Liven Up You Summer Scent With Distillery General's Eau De Parfums

Distillery General's little bottles of Eau De Parfum come in three different ideal-for-summer scents. Sea Salt is fresh and crisp, like a morning jog on the sand. Dandelion has a light floral notes--not overpowering, but not weedy or weak, either. And the third, Smokewood, smells... [More]

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Classic, Feminine, Complex--This Fragrance Encompasses Everything A Modern Muse Should Be

You know that dress Grace Kelly wears in Rear Window? The black and white one with the almost-off-the-shoulder neckline, open V back, and playful feather details at the waist. It has that dreamy tulle skirt that settles like a cloud when she's casually lounging in the... [More]

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A Shadow in the Elevator

If you loved Guillermo del Toro's CRIMSON PEAK, you absolutely need Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's line of scents inspired by the film. (I know a lot of people didn't like the movie, but they are MISGUIDED and INCORRECT.) This scent, A Shadow in the Elevator,... [More]

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Smell Fantastic With Just A Dab Of CO Bigelow's Musk Perfume Oil

At such an affordable price, collecting CO Biglelow's perfume oils to mix and match is one of our favorite pastimes. A little dab here and an extra drop there ... it's fun to experiment with unique scents (even though not every combination is a winner!).... [More]

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English Laundry Arrogant Cologne

We're not totally in love with the fact that this English Laundry fragrance ($64) has "arrogant" in its name, but we can overlook it because the scent is so divine. Intended for men, the concoction is more masculine than our usual perfumes but we still... [More]

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Comme de Garcons Series 8: Energy C Grapefruit Eau de Toilette

We've found the perfect perfume for the gym! Comme de Garcons Series 8 Energy C Eau de Toilette ($55) is part of a trio of three citrus-inspired fragrances that uplift and inspire. A fresh squirt kickstarts things with a burst of grapefruit, then mellows into... [More]

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The Jasmine Garden Botanical Mist

This pretty bottle of The Jasmine Garden Botanical Mist ($60) from May Lindstrom does double duty. With natural and organic ingredients, like witch hazel and jasmine extract, it refreshes your skin, giving it a boost in hydration and health. It also smells ahh-mazing and the... [More]

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Dead Writers Perfume

Dead Writers Perfume ($28) isn't going to win any marketing awards. With a name that evokes - at best - stale whisky, cigarettes, and zombies, it doesn't sound like something you'd want to splash on before heading to your book club. Thankfully, the actual fragrance... [More]

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Pikake Fragrance Oil

The word "pikake" may be foreign to you now, but soon the name of the deliciously scented little white blossom will easily roll off your tongue (PEA-cock-ay - it literally means "peacock") when people ask you what fragrance you're wearing. The namesake of the Pikake... [More]

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NEST Fragrances Indigo

Total fragrance junkie? Don't worry, you're in good company. We're always sniffing bottles of potions to find ones that hit us right in the olfactory. If we had to choose a current favorite, it'd be this deep and mysterious Indigo scent ($65) from NEST. With... [More]

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Bakhoor Perfume

You might guess it from the black bottle, but Persephenie's Bakhoor Perfume ($120) would feel out of place on a trip to the beach or a picnic in the park. When we picture ourselves wearing this incense-inspired perfume, with notes of rose, sandalwood, patchouli, coffee,... [More]

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Sage & Rose Face Mist

You may automatically reach for a cup of coffee during your 2 pm energy slump, but you should make sure to keep a bottle of Sage & Rose Face Mist ($10) handy, too. The caffeine will stimulate your brain into pumping out a few more... [More]

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Intelligent Nutrients Absolute Jasmine

Forget blends, additives, synthetics, or other pure scent diluters - you want the real stuff. Intelligent Nutrients bottles up the best of the best and treats us to Absolute Jasmine ($99), a certified organic oil that smells like heaven on earth. Rub a little into... [More]

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Punk Bouquet Body Mist

The words "punk bouquet" first make us think of the mingled aromas of a New York subway train and the crowd at a Rancid show, neither of which we'd really like to spend any extra time inhaling. That makes this Punk Bouquet Body Mist ($20)... [More]

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Peony & Blush Suede Cologne

We love Jo Malone's fragrances because they're free from synthetic additives but still manage to be long-lasting. This Peony & Blush Suede Cologne ($60) is delightful - light and fresh with just a hint of depth, perfect for those of us who want a nice... [More]

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Chill Pill Essential Oil Blend

'Tis the season of stress, if you know what we mean! When the holidays start to overwhelm you, reach for a teeny bottle of Aura Cacia's Chill Pill Essential Oil ($11). The half-ounce blend features a balanced combination of orange, basil, peppermint, lavender, and chamomile... [More]

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Commodity Perfume Try-at-Home Trio

Honestly, what do you imagine a blend of violet, patchouli, and rainwater is really going to smell like? Admit ignorance, and instead of making a 100ml commitment to a scent you've never sniffed, give a few new fragrances a fair shot with this Commodity Perfume... [More]

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REPLICA Jazz Club Cologne

Still looking for the perfect gift for your special someone? If he's the type to enjoy the finer things in life, then how about treating him to a bottle of REPLICA's Jazz Club Cologne ($125)? Deep and aged, it boasts notes of rum, neroli oil,... [More]

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Byredo 1996 Parfum

In 1996, you were probably swathed in flannel, stomping your Doc Martens to Outkast. This Byredo 1996 Parfum ($175), thankfully, does not smell a bit like your grunge years. Instead, it combines spicy notes of juniper and black pepper with a rich foundation of violet,... [More]

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Printed Solid Perfume in Tea

Wish you could enjoy the aroma of that comforting cuppa all day long without the constant need to pee? This Printed Solid Perfume in Tea ($16) turns the signature scent of Earl Grey into a long-lasting wearable fragrance.... [More]

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