Cheap Thrill: Holidays Rule

Phew! It's finally safe to bust out Christmas tunes without getting the evil eye from everyone! If you get giddy over carols, too, check out this new compilation. Holidays Rule ($7) brings us old classics sung by new favorites. The best track? fun.'s version of "Sleigh Ride", by far! What's... [More]


Frayed & Fitted Strapless Dress

Make a resolution to invite a little more color into your life in 2013. You'll get a head start if you slip into the Frayed & Fitted Strapless Dress ($550) from Rebecca Taylor and wear it to your New Year's Eve party. But be warned, this peacock blue frock will... [More]


Mamaku Revival Gel

When desperate times call for desperate measures, consider flying in some of the miracle Mamaku Revival Gel ($47) from New Zealand. The gel is made in part from its namesake black fern plant, native to the island country, and it helps even the most damaged skin.... [More]


Steampunk Buckle Jacket

We secretly envy the convention kids. We wish we had the cojones to dress ourselves up like superheroes or, even better, wasp-waisted pseudo-Victorian vixens, and then run around in public. Sadly, we don't. But we do think we might just be able to convince ourselves to sport this Steampunk Buckle... [More]



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Bottle Screws

News flash: it is not necessary for you to polish off that entire bottle of wine just because you opened it. Plug it up with one of these Bottle Screws ($14), and it'll keep just fine for another day or two. Your liver and your grocery budget will thank you.... [More]


Madden Girl Geirard Boots

You saw a girl try these Madden Girl Geirard Boots ($70) on in the store the other day and walked out regretting not buying them on the spot. That blue zipper is just calling to you, begging to stand out in a crowd of monochromatic boot uppers. So fulfill your... [More]


Laguiole Steak Knives

Don't ruin your perfectly tender steak by ripping it to shreds with a subpar knife. Invest in a set that will slice through meat like it's butter. We're partial to French-made Laguiole Steak Knives ($59). This set is made of quality stainless steel and boasts neutrally colored handles. While they... [More]


Lilac Rouge

Lilac Rouge ($22) by Isa's Restoratives is unlike any other cheek and lip stain we've tried. It's concocted from wild herbs, organic oils, and pure vodka. Intrigued? We were, too! A little of the natural color will last you all day. Rub some into your lips and cheeks for a... [More]

True Religion Casey Leather Pants

True Religion Casey Stretch Leather Pants

Skinny leather pants are irresistibly sexy. Camel ones are just sexy in a more understated way. These True Religion Casey Stretch Leather Pants ($750) would look hot with a chunky sweater or a fitted blouse.... [More]


Nice Save Coaster Set

Honestly? We cringed a little on the inside when we first stumbled upon the Nice Save Coaster Set ($12). If the technology of our childhood is now mimicked as nothing more than something to stop stains from forming on our coffee table, then it means we're getting old! But hey,... [More]


Valerie Confections Everyday Indulgences Gift Box

We're glad this Everyday Indulgences Gift Box ($65) from Valerie Confections is labeled specifically for everyday munching. We aim to eat as much as we can every day until it's all gone. Err, we mean, we hope the recipient of this gift will enjoy gorging herself on toffee and three... [More]


Tinsel Tits Card

You aren't the kind of person to exude holiday cheer. Instead, you layer on the sarcasm and cultural insensitivity. Spread a little bah-humbug with the Tinsel Tits Card ($5). Technically, it's festive. But in reality, it's more like a big middle finger to all the egg-nogged enthusiasm and holly hullabaloo... [More]


Pyrite Stud Earrings

It might be called fool's gold, but we don't feel at all silly for loving these Pyrite Stud Earrings ($42), made with two stylish squares of the bane of every prospector's existence. There's nothing foolish about how perfectly they'll accompany all those boldly beaded statement necklaces we've been collecting.... [More]


Learn to Knit Kit

We are dying to snatch up several of these gorgeous Learn to Knit Kits ($62) from Purl Soho and give them to friends for the holidays. The kits include two beautiful skeins of merino wool yarn (you pick from twelve different colors!), a pair of birch knitting needles, a finishing... [More]

Love by Design Lace Back Sweater

Love by Design Lace Back Sweater

As much as we love sweaters, we must admit that they can sometimes get a bit boring. How exciting can a solid cardigan be? How sexy can a merino wool v-neck be? However, we're loving the Love by Design Lace Back Sweater ($48), because this is a fresh (and sexy)... [More]

EMU Australia Little Creatures Clown Fish Boots

EMU Australia Little Creatures Clown Fish Boots

You'll definitely be able to find your little Nemo when he rocks the EMU Australia Little Creatures Clown Fish Boots ($49)! These cozy merino-lined booties are adorned with a friendly little fish face.... [More]



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Beer Tasting Tool Kit

The market is jammed with more fine craft brews than ever, which means there's all the more potential for beer lovers to treat their taste buds. Do it properly with this Beer Tasting Tool Kit ($16). Use the included paper sleeves to cover labels, take thoughtful notes, and research tasting... [More]


Macon & Lesquoy Banana Pin

This tiny hand-embroidered Banana Pin ($30) is adorable, but you know you're going to have at least one jackass* ask you, "is that a banana on your shirt, or are you just happy to see me?" *We know that'll happen to you because it's exactly what we would do.... [More]


Birdseye Pom Trouser Sock

Toss on a bright red pair of Birdseye Pom Trouser Socks ($28) from Kate Spade and keep your feet toasty warm in the snow. The soft cotton and nylon blend socks pull all the way up to mid-thigh, so if you're rocking ankle boots, scrunch these down to let the... [More]


Secret Message Lanterns

Remember sixth grade, when finally revealing your true feelings to your crush meant writing a note with glitter and stickers on it and shoving it into a locker? We figure these Secret Message Lanterns ($18) are the more grown-up, sophisticated version of that technique. If you're feeling shy, just gift... [More]

Hand Knit Holiday Bottle Sweater

Hand Knit Holiday Bottle Sweater

Surprise your friend with her favorite bottle of vino packaged oh so prettily in this Hand Knit Holiday Bottle Sweater ($35).... [More]


Patty Cowl Neck Button Embellished Ruched Blouse Top

Unnecessary buttons are sometimes a fun little addition to life, making this Patty Cowl Neck Button Embellished Ruched Blouse Top ($40) a quirky addition to your autumn wardrobe. Long enough for legging wear, this sweater imposter is easy to add to a closet you thought was already buttoned up for... [More]


Agate Necklace

If this Agate Necklace ($151) had come with a set of four evenly placed hoops attached to it, we would have thought it was the world's classiest-while-still-deadly set of brass knuckles. But then we found out about these puppies.... [More]


Holiday Sweaters Gift Wrap Sheet

You may decide against donning a festive sweater adorned with a bedazzled Rudolph, but don't forgo using Holiday Sweaters Gift Wrap ($3) when you're trimming your packages. The pink paper sporting snuggly sweaters will stand out from the crowd of red and green, making your gift the most fought over... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: FWK Herringbone Hooded Padded Vest

Oh my, are we loving this FWK Herringbone Hooded Padded Vest ($460). It's a perfectly stylish piece for a bit of winter layering, but we're not so crazy about the car-payment-plus price tag. Happily, we've found a nearly spot-on lookalike in this MyHaroo Zip Accent Herringbone Vest ($122), right down... [More]


PAPERSELF Peacock Eyelashes

If we'd known what was good for us back then, we would have spent those study halls cutting ourselves out a pair of these PAPERSELF Peacock Eyelashes ($9) instead of wonky-looking snowflakes. Sporting these at the school dance would certainly have made us catch the eye of the class cutie,... [More]



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method OCEAN PLASTIC dish + hand soap

We're hoping that method's OCEAN PLASTIC dish + hand soap ($5) sets a new standard for cleaning supply companies. The bottles are molded from recovered ocean plastic and post-consumer waste. What's more, the plastic was collected by Method employees. The soap is biodegradable, and the bottles are recyclable. How's that... [More]

Rachel Zoe Hutton Flare Pants

Rachel Zoe Hutton Flare Pants

If you love the way Rachel Zoe's pants fit her, you're going to love these! The Rachel Zoe Hutton Flare Pants ($295) are like a dream come true for those of us who have to get dressed up in something other than skinny pants for work. These will fit and... [More]


ELYONA Baroque Bangle

The baroque style has all but taken over evening fashion this year, but sadly has not had such an impact on office wardrobes. Until that movement happens, the Baroque Bangle by ELYONA ($312) will hold you over. Metal-encased lace sits atop a velvet-enrobed cuff meant to be worn high or... [More]

Holiday Stocking Card Holder

Holiday Stocking Card Holder

Every year you vow that you won't let holiday cards pile up on your kitchen counter. Every year you break your vow, you jerk. The Holiday Stocking Card Holder ($28) would look great on that naked wall in your kitchen.... [More]


Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra

Don't get us wrong: we very much appreciate what the underwire does for us. But every now and then, we have a day where we'd happily give up the extra boost for some good, old-fashioned, wire-free comfort. With this Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra ($49), that doesn't have to... [More]


Oh Snap! Vintage Camera Print

You'd like to get your photog friend a gift she'll love this year. A lens is out of the question, both because of the cost and because you don't know the first thing about cameras (aperture what?), and she's too finicky about camera bags, straps and other accoutrements for you... [More]


What Katie Ate

We've been drooling over the fantastic food photography on What Katie ate for ages. The Australian food lover and photographer has inspired us to look at food as delicious, edible art, and what better way to start than by cracking open her new cookbook, What Katie Ate: Recipes and other... [More]


Warm Paint Box Votive Holder

When presentation is everything, set out the Warm Paint Box Votive Holder ($68). The wooden case contains eight votive holders in warm hues, reminiscent of an artist's paint box. Spread the glass holders around the room before you light your candles, and store them away in the box when you're... [More]


Japanese Nanotechnology Pet Beds

We're sure someone out there is impressed by the "nanotechnology" in these Japanese Nanotechnology Pet Beds ($70-90). Us? We're just impressed that they make it look like a fat shark is eating our doggie. But we suppose the fact that the material absorbs odors and bacteria is pretty badass. Now... [More]


Beckie Metallic Skater Skirt

The term "skater" got a bad rap thanks to Avril Lavigne (gag). But this Beckie Metallic Skater Skirt ($40) puts it on a path to redemption. Stylish, adorable, and right on trend, this skirt is all things Ms. Lavigne is not.... [More]


Midnight Garden Triple Floral Necklace

It may be snowflake season, but that doesn't mean you can't still rock the Midnight Garden Triple Floral Necklace ($40) by Vivi Dot Accessories. The navy and brass combination gives it a antique look, so it'll go well with tights, oxfords, and your favorite shirtdress.... [More]


Lobster Hat and Mittens

Yes, it's a ridiculous splurge to spend a hundred bucks plus on anything being worn by someone who grows out of their clothing overnight. We don't care. These Lobster Hat and Mittens ($103) are just too stinking adorable to resist. Maybe we'll just insist on taking them back when the... [More]


Naughty and Nice Candles

Let's face it. No one's a one-trick pony. We all have our nice moments followed by plenty of naughty ones. Now you can set the mood by lighting up the Naughty and Nice Candles ($30). When you're feeling a little bad, the naughty candle will burn with an aroma of... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Caramel Marshmallows

Take your hot cocoa to the next level by topping it off with a handful of marshmallows. Did we say, "a handful of marshmallows"? Silly us! What we meant was, "a handful of small-batch, gourmet, caramel-infused marshmallows." For less than seven smackers, you can fill your mug with a dozen... [More]


Cordies Executive

You know you're one hella profesh executive in the making, but when people visit your office, the array of cords, notes and general detritus scattered all over your desk makes you look more idiot than savant. Stash everything from your cell to your business cards in this streamlined Cordies Executive... [More]


Stretchy Bowl

While we're a little wary of getting bumps and bruises on a real trampoline, the Stretchy Bowl ($60) from Hook n' Loop Design has us convinced that its trampoline-inspired design will save our fruits from bumps and bruises. The stretchy, breathable fabric sits on a stainless steel frame and expands... [More]


jane iredale Simply Magical Just Kissed Lip Plumper

When you get all dolled up for that big Saturday date, you apply a little lip plumper to complete the look. Too bad that stuff doesn't keep your pout puckered all night long. Maintain the illusion with jane iredale Simply Magical Just Kissed Lip Plumper ($25). Apply a little after... [More]

LA MER Malibu Tie Dye Watch

La Mer Malibu Tie Dye Watch

We're mesmerized by the breathtaking shades of pale blue and pink here. They remind us of a beautiful sunset by the coast. La Mer Malibu Tie Dye Watch ($88)... [More]


The Man Can

They might pretend to be rough-and-tumble, but we know that the boys in our lives enjoy a bit of pampering just as much as we do. That's why we'll be putting The Man Can ($50) under the tree for them this year. This rather clever little gift set from the... [More]

Tracy Reese Toulouse Cocktail Sheath

Tracy Reese Toulouse Cocktail Sheath

If we could buy only one dress for the holiday season, this would be it. Slip into the Tracy Reese Toulouse Cocktail Sheath ($288) and you'll need a crane to lift your boy's jaw off the floor. It's totally sexy yet sophisticated, in a sort of Great Gatsby way.... [More]


Bibliophile Gift Set

We've bought Paolo Coelho's The Alchemist eight times. Apparently people find it so inspiring, they have to steal it. We've decided to make that a little trickier by papering our next copy with the contents of this Bibliophile Gift Set ($10). In addition to two lovely bookmarks, it contains a... [More]


the lip scrub by sara happ

Dry winter air is friend to no one. It dries out already parched lips faster than you can say mistletoe. the lip scrub ($24) removes dry skin and buffs lips into kissable cushions of citrusy bliss.... [More]


Basic Black Double Old Fashioned Glasses

We're no strangers to unwinding with a stiff double Old Fashioned, so we're eager to toss back a drink or two from the Basic Black Double Old Fashioned Glasses ($35, set of four). Sipping a vintage drink out of modern glass is the perfect way to marry the old with... [More]


Mini Cat Studs

In search of the purr-fect (groan) understated animal-inspired accessory? Forget the leopard and stick with a pair of golden Mini Cat Studs ($228) from Karen Walker. Save the roaring animal print items for when you need to stand out.... [More]


Colorpop Pom Pom Ornaments

Who gave red and green permission to act as if they were the only festive shades on the color wheel? Forgo tradition and add a bunch of these Colorpop Pom Pom Ornaments ($14) to your tree. Not only will they add to the palette, they'll bring some sparkle thanks to... [More]


Stitch Oven Mitt

It takes hard work to get your kitchen looking like it's been decorated by Martha Stewart's staff, so make sure you're not slacking on the details! Switch out your old pot-roast-stained oven mitt for a respectably modern Stitch Oven Mitt ($24) from Unison. The pattern is tasteful and the darker... [More]


Kushyfoot Open Toe Flats to Go

Okay, We admit that these Open Toe Flats to Go ($10) aren't the cutest shoes we've ever featured on Outblush. But hear us out... When you save all your pennies to spend on high heels and cute oxfords, and your roommate calls to say that there's been a terrible plumbing... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Pencil Stud Earrings

Artsy and literary types can get behind the fun of these Pencil Stud Earrings ($6), made with bright green chunks of honest-to-goodness colored pencils. They're also perfect as a thoughtful little gift for a special teacher. You know, the one you desperately want to stop giving your pain-in-the-butt kid detention?... [More]


Gigi Zip Wallet

Did you miss scoring a new wallet during the latest Kate Spade sample sale? No bigs! Sub in the Gigi Zip Wallet ($49) from Deux Lux. This polka dot wallet is just as whimsical as its designer friends and keeps all of your important stuff zippered safely inside. It makes... [More]

Sabine Art Deco Sequin Cami

Sabine Art Deco Sequin Cami

Whether you're heading out to a fabulous holiday party or a dinner date with your significant other, you'll score tons of compliments when you don the Sabine Art Deco Sequin Cami ($98). It's festive and sparkly without being overly holiday looking. Plus it will look ahhhmazing with the metallic jeans... [More]


Bellocq Autumn Collection

You can only get cozy with so many Tom and Jerrys before your stomach starts turning into a pit of cement. Trust us, we know! Lay off the booze for a drink or two and fix yourself a cuppa tea from the Bellocq Autumn Collection ($48), which includes Afghani Chai,... [More]


Alcohol Themed Gift Box

Got a gourmand in the family? Or maybe the better question is who doesn't enjoy good eats paired with their favorite spirits? Dole out a buncha Alcohol Themed Gift Boxes ($50) from By Brooklyn this Christmas and you'll be everyone's favorite person. Packed with goodies like beer and pretzel caramels... [More]


Studded Kimono Cardigan

Operation Seduce the UPS Guy is now in its final phases. It's time to knock him out of the ballpark with our sexy-yet-office-appropriate fashion sense. We're thinking that tossing this Studded Kimono Cardigan ($26) over a silky tank will add just the right amount of naughty to our look. Time... [More]


Besame Sweetheart Balm

A kiss is just a kiss until it's flavored with tangerine. With Besame Sweetheart Balm ($18), each and every smooch can be as tasty as it is memorable.... [More]


Bryan Adams Wear Your Music Bracelet

He got his first real six string back in the summer of '69, and now one of those wires can be yours. This Bryan Adams Wear Your Music Bracelet ($150) is made from a guitar string actually played by the Canadian heartthrob himself. Perfect gift for the classic rock lover... [More]


Lazerwood Key Covers

We're in love with the look of these Lazerwood Key Covers ($40) and we think the idea is fascinating. These are basically sturdy wooden stickers that go over the harsh alumninum of your current (apple) keyboard and give you the lovely tactile and aesthetic experience of wood keys. The only... [More]


Haflinger Sheep Slipper

If you're gonna pick a cozy wool slipper to don this winter, you might as well pick the Haflinger Sheep Slipper ($71) and give some major props to the sheepies. They have their coats sheared so you can keep your toes warm while you bum around on your hardwood floors.... [More]


Barr-Co. Oatmeal and Shea Butter Lotion

We spend so much moolah on potions and lotions that when we find one we love, we rejoice. Not only is the natural Barr-Co. Oatmeal and Shea Butter Lotion ($30) the perfect remedy for dry skin, it's affordable. The thirty-dollar price tag is for a sixteen-ounce bottle. That's less than... [More]


Hunter Boot Cable-Cuff Welly Socks

You spend a lot of time looking at fashion blogs and Tumblr feeds, all of which have been featuring sock-and-boot combos. And it looks so cool. And you're super jelly, but can't quite figure out the right balance between leather and knit. Let these Hunter Boot Cable-Cuff Welly Socks ($40)... [More]


Forage Winter Blues Bow Tie

We figure it's fitting that this year we'll be stuffing his stocking with this Forage Winter Blues Bow Tie ($68). These are made in limited quantities from vintage cotton in a seasonally-appropriate set of colors. That makes them charming, unique, and slightly used - just like him.... [More]


Byzantine Shower Curtain

If your bathroom is lacking in the real tile department, you could gut it and do a total makeover. Oooor, you could just keep paying rent, deal with the laminate flooring/plastic shower combo, and dress up the room with a Byzantine Shower Curtain ($25). It'll class up the place. At... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Shorty Boston Terrier Jelly iPad Case

Life can be ruff for an iPad. Hire Shorty the Boston Terrier ($58) to act as guard dog for your precious baby. The silicone case protects your cherished tablet while simultaneously boosting the cute factor by eleventybillion.... [More]


Maria Slingback Bootie

These gorgeous slingback booties ($50) from Sole Society are exactly why we love wearing heels: they're ridiculously hot. We absolutely adore the open pattern on this faux suede. These shoes will be the perfect match to our skirts, tights, dresses, and/or jeans. Since they're available in three different colors, we... [More]


Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads

It's getting colder out, which means our carb cravings are ratcheting up right alongside our oil bills. And when it comes to carbs, no one satisfies quite like master baker Peter Reinhart. Lucky for us, he finally decided to turn his talents to mastering Whole Grain Breads ($19), which means... [More]


Stila Baked Eyeshadow Trio

Getting baked has never been so beautiful. Stila put together these metallic eyeshadow trios ($28) to complement rather than overshadow what it is that makes you unique. Good to keep handy.... [More]

Kate Spade Pow Pow Mittens

Kate Spade Pow Pow Mittens

We love the comic book superhero flair of the Kate Spade Pow Pow Mittens ($68).... [More]


Carolina Amato Fingerless Driving Gloves

Nearly everything you do throughout the day requires your sense of touch. Using a touch screen, makeup application, picking your nose. By wearing Carolina Amato Fingerless Driving Gloves ($58), you can still do all those things, but look like a badass doing them.... [More]

Mud Pie I Love Santa Bloomers

Mud Pie I Love Santa Bloomers

Who doesn't love Santa? Treat your little diva to pair of dainty Mud Pie I Love Santa Bloomers ($16), trimmed with sequins and playful ruffles.... [More]


Blipper Fairisle Dog Coat

While you're traveling the outer rims of the Internet looking for the perfect holiday frock, don't forget about the pup! The sweet Blipper Fairisle Dog Coat ($99) from Ted Baker will fit most smaller breeds. And while we know you're ordering this to keep the furbaby warm on those cold... [More]


Blue Hombre Socks

When we're forced to do laundry because we've run out of clean underwear, our pair of Blue Hombre Socks ($12) from Richer Poorer is the first thing we reach for when the dryer stops. Bumming around on a lazy Sunday wouldn't be complete without them. Actually, it'd be a helluva... [More]

I Love NJ Cupcake

Support NJ Cupcakes

So many people want to help rebuild after the devastation of Sandy. And this gal's approach is super sweet! All proceeds from the sale of I Heart NJ cupcakes ($36 per dozen) will be donated to a local charity, Rebuild the Jersey Shore. If you plan on gifting cupcakes this... [More]


Flat as a Pancake Glitter Wristlet

What's the point of putting together that elegant party ensemble, only to trash it by lugging around that same ratty old handbag? Keep it classy with this Flat as a Pancake Glitter Wristlet ($78). It's got the perfect amount of sparkle, and with its svelte silhouette, it will make it... [More]


11:31am Watch

While we could find a reason to wear each and every watch from the collection, we're currently partial to the 11:31am Watch ($39, second in on the third row). The cheery red stands out against the winter blues, and the face has sort of a Fair Isle thing going... [More]


Traditional Chestnut Roaster

We're feeling traditional this year, and have decided we're going to give roasting chestnuts over an open fire a whirl. We tried it last year in the oven, but forgot to give the nuts a good venting, which resulted in some rather terrifying munitions-dump-type explosions. Just in case we screw... [More]


Simona V Amethyst Slice Double Bail Necklace

If we ever get the chance to design our own guillotine, you better believe we'll order a blade made from a slice of glittering amethyst - basically a giant version of the stunning centerpiece of this Simona V Amethyst Slice Double Bail Necklace ($79). For one thing, it would make... [More]


Eberjey Heather Pants

During the weekend, when we aren't cleaning the puppy pads, litter boxes, and cloth diapers (you know we are cloth diapering, y'all), we are moonlighting as beatboxing, hip-hop dancing bgirls. Considering that ordinary life requires us to be running around the house chasing two- and four-legged animals, these Eberjey Heather... [More]


Personal Shopper: Sparkly Bustier for Maggie

Maggie writes: "Hi Outblush! Your emails are my afternoon happy time. I have been searching for this bustier with no luck and thought who better to ask than you. The tailored fit (I'm a size XS/S) and length of the torso are what make me want this so badly. I... [More]


Kate Spade Tequila Is Not My Friend Gia

#storyofourlives Kate Spade Tequila Is Not My Friend Gia ($78)... [More]


Theo Fig, Fennel & Almond Bar

Feeling adventurous? Tease your tastebuds with a new sweet and savory flavor combo by biting into a corner of the Theo Fig, Fennel & Almond Bar ($3). We weren't sure we'd like it at first, but somehow we managed to polish off the whole bar in one sitting. Now we're... [More]

Jimmy Choo Quiet Glitter Pumps

Jimmy Choo Quiet Glitter Pump

These shoes will surely have you clicking your heels and chanting "there's no place like home." However, you'll just as surely want to wear these beauties everywhere but home. Jimmy Choo Quiet Glitter Pump ($695)... [More]


Rock Star Organic Perfume

We're thinking you'll need the income of a rock star to afford a daily spritz of Rich Hippie's Rock Star Organic Perfume ($265 for freaking half an ounce). Either that, or the mindset of one: live large, spend gobs of money on things, and smell good while you do it!... [More]


Joanna Hope Ombre Sequin Tunic

Is it just us, or does anyone else think the embellished hem of this Joanna Hope Ombre Sequin Tunic ($139) looks a bit like a fantastical glittery city skyline? Whether you see the resemblance or not, we think we can all agree that this piece would be just about perfect... [More]


The Body Shop All-In-One Blusher

Every company on the planet makes a BB cream these days, meant to improve the overall look of your skin. The Body Shop seems to have perfected the blush version. Their All-In-One Blusher ($16) treats skin to a healthy dose of vitamin E and marula oil, as well as imparting... [More]

Sugarboo You Are My Sunshine Pillow

Sugarboo You Are My Sunshine Pillow

If this pillow doesn't cheer you up, we're not sure what will! The Sugarboo You Are My Sunshine Pillow ($198) is the perfect remedy when you're feeling a little blue this winter.... [More]

Vince Camuto Tuck Stitch Neckwarmer

Vince Camuto Tuck Stitch Neckwarmer

Who needs a bulky scarf flying everywhere when you can just slip on an equally warm neckwarmer? Neckwarmers are the next best thing to sliced bread hot chocolate with melted marshmallows. If you're not sure which one to try, we suggest the Vince Camuto Tuck Stitch Neckwarmer ($58).... [More]


Control, Alt, Delete Pencil Cup

Ever since we saw Short Circuit, we've wanted to know: what happens to computers when they die? We still can't say for sure, but at least part of them can be given a new life in this Control Alt Delete Pencil Cup ($18). It's made from repurposed motherboards and will... [More]


Robert Piguet Baghari Eau de Parfum

Natural vanilla is blended with jasmine, rose, and iris and finished with fresh citrus in Baghari ($95). All the layers come out at different times, enticing the beau to come in for a little sniff every so often. Once he hits that vanilla, he'll be hooked for good.... [More]



It's our dream in life to open a phở restaurant with a funny name. Here are our contenders: Phở Shizzle What the Phở Phở Real Phở Q We're still working on pretty much all of the practical aspects, but we know we're going to have Soupstix ($15) for everyone who... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Acure Dry Shampoo

So a pack of rhinos came charging through your neighborhood Jumanji-style, barreling over the bridges and knocking over power poles and ruining any chance of a warm shower for the next few days. Might we suggest using Acure Dry Shampoo ($13) in the meantime? It isn't as good as the... [More]

Juicy Couture Foil Brocade Skinny Jeans

Juicy Couture Foil Brocade Skinny Jeans

The Juicy Couture Foil Brocade Skinny Jeans ($198) are covered in gorgeous gold swirls. Dress them down with a cashmere cable sweater.... [More]


Macaroon Coin Purse

No bigger than the tasty French treat it's modeled after, the Macaroon Coin Purse ($9), handmade by Soarshadow, won't hold much. But it will hold your favorite small baubles, a memory card, or a handful of change. You can even collect several, in yummy-looking sets of five!... [More]


Lipstick Queen Sinner Rose

We've been searching high and low for a new everyday lip shade, and we think we've finally found it in Sinner Rose ($20) from Lipstick Queen. The dusty pink color hits just the right balance between neutral and rosy. It gives the appearance of a nice, full lip but doesn't... [More]


Taylor Says Freddie Heels

Sure, they say Cinderella dropped a glass slipper on the steps of the royal castle as she ran away from her Prince Charming. But in today's world, she'd totally be rocking a pair of these Taylor Says Freddie Heels ($270). Pristine blue and magically bedazzled, these shoes are fit for... [More]


Wood Veneer Napkin Rings

We just might give Grandma a heart attack this year with our stellar table-setting skills. No more frantically folded paper towels for us - we're using real napkins, elegantly rolled into these Wood Veneer Napkin Rings ($11). Better keep that Bayer handy.... [More]


Polo Ralph Lauren Holiday Riding Coat

That's it. You're moving. You live in Florida now and have nowhere for Sir Sockington to wear this Polo Ralph Lauren Holiday Riding Coat ($150). But you hear that Portland is cold this time of year, and ranked as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. Who's got... [More]


MacarOn Cafe Holiday Gift Box

We can't think of anything sweeter to give to all those extra awesome people in your life. What mailman/Zumba instructor/stylist wouldn't drool over a box of MacarOn Cafe's Holiday Macaroons ($35 for 1 dozen)? You can choose from MacarOn Cafe's daily mix, or create your own. Whatever you choose to... [More]

Hunter Regent Apsley Boots

Hunter Regent Apsley Boots

Rainboots are now super stylish, thanks to a few hot designers out there. We may need to trade in our old yellow ones for a shiny new pair of Hunter Regent Apsley Boots ($275 on sale). We love the fleece lining and the metal details.... [More]


Cabin Hooded Scarf

Will wearing this Cabin Hooded Scarf ($84) make us look just a little bit like giant sock monkeys? Most likely. Is that why we're spending the money? You better believe it.... [More]


Short Strand Paper Lanterns

Ditch holiday light strings and hang a few Short Strand Paper Lanterns ($42) on your walls and mantel instead. You'll still have the traditional twinkle wrapped around your tree, but a warm, modern glow will replace the garishness. Plus, you can keep the magenta, yellow, and blue triangle lanterns strung... [More]

Sweet Notes Blackboard Heart

Sweet Notes Blackboard Heart

Our heart would melt if we woke up every morning to a simple hello or smiley face (from our love) on the Sweet Notes Blackboard Heart ($25). This is a great stocking stuffer idea.... [More]

LEGO Vampire Alarm Clock

LEGO Vampire Alarm Clock

This facial expression looks all too familiar to us. We think we've seen this guy in our house before. Could it be our sweet little boy? Oh, yesss, it does look like him...especially when he has to wake up for school each morning. LEGO Vampire Alarm Clock ($30)... [More]


Karinska Tulle Skirt

When we took that career/personality test in high school, it told us we should be ballerinas. Apparently the test did not care that we lack flexibility and coordination. We let that dream go after about thirty seconds of contemplation, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate a bit of dance-oriented... [More]


Shine Shoe Brush

The dry air and wet snow are killer on your leather boots, so make sure you've got a full shoe-care arsenal to get through the winter. Start with the Shine Shoe Brush ($25) from Izola. Featuring real boar's bristles, it'll safely remove grime and rock salt buildup without damaging suede... [More]


Stacked Lotus Earrings

Not only are the lightweight vegan suede Stacked Lotus Earrings ($29) from fiestyelle eco-friendly, they're also a steal. By removing and/or reversing the double flowers, you can wear them in six different ways. We like them stacked the best, but the shimmery gold sides work perfectly as party earrings.... [More]


State Shaped Cast Iron Skillets

We're not quite sure if we'd want to cook with the State Shaped Cast Iron Skillets ($150-800) from FeLion Studios, or hang them on the wall in our kitchen as artwork. Each state skillet is fully functional and ready for cooking in, though you'll want to order it pre-seasoned in... [More]


5 Line Indoor Clothesline

If Sex and the City accurately depicted Carrie Bradshaw's apartment, she'd have her delicates and hand-washables hanging on one of these 5 Line Indoor Clotheslines ($23). But you didn't see that. So, unless she had some sort of Upper East Side Dobby living under her bed, she more realistically was... [More]


America's Cheapest Family

It's holiday shopping season, which means so long, cash flow. Unless, that is, we grit our teeth and take some much-needed advice from the authors of America's Cheapest Family ($10). They've packed this book with tips and tricks for keeping your life in the black, from debt-free vacations to buying... [More]


Custom DODOcase iPad Case

Your iPad goes with you everywhere, so keep it safe and sound by tucking it into a Custom DodoCase iPad Case ($79+). DODOcase lets you make all the important decisions. You can choose the fabric or leather, whether you want a camera lens cutout, and what name and phone number... [More]


Romance on the Sputnik Express Podstakannik Goblet

Meet the classiest way to drink tea short of an invitation to Buckingham Palace: this Romance on the Sputnik Express Podstakannik Goblet ($75) might look like it was designed to hold Veuve Clicquot, but it's actually a traditional way of imbibing a bit of Darjeeling. Not that we'd have any... [More]


Beecology Grapefruit & Lemongrass Body Wash

With the dark skies and slushy snow days upon us, we're in need of something to perk us up on the mornings when we rise before the sun, and the Grapefruit & Lemongrass Body Wash ($9) from Beecology is perfect. It pampers your skin with moisturizing agents like coconut, aloe... [More]


DECOYLAB Retro Alarm Clock

The DECOYLAB Retro Alarm Clock ($58) is right up our alley. It's got the aesthetic of a vintage alarm clock, but lacks the capacity to sound a morning alarm. In fact, its silent motor barely makes any sound at all. While we find that preferable in an alarm clock, our... [More]


Halogen Bianca Wedge

Looking for the perfect way to spice up that little black dress for your holiday cocktail bash? Strap on these Halogen Bianca Wedges ($120) in festive Pepper Suede. They've got just the right amount of season-friendly style, and with their low wedge heel, might just be sturdy enough to keep... [More]


Sparkle & Shine Bobbi Set

Most people would claim that the holidays don't start until there's snow on the ground, or until they've seen the Chuck Jones How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Here at Outblush, we say it's not really the holiday season until you add a little glam to your wardrobe! Pin back your... [More]


Accept Your Irrelevance Tee

We hate to admit it, but sometimes t-shirt wisdom hits the proverbial nail on the head. Take this Accept Your Irrelevance Tee ($30), for example. However much it might hurt to admit it, our feline roommates could pretty much care less who puts the kibble into their bowls. And we... [More]


Janod Circus Set

How perfect will this Janod Circus Set ($25) be as a gift for the little one on your Christmas list? It may not whistle or glow, but the wooden figurines provide a world of entertainment with their cheery colors and big top theme. Even the clowns are adorbs, and we... [More]


Sequin Skirt Dress With Chiffon Top

Holiday party attire can get boring and predictable, everyone standing around in a sea of classy but uninteresting sameness. Stand out like a beacon of grace in the Sequin Skirt Dress With Chiffon Top ($56). Outrageously affordable and easy to pair with a pair of nude heels, this is the... [More]


Furbish Tree Skirt

Buck traditional Christmas decor by wrapping your tree in the Furbish Tree Skirt ($115). The black and white checkered pattern is ringed with hot pink pom-poms ready to brighten up your piles of presents. Toss a few sparkly ornaments on the tree and you've almost got yourself a party.... [More]


Caldrea Lavender Pine Laundry Set

If we make doing the laundry an aesthetically pleasing experience, will we actually do it before we're forced to turn our socks inside out and wear them again? We're going to find out, thanks to this Caldrea Lavender Pine Laundry Set ($38). These three classy products add a gorgeous whiff... [More]


Drinking Games Coasters

This pack of six Drinking Games Coasters ($15) has us feeling nostalgic. We haven't played Never Have I Ever since grade school, quarters since high school, or beer pong since college! We'll have to revive all of our old favorites at our next get-together. We were totally the flip cup... [More]


Pale Pink Gold Dipped Earrings

Add a rosy glow to your earlobes with the Pale Pink Gold Dipped Earrings ($24) by amerrymishap. These sweet little studs will have you stashing your bigger, danglier accessories in the back of your trinket box. Besides, knit hats and hook earrings always seem at odds with each other.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Mobile Holder in the Car with Suction Cups

Trying to scramble for your ringing phone while driving is about as dangerous as it gets. So before you start the engine, locate that sucker and stick it right to your dashboard with the Mobile Holder in the Car with Suction Cups ($8). Yes, when you switch the site from... [More]


Bitblox: Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Teach your kiddos the value of a pixel right from the start with a set of Bitblox ($45). Each set includes twenty-eight blocks, all of which show off brightly-colored pixeled lettering or objects. They're made from renewable wood and printed with non-toxic inks, so if all Junior does is chew... [More]


Jamberry Nails Black and White Paisley Nail Sticker

You see all those amazing manicures that someone with a steadier hand than your own painted floating around on Pinterest. You're more of a Jamberry Nails Black and White Paisley Nail Sticker ($15) kind of girl. There's not a set of fingers on this planet that could craft a design... [More]


Joe's Jeans The Honey Booty Fit in Brielle

You have about had it with skinny jeans. You are a grown-ass woman, not a fourteen-year-old, Bieber-loving, twig-legged little girl. So dress like it. Joe's Jeans, such as these ($100), are all about curving to fit your mature body. Booty, booty, booty, booty, poppin' everywhere!... [More]


Ladies Pink Magnetic Wristband

Who says dudes are the only handy ones? We're capable of switching out light fixtures and installing shelving - and we even do it right the first time, because we're not congenitally opposed to reading the directions. That's why we figure we deserve to treat ourselves to this Ladies Pink... [More]


Double Side Evil Eye Necklace

We're on to you, as evidenced by our wearing of this Double Side Evil Eye Necklace ($39). Just try throwing a curse our way while we're showing off this funky accessory. That crap will rebound on you faster than Kevin Love.... [More]


Campfire Cologne

Love it when your burly man comes home from a camping trip with friends smelling like firewood, sweat, and stale booze? Okay, maybe not the sweat and stale booze, but if you adore the woodsy smell, give your guy Campfire Cologne ($13). He'll love it, because it means he gets... [More]


Variopinte Red & White Enamel Plates

It's tough making the decision to go bold with your dinnerware. You want something that won't look out of vogue in fifteen years, but isn't just a bland beige or white. Compromise by investing in a set of Variopinte Red & White Enamel Plates ($17-27). The line is durable and... [More]


Scrabble Letter Mugs

We have to admit: we wouldn't be as clever as we are today if it hadn't been for hours of rainy Saturday Scrabble-playing. There's nothing more satisfying than dusting off the cardboard box, pulling out that velvet bag and arguing over the definition of "qat" (totally a real word!). Fill... [More]


Mint Azteca Cardi

Spice things up this winter with the Mint Azteca Cardi ($56). The coloring is exquisite, the fit is flattering, and the jealousy-inducing factor is off the charts.... [More]


Portable iPhone 4/4s Charger

With iOS 6 wifi connectivity problems still rampant among Apple products, iPhones are running out of juice quickly. Constantly searching for wireless drains battery life, so keep one of these Portable iPhone 4/4s* Chargers ($35) on you while you're out. A quick charge at home gives the lithium battery the... [More]


Personalised Christmas Wrapping Paper

Even if all your loved ones ever do is rip open their gifts like carnivorous dinosaurs, wrap everything in Personalised Christmas Wrapping Paper ($8). You have up to thirty characters to say whatever you want, from inside jokes to names to a sweet message of peace and goodwill. Also, "Will... [More]


Holiday Gift Guide: The Cold-Blooded Among Us

Some of us aren't dreaming of a white Christmas, okay? It's cold enough out there, and the knowledge that it's only going to get colder from here on out makes us want to hide in a sauna until April. But we'll slide our hands out of our sweater sleeves long... [More]


Via Spiga Luxurious Wool Coat

WAIT! It's not too late to buy a winter coat for the year! Even one this affordable. The Via Spiga Luxurious Wool Coat ($150) is, in fact, quite luxurious, even without the extravagant price tag that accompanies other items that get smacked with that word. It's almost impossible to look... [More]


The New York City Collection Maps

Meet the coolest maps on the market: The New York City Collection Maps ($21) from Herb Lester. These British creative wunderkinds make whimsical, vintage-styled street maps packed with personal tips and recommendations. We just love the idea of cracking one of these open on a busy sidewalk and then taking... [More]



Certainly we're not promoting smoking by bringing you this set of TankBooks ($14 for one or $78 for them all). We just love the packaging and that aura of days gone by. Each book is the same size as a pack of cigs, so they'll fit in almost any purse.... [More]


Doubtblush: Open Sesame! Password Log

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. But actually you might want... [More]


Triple Mint Oatmeal Soap

Heighten your senses and brighten your skin at the same time with the Triple Mint Oatmeal Soap ($6) by Herbaria. The all-natural soap combines cornmint, spearmint, and peppermint oils with oatmeal to help freshen up your morning shower routine. The mints will wake you up, the oatmeal will slough off... [More]


Will You Ever Use Me Again? Pencils

We're feeling a little sorry for the Will You Ever Use Me Again? Pencils ($10, pack of 10) by artist Dino Sanchez. Originally created as an art installment, the pencils were stashed throughout NYC so people could take them and use them. The rhetorical question is meant to be funny,... [More]


Deep Down Inside, We All Love Math T-shirt

We get that deep down inside, we're all just made of biological algorithms, so we have a healthy respect for math. But love? Well, maybe. Deep Down Inside, We All Love Math T-shirt ($25)... [More]


yogitoes rDot

We used to do yoga intermittently, and always had a decent time, but we never enjoyed it enough to make it a regular occurrence... until the day we used a yoga block and realized how much better our practice was when we could actually get into all of the positions.... [More]


Moby Dick Litograph

Maybe someday they'll make a movie version of Melville's epic starring Hugh Jackman, in which case, sign us up for advance tickets. But until then, the closest we'll get to "Call me Ishmael" is this super cool Moby Dick Litograph ($29). Watch now, someone's going to request a white whale... [More]


Kure Bazaar Nail Lacquer

Just what is Trimethylpentanediyl Dibenzoate anyway? Kure Bazaar Nail Lacquer ($16) is eco-friendly, fashion-forward, and primarily derived from natural sources like wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes, and corn. Try Mon Bleu, Fuji, September, Cappuccino, or Catwalk.... [More]


Timmy's Great Balls of Fire

Do you like hurting people in the name of fun?* Start handing out Timmy's Great Balls of Fire ($8) to unsuspecting suckers.** They'll have no idea that these little treats are packing over a million SHU in tongue-destroying heat, thanks to a hefty dusting of powdered ghost pepper. Just don't... [More]


Juniper Ridge Incense

We tend to use incense like a bug bomb: we light a stick when some sort of foulness has infused our home, then wait until the stuff has dispersed. But all that cinnamon and vanilla is so chokingly sweet, we're sometimes tempted to just live with the old trash smell... [More]


Rickshaw Bagworks Standard Commuter 2.0 Bag

Not only does the large, multi-pocketed Standard Commuter 2.0 Laptop Bag ($160) from Rickshaw Bagworks have plenty of room for a fifteen-inch laptop and all the accessories, it's ready for your custom touches, too! You can choose the flap fabric (our fav is the waterproof tweed shown above) as well... [More]


Doubtblush: J.W. Anderson Padded Tie Side Gilet

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. This. This right here. The... [More]


Eggnog Pancake & Waffle Mix

There seem to be two camps of people during the holidays: those who love the rich, creamy taste of eggnog, and those who hate it. If you're an eggnog aficionado, try whipping up your winter morning breakfasts with the Eggnog Pancake & Waffle Mix ($15) from Williams-Sonoma. It contains a... [More]


Scandinavian Design Wine Box Stand

Class up that Franzia with this Scandinavian Design Wine Box Stand ($38). Then it'll look like you chose the cheapest option in the liquor store because of your elevated design principles, and not your lack of taste.... [More]


Athena Grecian Leaf Headpiece

Our therapist keeps telling us to "unleash the inner goddess." What she must really mean is that we should start wearing this classically styled Athena Grecian Leaf Headpiece ($70). It's flexible and adjustable, so we know we'll be getting a perfect fit. Now all we're missing are a couple of... [More]

MICHAEL Michael Kors Urban Sneakers

MICHAEL Michael Kors Urban Sneakers

If you like to kick it old school every now and then, we suggest you try these out. The MICHAEL Michael Kors Urban Sneakers ($195) have an exotic finish trimmed with a hipster zipper. We really think these would look cool with the right ensemble on the right person. Just... [More]


Winter Home Room Spray

Feeling a little glum about the onslaught of the grey months? Maybe a few spritzes of Winter Home Room Spray ($35) from Restoration Hardware will help cheer you up. The spray brings the lush notes of evergreens into your space, along with a lingering scent of a burning log on... [More]


Deborah Lippmann Limitied Edition Rock This Town Set

We're gonna rock this town, rock it inside out with this flattering lineup from Deborah Lippmann ($42). Moon Dance, Chain Reaction and Phoenix Rising are our three new best friends and, with our powers combined, we are going to paint this town red ruby, lavender, and gold. So, America, we've... [More]

diamond dress-s.jpg

Black Diamond Dress

LBDs are great and all, but as we move towards the holidays, we're keeping our eyes out for something with some pizzazz. This Black Diamond Dress ($100) would be perfect for holiday parties and New Year's Eve alike. Best of all, there's no real need to accessorize, since the shimmer's... [More]


Music Notes Pillow

Thank goodness this Music Notes Pillow ($24) isn't printed with a few measures from "Gangnam Style." We'd like it to continue to be cute and stylish for at least a couple of years, and we're pretty sure by 2014 Gangnam will be out like the Macarena.... [More]


Galleria Raining Cats & Dogs Folding Umbrella

If the Internet were ever to suffer through a monsoon season, it would look a lot like a sea of Galleria Raining Cats & Dogs Folding Umbrellas ($25). Because as a collective whole, we, the inhabitants of the Internet, care only about cats, dogs, and ensuring that our hard drives... [More]

Lancome 24 Karat Top Coat Mascara

Lancôme Holiday 2012 Color Collection Hypnôse 24-Karat Top Coat Mascara

Gold digger or not, you'll love the way your eyes look! Add a coat of Lancôme Holiday 2012 Color Collection Hypnôse 24-Karat Top Coat Mascara ($26) to the tips of your lashes for maximum sparkle.... [More]


ASOS Cat Ears Watch

What time is it? It's right meow. ASOS Cat Ears Watch ($36)... [More]


MEK Denim New York Boot Cut Jeans

So you've just met this new guy and you want to keep things PG-13 for now. And you find that making out in the back seat of his car proves to be just as exciting as some of the other more advanced techniques you've employed in the past. But the... [More]


Naughty & Nice Letterpress Gift Tags

We hope most everyone on your Christmas list has been pretty nice this year. But on the off chance that you're going to hand out some coal, make sure to check the naughty box on one of these Naughty & Nice Letterpress Gift Tags ($5, set of 10). Unless, of... [More]


Euro Sticker Coasters

We're forever noticing Euro destination stickers on the back bumpers of hybrids and Subarus, but we'll be damned if we can decipher most of them. That's why we like these Euro Sticker Coasters ($12). This set of four hangs out on our coffee tables, not our cars, keeping beer rings... [More]


Vintage Style Sign Letters Sconce

Think you'll be able to settle for just one of these Vintage Style Sign Letters Sconces ($89)? Yeah, right. You'll start with your first initial, then grab your last. Then you'll be thinking of all the fun words you could make if you just splurged on an extra letter or... [More]


Moleskine Classic Mini Plain Notebook

We've brought you plenty of fun Moleskine products before, so we're sure you already know how awesome they are. Even the Classic Mini Plain Notebook ($10) is worth praising. Tthe new, bright colors give us a good-lookin' pad of paper while retaining the durability of the Moleskine we know and... [More]


Missoni Thigh High Socks

Ditch the cable-knit everything and get freaky. These Missoni Thigh High Socks ($90) act as little hints, peeking out from the tops of your tall leather boots. They say "Oh hi. You see these socks? That's right. They break rules. They aren't knit. What are you going to do about... [More]


Jagged Edge Earrings

We're not ashamed to admit it: we want to be Debbie Harry when we grow up. We'll get ourselves that perfectly bleached hair, embrace bold eyeshadow, and rock out with these Jagged Edge Earrings ($10). We'll look so awesome, it won't even matter that the closest thing we've got to... [More]


Terrarium Kit

Terrariums are so hot right now. Why should your enjoyment of them be limited by other people's creativity? Get on the bandwagon with this Terrarium Kit ($12). Use the included glass jar to create your own miniature world, or go crazy and arrange your moss and pebbles in a pretty... [More]


25% off Sitewide at DJPremium

We're lining up fantastic deals so we can shop all our favorite stores this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and at the top of our list is DJPremium, where we'll save 25% off sitewide starting Friday, 11/23/2012. We've already found tons of fabulous items we love, including the Colorblock Mini... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sushi Cup

If you're up to snuff on your Japanese, then this Sushi Cup ($7) is a handy little cheat sheet re: exactly what it is you're stuffing into your mouth. If your linguistic skills are a bit more limited, you can at least enjoy the playful illustrations while sipping your green... [More]


Brass Stow-Away Capsule

Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than damp matches. If the prospect of eating cold beans from a can and shivering in your sleeping bag turns you off, invest in this Brass Stow-Away Capsule ($32). It's a wonderfully watertight way to keep those firestarters sparky. And even if you'd sooner... [More]


Suippo Bangles

Who says bangles have to be round? We love the funky look of these bravely angled Suippo Bangles ($90). Since each one is made by hand in Brooklyn, we know they're all a little unique, which makes us feel special ourselves. And since we're currently enjoying our annual case of... [More]


Eva Solo Hurricane Lamp

Hurricane lamps are pretty. They're also generally a royal pain in the rear to clean up. This Eva Solo Hurricane Lamp ($65) is a lovely exception to the rule. It's cleverly vented to reduce soot smudges, and the silicone base makes removing melted wax a simple peel-and-toss exercise. And that... [More]


Aspen Bark Vase

Think how much more stunning those winter berry-and-stick arrangements will look when you place them in this Aspen Bark Vase ($40)? We love the faux-birch finish so much, we might even splurge on an actual flower or two to complement it, instead of just stuffing it with things we cut... [More]


Let's Be Fair Isle Scarf

There's a time for filmy, elegant scarves... and it's summer. Right now, we want something that's going to keep our neck warm and be brightly-colored enough to double as a signal flag if we happen to get caught in a rogue blizzard. With its bold green-and-orange color combination, this Let's... [More]


Elsie Dodds Alphabet Cushions

Monograms are so passé. If you want to have fun with your initials, pick up the appropriate Elsie Dodds Alphabet Cushions ($89). (Provided your letter is available, of course.) Each one comes with a bright, funky print of animals, machines or objects that start with your chosen letter. And just... [More]


Saako Design Scarf-Lace

Give your scarf collection a major upgrade with this Saako Design Scarf-lace ($65). Boasting a beautiful cobalt shade, this is the kind of accessory that can be thrown over anything from a white tee to a formal blouse to make it instantly trendy.... [More]


Edie Snake Slippers

These stylish Edie Snake Slippers ($237) may sport a classic slipper cut, but they're perfect for hitting the town or giving everyone at the office shoe envy. You sly reptile, you.... [More]


Hacking Knit Blazer

Layering with blazers is so hot right now. Wearing a layered blazer that looks like a stuffed sock... not so much. That's why we're giving the thumbs-up to this Hacking Knit Blazer ($300). With its built-in cuffs and collar, it gives you all the fun of a layered look without... [More]


Doubtblush: Kush Support

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Cherry Bourbon Conditioning Lip Balm

We have been applying coats of Cherry Bourbon Conditioning Lip Balm ($7) from the TokyoMilk Dark Collection every three minutes or so since it arrived on our doorsteps. We can't get enough of the intoxicating flavor. The deep scent combines cherry brandy, whiskey, clove, and a smoky wood. Our olfactory... [More]


Thanksgiving Wine Box

If you're one of the lucky ducks who isn't hosting the Thanksgiving Day meal, show your gratitude to the cook by bringing a lovely bottle of Pinot in the Thanksgiving Wine Box ($45). Not only does it show how appreciative you are that they're willing to stuff you into a... [More]


Atlas Map Tee by Tee and Cake

Next time your boyfriend gets lost in your eyes, kindly guide him around your body's other globes with help from this Atlas Map Tee by Tee and Cake ($50). He'll be just as happy.... [More]

Essie Winter Collection Mega Mini Color Cube

Essie Winter Collection Mega Mini Color Cube

We pretty much love any color that Essie makes, so if you're our Secret Santa, the Essie Winter Collection Mega Mini Color Cube ($17) is a no-brainer. This cube is filled with four fab colors: Leading Lady (a glittering crimson), Where's My Chauffeur? (a vibrant turquoise), Snap Happy (a vermillion)... [More]


Vers 1Q Speaker System

We like our tech products the same way we like our fashion: small in size and easy on the eyes! Enter the Vers 1Q Speaker System ($120, preorder). These small wooden speakers come in either bamboo or walnut and pack quite a powerful punch. The best part is that they're... [More]


Paint-Your-Own Tea Set

Admit it: tea parties were hip when Alice was tripping through one with the Mad Hatter, and they're still awesome now. Let the little girl in your life in on the fun with this Paint-Your-Own Tea Set ($20). It includes teeny-tiny cups, pots, and saucers and food-safe paints she can... [More]


Star Wars Holiday Lights

Deck your halls (and your tree, and your mantel...) with a few strands of Star Wars Holiday Lights ($30). Choose from R2-D2 or Yoda. We're thinking either set will bring a much needed geek-chic vibe to your decor. Add a Millennium Falcon ornament and a stocking featuring Chewie and you've... [More]


Whimsical Animal Wine Openers

Drinking wine is super fun. Opening up the bottle should be, too. That's why we're cracking into our zins with one of these Whimsical Animal Wine Openers ($40). Sure, they require a bit more muscle than our usual waiter's friend, but we're willing to put in the extra effort for... [More]


Camouflage Fitted Blazer

It's the ultimate in class-meets-country: this Camouflage Fitted Blazer ($40) takes a prep school staple and adds just the right touch of Big Buck Hunter. Dress it down with jeans and boots or spice it up with a sequin tank and a bottle of Korbel.... [More]


Kintsugi Repair Kit

It's a holiday tradition: every Thanksgiving, you manage to drop and shatter one of Grandma's prized antique dishes. This time, instead of crying, whisk the shards away and use this Kintsugi Repair Kit ($25) to put them back together. Instead of trying to disguise those cracks, this take on the... [More]


Peg and Awl Root Spice Rack

We'll admit it: sometimes when we're baking, we like to pretend we're cackling witches tossing wolfsbane and eye of newt into our cauldrons. That's why we're nuts for this Peg and Awl Root Spice Rack ($60), which looks like something you'd find on the shelf next to the canned dragon's... [More]


Pony Express Postcards

Admit it: snail mail is awesome. How much more exciting is it to get a note of love or thoughtfulness in your mailbox instead of your Gmail account? Return the favor - and pay tribute to the history of the whole business - with these Pony Express Postcards ($10). We... [More]


Home Is Where The Heart Is Custom Pillow

As Carole King so aptly lamented, "Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?" Our modern, mobile world might be great for people who want to escape snow/smog/strip malls or whatever other geographic horrors, but it does lead to some bummer long-distance relationships. Feel a little closer with this Home Is... [More]



Ever since we were all introduced to Cher's closet back in 1995 (has it been that long?), we have all been patiently waiting for someone to develop the technology to make that kind of outfit planning a reality. Ladies, it's here. Stylebook ($4 in the iTunes app store) allows you... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Jingle Bell Ring

This holiday season, instead of being annoyed by that person in your office who wears tinsel in her hair and jingle bells on her ears, BE that person! The Jingle Bell Ring ($4) gives you reason to add a little Christmas spirit to your days, even if it is still... [More]


MCMC Hunter Eau de Parfum

Lately, we've been obsessed with competent heroines, thanks to The Hunger Games and Revolution. Our bow skills may not be up to par, but we make believe with a splash or two of Hunter Eau de Parfum ($95) from MCMC Fragrances.... [More]


Cream/Red Frill Dress

Every year, we've shown our holiday spirit at the annual office party by donning that traditionally festive hue: black. This time, we're going to shake things up a bit. This Cream/Red Frill Dress ($89) has a perfectly Christmasy vibe, but elegantly avoids the usual pitfall of red-and-white party garb: you... [More]


The Organic Pharmacy Deodorant Spray

You know that you have the potential to smell funky, but you also know that drugstore deodorants cause your pits to get irritated and lash out against the world. Turn to The Organic Pharmacy Deodorant Spray ($33). A combination of sage, rosemary, bergamot, neroli, and lavender fight odor-causing bacteria, leaving... [More]


Topshop Spike Prism Stretch Bracelets

Fall fashion can get drab. The same maroon, brown, black, and green shades on repeat until spring colors bloom once more. Spice it up with these Topshop Spike Prism Stretch Bracelets ($30). Unexpected but easy to pair with wardrobe staples, these will work with your outfits every month of the... [More]


Micro Office Tool Box

You know those days you head down to the local café to "get some work done"? Well, your portable-office cover story just got a whole lot more plausible. Put this Micro Office Tool Box ($9) on your table, and you'll have everything you need to run your own tiny business.... [More]


Women's Bison Shearling-Lined Bean Boots

UGGs might be cute, if you're still in high school and don't have to shovel out your own driveway. But if we're spending the winter boot-deep in snowdrifts or sliding around on black ice, we need something a bit more sturdy. These Women's Bison Shearling-Lined Bean Boots ($239) are basically... [More]


Urban Vase

Flowers don't love real cities. They're far too likely to get stepped on or run over, and there's a distinct lack of clean dirt and direct sunlight to nourish them. They're a bit happier when passing the time in an Urban Vase ($28). Just fill this fine bone china skyscraper... [More]


e.l.f. Studio Daily Brush Cleaner

Your look getting a bit on the muddy side? It's probably because the last time you cleaned those brushes was during the Bush administration. (Hopefully not the FIRST Bush administration.) For perfect color application - and hygiene - you should be freshening up your tools daily. Spray this e.l.f. Studio... [More]


Steven Alan Ruffle Panty

Lumberjack honeymoon wear? Prize item in Mrs. Claus's trousseau? Who knows what really inspired this Steven Alan Ruffle Panty ($38). But we love its old-timey flirtatious style so much, we'll pick up a nice wide skirt or two just so we'll have something to wear it under. (Because leggings are... [More]


Animal Light Switch Stickers

Have a little fun with electricity! And no, we don't mean sticking a fork in the outlet. These Light Switch Stickers ($10) are a much safer way to add some playfulness to the power. And since they're made with easy-to-peel vinyl, you won't have any trouble removing them when you... [More]


Tasting Party Vegetable Set

What better way to serve up those Football Sunday crudités than in a set of dishes shaped like - well, crudités! This Tasting Party Vegetable Set ($25) includes eight cheerful and colorful veggie-inspired bowls. Maybe they'll make all those carrot and celery sticks actually look appealing enough that we'll eat... [More]


Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls

Constantly battling curly hair? Time to let it win the war. Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls ($22) works with your hair's natural texture to make your curls big, soft, and frizz-free. It'll turn all those poor straight-haired girls green.... [More]


Geo Beading Slash Neck Dress

Is the Geo Beading Slash Neck Dress ($398) your best Christmas dress option? Consider: metallic beading and all-over sequins in muted holiday colors? Check. Fancy boxed neckline and defined waist for emphasizing your best features? Check. Perfect mini-length that's not too short to wear to work and family functions? Check.... [More]


Clyde Freaker

We've been told that carrying around a Miller Lite takes our sparkly pumps and cocktail dresses down a notch or two. We're not going to switch our beverage just for the sake of appearances - and don't have to, when we can instantly class up those cans or bottles by... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: November 19, 2012

The ladies over at The Purse Page have been busy rounding up some stellar bags for this week's lookalike poll. That's something to be thankful for, right? Next week, they'll reveal the winner and bring you similar bags that cost a fraction of the price. Don't worry if you forget... [More]


Scarlet's Honey Lotion

Soothe your moisture-deprived skin with a healthy dollop of Scarlet's Honey Lotion ($8) for near-instant relief from dryness. The all-natural stuff boasts gentle ingredients like lanolin, vitamin E, aloe vera, and coconut oil are even safe for little ones, making it the perfect lotion to rub onto baby's belly after... [More]


Harry Potter Themed Christmas Cards

It's never too early to start working on your holiday card list. Once you've got a handle on who you're sending season's greetings to, pen them inside some Harry Potter Themed Christmas Cards ($14, set of 6) hand-drawn by Afternoon Coffee. Or hey, if Grandma prefers a more traditional-looking card,... [More]


Sarsaparilla Soda Syrup

We'd love to be able to swagger into a saloon, order some sarsaparilla, and then expectorate with laser accuracy into a conveniently positioned spittoon. The only problem is, we're lucky if our local saloons have Diet Coke on tap, never mind this Old West-style refresher. With this Sarsaparilla Soda Syrup... [More]


Tory Burch Abitha Sweater

There's an unspoken war being waged between us and that woman from the next office down: a battle of wardrobes. Every time we show up to work wearing something elegant and sophisticated, she fires back the next day with an ensemble of her own. The woman must be completely paranoid... [More]


Oldham + Harper Birds Glasses Set

We'd love to take up bird-watching, but every time we try, we end up guzzling gin-and-tonics on the back porch without identifying anything more interesting than a squirrel. At least if we pour our cocktails into these Oldham + Harper Birds Glasses Set ($30), we'll have some lovely vintage illustrations... [More]


Make Your Own Music Box Kit

If we have to listen to a tinkly version of "The Impossible Dream" one more time, we're going to slap somebody. We want a music box that plays something other than showtunes - say "Mr. Roboto", for example. And at last, that dream can become a reality. All we need... [More]


24 Days of Tea

During the rush of the holidays, use the clever advent-style 24 Days of Tea ($30) to help you take five and relax. A warm mug of herbal tea can work wonders on your mood, especially when you're sampling a new flavor every day. We don't want you peeking ahead, but... [More]


BareEase & Cream Prep Kit for Ouchless Hair Removal

You get your goods waxed often and have never gotten over the fact that your ladybits are spread out for the whole world to see during the process. Not to mention, OW! It still hurts. Your bestie was lying when she said that you get used to the pain. So... [More]


Lace Chiffon Skater Dress

Sorry, Skee-Lo: we're currently wishing we were a little less taller. Then we'd look even more fabulous in this Lace Chiffon Skater Dress ($105), which looks like it was made to show a petite-and-curvy physique to its best. Maybe we'll just wear it as a really cute shirt instead.... [More]


How to Swear Around the World

Admit it: what is the language skill you really need while abroad? It's not finding out how to get to the zoo. You want to be able to blaspheme like a native. How to Swear Around the World ($13) will teach you how to do exactly that in dozens of... [More]

Early Childhood Resources 10 Station Sand & Water Center

Early Childhood Resources 10 Station Sand & Water Center

The Early Childhood Resources 10 Station Sand & Water Center ($475) is a dream come true for children and parents. This amazing toy offers hours upon hours of playtime for your little ones and grows along with them thanks to the adjustable steel legs.... [More]


MICHAEL Michael Kors Lara Platform Booties

"Jeggings" is not a term we use often, nor does it signify a garment we endorse. But these MICHAEL Michael Kors Lara Platform Booties ($245) are just begging to be worn with a pair of skinny jeans and a red flannel button-down. And as we stare at the multitude of... [More]


Oddball Octopus Cardigan Sweater

Basic black just got a tentacled twist with this delightfully different Oddball Octopus Cardigan Sweater ($54). With one long tentacle twisting 'round the left arm like the kraken going after Captain Nemo, it's sure to add a touch of deep sea style to your land-lubbing wardrobe.... [More]


Gel Fuel Wall Mount Fireplace

Are you lacking a mantel to hang your stockings from? The Gel Fuel Wall Mount Fireplace ($75) can remedy that! For a surprisingly affordable price, you can bust out a portable fireplace, add some gel fuel, and have a roaring, odor-and-smokeless fire in minutes.... [More]


Après Ski Saturn Necklace

Okay, astronomers - we realize that this Après Ski Saturn Necklace ($31) looks pretty much nothing like the actual planet. We don't care. Just like our old high school quarterback, this little accessory is definitely adorable enough to be forgiven any shortcomings in the science department.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Hot Sox Cushioned Sole Lace Foot Liners

You've gotten pretty accustomed to your boots and the level of fashion heat they bring. So stepping into a pair of flats can leave you feeling a little lackluster. Shine once more with Hot Sox Cushioned Sole Lace Foot Liners ($6). With these, just a little sneaky-peek of lace pokes... [More]


Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum

"Black like the soul of fame..." Gah, we've never felt so guilty for buying gossip rags in our lives. Good thing the scent of Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum ($55) covers up the stench of shame.... [More]


Four Seasons Seasoning Shakers

Sorry, Doc - we're about to start over-seasoning all our food. How will we be able to resist, when these Four Seasons Seasoning Shakers ($42) are on the table? They're like flavor-filled year-round snow globes. We suppose if our physician really starts raising a fuss, we'll replace the salt in... [More]


The Vegetable Box Cookbook Collection

Got an avid gardener in your life? We've found the perfect gift for them: The Vegetable Box ($37). This cute little package contains a bevy of veggie-themed books packed with recipes and ideas for using up all that fresh produce. It might even save you from having yet another jar... [More]


Water Wars

How would you like to reassign that laser tag budget to something else, like additional beer? Make the moderate investment in Water Wars ($40), and we're pretty sure you'll be able to get your urban warfare fix (safely) in the comfort of your own backyard. The vests in this kit... [More]


Urban Decay The Vice Palette

Twenty new shades of blendable, highly pigmented, velvety smooth Urban Decay eye shadow for just $2.95 per? That alone makes the new Urban Decay Vice Palette ($59) worth it. The fact that they're encased in a sleek dark purple case and come with a double-ended Good Karma Shadow and Crease... [More]


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

We can't all be Bear Grylls (and most of us probably wouldn't want to), but if you're a fan of the great outdoors beyond the mall parking lot, it's important to be prepared. This LifeStraw Personal Water Filter ($20) is a tiny portable water filter that allows you, they say,... [More]


Members Only Nylon Vintage Racer Jacket

We can't help but feel a certain warm nostalgia at the notion of picking up this classically styled Members Only Nylon Vintage Racer Jacket ($88). Not that we remember the originals. Course not. Cough.... [More]


Blackcreek Mercantile Cutting Board Oil

Want to really help clean and preserve those wooden kitchen tools? Get them oily. An occasional treatment with Blackcreek Mercantile Cutting Board Oil ($35) helps keep cutting boards, spoons, and other tree-derived implements from cracking, staining, or absorbing fishy odors. The combination of fine oils and bee propolis also helps... [More]


ProCyte Radiant Skin Cleaner

So you grabbed a bottle of a new drugstore makeup remover in the hopes of simplifying your end-of-the-night routine. Turns out that instead of removing makeup, it just moves it around on your face. Try again with Neova Radiant Skin Cleaner by ProCyte ($40). This works great on a variety... [More]


Snow Globe Ring

Cheap festive jewelry doesn't have to mean reindeer earrings with LED noses. The Venn diagram of "fun" and "not-ridiculous-looking" does have an overlap, and this Snow Globe Ring ($9) sits proudly in the center of it. Sport one to add a playful holiday air to your ensemble.... [More]


Bring It To Me! Wishful Thinking Candles

We're not gullible enough to think that these Wishful Thinking Candles ($18 each) will actually help make our wishes come true. But we are in need of a few new scents to burn during our bath, so if positive affirmations, a tub full of bubbles, and a lavender-and-rosemary-scented candle help... [More]


J. Jill Ripstop Slim-Ankle Pants

We have a tight tough time trying to wear boots over pants during the fall. But these J. Jill Ripstop Slim-Ankle Pants ($30) solve that problem. We can wear our boots and be comfortable, too. They cut down on the bunch-age that takes place under zippered boots, allowing blood to... [More]


Mangroomer Electric Back Hair Shaver

You're not going to buy this Mangroomer Electric Back Hair Shaver ($90) for the furry special someone in your life. Oh, no. What you're going to do is slip the ad for it into the magazine he reads in the bathroom, then carefully angle the mirrors to reveal his personal... [More]


Doubtblush: Reverse Cutout High/Low Dress

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We can't really agree with... [More]


Godinger 2 Tier Wood Server with Glass Dome

Pinterest has been pumping out some tantalizing holiday food ideas lately. And while you don't have the time or creative juices to even pretend that you can whip up any mini cannoli cream cups, you can still beautifully arrange someone else's baked goods on this 2 Tier Wood Cheese Server... [More]


Nautical Knots Ring Set

It's during a bad breakup or divorce that the people who really care about you and truly mean something to you stand out as beacons of consistency, unwavering strength, and true devotion. Let them know that you appreciate their friendship and love with the Nautical Knots Ring Set ($38). Weathering... [More]


Slip Into The Darkness Gift Set

The perfectly spooky Slip Into The Darkness Gift Set ($132) includes Dark Side of the Moon earrings, an incense-rose-and-pencil scented candle, and our very own honest-to-goodness tarot deck. In other words, everything we need to masquerade as fortune tellers except the flowery skirt and fake mole.... [More]


Lollia In Love Petite Treat Handcreme

If your poor hands suffer in the dry weather, it's time to stock up on thick creams and lotions. Or you could just grab a tube of Lollia In Love Petite Treat Handcreme ($8). One teensy tube ought to last you months - you only need a little at a... [More]


GUESS Varsity Mock-Neck Jacket

It's no secret that Ryan Gosling is the biggest lady boner on the planet. (Feel free to leave your rebuttals in the comment section.) So it's comes as no surprise that this GUESS Varsity Mock-Neck Jacket ($168), apparently inspired by Baby Goose's character in Drive, is the best thing we've... [More]


Mistletoe Kisses Headband

Adorable? Yes. Desperate? Not if you break it out after everyone's had a few eggnogs. Mistletoe Kisses Headband ($13)... [More]


Paper Acorn Boxes

Wanna add a little something extra to your Thanksgiving get-together? Your fam will gush over your famed spiced nuts when they're handed out in these darling Paper Acorn Boxes ($4 each) as you ready the pumpkin pie in the kitchen. Don't have a famous spiced nut recipe? You can't go... [More]


Philips Hue Connected Bulb Starter Pack

Prepare to have your mind blown. Designing the lighting in your home is no longer a matter of swapping hundred-watt bulbs for sultry sixties when you're inviting a date over. With this Philips Hue Connected Bulb Starter Pack ($200), you can transform the look of your room with a touch... [More]


Ted Baker Sinerx Boots

There is something about those weird, awkward lines that only hunger can produce (see: models) that captivates the well-fed population. Same situation with these Ted Baker Sinerx Boots ($210). They bend in the same weird way that only a person who hasn't eaten protein in thirty-seven weeks can. And just... [More]


Spiced Apple Syrup

Why stick to boring old maple on those pancakes when you can douse them in this Spiced Apple Syrup ($13)? It'll add a whole new winter-warming note to your breakfast. Or to a nice shot of bourbon, if you're having one of those mornings.... [More]


Avon Glow Lip Gloss

We understand that a darker lip is more appropriate for colder weather. But who's to say you can't layer on a little Avon shimmer before the next heat wave rolls around? Glow Lip Glosss ($4) is the perfect way to add some Sunset, Coral, or Ultra Violet glam to your... [More]


Instagram Friendly Softcover Books

Got gorgeous Instagram photos just sitting in your account? Publish them in a Instagram Friendly Softcover Books ($11-25) from Artifact Uprising. Create themed books around your vacations, baby's first year, or just about anything you can dream up.... [More]


Zodiac Print Dress

We'll admit it: we read our horoscopes. How else would we know that the fact we can't seem to communicate effectively with anybody is all thanks to Mercury turning retrograde? And not, you know, because we've been staying up until two in the morning rewatching every episode of Buffy for... [More]


Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner

We used to just dab our angled brushes into our shadow pots and smudge the stuff on, but the Tightline Cake Eye Liner ($22) from Laura Mercier changed all that. Her dark potted liners brush on smoothly and stay put. Even at the end of the day, we're free of... [More]


Sanuk Flurry Sidewalk Surfers

After a week of precise and deliberate outfit planning, come Saturday, you couldn't care less what you throw together. As long as the pants don't have buttons and a blazer isn't required, you're happy as a clam. These Sanuk Flurry Sidewalk Surfers ($120) are cozy and cute in an unexpected,... [More]


Eiffel Tower Scissors

Bonjour! Do you find yourself with un petite thread in need of snipping? Sever it in chic style with these Eiffel Tower Scissors ($10), which add a French flair to an otherwise mundane task. We think you'll develop a distinct amour for them.... [More]


ManCan Candles

What's the expression on your guy's face when you gleefully drag him into the Yankee Candle store? Pain and misery, right? Convert him to the candle-loving cause with these ManCan Candles ($10). They're made in an array of dude-friendly scents, from New York Pizza to Gunpowder to Campfire Smoke. Their... [More]


Peacock Tulum Hoops

In addition to having great taste in geography (umm, the Yucatán? Hello, paradise...) the Mayans also built some nice pyramids and figured out the whole end-of-the-world thing. Their art also provided the inspiration behind this stunning set of Peacock Tulum Hoops ($26), which we're itching to get our hands on.... [More]


Ona Your! Occasion Card

Procrastinated on buying a special someone a special something card? Use the word search on the front of the Ona Your! Occasion Card ($15 for 6) to find the event or occasion you're celebrating. There are forty-two different terms to find, from Happy Birthday to You Rock. Circle what you... [More]


Splendid Chunky Slub Sweater Tunic

What good is cold weather if you can't wear a sweater every day? Even on days when you want to wear something other than a sweater, at heart, you still want to be wearing a sweater. This Splendid Chunky Slub Sweater Tunic ($88) is sweater-ish, maintaining warmth and style, yet... [More]


Heartbeats Necklaces

It was the Talking Heads lyrics that drew us to these Heartbeats Necklaces ($50 or $60, depending on finish) from Erica Weiner, and we were pleased to find several other quotations stamped into these sweet hearts. We particularly appreciate that not all of them are sappy and romantic. Case in... [More]


Eberjay Rosina Cami

Skip the cranberry jelly this Thanksgiving and offer yourself up as dessert to one special guest while wearing this Eberjay Rosina Cami ($72).... [More]


SEA la VIE Decorative Pillow

Sure, you typically think of the sun and sea as foci of summertime decor, but half the country lives in coastal areas even in the winter. The SEA la VIE Decorative Pillow ($80) boasts a cheery vibe in sandy beach hues for those of you who want to enjoy fun... [More]


Kisstixx Fire & Ice Lipbalm

They say that opposites attract - and you've certainly been trying to catch the eye of that hunky piece of man meat. So when you've finally worked up the courage to ask him out, dot your lips with Kisstixx Fire Lipbalm ($6) before the big first kiss. And once he's... [More]


Gerber Apocalypse Kit

While we're not advocating that you ready yourself for apocalyptic situations by going all Doomsday Preppers, we do think investing in some quality outdoor gear is worthwhile. The Gerber Apocalypse Kit ($349) contains seven must-have survival tools, including a camp axe and a buncha cool-looking knives that we can only... [More]


GRAPHIC2 Gem Heel Shoes

Maybe there are such things as unicorns. We've just been looking for their horns in the wrong place.They don't wear them on their heads, they wear them on the heels of their magically fantastic GRAPHIC2 Gem Heel Shoes ($140).... [More]


Photoretouch Mirror

We've often wished we could walk around with our very own Photoshop filter. Spot removal? Check. Maybe a little hue adjustment to take some of that red out of our noses? That'd be nice. Sadly, Adobe hasn't yet created the technology (though we're not putting it past them in the... [More]


Sweaty Bands

It takes big balls to hit the gym day after day, running the elliptical, pounding the track, and throwing up weights. Keep your sweat and hair at bay while you work on your fitness with Sweaty Bands ($19). They stay put, no matter how fast you set the treadmill, and... [More]


Fresh Brown Sugar Bath & Shower Gel

Fresh is known for their to-die-for Brown Sugar scrub, but we've had to forego its scrumptious scent on the mornings we accidentally oversleep (read: every single one) because going through with the full luxurious treatment requires a similarly luxurious time commitment. So imagine our delight upon discovering our favorite shower... [More]


Rainbow Aura Quartz Necklace

Autumn is here. Replace your lace and floral jewelry with the more subdued, but just as eye-catching, Rainbow Aura Quartz Necklace ($395). Quartz is said to balance the chakras, though we're wondering if the two-and-a-half-inch stone may make you a little top-heavy when you wear it!... [More]


Slim White Lace Dress

Need the perfect frock for the upcoming holidays? Show off some skin in this Slim White Lace Dress ($33). It's feminine and flattering on most all figures, and like any good party dress, it's versatile. Tone down the va-va-voom with a cami and a pair of suede heels for your... [More]


Copper Filigree Sphere

Each gorgeous Copper Filigree Sphere ($298) is made by hand, so no two will ever be alike. But any one of them would look spectacular in an entryway, or in any room that's naturally on the darker side. So would any of its siblings.... [More]


Kate Spade Bobby's Pins

We're not sure we'll actually use these Kate Spade Bobby's Pins ($18) except in case of dire emergency - unless, of course, we decide we want little red dots punctuating our beehives. But when the need does strike, how fabulous will we look when we pull out this retro box... [More]


Out of My Box Leash

You know why you really went out and bought yourself that adorable little Pomeranian: they're fabulous accessories companions. Make sure he keeps complementing your wardrobe looking his best with this stylish Out of My Box Leash ($26). We think the brass-finish hardware and preppy pattern will suit the little furball... [More]


Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil

If you thought the best thing to happen to dry skin was a dab of argan oil, you'd be almost right. Argan oil is awesome, we give you that. But it's no Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil ($90)! You can add a bit of this miracle oil to your dry... [More]


Computer Brush

While we certainly have no devious plans to abuse computer dusters, we always feel so sketchy when we buy a can! Maybe we should invest in a Computer Brush ($35) instead. The soft, narrow bristles should loosen any crumbs and crud stuck under our keyboards, and the wider side of... [More]


Uni-Corn Corn Holders

We've found a better way to eat corn on the cob. And no, we're not referring to the typewriter-style vs. around-the-world debate - which is hardly a debate at all, since people who eat around-the-world are clearly insane. We're talking about these Uni-Corn Corn Holders ($7). Avoid scalding tender fingers... [More]


Diamond Stud Earrings

We've always wanted a pair of big, fat, diamond earrings. And we've finally found some that we can afford. These Diamond Stud Earrings ($12) consist of a pair of bold faux gems cut from pieces of wood and colored neon pink. We think they're possibly even more fabulous than the... [More]


R.E.M. Spring

We're constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep our lady mustaches under control - especially inexpensive ones we can easily, painlessly try at home. We tried threading and failed miserably at it. The notion behind the R.E.M. Spring ($14) is similar, but seems easier to use. We just... [More]


Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

Diana Duyser's half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich with a burnt splot in the shape of the Virgin Mary (or a creepy sandwich poltergeist, depending on which way you're looking at it) racked up a cool $28,000 on eBay. We don't think we'll be getting quite as much for the tasty snacks... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Beer Savers

We often find ourselves cracking open a beer to enjoy with dinner and not finishing it. Goodness knows boyfriend doesn't need to polish it off for us, so we just pop on a Beer Saver ($7 for six) to keep it fresh and tasty until later. Usually much, much later.... [More]


Well Done Steak Card

Remind your friend with the new job that even though you really, really love a good steak, you also really, really love her! Better yet, take her out to a big steak dinner, hand her the Well Done Steak Card ($4), and enjoy a little bonding over prime beef!... [More]


adidas Supernova Glide Bra

Sync your heart-rate monitor to the Supernova Glide Bra ($55) to get an ultra-accurate read on your workout stats. The miCoach sensors in the bra sit just under the gals, on the top of your ribcage. Even when you're in it for the long haul, the bra will keep you... [More]

Pottery Barn Twelve Drummers Drumming Cake Stand

Twelve Drummers Drumming Cake Stand

We can picture it already...that chocolate ganache and truffle cake for your in-laws' holiday gathering would look amazing atop the Twelve Drummers Drumming Cake Stand ($79). The cake really deserves an introduction of its own, since it only took hours upon hours for you to perfect it.... [More]


Natural Preserved Moss Sheets

Set that holiday table in Martha-worthy style with these Natural Preserved Moss Sheets ($25). Cut them up for placemats or roll them out as a stunning runner - either way, they'll make such an elegant impression, your mom probably won't even notice that this year you left her ugly "heirloom"... [More]


Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal Lace Bib Necklace

It can be hard to find jewelry pieces that go well with high-necked tops and dresses. You don't want to overemphasize what has already been played down. This Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal Lace Bib Necklace ($363), dripping in Swarovski crystals, is a refined alternative to brighter bib necklaces, accenting instead... [More]


Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

Getting married next summer? It's never too early to start planning the details. No, seriously - if you leave it 'til May, what'll you do when your monogrammed coasters get stuck on a slow boat from China? Take care of the little things now, like ordering these Heart Shaped Wedding... [More]


Cold Spring Apothecary Juniper & Cypress Foot Powder

It's shoe-and-sock weather again, and we all know what that means: foot stank. Fight back with Cold Spring Apothecary Juniper & Cypress Foot Powder ($13). It uses a good old-fashioned baking soda base mingled with fresh, woodland-inspired scents to help keep those boots and shoes from clearing out a room... [More]


Sorry Boys, I Only Date Cowboys Onesie with Chaps

Sorry boys, I only date Cowboys! ($33) *Onesie also comes with a mother who totes a rifle and a father who cans vegetables.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Perfect Platform Clone for Yelly

Yelly writes: "I completely fell in love with these shoes. I saw them on the sale rack at Nordstroms. I tried them on and it was literally a religious experience. They fit perfectly, were super comfy, and on sale. Except for that they were mismarked. I cried. Can you help... [More]


Jade Dipped Birdhouse

Keep the chickadees in your neighborhood comfy this winter by hanging a Jade Dipped Birdhouse ($46) by Rossella Manzini in your front yard. If you'd prefer to reach a wider bird population, we're sure you can use it as a feeder instead. Add a handful of seeds from time to... [More]


Vitaphenol Daily Fortified Moisturizer

Knees and elbows aren't the only body parts that get dry during the winter. Your face takes a beating as well. Keep it moisturized with Vitaphenol Daily Fortified Moisturizer ($95). It saturates skin with antioxidants, vitamins, and a boost of caffeine to boost collagen production. Lines and wrinkles plump up... [More]


The Dark One iPhone Case

In a sea of space fishes, Darth Vader certainly knew how to stand out. Celebrate individuality, Star Wars, and the dark side with the Dark One iPhone Case ($35).... [More]

Forever21 Striped Polar Bear Sweater

Striped Polar Bear Sweater

Polar bears have the sweetest little faces. We're loving this guy's mug atop the contrasting background of the Striped Polar Bear Sweater ($20). We think you should skip the coffee shop every day this week and bring your travel mug from home so you can pocket the $20 and treat... [More]


Personal Sunlight Therapy

Daylight saving time sucks. When it starts, we have to drag our sorry butts out of bed a full hour ahead of our internal clocks. And when it ends, we plummet into a land of seemingly eternal darkness. It's like a conspiracy against those suffering from seasonal affective disorder. Fight... [More]


See the Light, Feed the Hungry Candle

Brighten up your home while you help make a positive change to someone else's life. When you buy one of these lovely See the Light, Feed the Hungry Candles ($18), you'll also be providing a good meal for a family of four. Maker Fleur de Light gives a donation covering... [More]


Vicky-11 Oxford Pump

This Vicky-11 Oxford Pump ($45) is an attractive melding of contrasts - the classic oxford style with a sweet kitten heel, soft pink faux leather with a badass crackled silver toe. We think the resulting look is downright sassy. And you know how we love sassy.... [More]


Nordic Ware Cathedral Bundt Pan

Bundt cakes are already pretty impressive. Think how much more mind-blowingly awesome yours will be when you bake it in this Nordic Ware Cathedral Bundt Pan ($36). Add some artfully drizzled icing, and you'll have a frosty World Heritage Site that no one will be able to resist taking a... [More]


Watercolor Scarf

We've found a much better way to be artistic than watching the Bob Ross marathon on PBS. And it doesn't even involve paint! We'll just wrap this Watercolor Scarf ($14) around our necks and be instantly transformed into walking Monets. Maybe we'll go to the gallery and see if we... [More]


Julep Topcoat for Hair

The people behind one of our favorite nail polish brands, Julep, just proved that they're hair gurus, too. A few spritzes of Julep Topcoat for Hair ($16) sets and protects your locks from external damage. The silicone-based formula coats strands to help keep moisture in and damaging dry air and... [More]


Equilateral Triangle Nails

Want to add an instant artsy-cute upgrade to anything you tack onto your walls? Use these Equilateral Triangle Nails ($28). Made with solid bronze in an eye-catching geometric shape, they'll make for a much classier finish than those rusty old drywall studs you've been relying on.... [More]


Doubtblush: Riding Umbrella Stand

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We're not opposed to the... [More]

Gap Cable Poncho

Cable Poncho

If you're looking for a chic and affordable way to stay warm this fall, you've got to add this Cable Poncho ($70) to your wardrobe. The acrylic and wool piece is super soft and easy to wear, and the luscious cable knit makes it look much more expensive than it... [More]

Glitzy Bella King Swarovski Crystal Gumball Machine

Glitzy Bella King Swarovski Crystal Gumball Machine

Who wouldn't want a bedazzled gumball machine in the foyer of their ultra-chic apartment building? We certainly would. Dearest Santa, if you're listening reading, please oh please get us one this year. Glitzy Bella King Swarovski Crystal Gumball Machine ($560)... [More]


Custom Family Holiday Cards

We were entirely certain that customized Christmas cards were always a bad idea. No one needs to have a photo of you and your loved ones wearing matching ugly sweaters, or pretending to throw fake snowballs at each other against a digitally enhanced background. These Custom Family Holiday Cards ($225),... [More]


Garza Furniture Round Stool

Using reclaimed wood and steel frames, Garza Furniture crafts some pretty good-lookin' 18-inch Round Stools ($inquire). While they're sturdy enough to stand on, you can also use them as end tables to add a funky, colorful vibe to your digs while still having a place to stash your tissues and... [More]


Apepazza High-Heeled Boots

What's nice about these Apepazza High-Heeled Boots ($190, on sale) is that, technically, you don't have to put on bottoms while wearing them. The top of the boot is already wearing a skirt. Albeit an upside-down skirt. But a skirt nonetheless.... [More]


School of Fish Wine Glass

After a couple glasses of chardonnay, we start feeling a bit like we're moving around underwater. So it seems appropriate that we do our imbibing with this School of Fish Wine Glass ($13). It's etched with a whole school of playful minnows. As if we really needed a way to... [More]


World Class Cookie Cutter Set

Think your sugar cookies are the best in the world? Take them to the next level by cutting out your dough with the World Class Cookie Cutter Set ($24). Add a stellar buttercream frosting after they're done baking and we doubt you'll find their equal. As a bonus, not only... [More]


Senna Voluptulash Mascara

Ever buy a new tube of mascara believing the hype saying that it is the best on the market, prevents clumping, and extends lashes up to one thousand percent? All that is garbage so long as it doesn't say Senna in gold on the side. Voluptulash Mascara ($22) boasts a... [More]


Weather Forecast Ear Studs

Snowy with a chance of lightning? Or party cloudy with an umbrella warning? Whatever the sky looks like, you'll be able to find a charmingly appropriate accompaniment to it with these Weather Forecast Ear Studs ($71). Made from solid sterling silver, they're an adorable way to pay tribute to the... [More]


Nantucket Off-Shore Renaissance Rub

Think six tins is a lot of spice rub to buy? It's not. Our buddy had a monster girlfriend whose only redeeming quality was that her family had a top-secret spice blend they whipped up once a year like druids over a magic cauldron. This stuff was like sprinkling crack... [More]


Ark & Co. Golden Goddess Dress

Resplendent in the Ark & Co. Golden Goddess Dress ($99), perilously high stilettos, red lipstick, and a smile, you stride confidently into that crowded holiday party. All eyes turn to gaze at the gorgeous, proud woman who just took control of the fête without saying a word. Then, that certain... [More]


Kooba Chris Leather Satchel Bag

You have too much to think about during the week to waste any time considering which bag matches your outfit best. When more pressing matters, like whether or not you set your TiVo to record Grey's Anatomy, weigh on you, trust in the Kooba Chris Leather Satchel Bag ($548) to... [More]


Bobbi Brown Powder Pearl Eye Trio

Stocking stuffers! Okay, well, they can be if you gift the Bobbi Brown Powder Pearl Eye Trio ($46) to yourself. Then you can stuff them into your purse and carry-on luggage for touch-ups on the go.... [More]


Fleece-Lined Leggings

This winter, wear all of your fabulous dresses and sweaters over the top a pair of warm Fleece-Lined Leggings ($18) by Hansel from Basel. They aren't "fleece-lined" like your mittens, so they're not going to be thick or heavy. They're lightweight and flexible, keeping your gams covered from the elements... [More]


Momento Headboard

Time for us to get a life. That way, we'll have some proper snapshots and trinkets to attach to this Momento Headboard ($59). Otherwise we'll have to decorate it with prints we stole out of picture frames at Target and pretend the models are our friends.... [More]


Mason Jar Lanterns

As much as we love craft blogs and DIY Pinterest pins, sometimes we think they're mocking us. Sure, you could probably find a tutorial on how to make something similar to these Mason Jar Lanterns ($28) from Free People, but it would require hand-painting with some sort of special mixture... [More]


Key to the Castle Boots

You knew that someone out there owned a key to your heart. And you had a feeling it would be found in a shoe box. So here it is, ladies. The Key to the Castle ($76). Vegan-friendly, dripping in character, and laced to boot, these Prince Charmings are all but... [More]


Personal Shopper: Duvet Cover for Sophia

Sophia writes: "Hi there. I'm in need of two duvet covers, one in twin and one in queen (that either match or complement each other). We have thin grey striped sheets and would love to find something like this as a cover, but it's so expensive, and only comes in... [More]


Overdyed Terai Chair

Park your butt on the good-looking Overdyed Terai Chair ($198), and make sure your guests do the same when they join you for a holiday Tom and Jerry. Well, invite them to sit in similar chairs (available in blue and purple, too). It'll probably be a few drinks before everyone... [More]


Alexander Wang Emile Small Shoulder Bag

We love bowling and have always looked for ways to incorporate our love for the sport into our daily lives without being reduced to wearing rental shoes to the office. This Alexander Wang Emile Small Shoulder Bag ($895) is a great bridge between the alley and the outside world. The... [More]


Revenge of the Burned Velvet Leggings

Unleash the true potential of the leggings trend with texture. Jeans don't have texture. And the best you can hope for from the rest of the trouser department is corduroy, and corduroy is about as exciting as a plate full of peas. These Revenge of the Burned Velvet Leggings ($83),... [More]


Empire Mayonnaise Co. Fall Mix

Okay, so we know we're well on our way into winter, but we're gonna urge you to scoop up the Empire Mayonnaise Co. Fall Mix ($22) before it's all gone. Mayo? Over the internet? You better believe it! The gourmet goods ship quickly and don't need to be refrigerated until... [More]


Flashy Forest Holiday Tree Decal

There's nothing quite like a real Christmas tree, sticky sap, shedding needles, and all. But if you're looking for an alternative this year, pile your gifts under a Flashy Forest Holiday Tree Decal ($55, on sale). We know, it's not the same as having a tree with twinkling lights, but... [More]


Paper Plane Stud Earrings

You may have resisted rebelling back when you were stuck in a boring grade school lesson, so now's the time to put on the Paper Plane Stud Earrings ($8). Folding a plane from the morning's meeting agenda probably won't fly (sorry) with your supervisors, but you can certainly daydream about... [More]


FREEBIRD by Steven Western Booties

When picturing what these FREEBIRD by Steven Western Booties ($450) could be worn with, we see Johnny Depp wearing the skinniest jeans possible, toting a large-caliber pistol, traipsing through an old Western town, saloon beauties at his side, spouting off at the mouth to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who... [More]


bliss firm, baby, firm

Even seen a poorly lit photo of yourself taken from below eye level and noticed that your jawline created some lumpy, unattractive shadows? Welcome to our world. Since that crisis, we've been using firm, baby, firm ($75) like it was some kind of narcotic. It tightens up skin, eliminating our... [More]


Time Tracker Mini

Teach your kids early on that time is of the essence. Instead of warning them they've only got an hour to get something done, set this Time Tracker Mini ($20) and stick it in front of them. Those precious minutes will tick away until a yellow warning light starts flashing,... [More]


An Ornate Fate Collar Necklace

Your best friend is relentless when she finds the smallest of details about a person that she doesn't like. Which is all fun and games until she turns this habit on you. And of course she hates the Peter Pan collar trend that you are in love with. That's why... [More]


Big Chill Retropolitan Refrigerator

We've found our dream fridge. There's no built-in water filter. But holy cow, is it a vintage decor lover's dream come true. The Big Chill Retropolitan Refrigerator ($3,790) looks like it could have been lifted off the set of Leave It to Beaver, and combines its retro look with practical... [More]


Hand-Stitched Floral Stole

Every year there's at least one woman we can't decide what to give for the holidays. Her style is hard to pin down, she doesn't have a particular hobby, she seems to want for nothing, and yet we're still in a position where we want to find her the perfect... [More]


National Lampoon Growler

We think your potluck contribution to all of your holiday parties should be a seasonal microbrew poured from the National Lampoon Growler ($20). Your mother may give you a disproving look, but you'll be popular with the rest of the family. And mom may come around, especially when she gives... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Mustache Party Balloons

You have a major crush on the mustached man running the local climbing gym. So much so that, when you aren't in there crushing routes and sending problems, you're drawing faces on these Mustache Party Balloons ($10 for a set of twelve), holding witty conversations, and practicing being generally charming.... [More]


Mini Tube Stacking Glasses

Wanna be all hipster and host a locally-brewed-beer-tasting party without getting your guests totally hammered? Serve beer flights in handmade Mini Tube Stacking Glasses ($3 each), and you'll all get a pleasant buzz as you discuss the merits of stout versus hefeweisen. And if beer isn't your thing, throw a... [More]


Ta Ta Tamer II

We're psyched that the designers over at lululemon realize that real women with real boobs do, in fact, need a sports bra that provides real support. The awesome Ta Ta Tamer II ($58) was made for more than just models. The wide, adjustable straps and thick rib band help give... [More]


Senna Haute Nudes Palettes

Sometimes we don't care about red lipsticks and forty-step shadow and perfectly contoured cheekbones - we just want a nice, neutral, simple look that isn't hard to put together. Of course, it has to last all day and feel good on our faces, too. Is that so much to ask?... [More]


Sequined Boxy Top

When we wanted to go to our first day of second grade wearing our dress-up clothes, our moms told us that putting on too much sparkle makes us look trashy. We disagreed then, and we'll stick to to our guns even now. This Sequined Boxy Top ($30) might be trashy... [More]


Periodic Coffee Table

Deck out your space with a industrial-looking Periodic Coffee Table ($2,200) by Viesso. Made from steel and concrete, it's got the full periodic table etched into the top. Please don't ask us if we know which all elements are in concrete. What we do know is that you'll have to... [More]


Taos Mittens With Faux Fur Trim

So many winter accessories boast an excess of bows and baubles. Keep it simple with the Taos Mittens With Faux Fur Trim ($15 on sale). These soft, neutral cotton mittens will keep your hands toasty warm, and the faux fur trim is all you need to feel right at home... [More]


Let There Be Flight Hanging Lamp

Here it is - the perfect home decor accompaniment to your velvet Elvis portrait. The uber-kitschy Let There Be Flight Hanging Lamp ($98) is a birdcage-shaped chandelier that comes complete with a flock of beady-eyed plastic inhabitants. Just remember that if they start singing "Jailhouse Rock", someone has probably spiked... [More]


Marchesa by Lenox Flatware Imperial Caviar Gold Collection

After you get married, a lot of things become routine. Who showers first. Who makes breakfast on the weekends. Who rents the movies when picking up groceries. But it's important to spice things up from time to time. So when you feel like things are getting borderline boring, set a... [More]


Olivia Mae Anti-Aging Kit

There's no bottled anti-aging formula on the planet that can fill in the deep lines and wrinkles that occur over time. So start fighting back now and save yourself from having to invent one of your own. Olivia Mae already went ahead and put together her Anti-Aging Kit ($90), a... [More]


Eames Drop Necklace

Think of this Eames Drop Necklace ($54) as a tiny psychological flash card. What does its ultra-simple design remind you of? A playful minnow? A swaying buoy? Or maybe a tiny torpedo? The tears of someone wearing too much makeup?... [More]


Nicholas K Faye Shirt

When you roll out of bed and instantly recognize that today is not going to be a pants day, remember that we are watching as you slide those leggings on (in the least creepy way possible, btdubs). With the Faye Shirt ($265), you can skip jeans and chinos altogether and... [More]


Cook Linen Tea Towel

When your Thanksgiving Day turkey is still too frozen to toss into the oven and you've got a list of food prep work a mile long, take a deep breath and dry your hands on the Cook Linen Tea Towel ($24) from STUDIOPATRO. The foodie verbs will remind you of... [More]


Purr-Fection Pet Placemat

You've put in plenty of time and hard work decking out your place to reflect your personality, so don't let your furball ruin it by spreading Fancy Feast all over the kitchen floor. Contain the mess and keep that vintage-chic vibe you've got going with a Purr-Fection Pet Placemat ($5).... [More]


Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler

The things you consider most important in your life are all pretty much pocket-sized. Cell phone, e-reader, prescription bottle filled with bobby pins, ball of yarn. Okay, so that doesn't say much about what you hold near and dear. But if you add the Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler ($16) to... [More]


QSW Brownstone Sweater Jacket

When you close your eyes and imagine a happy place, do you see yourself wrapped in this QSW Brownstone Sweater Jacket ($134) as you glide your hands through the tall green grass of a mountain meadow in Austria, hearing echoes of laughter and song radiating through the valley, smelling the... [More]


Personal Shopper: Vegas New Year's Eve Sparkler for Caroline

Caroline writes: "Hello, ladies. I am going to Las Vegas for New Years Eve and I have been on the search for the perfect NYE dress. I haven't found anything that has swept me off my feet. I love bright colors and sparkle. I would like to keep the dress... [More]


Emerald Gold Simple Wrap Watch

We love that La Mer's gorgeous watches wear as bracelets that just happen to tell the time. The Emerald Gold Simple Wrap Watch ($92) is the perfect winter addition to the bunch. The simple green leather strap will complement any of your holiday wear, and look sleek enough to go... [More]


Slap Ya Mama Essential Slap Pack

You know what your life is missing? A little spice. Heat things up with the Essential Slap Pack ($17), which comes with everything you need to add a bit of authentic Cajun flavor to your cuisine. And you can enjoy it guilt-free, as we are assured that its spice blends... [More]


Milktape USB Cassette Mixtape

We miss mixtapes. What better way was there to tell your hopeless crush what you really felt than with a carefully curated selection of Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins tunes? This Milktape USB Cassette Mixtape ($15) brings that fine tradition solidly into the digital age. It holds around fifteen songs... [More]


Grandoe Two-Tone Button Sheepskin Gloves

You don't normally do gloves. There is too much putting on and taking off just to send a text. And, sure, they make touchscreen-friendly versions, but these Grandoe Two-Tone Button Sheepskin Gloves ($85) are worth leaving the phone in the purse for a while. Who knows. Maybe you'll have a... [More]


Tequila Board Buffet

Since tequila has a way of rendering its drinker immobile after a few shots, make sure you bust out your Patrón on the Tequila Board Buffet ($90). The board has cutout spots for your liquor, glasses, salt, and lime. It also comes with a small cutting board and a paring... [More]


Echo Design Headphone Hat

Keep the tunes a-playin' and your ears warm with the Echo Design Headphone Hat ($48). In several bold color combinations, like green-and-turquoise and pink-and-red, the hat ought to get you noticed. Not that you'll notice. You'll be too busy listening to Ellie Goulding's new song on repeat through your headphone... [More]


Clementine, a Bowl Apron

You decorate your home for the holidays, break out special dinnerware, and cook up things you're not entirely sure how to pronounce. You should update your uniform, too! Tie on the Clementine, a Bowl Apron ($35) while you work.... [More]

Blank Denim Sequin Pants

Blank Denim Sequin Pants

The holiday season is almost here, so bring on the spaaahhhhkles! We would totally rock these Blank Denim Sequin Pants ($98). They're gorgeous in navy, and we'd dress them down a bit with a flowy cami in a breathtaking sky blue.... [More]


Tone Fruit Peel Body Wash

Winter is all fun and reindeer games until it's time to put on something that shows a little leg. Then it's dry patches and dehydrated skin. Keep it smooth and silky with Tone Fruit Peel Body Wash ($5). Formulated with apple, kiwi, and citrus, it'll help your skin feel fresh... [More]


iCrew 4 Bike Mount

Instead of just using your bicycle as a means to get around and simultaneously exercise, now you can watch a movie on it, too! Or read the paper! Or catch up on Outblush. All thanks to the iCrew 4 Bike Mount ($48). Available in black or white, this is the... [More]


Lucky Lotto Scratcher

Is your scratch ticket track record so abysmal you get excited when you win a buck? Maybe it's time to turn things around. These Lucky Lotto Scratchers ($7 each) might be the ticket to adding a few extra zeros to those puny prizes. Or they might just encourage you to... [More]


Stella McCartney Glitter-Finished Faux Leather Pumps

Quick! Someone grab the ice scraper! We're frozen to the screen after drooling over these Stella McCartney Glitter-Finished Faux Leather Pumps ($710). We never knew so much beauty and sparkle could be crammed into one exquisite pair of shoes. And we're not even going to suggest a special event to... [More]


Spinning Hat Social Shower Curtain

We all have a few friends who eat, sleep, and breathe social media. The Spinning Hat Social Shower Curtain ($17) was created just for them. Although they may be slightly crestfallen when they realize it isn't exactly interactive and they'll have to suds up sans technology.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Props

These Props ($6) are the hip young counterparts to that decorative chain your mom keeps her readers on, and we're totally okay with that. If wearing this little tether cord around our necks means we can easily rock one earbud without the other flailing around while we run, we are... [More]


Kuhn Rikon Nonstick Paring Knives

These tiny, colorful Kuhn Rikon Nonstick Paring Knives ($10 each) pack a powerful punch - or slice, we suppose! The nonstick coating over the strong carbon steel blades helps prevent herbs, aromatics, and veggies from sticking as you chop, dice, and mince. When you're done prepping, feel free to store... [More]


Control Earrings Set

Need to make a play for a promotion, or pause the evening in the middle of an awesome conversation with a friend to preserve the memory? The Control Earrings Set ($90) by Upper Metal Class don't have super remote control powers, per se, but they will help you look calm,... [More]


Gusto Rubs of the States Gift Set

Okay, so it's a bit of a misnomer. This Gusto Rubs of the States Gift Set ($22) includes blends for everything from brisket to tri-tip steak, inspired by the cuisine of culinary capitals like Memphis and East Texas - which are obviously not states. But that doesn't make their Lexington... [More]


Factory Wool-Blend Braided Headband

Will this Factory Wool-Blend Braided Headband ($20) actually keep our heads warm? Probably not. Is it way cuter than wearing an actual hat? Undoubtedly, and that's good enough for us.... [More]

Williams Sonoma Perfect Endings Present Cake

Perfect Endings Present Cake

We never believed in love at first sight bite until...the Perfect Endings Present Cake ($135). You may think it's way too pretty to eat, but we beg to differ! Underneath this gorgeous white chocolate fondant wrapping are four sinfully delicious layers of devil's food chocolate cake filled with chocolate truffle... [More]


Chalet Leggings

Not that you had plans for this Saturday. But your recent purchase of these Chalet Leggings ($50) completely cleared your schedule. These cotton cuties are meant for couch dwelling, cookie baking, and boyfriend cuddling. Checkbook balancing and house cleaning need not apply.... [More]


JJ Scholl Serengeti Case

Not all bike baskets are created equal. That plastic one with the pink flowers, for example, is not going to earn you anywhere near as much street fashion cred as this JJ Scholl Serengeti Case ($275) is. It fits on just about any scooter or electric bike, and has built-in... [More]


Emergency Compliments

Winter may mark the start of the holiday season, but it also brings us closer to Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year (traditionally the last Monday of January). Stock up now on a few of these Emergency Compliments ($15, each) and have them handy to help combat... [More]


Pacifica Magic Carpet Ride Set

We're longtime fans of Pacifica body butters, what with their luxurious, intense fragrances and serious moisturizing properties. This three-butter Magic Carpet Ride Set ($28) is the perfect gateway drug gift to give to friends this holiday season. The prettily boxed set includes one tube each of Tuscan Blood Orange, Island... [More]


Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner Kit

When it comes to athletic footwear, there's a fine line between that just-broken-in charm and something that looks like it should be disposed of with a biohazard suit. Keep your sneakers in the safe zone with this Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner Kit ($15). It comes with everything you need... [More]


Blueberry Pie Dress

Cute as a button. Sweet like sugar. Busy as a bee. You'll be all those things when wearing this Blueberry Pie Dress ($48). With a full holiday party schedule lined up and two new pairs of boots to pair with this cutie, this season is shaping up to be the... [More]


Tibetan Cloud Ceramic Drum

With its soft, floral swirls and sturdy construction, the Tibetan Cloud Ceramic Drum ($65) makes a dreamy accent to your room. It's lightweight enough to move around, so plan on utilizing it whenever you need something to help you fill some space. It can double as a small table or... [More]


Everyday Furniture Spritzer

Yeah, yeah. If we want our furniture to look fresh and clean, we should rent ourselves a steam cleaner and attack our cushions with it. Instead, we'll just nab our bottle of Australian White Grapefruit Everyday Furniture Spritzer ($10) from Murchison-Hume five minutes before company comes over, give our seating... [More]


Palatium Replenishing Foam

Entertaining guests over the holidays is a taxing job. It's almost like running a daycare facility and a senior care home, all in the same weekend. Treat yourself to something nice on Sunday night for a job well done keeping your mouth shut. Palatium Replenishing Foam ($45) treats the body... [More]


Whiskey Cologne

While the scent of a few stale Old Fashioneds may have its own err, appeal, we'd rather our men smelled only slightly of their favorite booze. Whiskey Cologne ($68) from the Portland General Store combines just a hint of the liquor mixed with primary notes of amber and spice. The... [More]


Aspire/Acquire Marchesa Couture Lace Cocktail Dress

It seems like we're always falling in love with the unattainable. Try as we might, we still haven't come across any sites for those of us ladies looking for a hot Time Lord to date. We also will never in a million years be able to afford this utterly... [More]


S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Exfoliant

During the winter, you can't go a day without moisturizing every inch of your skin. Especially your knees. It's as if the cold air takes every opportunity possible to ensure that you always have to wear pants. Next time lotion slips your mind, recover with S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Exfoliant... [More]


Color-In Sectional Globe

We've found a great way to set out our travel ambitions: this Color-In Sectional Globe ($40). We'll use our markers to color-code countries. Green will mean we're dying to get there. Purple is for possibly interesting. And we'll use red for "unlikely to have indoor toilets."... [More]


Doubtblush: Ash Alex Wedge Sneakers with 3 Tabs

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. The pastel Velcro sneakers you... [More]

BB Dakota Koa Coat

BB Dakota Koa Coat

We definitely have a coat fetish, especially when it comes to winter coats. We love the bold Santa Fe print of the BB Dakota Koa Coat ($130). That fur-trimmed hood and those large patch pockets will definitely be put to good use now that those frosty mornings are upon us.... [More]


Round Trip Train Top

Children seem to gravitate towards certain things. things that spin things that require repetitive movement (see: trampoline) things that take them to another world, one with more color and 100% more trains than reality contains All this makes the Round Trip Train Top ($39) a real winner in the eyes... [More]


Remote Control Interior Car Heater

What would we love to have in our cars now that temperatures are plummeting? A remote starter. What's really expensive and difficult to install? A remote starter. This Remote Control Interior Car Heater ($150), on the other hand, is a breeze to set up, and costs a fraction of the... [More]


Yves Rocher Mauves Cristallisées Eau de Toilette

It's almost impossible to describe all the reasons why we love Mauves Cristallisées ($18, limited edition), but we'll give it a shot. For starters, it is affordable, a quality we never shy away from. Secondly, it smells like heaven, a sensual place adorned with mallow blossoms nestled next to sumptuous... [More]


Stalward Beige Color Fleck Tie

It's almost his birthday, so you might as well admit it: you know you'll end up buying your dad a tie - because that's what you've done for the past thirty or so of his birthdays. Opt for one with a touch more style this year. This Stalward Beige Color... [More]

Williams Sonoma Gingerbread Estate

Williams-Sonoma Gingerbread Estate

We love the way gingerbread houses are supposed to look, but they never really end up looking quite like the pictures...unless you splurge on the Williams-Sonoma Gingerbread Estate ($250). This massive gingerbread house is preassembled, so it looks amazing. It's made with all-natural gingerbread and lots of candies and sweets,... [More]


Halter Collar Dress

After the Mayan apocalypse, we imagine the new world is going to look something like Logan's Run. We might as well prepare for life in a hedonistic dystopian society by dressing the part. With its gorgeously simple draped silhouette, this Halter Collar Dress ($80) has the perfect space-age-meets-1970s-camp vibe.... [More]


Goorin Bros. Maria Scarf

Don't let the image fool you. The Maria Scarf ($28 on sale) from Goorin Bros. is as wide as the winter is cold. So wide, in fact, that you can wrap it around your neck and once again over your head. Sort of like a jacket, but without the jacket.... [More]


HAVEN Wood & Leather Polish

Give a good gleam to all of your wood and leather with natural citrus and beeswax HAVEN Wood & Leather Polish ($14). Safe to use on just about everything, this polish will add protection and shine to wooden banisters, cutting boards, and tables as well as to leather boots, chairs,... [More]


Moss Forest Hooded Sweater

It's not often we find a fashion piece we could describe as "vaguely medieval" that still looks like something we'd actually wear on an everyday basis. This Moss Forest Hooded Sweater ($60), however, makes the grade. With its soft color, flowing length, and toggle neck clasp, it reminds us of... [More]


Bottle Grinder Set

Our taste in kitchen decor has always been... well, a bit on the busy side. Between the pig-shaped oven mitts and the bright orange dinnerware, guests probably think we're going for something of a caravan-meets-Oompa-Loompa-workshop theme. We'd far prefer them to find us sophisticated and minimalist, which is why we're... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Hem Clips

You've been trying your hand at sewing for the past couple of months, and to say it isn't going well is an understatement. In fact, you couldn't sew a buttonhole to save your life. At least with these Hem Clips ($7 for a set of twelve) your home-ec disasters will... [More]


Stampvase Steel Vase

It's not often we find a home decor piece we love that looks as though it was run over by a truck. This Stampvase Steel Vase ($169) is a beautiful exception. Its oddly squished design transforms a batch of supermarket carnations into a stunning modern display. Which is helpful, since... [More]


ABS by Allen Schwartz Sabrena Pumps

You don't need no man nor wedding to wear these ABS by Allen Schwartz Sabrena Pumps ($120). Hell no. Any occasion will do. In fact, you can think of seven occasions which these shoes would be perfect for, all ending in the word "-day".... [More]


The Useful Towel

Why are you still wiping your dishes and whipping pans out of the oven with the same ordinary old kitchen towels when you could have a true cooking powerhouse at your fingertips? The Useful Towel ($26) doesn't just dry things, or wipe up spills - it's covered in a bevy... [More]


Rope and Mesh Necklace

The simplest combinations are still some of life's best: bread and butter. Gin and tonic. Hall and Oates. This Rope and Mesh Necklace ($48) makes use of another gorgeously basic melding of materials, and we love the elegance of the result.... [More]


Molecule Building Set

Forget doctors and lawyers. We know who the real job security of the future is going to belong to: biochemists. After all, someone's going to have to figure out how to keep our Botox-infused bodies from falling apart. That's why we're going to infuse our offspring with a love of... [More]


Anchor Print Mohair Sweater

During the winter, the last place you want to be is on open water in need of an anchor. So instead of motoring out to sea to freeze your aft off, cozy up in the Anchor Print Mohair Sweater ($33). Much warmer and, more importantly, much dryer.... [More]


Orange Dottie Mugs

We've spent the last ten minutes daydreaming about filling these darling Orange Dottie Mugs ($39) by Symmetrical Pottery & Tile with some rum-infused hot chocolate. Make that rum-infused hot chocolate topped off with two handfuls of mini marshmallows. Seriously, marshmallows make hot chocolate about a thousand times more yums!... [More]


Elysee YouthSpan Enviro-Shield Tinted Veil

When foundation is too heavy and powder doesn't cover enough, try Elysee YouthSpan Enviro-Shield Tinted Veil ($22). Without adding a heavy layer of artificial coverage, it provides a healthy glow to the skin while also fighting early signs of aging. It moisturizes and visibly improves every inch of skin it... [More]


Hanging Spice Rack

Ah, the spice drawer - bane of our kitchen existence. It's a jumbled mess and we're always looking for a solution. Maybe today's the day we found one: this Hanging Spice Rack ($19). It gets our spices out of their crowded drawer, takes up zero counter space, and actually adds... [More]


Tartan Flannel Lined Robe

We're going to be warm this winter, because we're making the proper investment in this Tartan Flannel Lined Robe ($89). It combines two of the coziest fabrics in the world, soft flannel and fleece, and it already has us daydreaming about sipping tea on snowy mornings. And since it's from... [More]


Ella & Ceasar Window Screen Film

There are plenty of signs and doormats for those who want to warm potential trespassers to "Beware of Dog". But what about warding them away with threats of home-protecting felines? This Ella & Ceasar Window Screen Film ($29) creates the illusion of a pair of ferocious kitties, lying in wait... [More]


Rest in Grease Spoon Rest

If we had to pick a final resting place right now, we'd probably choose Greece, with its sparkling blue waters. Which really has nothing to do with this Rest in Grease Spoon Rest ($13), but we felt a need to make our wishes known, and we also like this cool... [More]


Banana Republic Striped Infinity Scarf

You recently bought a pair of teal pants. Great. Now how in the hell do you accessorize them? Why, with the mustard Striped Infinity Scarf ($50). A deep brown or even a cream-colored cardigan would pull it all together nicely.... [More]


Regina Harris Frankincense Myrrh Rose Maroc Perfume Oil

This Frankincense Myrrh Rose Maroc Perfume Oil ($125) could smell like month-old garbage juice for all you care. That bottle is AMAZE-BALLS and you'd pour out whatever came in it just to set it on your vanity shelf. Luckily for you, though, this perfume oil is rich, sexy, and beautifully... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: November 12, 2012

They're not kidding around with this week's shopping list poll over at The Purse Page! All of the rounded-up bags are standouts, from the Jimmy Choo clutch topped with sprinkles - excuse us - crystal beads, to the demurely flowered Valentino. Good luck picking just one to have highlighted next... [More]


Aspire/Aquire: Givenchy Pale Gold Lace Cuff

Whoa, Nelly, do we love the look of this stunning Givenchy Pale Gold Lace Cuff ($1,005). We were already imagining how classy it would look around our wrists when we caught that whole grand-plus price tag. Luckily, Givenchy isn't the only one hopping on this particular style bandwagon. This Chantilly... [More]



Admit it: you truly believe that you are an Instagram savant. Your iPhone photos might look like everybody else's crap at first, but with a bit of cropping and the right filter, they are profoundly transformed into works of retro-styled digital art. They ought to have a place in the... [More]


Petite Eagle Stud Sweat Top

If The Mountain Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt made it possible for people to fly and hypnotically attract members of the opposite sex, we're pretty sure this Petite Eagle Stud Sweat Top ($72) must give its wearer some badass abilities as well. At the very least, it'll grant us the power... [More]


Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America

While we sometimes wish it weren't so, Pawnee, Indiana doesn't really exist. Fortunately, we can keep the ruse alive by reading Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America ($8) by Leslie Knope. After perusing detailed descriptions of Pawnee's colorful history and current local celebrities, we're ready to buy a faux one-way... [More]


Luxe Faux Fur Pillow Cover in Chinchilla

In case you weren't already aware, chinchillas make crappy pets. Sure, they're soft and look adorable, but they have absolutely no interest in letting you pet, snuggle, or love them. (Look, some relationships leave you a little bitter.) We aren't saying this Luxe Faux Fur Pillow Cover in Chinchilla ($29)... [More]


Book Tableware

Save this one for whenever your bookworm friends finally get hitched. What better way to tart up out their dinner parties than with this Book Tableware ($21 - $37 per piece)? We love the library-inspired design of these plates and platters, which combine reading with our second-favorite activity: stuffing our... [More]


Sephora Collection Bubble Bath & Shower Gel

Sure, Sephora Collection Bubble Bath & Shower Gel ($12) is intended to cleanse and impart a delicious scent onto skin. But we're thinking that a row of these, all in different colors, on the window ledge that looks into the shower (don't worry, the glass is frosted) would make for... [More]


Bat Bangle Bracelet

There's a bat living in our friend's old house. It came whizzing at us last week when we went over there for dinner and were silly enough to try to pay a visit to the upstairs bathroom. We're thinking next time we visit, we're going to have to try a... [More]


City Neighborhoods Maps

Cities are knit together with more than just streets and thoroughfares. Communities come together as neighbors display their local pride with sports paraphernalia and bumper stickers. Show off your love for your hometown with a prominently displayed City Neighborhoods Map ($59) from These Are Things. Each map highlights various city... [More]


Glo Nightlight

You're probably looking at this Glo Nightlight ($80) thinking that your two sleepy babes could use the detachable orbs to guide themselves to the potty in the middle of the night. But you could be hoping that your husband would have the sense to do the same thing.... [More]


Lands' End Alpaca Plaid Blanket

We know it would make our lives more comfortable, but we simply can't do it: we have too much self-respect to hang around in Snuggies. Wrapping this Lands' End Alpaca Plaid Blanket ($209) around ourselves like a super soft wool cape, on the other hand, strikes us as a perfectly... [More]


Brisk Run Toque

Brrr! Our morning runs are certainly seeing something drop - but we're talking temps and not pounds, thanks to our ongoing love affair with Nutella on toast. The Brisk Run Toque ($28) keeps our ears warm as we jog in cold weather. Not only is the toque reversible, the slit... [More]


Flag Conversions Tea Towel

It'll be handy to have a Flag Conversions Tea Towel ($9) hanging from the oven door, especially if you've started a bit of calorie counting. You don't want to bulk up too much for the winter, so knowing that two tablespoons of peanut butter is equal to 1/8 of a... [More]


Derek Strap School Bag

Seat belts: they protect us when we're unlucky enough to get ourselves into a fender bender. It's only fair we return the favor by making good use of them in this Derek Strap School Bag ($160). This durable and super cool-looking book carrier is made completely from recycled seat belts... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sony Universal Kids TV Remote Control

It's not okay to tell your kids to shut the hell up on Saturday morning while you nurse a Friday-evening-induced hangover. But it is okay to strategically lay out the Sony Universal Kids TV Remote Control ($10) and a box of cereal on the coffee table before starting to drink... [More]


Amrita Singh Amox Necklace

The Amox Necklace ($75) makes us think of happy things like jump rope and new colored pencils. But we swear we have interests beyond those of a second grader. Maybe we'll wear this with some black leggings and a white tunic for next weekend's gallery opening.... [More]


Pocket Pumpkin Pie Mold

There's something disturbingly appealing about a whole pie you can eat in one bite (okay, okay, maybe two bites). We know it's not the most practical kitchen item, but we really want this Pocket Pumpkin Pie Mold ($9) so we can make adorable little pockets of pumpkin-filled happiness... and then... [More]


AeroBed PakMat

This is going to live in our cars. The comfy AeroBed PakMat ($120) happily rolls up to fit right inside the case of its hand pump. That means it's protected while stored, which means less chance of springing leaks - and that it can be kept on hand for those... [More]


Black and Blush Pleat Peplum Dress

Holiday-themed party dresses: they're a horror show. We've seen sparkling reindeer, knit Christmas trees with real ornaments hanging off of them, and takes on the traditional mall Santa uniform that have us saying "ho ho ho" for a whole different reason. We never in a million years thought we'd ever... [More]


Metaphor Soap

This Metaphor Soap ($9) is a breath of bathtime fresh air. It's a run through the hygiene jungle, a candle in our sudsy windows. It also gets us clean. Because it's a bar of soap. Now that's poetry.... [More]


Kate Spade Nylon Stripe Leslie Bag

Go ahead and spend the dough on this Kate Spade Nylon Stripe Leslie Bag ($368). And since you'll be broke after that, you'll have achieved Kate-Spade-bag-lady status. Good thing it's big enough to fit a couple of feral cats in. Otherwise people might think you were mumbling to yourself.... [More]


Spreading Landscape Throw

We're jealous of those of you who can order the bold and beautiful Spreading Landscape Throw ($168). We'd love to toss the textured wool blanket over the backs of our armchairs, but we're pretty sure our furbabies would wreak havoc on all of those pom-poms. We'd find them strewn about... [More]


Sentence Maker Wall Clock

Lit nerds and design geeks alike will delight in this Sentence Maker Wall Clock ($163). Watch the hands turn and form an arcane new phrase every five minutes. Ponder how Speed is Reflection. It must be. The clock says so.... [More]


LUSH Charisma Tint/Primer

We've picked up a pot of LUSH Charisma Tint/Primer ($19). After mixing a little of the bronzy stuff in with our favorite moisturizer, we applied it without expecting big results. We were wrong. The tint had our complexions looking dewy and sunkissed with minimal effort. It'll definitely be a staple... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell France Strapped Boot

We're not sure exactly what makes this France Strapped Boot ($188) at all Gallic. Maybe it speaks a Romance language.... [More]


Blue Bamboo Melamine Plates

We bet that at first glance you can't tell these Blue Bamboo plates ($40 for twelve) are melamine! Finally we've got a decent-looking plate set that's safe for picnics. We can even let our nieces and nephews use them without fear of damage!... [More]


Kenneth Jay Lane Red Heart Necklace

Move aside flashy jewelry and statement necklaces! We're clearing our collarbones for the small and simple Kenneth Jay Lane Red Heart Necklace ($90). The resin heart is small enough to not compete with any of our bolder fashion choices, but bright enough to stand out from the crowd. Its versatility... [More]


Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

Who says you can't take it with you? With this Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer ($9), you can recap that brew for safe transport back to your home base. It's ideal for those oversized bottles of fine craft beer we're always dying to try but would rather not have to... [More]


Minnie Beasley's Almond Lace Cookies

On particularly rotten days we like to run a bath, lock the door, pop open a Diet Coke, and indulge in some Almond Lace Cookies ($22) while we soak off the stress. Nothing helps us to relax more than a sweet treat. And when the SOs tease us for stress-eating,... [More]


Napoleon Perdis Classic Pack

The Napoleon Perdis Classic Pack ($45) is a sweet little pairing of Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation primer and Mesmer-Eyes mascara, tucked into a gold-edged pouch. The quality is top notch, and we'll take any opportunity to be a little more classic ourselves.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Staple Free Stapler

Replace your home office stapler with one of these brightly-colored Staple Free Staplers ($9). With an easy push, it'll punch a small tab through up to five sheets of paper, sans a staple. Who knew saving resources and gettin' the job done right would cost so little? What's a Cheap... [More]


Lock and Lock Glass Baby Lunch Box Set

The glass containers in this Lock and Lock Glass Baby Lunch Box Set ($30) may seem like dangerous things to have around a kid. But you know what else is dangerous? Everything. Wibble.... [More]


The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook

Those bags of frozen rice from Trader Joe's have been meeting all of our immediate needs lately, but we're trying to improve our attitude (and habits) and we think The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook ($12) might help. It's full of recipes for all sorts of things beyond plain ol' rice.... [More]


Cherry Candles

We've reached a point where we really don't want to count out all those birthday candles and face the fact that we need more than one box. So we've started putting a sweet little Cherry Candle ($20 for a box) on top of our birthday cakes. One more year is... [More]


Juicy Couture Regal Combo Kings Road Plaid Cardigan

Just in case you forgot that plaid was the pattern of the season and that red-white-blue color combinations will never go out of style, the Juicy Couture Regal Combo Kings Road Plaid Cardigan ($200) popped in just to say hi. Hello! Here I am! Still kicking and still looking cute... [More]


Cole & Mason Professional Nutmeg Grinder

Want to know how to take those holiday treats up to the next level? Fresh nutmeg. Once you try it, you'll never go back to the powdered stuff. Use this Cole & Mason Professional Nutmeg Grinder ($20) to pulverize only the quantity you need for your favorite cookies and pies,... [More]


Everything's Vine Tights

The Everything's Vine Tights ($33) are breathtaking. Mesmerizing curlicues cover your legs, and the fact that it's a burnout design makes them more flirty than fusty. Now to find the right black shoes and the right swingy dress.... [More]


Swedish Dream Sunflower Facial Soap

We have a Swedish dream, and his name is Alexander Skarsgård. And we're sure he'd appreciate this Swedish Dream Sunflower Facial Soap ($16). It's made with soothing sunflower and evening primrose oils, which help to condition and soften the skin. And when you show as much skin as Skarsgård, you'd... [More]


Frida Beaded Bracelet

Wrap the simple and elegant Frida Beaded Bracelet ($30) by elephantine around your wrist for an immediate touch of style. The turquoise beads are delicate enough to not look like Western wear, so you can don this sweet bracelet with any outfit. No cowboy boots required.... [More]


Torch T1 Helmet

You may have stashed your bike back in the basement for the winter, but that doesn't mean you've stopped thinking about riding. Come spring, all of your gear will seem outdated. Get a fresh start by ordering a Torch T1 Helmet ($120, preorder). Ordinarily, lighted headgear is clunky and ugly,... [More]


Sonnet Necklace

Shall we compare this Sonnet Necklace ($240) to an autumn day? Its hues, more various and delicate. Rough winds might make the teardrop thingies sway - but all in all, it's pleasingly ornate.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Munchkin Fork & Spoon Set

Little people are constantly eating. And while they grow up and learn about how the world works, they also learn that gravity has a funny way of pulling eating utensils to the ground when they are dropped over the edge of the table. So grab a few Munchkin Fork &... [More]


MICHAEL Michael Kors Shimmery Infinity Zip Scarf

There are words that get our attention without our even needing to investigate what they describing. Unicorn Glitter Lisa Frank Cat Sequined "Shimmery", as in this Michael Kors scarf ($95), is an easy addition to the list.... [More]


Smeg Refrigerator

So the gorgeous mint-colored Smeg Refrigerator ($1,999) is a teensy bit smaller than a normal fridge. We've been wavering on whether or not that's a con, and if it is, whether it's enough to deter us from falling madly in love with the vintage-inspired appliance. On the one hand, it... [More]


Hedgehog Measuring Cups

How cute are these Hedgehog Measuring Cups ($36)? We can already picture how adorable they'll look gamboling about our flour-covered countertops. And when we're done using them to play with our food, they'll stack tidily together for easy storage.... [More]


Hammer of Thor Bottle Opener

We can just hear it now... buzzed party guests grabbing this Hammer of Thor Bottle Opener ($18) and bellowing, "by the power of Thor, this bottle WILL be opened!!" Now, if only it came with a hunky muscle-bound man... See more bottle openers.... [More]


Kitchen Ringbinder

We know some of you are hip and with it in the kitchen and you use your iPads or smartphones to look at recipes, but we're old-school and like to work from recipes we copied out of our mom's cookbooks or pulled out of magazines. However, the resulting pile of... [More]


Royal Chain Headpiece

Yes, we secretly wish we were princesses. But last time we went running around in tiaras when it wasn't Halloween, we ended up married. We're pretty sure we could safely wear this Royal Chain Headpiece ($35), however, without any dire consequences. It's a lovely finish to a casually bohemian look,... [More]


Shot Flask

A swig from a flask is risky, what with the possibility of backwash so keep your boozin' hygienic by using the Shot Flask ($25, on sale) while you're out and about. The leather-trimmed flask includes a collapsible stainless steel shot glass. What a concept.... [More]


Olive Plant Topiary

We thought we'd have to save up for that villa in Tuscany before we could press our own olive oil. Of course, if we could actually succeed in getting this Olive Plant Topiary ($49) to fruit, we'd probably end up with about a tablespoon of the stuff. Who cares? It's... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Maison Scotch Shimmery-Star Cardigan

We're always looking for basic pieces with a little something special, like this starry-night-inspired Maison Scotch Shimmery-Star Cardigan ($120, left). But $120? A sweater would have to be REALLY special for that kind of cashola. So we tracked down this BDG High/Low Step Hem Star Print Cardigan ($44, right), a... [More]


Rose Glass Carafe

We may be too old and jaded wise to be donning rose-colored glasses, but no one says we can't drink out of them! This Rose Glass Carafe ($48) is a lovely way to keep your beverage of choice easily at hand, and it does double duty as a pretty vase.... [More]


Magician's Cereal Marshmallows

Forget your health. Forget your waistline. Forget your self-respect. Just buy these Magician's Cereal Marshmallows ($14) and indulge in a long-put-off childhood fantasy. There will be no lame grain-based bits to get through in order to enjoy what you really filled that bowl for, just spoonful after spoonful of pure,... [More]


Spektral Paper Mobile

Hang the Spektral Paper Mobile ($18) over your desk, the baby's changing table, or from a window. Because vellum is super light, even the tiniest of breezes will set the paper in motion, creating a shimmering spiral effect. It's completely captivating, so be forewarned! You may find yourself staring at... [More]

good-time-s.jpg Good Time Royal Riot

We're always appalled at how long it takes to get ready for special events. In an effort to cut back on beautification time, we've started wearing our hair in French twists so we don't have to deal with blowing it dry and curling it. However, sophisticated as we might look,... [More]


Rocket Ink Press Recipe Cards

We know, a Pinterest board of yummy blog-tested meals is a seemingly more convenient way to archive recipes. But consider penning the best of the best down on these Rocket Ink Press Recipe Cards ($12). In the years to come, you'll be glad you have them, especially since domains shift... [More]


Vivienne Westwood Tiny Diamante Heart Studs

If love is all you need, then it's no wonder you feel so compelled to buy these Vivienne Westwood Tiny Diamante Heart Studs ($125). Romantic but cute, these delights remind you a lot of Elijah Wood. Maybe good things do come in small packages.... [More]


Nuvem Round Basket

We cannot, for the life of us, keep a hula hoop around our waists for more than fifteen seconds. It gives us the utmost respect for those who can keep their hoops swinging indefinitely. This Nuvem Round Basket ($34) has a similarly stunning sense of balance and coordination, cleverly containing... [More]


S'well Extra Large Bottle

It's a sad state of affairs: local law enforcement has been cracking down on the fine tradition of public drinking at outdoor events. Last time we opened a bottle of Boone's Farm during a movie in the park, we nearly got ourselves arrested. Not that we're recommending using this big... [More]


Stormy Kromer Wool Hat

Some things stick around because they're just that awesome: Pabst Blue Ribbon. Sean Connery. This Stormy Kromer Wool Hat ($40). Inspired by the same design good old Stormy commissioned from his wife Ida in 1903, each one is still hand-stitched in Ironwood, Michigan. When those Midwestern winds start howling, pull... [More]


Harvest Pumpkin Shakers

This time of year, not only does everything need to be pumpkin-flavored, it also needs to be pumpkin-shaped. We really don't know how we've survived this many autumns without seasoning our food out of tiny gourds. These Harvest Pumpkin Salt & Pepper Shakers ($20) are going to be a prominent... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Tovolo Petite Apple Pie Mold

We think it's a proven fact that everything is cuter and tastier when it's tiny. We can't wait to bake a bunch of mini apple pies with our Petite Apple Pie Mold ($3). If our family and friends are lucky, we'll share the end result! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just... [More]


Oliver Peoples Francisca Sunglasses

You see the holiday cheer all around you. You see the Christmas decorations going up three weeks prior to Thanksgiving. You see the turkey cutouts filling cubicle walls. You see tinsel all the eff over everything in sight. You see plaid and gingham and houndstooth and flannel garments in every... [More]


Lil' Reds Disposable Cups

We've found a way to make beer pong more challenging that doesn't involve shotgunning a few extra cans before we start. These Lil' Reds Disposable Cups ($11) are sized just big enough to accommodate a ping-pong ball, which means we're going to have to start working on our aim. Just... [More]


Vagabond Vintage Hotel Key Rack

Perfect the vintage aesthetic of your home by investing in all the tiny details. The Vagabond Vintage Hotel Key Rack ($30) will be the perfect place to hang your hat, keys, and accessories. You can write real names on labels so everyone has their own hook, but we think you... [More]


Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Barlow Top

There's a reason we chose this picture of the Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Barlow Top ($286). From the front, it's a run-of-the-mill wide-neck blouse. And untucked, it is a horrifically unflattering sack of a shirt. But from behind, tucked into a precious skirt with a flirty silhouette, this is... [More]


7-Piece Converter Kit

We're itching to start having ourselves some international adventures, but we'll be damned if we'll lose touch with our Facebook feed while we're at it. With this 7-Piece Converter Kit ($41), we'll be able to power up everything from our iPads to our hair straighteners. To hell with roughing it.... [More]


Bee Tumbler

What's all the buzz about? Why, this adorable Bee Tumbler ($11), of course! Not only does it boast delicate detail while being dishwasher-safe, it's made in France by the oldest French glass company in existence. We'll drink to that!... [More]


Root Vue Farm

Ever since we put our first bean into a Dixie cup in second grade, we've known that watching things grow is awesome. This Root Vue Farm ($30) gives us a sneak peek at a part of the vegetable-making process we don't usually get to see. Plant the included seeds for... [More]


iWoody Phone

No one wants their kid falling behind the proverbial eight ball in today's technological world. But you'd also rather not have them evolving into cyborgs before they're in preschool. This iWoody Phone ($18) strikes a happy balance between the two. Billed as a child's "first smartphone", this simple wood-and-chalkboard toy... [More]


Roxy Only You 2 Shoulder Bag

When life hands you lemons, you don't make lemonade. Too much sugar. Instead, you thwack it in the face with this Roxy Only You 2 Shoulder Bag ($50). There's no reason to let bad luck get you down. Instead, stand up, stuff your big girl panties into this faux-leather bag,... [More]


The Baby Owner's Manual

We're pretty solid on basic car maintenance. We're also whizzes at using our food processors and getting the router up and running. But when it comes to knowing how to handle a squalling, squirming bundle of mini-human, we are completely and utterly at a loss. That's why we need The... [More]


Flower Power Cardi

Fine, $168 is a lot to pay for a cardigan. But this Flower Power Cardigan ($168) is possibly the loveliest one we've seen this season. And its blue-and-white pattern has been in vogue since - oh, roughly the Ming dynasty, so we can at least rest assured that our fashion... [More]


Sebastian Errazuriz's I Still Love NY Shirt

Whether you have visited the fine city, appreciated what she has to offer from afar, or can't quite get your head around with what recently brought the world's busiest place on earth to a screeching halt, this I Still Love NY Shirt ($40) is a great way to pitch in... [More]


Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover

We can tell by the way our sinuses react when we crack open the bottle: nail polish remover is harsh stuff, and "natural" has nothing to do with it. That's why we're so intrigued by this Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover ($12). It gets the job done with a soy-based,... [More]


Whisky Advent Calendar

Advent calendars: they're traditionally an exercise in disappointment. We spend an entire day waiting for one stale, crappy piece of chocolate. This Whisky Advent Calendar ($240) might just redeem all its tasteless cousins. Instead of a flavorless lump vaguely shaped like a reindeer, each day opens to reveal a nip... [More]


Osborn Design FW12-25W Oxfords

Oxfords received a major face-lift this year. And while we are all about pops of neon, we are drooling over the Guatemalan flavor packed into these Osborn Design FW12-25W Oxfords ($165). The contrast between print and brown suede is so enticing and entertaining. The colors allow for endless legging options,... [More]


Bath Tonic

Before you go dunking this giant tea bag into your mug of hot water, take another look. The Bath Tonic ($16) from Page Thirty Three is designed to steep in your warm bath. The natural lavender, goat milk, and cacao butter will create a nourishing soak while you bathe. Combine... [More]


Lille Huset Chelsea Dollhouse

Here's a toy you won't mind your kids leaving lying around: this Lille Huset Chelsea Dollhouse ($60) is gorgeously designed after a classic Logan Square home, and is made with Baltic birch and recycled paperboard. The result is a lovely design piece that will also spark your child's imagination -... [More]


KeyTool Keyring Multi-Tool

The number of times we could have used one of the items on the KeyTool ($8) is astonishing. With a wire cutter, a bottle opener, and a pair of precision tweezers, we could have been making our lives easier at work, on vacation, and out on the town. This tiny... [More]


Personal Shopper: Denim Hoodie for Maithri

Maithri writes: "You've all been a great help in the past and I'm hoping you can help with a "look for less" request. I really like this Singer 22 Sweatshirt Hoodie. Priced at over $200 its way over my budget for a jean jacket. I'm hoping you can help me... [More]


Child's Menagerie Set

Make the tea parties in your house events to remember by setting up the Child's Menagerie Set ($1,450 for table and four chairs) in the playroom. A giraffe, elephant, gorilla, and rhino all sit cordially around a tree, just waiting for little ones to join them! (Can't commit to the... [More]


Glittery Body-con Dress

We're going to be warm this winter, thanks to this Glittery Body-con Dress ($80). No, it's not particularly well insulated. But we'll look so hot when we're wearing it, we shouldn't have any trouble finding ourselves something of the tall-dark-and-handsome variety to help us ward off the chill.... [More]


Meri Meri Toile Cupcake Boxes

The gifting season is upon us! Stock your pantry with a bunch of Meri Meri Toile cupcake boxes ($12, set of three) and, as you break out your mixing bowls and pastry bags, make sure you whip up enough goodies to share. Each printed box holds four regular-sized cupcakes.... [More]


Hot Fireman's Pear Jam

We do love ourselves a hot fireman every now and then... jam, we mean. This Hot Fireman's Pear Jam ($8) is a pulse-raising blend of Bartlett pear and chipotle pepper with a hint of cinnamon. When we need a fix, we just spread some on a cracker and indulge (instead... [More]


Gourd Table Lamp

Perhaps it's seasonally appropriate because of its squash-inspired shape, but more importantly, this Gourd Table Lamp ($149) is très stylish. And even though at some point everything will stop being pumpkin-flavored (please God), style never goes out of season.... [More]


Letterpressed Perpetual Calendar

Kick the habit of buying a new calendar each year. A Letterpressed Perpetual Calendar ($36) will save both money and paper in the long run. The three tabs help you keep up with the days and dates, while the orange octopus will keep you company.... [More]


Snowglobe Salt & Pepper Set

We haven't had a collection of anything since we were fourteen, so these Snowglobe Salt & Pepper Shakers ($15) are the only ones you're going to find in our house, but that's okay, since they are the most awesome and useful snowglobes of all time.... [More]


Sebastian Wide Leg Jumpsuit

They created Snuggies and Pajanchos for people who felt like they needed to get dressed but, in reality, had nowhere to go. The Sebastian Wide Leg Jumpsuit ($500) is just like that, but for people with real lives and reputations to uphold.... [More]


ferm LIVING Knitted Vase

Who knew shoving a vase into its own little sweater would yield such lovely results? Each ferm LIVING Knitted Vase ($23) consists of a simple glass vessel and a knit sleeve. Add a few boughs of holly or branches of pussy willow.... [More]