Sebastian Drench

We have to warn you - 1. Once you use Sebastian's Drench shampoo ($13) and conditioner ($14) you won't, nay can't, go back to something else and 2. There is a 60% chance strangers will try to pet your hair. Seriously, it's that good. The... [More]

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Lush Solid Shampoo

A solid shampoo, whodathunk? Just rub Lush's Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo ($9) around your head three times and you'll have suds and shine like with any liquid shampoo you've ever used. It's perfect for your gym bag or for traveling, allowing you to rest easy... [More]

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Oribe Volumista

The things women do to get their hair big & bouncy are legion: blow drying upside down til your face is burgundy and you get dizzy; layering on twenty different products, each designed for a different part of the hair; teasing and back-combing until your... [More]

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Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Shampoo

Delicately scented with camellia petal, Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Nourishing Shampoo for Dry Hair ($40) nonetheless packs a potent punch. Why? Camellia japonica oil, rich in essential lipids, injects nutrients and moisture deep into hair for long-lasting softness and shine. It's expensive, as shampoos go,... [More]

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aveda replenishment-s.jpg

Aveda Holiday Source of Replenishment

Style wars take their toll, and our hair deserves a spa day. The Aveda Holiday Source of Replenishment ($70) gift set does the trick in the comfort of our own home. Including the Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, Travel-Size Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque,... [More]

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Philip B. Maui Wowie Beach Mist

At first we thought the name was kind of silly, but after we spritzed Maui Wowie Beach Mist ($22) on our tresses, we actually uttered a quiet "wow!" The fine spray gave us a ton of texture without any gunk-y feel like you can sometimes... [More]

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Rubberband Balls

Rubberband Ball

Now you can always be on the ball....when it comes to neat and tidy hair! The Rubberband Ball ($8) is an ultra convenient accessory to store in your handbag. It is a nearly endless supply of non-snag hair bands in complementing colors, conveniently wrapped around... [More]

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The Body Shop Cottonseed Curl Boost

Calling all curl girls! Beauticians recommend not blow-drying curly hair, as that often adds frizz, but what do you do in the wintertime, when going out with wet hair means you end up with a head full of icicles? Protect your ringlets from the heat... [More]

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Billy Jealousy Cool Medium Hair Gel

From mohawks to fauxhawks, hair gel can do it all - except maybe curing diseases (or can it?!). Well, we've had a chance to test out Cool Medium hair gel from Billy Jealousy. Billy Jealousy isn't a name that is commonly seen here since they... [More]

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Johnny B Molding Paste

If you're shopping for men's hair wax, may we suggest Johnny B's Molding Paste? Johnny B is a small - really, really small - company in Los Angeles that has a reputation for making men's hair products with amazing hold. So after coercing a friend... [More]

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Philip B. Anti-Frizz Formula 57

As the rain falls and the wind blows, our silky strands frizz and fluff to no end. On top of that, our hair's dried out from styling and the weather. A few drops of Philip B's Anti-frizz Formula 57 ($35) does our locks good. Frizz... [More]

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Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

Hair dried out, frizzed out, colored out, and generally just tired out? Turn to Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment ($55) to restore it to health. This thick paste contains Ojon palm nut oil to hydrate and strengthen hair, leaving it softer, silkier, and shinier. Warm a... [More]

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Dogfish Head Shampoo Bar

Beauty and brewery geeks alike may be aware that beer is a great clarifying agent for your hair (ironic, since it seems like the more you drink, the less clarity you have!). Dogfish Head Shampoo Bars ($5) are a great addition to any brewmaster, travel... [More]

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Sally Hershberger Shagg Spray

Sally Hershberger, the woman responsible for creating iconic hair cuts for stars like Meg Ryan, Faith Hill, and Kate Moss, has finally come out with her own line of styling products. She's created lines for different hair types from thin to thick, straight to wavy,... [More]

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HerCut Long Layers Catalyst

Stylists always advise long-tressed lasses to add layers for volume, which is great advice until you try to style your own hair and it just... lies there. The brand new HerCut Long Layers Catalyst ($28) promises to do double duty as a moisturizing cream and... [More]

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Nexxus Comb Thru Mist

Hairspray is one of those necessary evils for us since we weren't born with particularly obedient tresses. We're always on the lookout for something that will hold our style through hectic days and rowdy nights, but won't leave our hair looking stiff or crunchy (the... [More]

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Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo

Beer: a wonderful libation, to be sure, but as a beauty product? Sure! Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo ($9-27) contains organic Irish stout beer, which smoothes hair cuticles and helps to tame wildly frizzy, voluminous hair, and lemons, which add shine and a crisp scent.... [More]

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Ellin Lavar-s.jpg

Ellin Lavar Straight and Smooth

Experimenting with the texture and color of our hair sure has taken it's toll... all our thermal styling has sent us straight to nasty town. Surely we can get it all back with Ellin Lavar's Straight and Smooth Package ($32). If you've got naturally curly... [More]

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Matrix Blow-Down Lotion

A good blow dry does wonders for the style of our hair, and finding the product to get the most out of all that time and hot air is key. Matrix Blow-Down Lite Lotion ($15) is great for folks with fine hair who want to... [More]

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Frederic Fekkai Golden-Glimmer Gelee Mist

Perfect for adding shimmering sparkle to anyone's tresses, Frederic Fekkai Golden-Glimmer Gelee Mist ($20) is formulated with golden hued micro-diamond particles and a lightweight hold formula to adapt to any hairdo. It's a limited edition holiday 2009 product, but we can't help but want to... [More]

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