Cheap Thrill: Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask

You don't need no eighty-dollar crème de la crème masque in order to get gorgeous locks. Stick to this affordable Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask ($8) from Organix, and we promise, you'll still get eighty-dollar results: soft, smooth hairs with a touch of shine (and possibly evoking a touch... [More]

Bedazzle SM.jpg

Doubtblush: Delphinium Jacquard Sweatshirt

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Sealife Graphic Stacking Cups

What will be the most fun thing about purchasing these Sealife Graphic Stacking Cups ($37)? Mixing up the stacks to create our own delightfully freaky aquatic monsters. Ever wanted to know what a NarWhaleHorse would look like?... [More]


Dream Collective Wave Cuff

The Dream Collective Wave Cuff ($185) looks like it could have come from an archaeological dig site. The designs engraved in brass could have been done hundreds or even thousands of years ago, inspired by some ancient kingdom's view of the ocean waves. Take your pick of bright enamel colors... [More]



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Darth Vader with Bow Tie Tee

It's Darth Vader... with a Bow Tie! What else do you need to know? What else could you possibly ask for? Darth Vader with Bow Tie Tee ($15)... [More]


Happiness Wall Hanging

Right on. We couldn't think of a better mantra to remember as we start each day. Both the quote on this Happiness Wall Hanging ($65) and the stellar calligraphy are beautiful, so hang this one on the wall where everyone who visits can be touched by its presence.... [More]


Narwhal Screwdriver Kit

Some of you may think we post too many narwhal products...we don't think we post enough! If you think you can fix the problem without the Narwhal Screwdriver Kit ($14), you must have a screw loose.... [More]


RobinWrap Snowbirds/Kraft Recycled Wrapping Paper

Love 'em or hate 'em, the holidays aren't always so focused on conservation - the overeating, the plastic toys, the idling in the car for twenty minutes in a line of cars in the mall parking lot. Rather than break out a roll of giftwrap made from all new materials,... [More]


Five Easy Gifts to Snag Black Friday Weekend at maurices

Already overwhelmed with the number of women on your list that need gifts? First, breathe. It's holiday shopping, not brain surgery - no one's life is on the line. Second, we're here to hold your hand through it. We've found five simple gifts from maurices that are easy to apply... [More]


Black Friday Bender: Canon PowerShot Digital Camera

Don't your cat photos deserve more than your dinky camera phone? Or if not your cats, your adorable matching family pajamas on Christmas morning? Snag this Canon Powershot A2500 16.0MP Digital Camera ($80, on sale), and you'll capture all the joy of the season on a camera that's not attached... [More]


Black Friday Bender: Steve Madden Stellth Booties

It is now possible to keep your ankles warm and look dead sexy at the same time, thanks to these Steve Madden Stellth booties.($170). Your toes, however, are out of luck. We see these with a standout red holiday dress, and again on New Year's Eve with some flashy sequins.... [More]


Black Friday Bender: Cuisinart 6 qt. 3-in-1 Multicooker

The slow cooker is an amazing tool, and it just got even more amazing. This Cuisinart 6 qt. 3-in-1 Multicooker ($159) not only slow cooks your food to meltingly delicious perfection, it also keeps it warm, sears, steams, and does your hair before your annual holiday tree-trimming party. Okay, it... [More]


Black Friday Bender: A Wear Retro Sweater

Do the bossy reds and overbearing greens of Christmas make you feel stressed? Do you hate reindeer, snowflakes, candy canes, and all other symbols of the holiday? Get through the season without shirking your holiday sweater responsibility in this A Wear Retro Sweater ($53). It's understated, yet festive, and you... [More]


Black Friday Bender: Vince Camuto Vivi Indexer

We've been feeling overrun by accessories lately, so we're thinking it's time to downsize our collection. We've grown tired of transferring our wallets from our daytime handbags to our nighttime clutches and back again, too, and this Vince Camuto Vivi Indexer ($78) solves our problems and soothes our souls with... [More]


Black Friday Bender: Tuscan Blood Orange Take me There Set

The holidays are stressful in so many ways. There is the gift shopping, which requires leaving the house, which in turn requires being around people, which often requires talking to other people. It's terrible, really, and what better gift to give than an escape from it all? If you can't... [More]


Black Friday Bender: CC Skye Deco Earrings

You don't need to buy a new dress this holiday season. It's true. Trust us. No one will notice you're wearing last year's perfectly good dress when you're wearing these CC Skye Deco Earrings ($250). They're flashy, but classy, and have a little bit of holiday-appropriate sparkle. Through December 3rd... [More]



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Black Friday Bender: Beeswax Candle Rolling Craft Kit

Sick of making paper snowflakes and clothespin reindeer? We're not really, but if it's time to move the kids onto more advanced crafts this holiday season, check out the Beeswax Candle Rolling Craft Kit ($22) at HearthSong. Choose between the vague-yet-politically-correct color schemes of "Holiday" or "Winter" and get to... [More]


Geltdigger Chanukah Sweater

Why should goys get to have all the fun? We MOTs want hideous holiday knitwear too! This Geltdigger Chanukah Sweater ($60) and all its friends on GeltFiend enable us to shvitz in style at all our holiday parties this year, right along with our friends in the reindeer vests and... [More]


Reindeer Wine Toppers

Is it too early to start thinking about adding to our collection of holiday-themed paraphernalia? Clearly not. That's why we're ordering up a set of these adorable Reindeer Wine Toppers ($25). Then we'll put one on top of our evening bottle of merlot so our husbands can continue their fine... [More]


For Feet's Sake Slippers in Giraffe

Aww, wook at the woolly For Feet's Sake Slippers in Giraffe ($35)! They're a pretty adorable pair to have adorn your feet. And we know real giraffes don't have pink and green pom pom "horns," but a little artistic license makes for pretty darn adorbs footwear.... [More]


Revitalizing Complete Care Holiday Set

Need to add a healthy luster to your locks before you're stuck smiling in a dozen or more holiday photos? We hear that. Try out the Revitalizing Complete Care Holiday Set ($48) from Greenbody Greenplanet. The limited edition set comes with two full-sized bottles of natural shampoo and conditioner that... [More]


Laser-Guided Scissors

Tired of doing all your DIY clothes in a tattered style? Making a straight cut can be as hard as a drawing a perfect circle, so we're calling in the big guns: lasers! The Laser-Guided Scissors ($9) add the precision of a sniping to snipping.... [More]


Bose Custom QuietComfort Headphones

Are you serious about your music consumption? Then you know that Bose can't be beat when it comes to headphones. Their new Custom QuietComfort Headphones ($400) have all the bells and whistles you'd expect, including noise reduction technology and intense lifelike sound. Use Bose's design tool to pick out your... [More]

burberry SM.jpg

Burberry Wrapped Bodice Evening Gown

Normally, we shy away from draping ourselves in green, because we always end up looking like asparagus. However, with the holidays coming, we're going to throw caution to the wind and wear this dark green Wrapped Bodice Evening Gown ($2,995). Santa better clear off some room on his lap, because... [More]


Mast Brothers Chocolate: A Family Cookbook

Everything in this cookbook contains chocolate. Everything. That includes sweets, baked goods, drinks, and even some savory eats. The Mast Brothers have made a name for themselves with their artisanal craft chocolate, easily identified by the stylish wrappers you can find it in. This beautifully designed book ($27) not only... [More]

Guse SM.jpg

Giuseppe Zanotti Black Satin and Suede Sandals with Crystal

The Giuseppe Zanotti Black Satin and Suede Sandals with Crystal ($1495) are covered with so much Swarovski, they glitter while we're standing still. The trick is learning to walk in these sky-high heels. With all of that sparkle, there's no way we can get away with tripping over our own... [More]



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Bedol Water-Powered Alarm Clock

In the process of making your life more green, it's the electric appliances that cause the most problems. But until they perfect the Indoor Solar Panel, it's nice you can still rely on hydro-power! All it takes is a little tap water to run the Bedol water-powered alarm clock ($25)... [More]


A Man's Gift Guide to Men: The Techy Male

Sun Tzu summed up gift-giving best when he said, "Know your enemy." But how are you supposed to know what secrets lurk in the dark alleyways of the male psyche? Read our Man's Gift Guide to Men. Thankfully Outblush found one such male and took it back to the lab,... [More]


Donkey Needlepoint Pillow

You could make people contribute money to the swearing/douchebag/smart-ass jar, or you could just toss the offending smart-ass the Donkey Needlepoint Pillow ($175). This would prohibit the guilty party from talking for a set period of time, depending on the magnitude of smart-assery committed or general house rules.... [More]


Andrea Branzi Scoiattolo Nutcracker

We never would have liked a hairless, non-puffy-tailed squirrel until seeing the Andrea Branzi Scoiattolo Nutcracker ($134). Great use of the tail - almost as if squirrels were designed to be metal nutcrackers.... [More]


Satya Jewelry Vibrance Cuff

We'd love to be elegant, but more often than not end up spending the day in our yoga pants. Those elastic waistbands are just so darned comfortable, and don't give us crap about that extra slice of pie we had last night. Perhaps if we wear them with this Satya... [More]


Doctor Sleep: A Novel

You've read The Shining, right? At least seen the movie? If the answer is no, please get yourself to your local library and/or Redbox ASAP. If yes, you might want to pick up Stephen King's sequel to the famed horror, Doctor Sleep ($18). As with its predecessor, the scariest thing... [More]


Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation Kit

Your Clarisonic Brush has been amaze-balls for your face, so you know that the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation Kit ($199) is bound to be the perfect pampering item for your feet. It comes with a three-speed Pedi Device, two different heads for buffing and smoothing, and a trio of... [More]


Little Devil Bloody Mary Spice Mix Packets

Your favorite eatery just added a Bloody Mary bar to the menu, woo! Unfortunately, they've got a light hand when it comes to the spice mix. Kick it up a notch by stashing a few Bloody Mary Spice Mix Packets ($17) in your purse. Each packet will turn up the... [More]


A Photo a Day Album

When's the last time you printed a photo? We know: you're wondering why anyone would bother. After all, you can browse through your snapshots on your iPad with the flick of a finger. But when's the last time you actually bothered to do the flicking? Old-fashioned printed photo albums beg... [More]

Kelly SM.jpg

Doll Face Coated Jeans

Fashion icon Kelly Kapowski taught us the value of neon at an early age. We feel confident that, if Saved by the Bell was on today, Kelly would be wearing Doll Face Coated Jeans ($64).... [More]


Stem Cell Super-Food Facial Oil

Rodial's Stem Cell Super-Food Facial Oil ($80) sounds like a futuristic beauty product: one drop and your newly super-fed skin will morph into the best version of itself. Close! You'll need more than a drop, but the oil is jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will refresh your skin... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Shorty French Bulldog Loafers

Landlord won't let you have a pet? No worries. These Marc by Marc Jacobs Shorty French Bulldog Loafers ($228) are a great alternative. Not only are they super cute, but when you take them out for a walk, you won't have to worry about picking up any poop.... [More]


New Entertainment Desktop Bowling

We like the idea of desktop bowling - seems like an easy enough pastime for long hours at work, and it's not like the sport is known for its athleticism. But so far, all the other options were just pins and balls - it's like buying yourself a mess to... [More]


Knit Kitten Mittens

Cover up your paws with these kitten mittens ($13) from H&M. Too cute to resist, the lined knit mittens are almost as adorbs as the real deal. Okay, not even close, but we'll still take a pair, thankyouverymuch!... [More]


Doubtblush: Pink LED Fedora

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Young House Love

House meddlers: you know who you are. You're the ones constantly browsing the sale aisle at the paint store, the ones who swap sofas like some people change shoes. Channel some of that domestic restlessness with Young House Love ($18), the first book from bloggers Sherry and John Petersik. This... [More]


VW n°1 Shirt

Intelligent Design proves it's not just a clever name with its stylish print/economics lesson, the VW n°1 Shirt ($40). That graph represents the share price of the Volkswagen Group, and that spike is a freak incident on Oct. 28, 2008, when VW briefly became the most valuable company in the... [More]


Little Green Frog Coin Purse

If you stop and think about it, frogs are pretty disgusting - they live in swamps, eat flies, and are the epitome of "slimy." But turn one into a cartoon (or a muppet) and suddenly they're adorable as a baby mammal! Just look at the stylized Little Green Frog coin... [More]


Eames Hang-It-All

Doesn't it seem like other hanging aids are always one prong, hook, or knob short of what you need? The Eames Hang-It-All ($199) lives up to its name: this steel frame offers fourteen wooden balls, so you can hang it all! Also available in all black.... [More]


Isabella Fiore Embroidered Bohemian Tote

Looking for the perfect bag to go with those gorgeous cowboy boots? Here it is: Isabella Fiore's Embroidered Bohemian Tote ($395). The traditional western-style detailing on this classic leather bag makes it an ideal match. With a pair of broken in Levi's and a touch of turquoise, the only thing... [More]


Toxic Laundry Basket

At first, we thought this Toxic Laundry Basket ($15) was good for a laugh - "haha, our dirty clothes are so stinky they're radioactive"... then we opened our gym bag... This laundry basket is no longer just a gag, it's a Health & Safety requirement.... [More]


Northern Star Open Star Ring

Star of wonder, star of night. Star covered in bright, shiny gemstones - now that's our kind of celestial body. This Northern Star Open Star Ring ($95) is a perfect example, accented with glittering white topaz with a fun cut-out shape. Let it guide you to some snazzy accessorizing.... [More]


Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar

We don't know about you, but one of our favorite parts of this time of year is the advent calendar. What could be better than a piece of chocolate every day as you count down to one of the best days of the year? How about a new nail polish... [More]

Williams Sonoma Smart Thermometer

Williams-Sonoma Smart Thermometer

We're not surprised someone decided to invent a smart kitchen gadget like the Williams-Sonoma Smart Thermometer ($200). This cool thermometer connects to your iPhone or iPad. This year "the bird" is guaranteed to be juicy and tender thanks to technology.... [More]


Boombot REX

... and then, one wireless speaker stood up from the crowd to lead them. The Boombot REX ($120 - $130) is the golden boy of smart-speakers, with state-of-the-art design, noise-cancelling microphone, and Siri integration. Throw in a bottle of tequila and you have yourself an Instant Party Kit. Available in... [More]

Scallop SM.jpg

Juicy Couture Scalloped Lace Dress

Sometimes we just want to throw on a Blair Waldorf lookalike outfit, go to a hotel bar, and order something fancy. Those are the days when we wear Juicy Couture's Scalloped Lace Dress ($190 on sale!) and a silk headband. Then of course, we wait at the bar for Chuck... [More]


Posture Corrective Brace

Mom can't come to the office to tell you to sit up straight (which really is kind of a good thing). Wearing this Posture Corrective Brace ($40) is a constant reminder to "watch your back."... [More]


Cupid's Love Gat

People of the twenty-first century have tough skins, and so Cupid's arrows don't always stick. Luckily, the twenty-first century also has more advanced weaponry! Cupid's Love Gat ($54) has the firepower to make even the most jaded weak at the knees - or else!... [More]


Enchanted Night Embellished Dress

If the metallic shimmer of the Enchanted Night Embellished Dress ($49) isn't enough shine for you, the faux crystal and beaded bling at the neckline should satisfy your needs. Add opaque black tights and a few silver bangles on your wrist for an easy and glamorous holiday look.... [More]


Biggie vs. Tupac Muscle Tee

Studying history doesn't have to be boring or mind-numbing! Exciting things did happen that don't involve old white guys signing pages of parchment! This Biggie vs. Tupac Muscle Tee ($20) not only has a retro-style appeal, it helps teach the younger generations just how barbaric and medieval the '90s were.... [More]


Barely There Clear iPhone Case

Admit it: you wish your iPhone could go naked. The sight of that sleek, brushed aluminum body gets your pulse pounding. Sadly, leaving your precious device unclothed quickly results in some unsightly dents and scratches, never mind the increased probability that you'll end up smashing your screen when you drop... [More]


Personal Shopper: Anthropologie-esque Quilts for Mikayla

Mikayla wrote: "Hello lovely editors from Out blush!! I am moving really soon and i am changing my room up at the new house. i am looking for the perfect quilt/comforter for my bed.i love really colorful, random floral stuff(does that even make sense?)am in love with several different bedding... [More]


Piggy Paint Christmas for a Cure Set

Stocking stuffer alert! Piggy Paint's Christmas for a Cure Set ($18) will elicit squeals of glee from its young recipient. She gets a double dose of festive polish (along with a sheet of star-shaped nail stickers), and you get the satisfaction of knowing the non-toxic, chemical-free polish is safe for... [More]


Dachshund and Scarf Pin

It's probably impossible to look as posh as this dachshund does wearing his scarf, but you can start by pinning him onto your lapel. Dachshund and Scarf Pin ($13) by peppersprouts... [More]


EveryDrop Water Filter

You faithfully filter your water at home, but what happens when you're on the go? Do you grab your water bottle and fill 'er up at the drinking fountain at work? Filter water through the portable EveryDrop Water Filter ($20) and enjoy clean, yummy H2O each time you take a... [More]


Handmade Geek Chic Pillows

We've always wanted to snuggle up on the couch with Worf, and now's our chance! These handmade geek chic pillows ($35) feature the loveable and sometimes dangerous heroes of our favorite sci-fi and fantasy tales.... [More]


Jane Carter Solution Grow Great Hair

Yikes, bad haircut? Grow it out as quickly as possible with the help of Jane Carter Solution's Grow Great Hair ($30). The extract-loaded serum will stimulate your scalp and facilitate growth when used regularly (they suggest twice daily). And hey, at least it's hat season so you'll have something to... [More]


The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

Each one of the cards in this special Wild Unknown Tarot Deck ($40) is beautifully illustrated with pen and ink line drawings. We'll always love the classic tarot drawings, but it's hard to resist these little artistic gems. As a gift, it's a great way to introduce a loved one... [More]


Little Titans Wild Thing Tights

Your little one acts like a wild thing, so isn't time she* looked like one, too? And we're not talking about unkempt hair and yogurt-stained clothing (that's just a given, right?). Put her in the Little Titans Wild Thing Tights ($26) and watch her stomp all over, smashing wooden block... [More]


Flying Wish Paper Mini Kit

Write down a wish, roll it up, light it on fire, and watch as it floats upwards while burning! The Flying Wish Paper Mini Kit ($9) is a truly amazing product because it can simultaneously appeal to both the superstitious and skeptics. The superstitious will appreciate the symbolism of burning... [More]


Leaf Solar Flashlight

Faced with shorter days, you'll want to attach the Leaf Solar Flashlight ($7) to your key ring. It'll use what little daylight we've got to charge up and then provide you with a bit of illumination as you walk to your car after dark. We're hoping ours will also remind... [More]


Ninja Panda Necklace

Because sharp claws and kung fu weren't enough, now the pandas are learning to use nunchucks? Lucky for us, the chubby little guy on the Ninja Panda Necklace ($10) doesn't look so threatening. (Gold star for you if you asked what a Chinese animal was doing learning a Japanese martial... [More]


Three Resolution Portable Handheld Scanner

Digital is the new hard copy. Online is the new on paper. These days, if it's not on your computer, it's bound to get lost in the abysmal real world - and while a full-sized scanner isn't always available, this Portable Handheld Scanner ($100) is. Scan any image into the... [More]

Ballet SM.jpg

Chloé Metallic Leather Ballet Flats

We're sophisticated women who love fashion, and we always dress our age. Unfortunately, seven seems to be the age where it's suddenly inappropriate to wear ballet slippers places other than ballet class. Lucky for us, Chloé came out with Metallic Leather Ballet Flats ($485). They're real shoes, but they make... [More]


Doubtblush: Goose Down Padding Muffler

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Toto Knits Tiger Sweater

We always wanted our own Hobbes, but we guess we'll have to settle for this human child. :( On the bright side, we can at least make our second choice look like Hobbes with the Toto Knits tiger sweater ($40). It's got the tail and the ears, all it needs... [More]


Kiss My Face Tea Tree Germsaside Moisturizing Hand Soap

Is there anything more relaxing than the scent of tea tree oil? Other than getting a massage while face-first into a fuzzy kitteh tummeh, of course? We didn't think so. Thus Tea Tree Germsaside Moisturizing Hand Soap ($6) from Kiss My Face may be the most relaxing hand soap out... [More]


Go Away Doormat

The bright pink and cutout letters of this Go Away Doormat ($40) really soften the blow that you're unwelcome and probably not liked.... [More]


Crystal Kinetic Ornament

Nothing represents the dog-eat-dog world of business better than mystical floating crystals! The motorized magnets in the base of the Crystal Kinetic Ornament ($17) spin the crystals around, making your zoning-out experience much fuller than when you stare at the corner.... [More]


Teeth Whitener Gel Pen

Brightening up our teeth would be easy if they all decided to absorb that coffee-stain brown at the same rate, but there's still hope for those of us with smiles that more closely resemble a chessboard. This Teeth Whitener Gel Pen ($15) lets you deliver precise whitening power exactly where... [More]


Joe Fresh Multi-Color Stripe Sweater

This striped sweater ($24) very nearly made our Cheap Thrill cutoff, but we can live with an extra $4 for something this cute. Available in four colors (though we love the pink/tan/orange/cream combo pictured), it's made from a super soft blend of cotton, rayon, nylon, and cashmere, and is perfect... [More]


Liz Lemon T-Shirt

You know what our Thursday night comedy lineup is missing? A big dose of Liz Lemon, and even though 30 Rock wrapped last year we can connect with Liz via syndication and the Liz Lemon T-Shirt ($22) by Heymonster. Plus, there's buzz that Tina Fey has a new show in... [More]

Hand SM.jpg

Benedetta Bruzziches Carmen With Hand & Pearls Silk Clutch

The Benedetta Bruzziches Carmen With Hand & Pearls Silk Clutch ($1304) is great, but what we're really after is the brass man running around the design studio missing his hand. The pink silk bag covered in pearls isn't creepy, but it does make us wonder.... [More]


Endless Notes Pad

Let's not kid ourselves: our lists are endless. When was the last time you actually crossed out everything on your to-do list? (We can't remember.) The Endless Notes Pad ($60) will help you acknowledge the Sisyphean task of living your day-to-day life by reminding you of everything you have accomplished... [More]


Stem Citrus Spritzer

We like the Stem Citrus Spritzer ($5) because it's a breezy way to add a tangy accent to your meal... The fact that it's really fun to use is just a bonus!... [More]


Juice Beauty Simply Pure Chamomile Cleanser

Work stress, a crappy love life, and that pepperoni pizza you picked up on the way home last night can all leave your complexion looking and feeling frazzled. Cut it some slack with this Juice Beauty Simply Pure Chamomile Cleanser ($22). It uses a soothing set of natural ingredients, from... [More]

Zara SM.jpg

Studio Mesh Dress

We love Zara's Studio Mesh Dress ($179) because it's feminine and appears to be effortlessly beautiful. The thing we didn't notice right away is that it's actually an undergarment nightmare; it took one awesome sticky bra to complete this look.... [More]


Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Perfume

We've found the perfect perfume for nerds. Geza Schöen's Molecule 01 ($135) is redolent of a single ingredient that has about zero to do with nature and everything to do with the wonders of modern science. The synthetic molecule Iso E Super gives off a luxurious aroma of velvety cedar... [More]


Turkey Rosette Centerpiece Kit

Ahh, Turkey Day. With a dozen or so guests and a big meal to prep, the last thing you need to do is spend forever on decor. The Turkey Rosette Centerpiece Kit ($20) is a happy compromise. You spend - tops - an hour putting it together and you're left... [More]


One-Click Butter Cutter

Okay, we'll admit cutting a slice of butter isn't that hard... But with the One-Click Butter Cutter ($15), you get that clean, restaurant-ready square...and with just a click!... [More]

Wonder SM.jpg

DC Comics Wonder Woman Slipper Boots

When you wake up in the morning do you hum yourself a theme song? We're still working on nailing down all of the details of our super hero alter egos. Until we do, we're going to wear DC Comics Wonder Woman Slipper Boots ($19 on sale) while we make our... [More]


Poo Paper Journals

Think your writing is crap? Then you might as well be dumping it onto the pages of these Poo Paper Journals ($21), made from repurposed elephant and panda excrement.... [More]


Your Gift Isn't Good Enough: Gift Cards

It's not the gift, but the thought that counts...and your thought sucks! Outblush presents Your Gift Isn't Good Enough, a list of the most common gift-giving faux pas so you can avoid being the one Secret Santa everyone fears. Nothing says "I don't know what the f*ck to get you!"... [More]


Supersized Colouring Pictures

Looking for a way to shut the kids up entertain the children you love so dearly? These 36"x59" Supersized Colouring Pictures ($11) are big enough to keep all the kids busy and the house quiet for one glass - maybe even one-and-a-half glasses - of wine.... [More]


Devine Color Gold Dust

Everything is better when it's shiny, from wood floors to jewelry to your currently salt-encrusted car. Wall colors are no exception. This Devine Color Gold Dust ($10) can be dumped into a paint can of your choice to lend any hue an extra dash of gleaming sparkle. (And splurge for... [More]

Nubuck SM.jpg

Cole Haan Cassidy Bootie

We haven't had a pair of boots this color or this comfortable since the '90s, when we were rocking Timberlands. Cole Haan's Cassidy Bootie ($278) in camello nubuck is our new go-to boot. Now, we can go ahead and throw away that pair of Tims we've been hiding in the... [More]


Ashtray Factory

We here at Outblush don't condone smoking, but we very much condone wit and humor. By highlighting the similarities of cigarette smoke and smog, the Ashtray Factory ($17) may even make you want to quit! (...or take a drag from a smokestack...)... [More]


Orange Vest with Hood

Going hunting? Even if you're not, it's a good time of year to wear orange when you're enjoying the great outdoors. If you're not sure how well Day-Glo compliments your complexion, stay warm and avoid being mistaken for a buck with this less glaring orange vest ($60).... [More]


Avva Felt Breadbasket

Bread: the best part of the Thanksgiving Day meal. Well, aside from the pecan pie topped with whipped cream. Oh, and the turkey smothered in gravy...and the sweet potatoes with melted mini marshmallows. Okay, bread: one of the best parts of the Thanksgiving Day meal. Keep yours warm by sticking... [More]


Blue Velvet Short Sleeveless Dress

Oooh, fancy. The Blue Velvet Short Sleeveless Dress ($129) from WhiteLily Fashion will have you looking fabulous for all the fun winter events you've got planned. You're not going to take this one for a spin while you're sledding, of course, but the crystal collar and quilted velvet will lend... [More]


Tetris Heat Change Mug

There's something calming about watching Tetris pieces fall... well suited for your morning coffee. Experienced Tetris fans will love the final scene on the Tetris Heat Change Mug ($9), the thrilling anticipation of that long piece hanging above the crevice.... [More]


Askinosie Chocolate Roasted Cocoa Nibs

Imagine chocolate was good for you. And we mean seriously good - good enough that you could stuff it into your face without worrying a bit about your waistline. Well, sometimes dreams really do come true. Askinosie Roasted Cocoa Nibs ($11) have all the flavor without the less than salubrious... [More]


Goldfish Garbage Bags

If anyone gives you funny looks when you take out the trash, just tell them you had a really good day at the fair. Goldfish Garbage Bags ($12)... [More]


PB Crave Variety Pack

We like our peanut butter the way we like our heroes in spy movies - mixed in with something bigger. Offering premium natural peanut butter blended with wild honey and additional delicious ingredients, the PB Crave Variety Pack ($18) includes three different flavors: Cookie Nookie (cookie dough, chocolate), Razzle Dazzle... [More]


12 Days of Geeky Christmas Cards

Forget partridges in pear trees, you're more familiar with microbes in a petri dish. The 12 days of geeky christmas cards ($4-18, depending on amount ordered) are right up your alley. Grab a set, sign your name, and then slip them into the lab coat pockets of your co-workers. (This... [More]

Free SM.jpg

Free People Swinging 60's Dress

With Thanksgiving on the way, it's necessary that we find clothing options that allow for significant, hidden bloating. Free People's Swinging 60's Dress ($118) camouflages our temporarily big bellies, while showing off the the parts of us that don't blimp up at the sight of turkey: our legs.... [More]


You Tell Us: Gold Ceramic Sugar Can

This Gold Ceramic Sugar Can ($22) from storied design firm Seletti is a solid, elegantly crafted piece with an airtight seal made to hold dry goods and look like a solid gold soup can. It's also got us solidly on the fence as to just what we think about it.... [More]


Freestanding Vertical Chalkboard Garden

You don't have room in your kitchen for a herb garden...or do you? With the Freestanding Vertical Chalkboard Garden ($400), not even gravity can get in the way of your cooking! The moisture mat technology ensures an equal distribution of water, while the chalkboard aspect lets you label your herbs... [More]


Pop-Out Outlet

Mixing the practicality of a surge protector with the joy of pushing buttons! The Pop-Out Outlet ($48) is a three-way outlet that's hidden inside your wall until you pop it out with a push! Because you never want to reveal to anyone just exactly how many outlets you have.... [More]


Gold Lola Chain Necklace

Don't walk into a club with the Gold Lola Chain Necklace ($18) thinking that your chains are going to impress anybody or get you a complimentary bottle of champagne. They kind of look like they've been made with twisted up aluminum foil. But considering this as costume jewelry, we have... [More]


Quaint Ring

Too Absorb took seven elaborate crosses and affixed them to a metallic coil, and then they called it "quaint"? The jangly, shiny, eye-popping Quaint Ring ($13) is anything but! Scroll down to find selection. Order form email only.... [More]


Sea Stones Coast Hook Single

The combination of stones and towels inevitably makes us think of getting a massage. An hour or so lying around with warm river rocks on our backs would probably make the world seem like a much merrier place. But thanks to our limited budgets and crazy schedules, we'll probably have... [More]


Little Hip Squeaks Elodie Collection

Just try to resist ogling the Little Hip Squeaks' Elodie Collection of baby headbands ($29). With their modern prints, the darling knotted bands will take your cutie-patootie kiddo and elevate her to stunning status. Grandmas are forever fluttering about with their cameras, so you'll wanna make sure your girlie is... [More]


Crayola Marker Maker

They never seem to have to exact color you're looking for, do they? Well, stop turning all your art projects into black and white - get the Crayola Marker Maker ($14) instead! Create up to sixteen markers of your own design by following the mixing guide and your imagination. Think... [More]


Taylor Four Event Timer with Eraser Board

Miracle of Thanksgiving miracles, everything you need to bake in the oven can cook at the same temperature! But how do you keep track of when the stuffing needs to come out versus the pie? Thankfully (ha!) this Taylor Four Event Timer ($15) has a whiteboard to jot a note... [More]

Cage SM.jpg

Nicholas Kirkwood Leather Open-Toe Cage Sandals

Nicholas Kirkwood's Leather Open-Toe Cage Sandals ($1450) are made of a beautiful white leather "cage" that will hold your toes close to your foot. This will be especially helpful when they begin to freeze and turn purple, then try to fall off of your foot in the cold winter snow,... [More]


Perfectly Luscious Curls Shampoo and Conditioner

Word on the street is that Frederic Fekkai is retiring some of their most well-loved products in order to make way for a completely new (and improved) line. Two of our favs, the Perfectly Luscious Curls Shampoo ($25) and Conditioner ($25) are on the way out. Insert sad face here.... [More]


Hand-Painted Buddha Ornament

Christmas: it's when everybody gets down with someone else's religious holiday. After all, who doesn't love an excuse to eat cookies and take a few extra days off of work? We're pretty sure the Buddha would have given that a double thumbs-up, so why not hang him on the Druidic... [More]


Steampunk Fashion

We love steampunk - its perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy appeals to nerds, but as an unexpected by-product its unique style has caught the attention of the fashion industry! Spurgeon Vaughn Ratcliffe collects all the gears, pipes, and funny goggles from all over the world into his hundred-and-sixty-page book... [More]


Morning Glory Tote

The flora may be hibernating in most parts of the country, but we bet you know someone who's already planning and plotting for the 2014 growing season. Angela's Garden carries darling gardening supplies, like this Morning Glory Tote ($30), that'll make a thoughtful gift for your favorite avid gardener. If... [More]


Machine Gun Red Riding Hood Art Block

Typical chauvinistic fairy tales: a defenseless woman is being terrorized by an overgrown dog, and needs the help of an oafish lumberjack to fix her problems for her. The Machine Gun Red Riding Hood Art Block ($35) rethinks this story for modern times...with the welcome addition of modern weaponry.... [More]


The Power Tap

Not just a clever name, The Power Tap ($32) is actually a pretty useful USB wall charger. While it's not the only USB charger on the market, it is the one with the smartest design... That lever on top isn't just for show either - it's fun to turn electricity... [More]


Bulldog Pedigreed Cookie Jar

Need to stop a cookie swiper in his or her tracks? Perhaps the Bulldog Pedigreed Cookie Jar ($98) can help you guard your stash of sugary treats. Although, at second glance, the Anthropologie-exclusive pup looks a little more sad than he does menacing. Try feeding him a few peanut butter... [More]


The Worst-Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar 2014

We're aware it's not likely, but we just feel safer knowing how to escape quicksand, should we find ourselves in that situation. The Worst-Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar 2014 ($12) is a mix of how-to survival tips, true stories of actual survivors, and various other knowledge so you're fully prepared... [More]


Emjoi Micro-Pedi Tornado Callus Remover

You go for that pedicure and the nail ladies start giggling as they saw away at your heels. You know why. They're laughing at your nasty, horn-like feet. We'll see who'll be amused next time you get those toes painted, once you start using this Emjoi Micro-Pedi Tornado Callus Remover... [More]


Reverse Charades

While the name suggests a game where you speak your clues instead of acting them out... "Okay, the movie's called Forrest Gump..." "Is it Forrest Gump?" "Yes! We win!" ... it's actually reversed in a more fun way. In Reverse Charades ($22) a team of players work together to get... [More]


The PS11 Mini Holographic Patent-Leather Shoulder Bag

The PS11 Mini Holographic Patent-Leather Shoulder Bag ($1,990) from Proenza Schouler isn't the kind of bag our regular ol' selves can afford to carry around, but it's exactly the kind of bag our alter egos would sport! Think of it as a Jerrica Benton/Jem situation: by day we wear casual... [More]


ASOS Midi Skirt in Kilt Style

There's something about wearing a midi skirt that feels so romantic. When we put on this midi skirt ($71) from ASOS, we're pretty positive that we're sporting both a romantic and a festive look. Seriously, with a billowy white blouse - like this one - a pair of knee high... [More]


Round Outdoor Thermometer

We know: you'd rather not know what the temperature is outside. But blissful ignorance can leave you with frozen fingers when you're forced to leave the cozy confines of your house. At least if you've got this Round Outdoor Thermometer ($54) posted outside a convenient window, you'll know whether you... [More]


Kathleen Whitaker Staple Studs

Look, if you wanted it to look like you had stapled your ear, you could have just gone to any highschooler's homemade tattoo and piercing party. Just kidding, we know the resulting staple wouldn't look anywhere near this elegant - and your ear would also be the worse for wear.... [More]


Slim Tinsel Tree in Champagne

Wonder how Elvis would have celebrated the holidays on the road? We're guessing he would have packed this Slim Tinsel Tree in Champagne ($50). It's more kitschy than a sequin-studded jumpsuit, and with its slender profile, could be set up in even the most overcrowded of hotel suites. And just... [More]


Gun Tattoo Tights

It's a tough world out there, and while modern gun laws generally prevent actually walking around with a rifle, these Gun Tattoo Tights ($12) will at least give the impression that you're prepared for anything.... [More]


Be Careful What You Wish For Bullet Necklace

It's happened to us all: the one day you forget your silver bullet, and you just so happen to run into a werewolf. Talk about bad luck! Well, never let that happen again with the Be Careful What You Wish For Bullet Necklace ($16). It may not be actual silver,... [More]


Petites Fleur Wood Crate and Milk Bottles

Stop scouring those antique stores! You can find all the vintage decor touches you need online without aggravating your allergies. This Petites Fleur Wood Crate and Milk Bottles set ($10) is just the sort of thing we imagine you'd snatch up between sneezes, and probably costs less than one with... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? November 22, 2013

It's our bad that we didn't find out that emerald was the Pantone color of the year for 2013 until mid-November.* If you're as slow as us, this week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap? will help you get on the green trend before 2014 is here - and just... [More]


Diamond Piñata

We'd expect this Diamond Piñata ($150) to be packed full of some seriously high-quality sweets, skipping the Hershey and going straight for Godiva. But sadly, this party piece doesn't even come with candy. Bashing it to pieces will instead unleash a cascade of confetti. But at least confetti won't enlarge... [More]


Crackie Tape Dispenser

Remember back in kindergarten, when Mrs. Schofield told you not to eat the glue? Well, this Crackie Tape Dispenser ($14) might have you taking another nibble of adhesive. This beechwood office accessory looks temptingly similar to some of our favorite sweet confections, and we know how confused you get on... [More]


I Can Resist Inner-Truth Magnet

... how devilishly relevant to your refrigerator door. I Can Resist Inner-Truth Magnet ($2)... [More]


Flud Boombox Wristwatch

If you spent your high school days watching reruns of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and talking on a phone with a cord, then we're guessing you'll appreciate this Flud Boombox wristwatch ($90). We just wish it could actually pump out TLC's "Waterfalls."... [More]


Lorann Oils Lip Balm Making Kit

Tight on money this holiday season? We bet the Lorann Oils Lip Balm Making Kit ($35) can help you out with gift-giving on the cheap. It comes with everything you'll need to create twelve pots and twelve tubes of all-natural lip gloss. What you do with them is up to... [More]


You Had Me At I Hate That Bitch Too Shirt

That's how we met our BFF! ...and also our new BFF, after the first one became such a bitch! You Had Me At I Hate That Bitch Too Shirt ($25)... [More]


Luxe Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle

Don't those water bottles look all warm and cozy...not to mention affluent. Whether you're feeling sick, sore, or in need of tea in a place where you don't trust the water, let the Luxe Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle ($29) soothe your pain. Available in coyote, mink, lynx, arctic fox,... [More]


Brad's Vampire Killer Kale Chips

We never thought we'd be raving about vegan cheese-flavored kale chips, but dreadlock our hair and call us Joaquinoa, we are in LOVE with Brad's Vampire Killer Garlic & Vegan Cheese Flavor Kale Chips ($8). They're crunchy, salty, spicy, and c'mon, you can't help but love a vegetable with its... [More]


Roost Tula Dessert Glasses

We're waaaaaayyy too busy to do Pinterest-level, from-scratch decorating and entertaining during the holidays, so we prefer to take shortcuts. Serving up store-bought desserts like pudding, trifle, or mousse in glass coupes like these Roost Tula Dessert Glasses ($62 for a set of six different patterns) instantly jazzes them up... [More]


Free Hugs Octopus Pillow

If an octopus offers to give you a free hug, how many hugs do you think you'll actually get? Does each pair of arms count as a separate hug? Or is it just one hug with many squeezing points? (Why, yes. These are the things we ponder while we work!)... [More]


Unity the Unicorn Hat

With the cold season approaching, you can forget all those thick clothes and heavy blankets - all you need to stay warm is unicorn magic! (Don't test that.) Unity the Unicorn Hat ($30) is snug, comfortable, and way cuter than a just-plain-horse hat.... [More]


Cambro Fiberglass Tray

Feeling nostalgic for that school cafeteria? Okay, maybe you don't miss the soggy fries or that cardboard slab they called by the name "pizza", but those trays you used to get the pudding cups and wilted lettuce to your table were pretty nifty, weren't they? These Cambro Fiberglass Trays ($8)... [More]


Bumble and bumble. Spraychalk

Half the fun of going home for Thanksgiving is coming up with ways to freak out conservative relatives, no? Bumble and bumble. Spraychalk ($19, in four colors) might be just the thing for this year. Unlike the Manic Panic "temporary" dye we tried in college, this stuff will wash out... [More]


Cheap Thrill: NYX Cream Lipstick in Black Cherry

Not sure if a trendy plum/dark cherry lip color will suit you? Hold off on purchasing an expensive tube you'll only use three times and instead grab a NYX Cream Lipstick in Black Cherry ($4). If you end up loving the shade, you can probably find something similar being sold... [More]


Darling Amelia Lace Skater Dress

It's that most wonderful time of the year. You know, the season where rounds of fancy dress parties give us an excuse to splurge on a few new frocks. We think this cranberry-hued Darling Amelia Lace Skater Dress ($93) would look just dandy decorating your bod at the Thanksgiving Day... [More]


Alley Pin Oil and Vinegar Containers

You'll be tempted to roll your tomato across the table at this set of Alley Pin Oil and Vinegar Containers ($57). Resist. They won't look nearly as cute if they're a shattered salad dressing mess on your floor.... [More]


Wishbone Wall Hook

Thanks to a few simple, clever tricks, we always won the annual wishbone tug-of-war. (No, we're not giving them away.) However, despite our bone-splitting prowess, we have not yet become princesses or acquired ponies. Damned turkey parts take their time getting things done. At least this Wishbone Wall Hook ($29... [More]

bondage SM.jpg

Reece Hudson Bondage Miniaudiere

Reece Hudson's Bondage Miniaudiere ($1,345) is one cuff we're happy to wear. It serves a dual purpose; purse snatchers can't steal our beautiful bag, and we can't set it down on the bathroom counter and walk away without it.... [More]


Rain Vitamin C Handheld Showerhead

Yes, the sunny star of your favorite citrus fruit is branching off for some more dramatic roles - as the water filter that saves your skin! The Rain vitamin C handheld showerhead ($69) uses food-grade Vitamin C to filter out 99.9% of the chlorine and chloramines in tap water, protecting... [More]


Eclectic by Tom Dixon Cast Iron Nutcracker

Traditional nutcrackers might make for sweet holiday decorations, but they're pretty much useless when it comes to busting open an almond. This Eclectic by Tom Dixon Cast Iron Nutcracker ($65) might not look like it's going to take you dancing in a land of wintery enchantment, but it will make... [More]


Norpro Ravioli Rolling Pin

Ravioli: delicious to eat, so f*cking frustrating to make! Leave it to modern technology to help relieve us of burdensome tasks - and by "modern technology," we mean a rolling pin with holes in it. The Norpro Ravioli Rolling Pin ($17) is an excellent addition to any master chef's kitchen... [More]


Aura Multi Use Stain

When time is of the essence and you're still bare-faced, slather on some BB cream and then use the Aura Multi Use Stain ($34) from Vapour Organic Beauty to fill in the blanks. The stain will work for perking up your lips, your cheeks, and your eyelids. You'll look put-together... [More]


Rocket Ink Illustrated Gems Boxed Set

Yes, we would love it if someone would mail us a diamond. Is it going to happen? Not a chance. But receiving one of the cards from this Rocket Ink Illustrated Gems Boxed Set ($18) would also be a nice treat, even if we can't pawn it to pay our... [More]


Commando Cleavage Cupcakes

What's the best accessory for all those upcoming holiday events? A great rack, of course. If God and the gene pool didn't gift you with a full set to start with, pump up the volume by shoving these Commando Cleavage Cupcakes ($44) into your brassiere.... [More]


Brass Tic Tac Toe Set

We've got more ways to waste time than ever, from Facebook to Angry Birds and Pawn Stars marathons, but there's still nothing quite like the classics. This Brass Tic Tac Toe Set ($195) raises everybody's favorite cocktail napkin battle of wits to an elegant new level in marble and sculpted... [More]


Hands Free Gear Clock

Telling time got way to easy - we need to take clocks back to their industrial roots, with grinding gears and some tough metal(lic finishing)! The Hands Free Gear Clock ($100) is so no-nonsense, it doesn't even have a minute hand - you have to approximate the time by how... [More]


ME-OW Card

For a greeting that really needs to make an impact, send this ME-OW Card ($5). The fierce cat on this letterpress card was inspired by the mascot of the Black Cat fireworks brand. It's illegal to send fireworks through the USPS, unfortunately, so this will have to be the next... [More]


Formula X Transformers Top Coats

There will be more than meets the eye when it comes to your favorite polishes, if you've got one of these Formula X Transformers Top Coats ($13) on hand. These no-holds-barred finishes provide both a durable protective coating and some funky, glittery sparkle that glides on over the hue of... [More]


Juicy Couture Hollywood Hills Toiletry Pouch

The Hollywood Hills Toiletry Pouch ($78) from Juicy Couture is kinda pushing it with the whole toiletry bag thing. We mean, it'll definitely hold your bathroom items, but not all of them. Even though it's on the teeny side, it's too cute to resist, so pack your essentials in it... [More]


Bird Clips

If you can't find a way to keep the bag closed, clearly you must eat the whole thing. We understand - there's nothing sadder than stale potato chips. For the sake of your sodium intake, keep these Bird Clips ($9) handy.... [More]


Pomegranate + Spruce Jar Candle

You might be too broke to turn the heat higher than fifty-eight degrees, but that doesn't mean you can't get cozy this season. Just light up this Pomegranate + Spruce Jar Candle ($10) for an inhalable dose of wintery cheer. If nothing else, it'll be a useful experiment to see... [More]


Cast Snake Rattle Necklace

The rattlesnake's rattle should put fear into the hearts of all mankind - but not just because of the snake mouth that's attached to the end. The rattle motif is found on Aztec temples and jewelry usually associated with deities, and in Mayan beliefs, the rattlesnake had the underworld on... [More]


Total Betty Muscle Tee

Most little girls hope to grow up to become the belle of the ball. The Total Betty Muscle Tee ($19) reminds us that dreams do come true.... [More]


Electric Blue Shark Teeth Studs

You all know us. Know how we earn a living. But wearing these Electric Blue Shark Teeth Studs ($24) won't be liking going down to the pond chasing bluegills and tommycods. These studs will add such an impact to your look, you might need to get yourself a bigger boat... [More]


Ferris Wheel Lamp

Ah, the carnival. It would be one of your favorite places on earth, if it weren't for clowns. Creepy, scary, maniacal clowns who haunted your dreams for years. Hopefully putting this Ferris Wheel Lamp ($52) into your room won't give you night terrors.... [More]


Car and Office Scent Diffuser

If you've got a smelly car, you don't exactly want to advertise it. But that's what you're doing when you dangle one of those little trees from your rearview mirror. This Car and Office Scent Diffuser ($40) is far more subtle. Just plug it into your car's USB or DC... [More]


A Mellow Day Set

Shed the stress of a long day and unwind with a pampering routine. First up in the A Mellow Day Set ($55) from hellomellow? Himalayan bath salts to help reduce your aches and pains as you sink into the tub. Follow up your bath with a skin-soothing body oil and... [More]


iDapt i1 Eco Charger

Think about it: while you're sitting here reading this blog, at home your rat's nest of charging cords are sneakily drawing power from your outlets, jacking up your electric bill and contributing to the global climate crisis. That is, unless you've picked up this iDapt i1 Eco Charger ($30). This... [More]


Yes! Change is Easy Cards

Whenever we want to shake things up, we turn on a little David Bowie and get ready for some changes. While the tunes get us amped and our inspirational Pinterest board has us confident that we'll have abs/a newly madeover bedroom/homemade meals every day/the perfectly curated closet, sometimes that's as... [More]


Lazy Oaf Skull Ring

For a brand called Lazy Oaf, it looks like a lot of time went into getting this Skull Ring ($24) just right. Black gems on gold plating with that iconic design... if the designers of this ring are lazy oafs, what does that make us?... [More]


Heat-Sensitive On This Day Calendar

The On This Day Daily Calendar ($20) mixes famous history, today's date, and ahead-of-its-time heat technology - that's the past, present, and future right there! Heat up today's date to reveal a fun fact about something important that happened in history!... [More]


eraclea Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED Winter isn't all sparkly snowflakes and hot cocoa with mini marshmallows. It's cold, dry air and icy wind as we walk uphill both ways in a snowstorm. As much as we can do to take care of our bodies in these chilly months (thank you puffy down... [More]


Fair Isle Dog Sweater

You aren't the only one who needs to look your best as you greet holiday company and dinner guests. Tuck your pup into this Fair Isle Dog Sweater ($28) to keep her looking perfectly posh in the winter season's favorite sweater style.... [More]


Marquant Vintage Taxi Ride On Toy

Hey, we've all got to make ends meet somehow, and we've had our assortment of odd jobs, too. Help a two-to-five-year-old pick themselves up by their bootstraps with the fares earned from this Marquant Vintage Taxi Ride On Toy ($105).... [More]


Strathcona Purple Swamp Stockings

The rich color and detail of these Strathcona stockings ($36) is divine, but sometimes you have to take the bad along with the good, like the snakes among the roses, butterflies, beetles, and lizards. But hey, they're all part of a beautiful circle of life, so we'll allow the snakes... [More]


LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013

There are few things we like as much as Star Wars, LEGO, and miniaturized versions of either one, but our favorite thing about the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013 ($50) is definitely that the suggested age range ends at twelve. Ha! Spoiler alert: If you click through, you will... [More]


Greg Lauren For Barneys New York Eau de Parfum

How can we put this so that you get an accurate idea of how incredible the Greg Lauren For Barneys New York Eau de Parfum ($195) smells? Okay, think about shrugging into your favorite oversized sweater, zipping up a pair of knee-high boots, and heading out to meet your very... [More]


Edie Flats

We can't quite figure out what the metallic pattern on these Edie loafers ($149) reminds us of. A snake? Fish scales? The tiling in the bathroom? The cross section of a precious mineral? Ah, well, they're shiny and accented with neon, so consider our shoe needs met.... [More]


ASCII Cats Crop Tee

This crop top ($40) is taking us back in time, to AOL profiles, Geocities websites, and chain emails covered in ASCII illustrations and sticky caps. Cats weren't quite as popular on the internet in the late '90s, but we're still able to whip out the following all too easily: =^..^=.... [More]


Public Toilet Survival Kit

Let's hope we never end up in the Worst Toilet in Scotland...but if we do, it's nice to know we'd have a fighting chance. The Public Toilet Survival Kit ($5) comes with a toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes, and a pair of latex-free disposable gloves. Tested at a filling... [More]


tokidoki All Stars 13" MacBook Pro Retina Skin

Ever since Tokidoki privatized cuteness, they're really been cementing their ownership of the market. And there's no better example of their onslaught of adorable than the tokidoki All Stars 13" MacBook Pro Retina Skin ($30) - there is not one centimeter of this picture that doesn't make us go "Awww..."... [More]


W3LL People Purist Mineral Blush

When your natural summer tan starts to fade, it's time to rethink your blusher. You'll need to use a lighter hand, for sure, but you should also considering making the switch to a neutral, mineral-based powder like W3LL People's Purist Mineral Blush ($23). You'll have total control over how much... [More]


Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker

If you're wondering how a pastime like knitting ever got popular with the young crowds, it's partially thanks to Debbie Stoller, author of the bestselling Stitch 'n Bitch books. But now she's dug her hooks into crocheting with her book, Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker ($12). With its... [More]


Joie Chyanne Sweater

The cut of this Joie Chyanne Sweater ($248) may be relaxed, but there's nothing understated about how badass you'll look rocking the bold leopard pattern. Don't be afraid to play it up with some colorful jewelry and sleek heeled leather boots.You got this; you own animal prints!... [More]

Skull SM.jpg

Alexander McQueen Crystal Bee and Skull Cocktail Ring

We love Alexander McQueen's Crystal Bee and Skull Cocktail Ring ($290), but it just doesn't make sense. We get the skull, even the crystals, but why would a bee land on a skull? We think they should have gone with some sort of larva or flesh-eating bug instead. I guess... [More]


Doubtblush: Lazy Oaf X Looney Tunes Sweet Tweet Dress

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Reiko Kaneko Chimney Christmas Bauble Ornament

Use the Chimney Christmas Bauble Ornament ($30) from Reiko Kaneko to remind Santa to get his butt in gear. You're anxiously hoping a new Coach wristlet will be lining your stocking on Christmas morn. Only, it's probably better to not specifically tell him to "get his butt in gear." We're... [More]


BECCA Automatic Eye Pencil

Sure, a funky shade of eye shadow will get you noticed, but it's the mainstays that do all the heavy eye shaping and lifting. The BECCA Automatic Eye Pencil ($23) glides on smoothly and helps you create great shape so your eyes are always in the spotlight. And anyway, a... [More]


Doodle Duvet

Are you tired of bland, traditional duvet patterns and prefer something with a little more dinosaur on it? The Doodle Duvet ($50) lets you "draw on it, wash it, and do it again." Its personal touch has the spirit of a memory quilt - but for someone with amnesia.... [More]


Presto Recycled Pencils

Between iTunes and Spotify, the compact disc is bound to go the way of the dinosaurs soon. So what happens to all of those jewel cases? Some will become Presto Recycled Pencils ($9), which are made from the CD cases of no longer loved albums like that first No Doubt... [More]


Cow Contact Lens Travel Kit

How often have you ended up spending an unexpected night away from home? Yes, we too remember those glory days of singlehood. At least with this Cow Contact Lens Travel Kit ($7) packed in your purse, you won't have to make your walk of shame with crusty red eyeballs.... [More]


Ras Moccasins

Uncomfortable-but-gorgeous stilettos? Banished to the back of the closet, baby! Our calves and tootsies will be singing the Hallelujah chorus when we don these festive, glittery Ras Moccasins ($105) to hit the holiday party circuit.... [More]


Buy Mars Land Package

We've heard it's wise to invest in real estate, but this seems, well, a bit out there. With your purchase of the Buy Mars Land Package ($30) you get the deed to one acre of Martian land, a map, and a data sheet about the particulars of your new property.... [More]


Beardo Beard Hat For Kids

Beard hats are funny and keep your face warm, but is that really the look you want for yourself? But just like with your dreams of becoming a famous dancer, you can live vicariously through your kids! The Beardo Beard Hat For Kids ($30) keeps the little one's face warm... [More]


Steampunk Bag of Gears

When working with steampunk clothes, where are you supposed to shop for, materials? This Steampunk Bag of Gears ($3) might be useless to a watchmaker, but to the right designer, it's exactly what they've been looking for.... [More]


Method Free + Clear Laundry Detergent

Forget caps and scoops. How'd you like to clean an entire load of laundry with one teeny little pump? Method Free + Clear Laundry Detergent ($15) is an ultra-concentrated formula that will clean a washer full of clothes with less than half an ounce. Think such a potent product would... [More]


Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub

Look at the plethora of products on your bathroom counter designed to take care of your face. Now look at what's happening on your husband/boyfriend/brother/father's side of things. Possibly a bar of Irish Spring, right? This might leave you wondering if perhaps male skin is inherently lower maintenance than the... [More]


In-Car-Nito Secret Storage

"Oh no, we're getting pulled over! Quick, we need to find a place to hide the... valuables." When both cops and criminals (and shady valets) present a threat, it's nice to have the In-Car-Nito Secret Storage ($23) for whatever your don't want found.... [More]


The Lip Scrub in Red Velvet

Ahh, red velvet: the perfect combination of subtle cocoa, aromatic vanilla, and acidic buttermilk. Sara Happ's Red Velvet Lip Scrub ($24) is spot on. It smells exactly the way a red velvet cupcake ought to smell - sweet and subtle. Add the lip exfoliator to your holiday wish list, or... [More]


Hemp Infinity Scarf

This handcrafted scarf ($86) is made out of 100% hemp fabric, and made in the Netherlands, but it will only make you feel extra good in the aesthetic sense. Not only is hemp fabric way more sustainable than cotton, it also has a lovely, natural fiber texture that shines through... [More]


Jil Sander Ridged Ankle Boot

People would be wise not to mess around with the wearer of these Jil Sander boots ($805). This pair is ripe for some good old anthropomorphism, and we can't help but see a big, monstrous mouth - one with really large teeth.... [More]


maurices Maggie Buckle Wedge Boot

A tall winter boot with a little help for the vertically challenged can be a tough thing to shop for - especially if you aren't in the market for a stiletto or a straight-up combat boot. But the maurices Maggie Buckle Wedge Boot ($59) lets you have it all; this... [More]


Purse iPhone5 Case

Make people think you're carrying around the world's tiniest purse when you deploy this amusing iPhone case ($15). When people ask about it, brush them off casually by referring to it as your Chanel. It's a totally convincing depiction, right?... [More]


Much Loved

Photographer Mark Nixon has put together a collection of sweet portraits of stuffed animals to evoke a little nostalgia in all of us. Much Loved ($18) features teddy bears, bunnies, and other critters that have been loved to the point of destruction, and even has space in the back for... [More]

elephant SM.jpg


We love elephants, America, and looking good. The #FREEDOMELEPHANT ($80) necklace by Freedom of Animals is made in 'Merica, it looks great on us, and a percentage of its sales go to help elephants! We're going to stomp around town wearing it and eating peanuts, to really get behind the... [More]


Amazon White Clay Thickening Whipped Clay

Taya Beauty carries a lavish line of hair care products made with Amazon white clay, avocado oil, and Croton lechleri resin. But wait, what exactly is Croton lechleri resin? Turns out it's dragon's blood!* Dragon's blood is known for its healing properties, and with daily use of Taya's products like... [More]


Girl Talk Headband

No, not that "Girl Talk" (Remember TLC?!). The Girl Talk Headband ($15) will remind you - and everyone around you - that it's time to get festive. You should probably avoid wearing it to Christmas Eve service at your grandmother's church, but honestly, we think just about any gift-giving,... [More]


Norpro Pie Topper Cutter Set

We're not saying the way you top your pies is wrong...we're just saying that our way is the only way that's right. With this Norpro Pie Topper Cutter set ($9), you can use the cherry design to decorate your cherry pie or the leaf design to decorate your leaf pie!... [More]


Macaroni & Cheese Air Freshener

We're never leaving our car again! Screw pine trees and cinnamon sticks - the greatest gift we can give our noses is the appetizing aroma of creamy cheese glistening on morsels of macaroni. Macaroni & Cheese Air Freshener ($3)... [More]


Mini USB Locket

If you're a stylish tech girl, a flash drive is exactly what you want close to your heart - forget a sappy lyric or some dude's picture. With the Mini USB Locket ($200), you'll be able to download and upload files wherever you please - how romantic!... [More]


Copper Bar Tools

Oooh, classy! These Copper Bar Tools ($7-11, on sale) from West Elm will turn your holiday party into a Mad Men-esque shindig (minus the brooding, adulterous Don Draper - though maybe to your chagrin!). Or wait, master the martini - shaken, not stirred - and you've got yourself a Bond... [More]


Zebra T

We never noticed how zebra necks are the exact same shape as a t-shirt sleeve! Thanks to this stripey tee ($25), zebras have finally found the way to their natural home: your shoulders. Those noses, however, might be a little too close to your chestal region for comfort.... [More]


Jokari Baggy Rack

Maybe it is a little nitpicky, but having an open, easily accessible container just makes cooking easy...and until they make a pliable Tupperware, we're just going to have to make baggies work. That's where the Jokari Baggy Rack ($4) comes in handy - it holds open your baggie for you... [More]


Blue Net Bag

Every single knot of this Blue Net Bag ($120) was tied by hand. These bags are beautiful specimens, intended to replace plastic bags at grocery stores and, in our opinion, the less fashionable boxy polypropylene totes. You'll want to be careful not to put smaller items like garlic cloves at... [More]


Lena Faux Fur Cashmere Glove

We could see this going one of two ways: your friends could marvel at your faux fur cashmere gloves ($60) and ask you if you just walked out of a fashion magazine. Or they could ask you what small animal you killed to staple onto your fingerless gloves. What's your... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Butter Slipper Socks

If you're looking for a sock that is as fuzzy as a slipper and a slipper that's as secure on your foot as a sock, then look no further. These Butter Slipper Socks ($7) are perfect for wearing around the house on a chilly day, as they're rendered in a... [More]


Further Dish Soap

Wash your dishes the natural hand. You might not mind expending the elbow grease if it means you get to use this Further Dish Soap ($16), an eco-friendly blend of olive, bergamot and exotic grass oils.... [More]



Combining bocce ball, bowling, and elements of shop class, ROLLORS ($40) is a new family game that is becoming popular with the highly selective picnic crowd. Basically, you roll the wooden disk and get points for how close it is to the goal - it's similar to bocce and horseshoes,... [More]


L'ascari MANCANDLE in Sawdust

Your boyfriend's house smells like yesterday's gym socks. It's too cold to open the windows and ventilate. He won't let you douse the place with that always-effective vanilla room spray. What's the solution? Lighting this L'ascari MANCANDLE in Sawdust ($33). He won't be able to dismiss its rich cedar and... [More]


Green Sweater with Fair Isle Panel

What sort of crazy scientist invented this sweatshirt-sweater hybrid? What do we call it? The sweatershirt? That's about the only option that we're willing to type, but we're more than willing to don this mint green top ($42), because sometimes you just don't want to go full Fair Isle.... [More]


Ouidad Mongongo Oil Multi-use Hair Treatment

We've heeded the advice of our hairdresser and have stopped shampooing so much. But last time we saw her, she said to start adding oil. And despite the fact that it feels counter to everything we were ever taught about hair care, it seems to be working! Warm up some... [More]


Clare Vivier Flat Clutch

Wedding season may be wrapping up, but the holidays are fast approaching. Arm yourself with a new Clare Vivier Flat Clutch ($195) as you battle holiday parties, events, and evenings on the town. This black brocade purse is elegant enough to help you accessorize your holiday frocks, but if you're... [More]


Mini Fiesta Piñatas

Party piñatas: awesome in theory, but difficult to execute in cold weather. You can put up a piñata indoors if you're not fearful for your windows, and your lamps, and your mirrors, or you can just let party attendees take home a few of these Mini Fiesta Piñatas ($38). Guests... [More]


Black Friday Bender: Ouidad Curls Are Coming to Town Gift Set

There's nothing like home for the holidays, right? But admit it - your extended family doesn't stock the greatest selection of shampoo. Pack yourself a selection of carry-on-ready hair care items from this Ouidad Curls Are Coming to Town Gift Set ($27) and your hair won't be a disaster in... [More]


Penguin Cocktail Shaker

Nothing knows "well chilled" like an inhabitant of Antarctica, which is why we think this Penguin Cocktail Shaker ($25) is an ideal tool for shaking up those martinis. It also looks much nicer on your counter than one shaped like The Thing.... [More]


Eiffel Tower Tea Set

Want to make that cup of tea an even bigger deal? Serve it up in a porcelain replica of a world-renowned monument. This Eiffel Tower Tea Set ($50) cleverly disguises a mug and pint-sized teapot with a built-in steeping basket.... [More]


Christmas Pudding Card

Look, kids! It's the traditional Christmas billiard ball! Pudding. We mean pudding. Though the stripped-down illustration of that traditional flaming dessert on this Christmas Pudding Card ($7) does bring us back to that year we celebrated the season with pitchers of Pabst in the billiards room.... [More]


Lisa's Hair Elixir Fortifying Scalp Spray

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, but the dry winter air doesn't exactly help keep it nourished. In fact, our scalps have been feeling pretty parched lately. That's where a few spritzes of Lisa's Hair Elixir Fortifying Scalp Spray ($22) from Carol's Daughter comes in. The rosemary- and camphor-oil-based... [More]


FLPR Universal Remote for iDevice

Three Remotes for TVs under your roof Seven Remotes for gadgets all over the house Nine Remotes for DVD players, cable boxes, and video games And One Remote for the Queen on her La-Z-Boy The FLPR Universal Remote ($42) to rule them all. (If you're tech-savvy, you can use this... [More]


Veda Bracelet

It's surreal and just a little bit creepy to be sporting disembodied hands as decoration. But it's also very kind of said cast brass hands to hold the ends of this bracelet ($185) together. We wonder if they could conjure up a third when it's time to to fumble with... [More]


TiGr Titanium Bike Lock

There's a special place in hell designated for people who steal bikes, right next to traitors and puppy kickers. But sadly a destiny of eternal suffering doesn't seem to be enough of a deterrent, and we hear all too often about friends and family members who step outside to find... [More]


Shield Necklace

You've earned your stripes through years at summer camp or in Girl Scouts, but you can't quite figure out a way to repurpose those shirts without looking like some middle schooler with access to Mom's sewing machine and closet full of rickrack. Don't worry, this Shield Necklace ($40) can act... [More]


Toy Knife Kit

Initiate your little outdoorsperson early with this Toy Knife Kit ($10). This wooden puzzle snaps together to create an adorable faux pocketknife. It's your little tyke's sweet first step towards being able to field dress a deer.... [More]


Kangaroo Side and Storage Table

We've always wanted an animal servant, but we haven't committed to any one species yet. The Kangaroo Side and Storage Table ($110) makes a compelling argument for the kangaroo - it's tall enough to hold a tray at a level comfortable to you, and it's got a built-in magazine rack!... [More]


UNIF Inverted Heart Tee

Now here's some sacrilege that makes us feel warm and fuzzy! The UNIF Inverted Heart Tee ($49) features either commentary on the politics of organized religion, or two long-necked cartoons in love! Note the ripped details and cut-off sleeves.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Hit Us With Your Best Shot

Do you hear that? We don't mean to sound like fidgety little kids, but that's the sound of us snoring because we're so bored with Personal Shoppers lately - and we get the feeling that you probably are too. But making them more interesting isn't a one person job -... [More]


Bin 8

Short on space in your kitchen? Wait - why are we asking? Everyone is short on kitchen space, unless you're Martha Stewart with a horde of interns constantly organizing and cleaning out your drawers. When every bit of space counts, consolidating gadgets is a no-brainer. That's why we love the... [More]


Bamboo iPad Station

Ever find yourself accidentally using your iPad as a coaster? We've come close a few times. The best defense against setting your coffee down on your beloved tablet is to rest it at an incline. This Bamboo iPad Station ($34) will keep you from doing something stupid on even your... [More]


Good Job Me Tees

The only person the messages on these tees ($30) should matter to is you. Whether or not you're technically a rocket scientist (for example), we want everybody to feel good every day. With a range of professions represented (and the option for a custom order), all of us can be... [More]


Halloween Blood Snow Dome

Snowglobes are always so... wholesome. But it's not like snow is the only thing that seems to float around in the air - why, just off the tops of our heads, there's also the blood splatter from violently murdering sexually active teenagers! The Halloween Blood Snow Dome ($60) is a... [More]


Stegosaurus Wine-O-Saur

If anyone ever succeeds in cloning dinosaurs Jurassic Park-style, we'd love to get ourselves a pet superlizard. We'd teach him to fetch the mail, chase off intruders, and cuddle with us when we're sick. Sadly, we're still a long way off from being able to design our own prehistoric pets.... [More]


Original Night Ice LED Earrings

Light-up earrings aren't for every occasion (going to the theater, visiting someone in a hospital), but for crazy dance clubs or crazy costume parties - anything crazy really - the Original Night Ice LED Earrings ($30) will make you stand out like a beacon of light!... [More]


Essie Encrusted Holiday 2013 Nail Polish

We always seem to squander our manicure cash on other incidentals - like sale pints of Neapolitan ice cream and iTunes new music picks - so we're grateful that Essie always delivers quality polishes at an affordable price. We're besotted with their current holiday collection, which is full of pretties... [More]


Watercolor City Map Tote Bags

Some people pay tribute to their 'hood by forming a gang. Personally, we'd opt for carrying one of these City Map tote bags ($22). They'll let us show off our city pride while carrying around essential items, where that whole gang thing will likely just land us in juvie.... [More]


Lise Watier 24 Hrs Glam Mascara

Sure, you could get the 24 Hrs Glam Mascara ($23) in noir for a classic, long-lasting va-va-voom look, but we say live a little, and go for the bleu! With a hint of the navy color defining your lashes, your eyes will pop, and you'll stand out from the crowd,... [More]


Urban Shelf

Well, la-dee-da, look at Ms. Fancy with enough room in her bedroom for a nightstand. What's it like on top of the world? For some of us, a nightstand is just not in the cards, but luckily there's the Urban Shelf ($15 - $17) - a portable mini-shelf that attaches... [More]


Sega Toys Homestar Spa Edition

Ever visit the planetarium and think, "Gee, I wish I could take a bath in here"? Well, with the Sega Toys Homestar Spa Edition ($141), that dream can now become a reality. This floating projector transforms the dated wallpaper of your bathroom into a stunning starscape.... [More]


Tulle Strappy Midi Dress

Miss your childhood dance recital outfits? So do we. We're thankful for this Tulle Strappy Midi Dress ($50), which basically functions as a tutu for the grown woman who wants to wear one out in public. Pair it with an oversized sweater, a long sleek coat, or layer it with... [More]


Pepaloves Cecilia Brown Scarf

What does the fox say? Probably something like, "Thank you for wearing this charming knit scarf ($44) instead of going hunting."... [More]


Alma Otter Tape Dispenser

Otters are the cutest! They're like a mix of cats, dolphins, and a loud squeaky toy. It's a shame they're not more well-known when it comes to adorable animals, so we were glad to see the Alma Otter Tape Dispenser ($15) representin'!... [More]


Doubtblush: Wooden Baby Rattles

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. There was a particularly smug... [More]


Crocodile Scarf

If you're having a hard time getting your kid to bundle up for the cold weather (we picture mittens flying, boots stomping, and hats thrown across the room), try bringing home the Crocodile Scarf ($32) - but don't call it a scarf. Then, when it's time to go to school... [More]


Cat Scratch DJ Deck

If our cats could actually mix jams, we suspect their first single would be an epic mix of whiney yowls and sloppy licking sounds, with perhaps a touch of litterbox shuffling. Thankfully, the only sounds they can make on this Cat Scratch DJ Deck ($36) are scraping claw noises -... [More]


USB Digital Library

You know all those classics you've sworn you're going to get around to reading? You've officially run out of excuses not to. This USB Digital Library ($15) puts over three thousand public domain books at your fingertips, from Pride and Prejudice to War and Peace. Just plug this cute book-shaped... [More]


Young's Double Chocolate Stout

So many of our favorite things come in double chocolate form. Brownies, cookies, ice cream...the list goes on. Now we can add yet another of our beloved treats to it: beer. Young's Double Chocolate Stout ($4) packs a super chocolately punch with a healthy dash of hops and a 5.2%... [More]


Batgirl Cami & Panty Set

Batman's got a suit for street-fighting, for underwater, for heavy fire...but not many people know about his suit for staying at home and watching Love Actually. The Batgirl Cami & Panty Set ($26 - $35) proves once again that every outfit looks better with a Batman emblem on it.... [More]


Toast Bird Feeder

No birdseed? Raid your pantry and treat your feathered friends to a slice of bread they can peck at from this bird feeder ($10). What else are we going to do with the bread butts? (We do feel compelled to mention that birds' diets shouldn't consist of just bread, so... [More]


Panda Sleep Mask

Little known fact: pandas are fantastic sleepers. They can lie down under a stump and snooze away for a six-hour nap, then crawl onto a rock ledge and doze off for a nice ten-hour night. When's the last time you did that without a handful of Ambien? Channel some of... [More]


Karate Chopper

We've always wanted to be martial artists. But we're far more likely to break a finger than a stack of two-by-fours with our fighting skills. We'll have to settle for channeling our badass into using this Karate Chopper ($12). Made with super sturdy plastic, it will cut its way through... [More]


Scents of Land No. 772 Oak Candle

Anyone else wondering if Land by Land candlemakers Kanoko Mizuo and Tomoyo Kamio really came up with several hundred different fragrances before arriving at the aroma of this Scents of Land No. 772 Oak Candle ($42)? Or did they just pick an impressive-sounding number? If it was the latter, we'll... [More]


Le Bombe Sweatshirt

How do you modernize the outdated 1995 slang "da bomb" and make it cool again? Say it in French. Le [sic] Bombe Sweatshirt ($24).... [More]


Charley Harper Christmas Caper Cards

Are we sure we want reindeer to be the official animal of Christmas? What's so Christmas-y about a smelly snow deer? We like the Christmas scene outlined in Charley Harper's Christmas Caper Cards ($12)...raccoons are adorable in every season.... [More]


NeverKink Self-Straightening Hose

Is November a funny time to be thinking about hoses? Not if you've just spent the last two hours trying to wrestle that bug-covered, tangled mess in your yard into submission. The NeverKink Self-Straightening Hose ($55) promises to make fall cleanup an easier task next year.... [More]


J&D's Bacon Lube

You know we love our wit, snark, puns and cringe-worthy commentary here at Outblush, and sometimes we're handed a product so perfect the copy practically writes itself. Bacon Lube ($12) pretty much made our heads explode as zingers about hogs, porking, meat, and squealing all ricocheted around in our brains.... [More]


Double Gun Necklace

You're not looking for trouble... but you're ready for it. Whether your sipping whiskey at the saloon or sipping mimosas at the salon, wearing around two six-shooters makes one thing clear: you're a badass. This exquisite (and hard to come by) Double Gun Necklace ($218) was created by 2011 Jewelry... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Bomber Jacket for Courtney

Courtney wrote: "A few years ago I found the most perfect chocolate colored leather bomber jacket with a big white fur/wool collar. I waffled on buying it and ultimately did not get it. Now I am desperately searching for a look alike and am turning up empty handed. I've always... [More]


Stargazer Lights

Prepare to get spoiled. Once you've used these Stargazer Lights ($98) to add illumination to your holiday garlands, you'll never settle for those crappy green-wired mini lights again. These strands hold their poses perfectly and turn the wires themselves into part of the stunning effect thanks to a beautiful copper... [More]


Handpainted Tiffin Carrier

Be the envy of the entire office with the Handpainted Tiffin Carrier ($75). Imagine walking down the halls with your lunch in this stainless steel beauty while passing your coworkers as they fumble with their Tupperware and plastic baggies in crumpled up, slightly wet paper bags. You'll know your perfectly... [More]


Trish McEvoy Illuminating Cream Palette

We know how easy it is to start a makeup job with the intention of adding a few well-placed dabs* of highlighter for a fresh glow, and accidentally overdo it. There are enough college-age pictures of us looking like this to fill a book. Thankfully, Trish McEvoy has come to... [More]


Sabrina Bikini

We suspect it would have been a touch too racy for Audrey Hepburn, but we're totally loving this itsy-bitsy Sabrina Bikini ($176) from Sauipe Swimwear. This classically styled two-piece in flattering coral stands out thanks to an eye-catching chain detail on the halter. Wear it and see if the moon... [More]


Walnut Cheese Board with Poppy Flower Design

Is it really a good idea to have a cheese board that's so pretty you don't want to use it? We say yes.Surely at some point we'll wind up doing something more than setting it on our counter, but for now this Walnut Cheese Board with Poppy Flower Design ($50)... [More]


Big Head Squirrel Feeder

Sometimes the best pranks are the ones the victim doesn't know about...and that means the best victims are animals. When the squirrel pops its head into the Big Head Squirrel Feeder ($15), it's just trying to eat - it has no idea how silly it looks! Hey, if you're providing... [More]


Satechi Portable USB Humidifier

It's not our fault the air is dry everywhere! But you don't have to lug your home humidifier around everywhere you go. Satechi solved the problem with their portable USB humidifer ($30). This little beauty works on any bottle of water!... [More]


I Fight Like a Girl Women's V-Neck

Men fight until the weaker one gives up. Women fight until their nails are worn down and someone is missing a significant chunk of hair. Wear the I Fight Like a Girl Women's V-Neck ($20 - $21) with pride.... [More]


Iron Mesh Basket

Whatever will we store in this sturdy Iron Mesh Basket ($189)? Our firewood? Guest bath towels? Or perhaps we'll use it to contain wayward offspring. Whatever we decide, this piece will make for a durable and attractive addition to our home decor.... [More]


Thanksgiving 101

Oh, crap. Turkey Day is staring us down and we're at a loss for how to start our meal planning. Maybe we can manage to throw together a T-day dinner from the recipes in Thanksgiving 101: Celebrate America's Favorite Holiday with America's Thanksgiving Expert ($7) by Rick Rodgers. The book... [More]


Chalkboard Wine Charms

Wine charms are great in theory, but after the third glass or so of Cabernet we've usually forgotten whether we were drinking out of the tiny Christmas tree or the purple daisy. These Chalkboard Wine Charms ($10), on the other hand, are totally drunk-proof. Attach them to your glass and... [More]


True Grace Library Room Spray

Who wouldn't love to have their own library? But if your home or apartment is so small that you have to store your food processor in the bathtub, a whole room devoted to books is a far distant dream. Approximate it with a couple of Reader's Digest collections and a... [More]


Roasting Laurel

With a bewildering range of recipes and advice out there for everything from dry brining to deep frying, picking the right path to the perfect bird is nothing short of an epic accomplishment. So why shouldn't you pay tribute to all that effort by setting your pan down on this... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Joby Owls Nail Art Stickers

This dates us, but we haven't tried nail stickers since before the turn of the current century when our idea of a fun Friday was walking to the nearest Walgreens and spending our allowance on nail polish. And maybe it's just that our fine motor skills have improved since Clinton... [More]


Travel 10,000 Dice Necklace

You're in charge of bringing the fun, at least when it comes to traditional dice games. This unique necklace ($82) doubles as a travel version of 10,000, so when you find yourself stuck at the airport or the car dealership, you can simply deconstruct your jewelry to find hours of... [More]


Pride and Prejudice Cookie Cutter Set

Ready for a relaxing night in? Rent Austenland from your nearest Redbox, put on the tea kettle, and plate up a batch of Elizabeth and Darcy bust shortbread cookies. Of course, if you're old school you'll light a few candles and crack open your well-worn copy of Pride and Prejudice,... [More]


Never Mind the Blocks Tee

Is it just us, or does Mario look like he lost weight? In fact, the Mushroom Kingdom's favorite couple never looked better than they do in the Never Mind the Blocks Tee ($22). Mario's really working those coin suspenders!... [More]


Going to Market Tote Bag

Your local farmers' market: a place so hip, it doesn't require a definite article. Up your crunch cred by packing those fresh meats and veggies into this Going to Market Tote Bag ($15).... [More]


Avocado Saver

Nobody wants to eat brown avocado, but scarfing the whole fruit in one sitting isn't always part of our dinner plans. This Avocado Saver ($6) is designed to specifically fit over the cut surface of a halved avocado, cutting off the oxygen that leads to mushiness and discoloration. At last,... [More]


Republic of Tea Tea of Good Tidings

Too often something "tasting like Christmas" means it'll make you feel like a cinnamon stick exploded in your mouth. Not so this Tea of Good Tidings ($12) from Republic of Tea. This holiday-inspired blend gives the usual spice-bomb flavor philosophy the pass, instead using a delicate blend of black tea,... [More]


Dick the Whale Necklace

As any Melville fan will tell you, that Moby was a real jerk. After all, while he and Ahab might have had their issues, did he really have to go and... oh wait. Can't finish that one without a spoiler alert. Read the book, then show off your literary savvy... [More]


Brass Grip Ring

When helping your hiking buddies up a particularly difficult section of trail, you must remember the all-important wrist grip as depicted on this Brass Grip Ring ($160). We don't want any broken fingers that may occur as a result of an improper regular hand grab - then you wouldn't be... [More]

Fresh Balls

Fresh Balls

We truly thought this was a joke when we heard Howard Stern promoting it constantly. After hearing about a hundred times, we decided we had to Google it and we found that this product is real and supposedly works well. Most of us don't have balls, but we definitely have... [More]


Sperry Top-Sider Southampton Wedge Sandal

The mailroom guy seems to have taken sides in the Sperry Top-Sider debate. He finds them to be the ugliest, most pointless shoes on the market. We took his opinion on our favorite shoe and turned it on its head with this wedge sandal ($45). His first response to this... [More]


Red Plaid Lace Dress

There's a reason that plaid has never really gone away, though it's certainly been put through quite a few tests, from school uniforms to zippered punk pants. This shift dress ($79) combines the two with its basic shape, spiced up with a lace trim and a deep v back. Go... [More]


Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Has that handsome devil you sleep beside suddenly turned into an human chainsaw at night? Try a simple solution before you kick him to the curb. Sometimes the culprit in a sudden bout of snoring is the return of dry winter air. This Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier ($45) is... [More]


Duck Hunter Launch & Load Game

We could make an extended commentary on the postmodern implications of this Duck Hunter Launch & Load Game ($60). Just for a sneak preview: it's a physical recreational activity modeled after a digital version of a physical recreational activity. Your brain spinning yet?... [More]


Revolver Screwdriver

What's the hold up on all those DIY projects you were going to tackle this year? Bang through 'em in one shot with this Revolver Screwdriver ($40). Editors note: We really debated this one, but then we thought, screw it, we love wordplay!... [More]


Eye Exam Chart Printed Tights

Give the world another reason to stare at your legs (as if they needed it). These Eye Exam Chart Printed Tights ($27) make it possible for passers-by to appreciate your curvy calves and check their vision at the same time.... [More]


Munchkin The Medicator

We all tend to be kind of babies when we're sick - but babies are real babies about it! Luckily they're not hard to trick at that age. The Medicator ($3) makes giving your infant medicine a breeze...if only they had something to make your sick husband less of a... [More]


Fueguia 1833 Biblioteca de Babel Perfume

We don't often find perfumes inspired by great pieces of literature - especially not the brilliant writings of Jorge Luis Borges. But Fueguia 1833 mastermind Julian Bedel finds the inspiration for his fragrances in unexpected places, like Borges's brain-twisting tale of an infinite, labyrinthine library. Biblioteca de Babel ($150) embodies... [More]


KonfuziLUX Oil Lamp

An old-fashioned oil lamp made from a modern-day lightbulb? The KonfuziLUX Oil Lamp ($138) is as quirky as it is energy-efficient. From the makers of the radio inside a TV set.... [More]


Ricci Open Sequined Blazer

Try out this Ricci Open Sequined Blazer ($199) to see what you look like when liquid sparkle goodness is poured over your body. Just be careful not to lean against any chain-link fences, velcro walls, or stucco. In fact, don't lean at all.... [More]


Winter Waterglobe

This time of year might have some of you in warmer climates feeling nostalgic for the lands where sleigh rides and drifting snow are part of the holiday cheer. But one hour standing in your driveway with a snow shovel, an aching back, and icy water dripping into your boots... [More]


Animal Hamper

This Animal Hamper ($89) is supposed to help train your child to put dirty clothes where they belong. Maybe the same will go for us. After all, if our hamper can glare at us with beady, guilt-inducing eyes, we might be less inclined to toss our dirty pajamas on the... [More]


GemSprouts Living Necklaces

Just what we always wanted: jewelry that requires maintenance. But while our silver remains sadly unpolished, these GemSprouts Living Necklaces ($10) might just be cool enough to motivate us to dip them in water every month or so to keep them alive and kicking. We'll feel a lot guiltier about... [More]


Chinti & Parker Star Sweater

Who says Italian cashmere has to be serious? This luxurious sweater ($545) is perked up by a smattering of fluorescent yellow stars. Choose from eight different color combos that will instantly brighten up your day (or night, obviously) and spend your time in front of a mirror identifying (or making... [More]


Mind Your Manners Placemats

Hey, it ain't ramen night anymore. These days, we're throwing dinner parties with some class where the menu includes items that didn't come straight out of a plastic package or cardboard box. We figure that means we can expect our guests to straighten up their acts, keeping those elbows off... [More]


Naturals Face Disc Collection

The Naturals Face Disc Collection ($49) from Lauren Hutton is kinda like a paint-by-numbers for your face. Conveniently packaged in one compact disc, each of the eleven makeup products come with instructions on where and how to use them. It takes the guesswork out of how to play up your... [More]


Merlot Embellished Neck Dress

This sophisticated Merlot Embellished Neck Dress ($49) is perfect party wear and surely named for not only its color, but also for the type of drink you may be imbibing in it. This red/purple blend has been a popular shade this fall - sometimes it's called burgundy - and hope... [More]


Barr-Co. Hand Sanitizer

It's flu season, and we all know the best way to keep yourself from becoming a miserable pile of raging sinus pressure is to keep those hands clean. Help motivate yourself to stay germ-free by keeping this Barr-Co. Hand Sanitizer ($8) on your counter. With its quaint vintage-style packaging and... [More]


Baby Yoda Hat

What's small, cuddly, and fun to carry around on your back? Yoda, obviously. Though your offspring might also fit that bill, especially if you've dolled them up with this Baby Yoda Hat ($48 - $56).... [More]


Bird Print Tote

With plenty of room for your binoculars and the ultimate birding guide, this heavy cotton tote ($138) is sturdy, perfect for birding adventures and other, less competitive outings like picnics and everyday errands. It's decorated with a variety of lovely watercolor birds, animals that we guess people are still not... [More]


Ivory Confetti Triangle Earrings

Find a little reason to celebrate every day when you've got these playful Ivory Confetti Triangle Earrings ($20) on. You put on pants? Great! You got to work less than fifteen minutes late? High five! You didn't cry even once in the bathroom today? Party time!... [More]


Bubble Wrap iPhone 5 Case

Bubble wrap that you can pop again and again!? On your phone!? The Bubble Wrap iPhone 5 Case ($13) utilizes state-of-the-art bubble wrap technology (it's an emerging industry) that feels like the real thing, but lets you pop and re-pop to your heart's content!... [More]


Ostrich Cake Plate

We might have picked a pack mule to carry the cake before we chose a decidedly less reliable ostrich, but we can acknowledge that they do have fairly wide and level bodies for balancing things. This ceramic ostrich plate ($65) will add a little whimsy to your cake presentation, though... [More]


Baker's Delight! Kitchen Mixer Necklace

We do love our KitchenAid mixers. Passionately. Hell, some of us only got married so we could get one. But why limit our affection to our countertops? This Baker's Delight! Kitchen Mixer Necklace ($46) lets us take it out on the road in the form of a charming accessory. If... [More]


PeterThomasRoth New Acne Kit

We've been snacking on mini candy bars for a few weeks now, and it's starting to show. Yikes! Time to break in the New Acne Kit ($35) from Peter Thomas Roth. The six small bottles and pots of gentle acne-fighting formulas should help urge our prone-to-breakouts skin back on track.... [More]


Bad Mother Fucker Embroidered Wallet

Samuel L. Jackson's character in Pulp Fiction was enough of a bad mother to use this wallet ($25), but are you? Let's go through the checklist: do you refuse to eat pig? Can you recite the Bible? Do you want a job that's not dangerous?... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? November 15, 2013

Leopard print. You know it had to happen sooner or later in a Does This Make Us Look Cheap? post. Just remember, that's a rhetorical question. Fossil Memoir Diary Clutch ($90 on sale) Steve Madden VAMP Flat ($56 on sale and free shipping with coupon code SMFREE) Lauren Ralph Lauren... [More]


IdeaPaint Dry Erase Paint

You have big ideas... literally, like they can't fit on your dry-erase board! No problem, because with IdeaPaint Dry Erase Paint ($225) you can turn any wall into a gigantic writing board! Great for getting some serious heavy-duty work done (and just as good for goofing off)!... [More]


Cristallino Foosball Table

Never in a million years did we think foosball could be sexy! Sleek, modern, and shiny, the Cristallino Foosball Table ($19,800) turns this fun-but-dorky game into something we could do in dim lighting with a glass of wine. We can't wait for Cristallino to tackle Hungry Hungry Hippos!... [More]


Fridge Fizz Saver Soda Dispenser

Nothing like Coca-Cola straight from the tap, right? Wait, what? The Fridge Fizz Saver Soda Dispenser ($6) lets your pour your soda bartender style. It's more convenient than pouring it the old-fashioned way, and it cuts down on the fizz!... [More]


Columbiaknit Hat

Classic American knitwear company Columbiaknit's site is nothing special to look at, but their products are. You'll find their classic solid cotton knit hats ($7) in this hippest of Pacific Northwest designer stores...along with hip design prices. We've chosen the bold red hat to show you, but you can pick... [More]


Hatch for Kids Preschool Sweatshirt

Save your Columbia and Princeton educations - we learned everything we need to know in Preschool. With its collegiate lettering, the Hatch for Kids Preschool Sweatshirt ($32) turns eating paste into a scholastic pastime.... [More]


Maze Cafe Coffee Cup and Saucer Set

The Maze Cafe Coffee Cup and Saucer Set ($15) finally gives a purpose to that one stray drop that always seems to escape the cup somehow! We no longer have to settle for sticking our finger in it and drawing simple shapes on the desk.... [More]


Bakutis Design Praying Mantis Necklace

Aw, they're holding hands! Or wait...are they fighting? Maybe it's some kind of group prayer thing? We guess it doesn't matter what's going on in the polished silver Bakutis Design Praying Mantis Necklace ($160), even if it is some kind of midair thumb wrestling maybe?... [More]


Darling Magazine

Looking for a new magazine that doesn't insult your intelligence or your figure? Is your brain too full for one more sex tip? Darling Magazine ($20) is trying something different than its competitors: quality. Browse through a hundred and fifty ad-free pages of inspiring stories, enthralling articles, and gorgeous photography.... [More]


Cozy Time Floral Sweatshirt

Yeah, "cozy time" is totally what we would think of when we saw a coffin...if we were VAMPIRES! Make everyone second guess whether or not you have a pulse when you wear this Cozy Time sweatshirt ($54) out. That's what you want, right?... [More]


Nordic Christmas Reindeer Panties

Halloween is over, so the big question is: are you the type of gal who immediately breaks out all of her Christmas decor and hums along to a Bing Crosby Spotify station, or the type who shuns all mention of the day until after Thanksgiving? Even if you're the latter,... [More]


Portion Control Pasta Basket

As if there weren't enough factors getting in the way of your weight loss, you also have to worry about accidentally pouring too much pasta in the pot!? Well, at least Healthy Steps is in your corner - that's why they designed the Portion Control Pasta Basket ($20). This measuring... [More]


Age Defense Replenishing Night Cream

We don't know about you, but our bathroom is full of pots of creams we've used twice and then forgotten about. Do we really need another one? Turns out the Age Defense Replenishing Night Cream ($15) from Boots is well worth it. It's a lightweight night cream that uses the... [More]


Mogwai Swimsuit

... just don't wear it after midnight. Mogwai Swimsuit ($94)... [More]


Inflatable "Color Dot Game"

This is a version of Twister the way an orgy is a version of a threesome. (We're not just callously using a sex metaphor - it really is the best analogy with a hormone-driven game like Twister.) Even though they can't call it Twister, the Inflatable "Color Dot Game" ($2,000)... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Devil Oven Rack Pull

Nothing pours cold water on that holiday fun like a burnt finger, and nothing makes us more likely to hit hot steel than a big dose of hostess stress combined with a morning mimosa or two. Keep your digits clear of the hot stuff and let this extremely cheerful-looking Devil... [More]


Maijan Baby Massage Oil

We're not really sure why babies need massages, but that's coming from an Outblush editor without a baby. So we can't speak to how well Maijan Baby Massage Oil ($10) works on babies, but we will embarrass ourselves and say it at least works well on adult humans too, especially... [More]


Wrapped in Red

Okay, we concede that it may be a leetle too early to put Christmas carols on repeat, but if you want to get a head start on the holidays, Kelly Clarkson's much-anticipated Christmas album, Wrapped in Red ($10) is now out. We don't know about you, but we're not the... [More]


Pebble Smartstick Charger

It's great that the entire world's connected with the Internet...great until your phone dies, then you might as well be on a deserted island. Don't fall out of the loop - with the Pebble Smartstick Charger ($31), charge up wherever you are!... [More]


If These Boobs Could Talk

Breastfeeding: it's a beautiful experience of pure maternal bliss you share with your precious infant... sometimes. And other times, it's a nightmare of chapped nipples, midnight wakeups, and spit up dripping down your stomach. If These Boobs Could Talk ($11) provides breastfeeding moms with a bit of much-needed humor therapy... [More]


Monserat de Lucca Zodiac Necklaces

Admit it: horoscopes are pretty spooky. How does some random person writing for the newspaper have such a crazy accurate grasp on our careers and love lives? For that matter, the guy writing those cookie fortunes is seriously eerie as well. These Monserat de Lucca Zodiac Necklaces ($60) embody the... [More]


EuroCave Home Wine Bar

Are you in the mood for red or white? Chardonnay or Cab? With this EuroCave Home Wine Bar ($495), you can remain deliciously indecisive. This countertop unit stores, chills and preserves two bottles of your favorite grape juices, letting you enjoy the best of both boozy worlds.... [More]


Toast Jazz Shoes

When people compliment your shiny purple Jazz Shoes ($314) - named as such because they are clearly good shoes to do modern dance in - say thank you, of course, but also gently remind them that these shoes are aub-er-giiiiine because that specific color and name is what you pay... [More]


Lucky Charms Lip Balm

Wow, we've come a long way from the only flavor options being "cherry" or "wax." Lucky Charms Lip Balm ($4) has that sugary-sweet taste of marshmallow cereal.... [More]


Bummer Poncho

Pentagrams, yin-yangs, skulls, eight balls, frowning faces, and a pot leaf for good measure. We don't know why this poncho ($158) has such a depressing name - it has all of our favorite things!... [More]


HomeMade Gin Kit - Christmas Blend

Don't let the festivities and smiling decorations fool you - the holidays are stressful...and you're going to need something harder than eggnog. Thankfully, the makers of the HomeMade Gin Kit are now offering a Christmas Blend ($10): cinnamon, clove, ginger, and rosemary. The Kit alone ($50) still comes with the... [More]


Bass x Rachel Antonoff Love Crush Loafer

Sometimes we see a pair of shoes that are so seemingly perfect that we wish we had been the ones to come up with the idea and could take credit for it. But then again, if we were the only ones who had come up with these heart-adorned mesh loafers... [More]


Furry Chewbacca iPhone Case

It's furry and a Star Wars reference?! The Furry Chewbacca iPhone Case ($20) has a soft feel and Chewie's bandolier, for your little sidekick. It's the iPhone case Chewie himself calls "alkdfjsoshdklfi!"... [More]


BonLook Samba Sunglasses

Grab these rad Samba Sunglasses ($65) for some memorable fun in the sun. They come in spiced up versions of all three primary colors, all with the same intricate geometric cutout. Just be sure not to fall asleep on the beach with these on if you don't want tiny triangle... [More]


Dexter Trash Bags

Despite the show they're named after, we don't plan on using these trash bags to dispose of any dead bodies. One thing we do know is they'll be perfect for that wild party we plan on throwing this weekend! Just imagine how many empty beer cans and pizza boxes you... [More]


maurices Owl and Love Bracelet Set

To fight over-accessorizing, Coco Chanel once said to take one thing off after getting dressed in the morning. But Coco didn't live in the age of bracelet stacking, which we think is a fabulous way to dress up our wrists in the name of excess. If you're starting from scratch,... [More]


Miz Mooz Jodi Flat

Couldn't you just picture your granny doing the Charleston in these Miz Mooz Jodi Flats ($67)? Of course, you'd then be picturing yourself driving Granny to the emergency room to take care of the hip she broke. But at least she'd be wearing some sweet-looking shoes while they catheterized her.... [More]


Marge Washing Up Sponge

A natural homemaker, Marge Simpson is sure to help you out around the kitchen. The Marge Washing Up Sponge ($10) not only celebrates our favorite cartoon mom, it also is pretty handy at getting into hard-to-reach crevices.... [More]


Big Bite Brittle

Some holiday traditions shouldn't be skipped, no matter what the state of our current diet regime. There's that tasty glass of eggnog, the requisite sprinkle-dusted sugar cookie, and of course, a chunk of good, old-fashioned peanut brittle. Big Bite Brittle ($17) delivers that annual indulgence in particularly good form, based... [More]


Glowing Life Bar Necklace

It's important to keep an eye on your life meter, but sometimes it can hard to see all the way above your head (especially when you're battling orcs)! Keep your life bar close to your heart with the Glowing Life Bar Necklace ($16) a geek-chic adornment that's stylish enough to... [More]


Muuto Hang Around Kitchen Tools

The wooden spoon is such a perfect kitchen tool, it seems like sacrilege to say it could be better, like insinuating that maybe the pope could be a little holier or Benedict Cumberbatch a bit more creepy-attractive.* But we have to admit, these Muuto Hang Around Kitchen Tools ($31) might... [More]



... and photography comes full circle. Printstagram ($12) prints out twenty-four square, tangible photographs (or forty-eight mini ones) from your Instagram account - perfect for historians and antique-lovers curious about what life was like before Instagram.* * For starters, you could eat your food without having to take a picture... [More]


Alice + Olivia Gift Pack

For the holiday season, Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet teamed up with Starbucks to design the Alice + Olivia Gift Pack ($40). It features a plush bearista (get it?) as well as a double-walled ceramic coffee mug with a lid. We'll probably indulge ourselves since it's one Alice +... [More]


Chihuahua Whistle

Chihuahuas aren't known for their quiet calm...but this Chihuahua Whistle ($13) puts the power of the little dog's bark right into your mouth! Blow through the tail and manipulate the sound by squeezing its cheeks!... [More]


Vapamore Handheld Wet-Dry Steam Vacuum

Whether you've got kids or pets, you'll be amazed at the places they can manage to spill stuff. Getting dirt, melted popsicle, or vomit out of the crevices of your car seats is a tough job, unless you've got this Vapamore Handheld Wet-Dry Steam Vacuum ($149). This marvelous gadget makes... [More]


Large Canvas Lunch Pouch

What are you trying to sneak to work? Whether it's supplies for the rowdy night out you're planning on having once 5:00pm rolls around or a dozen Snickers bars to replenish your in-desk stash, this Large Canvas Lunch Pouch ($21) will make for an innocuous means of transport.* *Also handy... [More]


Carnal Flower Hair Mist

Your hair looks irresistible, so why not make it smell irresistible, too? Usually, that means spritzing some of your body spray over your locks, but the scent never lingers long enough. Using the Carnal Flower Hair Mist ($160) from Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle*, however, will insure that your scented... [More]


Bird Feeder Tree Face

Turn your backyard into a enchanted forest (set from a low-budget film). The Bird Feeder Tree Face ($16) may be a little goofy, but see how you hold up with birds pecking food from your mouth all day.... [More]


Cary Peplum Back Trench Coat

The Cary Peplum Back Trench Coat ($198) from T Tahari gives a slightly more subdued meaning to the phrase "business in front, party in the back." The classic trench looks straight-laced until you get a peek at the peplum panel underneath the belt. It's super cute, and leagues above wearing... [More]


Big Bloom Magnifying Glass Vase

In our supersize culture, is anything better left regular size? We haven't seen anything like that, perhaps because, if those things exist, they're too small and puny to earn our attention. The Big Bloom Magnifying Glass Vase ($50) affixes a big magnifying glass to a small vase. It's proof that,... [More]


Defrizz-ilicious Magic Drops Rescue and Repair Serum

Battle dry air and other frizz-creating weather conditions before you even step out of the house. A bit of of Mark Hill's Defrizz-ilicious Magic Drops Rescue and Repair Serum ($12) adds essential oils and vitamins to smooth hair, add shine, and repair split ends. If you have extra thick or... [More]


Sphere of Light

Buying this Sphere of Light ($149) won't just get you an exotic piece of home decor. It'll also make it possible for you to take up work as a fortune teller. How many other home accents also open up potential career changes?... [More]


The Buddha Walks Into a Bar: A Guide to Life for a New Generation

There's a reason Buddhists don't come knocking on your door handing out pamphlets. The philosophy has a lot to offer those of us who live in a state of perpetual stress and bewilderment thanks to the crazy pace of modern life. The Buddha Walks Into a Bar ($12) is a... [More]


CAMP Sweatshirt

Conjure up memories of mountains and tents and all the good things that come with outdoor adventures with this cozy sweatshirt ($65). It's always comforting to have a go-to pullover that works for cool summer evenings or layering in the winter before settling yourself down in front of the flames... [More]


Image3D Custom View-Master Set

Twenty years ago, a View-Master may have been enough to entertain us, but considering all the bright shiny colors on our smartphones, we'll need something a little more stimulating at this point. The Image3D Custom View-Master Set ($30) revolutionizes the classic toy by adding our favorite thing: ourselves!... [More]


I See Whoo Contact Case

Who knows eye care better than owls? Those ever-vigilant hunters can't spot mice babies in tall grass unless their contacts are spotless! The I See Whoo Contact Case ($7) summons the watchful spirit of the owl, plus it looks a lot cuter than the generic, non-animal cases.... [More]


KORA Organics 3 Step System

KORA Organics takes the guesswork out of keeping your skin healthy. Their 3 Step System ($133) gives you a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer in one convenient kit. All you need to know is what type of skin you're working with: normal to dry, normal to sensitive, or oily... [More]


Unicorn Key Caps

It takes more than the right key to open your door - it takes unicorn magic! These Unicorn Key Caps ($7) are really just regular horses until you give them the gift of a unicorn "horn."... [More]


Gem Monogrammed Wristlet

Jackpot! These adorable Gem Monogrammed Wristlets ($28) from Miss Albright are going to make the best holiday gifts! The affordable price means you can grab a few - one for each of your friends/cousins/sisters, etc. - fill it with candy, or add cute jewelry, and confidently know that it won't... [More]


Pussy Magnet

Yeah, that name's not going to win many fans with the traditional cat-loving crowd, but you have to admit - it is accurate. Just to be absolutely clear... the Pussy Magnet ($16) is a magnetic cat-shaped paperclip holder... and nothing else.... [More]


Ding Ornament

The jingle of a sleigh bell is the audio equivalent of seeing a Christmas tree! Create a feast for your ears as well as your eyes by hanging the Ding Ornament ($10) on your tree - this hand-painted wooden shell houses a jinglebell inside!... [More]


GrowOut Shampoo and Strengthener

You've vowed to spend the entire winter growing out your hair but when it seems like it's taking forever, fast-track the process by using the GrowOut Shampoo and Strengthener ($31) from Belegenza. The natural-ingredient shampoo reduces the time your hair cycles through its "sleep phase" and stimulates follicles to get... [More]


Golden Hour Pencil Skirt

Mustard: it's a color we generally think only looks good on hot dogs. But this Golden Hour Pencil Skirt ($39) might just redeem that awkward hue, with its classic tailored cut and faux-leather detailing. Just avoid wearing it with a red sweater unless you want to look like a condiment... [More]


Areaware Alphabet Blocks

We're totally confident in your ability to turn these artistic alphabet blocks ($72) into beautiful temporary sculptures in your home. The fact that the letters are carved out of wood cubes and not into them ensures that whatever sort of tower you stack them in will provide some visual interest.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Cute Cat Sweater for Alexa

Alexa writes: "I've chosen to embrace my singleness with wit this winter, so I'd really like to find a cute cat sweater to boast my lone-wolf status. I love the look of oversized sweaters with leggings and boots, and something comfy is a must. I like bright colors, but I... [More]


Hello You Lovely People Door Mat

Remember when doormats had a different name? They were welcome mats. That's right: not just something to scrub your feet on, but a way of meeting guests with the open arms of proper hospitality. That's the spirit embodied in this Hello You Lovely People mat ($41), which makes everyone from... [More]


Waddler Wild Wolf Mittens

The cuteness! It's unbearable! We already have a soft spot for kids wearing knit mittens on strings, but when those mittens sport a wolf face ($50)? It's just too much. Quick, someone remind us that kids are booger-filled little crazies before our ovaries start to tingle!... [More]


Kwikset Bluetooth Deadbolt

Can't get your front door open? Don't worry, there's an app for that! The smartphone has made a lot of other devices obsolete, and now it sets its sights on keys! Once installed, the Kwikset Bluetooth Deadbolt ($219) can be unlocked with your smartphone - plus, that glowing blue ring... [More]


Snug Cloud Cutting Board

Chopping onions is sort of like dating. It's an unpleasant job you'll probably cry most of your way through, but which ends up being worth it in the end. With dating, you potentially end up finding true love. With onions, you get a delicious savory dinner. Do your mincing on... [More]


Crepe Bomber Jacket

The James Perse Crepe Bomber Jacket ($325) probably won't keep you warm (it's made entirely from rayon), but who cares, right? After all, you're eyeing it because it's bound to keep you looking cool.... [More]


Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne Intense

Oh, boy. There's no way we can walk away from Dark Amber & Ginger Lily ($145, 3.4 oz) from Jo Malone. It hits at the tip-top of our budgets, but the deeply spiced and wooded scent has drawn us in. It's definitely a winter fragrance, and it goes on strong.... [More]


Romantic Comedy Dream Mask

Give your dreams a nudge in the right direction by wearing the Romantic Comedy Dream Mask ($10). Turn off the lights, settle in, and cross your fingers that Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Jake Johnson makes an appearance in dreamland...preferably both at once, and vying for your affections. (Not into the lovey-dovey... [More]


Field Guide Design Pet Rock Necklaces

Remember your pet rock? It was a sad-ass attempt by your parents to let a painted hunk of granite make you give up your dreams of a dog or a pony. As if. These Field Guide Design Pet Rock Necklaces ($48 - $58), however, are slightly more enticing. Each one... [More]


Dark Chocolate Malted Fudge

If you don't immediately want to attack this jar of Dark Chocolate Malted Fudge ($11) from Dave's Homemade with a spoon then you've got better self-control than we do! In fact, we defy you to think of a better combination of words. (And while you contemplate, we'll borrow your spoon... [More]


Steve Madden Magestic Bootie

We can't decide what makes the Steve Madden Magestic Bootie ($170) so majestic. Is it the snakeskin-embossed leather? The sexy peep toe? The four-inch, see-through acrylic heel? (The poor spelling?) You know, it's probably how it plays up our gams when we slide them onto our feet. It's hard not... [More]


Polka Dot Mug

The Polka Dot Mug ($24) from Ginny Sims is so bright and cheerful that it may wake you up before you fill it with coffee. Hahahaha, we're just kidding. It is darling, and may boost your spirits as you sip from it, but we know nothing can replace your cuppa... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Heart Pegs

Surprisingly, these darling Heart Pegs ($5 for ten) from Down Under meet our Cheap Thrill requirements, even with regular international shipping charges. What you do with them when they reach your doorstep is up to you. Attach them to packages for pretty presentation, use them as table setting decorations, or... [More]


Paul and Joe Sister Brousse Animal Print Tee

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Directors Edition Digital Alarm Clock

Lights, camera, snooze! Perfect for film buffs, the Directors Edition Digital Alarm Clock ($55) sets the scene for the day... then takes it from the top tomorrow morning!... [More]


Mohawk Fringe Earrings

These Mohawk Fringe Earrings ($32) are in the "statement jewelry" section of the Bauble Bar website, and the statement they're making is clearly "I am always ready for Mardi Gras."... [More]


Small Dots Tights

It's impossible to not look ready for fun when you put on the Small Dots Tights ($20) from Happy Socks. They'll add flair to your outfit, whether you wear them with booties and a striped dress or Chucks and a denim skirt. Plain tights will look, well, pretty plain after... [More]


Jack Wills Ansdell Crew

Great, now that this Jack Wills sweatshirt ($99, on sale) has put a jaunty little hat on this pheasant, we're not going to be able to go pheasant hunting ever again because we'd just be imagining them tap dancing.... [More]


Klorane Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover

Love your new waterproof mascara but hate removing it? Soak a cotton ball with Klorane Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover ($11) and wipe away the caked-on makeup, dirt, and grime that's accumulated throughout the day. No worries if you're sensitive to astringents and cleaners, because this stuff is incredibly mild. It... [More]


Milly Paneled Sheath

Usually it's a bad sign when lights start to get blurry after you've had a few drinks. Is it the reverse situation with this dress? If you suddenly start seeing the opposite - very clear lights and building outlines - on this abstract NYC lights paneled dress ($355), is that... [More]


Lapka Personal Environment Monitor

Finally conquered your germophobia? Well, don't think that means your microscopic enemies aren't still out there, plotting to get you! Your only hope is the Lapka Personal Environment Monitor ($249 for set) to let you know what you're up against! It measures the state of the air around you, with... [More]


WAKU Home Storage System

Remember how much space those entertainment gadgets used to take up? A pair of hi-fi speakers and a cathode ray TV could take about three feet off the length of your living room. If you miss those good old days, get your hands on this WAKU Home Storage System ($10... [More]


Marais USA Ringo Boot

If you need inspiration for your superhero outfit (and who doesn't have one of those percolating in the back of her mind) these Ringo Boots ($248) may be what you need. That saturated pink is right on trend in superhero fashion, and the heel is low enough that you'll be... [More]


Putous Necklace

Add angles to your outfits with the Putous Necklace ($212) from Fay Andrada. The three strands are varying lengths and broken up by brass bars, so switching up your look just is as easy as finessing the chains or adding an extra pendant or two.... [More]


Anorak Kissing Rabbits Melamine Plate

We all know we're supposed to be reducing portion sizes, but making the leap from a heaping pile of mashed potatoes to a measly spoonful or two isn't easy. Dining on this Anorak Kissing Rabbits Melamine Plate ($9) might help get us motivated. The pattern on this fun piece of... [More]


Party Straws Tea Towel

Nothing says fun like a weird and wacky plastic bendy straw. Stir up childhood memories with the loops and stripes of the Party Straws Tea Towel ($25). No matter what our parents said, juice did not taste as good out of a regular straight straw. So take a chance once... [More]


Orange Blossom Face Cleansing Pads

Call us lazy, but occasionally we can't be bothered to lather up our faces and take off our makeup before bed. Instead, we break out our container of Orange Blossom Face Cleansing Pads ($38) from Preserve Skincare. With a few swipes, our faces are clean and moisturized, thanks to the... [More]

Jacket SM.jpg

Madrid Jacket

No girl can make it through winter without at least one kick-ass faux-leather jacket. We chose the Madrid Jacket ($138) because it has the edgy, moto look we love. We may not want to ride off into the sunset on a motorcycle with the guy at the bar, but it... [More]


J.Crew Baby Puffer Snowsuit in Polka Dot

Thank god the J.Crew Baby Puffer Snowsuit in Polka Dot ($128) is gender-neutral. We plan on buying it and then making each and every one of our future children wear it. It's just too damn cute (and expensive!) to only make an appearance for three months and then be banished... [More]


Tiny Arrow Stud Earrings

We doubt you're the type to wait around for Cupid to take control of your love life, and while the Tiny Arrow Stud Earrings ($50) from TinyArmour won't magically produce a mate for you, they may add a little pep to your step. That confidence will definitely be noticed by... [More]


Paulette Headpiece

Holly Gaiman, author Neil Gaiman's daughter, has just launched a boutique full of sumptuous hats and headpieces, and they're as every bit as imaginative and extravagant as her pop's writing is. Would that we could don the fabulous Paulette Headpiece ($650) with its elaborate beading and outstretched ostrich feather, but... [More]


Lustro Face Oil 3

Take a whiff of Lustro Face Oil 3 ($64) and we guarantee you'll want to give it a try. The chamomile and ylang-ylang smell divine, and tighten up and beautify your skin. Just use a teeny bit - two to three drops - after you wash your face at night.... [More]


Club Monaco Patricia Hat

Get your gumshoe on with the Patricia Hat ($98). We think you'd make a superb private eye, mostly because this accessory would clearly go well with a trench coat. If you're not into that, you could always follow in the footsteps of Carmen Sandiego.... [More]


Good Luck With That Card

... you're going to need it. Good Luck With That Card ($4)... [More]


Trophy Hooks

If only we had the wall space for a stunning display of (faux) taxidermy animal heads. They'd look so rustic-chic, plus we'd get to name them all...we're just going to have to hang these Trophy Hooks ($16 each). Even though they're small, we're definitely still naming them. Don't you think... [More]


Ferrofluid Magnetic Display

All the fun and freedom of playing with goo, but without the mess! The Ferrofluid Magnetic Display ($30) is a perfect time waster - you control the black ferrofluid by moving the magnet. But the mesmerizing fluidity is just the beginning... Hold the magnet in place, and watch the stuff... [More]


The End Bookend

It's the most literal bookend we've seen: this The End Bookend ($15). We'd put it in the same category as a cat named Kitty or a mug inscribed with the word "MUG." Let this big, cheerfully yellow block fulfill its stated purpose and keep your favorite tomes upright and tidy.... [More]


Octopus Tentacle Ring in Solid Bronze

Quick psych test: Do you see something ready to be deep-fried when you look at this Octopus ring ($59) or just an inquisitive ocean friend? If you're wondering where the nearest fryer is, you're hungry! If an ocean friend, you're too trusting. Just keep in mind how strong those four... [More]

outside the lines-s.jpg

Outside the Lines

You might consider coloring a child's activity, but it's amazing how calming and inspiring it can be. We picked up Outside the Lines: An Artists' Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations ($14) and have been working our way through the unique pages letting our imaginations run wild. A little creative outlet... [More]


Frazer Parfum Solide Rose & Tuberose

It isn't often we find a product that gives us an instant elegance, but this Frazer Parfum Solide in Rose & Tuberose ($68) succeeds on two counts. First is its utterly ladylike fragrance of rose, peony, tea and tuberose. Secondly is its packaging. Taking out this beautifully made porcelain compact... [More]


Eclat Dress

You'll probably find yourself attending a few holiday parties this winter, and if the guest list is different at each shindig, we bet you can get away with wearing the Eclat Dress ($228) more than once. That, along with the sequined top and gold-threaded skirt, ought to help take the... [More]


Indoor Snowball Fight

Who says you can't enjoy a bit of old-fashioned wintery fun just because you happen to live someplace with palm trees instead of snowstorms? This Indoor Snowball Fight ($28) defies your weather forecast, bringing a bag full of cold weather excitement right into your living room. And you won't have... [More]


Doubtblush: Dine Ink Pen Cap Utensils

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moisture EX

Don't be fooled by the overly complicated name of the Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moisture EX ($107) from Dr.Ci:Labo. It's just a fancy way of saying this is a pretty badass moisturizer. Daily usage combats all the terrible things we do to our skin, like eating a few too many happy hour... [More]

Red SM.jpg

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Palermo Hudson Twill Jodhpur

Nothing says "Happy Thanksgiving," like red jodhpurs ($179 on sale)! The pants look good and the color will help hide spills. This should come in handy if the holidays at your house are as crazy as they are at ours.... [More]


Michele Varian Cheese Knives Set

You're thinking you don't need a special set of knives just to serve cheese. After all, it tastes the same no matter how you slice it, doesn't it? Wrong. Turns out getting that perfect slice actually does make a difference, whether you're after a smooth spread or that razor-thin sliver.... [More]



You're fascinating and you know it, so why not make yourself the star of your own reality show with the MeCam ($50)? This wearable webcam makes it a breeze to record all those dramatic moments in your life. Just press a button before you break up with your boyfriend, pitch... [More]


Shark Bowl

[Insert Jaws Joke Here]! The Shark Bowl ($17) is way more fun than you'd think finding a huge lump of something in your cereal would be!... [More]


Rhyme Los Angeles Peplum Blouse

We think there are some occasions that call for sassy, fit formal pants more than dresses. But when you've got something so perfectly crisp on the bottom, you need a top that will be up for the challenge. We think this Rhyme Los Angeles blouse ($55, on sale), with its... [More]


Bamboo Volume Weightless Whipped Mousse

We guess mousse seems kinda old school, especially since many hair care companies are promoting oils and cremes, but sometimes a tried-and-true product is all it takes to give you consistently awesome results. Alterna's Bamboo Volume Weightless Whipped Mousse ($22) is our go-to for big hair. The bamboo adds strength... [More]


LSTN Troubadours

There are a lot of ways you can complain about "the world today" (best read in a crotchety old man voice), but one development we can't get enough of is businesses that are giving back with every purchase. With each pair of headphones purchased, LSTN helps to restore hearing to... [More]


Hello Grumpy Tee

What do Hello Kitty and Grumpy Cat in common? The same thing that Mahatma Ghandi and Louis C.K. have in common - they're both the same species, and that's it! (And even that's questionable, since one's a kitty and the other's a cat.) Yet that's the beauty of the Hello... [More]


Western Wool and Leather Coaster Set

Howdy, li'l partner. When you need a break from sipping your sarsaparilla, don't let that frosty bottle cause trouble on your table. Set it down on one of these coasters ($26). They'll keep those doggone rings from mucking up your finish.... [More]


Snake Bottle Opener

This may be the only snake we've ever taken a liking to. It's made out of wood and not scales, it doesn't slither, and it helps us open beers. What's not to like? Snake Bottle Opener ($24)... [More]


Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

Desert Essence's Thoroughly Clean Face Wash ($9) does exactly what its name suggests: it gets your face thoroughly clean. We were skeptical that the gentle formula would be effective enough to banish all traces of makeup, but it does, so you won't need to worry about clogged pores and surprise... [More]


Pixi Lip Blush

We've started keeping our favorite shades of Pixi Lip Blush ($18) in our purses because we're a bit addicted to the stuff. The lip pen glides on easily (like you're coloring with a marker) and leaves behind a stain of color that looks natural, yet noticeable. It lasts for quite... [More]


Acne Studios Star Metallic Leather Ankle Boots

These Acne Studios boots ($550) come in silver and gold (well, rose gold), just like friends! Unlike friends, you might have to choose between them, unless you've got gold bricks or silver dollars piled up in your closet. We'd gladly give up some of our treasure for these beautifully constructed... [More]


Trudeau Basting Set

Hosting the big Turkey Day celebration this year? Make sure you're properly kitted out. Get that big roasting pan ready, wash that adorable apron, and pick up this Trudeau Basting Set ($15). It'll make you ready to enhance the flavor and moisture of that bird with up to four different... [More]


A Feel Good Giveaway from hiip: Win a Black Pearl Ikat Bag

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. ----------------------------------------- It's a purse! It's a clutch! It's a surprisingly cute fanny pack! It's a bag from San Francisco-based company hiip, and it's your chance to win a hiip Bag in Black Pearl Ikat! They've offered up one of their purses for a lucky Outblush reader, but... [More]


Tulip Petal Skirt

The Tulip Petal Skirt ($58) is the best way to show off your knees, if that's your thing, or a special pair of embellished tights. It's a great everyday skirt that's going to do well dressed up or dressed down and in all but the hottest of weather (we don't... [More]


Santhilea Magnetic Lash 1-2-1 Lash Extension System

Seriously: they're real. Santhilea is so confident about the impact of their Magnetic Lash 1-2-1 Lash Extension System ($41), they've banned using digital enhancements to up the impact of the lashes in their advertisements. But these products don't just give you that fabulous fake-lash look: they also provide your lashes... [More]



Your husband always looks askance at your stack of monthly subscription boxes full of beauty products, but it's just envy. Surprise him with a Mantry subscription ($75/month), and not just because we think it has the best name ever. We know he'll dig the five to six full-size artisan food... [More]


Dried Gourd Crate

If you're in the mood for fall, you're way overdue in taking out your seasonal box of gourds and displaying them on the mantel. Oh, you don't already have a corner in the basement dedicated to gourd storage? Grab this Dried Gourd Crate ($68), filled with an assortment of sixteen... [More]


lucy Tranquility Tunic

You know when we need more tranquility in our lives? When we're traveling, which is when we plan to wear this comfy yet stylish Tranquility Tunic ($30). We also need tranquility when we're running errands, working from home, and spending time with our in-laws. Thanfully, this simple yet stylish shirt... [More]


Bookworm Socks

And proud of it! (At least, proud enough to wear the moniker on our socks under our pants.) Bookworm Socks ($12)... [More]


Absinthe Gumballs

One of the most potent alcohols in history is now suitable for children! Pop one of the Absinthe Gumballs ($4) in your mouth and you'll swear you're chewing on a green fairy! No alcohol or wormwood, though... :(... [More]


Bubble Wrap Oven Mitt

"Um, that's not going to work," your friends will say as you start to pull on the Bubble Wrap Oven Mitt ($17) once the cookie timer goes off. You will say, wide-eyed, "It won't?" "No, that's plastic, it will melt as soon as it touches the pan," they'll reply. They... [More]


Deluxe Emergency Backpack Survival Kit

You know it's only a matter of time before the shuffling hordes of the undead come thumping against your front door. Make sure you're ready to flee to less populated areas at a moment's notice by keeping that gas tank full and having this Deluxe Emergency Backpack Kit ($55) at... [More]


Galleria Gerbera Daisy Umbrella

Take this cheerful daisy umbrella ($30) out when it's raining to help make it grow and to stay dry while you're at it. Even though you might be worried about looking like a giant hamburger (so to speak) to bees, never fear. They don't tend to leave their hives when... [More]


KUT from the Kloth Diana Corduroy Skinny

Skinny cords and boots are such a great fall outfit, but what's a girl with not-so-skinny legs to do? Let us save you the hassle of wriggling and wishing in every pair of skinny cords on the racks right now - the Diana Corduroy Skinny ($69) has enough stretch and... [More]


Progetti RND Time Wall Clock

Uh-oh... Looks like someone sneezed on your clock. No matter, the expansive yet minimalist design of the Progetti RND Time Wall Clock ($331) is the perfect fit for your modern apartment.... [More]


Timberland Lucille Oxford

Our love for oxfords is still strong enough for us to need to add the Timberland Lucille Oxford ($69, on sale) to our collections. The leather and fabric uppers have some great contrast going on, and we know that Timberland makes a quality sole. The sale price cinches the deal,... [More]


Cheap Thrill: 2014 Watercolor Whirls Mini Desk Calendar

It's November, so we guess it's time to start thinking about 2014. If you're the type to get organized in advance, nab one of these cute 2014 Watercolor Whirls Mini Desk Calendars ($8) from Night Owl Paper Goods. In fact, you might want to order a few of them to... [More]


DAVIDsTEA Gingerbread Rooibos Tea

Pumpkin what? Pssh, it's time to make the switch to winter flavors, like gingerbread! Start simple by brewing yourself a pot of gingerbread rooibos ($8 for 1.76 oz). The loose blend contains crystallized ginger, molasses, cinnamon, and currants to create a sweet and spicy cuppa the good stuff. Once you've... [More]


Crème Brûlée Soufflé Body Crème

The only way we could possibly love Laura Mercier's Crème Brûlée Soufflé Body Crème ($55) more is if it came with an actual Crème Brûlée Soufflé, but we suppose smelling like one is better for our waistlines than eating one is. Oh well, we're in search of a cookie as... [More]


Driftstitch Sweater

Madewell's Driftstitch Sweater ($88) combines a traditional bird's eye stitch with a modern design; the contrasting colors look like they're drifting into each other at the chest and arms. The result is surprisingly pretty, and almost festive. Wear it with fitted pants and something sparkly to tackle a day of... [More]

Mars SM.jpg

Chanta Single Sole Strappy Shoes

Chanta Single Sole Strappy Shoes ($110) are perfect with our favorite little black dresses. Ironically, the shoes also look like they belong in outer space. If we ever find ourselves in a situation where we have to pack for a last minute trip to Mars, we'll be happy we have... [More]


3LAB "M" Cream

Still hanging out in the wading pool with the BB and CC creams? Dive into the depths of luxurious skin care with 3LAB's "M" Cream ($270). You can attribute the premium price to on the cream's inclusion of stem cells from a rare Swiss apple, reputed to keep skin youthful... [More]


Cropped Floral Moto Jacket

For the lady in a biker gang who can more than adequately burn rubber but who still likes to stop and pick flowers by the side of the road: may we present the Cropped Floral Moto Jacket ($105)?... [More]



Do you spend more time wrapping gifts than picking them out? Good - you understand the importance of presentation. But if gift-wrapping is your art form, make sure you have the right tools! Scissortape ($10) eliminates the age-old problem of not being able to reach the tape while you're holding... [More]


Cast of Vices Coming or Going Concert Bracelet

Remember that proud day when you were first entitled to have a fluorescent plastic bracelet snapped onto your wrist at a Pearl Jam concert? That tiny, brightly-colored band opened up a whole new world of musical intoxication. The days when drinking beer while listening to jams was a novelty are... [More]


Museum Educator Scarf

The best thing about the Museum Educator Scarf ($60) by Alice Hannah London is that it successfully combines a preppy and neutral stripe with a sweet and feminine bow. The second best thing about the scarf is that it looks even more darling when you wear it with its friends,... [More]


Hey Honey Take It Off Mask

If we had a dollar for every time we'd heard this line, we'd have ourselves a full g-string. Just kidding. What this Hey Honey Take It Off Mask ($35) helps us remove is something we'll happily slough: our excess skin and built-up dirt and oils. This formula is packed with... [More]


Umbra Canopy Jewelry Tree

What are the chances that you'll actually return those necklaces and rings to their slots in your jewelry box at the end of the day? We know: zero. They end up in a pile on your dresser until the next time you wear them. Toss them instead onto this Umbra... [More]


Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Crossbody

Big designer name? Yup. Gorgeous details like tassels and studs? In spades. A medium size capable of holding our personal effects? You betcha. The Mini Tanner Crossbody ($298) from Coach is damn near perfect. Our only problem with it stems from the fact that it's not yet in our possession.... [More]


Owl Soap on a Rope

You put it in your dad's stocking every Christmas for the better part of a decade. This Owl Soap on a Rope ($12) is an updated version of the classic novelty item that you'll want to pick up for your own shower, and it won't leave you smelling like Old... [More]


Côté Bastide Milk Scented Candle

We usually only notice the smell of milk when we're wishing we'd checked the expiration date on the bottle before adding it to our coffee. This Côté Bastide Milk Scented Candle ($42) might change that. Its sweet, pure aroma is one hundred percent comfort instead of a reminder that it's... [More]


Field Of Dreams Rainboots

The skies may be grey, and the rain may be relentless, but that doesn't mean that the sun is gone forever. Maybe wearing the Field Of Dreams Rainboots ($59) will remind you that rain begets flora, even if new flowers won't bloom until the springtime.... [More]


They Draw & Cook

We're usually drawn to cookbooks that house tantalizing photos of steaming seafood dishes or chilled chocolate tarts, but after flipping through They Draw & Cook: 107 Recipes Illustrated by Artists from Around the World ($16) by Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, we have a new appreciation for illustrations. Wanna sneak... [More]


Brightening White Clay with Ginseng Masque

Applying a clay mask, while super awesome for your skin, isn't exactly a tidy operation. Rubbing on the Brightening White Clay with Ginseng Masque ($60) from Clayspray, however, is about as easy and mess-free as it gets. The pump dispenser gives you an adequate amount to apply and the lotion-like... [More]


White Drinking Chocolate

Move over, pumpkin spice lattes, it's time for hot chocolate to take a spin in the spotlight. If you're looking for something with a little more depth than your usual Swiss Miss, sip on some White Drinking Chocolate ($21-105) from L.A. Burdick. It may cost a fair bit more, but... [More]


Diesel Bow Back Sweatshirt

The trend in sweatshirts is to plaster the front with an animal or an object, but you rebellious types will wanna give the Diesel Bow Back Sweatshirt ($93, on sale) a chance. The slouchy style gives a nod at a modern shape, while the sweet little bow on the back... [More]


Grey Leather Bangles

The simplicity of these Grey Leather Bangles ($20, on sale) makes them an ideal bracelet choice for just about any activity. You probably won't wear them to a formal wedding, but you can slip on all six for a weekend brunch date or a manic Monday at the office.... [More]



So you've taken the plunge and started buying fancy-brand makeup - you go Glen Coco! But when you drop that much cash on nice makeup, you want to make the most of it, and not have half the product stuck at the bottom of a jar or sucked into a... [More]


Marled Headphone Hat with Pom

echo's Marled Headphone Hat with Pom ($48) is just what we need to look cool (warm?) this winter: it's knit in a hip pattern, it has a trendy pom-pom affixed, and we can thread our headphones through it for easy Christmas carol listening. Will you call us grinches if we... [More]


Recycled Canvas Old Shoe Dog Toy

The O.R.E. Recycled Canvas Old Shoe Dog Toy ($8) is pretty clever. If the plush toy looks like a real shoe, will it be enough to fool Fido? Of course, dogs never seem to go for the old smelly shoes. They always chew on the heels of our favorite pair... [More]


Wickman Wick Dipper in Antique Brass

The Wickman Wick Dipper in Antique Brass ($7) promises it's the smokeless way to extinguish our candles, which is great for those of you with super sensitive smoke detectors. Those of us who pulled the batteries on ours after the last time we burned popcorn will still appreciate how this... [More]


Rosie Lace Dress

How great is it that the Rosie Lace Dress ($30) from a-thread has a little extra flair to it? The contrasting stripped lace panels make it stand out in a sea of regular ol' lace dresses, but it's still simple enough to dress up (or down) to your liking. And... [More]


A Compendium of Collective Nouns

Did anyone else grow up reading the book A Cache of Jewels? No? We're the only extreme nerds out there who had language books mixed into our Berenstain Bears collection? Sigh. Did you know that a group of rhinos is called a crash? You would've if you had the awesome... [More]


ArteStile Collection Hugs & Kisses Tweezers

We don't want to complain about a nicely manscaped boyfriend, but the downside of having a well-groomed man is that you can never find your damn tweezers when you need them. If the pattern on the ArteStile Collection Hugs & Kisses Tweezers ($25) doesn't scare him out of borrowing them,... [More]


Manduka Black Magic PRO

Midway through yoga class, you're feeling the high of meditation and motivation, so you need to be sure your gear can support you as you move seamlessly through your sun salutations. Rely on the Manduka Black Magic PRO ($100). It won't curl up around the edges, make you slip during... [More]


These Fools... Bib

There's a fine line between a cape and a bib. Wear it in the back and it's a symbol of power and heroism. Wear it in the front and it's a sign that you have difficulty feeding yourself. These Fools... Bib ($12)... [More]


Kirby Pointed Toe Flat

The Pointed Toe Kirby ($60) from Sole Society shakes up a plain flat by adding an ankle strap and a partial fabric upper sporting fun prints or textures. You can opt for leopard print, or a solid, but we think you should go with the dots. They'll look sharp when... [More]


DKNY Top Notch Cotton-Blend Pajama Set

We're getting sleepy just looking at the Top Notch Cotton-Blend Pajama Set ($75). These look so comfy and warm that they're kinda tempting us to put 'em on, crawl back into bed, and hibernate until springtime. (The only thing stopping us is the fact that we haven't yet had any... [More]


Hibiscus Cream Cleanser with AHA

Is your skin competing with the cloudy days to see which can look dullest? Start washing up with a bit of Hibiscus Cream Cleanser with AHA ($36) from LaROCCA Skincare and let the sunless fall weather win. Hibiscus is a natural brightener, and it'll add luminosity and a healthy pink... [More]


Van Gogh Pill Box

Poor Vincent van Gogh... You chop off one ear, and for all time history remembers you as "the crazy one." Van Gogh Pill Box ($14)... [More]


WILDFOX Couture Do Not Disturb Tee

Just because you're out in public alone does not mean you want to be talked to. Wear this WILDFOX Couture tee ($64) when you need people to take a hint (though we suspect the message may lead to conversations about why you don't want to converse).... [More]


Wonder Woman Character Apron

You feel like Wonder Woman when you pull an expertly baked salmon fillet out of the oven, so you may as well look like her while you're at it. (As a bonus, you'll have an easy backup Halloween costume on hand for next year!) Wonder Woman Character Apron ($25)... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? November 8, 2013

This season we're challenging you to try out the winter pastel. But if you're afraid of looking like an Easter egg in the snow, try pairing dark neutrals with pastel accessories - which we just happen to have for you in this week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap? feature.... [More]


S'mores Three-Way Best Friend Necklaces

"We go together like..." (A.) "...the delicious ingredients of s'mores." (Well done, you have a solid friendship worthy of the S'mores Three-Way Best Friend Necklaces ($50).) (B.) "...rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong." (You must seek psychiatric help.)... [More]


Doxie Luxe Tee

The dachshunds who always felt they were more fashion accessories in the eyes of their humans than actual canines with hopes and needs? Well, they were right all along. They just always looked so good next to (or in) Chanel purses, and now we know why. Doxie Luxe Tee ($32)... [More]


Nanimarquina Kala Rug

Had we $907 to spare, we'd purchase a Nanimarquina Kala Rug for our kids' playroom. The leaf and hexagon print is colorful without being kitschy, and it's busy enough that we could probably hide quite a few stains on that sucker before having to clean it. If you've ever had... [More]

Leather SM.jpg

Andre Leather Shorts

One item most likely missing from your closet is Andre Leather Shorts ($498). We know bikers only wear pants. But we also know that girls going to clubs need a touch of leather.... [More]


Supertrash Wedgyrain Boots

We remember reading some quote from Victoria Beckham about how she refuses to be seen in public in flats, which explains the inexplicable four-inch airport stilettos we've seen her sporting. We imagine she might like these Wedgyrain Boots ($169), which will ensure that you can protect yourself from the elements... [More]


Instant Removable Screen Door

We all enjoy a good laugh whenever someone accidentally walks into the screen door...except for the person with a mesh face imprint. And when that person is you, maybe you'll put some serious consideration into the Instant Removable Screen Door ($40 - $90).... [More]


Caru Chamomile Skin Rescue Kit

Chamomile: it's not just great for knocking you out at the end of a long day. Turns out our favorite sleepytime herb also does wonders for world-weary complexions. This Caru Chamomile Skin Rescue Kit ($40) harnesses the flower's power to restore life to faces beat by windy ski slopes or... [More]


Crane Print Blouse

Brighten up your winter wardrobe of blacks and greys with a splash of mint and a dose of whooping cranes. The birds on this shiny cropped tee ($39, on sale) are probably well on their way the Gulf Coast by now, where you can find plenty of color (and mint... [More]


Mars Landscape Throw

This tapestry throw ($360) may be the closest you ever get to the surface of Mars. Drape this woven blanket over yourself to get up close and personal with the Red Planet and to incite dreams of martians and rovers.... [More]


Jonathan Adler Mega Calorific Canister

Sometimes you've just got to call a spade a spade. That's why we'll be storing our holiday treats (and oh, there will be holiday treats) in this Jonathan Adler Mega Calorific Canister ($110 including the pretzels). That way, every time we indulge, we'll be reminded that those sweets and cookies... [More]


Orca Snow Globe Dress

Why did we love killer whales (or orcas, more appropriately) so much as kids? Was it Free Willy? Was it the magic of Lisa Frank? This fanciful dress ($480), with its large sequined star emerging from a sea of even more sequins, is a fashion dream come true for late-eighties-early-nineties... [More]


Tea & Roses Salt Scrub

Slough off a rough day with the Tea & Roses Salt Scrub ($40) from Bunches & Bunches Provisions. Technically, the scrub will just be ridding your bod of dead skin cells, but we'd like to think that the calming scent and the extra indulgent five minutes in a steaming shower... [More]


Hello, Wine

A wine shortage?!? Well, #@&$! We'd better learn as much as we can about our beverage of choice before it's all gone! Hello, Wine ($19) is not only what we say when we walk in the door, but also the name of an informative and easy read about vino.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Spotted Heart Cosmetic Brush Set

They help make you look cute, so shouldn't your makeup brushes be adorable as well? This nicely cheap Spotted Heart Cosmetic Brush Set ($5) is a perfectly precious way to get your pretty on. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill... [More]

Party SM.jpg

Divine Minaudiere Clutch

Party, party, party! We'll never outgrow the glitz and glamour of an accessory covered in sparkles! The Divine Minaudiere Clutch ($265) is so jazzy, it will turn any boring outfit into something to be proud of!... [More]



We're going to sing the praises of the Twyxt app ($Free) by Life Of Two, Inc. to the high heavens and back! The app is designed to act as a secure way to communicate directly with your sweetiepiehoneybunch. You can post your moods, update an ongoing calendar, encrypt saucy messages,... [More]


Moon Ring

Put a little piece of heaven on your finger with this Moon Ring ($49). Made in your choice of material and finish, this super cool accessory is printed with a topographically correct slice of Earth's spacey sidekick.... [More]


Cat Nap Cocoon

Once your cat gets snuggled into the Cat Nap Cocoon ($59) and pokes its little head out with that "What? Am I doing something cute? I had no idea..." look on its face, then you'll realize you it wasn't just a gift for you cat - it was also a... [More]


Sci-Fi Jumper

With its geometric mesh cutouts and back, this sweatshirt ($62) is the lounging version of the spandex sci-fi bodysuit in your closet. Even action heroes like you have to have a little bit of spaceship downtime.... [More]


Niven Morgan Gold Perfume

Want to smell like a million bucks? Short of rolling around in a bed full of someone else's cash, spraying on a bit of Niven Morgan Gold Perfume ($38) is about as close as we imagine we can get. This lush fragrance is inspired by the aura of luxury, combining... [More]