Cheap Thrill: Psychic Lapel Pin

You always knew you had a keen inner eye! Stick the Psychic Lapel Pin ($5) on your backpack or T-shirt and let others help you exercise your abilities: we're sure you'll get lots of questions about love lives, future lotto winnings, and the severity of backed up traffic on the... [More]


Recycled Flip-Flop Lion

Where does crappy footwear go to die? If it's lucky, it gets to live on as a toy. Kenyan company Ocean Sole uses discarded flip-flops to make new products like this Recycled Flip-Flop Lion ($55). We love the creativity here, but if any environmental do-gooders think they can get their... [More]


Catbird Travel Candle

Is your travel budget is closer to Motel 6 than Four Seasons? Stick this cute little travel candle ($12) in your luggage, and set it on top of the nightstand when you arrive at your room. Light it up (and try not to think about the last time the bedspread... [More]


Badger Balm Hardworking Hands Balm

Honey Badger don't give a sh*t about your dry hands, but Badger Balm ($14) will take your skin from cracked to smooth in seconds - even if you suffer from psoriasis and eczema. Just rub a dab of the certified organic salve into any problem areas and revel in your... [More]



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Superbalm Scalp Treatment

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Superbalm? It may not be decked out in a cape and tights, but if you suffer from dandruff, this moisturizing treatment ($20) is definitely a lifesaver. It contains coconut oil and candelilla wax to hydrate and soothe your dry scalp while removing dead... [More]


Hydro Saucer

We love that throwing the Hydro Saucer ($10) from Hugs Pet Products means you won't have to stop playing with your pup in order to keep him hydrated. The special foam toy releases water as it's tossed and caught so Fido can run around until sundown (or your arm is... [More]


Life is Short Wear Sequins Tee

This sparkly Life is Short Wear Sequins Tee ($45) is a collaboration between Glitter Guide and eLuxe, and it's spot on. We're 100 percent behind the mantra, as demonstrated by our long love affair with anything boasting a burst of sequins. We can't wait to wear this one with a... [More]


Amazon Fire Phone

Just when you had your mind made up about a phone upgrade (that iPhone 6 looks so cool), along comes the Amazon Fire Phone ($199-649, preorder). The slick smartphone will give current market favorites some stiff competition. It's got 32GB of space, a free year of Amazon Prime, and crazy... [More]


Juniper Sugar Box with Spoon

We've loved taking medicine... ever since Mary Poppins led us to believe that swallowing it with a spoonful of sugar was a perfectly healthy habit. It's especially fun when that sugar comes from this whimsical Juniper Sugar Box with Spoon ($62). Now if you'll excuse us, we have a Midol... [More]


Kitten Bouquet

Note to potential suitors: bring us a bouquet of flowers and we'll curse you for forcing us to find a vase and remember to water them daily until they die. Bring us a Kitten Bouquet ($40), and you'll have our undying love and affection. (Yes, we're aware that we're a... [More]


Juice Beauty Organics to Clear Skin Kit

You might shop exclusively in the organics section at the grocery store, but do you do the same when buying makeup? Juice Beauty's Organics to Clear Skin Kit ($39) contains blemish clearing cleanser and serum, oil-free moisturizer, and a blemish clearing peel, all made from natural ingredients including green apple... [More]


Note Card Collection - Del Sol

Surprise your bestie and send her one of these pretty note cards ($13 for 8) instead of a text message to let her know you're thinking of her. Been awhile since you've sent snail mail? Brush up on your letter writing skills with this tutorial on how to write the... [More]


Homeland: Season 1

Claire Danes has washed out her red Angela Chase hair dye and traded her oversized flannel shirt for a spiffy pant suit in Showtime's fast-paced political thriller Homeland: Season 1 ($29). Danes stars as Carrie Mathison, a CIA analyst in Iraq who receives a vague warning about a planned attack... [More]


Gecko Grip Cling-On Sticky Pad

We've all seen those ads with a gecko hawking auto insurance - but here's a gecko that gives you added driving coverage. The Gecko Grip Cling-On Sticky Pad ($20) is not an insurance policy, but it just may help prevent an accident. The anti-slip, non-adhesive pad sticks to your dashboard... [More]



So you've jerry-rigged yourself a DJ Roomba but he's feeling a little lonely. We won't ask how a combination MP3 player and vacuum developed the capacity for emotions but given the situation it's probably best to placate it. Introduce your inexplicably sentient DJ to Romo ($129). Just place your iPhone... [More]


Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot Skin Brightening Corrector

Things on which spots look cute: Dalmatians, dresses, leopards. Things on which spots do not look cute: your face, hands, and chest. (Excepting freckles, obviously.) If you notice random dark patches cropping up, hit them with this brightening corrector ($75) twice daily. It helps decrease the appearance of spots due... [More]



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Brass Colored Pencil Set

You already have some colored pencils in your junk drawer, but hell if you can find the color you need in that mess. The Brass Colored Pencil Set ($75) is pretty enough that you can leave it on your desk at the ready. Why shouldn't artistic tools be functional art... [More]


6mm Sterling Silver Custom Fingerprint Ring

Wish you could hold the hand of your husband all the time? The 6mm Sterling Silver Custom Fingerprint Ring ($225) is the next best thing. Get your husband's fingerprint engraved on the inside of the ring and you can almost feel his touch against your finger all day long. What... [More]


Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder

First things first: Tsubaki is the Japanese word for the camellia flower, the seeds of which contain oil that help make skin smooth, shiny, and hydrated. The particles in this exfoliating powder ($36) have been coated in Tsubaki oil, which becomes activated when mixed with water - just massage into... [More]


Karin Herzog Chocolate! Cream

You don't have to ask us twice to smear Swiss chocolate-scented cream all over our skin. Chocolate! ($55) by Karin Herzog is an indulgent moisturizer that smells heavenly while making your skin feel years younger. Pro tip: make sure you have some chocolate in the house when you use this... [More]


Marc Jacobs Studded Leather Shoulder Bag

Lust away, ladies, because we're pretty sure that owning one of these Studded Leather Shoulder Bags ($795) is still a 2016 sample sale away. The upside? You have two years to plan on how best to style it (on your shoulder, of course, but which pair of heels will you... [More]


(Now That's What I Call) Colour Me Good Record Sleeves

Forget Picasso - if you've always considered album cover art to be your favorite kind of art, here's your chance to get in on the action. (Now That's What I Call) Colour Me Good Record Sleeves 2 ($13) is a coloring book featuring iconic album art from musicians like Nirvana,... [More]


Lip Bullet in There She Goes

Sure, we like to experiment with bold colors, but every girl needs a neutral, "goes-with-everything" lipstick in her beauty bag. This Lip Bullet in There She Goes ($16) is it. Swipe it on and play up your eyes for an easy, classic look that works for day and night.... [More]


Majellin Button-Up Shirt

Remember how he promised to take you traveling but three years later you have enough trouble just getting him off the couch? Give him this Majellin Button-Up Shirt ($96) as a subtle hint that you're ready to see the world. With that beer belly he's developed, he'll look even more... [More]


Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil

We don't typically take the time to put on eyeliner when we know we're going to be swimming, but if you just can't live without your signature cat eye for a day, you may want to invest in a few of Cargo's Swimmables Eye Pencils ($18). It'll stay put for... [More]

VS Slim Boyfriend Short

Victoria's Secret Slim Boyfriend Short

The Victoria's Secret Slim Boyfriend Short ($29, on sale) makes us feel like we're a kid again! This sweet orange polka dot pattern is adorable and the fit is superb. Get to the bottom of a great sale over a tVictoria's Secret and you can save as much as 50%... [More]



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VS Lightweight Sport Tank

Victoria's Secret Lightweight Sport Tank

The Victoria's Secret Lightweight Sport Tank ($35) is the perfect tank for us to wear when we hit the gym or set foot on the sand for our morning yoga class. It has a great fit and is lightweight enough for us. Click over to Victoria's Secret to treat yourself... [More]

VS Supermodel Sweatshirt

Victoria's Secret Supermodel Sweatshirt

Sometimes we just crave those overcast breezy beach days that call for a sweatshirt. Look fabulous in the Victoria's Secret Supermodel Sweatshirt ($14, on sale) this summer. This adorable top says Paradise Found and we believe we've found our paradise when we relax on the beach all day long. Head... [More]


Fatboy CH-AIR

Who says that inflatable items can only be used as pool accessories? With the Fatboy CH-AIR ($229), you can relax on a cushioned seat inside your home, too. Unlike most pool toys, the CH-AIR is actually stylish, so it fits seamlessly alongside wooden furniture. Be sure to take off your... [More]


Lifefactory Small Wine Glass Pack

Even though using a silicone sleeve-protected wine glass ($20 for 2) from Lifefactory won't prevent red wine from splattering everywhere if it drops, it will probably save you the effort of having to clean up wine and shards of broken glass off the dining room floor or back deck. If... [More]


Caca Rouge Henna Hair Dye

Looking to add a rich, natural red hue to your hair? Turn to LUSH's Caca Rouge Henna Bar ($26) (the Marron, Brun, and Noir bars will deepen your hair to chestnut brown to black shades). The process is long, slightly arduous, and definitely messy, but the results are 100 percent... [More]


Ball FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker

You used to be a magnificent taste-tester when grandma made her famous homemade jam. Too bad her recipe remained a "secret" all the way to her death. Fortunately, with the assistance of the Ball FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker ($100), you can fairly simply make up a batch of... [More]


Nexxt Design Chat Cork Boards

Office space looking a little drab? Yank out those old bulletin boards and install a few Chat Cork Boards ($63) in their place. Staring at their chat bubble shape may remind you to actually return phone calls so the messages stop piling up in your inbox. Err, or just send... [More]


Noodle Bowls with Chopsticks

We know, why would you want to dirty a dish when takeout comes in handy-dandy cartons you can just throw away after you've scarfed down their contents? We don't have a glaringly obvious answer for you, but it might be nice to keep the Noodle Bowls with Chopsticks ($40, set... [More]


Lemon Highlander Nail Polish

Finally got a good base tan? Show it off! Get a mani/pedi with a Scotch Naturals polish in Lemon Highlander ($9, on sale). The neon yellow color will stand out against your bronzed skin and highlight that b*tchin' tan. No worries about it staining your nails, either. The non-toxic polish... [More]

VS Beach Sexy Twist-Front Bralette

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Twist-Front Bralette

The 4th of July is around the corner! Get festive and be a bit patriotic for your beach party and wear the Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Twist-Front Bralette ($24, on sale). Everyone will love the stars and stripes pattern. Visit Victoria's Secret to save an extra 20% on sale and... [More]


A Dozen Roses Gold Rush Perfume

OK, fine, we mostly want this perfume ($125) because the bottle will look so pretty on our vanity. But, combining notes of bittersweet chocolate, blackberry, and the ylang ylang flower, we bet it'll make us smell pretty, too.... [More]


24k Gold & Champagne Marshmallows

We've munched on our share of marshmallows, but we can't say we've ever indulged in 'mallows as fancy as these ones ($24 for 16) from Wondermade. It's probably best to skip the s'mores with these and just eat 'em straight out of the box. Or maybe alongside a plate of... [More]


Love Me Dew Moisturizing Lip Crayon

Any product named after a Beatles song is aces in our book, but we probably would have bought the Love Me Dew Moisturizing Lip Crayon ($16) even if it had a boring name, thanks to its hydrating powers and fantastic array of available colors. How pretty will this bright coral... [More]


Do Fathers Matter?

It's embarrassing that the titular question even needs to be posed, but Paul Raeburn's new book tackles the myth that it's fine and natural for dads be aloof in the childrearing process. Do Fathers Matter?: What Science Is Telling Us About the Parent We've Overlooked ($17) takes a critical look... [More]


Eyeko Mascara Off

The bed always looks so inviting after a long night out, and it can be tempting to skip removing your smokey eye before hitting the sack. These wipes ($9), however, can remove every trace of your makeup in just five to ten seconds - no scrubbing necessary. They also contain... [More]


Sweet Tea iPhone Case

Look again, the brilliant buds in the Sweet Tea iPhone Case ($30) are real. Each clear plastic case is pressed with an arrangement of garden roses, daisies, and greenery (though you can choose from a few different floral case options). Clipped on to your iPhone (4/4s or 5/5s), it'll bring... [More]


Baby In The Corner Dummy Clip

Okay, so we respect your wishes to not put baby in a corner, but when she starts wailing in a crowded restaurant, you may want to comfort her with a pacifier on the end of a Baby In The Corner Dummy Clip ($14) from Elodie Details. It'll let you finish... [More]


BioLite Camp Bundle

Park and campsite grills leave something to be desired (specifically a way to turn burgers from raw patties into something other than hard hockey pucks). Bring your own BioLite Camp Bundle ($225) the next time you visit the great outdoors. It's a trio of awesome: a stove, a grill, and... [More]


Field of Flowers Large Pitcher

Just looking at the Field of Flowers Large Pitcher ($148) from Juliska is making us salivate for some yummy summertime drink - perhaps a delish sweetened tea, or a tart lemonade? Oh, and we'll definitely take a plate of tea cakes or petit fours, too. And, um, does someone else... [More]


Jao Brand Patio Oil

Ugh, mosquito season always has us conflicted! Do we double up on the DEET and risk irritated skin - or worse - as a side effect? Or do we slather on essential oils and hope that they provide an ounce of protection against the onslaught of biting bugs? For now,... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? June 27, 2014

We really wanted to tell you about Accordion Awareness Month, but we went with something a little more mainstream today. You may have heard us preach about it before - June is Adopt a Cat Month! If you plan on adopting a furry friend this summer (or already have one,... [More]


Raise Hell Print

You wouldn't normally associate a fancy floral pattern with badassery, but that's exactly what makes this Raise Hell Print ($24-35) by Striped Cat Studio so perfectly rebellious. Besides, it mirrors your own personality, right? Feminine and ladylike, but also full of spitfire!... [More]


Player 3 Babysuit

Guild mates expecting? Send 'em an in-game cigar and put one of these Player 3 Babysuits ($20) in the (real) mail to help 'em celebrate their good news. /cheer... [More]



Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran departs from his usual indie folk style in his latest effort, X ($11). This time around, he collaborated with Pharrell to produce a fun pop album. His first single, "Sing," is an infectious pop song destined for major radio airplay. With its running bassline and Sheeran's falsetto-style... [More]


Glacier Stainless Nesting Wine Glass

"Roughing it" is a term of the past, especially when products like GSI's Glacier Stainless Nesting Wine Glass ($14) exist. The stainless steel construction makes it durable enough to survive even your toughest of outdoor adventures, and the removable base (that snaps into the top of the glass) keeps it... [More]


kai Body Buffer

kai's Body Buffer ($40 for 2) is more than just an exfoliating sponge - it's actually infused with a light coconut scent that's released when you get it wet. Use it in the bath or shower to clean, moisturize, and remove dead skin cells. Each sponge lasts approximately 30 uses.... [More]


Andrea Kang Mousepad

"Uh, what is this you're having me look at, Outblush?" Honestly, we don't know. It's a bunch of girls with pointy hats holding hands on a mousepad. "Yeah... oddly, I kind of like it though." For whatever reason, we do, too. Andrea Kang Mousepad ($8)... [More]


Folk Floral Mug

You craft yourself the perfect cup(s) of coffee each morning - a thing of beauty, right? Don't drink from that same 'ol chipped mug you've been using since you found it in the back of your sorority house's kitchen cupboard your sophomore year of college. It's definitely time for an... [More]


Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand - Surf Eyeshadow Palette

We (obviously) love our makeup, but most weekends you'll find us completely bare-faced while binge-watching our latest Netflix obsession. However, this new Bobbi Brown palette ($65) is so pretty that we might start wearing eyeshadow even when we don't plan on leaving the house all day. It might sound like... [More]


Lil' Bunny Paper Clips

Q: What reproduces faster than rabbits? A: A Xerox machine. Once you have all those paper copies, you'll need something to keep them in order, like Lil' Bunny Paper Clips ($4). If these cute clips were to multiply, it'd hardly be a bad thing.... [More]


BabyGanics Sunscreen Lotion

Where does the hot summer get off shining its rays on babies? Talk about rude! Protect your little ones from the sun's tactlessness with BabyGanics Sunscreen Lotion ($11). The 50 SPF formula is designed specifically for babies' sensitive skin. It hydrates, too, so those chubby baby cheeks won't dry out... [More]


Filigreed Spyglass Necklace

Here's a cute brass piece that shouts "Land ho!" While the Filigreed Spyglass Necklace ($150, on sale) isn't functional as a telescope, it does actually retract and expand - a fun capability for those of us who like to fidget with our jewelry.... [More]


Haute Dogs: Recipes for Delicious Hot Dogs, Buns, and Condiments

It's hard to resist a good pun, so we were on board with Haute Dogs: Recipes for Delicious Hot Dogs, Buns, and Condiments ($13) by Russell van Kraayenburg as soon as we finished reading the title. Toss in the fact that the whole book is devoted to gussying up our... [More]


Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo

By now we're sure you've heard of Drybar, the salon that doesn't do cuts, color, or treatments - just blowouts. If you aren't lucky enough to live near one of their locations, your next best option is buying a bottle of their Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo ($23). The "weightless" formula... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Ant Cocktail Picks

Obvs, we wouldn't advocate that you eat food or sip a cocktail with bugs in it, but we actually think these Ant Cocktail Picks ($3 each) are pretty awesome. As long as they don't act like a siren call for a trail of real-deal ants, your picnic lunch ought to... [More]


Brass Swordfish Letter Opener

Sure, this Brass Swordfish Letter Opener ($16) is supposed to function as a way to seamlessly tear open your cable bills, but we all know what it really is: your new, go-to bedside protection against home invaders, scary shadows, and that odd noise that needs investigating at 2 am.... [More]


Spritz a Wonderful Life Bag

It ain't Juicy Couture*, but the Spritz a Wonderful Life Bag ($45) is still brightening up our morning with its cute fruit slice facade and totally affordable price tag. We're also pleased as punch about the surprising roominess of it. We managed to cram it full with a whole day's... [More]


Patagonia Expedition Sewing Kit

We're pretty sure the Patagonia Expedition Sewing Kit ($29) is meant to repair packs and climbing gear while out on the trail, but let's be honest: we really want it in case we discover a tear in our $130 Lululemon hoodie while relaxing in Starbucks after yoga class. The leather-bound... [More]


Modfire Astrofire Outdoor Fire Pit

The Cadillac of fire pits, this Modfire Astrofire Outdoor Fire Pit ($1,450) will heat up your backyard, deck, or other patch of outside space in a jiff. What we like about it (apart from the gorgeous color options) is that you can order it to burn via wood, propane, or... [More]


Fleurir's 18pc Box of Caramels

Though the company is best known for their scrumptious chocolates, savvy customers agree that Fleurir produces some equally delicious caramels. The caramels in Fleurir's 18pc Box of Caramels ($34) is buttery soft, coated in milk chocolate, and then elevated to a whole new level with slight dusting of nutmeg, cinnamon,... [More]


Brush On Block Mineral Powder Sunscreen

We realize that we feature a lot of sunscreens here on Outblush, but what can we say? We really don't want to wind up with wrinkles. Or, you know, skin cancer. This Brush on Block Mineral Powder Sunscreen ($30) is possibly our favorite find yet - the translucent powder formula... [More]

Organize It All Spacesaver

Wow, this Organize It All Spacesaver ($70) sure is smart. By straddling your toilet, it efficiently uses space that would otherwise be wasted. Finally, a place to store your toiletries even in a cramped bathroom. We say buy it so long as you live by yourself or in an all... [More]


Cristina Re Signature Teapot

Having a Cristina Re Signature Teapot ($50) displayed in your kitchen will make you look like you're a total tea pro. Okay, maybe not, but it will certainly add a classy element to the room. Even better? If you actually use it to help you serve tea to guests. Cristina... [More]


All I Care About Is Pizza Tank

Priorities are important. Let everyone know yours in the most succinct and direct way possible: the All I Care About Is Pizza Tank ($29). We'd like to pretend that things like "having a fulfilling career" or "helping others" would figure into this list, but this just about covers it.... [More]


Balm Voyage Face Palette

From the passport-inspired packaging to the airplane window-shaped pots of color, the Balm Voyage Face Palette ($42) makes us want to book a trip out of the country, like, right now. Of course we'll pack this in our luggage, as the 16 eyeshadows and 3 lip/cheek creams will ensure that... [More]


World's Okayest Chef Tee

It's the truth, so you may as well put all of your cards on the table from the start. And by "cards" we mean Ore-Ida tater tots and grilled cheese sandwiches that accidentally got a little charred on one side. World's Okayest Chef Tee ($20) from Paranoid Penguin... [More]


Champagne Sabre

Want to really give your dinner guests something to remember? Open the bubbly with this stainless steel Champagne Sabre ($150). We suggest watching this how-to video (and practice beforehand!) to avoid embarrassment and/or flesh wounds.... [More]


National Park Beach Towels

Okay, we know that wanting to collect all five National Park Beach Towels ($50) from Pendleton is a tad bit nerdy (not to mention frivolous and expensive), but we love how each towel's color combination represents a different national park. Maybe someday we'll be ambitious enough to use every towel... [More]


PAYOT Eau De Soin Feel Good Mineral Fragrance

What if your perfume could do more than just make you smell good? This body spray ($50) claims to comfort your body, moisturize your skin, balance your metabolism, and enhance your sense of well-being - all in addition to making you smell nice. We're tempted to ditch the spray nozzle... [More]


Midas Carafes

If we purchase both the large and small carafes in the Midas Carafe Collection ($68-72, on sale) by Front, then we're pretty sure we can use one as intended (to hold our wine or water) and the other as a vase to hold a big bouquet of our favorite blooms.... [More]


Dozi Paper Clip Holder

A porcupine? A hedgehog? Without quills, the Dozi Paper Clip Holder ($29) by Alessi can be whatever you want it to be: a tiny, brightly-colored rodent ready to hold on to all of your paperclips, thumb tacks, and stacks of staples.... [More]


Ellis Faas Hot Lips

We have to admit that we're intrigued by Ellis Faas' claim that their lip products are suitable for all skin tones. We may test it out by trying Hot Lips ($35) in the super bold bright red shade. Hopefully they're right that it will flatter our coloring, as a tiny... [More]


Birch Sapling Dining Chairs

It's hard to find modern furniture at an affordable price (scratch that - it's hard to find any style of quality furniture at an affordable price!). We're glad we stumbled upon Baxton Studio's Birch Sapling Dining Chairs ($176, set of 2). They're bright, bold, and totally eye-catching. The best part,... [More]


Ample Hills Creamery: Secrets and Stories from Brooklyn's Favorite Ice Cream Shop

If you're thinking of dipping into the wonderful world of D.I.Y. ice cream this summer, may we suggest Ample Hills Creamery: Secrets and Stories from Brooklyn's Favorite Ice Cream Shop ($16) as your guide. Ample Hills began as a single cart that sold ice cream during summer concerts in Prospect... [More]


Nuface Nourisher Superfruit Stem Cell Serum

It seems like a new "superfruit" trend emerges every week - one day blueberries are best for your skin, and the next we're hearing about the unmatched power of pomegranates, figs, acai berries, cherries and so on. Let us add a few more to the list: alpine rose, apples, and... [More]


Daphne Kitchen Clock

During our flea market browsing last weekend, we're pretty sure we passed up three different clocks that looked similar to this Daphne Kitchen Clock ($40). Their prices? About five dollars each, give or take. Oh well, our folly will cost us a little more moolah, but this faux-vintage clock will... [More]

PINK Hot Crush Body Lotion

PINK Hot Crush Body Lotion

Get gorgeous glowing skin and look radiant all summer long. The PINK Hot Crush Body Lotion ($15) is a creamy lotion packed Aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts. If you're an Angel credit cardholder at Victoria's Secret, you can save $10 on a $35 beauty purchase (code ANGELBEAUTY). Shop for lotions,... [More]


Strappy Frill Dress in Ribbon Print

Neutral in navy and white and understated with its simple ribbon pattern, the Strappy Frill Dress in Ribbon Print ($77) from People Tree is an excellent little piece to customize. Add bright heels and an arm full of bangles for a stand-out look or keep it simple with leather sandals... [More]


Stackable Hee Lounge Chair

We just can't get enough of color here at the Outblush headquarters, and while we wish we could fill the break room with a few bright Stackable Hee Lounge Chairs ($660) by HAY & Hee Welling, it's probably a fruitless endeavor. The chairs are sold in pairs which makes the... [More]


Kim Kardashian Cry Ugly Face iPhone 5 Case

On the Things That Annoy Us scale, the Kardashians are right up there with slow drivers and people who use the phrase "beast mode." Maybe that's why we think this iPhone case ($8) is so funny. Or maybe we're just terrible people. Probably a little bit of both.... [More]


Sylvie Sloth Journal

We could lie and say that we're purchasing the Sylvie Sloth Journal ($19) because we need a new dream journal, or place to jot down notes, phone numbers, or reminders to ourselves, but the truth is, we can't say no to that adorbs sloth face. We don't have Kristen Bell-like... [More]


Lady Esther 4 Purpose Face Cream

While our at-home collection of skin care products could rival a Sephora store, our travel beauty arsenal is much more streamlined - in fact, it mostly consists of this 4 Purpose Face Cream ($20). It does quadruple duty as a cleanser, moisturizer, softener, and makeup base, leaving more room in... [More]


Scoops! Ice Cream Door Stop

Crap, did someone drop ice cream on the carpet again? Nope, it's just the Scoops! Ice Cream Door Stop ($13). Oh well, that cone tasted more like plastic than vanilla anyway. Frozen treat fans will consider it a hilarious addition to the house... at least we hope you'll consider it... [More]


Decoeur Lucite Clutch

If you don't mind the contents of your purse being on display, carrying the Decoeur Lucite Clutch ($98) from mettle Fair Trade will make a pretty devil-may-care statement. In fact, the iPhone 6 is rumored to be dropping this fall, and a transparent purse may be the best way to... [More]


Agate Rose Gold Accent Lamp

It may not be as flashy or as colorful as some of its home decor competitors, but we still think that this Agate Rose Gold Accent Lamp ($600) from Arteriors Home is a stunner. The rose gold shade and base give it a warm and welcoming glow - even when... [More]


S.W. Basics Unscented Body Oil

We'll admit it: a lot of the time, we buy body products based on how they smell instead of what they do. Get back to the basics and focus on what's really important with this Unscented Body Oil ($21). It uses sesame, grape seed, and avocado oils to make your... [More]


(Tote) Bag of Dicks

We already knew that genius Emily McDowell is a kindred spirit; we've got her clever prints plastered all over our walls. What we didn't know was that she shared our same sense of juvenile humor. This (Tote) Bag of Dicks ($24) confirms it. We're also about 99 percent sure that... [More]


Natural Floral Kiji Scarf

This Natural Floral Kiji Scarf ($78) is so soft that we want everything we own to now be crafted from vintage imported Japanese fabrics. That's not an unreasonable request, right? Okay, okay. We'll just be happy with what we've already got (this scarf) and possibly head back to the Kiriko... [More]



Lana Del Rey's third album, Ultraviolence ($12), is one of most anticipated releases of this summer. Since her hit song "Summertime Sadness," Del Rey popularized a genre of dramatic, melancholy pop music. Del Rey thankfully brings her moody signature style to the 11-track album. Self-destructive, impulsive, and filled with doubt,... [More]


Lockhart's Goon Grease Heavy Hold Hair Pomade

Listen, we know the bad boys are more fun to date - just make sure you clean them up a bit before bringing them home to meet Mom and Dad. A dab of this Goon Grease ($13) will add a bit of structure and polish to his shaggy mane, while... [More]


Chelsea Large Light Blue Wallet

Okay, so the Chelsea Large Light Blue Wallet ($99) from Ellington Handbags is a pretty typical wallet (it snaps shut, has plenty of card slots, and ID and checkbook pockets), but we just can't get over that awesome shade of blue. It's bright enough to stand out in a crowd,... [More]


Wayf Long Sleeve Crepe Shift Dress

Keep it simple with this textured polka dot dress from Wayf ($30, on sale). Wear it loose, cinch it up, wear it under a jacket, or maybe even wear it over pants: it can do anything. Just be sure that, whatever you do, you don't miss the opportunity to wear... [More]


P's of Cake Cutter

"I want the big piece!" "No, I want the big piece!" Avoid the fights. Thanks to the P's of Cake Cutter ($10), all of the slices of cake come out the same size.... [More]


Eau d'Italie Shower Gel

We're often in an early morning haze when we step into the shower, and more than once we've found ourselves sudsing up our hair with body wash. Solution? Buy shower gel ($42) with supersized font on the outside - there's no mistaking this stuff for shampoo.... [More]


Urban Forest Pillar Candle

We just can't get enough of this deep and wild-scented Urban Forest Pillar Candle ($40) from Lite + Cycle. Its notes of cedar, fennel, fir, and coffee are based on the aroma surrounding LA's Griffith Park - a pleasant mix of the fresh air blowing through the trees and a... [More]


Whispers - Passenger

Honestly, we thought that the folk/rock genre was finally on its way out, then British singer Passenger took over the radio last year with "Let Her Go.". It's hard to label Passenger a Mumford & Sons clone when he's got a voice that's like none other we've heard before. How... [More]


"Warning: Keep Babies and Children Away" Travel Pouch

Setting this travel pouch ($18) on your lap during your next flight might give the parents next to you the nudge they need to keep their kids from running up and down the aisles for the duration of the flight. Or, it may incent them to spit in your complimentary... [More]


Italian Blood Orange Cleansing Hair Wash

Want a more stimulating shower experience? Try washing your hair with this shampoo ($28). The fresh peppermint will wake up your senses, and the vinegar, avocado oil, vitamins, and coconut oil will make your hair smooth, soft, and shiny while controlling dandruff. Or, just invest in a shower massager. We... [More]


Stingray Tree Tent

Thrill seekers and outdoorswomen: are you looking for a way to take your adventuring to the next level? How about using the Stingray Tree Tent ($749) from Tentsile to test drive suspended sleeping? It looks far safer than snoozing on the side of a mountain, but still pretty darned badass.... [More]

VS Corset Dress

Victoria's Secret Corset Dress

Sundresses and flip flops are definitely our favorite items! With that being said, we're loving the Victoria's Secret Corset Dress ($50, on sale). This pretty dress is lightweight with a fab fitting fit and flare silhouette. Plus we can convert it to a strapless style; straps are completely optional. Head... [More]

VS Very Sexy Cutout Teddy

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Cut-Out Halter Teddy

Make his heart stop the minute he walks in the door with the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Cut-Out Halter Teddy ($29, on sale). This teddy turns sexy into completely irresistible. Head over to Victoria's Secret and you'll receive free shipping on a $25 order (code SHIP25). If you spend $100... [More]


Owl Fauna Pouch

Loose change rattling around in your purse? Who needs that hassle? You'd be wise to nab a Owl Fauna Pouch ($15) from Areaware. Toss those nickels and dimes inside to keep your change handy for the next time you pay those overdue library fees or dig for vending machine change.... [More]


The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel, the latest in director Wes Anderson's film-by-way-of-diorama oeuvre, follows the misadventures of the titular establishment's concierge (Ralph Fiennes) as he attempts to prove his innocence after being framed for murder with help from loyal lobby boy Zero (Tony Revolori). Not only does the film manage to... [More]


Daily Mood Flipchart

How do you communicate with your coworkers without, you know, actually having to communicate with them? Leave the Daily Mood Flipchart ($9) on your desk and they'll know exactly how you feel - as well as whether it's okay to bother you. Be careful, though, there are probably only so... [More]


Bend Goods & Gaurav Nanda's Coffee Table

The beautiful geometric table reminds us of when we used to make bridges out of toothpicks in elementary school. Rest assured, the Bend Goods & Gaurav Nanda's Coffee Table ($2,500) is much sturdier than our toothpick construction efforts - the bars are made of welded iron. Capped off with a... [More]


Scratch Globe

We've seen plenty of flat maps that allow us to mark off where we've traveled, but we're extra excited about this three dimensional Scratch Globe ($47). The globe is covered with a gold foil map that you can rub off with a coin (how about one of those pesos you... [More]


Berry Drop Earrings

You don't usually wear four-inch-long jeweled earrings on a regular basis, but it's also not every day that you see these Berry Drop Earrings ($38), which are big in size, but so subdued in terms of color and jewels that they're almost invisible (at least as invisible as Wonder Woman's... [More]


Lip Venom Haute Chocolate - Vanilla

If you've ever tried DuWop's Lip Venom, then you know how spicy it feels as it plumps up your pout. If the original formula is a bit too strong for your taste, try the new Lip Venom Haute Chocolate ($17). It contains the jojoba, avocado, and sunflower oils from the... [More]


Hair Skin Nails Nourishing Complex

Want to know the easiest way to shave time off of your daily beauty routine? Take the right vitamins - you can cut out all kinds of treatments and products if you've got glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong nails. If you aren't naturally blessed in all these departments, let... [More]


Don't Kill the Magic

We've been hearing "Rude" on the radio for weeks now and we can't get it out of our heads. Sure, the lyrics are ridiculous, but we still love singing along anyway. The song comes from Toronto reggae fusion band Magic! and their debut album Don't Kill the Magic ($7). Yes,... [More]


Ivory Sinamay Bow Lucky Beret

The Triple Crown may be over, but the summer season is still full of fabulous horse racing events. You probably won't want to don your largest hat for them, but a demure Ivory Sinamay Bow Lucky Beret ($415) from Robyn Coles Millinery will give you an air of sophistication as... [More]


Name Tag Coaster Pads

"Hey, that's my coaster!" "No, that's my coaster, you dolt!" ::punching:: ::bloodshed:: Sound like the last party you hosted? It might be time to make new friends! Or you could try these Name Tag Coaster Pads ($12) from MollaSpace so that everyone will know which coaster belongs to whom. Friends... [More]


Petit Bateau Ananas Two-Piece Suit

We love snagging clearance swimwear, especially when we've still got several weeks of ideal swim weather ahead of us. Petit Bateau's darling Ananas Two-Piece Suit ($52, on sale) is a steal at 50 percent off the original price. The pineapple print is on-trend, and the fit is a solid cross... [More]


True Detective

Hey, have you heard of that show True Detective ($33)? Just kidding, of course you've heard of it - your friends with HBO can't seem to shut up about the damn series. Finally, those of us who prefer to spend our disposable income on clothing rather than premium cable have... [More]


Wallflower Wall Decor Set

Adding style and dimension to your rooms is a total cinch when you've got a Wallflower Wall Decor Set ($40, set of 25). The white blooms vary in size and are mounted with help from the included tacks (invisible when you're finished creating your floral masterpiece). Stick 'em up to... [More]


Eliza V-Neck T-Shirt Dress

While an elephant never forgets, a fashionista never forgets a wickedly cute elephant print. Though simple, the Eliza V-Neck T-Shirt Dress ($98) still manages to make a statement - regardless of whether your metaphorical "trunk" has any junk in it.... [More]


Zen for Men Sun Eau de Toilette Fraiche

Does your man get a little... passionate while watching televised sporting events? We can't guarantee that this Zen for Men cologne ($55) will make him switch from throwing things to peacefully meditating on the game's outcome, but it can't hurt to try, right? At the very least, he'll smell great... [More]


Mykonos Stripe Ice Bucket

Half the time at home, you forget to refill the ice cube trays. So what is it about being at a hotel that makes you feel obligated to keep ice on hand? Instill that home-away-from-home feel at your actual home with the Mykonos Stripe Ice Bucket ($58). The patterned container... [More]


Rusk Being Gutsy Thickener

Is there anything sadder than wimpy little ponytails? They're like the three-legged dogs of the beauty world. Don't despair if your mane is less than full - just invest in a good thickening cream, like Rusk's Being Gutsy Thickener ($14). Distribute a dab through wet hair and then blow dry... [More]


Mini RWB Star Sprinkles

Independence Day cookouts are right around the corner - do you have your potluck offerings planned? There's no reason to experiment with new recipes - all of your old favorite desserts can fit the patriotic theme with a few shakes of Mini RWB Star Sprinkles ($3). God bless America for... [More]


Arbonne RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner

We're kind of disappointed at the lack of coverage at Kimye's recent nuptials - we're dying to know if the reports of a giant golden toilet tower are true. Despite the lack of official photos, we were able to discern via Instagram that Khloe's skin looked pretty damn flawless at... [More]


What I Ate Pad

Weight Watchers? No thank you. As if we're going to pay money to get publicly weighed in front of a group of other women! Still, monitoring what you eat is a sound idea. You don't need to pay for a plan to do that, though. The What I Ate Pad... [More]


Good Luck Card

Sincerity is the smart approach for dealing with most of your friends, but what's the point of having a best friend if you can't be viciously sarcastic with her? This Good Luck Card ($4) wishes your closest friend well, while also serving up a backhanded expression of goodwill.... [More]


Geometric Gem Brooch

Forget real gems - they can be both pricey and hard to wear every day. These embroidered Geometric Gem Brooches ($40, set of 2) by An Astrid Endeavor, on the other hand, fit in the budget and gussy up your daily duds without going overboard. Pin one directly to your... [More]


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color High Gloss Nail Lacquer

Painting your nails at the last minute is a lose-lose situation - if you add a top coat you'll be late, but if you skip it, your nails will be chipped within hours. This high gloss polish ($17) is the procrastinating gal's best friend - the chip-resistant formula doesn't require... [More]


Blind Barber Tompkins Candle

Cohabitation with a man requires certain compromises - for example, most guys don't seem to understand the necessity of having dozens of scented candles scattered throughout the house. The Blind Barber Tompkins Candle ($32) is the perfect compromise: yes, it's a candle, but it smells like honey, smoke, leather, and... [More]


The Ball Game

Is Hervé Tullet's The Ball Game ($13) a book or a game? The brilliance of it is that it's both! With many inventive ways to play, it'll keep kids and adults entertained long past the point when they're tired of reading, but like a more traditional book with a rich... [More]


Casette Prints

Vinyl had its chance to bounce back but now it's time to turn our nostalgic reverie on another oft-forgotten technology with these Cassette Prints ($50) from Neil Stevens Prints. Pay homage to the days you spent waiting for your favorite song to come on the radio so you could add... [More]


Misa Geumsul Vitalizing BB Cake SPF40

Trying to choose between the thousands of BB creams on the market today? Let us make it easy for you: don't buy any of them. Instead, get this Vitalizing BB Cake ($27). Like BB cream, it will hide blemishes and even out your complexion, but the powder formula allows you... [More]

VS Ruched Halter Top

Victoria's Secret Ruched Halter Top

The Victoria's Secret Ruched Halter Top ($30, on sale) is the recipe for a hot summer! It's elegantly draped and trimmed with gold hardware. Visit Victoria's Secret and stay cool all summer long with a fabulous freebie. You'll receive a free mini cooler with a $50 purchase that include at... [More]

Victorias Secret Very Sexy Lace Strappy Push Up Bra

Victoria's Secret Very Lace Strappy Back Push-Up Bra

The Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lace Strappy Back Push-Up Bra ($65) brings sexy to a whole new level. This gorgeous purple bra is based on their best selling push-up silhouette so the fit is phenomenal. The strappy back makes this bra even more sultry. Head over to Victoria's Secret and... [More]


You Tell Us: Silver Jeans Aiko Joga Jeans

Are you ready to meet the new generation of jeggings? We're undecided - we haven't peeped these Silver Jeans Aiko Joga Jeans ($78) in person yet but they boast featuring a "radical new fabric" that's part denim and part sweatpants. That doesn't sound like the worst idea, but neither do... [More]


Big Bear Axo Bowl Set

We're suckers for creative designs, which is why we're so drawn to this Big Bear Axo Bowl Set ($80). It's exciting to have three attractive diamond-shaped trays, as well as a trio that fits together perfectly into a hexagon shape. Use them to serve snacks at parties or put knickknacks... [More]


Power Paddle Brush

Not a morning person? The Power Paddle Brush ($25) may help improve your mood by reminding you that you're beautiful, strong, empowered, and ambitious while you untangle your bedhead. Alternatively, you can use it to swat your significant other, who always seems to roll out of bed feeling bright and... [More]


Dodo Legless Chair

Is your fear of heights so bad that you find it terrifying to be be even two feet off of the ground? You may want to invest in a Dodo Legless Chair ($1,859). The chair itself may be a quadriplegic, but you don't need to be an amputee to enjoy... [More]


Macbook Keyboard Decal

This colorful keyboard decal ($22) will make opening your computer to start the workday a little less depressing. If bright florals aren't your thing, check out this subtle wood design or this travel-inspired look.... [More]


Boxhill Reversible Dots Rug

Your outdoor rugs have to work hard. People are always stomping on them, grinding dirt into their fibers, and generally treating them like a doormat. Marry function with flair by placing the 4x6 Boxhill Dots Rug ($44) by your front door. It's made from a hardy polypropylene so it can... [More]


6 Pint High Road à la Mode

What makes High Road Craft Ice Cream better than the Baskin Robbins down the street? None of BR's 31 flavors include mouthwatering gems like Vanilla Fleur de Sel, an award winning flavor that uses real vanilla rather than imitation, Buttermilk, which is super rich and authentic tasting, and Bourbon Burnt... [More]


J.Crew Chino Short in Embroidered Fish

You can't get much more preppy than the combination of a J.Crew label, a chino cut, and a nautical-themed print. Step out in these shorts ($65) when you're doing something especially bourgeois, like attending a boat-warming party, or shopping for his and hers coordinating loafers with your guy.... [More]


Butterfly Place Cards

A seating chart is the most important part of a wedding. Uncle James can't sit near cousin Sara since they don't speak anymore. Jeffrey will make drunken passes at the bridesmaids, so you'll have to put him at a table on the other side of the room. And then there's... [More]


Zigzag Knit Headband

It's starting to get too warm to wanna stand in front of your bathroom mirror and carefully coif your hair. By 10 am, it'll either frizz up or fall flat from the humidity. An easy, if slightly expensive solution, is to push it all back with a Zigzag Knit Headband... [More]


RMS Beauty "Un" Powder

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished you could un-see your pores? Well, it turns out you can - just cover them up with RMS Beauty's "Un" Powder ($34). It reflects light, absorbs excess oil, and reduces the appearance of pores to make your skin look incredibly smooth.... [More]


2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove

We don't clean our makeup brushes as often as we should, but this Brush Cleaning Glove ($39) makes the process look almost fun. Just slip it on your hand and rub your brushes across the eight unique raised silicone textures - the ridges get in between all the bristles, ensuring... [More]

VS Lacie Espadrille

VS Collection Lacie Espadrille

The mornings are definitely the most difficult time for us to choose shoes because it tends to be a bit chilly in the morning, but warms up throughout the day. We're loving the VS Collection Lacie Espadrille ($40, on sale) because they're totally stylish yet just the right shoe for... [More]


Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray

You spent all winter longing for summer, but now that it's here the reality has set in: it's blisteringly hot, you're sweating off all of your expensive makeup, and all you want to do is drink a frosty beverage, preferably inside a walk-in freezer. Urban Decay's Chill Makeup Setting Spray... [More]


Lobster Sling Chair

A bit of advice before you stretch out on the beach in your new Lobster Sling Chair ($350) from Serena & Lily: slather on the sunscreen. You don't want to wake from a snooze in the sun to discover that you're the same shade of lobster as... well, the lobsters... [More]


Betsey Johnson Surprise Surprise Cupcake Wristlet

Sometimes, a gal just needs to ditch the über glam accouterments and accessorize with a glittery, pink, oversize cupcake. Surprise Surprise Cupcake Wristlet ($68).... [More]


Coffee & Creme Skin Smoothing Body Ritual

We can't function without our morning cup of joe, which makes us fairly certain we'll become addicted to this Coffee & Creme Skin Smoothing Body Ritual ($49) as well. The set includes Juara's Invigorating Coffee Scrub and Candlenut Body Crème; use them together two to three times per week to... [More]


Murder! (of Crows) T-Shirt

MURDER! It's not just a horrific crime, it's also an assemblage of crows. The Murder! (of Crows) T-Shirt ($24) from Headline Shirts may seem totally gangster at first glance, but it's significantly more tame once you get the joke. Get a matching shirt for each member of your flock.... [More]


Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion

Glowing skin is the key to looking youthful, and shimmer lotion is a great way to achieve a fresh, dewy face. However, if you choose the wrong product, it's easy to just wind up looking like you forgot to shower for the last week. This Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion ($29)... [More]


Cameo Dark Stars Skirt

There are two particularly great things about this Cameo Dark Stars Skirt ($180): first off, the oversized palm print is unusual, rich, and lush. And secondly, if you find yourself at a table without a napkin, you've got one built right in!... [More]


4th themed: Pom Pom Drink Stirrers

Almost as spectacular as a fireworks show on the 4th of July, these Pom Pom Drink Stirrers ($10, set of 25) will liven up your cocktails. In fact, their pointed, toothpick-like tips will work at holding more than just olives in a martini - they'll also keep the layers of... [More]


Onzie Monet Leggings

The best way to shake up a dull workout routine? Sign up for a new class and make a few friends who will keep you motivated. Of course, we wouldn't be very good at our jobs as fashion editors if we failed to suggest shrugging into a new workout outfit,... [More]


Boston Terrier Travel Cosmetic Case

You love your Bostie, but you gotta kennel him while you vaycay in Cancun, drat. We're sure you've got 565424 Instagram photos to pour over when you're thinking of him and sipping margaritas on the beach, but for a tenner, you can also stare at his cartoon-y likeness on the... [More]


Surf City Garage Deluxe Interior & Exterior Kit

Make your used car look like a new vehicle that came straight out of the showroom. The Surf City Garage Deluxe Interior & Exterior Kit ($70) is a collection of 11 cleaning solutions and items that will have your car looking neat and shiny. If you're current method of washing... [More]


Ashton Ombré Dye Button Down

This Ashton Ombré Dye Button Down ($119) from Rails is lightweight enough for you to wear in warm weather - toss it on with colored leggings or a denim skirt for a totally casual look. Careful, though, it's rather thin. If you don't want your new lacy bra on display,... [More]


Acme No. 2 Pen & Pencil Set

How much would you pay for a No. 2 pencil? 50 cents? A buck? How about 69 dollars? It's no joke, but it's also not what it seems. The Acme No. 2 Pen & Pencil Set ($69) is a pair of luxury writing tools manufactured to look like common grade... [More]


POP Beauty Eye Magnet Primer

This eyelid primer ($18) isn't actually magnetic, but that's probably a good thing. Who wants tiny metal objects flying up at their eyes all day? It does have the super strong sticking power of a magnet, however. To use, just dab it onto your lids up to the browbone before... [More]


Homemade Gin Kit

Home beer brewing is a full on phenomenon, but we've always been partial to liquor. It's tastier and - as the rhyme points out - "quicker" too. The Homemade Gin Kit ($50) allows fans of Tom Collinses to get in on the homemade drink fun. You will need to start... [More]


Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray

Why can't your hair get shinier throughout the day instead of your face? So unfair. If you suffer from oily skin, try misting your face with Skindinavia's The Makeup Finishing Spray ($29) after applying your makeup in the morning. It keeps your makeup looking perfect, and combats shine for up... [More]


Where It's Atlas Laundry Bag

The Where It's Atlas Laundry Bag ($10) from Kikkerland: for when you wanna just close your eyes, jab your finger at a map, and discover that, yes, you would rather be in Iceland than sitting in a dimly lit laundromat and cursing the machines for eating yet another one of... [More]

VS Bombshell Add 2 Cups Bra

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Add 2 Cups Multi-Way Bra

If you're looking to enhance your look, you need to try the Victoria's Secret Bombshell Add 2 Cups Multi-Way Bra ($44, on sale). This fabulous bra will add 2 cup sizes and create the most coveted cleavage around. Treat yourself to a new bra from Victoria's Secret and for a... [More]

You Be The Stylist Alaina

YOU Be The Stylist: Alaina hits the Big Apple this summer

Alaina writes: "I've been tasked with scheduling a screening and cocktail party for a charity my company has partnered with. I've put together casual baby showers and birthday parties for a few dozen people. We are planning 100 or so rather influential people. To make this better, I'm in Phoenix,... [More]


Zara Home Square Dispenser

A total bathroom overhaul isn't always in the cards (mostly because it's not in the budget!). Of course, there are little things you can do to spruce up the space, like set out one of Zara Home's Square Dispensers ($20) next to the sink. It sure beats looking at that... [More]


Large Emergency Bag

Quick! When an unexpected thunderstorm comes barreling into your orbit, throw your leather purse/jacket/shoes into this extremely large emergency bag ($15, on sale) from American Apparel. Made of lightweight, water-resistant material, it won't keep everything safe if you leave it sitting out in the rain, but it should get you... [More]


Rainbow Bricks Baby Quilt

This bright and modern Rainbow Bricks Baby Quilt ($155) by b/perrino Quilts definitely wasn't crafted from one of your grandma's old-fashioned patterns. It's perfect if you prefer clean lines and geometric shapes over a more classic vintage-floral-scraps aesthetic. Just think of the grand and cheerful nursery you can build around... [More]


Instant Cool Ponytail Holder

Ponytails are a great way to highlight your cheekbones (and camouflage a bad hair day), but if you use plain elastics it tends to look like you just forgot to do your hair after working out in the morning. If you use the Instant Cool Ponytail Holder ($54), however, nobody... [More]


Distortion Candlesticks

You're accustomed to seeing candles melt, not the actual candlestick holders. Rest assured, the Distortion Candlesticks ($24) are structurally sound - they just look like they're a fire hazard. Set a few of these on your mantle for an unexpected visual surprise.... [More]


Tale of 2 Cities Collar

He's a man pup about town so make sure he looks the part as you escort him to the dog park and canine bakery. The Tale of 2 Cities Collar ($25) from Molly Mutt will give him a sophisticated appearance, even when he's chasing squirrels and sniffing other dogs' behinds.... [More]


Fresh Breasts

The woes of big-chested women are many: finding button-up shirts that don't gape, having to double up on sports bras at the gym, and - worst of all - boob sweat. If you're blessed in the chest department, then Fresh Breasts ($12) might be able to help you out with... [More]


Milk Bar Cookbook

You could keep serving your guests plain old chocolate cake for dessert, but why do that when you could get a copy of baking wizard Christina Tosi's cookbook ($35) and learn to re-create Momofuku Milk Bar classics including Crack Pie, Cereal Milk Ice Cream, and Pretzel Ice Cream Pie? Bonus:... [More]


Yellow Sheer Stripe T-Shirt

You won't just look like a ray of sunshine in the Yellow Sheer Stripe T-Shirt ($14), you'll look like many rays of sunshine! Shield your eyes, world. Just make sure to wear some sort of bra underneath - the world doesn't need to be blinded by your headlights as well.... [More]


Lethal Lips Cross Gloss in Poison Apple

It's fitting that this creamy gloss ($15) is topped with a cross, since our level of devotion to a red lip is bordering on the religious. Despite what the packaging suggests, you don't have to be goth to pull off this gloss - it will look just as good paired... [More]


Annah Raffia Clutch

You've been cuttin' checks to your newlywed friends for weeks already, and the weddings... they just keep on coming. Isn't it time you indulge yourself for a change? This chic Annah Raffia Clutch ($295) from Badgley Mischka ought to make sitting through another set of vows a little more bearable.... [More]


Unicorn on the Cob Freaker

Odd name aside, this Unicorn on the Cob Freaker ($12) needs to insulate our cold ones, ASAP. The Freaker (knit koozie) features a sparkly uni in our favorite shades of pink and purple. In fact, we're seriously considering ordering a box of 'em for the Outblush office. You know how... [More]


Mineral-rich Magnetic Mud Mask

Sure, we're excited about using Dead Sea minerals to make our skin smoother and younger-looking, but really we just want to use this Magnetic Mud Mask ($250) because it looks like so much fun. You apply it just like any other mask, but it's the removal process where sh*t starts... [More]


Iittala Sarjaton Glasses

The last time we sat down with a glass of morning OJ was at a weekend brunch... and it had a healthy amount of champagne mixed in it. We're not complaining, but maybe we ought to make a better effort to consume our Vitamin C on a regular basis.We bet... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Navy Star Candles

Put the finishing touches on your spectacular 4th of July confections with several Navy Star Candles ($6, on sale) by Sambellina. They'll look perfectly patriotic atop a simple vanilla cake piled high with strawberries and cream (we've witnessed a mob devour Ina Garten's Strawberry Country Cake!). What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]


Bryana Contrast Stripe A-Line Skirt

Construction is key here - line up those stripes wrong, and you've got a first-year fashion student project on your hands. And we're not disparaging the youngins - lining up stripes perfectly is totally in Level 4 Advanced Construction territory. That's why this Bryana A-Line Skirt ($143, on sale) is... [More]


Stars and Stripes Cookie Gift Box

A medium-size box of these darling Stars and Stripes Cookies ($65) certainly comes at a premium, but we think they're worth it. Even if you're an ace in the kitchen, twenty-two hand-iced sugar cookies takes a ton of time to bake, decorate, and package. If you can show up to... [More]


Nelio Earrings

The Nelio Earrings ($142) from Fay Andrada prove that a fresh take on an old classic makes one hell of a statement. We bet you've got a whole jewelry box full of gold hoops, and none of them are squared. These pretties will add a sleek, modern touch to your... [More]


Essie Millionails

We'll probably never be millionaires, but thanks to Essie we can at least have Millionails. The treatment ($10) won't get you any closer to your dream of quitting your job and filling your closet with Louboutins, but it will use a million "fast-acting molecules" to make your nails stronger and... [More]

VS Vintage Tees Tank

Victoria's Secret Vintage Tees Drapey Tank

The Victoria's Secret Vintage Tees Drapey Tank ($30) is a must-have for every girl this summer. This fab fitting tank is available in 7 gorgeous colors like Fire Coral, Sweet Briar Rose, Sea Breeze, Blue Diamond, Heather Charcoal and others. Shop Victoria's Secret to score tees, tanks, sweaters, shorts, dresses,... [More]


Gift Wrap Set

This pretty Gift Wrap Set ($22) ensures that your gift will stand out from all the other packages cloaked in cartoon balloons and primary colors. And if wrapping your present in artisan paper doesn't make you feel superior enough, you can always brag about the fact that it's made from... [More]


Knit Your Own Bike Seat Kit

You thought buying that cute little bike with a basket was going to make you feel all French-chic, but in reality you wound up with a bad case of helmet hair and a bruised tailbone. You're probably stuck with the helmet, but you can protect your tush with the handy... [More]


Executive Mod Case

Totally sleek and efficient, the Executive Mod Case ($250) from This is Ground organizes all of your daily accessories. Always on-the-go for work - meeting clients for brunches, hailing a cab across the city to connect with different branch members? Stash everything you need inside this case, including your tablet,... [More]


Short Sleeve Butterfly Swing Top

When you wear this loose-fitting swing top ($46), we guarantee you'll be the biggest draw in the room, especially if that room is one of those enclosed butterfly gardens at the zoo. Those butterflies are going to be so excited to see their new potential friends that they won't know... [More]


MintGlaze FX

There's a reason we stash sticks of gum in our pockets before a long meeting: there's no pick-me-up quite like a cool burst of peppermint. This lip glaze ($22) might not keep you awake while your boss drones on about financial projects for an hour, but it will ensure that... [More]


Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar

We love how glitter looks on our eyelids, but we always regret that sh*t at the end of the night, when hundreds of shimmery specks are embedded in our retinas. We're excited to try Eye Kandy's Liquid Sugar ($17), a water-based sealer that helps glitter and loose pigments stick to... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Jelly Love Flat

Are you kidding us? It's an allover shoe glitter party with these Jeffrey Campbell Jelly Love Flats ($30). These aren't your childhood jelly sandals, but we can guarantee that your five-year-old self would have loved these, too. And unless you were one of those children who were totally committed to... [More]


MoRockAnSoul Diamonds in the Ruff Stair Risers

Forget painting your stairs, with the Diamonds in the Ruff Stair Risers ($14 for each riser) from Casart Coverings, you can cover 'em up with faux-tile stickers and get a totally fresh look with minimal work on your part. No priming, no mixing, no dripping onto the wood... smooth the... [More]


Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow

If you keep up with food fads, then you no doubt have already worked coconut water into your diet. Why not include it in your makeup routine as well? This liquid eye shadow ($18) uses coconut water to keep your eyelids hydrated and soft, and it comes in a rainbow... [More]


Pheasant Eye Curtains

There's something about picking out curtains that makes us feel a little excited that we're no longer just "playing at grown up." Investing in window treatments like these Pheasant Eye Curtains ($80-188) is a total step up from the usual cheap-o sheers we toss into our carts at Target. In... [More]


Black Speckled Infinity Scarf

Lightweight and a dream to wear, the Black Speckled Infinity Scarf ($38) by Argaman and Defiance will most def add a little something-something to your summer wardrobe. It's large enough to wrap around your neck twice for a casual, draped look, but we almost prefer it looped just once. It'll... [More]

VS Sexy Tee Wireless Bra

Victoria's Secret Sexy Tee Wireless Bra

If you're craving comfort and sexy, we've got the right bra for you! The Victoria's Secret Sexy Tee Wireless Bra ($16, on sale) provides a natural shape without wires. This bra is lightly lined and has fully adjustable straps that can be worn classic or crossback. Head over to Victoria's... [More]


Offi Birch Magazine Stand

If you're like us, you have every intention of reading magazines as they arrive in the mail... then two months later you realize you have a whole stack of them that haven't even been thumbed through. At least make that procrastination look better than disorganized heaps. The Offi Birch Magazine... [More]


Cloud Nine Hair Magical Quick Dry Potion

Blow-drying in the summer is the absolute worst - most days, we tend to just let our hair air dry and rock some just-rolled-out-of-a-VW-bus hippie waves. On the rare occasion that we need to sport a sleeker 'do, we swear by Cloud Nine Hair's Magical Quick Dry Potion ($30). It... [More]


Terax Life Drops

Dull, brittle hair got you down? Restore your strands to their bright, silky glory with Terax Life Drops ($22). The leave-in conditioning treatment uses sunflower seed extract, silk protein, and wheat protein to extend your color treatment, restore moisture, and make your hair touchably soft.... [More]


J.Crew Factory Pleated Tee in Pineapple

Make sure your mini-me is totally on trend this summer. J.Crew Factory's Pleated Tee in Pineapple ($17) is an easy little cotton top to both dress up and down. Have her wear it under a pair of denim overall shorts (which kids can totally pull off, and adorably at that!)... [More]

VS Dream Angels Push Up Bra

Angels by Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Push-Up Bra

Treat yourself to a new bra that will leave you feeling and looking fabulous! The Angels by Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Push-Up Bra ($30, on sale) is a spectacular bra that is very sexy and ultra functional. Shop Victoria's Secret and for a very limited time, you can pick up... [More]


Meadowsweet Silk Luxury and Cotton Top

The Meadowsweet Silk Luxury and Cotton Top ($151) may look like your high school powderpuff jersey, but this ain't your freshmen team spirit shirt. Although it borrows the bands around the sleeves from the football uniforms, the material isn't breathable, mesh, moisture-wicking fabric, but an organic silk and cotton mix,... [More]


My Little Pony Mug

Before bronies, before friendship was magic, and before the limbs on the ponies all became opposable and their eyeballs got huge and anime-like, there was the '80s version of My Little Pony, a television show based off of a toy. Although we were probably sipping fruit juice out of any... [More]


Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion

While we're thinking that "biodynamic" is definitely a made up word on Wedela's website, there's no denying that the "biodynamic" iris root extract in their Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion ($21) is a hard worker. It's specifically designed for balancing out the moisture content in combination and oily skin types. Break... [More]

PINK Lace Thong Back Panty

PINK Lace Thong Back Panty

Raid your panty drawer and then do a little shopping. You certainly need to add the PINK Lace Thong Back Panty ($10) to your collection of sexy everyday undergarments. Head over to Victoria's Secret PINK and right now PINK panties are specially priced at just 5 for $26.50. Choose from... [More]


Pretty Pearl Beaded Fingerless Gloves

Are these Pretty Pearl Beaded Fingerless Gloves ($37) ostentatious? Uh, yeah, but it's your wedding. If you can't be ostentatious on your big day, when can you be? Although we've seen a lot brides select more traditional gloves, it's a mistake to choose anything but a fingerless variety. You do... [More]


iPhone 5/5S Case With Pink Tools

Despite what Apple would have us believe, sometimes there is not an app for that. For instance, when's the last time you used an app to file down a snagged nail or snip a loose thread off your shirt? That's why we all need this iPhone 5/5S case ($45). Nestled... [More]


Sole Serum

Walking in a new season's worth of shoes, sandals, and peep toes is hard work! Sure, your calves look great thanks to the workout you get from breaking them in, but your feet? They could use a little TLC. If you keep a travel-size bottle of Sole Serum ($10) in... [More]

Victorias Secret Beach Sexy Crisscross Triangle Top

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Crisscross Triangle Top

It's love at first sight for us when it comes to the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Crisscross Triangle Top ($19, on sale). This gorgeous mint bikini is accented with metallic gold trim tha makes it pop. Swim over to Victoria's Secret and for a limited time, you can save an... [More]


ASTR Print Tie Back Shift Dress

A vibrant Southwest print like this isn't often seen on a sexy, slinky dress. Usually it's found on slightly more rugged things, like horse blankets, long-sleeved canvas shirts, and wool blankets, so take this opportunity to pick up the lovely ASTR dress ($62), which would obviously pair well with a... [More]


Walden Utopia Candle

Thoreau certainly wasn't the first - nor was he the last - to say "Eff it!" and hightail it to the woods to commune with nature instead of people. When you're feeling strong hermit impulses, light a Walden Utopia Candle ($47) from The School of Life. It'll fill your non-cabin... [More]


Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder

Thanks to social media, it's next to impossible to make it through the week without getting your picture broadcast to hundreds of people. You're probably not going to convince your mom to stop tagging photos of you mid-bite at every family barbecue, but this color-correcting Luxury Banana Powder ($30) will... [More]


Traffic Cone Salt & Pepper Shakers

We're sure you ran over a cone or two during your drivers' ed days, but these cute Traffic Cone Salt & Pepper Shakers ($22) aren't nearly as traumatizing. They also serve as a reasonable warning to not over-season your food. Lower your blood pressure: be prudent with your salt sprinkling!... [More]


Kelly Osbourne Jumbo Penultimate Eye Liner

With her signature violet hair and fondness for a gorgeous red lip, Kelly is definitely the only Osbourne whose style we're willing to emulate (sorry, Ozzy). We hope this black liquid liner ($22) from her new M·A·C line will help us look more like rock royalty - its jumbo tip... [More]


FlowerColor Good For You Gloss

Why is this gloss ($18) good for you? It contains lots of nourishing ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, Vitamin E, and organic palmfruit stearin. Plus, the tube has a built-in mirror, so you can spend more time looking awesome and less time hunting down a reflective surface so you... [More]


Universal Expert Peg Board Organizer

A classic peg board with a twist, West Elm's version ($60, on sale) comes with a bunch of steel hooks, bars, and small shelves so you can create the exact storage space you need. While it'd be helpful to have one in the bathroom (as shown above), we think you... [More]


Giuseppe Zanotti Stilettos

We think that the best finds are sometimes found on the sale rack, and we were proven correct yet again when we stumbled upon the 60% off Giuseppe Zanotti Embellished Sandals ($798). The Italian designer, known for his edgy style which draws inspiration from every facet of pop culture, is... [More]


Paris Map Print

This pretty Paris Map Print ($20) is a much better way to commemorate your trip to France than that Eiffel Tower T-shirt that seemed like a good idea at the time. Travel a lot? Collect a poster from each city you visit and start a cool new gallery wall celebrating... [More]


Badadaa Daadaa Shirt

Badadaa Daadaa? We were pretty sure the lyrics were "Holy f*cking sh*t, it's a dinosaur" but we'll settle for this shirt ($26) anyway.... [More]


Kent Shampoo and Scalp Massage Brush

Is there anything more relaxing than getting a shampoo and scalp massage at the salon? Unless you have the world's greatest significant other, this Shampoo and Scalp Massage Brush ($4) is probably the closest you'll get to re-creating the experience daily in your own shower. The fingers distribute and stimulate... [More]


Pineapple Print Cotton Shirt

Shopping at Talbots may not feel especially hip - specifically, it reminds us of being dragged to the mall with our moms in the '90s. But it's a pink shirt covered in pineapples ($70), it's cuuuuteee. You may be turning into your mother - but as opposed to in the... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? June 20, 2014

Don't get us wrong - we're Team USA. But two fully red, white, and blue sale round ups in a row? Let us live a little. Don't see your favorite team represented? There's more where this came from; poke around these sites to find equivalent garb for other countries. Old... [More]


Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

Don't leave the house without a pack of Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes ($6) from Pacifica in your purse. The vegan and biodegradable wipes will freshen up your face after just a few swipes. They're a great home-away-from-home product, and give you fantastic skin while you're on the road, at... [More]


Elephant Crib

It might not have tusks and a trunk, but we can see the pachyderm influence in this Elephant Crib ($675). Oeuf's gray baby bed has a fun design, plus it can be assembled in just ten minutes. Forget whatever idioms you've heard: having this Elephant in the room will be... [More]


Avon Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Ink

Avon's Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Ink ($6, on sale) stands up to sweat and water, which are really the two biggest makeup threats you'll encounter this summer. It's available in six super pigmented colors - the Infinite Teal pictured above will make a serious statement, but if neutrals are more your... [More]


Drinkology: The Art and Science of the Cocktail

Does your signature cocktail consist of store brand vodka mixed with juice boxes you stole from your kids' lunch supply? We're totally not judging. But if you wanted to expand your cocktail horizons a bit, Drinkology: The Art and Science of the Cocktail ($7) would be a good place to... [More]


Killer Brownie Tin Pack

We've heard that the Dorothy Lane Market in Ohio makes one killer brownie, but in fact, they make a whole lotta killer brownies, and now you don't have to live in the Buckeye State to get your hands on a few. Goldbely offers online buyers the Killer Brownie Tin Pack... [More]


John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray

Sure, you can get natural highlights by spending hours under the sun, but that method often comes with a side of burned scalp and leathery skin. A better option would be this John Frieda lightening spray ($10) - just mist it onto damp hair, and the heat-activated formula will lighten... [More]


Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

The best defense against that funky baby poo odor? Never have kids. Use a Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail ($79) and trap the offending diapers inside its walls. Reinforced with a rubber seal, a steel exterior, and a safety lock, those grody diapers are staying put until you dump the disposables... [More]


Breton Tee

The design of the Breton Tee ($100) is based off the classic striped pattern of the same name, which began in the French navy, but was made famous by the ladies: Jean Seberg, Brigitte Bardot, Edie Sedgwick, and Audrey Hepburn, to name the most influential. Look just as classic and... [More]


Squared Multicolor Leather Tote with Matching Clutch

The colors on this bag are as soft and lovely as the leather they're made out of. Although not explicitly inspired by nature, the muted colors remind us of fields of flowers, pastel seashells and sandstone, and sunrises and sunsets - all the better when you're spending most of your... [More]


Fish: 54 Seafood Feasts

Seafood: you either love it or you hate it. If you happen to be in the former category, pick up a copy of Fish: 54 Seafood Feasts ($28) by Cree LeFavour. It's got an array of awesome fish and shellfish recipes in it. Bake, broil, grill, sauté, and fry up... [More]


Trash Can in Scrapwood

Your recycling efforts are admirable, but have you given any consideration to your recycling receptacle itself? The Trash Can in Scrapwood ($306) is crafted with recycled materials and is surprisingly attractive, to boot. Glossed with high shine finish, these unique cans have a rustic look without the threat of splinters.... [More]


Roshe Run Hyperfuse Sneakers

We don't know about you, but we happen to think that the brighter our running shoes, the better. There's something about Nike's day-glo Roshe Run Hyperfuse Sneakers ($85) that sets our hearts a-flutter. It could be all in our heads, but we really do think they helps us run faster,... [More]


Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser

We'll admit that pumpkin isn't exactly the first scent we tend to reach for in the summer. However, soft skin is definitely on trend year-round, so we'll go ahead and add this Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser ($10) to the coconut-scented lotions currently cluttering our bathrooms. The combination of pumpkin, honey, and... [More]


Portrait Notepad

Turn personalized stationery into narcissistic stationery by printing up a Portrait Notepad ($13) with your own face on it. Your friends aren't likely to forget a message you left for them when it's accompanied by a selfie. We suppose this "Olivia" character in the photograph is decently cute, but trust... [More]


DeVita Moisture Tints

There's nothing we like more than a nice hike on a warm weekend, but we never know how much makeup to apply for a day outdoors. While we don't want to be the tool who shows up at the trailhead in a full face of slap, we'd also rather not... [More]


Vintage Flower Storage Bowls

The possible fodder for these Vintage Flower Storage Bowls ($33, set of 5) is near endless, but we're itching to fill them with summer berries. Seriously, how great would it be to portion out a pint or two of raspberries and blueberries at the start of the week and have... [More]


Mega Effects Mascara

The next time someone throws an Avon catalogue on your desk, check out the new Mega Effects Mascara ($10) before throwing it in the trash. Unlike traditional wands, this mascara's "Wonderbrush" handle is flexible, enabling it to evenly coat your lashes while delivering up to 40% more product. To use,... [More]


Rita Rims Margarita Cups

Holy guacamole, you guys! We just tried Rita Rims ($144 for 12 box case) and they are ahh-mazing. The pre-rimmed plastic cups come in two flavors: lime and salt or strawberry and sugar. You can order each flavor or mix and match flavors in a case. (Don't need quite that... [More]


Hello Ha Heels

We have died. We are now in shoe heaven. Wanna join us? These Hello Ha Heels ($158) from Irregular Choice are making believers out of us. Designer be damned, we'll take a modest pair of shoes if they're covered in floral fabric, topped with a cheerful yellow bow, and residing... [More]


Perfect hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Styling Treatment

This 5-in-1 Styling Treatment ($26) is able to make your hair smooth, voluminous, and strong, all thanks to two specially created, patented molecules called OFPMA (for healthy hair) and PBAE (for volumizing). Working together, they help your hair resist breakage, repel dirt, and exude shine. We just want to know... [More]


Max Mirani's MOVE Mobile Closet

Our jet setting friend has been raving about her new roller suitcase, and now that we've seen Max Mirani's MOVE Mobile Closet ($379) for ourselves, it's no mystery why. This carry-on size lifesaver makes living out of a suitcase a breeze. The bag unfolds to hang all of your clothes... [More]


Kusmi BB Detox Tea

What if we told you that it's possible to drink your way to better skin? (Don't get too excited - we're not talking about champagne.) Kusmi's grapefruit-flavored BB Detox Tea ($19) benefits your skin in a number of ways: it helps flush out toxins, uses natural antioxidants to protect from... [More]


Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Long-Sleeve Plaid Boyfriend Shirt

If you've seen one plaid shirt, you've seen them all, yet for some reason the bold greens in this Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Long-Sleeve Plaid Boyfriend Shirt ($30, on sale) are too striking to pass over. It's a great look for casual summer get-togethers, and it doesn't skimp on... [More]


Sonia Kashuk Floral Print Travel Duffle

Between cramped seats, stale air, and the fact that we're always seated next to somebody with an upper respiratory tract infection, we rarely step off an airplane feeling chic and pulled together. We think this Floral Print Travel Duffle ($40) will help elevate our airport style, especially if we pair... [More]


bliss Thinny Thin Chin Neck Firming Cream

Wattles are cute on roosters, but saggy neck skin is harder to pull off for us humans. Protect that neck of yours with this Thinny Thin Chin Neck Firming Cream ($48). Apply it daily to tighten and brighten the skin on your neck, chin, and décolletage. And, you know, to... [More]


Ultimate Performance Face and Body Makeup

Ombré hair might be hot right now, but when it comes to your skin you definitely want to make sure you're the same color from head to toe.This smoothing makeup ($35) can be used all over so you don't have to worry about looking like somebody transplanted JWoww's face onto... [More]


Rose and Ono Body Con Neon Dress

Some plus-size gals default to dark colors - there's nothing wrong with that. Others don't want to be wallflowers, and they're probably glad to hear that Amber Rose and Priscilla Ono have started a new fashion line that includes something stylish for the BBW set. Our fave? The Rose and... [More]


NYC Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss

From its extra large wand to its extreme plumping formula, everything about this gloss ($4) is supersized. Not only will it add up to 50% more volume to your lips, it will stay shiny for up to four hours, and contains vitamin E to soften and hydrate. Go ahead, get... [More]


Doubtblush: Batman Over the Knee Cape Socks

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


The Mincing Mockingbird Guide to Troubled Birds

Experience the travails and neuroses of our feathered friends when you read the deadpan humorist book The Mincing Mockingbird Guide to Troubled Birds by Matt Adrian ($16). From losing love in a tragic accident involving a pane glass window to a hummingbird with a violent vendetta against domestic cats, these... [More]


Gore Bike Wear Contest Lady Shorts

Even if you're not enough of a cyclist to invest in expensive, hardcore bike attire, you probably wouldn't mind having a pair of authentic (and snug!) biking shorts to minimize the chafing when you do take those weekend rides with friends. The Contest Lady Shorts ($45, on sale) are affordable,... [More]


Palm Tree Print Sweatshirt

This chill palm-covered Karen Millen asymmetrical sweatshirt ($55, on sale) is a perfect pullover for summer evenings on the beach - or for cool summer evenings just about anywhere, granted you live in one of those ideal climates where days are crisp and hot, and evenings are comfortably breezy and... [More]


Cotton Ball Holder

No matter how careful we are, we can't manage to give ourselves a pedicure without removing the polish from our fingernails in the process. Clearly we need this genius contraption ($2) - just place an acetone-soaked cotton ball in the cup, and the plastic shield will protect your manicure while... [More]


Narrative Clip

Do you enjoy snapping photos constantly, but get embarrassed about whipping your camera out every other minute? The Narrative Clip ($229) can subtly take thousands of pictures a day for you. Slip it on to your pocket and it will automatically snap a photo every 30 seconds to thoroughly document... [More]

Acid Wash High-Waisted Shorts

The '90s are back and better than ever with the Acid Wash High Waisted Shorts ($18) from Forever 21. Wear them with a neon blouse and matching platform pumps. They'd look even better with one of the Lawrence brothers on your arm, but it shouldn't be hard to find a... [More]


All-In-One Instablur

This facial smoother ($22) is basically the makeup version of beer goggles - you may be rocking some serious blemishes, but when other people look at you all they'll see is smooth, beautiful skin. Using cold-pressed marula oil, the serum is able to hydrate while smoothing pores and hiding imperfections.... [More]


Say Cheese Instant Cheese Slicer

Polaroids are all but obsolete at this point, but cheese... cheese will never go out of vogue. The Say Cheese Instant Cheese Slicer ($11) takes your large hunks of cheese and "develops" them into a thin slice. The finished product is perfect for making sandwiches or laying atop crackers. Like... [More]


Leopard Smart Cloth

You're the type of gal who accessorizes everything, so why are you using any ol' dingy cloth to clean your electronics? Judging from your closet, leopard print must be a personal favorite. The Leopard Smart Cloth ($10) removes smudges and dirt from the screens of your portable devices, and it... [More]


Grain Grail Cassoulet

They're hieroglyphics for the modern age: we all know that the little rounded circle with a point is a Google Maps marker, and that the triangle within a triangle designates a campground, but if this Grain Grail Cassoulet ($295) is ever dug out of the ground by future civilizations, we... [More]



A few weeks ago, we checked out Twenty One Pilots at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA. We were half-expecting to be the oldest people in attendance, but were surprised to see teenagers and adults alike jumping passionately in unison to the band's popular single, "Holding On To You." The... [More]


Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara

Revlon Ambassador Emma Stone says this plumping mascara ($8) is one of her favorites, and that's all we really need to know. We're willing to try anything if it'll make us look more like Emma.... [More]


Wear LACMA Clare Vivier Blue Tee

Directly translated from its French, this Clare Vivier Blue Tee ($85) reads, "The habit does not make the monk." Huh? The phrase is embroidered onto an 18th century men's vest that Vivier found while gathering inspiration for this shirt, part of a mini-collection in collaboration with the Los Angeles County... [More]


Christian Lacroix Croquis Notebook

You know a dress is fantastic when even its sketch is a proper work of art. The Christian Lacroix Croquis Notebook ($14) features a drawing of one of the world's top designer's glamorous outfits on the cover. Maybe it will inspire you to etch some fashionable creations of your own,... [More]


Matador Pocket Blanket

Holy compactness! Believe it or not, the Matador Pocket Blanket ($25) is a blanket that fits in the palm of your hand. The blanket unravels to 55x44 inches, big enough to fit four people. Despite the product's name, we do not recommend waving the blanket in front of a charging... [More]


Triangle Druzy Necklace

Shiny! This gorgeous necklace from Poisonberry Jewelry ($66) is cut from a druzy stone - druzy being the layer of crystals that grows on various types of rock and minerals. It isn't surprising that this level of glittery goodness can be found in the natural world, but the fact that... [More]


Outdoor Popcorn Popper

You were excited to leave it all behind for the weekend... that is, until you realized just how many creature comforts you missed. Would it kill the woods to have a microwave every few hundred feet? At least, the next time you get tricked into spending outdoors, you'll be ready... [More]


ARTDECO Fixing Powder

If you're not careful, your makeup can wind up in all sorts of interesting places: the side of your phone, your boyfriend's shoulder, that pretty new throw pillow that happened to be nearby when you were hit with the urge for a nap. If this has happened to you, try... [More]


Vitra 13" Ball Wall Clock

All clocks tell the time, but very few also show off your eye for fun, modern decor. The Vitra 13" Ball Wall Clock ($390) goes "balls to the wall" with its unusual design. Your friends won't be able to resist stopping and staring at this clock... but if they stare... [More]


MLB Sleeping Bag

Is your favorite Little League player (you know, the one who shares your last name and picks his nose in the outfield) apprehensive about his trip to summer camp? Send him off in style with the MLB Sleeping Bag ($129). Having a baseball print to snuggle at night will give... [More]


The Plain Truth About Brows

Apparently, everything you don't know about eyebrow grooming really does fill a book. You could display The Plain Truth About Brows ($55) on your coffee table, but we think it's better suited for your vanity. You know, for those mornings when you look in the mirror and realize you apparently... [More]


Confetti Cut Citronella Candle

Forget those stinky buckets o' citronella from the camping aisle: this summer, adorn your outdoor dining area with this Confetti Cut Citronella Candle ($22). It somehow manages to keep the mosquitos at bay without smelling overtly like chemicals. Plus, it's so pretty! Choose from garden sage or plumeria jasmine.... [More]


Glasses Clipboard

You've always wanted a trendy pair of eyewear to complete your look, but your damn perfect 20/20 vision has deprived you of that ultimate accessory. The Glasses Clipboard ($32) isn't quite like having the real thing, but until glaucoma sets in, it'll have to do. Besides, when you carry around... [More]


C.O. Bigelow Premium Razor

If razor companies continue adding more and more blades in order to one-up their competition, we'll be shaving with razors the size of bricks before long. Instead of upgrading to the "next best" cheap plastic option every few months, consider investing in this pretty model from C.O. Bigelow ($80). Sure,... [More]


Puzzle Dinner Tray

Even after your kid graduates past "here comes the airplane" stage, suppertime can still be a game. Check out this Puzzle Dinner Tray ($54) for example. Toddlers will be eager to learn how to use utensils with this interactive setup. It also helps to teach them perspective and shapes. Teaching... [More]


Alone Tonight Dress

The flounce on this dress is clearly the showstopper here, but we wonder: will it hold its shape? Do we have to take care of it, water it, sing to it, make sure it gets plenty of sunshine? We'll do whatever it takes to make sure the Alone Tonight Dress... [More]


Professional 12 LaserComb

Even though it seems like a laser is the last thing you want near your hair, this futuristic-looking comb ($545) is clinically proven to stimulate growth, prevent thinning, increase fullness, and revitalize damaged strands in just three treatments per week. Sounds nice, but with that price tag, you'd better hope... [More]


Pickled Asparagus

Asparagus is one of our favorite vegetables, but it's about to go out of season. While Pickled Asparagus ($14) sounds like an intriguing solution, it also sounds dreadfully soggy. Fortunately, Pennsylvania company Epic Pickles found a way to keep the asparagus crisp without sacrificing taste. The garlic, dill, and vinegar... [More]


DJ Slims Wireless Headphones

If we had our way, the age of earbuds would soon come to an end. Not only are they uncomfortable inside your ears, but who wants to spend two minutes untangling the cords before using them each time? That's why the DJ Slims ($70) design is so impressive. They're slender... [More]

PINK Flip Flops

Victoria's Secret PINK Flip Flop

If you're like us, you live in flip flops all summer long. We can't wait to get home after a long day at the office and slip into yoga pants and our favorite PINK Flip Flops ($13). Shop Victoria's Secret PINK this weekend and you'll receive a free PINK tote... [More]

VS Very Sexy Metallic Triangle Top

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Metallic Triangle Top

If you're looking to make a lasting impression at that hip pool party next weekend, we suggest you rock the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Metallic Triangle Top ($36, on sale). This sexy push-up top is made from a silky fabric in a gorgeous leopard print. Plus you can save an... [More]


Sea Washed Animal Silk Dress

From this distance, you might assume the pattern on the Sea Washed Animal Silk Dress ($242, on sale) is a small floral one, right? That would be pretty good, but not as good as the reality. Instead, the dress is covered in a menagerie of animals - mostly large birds... [More]


Jeni's Gravel 3-Pack

We have tried every topping at all the fro-yo joints within a ten-mile radius and nothing compares with Jeni's Gravel ($19). Not such an appetizing name, right? And yet it accurately describes the texture of the crunchy good stuff that it's made of. Choose three varieties of gravel, from new... [More]


Angle Eyeliner Brush

Have you ever wondered why celebs' eyeliner always looks perfectly crisp while yours tends to look like it was applied mid-earthquake? It's probably because they're using a fancy angled brush, like this one from jane iredale ($16). It's probably also because they have their own personal makeup artist to do... [More]

VS Crochet Tee

Victoria's Secret Crochet Tee

Crochet is definitely one of the hottest trends out there! The Victoria's Secret Crochet Tee ($23, on sale) is a great little tee to have in your wardrobe. It looks adorable with denim cutoffs, but also works underneath a blazer. For a limited time, you can receive a free pair... [More]


Supergoop! Sun Defying Sunscreen Oil with Meadowfoam

In the past, those who need sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or above have been limited to the thick, white formulas that never seem to rub in all the way. This Sun Defying Sunscreen Oil from SuperGoop ($10) is one of the first to offer a high SPF in... [More]


B*tches Get Stuff Done Embroidered Art

Too busy getting sh*t done to decorate your bachelorette pad? Just prop this embroidered plaque ($31) against your wine rack and call it good.... [More]


Turn Back Time Scenic Print Midi Skirt

Usually, when we hear the phrase "turn back time," we start belting out a damn fine rendition of Cher's classic tune, but now we may slip into our new Turn Back Time Scenic Print Midi Skirt ($43, on sale) instead. Okay, not instead, more like, in conjunction with, because it's... [More]


Angel Hair Mist

From shower to finishing spray, our daily hair routine involves at least six products. While all of our potions and sprays smell delicious individually, sometimes the scents muddle together and our hair winds up smelling kind of blah. Luckily, this problem is easily solved by spritzing on a light hair... [More]


The Big Book of the Hamptons

This book ($51) is probably the closest most of us will get to setting foot inside the regal estates speckling the Hamptons shoreline. Is that kind of a depressing thought? Sure. But the images are so beautiful you'll momentarily forget that you're struggling to make rent on your studio apartment... [More]


Migrate-est Hits Portable Speaker

Speakers on iPhones don't always cut it volume-wise and you can't exactly lug an expensive sound system everywhere you go. Luckily, the Migrate-est Hits Portable Speaker ($35) strikes a happy medium for all your mobile jammin' needs. This bird-shaped speaker plugs into any headphone jack and is small enough to... [More]


Monbento Positive Green Bottle

Optimism doesn't come in a can, but the Monbento Positive Green Bottle ($19) does its best to give you a cheerful viewpoint. Playing on the old "glass half full" idiom, the design blocks out the top half so you literally can't see the portion that's empty. We're not sure whether... [More]


Ombré Moonstone Cuff

This peach, ivory, and silver Ombré Moonstone Cuff ($38) by Release Me Creations has us wrapped around its little finger... err, it's wrapped around our little finger wrist. You get what we're saying, right? It's adorbs, and we want to wear it every day because everyone comments on how much... [More]


Spring Fling Personalized Patterned Binder

Far, far less flashy than the Trapper Keepers of your yesteryear, the Spring Fling Personalized Patterned Binder ($35) from Splendid Supply Co. keeps your notes, recipes, photos, and extras neat and organized. Add your initials to the spine to personalize it and then slide it onto your shelf or into... [More]


Clip N' Catch Nail Clipper-Lip with Catcher

Your man will never stop thinking that the best time to clip his toenails is right after you've cleaned the bathroom, so you may as well give up and get him a Clip N' Catch Nail Clipper ($4) to ensure that his trimmings won't wind up all over the floor.... [More]


Hygienic Hand Palette

The back of your hand may work great for mixing pigments, but the giant purple blob left on your skin probably doesn't make a great impression at work. Solution? Pick up a pack of Hygienic Hand Palettes ($12), which allow you to mix colors to your heart's content without leaving... [More]


Shiba Inu My Own Pet Balloon

Much cute! So helium! Very happiness! Still not grown up enough to get a real dog? Pull this Shiba Inu My Own Pet Balloon ($15) around with you instead! When filled with helium, this "pet" will "stand" on its own four feet, as well as last up to two weeks... [More]


Puppy Dish Towel

You'd never be mean enough to put your pup into a polka dot hoodie or a tiny top hat, but that doesn't mean that an image of a wiener dog in a sweater or a little French bulldog in a hat doesn't leave you tickled pink. Adopt this Puppy Dish... [More]


Whistles Pocket Detail Skirt

They hear your cry for pockets in skirts and dresses and Whistles delivers with this linen confection ($155), which we'd describe as a pair of giant pockets with a skirt attached. Really, the pockets are the real stars here. You could basically place a small clutch in each of them... [More]


Original Sprout Natural Styling Balm

We're probably not ever going to give up cheeseburgers, but when it comes to beauty products, we are 100% on board with going vegan. We especially love this Natural Styling Balm ($15) from eco-friendly beauty company Original Sprout. A tiny dab provides the same hold as a giant cloud of... [More]


X' Swell Short

Usually when we think Carhartt, we think about Carhartts, a colloquial term which just refers to the thick canvas pants that certain types of outdoorsy and/or grungy men run around in. But you don't have to know how to make a splint for a broken arm or weld two bikes... [More]


Swissted Posters

Minimalism and rock posters weren't exactly something that went together before the oughts. But now if your heart desires, you can swap out your posters of years past for something a little more streamlined. Mike Joyce is the graphic designer behind Swissted, a mash up of music and Swiss modernism,... [More]


Healthy Tan Secret

Long gone are the days when it was acceptable to slather on baby oil before heading out in the sun, but it is still possible to get natural color without increasing your risk of skin cancer. Healthy Tan Secret ($58) is a light moisturizer that can be applied under your... [More]


amika Obliphica Touchable Hairspray

Know what ruins a perfect date? When your guy tries to run his hand through your hair and it gets stuck halfway down because your hairspray has turned your curls into a rat's nest. This Touchable Hairspray ($22), however, dispenses as an ultra-dry mist to ensure that your style never... [More]


Commando takeouts Silicone Bra Inserts

Guess what? Stuffing bras isn't just for pre-teens, thanks to Commando takeouts Silicone Bra Inserts ($48). Unlike the wadded-up toilet paper inserts of your youth, these feel totally natural, and can be adjusted based on your needs - if it's lift you're looking for, place them under your breasts. If... [More]

VS Very Sexy Crisscross Bandeau Top

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Crisscross-Strap Bandeau

Look how refreshing the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Crisscross-Strap Bandeau ($22, on sale) is! This fabulous little bikini will make you look like a tall glass of sparkling water. Visit Victoria's Secret and shop their amazing swim clearance sale to save as much as 60%. Choose from bandeau tops, triangle... [More]


Nice Seats Airplane Seat Covers

We're not quite germaphobes, but we can't help cringing with every "guess what toxic horrors are lurking on your means of public transportation now" report the media throws our way. These washable, cotton covers ($30-40) - pictured here in Confetti Aqua - by Nice Seats are basically a fitted sheet... [More]


Rococo Pro Glass Nail File

A ragged nail can ruin clothes in an instant, which is why we have approximately ten nail files stashed in various purse pockets at all times. However, we get tired of white dust transferring to everything they touch. Enter the Rococo Pro Glass Nail File ($18). The smooth surface is... [More]



Lazaretto ($10) is everything you want from a latter-day Jack White album. Direct, catchy guitar riffs. Unexpected, eccentric touches like the eerie, theremin-esque backing vocals that underscore "Would You Fight for My Love?" A few stripped down, grainy ballads. And, of course, the fuzzy but omnipresent influence of Nashville. White... [More]


Combined Wedge Shoe

We think we've, uh, struck gold with these Zara shoes ($100), which manage the difficult feat of looking like both modernist sculpture and contemporary wearable stylish wedges. You would think that at the meeting when somebody pitched the idea of a shoe "like regular wedge sandals, but with an extra... [More]


Double Geode Ring

Dainty rings are nice, but sometimes we like to use our fingers to make a statement (and we're not just talking about when a**holes cut us off in traffic). This Double Geode Ring ($118) definitely draws attention to our digits, and we love how the stone colors mimic a beautiful... [More]


Small Flowering Lotus Pendant

Create a little more serenity in your space by screwing a soft glow light bulb into the Small Flowering Lotus Pendant ($238) from Jamie Young. The light will bounce prettily off of the brass petal dome and fill the room with subdued light, perfect for crafting a warm and inviting... [More]


Boots No7 Radiant Glow Concealer

Not only does Boots' No7 Radiant Glow Concealer ($12) hide annoying pimples, it kicks them straight to the curb. How? It contains a medicated ingredient called Triclosan that kills acne-causing bacteria. For ideal coverage, use it over your foundation - apply a small amount of product to a Q-tip and... [More]

Victorias Secret Cool Touch Sports Bra

Victoria's Secret Cool-Touch Sports Bra

Sports bras tend to be so boring, but add a pop of color to brighten up your morning. Trust us it will make waking at 4:30am that much easier to put on a bright pink garment.The Victoria's Secret Cool-Touch Sports Bra ($25, on sale) is the solution to a happy... [More]

PINK Student Planner

Victoria's Secret PINK Student Planner

We know that freshman year has just ended and you're battling to drop that "Freshman 15," but a new school year is right around the corner... and you can never be prepared too early. The PINK Student Planner ($15) is the way to go. This will keep you organized. The... [More]

VS Forever Sexy Ruched One Piece

Victoria's Secret Forever Sexy Ruched Halter One-Piece

Who knew a one-piece could be so sexy? The Victoria's Secret Forever Sexy Ruched Halter One-Piece ($59, on sale) is irresistible. While we love our bikinis, there's something to be said for a lady that can look hot in a one-piece as well. Why not give try this one? For... [More]


MICHAEL Michael Kors Chevron Maxi Skirt

This skirt is part of a line so nice, they named it twice - after high-end designer Michael Kors, of course. Although we love the bright orange and blue chevron print on this maxi skirt ($130), the ikat-inspired effect on them, in addition to the pleating, makes it all look... [More]


Inspirational Tattly Temporary Tattoo Set

Hanging an inspirational poster on the wall is all very well and good, but unfortunately, that poster can't go with you everywhere. When you need a pick-me-up, slap on one of the temporary tattoos from Tattly's Inspirational Set ($15). The pack includes a bunch of lovely hand-drawn designs that will... [More]


Heart String Bubble Umbrella

We guess we're technically moving past the rainiest part of the season, but that doesn't mean we won't wake one morning to find ourselves facing gray skies and a summer shower. Armed with the Heart String Bubble Umbrella ($19) by Frankford, the day will be totally redeemable. You'll be dry... [More]


Jennifer Gown

You deserve a princess dress in your closet, and although your idea of one has probably changed since you were five years old and thought that all princess dresses involved poofy sleeves, giant skirts, and large bows, the desire to own a "magical" dress that makes you feel like a... [More]


Bakel Thio-C

Unlike many anti-aging products, which can require weeks to see results, Bakel's Thio-C serum ($195) can actually improve your skin after just one application. Using pure vitamin C powder for instant activation, it's especially effective for fast treatment of the skin around the eyes as well as labial folds. (Those... [More]


Bring Me Your Mugs Coffee

This was one of the oddest artist collabs we'd heard of when it was announced earlier this year, but since we have full faith in both Annie Clark of St. Vincent and the quality of Intelligentsia beans, we're down with her Bring Me Your Mugs Coffee ($19) (a play off... [More]


Balm Balm Bijou Aromatherapy Bath & Shower Oil Collection

Believe it or not, "retail" isn't the only form of therapy we routinely engage in - we also enjoy ourselves some aromatherapy after a long, stressful day. This collection ($45) from Balm Balm has an oil for every occasion: choose from balance, calm, detox, indulge, recover, refresh, and relax, or... [More]


Vida Fanny Pack

In your heart of hearts you know how handy fanny packs can be, so we won't argue the virtues of hands-free storage on your person. But we will argue that this Vida Fanny Pack ($110) is one of the nicest we've seen - a simple pouch made of leather and... [More]


Arugula & Pine Nut Pesto

True story: one of your beloved Outblush writers recently developed a pine nut allergy. Tragically, that means no more pesto*! Take it from us - you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. Enjoy this delicious Arugula & Pine Nut Pesto ($12) because you still can! Just don't brag... [More]


Gurerre Stellari T-shirt

If your closet looks anything like ours, you probably already have too many Star Wars T-shirts. But do you have a Guerre Stellari shirt ($13)? We didn't think so. Luke and Leia are a little more scantily clad than we remember, but still, this shirt seems more legitimate than Turkish... [More]


eos Mint Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

In the same way that we are distracted by shiny things, we are also distracted by small, cute, colorful things, like this eos Mint Smooth Sphere Lip Balm ($3). It's not that lip balm goes on any better in globular form, but it's a nice change from that regular old... [More]


1-Line Spice Rack

Looking for an easy way to store your dried herbs and spices (that doesn't include picking up each bottle to read the label before finding the marjoram)? Install a 1-Line Spice Rack ($199) by Desu Design on a kitchen wall. The rack comes with thirteen spice jars topped with cork... [More]


In The Lonely Hour

When a single shoots from obscurity to SNL, the Top 40, and your favorite indie radio station all in a couple weeks, just like Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" did, the anticipation for (and pressure on) the full album release is going to be massive. Luckily, the singer's full-length debut,... [More]


Tovolo Cupcake Scoop

Baking cupcakes is a messy endeavor. A delicious one, for sure, but also messy. The Tovolo Cupcake Scoop ($9) helps you scoop every last iota of batter out of your bowl and slide it right into the waiting cupcake pan (or your mouth?) without spilling or leaving liners lopsided. It's... [More]


Mabel Sofa

Do you guys think that Donna Wilson will send us her Mabel Sofa ($6,700) on some sort of barter system? We most definitely don't have the moolah to actually pay for it, but we can probably rustle up about a hundred and seven dollars, a mason jar of pennies and... [More]


Skies are Blue Floral Fit and Flare Dress

The soft colors and variety of flower styles on the Floral Fit and Flare Dress ($47, on sale) are so pretty, and remind us of a faded scrapbook of photos and memories decorated by beautifully preserved, carefully dried flowers. This dress will be a closet staple for years to come,... [More]


Beaded Fuchsia Belt

Add a little drama to your look by cinching your waist with the Beaded Fuchsia Belt ($48) by Deepa Gurnani. We think the little beaded bow design is perfectly feminine and fun (and we bet it'll complement those heels you bought on sale last week even though you weren't sure... [More]


Fuzz-Free Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are like the duct tape of the beauty world - we use them for everything from applying eyeshadow to erasing mascara smudges to cleaning up the edges of our nails after a manicure. However - this is important - not all cotton swabs are created equal, so don't... [More]


Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé

Don't let a dip in the pool ruin that healthy glow on your cheeks - invest in a water-resistant blush, like BECCA's Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé ($27). The 4-in-1 formula has the power of a powder blush, stain, illuminating highlighter, and a cream so you can put your best cheeks... [More]


Turkey Summer Sausage

Smell that? It's meat cooking season... and we're sure as heck ready for some sausage. We're not going to pretend that Hickory Farms's Turkey Summer Sausage ($23, pack of 3) is a "healthy" option, but it's certainly leaner than other sausages you'll find on the grill. With an assist from... [More]


Wantable Intimates Box

We've looped you in about Wantable before, but did you know they've added lingerie to their specialties? The Wantable Intimates Box ($40 for one box, $36 for subscription) is just like their accessories and makeup boxes, except it contains underwear (duh). That means you fill out a short survey about... [More]


Prepare to Die Party Game

With an objective similar to party favorites Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, the Prepare to Die Party Game ($24) gives players creative license to craft the funniest reasons to challenge someone to a duel. Turn on The Princess Bride, shake up a few cocktails (probs best to avoid... [More]


Melanie MaLi Beads

In this stack of Melanie MaLi Beads ($176) is a bracelet to suit every mood and just about every outfit. From a bracelet that's decked out with a neon tassel, to a super classy white and gold dish, to a no-holds-barred confection complete with colorful disc beads and multi-faceted metallic... [More]


Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot

If your daily routine involves the unparalleled horror of trying to brush a child's hair, the Tangle Teezer's Magic Flowerpot ($18) is your new best friend. It has flexible teeth, which detangle strands with minimal pain, and the pot on top can hold an assortment of tiny bows, pins, and... [More]


The Southern Cake Book

Our first thought when we page through The Southern Cake Book ($16), with its stunning photos and mouth-watering recipes? Who's going to make all of these cakes for us? Then we realize that the point is to make them ourselves. Fair enough, Southern Living, but if our attempts at the... [More]


Gulp CableKeep

There's no getting around having phone and computer chargers protruding from your wall sockets, so you might as well dress them up. The Gulp CableKeep ($13) turns your charger into a whale. In addition to being adorable, it's also quite functional. Wrap the loose cable around the whale tail and... [More]


The Cabin Bathroom Shelf

Short on storage space in your bathroom? Hang a Cabin Bathroom Shelf ($65) from Thing Industries near the sink and mirror. The simple metal shelf will hold onto a toothbrush, a towel, and any other little extras, like a brush or a bar of soap. It makes a great little... [More]


Purefizz Soda Maker

There's no need to spend hundreds on a bulky soda machine (which only seems like a good idea when the infomercials come on at 2 am and you're so tired you can't think straight). The way more portable and affordable Purefizz Soda Maker ($80) does a great job of adding... [More]


Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask

We take most skincare items' claims with a grain of salt - especially when they involve a mask application. And so we were incredulous when we opened the Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask ($28). It's gooey! Will it stay in place? Will I even feel any different? But once... [More]


Sexy Librarians Embroidery Pattern

While you've always enjoyed embroidering, if you have to do another name or tree you might just go crazy enough to jam that needle into your eye. The Sexy Librarians Embroidery Pattern ($5) is a break from the usual dry nonsense and leaves you with a sassy design that you... [More]

PINK Beach Bum Panty

PINK Beach Bum Seamless Bikini Panty

Whether you're a beach bum or not, the PINK Seamless Bikini Panty ($4, on sale) is too cute to not have in your panty drawer. This classic bikini is available in solids as well as other fun prints like striped tie dyes, florals and more. Shop the Love PINK Sale... [More]


Double Layer Stripe and Lace Tank

Is there anything particularly innovative about this tank? No, but we guarantee you're going to find yourself pulling it out of the closet on a very regular basis. The Wren tank ($110) takes the silhouette of the moment (a crop top, of course) and combines it with a navy and... [More]


Address Embosser

"Once we send these wedding invitations out, there's no going back." "Yup, this is it." "Are we making a mistake?" "Maybe, but I already bought this Address Embosser ($30), so we might as well go through with it." Address Embossers: helping to solidify lifelong commitments one envelope at a time.... [More]


Dainty Baby Bracelet

We know that your baby is a precious treasure, but if you haven't already realized that children are basically just money vacuums, well, you will. So we're having a bit of a hard time coming up with a reason to ever get your baby this very beautiful but very pricey... [More]


Birchbox Limited Edition: Modern Mermaid

From a topcoat that instantly waterproofs any mascara to Mermaid Mane Sea Salt Spray, this limited edition Modern Mermaid kit from Birchbox ($44) contains everything you need to look like a real-life Ariel at the beach this summer. Inside you'll also find an SPF 30 lip balm, a citrusy body... [More]


InDeZo Interior Design Style Zones App for iPad

House-purchasing in a nutshell: you sign a mountain of paperwork, your realtor hands you the keys, and you feel like an accomplished homeowner for about ten seconds before realizing, "Sh*t - now I have to decorate an entire house!" Luckily, there's an app for that. InDeZo ($1) contains hundreds of... [More]

VS Very Sexy One Shoulder Top

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy One-Shoulder Top

Heat things up at the beach this summer when you don the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy One-Shoulder Top ($41, on sale). This sultry top will surely make their heads turn once you remove your cover-up. It's available in two beautiful colors - Coral Blaze and Black. Visit Victoria's Secret and... [More]


Cotton Sun Shade

A quick trip to the beach always ends up being an involved trip to the beach, because somebody is always forgetting the sunscreen, a water bottle, the current issue of Vogue... So what's one more thing? Although the Cotton Sun Shade ($298) is pretty sizable at six feet high, the... [More]


Zoku Ice Cream Maker

Pinterest is a notorious hot spot for delish-looking recipes you can never make. Or... can you? All those off-limits ice cream flavors are no longer just a dream because you lack a (large, expensive, and cumbersome) ice cream maker. The Zoku Ice Cream Maker ($26) is a small bowl with... [More]


Elie Mini Crossbody

The Elie Mini Crossbody ($95) from Pour La Victoire looks like a million bucks (or at least a few hundred) but only costs you a Benjamin! Although that may seem like a big price for such a tiny purse (it's only four inches tall), the snakeskin detailing, peach and pink... [More]


Flower Petite Fleurs Pocket Triplet Lip

Some days we are just as indecisive about our lipstick as we are about our outfit. While we can't wear three different dresses to work, we can easily carry three lip colors in our purse, thanks to this stackable triplet lip "bullet" ($7). Now, to pick which combination of colors... [More]


Lift & Luminate Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15

Ah, summer. The sun is shining, the beach is calling, but you can't enjoy it because your face is so dry you're starting to resemble a reptile. Our suggestion? Try Boots' new Lift & Luminate Foundation ($15). It provides flawless coverage, and it also protects your face from the sun... [More]


Pinot Noir Baseball Jersey

If somehow you've managed to find a man who is more passionate about fine wine than baseball, you can get him this Pinot Noir Baseball Jersey ($148) from Acapulco Gold. It's made from the same materials as a classic authentic jersey from ye olde times when they were made from... [More]


Bacova Live Love Lodge Bath Ensemble

If you're someone who likes to decorate your bathroom right down to the minor accessories sitting on the counter, you'll love the rustic charm of the Bacova Live Love Lodge Bath Ensemble (items range from $13-40). Achieve a quaint "cabin in the woods" (hopefully nothing like the movie) feel with... [More]


HUM Runway Ready

Have you ever wondered how models manage to look good without even a scrap of makeup on? We wish we had an answer for you, but we're still waiting for Tyra to return our calls. Until then, we're going to try these daily packs from HUM ($35). They contain bio... [More]


Happy Day Votive Candle

Order a few of these Happy Day candles ($11), and you'll always have the perfect little gift on hand when it's time to celebrate life's little accomplishments. Or just keep one on your desk and hope its optimism wears off on you.... [More]


T-Shirt with Cat Print

C'mon now, who can say no to a cat with a heart-shaped nose? The cat on this ASOS t-shirt ($30) is pretty irresistible, and the smug look on its face looks like it knows it, too. We've seen a lot of cat tees in our day (and bought a lot... [More]


Cowgirl Creamery Pepper Mountain

You, too, can climb Pepper Mountain, and you don't even need expensive gear or upper body strength to do it. Instead, all you need is the ability to open a jar of jaw-droppingly good Honey & Basque Pepper spread and a knife to apply it, along with the melt-in-your-mouth triple... [More]


Apothecary Sleep Sniff Box

Short of being sung a lullaby, the Apothecary Sleep Sniff Box ($10) is probably the gentlest way to fall asleep. Skip those sketchy sleeping pills and use your nose to help you drift off. Filled with lavender, chamomile, and neroli essential oils, the aromatherapy package is... it's [yawn]... we... ZZZZZZZZ...... [More]


Cellulite Massager

If this Cellulite Massager ($34), can really erase the dimpled evidence of our lifelong love affair with doughnuts, that would be awesome. And even if it can't, we'll still get a nice massage out of the deal. We've officially talked ourselves into it.... [More]


papabubble Watermelon Candies with Salt and Chili

To take an outfit from good to great, you need a little bit of contrast: a pop of color is a surefire way to do it, and so is some masterful pattern mixing. The same goes for food: add a little salt in with your sweet, or, in the case... [More]


Antonym Cosmetics Certified Organic Eye Shadow

This organic eye shadow quad ($38) puts all those plastic palettes in your makeup bag to shame. The colors aren't too bad, either, and we love that they're made from certified organic materials.... [More]


The Simpsons House

We heard big talk about LEGO's creation of The Simpsons House ($200) a few months back, and lo and behold, it's finally available for purchasing (and subsequent building). We hear the interior details are pretty darn true to the iconic TV show home and that it takes about a bajillion... [More]


Envy Braid Halter and Hipster

We'd describe it as "crafty", but that's not a way of making a Project Runway-ish disparaging remark about this neon bikini from Voda Swim ($128). It's more like the braiding on the halter and bottom remind us of those neon nylon fabric craft loops that you'd use to make pot... [More]


Clover Globby Print Backpack

If you haven't yet invested in a durable, handmade canvas and leather backpack, well. You're way behind, but if you order this Clover Globby Print Backpack ($133) today, you'll soon be ready to join your friends on full day adventures. Your arms will be completely free for biking, hiking, and... [More]


Nalgene Travel Kit With Bag

This travel kit from Nalgene ($18) essentially ensures that you'll never be the asshole holding up the airport security line because you forgot to put your liquids in the right size bottles. The kit includes four 3 oz bottles with color coded caps, a vial for your Q-tips, and a... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Mini Affair with Studs

The sky can be many different shades of blue. The best, by far, is twilight, which is what Rebecca Minkoff chose for the Quilted Mini Affair with Studs ($158, on sale). Made of cowhide leather and accented with matte-finish studs, this versatile handbag can be worn with the chain strap... [More]


Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Pan

As far as potted plants go - meh, it's not too attractive. But once you realize that it's actually a litter box in disguise, you're going to love it. The Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Pan ($77) is large enough to provide even fat cats with adequate room when nature... [More]


Save the Blow Dry Moisture Eliminating Queen of Shower Caps

Forget the whales, it's time to Save the Blow Dry! (Just kidding. We totally love the whales.) But seriously, it is pretty annoying to take off your shower cap to find that your hair still somehow managed to get wet. This is precisely why the Queen of Shower Caps ($17)... [More]

PINK Metallic Bandeau

PINK Metallic Bandeau

The PINK Metallic Bandeau ($7, on sale) is quite flashy, but we're loving the 80's feel of it. This is definitely something Roller Girl would have worn back in the day. Visit Victoria's Secret PINK and for a limited time, you will receive a free PINK bandeau with any $50... [More]


Slice Console

It may take a special kind of collection of doodads to fill the slanted shelves of the Slice Console ($inquire) by Nada Debs, but it'd so be worth it. The unit is pretty fabulous, and an immediate eye-catcher. We like this powder blue color, but it comes in black, too,... [More]


Quinoa Coconut Cookies

You've been trying to incorporate more quinoa into your diet, but you're not a freaking monster! Who thinks of some of these bland "snacks"? A little taste goes a long way, which is why we recommend Quinoa Coconut Cookies ($6). It's a way to eat more quinoa without boring your... [More]


Peppermint At Home Facial Mask

When Funday Sunday crashes into Manic Monday, the first thing our editors lose is their collective complexion. Thank Goddess for cosmetic samples. A quick test proved that you can freshen your face with a Peppermint At Home Facial from Pibu Cosmetics ($12, pack of 3) in only twenty minutes. The... [More]

VS Secret Tease Push Up Bra

Victoria's Secret Secret Tease Push-Up Bra

If you're looking for a little lift, we strongly recommend trying the Victoria's Secret Secret Tease Push-Up Bra ($25, on sale). This fabulous bra adds some va-va-voom while keeping the girls separated. And for a limited time you can save even more on sale items. Click over to Victoria's Secret... [More]


Marimekko Ursula Duvet Set

We can't decide if we should order the Marimekko Ursula Duvet Set ($220 for a full/queen) or not. On one hand, that gorgeous print will instantly brighten up our bedrooms. On the other hand, we'll probably have to invest in a new eye mask in order to block out the... [More]


Not Feeling It Numbing Spray

Is that "painless" wax kit you ordered not so painless after all? Next time, use this spray ($10) before waxing to numb your skin, and again when you're done to cool and soothe it. And, for future reference: as much as we'd all like to believe it, there is no... [More]


Graymarket Plume Placemats

Spiff up your dining space by setting the table with a few Graymarket Plume Placemats ($20, set of 2). The cotton mats have a hand-block printed design featuring a casual chevron pattern on a light blue background. They'll keep your wood tabletop safe from knife clatters and fork dents while... [More]


Metal Bookcase and Ladder

With the news that a live-action Beauty and the Beast is in the works, we've been revisiting some of our favorite moments from Disney's animated tale. We know that this Metal Bookcase and Ladder ($600) from World Market won't make us look as graceful as Belle does when she swings... [More]


The Cool Fix Rollerball

This summer, don't be the girl at the beach hiding under a sarong - steal your man's Cool Fix Rollerball ($25) and use it along your bikini line after waxing or shaving to instantly reduce redness and prevent skin irritation so you're sure to look fab in your swimsuit. And... [More]


Nag Note Sticky Notes

So you finally got that hard-earned promotion, only to find that it kind of sucks being the big, bad boss. These sticky notes ($4) are a great lighthearted alternative to the traditional office memo when you need to remind your staff that you, like, really need them to start putting... [More]


Her on DVD

Remember the good old days when computers just stole your jobs? Soon, they'll be after our hearts, as well! That's the thesis of Spike Jonze's great Oscar-nominated film for Best Picture, Her ($15), anyway. Joaquin Phoenix's lonely and sympathetic character enters a whirlwind romance with his computer's operating system, but... [More]


Custom Dogphabet Name Print

Dogphabet is good at tricks! Dogphabet can roll over, turn around on his hind legs, and do a flip at your command! Give Dogphabet a name, and he will contort himself into letters for your amusement! What a good boy, Dogphabet. Custom Dogphabet Name Print ($27)... [More]


Moto Oud Eau de Parfum

Thanks to this perfume ($38), you can smell like a tough chick without having to troll for dates at biker bars. Although with notes of leather, spice, and burnt rubber, you'll probably attract every man on a Harley within a ten-mile radius the second you dab it on.... [More]


The Morning After Kit

Just because you're doing the walk of shame it doesn't mean your hair can't look fabulous. Drybar's Morning After Kit ($35) contains everything you need to fix your hair on the go - a terry cloth-lined shower cap and a bottle of dry shampoo to absorb oil and add body... [More]

VS Cotton Lingerie Bikini

Victoria's Secret Cotton Lingerie Bikini Panty

You can never too many panties... after all you do wear them every day, right? The Victoria's Secret Cotton Lingerie Bikini Panty ($9) is one of our personal favorites. Click over to Victoria's Secret and for a limited time, you can stock up on select panties for just $3 (code... [More]

VS Cotton Lingerie Long Line Bralette

Victoria's Secret Cotton Long Line Bralette

We adore the vintage feel of the Victoria's Secret Cotton Long Line Bralette ($20). This cute little bra is soft yet offers a fabulous shape. Plus it's trimmed with lace making it even more irresistible. Visit Victoria's Secret and for three days, you can snag awesome bras for just $19.50... [More]


Ciaté Beach House Paint Pot Collection

At this point, buying an actual beach house would require a winning lottery ticket, so until that happens we'll have to settle for this miniature version filled with nail polish ($25). (Actually, we love the included colors so much that it doesn't really feel like we're settling for anything.)... [More]


Ron F*cking Swanson Mug

You love coffee and breakfast foods. You hate interacting with people. Solution? Carry this mug ($14) with you to the diner and let it do the ordering for you.... [More]


Eyelet Cutoff Denim Shorts

Don't think you can rock white pants? You should practice with these Eyelet Cutoff Denim Shorts ($70) first. You'll have a little more room for error since there's less material involved. (That's how it works, right?) Regardless of whether or not you're just using these as a test drive, they're... [More]


Moon Coasters

How does whiskey taste on the moon? Find out by placing your lowball glass on top of one of these Moon Coasters ($36). But instead of a dusty, craggy surface, these moons are made out of soft leather, and instead of scores of craters, a marbled ink technique is used... [More]


VOESH New York Collagen Gloves

Between work, family, fun, and (ugh) hitting the gym, it can be tough to find time to pamper yourself during the week. However, these collagen gloves ($20) make it a little bit easier to schedule a little mid-week relaxation - the tips tear off so you can give yourself a... [More]


Boo Boos and Bites

Anyone who's spent time around kids knows that nothing heals a skinned knee quite like a kiss from Mom, but this Boo Boos and Bites stick ($9) is an excellent substitute for when Mom's not around to make it better. It contains purifying oils to soothe minor cuts and scrapes,... [More]


Enigma Feature Sleeve Mini Dress

Walk into the room with this AQ/AQ mini dress ($207) and nobody's going to be talking about anything but those "feature sleeves". Although it may take some time to figure out how to maneuver with them and not spill food or sit or step on them, we know you'll figure... [More]


Adjust-A-Burger Press

How many times have you grilled up a batch of burgers and found that their post-grilling shapes were uneven, lopsided, and way too small to fill out your buns? Oh, just us? Forget it, then, we'll keep the Adjust-A-Burger Press ($8) all to ourselves. With easy quarter-, third-, and half-pound... [More]


Aromatic Stress Treatment

Sometimes taking deep breaths just won't cut it. When you're freaking out - whether it's because there's a to-do list in your head that you can't stop thinking about or you're on a turbulence-ridden airplane ride - whip out Tata Harper's Aromatic Stress Treatment ($80) and apply to your pulse... [More]


President Bird Shirt

He's little. He's blue. He's the president. Show your support for everyone's favorite avian commander in chief with the President Bird Shirt ($20).... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? June 13, 2014

Tomorrow is Flag Day, but please - resist the urge to drape yourself in Old Glory as a show of patriotism. But feel free to get your red, white, and blue on a little less literally with this selection of sale items (which also doubles as a pretty sweet July... [More]


RickyCare No-Frizz Jumbo Rat Tail Comb

We thought oil pulling was as strange as it gets when it comes to non-traditional uses of olive oil, but this no-frizz comb ($8) might even beat that. It has olive oil baked right into the plastic to make your hair soft and shiny. Struggle with greasy hair? The comb... [More]


Julia Bedside Table

Famous Julias, listed in the order we'd like to hang out with them: Julia Roberts Julia Child Julia Louis-Dreyfus Julia Bedside Table ($249) from Pottery Barn Julia Stiles Unfortunately, only #4 and #5 would ever realistically accept an invitation over to your house. If given the choice between the remaining... [More]


Peripera Peri's Tint Water

Don't be scared by the fact that this lip tint ($12) says it's "juice-inspired" - we're sure it looks much chicer than the Kool-Aid-stained mouth you rocked for most of your childhood. Just one swipe of this berry-colored tint water is all it takes for long-lasting coverage, plus it contains... [More]


Goldies Vinegar Hair Rinse

We promise, when you use Goldies Vinegar Hair Rinse ($18), your locks won't retain that pungent acidic scent that's indicative of apple cider vinegar. We tried it with a little bit of apprehension, and when you run it through your hair in the shower, it does have a vinegar-y smell... [More]


5 O'Clock Wall Clock

The 5 O'Clock Wall Clock ($100) from M&Co: highlighting the most important hour of the day. Because, really, do we need to bother with the hours in-between (especially 2 pm when we're in a post-lunch slump and feel like 5 is a magically unobtainable number)?... [More]


Acapulco Round Chair with Leather Cord

This ain't your grandfather's leather chair. The Acapulco Round Chair with Leather Cord ($605) is comfortable seating for outdoor lounging. The chairs ship directly from Mexico and the seller stipulates that you must buy two to "warrant the shipping costs." But like most of Mexico's pleasures (tacos, tequila shots, etc.)... [More]


C. Luce Cornelia Embroidered Dress

You'll be the very embodiment of summer in this gorgeous C. Luce Cornelia Embroidered Dress ($89). Frolic among the flowers - their bright colors will stand out nicely against the crisp white fabric, while the embroidered indigo design will mimic the shapes of the plants and leaves. Just make sure... [More]


Nautical Signal Fringe Scarf

Prepare yourself for an afternoon on a yacht (or at a yacht club, or a yacht club-themed club in case you don't have any friends in high places) by memorizing the International Code of Signals so you can communicate important messages should you need to. The Nautical Signal Fringe Scarf... [More]


Cinder Block Magnets

It looks like a ladder? The roman numeral for three? Oh! I see! It's a Cinder Block Magnet ($10, pack of 4). Most importantly, these magnets are made out of real cement, giving them an authentic cinder block feel. Just throw one at your boyfriend's head, and we're sure he'll... [More]


Jo Malone Silk Blossom Cologne

Jo Malone's Silk Blossom Cologne ($120) smells like sugar and spice and everything nice - its unique blend includes apricots, heliotrope, white pepper, jasmine, and moss, and its bottle is accented with a decorative ombre tassel that mimics the coloring of the silk blossom flower. We love the attention to... [More]


Oil and Vinegar Twofer

Though you love the idea of gooping ranch and blue cheese dressing onto your salad, it's like, "Hello, that's not even a healthy meal anymore!" Instead, you'll stick to the classic toppings: oil and vinegar. The Oil and Vinegar Twofer ($20) keeps that flavorful blend at the ready in your... [More]


Banana Stud Earrings

These Banana Stud Earrings ($36) have a lot of appeal, and not just because they gave us an excuse to write this sentence. It's because adding a little fun and levity to your wardrobe is always a solid idea and because the touch of glam, as found in the cubic... [More]


Meggabeat iPhone 5 Amplifier

When the mood strikes you to pump your music loud and rock out with friends, are you actually prepared? It's inconvenient to drag speakers around, but the Meggabeat iPhone 5 Amplifier ($10) is tiny enough to transport everywhere. Though we'd recommend actual speakers if you're throwing a large party, Meggabeat... [More]


Girls Standing on Lawns

The amazing Maira Kalman, whose paintings you may have encountered in the New Yorker, teamed up with Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) and dug through MoMA's archives until they unearthed a treasure trove of vintage photographs of - you guessed it - girls standing on lawns. Handler wrote the captions... [More]


Custom Refresher Oil

What's the first thing people notice when entering your home? We'd like to say it's your meticulous housekeeping skills, but it's probably the smell. You could use mass-produced candles to keep your place smelling fresh, but wouldn't it be even better to create a unique, signature scent for your home?... [More]


Sherri Hill Sexy Short Cocktail Dress

The Sherri Hill Sexy Short Cocktail Dress ($700) is the perfect party dress. A collared neckline brings conservative contrast to the feathered mid-thigh hemline while a heavily embellished bodice shouts that this dress is nothing but fun. The multi-colored bead embellishment means that you can create a new look each... [More]


BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer

As a general rule, if you think you might have had too much to drink, then yeah, you probably had too much to drink. Still, if you're the kind of drunk that needs a concrete reason to prevent yourself from doing something stupid - or you just have friends who... [More]


Neck & Shoulder Sport Massager

The Neck & Shoulder Sport Massager ($130) promises to "soothe hard-to-reach neck, shoulder, and back muscles." Let's be honest, though: they're only hard to reach because you're single. Until you find that soulmate, however, electronic massagers to the rescue! Also, don't worry about the whole "playing sports beforehand" mentality. We... [More]


LORAC Back to Bronze Collection

Achieving the perfect bronze glow is about more than your skin - you also need to make sure your makeup accentuates your golden color. Luckily, LORAC has already done the heavy lifting for you - their Back to Bronze Collection ($36) includes a travel-sized baked bronzer plus eyeliner, mascara, lipstick,... [More]


Tarik Cropped Trouser

Now that's a pair of pants. The Tarik Cropped Trouser ($358) has eye-catching line designs and subtle sequins... well, you know, as subtle as sequins get. Pair this fashion-forward design with a simple top for maximum effect and start challenging the notion that only solid-colored pants are chic.... [More]


Kitchen Art Pro Adjust-A-Cup Measuring Cup

Don't trust yourself to measure the right amount of ingredients while cooking? The Kitchen Art Pro Adjust-A-Cup Measuring Cup ($15) caps you off precisely at the desired amount. Adjust the built-in stopper and put in items - liquid or solid, doesn't matter - with confidence. Since surplus amounts won't fit,... [More]


Kishu Charcoal for Pets

Is it necessary to provide your dog filtered water? She does drink from the toilet, after all. Still, what's the harm in giving her cleaner water if it's so easy and inexpensive? The Kishu Charcoal for Pets ($5) sucks up the crap from tap water so that your pooch will... [More]


Lip Balm Crayon

Who says adults can't play with crayons? In fact, we think shading our lips with a Clarins Lip Balm Crayon ($20) beats the hell out of trying to color inside the lines on a My Little Pony picture any day. Take that, toddlers.... [More]


Yes Please

You guys! We're pretty sure we have never been as antsy for the release of a book as we are for Amy Poehler's first, Yes Please ($18, preorder)*. It doesn't hit bookshelves until late October, but you better believe we'll be coughing up the funds to secure our chance of... [More]


Brow Wiz

Stylist gave you Cristina Yang Wedding Day Brows? Don't panic - the Brow Wiz ($21) can make it better. Because it has an ultra-fine tip, the mechanical eye pencil is able to mimic the look of individual hairs so you won't look like you drew your brows back on with... [More]

VS Triangle Bikini

Victoria's Secret Triangle Bikini

If you love the simplicity of the classic triangle bikini, you need to pick up the Victoria's Secret Triangle Bikini ($15, on sale). This awesome bikini set is a classic style that will never look dated. Visit Victoria's Secret to stock up on yours for just $15 (code 15BIKINI). Choose... [More]


You Tell Us: Tampon Flask

We've seen a lot of covert flasks in the past, but the Tampon Flask ($10) might take the award in both "Smartest" and "Grossest" flask competitions. What do you think? Genius! No one will give these a second look at security checkpoints. I don't trust myself not to get it... [More]


Erika II Canvas Heels

The super sassy Erika II Canvas Heels ($60, on sale) from Joe's Jeans feature a four-inch heel and a geometric print fabric upper. No one will mistake you for a wallflower as you sashay around town while wearing them. (Toss in a cute skirt, like this one, and add neon... [More]


Create a Road Tape

Your kid's tendency to leave toy cars all around the house has become a bit of a safety hazard. Before you break your neck, create a marked space where the cars can roll around in an orderly fashion. The Create a Road Tape ($20) marks off routes for toy cars... [More]


Porcelain Apothecary Bottle with Gold Cross

Just a spoonful of your strongest bourbon will help the medicine go down. You can keep that medicine (or the bourbon - they're often one in the same) in this porcelain apothecary bottle ($37), handmade by Honeycomb Studio and finished off with a gold Swiss cross. Store it on your... [More]


Chamomile Skin Rescue Kit

Looking for a super gentle way to get your dry and weathered skin in tip-top shape? We're fans of the Chamomile Skin Rescue Kit ($43) from Caru Skincare Co. The Chamomile + Honey Soap cleans your face without stripping it dry while the Lavender + Chamomile Toner and the Jojoba... [More]

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 6.29.57 PM.png

8-Bit Sleeve

Sometimes we miss the old days when technology was limited to smudgy, boxy graphics. Now you can carry your modern gadgets in sleeves that look like they came from the 1980s. The 8-Bit Sleeve ($30-45) is a pixilated envelope that can hold iPads, iPad Minis, or MacBook Airs snugly. If... [More]


The Vacationers

The juiciest summer read we've bitten into yet, The Vacationers ($16) by Emma Straub is a total page-turner. When the Posts take a vacation overseas, they do so thinking it'll be the perfect way to celebrate the family's recent accomplishments (35 years of marriage and a daughter's graduation). Of course,... [More]


simplehuman Sink Caddy

You don't need to have OCD to worry about the cleanliness of your sink. It's your go-to place for washing your dishes, yet it's also a breeding ground for bacteria! The simplehuman Sink Caddy ($17) collects everything you need to keep the sink germ-free and sticks to the wall with... [More]


Old School Desk Notepad

It used to be that writing on your desk would earn you a week's worth of detentions. Now, it's a cute way to leave notes to your roommate. Buy the Old School Desk Notepad ($3) and you'll feel like a rebel as you doodle and write dirty words all over... [More]


Pineapple Printed T-Shirt

We've never seen a pineapple look so edgy and borderline frightening before. Those fronds could take out somebody's eye! Still, we like this shirt's ($40) unique, crystalline take on the trendy fruit-of-the-moment, since our wardrobe can only handle so many cutesy fruit-themed items. Our refrigerators, however, can always handle more... [More]


Inflatable Drink Raft

Water safety is a very important issue. Each year, millions of drinks are lost in swimming-related accidents. Avoid becoming a victim - don't head out on the water this summer without an Inflatable Drink Raft ($10, set of three) to preserve the life of your Strawberita.... [More]


Lazybows 3-D Gift Wrap

2-D wrapping paper? Yawn, those are so last birthday. If you want to really impress a loved one, Lazybows 3-D Gift Wrap ($10) is sure to make an impact. In the future, all wrapping paper will have graphics that pop up at you. Plus, it's extra useful if your actual... [More]


Sephora Summer Crushes Kit

Our summer crushes include Ryan Gosling (always and forever), Coronaritas, and now, this 11-piece kit from Sephora ($45). The cute travel bag contains a bunch of warm weather essentials including self-tanner, surf spray, sunscreen, lip balm, nourishing body oil, and more. Basically, everything we need to ensure that we'll look... [More]


Huikea Marimekko Dress

Wearing the Huikea Marimekko Dress ($195) is not for the faint of heart. The iconic Marimekko print is big and bold; it announces your presence as soon as you enter a room. Of course, it's counterbalanced with a casual design - the dress boasts pockets, a tie waist, and a... [More]


Ladies and Gentlemen Maru Light

The Maru Light ($910) by Ladies and Gentlemen costs more than round trip airfare to Vegas for two, but hey, if you score big at the slot machines, you may be able to pocket the cashola you'd need to invest in the purdy pendant. It would certainly make a statement... [More]


Cosmetic Tool Organizer

Until your boss starts accepting "I couldn't find my eyeliner" as a reasonable excuse for coming in late, we suggest using this beauty tool organizer ($8) to corral your pencils and thin brushes. Simply snap up to eight tools into the slots, and never waste another minute trying to sift... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Noir Flower Gift Wrap Sheet

You could call this expensive wrapping paper, but we prefer to call it cheap art! This lovely Noir Flower Gift Wrap Sheet ($5) from Ferme à Papier is a whopping 20x28" big, so you could either use it to decorate one big gift box that will bring your friend a... [More]


Constellation Prints

If you like your prints beautiful, unique, and Neil deGrasse Tyson-y, check out the Constellation Prints ($19) from Third Coast Paper. You don't need a telescope to stargaze thanks to this collection, which features 12 constellations rendered in a fashion that's artistically stylized as well as accurately detailed.... [More]


Ladder Storage Basket

While we love the Target clearance end caps, and end up buying a healthy amount of home goods there, it's important to be on the lookout for storage solutions that are a little less run-of-the-mill. This Ladder Storage Basket ($59, on sale) still fits in the budget, but presents us... [More]


Serrated Makeup Sponge

When you see the word "serrated" in a product name, your first thought is not, "I want to rub that on my face." However, in the case of this makeup sponge ($5), it refers to the soft, jagged layers that help ensure streak-free coverage. To use, apply liquid foundation to... [More]


Victorian Vertigo Parasol

If you're under the age of 65 and you're determined to strut around town with a parasol, then you might as well go full on diva with it. The Victorian Vertigo Parasol ($36) has a simple but prominent black-and-white pattern with a shape that harkens back to the Victorian era.... [More]


Ball and Chain Whine Charm

Just because you're spending $20,000 on a wedding doesn't mean you can't poke a little fun at the institution of marriage. Like, this is all a little crazy, right? Attach the Ball and Chain Whine Charm ($8) to each of your guest's champagne glasses and the toasts are sure to... [More]


Lash Ink 4 Day Lash Stain

Hard Candy's Lash Ink 4 Day Lash Stain ($7) stays put for up to four days, meaning that you can take a vacation from mascara during your upcoming summer travel. Just apply one to two coats depending on how dark you want your lashes, and forget about it for the... [More]


White Apple Container

The White Apple Container ($29) by Michiko Shimada may not hold much, but it's most definitely gorgeous to look at. In fact, it would make a delightful teacher appreciation gift. Fill it with candy or a super cute paper clip collection and watch junior pull all A's junior's teacher beam... [More]


Low Res Jelly Flats

These Low Res Jelly Flats ($110) from United Nude are far more modern than the jellies we begged our parents for back in the '80s, but we still get a heavy dose of nostalgia when we wear them (along with sweaty, smelly feet and a weakened arch, but it's totally... [More]


Rustic Nursery Art

For the outdoorsy family, the adorable Rustic Nursery Art ($42) from Alley Kids would look right at home in a playroom, a three-season porch, or a nursery. Kid-free? We say these prints are pretty versatile and universal in their inspiration, and would also look awesome-sauce hanging on the wall of... [More]


Elle Bangle

When the weather is warm, the last thing we want to deal with is a heavy, sweat-inducing arm party, and we have a feeling this slim bangle ($129) will become our go-to summer piece. Choose from gold or silver, and then have your initials engraved on the charm for a... [More]


The Body Shop Baked Eye Color

We don't know about you, but we plan to get baked this summer. Baked eyeshadow, that is. This eye color duo from The Body Shop ($13) is made from Community Fair Trade marula fruit extracts that have been baked in the sun, creating a highly pigmented shadow. Apply wet or... [More]


Kollar Chocolates Strawberry Fizz

Treat your tastebuds to the most excellent sweetness of Kollar Chocolates Strawberry Fizz ($8-13). Each bag of bark is made with white chocolate and interspersed with strawberry-flavored Pop Rocks. The flavor is completely unique: creamy, fruity, fizzy, and flavorful! Report back if you wash it all down with some Coca-Cola!... [More]


Bill Murray Dot Tee

Planning on having a viewing party for the Criterion Collection's Blu-ray edition of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou? Then might we suggest donning the Bill Murray Dot Tee ($55) from Clashist for the occasion? This tee is printed on Unisex American Apparel Tees and is the next best thing... [More]


LORAC summerGLO Eye Shadow Palette

The juxtaposition of cool azure shades nestled next to sultry browns in LORAC's summerGLO Eye Shadow Palette ($24) brings to mind the joys of taking a dip in the pool during the dog days of summer. Sweep on the shimmery neutrals for a natural daytime look, and then punch up... [More]

VS Ruffle Romper

Victoria's Secret Ruffled Romper

The Victoria's Secret Ruffled Romper ($48-56, on sale) is exactly what we've been looking for in a romper. This adorable halter style romper can take us from a first date dinner to meeting some of his friends at the tiki bar. Visit Victoria's Secret and you'll receive a $10 coupon... [More]


Maison Scotch Hawaii Sweatshirt

It's a bummer that your mom threw away that oversized Hawaii tee that you got on vacation when you were eight, but at least now you can relive the magic with this Maison Scotch sweatshirt ($85). Sure, it will cost you more than it did in that souvenir shop, but... [More]


Doubtblush: Shourouk Cosmic Baseball Cap

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Bio-Oil Specialist Moisturizer

The phrase "breakthrough ingredient" is our shopping Kryptonite - if you were to look inside our closets, you'd find stacks of embarrassing "As Seen on TV" miracle products. (Ten bottles of Kaboom, anyone?) So, of course, we'll be buying this Bio-Oil Specialist Moisturizer ($29) which is said to reduce the... [More]


Caged Aquamarine Gold Necklace

Sensational in its simplicity, the Caged Aquamarine Gold Necklace ($56) by Friedasophie Jewelry will subtly class up your day's outfit. Plus, aquamarine is a March baby's birthstone, so it'd be a good plan to file this one away as a gift idea for your spring-born friends and family members.... [More]


Bluetooth Droplet Speaker

You can sing in the shower with the best of them, so make sure your tuneage is as clear as crystal and louder than your newly installed rain shower head arm. Just sync your phone or tablet to the Bluetooth Droplet Speaker ($75) and set it on a shelf well... [More]


Swinging Metal Art Bookends

Ahh! AHHH! Cutest bookends ever alert! The Swinging Metal Art Bookends ($65) will take you back to those loving days when your dad pushed you on a swing. Even if you don't read, just acquire some books that you can pretend to have read so that you can display this... [More]


Sleeveless Crochet Crop Top

You don't have to be a size two to pull off this summer's crop top trend - this sweet crocheted number ($56) paired with a high-waisted a-line skirt will flatter a number of body shapes without baring too much skin. Just promise us you won't wear it with a skintight... [More]


LunchBots Rounds Set

We're pretty sure that the LunchBots Rounds Set ($21, set of 2) is made for packing kid and toddler snacks like fruit, yogurt, Goldfish crackers, and raisins, but hey! We like those foods, too! A pair of stainless steel containers is always good to have on hand, no matter what... [More]


Oh My Emerald Floor Rug

A great room starts with a great rug, and the Oh My Emerald Floor Rug ($456), hand-woven by gypsya, is as great as it gets. It's made-to-order and woven from a blend of cotton and banana silk on a traditional loom. Lay this generous 6x9-foot rug down in your living... [More]


Patent-Gel Top & Tails

We're sort of addicted to gel manicures because they give us so much awesome longevity that it actually makes it worth the time, effort, and investment. With that said, the chemicals in those top coats and UV lamps? Yikes! Butter London has an alternative: the Patent-Gel Top & Tails Duo... [More]


Bain de Soleil Mega Tan

Even if you live near a beach, sometimes it's hard to find the time to work on your tan. When your time in the sun is limited to just a few hours each week, use Bain de Soleil Mega Tan ($10) to give natural UV rays a quick boost. This... [More]


QR Code Luggage Tag

Although we realize the necessity of tagging your luggage properly, we confess that luggage tags are a bit of an afterthought for us. Often times we forget we even need them and end up scribbling our personal information on one of those ugly paper tags at the check-in counter. By... [More]


Hinge Packing Tape

Want to make your cardboard box feel more like an important crate? Seal it up with Hinge Packing Tape ($18). The tape's door hinge pattern creates an optical illusion and will add some humor to the next care package you prepare for your friend. If only attaching actual hinges were... [More]


Noor Air Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Some of us are, um, not so great at remembering to monitor our candles. And since we've been told that it's dangerous to leave them burning when we're otherwise occupied with sleep and/or errands out of the house, we're going to stay far, far away from fire until we can... [More]


The Dylan Boyfriend Jeans

We always have serious reservations when it comes to forking over a huge stash of cash for a pair of jeans. Designer does not always mean better (seriously, Gap skinnies have been a staple in our lives for a few years now!). With that said, the Dylan Boyfriend Jeans ($238)... [More]


Lynild Blanket in Purple and Orange

At first we balked at the price tag of the Lynild Blanket in Purple and Orange ($375), and then we read the story behind it. The blanket is crafted in a "historic hill-top mill in Norway" and utilizes wool from local sheep that "has naturally superior insulating qualities due to... [More]


Succulent Sculpture

We've often felt stumped when buying gifts for girlfriends, even if it's someone we've known a long time. A girl can only have so many candles, lotions, and bottles of wine, ya know? However, that was before we discovered these adorable little succulents in geometric vases ($30). We're tempted to... [More]


CC Curl + Care Mascara

New from Physician's Formula, this CC Curl + Care Mascara ($10) is the first to contain one hundred percent natural fibers to extend the length of your lashes. Not only will it make your eyelashes look ridiculously long, it won't irritate sensitive eyes like synthetic formulas have been known to... [More]


Brass Sagittarius Necklace

Stay on target with the Brass Sagittarius Necklace ($60). This simple necklace has an eye-catching design that's still understated enough to go with any outfit. Katniss-level archery skills sold separately.... [More]

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 6.24.16 PM.png

Mr. Cold Liquid Soap Dispenser

How has an awesome character like Mr. Cold not gotten his own animated series yet? Perhaps it's because he's too busy passing out soap to everybody. The Mr. Cold Liquid Soap Dispenser ($37) is a reusable container that drips soap out of its bulbous nose. Your kids - and grossest... [More]


Bates Motel: Season 1

Most of our favorite television shows are finished for the season, so we figure this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on a few new shows that have been under the radar. Bates Motel is A&E's twisted re-imagining of Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie, Psycho. Everyone knows how that movie... [More]


Mara Hoffman Chair

We've come to expect nothing less than drop dead gorgeous patterns from Mara Hoffman, and this plush chair ($1,998) doesn't disappoint. While we're used to seeing the epic geometric prints and bold color combinations on dresses and swimwear, we'll gladly take it on our furniture, too. That is, if we... [More]


Bright Now Vitamin C Day Cream

Lumene's SPF 15 rating in its Bright Now Vitamin C Day Cream ($20) may not protect your face from the onslaught of a full day in the sun, but it's a start. Light and fresh-smelling, it'll rub into your skin quickly and provide you with a great moisture-locking base to... [More]


Wrap Plunge Jersey Jumpsuit

This ASOS Wrap Plunge Jersey Jumpsuit ($57) is the LBD of rompers: sexy, strappy, and form-fitting. You can define your waist with a bright skinny belt, elongate your legs with a pair of heels, and dress up the neckline with a stunning statement necklace. This one's a versatile keeper!... [More]


STACT Wine Wall

Who needs art when you can stack your favorite vintages on your wall via the STACT Wine Wall ($130)? Use one if you're just looking to store the few bottles you bought at the last bachelorette wine tasting, or create an entire wine wall system by placing a few of... [More]


Fleur Bra

When you're less endowed, trying on bras can be a frustrating task. Anything too padded, push-up-y, or fancy-shmancy can make you look like you're trying way too hard to fill out your lingerie. Consider then, the Fleur Bra ($74) from For Love & Lemons. It's not padded and is underwire-free,... [More]


Sweet Loren's Break & Bake Cookie Dough

Totally natural, the Break & Bake Cookie Dough ($8 for 12) from Sweet Loren's will definitely out-yum any run-of-the-mill mainstream cookie dough tube. Each soon-to-be cookie is perfectly proportioned and ready to be lined up on a baking pan for a short stint in a hot oven. A short 11... [More]


California Body Oil

We're true oil converts. We may still have a cupboard full of lotions, but when we want to moisturize, we reach for our bottle of California Body Oil ($80) by Laurel. It gives our skin a boost and envelopes us in a freshly wooded coastal scent indicative of its California... [More]


Modern Contemporary Design Bar Stool

We dare you to find a fancy bar stool that matches the slickness of this piece of furniture's minimalistic style. The stainless steel bars on the three-foot tall Modern Contemporary Design Bar Stool ($190, on sale) are as "neat" as the drinks you'll be drinking in this seat.... [More]


Sonia Kashuk Gold Standard Vanity Tray

Target recommends using this Sonia Kashuk Gold Standard Vanity Tray ($12) to display makeup, brushes, and jewelry, but we think it would be a great way to corral a liquor collection. Whether it's sitting atop a bar cart or on your kitchen counter, it's the perfect way to class up... [More]


Calculator Memo Pad

We owe a debt of gratitude to these old-school calculators for helping us through grade school math class. The Calculator Memo Pad ($3) is a throwback to the days when long division seemed nearly as bad as Brussels sprouts. But forget arithmetic, now you can write whatever you want on... [More]


OXO Pineapple Slicer

We have beef with Mother Nature, specifically for making pineapples so difficult to open. Love the fruit, but hate the hassle. The OXO Pineapple Slicer ($10) helps cut right through the rough exterior and pulls out the juicy, edible interior for your dining enjoyment. Take that, Mama Nature!... [More]

VS Fly Back Bra Top

Victoria's Secret Fly-Back Bra Top

We adore the ease and flirty detail of the Victoria's Secret Fly-Back Bra Top ($30, on sale). This great little top is available 8 spectacular colors ranging from Island Citrus and Sea Breeze to White and Charcoal Heather. Visit Victoria's Secret and for a limited time, you'll receive free flip-flops... [More]

You Be The Stylist Combat Boots

YOU Be The Stylist: How To Rock Combat Boots In The Summer

Boots used to be just a fall and winter item, but they can totally be worn year round now if paired with the right outfit. Combat boots are one of our favorites so we're always looking for an excuse to wear them. They can look great with shorts, dresses, and... [More]


Ball Dissolvable Labels

Homemade jams make great hostess gifts, but have you ever tried to remove the label so you can reuse the jar when it's gone? Our attempts usually result in several broken nails, more than several four-letter words, and the label still stuck firmly in place. We hope everyone starts using... [More]

Juice Box Holder Jackson SAL.jpg

Sippin' SMART Juice Box Holder

Face it: kids love juice boxes far more than mothers do. In their excitement to quench their thirst, children often squeeze the box too hard and spray juice all over. The Sippin' SMART Juice Box Holder ($6) prevents these accidents by getting your kid's hands off the box and onto... [More]


Do Epic Sh*t Banner Necklace

The Do Epic Sh*t Banner Necklace ($26) from Spiffing Jewelry is a great reminder to live each day to the fullest, but we noticed that it doesn't offer advice about what kindof epic sh*t you should be doing. We thought we'd give you a few jumping off points: 1. Find... [More]