Cheap Thrill: Scented Neon Nail Polish

Want to get in on the neon nail color trend? We've found a super fun way for you to do it: with a bevy of fragrances reminiscent of smelly marker sets. This Scented Neon Nail Polish ($10) doesn't just brighten your tips. It also comes in a range of scents... [More]


Vintage White And Black Flower Print Dress

Color is so vulgar! The Vintage White And Black Flower Print Dress ($54) keeps to the simplicity of, well, white and black, and that's how it stays classy! The diamond detail on the collar adds a touch of refinement, too.... [More]


Hit Your Stride Idiom Bangle

Let's slow it down a bit and remember that not every accessory needs to assault the eyes. The Hit Your Stride Idiom Bangle ($48) wields simplicity like a weapon, leaving anything with more than two colors looking garish and excessive. Plus, the inscription might be a friendly reminder when you... [More]


French Menu Lettering Stencil

Love that bistro look but feel less cheerful about the pricing on expensive wallpaper prints? This French Menu Lettering Stencil ($59) is a handy solution. Use it to easily give your walls that chic look. Bonus? You can make it work with whatever combination of colors you like.... [More]



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Cheap Thrill: Royal Blue Mini Bubble Necklace

Make a statement and have plenty of cash left over for the martini fund with this Royal Blue Mini Bubble Necklace ($16). With Urban Peach Boutique's generous shipping rates, this safely clocks in at under $20 total for U.S. customers. Not crazy about the color? Scroll down and check out... [More]


House of Holland Dip Hem Dress

In art class they told us mixing blue and yellow would make green, but this Dip Hem Dress ($363) from House of Holland shows us that mixing blue and yellow also makes a stunning dress! This silk garment, with its spaghetti straps and softly pleated skirt, makes much better use... [More]


Macaron Bath Fizzers Set

Bath bombs in the shape and scent of macaroons? There's nothing new there, but that doesn't mean we'd turn down a box of 'em! They're the ultimate in easy indulgence. Stock up on a few Macaron Bath Fizzers Sets ($15) and you can sink into a warm bath scented with... [More]


Compass Ring with Custom Inscription

Do you love to travel? Maybe you just get lost easily? Either way, having a Compass Ring with Custom Inscription ($75) will help you get to where you need to go! Let designer Teri Westerman know what you want your inscription to say in the notes, or else you'll get... [More]


Nichols 2 Part Plait Sandals

Wowza! The electric blue Nichols 2 Part Plait Sandals ($90) can probably be seen from outer space! Okay, that was a little hyperbolic, but you get what we mean. These high-heeled sandals will be the only accessory you need to turn heads this spring. Just be sure to wear them... [More]


Clinique Almost Lipstick

We've got a case of Goldilocks syndrome when it comes to our daily lip color. Standard lipsticks are a bit too much, but gloss just isn't cutting the mustard. This Clinique Almost Lipstick ($15), however, is just right: a lightly translucent formula that plays off of our natural coloration.... [More]


Studded Blue Peaked Cap

As you might have guessed, this Studded Blue Peaked Cap ($34) is made from 100% genuine Cookie Monster hair. If the blue fur doesn't appeal to you, maybe you'll still like the rainbow studs, which make this suitably colorful for the rougher neighborhoods around Sesame Street.... [More]


Milk Pot

We're already hitting Google for ways to keep enamel pristine and pretty. This Milk Pot ($28) is too gorgeous to scratch up or stain, but it'd also be a crime to relegate it permanently to the kitchen cabinet.... [More]


Coveted Tree of Life Ring 2

You know all that stuff you throw away is destroying the environment - but what are you supposed to do, recycle a McDonald's wrapper? Do the right thing: fill your trash can with crap and then buy the Coveted Tree of Life Ring 2 ($38) to assuage your guilt! You'll... [More]


Kill Them With Kindness Sweatshirt

It doesn't matter how you do it, as long as they're dead! This Kill Them With Kindness Sweatshirt ($44) from Petals & Peacocks would have a completely different tone without that bloody, Rocky-Horror-esque font.... [More]


JJ Winters Elephant Suede Fringe Bag

The JJ Winters Elephant Suede Fringe Bag ($482) is more fringe than bag! This tote seems to have been designed specifically for leather lovers and fringe fans. Just be careful if you spin around too fast - you might take someone's eye out!... [More]


Lékué Steamer Case with Cookbook

Trying to kickstart your healthy eating habits? (Ack, swimsuit weather is weeks away!) Steam with Lékué ($30)! It's way healthier than cooking in fat, but it doesn't take the same kind of time and money as juicing, and the silicone tray can be used in both the oven and the... [More]



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When your iPhone lands screen-down in the parking lot after it careens out of your pocket as you hurry from the store's entrance to your car with a screaming baby and forty pounds of groceries in your arms while it monsoons all around you, you'll be reminded of why you... [More]


Jonathan Adler Turquoise Contrast Brim Fedora

Summer does not mean an end to bad hair days, and sometimes the only solution is to cover those damned uncooperative locks up. This Jonathan Adler Turquoise Contrast Brim Fedora ($88) will do that job nicely, and with a brightly colored accent to boot. And since it's made from breathable... [More]


Alphabet Hi Low Skirt

Remember when we were kids and we used to look for words in our alphabet soup? Well, grow up! The Alphabet Hi Low Skirt ($16) is an elegant piece of fashion, not something to be played with like food! (Besides, we checked the dictionary, and "scfan" is not a word.)... [More]


Two-Way Pen and Brush Varnish Set

The combination of Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram nail-art feeds is making you feel a little inadequate. Dude, we get it. No one is that skilled with a nail brush in real life. Not unless they own this Two-Way Pen and Brush Varnish set ($31). Only then could they possibly create... [More]


Black Gorgeous Waist Belt

In case you ever forget how you look, the Black Gorgeous Waist Belt ($23) will tell you! Perfect for girls who like belts with big gold letters, but won't wear the Moschino if they're not being paid to advertise. Very skinny girls must be careful with this, lest they end... [More]


Posy-Stitched Skimmers

You can't start off the spring in anything better than a soft sundress and these Posy-Stitched Skimmers ($108). The pointy-toed flats boast floral stitching, a bright yellow heel, and polka-dotted cotton. They're seriously the shoe version of an ode to cheerful weather.... [More]


Lego Mega Block Handcrafted Soap

Forget rubber duckies! If you want bathtime to be lots of fun, try an actual toy! Each bar of Lego Mega Block Handcrafted Soap ($15 for five) is handcut and scented. (We're both curious and afraid to know what "Reindeer Farts" smells like.)... [More]


Tree Rings

Encircle your fingers in a forest by slipping on the Tree Rings ($23) by CliveRoddy. They make for a quirky reminder that the world isn't all concrete and cement. The designer makes trio rings with little mountains or houses, too. Grab each set and create yourself a little landscape!... [More]


Ask: The 1000 Most Asked Questions About Gardening

Itching to get your hands dirty, but don't know where to begin? Daphne Ledward's Ask: The 1000 Most Asked Questions About Gardening ($10) should have all the answers you need to keep your perennials perky and your succulents, well, succulent!... [More]


Wildfox Jazzercise Stars Maniac Sweater

There's something vaguely patriotic about the Wildfox Jazzercise Stars Maniac Sweater ($128). If you support the Stars but could give-or-take the Stripes, you'll enjoy this really-more-of-a-sweatshirt, with its raw edges, wide collar, and worn-in feel.... [More]



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Cheap Thrill: States Custom Flair

Pause for a moment and give thanks that you do not work a job that requires you to wear flair. (If you are one of the unlucky few: you have our deep and abiding sympathy). The fact that button-wearing isn't a necessity for your employment means you can still have... [More]


Don't Touch It Maternity T-Shirt

A pregnancy bump is not a smiling Buddha belly. Touching it will not bring you good luck. In fact, all you'll be rewarded with is the ire of a very hormonal mom-to-be. When it comes to molesting pregnant women, the text on this Don't Touch It Maternity T-Shirt ($27) is... [More]


Alley Cats Plates

The sheer awesomeness of the Alley Cats Plates ($26 each) has made our day. Not only do the bone china plates appeal to our eclectic nature with their kitty portraits, they also tickle our imaginations with their back stories. There's no way we can choose just one plate. We'll have... [More]


Luv Aj 3D Triangle Necklace

The three-dimensional triangle - or "pyramid" to those of us who finished third grade - is a fun shape for jewelry because you can dangle a gemstone inside one and it immediately looks like a mystical relic of unforeseen power! This 3D Triangle Necklace ($200) was designed by Luv Aj,... [More]


S.W. Basics Makeup Remover

We love that our long-wearing foundation, eyeliner and mascara barely fade over the course of a long day. We don't love that it practically takes a sandblaster and industrial chemicals to get the stuff off. S.W. Basics Makeup Remover ($10 for 1oz, $14 for 2oz) to the rescue! Made from... [More]


EcoZoo Kid's Backpack

The fact that it says "Kid's" in the name just makes us want one more! These animal-themed EcoZoo Kid's Backpacks ($32) may be small, but fashion historically supports small backpacks. There are lots of different animals available - yet obviously the panda is the cutest. (pandas > everything)... [More]


Lanvin Copper Toe Basket Shoes

With a price tag as steep as the one on the Copper Toe Basket Shoes ($486) by Lanvin, the only place you could viably wear the things would be a spotless, vacuum-sealed room. While that doesn't sound fun, it could be worth it. The shiny copper toe caps complement the... [More]


Earth Tu Face Face Wash

Knocked up? Here's a general rule of thumb: everything is bad for you. That list of ingredients on the back of your usual cleanser might be easy to brush off when you're not incubating a new life form, but scare yourself on the Internet do your research and washing your... [More]


Rabbit Heart Natural Pullover

No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, so let a talking pink bunny do it. The Rabbit Heart Natural Pullover ($61) gives you a feeling of empowerment and your boyfriend a feeling of worthlessness - but at least that cute rabbit broke the news gently. (Let's hope... [More]


Special Edition Straining Spoon

Forget the old adage about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. These days, FACES is taking things a step further. The Special Edition Straining Spoon ($302) is a twenty-four-karat gold spoon used to strain out liquids before you put your food to your tongue. Ridiculous? Yes. But... [More]


The Magnificent Chicken: Portraits of the Fairest Fowl

The ultimate in coffee table books (that is, unless it's competing with The Coffee Table Book of Coffee Tables), The Magnificent Chicken: Portraits of the Fairest Fowl ($16) is surprisingly fun to flip through. We never thought your average chicken could look so... majestic. Nor did we know that there... [More]


River Queen Rarities Vintage Rings

Can we just stop for a moment to admire the little things in life that make it so sweet? Good friendships. K-Cups. These incredible vintage rings from River Queen Rarities ($8-16). Each one is intricately made, lovingly taken care of, and reasonably priced. We couldn't decide which one was prettiest,... [More]


Sea Animal Printed Skinny Jean

Spring's officially here, and that means getting away with pastels! The Sea Animal Printed Skinny Jean ($45) puts an innocent and playful spin on a sexy cut. (Just ignore the fact that a pastel jaguar wouldn't last too long in the wild.)... [More]


Dior Diorskin Nude BB Creme

There's been a lot of brouhaha in the beauty blogosphere about how Western companies caught on to the Asian BB cream hype and decided to cash in on it by simply slapping the label onto any ol' tinted moisturizer. It's true - a lot of the ones we've tried have... [More]


Alice Supply Co. Garden Tools

Give your green thumb the workout it needs to grow pretties in your spring garden. These Alice Supply Co. Garden Tools ($28) will help you turn your soil, you know, so you're not digging in the dirt with just your digits! The brightly striped handles make it easy to keep... [More]


Sparkle and Fringe Jacket

Sparkly jackets are awesome. Fringed jackets are awesome. But a Sparkle and Fringe Jacket ($264)? We're pretty sure that's illegal in a few states. We say wear it anyway: this look is totally worth a police chase or two.... [More]


Silk Doupioni Watercolor-Floral Dress

Wedding season is coming, and unless you're planning on contracting a long-lasting, highly contagious disease, that means you'll need to start preparing. Mission one: find a stylish but wedding-appropriate frock you can wear to all those churches and country clubs. This Silk Doupioni Watercolor-Floral Dress ($199) is a fine choice,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Blinging Wedding Heels for Jess

Jess writes: "I've been following your blog for many years now but this is the first time I'll be utilizing your personal shopper. After all, multiple searches are better than one! I'm getting married in September and have been on the hunt for the perfect set of "blingy" heels to... [More]


Splendid Watercolor Stripe Maxi Skirt

We can already imagine how we'll feel as a warm summer breeze tosses this Splendid Watercolor Stripe Maxi Skirt ($138) around our legs. With its bold, brightly colored pattern, flowing lines, and easy fit, it's a perfect blend of glamour and comfort.... [More]


Martone Cycling Company Women's Grand Bicycle

Sure, the price on the Grand Bicycle ($899) may be steep, but think of the money you'll be saving by biking everywhere this summer. It beats tossing away your coin at the pump, that's for sure! Plus, you're more likely to get a buncha "sweet ride!" hollers while you're on... [More]


Chic Blue Elephant Ear Studs

After seeing how adorable these Chic Blue Elephant Ear Studs ($12) are, we've decided that all elephants should be blue and an inch tall! Respect to the designers for showing Mother Nature where she went wrong.... [More]


Ashley Faux Fur Collar Jacket

How much money do women spend on waxing and shaving products just to buy the shaggiest, hairiest coat available? If you prefer the trimmed look, this Ashley Faux Fur Collar Jacket ($23) only has fur where you want it - on the lapels and cuffs, of course!... [More]


Bowknot Detailing Black Trilby

Give winter a proper send-off by trading your knit beanie for a brimmed trilby! The Bowknot Detailing Black Trilby ($36) is a classic hat with a shortened brim and bow detail. The only drawback: no cat ears...yet.... [More]


Sur La Table Fish Serving Bowl

While we don't advise filling the Sur La Table Fish Serving Bowl ($30) with baked fish fillets (lest you damage their tender flakiness), we think you should serve bread in the bowl alongside your catch of the day. After all, fishes and loaves have been said to feed multitudes. Surely... [More]


Turbonilla Leggings

Turn your pants into a petri dish! (Man, that didn't sound wrong or anything.) These Turbonilla Leggings ($58) feature dazzling colors and a one-of-a-kind look that's vaguely scientific! (Fun Fact: Turbonilla is a type of sea snail, which leads us to believe that the true name of these leggings was... [More]


Flat-top Coffee Cap

We could really go for a cap of coffee right about now. Angular, furry, and the good kind of brown, this Flat-top Coffee Cap ($28) is a welcome change of pace from other, trendier hats. That authoritative flat top gives you the look you need to keep your revolutionary army... [More]


License Plate Coozies

Show off a little of that Southern pride the traditional way: by drinking. Specifically, tossing back brews kept cold and frosty by these License Plate Coozies ($28). They're made with honest-to-goodness vintage license plates rustled up from thrift stores and flea markets from Florida to Tennessee.... [More]


HOLST + LEE Endless Summer Bracelet

You remember exchanging friendship bracelets with your schoolyard chums - but what if one of said chums was an internationally recognized fashion designer? She might give you something that looks like the HOLST + LEE Endless Summer Bracelet ($155), a handmade accessory with a magnetic closure. And all you gave... [More]


Chaser NPR Fleece Raglan

Tough girls wear torn clothes. Tough girls like faded logos. And tough girls always listen to NPR, especially the international news updates. The Chaser NPR Fleece Raglan ($54) shows the world that you don't care about nothin' - except for maybe that Cypriot banking thing.... [More]


Zamboni Desk Vacuum

It was looking hairy for a while, but to the relief of hockey fans across the world (or at least Canada), the NHL season is in full swing. But why wait until the end of your workday to channel a little of that puck-slapping spirit? This Zamboni Desk Vacuum ($21)... [More]


DIY Sunglasses With Flowers

Can you imagine if Lady Gaga were your art teacher? These DIY Sunglasses With Flowers ($26) should give you an idea of the types of projects you'd be working on once you ran out of raw meat and plastic bubbles.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: St. Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt

This St. Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt ($7) may not appear to be much. But if you've ever had a rough encounter with a bottle of self-tanner, then you know that streaks can ruin the whole fake-tastic experience. This mitt eliminates the zebra effect, giving your whole bod a smooth, monochromatic... [More]


bailey doesn't bark #34

The creative concept behind bailey doesn't bark's spring ceramics collection is as unique as the pieces themselves. Artist Re Jin crafted one hundred and eight ceramic trinkets as fond references to the simple, daily memories she makes with her family and friends. Each item is one-of-a-kind, so find your favorite... [More]


Crochet Heel

Forget leather: we'll take our lace with a little metallic shimmer, thank you very much. Just look how fabulously it works in this Crochet Heel ($24). The shoe combines pale pink lace with a shiny silver base to a stunning effect. And we've got zero beef with the bargain-basement price... [More]


Ladakh Babylon Paisley Bomber

No, the Paisley Bombers aren't a middle-aged roller derby team. The Ladakh Babylon Paisley Bomber ($73) revives this legendary print.... [More]


Galaxy Desserts Trophy Mousse Cake Sampler

If we had a nickel for every time we'd wished someone would show up on our doorstep with a gourmet cake, we'd have ourselves at least enough spare change to order this Galaxy Desserts Trophy Mousse Cake Sampler ($38). The treats included in this package sound utterly mouth-watering, from the... [More]


14K Gold Can Tab

This 14K Gold Can Tab ($540) embodies the idea that "one man's trash is another man's treasure." This pendant blends elements of both designer jewelry and garbage!... [More]



Ten bucks seem steep for a toothbrush? Well, the Bogobrush ($10) isn't an ordinary tooth-cleaner. It sports a sleek, modern design and is made with biodegradable, eco-friendly materials. But even more importantly, by buying a Bogo, you're also sending an identical brush as a gift to a person in need.... [More]


SpareOne Emergency Phone

Add another item to your emergency kit: a spare phone! The SpareOne Emergency Phone ($100) runs on an AA battery for up to ten hours of talk time, has room for a SIM card (for important numbers), and features a one-touch emergency button (with the capacity for geolocation). Use it... [More]


White T-shirt with Twin Triangle Print

The shirt with only one triangle was such a big hit, they came out with this sequel! The White T-shirt with Twin Triangle Print ($18) is a simple garment with a simple design, but it's chic! Perfect for fashionistas on a budget!... [More]


Violet Bloom Pins

Brighten up that chignon with these Violet Bloom Pins ($12). That is, if you can figure out how to get your hair into a chignon. Our own styling skills are pretty well maxed out at ponytail. Luckily, these colorful accents look just as lovely with lazy girl hair styles as... [More]


StrideBox Subscription

Are you as hooked on subscription boxes as we are? It's like mini Christmas morning each time a new one shows up! Our latest obsession is StrideBox ($15/mo.). If you're serious about the upcoming running season, this will help you in your training. Each monthly box has some of the... [More]


Picasso Note Pad

More often than not, we find ourselves typing our reminders and notes into apps like Evernote. But we'll gladly return to scratching appointment reschedules and lunch dates on the paper that makes up the Picasso Note Pad ($15). It's easy to manipulate, turning a perfectly average and symmetrical Picasso head... [More]


Ballet Girl Rhinestone Brooch

Whoa! We've seen some ridiculous bling, but an entire ballerina skirt? The tiny dancer in this Ballet Girl Rhinestone Brooch ($5) has really got some image issues. Luckily, on a normal-sized human, this rhinestone just looks normal-sized. Available in silver and champagne.... [More]


Mother's Day Breakfast Gift Set

We almost went ahead and posted the Mother's Day Breakfast Gift Set ($50) from Willams-Sonoma as a Doubtblush. Why? Because nothing says "Happy Mother's Day, mom!" like a set that pointedly suggests she should get out of bed and cook her family breakfast. Please, don't do this to your poor... [More]


Grawzulz Look Backpack

What happens when you give a children's show to the artist who designs Tool album covers? You get the disturbing and/or adorable Grawzulz, and this line of backpacks! This Look Backpack ($18) features a horrible one-eyed monster that's been double-dipped in pink to give it fashionability! And since that glaring... [More]


pEi Doggy Pod

While giving your pup an Easter basket full of chocolate is a definite no-no*, don't leave him out of the celebration altogether. We bet he'd enjoy sleeping in a new egg-shaped pEi Doggy pod ($130)! The cozy little hidey-hole comes in mint and pink with coordinating polka-dot cushions. It's comfy,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Megan Moves Into Adulthood

Megan writes: "I'm a recent college graduate starting a new job soon where the dress code is business casual, and I had to google what that even was. I've always worked in retail wearing all black, so I don't have a suitable wardrobe for this style, except for maybe a... [More]


USA Rivers & Lakes Map Puzzle

Are you up on your American geography? You'll need to be if you want to complete the gorgeous USA Rivers & Lakes Map Puzzle ($102). (We're pretty good with the outer edges of the country, but our recollection of the inner states gets fuzzy around Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas.)... [More]


Initial Signet Ring

It's not like you need to seal letters with a glob of crimson wax and your personal seal anymore, but this Initial Signet Ring ($32) might just tempt you to start doing so. Customized with your initial, it may not actually be practical to use on correspondence, but we think... [More]


The Magic Wand Remote Control

Potterhead? Believer in magical realms? Fantasy movie buff? If you're one or more of the former, it's time to switch out your universal remote for a Magic Wand Remote Control ($70). We're pretty sure it does the same job as an ordinary remote, but please report back from your travels... [More]


Finders Keepers Skirt

We can already imagine how light and summery this Finders Keepers Skirt ($33) will feel. Made with a soft cotton blend in a worn, pre-loved palette, it's an ideal piece for those lazy front-porch-and-spiked-lemonade afternoons.... [More]


Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Tote

Getting those essentials out to your tomatoes will be a breeze with this Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Tote ($78). We're digging the conveniently sized pockets for stashing tools and how the undyed jute will just get more "rustic" as it picks up a bit of dirt. After all, what's the... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: March 25, 2013

We can tell spring is finally blooming because the new handbags are all light and breezy. Take a peek at this week's poll at The Purse Page, for example. It's full of tawny suede, woven taupe, and mirrored leather. Then there's that ice cream sundae clutch. It looks almost good... [More]


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitters

A girl can never have too many pots of glitter. We're snatching up several colors of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics's new Cosmetic Glitters ($14). They shine, they shimmer, they make our skin sparkle (but not in the teen-lit-vampire way), and they're super versatile. Brush them onto your eyelids to boost the... [More]


Ocotillo Poncho

Why shouldn't your pet look as fashionable as you do? Most of the pooch jackets we've seen on the market look like doggie versions of the latest styles aimed at eight-year-olds. How about something a little more sophisticated, like this Ocotillo Poncho ($88)? The subtle color choice and lack of... [More]


Time-is-Short Watch

While the Time-is-Short Watch ($125) is a little on the morbid side, we're digging it. The 3-D imaging depicts an average wrist - and then switches to reflect a skeletal outline of the same wrist. It's a pretty literal reminder to not waste time watching the clock.... [More]


Peace Weekend Warrior Hoodie

While we adore all things fashion, we admit that some events are not best seen as opportunities to dress to the nines. Some days, you just need to schlep to and from the gym in something comfy. The Peace Weekend Warrior Hoodie ($65) from Junk Food Clothing Company will get... [More]


Ava Round Fixed Dining Table

We love the look of this Ava Round Fixed Dining Table, and at $499 it's downright affordable by Pottery Barn standards. Of course, it'll be a touch less elegant once we get it home and it ends up covered in unfinished paperwork and coffee cup rings, but a girl can... [More]


Pink Plant Pot

Save the rust-colored pots for the back patio. Indoors, you're going to want something a little prettier. This Pink Plant Pot ($17) will look lovely on your windowsill. The glazed terra-cotta still has an earthy feel to it, but leaves those cheap, uniform clay pots in its dust when it... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Rainy Day Earrings

You'll be looking forward to a dire forecast once you're the proud owner of these Rainy Day Earrings ($9). A little spring shower will be the perfect excuse to wear these out with your favorite pair of wellies. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to... [More]


White Camera T-Shirt

"I take pictures, photographic pictures." Aside from the stellar black-and-white camera print, we love this White Camera T-Shirt ($45) for its slogan's hilarious redundancy! Yep, we like redundancy a lot. Which is to say, we appreciate unnecessary redundancy. Unnecessary, inessential, superfluous, unneeded, needless redundancy. We like it. We also like... [More]


Dog Key Fobs

While becoming a puppy parent sounds amazing, those of us who can't even keep from losing our keys twice a week ought to take some baby steps. With a darling felt Dog Key Fob ($9) from Graf & Lantz, you can practice keeping your eye on both a pup and... [More]


Rifle Paper Co. Rose Botanical Journal

When we see beautiful journals and notebooks like the Rose Botanical Journal ($15) from Rifle Paper Co., we feel a slight trepidation. Will we have nice enough penmanship and enough clever things to say when we start writing? Or will we make copious spelling errors and describe what we ate... [More]


Red Striped Rope Belt Maternity Top

That oh-so-adorable baby bump got you feeling like the human equivalent of a fully inflated zeppelin? Trust us: some cute clothes designed to actually fit your bloated midsection will make you feel better. Just check out this Red Striped Rope Belt Maternity Top ($25). It's the sort of thing we'd... [More]


Enamel House Number Sign

Get the outside of your house primed and prepped for spring: stalk Hobby Lobby for floral wreath sales and order a classy new Enamel House Number Sign ($99). These signs are made from top-quality, rust-resistant enamel (and backed with a thirty-year warranty!). The numbers are large and bold, which will... [More]


ALEX & CHLOE Bleeding Heart Necklace

If people with bleeding hearts are too compassionate, and people with black hearts are not at all compassionate, then this Bleeding Heart Necklace ($40) appeals to everyone! This acrylic pendant is a stylish accessory for those who want a less wholesome take on the classic heart necklace.... [More]


Falcon Wright Clamshell Pouch

Our latest budget-acceptable obsession is the Falcon Wright Clamshell Pouch ($60) with its pink-and-white pattern on teal leather. The pouch is designed to hold all of your little essentials, from sunglasses and credit cards to your can't-live-without makeup items. You can slip it into your bigger purses to stay organized,... [More]


Bumble and bumble. Thickening Full Form Mousse

You can only tease your hair so much before you realize you need reinforcements if you're going to master the pompadour ponytail that everyone's wearing. Bumble and bumble. has you covered. Their new Thickening Full Form Mousse ($29) will give your hair lift and shape. Like all Bb. products, it... [More]



Life lacking a little zest? The Multigrater ($40) ought to set things straight. The three-in-one tool provides three different planes for zesting citrus and finely or superfinely grating everything from cheese to garlic. And it's all contained in one cleverly designed, pocket-knife-style package.... [More]


Accordion to Plan Mint Pleated Skirt

Is the Accordion to Plan Mint Pleated Skirt ($36) everything you need to look like the epitome of springtime beauty? Let's see, shall we? Soft, mint-colored chiffon? Check. Accordion pleats for breezy sashaying? Check. Trendy hemline that shows off your cute shoes? Check. It's official. Cutest skirt, ever.... [More]


Bittersweet Orange Nut Bird House

We'll admit, at first glance this Bittersweet Orange Nut Bird House ($175) had us stumped. It certainly doesn't look like any birdhouse we've seen before. But a little research reveals that this oddly modern design is actually perfectly designed to provide a tempting abode for wild birds from titmice to... [More]


Snake Cuff Bracelet

Looks like someone heard about "diamond head" snakes for the first time and ran with it! The unique "stony" skin and bejeweled head help set this Snake Cuff Bracelet ($28) apart from other serpentine circlets.... [More]


Watercolor Pillow Covers

While these Watercolor Pillow Covers ($60-80) are certainly no Bob Ross masterpiece, they will lend a light and artsy vibe to your abode. Their violet, aqua, and burnt orange splotches mimic a sunrise, so you won't have to drag your butt out of bed to see the real sunrise light... [More]


Supreme Black Lace Top

Wear your sunblock under this Supreme Black Lace Top ($59). This shirt will look fabulous tossed on over a bikini top or bandeau, but between the sheer front and back panels and the lace detailing on the sleeves and sides, it's a recipe for nightmare tan lines if you ignore... [More]


Crown Card

News flash: nobody wants a birthday card that screams or plays stupid pop songs. They want one that will help them feel like royalty on their big day, damn it. And that's just what this Crown Card ($5) does. Available in both King and Queen styles.... [More]


Muir Reclaimed Wall Coat Rack

We're calling this Muir Reclaimed Wall Coat Rack ($197) the marriage-saver. Even if the husband has an endearing habit of tossing his mail, bag, and coat onto the floor the minute he walks in the doorway, with this cleverly designed piece, he'll have an unavoidably convenient spot to stash the... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Cute Chevron Dress for Colleen

Colleen writes, "I'm totally in love with the chevron trend. I'm looking for a spring break/summer time dress to wear to visit my long distance boyfriend who is lives in Jamaica. I love anything teal and/or coral. The more color, the better. I'm busty and very curvy (around size 12),... [More]


Sweet Cheeks Baby Onesie

Our favorite baby things are always full of cleverness and puns. Teddy bears and ladybugs are cute, but not sassy enough for us. The Sweet Cheeks Baby Onesie ($28), on the other hand, gets right to the point. Your baby's bottom is the cutest thing under the sun, especially when... [More]


Good Together Stacking Vessels

We bet you're already thinking of yummy duos to spoon into these limited-edition Good Together Stacking Vessels ($56). We know we are. Salt and pepper (classic), salsa and sour cream (for our tacos), and honey and Nutella (sooo good on toast) all make our list. If you're less obsessed with... [More]


JACK SPADE Pretzel Knot Tote

We may be novices when it comes to nautical knots, but we certainly know our way around pretzel knots (particularly when they've been dipped in Nutella, but we digress)! And we know that the JACK SPADE line is marketed towards men, but that doesn't mean we'll stop ourselves from snatching... [More]


Lead the Way Silver Arrow Earrings

Aren't you tired of being directionless? Wouldn't it be nice to know which way to go? We're not saying the Lead the Way Silver Arrow Earrings ($8) will let you choose where your life is headed - but hey, at least you can control the direction of something!... [More]



Permanently dyeing your hair the color of Barbie's Dreamhouse is probably not the best idea if you work in a conservative office. If you're still craving a shot of hot pink, emerald green, mango orange, or royal blue in your tresses, though, give COLORSMASH Hair Shadow ($15) a try this... [More]


Straw Shorter Brim Fedora

Ditch the knit beanie and cap your coif with a Straw Shorter Brim Fedora ($45). It won't keep your ears warm, but it will keep the sun from frying your nose. We're also hoping that wearing it now will coax in the warm weather. Come on, summer sun! It's been... [More]


Phrase Pillows

Your home decor should make a statement. These Phrase Pillows ($24) make it ridiculously easy to read. Choose from a range of cheerful ready-to-go options, or personalize one to commemorate a big event.... [More]


Liberté, Egalité, Beyoncé Tee

Love her or hate her (but seriously, who hates her?!), you gotta admit that Beyoncé is a powerhouse. The Liberté, Egalité, Beyoncé Tee ($25) acknowledges her prowess by altering the French motto "Liberté, égalité, fraternité." The translation? Liberty, equality, brotherhood. We're a little more partial to this tee's substitution. We... [More]


Feminist Ryan Gosling

Outblush has been sorely lacking in the Ryan Gosling department lately. Maybe it's because the rest of the internet is giving him plenty of face time. Regardless, we can't help but alert you to this awesome coffee table book. Feminist Ryan Gosling: Feminist Theory (As Imagined) from Your Favorite Sensitive... [More]


Alessi Duck Kitchen Timer

Pros of the Alessi Duck Kitchen Timer ($60): It's darling to look at and it keeps time so you don't have to. Oh, and when the timer goes off, it's a quack! Cons: it doesn't come with the real duck pictured above. Bummer.... [More]


J.Crew Slingback Ballet Flats

We're not sure we could find a cuter shoe to match all of your spring pretties. The J.Crew Slingback Ballet Flats ($145) ought to go with everything, from tulle and silk wedding-guest dresses to tiny jean shorts and tank tops. They're light, feminine and a sweet alternative to the common... [More]


Star Shaped Pillow

Skip the usual throw pillow options; squares and rectangles are boring! Touches like a Star Shaped Pillow ($24) by Colette Bream will add a more distinctive texture to your furniture. The light and comfy pillow should make your snoozes a little brighter, too.... [More]


Skull Applique Bowknot Embellished T-Shirt

Aww! The science of cute is something we here at Outblush deal with on a daily basis, but even we are blown away by this skull wearing a bow! The Skull Applique Bowknot Embellished T-shirt ($64) is so adorable, it could teach cute to an anime kitten in an oversize... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Treat Soft Candy Lip Balm

Remember your middle school obsession with your favorite Lip Smackers flavor? Prepare for an encore performance after you take your first whiff of Treat Soft Candy Jumbo Lip Balm ($8). It'll blow your previous brand out of the water. It's labeled as vanilla buttercream, but we smell sunshine and ponies... [More]


Black Poppy Floral One Piece

The Black Poppy Floral One Piece ($64) will most certainly turn you into a bathing beauty. It's got the shape of a vintage suit with a full bottom half (for decent coverage) and a thin, removable halter strap. What do we love most? The black bands at the sides. They... [More]


Brooklyn Hard Candy Candy Makers Collection

Sweet tooth giving you that old, familiar ache? Satisfy it in old-school fashion with the Candy Makers Collection ($88) from Brooklyn Hard Candy. You'll get a full assortment of old-timey jars full of treats in flavors ranging from Concord grape to key lime. We can feel our blood sugar (and... [More]


Let's Get Weird Muscle Tee

The Let's Get Weird Muscle Tee ($42) invites us to "get weird," but it looks like designer Jac Vanek started without us! Featuring happy colors, snack foods, rainbows, and aliens, this shirt has everything you want to see when you escape the norm!... [More]


Cuckoo Meridiana Clock

The Cuckoo Meridiana Clock ($409) may be a more modern relative of those heavily-carved and ornate cuckoo clocks, but it works just as hard as its predecessors when it comes to telling the time. The little guy gives a sweet chirp every hour, on the hour. We like that the... [More]


Grove Court Floral Maise

While we've found ourselves salivating over Kate Spade's entire spring line of handbags, it's the Grove Court Floral Maise ($318) that's made its way into our dreams. The roomy handbag can be carried on one arm or slung over a shoulder, but that's just a bonus. It's hard to care... [More]


Avington Upholstered Slipper Chair

What? The Avington Upholstered Slipper Chair ($170) is affordable and modern and comfy? It's like we've spotted a rare bird-of-paradise in its natural habitat! Thanks, Target, for once again helping us keep up the illusion that we shop at expensive places and have impeccable taste!... [More]


Me, At Parties Art Print

What can we say about Gemma Correll's Me, At Parties Art Print ($18 - $48) except that, for some of us, it hits way too close to home?... [More]


Bed's Best Friend Bedding

Shhh! Nobody needs to know this Bed's Best Friend Bedding ($14-89) is meant for children's rooms! This dog print bedding is too much fun to let the kids have all to themselves; use it to add a lighthearted touch to your guest room, or rock it on your trusty ol'... [More]


Electra Triangle Collar Necklace

Doesn't the Electra Triangle Collar Necklace ($18) look like a dozen little pedants are cheerfully celebrating the arrival of spring? Clasping it around your neck ought to make you feel like celebrating, too. Stop at the florist on the way home from work and nab a bundle of sweet smelling... [More]


Jeni's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Thank you, modern postal service, for making it possible to receive a batch of ten amazingly flavored, gourmet ice cream sandwiches ($70) from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams through the mail. They ship in forty-eight hours and arrive chilled and ready to savor cram into your mouth. You get two each... [More]


Oasis Flamingo Pintuck Cami

Kitsch is awesome. Gnomes make lawns better, pink is by far the best color for a Cadillac, and this Oasis Flamingo Pintuck Cami ($34) is one fantastic piece of fashion. The only thing we can think of that would be even more gloriously kitschy is a portrait of the Virgin... [More]


Meredith Wendell Raffia Duffel

When you're walking on sunshine, this Meredith Wendell Raffia Duffel ($495) is the rainbow in the perfect blue sky that is your life. Well, good for you. We'll just stand over here with our monochromatic pleather briefcase and sulk.... [More]


Botanical Dandelion Paperweight

While you're probably not keen on having a garden full of dandelions, the perfectly preserved dandelion in this paperweight ($52) is pretty spectacular. We're amused by the irony in the fact that it'll help hold your things down so they don't blow away with the slightest gust of wind.... [More]


10-Gruppen Computer Cover

While there are a gazillion laptop sleeves to choose from, there are few that raise the bar quite like the 10-Gruppen Computer Cover ($54, on sale). The design is simple, the pattern is bold, and the fabric is magic. Okay, not magic. But oilcloth comes pretty close to being magical.... [More]


Pointelle Body-Conscious Dress

It's time to tuck your LBD into the back of your closet for the season. It's served you well through the holidays and the cool winter evenings, but spring is here and it's time to slip into your LWD instead. Don't have a little white dress? We know, it's tough... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Valentino Lacca Bow Clutch

We're loving the slick look of this Valentino Lacca Bow Clutch ($995), but the price tag puts it solidly in dream-closet territory. Lucky for us, Brit shop Lipsy has created a near-perfect double in their Bow Clutch ($41), with the same boldly embellished flap and a fun faux-metallic finish.... [More]


Brown Sugar Tart Bag

With its oversize-coin-purse design, the Brown Sugar Tart Bag ($63) is perfect for holding your foot-long dimes and nickels! If using that giant ball-bearing kiss lock is as much fun as using a regularly sized version, you'll want every excuse you can find to pop this baby open!... [More]


Young & Free Crosses Tee

Hey, it beats being old and trapped! The Young & Free Crosses Tee ($20) features stylized crosses and an exuberant message - everything the uninhibited youngsters are into these days. As you soon as you turn forty or get married, though, you're legally obligated to return this shirt.... [More]


Glacier Stainless Leather Wrapped Flask

Who says flasks have to be wide and rectangular? Sure, they fit into back pockets that way, but the cylindrical Glacier Stainless Leather Wrapped Flask ($43) slips right into the pockets of our purses with ease. It also fits well into a car's console cup holder. With that said, we're... [More]


French Soap Eggs

We used to look forward to a bucketload of candy as an Easter morning treat. Being responsible grown-up types now, we think we'd rather see some luxurious bath and body goodies in our baskets. These French Soap Eggs ($25) have a seasonally-appropriate look, and each one is packed with real... [More]


BB Dakota Kayla Sweater

What can we say about the Kayla Sweater ($52) from BB Dakota that the picture can't say better? Those stripes and that color scheme express themselves just fine!... [More]


White Pig Bowl

We don't usually describe serving dishes as "loveable", but this White Pig Bowl ($29) is making us downright affectionate. We'll use it to hold snacks and give it the occasional scratch on its cute little chinny-chin-chin when we walk by.... [More]


Remote Control Zombie

It used to be that the only way to control a zombie was to go through years of voodoo medical school, but those days are over! With the Remote Control Zombie ($28), you manipulate the head, arms, and legs of this undead delight using a brain-shaped remote!... [More]


Crevice Weeder

How did we not know such a thing as a Crevice Weeder ($30) existed until now? Do you even know how many hours of backbreaking weed-yanking this simple device would have saved us? How many shady chemicals we might have avoided inhaling as we sprayed down the walkways? Save yourself... [More]


Shimmer Bangles

What's better than an ordinary set of bangles? A glittery, sparkly set of Shimmer Bangles ($28), clearly. Use these to glitz up the look of the old blazer/blue jeans combo, or to add a bit of glam to your night-on-the-town ensemble.... [More]


Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream

If you, like us, are in your twenties, chances are that up 'til now you've just relied on moisturizer and sunscreen to do their thang. Suddenly, though, it seems like it's time to start focusing on preventing wrinkles before they have a chance to invade*. A product like Caudalie Premier... [More]


Warm Black Cups

We'd feel a little odd pouring our Dunkin' Donuts breakfast blend into these Warm Black Cups ($50). With their totally self-possessed design, they seem made for sipping some sort of high-end roast handpicked by trained monkeys in Costa Rica. If we focus enough on the sleek contemporary shape, maybe we... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Pink Pepperberry Cupcake Bath Fizzie

While we're a little sore at not being able to shove a forkful of pink frosting into our mouths, the Pink Pepperberry Cupcake Bath Fizzie ($5) from Dirty Laundry ought to do our body more good than harm. Instead of expanding our waists and giving us acne, it'll soothe our... [More]


Mosaic Rug

Can't decide what colors you want to use in your bathroom decor? We've got a solution: pick all of them. This Mosaic Rug ($310) contains a Pantone-worthy spectrum of hues, from soft aqua to bold mauve. It's also soft on the toes and strong enough to hold up in the... [More]


Remote Controlled Flameless Candles

Sure, it's not exactly an Olympic effort to get up and flip the switches on our flameless candles. But why should we waste the precious energy when modern technology can do it for us? With these Remote Controlled Flameless Candles ($18 - $45), we can ignite or kill that flickering... [More]


Charcoal Toothbrush

Sticking a piece of coal into your mouth sounds like a cruel and unusual punishment, but these Charcoal Toothbrushes ($8) might change your tune. They're made with binchotan, a deodorizing form of charcoal that helps keep your teeth and gums healthy and fresh.... [More]


Flint & Lars Pet Toys

Why shouldn't your pet paraphernalia compliment your home decor? These Flint & Lars Pet Toys ($10) are downright trendy, made from an assortment of fashionable fabrics. We'll probably skip the cute little dog bones, which would get shredded into scraps in a minute or two, but the catnip-stuffed mice are... [More]


Ivory Beaded Mini Skirt

We'd bet more than a nickel that this Ivory Beaded Mini Skirt ($44) comes with a long list of rules and warnings for when it comes to getting the darned thing clean. But some garments are worth a little hassle, and we figure this shimmering mini merits the work, even... [More]


Sriracha Chocolate Bars

Is pepper-infused chocolate too bland for you? Heat things up with a few Sriracha Chocolate Bars ($8 each). The heat hits the palate a second behind the rich dark chocolate - right after the point when you start thinking you can handle it. Even if you can, we suggest keeping... [More]


(MALIN+GOETZ) Rum Hand Wash with Pump

When we first saw this bottle of soap in the bathroom of a fancy cocktail bar, we knew it was going to smell good. But it wasn't until we raised our soapy hands for a sniff that we realized (MALIN+GOETZ) Rum Hand Wash ($20) smells like sweet and tasty rum... [More]


Cord Tacos

Well, color us impressed! These simply-designed Cord Tacos ($26 for two large and three small) serve a big purpose. Okay, tucking in our headphones and charger cords isn't high on the list of priorities when you consider things like world peace, but it is necessary if we don't want to... [More]


Light Speed Pillow Cover

It's a good thing this Light Speed Pillow Cover ($38) isn't moving any faster. It'd probably turn into a black hole, and who wants a space-time deformity in their living room?... [More]


Timeless Clock

Having trouble reading this Timeless Clock ($49)? Good. We figure it's ideal for those of us who are happiest when we've got only a vague idea of the hour. After all, if we're not working, the only one that really counts is "cocktail."... [More]


Mommassentials Set

Skip scouring the somewhat limited selection of pricey diaper bags and use your favorite hobo or designer tote instead. The Mommassentials Set ($149) by Funktion can help you turn any bag baby-friendly. The set includes a bottle bag, a changing mat, a wipes case, a small clutch, a cosmetic case,... [More]


Half-Dozen Egg Crate

Now that you're storing a few dozen hand-dyed Easter eggs in your fridge, you're going to need somewhere to display them nicely. The cartons they came in just don't cut it. Use a few stoneware Half-Dozen Egg Crates ($12) instead. They come in six different colors, so you can coordinate... [More]


Avec Peacock Apartment Sofa

Even though Jennifer Lopez may have dubbed teal "the color of gangrene" in The Wedding Planner (which we still watch every time it's on cable), we love anything and everything teal. The geometric lines of this Avec Peacock Apartment Sofa ($1199) have a '50s modern feel to them, but unlike... [More]


Spray a While Teapot

Perfect housewarming gift alert! While you'll be tempted to order a darling elephant-shaped teapot ($30) for yourself, we think you should grab one for your friend who just moved into her new apartment. Aww, you're so thoughtful!... [More]


State Towels

We here at Outblush must seem like we're perpetually booming with state pride. Between the earrings, the necklaces, the pillows and the skillets, we're a regular bonanza of state-themed paraphernalia. The truth is, there's just too much cute stuff on the market for us to ignore. Take these State Towels... [More]


Largo Travel Accessories

All your bags are packed and ready to go? Not quite. Make sure you take along these Largo Travel Accessories ($17-30). The lemon-colored wallet and jewelry case keep you looking organized and polished as your say a not-so-fond bon voyage to the daily grind and a giant, cheerful hello to... [More]


American Girl Crafts Owl Sew & Stuff Kit

Sewing is a useful craft! If we hadn't learned how to mend our own clothes when we were young, we wouldn't have been able to wear the same clothes for twenty years. Give the gift of calloused fingers to the next generation with the American Girl Crafts Owl Sew &... [More]


Yanagi Tea Kettle

Sure you want a pretty tea kettle, but it should be relatively efficient, too. The Yanagi Tea Kettle ($150), designed by Sori Yanagi, boasts a wide base, an ergonomic handle, and a shiny stainless steel body. It heats up fast for a quick cuppa tea or boiling water to add... [More]


North Face Women's Oso Hoodie

The North Face Women's Oso Hoodie ($140) is yet another piece of exercise clothing that is way more comfortable than regular clothing (which is just cruel, if you ask us). Made from "a luxuriously cozy fleece that makes even the softest bunny fur feel a bit rough," this hoodie will... [More]


Marimekko Kompotti Coasters

We love the cartoony yet chic flair of these Marimekko Kompotti Coasters ($37) - but doesn't that describe all Marimekko? This fruit and vegetable motif reminds us of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, if said caterpillar had gone to design school instead of just eating everything.... [More]


The Meryl Cat Designer Reading Glasses

Sure, you could pick up the cheapest pair of readers you can find at your local drugstore, but we think you'll look and feel infinitely more chic in these The Meryl Cat Designer Reading Glasses ($13). And compared to the ticket you might get from the Fashion Police for wearing... [More]


Kantha Loveseat

It's not cheap, and it won't go with anything else in the living room. We don't care. This Kantha Loveseat ($3949) is a total prize. Its bright, quilted upholstery is made from recycled Indian sari fabric. If we can scrape together the cash to get hold of one, we'll happily... [More]


Be Bright Beach Backpack

The official description for the Be Bright Beach Backpack ($50) says it's "retro-design." Ugh. Are we that old? We can remember toting around bags like this when we were in middle school! Nevertheless, the look seems to have stood the test of time, since it's caught our attention once again.... [More]


Les Néréides Kilauea Earrings

Weddings, schmeddings. We don't need to get hitched to snap these Les Néréides Kilauea Earrings ($120) up for ourselves! Handmade from painted enamel, gold-plated brass, glass, and Swarovski rhinestones, these orchid- and hibiscus-studded earrings are the perfect ladylike complement to spring dresses and gauzy summer blouses. Of course, we could... [More]


Wooden Meat Markers

Avoid those embarrassing BBQ faux pas with these Wooden Meat Markers ($5). They make it a breeze to tag everybody's burgers and make sure your parasite-paranoid cousin gets her inedible hockey puck instead of your juicy medium-rare beef.... [More]


Wildebeest Bandana Collar

We're gonna say it. Sweet dogs wearing summertime bandanas rival (hell, surpass) babies when it comes to cuteness. It's true! We love watching playful pups prance about with bandanas tied around their furry little necks. What's better is that the Wildebeest Bandana Collar ($20) embodies both fashion and function. The... [More]


Hibiscus Watermelon Iced Tea Bags

If we could distill summer into a glass, we think it'd probably taste something like this Hibiscus Watermelon Iced Tea ($10). Made by the brewing maestros over at Republic of Tea, this fruity, sweet-tart combo makes a perfect pitcher of refreshing, caffeine-free goodness. Drink it straight or sweeten it up... [More]


Padlock and Key Necklace

What better way to seem unattainable than by traipsing around behind a thick padlock! The Padlock and Key Necklace ($40) features a thick lock charm, with the stylized key nearby in case you get stuck. Just make sure you give the key to the right person!... [More]


Retro Kitchen Wall Clock

The stylish Retro Kitchen Wall Clock ($30) from Infinity doesn't have to go on your kitchen wall. Stash it in any room that could use a quirky design element. Go for a retro theme in your home office with a metal chair and patterned wallpaper. Your new clock will blend... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Neon Bangles

We totally dig the funky look of this set of Drip Bracelets ($120 for six) from Elephant Heart, but why should we shell out all that cash for them when we can get a pretty darned close approximation with these Multicoloured Thick & Thin Bangles ($8 for twenty-eight)? Even with... [More]


Doily Magnet Set

Are you in need of a few super-strong magnets to hold your takeout menus on your refrigerator door? Oh, good. Glad it's not just us. The Doily Magnet Set ($10 for a set of four) by Hello Plum Studio is almost too cute to affix our Jade Palace order sheet... [More]


Bad Behavior Dress

That black, buttoned collar seems classy and conservative, but a few inches lower, it's a different story! This Bad Behavior Dress ($58) features a scalloped cutout at the bust that's still modest, but enough to prove that not all of your behavior is "good."... [More]


Fleurir Chocolates 25 Pc. Assortment Box

We don't know about you, but we never tire of beautifully packaged chocolate scrumptiousness. The big box of assorted chocolates ($44, on sale) from Fleurir is certainly no exception. Not only are the decadent handmade candies pretty to look at, they're filled with our favorite kinds of flavors: the unusual... [More]


Personalized Hometown Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are great, but sometimes you want something a little more personal than a pond full of ducks or a hundred-year-old painting. With the Personalized Hometown Jigsaw Puzzle ($40), the center of the puzzle is your home address! Based on information from the USGS, each puzzle is customized to... [More]


Bohemian Leather Coin Purse

File this one under "Steal." This Bohemian Leather Coin Purse is a lovely, funky piece in high-quality printed leather. It's also crafted right here in the United States, with hand-painted details. We'd expect to pay a pretty penny even for a pint-sized bag like this, so at $20, it's a... [More]


Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Countertop Cleanser

Between spilled half-and-half, chopped garlic, and the odd squirt of tuna juice from when you open the can, your countertop can end up smelling something less than fresh. This Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Countertop Cleanser ($8) will not only clean up those foul spills and stains - its light, herby... [More]


Seychelles Seven Wonders Sandals

Is it open-toed shoe season yet? Close enough! Schedule yourself a well-deserved pedi, slip your feet into the Seven Wonders Sandals ($110) by Seychelles, and enjoy the feel of the sun warming your tootsies. Okay, only do that if it's actually sunny out and the snow in your region has... [More]


Olive Wood Nesting Bowl Set

A little short on the cash you'd need to buy yourself a country house in Provence? That doesn't mean you can't bring a taste of the French countryside into your kitchen. These nesting bowls ($128) are made in traditional Provençal style and lend a warm, rustic glow to the counter... [More]


Alex's Chill Pill

If you're offered a choice between a red pill and a blue pill, choose neither - neither of them would go with your outfit anyway. The silver Alex's Chill Pill ($130), on the other hand, has a great shimmer to go with its sleek shape! Whether you're a chronic pill-popper,... [More]


Poppin Orange Tool Kit

Why buy ordinary office supplies when you can stock your desk with gear the color of a popular Fanta flavor? (We like lime better but almost nobody has it. Boo.) This Poppin Orange Tool Kit ($49) includes a full array of office essentials all in the same surreal tangerine hue.... [More]


Rabbit Print Hoodie

When you think of dressing up for Easter, baggy hoodies don't usually come to mind - but the Rabbit Print Hoodie ($120) is changing that! This year you can still dress up for Easter without looking like you just came from church. (Besides, the bunny on the shirt has a... [More]


Tokidoki Stellina Unicorno Plush

With a name like Tokidoki, the cuteness is pretty much guaranteed - not that you need a cuteness guarantee for a plush unicorn. The Tokidoki Stellina Unicorno Plush ($20) must be what the beds are made of in at least some parts of heaven. Made from fleece that's "super-duper soft,"... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Knock on Wood Zipper Pouch

We're going to knock on wood in hopes that when we open this pouch ($6) by Blue Q for the fifth time in one day, we'll still find a bit of cashola left inside. Surely we haven't spent it all! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting... [More]


Foo Dog Garden Accent

What's a garden gnome going to do when the evil spirits attack? You need someone tougher guarding your petunias - you need the Foo Dog Garden Accent ($250). This statuette really raises the bar for outdoor adornments - and scares your neighbor's lawn jockeys!... [More]


Sequin Red Statement Earrings

Want to add some instant class to your look? Put on these Sequin Red Statement Earrings ($125). With their sleek, stylish look, we think they'll make even a threadbare T-shirt and paint-stained jeans look sophisticated.... [More]


Awkward Family Photos Board Game

Everyone's favorite website for making themselves feel better about their family portraits now has a board game! The Awkward Family Photos Board Game ($20) is the excuse you need to get together with friends and look through the site's hilarious family pictures gone bad. Let's just hope you don't recognize... [More]


Home State Personalized Return Address Stamp

Yes, it's clearly a lot of money - but this Home State Personalized Return Address Stamp ($60) is just too cool to resist. Just think how awesome your info will look hand-carved into the silhouette of your homeland. Unless, of course, you're from one of the Rectangle States (sorry, Colorado... [More]


Frazier & Wing Lucky Orange Mobile

This Frazier & Wing Lucky Orange Mobile ($62) adds a nice, bright touch to a living room or nursery. Just make sure to hang it someplace the cat can't reach, or you're likely to end up with a shredded mobile and an unlucky kitten.... [More]


Sugar Tops Lame Shirt

Talk about self-deprecating. This Lame Shirt ($17) from Sugar Tops really sings it loud and proud! Of course, wearing quirky and funny shirts is decidedly not lame, so maybe this should say "cool" instead. But wearing a shirt that said "cool" would make you seem cocky, which is lame.... [More]


Dish Dumpling Scrubby Pad

It doesn't take long for dish scrubbers to go from handy to disgustingly foul. With the Dish Dumpling Scrubby Pad ($4), you won't have to feel at all guilty about tossing it when it turns nasty. Both pad and packaging are totally biodegradable.... [More]


Bow Hair Clip

How minimalist! This Bow Hair Clip ($15) forgoes all the unnecessary parts of a traditional hair bow - like the ribbon - and replaces them with a metallic outline that's savvy, functional, and trimmed of fat! Waste not, want not!... [More]


Whitewashed Teak Ladder

Don't try fixing any shingles with this Whitewashed Teak Ladder ($98). But while it probably won't hold your weight, it'll do fabulously for a few fluffy bath towels or picture frames. We love the antique vibe it adds to the room and that we got hold of it without having... [More]


Studded Blue Beanie

So what - baby blue clothes can't have studs in them? The Studded Blue Beanie ($17) is breaking all the rules for beanies, especially the one saying that they all have to be black! If you're into that kawaii style but with some extra "brass," this is the headwear for... [More]


Fat and the Moon Body Care

As far as we're concerned, you can never have too many small-batch bath and body goodies. Our cabinets might already be stuffed, but we'll make room to add these Fat and the Moon Body Care products ($12 each) to the mix. Choose from lip and cheek stain, deodorant cream, salve,... [More]


Night Light Coaster

Give your room that romantic poolside-at-night-lighting, and keep your table free from unsightly rings! The Night Light Coaster ($25) illuminates your bedside drink with a wave of the hand, so you don't fumble around in the dark for your glass of water - then turns off automatically after thirty seconds.... [More]


Brittney Skinny Ankle Jeans with Houndstooth Print

Skinny jeans in houndstooth!? Is there nothing modern science can't accomplish!? The ankle-length Brittney houndstooth skinny jeans ($30) are embellished with our favorite print named after something in a dog's mouth.... [More]


Personalized Voice Art

For people who love the sound of their own voices! Each piece of Personalized Voice Art ($75 - $455) is customized to you: you choose the colors, the sound bite, the canvas size - and, of course, the voice! They say each voice is unique, like a fingerprint, so no... [More]


Apple Tarte Tatin Black Tea

Craving sweets but trying to resist in the name of maintaining your pant size? Give this Apple Tarte Tatin Black Tea ($7) a try. Packed with dried apples, raisins and warm, aromatic spices, it's an almost-zero-calorie tribute to a classic indulgent dessert.... [More]


Lazy Oaf Eyeball Cap

You could throw a pair of cartoon eyes on a pocket handkerchief and we'd be interested, but the great thing about the Lazy Oaf Eyeball Cap ($35) is that, even without the eyes, this black tie-dyed hat would still be pretty cool! At the end of the day, though, it's... [More]


Personal Shopper: A BCBG Alternative for Nicole

Nicole writes: "Hi Outblush! I read your blog every day, I get so many great ideas, thanks! ! I have an Aspire vs. Acquire challenge that I hope you can help me out with. I am OBSESSED with this BCBG outfit but $316 for a top and leggings is a... [More]


Mini Double Stave Server

This Mini Double Stave Server ($70) is a fab way to serve up just about anything you can eat with a toothpick or your fingers. Nuts, crackers, sushi, tapas - they'll all look great on these platforms made from wrought iron and reclaimed oak wine barrel staves.... [More]


Anything Alarm Clock

The hardest part of buying this Anything Alarm Clock ($70) is choosing which hue to order it in. Do we want to wake up to sunny Big Bird yellow? Or opt instead for chilled-out sky blue? Whichever way we end up going, we know this mod piece will look great... [More]


Cameo Scarf Top

If we could sew, we'd go buy a bunch of cheap silk scarves from Goodwill, and make our own version of this Cameo Scarf Top ($115). As it is, we beg our needle-savvy pals to hem pants for us and shy away from even sewing a button back onto a... [More]


Happy Face Necklace

You know what they say: some people see the glass as half empty, and some people are deluded enough to think that their optimistic, happy-ending fantasies have any basis in reality. If you're one of the latter, you can express your "happiness" with the Happy Face Necklace ($40). Comes in... [More]


Alessi Progiotti Cookie Cutter Set

The perfect gift for the real foodie (and we're talking daily-food-blog-posting, camera-at-every-meal, nine-kinds-of-olive-oil foodie) is a Progiotti Cookie Cutter Set ($46) from Alessi. Alessi is the finest name in Italian cookware design, and the cutters in this set are modeled after some of their most popular catalog items. If you're... [More]


Green Paper Pouf Chandelier

While we're all about a chandelier as the focal point of a room, we're not too crazy about paying three million dollars for one. The Green Paper Pouf Chandelier ($150) from Parcel may not be encrusted with crystals, but we're digging the whimsy. Hang it in a kid's room or... [More]


Vinotemp Wine Dispenser

Turn your house into a posh wine bar with this Vinotemp Wine Dispenser ($791). It'll keep up to four opened bottles fresh for weeks, chilling them to perfect drinking temperatures and dispensing a glass with the push of a button. Start with a pinot grigio and end the evening with... [More]


Cube Birdhouse

Add modern lines and cheerful color to your garden by mounting the Cube Birdhouse ($79) on the trunk of a tree, or perching it on a rail. Crafted from twenty-four reclaimed milk jugs, the durable, eco-friendly bird home is roomy enough for a decently sized nest. Your chirping baby robins... [More]


Gold Knuckle Duster Perspex Clutch

Don't be afraid to stuff your valuables into this Gold Knuckle Duster Perspex Clutch ($85). We figure that since it has a handle designed to look like something used to knock out teeth, it's unlikely anyone will try to mug you while you're carrying it.... [More]


EZC Playing Cards

This deck of EZC Playing Cards ($10) was created for easy viewing. The numbers and symbols are large and the colors are bold, and It's precisely these elements which make such it a good-looking deck. They even win out against our Darth-Vader-themed deck when we play poker with our friends.... [More]


Napoli Dress

We already knew that draped jersey cotton and elastic waistbands are a recipe for comfort. What we didn't know was how lovely that comfort could look. That is, until we saw the Napoli Dress ($103, on sale!). This breezy thing gives you the best of both worlds. You'll feel like... [More]


Jouer Luminizing Body Glow

You don't have to get knocked up to look like you're glowing. This Jouer Luminizing Body Glow ($36) will get the job done with a heck of a lot less commitment. Just think of what you'll save on college tuition!... [More]


Wildfox Couture Black Tie Tee

This Black Tie Tee ($56) from Wildfox Couture is the slightly more casual version of the casual tuxedo tees made famous by party animals. This cotton tee with destroyed sleeves and bottom hems abandons the pretense of mimicking a suit, and instead reduces the look to a simple, triangular design.... [More]


Floating Honeycomb Shelves

Banish your IKEA shelves to an unused corner of your basement. The affordable Floating Honeycomb Shelves ($150 for five hexagons) by Handmade Riot are just as functional and twice as nice-looking. The outer rims of each honeycomb shelf are left natural while the inner sides are painted in your choice... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Cricket Ultra Smooth Power Comb

Summer hair is the worst. But whether it's tangled from driving with the top down or hopelessly crispy thanks to the harsh effects of chlorinated pool water, this Cricket Ultra Smooth Power Comb ($6) will blast through every kink and knot without yanking strands out of your scalp. What's a... [More]


Alex's Zero Carat Diamond Earrings

Who would want real diamond earrings when you can just have drawings of diamonds? A mix between cheeky humor and a pleasing geometric design, Alex's Zero Carat Diamond Earrings ($50) are a cheaper clever alternative to genuine diamonds!... [More]


Jacquard Crewneck Cardigan

When we're spending all that time yachting this summer, we'll need something to toss on over our tank tops when that ocean breeze picks up. This Jacquard Crewneck Cardigan ($88) will do perfectly. The chain-link pattern and navy-aqua color combination give it just the right nautical vibe. Now all we... [More]


Portable Gel Seat

Fine, we're old. We admit it. Our rears just can't take sitting on flat metal or unforgiving wood benches and seats for hours at a time. We've got two choices: either start packing in the cookies to expand our natural cushion, or invest in this Portable Gel Seat ($80). We... [More]


No Business Like Glow Business Dress

ModCloth is pretty close to unbeatable for adorable, affordable frocks - so why is it we have to go and fall in love with one of the priciest pieces on their site? Probably because we have impeccable taste. This No Business Like Glow Business Dress ($198) is flowing and flattering... [More]


Flip Litter Box

You may love your snuggly kittycat, but that doesn't mean you enjoy scooping her poo! The sleek-looking Flip Litter Box ($120) from Modko probably won't change that, but it will make scooping days go a little quicker. The magnetic top folds over once for easy access to the box underneath.... [More]


Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase Wrinkle Repair Daily Lotion

There is a difference between aging and aging gracefully. Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase Wrinkle Repair Daily Lotion SPF 30 ($28) helps you transition from youthful to mature skin without any extreme measures. SymRepair, a ceramide complex specific to Kinerase products, provides superior protection against future wrinkles and gives you supple... [More]


Restricted New Wave Perforated Flats

They're admittedly not for rainy days, but when the sun's a-shining, we'll be strutting our stuff in these Restricted New Wave Perforated Flats ($49). Bonus? All that ventilation might actually keep our feet from smelling like Swamp Thing at the end of a day of wearing them.... [More]


The Housewives Tarot

Practice the art of divination with the aid of some truly domestic goddesses with these Housewives Tarot cards ($17). The retro-fabulous artwork is weirdly appropriate (giant chocolate cake for The Devil, anyone?) and makes predicting your future that much more fun.... [More]


Diamond Jacquard Footed Tights

There's at least one bright side to a long winter: an extra couple weeks of being lazy about shaving our legs. These Diamond Jacquard Footed Tights ($3) are festively colorful and do a nice job of disguising a four-day stubble.... [More]


Official Party Animal Tee

Anyone can be a regular old party animal, but it takes a special reckless abandon to be an official party animal. Luckily, you can fast-track the process by just buying the Official Party Animal Tee ($48). Just be careful, because the authenticity of this shirt will be doubted by some... [More]


Scallop Shoulder Bag

We love finding darling multipurpose purses like this Scallop Shoulder Bag ($49). The simple chain makes the mint bag easy to wear over our shoulders during the day, but when we tuck the strap inside, we've got ourselves a date night clutch. The sweet scallop detailing is all this bag... [More]


Mane 'n Tail Hoofmaker Hand & Nail Therapy

You have been diligent with pedicures over the winter, not allowing yourself to get out of the habit just because your toes are covered in socks and shoes. And good on ya. Sandal and open-toe season is upon us. Now, more than ever, upkeep is essential. In between spa visits,... [More]


Normann Copenhagen Peeler in Coral

We usually don't bother to peel our vegetables. After all, didn't Mom tell us that there are more vitamins in the peels? Maybe she was right, but as it turns out, there's also often a bonus of pesticides and good old-fashioned dirt. We figure our motivation will get a significant... [More]


Shift Dress in Tie Dye

Tie-dye was intended to be colorful, vibrant, and festive - but that got boring. Someone at ASOS with more fashion sense than a hippie got hold of their technique and designed the Shift Dress in Tie Dye ($48). With open shoulders and a dark color scheme, this is one tie-dye... [More]


Heart Embellished Pullover

Not sure if this is a wholesome shirt because it's got a heart on it, or a dark shirt because that heart is black...but one thing we're sure of is that this Heart Embellished Pullover ($32) is a nice addition to our closets. Long sleeves, round neck, and a loose... [More]


Trendy Gold Artwork Leggings

Wow...those people are kissing really high up on your thigh... Art historians will recognize Gustav Klimt's The Kiss on the Trendy Gold Artwork Leggings ($22), but everyone else can still appreciate the lively gold pattern.... [More]


Sweet William Bag

This Sweet William Bag ($12) has a great thrift-store vibe, with its fluffy embroidery and retro color palette. It's a delightfully different piece for carting around whatever odds and ends you want to keep organized.... [More]


Sole Goddess

We all have that one pair of shoes that we spent a leeetle too much money on but can't ever wear more than for a few minutes at a time due to the horrendous blisters they cause. Well pull those pumps back out, ladies. Sole Goddess ($19) is here to... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: March 18, 2013

You have your work cut out for you re: this week's poll over at The Purse Page! The ladies have put together a spectacular sampling of designer bags with steep price tags this week. It's your job to vote for your favorite, whether you gravitate toward small and sparkly date... [More]


Globoy Solar Night Lamp

In the next hundred years, solar power might just save our planet and the lives of everyone on it... but we're impatient. What's solar power going to do for us now? Well, there's the Globoy Solar Night Lamp ($18)! This little guy sleeps during the day, but at night comes... [More]


Honeysuckle Peplum Pencil Skirt

Channel a little sunshine with this Honeysuckle Peplum Pencil Skirt ($40). With its sunny hue and ultrafeminine style, it's pretty much guaranteed to make you and everyone you run into a little bit happier. The only other thing we know that comes close to having that kind of optimism-boosting effect... [More]



We've seen a lot of gloves on the market with specially designed finger pads that make it possible to use your touch-screen devices without risking frostbite. But what if you like the ones you've already got, gosh darn it? Then we suggest hitting those index pads with a shot of... [More]


It Don't Matter Nail Wraps

You know you like to wear that black/white contrast - but did you know that your nails do, too? A collaboration between Melody Ehsani and NCLA, the It Don't Matter Nail Wraps kit ($16) includes two sheets of twenty-two wraps with stellar, two-toned designs.... [More]


Cherry Tank Suit with Bow

We instinctively turn to Etsy when we're looking for unique jewelry, funky handbags or other crafty accessories, but we never think of it as a hot spot for summer swimwear. This Cherry Tank Suit with Bow ($135) comes as something of a revelation. This suit sports a luscious crimson hue... [More]


Midnight Sunstone Gold Necklace

If someone could capture a a galaxy and stuff it into a pendant, we're pretty sure it'd look something like this Midnight Sunstone Gold Necklace ($79). The jewel at the center looks just like a piece of a perfect night sky.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Popcorn Soap

Popcorn Soap ($4) conjures up a whole new mental image when it comes to washing your mouth out. Perhaps your children will become cursing sailors just to test out this theatrical punishment. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are... [More]


Wow Pop Muscle Tee

Remember when you saw Avatar in 3-D for the first time? You were all like "Wow!" too! Commemorate that moment in cinematic history with the Wow Pop Muscle Tee ($48)! The pop art print is a nice addition to an otherwise ordinary day, while the sleeveless design really makes your... [More]


Ornamental Stone Dress

A little tribal vibe in your wardrobe is good. Too much, and it looks like you're auditioning to be an extra in a National Geographic documentary. We think this Ornamental Stone Dress ($53) hits the mark just right. The funky chevron and zigzag pattern reminds us of traditional prints, but... [More]


Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcases

You like to take a comprehensive approach to your skin care routine, using the most effective products with the highest success rates. So you're doing yourself a disservice if you aren't snoozing on a Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase ($25 for two). Not only do they protect against hair loss, they... [More]


American Apparel Wool Floppy Hat

There are beanies, bowlers, berets, and bows, but there's no other headgear quite as much fun as the floppy hat! American Apparel gives us a classic interpretation of the Floppy Hat ($40) in wool. It blocks the sun, it looks great, and if you ever need to be alone, you... [More]


Automatic Wine Preserver

You don't actually have to finish that entire bottle of wine just because you opened it. This Automatic Wine Preserver ($29) creates a vacuum in your merlot, slowing down the oxidation process so that it'll taste just peachy for the next few days. Wave goodbye to those midweek hangovers.... [More]


The Lens Bracelet Set

Show off your shutterbug cred by sporting this Lens Bracelet Set ($15) from Photojojo. Made from soft, totally wearable silicone, these fun accessories replicate the look of a classic focusing ring. If you're feeling particularly snobbish, shell out the extra $10 for the Canon Pro or Nikon Pro set.... [More]


Shibue Strapless Panties

Okay. We know what you're thinking. "What's the point of strapless panties? Can't you just go commando?" Well, unless you want to go full Britney Spears when stepping out of a car, no, you can't just go buck wild. But there are certainly times when the strapless look is called... [More]


Santa Fe Table Runner

Hosting the Easter feast? Present a picturesque table by centering your meal on the Santa Fe Table Runner ($55) by Avril Loreti. The light pink, yellow, and grey color scheme is far more modern and tasteful than any spring-themed paraphernalia you'd find at your local party store. It has far... [More]


Marais USA Sailor Wedge

We cannot, in good conscience, have you start your summer without first recommending that you start it in a pair of Sailor Wedges ($175) from Marais USA. We've considered starting ours with a pair in each color, but wedges don't quite meet personal loan criteria. The cabana-esque striped shoes are... [More]


Kate Somerville Perfect Pair Set

Perhaps perfect isn't the best way to describe this Kate Somerville pair ($38). Most effective is better. Cleansing, polishing, wrinkle-filling, complexion-boosting properties change your face from chin to brow, giving your visage a whole new look.... [More]


MySuperSnack Soft Granola Bites

The great parent-of-toddlers conundrum: do you spend hours in the kitchen concocting homemade snacks for your kiddos, or do you give in and let them munch on processed crackers and cereals? Avoid both the time sink and the unhealthy foods by giving your kids a few soft granola cookies from... [More]


July Nine Rainproof Tote

The upsides to technological advances are impossible to number. However, the major downsides can be summed up with one word: hydrophobia. We don't mean your electronic toys are rabid - we mean that the moment the downpour starts, your iPad stops. Protect it with a July Nine Rainproof Tote ($62).... [More]


Motel New Zoe Aztec Dress

When the Aztecs weren't making human sacrifices or invading neighboring civilizations, they liked to design women's clothing in candy pastels! It's not every day you see geometric prints with this color scheme, so take advantage of the Motel New Zoe Aztec Dress ($54) before the conquistadors show up.... [More]


Kart Serving Dishes

Make passing the mashed potatoes a whole lot more fun with these Kart Serving Dishes ($40 - $110). Just be sure you don't push too hard and send the squash flying off onto the carpet.... [More]


Aqua Universalis Incense Paper

While the chances that we'll be purchasing a $225 bottle of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis eau de toilette are slim to none, we're going to invest a much smaller amount in a box of incense paper ($25). The crisp and floral notes of lily of the valley and mock... [More]


Heart Bubble Wand Necklace

Jewelry that looks pretty is obviously enough for us, but when it serves a practical purpose as well, we consider that a pretty fab bonus. Take this Heart Bubble Wand necklace ($65), for example. Not only is it a charming little accessory, it also enables us to do some serious... [More]


Silver Dot Vase

This Silver Dot Vase ($17) lets you brighten up your wall with a bud or two. (And no, we don't mean that marijuana leaf tapestry you hung over your desk in college.) We love the wild range of colors it's available in, but this classic silver finish is our current... [More]


John Bender Doesn't Want You To Forget Tank Top

We all love The Breakfast Club. Such a classic '80s movie! But we think you'll agree with us when we say the best part of the whole flick is the ending. As you look at this John Bender Doesn't Want You To Forget tank ($24), can't you just hear those... [More]


Sundae Dressed Sweater

Dress in your sundae best! The Sundae Dressed Sweater ($73) from Sugarhill Boutique is a delicious treat for your wardrobe. The navy blue sweater features three-quarter-length sleeves and a knitted collar the color of French Vanilla!... [More]


ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron 2.0

Want to really drive a coworker insane? Stash this ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron 2.0 ($12) somewhere in their cubicle. This noisemaker is so tiny, it'll most likely take them weeks to find it. In the meantime, you'll be able to torture them with a choice of six obnoxious tracks, from cricket chirping... [More]


Ann Taylor Dot Print Wrap Top

How sophisticated is this Ann Taylor Dot Print Wrap Top ($78)? Personally, we think it looks classier than a Bentley full of Bonds. Dress it down with some denim, lest you be mistaken for someone important and hit up for a loan.... [More]


Go Brush Your Tree-th Toothbrush Holder

Brushing your teeth just got slightly less tedious! The Go Brush Your Tree-th Toothbrush Holder ($20) adds some much-needed excitement to your bathroom routine in the form of colorful owl friends.... [More]


Tory Burch Camilla Printed Tote

This Camilla Printed Tote ($350) is perfect for spring with its simple design and light floral pattern. And don't worry: its canvas exterior is coated to help resist stains, so it won't look like hell after the first time you set it down somewhere.... [More]


Hanging Scale Clock

How much does that bag of onions really weigh? Who cares - it's Miller time! This vegetable basket combines the look of a retro-fabulous grocery store scale with - you guessed it - a clock. Nifty. Hanging Scale Clock ($129)... [More]


Silver Fox Kitty Wig

Buy something for your cat that she really wants...then buy her this wig! The Silver Fox Kitty Wig ($65) is a fun way to decorate your cat and give her a classy, almost-human look! You buy your feline dinner every night. The least she can do is dress up nice!... [More]


Porcelain Embroidered Shift Dress

Dress up like a Ming vase, but without the unflattering, bottom-heavy shape! Besides, Ming vases are known for their beauty, not for their durability around hyperactive children. Porcelain Embroidered Shift Dress ($98)... [More]


Ladies Night Game

Remember Girl Talk? That sadistic game that had us choosing between physical torments and being forced to reveal our darkest secrets to junior high school classmates who would inevitably use them to humiliate us until graduation? We're sort of hoping this Ladies Night Game ($10) is the same thing for... [More]


Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick

Who says long-wearing lipstick has to be packed full of sketchy stuff? Vapour's Siren Lipstick ($22) is made from pure plant products, vitamins, and minerals. In addition to giving your lips a durable, luxurious burst of color, it also moisturizes and helps keep your skin soft and supple. When it... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Jessica Dress

Get spotted in this Diane von Furstenberg Jessica Dress ($465), a perfect frock for spring and summer wear. Graphic in print and flattering in fit, this dress is the quintessential warm-weather wonder that will work for casual and semiformal functions.... [More]


Kathleen Necklace

We always thought acorns were ankle-twisting squirrel fodder. Little did we know they're actually an ancient symbol of womanhood. But whether we're celebrating our femininity or celebrating squirrels, we have to admit that this nut-shaped Kathleen Necklace ($39) is an awfully cute little accessory.... [More]


Porcelain Pear Vase

We've been feeling the need to bring a touch of spring into the room, and this Porcelain Pear Vase ($28) seems like a lovely way to do it. It's just the right size to hold a single tulip or other blossom, and fits just about perfectly onto an ever-cluttered desk.... [More]


Boot Bling

How much more fun will your wellies be when you can embellish them with Boot Bling ($9)? These sparkly stickers add such a colorful accent to our Mudders, we don't even mind that they'll probably peel off after we step into our first puddle.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Kikkerland Dapper Drink Markers

Attention, please! We mustache you a question! Got any upcoming plans for another wine night with the ladies? If so, don't forget to bring along these Kikkerland Dapper Drink Markers ($5). Yes, you will have to make the difficult decision between The Handlebar, The Walrus or The Colonel Sanders. But... [More]


Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

Harnessing the power of soy is easy when you're chewing up and digesting edamame and waiting for the rest of your food to show up. But Aveeno has managed to bottle it up and infuse it into their Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer ($14). Their Total Soy Complex evens your skin... [More]


Pastel Colorblock Dress

This pastel color scheme is so sweet and innocent, no one will every guess what's hidden underneath your floorboards! With spring coming, this Pastel Colorblock Dress ($72) will be the perfect, playful accomplice to help throw the police off your trail!... [More]


Shabana Khan Tamra Necklace

What could be a prop from an Indiana Jones movie (Shabana Khan does sound like a genre-appropriate villain name) is also an elegant and glamorous accessory! The Tamra Necklace ($198) features a pear-shaped glass cabochon (three color combinations available) in an ornate setting. Ideal for fancy dinners or searching for... [More]


Magical Thinking Woven Wall Mirror

In massive, ornate traditional frames, mirrors can be a touch intimidating. We think the lighter, folksy look of this Magical Thinking Woven Wall Mirror ($24) will be a much better fit for our decor. We just wish they'd made it with glass warped to make us look skinnier.... [More]


Deborah Lippmann Polka Dots and Moon Beams Polish

"Shoot for the stars. That way, should you not make it that far, you'll still land among the moon beams." -Deborah Lippmann She totally didn't say any of those words. Not that we know of, at least. But that's what this Polka Dots and Moon Beams Polish ($19) is saying... [More]


Teardrop Marquis Earrings

It's time to break out the nail polish. We absolutely love the look of these Teardrop Marquis Earrings ($15), and definitely want them to last more than a few months before the gold hue starts rubbing off on us. We'll give that trick of covering them in topcoat a whirl.... [More]


Vodka Zinger Natural Flavor Infuser

We've already shared our love for the Aqua Zinger, which makes it a breeze to add tasty fruit or herb goodness to good old H2O. Well, the concept just got taken to a whole new awesome level. Meet the Vodka Zinger Natural Flavor Infuser ($25). It's specifically designed to handle... [More]


Sunwashed Diamond Candle

We'd love this Sunwashed Diamond Candle ($25) for its scent no matter what, a fresh blend that reminds us of sticking our faces into sheets hanging on a sunny clothesline. The fact that it might contain a diamond ring worth a smooth $5,000 is just a daydreamy bonus.... [More]

Tobi-Dirty Laundry Gotta Date Flats-small.jpg

Tobi Dirty Laundry Gotta Date Flats

These pop-of-color Tobi Dirty Laundry Gotta Date Flats ($49) make us want to jump for joy now that spring is finally here! The raffia reminds us we're just a few more months away from twelve-hour days on the beach and the colors remind us that the clouds are movin' on... [More]


Rose Shark Print T-Shirt

A moonlit night... A bed of roses... And a big, fat shark! It's hard to believe Valentine's Day is over in the face of the Rose Shark Print T-Shirt ($28). We're not saying we understand the meaning of this shirt or the commonalities between flowers and Jaws. We're just saying,... [More]


Splash Pillow Case

We know: it's a lot to spend on a pillow case (and yes, that's "case" - the pillow isn't included). But we can't help ourselves: this Splash Pillow Case ($65) will add an absolutely perfect accent of cheerful color to the sofa. We'll just switch to drinking box wine for... [More]


Rainbow Statement Necklace

It's like that game where you put the gemstones in a row, except not boring! Rainbow Statement Necklace ($50)... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Versatile Post-Diaper Bag Purse for Anita

Anita writes, "I'm searching for the perfect new bag/purse. Having finally graduated from my diaper bag, I'm in need of something stylish for both casual & dressy events that can also fit an extra set of toddler clothing & essential items. My ideal bag is one that I can carry... [More]


Miix Spoon Set

This Miix Spoon Set ($28) makes us want to throw a tea party. Just think how beautiful these pastel-colored pieces would look next to an assortment of pastries and adorable crustless sandwiches. We'll take ours like Picard: Earl Grey, hot.... [More]


Dark Choc Caramel Dream Skirt

Not everything we post here has to have skulls or cats on it (though we don't hear you complaining about them). The Dark Choc Caramel Dream Skirt ($43) is a basic black skirt with stylish pleats. What sets it apart? Check out the gold corner detailing!... [More]


Gold Plated Peacock Feather Earrings

Well, you could get fashion advice from a worse animal than the peacock (have you seen what the mole rat wears these days?). We like how these Gold Plated Peacock Feather Earrings ($46) take the focus away from the colors and shift it to the wayward strands.... [More]


Mermaid Mane Sea Salt Spray

Sure, you can get something of a beachy look with a homemade mix of salt and water, but this Mermaid Mane Sea Salt Spray ($22) packs a more fabulous punch, with soothing aloe and a lightly rosy scent. Use it to look like you've spent the day on the sand... [More]


B-Skinz Compression Shorts

If you go to the gym and actually use more than the spa room, you know the risks involved with working out in shorts. The potential for a loose lip to pop out increases with every squat thrust. And working out in pants is simply not an option. B-Skinz Compression... [More]


Gypsy Junkies Sable Cropped Sweatshirt

We never thought we'd find ourselves fashion-lusting for a cropped sweatshirt. Didn't that look die with the VHS release of Flashdance? Well, Gypsy Junkies has proven us wrong with this Sable Cropped Sweatshirt ($69), and it's all thanks to the genius combination of crushed velvet with a sheer floral overlay.... [More]


Zoë's Cherry Blossom Chocolates

Easter treats aren't just for kids, and they also don't have to mean stale grocery store bunnies or Cadbury Creme Eggs (not that we're knocking old reliable Cadbury). We figure this year, we'll put together our very own basket, and we'll be stuffing it with this box of Zoë's Cherry... [More]


Fox Studs

How adorable are these Fox Studs ($23)? The real mammal deal might be hard on the local poultry, but rendered in simple black and white in a playful pose, these foxy accessories are just too darned cute to resist.... [More]


Dana Leather Tee

It can be a long hard journey for a leather-lover to find a top for everyday use (finding leather pants, on the other hand, is a much quicker endeavor). But the journey comes to an end with the Dana Leather Tee ($198)! The front is 100% genuine leather (the back... [More]


Contrast Shoulder Bag With Chain Strap

Wow! This Contrast Shoulder Bag With Chain Strap ($124) really makes us hungry for blueberry cheesecake! This purse, like blueberry cheesecake, makes a superb use of contrasting dark blue and cream. And unlike cheesecake, the purse won't make things you put into it all slimy.... [More]


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Compact Makeup with Sunscreen

There is no such thing as too much sunscreen. No matter what time of year it is, SPF protection (and proper birth control) should be part of your daily routine. So after you've layered on the SPF 35 moisturizer, apply the Healthy Skin Compact Makeup with Sunscreen ($13) from Neutrogena.... [More]


Skull Pattern Rhinestone Shirt

From the back this looks like a sweet, calm shirt...from the back. This Skull Pattern Rhinestone Shirt ($31) is unassuming at first and downright terrifying once you take it all in. If we were you, we'd keep our fingers away from those frighteningly realistic teeth.... [More]


Panacea Necklace

Yep, all your favorite continents are there - except Antarctica, the rhubarb to the rest of the flavors of the world. The Panacea Necklace ($100) is a posh way to show how worldly you are, and makes a quick reference guide if you forget where Greenland is. Though we can't... [More]


Sin in Linen Skullstar Black Sheet Set

Are you so badass that you're even badass as you get into bed? Or should we rephrase that to ask if you're badass especially when you're in bed? Either way, pay homage to your darker side by slipping under the Sin in Linen Skullstar sheets ($60-116) at night. Each set... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Shakespearean Insult Bandages

Why not add insult to injury? Shakespearean Insult Bandages ($5)... [More]


Daniel Silk Shift Dress

Do you always forget where your pockets are? Do you wish there was some way - any way - to remember? Then the Daniel Silk Shift Dress ($185) is just for you! In addition to unforgettable pockets, this dress also offers the smooth caress of pure silk.... [More]


Shadylace Parasol

Sure, it's a lot for a patio umbrella, but we can't help but fall for this Shadylace Parasol ($246). The leaf pattern isn't just playfully original - its lace-like effect lets just the right amount of sunshine through. We think it's perfect for places where we're a little short on... [More]


Boutique 9 Nerissa Heels

Like the waves of the sea, these Boutique 9 Nerissa Heels ($165) are crashing into our hearts. We are captivated by the curves of these shoes, and they will doubtless capsize our budgets.... [More]


Mata Hari x Melody Ehsani Heart Clutch

Finally, something heart-themed you can wear to your street-fighting matches! The Mata Hari x Melody Ehsani Heart Clutch ($68) is an good little clutch with a bad attitude! It comes with a leather strap for carrying it by hand, and a gold rope for swinging it over your head like... [More]


Chrome Bond Lighter

It would not look at all cool if we were to use this Chrome Bond Lighter ($36) to fire ourselves up a Marlboro. Who are we kidding? It'd look badass as hell, in a circa-1970 sort of way. But since lung cancer is definitely not stylish, we'll stick to using... [More]


Loose Strip Black-Yellow Jumper

You see a lot of stripes in the wild, but only bees know how to keep it simple (we're talking to you, zebras!). This Loose Strip Black-Yellow Jumper ($90) is the perfect thing to hide your boring, one-color human coat! Be the bee!... [More]


Green Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

Warning: do not use this Green Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag ($79) when you're having one of those sweatpants-and-no-makeup days. This bright teal shoulder bag with its bold red accents is guaranteed to attract attention. Then again, though, people might be so busy envying your bag that they'll fail to notice... [More]


Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Periwinkle

If you're one of the lucky few to boast ginger locks and emerald eyes, feast your shamrocks on this. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Periwinkle ($20) will ignite your hues and highlight your tones in a very rainbow-tastic kind of way. Just make sure not to... [More]


Sexy Spandex Fashion Leggings

Thigh-high laces, black spandex, and ornate designs! The Sexy Spandex Fashion Leggings ($16) are like their own burlesque closet! These tights are - to quote the drunk guy that hit on you at the bar - "in violation of being too sexy."... [More]


Cylinder Shakers

These Cylinder Shakers ($52 - $60) are about as classic as it gets: simple salt and pepper dispensers in a brass, copper, or aluminum finish. They're great for everyday use, but we think they'll also look pretty snazzy next to our fancy-pants special occasion dinnerware.... [More]


Slash Cutout Wedge

It's fun when stuff has holes shaped like other stuff! These Slash Cutout Wedges ($268) have cross-shaped holes cut into them, like the windows of a shoe-sized church! Imagine all the hours of fun you can have sticking your fingers in them and looking through them - it's just like... [More]


Lydia Stripe Skirt

You can't go wrong with stripes! ...well, actually you can. And big time! But you can't go wrong with the stripes in the Lydia Stripe Skirt ($42), because you can't go wrong with black-and-white contrast! ...well...... [More]


Bungalow 5 Marisa Dresser

Can you just imagine how awesome this lacquered Marisa Dresser ($inquire) from Bungalow 5 would look perched on a black and white tile floor? Add a bright teal or mustard-colored rug and you've got yourself a modern and whimsical room with minimal effort. Except for digging deeply into your pockets.... [More]


Peruvian Viking Crochet Knit Beanie

Of course the Vikings were fashionable! They pretty much mastered pointy flourishes! Celebrate their legacy with the Peruvian Viking Crochet Knit Beanie ($35)! This fun hat trades puffball tassels for the braids of a warrior princess! Also available in charcoal.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Nykelle Bracelets

Adorable and affordable jewelry that counts as a good deed when it's purchased? That's our kinda bling! Nykelle Bracelets ($14), crafted by at-risk youth through The Shine Project, are made from one-of-a-kind beads strung on a simple gold chain. A single one comes in under our Cheap Thrill cutoff, but... [More]


LED Screen Rhinestone Belt Buckle

The LED Screen Rhinestone Belt Buckle ($53) is the accessory version of the popular LED screen shirt, which was itself made popular by people starved for attention. The belt version works because it's less obtrusive than the shirt, but just as fun. But remember, the only thing keeping this from... [More]


Black Scallop Fringe Necklace

We've decided that we need a little more drama in our lives. No, we don't mean the kind that has us sobbing while we consume an entire cake by ourselves. We mean the sort that makes a serious impact when we step into the room. This Black Scallop Fringe Necklace... [More]


Chicken Wire Glass Insert Candle Holder

Wedding season will be upon us sooner than you think, which means it's not too early to start planning the decor for your rustic-barn-and-farmyard-themed big day. Source those hay bales, adopt some chickens, and make sure you stock up on these Chicken Wire Glass Insert Candle Holders ($5 each). Stocked... [More]


Vintage Love Letter Necklace

Even at our most cynical, this Vintage Love Letter Necklace ($100) makes us feel like a 'tween watching The Notebook for the first time! It's just so romantic, wearing a personalized message from your own Ryan Gosling around your neck everywhere you go...and it's metal, so it lasts forever...oh no,... [More]


Loose Paris Pullover

Paris and New York City must have a T-shirt rivalry. And NYC may have the numbers, but Paris has got the style. Just take this Loose Paris Pullover ($40) - its loose knit, wide collar, and cute design make it a worthwhile shirt whether you've been to the City of... [More]


MOONSHINE Limited Edition Cologne

Never thought you'd want your man to smell like a backwoods drunk? Then you obviously haven't had a whiff of this MOONSHINE Limited Edition Cologne ($25). If we opened up a dodgy mason jar to a musky, herb-spiked aroma like this, you better believe we'd be taking a shot, risk... [More]


Motel Hollyanna Sleeveless Dress

Dress up like a ritzy bathroom wall! The Motel Hollyanna Sleeveless Dress ($60) has a unique tiled print with an ombré fade. In the right light, the white at the bottom looks like rising steam! (We're just saying, this dress reminds us of a bathroom.)... [More]


Ring Calendar

We could totally Zen out to this Ring Calendar ($62) from designer Sebastian Bergne. Its overlapped, ultrasimplistic circles give it a sleek, timeless style that makes it as much a piece of stunning wall art as a time-telling device. In fact, its look is so soothing, we can almost forget... [More]


Suntory Yamakazi 18 Year Single Malt

Suntory Yamakazi 18 Year Single Malt ($180) is a good reason to start paying attention to Japanese whiskeys if you haven't already. This award-winning, beautifully aromatic stuff combines rich notes of burnt sugar, cedar and pepper in a concoction that gives the likes of Glenfiddich a run for their... [More]


Black Tassel T-Shirt In Donald Print

Mickey Mouse was always a little too wholesome, but Donald... he's a hardened sailor with anger-management issues! Show your love for Disney's edgiest character with this Black Tassel T-shirt ($49), complete with asymmetrical design and purple highlights.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Ombre Seamless Hair Ties

Like an impressionable young musical theater student to a Judy Garland marathon, we are drawn to these Ombre Seamless Hair Ties ($9). We can't get enough of them. We've been wearing them as bracelets, sporting team-color combinations, matching them to high-end accessories, offsetting neon-inspired outfits with pastel shades. Oh, and... [More]


Rosetta Stone Brass Cuff

We're just a little bit obsessed with the collection over at Jezebel Charms. It's a veritable treasure trove of shiny things no history or literature buff will be able to resist. Our current favorite is this Rosetta Stone Brass Cuff ($44). It reproduces some of the text of the trilingual... [More]


TokyoMilk Octopus Bubble Bath

It may not be possible to travel 20,000 leagues under the sea in search of the giant squid. Well, at least for anyone who isn't James Cameron. So welcome this cutie-pie octopus into your tub. This TokyoMilk Bubble Bath ($22) luckily smells nothing like the sea creature itself, but instead... [More]


Hinoki Closet Hook

Keep critters at bay and add a fresh, woodsy aroma to your closet with this Hinoki Closet Hook ($30). The knotted block of cedar repels insects naturally. Just hang it up and forget about it.... [More]


Custom Beach Earrings

It's something of a habit. Every time we go someplace sunny and beautiful for vacation, we cart home a plastic baggie full of sand with the vague notion that we'll use it for some kind of project we never get around to actually doing. Well, we've finally found a way... [More]


Solitary Bee Hives

Thinking of all those sad, homeless bees making their lonely way through the world breaks our admittedly squishy hearts. That's why we'll be picking up this set of three Solitary Bee Hives ($33). At least then, those poor lost souls will have cozy little places to call home (and as... [More]


Studded Beanie

It's just like Coco Chanel once said: "#*$# that @#!* that doesn't have studs on it!" (Pardon her French.) The Studded Beanie ($21) has that in-your-face attitude that has normal, un-studded beanies sleeping with the lights on!... [More]


Parallels Colorblock Clutch

Funny story: the Parallels Colorblock Clutch ($65) was made by an ignorant purse-maker trying to recreate the Irish flag. His blunder is our gain, with this vibrant clutch combining black vegan leather, mustard suede, and blue pony hair!... [More]


Cheese Plate with Erasable Pencil

All your friends hopping onto the chalkboard serving plate trend like sticky burrs onto a golden retriever? Dare to be different. Serve your Roquefort on this Cheese Plate with Erasable Pencil ($25). Personally, we think the writeable white ceramic looks a heck of a lot less dodgy than that who-knows-how-you-clean-it... [More]


Calvin Klein Continuity Bracelet

There's something vaguely hypnotic about this Calvin Klein Continuity Bracelet ($93). It's like the narrow, cat-pupil-shaped green stone is staring at us, demanding that we order that extra cupcake. Yes: our increased level of cupcake consumption is almost certainly the bracelet's fault.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Franny Flops Her Fringed Flappers

Franny writes: "Dear Outblush, I need a bikini and my boobs were small anyway and now they're saggy from being pregnant with and then nursing my two boys. I'm interested in a bikini with either fringe or a rufffle or something that will disguise the boob situation. The bottoms can... [More]


Mad Dash Skirt

If this Mad Dash Skirt ($48) was printed in actual Morse code, we're pretty sure its pattern would spell out enticing comments about how alluring it'd look paired with our favorite black tees.... [More]


Lolë Thea Headband

Keep your hair in line through even the craziest asanas with this Lolë Thea Headband ($15). The triple-strap design works great to keep those locks in place and looks more stylish than your average sweatband. We're also digging how the range of available colors will help us brighten up our... [More]


Bobbi Brown Eye Collection

You might as well just go ahead and give Bobbi Brown access to your firstborn's 529, because that's the only way anyone would be able to afford buying all of her exquisite creations. This Eye Collection ($75) comes complete with a quad palette, a dual-ended shadow-liner brush, an eye pencil... [More]


Balloon Tattoo Tights

Okay, tattoo tights are nothing new. We liked these Balloon Tattoo Tights ($14), but weren't going to post them until we saw the words inside the balloons: "Mind Game." It's got us thinking about them a little too much, which proves that they actually can get into one's head!... [More]


Ever After Lace Neck Blouse

With its sheer body and elegantly detailed neckline and hem, this Ever After Lace Neck Blouse is more prettily feminine than a kitten and a unicorn taking a bubble bath. And at $38, it's significantly more probable.... [More]


Twiggy Ring

No, not that Twiggy, but given how slender this Twiggy Ring ($18) is, we understand the confusion. This environmentally conscious ring is great for nature-lovers, outdoorsy types, and beavers.... [More]


Cicada Wings Mobile

News flash: not all mobiles are designed to be hung over cribs. For example, there's nothing childish about this Cicada Wings Mobile ($56). It's light and delicate, with subtle splashes of color, and it makes a beautiful accent for even the most sophisticated decor.... [More]


Screw Front and Back Earrings

Do you want your ears to look like that table we built when we were drunk? These Screw Front and Back Earrings ($7) will do the trick! With a realistic screw design, you'll fool anyone who is unfamiliar with how earrings work!... [More]


Bond No. 9 New York Bon Bon Eau de Parfum Box

You're getting married this summer and couldn't decide between the eighteen sorority sisters who all stuck by you through Chet, Daniel, Thad, Chad, and Brad when it came time to select the bridal party. So finding gifts for all those maids has been an expensive endeavor. Simplify and economize with... [More]


Ava Top

Check out the vintage touches in this Ava Top ($46) - the soft taupe hue, the gently gathered shoulder seams, and the loose, blousy fit. We think that's already a pretty fab package, but throw in that stunning faux-leather detail on the back and the look leaps from sweet to... [More]


Gummy Bears Earbud Headphones

No, these Gummy Bears Earbud Headphones ($12) aren't edible... just adorable! Available in blue, red, and green.... [More]


Hand of Fatima Necklace

Traditionally, the Hand of Fatima is a charm used to ward off evil, but slap it against a black onyx pendant and you've got yourself a stylish necklace! This piece ($28) may or may not offer spiritual protection, but it will keep you safe from run-of-the-mill accessories.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Kuhn Rikon Mini Icing Spatula

While the prospect of frosting three dozen miniature cupcakes seems daunting, you'll get through it in record time with a Kuhn Rikon Mini Icing Spatula ($4). The small size is ideal for spreading icing onto cookies, too - or, better yet, scraping the last of the frosting from the bowl... [More]


Nickel Tower Clock

We absolutely should not be spending this much money on an essentially useless piece of home decor. After all, what is this Nickel Tower Clock ($348) going to do for us? Does it make healthy smoothies? Massage our feet after a long day at work? No, it just sits on... [More]


Aspiga Luna Gold Sandals

We pretty much live in our sandals through the summer, so why shouldn't we drop a few bucks to pick up a pair that won't lose their allure or fall to pieces on us halfway through the season? The Aspiga Luna Gold Sandals ($112) look seriously stylish with their wide... [More]


Plant Hardly Wait Dress

This Plant Hardly Wait Dress ($60) is driving us cabana crazy! That print is Miami-motel chic in the most nouveau way. Simplistic and not at all trashy, this frock (plus some cork wedges and turquoise accents) will have us feeling South Beach sassy in no time.... [More]


Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Sometimes mittens just don't cut the mustard. Keep the frostbite at bay with this Rechargeable Hand Warmer ($30). It's small and sleek enough to easily fit into your purse, and packs four hours of digit-thawing power. Just plug it in and it'll be ready to rock and roll the next... [More]



Yes, they're an abomination. Their nasal passages are dysfunctional, they've got bladders the size of peanuts, and they're about as clever as a busload of concussed hockey players. We don't care. Pugs are fabulous. We'll share our love of the noseless little monsters with pride by wearing this CHESTER&COMPANY Pug... [More]


En Root Moisturize My Hair Conditioner

A conditioner is a conditioner unless it is made by En Root. Then it is a veritable vitamin smoothie for your 'do. This Moisturize My Hair Conditioner ($15) gives your locks a sucker punch of vitamins A, C, and E, so your hair has more to talk about than just... [More]


Chambray Eyelet Trim Skirt

Bring on sandal weather: there's no way we'd mar the summery look of this Chambray Eyelet Trim Skirt ($60) with a pair of leggings. This piece just begs to be worn while we're sipping iced tea on a sun-soaked front porch.... [More]


Cartoon Cat Design Bag

Yep, it's another cat-themed product that you dog people will just have to sit through. The Cartoon Cat Design Bag ($76) takes shimmery-eyed pouts to a whole new level! Just look at that face... maybe if you stick your wallet and some makeup in him it would cheer him up.... [More]


PUMA Diva Ballerina Sneaker

We have quite the collection of ballerina flats, in a veritable rainbow of bright hues, metallics, and the odd animal print. But let's face it: none of them are particularly great for days when we actually have to move around. The PUMA Diva Ballerina Sneaker ($75), on the other hand,... [More]


Contigo AUTOSEAL Kids Stainless Steel Scout Cup

If you have traveled any distance with a child in your car, you know it takes about .04 miles before they spill whatever it is that they are drinking all over the backseat. And more often than not, it's something that will smell tremendously bad after only one afternoon of... [More]


Ozzy Osbourne Leather Trim Tank

Little known fact: before The Osbournes, the family's patriarch was actually a musician! It's true - he was in a band and everything! You can show off your knowledge of ancient history with the Ozzy Osbourne Leather Trim Tank ($50).... [More]


LUSH Cythia Sylvia Stout

Perfect for showering off a St. Patrick's Day hangover, Cythia Sylvia Stout ($10-30) is made with vegan stout beer, an ingredient you would otherwise underestimate as a haircare product. But considering how powerful stout is when you drink it, imagine the wonders it can do for your 'do. It gives... [More]


Fur Comb Knit Shorts

These Fur Comb Knit Shorts ($15) are bringing us one step closer to having an entire outfit made from comfy knitting! They're soft, cute, and come with fluffball tassels! All we need now is knit panties and our ensemble will be complete!... [More]


Mini Bowling Bag with Zips

When discussing fashion icons of the '90s, you hear about women like Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani, but there's one style guru whose name always goes unmentioned, and that's The Dude (Jeff Lebowski). As an homage to the debonair bowler, Zara presents this Mini Bowling Bag with Zips ($80).... [More]


George Nelson China Shop Tray

Never fear! The darling mod-style George Nelson China Shop Tray ($90) is much sturdier than its name suggests. It's made from thermoset polymer, so it can withstand being pummeled by hot water in the dishwasher or dropped onto a cement patio. But, for obvious reasons, we decided to skip testing... [More]


Prime Floridian Flat

How sweetly summery are these Prime Floridian Flats ($50)? The handmade look of the straw-covered upper and embroidered flower detailing makes them seem like something we could have bought at a street stall on a remote tropical island, if we'd ever been to a remote tropical island. (Note to selves:... [More]


Personal Shopper: Black, Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaids' Dresses for Kayla's Wedding

Kayla R. writes: "I am in the midst of wedding planning while finishing up my degree and job hunting. One task that I am completley overwhelmed with is finding bridesmaid dresses. I would like to give my miads a handful of dresses to choose from with a few regulations. The... [More]


Beach Club Basket Beth

The act of carrying things from one place to another reached its peak with the woven basket - but in these modern times, baskets are only socially acceptable for picnics! Kate Spade to the rescue, with the Beach Club Basket Beth ($198)! This handbag is woven in rubber with a... [More]


Dress the Population Sarah Lace Top

Before there was dip-dyeing, people used to just sew different colors onto their clothes. The Sarah Lace Top ($149) by Dress the Population has the contrast of a dip-dyed shirt, but with the classic elegance of crochet.... [More]


Chwaka Beach Bag

Save your back and strip the contents of your purse down to the minimum. When you do find yourself in need of extra space for some shopping or a trip to the beach, just grab this Chwaka Beach Bag ($33). Not only will its voluminous insides hold just about anything... [More]


Petroleum Small Gold Pendant

It's probably the world's most precious resource, so why shouldn't we see it transformed into a piece of fine jewelry? This Petroleum Small Gold Pendant ($376) turns that black gold into a solid centerpiece for a beautifully designed necklace. Just think what a nice piece of memorabilia it'll be when... [More]


Chalkboard Wall Clock

We're chock-full of ideas for things we can do with this Chalkboard Wall Clock ($20). We could use it to add an extra bit of urgency to scribbled reminders, or could name all the hours after our favorite '80s pop icons. If we were artistically inclined, we could even make... [More]


Sassy Stripe Freetime Pants

Can we just say how much we love the entire concept of "freetime pants"? This Sassy Stripe ($48) pair just introduced us to the idea, and we're flipping for it. Why shouldn't we have a special wardrobe for days when we've got a boatload of nothing on our agenda?... [More]


Black Aztec Print Umbrella

No, a Black Aztec isn't a drink made with Kahlúa and chocolate milk (we just made that up, but doesn't it sound good?)... It's the pattern on the Black Aztec Print Umbrella ($20)! Did you know that geometric patterns are more waterproof than abstract and figural designs?... [More]


T-Rex Attack Metal Art Bookends

Don't let those tiny arms fool you: there's nothing silly about an angry carnivorous dinosaur. Oh, who are we kidding? Even when they're chasing hapless humans, as in the scene depicted in this set of T-Rex Attack Metal Art Bookends ($43), they make us giggle like schoolchildren.... [More]


Torn Helena Body Suit

We'd be fans of this Torn Helena Body Suit ($99) even if it did end at the waist, thanks to its slinky metallic look. The fact that we could potentially tear off our pants while wearing it and bust some Flashdance-style moves just makes it that much more fabulous.... [More]


Vita V Home Timu Vase

Not all cultures are familiar with ceramics, and so some civilizations must create their rustic furnishings from sticks.* We are familiar with ceramics, and so we use our knowledge to make furnishings that look like they were made from sticks. Timu Vase ($61 small, $80 large) *Fabric and metal are... [More]


Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil

We understand that bringing new life into the world is going to mean a certain amount of battering and abuse for our poor bodies. But that doesn't mean we have to take it lying down. This Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil ($28) helps keep skin moist and conditioned to prevent and... [More]


Baroque Jewelled Pendant

You don't need five-inch spikes or fluorescent cat heads to make your jewelry stand out - sometimes simpler is better. The Baroque Jewelled Pendant ($12) is very simple, and yet still makes a powerful impact when you walk into a room.... [More]


Fox T-Shirt

Remember this guy from your vision quest? You'll never be without your animal spirit guide when you have this Fox T-Shirt ($38). In his mouth are the keys to your spiritual enlightenment... or the house keys you left at work.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Mustache Bandages

Face furniture is beyond hot. Evidence: these Mustache Bandages ($6). Now even your cuts and scrapes can sport a jaunty chevron or handlebar. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]


Visconti Table Lamp

If there's a hole going through it, it must be artistic! The Visconti Table Lamp ($248) is a great way to knock both "table lamp" and "modern art" off your home shopping list. The sophistication of this stylish appliance will make up for the trash and clutter everywhere.... [More]


Silver Spike Necklace

It's a shame you can't wear your spiky punk jewelry to classy events... or can you? This Silver Spike Necklace ($43) features the best of both aesthetics: the edginess of a spike necklace with the elegance of silver and clear crystal facets.... [More]


Girly Bird Dress

If we could fly away from the stress and monotony of everyday tasks, we'd do so in this Girly Bird Dress ($42). Precious and sleeveless, this springtime sensation will look darling with flats and sweet diamond studs. Here's hoping it comes packaged with a pair of wings.... [More]


Bialetti Aeturnum Saute Pan Set

We all know Teflon is shady. That doesn't mean that you have to be paranoid about all cooking surfaces. This Bialetti Aeturnum Saute Pan Set ($80) uses some seriously modern wizardry to create its "nano-ceramic" coating. But don't let that name make you worry about tiny robots getting into your... [More]


Connect the Dots Dress

Talk about classic - this Connect the Dots Dress ($49) rocks a seriously timeless style with its simple faux-wrap cut and delightfully basic black polka-dot pattern. The included (and fabulous) black flower belt is just the icing on the cake.... [More]


Baby Bunny Shoes

We do not normally advocate shelling out $40 for an article of clothing that serves no practical purpose and which will be grown out of in a month, but we're making an exception for these Baby Bunny Shoes from Etsy seller Wooly baby. These soft wool slippers are pretty much... [More]


eDiva Beauty Organizer

... because there's only so much room on your bathroom sink and the top of the toilet! This eDiva Beauty Organizer ($198 or $297) is a godsend for busybodies with no patience for cleaning! Choose between two sizes with five or six drawers, plus mini-dividers, and save that extra bathroom... [More]


Silicone Cooking Bags

Move over, single-use Ziploc bag, we've found yet another way to reduce waste and make our lives easier. These Silicone Cooking Bags ($20 each) are ideal for storing leftovers and then popping them right into the microwave for reheating. They also work just great in the freezer, and can even... [More]


Kipik Toothpick Holder

You guys, we'd like you to meet our new party pal, Englebert the Hedgehog. He assists with cocktail weenie-stabbing and olive-skewering. We befriended him not only because he's adorable, but also because he can kick it on the table or perch on the lid of a bowl. So versatile, so... [More]


Stone Age Bangle

Want to fabulously accessorize your wrist and give your arm a nice daily workout? Just slide on this Stone Age Bangle ($138). This rock-solid piece boasts enough heft to get those biceps burning. We recommend buying two - after all, you don't want your shoulders looking lopsided.... [More]


Galaxy Skinny Pants with Harlequin Print

"Oh wow! My legs look super sexy in these clown pants!" That's not something you'd typically hear, but the Galaxy Skinny Pants with Harlequin Print ($90) are changing that. These draw attention to the legs poured into them!... [More]


Ombre Beanie

Most people are happy to see winter go...but not hat people. For them, we present the Ombre Beanie ($18), a beanie for all seasons! This soft and stretchy cap is only made more desirable by the muted blue gradient design.... [More]


Coffee Isn't a Drug...It's a Vitamin

We may come across as raging alcoholics on the rare occasion. But in truth, we are coffee addicts. Literally, nothing comes between us and our daily caffeinated dose. Neither newborn nor puppy dog, flat tire nor unpaid electricity bill, can stop us from pumping that sweet, sweet speed coffee. This... [More]



That unassuming little bird is such a bad influence on you! He's lost in sin, and if you wear the LOST IN SIN T-Shirt ($19), you're no better than he is! Still, the small print leaves us with something to think about: "Kill all my demons and my angels die... [More]


Personal Shopper: Lauren Laces Up

"Hey Gals- You have helped me a couple of times in the past and I love reading your blog.... Kinda a daily obsession!!! I found this dress Adrianna Papell Lace dress online and fell in love but sadly they are out of stock and won't be re-ordering my size :-(... [More]


Seesawing Rabbits Screen Print

The Seesawing Rabbits Screen Print ($43) just proves it's fun to watch animals fail at doing human things. Look at them - they just can't seem to figure it out, even though it's childishly simple! Other potential prints would be rabbits trying to do taxes, and rabbits hanging pictures of... [More]


Romeo & Juliet Couture Sequined Tank Dress

You like sequins, you like stripes - what's the problem? There's no problem with this Sequined Tank Dress ($84) by Romeo & Juliet Couture. It's got glimmer all over, with some small gold stones thrown in just in case there wasn't enough sparkle.... [More]


Portable Everlasting Plant

"Plants are so easy," they say. "All you have to do is water them," they say. Tell that to the ghosts of the hibiscus trees, orchids, and even cacti that came to our apartments to die! Some of us have green thumbs, while others have thumbs that are as black... [More]


Bonpoint Week Hairpins

Day-of-the-week undies, planners, and magnets have made your life infinitely easier to keep organized and scheduled. Add these Week Hairpins ($87) to the list and you'll never forget what day it is. Unless of course it is Saturday or Sunday. Then you are S.O.L., we're afraid.... [More]


Restricted Bookworm Pump

Why are we nuts for this Restricted Bookworm Pump ($85)? For one thing, check out that perfect shade of soft coral pink. For another, when's the last time you saw a shoe that combined a sexy five-inch heel with classic penny-loafer styling? It's like washing down a piece of whole... [More]


The Time Necklace

What's better than a vintage clock necklace? A vintage clock necklace with a bell tassel! This piece ($30) is so committed to being an antique that the mechanism doesn't even work! How's that for realism? But the important thing is that it looks good, and anyway, guys aren't looking at... [More]


Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor

Meet your personal guilt-free dessert factory. This Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor ($70) takes boring old berries and bananas and transforms them into a delicious, soft-serve-style frozen treat. Come up with your own flavor combinations and chow down on them without having to devote a single brain cell to wondering... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: March 11, 2012

You're going to have to put a bit of thought into this week's lookalike poll. Every bag has a different aesthetic, from beachy boho to evening chic to uptown modern. Vote for your favorite purse and cross your fingers that it, and its affordable lookalikes, will be featured in next... [More]


Herbivore Botanicals Detox Bath Salts

Stop right there. Do not reach for that Bloody Mary. As fabulous as we know it sounds, all it does is put off that hangover for an extra hour or two. If you really want to turn a rough morning around, plop yourself in the tub with a healthy shake... [More]


Milo Wallet

Unless they're related to an acne outbreak, dots make everything more adorable. This Milo Wallet ($194) is a perfect example - a sweet little piece in vegetable-tanned leather that makes the leap from classy to perfectly freaking precious thanks to its speckled pattern.... [More]


Denim Peplum Top

Call the fashion police. We're going to break the cardinal no-denim-on-denim rule, and it's all because of this Denim Peplum Top ($53). But we think we can make a strong case that the soft wash, feminine style, and colorful detailing make it totally wearable with our favorite blues.... [More]


Climbing Roses Gardening Fork

This Climbing Roses Gardening Fork ($15) is creating a serious dilemma for us. We bought it for mucking around in the ground, of course. But how can we risk scratching and generally dirtying up this perfectly pretty little tool? It's the gardening equivalent of those beautiful white dresses we buy... [More]


Geo Bracelet

A budget-friendly price tag, a stylishly asymmetrical look, and a subtle spectrum of takes on teal solidly win us over to the love of this Geo Bracelet ($16). We think it will go especially nicely with the collection of sundresses we've been busily accumulating in anticipation of warmer times.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Dino Candleholder

Sure, we swore off buying every silly knickknack that came our way, but we're going to have to break our promise for this Dino Candleholder ($10). We just can't say no. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under... [More]


Black Wings Chain Shoulder Bag

Every angel needs their wings - even badass fashionistas only posing as angels! While the Black Wings Chain Shoulder Bag ($85) doesn't actually feature black wings, the wings it does have still showcase an edgy grittiness that's not at all angelic.... [More]


Pocket Ref

Remember a time before every piece of information you could possibly want was available at the push of a touch screen? While we can't fault the convenience of being able to carry the entire Internet in our purses, we'll admit that when it comes to the facts, unless we know... [More]


NARS Soft Touch Corcovado Shadow Pencil

There can never be enough gold on your face. (Anything to catch the eye of that Channing Tatum look-alike.) This NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Corcovado ($24) will attract all sorts of people, and possibly a few magpies. Pro tip: this works great for lining lower lids.... [More]


Antique Toy Puppy Pillow

Not only is thomaspaul's Antique Toy Puppy Pillow ($22) totally darling, it's completely affordable, too. We mean, who up and decided that decorative throw pillows should come with hefty price tags? A hundo or more for something that just sits there until it gets shoved around so we can get... [More]


Madewell Striped Mini

This ticking-stripe pattern is one of our perennial favorites, whether we see it on a casual beach tote or a set of dish towels. We're particularly loving the way it's used in this Madewell Striped Mini ($68), which gains an extra level of cute from its contrasting pockets.... [More]


Thomaspaul Artifacts Dinner Tray

Unexpected company? Let the Artifacts Dinner Tray ($12) help you look like you're always prepared for the unannounced pop-in. Just don't mention to your guests that the Triscuit crackers you're serving them are almost as old as the ancient Romans depicted on this melamine plate.... [More]


Dara Ettinger Aleeva Earrings

Drop everything and take a look at these drop-dead-gorgeous drop earrings. Dara Ettinger is the master of natural media and these Aleeva Earrings ($187) are no exception to the rule. Amethyst and druzy stones dangle from your lobes in a luxurious way, elevating any everyday outfit to a dreamy ensemble.... [More]


Mally Lip Magnifier

Put the focus on your pout with Mally Lip Magnifier ($20). It layers your lips in silky, smooth luxury without the mess of a gloss. (So errant hairs have nothing to get trapped in.) Available in seven sensual shades, this pencil is sure to find its way into your purse... [More]


Creative Cursing: A Mix and Match Profanity Generator

We can get nasty in the office from time to time. Once all our menstrual cycles sync up, it is one giant bitchfest. You've probably experienced something similar in college or over a long winter holiday with family. Imagine how much worse it is when it's a reoccurring event with... [More]


Alloy Essential Yoga Pants

You do yoga to have a good body, so don't hide it in sweatpants! The Alloy Essential Yoga Pants ($30 - $35) feature a decorative foldover waistband that will really spice up your downward dog.... [More]


Lauren Merkin Eve

If you ask us, this Lauren Merkin Eve Clutch ($180) looks more like a daytime accessory than something we'd carry at night. But perhaps we're taking the name too literally? Eh, screw it. We're rocking the bright orange and the gold polka dots whenever we darn well please.... [More]


Mango Wood Bowl with Bark

Your neighbors are so incredibly full of themselves and their efforts to save the planet. You're sick of it. You can only listen to the Captains Planet rant and rave about the cost of nonbiodegradable sporks on the planet's ecosystem so many times before you go full Captain Pollution on... [More]


Plush Unicorn Slippers

Nothing says strong, sophisticated woman like giant Plush Unicorn Slippers ($25)! These ultracomfy slippers give you the unicorn magic you need to wake up right. (We like how they specify "for Grown Ups"...)... [More]


bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 4.0 The Next Big Thing

Enamored doesn't even begin to describe the way we feel about The Next Big Thing from bareMinerals ($30). Those four shades are rocking summer warmth in a very bold way. Rising Star, Hoopla, Smash Hit, and Ensemble radiate with feel-goods. Add a shimmering bronze cheek and you'll be set until... [More]



We're getting ready to face another warm season without air-conditioning. We'll grin, bear it, and stand in front of our powerful little Fanimation ($149) during the summer's heat waves. The retro-looking fan has all the conveniences of modern tabletop fans. It has three speeds and oscillates to help fill the... [More]


Chevron Maxi

We can't decide which we have a crush on more, this Chevron Maxi ($48) or the girl wearing it. Either way, we're buying it in the hopes of looking just as cute as she does. Slap on some bangles and drape on a necklace or two. PRESTO! Instant date outfit.... [More]

PS - Dariya - EyeGlass Sleeves small 2.jpg

Personal Shopper: Cute Compact Glasses Case for Dariya

Dariya writes: "I love reading your fashion blogs and very often find myself purchasing the items you post on your website. I come to you with a dilemma. Recently I have been required to wear glasses :( but with my spirits high, I chose a cute fashionable pair. Now the... [More]


Embellished Oversized Watch

We've got a friend whose hubby proposed to her with a ring from Claire's, and we used to see her getting envious looks from rock-hungry women who little guessed that her big-ass bling was actually a hunk of plastic. We're thinking this Embellished Oversized Watch ($23) will fall into the... [More]


Modern Two Tone Glasses

You can tell they're modern because they have not one but two colors! That didn't start happening in fashion until a few weeks ago (citation missing)! Anyway, for a posh, modern look, try on these Modern Two Tone Glasses ($10).... [More]


Stila In The Know Eye Shadow Palette

If you know anything about makeup, than you know that Stila palettes, such as this one ($39), are as good as it is going to get this spring. Featuring ten matte earth tones that will last you from warm weather through the colder seasons, this compilation has us feeling all... [More]


The Elvis Dog Biscuits

Your pooch may be nothing but a hound dog, but we think he still deserves a better-than-average treat every once in a while. The Elvis Dog Biscuits ($10) come in a flavor combination worthy of The King himself - banana, peanut butter, and nitrate-free turkey bacon. Heck, they sound so... [More]


Peabody Jones Vodka

It pays to be a little discerning when it comes to your alcohol. A bottle of Barton may be cheap as hell, but you'll regret it in the morning when the stale taste lingers in the back of your mouth. Ew! A bottle of Peabody Jones Vodka ($28), however, has... [More]


Skull Fruit Flower Enamel Ring

And you thought Carmen Miranda looked good when she was alive! This Skull Fruit Flower Enamel Ring ($10) is as colorful and vibrant as a samba singer should be, even in death. Just look at those sparkling rhinestones - you've never seen a skull so lively!... [More]


Winter Mugtail Set

While some of the cups in this Winter Mugtail set ($61) are certainly more ergonomic than others (c'mon, moose!), we'd be happy to have these woodland creatures holding our coffee or tea. They play really well into our Disney princess fantasy, where every animal under the sun adores us and... [More]


keri golf Sarah Cart Bag

Working on becoming a maven of the greens this summer? Have your caddy tote your clubs around in the Sarah Cart Bag ($335) from keri golf. It's modern, feminine, and tasteful, and says that you take your game seriously. Just be sure to master your swing and you'll be the... [More]


Office Ooh La La Platforms

If you have a sense of style, then you know that watermelon is one of the most fashionable fruits (way sexier than avocado - no contest). That's why these Ooh La La platforms ($99) from Office work so well! Lined in leather, these delicious heels are perfect for a summer... [More]


Disturb The Peace Muscle Tee

Smiley faces are uplifting, but they're certainly not fireproof! The Disturb The Peace Muscle Tee ($65) is what happens when you leave smiley faces unattended too close to the stove! With its funky design, this peace symbol is taken straight from a hippie's nightmare.... [More]


Too Faced The Secret To No Makeup Makeup

"The illusion of flawlessness" is not a phrase that sits well with us. But this The Secret To No Makeup Makeup ($39) means well. It enhances instead of masking, which is a problem we have with many other concealer/powder palettes. This works great for traveling, eliminating the need to carry... [More]


Yield Picnic Bag

Yay! We're having a picnic! We have all sorts of yummy snacks, the sun is shining, we've trekked out to this beautiful field, and...ew, the ground is wet. And dirty. And we're wearing cute picnic dresses that we don't want to mess up. Luckily we've packed our picnic in the... [More]


Plum & Bow Floral Hanky Shower Curtain

We're almost envious of our showers now that we've put up the Plum & Bow Floral Hanky Shower Curtain ($44). We wish it came with a matching neck scarf or a few extra yards of fabric. We'd definitely wear a fashionable version of the curtain out and about à la... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Earl Grey Lip Balm

Out of all the times you reach for the spoon and the kettle, how often do you actually get to properly enjoy that cup of tea? Not often enough. Curb your fix with Earl Grey Lip Balm ($5), a clear balm made from the best of ingredients that drowns your... [More]


Jonas Damon Wood Tool Set

Whether you're handy with home projects or not, you're going to want to keep a few essentials in your junk drawer. The Jonas Damon Wood Tool Set ($95) should keep you covered in case of emergency. It includes an LED flashlight for power outages or under-the-sink work, a ruler, a... [More]


Lamonì Lab Ozée Skin Care Line

What we originally thought was a joke turned out to be one of the best skin care lines we have seen in a while. Lamonì Lab recently developed their Ozée collection ($59-19), and - we're not joking here - it uses extract of snail slime. Well, some of the products... [More]


Dads are the Original Hipsters

We've been laughing our butts off at the Dads are the Original Hipsters Tumblr for a few weeks now (yes, we know we're late to the party). It's time to invest a few bucks in the Dads are the Original Hipsters Book ($), curated by the Tumblr's owner, Brad Getty.... [More]


Field Tool Box

Storage space at a premium in your place? Keep your gear in this Field Tool Box ($85). With its classic style and bright blue enamel finish, you won't mind leaving this one out in the open.... [More]


Pure Fix Glow in the Dark Fixie

You can wear all the blinking lights and reflective gear you want, but if your goal is to be seen while cycling at night, you can't really beat a Glow in the Dark Bike ($399).... [More]


Maaji Oceanica Dreams Bustier Bikini Top

When we say we want to stand out at the beach, we aren't looking for the same kind of attention the well-oiled jogger in the purple Speedo gets when he's bounding his daily way down the sand. We mean we want to sport some swimwear that looks flatteringly different from... [More]


Starburst on Stand

We're not usually much for objets d'art (too bougie), but we are definitely fans of fireworks. Unfortunately we can really only get our firework fix in the sweltering summer on the 4th of July, so, as impractical as it may be, we're considering this Starburst on Stand ($195) for its... [More]


MORE Cupcakes

Finally, someone gets it! MORE Cupcakes ($75 per dozen) totally give us the excuse we need to do what we're going to do anyway: eat MORE than we should. The box of yum contains twelve cupcakes in twelve different flavors like carrot and ginger, salt caramel, and chocolate champagne. Seriously,... [More]


Braid Necklace

It's the simple things in life that make all the difference: puppies, frosting from a can, and elegantly basic accessories like this Braid Necklace ($40). We love how its combination of red leather with delicate gold chain brightens up other wardrobe essentials, black tees for example.... [More]


Bluff City Light

Why does "industrial chic" have to mean boring old black-on-stainless-steel? We think a clean, modern design aesthetic should rock some color every once in a while. Take this Bluff City Light ($550), for example. With its caged metal design, it'll look sharp over our reclaimed kitchen island, but its bold... [More]


butter LONDON Hen Party Nail Lacquer

Having polish on your nails has become as necessary as having mascara on your lashes. But not every occasion requires the loud volume that some lacquers provide. butter LONDON Hen Party ($15) gives you the polished glamour you're used to without any obnoxious star sparkles* or neon. *We didn't mean... [More]


Dear Hancock Desk Collection Vol. 1

None of the desks so playfully portrayed on the Dear Hancock Desk Collection stationery ($16) remotely resemble our own workspaces. For that, the artist would have to create a "Desk with Old Cereal Bowls, Seven Unfinished Projects, and a Prodigious Collection of Neglected Sticky Notes" card, which we would probably... [More]


Kill City Stars and Stripes Hi-Wire Shorts

Show off your patriotism and your gams! The Stars and Stripes Hi-Wire Shorts ($88) from Kill City have a nice, faded look - just like Old Glory herself!... [More]


Addi Express Knitting Machine

Can't keep those needles whirring fast enough to keep up with friend-and-family demands for your scarves, hats, and bags? Pick yourself up the Addi Express Knitting Machine ($237) and you can be churning out freaking afghans in no time flat. Think the price tag seems hefty? Just think: you'll be... [More]


Dan and Dave Ultimate Deck

Think you're a serious card player? Then why aren't you dealing out some serious playing cards? The Ultimate Deck from Dan and Dave ($25) showcases stunning pieces of artwork on each and every card, varying gorgeously in color, tone and style. Use it to take your five-card stud to a... [More]


Personal Shopper: Lauren is Moving On Up

Lauren writes: "I am about to graduate this May, and I am looking to piece together the perfect graduation outfit that I can wear for the big day! More specifically, I'm looking for shoes. I've been looking everywhere for the perfect wedges; I'm a size 7.5, and would love to... [More]


Discovery Kids Fort Set

Forget board games and dolls. When it comes to beloved childhood playtime activities, nothing beats fort-building. We've got fond memories of making off with couch cushions and bedspreads to create shadowy palaces in our living rooms. But now that we're the ones who own said couches and bedspreads, we're a... [More]


Gizmon iCa iPhone 5 Case

Sure, there are lots of phone cases that look like cameras for that old-school vibe, and there are lots of phone accessories that might make your iPhone more like a camera, but the Gizmon iCa Case ($60) is really the only thing out there that pretty much turns your phone... [More]


Bad Breakup Whipped! Body Creme

The cheeky Bad Breakup Whipped! Body Creme ($11) by Villianess smells like, and we quote, "...heartbreak. Dragon's Blood, cheap cabernet, markdown chocolate and a pint of caramel ice-cream salted with your own tears." You can't get any more realistic than that! But don't worry, it may smell like sweet depression,... [More]


Boden Sixties Shell Top

Sale alert! We might have given this Boden Sixties Shell Top the pass at its original price tag, but for $34 we'll happily add this classic, versatile staple to the wardrobe. Its soft, draped style looks just as peachy on its own as it does under one of our favorite... [More]


DSLR Paparazzi Lamp

It's a pricey proposition, but for a camera fanatic who understands the value of a quality piece of equipment, this Paparazzi Lamp ($667) might just be worth it. It's certainly a standout piece, and the details are impeccable - right down to the removable lens hood.... [More]


Surf Sling

We're dreaming of summer and picturing ourselves paddling out into the waves on our longboards, catching a few great rides in between floating and flirting with cute fellow surfers. We are not thinking about what a pain it is to carry said boards to and from the car and up... [More]


Recycled Metal Windchimes

We can already imagine what these Recycled Metal Windchimes ($32) will sound like tinkling in the soft summer breeze as we sit on our porches sipping mojitos. Until the temperatures rise enough for us to enjoy the great outdoors, we'll just hang these low enough so the cat will play... [More]


Vintage European-Style Fruit Basket

Just think of how chic this Vintage European-Style Fruit Basket ($44) will look stuffed full of apples you have no intention of eating, or quaintly packed with those unfinished knitting projects. Heck, stuff it with raggedy socks and your cat will probably turn it into a fabulously rustic bed.... [More]


The iPhone Shutter Remote

We use our iPhone cameras for about 99.7 percent of our photography, so it's time to invest in some upgrades. First up, we totally need the iPhone Shutter Remote ($40) from Belkin. It makes taking group shots and selfies a breeze. Just prop your phone up with the included stand,... [More]


Urban Decay Ammo Palette

When a favorite item comes back into production, we tend to go a little crazy. So understandably, once we saw that the Urban Decay Ammo Palette ($34) was on the so-to-speak shelves once again, we did our bank account a disservice by snagging up more than one. Okay, maybe five.... [More]


Gotham Skyline Pendant

We're not sure if the best thing about the Gotham Skyline Pendant ($50-60, sold in two pieces) by GothamSmith is the tiny zeppelin in the sky or the fact that it has two parts. It's got geek-girl BFF necklace written all over it, and we're in love.... [More]


Candy Wrapper Clutch

Just how much fun is the vibrant whirlwind of colors we see in this Candy Wrapper Clutch ($48)? The same packages expressly designed to lure the gazes of small children also happen to be pretty darned eye-catching for us grown-up types.... [More]


Rosle Egg Topper

We've gazed at pictures in cookbooks and wondered how the hell those food stylists managed to make their eggs look ever-so-perfect, with their rounded tops exposed as they sit in their perfect little cups. Now we know: they were probably using this Rosle Egg Topper ($22). This funky gadget cracks... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Turquoise and Red Scalloped Cupcake Liners

Keep a stash of these bright Turquoise and Red Scalloped Cupcake Liners ($3.50) in your pantry. They make great diversions when you hand your guests cupcakes that fell on one side and have slightly runny frosting. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy!... [More]


TOMTOM Bronze Large Studder Stack Ring

We love stud accessories, but we can also admit we don't need to have studs adorning everything 24/7. On those days when our ensembles need just a little more edge, we'll slip on the TOMTOM Bronze Large Studder Stack Ring ($72) to make it clear we're forces to be reckoned... [More]


Deep Steep Sugar Scrub

Scrub away your dull winter skin with a few handfuls of the grapefruit- and bergamot-scented sugar scrub ($11) from Deep Steep. It's packed full of only the good stuff, like coconut oil, brown cane sugar, shea butter, and flower extracts. You'll leave the shower ready to bare your soft skin... [More]


Get Right Dress

We go back and forth between being excited for spring and wanting to cling onto winter. Get a little of both with this Get Right Dress ($52) from Wasteland. The lace inset and length scream spring, but the color (or lack thereof) is very much set in the gloomier months.... [More]


Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything Kit

We could not care less whether we can make the most perfect soufflé or pole-vault further than the rest of the girls. But there is one field where our competitive nature comes to the fore: looking good. That's why we're giving a double thumbs-up to this Benefit How To Look... [More]


Antik Batik Lana Tee

You already know we love all things with pink and purple stripes here at Outblush, and by now you've certainly picked up on our obsession with chevrons, so we're pleased to announce that this Antik Batik Lana Tee ($248) is the official spring uniform for our writers. And as such,... [More]


Onyx Skull Cocktail Ring

Why isn't every skull detail made from onyx?! The Onyx Skull Cocktail Ring ($78) knows how to do it - to really bring out the dark and menacing aspects of a skull design, you need a rock of solid black!... [More]


DevaCurl DevaDryer and DevaFuser

The DevaCurl DevaDryer and DevaFuser ($160) might look like a Buddha's hand fruit glued onto a hairdryer, but there's a method to the mad-looking gizmo. The diffuser has a 360-degree airflow to gently dry curls without sacrificing volume or definition - and it practically eliminates frizz. For those of us... [More]


Rosanna Rococo Noir Medium Cake Pedestal

Prissy pastries not for you? If you prefer a dark devil's food to a plate of pastel macaroons, the Rosanna Rococo Noir Medium Cake Pedestal ($65) might have a home in your kitchen cabinet.... [More]


Dimepiece I Want Control Graphic Cropped Top

There's nothing more attractive than a woman who knows what she wants! The Dimepiece I Want Control Graphic Cropped Top ($40) is for Type A personalities who prefer the direct approach. Because you and I both know that if you're not in control, it's just going to fall apart anyway,... [More]


Chocolate Zombie Bunny

You're already planning on devouring your Easter chocolates like one of the Infected, so why not start out with a seriously gruesome-looking Chocolate Zombie Bunny ($16)? It ain't easy saving the world from zombie rabbits, but someone ought to bite off their heads before they wreak havoc on the world's... [More]


Teenie Heart Necklace

Even though you can order the Teenie Heart Necklace ($101-380) by Jane Hollinger Jewelry in several different combinations of finishes and lengths, the sweetness of the style stays the same. We're all over delicate pieces this spring. They somehow seem like a fresh change of pace from neon bubble bibs.... [More]


Neon Pink Toe Cap Otavi Vellies

These amazing Neon Pink Toe Cap Otavi Vellies ($235) are handcrafted in Namibia from the hides of wild kudu. They're the modern version of the desert boot, made to endure hard weather conditions and built to last. We doubt you'll need to be crossing the Sahara any time soon, but... [More]



Tying a string around your finger to help you remember to do something is not nearly as helpful as an actual to-do list that states said thing you're trying to remember. But since to-do lists don't wrap nicely around your finger without a paper cut or two, the Memoring ($28)... [More]


Amella Gray Sea Salt Caramels

The Gray Sea Salt Caramels ($20) from Amella aren't just caramels. They're caramels made with blue agave nectar, dipped in dark chocolate, and sprinkled with sel gris, a high-quality sea salt harvested off the coast of Brittany. They're the ultimate in indulgent, so go easy and savor them one at... [More]


Wildfox Couture No Skinny Dipping Hoodie

While it sounds sexy and provocative, really it's just being sensible - why would you want to go skinny-dipping alone? Isn't that just, like, a bath? Regardless, we love the suggestive nature of the Wildfox Couture No Skinny Dipping Hoodie ($149).... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Leather Pony Wrap

A ponytail is just a ponytail until it's accented with a Leather Pony Wrap ($10). Then it's an opportunity to show off your stylish gunmetal side, which is infinitely more interesting than your average this-ponytail-means-I-haven't-showered-in-two-days side. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy!... [More]


Burberry Cotton Knit Bomber Jacket

Leave it to Burberry to create an item we desperately want even though 1) we can't afford it and 2) the photos are too model-y for us to even be 100% sure it looks the way we're picturing it. We're lusting after this Cotton Knit Bomber Jacket ($650), which we... [More]


Snackle Mouth Granola Nut Clusters

While the packaging on for the Snackle Mouth Granola Nut Clusters ($4) is off-putting (okay, slightly terrifying), the maple-bacon-flavored treats inside are well worth the initial awkwardness of ripping open the pig-nosed tiki man box. Expect a scrumptious and naturally sweetened snack of maple-covered bacon pieces, oats, and pecans. You're... [More]


Knitting Chart Keeper

We love to knit, and sometimes we get a little too excited and start working on multiple patterns at once. The variety is great, but trying to remember where we were in a pattern from just glancing at an in-progress project often leaves us scratching our heads. Our productivity dramatically... [More]


Own Silk Firming Concentrate

Get your skin in tip-top shape before summer by perfecting your glow. Our beauty secret? A bottle of Own Silk Firming Concentrate ($25). Just a small, daily pump of this serum will do. It's lightweight, so we won't be breaking out due to excess product, and when we put it... [More]


Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

While we would probably throw in the towel after guzzling down a single Irish Car Bomb, we're pretty sure we could eat at least three to four Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes ($48 per dozen). What can we say? Booze-laced sweets are our vice and these certainly take the cake (pun... [More]


Taylor Says Melons Heels

The whole line of Taylor Says shoes is admittedly in questionable taste; this pair in particular screams "Courtney Stodden Goes on a Picnic." But we're torn, because the Taylor Says Melons Heels ($129) are also pretty cute and clever - even if we'd only drag them out for Halloween.... [More]


Box Play Animal Collection

It's no secret that kids would rather play with an empty box than an expensive toy. Kick up their imaginations a notch by letting them add the Box Play Animal Collection ($14) to their cardboard "toys." It contains enough stickers to turn an empty milk carton into a cow, an... [More]


Cacao Retro Gift Set

Looking to fall into someone's good favor? Your boss, perhaps? Mother-in-law? Kill 'em with kindness! Oh, and a Cacao Retro Gift Set ($30) won't hurt the cause. It's full of old-school sweets, like whoopie pies, s'mores bars, oatmeal cream pies, and hello dolly bars. Certainly they'll thank you for an... [More]


Flying Dream Child Pendant Necklace

"Flying Dream Child" could be interpreted in a lot of different ways, but the Flying Dream Child pendant ($10) chooses one of the cuter options. This adorable little girl and her anatomically-challenged bird friend enact a pleasant and ethereal scene on this one-inch pendant.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Essence Lash Volumizing Powder

Your mother is a broken record about a lot of things, especially your single status. Get over it, mother! But she always whines and thrashes about every time you walk into her house with just the tiniest amount of mascara on. "Where did you get such long lashes?...I don't know... [More]