing routine you perfected in college, switch it up with B. Kamins Anti Blemish Pads ($26). The familiar pre-soaked pads deliver anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic ingredients ridding your skin of all the gross and yuck that destroys your... [More]

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myfaceworks Sheet Masks 'the starter kit'

Myfaceworks. How about yours? If it hasn't been working for you lately, apply myfaceworks Sheet Masks 'the starter kit' ($45). Each face cloth is pre-soaked in a solution that will brighten, detox, or hydrate your skin (depending on which you use). It also gives you... [More]

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Mënaji Deep Cleansing Masque

At the end of the week, our faces are in dire need of some quality TLC. And Mënaji Deep Cleansing Masque ($26) is just what the doctor ordered. Made for men, this masque definitely still works for women, especially women like us with really oily... [More]

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BABOR Pure Day Cream

Just like in fashion, beauty routines should change with the seasons. Skin problems are different in spring, moisture levels fluctuate in winter, and the dreaded humidity melts everything it its path during the summer. The ultra-light formula of BABOR Pure Day Cream ($36) makes this... [More]

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Michael Todd Rooibos Tea Gel Eye Treatment

We love warm weather and all that it brings. Shirtless boys, scantily clad girls, watermelon popsicles and coolers full of beer. But what we don't love is using our usual eye cream in 97-degree heat to feel it literally melting off our faces by the... [More]

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Natura Bissé Eye Recovery Balm

Sometimes we head to Target in the hopes of finding some real deals on bathroom couture and cute seasonal accessories but end up spending more time rubbing our eyes at how poorly people dress when they think no one is looking. It is after these... [More]

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Nude Skincare Radiance Collection

A quality cleanser that can strip off makeup without stripping off your face is hard to come by. But the Nude Skincare Radiance Collection ($78) renewed our faith in nighttime cleansers. The Cleansing Facial Oil shows your day's worth of buildup who's boss and does... [More]

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Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

We've heard about using avocado oil in our hair but never for our eyes. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado ($29) moisturizes the delicate skin under the eyes with one little dab. And you don't have to worry about eye cream headaches. You know, when... [More]

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