GIVEAWAY ENDED A Pinterest Giveaway for

Giveaway has ended.Sure, summer just ended - but we know you can get down with a swimwear giveaway all year round. has super trendy swimwear for men and women, plus accessories like cover ups, shoes, and totes. They've offered up one $150 gift card for a lucky Outblush reader,... [More]


Personal Shopper: "Ethereal" Patterned Clothing

Sarah writes: "I have been obsessed with this tumblr for awhile now: a Russian fashion designer who makes these clothes out of these ethereal, antique, intricate, floral fabrics. Her clothes are only sold in boutiques overseas, and even if I could get there AND afford it, it's all sold out... [More]


Silk Heart Print Shirt

Heart motifs can get cheesy fairly quickly, so we love the restraint of this graphic silk shirt ($128). Go ahead and wear your hearts on your sleeve (and everywhere else) on any occasion. We imagine this top is going to become a pretty serious closet workhorse.... [More]


Gran Emerald Pillow Case

Fir trees are alive and kicking all year round, but they take on a distinctly comforting vibe come cold weather. Is it because of a certain holiday near the end of December? Have we been conditioned into believing that a welcoming home must smell like, and be festooned with, conifers?... [More]



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Zebra Pattern Round Sunglasses

Zebras wear stripes for camouflage purposes, and we bet nobody's going to recognize you when you've got these oversize shades ($20) on. They're bold, sure, but we think they're the ultimate example of how to "disappear" into a crowd while also totally standing out.... [More]


Skull & Crossbones Wax Seal

Give your letter recipients the momentary sensation that you're out to get them with this Skull & Crossbones Wax Seal ($12). Sealed letters are classy enough - the skull and crossbones just take it to the next level.... [More]


Pop Boutique Checked Flannel Shirt

Oversize flannel shirts: love 'em or hate 'em, they're coming back to grunge up an outfit near you. If you can't stomach the idea of wearing something like Pop Boutique's Checked Flannel Shirt ($42) hanging loosely over a tee, consider tucking it into a midi skirt, or layering it with... [More]


Caramel Apple Delight Kit

Caramel apple parties aren't just for awkward middle school kids dressed up in store-bought Halloween costumes! Get the girls together, mix up a few caramel apple martinis, and break open the Caramel Apple Delight kit ($40) from The Fruit Company. Six Granny Smith apples arrive in perfectly polished condition, cushioned... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Deborah Lippmann Laughin to the Bank Nail Polish

Call it hunter green, call it emerald, call it whatever you want, the limited edition Deborah Lippmann Laughin to the Bank Nail Polish ($17, right in picture) is just plain stunning. The rich, shimmery green looks equally stylish on fingers or tootsies, but given how often we'd be wearing dark... [More]


Ninja Knee Socks

Ninjas make good use of their legs, especially from the knees down, but don't they get tired of wearing black all the time? Spice up your high kicks with these Ninja Knee Socks ($10) - they'll be the last thing your opponents see!... [More]


Pour La Victoire Clemence Minaudière

This bag ($195) gives off a very serious vibe for something so dainty. The dark blue and cognac combination give it a 1950s-era retro feel, like it belongs in a cocktail lounge where important business gets done. Needless to say, the colorblock sophistication and gold accents are gorgeous, and we'd... [More]


Cube Clock

Progress isn't about making wood obsolete - it's about bringing it up to speed! Natalie Sun's Cube Clock ($38) proves that appearances can be deceiving, and that it's what's on the inside that counts.... [More]


Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake

Need to add a little oomph to the shape of your eyes? Tap a small brush into a pot of Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake ($23) and the pigmented powder will help add definition to your brows. it comes in several colors, so matching your shade is a cinch. It can... [More]


Ikat Pom Pom Pillow

This adorbs Ikat Pom Pom Pillow ($98) rocks both a black and white ikat pattern and rainbow corner poms? Surely it's worth the splurge! In fact, we think you should get more than one so you can brighten up both your bed and your favorite comfy living room chair.... [More]


Swayze Lace Up Wedge

If cute peep-toe wedges have been part of your summerlong uniform, never fear. You can just switch to cute closed-toe wedges via these Swayze Lace Ups ($109) so you don't have to change anything else! Who likes change, anyway?... [More]


Floppy Ears Canvas Wall Art

The pop-art-inspired Floppy Ears Canvases ($59) by Avalisa are so bright and fun that we don't want to wait to have kids before we add them to the walls of our apartments. And never mind nursery decor; they'd look pretty stellar gracing the wall over the pup's food and water... [More]



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Casamista Portable Humidifier

Not looking forward to spending forty hours a week in your chilly, dry-aired cubicle? Pack an extra sweater in your work bag and throw in the Casamista Portable Humidifier ($25) from Umbra, too. Powered by a USB cord (or four AAA batteries), the humidifier screws onto plastic or glass water... [More]


ro•sham•bo baby 90's Girl Power! Tee

It's never too early to teach your daughter (or son) about your childhood pop culture heroines. Plus, a portion of all sales from ro•sham•bo baby go to The Autism Research Institute in San Diego: Win-win. Ro Sham Bo Baby 90's Girl Power Tee ($19).... [More]


Benefit Rockateur

Despite the TMZ-worthy name, new Benefit Rockateur Famously Provocative Cheek Powder ($28) is actually a surprisingly subtle rose gold once applied. Use it as a highlighter, blush, or even a shadow if you're feeling particularly multitask-y.... [More]


Ceramic Phrenology Head

This Ceramic Phrenology Head ($40) makes an intriguing decoration and a nice conversation starter. Phrenology is a complex web of outdated knowledge that has no modern application, so this bust is perfect for those of you fluent in Latin!... [More]


Blackbird Hallow Eau De Perfume

Blackbird's eau de perfume roll-ons are definitely on the masculine side, with notes of musk, wood, leather, ink, metal, and spices. Of course, that hasn't stopped us from loving every single one of them! Their Hallow scent ($38) is the most unisex and smells rich and warm, like resin and... [More]


Red Rooster Juice Glasses

It may not be a full pot of coffee, but a Red Rooster Juice Glass ($7) filled to the brim with chilled OJ may still help fire up your synapses each morning. If it doesn't? No matter, you're still drinking from a cup sporting roosters, which isn't a bad way... [More]


OCC Tint Tinted Moisturizer

Because they're listed as having either red or yellow undertones, it's easy to find the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer ($30) that works best with your complexion. Once you nab your color, it's just as easy to apply the vegan moisturizer. The light tint blends in without fuss and gives... [More]

Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks

Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks

Pamper yourself every night before you tuck yourself into bed: slip into these Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks ($5). The built-in gel pads contain magical ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, lavender oil, and olive oil.... [More]


Woodsman Axe Coffee Table

Want to give your home that old-fashioned wooden style, but with a dash of horror-film basement? Try the Woodsman Axe Coffee Table ($1439) - because even lumberjacks can have an eye for decor.... [More]


BB Dakota Edith Top

You could get fancy with sequins and silk, or you could just throw on this dramatic chiffon blouse ($80), covered in a bold brocade print. Brocade is a decorative fabric embellished with gold or silver threads and historically worn only by nobles, so you'll be in good company.... [More]



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Martin-Star Flats

We doubt you'll be fading into the background when you step out in the Martin-Star Flats ($134, on sale) from Jeffrey Campbell. The star-studded shoes don't exactly blend into the scenery. Because they take center stage, you should wear them with items that don't mind playing supporting roles, like boyfriend... [More]


Death Wish Coffee

You don't put "World's Strongest Coffee" on the label unless you can back it up! Death Wish Coffee ($19) boasts twice the caffeine levels of traditional, play-it-safe coffees. Maybe now us workaholics can remember what's it's like to feel energetic after coffee, instead of just, you know, "normal."... [More]


The Maid's Version

Excuse us if we seem exhausted today. We stayed up all night finishing The Maid's Version ($15) by Daniel Woodrell . It clocks in at just under two hundred pages, but don't dismiss it as just another quick and easy read. Woodrell, who also penned Winter's Bone, writes such captivating... [More]


Izzy Fringe Sweater

It's probably a good thing that we can't afford the Izzy Fringe Sweater ($391) from 360 Cashmere. If we could, we're pretty sure we'd spend all day, every day wrapped up in its beautifully soft fabric. Can you imagine curling up in this in front of a crackling fire while... [More]


Well-Rested Face & Eye Brightener

In a perfect world, you would always get eight-plus hours of sleep and wake with bright eyes. When it doesn't happen, you can emulate the look of a good night's sleep by using the Well-Rested Face & Eye Brightener ($22) from bareMinerals. The light-reflecting particles helps banish the appearance of... [More]


Power Y Tank

The Power Y's an all-around workout tank ($52) that's got some style to spare. That's not uncommon these days, but we're especially drawn to this top's extra length, built-in bra, and unobtrusive (stripey!) straps. It's so much more flattering than an old t-shirt, plus it's form-fitting enough that you won't... [More]


Leather and Chain Collar Necklace

Faced with another day of plain tees and button-downs in your closet? Find a reason to get out of bed with the Leather and Chain Collar Necklace ($98), which will add some serious edge to just about anything.... [More]


The Emily + Meritt Bunny Alarm Clock

Even if your dreams involve larger-than-life adventures set in wonderlands, the whimsical Emily + Meritt Bunny Alarm Clock ($59) will make sure you wake bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. You'll also be on time for all of your important dates.... [More]


Mini Bomb Kitchen Timer

You have sixty minutes to finish the side dishes before the turkey's done... or else! Give the relatively safe task of preparing dinner the edge-of-your-seat suspense of an episode of 24 with the Mini Bomb timer ($11).... [More]


Peeping Detective Notebook

You know what the problem with being stealthy and secretive is? No one can see how cute you look doing it! The Peeping Detective Notebook ($12) offers the best of both worlds. We're sure Sherlock Holmes used one just like it.... [More]


Fortune Cookie Pillow Case

If you're unfamiliar with the "in bed" fortune cookie game, watch this informative video with Amy Poehler. If you are familiar with the game, then you already know why the Fortune Cookie Pillow Case ($16) is so funny.... [More]

Perron SM.jpg

Perron Boots

Fall is on the way, and you know what that means: boot season! We love Sam Edelman's Perron Boots ($225) - they're preppy classics that can be paired with just about anything. And now, to complete our look, we would like a pony please.... [More]


Crocheted Shark Slipper Socks

He's hungry. You're cold. It's a mutually beneficial agreement, so long as the Crocheted Shark Slipper Socks ($35) are made out of soft wool and not sharp teeth.... [More]


Puzzle Calendar

You made your own curtain set, why can't you make your own calendar? Customization is the name of the game with the Puzzle Calendar ($10), a DIY calendar that lets you personalize your months with special blocks. Having to rearrange your schedule after plans fall through has never been so... [More]


Higonokami Pocket Knife Mame

Jewelry with miniature weapons? What more could a fashionable girl with a dark side want? How about a necklace with an actual switchblade crafted in the same fashion as a samurai sword? Higonokami Pocket Knife Mame ($18)... [More]


Time Travel Dress

Brain-wrinkling optical illusion patterns, like the one on this dress ($35), have been making their way onto the runway in the past year, and for good reason. They mix perfectly with on-trend faux leather accents. We're not seeing any hidden 3-D images or any strange moving shapes in this design... [More]


Bath & Body Works Capri Seaside Citrus Body Lotion

We dream about summers in Italy, but that can wind up being one expensive trip. This lotion ($6) is a much cheaper alternative and is infused with fragrances like juicy nectarine, orange flower, and Mediterranean grapefruit. Just lather some on and close your eyes to take in the scents and... [More]



Clever portmanteaux always catch our eye, and it's even better when the product with a great name is actually useful, as is the case of this unique spatula ($16). While it might conjure up an image of a cartoon vampire eating chocolate cereal, it's actually a kitchen tool that takes... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? September 27, 2013

When we found this giraffe necklace we were enamored, but we figured we'd never be able to scrounge up enough giraffe-themed items for a Does This Make Us Look Cheap? feature. We were wrong. Betsey Johnson At The Zoo Giraffe Long Pendant ($73 on sale) Juicy Couture Giraffe Charm ($32... [More]


Cirque French Roast Nail Polish

Cirque's Dark Horse Collection features nine stellar glitter polishes in varying shades of light and dark. We haven't yet tried them all, but we have been reaching day after day for our bottle of French Roast ($13). The medium-brown color has a bright, amber tone to it, and the glitter... [More]


White Marble Duvet Set

What's more appealing after a long day than lying on a slab of rock? The White Marble Duvet Set ($350) just exudes class and grandeur - which is funny, considering its most striking features are cracks.... [More]

Tattered Tights small.jpg

Tattered Tights

Even if your school requires a uniform, you can still show your punk rock style with these Tattered Tights ($12). You don't even have to scrape your own knees.... [More]


Gnome & Mushroom Earbuds

You wouldn't walk around with boring earrings, so how do you justify bland, came-with-your-phone earbuds? Headphones may not technically be accessories, but we do wear them, so they're not not accessories, right? One look at these Gnome & Mushroom Earbuds ($12), and we're already building an outfit around them.... [More]


Innit Acapulco Chair

If you're going to rest your behind, you'll find few places more comfortable than a hammock - but as it turns out, that light fixture in the living room isn't as load-bearing as you thought. A nice runner-up is the Innit Acapulco Chair ($400).... [More]


Brent Couchman Solar System Print

Wow, who would have thought the Brent Couchman Solar System Print ($40) could take mammoth celestial rocks and millions of miles of empty space and make it trendy. Still, looking at it, it seems incomplete... we can't help but miss Pluto.... [More]


Sagaform Stainless Steel Cookbook Pageholder

Tired of keeping that beautiful cookbook open by resting a bag of flour and a dirty spatula on the pages? This cookbook holder ($31) is a far less messy alternative. Made from a solid piece of stainless steel, it's perfectly shaped to keep those pages under control.... [More]

Laundry by Shelli Segal Faux Leather Trim Sheath

Laundry By Shelli Segal Faux Leather Trim Sheath Dress

We're suckers for anything winter white paired trimmed with black faux leather, which is why this sheath ($235) is on the top of our "need" list for this season. This fab ponte knit frock is accented with gorgeous black panels in the all the right places.... [More]


CLEAN Rollerball Collection

We love when we find limited edition sets like CLEAN's Rollerball Collection ($18). It's a good way to get a lot of bang for little buck. This set includes five of CLEAN's scents and makes it a cinch to sample them all before committing to a big bottle of your... [More]

FFeather SM.jpg

Strapless Feather Waist Dress

We love bebe's Strapless Feather Waist Dress ($169), but we have to admit, the thought of cleaning those feathers make us a little nervous. The tag says "dry clean only," but we don't trust our dry cleaner with feathers. How many times can you just Febreze something?... [More]


Withings Smart Body Analyzer

This ever so Smart Body Analyzer ($150) from Withings isn't just a body weight scale - it's been fine-tuned to track your heart rate, your body composition stats, and even the quality of air in your room! Sync it with any number of health apps like RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal to... [More]


Chocolate Pizza

Shhh... No need for the sales pitch, Chocolate Pizza ($19 - $35). You had us with your name alone. Available in Candy, Campfire, Peanut Butter, and many more! (Avoid going to this site if you're on a diet. Don't say we didn't warn you.)... [More]


Cinnamon Beeswax Coil Candle by the Hour

Scented candles can be really relaxing that you could just fall asleep with one lit, and then something catches on fire, and then you wake up to smoke, and then candles aren't so relaxing anymore. The interesting thing about the Cinnamon Beeswax Coil Candle by the Hour ($32) is... [More]


Fred and Friends Cursed Cookies Cookie Cutter/Stamper

Need to exact revenge on someone? Before you get too immersed in the world of dark magic, try baking up a batch of cookies using the Cursed Cookies Cookie Cutter ($7) from Fred and Friends. It may not be a needle-in-the-doll-replica-of-your-sworn-enemy, but a toothpick-in-the-frosted-stitching-of-a-sugar-cookie makes for a pretty good (and... [More]


KinderStuff STELLA Long Sleeve Tee

Got a babe who can't seem to stop growing? Because slowing down time isn't yet possible, KinderStuff is offering the next best thing: adorable baby clothes - all made with organic materials and non-toxic inks - with a hand-me-down policy. Once your kiddo outgrows his/her current KinderStuff size, you can... [More]


Cushion Wrap Case

Did you take the plunge and upgrade to an iPhone 5s?! We're totally jealous! Keep that beauty safe in a Cushion Wrap Case ($50) from ADOPTED. Not only are the colorful cases sleek and classy-looking, but they're made from tough stuff, too. The metal frame combined with the durable and... [More]


Daryl K Chelsea Boot

Thank goodness somebody thought of us extremely uncoordinated people. These Daryl K leather beauties ($406) have boot release levers (aka pull tabs) on both the front and back for more effective foot installation and removal.... [More]


Vanilla Souffle Perfume Oil Roll On

As much as we love the romantic scent of floral perfumes, we really look forward to switching them out for our sweet and spicy cold-weather scents. What's currently tucked in our purses? Melodie Perfumes's Vanilla Souffle ($15). It combines Madagascar vanilla orchid with notes of almond pastry and Devonshire cream.... [More]


Downton Abbey What Is A Weekend Tee

The Dowager Countess of Grantham asked her infamous question because, for the early 20th-century wealthy, every day of the week was a day of leisure. Unfortunately, the majority of us modern women find ourselves asking the same question when we're waist deep in work on a Saturday afternoon. Downton Abbey... [More]


Yours Truly Stamp with Ink

While the days of penning beautifully calligraphed letters may be long gone, you can still sign yours with style by using the Yours Truly Stamp with Ink ($28) by imm Living. Okay, so using a stamp may be cheating on the penmanship front, but it'll definitely keep your notes looking... [More]


The Nuss

What's as cozy as a slipper and as easy to take on and off as a summertime flat? Why, it's The Nuss ($75), for your everyday fall weather needs, and it comes in over a dozen fabric combinations (including this great ikat pattern).... [More]


Wake Me Raglan

We're not moving until Friday night rolls around, so don't even bother trying to wake us up. You know where we'll be, though: catnapping with abandon in this comfy pullover ($38).... [More]


Coconut Sugar and Shea Body Scrub

When it comes to anything coconut-scented, we shamelessly admit to being hoarders. We're even going to fess up to ordering two bottles of Coconut Sugar and Shea Body Scrub ($16) from J. R. Watkins. The sugar dissolves in the shower while the moisture-rich butter and oil stay put. Our skin... [More]


Lia Bottle Stoppers

And you thought that the sexy black dress you bought for your romantic dinner was a show stopper! (Har.) Turns out these Lia Bottle Stoppers ($64 each) from Rablabs may upstage you. On second thought, your date probably only has eyes for it should be safe to use one... [More]

Tinsil SM.jpg

Tinsle Metallic Dress

Some things never go out of style: pearls, peacoats, red lipstick. The Tinsle Metallic Dress ($50) is our newest addition to that list.... [More]


iPhone Wall Clock

There's just something so comforting about the iPhone almost feels like home, or at least where you spend most of your time. We like the iPhone Wall Clock ($16) because of the clever way they got all the numbers on there.... [More]


Amourette Necklace

Shabby Apple's Amourette Necklace ($69) is truly statement jewelry. We think it says, "I love to sparkle," or "I'm a glitzy gal." Throw this on with your go-to LBD, and create a whole new look.... [More]


Kapow Dog Platter

What can we say about the Kapow Dog Platter ($137)? What would a shrink say about the Kapow Dog Platter?... [More]


Wet Your Plants Bag

Wetting your plants is certainly more desirable than wetting your pants. Especially if you're carrying a Tote Bag ($18) that announces your activities.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gwen's Wedding Guest Dress

Gwen writes: "Hi, your style is awesome and I love everything you do. I am going to a wedding on Oct 19th and I am looking for a dress to wear. Knee length but sill sexy. I want my husband to look at me and remember our wedding day which... [More]


Wooden Bulb Lamp

Here's an idea: let's surround the light bulb with a lamp in the shape of a light bulb! The Wooden Bulb lamp ($200) may be aggressively tongue-in-cheek, but that soft gridded shadow does give the room a nice glow.... [More]


Pie + Oakleaf Set

If someone wanted to show up at the Outblush headquarters with a still-warm pumpkin pie packaged prettily with the Pie + Oakleaf Set ($66) from Studiopatró, we'd welcome her in with wide open arms. In fact, we'd probably promise to pump out her every Personal Shopper request for the rest... [More]


Cthulhu Plush Slippers

Some people like rabbit slippers. Others like unicorn slippers. But then there are some of us who prefer something a little more...ageless. Cthulhu Plush Slippers ($35)... [More]


Suitor Loveseat

High-backed chairs are so regal, but crushed velvet and claw feet don't match the decor in our current apartments. Thankfully, CB2 gave us a modern version of the high-backed throne we've always wanted in the Suitor Loveseat ($1199). It goes perfectly with our tiara collection. Yes, they call this color... [More]

READY To Go Complexion Perfection Palette small.jpg

READY To Go Complexion Perfection Palette

Why clutter your purse with multiple makeup tools when you only need one? The READY To Go Complexion Perfection Palette ($49) is your new secret weapon for tackling oily and shiny skin throughout the day. Now your purse will have room to hold more important things - like that cute... [More]


American Gothic Knee Socks

Move over, beauty icons Marilyn and Audrey...the woman from American Gothic is breaking into the clothing scene, and she's doing it from the bottom up (literally). American Gothic Knee Socks ($10)... [More]


Walnut and Neon Orange Treat Bowl

Halloween seems like it's far away, but we know you've already started stocking up on that fall candy (and that you'll have to stock up several more times before the end of October). So whether the candy corn is for you or the kids, show it off in this beautiful... [More]


Dual Beer Glass

If you're not spending your days hanging around at the local pub, you might not know it, but 'beertails' are made by layering two types of brew on top of each other in a glass. Problem is, you have to have the perfect pour to get the beers to layer... [More]


Merona Oxford Blazer

Leave it to Target to provide us with affordable, quintessential fall pieces like this Merona Oxford Blazer ($35). It's lined for durability, fitted for a tailored look, easily dressed up or down, and comes in three different trendy styles. You should find that you reach for yours all fall and... [More]


My Mimi Crayon Box Mini Pillow

We never realized it until we saw the My Mimi Crayon Box Mini Pillow ($18), but it must be a hard life, being a crayon with personal space issues.... [More]


Superhero Sweater

There have been numerous interpretations of the Batman symbol throughout the years, but this might be the first time we've seen it rendered in lace. Wear the iconic wings with the Superhero Sweater ($155) and beat curious observers to the punch with the clarifying question posed on the front: yes... [More]


Jillian Michaels: Yoga Inferno

While we don't think of badass bootcamp babe Jillian Michaels as being a yogi, we do think of her when we want to get a sweat on and shape up. So if you've had a stressful day and need to get your om on, this isn't the workout DVD for... [More]


Plus-d Squishy Head Stress Ball

We never thought we'd say this - or care - but it's amazing what they're doing with stress balls these days. The faces you can make on the Plus-d Squishy Head Stress Ball ($38) show the emotional range of a Shakespearean actor!... [More]


Chroma Cube Block Clutch

We love the visual effect of this clutch within a clutch ($50) and the fact that it reminds of us of a few infamous works involving formaldehyde tanks, Damien Hirst-style. And because the gold pouch is removable, you can use this item in three different ways.... [More]

Commando Serengeti Tights

Commando Serengeti Tights

If you've ever dreamed about having legs like a giraffe, your dream can be a reality when you slip into the Commando Serengeti Tights ($34) Pair them with your favorite LBD or that awesome vegan leather mini you picked up for yourself.... [More]


Tenereze Initial Letter Dish Set

Finding a memorable wedding gift can be such a chore, especially when you have to spend the day before the wedding frantically rushing to grab the last remaining odds and ends on someone's registry. Save yourself the headache and order up a few sets of these adorable dishes ($20). That... [More]

Yarnz Geo Stars Cashmere Scarf

YARNZ Geo Stars Cashmere Scarf

Wrap yourself in a sumptuous scarf as the chill sets in this season. On the top of our must-have list is the YARNZ Geo Stars Cashmere Scarf ($130). This half-cashmere, half-wool scarf is super soft, with trendy frayed edges, and the black and white print features a pop of chartreuse.... [More]



We've been putting off organizing our recipes for way too long; our magazine clippings are stained with who-knows-what and Grandma's handwriting was pretty illegible from the start. TasteBook ($25 and up) is a recipe-sharing site where you can also have your own neat and tidy collection of recipes printed in... [More]


Whooz iDevice Charger Stickers

You don't get much blander than solid white, which makes a missed cuteness opportunity for iPhone and iPad chargers. Third-party manufacturers, that's your cue! The makers of the Whooz iDevice Chargers Stickers ($12 for four) took a look at the blank canvas of the old chargers and saw something that... [More]


Brass Change Catcher

Wanna make the emptying of your pockets and purses even more satisfying? Drop your change onto the Brass Change Catcher ($18) and listen to the clink of metal on metal. Ahh, that's the sound of savings (even if it's just savings enough for emergency bus fare or an afternoon latte)!... [More]


My Mini Masterpiece

You always liked painting but never wanted to do anything big with it - nothing over five inches. My Mini Masterpiece ($12)... [More]


New Balance Revlite W870v2

Want to improve your cardio workout? Try running like a girl! These lightweight running shoes ($77) offer a welded outsole and a foam insole for advanced shock absorption, plus your choice of colors!... [More]


You're Beautiful Socks

Ouch! The You're Beautiful Socks ($10) gave us a toothache, they're so sweet!... [More]


iStuck Bubble Gum Phone Stand

Not only is the iStuck Bubble Gum Phone Stand ($7) a clever iPhone prop, it's also an optical illusion - if the gum's stretched out, what's holding the phone up!?!?... [More]


Blondie Debbie Profile Raglan

Debbie Harry certainly broke the mold of what a female front man should be. This t-shirt ($62) has everything you need: style, edginess, a strong female - and even a pop culture reference!... [More]


Emilie M. Nicole Ostrich Tote

We have long lusted after ostrich purses, but never had the means, the stomach, or the gusto to splurge on the real thing. Here to save the day is the Emilie M. Nicole Ostrich Tote ($90), an animal-free handbag for a fraction of the price but still 100% swag. It... [More]


Bond Carbon-Fiber Tic-Tac-Toe

Leave it Ralph Lauren to make something as dull as playing tic-tac-toe appealing. With its skulls and bone-crosses, this Bond Carbon-Fiber Tic-Tac-Toe ($595) really adds a life-or-death thrill to being one short of three-in-a-row.... [More]


Theo Chocolate Pairing Kit for Red Wine

Need an excuse to guzzle a bit more vino? We didn't think so, but that's no reason to turn down a good way to make that daily glass or two even more special. This pairing kit ($20) invites you to match four tasty flavors of fair trade chocolate with some... [More]

Over-the-Knee Suede Boots for Laura small.jpg

Personal Shopper: Over-the-Knee Suede Boots for Laura

Laura writes: "I've finally mustered the courage to purchase over-the-knee boots for Fall 2013. I'm looking for heeled, suede options in tan/beige. I found the perfect pairs but one is $750 and the other is from last season, I think, and completely sold out. Help! Do y'all know of any... [More]



There's nothing more ferocious than a mighty ROAR! - except maybe when it's written in fluorescent green on your pinkie finger. The ROAR Ring ($13) is as ferocious as a lion...well, a lion cub. (Also available in other colors.)... [More]


Smartphone Periscoping Spy Lens

Pay attention, all you Nancy Drews out there - if you're looking for a way to observe without being observed (you have your reasons, we won't pry), try the Smartphone Spy Lens ($20). With a small nudge, you can look in any direction while deceptively holding your phone flat! Made... [More]


Stila After Glow Lip Color

Want that look that says "I just ate a glow stick"? Stila After Glow Lip Color ($18) looks like normal lipstick during the day, but get it under a blacklight and suddenly you're a walking music video.... [More]


Bonnie Baby Dante Blanket

Having a baby is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't always feel like a party. Unless, of course, that screaming, pooping, vomiting bundle is wrapped in this cozy blanket ($65). We think all those triangles look like celebratory bunting!... [More]


Small Color Block Concrete Planter Set

Tiny, cute, and easy to manage. You don't need a green thumb for the Small Color Block Concrete Planter Set ($54) - maybe just a green thumbnail.... [More]


Gin and Tonic Gourmet Popcorn

Popcorn and cocktails aren't a combination we would have thought of on our own. At least not on purpose - we can be prone to spillage when we're tipsy, and if a bowl of popcorn is nearby...happy accident! But only Joe & Seph could do the Gin and Tonic Gourmet... [More]

pump SM.jpg

Everly Jeweled Printed Pumps

The Everly Jeweled Printed Pumps ($375) remind us of Grandma's lumpy old chair. It's as if J.Crew somehow got hold of a swatch of the fabric, pulled it over pumps, and glued Grandma's brooches to the toes. Just like the chair and the brooches, these pumps are perfect.... [More]


Gold Flatware

Silverware is for runners-up - us winners prefer the color of victory! This Gold Flatware ($29) is just a tier on the podium higher than the competition.... [More]


iSnapx Shutter Remote

Ah, the selfie... where a filthy public bathroom is a preferred background for a portrait. But good luck getting an artful composition at an angle that doesn't show the toilet. We recommend the iSnapx Shutter Remote ($30) - it works from up to ten feet away!... [More]


J.Crew Camel Sweater

This soft merino and cashmere blend Camel Sweater ($98) features both a picture of a (bridled, saddled, and tasseled) camel and a rich camel color. J.Crew, we commend your commitment to representing both the noun and the adjective!... [More]


ASUS Taichi Touchscreen Ultrabook

Killing two birds with one stone isn't always great - peanut butter and jelly in one jar, anyone? But a laptop that doubles as a tablet? Now we're interested. Next time you've gotta upgrade computers, you won't have to choose between the functionality of a laptop and the convenience of... [More]


Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

Changing the color of upholstered furniture is tricky - you can't just use regular paint like you can with wooden furniture or slow-moving people. Luckily Tulip Fabric Spray Paint ($5) works on any fabric. Our tastes change quickly, but our furniture wears down slowly.... [More]


Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

Black, often perceived as a color of mourning, gets a new role with this striking ring ($532). Made with black gold and a black diamond, this understated piece of jewelry is cause for celebration (whether you're getting hitched or you simply decided to treat yourself). Better leave this one "accidentally"... [More]

Skirt SM.jpg

L'Wren Scott Pencil Skirt

We love this L'Wren Scott Pencil Skirt ($1,490). Someone thought of everything: a high-waisted, slim silhouette, plum metallic jacquard, and even hidden weights so it doesn't bunch up around our knees!... [More]

Martha Stewart Crafts Vampire Cupcake Wrappers

Martha Stewart Crafts Vampire Cupcake Wrappers

Want to add a spooky touch to the cupcakes for your Halloween party? If so, you need to wrap them in these Martha Stewart Crafts Vampire Cupcake Wrappers ($3, on sale). These sport dripping blood and blood splatter designs on a black or white background.... [More]


Heartbreak Hotel Sweatshirt

We thought we left these types of embroidered sweatshirts behind with our elementary school selves. And yet here comes hip label Opening Ceremony and the Heartbreak Hotel top ($150) with its embroidered cursive letters. Honestly, it looks like something you could grab at a tourist shop near the well-known Memphis... [More]

Hampton SM.jpg

Hamptons Navajo Sandals

The Jack Rogers Hamptons Navajo ($110) sandals in copper make any outfit feel more fabulous. We just wish we could actually go to the Hamptons wearing these. For now, we'll stick with wearing them to Whole Foods.... [More]

Free People Over The Knee Socks

Free People Over The Knee Socks

We're seeing over-the-knee socks quite a bit! Get into the trend and rock a pair. These Free People Over The Knee Socks ($24) offer a vivid stripe in a neutral color combination of black, grey and white.... [More]


Glowing LED Memo Alarm Clock

You could write that nighttime note with a black pen on paper, or you could write it with a glowing pen on the air! It's a shame that something as cool as the Glowing LED Memo Alarm Clock ($17) is associated with waking up for work.... [More]


Tory Burch Sunglasses

With the bold grain and intricate patterns on these Tory Burch shades ($175), it's like you've stepped right out of a retro furniture catalog. We mean that in the best way possible, because who doesn't love being told they look like a groovy living room?... [More]



The '70s music scene... when all the artistry and imagination of the '60s music scene was crushed under the platform heel of disco. The Stylophone ($28) represents a time when synthesizer technology was still too new to be fully understood, but old enough to be abused by toy manufacturers.... [More]


mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets

What if you could take a pill that made everything you ate taste like candy? These mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets ($15) make sour and bitter foods taste sweet, using the completely organic natural properties of the miracle fruit Synsepalum dulcificum.... [More]


Bluelounge MiniDock

Simplify, simplify, simplify. This is what we're always trying to do. Of course, we simplify by buying more things to make our lives simpler, but that's beside the point. The latest simplification comes in the form of this iPhone MiniDock ($20-40) which eliminates the need for extraneous cords and holds... [More]


RVCA Buddy Sweater

Wild horses make their way across this loosely fitted, rust-colored sweater ($70), which would look fabulous paired with skinny jeans for going out or oversize slippers for fireside lounging.... [More]


Cardamom+Coffee Body Scrub

If coffee performs miracles re: stimulating our brains each morning, we can only assume that Fig+Yarrow's Cardamom+Coffee Body Scrub ($42) will be just as effective on our skin. In fact, it's only been a few days and we're already seeing an improvement. Our skin feels invigorated and tightened, and we're... [More]


Loeffler Randall Lou Pointed Toe Flat

Give your feet the Midas effect (well, with a more varied palette) with these gorgeous flats ($250), which look like they're made of liquid metal. Unlike King Midas, however, you'll be able to slip them on and off with ease.... [More]


Parquetry Nightstand

We certainly hope the chevron trend sticks around even longer than it already has, because at the rate we're going, we're going to have some sort of chevron in every room of the house. Our bedroom gets the understated and stylish Parquetry Nightstand ($349) for its dose of zigzag style.... [More]


Lanolips Banana Balm

As far as lip balms go, we think that the Lanolips Banana Balm ($12) is the crème de la banana cream pie! The smooth stuff glides onto lips and moisturizes them with lanolin, vitamin E, and shea butter. Of course, the best part is the infusion of natural banana extract,... [More]


I Like Big Books iPad Mini Case

Carrying around massive novels became a whole lot easier with the development of e-readers and the iPad. Thousands and thousands of pages are magically imprisoned in one thin, lightweight piece of technology. While there's a bit of irony to it, given that you're no longer carrying actual big books around,... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Jewel-Bright Jamaican Rehearsal Dinner Dress for Colleen

Colleen wrote: "Hello, I am getting married July 5, 2014 in Jamaica and am looking for a dress to wear for my rehearsal dinner. I wear a size 12 or 14 and am very busty. I'm struggling to find a lightweight dress (it gets pretty hot in Jamaica) that has... [More]

intersection SM.jpg

Intersection Dress

We love Lisa Perry's Intersection Dress, but we're a little disappointed in the name. The geometric shapes, sharp lines, and smooth silhouette are beautiful, but for $1,195, we wish she had paid an English student to come up with a name that doesn't make us think of traffic.... [More]


Nexus Six Sunglasses

The crunch. We've all heard it. The sound of the demise of yet another pair of sunglasses, brought about by careless posterior placement. We're getting excited because the Nexus Six Sunglasses ($28), which fold into a more compact package, might just stand a better chance at surviving a seating disaster.... [More]


Zoinks... They're Zombies! T-Shirt

It was just a matter of time before those meddling kids got in over the heads... And it's no surprise Shaggy and Scooby escaped contamination with their strategic cowardice. The Zoinks... They're Zombies! T-Shirt ($15) really delivers on things we thought we'd never see - Shaggy with a gun and... [More]


Fred Pastasaurus

Finally, we no longer have to pretend our pasta spoon is a dinosaur head. Fred Pastasaurus ($7)... [More]


Clouds Patterned Pencil Skirt

Every cloud has a silver lining. Look closely, and you'll see that the clouds on this designer pencil skirt ($1340) are no exception, with the stitched metallic details providing that proverbial pick-me-up.... [More]


Grow Your Own Extreme Chili

Another meal with a disappointing level of spiciness, and you say to yourself, "I could grow better chili out of a tin can!" Well... why don't you? Grow Your Own Extreme Chili ($8) comes with seeds, soil, and a drainage hole at the bottom - water and sunshine sold separately.... [More]


Oscar de la Renta Asphalt Nail Lacquer

We love a good dark nail polish, and our newest go-to is this Asphalt Nail Lacquer ($22). Sure, it's on the expensive side, but each coat is thick and fully pigmented. It's already got a good shimmer to it, but if you top it off with some holographic glitter polish,... [More]


Survey Backpack

Set out on your next expedition with the rugged Survey Backpack ($60), perfect for holding everything from your notebooks and binoculars (for birding, of course) to your maps and books (for new city exploration). There are so many nice details on these Herschel Supply Co. bags, but we'll just mention... [More]


6 Foot Piano Mat

Playing "Chopsticks" with your hands? Kind of juvenile and demonstrative of an offensive lack of both imagination and musical training. Playing "Chopsticks" with your feet? Now that demonstrates agility, endurance, and a whimsical knowledge of pop culture. 6 Foot Piano Mat ($40)... [More]


DAMN I'M GOOD Cuff Bracelet

You know it, so make sure everyone else knows it by slipping on the DAMN I'M GOOD Cuff Bracelet ($14) from With Care Goods. It looks great when it's worn with attitude and confidence!... [More]


Gray Stripe and Crochet Vintage-Inspired Apron

You still have time before the holiday season to do a buncha prep work, and that includes prepping your personal kitchen style. If you're going to spend half of the time stirring beurre blanc and stuffing birds, you're going to want to keep your frock free of splatters and spills.... [More]

Cupcake Cone Baking Rack

Cupcake Cone Baking Rack

Have you ever wondered how those creative Martha Stewart moms have the time and know-how to make those incredible cupcake cones? Well, we have...and we've just stumbled over their dirty delicious li'l secret. Cupcake Cone Baking Rack ($7)... [More]


Retro TV Photo Frame

You always thought your quirky family belonged on else were you going to get your own spinoff? The Retro TV Photo Frame ($15) is a fun way to display your favorite pictures - but it only works with retro TVs, since a plasma-screen picture frame would just be a... [More]


Dogs Being Dogs Tee

Let sleeping dogs lie, grilling dogs cook, and tennis-playing dogs serve. The dogs on this cute tee ($20) are just being themselves! Just let them be great.... [More]


Marais USA Slipper Flats

The Marais USA Slipper Flats ($180) aren't just cuter-than-cute, they're also as comfy to wear as, you guessed it, your favorite pair of slippers. They'll soften to conform to the shape of your feet, and you can actually get away with wearing them to work.... [More]


Chili by the State Kits

It's football season, and you know what that means: time to bust out the chili pot! If you're feeling adventurous, tuck away your tried-and-true recipe and test out a few Chili by the State Kits ($6, each). Each one includes the combo of spices you'll need to create a big,... [More]


Whiskey in the Jar Candle

If your lifestyle doesn't afford you the ability to drink (or sniff) whiskey all day, think about bringing Whiskey in the Jar ($18) into your home. This soy candle will fill the room with the comforting aromas of sweet, sweet smoky whiskey without any of the other side effects.... [More]


Royal Kitty Dress

Sure, you get to wear a diamond-crusted tiara, but there's a lot of responsibility that comes with being royalty. There's something sad in this little white kitten's eyes, as though she's witnessed something tragic in her feline kingdom - something like a severe catnip blight, or reports of hundreds of... [More]


Seanings Justin Timberlake Print

We never dreamed that we'd have Justin Timberlake posters in our grown-up apartments when we were staring at his dreamy face on our walls in junior high, but here we are, proudly displaying this Justin Timberlake Print ($26). Hey, it's art, though, not just a picture of a hunky guy... [More]


IRISNotes 2 Digital Pen

When we entered the new century, everyone was all like, "Where are the flying cars? Technology sucks!" Now we're thirteen years in, and we can't keep up with the wheel of progress! Just take a look at the IRISNotes 2 Digital Pen ($99 - $149) - every note and doodle... [More]


Papaya Herringbone Scarf

Make the Papaya Herringbone Scarf ($120) from Block Shop part of your signature fall look. The cheerful grapefruit hue will add a pop of color to your darker clothes and the herringbone print lends sophistication to your outfits. Because it's made from a silk and cotton blend, we bet you'll... [More]


Dip Clips

They really emphasize the phrase "on the side," don't they? Dip Clips ($10 for four)... [More]


Peloton Cycle

We love spin class, and lately a few gyms specializing in nothing but cycling classes have popped up nearby. Which would be great, except that we won't be able to make many since we'd need second (or third) jobs to cover the fees. The Peloton Cycle ($1190) is a pricey... [More]


Soulfun Party Snails

How did we ever manage to throw a party without the help of Soulfun's Party Snails ($16 for six)? These little dudes slip right onto the rims of your glasses so guests can tell them apart. And when the last partygoer leaves for the evening, you can make yourself a... [More]



Mock us if you will - we freely admit we deserve it - but sometimes we don't use our iPads because it's too dang annoying to have to hold them up. It's not that we have particularly weak or tiny T. rex arms, its just that holding the darn things... [More]


Vince Camuto Bocca Over-the-Knee Boots

Just call these your Wonder Woman boots. Bright red over-the-knee stiletto boots might be a little too flashy for everyday use, but we bet this good-looking leather pair ($239) (complete with approved gold accents) will give you that same kick-ass feeling.... [More]


Spiced Cider Soy Candle

Burn a Spiced Cider Soy Candle ($15) from Theme Fragrance in your apartment and we swear, the whole place will smell more delicious than the inside of your favorite corner Starbuck Venti Caramel Apple Cider with Whipped Cream!... [More]


BB Dakota Amber Ombre Melton Coat

We say bring on the chilly weather if it means we get to cozy up under the Amber Ombre Melton Coat ($118)! With a stunning gradient effect and a loose, asymmetrical cut, it's just different enough from the majority of fall jacket options. It's not lined, but it is wool-based,... [More]


Halloween Skellie Toile Tablecloth

We're impressed with the creepiness displayed by the Halloween Skellie Toile Tablecloth ($80) from Williams-Sonoma. Sure, skeletons are always creepy, but the tablecloth manages to exude the creepiness of an evil anthropologist or avid bone collector. Fashion a centerpiece out of old natural history books and a couple of spare... [More]


GIVEAWAY ENDED Win a Bottle of Ouidad's Curl Recovery Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil

A WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN! We know that putting oil on your hair to clean it seems like something you'd do on Opposite Day, but take our word for it - Curl Recovery Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil from Ouidad is just the ticket for dry, damaged, or transitioning hair. Actually,... [More]


Bite Beauty Honey Lip Lacquer

Not crazy about putting stuff on your lips that you'd be uncomfortable putting in your mouth? Check out Bite Beauty's line of Honey Lip Lacquers ($24). The formula is comprised of entirely food-grade ingredients (with honey being the main star). The glosses have staying power, too.... [More]

SM B.jpg

Burberry Quilted Peplum Jacket

Everyone loves a quilted jacket, but we are tired of looking like quilted boxes. Luckily, Burberry created the Quilted Peplum Jacket ($695), improving and updating their classic design, and showing off our silhouettes too.... [More]

Tumbler SM.jpg

Vintage Hotel Silver Recipe Cocktail Shaker

One of the most difficult things about playing bartender at your own party is remembering the drink recipes. The Vintage Hotel Silver Recipe Cocktail Shaker ($69) helps keep us on track while we're mixing away. Seriously, we drink Manhattans, but who really knows what's in them.... [More]


Napa Valley Olivina Hand Cream

Don't leave home without a tube of Napa Valley Olivina Hand Cream ($18) tucked into your purse, especially if the dry air in your office building leaves your hands feeling papery. The oil-based cream restores moisture and repairs patchy skin. And a little goes a long way, so we bet... [More]


Army Man Bottle Opener

We used to love watching those little toy army men fall from our second-story window as the parachutes helped them slowly float to safety. But we're adults now. Sigh. Thank goodness we can still bring back some memories of the good ol' days with this Army Man Bottle Opener ($16).... [More]


APIVITA Express Beauty Mask With Pomegranate

Obvi, we love a deal, which means we're pleased as punch to get twelve applications out of the Express Beauty Mask With Pomegranate ($30). Because they're individually packaged, you don't have to worry about the masks drying out, and you can pop one or two in a suitcase for vacations.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Comic Leggings

Wear your heart on your pants, or at least the hearts of the characters in these comic book panels. They say that every object tells a story, and these leggings ($14) are no exception. This one, unfortunately, looks like a classic narrative of love and - sigh - betrayal. What's... [More]

Plate SM2.jpg

Southern Living Marble Cake Plate

The Southern Living Marble Cake Plate ($149) brings the touch of class we all long for to our kitchens. And it looks especially delicious supporting cupcakes, so we'll just have to keep a fresh batch handy at all times.... [More]


No Work Zone Tape

Looking for the perfect cubicle decor? No Work Zone Tape ($2)... [More]


Flower Cut Out Shift Dress

Get it for less! This dress ($59) is somewhat similar to a bizarre Christopher Kane dress with a face that Cate Blanchett recently wore on the red carpet. Now remember, she's a red carpet professional and that dress can only be executed by the most skilled of dress-wearers, so we're... [More]


Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm

Cold weather means you get to bundle up in coats and tights, drink hot apple cider, and deal with the onset of chapped lips. Good thing you're prepared with a jar of Rêve de Miel Lip Balm ($19) from Nuxe! The honey-based balm smells and tastes sweet, but is a... [More]


Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil

Being a single father's not easy, even for the the devil. Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil ($23) - the underground cartoon from Home Movies and Bob's Burgers vet Loren Bouchard - follows the Princess of Darkness as she develops a relationship with DJ Jesus, a hippie-ish performance artist incarnation... [More]


Corkboard Map

Sure, Instagram and Facebook tag your photos to a virtual map, but what do you do with all the ephemera you collect on your adventures? Those subway passes, ticket stubs, and hotel matchbooks might eventually go into the trash, sure, but give them a longer shelf life by pinning them... [More]


LATHER Sugar & Spice Set

Good-smelling bath products always feel so indulgent. That's why we're crazy about the Sugar & Spice Set ($35) from LATHER; it contains a pink grapefruit and ginger sugar scrub and body creme. As soon as we twist off the tops of the tubs, we're in heaven. The fact that we... [More]


Happy Fucking Holidays Card

Well, that's one way to put it. Get in the spirit and buy a few of these Happy Fucking Holidays cards ($7) to send out this holiday season.... [More]

Brow SM.jpg

Marc Jacobs Brow Tamer

Plucking is painful, but beautiful brows are nice to have. Shape 'em up with Brow Tamer grooming gel ($24). It won't fix a unibrow, but it'll help you frame your face.... [More]


Gold Bits Diamond Necklace

Don't have any real diamonds yet? Cut your teeth on this gold-plated graphic representation of a diamond, which is at least a step in the right direction. Gold Bits Diamond Necklace ($70)... [More]


Bobino Key Clip

Trying to find your keys in that overly large thing you carry around (also known as a purse) can be such a hassle! Luckily this cool little gadget slips onto or into your bag to hold your keys for easy access.... [More]

Tigar SM.jpg

Alice + Olivia Bangle

We can't help but feel fierce when we wear Alice + Olivia's tiger Bangle ($148). Rawr!... [More]


List of Harry Potter Movies Tank

"Chamber?" "Prisoner?" "Hallows?" These are children's books, you say? The List of Harry Potter Movies Tank ($17) really trims the fat by reducing this turn-of-the-century epic down to seven words. ("Movies"? "Movies"!? Are you serious, shirt-namer?)... [More]


Green Tea Kit Kat

Not everyone loves chocolate. (We know you chocolate lovers out there just gasped in utter disbelief.) But it's true! Those of you not so fond of the original Kit Kat bar should give one of these Green Tea Kit Kats ($10) a try.... [More]


Penguin Stud Earrings

All right, all right! We know it's a little early to be donning these, but it can't hurt to be a step ahead, right? Besides, when the adorable Penguin Stud Earrings ($324) by Michelle Chang Jewelry waddled across our paths, we were helpless to resist their charms! Three hundo for... [More]


Wine Bottle Guest Book Kit

Which is a more appealing way to remember your wedding: hunched over a dusty old book, or sharing a bottle of red? The Wine Bottle Guest Book Kit ($40) contains whatever voodoo is needed to write messages on wine bottles - and also customized labels and those cool metallic pens!... [More]


Floral Cut Out Back Blouse

Something about this pattern reminds us of the wallpaper you might have found in your grandparents' kitchen circa 1955. It has those strong lines, and the limited palette, and would be the perfect accompaniment to Grandma's casserole dishes. That's not to say this is an outdated item: check out the... [More]


P'kolino Monster Storage Bin

It's almost impossible to get kids to pick up after themselves. Maybe if you throw the Monster Storage Bin ($30) from P'kolino into the equation they'll get a little more jazzed about putting their toys away.... [More]


Super Skinny with Vegan Leather Panels

Yearning for leather pants but scared to go all the way? [BLANKNYC]'s got your back. These black skinnies ($88) are close enough to regular ol' jeans to get your feet wet, but edgy enough (look at those geometric panels!) to give you the leather pants swagger.... [More]


REFINE Energizing Scrub

REFINE Energizing Scrub ($99) works just as nicely as it smells. Made with gentle, natural exfoliators like raspberry and blue corn, and mixed with skin-stimulating caffeine, the scrub will have your skin feeling refreshed, brightened, and ready to take on the day. The only problem we encountered after testing out... [More]


Gidigio Tall Boots

When we put on these boots ($242), suddenly we feel like the female version of Captain Jack Sparrow. (Not like it's a huge transition; we already do our eyeliner the exact same way.)... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Polka Dot & Plaid Hair Clips

Talk about getting plenty of style on a budget! These little Polka Dot & Plaid Hair Clips ($2) will add a playful touch to your hairdo without putting so much as a microdent into your fall fashion budget. Hell, grab two sets - you can afford it! What's a Cheap... [More]


Mix Stix Wooden Spoons

True drummers can turn any wooden spoons into drumsticks while they're cooking... but true drummers are also prone to forgetfulness, so when it comes time for the show and they can't find their actual sticks, the Mix Stix Wooden Spoons ($10) are good to have around.... [More]


Equal Rites

If you haven't heard of Terry Pratchett's Discworld, it is to fantasy what Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is to sci-fi - that is, really funny while still staying true to the genre. Since all the books in the series are self-sufficient, more or less, Equal Rites ($12) is a... [More]


The Power of Food

Check out The Power of Food: 100 Essential Recipes for Abundant Health and Happiness ($18) by Adam Hart. Hart, a once self-proclaimed unhealthy dude, took matters into his own hands and relied on whole foods and exercise to turn his life around. Here, he provides a hundred healthy-living recipes and... [More]

Critter SM.jpg

Forest Critter Knobs

We love updating our apartments, but we don't feel the need to start construction any time soon. For now, we're just switching out our standard knobs for Forest Critter Knobs ($12). Just twist out the old, and on with the new!... [More]


DIY LED Dinosaur Kits

DIY dinosaurs? Have we discovered Jurassic Park technology already? Unfortunately not, but the DIY LED Dinosaur Kit ($17) will be remembered in the history books as the first step in unlocking those dinosaur genomes. These kits are made from recycled LED motherboards that actually light up - just like real... [More]


Deluxe Zen Garden

Sand and rocks - now this is a garden we can keep alive! If you're never used one, the Deluxe Zen Garden ($30) may seem kind of boring - but as ridiculous as it sounds, raking sand is actually pretty fun!... [More]


Bad Boy Bracelet

Bad boys play by their own rules, and this Bad Boy Bracelet ($30) is no exception. It's the perfect piece of jewelry to help show off your edgy side without taking away from how glamorous you are.... [More]


Georgina River Lace-Up Boots

Make the crunching of fall leaves underfoot a more quixotic affair by wearing the Georgina River Lace-Up Boots ($46) while you take a walk on a cloudy day. If you toss in a lace skirt, a billowy scarf, and a small dog, passersby will do a double take. Surely you're... [More]


Pamela Mann Paris Skyline Tights

A little Paris goes a long way. The Pamela Mann Paris Skyline Tights ($17) transfer the splendor of the City of Light's skyline to your thighline.... [More]


Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm

You know when something has the word amazing in its title it's going either be truly amazing, or...not so much. Emma Hardie's Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm ($58) is most definitely in the first camp. A teeny amount - about the size of a pea -... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? September 20, 2013

We don't remember the last fall/winter season where plaid wasn't in, but regardless, the powers that be have declared it hot for the cooler months of 2013. This week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap? brings you five ways to be rad in plaid. Grunge Girl Checkered Leggings ($6 with... [More]


Fred and Friends French Toast Stamp

What's the difference between regular toast and French toast? The difference between peanut butter or syrup. Today, we choose syrup. Fred and Friends French Toast Stamp ($5)... [More]


Sit Tight Intense XS Special Super-Strength Body Firming Serum

While the Sit Tight Intense XS Special Super-Strength Body Firming Serum ($38) from Soap & Glory won't banish your cellulite completely (drat, we know!), it will help firm up the skin on your gams. The rollerball application gives you easy control over the amount you use, and the warm-then-cool-tingling sensation... [More]


Evedon Rain Boot

So the street is full of puddles and there's an eighty-percent chance of more rain, according to the forecast. The bad news is that you should probably leave the fancy heels at home, but with these Evedon Rain Boots ($167), you'll be able to keep a little bit of that... [More]


Sequin Pencil Skirt by Unique

Even for those of us who usually stick to neutrals, it's hard to resist the call of this cotton candy dream skirt ($425). It brings to mind princess dresses, mermaid tails, and other fanciful things we might have all wanted to wear as kids. Now, if you can handle the... [More]


No Drip Syrup & Honey Dispenser

We don't know how bees do it - if we put a spoonful of honey in our tea, our hands are sticky for the rest of the week! But one of the advantage we have over the bees is our ability to use tools - like the No Drip Syrup... [More]


Gold Feather Journal

Good things happen when you use the Gold Feather Journal ($22) from Raven & Lily to pen your thoughts. Not only are you writing down your words in a gorgeous artisan-made wood and leather notebook, but you're also ensuring that part of the proceeds from your purchase help fund literacy... [More]

Kate Spade Wedding Belles Passport Holder

Kate Spade Wedding Belles Passport Holder

So your BFF who has everything - beauty, body, dream job, sparkling personality, heart of gold and of course dream guy - is taking the plunge this fall. What's a girl to surprise her with? Nothing other than the Kate Spade Wedding Belles Passport Holder ($78), which features gold-plated hardware.... [More]


ABC Pendants

Every pendant in this creative alphabet collection ($65 each) is made from different everyday materials. You've got your E, H, and K made of neon rope, your C, F, and J made from straw, and other letters made from wood and perspex. If your initials don't include your favorite design,... [More]


Adrenaline Galaxy Run Capris

Make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs with these intergalactic capris ($135), made for your light-speed workouts. They come with an always-handy zip pocket for smuggling keys and other essentials and a reflective print detail for high visibility as you're speeding past traffic.... [More]


Earl Salt and Pepper Shakers

With Breaking Bad coming to an end, we've all got chemistry on the brain. We like to think Walter White wouldn't savagely murder us if he knew we had these Earl Salt and Pepper Shakers ($15).... [More]


Rachel Roy Lori Cap Toe Flats

Did you just arrive from London and did you learn how to time travel from the 1960s? Be prepared to answer those questions (and other more conventional ones like "Where did you get those?") when you show up with these throwback oxford flats ($295). With those silver buckle accents and... [More]


Snake Puzzle

You may think you're too old for this Snake Puzzle ($1), but wait until 4:00pm on Wednesday when you're at work and bored out of your mind. The crowning achievement of our collective youth was figuring out how to make a symmetrical ball out of this.... [More]


Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask

Okay, so you can probably slather honey from the grocery store all over your face for a fraction of the price of Fresh's Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask ($130). But really, would you want to? Some things are better left to the pros, and this mask is an expert... [More]


Peach Comfy Sweater

This sweater ($34) looks very close to some of the clothing our mothers made us. The only difference is that ten years ago we wouldn't ever think of wearing bulky pastel knitwear. WIth the benefit of time and the wisdom that comes along with it (hardy har), we now know... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Help I Have a Headache

Okay, so you could get a large bottle of generic headache meds for the same price as a box of these ($4 for sixteen caplets) from Help Remedies, but we're sticking with the help pills. The generics do not have a page like this. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our... [More]


Italian Replica Globe Bar

You've seen it in movies, now see it in your living room! The Italian Replica Globe Bar ($189) reminds us of a simpler time, when mapmakers weren't bogged down with trivialities like "accuracy."... [More]


Narwhal Ring Holder

Narwhals are great! They're the closest thing to unicorns we'll ever see until the field of mythological genetics starts to take off. (We just need the funding.) Regardless, this Narwhal Ring Holder ($15) is also great! We don't even need it to hold our rings - we just want it... [More]


DIY Fortune Cookie Kit

Clever, outside-the-box-style pranksters... you're welcome. The DIY Fortune Cookie Kit ($10) is a great novelty for parties and a great resource for mayhem. It includes twelve pre-baked cookies, instructions on how to make and insert your own fortunes, and - the kicker - resealable pouches to make them look authentic!... [More]


JustFab Robinson Boots

Fall officially begins on September 22nd, and ladies, you know what that means: bbbbboooooooooooootsss. Aw yeah. Start this year's haul with these JustFab Robinson Boots ($120). Their casual, slouchy style will be perfect with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater when you go apple picking with friends. And by apple... [More]


Sonic Lash Vibrating Mascara

What do you think? Are you willing to give vibrating mascara a shot? We had visions of poking out our eyes, but it turns out that using the Sonic Lash Vibrating Mascara ($20) from Glam Cosmetics couldn't be easier. The vibration is subtle and it really does help eliminate clumping.... [More]

usb typewriter keyboard small.jpg

USB Typewriter Keyboard

This snazzy piece of equipment is more functional than it looks. Hook the USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard ($699) up to your computer (iPads and tablets work too!) and insert paper to print drafts and save your work simultaneously. Yes, having that instantaneous printout will make editing a lot easier. But,... [More]


Rainbow Aztec Printed Neon Blazer

This loud and colorful blazer ($70) has a pattern that does a lot of the work here, but not all of it. We were drawn to the other unique details - wide collar, single button closure, asymmetrical hem - all adding up to a statement piece that's impossible to ignore.... [More]


Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix

We guess that, technically, Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix ($10) is made to relieve intensely dry leg skin, but we've been using ours for all of our dry skin needs, including our elbows and heels. It smells lightly fresh and floral, rubs in like a dream, and gives us... [More]

Phone SM.jpg

Lilly Pulitzer iPhone 5 Cover

We love Lilly's iPhone 5 Covers ($28). They're ridiculously bright, and come in five different patterns. You just updated your software; why not update your case as well!?... [More]


Astronaut Ice Cream

This is the original reason we wanted to be astronauts when we were kids. Getting Astronaut Ice Cream ($10) at the gift shop was why we trudged through that boring museum in the first place. Comes in neapolitan, mint chocolate chip, or ice cream sandwich.... [More]


Paradise Tee

It's a window to paradise. This relaxed-fit tee ($30) works the same psychology as that beach photo you set as your desktop background at work. Even in the depths of winter, you'll be able to dream about that island vacation you're working towards. We guarantee this top will have a... [More]


Contrast Shoulder Chiffon Blouse

Want to stand out from the boys and the sea of plaids that take over the landscape every fall? Start with this chiffon blouse ($60), which adds a little trendy transparency and offsets the pattern with a detailed rose print at the shoulders and back. Follow that up by not... [More]


Mummy Candy Bowl

Are you staying in on Halloween and eating handing out candy? Don a witch hat and let trick or treaters snag their candy bars from your Mummy Candy Bowl ($30). Of course, if you're going to let them choose from the bowl, you'd better hide the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups... [More]


Trapeze Necklace

We like the originality and fun of the Trapeze Necklace ($73), and if these silhouetted artists are swinging from your neckline, there's no danger - not with the cushiony safety to be found below.... [More]


Jessie's Girl Long Sleeve Teddy

We consider it a big win anytime we get to don pajamas that are both comfy and sexy. The Jessie's Girl Long Sleeve Teddy ($80) is made from easy-to-wear jersey, but we're sure all your SO will care about is how hot you look padding around barefoot.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Duping Crate & Barrel's Reflection Centerpiece for Jacy

Jacy wrote: "Alright Outblush wünderkins - I have a quandry for you to ponder. I recently fell in love with this metal centerpiece at Crate&Barrel. I love the material and the proportions - straight lines and totally versatile for all of my centerpiece delights (can you say Christmas decor?!). The... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Watch

Because you mastered counting in kindergarten, wearing the Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Watch ($200) should be no big deal. The crystals-in-place-of-numbers, combined with the classic steel band and bright turquoise watch face, make this timepiece an ideal wrist ornament.... [More]

Berry Small.jpg

Hanna Combat Boot

Everyone has combat boots, but not everyone has berry combat boots! Stand out from the crowd. Hanna Combat Boot ($130)... [More]


Tribeca Trench Coat

You do all that planning to put together a great outfit, and then just as you're stepping out of the house, the clouds open up and it rains all day. Now usually you'd have to put on a raincoat that covers up your brilliance, but now you've got the option... [More]


Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book

Dear Grumpy Cat, We love you. We love your grumpy face. We want to know all of your grumpy secrets so we can be just like you. Sincerely, Your Grumpiest Fans Ask and you shall receive! Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book ($8)... [More]


Moonrock Earbuds with Mic and Carrying Case

While the sound quality and microphone performance of these brightly-colored earbuds ($40) is stellar, we're überimpressed by the fact that they come wrapped and organized in their own carrying case. No more tangled cords or hoping for the best when you shove the whole kit and caboodle into a pocket... [More]


Personalized State Necklace

You packed as much as you could into the suitcase when you left home, but you just had to leave your heart behind. Remember where you came from (in case you forget later) with the Personalized State Necklace ($18). Don't forget to mention your hometown in the Notes to the... [More]


Bergamot Fragrance Subscription

Skip the fragrance counters the next time you shop. (After a few sniffs everything kinda smells the same anyway.) You can browse for a new scent at home by signing up for a bergamont Fragrance Subscription ($14-18/mo). Each monthly box includes three samples of boutique fragrances. It'll be easy to... [More]


Sorel Slimpack Riding Rainboots

It's always challenging for those of us living in colder climates to find stylish footwear. It's easy to give up, too, and just tell yourself you'll change shoes whenever you get to where you're going and so what if you have shoes the size of hippos while you're walking down... [More]


Walker Laptop Briefcase

Today's business world isn't about files and folders, but that doesn't mean we've outgrown the classic look of a traditional briefcase. That's especially true when that professional staple has been updated to perfectly accommodate the gear we really need to tote: our laptops. The Walker Laptop Briefcase ($260) resembles its... [More]


Outer Space Hoodie

Just when we've decided that yes, maybe sometimes, kids are pretty damn cute, Winter Water Factory swoops in and clothes them in adorably printed things like the Outer Space Hoodie ($52). Over and our hearts have officially and completely melted. (And if yours hasn't thawed yet, check out the darling... [More]


Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Cute, bite-sized shapes for our ice cream sandwiches and delicious scraps for the chef? The Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker ($15) is the only thing that could make cookies and ice cream even more appetizing.... [More]


Rachel Pally Sissy Top

Who you calling a sissy? Just because this Rachel Pally top ($136) is ladylike doesn't mean it can't pack a serious punch. The ruffled hem is bold enough to translate from day to night, and those sophisticated three-quarter sleeves are no laughing matter either.... [More]


"Bon Appetit" Tear-Out Placemats

Impress your guests by making your dinner table placemats look like you decorated individual chalkboards just for them. Little will they know all you had to do was buy these tear-out placemats ($21 for a pad of twenty-five).... [More]

Gypsy SM.jpg

Doubtblush: Cora Off The Shoulder Gown

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Graphic Eye Tank

It looks like Argus-inspired fashion is in. Be ultraperceptive with the Graphic Eye Tank ($12, on sale), covered in a dozens of bright blue peepers. People might be a little creeped out at first, but at least you're sure to be seen when you're rocking this top.... [More]


Jumbo Bloom Bib Necklace

If you're bored by the outfit you put on in the morning, never fear. One of these flower-powered necklaces ($34) - which come in nine vibrant colors - is guaranteed to brighten up any dull ensemble.... [More]


The BONN Jean

We're not ready to say goodbye to our brightly colored skinnies and shorts, but these new cooler temperatures are telling us we have to. Luckily, we're adaptable, and see the world through rose-colored glasses, and found these rose-colored pants ($198) to match them. They're made of soft velvet corduroy, perfect... [More]


Pop N' Play Castle

Honestly, where were these totally awesome Pop N' Play Castles ($50) when we were kids?! Oh, that's right, we built them out of cardboard blocks and our imaginations. All the same, we're not hatin'. In fact, this cardboard castle ought to foster plenty of imaginative play when you set it... [More]


Indeed Laboratories nanoblur Cream

So we weren't exactly invited to Fashion Week, but that doesn't mean that we didn't devour every piece of reporting on those NYC runways! We heard about nanoblur ($20) from a few different sources. It claims to make you look ten years younger in forty seconds, but does it work?... [More]


Fables: Book 1

Prince Charming is a seductive and philandering playboy. Beast switches back and forth from man to animal as his marriage to Beauty hits some rocky road. The mean old witch from Hansel and Gretel is... well... a mean old witch. The critically acclaimed, award-winning graphic novel series Fables ($30 for... [More]


Smart Traveler Set

Certainly these colorful leather pouches ($85) are stylish enough for everyday use, but we like the thrill of designating certain items for travel only. If planning a trip is half the fun, we'd also like to say that taking out the suitcases and travel gear is another fraction of said... [More]


Sunstone Maxi Skirt

Lace has been making its way back onto the runway in full force over the past few years, so the Sunstone Maxi Skirt ($182, on sale) is right on trend. At first glance, it may look like something that should be worn only at home, but trust us, this thing... [More]


Halloween Skull Pancake Molds

Serve up some festive fall flapjacks with help from the Halloween Skull Pancake Molds ($20 for three) from Williams-Sonoma. Plop down the molds on a hot griddle, fill with your favorite pancake mix, and flip when the bubbles start to subside. And if you really want to get gruesome with... [More]


Tatty Devine Lotus Flower Celebration Necklace

Lotus flowers, elephants, balance on both sides - the only thing missing is inner peace! They say you can't find true happiness with material things, but we think wearing the Tatty Devine Lotus Flower Celebration Necklace ($124) will make you feel pretty good. (Alternatively, that to wear this, you'd have... [More]


Mazzy Star Seasons of Your Day

Mazzy Star is releasing a new album? Oh, yes please! The twangy, ethereal group has held a special place in our hearts since we were pining after first loves in middle school. Seasons of Your Day ($10, preorder) drops on September 24th, and it doesn't disappoint. It mixes a nostalgic... [More]


Gold Skull Studs

Get your creepy on by dressing up your ears with these Gold Skull Studs ($14). If you can't go full-on Halloween costume at work, they'll make a subtle statement about your love for the spooky holiday.... [More]


Converse Oxford Oras

Sometimes we miss the excitement of the beginning of the school year. There were so many possibilities, so many art projects to create! Instill a little creativity into your everyday life with this colorful collaboration ($70), which pairs your favorite back-to-school kicks with a lively signature pattern from the Marimekko... [More]


Shopping is My Cardio Tank

Eye movements count as exercise, right? You must have a very strong pointer finger as well, with all those mouse click sets and repetitions? Okay...if that's a stretch, you must admit that some items really get your heart racing. If that isn't cardio, we don't know what is. Shopping is... [More]


Rollin' with the Homies Tee

We're going to assume that the Rollin' with the Homies Tee ($61) is in reference to Coolio's iconic tune, but we'd also wear it in tribute to the late, great Brittany Murphy. In fact, we think we'll make a rule that anything with a reference to Clueless automatically goes on... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: The Halston Heritage Short Sleeve Draped Collar Top

Halston Heritage has some gorgeous pieces, but our credit cards wince every time we see the price tags. This Halston Heritage Short Sleeve Draped Collar Top with Shirt Tail Hem ($245, #1 in picture), is a beautiful silk blouse we could wear for years with skirts, jeans, trousers, leggings -... [More]


Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

Custom services are cropping up everywhere, and while you can enjoy custom-tailored clothing, lingerie fittings, and accessory sizing, you haven't really indulged yourself until you've had a Prescriptives Beauty Genius work with you to create a Custom Blend Foundation ($75+). Appointments are quick, and the beauty rep will ask you... [More]


Silent Film Photo Booth Props

Make sure your party favors and picture props are a step above 'staches and bows with a set like the Silent Film Photo Booth Props ($12) from KittyDuneCuts. Add a red curtain and a bunch of glittery gold stars to the wall for an easy Old Hollywood theme. And if... [More]

Cross Back SM.jpg

Crossing Paths Criss-Cross V Back Top

We've worked out all summer (or at least a couple of times this summer), and it's time to show off our backs (not abs, still working on those) with this Crossing Paths Criss-Cross V Back Top ($39)... [More]


Squirrel and Acorn Sugar Cake Decorations

As if baked goods weren't sweet enough already! Now you can top off your fall cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and other sugary concoctions (might we suggest something featuring pumpkin?) with the Squirrel and Acorn Sugar Cake Decorations ($4 for 12) from Sweet Estelle's Baking Supply. Package the finished goods in kraft... [More]

Boot SM.jpg

Ora - Over The Knee Boots

3.1 Phillip Lim's Ora - Over The Knee Boots ($975) have everything a gal on the run needs. Sexy style, side vents so we don't get sweaty, and a solid heel that won't slow us down. Our only issue is the price: the only way these babies are getting into... [More]


Julian Mini Wrap Dress

The chic and sexy Julian Mini Wrap Dress ($285) by Diane von Furstenberg boasts a flattering shape and a versatile style. Wear it with stilettos, ankle booties, or knee-high leather boots and tights. Black is a classic choice, but we can't peel our eyes away from that stunning Tanzanite Blue!... [More]


Beat It, Hippie Doormat

The Beat It, Hippie Doormat ($16) isn't free... but with all the hippies it will turn away, think of all the money you'll save by not giving out handouts!... [More]


HI/BYE Hater Goldstones Lounger

Pfft, you don't suffer fools. Weed 'em out by wearing the HI/BYE Hater Goldstones Lounger ($59) from Local Celebrity. A nod and a chuckle when they see you sporting your new shirt and they're worth a second glance. A scowl or a grimace? Buh-bye!... [More]

Egg SM.jpg

Desk Egg

Until today, we thought there was no good way to store paper clips. Those clear plastic cubes with the round hole in the middle scratch our fingers and look lame. Luckily, the Desk Egg ($16) was created, solving all of our organizational woes, or at least one of them.... [More]


Pakret Metallic Jacquard Pants

Who needs an LBD when you can rock Paul & Joe's Pakret Metallic Jacquard Pants ($435) at semiformal dinner parties or afternoon wedding receptions? Okay, we admit that pants-in-lieu-of-a-skirt can be a risky move, but we think you can pull it off if you wear these with a tucked-in silk... [More]


Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss

Wanna plump up your pucker so it looks full and fabulous? Swipe on some Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss ($26) from Naked Princess after you use your favorite lipstick. The barely-there colors and high shine combined with peptides (collagen-stimulating amino acid chains) will help you fake a fuller lip. If... [More]


Tortoise Crystal Dagger Bib Necklace

Talk about a necklace built with opposites! The Tortoise Crystal Dagger Bib Necklace ($36) mixes no-nonsense tortoiseshell with anything-goes crystal bling*. It'll help dress up your basics and give you a sophisticated aura whether you choose to wear it to work or to a weekend soiree. *Technically, it's acrylic and... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sugar Paper Je T'aime Heart Card

Keep one of these Je T'aime Heart Cards ($6) on hand for when you need to elevate your "I love you." What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]


Eagle Embroidery Dress

The majestic eagle on the front of this chiffon dress ($80) is a masterful example of contour drawing, and we assume not a blind one, because all of our blind contour drawing assignments of eagles always ended up looking like fish. Besides the craftsmanship, other reasons to love this dress... [More]


Schoolhouse Log Carrier

When the farmers' market is shuttered, and your reusable bags are languishing in a kitchen cabinet, take joy in bringing another kind of bag to the grocery store. This heavy cotton canvas carrier ($48) will help you lug your firewood in fashion. (Also works with toy logs.)... [More]


Sparkling Star Sweater

Who's a star? You're a star! And you don't need anybody else to give you a shiny gold sticker in order to tell the world. Tell 'em with the Sparkling Star Sweater ($30) just how special you are. And add some bling (as pictured) to really hammer the point home!... [More]


StriVectin-EV Get Even Dark Circle Corrector

If you've been burning the midnight oil, chances are your beauty rest has suffered. So if there's no end to the late nights in sight, use the Get Even Dark Circle Corrector ($59) to do some damage control. It'll help add moisture and fade dark spots under your eyes. Pat... [More]


Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Plaid Easy-Care Blanket

Fall: a time for burrowing under blankets and not emerging again until spring. Or, if you're like us, a time for burrowing under at least three to four of these megawarm Eco-Wise Wool Plaid Blankets ($118-208) from Pendleton. Seriously, they'll keep you feeling toastier than the Mount Doom lava pits... [More]


Merry-Go-Round Doctor Bag

Which carousel animal did you pick when you were a kid? We remember running towards the cat with a fish in its mouth, but sometimes those figures would be the ones that didn't move up and down, so the choice was difficult: stay true to our cat obsession or choose... [More]

babycakes heart shaped waffle maker small.jpg

Babycakes Heart Waffle Maker

Looking at the Babycakes Heart Waffle Maker ($18) wafts us down Memory Lane and back to the days when we dotted our 'i's with hearts and the concept of food on a stick still seemed original. But if you've got a little one that age, we don't suggest waffle pops... [More]

High Waist SM.jpg

Willow High Waist Skinny Jeans

We don't know who Willow is, but we love her High Waist Skinny Jeans ($52). $52 and no muffin top!? Sold.... [More]


Sweet Moss Anorak

Pick out a water- and wind-resistant coat, like the Sweet Moss Anorak ($88), to sport this season. The casual, slouchy look will be totally easy to pull off when you wear your everyday jeans and tee under the trendy colorblock piece. Of course, the bonus is that the coat will... [More]


BYREDO Tree House Candle

Pumpkin scents, while heavenly, are a little overplayed. If you're looking for a signature fall scent that'll have your house smelling amazing, try the Tree House Candle ($35-80) from BYREDO. It mixes conifer with touches of hay, myrrh, leather, and bamboo. We can't confirm that it smells like an actual... [More]

Virgo SM.jpg

Virgo Suede Slippers

We love birthdays, and we especially love shoes dedicated to birthdays! Charlotte Olympia's constellation-inspired Virgo Suede Slippers ($695) have us singing to ourselves all year long. And if you're not a Virgo, don't feel left out. There's a unique pair for each sign.... [More]


Minimergency Kit For Her

Because what kind of emergency kit doesn't have an emery board!? The Minimergency Kit For Her ($15) comes with the essentials - earring backs, polish/stain removers, mending kit - that other medical emergency kits aren't smart enough to include. (The mending kit is a kit within a kit...)... [More]


Twister Aerator & Decanter with Stand Set

Finally, something to combine the sophisticated art of wine-tasting with the less-than-sophisticated amusement of gumball machines! You can tell yourself you're buying the Twister Aerator & Decanter with Stand Set ($80) because aerating the wine brings out the true aroma and flavor, but there's just something about watching things go... [More]


Anime Eyes Sleep Mask

It's hard enough to fall asleep in Neo-Tokyo with all the noise from the gang violence, let alone the twinkly pink light coming in through the window! Just pop on this Anime Eyes Sleep Mask ($9) and you'll be snoozing before you can say "in the name of the moon!"... [More]

Gatsby SM.jpg

Arlington Dress

The Lilly Pulitzer Arlington Dress ($368) is sure to make you feel as fabulous as Daisy Buchanan, says the ad copy. Well, Daisy Buchanan when she was at that amazing party, not when she was driving the yellow car.... [More]


Cap Sleeve Texas Flag T-Shirt

We're only going to say this once because we only have to say it once: don't mess with Texas. Cap Sleeve Texas Flag T-Shirt ($32 - $35).... [More]


Personal Shopper: The Perfect Gray Sweater Dress for Jeri

Jeri A. left a comment on this post, saying, "When did you post the new dream dress from J crew? I can not find it on their website and I want this sweater dress." Jeri, I'm so sorry, this post is nearly six years old, and J.Crew doesn't make that... [More]


NARS Limited Edition Vintage Polish in Zulu

NARS has released five classic nail polish shades in a limited edition run for fall. Which ones are worth it? All of them, of course, but you should start with their Vintage Polish in Zulu ($19). The glossy hunter green is spot-on for the colder months and wears beautifully.... [More]


Orion Necklace

The Orion Necklace ($165): your latest and greatest accessory for passing time. Count the hundreds of brass parts and colorful beads over and over again. Do it on the bus, while trying to stay awake during a meeting, or as your newest nervous tic. We kid, of course. We love... [More]


Patricia Field Up Yours Work Gloves

Wouldn't it be nice to give the (proverbial and literal) finger to the backbreaking chore of raking leaves and picking up dead branches this fall? Now you can. Patricia Field Up Yours Work Gloves ($14).... [More]


Sheer Panel Faux Leather T-Shirt

This top ($52), made of soft sheer paneling and tough faux leather, is an excellent study in contrasts. We like it because it reminds us of another successful application of the concept: bacon and chocolate.... [More]


Peeled Snacks Dried Fruit Lovers Mix

Need a midday pick-me-up treat that isn't a five-hundred-calorie latte with whip? Get your sugar fix from a serving of Peeled Snacks dried fruit. Each bag contains fruit...and nothing else! You get a sweet treat without any additives, extra sugars, or oils. You can order individual packages, but we think... [More]


I fell Cushion

The I fell Cushion ($43) saves us the trouble of trying to remember how to spell the tower's actual name.... [More]


Restful Sleep Bath Salts

Sink into a warm bath-made-spa with the addition of Restful Sleep Bath Salts ($24) from TARA Spa Therapy. A few shakes and the salts and essential oils will dissolve in your tub, releasing a calming scent and helping you shed the stresses of the day. Light a couple of candles... [More]

Wanderlust SM.jpg

Sterling Silver WANDERLUST Bar Necklace

We've bought the WANDERLUST Bar Necklace ($58) and packed our bags. Now, take us somewhere amazing!... [More]


The WAH Nails Book of Nail Art

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unexpected places... but it can also come from books written for that specific purpose. The WAH Nails Book of Nail Art ($11) by Sharmadean Reid walks you through twenty-five creative nail projects to do at home. It's great when you have a big... [More]


Can't Be Tamed Sweater

You will always affectionately refer to this top ($68) as your "cross-eyed cheetah sweater", and for that, you will secretly love it more than all of your other items of clothing bearing animals with regularly aligned eyes.... [More]


Doubtblush: Tantalizing Toilet Paper for Couples

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Support Cloning T-Shirt

Science opens a lot of doors in many fields, from medicine to weaponry to recreation! The Support Cloning T-Shirt ($15) depicts just one of the many ways we can abuse our advanced knowledge! Available in Chocolate or Black.... [More]


Cloud Logo Raleigh High Top

When your boat is grounded, when the seas become too rough for sailing or the lake freezes over, what are you going to do about those boat shoes you've been living in all summer? For those with sea legs going to waste on dry land, the iconic Sperry Top-Siders have... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Metallic Triangle Print Cosmetic Bag

With its tiny price tag, this Metallic Triangle Print Cosmetic Bag ($10) probably won't last you a lifetime. But it'll sure look darling holding your makeup in the interim! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including... [More]


SwimWays Singing Gondolier

The motorized SwimWays Singing Gondolier ($50) serenades you with three authentic Italian songs while you both float in waters much cleaner than those of Venice. He even comes with a light for nighttime swim sessions. Note: the "moving mouth" they talk about looks really different in the video.... [More]


Unusual Creatures

You know that chill you get when you learn that the tragic thriller you've been watching is based on a true story? That's how you'll feel when you find out that something called the "flying snake" is real! Merging science with its archnemesis, humor, Unusual Creatures ($15) teaches us the... [More]


Geo Poppy Print Dress

We don't have to tell you that poppies are fantastic flowers, what with one species chosen to represent the state of California and another used to make bagels delicious, but you know they've got their, let's say, edgier uses as well. Keep that in mind when you accessorize - we... [More]


R. Kelly Necklace

"Ignition (Remix)" recently went up against "Hey Ya!" in the semifinals of a song of the millennium contest and lost. We get it, but the song will always going to be dear to us. With this oxidized silver necklace ($55) immortalizing one of the song's well-known lines, it can stay... [More]


Marimekko Vesikko Rain Jacket

Think the "fighting fire with fire" strategy works with rain as well? Don this colorful raindrop-covered jacket ($398) to test that theory. You may like wearing it so much, however, that you'd rather splash through puddles than stop the rain.... [More]


Levana Lila Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Intercoms

Still using an audio-only baby monitor? You might as well be using tin cans connected by string! Consider this your invitation to join the current century. This one from Levana ($121) offers a video feed with twelve feet of night vision, a two-way intercom, and the capacity to add cameras... [More]


Shoes of Note Flats

There's no better way to get in the back-to-school spirit than to spend your homework time shopping online for shoes! At least these are school-inspired, right? Shoes of Note Flats ($65)... [More]

Hand SM.jpg

Skeleton Hand Serving Set

"Tossing a salad" takes on a whole new meaning when you use this Skeleton Hand Serving Set ($20). These creepy claws are some of our most useful Halloween decorations.... [More]

Ice SM.jpg

Ice Bottle Chiller Mold

We may not be the best cooks, but we do chill a mean drink. The Williams-Sonoma Ice Bottle Chiller Mold ($30) ensures that no one we ask over will ever have to choke down a warm glass of wine. When we are really trying to impress, we even throw flowers... [More]

Resort SM.jpg

Charlie Resort Shirt

We love wearing men's dress shirts to bed, to the pool - even with leggings to the grocery store. But let's face it, we can't always steal one when we want one. It's time we invested in our own oversize comfy shirts. The Charlie Resort Shirt ($195, on sale) is... [More]


Toilet Water Bowl

If you can't beat 'em... well, don't join 'em! Instead, buy 'em the Toilet Water Bowl ($15). Not only will it satisfy your pets' esoteric urge to drink from the toilet, the basin in the back makes refilling it easy.... [More]


Glass Mini Milk Carton

The child in us likes the Glass Mini Milk Carton ($14) because of the fond memories of milk time from our youth, while the adult in us doesn't want the child in us to touch it, because it is glass and they'll probably break it.... [More]


Urban Decay Shattered Face Case

Five shadows. Two blushes. Highlighter. Lip color. Eyeliner. Yeah, the new Shattered Face Case ($44) by Urban Decay pretty much has everything you need for a full face of slap. We're digging the mix of neutral and look-at-me-baby colors, which makes this the perfect travel palette. The case is pretty... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Grey Cashmere Cardi for Suzanne

Suzanne T. wrote: "With Fall around the corner, I'm looking longingly at my favorite light grey cashmere cardigan. After five years of heavy wear, it's time to retire my cardigan and find a new one. I wear a size 14/XL in tops, and would like a new light grey (think... [More]

Coat SM.jpg

Zara Zip-Up Coat

We love that a good peacoat can pull together any outfit, but we're tired of having that little spot of uncovered neck skin freeze in the wind. Zara found the solution with their Zip-Up Coat ($189). This classic wool piece is updated with a high collar and buckle - no... [More]

Lolli SM.jpg

Lolli Bow Bottom

As with everything else, butts are so much cuter with bows on them. Satisfy your appetite for sweetness with Bow Bottom ($67) bikini bottoms.... [More]


Nancy Drew iPhone Case

Of course! As soon as we find a rockin' new case, Apple unveils their new phones. Oh, well! We're still going to go ahead and snap the Nancy Drew iPhone Case ($32) onto our current phones. It'll be a while before we make the switch, and our favorite girl sleuth... [More]

Sock SM.jpg

Santiago Socks

Not everyone can channel Tom Cruise's Risky Business moves in white socks. That is why we'll stick with Santiago Socks($15).... [More]


Fuzzy Face Magnetic Photo Frame

Remember Wooly Willy, the toy where you made magnetized metal filings into silly facial hair? Well, we're all Wooly Willies now! The Fuzzy Face Photo Frame ($21) lets you deface and make a mockery of those you hold most dear! No one is safe from the fuzzy face!... [More]


Step Aside Coffee, This Is A Job For Alcohol Shirt

Never send a stimulant to do a psychoactive substance's job. Step Aside Coffee... Shirt ($20)... [More]


Drawstring Waist Hooded Jacket

This lightweight jacket ($32) gets a few extra points in preciousness thanks to its lace-trimmed hood, drawstring waist bows, and on-trend winter pastels. Ugh, did we say winter? Sorry.... [More]


Parasauralophus Skeleton Necklace

People recognize Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops like schoolyard chums, but mention Parasauralophus and suddenly it's like that guy who claims to have sat behind you in algebra but you can't seem to recall. Maybe you'd recognize it by its scientific name: The One With The Thing On Its Head. This... [More]


Cast Iron Spice Grinder

The other day, we used our coffee grinder to grind up some dried peppers for enchilada sauce. Then, we forgot we'd done so and used the same coffee grinder for our morning brew. Can you say SPICY SPICY COFFEE OMG MOUTH ON FIRE? Yeah. That's why we're thinking it might... [More]


No Diving Bath Mat

This No Diving Bath Mat ($17) is great for a laugh, and it will help you avoid a lawsuit!... [More]


EACH x OTHER Daniele Innamorato Sweatshirt

You'll learn a lot about the psychological profile of every person who comments on your new artist-designed sweatshirt ($304). Every time someone asks if your artful Rorschach-like inkblot is something or other, you can slowly nod your head and exclaim, "Ahhh!" It may cost you a few hundred dollars, but... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Tovolo Pancake Pen

The uses for this Tovolo Pancake Pen ($9) are limited only by your imagination. Use it to please a group of rowdy kids with cutesy pancake shapes or to spice up a bachelorette breakfast for your gal pals with some X-rated cakes. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way... [More]


Queen of Fucking Everything Mug

Don't sell yourself short by only being the queen of "this house" or "England." Even ruling the entire world is beneath you. When you tell your subjects the extent of your sovereignty, leave no room for confusion with the Queen of Fucking Everything Mug ($17). Also available as a Coin... [More]


Knitted Angora Cable Cardi

We know we're often showing you ways to stay stylish even while you're lounging around at home, but that's more of a "do as I say, not as I do" type of deal, because you need to get yourself one of these cable-knit cardigans ($96). There's not much we like... [More]

Tweed SM.jpg

Inset Tweed Sheath

Milly's Inset Tweed Sheath ($425) is a modern twist on tweed. The fabric that was once reserved for old men's scratchy blazers is added as piping to what otherwise might have been a very plain dress. This detail creates a super modern look that gives even this size 0 model... [More]


Fast-Food Salt Shaker

Passing the salt? That sounds like way too much effort, especially when you're trying to enjoy a meal! The Fast-Food Salt Shaker ($50) eliminates unnecessary work by allowing you to roll the salt instead of passing it. Now we're just waiting on that knife that cuts our meat for us.... [More]


Tracy Reese Flared Frock

If we were magpies (and sometimes we truly think we are), we'd go straight for this Tracy Reese dress ($998), build our entire nest out of it, and never leave. But hey, we don't even have to be birds to do that. If we ever got our hands on this... [More]

Cheeta SM.jpgCheeta SM.jpg

A-Line Biker Dress

Phillip Lim has surprised us again. This leopard print A-Line Biker Dress ($1,395) is actually made 100% out of lamb. Either way, we love it!... [More]


Cone of Shame LED Key Chain

Keychain lights are pretty useful, but why not get one in the shape of something cute - like the Cone of Shame LED Key Chain ($6) - instead of something boring, like a button with a light at the tip? We're just saying: if something can be cute, it should... [More]


Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch

Deep down we all know we shouldn't overdo it when we drink...but when we're hungover, our smug, self-righteous conscience shakes its head and says "I told you so." Well, that's the last thing we want to hear, even though it's right. Shut up whatever's left of your conscience after a... [More]

Fendi SM.jpg

Fendi Duchesse-Silk Dress

Please read this product description to yourself in Robin Leach's voice: "In a sumptuous shade of teal, Fendi's duchesse-silk dress ($2,350) encapsulates the label's inimitable elegance. Nipped in at the waist and crafted with a lightly pleated skirt, it cuts a super feminine silhouette."... [More]


Dinosaur Party Bag

Even if Brontosaurus turned out to be a myth, our love for prehistoric lizards is real. And we'll happily work to pass that affection forward to the next generation by handing out these Dinosaur Party Bags ($6 each) at our next little-kid shindig. They're packed with dino-themed treats and toys,... [More]


Dots Amore Sweater

Polka dots are wonderful. Without them, this would just be a regular old oversize beige sweater. Add a smattering of oversize dots and the puns run wild! When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, Dots Amore Sweater ($46), ladies and gentlemen.... [More]


Solar to Polar Baby

Solar to Polar Baby ($32) is safe for babes, we have to admit to rubbing it into our own skin, too. It's thick, for sure, but soaks in easily and smells like a dream. The chamomile and green tea scent is lightly sweet and refreshing. Because Vivesana doesn't add water... [More]

head wrap SM.jpg

Hippie Blossoms Head Wrap

The Hippie Blossoms Head Wrap ($16) is the perfect accessory for those days when we just don't feel like getting out a brush, but still want to look trendy. Our hair isn't messy, it's boho.... [More]


Proenza Schouler Dip-Dye Pullover

We're mesmerized by the deep blues found in this wool sweater ($695) from Proenza Schouler. That's some masterful ombré work, and we only wish the fashion label's dye experts could have been on hand when we decided to "update" some of the clothes our grandma gave us, which we have... [More]


Creative Cursing: A Mix 'n' Match Profanity Generator

Need to curse someone out but can't find the words? Don't be such a Donkey Muncher! Creative Cursing: A Mix 'n' Match Profanity Generator ($10) will compose you a real mouthful - great for inventing insults or just fun reading when you're bored!... [More]


Freaks and Geeks: the Complete Series

You were never up for prom queen, and you never dated the quarterback - not even as part of some cruel bet. Where's the high school drama for you? Check out the cult-classic Freaks and Geeks ($45). The show follows siblings Lindsay and Sam Weir: Sam is a geeky, prepubescent... [More]


BONDI Flexible Cell Phone Holder

Smartphones are great, but they're so needy! Charge me, update me, hold me! Talk about codependency! Better nip this bud quick before it sours the relationship - get the BONDI Flexible Cell Phone Holder ($15). Perfect for car rides - bring up the map and hang it from your dashboard!... [More]


Bamboo Yarn Animal Rattle

It's never too early to teach your baby not to settle for generic plastic crap! Each Bamboo Yarn Animal Rattle ($10) is handmade from organic bamboo yarn and is fair trade. Your choice of Pig, Giraffe, Frog, Lion, Zebra, or Dog.... [More]

Twig SM.jpg

Twig Ring

Be one with nature without actually getting your hands dirty. Twig Ring ($170)... [More]

D'Or SM.jpg

Salvatore Ferragamo D'Orsay Pump

It's impossible not to feel pretty and girly with big bows on the tops of your feet. Salvatore Ferragamo ran with this idea and even kicked it up a notch by adding a gold accent to these D'Orsay Pumps ($575). Now, as we prance down the hall, our shoes shine.... [More]


Up Yours Rain Umbrella

Rain is like the sky's way of giving us the finger. All the Up Yours Rain Umbrella ($23) is doing is saying "right back at you, buddy!"... [More]

Poka SM.jpg

Toothpick Jean in Polka Dot

Polka dots make us want to smile; they're definitely a trend not suitable for grumps. J.Crew's Toothpick Jeans in Polka Dot ($135) are perfect for those of us who woke up on the right side of the bed.... [More]


Smartphone Lightbulb

It's only a few steps away, but when you're snuggled up on the couch that walk to the switch seems like an Antarctic expedition. Good thing we live in the future! Screw in the Smartphone Lightbulb ($40) and you can turn it off and on, use the dimmer, or set... [More]


Signature Foosball Coffee Table

What should we do while we wait for the coffee to finish? Read a boring book or magazine...or play an adrenaline-pumping, competitive-side-showing game of foosball? The Signature Foosball Coffee Table ($547) eliminates the need for polite living-room conversation once and for all!... [More]

cher SM.jpg

Doubtblush: Myra

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]

Lepard SM.jpg

Bowtie Loafers

The Marais USA Bowtie Loafers ($180) combine two things we can't get enough of, bows and leopard print. If Teresa Giudice ever decided to wear flats, this would definitely be the pair.... [More]


Silver Shade Crystal Wrap Bracelet

If you don't like your bling to be too blingy, play it cool with this Chan Luu bracelet ($240). It pairs Swarovski crystals with brown leather cording for a decidedly understated effect.... [More]

pant SM.jpg

Wang Pants

The top three most comfortable pairs of pants ever: Aladdin's pants Hammer's pants (same as above but shinier) Necessary Clothing's Wang Pants ($26). They are officially our go-to, go-nowhere pants for lounging around the house.... [More]


Public Enemy #5 Peach Brandy Blueberry

Actually, this scrumptious jar of Bathtub Gin's Public Enemy #5 Peach Brandy Blueberry ($12) is full of jam. We know, you felt a moment's worth of disappointment, but slather a spoonful of the stuff onto a slice of toast and you'll forget all about your need for a drink. Unless... [More]


Marilyn Monroe Gangster Long Sleeve T-Shirt

You've seen her mug shot...let's take it to next level and make her a tattooed, gun-toting gangster! Even though the design on this shirt ($16) is completely fabricated, somehow it's the most realistic depiction of her to date.... [More]


Wonder Woman Americana Dome Ring

It may not be the best idea to wander around town dressed like Wonder Woman (unless it's Halloween, of course!*), but you can still channel your inner Amazonian warrior princess by slipping the Wonder Woman Americana Dome Ring ($143) from nOir Jewelry onto your ring finger. Its size and sparkle... [More]


Something Else Mystical Travel Dress

We're not exactly sure where the designer went during this so-called "mystical travel," but with all those colorful shells, fungi, and disembodied hands, it looks like it must have been some trip. Something Else Mystical Travel Dress ($103)... [More]


Doubtit Black Leather Heels

What's better than one ankle strap? Three ankle straps. Get fancy with these black leather heels ($130) that add some serious street cred (five-inch heels!) to a classic shoe.... [More]


Paperback iPhone Notes

Can't get into those note-taking apps? Flip your phone over and write a reminder the old-fashioned way! Paperback iPhone Notes ($8)... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? September 13, 2013

Did you know September is National Chicken Month? Um, neither did we until we went looking for a topic for this week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap?. Kawaii Chicken Face Clock ($22 with coupon TICKTOCKTIME) Decorative Wire Roosters ($5-6 each) Clare Cardigan in Hen ($70 on sale) Arrested Development... [More]


Laser Beam Earrings

You're a frickin' stylish minx with frickin' laser beams on your ears! Late '90s earworms aside, these Laser Beam Earrings ($18) are a fun, holographic twist on the now-ubiquitous chunky faux crystal dangle earrings. Groovy, baby!... [More]


Engraved Cocktail Muddler

Ooh, classy! AHeirloom's Engraved Cocktail Muddlers ($18) turn muddling into a personalized affair by engraving the handle with the initials of your choosing. Wanna wow the bride and groom? Package one of these with a signature cocktail recipe, drink ingredients, and a few highball glasses, and you'll definitely have the... [More]

LBD SM.jpg

Sidra Wing Cutout Dress

Just when we think our closet is complete (yeah, right), we find another little black dress that we can't live without. Diane von Furstenberg, thank you for once again helping us find a way to spend our next paycheck before it arrives with your Sidra Wing Cutout Dress ($375)... [More]

Box SM.jpg

Mercer Jewelry Box

We love looking at ourselves in the mirror, and we love being organized. The Mercer Jewelry Box ($20, on sale) can help with both.... [More]


Falcor Denim Pants

Attention all corn maze and hayride enthusiasts! These amber-colored skinny jeans ($60) are going to get you into the mood for all of the fall festivities. We bet they'd look good in the pumpkin patch too.... [More]


Jackalope Cotton Tail Holder

The choice is yours - pick your cotton ball straight from the boring bag, or pick it from the tail of one of the cutest mythological creatures ever! Things to consider: this jackalope cotton ball dispenser ($20) has a smiley rabbit face with gold-colored antlers, while the most exciting thing... [More]



Is this BCBGMAXAZRIA Animal Ears Cap ($48) twee, awesome, or twee-tally awesome? That last one, of course. Also available in black, for you minimalist types.... [More]


Out of Print Library Card Pouch

Pretty soon the kids aren't even going to know what this design is all about. (Do they now?) Get nostalgic (and show your support for libraries) with this cute retro pouch ($12), perfect for holding your favorite analog items, like pencils, erasers, and rubber stamps. Plus, every time this item... [More]


Mastering the Art of French Eating

Ms. Child, we tried. Really, we did. But now it's time to turn off the oven and get back to what we know best: eating. Perhaps we'll munch on a baguette slathered in goat cheese while we simultaneously gobble up Mastering the Art of French Eating: Lessons in Food and... [More]


Wool Felt Floppy Hat

You're in an apple orchard, walking between the rows of trees, the smell of fall crisp in the air. Leaves crackle under your feet (you're probably wearing some brown leather boots). Suddenly, something catches your eye. It's the most beautiful apple you've ever seen and you tilt your head back... [More]


Avril Loreti Hawaiian Triangles Tea Towel

Generally you'd expect to see a full-on explosion of hibiscus flowers on something that says it's inspired by Hawaii. We love that this tea towel ($25) does something different, using the state's colorful architecture as inspiration for this pleasing triangular pattern.... [More]


Cork Planter Bookend Set

It's the most useful set of bookends ($50) we've ever seen. You get a planter, a corkboard, a pen holder, and, of course, bookends all in one! We're down for anything that helps diminish clutter. (Is there anything for our computer desk that does the same?)... [More]


Lycia Cover Up

The Lycia Cover Up ($59): for the Stevie Nicks in you.... [More]

Whale SM.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Jokari Whale Faucet Fountain

Talk about a cheap thrill - what could be more thrilling than turning your own faucet into a whale-shaped water fountain? The Jokari Whale Faucet Fountain ($4) attaches to your existing faucet. When you lift the whale's mouth, the water shoots out of its blowhole, creating a fountain. What's a... [More]


Slingshot Coffee Co. Two-Pack

Sometimes we'd like to have coffee injected directly into our veins, but failing that, a strong dose of cold press concentrate is the next best thing. Have it delivered directly to your door via Slingshot Coffee Co.'s beautiful growlers ($17). Order a two-pack, with one bottle full of ready-to-drink handcrafted... [More]


Angelina Panel Dress

We've never seen pansies in these hues before, but we like! This '50s-inspired pattern and palette would feel at home on the wall or as a throw pillow, but we especially enjoy it on this fun panel dress ($98). Wearing it will put a spring in your step, even if... [More]


Sea Turtle Enamel Box

Turtle shell's are nature's jewelry box - protective and pretty. Too bad they're limited to holding squishy turtle meat. But now you can get the next best thing to a real turtle shell - a fake one encrusted with jewels! The Sea Turtle Enamel Box ($20) holds your valuables whether... [More]


Cheap Monday Alice Dress

Nah, you don't need to get your eyes checked. The stripes on this dress don't line up from bottom to top and no, the horizontal spacing isn't equal either. But if you can get past that, this bold and minimalistic dress ($68) is ready for some ankle boots and for... [More]


Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit

You DIY-ers never know when to quit, do you? The Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit ($26) comes with everything you need to make a quarter-pound of gum in the flavor of your choice! (Spoiler Alert: most of the ingredients are sugar.)... [More]

Zara SM.jpg

High Heel Pointed Heel Shoes

Zara's High Heel Pointed Heel Shoes ($49) have a cuff around the ankle that looks good enough to be on your wrist. These'll be perfect for disguising even the worst cankles. Not that we know anyone with those.... [More]


Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Need a killer new mascara that'll have your lashes looking like they just came off of the runway? Eyeko's Black Magic Mascara ($24) dials up the drama and gives your lashes a bit of lift and curl. We bet you'll even be able to banish your falsies to the bottom... [More]


Polygon Bangle

Usually "flaky" isn't used in a positive or desirable way, but do we ever love this beautifully textured flaky bangle ($148). We guess it helps when the word "gold" is also involved.... [More]


Individual Tee

No way, no how will you put your daughter in a sexist tee shirt? Awesome! Peek's line of spunky tees is a great alternative. We're not going to lie; we wish the Individual Tee ($34) for girls came in adult sizes, too! The Jane Goodall quote on the back reads,... [More]


Origins Smarty Plants CC

Presenting Origins Smarty Plants CC ($35), your new favorite all-in-one product for busy mornings. In smarmy As Seen On TV announcer voice: It moisturizes! It protects your skin from the sun! It replaces foundation and concealer! It slices, dices, and makes julienne fries - will not break! Okay, maybe not... [More]


Elemental Energy Lacquer Collection

Sephora and Pantone have accomplished their own kind of alchemy: transforming the classical four elements into distinctly different nail polishes ($10 each), including bold sparkles for when you're feeling that fire and a stately bronze for more earthy days.... [More]


How to BreakDance Floor Decal

Breakdancing is easy when you break it down into steps. Anyone can do it - just look at this easy-to-read chart. Turn your apartment into an amateur dance school with the How to BreakDance Floor Decal ($30).... [More]


The Moth: 50 True Stories

If you've been following The Moth as a podcast, or you've found yourself sitting in the audience at one of their shows, you already know that their compilation book, The Moth: 50 True Stories ($12) is finally on shelves. New to The Moth? The point of the show (and subsequent... [More]

Women's White Dial Rose Gold Ion Plated Stainless Steel Watch small.jpg

Women's White Dial Rose Gold Ion Plated Stainless Steel Watch

No, your eyes are not foolin' you. This Women's White Dial Rose Gold Ion Plated Stainless Steel Watch ($53) has two faces, but luckily just one time. It might be cool, though, to have a watch which tells the time in multiple locations. That way, we wouldn't have to do... [More]


Personal Shopper: Fancy-Free Boots for MODG's Amanda

Amanda writes, Hi old friends, Do you guys have any secret way to find these elsewhere? Desperately trying to find a six. Sexy love, MODG Amanda Hi Amanda of MODG! Unfortunately, our magic elves failed to conjure up a pair of black Radio RCI Fluevogs in a size six. If... [More]


Rebecca Taylor Leather-Sleeve Tweed Dress

Thanks be to Ryan Gosling, it's almost fall - it feels like we've been waiting fuh-reh-vuh to don autumnal pieces like this Rebecca Taylor Leather-Sleeve Tweed Dress ($475). The exposed seams on the royal blue tweed add extra texture, while the black leather sleeves give it a little edgy oomph.... [More]


Leader of the Pac Stapler

Now this makes sense to us! The Leader of the Pac Stapler ($15) is our yellow friend's ultimate destiny, using his greatest strength - an up-and-down moving inlaid insert ("mouth") - for business matters more productive than the elimination of ghosts!... [More]


Eat, Drink & Be Scary Box Sign

If you're gonna hang the Eat, Drink & Be Scary Box Sign ($17) in your house this Halloween, you'd better be ready to deliver! We're talkin' homemade costumes, cocktails with faux eyeballs floating in them, nylon cobwebs in every corner, and a fog machine in the front yard!... [More]


Crumpled City Map

As far as we're concerned, the ability to refold a map is something you either have or you don't. We don't, so we're grateful for the Crumpled City Map ($15). It's waterproof, weighs less than an ounce, and you can seriously mistreat it, crumpling it up into a tiny ball... [More]


Movie Classics A to Z Print

What's not to love about the Movie Classics A to Z Print ($63). For starters, there's the fun of figuring out which of our favorite films occupy which letters of the alphabet. But when that gets old, there's still the artistic representation of our favorite films! The only problem is... [More]

Vicis dress SM.jpg

Surplice Dress

Sometimes we want to run to the grocery store in our pajamas, and sometimes we pull the trigger and actually do. For those days when we aren't feeling quite so gutsy the Surplice Dress ($88) from Victoria's Secret is a great alternative. Pulling it over our heads takes about 30... [More]


NEST Moss & Mint Liquid Hand Soap

Forget setting out little rose- or fruit-shaped soaps to impress your guests (why, hello, mother-in-law, so good of you to drop by with NO NOTICE WHATSOEVER). Instead, just place NEST Moss & Mint Liquid Hand Soap ($22) next to the faucet in the powder room. The chichi glass bottle looks... [More]


WarPlanes Tiger Shark Ceiling Fan

When that WWII plane crashed into our ceiling, we hated it at first - but when summer rolled around, the living room was so much cooler! The WarPlanes Tiger Shark Ceiling Fan ($262) is an improvement on the original aircraft in that its nose is also a light!... [More]

Nars SM.jpg

NARS Monoï Body Glow II

Monoï Body Glow II ($59) hydrates as it gives skin a radiant glow. Now we can officially stop bronzing our shoulders. Yes, that happened.... [More]

maniac sm.jpg

Maniac 140

Fall and winter are coming, but that doesn't mean we have to tone down the colors in our wardrobes. We love the colors and the pattern of Brian Atwood's Maniac 140 ($1395) shoes. The suede is perfect for both fall and winter. Just don't attempt to wear them on icy... [More]


SuperME Cape Backpack

Grown-ups get new backpacks in September, too, right? Because we are so rocking one of these SuperME Backpacks ($39). Hello, it comes with a cape and mask. If anything is going to get us to hustle into the office, it's a backpack with a cape that will flutter in the... [More]

Yurman SM.jpg

Willow Five-Row Open Bracelet with Diamonds

"Getting iced" takes on a whole new meaning when you see David Yurman's Willow Five-Row Open Bracelet with Diamonds ($4,800). With five cables covered in pavé diamonds at the ends, it is sure to sparkle in any light. It's currently at the top of our wish list!... [More]

For Love & Lemons Iris Dress small.jpg

For Love & Lemons Iris Dress

When your love life is on the fritz, it's time to pump up the sex appeal. This flirty For Love & Lemons Iris Dress ($172) will definitely send suitors your way - maybe even a vampire or two.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: H&M Birthday Dishcloth

H&M wants you to "Start each day like it's your birthday", according to this sweet dishcloth ($3). This seems like great advice. It's like a genteel version of 50 Cent.... [More]

Fringe SM.jpg

Taupe Fringe Flap Purse

A little fringe is great, but let's agree to keep it to one piece or less per look. Perferably this piece. Taupe Fringe Flap Purse ($30)... [More]


Solilor Artoo and Threepio Leggings

Damn, girl! Now these are the droids we've been looking for! Solilor Artoo and Threepio Leggings ($25)... [More]


Just Always Be Waiting For Me Print

We never would have guessed that a guy who clings so desperately to his childhood could be so romantic. "Just always be waiting for me," was the last thing Peter Pan ever said to Wendy before she grew up. (Okay, it's also kind of demanding and sad, but it is... [More]


Rahua Hair Wax

When a hair styling product is called a wax, we're always a little skeptical. We don't want to turn our hair into a crunchy, stiff mess. So with a little skepticism building, we opened a tub of Rahua Hair Wax ($32)...and were pleased to find a soft, creamy product on... [More]


Shark! Heat Sensitive Mug

Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy your hot cocoa... The Shark! Heat Sensitive Mug ($11) seems to depict a nice day at the beach at first...but not for long. The lower the liquid level, the higher the body count!... [More]


Minnow Denim Dress

Where would you wear this dress? The Renaissance Festival after-party? The front of the Minnow Denim Dress ($212) bears what looks like the emblem of some royal family, and the quilted leather panels (yeah, we just wrote that) remind us of armor. It's intriguing and strange, and we'd totally try... [More]


Baby Milestone Cards

Any ol' parent can celebrate a first step or first word...but it takes dedication and a great deal of enthusiasm to celebrate baby's first thumbs up! These Baby Milestone Cards ($22) are for the mommies and daddies who appreciate the sporting aspects of parenting. Knowing when your kid had their... [More]


Pottery Barn Doggie Row of Hooks

Sure, you could use this Doggie Row of Hooks ($44) for keys, purses, jackets, or any of your standard hang-able items, but you'd really be missing an opportunity to clear out that funky plastic bin in your closet and organize Fido's leash, extra collar, and favorite Frisbee.There's no reason you... [More]


Scroll Pen

Ever needed a pen but all you could find was paper? Ever needed paper, but all you had was a pen? Ever needed both but couldn't find either? Scroll Pen ($35) understands your pain and would like to help! With its scroll of paper rolled up inside the cap, you'll... [More]


Crocheted Lace Vest

This crocheted lace number ($23, on sale) calls for a fiesta! The bright pink color (it also comes in black and beige if you want to fly under the radar) and intricate cutouts remind us of colorful paper picado banners.... [More]


Better Off Spread Nut Butters

Sure, a spoonful of Skippy or Jif tastes sinfully indulgent, but if you want to reach true nirvana, collect a few Better Off Spread Nut Butters ($10-14). Since there are both sweet and savory flavor profiles available, you can use these organic butters on just about anything. Top pancakes or... [More]


Plenty by Tracy Reese Embroidered Coat

This Plenty by Tracy Reese Embroidered Coat ($388) is giving off a total Kate Hudson in Almost Famous vibe, but in a much more tailored, wearable way. We dig it, dude. P.S. For our fellow fuzzy widdwe animal wuvvers out there, the collar is faux fur. Phew.... [More]


Hot Iron Holster

Setting down the hot curling iron always walks the line of potential arson. It seems like every surface in the bathroom is covered in a fire hazard - tissues, cotton balls, those wood shavings from that owl statue you're whittling. Do yourself and your local fire department a favor by... [More]


Leopard Sequin Dress

We know there's a time and a place for sequined mini dresses, but that might not stop us from trying to wear this one ($64) everywhere. With its subtle layers and sequined leopard print pattern, it's going to be incredibly hard to resist all the shininess.... [More]


INNA Shrubs

Have you discovered the palate-pleasing tingle of a shrub yet? No, we're not suggesting you go chew on whatever scraggly plant is growing in your backyard. A shrub is a tangy-sweet drinking vinegar, and it makes an ecellent refresher when mixed with sparkling water. Take it one step further and... [More]


Sports Ball Pan Set

Impress the hell out of your rival soccer moms with this Sports Ball Pan Set ($14). This set of hemispheric cake pans makes it a breeze to create perfectly spherical confectionary tributes to everything from volleyball to ping-pong. Just make sure your trade secret is safely stashed out of sight... [More]

Bridesmaids SM.jpg

Personal Shopper: Bridesmaid Dresses for Eliza

Eliza writes: "Longtime reader, first time writer. I am getting married in March (yay!) but I am majorly striking out on finding bridesmaid dresses that won't break the bank or ruin friendships! Having been a bridesmaid myself several times, I know how important it is to choose well. I am... [More]


National Parks Checklist Map Print

How many of the national parks have you been to? If you dream of visiting them all, use this beautifully designed and screenprinted poster ($45) to help you keep track and to inspire new travels. Use the included pack of colorful tree stickers to show where you've been!... [More]


Nobilified Personalized Classic Portrait

Pssh... What did Napoleon ever do that you didn't? If your likeness is disrespected on anything less than a royal oil painting, you need a Nobilified Personalized Classic Portrait ($100 - $120)! Upload a picture of the work of art that is your face, and Noblified will superimpose it on... [More]


Himalayan Salt Tequila Set

We didn't think it was possible to class up tequila shots, but we've been proven wrong. This Himalayan Salt Tequila Set ($50) turns that frat party standby into something you'd happily break out in front of your grown-up friends. The shot glasses carved from gorgeous pink Himalayan salt give that... [More]


Whale Pitcher

No need to keep searching until it destroys you: we've found your white whale. Plus, this one looks good in your kitchen and it holds liquids! Jonathan Adler Whale Pitcher ($95)... [More]


Bronze Oculus Earrings

You may not have eyes in the back of your head, but you can still warn people that you've got eyes in your ears. They will be plenty confused until they see these rad Bronze Oculus Earrings ($64) staring back at them. Seriously, we think they're staring into our souls.... [More]


Great Ideas Napkin Sketchbook

Play it cool when your next great idea gets people talking: "No big! It started as a random doodle on a napkin!" What they won't know is that you've been preparing for your genius "spur-of-the-moment" idea by bringing this bound napkin sketchbook ($6) with you everywhere.... [More]


Wood Bike Hanger

Modern sculpture or functional home item? Both, we think. This bike hanger ($380) ain't cheap, but your bike deserves the very best. Made of high quality oak and birch, this is going to seriously class up your entryway.... [More]


Orla Kiely Baby Bag

We love seeing designers flood the market with high-end, fashionable diaper bags. It gives us hope that the industry realizes that moms, while certainly tired and overworked, are still women with good taste! The Orla Kiely Baby Bag ($244) is completely chic with its signature pattern and neutral colors (no... [More]


Love Melrose Bold Pointed Sunglasses

Why settle for a staid, traditional cat-eye when you can wow up to your brows with these Love Melrose Bold Pointed Sunglasses ($7)? These tortoiseshell frames are devilishly over-the-top. Match them with bold red lipstick and sky-high pumps for a totally glamorous look.... [More]


Clover Print Shirt

Clovers are wonderful little plants, but most people only think about them one day of the year. The Clover Print Shirt ($72) frees them from their association with green and puts them on a charming button-down for fall. Wear it on a day when you need a little extra luck:... [More]


Dawn of the Bunny Suicides

Suicide is a no laughing matter...unless it's with cute cartoon bunnies, then it's okay to chuckle a little. If you've got a sick sense of humor, aside from being ashamed of yourself, you should check out Dawn of the Bunny Suicides ($13) - this book is full of one-page, wordless... [More]


The Flower Recipe Book

Well, this makes a whole heck of a lot of sense! The Flower Recipe Book ($18) gives great 'recipes' for different types of floral arrangements. It might seem silly, but think about this: we all know how to cook a chicken breast, but isn't it that much tastier when we... [More]



Getting up in the morning a problem? Maybe it would help if the "snoozing" process were more like a fox hunt! When it's time to wake up, Clocky ($45) comes to life and, sensing danger, proceeds to roll around your bedroom until you catch it! Because this red one is... [More]


Doubtblush: Sexy iPhone Panties

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Campfire Jacket

You could wrap a blanket around you or you could just wear a blanket. Keep warm in this stylish wool blend jacket ($167, on sale) with its striking Southwestern pattern.... [More]


Elizabeth Ruby Quartz Earrings

We're sure we know which Liz inspired the design of these Elizabeth Ruby Quartz Earrings ($142), and it's not the one sipping her tea in Buckingham Palace. After all, when's the last time you saw her toss on those crown jewels just for kicks? The inimitable Ms. Taylor, on the... [More]


MINKPINK Intazia Fur Trim Sweater

This MINKPINK sweater ($140) could quickly enter cat lady territory, but the faux fur trim is fabulous enough to save it. Just make sure to check the generously sized collar for actual cats before you walk out the door. You know. Keeping up appearances.... [More]


China Glaze Concrete Catwalk Nail Lacquer

Want that gritty, streetwise hue? You might have to go with the color of the street. The tint of China Glaze Concrete Catwalk ($5) embodies a certain toughness that pink just can't understand from its ivory tower.... [More]

Zipper Detail Sheath Dress small.jpg

Zipper Detail Sheath Dress

There's always a good reason to have a sexy dress lying around, and this Zipper Detail Sheath Dress ($62) fits the bill. We know what you're thinking - white after Labor Day? Give it a chance. We're kind of obsessed with the gold accents and pockets. And it happens to... [More]

Moto Pant Small.jpg

Five-Pocket Moto Jeans

Vince strikes again with Five-Pocket Moto Jeans ($245). These pants are too beautiful to label as just "grey jeans." You may have to save all of your gas money to buy them, but at least you'll look good walking around town.... [More]


Wood Olive Boat Set

Olives are a special snack. After all, how often does something that good for us end up being so delicious? We think that means they deserve a special serving method. This Wood Olive Boat Set ($29) displays them in all their heart-healthy glory, and even comes with a cute, appropriately... [More]


Navy Quilted Mini Skirt

A quilted skirt made from a pattern that looks like it's covered in giant stitches? It's a crafter's dream! Throw this mini ($44) over some tights, pull on some boots, and you're ready to hit the fabric store (or any store, for that matter).... [More]



TV sure has changed since the reign of Seinfeld and his Friends. If you're sick of the cookie-cutter sitcoms with some fat guy and his suspiciously hot wife, the cure is Community ($22 for Season 1 on DVD). This show turns conventional television on its head, with its not-so-likeable leading... [More]


Kreepsville 666 Cleaver Clutch

Where moda meets mania! This Kreepsville 666 Cleaver Clutch ($32) is all the rage! With interior pockets and needless gore, this bag gives new meaning to the phrase "fashion victim."... [More]


Naseberry Cranberry Body Wash

We had no idea that the combination of naseberries, cranberries, almonds, and yogurt could be more than just a delish breakfast, but a few showers with the Naseberry Cranberry Body Wash ($35) from Éminence Organics and we're convinced. The combo comes together in a silky wash that lathers like a... [More]


Night Glow Toilet Seats

You know the feeling - needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and overloading your sleep-adjusted eyes by turning on the light! But what else are you supposed to do? Pee in the dark? These Night Glow Toilet Seats ($50) are the answer. In green... [More]


Hour Glasses

Is your love of procrastination currently warring with your to-do list? Give the cause of getting things done an extra boost with one of these colorful Hour Glasses ($18). Watching those sands slip all too quickly away will be a handy way to bring home the importance of putting down... [More]


MaddAddam: A Novel

We've been waiting for years to read the final installment in Margaret Atwood's dystopian trilogy. MaddAddam ($17) picks up where Atwood left off in The Year of the Flood and concludes the epic tale of the survivors of a man-made plague - from the bioengineered Crakers and their leader, Snowman,... [More]


I am awesome Socks

Give yourself* a wearable affirmation by slipping into the I am awesome socks ($10) from notes to self. Cooler than any sticky note stuck to the bathroom mirror, these puppies travel with you so you remember to love yourself at all times (and not just when you're washing your hands... [More]

Gym Bags SM.jpg

Personal Shopper: Gym Gear for Eman

Eman writes: "I just recently rejoined the gym after 4 months of newlywed bliss and gluttony but now I've come to realize that I need somewhere to put all my stuff while working out! I need something that can hold my phone, ID, and keys. If it's okay I'd like... [More]


Tempo Drop Weather Forecaster

Finally, all the power of Grandma's aching bones in your own home! The Tempo Drop ($79) uses science we don't understand - aka "magic" - to forecast the weather before it happens. The liquid inside stays clear for clear weather, clouds for overcast weather, and turns flaky for thunderstorms.... [More]


Justin Bieber The Key Body Lotion

Got tween-aged nieces or goddaughters? Justin Bieber The Key Body Lotion ($25) might be the easiest Christmas/birthday/bat mitzvah present ever. Their parents can't get mad at you for buying perfume for their kids - it's lotion, not eau de toilette - and the Belieber kiddos will go apeshit for this... [More]


Home Alone Sweater

Yeah, we wish we looked this stylish sitting at home alone. Perhaps this double-layered hoodie ($119) is our wake-up call, and one day the delivery guy won't immediately assume we've just ordered pizza for one (though we have and no shame).... [More]


Natural Lip Scrubs

Buff up your pucker naturally with a small smear of one of High Street Soap's Natural Lip Scrubs ($12 each). Your lips will feel soft, rehydrated, and ready to host a layer of shiny gloss. The luscious flavors are a bonus: you can choose from Lemon-Lime, Mocha Mint, Spiced Vanilla,... [More]


Define Bottle

Nalgenes are out, stainless steel water bottles are so five minutes ago. We understand that you're tired of carrying around regular old H2O; talk about boring! You want something more. Luckily, there's an easy way to get what you want even if you're on the go - the Define Bottle... [More]


"See No Evil..." Dog Set (Choose Your Breed)

The message of "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" is not to be taken lightly... but wouldn't it make a bigger impact coming from cute little puppies? These figurines ($109) are available in twenty breeds, and even in multiple colors in some cases! Because the breed you... [More]


Aetrex Bungee Boots

All of a sudden having to pull on boots to go outside and shovel snow doesn't seem like such a daunting task, at least not the part where you have to change out of your warm slippers to do it. The Aetrex Bungee Boots ($160) go on like a pair... [More]


Matrix Belted Shift Dress

Don't be a square, unless you're talking the kind of squares that cover this casual shift dress ($23). The shapes in this pattern - a monochromatic mix of Mondrian and mid-century mod - are the sort we'll hang out with anytime.... [More]

Vivious SM.jpg

Vicious Rings

We love these Vicious Rings ($14). Partly because of the name, and partly because they remind us of chevron stripes for our fingers. Just remember to be careful if you're wearing a midi ring when you wash your hands. It will disappear if you are not careful. We learned that... [More]


Nimbus Cloud Serving Board

Don't let a little rain ruin your party! Embrace the change in seasons by serving up some of your fall favorites on this Nimbus Cloud Serving Board ($110). Use the raindrop-shaped pieces of solid maple as coasters, small plates for hors d'oeuvres, or the perfect platforms for cornichons, figs and... [More]


The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black

If it's one thing we fantasy nerds love, it's meticulous and unnecessary detail! (Are you listening, people who can name more of the Stark family tree than their own?) The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black ($15) by E.B. Hudspeth is two books in one: a fictional biography... [More]


Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

Now when you get up to go into the kitchen and forget why, it's won't be a waste of time anymore! The Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers ($14) are perfect for slobs who weren't going to sweep anyway, if maddening for meticulous clean freaks who like to really get into... [More]


Lumnique Personalized Scented Candle

Hey, if you want a candle that smells like rustic woods, we won't say anything (to your face). The Lumnique Personalized Scented Candle ($25) lets you choose the fragrance, color, and intention of your candle - and you can include a special message! They make great gifts... or great wake-up... [More]


Bolt Power Strip

Shazam! Now you can harness the power bestowed upon you by, if not a wizard, a complex electrical grid. The Bolt Power Strip ($25) is a clever update to one of the most boring, beige, yet necessary household accessories around.... [More]

Taxi SM.jpg

Doubtblush: Le Taxi Heels by Kate Spade

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Smathers & Branson Mermaid Belt

Mermaids, high-quality leather, and needlepoint?! With its old-world craftsmanship and classic themes, the Smathers & Branson Mermaid Belt ($165) could have been pulled from an eighteenth-century shipwreck.... [More]


Lisa August Peacock Flat Link Bib Necklace

If we didn't know better, we'd swear the designer of the Lisa August Peacock Flat Bib Link Necklace ($98) had somehow used alchemy to turn peacock feathers into precious metal. Nope. Turns out the pleasingly chunky, interwoven links are made from cellulose acetate, but they have all the shifting, ephemeral... [More]


Mancora Cabo-Black Slip-Ons

If it pains you to leave behind your summery espadrilles, here's a way to build that bridge to fall: espadrille-inspired shoes, lined with leather! True jute-bottomed shoes pose a problem when the rain starts coming in, but these handmade rubber-soled flats ($89) can better handle any puddles you miss along... [More]


I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off Tank

It's okay to admit it. Sometimes a shirt is just too small for those guns you're carrying around every day. I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off Tank ($21)... [More]


True Mirror

Based on the site's product description you'd think the True Mirror ($200) would show you secret aspects of your soul. Really, it's just two mirrors at right angles that reflect off each other to show you your accurate reflection (instead of a regular mirror's "reverse" reflection). Still, we're not going... [More]


Charter Club Short-Sleeve Sequin Tee

Fellow plus-sized ladies know how hard it can be to find chic, simple, tailored clothing not embellished with teddy bears, neon leopard print, or other schlock - at least, not if you're on a budget. That's why when we find pieces like this Charter Club Short-Sleeve Sequin Tee ($51 on... [More]


Nessie Push Pins

Liven up your bulletin board with a sighting of the Loch Ness Monster! The Nessie Push Pins set ($12) includes six heads (with different facial expressions to boot), twelve middle parts, and six tails, so you can make up your very own creature at the same time that you're making... [More]

Lattice SM.jpg

Teal Lattice Back Dress

The Hot Miami Styles Teal Lattice Back Dress ($70) resembles those pricey bandage dresses we all recognize, but has a price point low enough that we'll actually have enough cash left over to buy a few drinks, once we get to the club.... [More]


Sake Bomb Nourishing Shampoo

While it may not be widely acceptable to start your day by slamming back a sake bomb, we're going to encourage you to do the next best thing: wash your hair with the Sake Bomb Nourishing Shampoo* ($23) from Drybar. This paraben- and sulfate-free shampoo gives you squeaky-clean locks without... [More]

Nail SM.jpg

Juste un Clou

Bending a nail into a perfect circle the size of our finger will probably be quicker than saving up for Juste un Clou ($2,290). We'll post a pic and instructions when we figure it out...and you do the same, okay?... [More]


Paper Chat Treat Yo Self Print

Treat Yo Self! ($24) Donna and Tom know what's up. The only question we have is - why just once a year?... [More]


SAND by Brookstone

Don't want to give up your beach days just yet? We don't blame you! A tub of Brookstone's SAND ($15-20) will make the inevitable seasonal transition just a little bit easier. The magical stuff feels and acts just like damp sand, but it's made from kinetic particles that make it... [More]


Suspended Tetra Planter

Pots... they've been around since early man invented, um, pottery. Don't you think it's time for a makeover? The Suspended Tetra Planter ($240) brings an "edgy" remodeling to the outdated clay model. Don't the plants in the picture just seem happier than yours?... [More]


Burberry Leather Trim Blanket Wrap Jacket

Ahhhh, it's fall jacket perfection. Burberry will forever be known for their classic trenches, but right now we're even more excited about this beauty. Those giant metal snaps, that cool leather trim, the belt that ties in the back for a flattering fit, that oversized funnel's all too much... [More]


Hey Ryan Gosling Earrings

Hey Girl, you've got the sexiest ears around. Well... not yet. You will come September 9th, when these studly studs ship. Right now the Hey Ryan Gosling Earrings ($16) are only available for preorder.... [More]

personal shopper winter college small.jpg

Personal Shopper: Winter Clothes for College

Lindsay writes: "I have lived in Texas all my life, but I'm about to move to Chicago to begin my freshman year at Northwestern. I really don't know how to dress for winter when it comes to daily outfits for class, going out to dinner or for parties and formals.... [More]


Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow

Wear your new Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow ($32) in one of two ways: brush it on your lids like you would a regular shadow for a softer day look, or mix it with a small amount of the included eye primer and dab it on. The combo creates... [More]


Stripe Print Belted Dress

When we see a full-patterned skirt like this, it says one thing to us, a gentle whisper in our ear: twirl. Twirl around your house, twirl up the block, twirl on the way to the office kitchen, or anywhere else you want to take this stylish dress ($31, on sale).... [More]


Bubble Scrubber

It's not fair - there are all these bubbles when you do the dishes, but not a single one is fun! The Bubble Scrubber ($6) brings a little excitement to the daunting task of scrubbing plates. Thanks to the bubble wand hole within the scrubber, you can celebrate each clean... [More]


Time Out Timer Stool

We remember time-out... the minutes passed like hours down in that hellhole... don't make us relive it... But if you're going play Warden with your Li'l Inmate, the Time Out Timer Stool ($99) really hammers home the "time" aspect of "time out." Or, alternatively, it could be used as a... [More]


Ransom Fridge Magnets

Add some drama to your "we need milk" message! A nice break from the normal prim-and-proper letter magnets, the Ransom Fridge Magnets ($13) make any message sound thrilling, especially if you add "or else."... [More]


Lester's Fixins Food Soda

Lester's Fixins Food Soda ($3) offers... unique food flavors. And we're not talking about something as humdrum as "cherry" or "lemon-lime." We're talking Ranch Dressing, Sweet Corn, Pumpkin Pie, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Buffalo Wing, and the hard-to-go-wrong Bacon. (If it weren't for that Bacon one, this would have been... [More]


Blythe Boatneck

You can earn your sailor's stripes with a regular boatneck tee, but why not go one step further? Look closely: these aren't just any old stripes - the Blythe Boatneck's ($60) got waves!... [More]


Super Mario Themed Beer Pong Table

Beer pong and '80s video games just seem to go together. We don't know how or why, but don't question it - the more you overthink it, the less you get it. Maybe you'll understand the Super Mario Themed Beer Pong Table ($179) better halfway through a game.... [More]


Cold & Flu Fighters Trio

Give yourself a leg up on cold season by stashing the Cold & Flu Fighters trio ($75) from 21 drops in your medicine cabinet. The combo of three essential oil blends - immunity, pain relief, and decongest - might help you cope with the sniffles and discomfort of getting sick.... [More]


Dope Lambo Two-Finger Ring

Having a tricked-out car is nothing special... But having a tricked-out Matchbox car - that's high class! Whether you like Italian cars, toys, or fine living, the one thing the Dope Lambo Two-Finger Ring ($100) conveys for sure is that you like gold!... [More]

Moto Skirt SM.jpg

Moto Mini Skirt | Black Coated

We love pencil skirts, but hate boring. Luckily, 3x1 created a skirt with an updated twist. Matched with different shoes, this Moto Mini Skirt ($195) can be edgy or sexy, but never boring.... [More]


High-Back Console Pet Car Seat

When your car is already filled with kids on the way to soccer practice, that doesn't leave much room for Fido. Get the High-Back Console Pet Car Seat ($100-120) so your pup isn't causing a ruckus in the backseat. (The kids do enough of that already.)... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Bon Jour Fingerless Gloves

If you feel like being extra friendly, slap on this pair of fingerless gloves ($5). It's like saying hello twice with a single wave! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]