Splat Rebellious Colors Complete Lightening Bleach Kit

Disclosure: you should probably have a professional bleach your hair. But sometimes the spirit of spontaneity takes over, or you're too embarrassed to tell your regular colorist that you need to go blonde for your Marilyn Monroe costume this year (face it: wigs suck). If... [More]

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Citrus + Mint Nourishing Pregnancy Shampoo

Pregnancy is full of crazy. You're constantly nauseous, always tired, and forever bloated. The upside is that the excess of hormones gives you great hair! Foster your hair growth by using Citrus + Mint Nourishing Pregnancy Shampoo ($20) from Nine Naturals. It's as safe as... [More]

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Verb Ghost Oil

No, it's not an extract of the restless dead. Verb Ghost Oil ($15) gets its name from its spookily light feel and texture. But don't be fooled - this infusion of argan and moringa oils packs a perfectly substantial nourishing punch.... [More]

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Maijan Argan Oil Shimmer Shine Spray for Hair

We do our best to keep our hair healthy and happy, but some days we just can't hide our dull split ends and frizzy locks. For getting our hair up to shiny, lush standards, we've been spritzing on Maijan Argan Oil Shimmer Shine Spray for... [More]

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Olia Oil-Powered Permanent Color

A few mishaps with home treatments have left us less than confident in our hair color DIY skills, but we've been hearing amazing things about Garnier's Olia Oil-Powered Permanent Color ($10). It's an oil-based color system, which means it's formulated without scalp-burning ammonia. We're not... [More]

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Intelligent Nutrients Hair Shine Spray

Banish frizz and add shine naturally with Intelligent Nutrients's organic Hair Shine spray ($24). Spritz a bit into your palm and smooth it through your finished hairstyle. You'll add a sleek finish without weighing your hair down with greasy ingredients.... [More]

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OSiS+ Dust It

Most of our bad hair days are really just flat hair days. Our locks look limp and dull and we curse everything from our genes to our shampoo. At least, that was the routine before we started using Schwarzkopf's OSiS+ Dust It ($21). Just a... [More]

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Satin Hair Serum

Use a a pump or two of Satin Hair Serum ($29) from Living proof. to smooth your 'do without weighing it down. It's formulated without silicone or oils, so it won't turn your hair into a greasy mess by 2:00pm. Instead, you'll spend all day... [More]

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Rahua Hair Wax

When a hair styling product is called a wax, we're always a little skeptical. We don't want to turn our hair into a crunchy, stiff mess. So with a little skepticism building, we opened a tub of Rahua Hair Wax ($32)...and were pleased to find... [More]

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Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo

Alas, even though the Cleansing Oil Shampoo ($57) looks like it glows in the dark, it doesn't. It does, however, use oil to rid your hair of oil buildup. Yep, it sounds odd, but it works! Smooth some into your locks while you shower, rinse... [More]

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Ouidad Color Sense Collection

Whether you were going for a becoming brunette or a bright blue, chances are you've dyed your hair at some point in your life. And thus you know the number that all that dye can do on your hair. Combine that with a head of... [More]

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Philip Kingsley Handbag Brush and Case

We can sense your skepticism from here: who really needs a case for their hairbrush? But we can't be the only ones who've ever haphazardly packed our toiletries and jewelry in one bag only to reach our destination and find a favorite necklace tangled through... [More]

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Bumble and bumble. Thickening Hairspray

We'd like to take a moment and send a sarcastic shout-out to the humidity for rendering our hair both limp and frizzy: gee, thanks! We'll save the real accolades for our Thickening Hairspray ($28). It can be used on wet or dry hair to thicken... [More]

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Detangling Hair Brush

Knots and tangles a problem? Trade in your everyday hairbrush for the Detangling Hair Brush ($10) from Tangle Teezer. It runs through snarled hair with ease, untangling strands without tugging out half of your scalp at the same time.... [More]

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ps shack attack hair small outblush.jpg

Personal Shopper: DD's Shack Attack - Beauty on the Go

DD writes:" As of late, I seem to be the ultimate long term shacker. I'm also a pretty busy girl so what I need is the ultimate 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner because although I shack and I have a lot of fun, I can no... [More]


Glimmer Pomade

We'd like to think that there's no such thing as too much glitter, but we learned otherwise by the time we left junior high, making us initially skeptical of Free Your Mane Glimmer Pomade ($35). This pomade, however, gives off just the right amount of... [More]

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Goody Tanglefix Gentle Detangling Brush

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. At least that's how we felt about hairbrushes a few weeks ago. But upon discovering the Goody Tanglefix Gentle Detangling Brush ($8), we're singing a different tune. This unconventionally shaped brush has stood the tests of curly, air-dried,... [More]

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Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste

Want that tousled, filthy hair look, but feel way too Type-A to skip a day of shampooing? Throw in some Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste ($16). It'll give you that same perfect chunky-waviness, but with a nourishing dose of plant extracts and a fresh fragrance... [More]

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AG Hair Cosmetics Texture Spray

Hair always styles best when it's a bit dirty. But we know summer activities call for showering multiple times in a day. Once your hair is dry, spray a bit of Texture Spray ($24) from AG Hair Cosmetics into your locks. It'll add a bit... [More]

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Hops Shampoo

Beer: totally tasty, but full of empty calories. We're not suggesting you give it up altogether, but maybe it's time it did something good for your body. Wash your locks with a palm full of Hops Shampoo ($18, on sale) from Atlantic Farms. It blends... [More]

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