Personal Shopper: Foot-Friendly Sandal for Injured Nancy

Nancy writes: "Today I went to the doctor for a swollen ankle and found out I'm going to be in a walking boot for at least four to six weeks. My dilemma is I need a shoe to wear on my non-injured foot and the walking boot has a platform... [More]


Dog Proof Cat Feeding Station

This Dog Proof Cat Feeding Station ($199) is a fantastic idea. The alternative was to leave the cat food on a table or counter, so that Fido wouldn't gobble it all up. And we really don't love having cats on our counters. (Hair in the fruit bowl: gross). This box... [More]


Secret Fit Belly Full Length Relaxed Fit Maternity Skirt

Next time one of y'all gets knocked up, you should wear this Secret Fit Belly Full Length Relaxed Fit Maternity Skirt ($35). And when your significant other approaches you with two tickets to Funky Town, you can kindly direct them down your skirt towards your feet where some real TLC... [More]


Polyp Pendant Lamp

Does anyone else have the sudden urge to turn the hall bathroom into an underwater oasis? Seriously, with a fresh coat of serene blue paint, some white coral-reef-looking soaps, and the Polyp Pendant Lamp ($425) as the pièce de résistance, you'll be sinking into deep sea bliss in no time!... [More]



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Q Drinks Kola

We're not super big soda drinkers (or pop, call it what you will). Not that we don't enjoy a cold cola here and there - it's just that the sugary-sweet concoctions dig deep into our allotted daily caloric intake. Thus, low-cal Q Drinks Kola ($9) has become our new BFF.... [More]


Zodiac Pillowcase

Sleep under, err, over the stars with your favorite Zodiac Pillowcase ($22). Maybe resting your head on your sign will give you clear dreams and inner peace re: your destiny. Or maybe it'll just give you a good night's sleep. After all, the designs are printed on a super-soft cotton... [More]


Boutique 9 Kya Heels

Reminiscent of Ingrid Bergman but meant for a modern-day Dorothy Shaver, these Boutique 9 Kya Heels ($150) exude confidence, style, and a level of put-togetherness that can benefit you from the cubicle to the boardroom. You never dress for the job you have; dress for the job you want.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Navy Blue Notes Buck Up Card

It takes a true friend to be able to listen to your troubles and point out when you need to get over them. We're obviously true friends to a lot of people, given how many of these Buck up, Crabby Pants cards ($4) we send out each month. What's a... [More]


Whistles Tilly Dress with Shoulder Inserts

Comfortable and stylish: that's the holy grail combo we keep striving for. This Whistles Tilly Dress with Shoulder Inserts ($128) might just hit both marks. Made with a soft blend of elastane and cotton, it sports an easy fit, an elastic waistband, funky leather accents on the shoulders, and slant-cut... [More]


Tooled City Clutch

Move over, Paris - this season, we're getting our luxe handbags from a little place called Wilson, North Carolina. That's the home of Crow's Nest Trading Company, exclusive purveyors of this fabulous Tooled City Clutch ($420). Made with fine leather worked into an intricate and lovely pattern, it gives Louis... [More]


Fred Buff Baby Rattle

Thanks to hours of Olympics watching, you've decided that your kiddo is going to be the next Missy Franklin. Better start her training early with the Fred Buff Baby Rattle ($8). Girl is gonna need guns if she's to be swimming record-breaking laps by age sixteen!... [More]


Spinner Maxi Skirt

We're loving the light, gauzy look of this simple wraparound Spinner Maxi Skirt ($128). But despite the name, we doubt we'd actually try spinning around in it. Wrap skirt + light fabric = visible underpants.... [More]


Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

We love to cook, and really enjoy eating whatever we whip up. But we're about as graceful with a knife as this guy is with a diving board. So we rely on whozits and whatzits like this Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker ($15) to save our fingers and our blood supply.... [More]


Personal White Small Cosmetic Organizer

We tried DIY-ing a makeup-holding magnet board. That didn't work. We tried buying a drawer insert that kept things organized. That didn't fit. We even tried commissioning something that would help. That didn't pan out. So we put on our internet-sleuthing shoes and found the solution ourselves. This Personal White... [More]


Dorothy Perkins Blue Elasticated Back Sandals

You're sitting home alone on the couch, eating popcorn and/or Nutella straight from the jar, and your semi-regular man meat calls and says he's in the area. And of course, wants to meet for coffee. Sweats and a sports bra aren't exactly the right attire. So you swipe on some... [More]


Cora Sparkling Wine Glass

Celebrate all of life's best events in style by toasting with the Cora Sparkling Wine Glass ($15). We know it's only August, but can't you just see yourself looking fabulous in sequins and charming everyone at holiday parties while sipping out of this flat-bottomed beauty?... [More]



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Alkemie Jewelry Sage Cuff

We've heard all about the cleansing powers of sage. Which is good for us, because we can be dirty girls. Alkemie Jewelry Sage Cuff ($209)... [More]


Hands Magnet Set

Sure, we all know and love the cursor hand, but when his buddies join the party, it's a regular fridge fiesta! The Hands Magnet Set ($11) has a gesture for every occasion. Tacking up a love note? Use the "I love you" sign. Need to get passive-aggressive with your roomie?... [More]


Wonder Woman Converse All Star Lo Tops

Warrior princess, animal whisperer, and all-around superhuman: there's a lot to admire about Wonder Woman. That's why we're going to get ourselves a pair of these Wonder Woman Converse All Star Lo Tops ($60), which celebrate our favorite invisible-plane-flying mistress of justice. All we need to complete the ensemble is... [More]


Samurai Princess Dress

We've watched our fair share of chanbara films, and just like the boys, we've got leftover adolescent daydreams about running around the countryside sashiming our enemies. (Sure that's a word.) Of course, we come close to taking our own fingers off whenever we wield a mere kitchen knife against a... [More]


Candlestick Vase

The Candlestick Vase ($30, on sale) will blow your mind. Okay, it probably won't blow your mind, but it will make you look twice. It looks like a simple taper candle and base, but it's designed to hold the flora of your choice. Fill it with one spectacular bud (may... [More]


First Aid Cocktail Shaker

A Bloody Mary or a gin fizz from the First Aid Cocktail Shaker ($25) may be just what the doctor ordered to cure our dull headache and wobbly-feeling muscles. We'll toss back a strong one, burrow under the covers, and see you when the light stops making us want to... [More]


Pendleton Fire on the Mountain Towel

Pendleton claims that their Fire on the Mountain Towel ($48) is just a geometric design on terrycloth. But we know better. It's really a cape.... [More]


Halogen Fiona Wrap Cover-Up

When we go to the beach, it isn't to be hit on. It's to enjoy the relaxing ocean waves and sip on a mojito cleverly disguised in a Sprite bottle. So when we stand up, we camouflage with this Halogen Fiona Wrap Cover-Up ($32), blending in with the sea behind... [More]


Personal Shopper: Shoes Made for Walking for Maria's Austrian Adventure

Maria writes: "You guys are so great at helping answers questions, I'm hoping you can help me as well! At the end of September, I'm going to be touring Vienna for three days. We will be doing lots of sightseeing, eating and most importantly walking! I am usually quite comfortable... [More]


Feelin' Dandy Lip & Cheek Kit

Just in time for fall, we're seeing the Feelin' Dandy Lip & Cheek Kit ($28) from benefit hit shelves. We're hoping the High Beam highlighter and Dandelion lip gloss will extend our summer glow. The colors are fresh and rosy, meant to give our complexions a natural, fun-in-the-sun shine.... [More]



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Bear Bank

We're going to use our piggy bank pennies to purchase the cuter, more modern Bear Bank ($85). Then, we'll save our bear bank pennies to purchase a fabulous pair of shoes. Preferably a pair that also sports pretty gold stars!... [More]


Black and Blush Lace Dress

If we ever take up funeral crashing, we're going to do it wearing this Black and Blush Lace Dress ($55). Not that we'd be doing that for Will Ferrell's reasons, of course. We'd be looking for an emergency dose of emotional catharsis before we start crying during MasterCard commercials. We... [More]


XL Redneck Mason Jar Drinking Glass

Despite the regrettable name, this XL Redneck Mason Jar Drinking Glass ($15) is actually a pretty handy container. We've been making smoothies in mason jars for years now, because the wide mouths easily accommodate our immersion blender. Now we can simply grab our healthy breakfast-in-a-cup and hit the road without... [More]


Pink Blue Round Neck Cotton Blend Sweater

We're loving the loose, summery weave of this Pink Blue Round Neck Cotton Blend Sweater ($29), which we think makes it perfect for throwing over a sundress or a pair of high-waist shorts on cooler nights. And even in August, most nights feel pretty cool to us. We figure that... [More]


Foam Pump

As any mother of fickle children knows, foamy soap is far more exciting than regular liquid soap. Encourage them to keep their hands clean, regardless of the kind of soap you buy, with the Foam Pump ($15). It comes in a multitude of kid-friendly colors (heck, we like them too!)... [More]


Boden Wellingtons

We live in a part of the country where it never really snows during the winter, but the ground does turn into a muddy, soupy mess after an overnight frost. These Boden Wellingtons ($55 on sale) will keep us from falling flat on our faces as we run from our... [More]


Seaside Stripe Shorts

There's a little sailor pin-up girl in all of us. And actually, she's not so little. She's allowed to have some junk in her trunk, thanks to her taste for high-waisted fashions like these Seaside Stripe Shorts ($48). With their catchy contrasting stripes and curve-enhancing cut, they're perfect for those... [More]


Lemon Bookends

Add a little whimsy to your shelves by grouping some books between these Lemon Bookends ($44). They could also give a refreshing splash of citrus color to your mantel. Or you could let them hug your favorite cookbooks on your kitchen counter.... [More]


Dock Artisan Rock n Wood iPhone Speaker Dock

Our place isn't exactly girly. It has more of a lumberjack mystique, which is exactly why we perked up at the sight of this Wood iPhone Speaker Dock ($200) from Dock Artisan. It's made of reclaimed wood, appealing to our love of Mother Nature. But it can also play without... [More]


Darling Knee Length Skirt

Polka dots? Ruffles? Soft pink and sky blue? The only way this Darling Knee Length Skirt ($98) could get any more girly is if we stuck a My Little Pony patch on the butt. Which we could do, actually.... [More]


Twig Chopsticks

We couldn't think of a prettier set of chopsticks to use while gobbling up our grocery store California rolls. The Twig Chopsticks ($14) are carved out of wild olive wood from Kenya. Certainly they add a little beauty to our slightly pathetic Tuesday night dinner. Next week, we vow, we... [More]


Leala Way Back Then Necklace

Since we were eight, we've been a little envious of the standard mermaid wardrobe. Hello, starfish crown! And need we even mention the seashell bra? It's a daring, resort-friendly look we'd love to steal for ourselves. This Leala Way Back Then Necklace ($85) looks like something straight out of an... [More]


Doubtblush: BIC Ball Pens For Her

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome like this. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... When we... [More]


Citrus All Over Cream

When it's hot out, we skip the overly floral and musky scents and go straight to this refreshing Citrus All Over Cream ($25). We can't think of a better way to start the day. Aside from a mimosa, of course...... [More]


Giant Cupcake Carrier

What better way to carry strawberry cream cheese cupcakes than in the Giant Cupcake Carrier ($25) Fox Run Craftsmen? Though we suppose it could also safely transport mocha caramel cupcakes, or peanut butter fudge cupcakes. Have we made you hungry yet?... [More]


59th Street Lace Cuff Blazer

Yesterday, we decided to do a little Personal Shopping of our own, thanks to stumbling across this pic of a super adorable jacket. This 59th Street Lace Cuff Blazer ($18) isn't actually the closest fit we found - but holy crap, it's only $18! We can barely take ourselves out... [More]


Maid of Clay Monogram Wedding Vase

Sure, it's called a Monogram Wedding Vase ($62), but we're definitely not going to hold you to that whole wedding thing. This sweet vessel would make a great housewarming or baby shower gift. Really, it's an excellent option for any occasion when you want to give something that's personal but... [More]


Keds Celeb Geo Canvas Sneakers

Standard white sneakers are so two decades ago. Update your shoe collection with these Celeb Geo Canvas Sneakers ($55). They can still be worn as often and to as many places as your old dingy kicks can, but they provide a much-needed pop of style.... [More]


Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop

Forget all the bells and whistles. When you're reaching in for a scoop of the good stuff, rely on the Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop ($20). Ice cream parlors have been using the basic model for over seventy-five years. The aluminum scoop has a liquid center in the handle, perfect for... [More]


Branding Iron for BIC Classic

Official disclaimer: We do not advocate using this tiny branding iron ($22) on friends, pets, anything alive for that matter, or things that don't actually belong to you. We do, however, happily condone using it to leave your mark on furniture, food, or anything else that won't get you into... [More]


Dorothy Perkins Mint Spot Cross Over Dress

The mint shade on this Mint Spot Cross Over Dress ($70) from Dorothy Perkins is lovely. The dress itself is a bit on the short side, but the high V-neck counters that with a nice conservative touch.... [More]


Curve Wall-Mounted Pet Bed

We're done tripping over puffy pet beds that seem to jump into our path to the bathroom at two in the morning. We need a Curve Wall-Mounted Pet Bed ($200) for our furbaby. We won't trip over it all the time, and as an added bonus, kitty will keep lean... [More]


Kate Spade New York Waldorf Bracelet

Have you always admired your mother's watch collection? Well, here's your starter piece, ladies. The Kate Spade New York Waldorf Bracelet ($250) is gorgeously colored, understated in size, and delicately lined in diamonds around the face. You do a lot for your family and for your career. This is a... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Santa-Fe Flats

Traveling? Well, aren't you lucky. We just get to stare at our feet while we wear these Jeffrey Campbell Santa-Fe Flats ($159), wishing for drier air and tequila.... [More]


Parisian Script Accent Table

Flush out your shabby chic decor by placing a Parisian Script Accent Table ($199) next to your bed. You'll have just enough room for a small lamp and a book (Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex, perhaps?)... [More]


Kaos Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher

The deceptively simple Kaos Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher ($12) vastly increases both the range and speed of your water balloons, enabling you to hit your targets before their suspicions are aroused. It even comes with a bag of biodegradable balloons, so that your environmental conscience won't be pricked by the... [More]


Donna Morgan Strapless Babydoll Maternity Dress

Pregnancy is uncomfortable. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And wearing clothing only exacerbates the misery levels. Luckily, we found this Donna Morgan Strapless Babydoll Maternity Dress ($70), a sweet little sleeveless number perfect for a formal function. All that pregnant agony glory fit magically into this flowy-yet-flattering, empire-waisted non-pair-of-sweatpants.... [More]


Nasty Clamp

The name is questionable, and the object itself looks just a smidge phallic, but all in all, we see how useful the Nasty Clamp ($44) could be. This tripod will clamp onto just about anything, and if the angle isn't 100% right, you can tweak the articulated neck to get... [More]


Personal Shopper: Campground Bridesmaid's Dress for Amy

Amy writes: "I am in serious need of some help. I've been asked to be a part of the upcoming wedding of two of my dearest friends. The bride and groom are both extremely low key and are having their wedding at a beautiful campground in northern Ontario. There are... [More]


James Kim Air Frames

Want the view without the uncomfortable seat and the snoring unwashed middle-aged guy sleeping next to you? Put up a few of these James Kim Air Frames ($59-109) in your home to simulate a plane ride through the clouds. We like to stare at ours and blissfully pretend we're en... [More]


Sabrina Silver Sterling Silver Anchor Ring

When your life is falling apart and the walls come crumbling down, you need an anchor ($18). Whether that anchor is a fully charged device Kindle, a best friend on speed dial, or a significant other who knows the perfect combination of Nutella and intimate conversation, hold strong and never... [More]


Million Dollar Baby Short Dress

Make no mistake: this Million Dollar Baby Short Dress ($150) is not something to be worn while picking objects up off of the floor or carelessly exiting a limousine. It is, however, a smashing choice for standing around looking killer hot while sipping a martini. For that, we'll even forgive... [More]


Tabletop Hand Held Vacuum

Got yourself a mean pistachio craving while you're still stuck at work, but don't want to risk the incriminating mess of a million shells? Now you can have your cake nut and eat it too with some cleanup help from the Tabletop Hand Held Vacuum ($30). It's skinny enough to... [More]


Maison Martin Margiela Gold Ankle Boot

Hello, class. Today's lesson is, "Why Haute Designers Can Get Away with Charging Bazillions for Their Looks." Take this Maison Martin Margiela Gold Ankle Boot ($498), for example. Sure, there are a bevy of cute low-cut sparkly boots on the market at the moment, but Margiela's perfectly chunky heel and... [More]


Pour la Victoire Gunter Crossbody Bucket Bag

We like that the Pour la Victoire Gunter Crossbody Bucket Bag ($195) is so simple and uncluttered. There are no emblems branded into the grained leather. There isn't a single tasseled zipper pull in sight. It is just an honest-to-goodness khaki bag to put stuff in.... [More]


The Wild Bunch Printable Kit

The Wild Bunch Printable Kit ($5) is our kind of DIY project. Mibo sends you a printable PDF of the lion, giraffe, monkey, and elephant, and you print it out. Assembly takes a pair of scissors, glue, a ruler, and about ten minutes per animal. Once you're done, you have... [More]


September Flower Flared Dress

As much as we hate to think about it, September is right around the corner. Of course, we're no longer schoolchildren, so the arrival of Labor Day makes absolutely no difference to our work-saturated lifestyles - but deeply ingrained memories of the end of summer fun still take their toll.... [More]


AudioBulb Wireless Music System

We love the idea of having our own housewide speaker system, but aren't so crazy about the cost or of how much of a pain it would be to run power cords through all of our walls. This AudioBulb Wireless Music System ($450) is a totally awesome and way more... [More]


Kendra Scott Darby Earrings

We've loving the Art Nouveau flair of these">Kendra Scott Darby Earrings ($45). The only thing stopping us from picking up a pair is our own chronic indecision. Do we get them in soothing Cactus, or opt for warm Sarong-Yellow? But then, what about elegant Phoenix? We'll probably end up... [More]


Scrap Happy

As much as we dislike Rachael Ray, which is a lot, we do agree that the trash bowl she keeps on her counter during meal preparation is pretty handy. And these people have capitalized on a similar idea. The Scrap Happy ($15) drawer-attachable trash can keeps our counters clear and... [More]


Tendence Crazy Watch

This Tendence Crazy Watch ($578) makes it possible for us to respond to people's assumption that it's that special time of month for us with a resounding "Well, yes, yes it is crazy o'clock...all. week. long."... [More]


SuperChoc Bar

Now that you know these Gnosis SuperChoc Bars ($10) exist, we think it would be a smart decision to stock up. Cue up the more you know.... [More]


You Tell Us: Censored Statement Dress

We're really not sure what to make of this Censored Statement Dress ($180). Ridiculous? Definitely. Cleverly charming? That's where we're waffling. poll by [More]


Welsh Tapestry Pillow

Fall is our favorite season, especially on those days when we can curl up against a few of these Welsh Tapestry Pillows ($20, marked down from $138!) and thumb through a good book. The pillows are certainly more muted than our summer throws, but we like that the gold still... [More]


Kimchi Blue Corset-Tie Belt

Would ye like another pitcher of ale, kindly sir? We'll happily fetch it for you while sporting this Ren-Faire fabulous Kimchi Blue Corset-Tie Belt ($25). And fear not if you assume that a Ren vibe means you'll need a maid or two in order to get it on or off:... [More]


MAC Sweet Heat Eyeshadow

Unless you're talking about this sizzling MAC Sweet Heat Eyeshadow ($33), we don't even want to talk about the hot weather we've had to endure. Thankfully, glittering eyes do wonders for sun-scorched style. We love this matched with minimalist makeup (think sunscreen, light bronzer, and mascara) and a vibrant romper.... [More]


Moleskine E-reader Stand

The Moleskine E-reader Stand ($18) is like the perfect Little Black Dress of the tech accessory world. It's sleek and easy to pack. It's versatile, holding a wide variety of tablets or paper books. It's unique enough to turn heads. And best of all, it's highly affordable! See more e-reader... [More]


Moschino Polka-Dot Silk-Crepe Blouse

Polka dots! The world can always use more polka dots. And in order to make the world a more cheerfully spotted place, everyone should go out and buy this Moschino Polka-Dot Silk-Crepe Blouse ($795). Adorable and feminine, this bold beauty boasts gold dots with black borders, making it great for... [More]


Joseph Joseph Elevate Jar Spoon

The concept behind the Joseph Joseph Elevate Jar Spoon ($10) is so simple! They added a small little lift on the back end to keep the messy part from laying flat on counter. Sure, you can use a spoon rest, but when you're dealing with a sticky spoon after scraping... [More]


Jil Sander Ankle Wrap Ballet Flat

The cute open-toed Ankle Wrap Ballet Flat ($219, on sale!) by Jil Sander is brightened by the rusty-red ankle strap. These would look darling paired with a denim shirtdress, or sky-blue skinny jeans!... [More]


Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Clock

Since we rarely glance at a clock to read the time these days (we're slaves to our phones), we're definitely aiming for fashion over function when it comes to our timepieces. But sometimes the simplest items can be showstoppers. The Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Clock ($35) by Field Treasure Designs... [More]


Paul Smith Plum Riding Jacket

Whether you want to be in Willy Wonka's factory, or the man himself, this Paul Smith Plum Riding Jacket ($1,005) will take you there. It tapers generously at the waist, giving others the illusion that you eat your veggies and not your whole emergency stash of chocolate weekly. Plus, the... [More]


Harvest Bay Coconut Water

What's the deal with coconut water? We're seeing celebrities endorsing it like it's going out of style. Is it going out of style? We read in a magazine that Taylor Swift thinks it makes her hair healthier and that it gives her more energy. We don't know about that, but... [More]


Anthropologie Eight-Arms Hook

Whether you're going for a Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea look in your bathroom or just happen to have a penchant for decorating with octopi, this Eight-Arms Hook ($48) is a polished yet quirky addition to your home. Besides, what else are you going to do with eight arms... [More]


Popsicles Temporary Tattoos

We lack the commitment capacity for real tattoos, and that's probably a good thing. If we were to get ourselves inked, we'd almost certainly pick something silly, like a tribute to our favorite summer snack. And while that would make us happy for a day or two, we'd inevitably realize... [More]


Agent Provocateur Mazzy Triangle Bikini Top

Give the beachgoing public a lesson in geometry every time you wear this Agent Provocateur Mazzy Triangle Bikini Top ($220). They may pretend to be staring at your acute angles, but what they're really looking at from behind those dark glasses is your curves.... [More]


Nos Da Blanket and Throw

We're going to ease into cool weather with a Nos Da Blanket and Throw ($315-349) or two. The wool will keep us toasty on cold evenings and the traditional prints aren't likely to go out of style any time soon. Our favorite thing? The palette. The bright tones will remind... [More]


Quilted Pumps

We love it in mattress pads, winter parkas, and baby blankets; turns out it's also damned fine in a pair of shoes. These Quilted Pumps ($135) are simplicity itself in classic black, embellished with traditional diamond quilting and just the tiniest touch of gold. And if we get saucy while... [More]

Personal Shopper Wedding Shoes Kristen

Personal Shopper: Fab Shoes for Kristen's Strut Down the Aisle

Kristen writes: "First, I am a HUGE fan of your website I check in multiple times a day! Which is why I know you can help me with my problem. I am getting married this coming June. I already have my wedding dress which I love and believe it or... [More]


Teacup Earrings

These Teacup Earrings ($12) are simply too sweet, and are much classier than the jewelry tributes to some of our other favorite beverages: the Vodka-Redbull Headband, the Miller Lite Necklace, and the Boone's Farm Bracelet.... [More]



Camping trips, tailgate parties, and "parties" at the in-laws' all became infinitely more enjoyable once we got a Bar10der ($50). This pocket-size gizmo has everything we need to juice, muddle, measure, and uncork our way to the perfect cocktail. Roughing it is now so much smoother.... [More]


Tinley Road Animal Sweater Dress

Your last boyfriend was such a douche his picture belongs on a box of Summer's Eve. Who needs it? Celebrate your newfound independence with this Tinley Road Animal Sweater Dress ($89). We're sure you'll find someone who will really appreciate your obsession with collection of anything leopard, anyhow.... [More]


Alessi La Stanza Dello Scirocco Fruit Holder

If we put our fruit in a bowl that looks as though it defies the laws of physics, will that make us more likely to eat it instead of making a beeline for the chip cabinet? We hope so, and that's why we'll be investing in this Alessi La Stanza... [More]


Old Gringo Quilted Leather Jacket

Yes, we could get a classic, biker-style leather jacket for a lot less than $660. But could we find a cheaper one that will still make us look as though we just hitchhiked our way off the set of a Tarantino vampire flick? We don't think so. This Old Gringo... [More]


Deborah Lippmann Run the World (Girls) Neon Mini Nail Lacquer Set

If the Spice Girls ever turned into nail polish, we're certain they would look like the Deborah Lippmann Run the World (Girls) Neon Mini Nail Lacquer Set ($45), even if these shades are named for different people entirely. There is so much fire and attitude in these five mini bottles... [More]


Day Avocado Tree

Your green thumb is itching for a challenge. It would really love to try to keep this Day avocado tree ($40) alive for more than two months. It's even hoping it can coax the odd creamy, delicious piece of fruit out of it. If you've got a nice, sunny window,... [More]


Ballet Flats Loafers

Looking for a shoe to bedazzle? Customize? Paint with your favorite comic book character for the next Comic-Con? Match to all your bridesmaids' dresses? Look no further than these low-maintenance, comfy ballet flats ($17). They make for great everyday shoes and are the easiest things to match with jeans or... [More]


Mini Boombox MP3 Speaker

Thank goodness for technological advances. Attaching this Mini Boombox MP3 Speaker ($34) to an iPhone is so much easier than carrying our tunes around in a heavy boombox. We're amazed we don't see forty-year-olds walking around with one shoulder lower than the other.... [More]


Doubtblush: Ham Dogger

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Hot dogs are already sketchy.... [More]


Café Capri in Tuxedo Foulard

We are positively lusting after the Café Capri Pant in Tuxedo Foulard ($350). The length flatters most shapes, since it shows off the smallest part of the leg, and the gorgeous print is small enough to be slimming. We can't wait to make these pants a fall staple.... [More]


Aura Cacia Sesame Organic Skin Care Oil

We know it sounds bizarre: putting oil on your face on purpose. But, as hard as it is to believe, your skin needs oil. Oil helps keep cells fat and happy, which keeps your face from getting old and worn-out. Our ayurveda-loving hippie friend has possibly the most gorgeous skin... [More]


Missy Chair

The Missy Chair ($1,839) by Piet Hein Eek makes us long for days when ladies wore pretty lace dresses and swooned on ornately floral chairs and settees. Of course, we'll be happy to take this modern version if it also means we get to live in an era when we... [More]


Dualit NewGen 2 Slice Toaster

Isn't the Dualit NewGen 2 Slice Toaster ($239) darn good lookin'? We think so. The retro style and bold colors are pretty showstopping, but for the price tag, we'd expect some mighty fine toasting, too - and we're in luck. The NewGen gives us perfectly browned bagels. It even has... [More]


Parisian Art Nouveau Dragonfly Bracelet

We're sure somebody has created a million-dollar-plus version of this Parisian Art Nouveau Dragonfly Bracelet ($165), probably with solid gold and sapphires. We're pretty psyched there's also a plate-and-enamel version we can afford to actually acquire, rather than just daydream about.... [More]


KAS New York Dallie Striped Dress

Cocktail party? Movie premiere? Work function? Sister's bachelorette party? We can't quite figure out where this KAS New York Dallie Striped Dress ($225) will make us look our best. So we're just going to wear it everywhere until someone stops us to say that we've won Best Dressed for the... [More]


Blowfish Razmitten Boot

With their low, comfortable fit and funky, fold-over lining, we're pretty sure these Blowfish Razmitten Boots ($55) actually were made for walking - as opposed to these boots, which were made for tottering around the bar and then taking a cab home. The only thing those puppies are walking over... [More]


Recipe Dice

We used to spin the wheel of indecision to decide where to go out for dinner, but these days we're eating in more. But we still like to leave some chance in the equation every now and then, so occasionally we let our meal be determined by a toss of... [More]


Theory Charlie Blazer

Fall will see a major influx of royal blue this year, and we are ready to embrace it with open arms. This Theory Charlie Blazer ($425) is a great welcoming gift to any wardrobe, featuring a single button closure and a notch collar. Worn with black slacks and a couple... [More]


Android Foundry Ice Cube Tray

At least someone is showing a bit of love to Android users! There may not be a plethora of skins and cases to choose from, but with the Android Foundry Ice Cube Tray ($12), you can sit back, sip your cordial from a glass filled with Android ice, and bask... [More]


SpaRitual Harmonizing Soak Tonic

SpaRitual Harmonizing Soak Tonic ($26) softens and restores tired skin. Great. But what we're really interested in is the soak's effect on the sacral chakra.... [More]


Lucky Horseshoe Necklace

We prefer to make our own luck, but on particularly stressful days, it can't hurt to hedge our bets just a little. Lucky Horseshoe Necklace ($58)... [More]


Birthday Magic Dress

When you celebrate every day like it's your birthday, then you clearly need this Birthday Magic Dress ($100) from ModCloth to mark the real occasion. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!... [More]


Xshot Camera Extender

Don't think that you're fooling anyone - when you snap a picture of yourself, we all know. It doesn't matter if you're looking away casually into the distance. The foreshortened arm is a dead giveaway. That is, unless you're making use of this Xshot Camera Extender ($25), which not only... [More]


VPL Insertion Stretch-Cotton Soft-Cup Bra

How can you do yoga if you're worrying about which direction your boob is going to fall out during downward dog? Strap in those swinging orbs with the VPL Insertion Stretch-Cotton Soft-Cup Bra ($95), a stretchy but strong cotton/lycra bra. It is much cuter than a regular sports bra, but... [More]


Z for Zebra Scarf

If we were shopping in London, they'd be calling this Z for Zebra Scarf ($15) the Zed for Zebra. Which may be more logically derived from zeta, but is less fun to say.... [More]


Tivoli Audio Radio Silenz Headphones

Earbuds work well enough, but it's high time we invested in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. The Radio Silenz Headphones ($) by Tivoli Audio will make it much more bearable to take public transportation, whether we're busing it across town or flying to the opposite coast. Their Defeat button... [More]


Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder

You noticed your girlfriend's skin looking exceptionally luminescent. You thought maybe she was glowing because she was so totally in love with you. Turns out she was actually in love with Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder ($50). It illuminates the skin with a blend of mulberry, grape and scutellaria extracts,... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: August 27, 2012

We often find ourselves weighing the pros and cons of quantity over quality, but this week's Purse Page roundup delvers on both counts. Best of all, voting for your favorite purse will help increase the odds that it'll be chosen for a lookalike shopping spree, where we hand-pick similar bags... [More]

Personal Shopper Christina Maternity

Personal Shopper: Christina's Baby Bump is Growing Every Day

Christina writes: "Dear Outblush team, Thank you for saving my butt countless times with gifts ideas for my family, friends and me. Now I need your help more than ever. Last week, I found out I'm going to be a mommy! I'm just eight weeks in but the uterus is... [More]


Retro Style Four-Color Slipover

This Retro Style Four-Color Slipover ($14) is within a hair's breadth of being a Cheap Thrill once you add the $7 for shipping. A grand total of around $21 seems like a fair deal to us for this fun, colorblock style with its light, funky weave - a smashing complement... [More]


Roll Up Picnic Blanket

There's still plenty of time to get in a few picnic meals before cold weather keeps you inside. Take the handy Roll Up Picnic Blanket ($98) along on your next outing. It's water-repellent on both sides, so you won't get a wet bum sitting in the dewy twilight grass, and... [More]


Roar Western Shirt

The key to pulling off the Roar Western Shirt ($78) is to pair it with something unexpected and decidedly un-Western. Tie it at the midriff, add a pastel slim pant, and slip into pair of leopard print flats for a fresh look. Or, come fall, you could opt to tuck... [More]


Loveramics Tea Dam Cup and Saucer

With cooler weather looming, we went to Trader Joe's to stock up on tea (Jasmine Green Tea, YUM). That means we had better pull out our favorite mugs, too. The Tea Dam Cup and Saucer ($8 each) by Loveramics is the perfect tea vessel. It's small enough that the steaming... [More]


Maison Martin Margiela Solitaire Rock Ring

Fall fashion is often rife with straight lines and structured silhouettes. Stand out with this Maison Martin Margiela Solitaire Rock Ring ($320). The organic shape of this brass ring will contrast with the very tidy limits of your autumn ensembles.... [More]


Aquamarine Soap Rock

Don't mistake it for a paperweight: one hot day, and this Aquamarine Soap Rock ($12) will melt all over your desk. But its gemstone-hued beauty seems far too fine to allow to malinger into a frothy puddle in the shower, either. We suppose it'll end up being one of those... [More]


Aztec Beaded Front Silk Tank

Usually when we think of a "statement tank top", we've got something like this in mind. The Aztec Beaded Front Silk Tank ($149) is significantly higher up on the classy ladder, thankfully, but is just as attention-grabbing. We like it so much, we might actually cave in and dry-clean it.... [More]


Pet Goldfish Garbage Bags

Unless you're a raccoon, trash is not fun. At least, it isn't unless you're stuffing it into these Pet Goldfish Garbage Bags ($15). They make trash day almost as much fun as those days when you don't have to drag bags of stink to the curb. We recommend you fill... [More]


Pheobe Coral Suedette Flatform Ballet Shoes

Sign us up for these Pheobe Coral Suedette Flatform Ballet Shoes ($45), even if we can't decide if we want to get girly in them or take them to a whole new mature-and-trendy level. Seeing how we're captaining this ship (shut up, it's the swanky ship), we're happy to take... [More]


Griffin Reveal Wallet

We got one of those super cute iPhone wallet/clutch combos last month. And while it works great in a purse or work bag, it sucks for storing in a back pocket. It's thicker than a burrito and makes one's ass exponentially larger than we're comfortable with. This Griffin Reveal Wallet... [More]


Judith March Waffle Weave Shorts

We love this classic multicolored weave when it comes to cheap rugs. We're even crazier about it on the side panels of these Judith March Waffle Weave Shorts ($68). They lend the perfect splash of color to otherwise simple navy blue.... [More]


Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill Fryer

Who says our tailgate snacks have to be limited to burgers and dogs? With this Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill Fryer ($246), we'll have everything we need to mimic the menu at Outback. There's the classic grill plate, of course, as well as a griddle, a warming plate, and -... [More]


Miansai Hook Bracelet

Being stuck with a real fishhook is far more painful and way less cute than this Miansai Hook Bracelet ($55). We've learned to steer clear of clumsy casters, but will happily get up close and personal with this whimsical little accessory.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: St. Honore Hanging Stamped Metal Soap Dish

In white and mint, the St. Honore Hanging Stamped Metal Soap Dish ($7, on sale) brings a little vintage detail to your powder room. No space to keep your soap on the side of the sink? Screw the dish into the wall by your mirror to save room. What's a... [More]


Hedgehog Linen Card Case

Okay, it may not be the most professional business card holder we've ever seen, but the Hedgehog Linen Card Case ($15) by BrooklynLove Designs is probably the cutest. If you're in a field where quirky is queen, you need one. The inner lining features a contrasting sky blue and a... [More]


My Eco Can

My Eco Can ($13) is a reusable, resealable, eco-friendly "water bottle" that fools your hand into thinking you're indulging in your usual cola pick-me-up, but treats your body to a refreshing, sugar-free, calorie-free, chemical-free beverage, hot or cold. Toss out the old and welcome in the new, healthier you.... [More]


rag & bone Audry Top

One of the best parts of summer is the pantheon of popsicle and ice cream trucks that greets us every hot-as-a-frying-pan day. Wearing this Audry Top ($255) from rag & bone is as close to covering ourselves in that sickly sweet goodness as it gets. Reminiscent of strawberry ice cream... [More]


Tranquil Moments White Noise Sound Machine for Baby

So we're probably breaking the rules. Name or no name, we're not buying this Tranquil Moments White Noise Sound Machine for Baby ($70) for an infant. We're getting it for ourselves, in the hope that its soothing tones will drown out the mind-numbingly irritating sound of snoring.... [More]


M Missoni Two-Tone Knitted Dress

Colorblocked spring and summer are giving way to a very graphic fall and winter. This M Missoni Two-Tone Knitted Dress ($795) is a fine example of the straight lines and monochromatic hues that are going to be hitting shelves come autumn. This frock features a cut-out back and a flared... [More]


Fig Pendant

We'll pass on a week in the woods without showering or a toilet that flushes, but happily embrace the nature-inspired style of this Fig Pendant ($52). It's shaped to look like a fig - which is naturally a fruit - and is made from laser-cut bamboo. Bamboo, again, is totally... [More]


Red Cherry Salad Bowl

We recently made an ahhh-mahzing (said in our best Penny Hartz voice!) Triple-Berry Kale Salad and wish we had put it in the French Bistro Red Cherry Salad Bowl ($56) to show it off. Instead, we gluttonously scarfed it down while reasoning with ourselves that it was healthy, so we... [More]


Pretty Peacock Feather Pumps

We love all things peacock: clutches, earrings, dresses, and - of course - shoes. Flat, wedged, strappy or solid, if they're sporting blue-green plumes, we're in favor. These Pretty Peacock Feather Pumps ($54) are no exception, with their lovely feather detailing and funky turquoise heels.... [More]


Northwest Seasonings Sample Pack

We went to Seattle once. We thought it was lovely. Which is to say, we thought the hot dudes tossing fish around Pike Place Market were lovely. Who'd have thought we'd get an insta-crush on a man throwing a salmon? We're going to try to capture some of that Pacific... [More]


Vera Bradley Mini Hanging Organizer

This summer, we've been traveling with the Mini Hanging Organizer ($27) from Vera Bradley. It's perfect for a few nights away from home, packing in a surprising amount of lotion, cream, aspirin, and so on. We're also pleased that it comes with its own metal hook so we can hang... [More]


Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss in Candy Gloss

Big lips and Big Ang lips are two different things. The former are kissable; the latter land you an audition for The Muppet Show. Achieve a perfectly puffy smacker with Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss in Candy Gloss ($15). Providing just the right plumpness and pinkness, this is frosting... [More]


Black and Red Branch Tunic

Looking at the Black and Red Branch Tunic ($44), we feel like we're sitting in a meditation garden at night, watching a late snowfall softly dust the plum blossoms. Don't ruin it by telling us that plum blossoms grow on trees.... [More]


Ceramic Turtle Measuring Cups

These Ceramic Turtle Measuring Cups ($19) form a bale so adorable, you won't be able to bring yourself to hide them in a cabinet. Apparently "bale" is the collective noun for turtles.... [More]


Natural Purple Agate Amethyst Bracelet

We don't go all Spencer Pratt crazypants when it comes to the healing powers of crystals, but we swear up and down that we really do feel different when we wear this Natural Purple Agate Amethyst Bracelet ($21) from Big Lots Club. See, purple agate is known to improve health,... [More]


Rose and Rose Sequin Scarf

We can't help it: we're drawn to sparkly things the way cats obsess over laser beams. We'll go to any extremes necessary to track down something with glitter or sequins once it's caught our eye. That includes paying international rates to get our hands on this Rose and Rose Sequin... [More]


Frock Candy Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch

We currently have neither boyfriends to "borrow" a watch from, nor the cash for REAL rose gold watches, so the Frock Candy Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch ($24) is a stylish, cheap, drama-free solution. After all, going through the headache of a relationship just to "accidentally" end up with his expensive... [More]


Donna Wilson Robin Cushion

We're not quite sure that the birdy on the Donna Wilson Robin Cushion ($115) actually looks like a robin, but he does look sweet and cuddly. We'd be more than willing to snuggle up with him on a cool fall evening and stream a little Netflix. And at the end... [More]


Polka Dot Pullover

We hate rust when it shows up on the undercarriage of the Impreza. We're far more fond of it on this Polka Dot Pullover ($69). And if the pullover should happen to get a little roughed up, say after pulling a couple of doughnuts in the icy parking lot of... [More]


Clementine Art All Natural Art Kit

It doesn't matter how many times you tell them not to: kids are going to suck on paintbrushes. They'll also nibble crayons, stick clay in their ears, and sniff markers. With this Clementine Art All Natural Art Kit ($38), at least they won't end up poisoning themselves when they do... [More]


DANNIJO Dacia Necklace

Bib necklaces are hot, but if you don't want to cover your entire chest in jewels and rhinestones, this DANNIJO Dacia Necklace ($445) is right up your alley. It's a toned-down version of the trend, but it certainly still packs a punch. Wear it with some simple sphere studs and... [More]


Florida Vase

No, this isn't an artificial arrangement: the Florida Vase ($20) is an elegant and innovative way to create an eye-catching floral centerpiece. Four brass stakes are inserted into the stems of your chosen flowers, then set into an acrylic base. They keep the blooms fresh, well-watered, and pretty darned cool-looking.... [More]


Mercia Beaded Knit Maxi Dress

Simmer and stew in the last weeks of summer wearing this Mercia Beaded Knit Maxi Dress ($20 on sale). Slip on some sandals, sip on a cocktail, and show your guests the backyard Slip 'n Slide for one last summer fiesta under the stars.... [More]


Snakeskin, Braided and Solid Belts

What's better than one super cute skinny belt? Three super cute skinny belts, obviously. Wear the Snakeskin, Braided, and Solid Belts ($11) in this set all together, separately, or in any combination you like.... [More]


Linvin Queen Of Love Outdoor Armchairs

You'd best believe that we are so close to channeling our inner Marie Antoinette and indulging in one of these Queen of Love Outdoor Armchairs ($895) by Linvin. We can picture ourselves sitting on our patio throne, surveying the neighborhood while dining on scrumptious strawberry tarts. But then we remember... [More]


Beaded Zig Zag Skirt

What's not to love about this Beaded Zig Zag Skirt ($425)? The playful scalloped hem? The gorgeous, rainfall-like lines of black beading? The perfect touch of shimmer around the bottom? How about the car-payment-plus price tag? All right, we'll give you that last one - but we're pretty sure we... [More]


Bamboo Bath Accessories

We're loving the clean, classy look of this set of Bamboo Bath Accessories ($16-$19), which even includes a nondescript "Tray" - in other words, place for you to toss all your random crap. It's amazing how much tidier a mess can be when you contain it in a pretty wooden... [More]


IDS Meow T-Shirt Dress

We love kitties. We love everything about them. We love how soft they are, and how furry. We love how indifferent to our presence independent they are. We love that they only come looking for us when the food bowl is empty, that they think the silk damask loveseat we... [More]


Man Table Mini Refrigerator End Table

We're feeling a little miffed at the choice of name for this Man Table Mini Refrigerator End Table ($499). Who says it'd be dudes who would want a beautiful piece of furniture that also keeps a bunch of cold brews close at hand? Men would probably just set an Igloo... [More]


Vintage Lampshade Wall Decal

We can appreciate a retro look with the best of 'em, but sadly, that doesn't mean we can afford a whole Mad Men-themed apartment. We'll opt for the next best thing with this Vintage Lampshade Wall Decal ($45). Real vintage lampshades hanging from our kitchen ceiling would set us back... [More]


Triple Name Ring

The last time we had three boyfriends at once was probably second grade. We remember those good old days with fondness, which is probably why we're digging the whole notion behind this Triple Name Ring ($109). Sadly, we're not allowed to have any extra boyfriends anymore.... [More]


Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

We're thinking of this Wide-Leg Jumpsuit ($90) as the far-more-flattering alternative to the housedress. Like a housedress, this Zara onesie is light and comfortable, with a wide, loose fit and an elastic waistband. But if any unexpected guests should happen to drop by while we're eating chips and watching a... [More]


York Trash Bucket

You won't easily mistake your living room couch for a dirty tissue receptacle when you have the York Trash Bucket ($24) nearby.... [More]


Eva Franco Melanie Sail-La-Vie Dress

We love this Eva Franco Melanie Sail-La-Vie Dress ($120) in so many ways. There's the adorably vintage cap-sleeve style, for one. The shiny silk retro sailboat print is another. The curve-friendly fit is a third. We're so crazy about it, we should probably buy two.... [More]


Counterculture Black Fringe Top

We've finally figured out a way to go from office-friendly to biker-chic in under ten seconds. All we'll have to do is pull off our blouses and toss this Counterculture Black Fringe Top ($61) over our camisoles. Rows of vegan leather straps and some rough-and-tumble stud detailing add an instant... [More]


One Mixed Pleasures 12-Pack Condoms

We love our mothers and MILs, we really do, but the ceaseless requests for grandkids are getting on our nerves. If we had bigger balls, we'd send them each a box of these One Mixed Pleasures 12-Pack Condoms ($11) as an explanation for why we're not knocked-up yet (and why... [More]


Doubtblush: PopLove Designs Ruffle Lace Dress with Bustle

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Dr. Weil by Orthaheel Restore II Sandal

As our raging shin splints will happily tell you, flip-flops are not good for your feet - that is, unless they're these Dr. Weil by Orthaheel Restore II Sandals ($55). These teal summer sweeties are specially designed with a "biomechanical orthotic footbed" - fancy talk for a sole that actually... [More]


Healthy Steps Portion Control Dressing Cruet

Dieters take note: a salad is no longer a healthy option when you coat it in oil- and/or fat-based dressings. You'll be surprised just what counts as a proper serving once you start using this Healthy Steps Portion Control Dressing Cruet ($14). It automatically measures out two tablespoons of your... [More]


Williams-Sonoma English Cucumber Candle

This Williams-Sonoma English Cucumber Candle ($10) is perfectly refreshing. By now, we've admittedly had it up to here with eating cucumbers (one more pickle, and we swear we'll go cross-eyed), but we'll happily keep indulging in their cool, light fragrance, as interpreted by those W&S home-and-kitchen masterminds.... [More]


Double Dish Snack Bowl

Quite a few of our favorite snacks are inherently messy. Olives, cherries, pistachios, shrimp cocktail - all of them require the positioning of an admittedly not-very-cute bowl for half-chewed shells, tails, or pits. With this Double Dish Snack Bowl ($18), the byproducts of our munchie session conveniently vanish into an... [More]


FM908 Green Hooded Trench Coat

We know what you're thinking. Man, that Green Hooded Trench Cape ($79) is gorgeous and must be from some fancy-schmancy designer that I can't afford. WRONG! We found this beauty in the FM908 Etsy store for about eighty percent less than we'd be willing to pay for it. The silhouette... [More]


Mara Hoffman King Tut Ladder Bikini

Want a high-waisted suit without compromising on modern-day style? This Mara Hoffman King Tut Ladder Bikini ($200) should be right up your alley. Sporting a fresh pattern in summer-savvy colors, this is vintage style given a major makeover. The cutouts on the bottom and top serve as accents without putting... [More]


Pumpkin Pie Kitchen Towel

It may not quite be pumpkin-buying time yet, but we aim to be ready with the Pumpkin Pie Kitchen Towel ($8). We'll be making pumpkin pie our default fall dish. And by the time Christmas rolls around, we'll have the recipe down pat thanks to all the holiday potlucks we... [More]


Kure Bazaar Rock Star Nail Lacquer

Well, hello there, perfect metallic denim blue nail polish, nice ta meetcha! What's that, Kure Bazaar Rock Star Nail Lacquer ($16), you say you're also eco-friendly, ultra-shiny, chip-resistant, and quick-drying? C'mere, you, let's get a little closer...... [More]


Alexis Bittar Gold Orbiting Earrings

You live your life outside the box, following the beat of your own drum and creating your own rules. So why would you wear something that didn't convey that outlook on life? Match your jewelry to your attitude with these Alexis Bittar Gold Orbiting Earrings ($225). Not quite teardrops and... [More]


Scoop Straw Beach Tote

While we bemoan the coming disappearance of summer, tan lines, strappy sandals, and European men in very European swimsuits, we welcome end-of-the-season sales. And this Scoop Straw Beach Tote ($79) has just the right price tag for a last-minute summer purchase. We like it so much that we'll most def'... [More]


Nooka Morgan Wade Zub ZenH

Is your boyfriend perpetually late, leaving you to stand outside the theater with a clutch in your hands, glaring at happy couples as they walk in on time? Perhaps it's because he's too busy dicking around on his phone to take the time to actually check his boring old watch.... [More]


Dot Belted Shift Dress

Tiny dots, a cowl neck, and that adorable bow belt - this Dot Belted Shift Dress ($98) is a chic but sweet summer frock we think sports just a touch of Mad Men-era style. And just a touch is all we're looking for: any more than that, and we might... [More]


Pizza Scissors

We love pizza - more than our jobs, more than our SOs... possibly even more than beer. Any tool that can help us get pizza more efficiently from the cardboard box to our mouths is A-OK in our book. These Pizza Scissors ($16) eliminate the awkward hot-cheese pulling inflicted by... [More]


Showstopper Boots

These Showstopper Boots ($90) are part of our favorite Saturday-Sunday ensemble. A oversize white tee with a printed scarf thrown around our shoulders on top, skinny black jeans and these on the bottom. We look cool, we feel relaxed, and we'll help ourselves to an extra bottle of beer at... [More]


Sorry for Partying Crew Fleece Sweatshirt

Don't think that we're wearing this Sorry for Partying Crew Fleece Sweatshirt ($49) as a means of apologizing to friends, neighbors, or innocent bystanders. We're actually thinking the text on this should be reversed, since the people we really want to apologize to are ourselves. After all, we're the ones... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Key Ring Screwdriver Set

When you're in a bind, all alone, without your dad's old toolbox in the back of your car, you'll be glad that you have this Key Ring Screwdriver Set ($7) next to your house keys so you don't have to ask some random stranger to help out. There's something to... [More]


Twist 2-in-1 Silicone Whisk

Our whisk is the bane of our kitchen utensil drawer. It seems like it's always getting jammed against the rolling pin or catching on our skewers. That's why we're treating ourselves to this Twist 2-in-1 Silicone Whisk ($10). We're not fancy enough with our cooking to care much about the... [More]


Neon Sole Oxford Flats

Hold onto the fun of neon through the humdrum fall with these Neon Sole Oxford Flats ($30). The unexpected hint of citrus will provide a punch of pizazz that your charcoal slacks won't lead anyone to expect.... [More]


Striped Dustpan & Brush Set

Sure, chores are going to be a pain in the ass no matter how much fun we try to make them. But we could stand to lighten our mood, if not our workload, with the Striped Dustpan & Brush Set ($52) from Alice Supply Co. A little extra color puts... [More]


Duffy's Brew Beer Shampoo

We consider ourselves fairly modern ladies, so even though we've heard the old wives' tale that beer applied to hair makes it shiny and healthy, we've always preferred ours out of a tall, chilled pint glass. At least, we did before we washed our tresses with Duffy's Brew Beer Shampoo... [More]


Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray

Here's our tip for you. Order the Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray ($10), coat it with a thin mist of PAM, mix up some JELL-O and vodka, pour, and refrigerate. BAM, you've got yourself some boozy bears to nom on during your next party random Thursday evening! The soft silicone... [More]


Blue Ombre Jar

When we see pieces like the Blue Ombre Jar ($69), we're not one-hundred percent sure what to do with them. Do they go in the bathroom? On the mantle? Are we supposed to put something in them? Does they actually serve a purpose? But no matter the answer to any... [More]


Grey Spot Foil Tie Hem Top

Who needs a disco ball? We'll make the party happen all by our onesies while wearing this Grey Spot Foil Tie Hem Top ($58). Shine a spotlight on us while we do some of our signature shimmying, and we'll light up the room. All we need to do is slip... [More]


Julie Collection Loire Ring

We're so glad gold is back in style - but then again, did it ever really go out of style? In this ethereal, lovely Julie Collection Loire Ring ($65), an aqua-hued chalcedony stone graces the center of a beaded flower on a hammered band. This is special enough to be... [More]


Sounds of The City: NYC Print

The sounds we remember from our most recent jaunt to New York were slightly less peaceful than those used to create this Sounds of the City: NYC Print ($89). We remember a lot more in the way of screaming children, clanging garbage cans, and homeless dudes telling us what we... [More]


Lunch Punch SWEET Sandwich Cutters

We'll admit it: we weren't all that crazy about some of Lunch Punch's previous sandwich-shaping releases, like the ones that make your PB&J look like a fairy princess castle. But we can see the potential appeal of these Lunch Punch SWEET Sandwich Cutters ($28). Sure, they're not going to fool... [More]


Yves Rocher Ultra Shine Shampoo

We were expecting Yves Rocher Ultra Shine Shampoo ($5) to make our hair sparkle (what can we say, we're optimists), but we weren't expecting the extra body this shampoo packed too. And just to cinch the deal, it's made without parabens or silicone.... [More]


Longchamp Jeremy Scott Paradise Duffel

Summer is packing up to leave town for the year and we're expecting this postcard bag ($320) from our old friend as soon as she gets home. The front of the duffel invokes memories of every great tropical vacation we took this year (okay, so the one) and the back... [More]


Kelly Ewing Denim Short Hitched Dress

Formal denim? We thought that was a concept that could never be realized outside of prom night in an Alberta line-dancing bar, but this Kelly Ewing Denim Short Hitched Dress ($122) pulls it off brilliantly. We're loving the combination of dark denim with light, shimmering gold, and the funky, original... [More]


I'd Rather Be: In the Black Lodge

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate... [More]


Teeth Whitening System

We love having bright, white teeth. We also love coffee and merlot. Neither does our choppers much of a favor when it comes to hue, which is why we've decided to give this Teeth Whitening System ($50) a whirl. This handy gadget combines a whitening gel with plasma light -... [More]


Fortune Cookie Necklace

If this Fortune Cookie Necklace ($76) was going to be truly representational of its culinary cousin, the message hidden inside would read, "You have unusual equipment for success: use it properly." The predetermined fortunes for this delicately cute accessory are slightly more sensible, but are obviously still vastly improved if... [More]


Sweet Designs

Until recently, we honestly thought that amazing dessert-and-decor shindigs were only for party planners and stay-at-home-non-moms. We were wrong. Sweet Designs ($15) dispenses all the tricks, tips, and techniques necessary. And, oh, look, it's just in time for us to turn thirty...... [More]


Nanette Lepore Seaside Stripe Tunic

If possible, we'd go naked 24/7/365. So swimsuit season is understandably our favorite time of year. And when the time comes that we have to cover up, for whatever reason, we rely on this Nanette Lepore Seaside Stripe Tunic ($118) to keep us as comfortable as we are when wearing... [More]


Norpro Grip-EZ Melon Cutter

What's the perfect hot weather treat? A popsicle. What's full of unnecessary sugar and basically undoes the hard work you've put into your bikini body? A popsicle. Switch out the boxed frozen crap for some frozen fruit slices that you've ninja-chopped into submission with help from the Norpro Grip-EZ Melon... [More]


Bungee Jumping Squirrel Feeder

It's an undeniable fact: if there is seed, squirrels will eat it. You might as well admit defeat now and turn a pain in the rear into a source of hilarious entertainment by way of this Bungee Jumping Squirrel Feeder ($17). We're already daydreaming about the YouTube videos we'll be... [More]


Miu Miu Jeweled Capt Toe Ballet Flat

For feet with weird angles that cause flats to flop, these Miu Miu Jeweled Capt Toe Ballet Flats ($590) are the solution. And a very stylish solution at that. The elastic throat provides a comfortable yet secure fit to feet that can't seem to stay in open shoes.... [More]


Gold Coin Bank

Piggy banks are so last year. We stash our spare change in these Gold Coin Banks ($17), modeled after bars found at Fort Knox. They remind us of how quickly saving dough can lead to buying bling. Well, gold in its bar form doesn't exactly sparkle, but have you seen... [More]


Pamela Mann Heart Suspender Tights

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear two on your legs? Pamela Mann Heart Suspender Tights ($15)... [More]


Sundance Wrap & Tie Boots

We're not sure what we love most about these Wrap & Tie Boots ($140). Is it the soft, easy-wearing neutral shade? The unique leather ties around the ankle? The small curve at the top of the short shaft? There are so many fab features that even if we can't decide... [More]


Brush Wand

We're calling this Brush Wand ($12) our official morning-after hero. The four different brushes are contained in a handy little wand that easily fits into our bags, making itself available for make-up fixes when we wake up far from home after a rough night out. After all, just because we're... [More]


Mariell Freshwater Pearl Bridal Cuff

Who says brides should get to have all the fun? This Mariell Freshwater Pearl Bridal Cuff ($59) is marketed for that big day with the fancy white dress, but we're pretty sure it'd look smashing with an LBD on date night.... [More]


Grape Wood Tillandsia Gardens

Breathe a little life into your tiny flat with these Grape Wood Tillandsia Gardens ($24-32). They take up literally no space in your already too small apartment, but still manage to spruce things up a bit in a refreshing, environmentally friendly way. And next time you throw a fiesta at... [More]


Green Lace A-Line Dress

This year we've got more crochet and lace in our closet than a Victorian spinster, and it's all thanks to looks like this Green Lace A-Line Dress ($30), a lightly lined frock in eye-catching green. We're thinking crocheted gold bracelets, a filigree headband, and maybe a pair of crocheted panties... [More]


Plug Hub

In the office, you probably have forty thousand different cords that get tangled up around your feet, foul the wheels of your desk chair, and generally cause you as much frustration as the dimwitted new intern does. But this Plug Hub ($25) feng shuis your desk space into a well-organized,... [More]


Holla Back, Yo Almost Proper Conversation Cards

Girl, where you been? Send us a holla once in a while. Holla Back, Yo Almost Proper Conversation Cards ($12).... [More]


Painted Stripes Tee

We know horizontal stripes are supposed to be a big no-no, but the ones on this Painted Stripes Tee ($29) go across the chest - and to be frank, we could use a little boost in the bosom department. Here's hoping these arty bands do the trick.... [More]


Harry Potter Chopsticks

Accio rice bowl! We're going to be throwing our forks out the window once we get hold of these Harry Potter Chopsticks ($14), which are shaped like the magic wands of each of our favorite members of House Gryffindor. More specifically, we're picking up the Hermione Granger edition, since they're... [More]


KUSA Originals Sandals

We love walking barefoot across freshly cut grass. We are less crazy about stepping on slugs, animal droppings, or shards of broken glass from our last rowdy barbecue. With these KUSA Originals Sandals ($30), we get all the fun of green stuff between our toes without any of the hazards.... [More]


Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face

You have your favorite cleanser and you have your favorite exfoliant. And you've probably stood with both bottles in hand yelling obscenities, asking why we can't all just get along. Now, with the help of Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face ($42), your bathroom sink will be peaceful at last.... [More]


Gap Canvas Messenger Bag

For women who enjoy motherhood but don't necessarily enjoy all the ridiculous "mom gear" that comes with the title, swap out the incriminating diaper bag for this Gap Canvas Messenger Bag ($60). It still has all the storage capabilities, but without any of the questionable prints that average diaper bags... [More]


Honeydew Intimates Polka-Dot Bralette

If girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, then it's no wonder this Honeydew Intimates Polka-Dot Bralette ($34) fits right into any super-feminine wardrobe. The refreshing grapefruit shade and those unexpected polka dots make this bra a unique addition to the lingerie drawer. Let's just hope it doesn't... [More]


French Wire Convertible Baskets

Even find yourself chasing after escaping apples as they careen down your kitchen counter? Take all those fumbly, bumbly fruits and veggies that never stay put and put them into one of these French Wire Convertible Baskets ($43). We recommend mounting them on your wall, freeing up some countertop real... [More]


Paper Boat Lighthouse Schnapps Set

Show us the way to go home... Paper Boat Lighthouse Schnapps Set ($35).... [More]


Victoria's Secret Sport Ruched Headbands

You don't have to dress up and look your best during Bikram. But you should probably try to look just a smidgen better than the pile of dripping wet towels that accumulates after class. Slip on one of these Victoria's Secret Sport Ruched Headbands ($15) for a small dose of... [More]


GUAM Anti Cellulite Mud

We admit we had a little snigger when we read GUAM's instructions for applying their Anti Cellulite Mud ($69). Since we didn't buy the plastic pants available on their website, we just lathered our legs with their cellulite-busting mud and followed the alternate directions: wrap each leg to the thigh... [More]


Warby Parker Tidal Blue Ellery

Sadly, some of us won't make it to the seashore this summer; whether we're landlocked or chained to our desks, it just isn't a reality. For those of you unable to frolic in blue salty water, we definitely think you should pick up these Tidal Blue Ellery ($95) shades from... [More]


Round Crystal and Gold Perfume Bottle

We can't see this vintage-inspired Round Crystal and Gold Perfume Bottle ($30) without thinking of our totally classy grandmas. We didn't learn much from them about dressing (we're casual jeans-and-tee girls) but we did inherit a love of accessorizing, which includes good perfume. And we're swapping out our obnoxiously modern... [More]


Green Agate Natural Stone Thai Silver Bracelet

We've always wanted to go to Thailand and spend a few weeks hiking, relaxing on sunny beaches, and, oh, yeah, browsing market stalls in Bangkok for amazing jewelry, bags, and clothes. Sadly, affording a trip to Thailand would involve donating plasma regularly and living on ramen noodles for four six... [More]


Personal Shopper: Jessica Jackets Up

Jessica writes: Hi there! I bought this dress from BCBG for going to weddings this summer. I love it, and I'm looking for a way to make it a bit more casual for the fall. I don't have a specific event, but I'm thinking that I want either a navy... [More]


Doctor Who License Plate Frame

We can't help but love this admittedly cheesy Doctor Who License Plate Frame ($9). And as it turns out, we're not alone. Since slapping this puppy on the Outblush Camry (which is sadly not bigger on the inside), we've attracted happy honks and waves from a great many fellow citizens... [More]


I Would Cuddle You So Hard Shirt

There are quite a few people we would wear this shirt ($25) around. But there are 400% as many that we wouldn't.... [More]


Skywatch All Black Chronograph

Black on black on black. There's something so sexy about that. And if there's one thing we'd like our boyfriend to be, it's sexy. And on time. Two things. Skywatch All Black Chronograph ($295)... [More]


Smart Smencils

We were already digging Smencils (pencils made of recycled newspaper infused with an array of fun fragrances, from cherry to chocolate). But these Smart Smencils ($45) are more than just an excuse to stick writing utensils up our noses. They pack a powerful olfactory punch of peppermint, a scent shown... [More]


Joy Tote Bag

All right, so it's totally gimmicky. We still love this Joy Tote Bag ($16), which pretty much sums up our attitude towards the whole cultural-advancement-vs.-drinking debate. It's a joyfully frivolous way for us to carry home some of our favorites reads: Bordeaux, Malbec, Sangiovese...... [More]


Norma Kamali Mesh Halter Swimdress

At first glance, we figured this Norma Kamali Mesh Halter Swimdress ($350) would be illegal in most states, but Neiman Marcus promises us that the suit's ruched folds are designed to cover up our "trouble spots". We love that we now have a new name for our nipples, and are... [More]


Subtle Butt Disposable Gas Neutralizers

We almost Doubtblushed these - but then remembered what happened the morning after our last cheese and wine party, and were forced to admit that there might just be something to these Subtle Butt Disposable Gas Neutralizers ($12). These carbon-activated pads help kill your not-so-pleasant natural aromatic emissions before they... [More]


Cheap Monday Narrow Lo-Waist Skinny Jeans

My Little Pony fans, the people running cotton candy stand at the state fair, our adolescent child-of-the-'80s selves, and the entire fashion blogging community all just took in a collective gasp at the sight of these Cheap Monday Narrow Lo-Waist Skinny Jeans ($90). They are to die for. Their candy-coated... [More]


The Film That Changed My Life

The film that changed our lives was Joe Versus the Volcano. We watched it three times in the theater when it came out, and learned that agreeing to be a human sacrifice is not as glamorous in real life as it sounds on paper. The directors featured in The Film... [More]


Delicious Strawberry Coin Purse

We've always thrown our spare change back into the bottoms of our purses, but if we had the Delicious Strawberry Coin Purse ($17) by Misala, we'd make sure to fill it up with all of our pennies and dimes. We'd want to bust out this tiny, almost edible-looking strawberry every... [More]


Belted High-Low Shirt

Our neighbor's girlfriend would wear this Belted High-Low Shirt ($25) with a pair of leggings. But our neighbor's girlfriend is also a spinning instructor, while we spend our days as desk jockeys. That makes her a bit more confident about the state of her rear than we'll admit to being.... [More]


Sephora Collection Brush Protectors

Your makeup brushes are an investment. What's that? Yours cost you $3 at CVS? Perhaps this is why your attempts to copy that Smoky Eye Look off Pinterest result in you looking as though you were in a bar fight. The right brushes are key to pulling off subtle, gorgeous... [More]


Gold Bumble Bee Bobby Pin Set

Usually, when we get bees caught in our hair, we start screaming and running around the picnic table like we're reenacting a scene from The Exorcist. But the bugs in this Gold Bumble Bee Bobby Pin Set ($18) are a much more welcome addition to our coiffure. Slide them in... [More]


Mimi Holliday Mojito Corset Knickers

These ain't ya granny's panties. And yet they're not your slutty sister's panties, either. These are sophisticated, mortgage-paying panties ($95). They give your lady parts something to giggle about. These would look spectacular with a matching necklace or cell phone bill.... [More]


Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

The awesomeness of the Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker ($100 on sale) from Cuisinart immediately took us back to our childhoods. Did you beg your parents to go to Ponderosa or Old Country Buffet just so you could build your own ice cream cone, too? These days, we don't have... [More]


Pink Lightning Superhero Shoes

Skip the radioactive spiders, expensive training programs, and otherworldly genetics. Your kiddo can be a superhero with these Pink Lightning Superhero Shoes (actually lace-on shoe accessories, $17) by smallfly.... [More]


Spider Inkblot Table Runner

We know, it's only August. But we get so excited for our favorite holiday that we spend our afternoon breaks oohing and ahhing over Halloween decor. The Spider Inkblot Table Runner ($49) is our current obsession. We can build a whole spooky tablescape around it, complete with Ghost in the... [More]


Bench Betina Jacket

Jackets don't normally make us weak in the knees. Especially if they aren't actually trench coats or covered in a very familiar plaid pattern. But this Betina Jacket ($115) from Bench is causing our legs to quake. Something about the off-center zipper and extra-wide neckline speaks to us. It's unexpected;... [More]


It's Spiked Punch Ladle

If your party guests can't smell the booze wafting out of the punch bowl, give them a heads-up with the It's Spiked Punch Ladle ($50) by Milk and Honey Luxuries. Your party time punch ain't no kid-friendly concoction of rainbow sherbet, ginger ale, and Hawaiian Punch! It's an adult-friendly concoction... [More]


e-Pad Portable Laptop Desk

While there's nothing revolutionary about the e-Pad Portable Laptop Desk ($40), we don't sit down to multitask without it. It makes watching SYTYCD while researching nutella-based dessert recipes important things a breeze. The lap pillow is kooshy and comfy, and the cable pass-though keeps our cords organized once our computer... [More]


Eberjey Gisele PJ Set

Who says sexy PJs have to involve thongs and nipple cut-outs? This Eberjey Gisele PJ Set ($97) is, in our opinion, adorably flirty without making us feel like we're auditioning for Cathouse.... [More]


Joey Roth Compass Necklace

Not only does this Joey Roth Compass Necklace ($75) look uber-gorgeous as a sleek little accessory, it's also a totally functional tool. An elegant survival compass is built into the piece's laminated maple and rosewood frame. If we wear it, we might actually be capable of stumbling our way back... [More]


BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette 4th Edition

We change up our eyeshadow as often as we change our personalities, keeping our boyfriends constantly guessing. This 4th Edition of the BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette ($20) makes that so much easier. Each and every shimmery, shiny shade fine-tunes our bitchy/compassionate/childish/possibly-homicidal characteristics, making us the complete package x120.... [More]


Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser

Yes, it's gimmicky. No, we don't care. We think this Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser ($14) is the bee's knees. With the push of a button, we can get salt or pepper out of the same three holes. It's like a little piece of the robotic future we've all been... [More]


Panda Fan

Just when we thought pandas couldn't get any cuter, this bamboo-munching fuzz ball ($100) showed up. The precious little ursidae doesn't exactly compare to the living inspiration for the fan, but it's much safer than housing a live bear in the office.... [More]


AE Lace Dot Tank

This AE Lace Dot Tank ($25) is a smorgasbord of pretty: sweet little polka dots, soft lace detailing, and a funky little fringe around the neckline. We think the result is a casually lovely complement to a pair of skinny jeans or white capris.... [More]



After breaking yet another wine glass while sudsing it up in the sink, we've resolved to invest in a pack of Tether ($13) stemware savers. Our flutes and goblets will get squeaky clean and we'll avoid breaking them with our klutzy, soapy hands. Now all we have to worry about... [More]


Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water

We always associate the term "spa water" with dry skin and chlorine. But we guess our definition applies to hot tubs and jacuzzis and not to Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water ($39). They really should call it spa holy water, because it works miracles as a makeup remover. Use... [More]


Marni Handmade Wide Bangle

The people at Marni have done themselves a favor with this Handmade Wide Bangle ($200 on sale). Normally, their prints cause us to look away, but the simplicity of this bracelet appeals to us much more.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Heart Shoppe Straws

Colorful paper straws are all the rage in party decor. We've spotted plenty of striped ones, but these Heart Shoppe Straws ($6 for 25) have won us over. How darling will these be sticking out of glasses full of fresh lemonade? What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of... [More]


Nike Exclusive Free Running Spotted Sneakers

We took a class on running (yes, we needed a class) from a local CrossFit gym. We not only learned that we were making this seemingly easy task as difficult as possible, but that we were wearing shoes meant for walking in, not running in. There is, apparently, a difference.... [More]


Beware of the Dog Doormat

Cash has been tight lately, and unfortunately our ADT subscription has fallen to budget cuts. We're thinking we'll try deterring would-be housebreakers with this Beware of the Dog Doormat ($18), which comes complete with sketchy big-dog bite mark. It might just be enough to make the excited yipping of Midgie... [More]


Floral Print Gown

Prom may be far in the past for us, but that doesn't stop our daydreaming about all the gorgeous frocks we'd love a reason to dress up in. This Floral Print Gown ($196) is so flattering with its flowing lines and simple sash belt, it'd be impossible to be a... [More]


Loeffler Randall Mini Bag

We're bats#!t crazy. That's obvious. But our wardrobe doesn't need to accentuate that. Instead, we tone down the kookiness with this Loeffler Randall Mini Bag ($395), a neutral crossbody convertible that holds our flask, our stash of temporary tattoos and false eyelashes, and our hoard of party flyers that we... [More]


Rahua Voluminous Hair Spray

What do we really want? Big, do-me hair. What's big, do-me hair, you ask? Just hair that begs to be tousled and tugged while we're engaging in some serious making out. Rahua Voluminous Hair Spray ($28) gives us just what we ask for, which is more than we can say... [More]


100% Grade A Cheese Board

What better to serve our Gouda and Brie on than a board shaped like a giant piece of cheese? This 100% Grade A Cheese Board ($40) is made of durable, washable acrylic resin in the form of a big slice of Swiss. Stick it in the fridge beforehand, and it'll... [More]


lululemon No Limits Tank

There is truly nothing you couldn't do in this No Limits Tank ($64) from lululemon. Though we stand firm in our opinion that lululemon creates clothes for people who only want to look like they work out without actually bumping up the speed on the treadmill, we can see how... [More]


Le Petit Dej' Breakfast Tray

While we would prefer our breakfast tray to have a built-in Sugar Smacks dispenser, we suppose we'll be content with the Le Petit Dej' Breakfast Tray ($92). A built-in bud vase is a great consolation prize. Now we just have to convince our significant others to bring us breakfast in... [More]


Targee Fringe Pumps

Fringe: put it on a jacket, and you start looking a little like a throwback to the line dancing craze. Use it to accent a pair of killer nude pumps, and you get a whole other sort of Western flair. These Targee Fringe Pumps ($218) sport a studded line of... [More]


Bamboo Digital Bath Scale

We get that all these newfangled bathroom scales are designed to help us keep our weight in check. But we argue that ignorance is bliss. Sometimes it takes all our courage just to check our current weight, let alone read our fat percentages and needed caloric intake in order to... [More]


Victorian Elegance Lace Collar

We can't seem to keep up with the cardigan. First it's slouchy sweaters, than cropped ones, then pullovers, than collared cardies reminiscent of old movies and boarding schools. We can't afford to buy all the adorable tops we've stumbled across. Lucky for us, rad embellishments like this Victorian Elegance Lace... [More]


The Body Shop DeoDry Dry-Effect Deodorant Roll On

We've been hearing some scary stuff about parabens. And while we were raised not to believe everything we hear, we were also raised with the motto "better safe than sorry." The Body Shop DeoDry Dry-Effect Deodorant Roll On ($3 on sale) includes neither parabens nor aluminum, but leaves you with... [More]


Playable Art Cube

After messing around with this Playable Art Cube ($20) for a while, we determined that it's basically a prettier, less irritating Rubik's cube. All of the pieces are interconnected and you can pull them apart and twist them around, but then you have to get them all back together again,... [More]


Printed Chiffon Blouse

A few months back, we wrote about a gorgeously simple print blouse. The only downside? The darned thing cost over $200. This equally gorgeous Printed Chiffon Blouse ($60) sports the same elegant, nature-inspired look for a much more reasonable price, which is why it will actually be coming home with... [More]


Cold-Brew Iced Tea Jug

Cold-brewing couldn't be any easier, thanks to the Cold-Brew Iced Tea Jug ($27). Just add your favorite loose leaf tea, pour in hot or cold water, and let the results steep in the fridge. Or get creative and add fruit to the body of the carafe for a ultra-tasty summer... [More]


Bobbi Brown Beach Shimmering Fragrance Oil

Just when we thought we couldn't possibly own any more Bobbi Brown Beach lotions and potions, BB took it one step further by adding sparkle. You know we can't resist sparkly things, so we snatched up the limited edition Beach Shimmering Fragrance Oil ($34) as fast as we could. Now,... [More]


Jamie Earrings in Navy

The big 3-0 is quickly approaching. In our opinion that means we're entitled to pick up these gorgeous Jamie Earrings in Navy ($138). Oh, self, you shouldn't have.... [More]


Vera Bradley Paisley Meets Plaid Hardshell Case

We secretly love Vera Bradley. However, we'd be a wee bit embarrassed to carry around a full set of luggage covered in her trademark prints. But we'd gladly let our iPhone take all the flak for this Vera Bradley Paisley Meets Plaid Hardshell Case ($35). Moderation is key, ladies.... [More]


Studio Stretch Wide Waistband Editor Pants

You know what doesn't look good on saddlebags? Straight-legged pants. You know what we have? Full tack. So we wear these Studio Stretch Wide Waistband Editor Pants ($80). Not because they are designed for people in our current position, but because they look better on our current body position. The... [More]


Redmon Baby Beach Chair and Umbrella

Our kids are whiter than the Cliffs of Dover, and it seems that no level of SPF can keep them safe. So whenever we go outside for a lengthy period of time, we bring along a Redmon Baby Beach Chair and Umbrella ($17) or two. Each one weighs less than... [More]


V-Neck Gown

There's a goddess inside of each of us. We'd like to think ours is Artemis, but it's more likely one of the Furies, at least until we've polished off our first two cups of coffee each morning. But even an undying bitch of vengeance needs to feel pretty every once... [More]


mophie Juice Pack Pro

Sure, the mophie Juice Pack Pro ($130) isn't the cutest case we've ever brought you, but it's probably the toughest. It protects your iPhone against rain, dust, sand, and falls. Plus, the case contains an auxiliary battery pack. If you've got wilderness adventures planned, we're thinking this might be a... [More]


The Fault in Our Stars

We've been John Green fans since we first read Looking for Alaska. His new novel, The Fault in Our Stars ($11) made us laugh, sob, and swoon - usually all at once. The story follows Hazel, a terminally ill cancer patient, as she finds romance at her support group. Cancer... [More]


360 Glazed Donut Vodka

Whoa man. We were a whole new level of hungover last Thursday. Hot weather, booze, and a day off midweek do not make for smart choices on our part. We were stumbling around our friend's kitchen, trying to decide whether a sugar bomb or some hair of the dog would... [More]


Karen Millen Limited Edition Romantic Embroidery Dress

If we were to get married all over again, we'd throw custom to the wind and don this sexy, romantic, and super fun Karen Millen Limited Edition Romantic Embroidery Dress ($699). Who says the bride isn't allowed to show off her legs during her I-dos?... [More]


HappiTaps Beary Happi

Hand your iPhone over to your toddler with peace of mind thanks to this plush little guy - HappiTaps Beary Happi ($20). Once you purchase the app for this case, this lifesaver tells stories, plays games, and makes funny faces to cheer your unhappy camper.... [More]


Chloé Lauren Leather Ballet Flats

Some of us have the vertical covered, thanks, and are constantly on the look out for shoes that add style, not height. These Chloé Lauren Leather Ballet Flats ($450) do just that, adding a feminine touch to even the lankiest of frames The powder-grey color is a breeze to accessorize,... [More]


Brook & Hunter Premium Mo-Tool Hammer

Autumn is just around the corner, and so is the time to tune up the yard equipment. The Brook & Hunter Premium Mo-Tool Hammer ($32) contains pliers, a hammer, knives, blades, a screwdriver, and basically nearly any tool that you might need for the job.... [More]


Origins Stress Relieving Hug

Sure, our cat-lady status provides us with a great deal of joy, allowing us to be anywhere, whenever we please. But when we need a genuine hug from a genuine person at the end of a genuinely bad day, we're SOL. At least, we used to be. Now we just... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Jagger Edge The Montana Studded iPhone Cover

After seeing pics of celebs toting their iPhones in this killa leather & gold Jagger Edge The Montana Studded iPhone Cover ($99, #1), we knew we had to have it. But $99 for a phone case, when we already paid several hundred dolla billz for our iPhones? There's got to... [More]


Candle Extinguisher

We've all seen those badasses in the movies putting out candle fires with nothing but dry fingers. If we were to ever try that, we'd instantly cry out in should-have-known-better pain only to have the candle's flame mock us as it flickered menacingly. The Candle Extinguisher ($32) does the dirty... [More]


Seal Line Urban Shoulder Bag

Sure, we've certainly seen cuter laptop bags out there, but the Seal Line Urban Shoulder Bag ($160) is the end-all in protective gear. Seal Line produces the ultimate in outdoor bags meant to be handled roughly and often, and they bring the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship to their Urban... [More]


Georgie Laila Lace Shorts

It's not that we want to buy these Georgie Laila Lace Shorts ($99), it's that we're compelled to buy them. At first, we were drawn to their sale price. But that is neither here nor there in comparison to the creamsicle lace overlay that these little cuties feature. And they... [More]


Andre Walker Hair Total Keratin Obsession Deep Conditioner

Blow-dryers, curling irons, and straighteners, oh my! It's no wonder your locks are feeling hair-thargic. Treat your tresses to a little pick me up with Andre Walker Hair Total Keratin Obsession Deep Conditioner ($15). Turn on some Pandora, light a few candles, and enjoy a few extra minutes in the... [More]


Paper Paddle Fan

We wish we had thought to order a bunch of these Paper Paddle Fans (under $3) at the beginning of June! C'est la vie. We've got them now, just in time for the dog days of summer. The August heat has been relentless, and cold beer combined with a little... [More]


Two-Tone T-Strap Dress

Move over, Frank Lloyd Wright: we're loving the architecture of the open-back design on this Two-Tone T-Strap Dress ($34). That plus the fun colorblocking and - bonus! - pockets make it our new very most favorite casual frock.... [More]


Two By Two Natural Butter Biscuits

You know when something has butter listed in its name, it's got to be good. That's what we said to ourselves when we added the Natural Butter Biscuits ($18) to our shopping cart. We were not disappointed! The cute animal-shaped cookies practically melted in our mouths. They come in strawberry,... [More]


Hedgehog Ring

There can't be anything cuter than a little baby hedgie fitted with a gold crown! The Hedgehog Ring ($280) by Rock Cakes is shining those big, black diamond eyes at us, challenging us to not fall in love! We've given up without even a pretense of a fight, but can... [More]


Cool Jewels Ice Tray

We love big, faceted sparkly things, even if they melt after fifteen minutes the way the products of this Cool Jewels Ice Tray ($9) do. Adding them to our margaritas gives a whole new meaning to "on the rocks".... [More]


Folk Taylor Belt

We love the Norse Store. It's our one-stop shop for just about anything that would help you weather the ice-laced winds of fjord country. Think woolly sweaters, woolly hats, woolly mittens, and this delightfully woolly Folk Taylor Belt ($75). We think it would look fabulous holding up a pair of... [More]


e.l.f. Studio 83 Piece Essential Makeup Collection

That's it: we can finally get rid of that chaos of compacts and palettes filling several drawers. We've got all of our beauty bases covered with this e.l.f. Studio 83 Piece Essential Makeup Collection ($35), with several dozen eyeshadow shades and loads of options for gloss, bronzer, and blush. All... [More]


Sidecar High Dining Table

Apartment short on space? No problem! The Sidecar High Dining Table ($399) is an all-in-one piece: the perfect multitasker. It has shelves for storage and it'll easily convert from work space during the day to dining space at night. When you host a shindig, it doubles as a wet bar... [More]


Nike Filament Boy Shorts

When you go for an afternoon jog, do your shorts ride up into your lady business after the first few steps, making the remainder of the run some sort of hide-and-go-seek match against your underwear? Rid yourself of the frontal wedgie with these Nike Filament Boy Shorts ($35). They stay... [More]


Maker's Apron

This Maker's Apron ($75) looks like it should come with a pair of over-the-elbow vinyl gloves and a pig for butchering. We'll pass on actually using it for anything involving blood and guts, but we do love the farm-to-table vibe it'll give us while we're whipping up a pancake breakfast.... [More]


Frank's Screw Box

Why do shelving units always come with extra hardware? Or is that just a testament to our ineptitude at building a proper particleboard bookcase? We digress. Frank's Screw Box ($15) by Monkey Business is the perfect storage solution for all of our extra nuts, bolts, and screws. We know Mr.... [More]


Pet Cot

When it is hotter than the dog days of summer outside, give your K9 companion somewhere cool to rest. This Pet Cot ($32-41) elevates your fur baby off the scorching hot patio and gives him a relaxing place to rest his paws. It's made of a high quality knit that... [More]


Magical Unicorn Pony Greeting Card

We're about 97% sure that you have a friend who'd love a snail mail pick-me-up written on a Magical Unicorn Pony Greeting Card ($4). If you don't, we'd love a magical pony greeting, so send it our way. We'll display it next to our favorite Lisa Frank velvet poster, given... [More]


Pink Sequined Shoulder Sleeveless Dress

Before seeing the tag for this Pink Sequined Shoulder Sleeveless Dress ($26), we guessed that it would have been at least twice its actual price. Perhaps that just shows how much we love sequins. And pink. And dipped hemlines. And budget-friendly finds.... [More]


Fold Unfold Tablecloth

Margrethe Odgaard, the designer who created the Fold Unfold Tablecloth ($160), is our kind of gal! We're sure she meant to be ultra-artsy, but we see the bold colors dyed along the tablecloth's folding seams as an excuse to never iron again. That, friends, makes this statement piece worth the... [More]


L'Occitane Lavande Purifying Hand Gel

Where was L'Occitane's Lavande Purifying Hand Gel ($7) after we finished browsing that sketchy thrift store in downtown L.A.? We love us a good secondhand find, but our mitts can get pretty nasty from sorting through a dozen '80s-rad (note the sarcasm) jean vests in search of the perfectly worn-in... [More]


Reba Velcro Sandal

Velcro: not something we generally look for in sexy footwear. But it gets the job done in this Reba Velcro Sandal ($188), which is simple and classy in elegant black leather. You'd never know that the ankle strap closure is made of the same stuff as Granddad's sneakers.... [More]


Truly Madly Deeply Cutout Back Tee

We're pretty sure that if we tried to make something like this Truly Madly Deeply Cutout Back Tee ($39) by ourselves, it would end up looking more like we had a serious moth problem than a cleverly creepy fashion statement. We'll just have to be make sure we don't space... [More]


Recycled Wine Bottle Candle Holders

If you know how to open a wine bottle with a sword, you could probably make these Recycled Wine Bottle Candle Holders ($42 for set of 2) yourself. If you're like most of us and regularly nick your fingers just chopping onions for dinner, however, you might want to skip... [More]


Jane Austen Doormat

We need the Jane Austen Doormat ($40) by Damn Good Doormats. We could due with being reminded that home=comfort when we go to step out for the fifth time in a day. The errands can wait and our pocketbooks (and guts!) could use a break from nightly happy hour appetizers.... [More]


Glier's Original Goetta

If you've ever eaten breakfast in Cincinnati, then you've probably experienced goetta - a mouthwatering fried concoction of pork, herbs and oats. Think of what would happen if sausage, oatmeal, and corned beef hash had a baby. Lucky for you, there's a cheaper way than buying a plane ticket to... [More]


Oblo Puzzle Sphere

The colorful 21-piece Oblo Puzzle Sphere ($20) is supposed to help kids develop their fine motor skills and spacial reasoning, which we're sure it does. In fact, maybe kids "get it" more than we do, because it takes us forever to take it apart and put it together. We use... [More]


Earth Lovers Fig & Rosemary Shower Gel

Earth Lovers Fig & Rosemary Shower Gel ($10) makes us feel like we're on a Sundance vacation at a posh spa/hotel. There's nothing better than a steamy shower after a day spent riding horses, hiking mountains, and eating resort food. Maybe we can't afford to rub elbows with Mr. Redford,... [More]


Duluth Pack Laptop Scout Pack

Whether you're headed back to school after a fun-filled summer, or just back to the grind after a long weekend, transport your valuables in the Duluth Pack Laptop Scout Pack ($125). It has buckle closures, which may take longer to open and close than a zipper or Velcro, but that... [More]


Green Mini Chevron Dress

The only combination better than marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers is the mint, chevron, and button fusion found on the dress ($50) you'll wear while making those scrumptious summer treats. The belted waist allows you to eat as many s'mores as your stomach will allow without the guilt of having... [More]


I'd Rather Be: Nessie in Disguise

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate... [More]



Our lineup of sleep-inducing beverages was previously limited to warm milk and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea - not exactly a potent arsenal. We're hoping that NeuroSleep ($30 for 12) will up the ante. This fruit-flavored drink contains soporific compounds such as melatonin and magnesium. Hopefully it will keep us from... [More]


Miss Deer Bracelet

It might be a little early, but we're already looking forward to rockin' this Miss Deer Bracelet ($12) over the holidays. Play the cool card and wear this accessory rather than the Rudolph jumper donated by your mother. Ding dong.... [More]


Birdie Paper Knife

There's nothing that irks us more profoundly than getting a paper cut while opening our cable bill. Enter the Birdie Paper Knife ($14). This simple, modern cutie will not only prevent cuts, but also calm us down as we stare at our amount due.... [More]


Trish McEvoy Even Skin Beta Hydroxy Pads

During our college years we could burn the midnight oil and our skin still looked amazing. Now? We wake up looking like the maiden aunt of the Crypt-Keeper. Not cute. But Trish McEvoy Even Skin Beta Hydroxy Pads ($65) practically wipe away a dull complexion. With a mix of skin-clearing... [More]


Sukhasana Chair

The Lotus Position: so long as you're one of those people who can successfully bend into it, then you know it's one of the most comfortable, restful positions for the human body. The Sukhasana Chair ($1,800) is designed for lotus-style sitting. The backrest promotes proper spinal alignment, and the chair... [More]


Aqua Swing Pool Lounge

For years, we've been in search of the ultimate pool float. We wanted something we could sit up in - it's much easier to eat snacks and drink beers that way - but that still allowed us to enjoy being mostly-submerged in the water. After several disastrous experiments involving lawn... [More]


Mario Badescu A.H.A Botanical Body Soap

We've been sold on anything Mario Badescu since we worked in L.A.'s fashion district years ago. Apparently all those stick-figure models who work as sales reps for designer labels use it to keep their skin looking better than everyone else's. And it works. For eight bucks you get super-soft, glowing... [More]


Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

No, we aren't suggesting you wear these Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers ($22) around your house in place of mopping. But what we are suggesting is that you convince your drunk best friend to wear them while she screams "Oh, Mr. Clean, I've been so dirty!" while you record the... [More]


Global Crafts Mahogany Animal Napkin Rings

We thought napkin rings were only for stressing out about impressing company, but we'll be putting out a proper place setting for one on each of our coffee tables every night if it means we get to use these Global Crafts Mahogany Animal Napkin Rings ($30).... [More]


Clé de Peau Beauté Intensifying Cream Eyeliner

Maybe we blink a lot, maybe our eyes are well-lubricated - whatever the reason, we blow though eyeliner like it's going out of style. Within a few hours we're rockin' the racoon eye, the non-artful smudge, or the straight up druggie look. Super sketch. But Clé de Peau Beauté Intensifying... [More]


Nifty 3-Tier Oven Companion

Hell yeah, this thing is nifty. This multi-layered oven rack ($20) is going to make Thanksgiving and the holiday season much simpler. We can cook just as many casseroles, pies, pans of fluffy biscuits, croissant rolls, and turduckens, but in a fraction of the time, saving us money on the... [More]


Lip Marker in Get Lippy

We've got many a childhood memory of putting makeup onto our Barbie dolls with permanent markers. Admittedly, our efforts generally left Barbie looking sort of like a psychotic circus clown, but we still love the whole marker-makeup concept. This Lip Marker in Get Lippy ($16) is a fab way for... [More]


Optic Glasses

Tighten your grip on a set of Optic Glasses ($55, set of 4). The borosilicate glass and the series of concave and convex curves give the illusion of extra depth. And they make even water look tantalizing, which is a bonus, because we know we could stand to drink more... [More]


Cactus Cooler and Ring Toss

So it turns out there's still a little bit of college coed left in us. Our weekends are tamer, our skirts are longer, and the likelihood of our doing body shots is much lower, but we still think this Inflatable Cactus Cooler and Ring Toss ($25) would be an excellent... [More]


28 Day Mascara

We aren't even going to try applying this 28 Day Mascara ($25) by ourselves, but we figure a month of having gorgeous lashes is worth the bottle of cheap Chardonnay we'll need to buy to bribe a friend into helping us. We'll just make sure she doesn't start drinking until... [More]


Super Mario Bros. Bullet Bill Tank

It would be humiliating to tell you how many times we died at the hands (or the nose) of a Bullet Bill as we tried to conquer Super Mario Bros. We have to hand it to them. They were tough and persistent. That's why we're proud to wear the Super... [More]


Comet Candle

The aptly named Comet Candle ($23-46) has such a simple, ethereal design that we need a few surrounding our tub, ASAP. You can't get closer to heaven on earth than an hour to yourself in the bath with scented soaps and a flickering candle glow. Once the wick on each... [More]


Oribe Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray

We forgot just how wild humidity could make our fine hair until we graduated from college and moved back away from the mountains. Holy schnikies. We've spent the last four years battling fuzz halos, funky waved hair, and major frizz. So charming. Oribe Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray ($38) knocks stubborn tresses... [More]


Lit Twig Giant Spider

When is it too early to plan Halloween decorations? The answer is never. We totally want to hang this Lit Twig Giant Spider ($129) in the corner of our living room. We'll keep it shining brightly, like the adorable little arachnid that it is, to add holiday cheer to our... [More]


Personal Shopper: Mary and Alena's Answer to the LBD Dilemma

Mary writes: "Can you help me find the perfect little black dress?" Alena writes: "Help! I am in need of the perfect LBD and you guys have yet to fail me! My parents hold an annual charity event to support Parkinson's in September and I am in need of the... [More]


Big Head Squirrel Feeder

We have been snickering at the Big Head Squirrel Feeder ($14) all morning long! And while we're not in the habit of feeding tree rodents, we just may have to start. The potential for hilarious nature photos is too great to resist!... [More]


Studded Patch Knit Lime Sweater

This Studded Patch Knit Lime Sweater ($68) is dangerously close to being a very ordinary, not-particularly-flattering piece of knitwear. Who would have thought that the simple addition of a pair of black, studded patches would do so much to elevate it from boring to badass?... [More]


Leather Folded Card Case

This past weekend, as we stood holding up the coffee line by digging through our overstuffed wallets for the right amount of cash, we resolved to get back to basics the first chance we got. Thankfully, we don't have to give up fashion for simplicity - the Leather Folded Card... [More]


Power Pole Wall Sticker

They're the bane of every landscape photographer's existence: power lines. But on this Power Pole Wall Sticker ($224), that infamous eyesore is transformed into one seriously cool home decor accent, adding depth and style to your living room.... [More]


Paradise Tiered Statement Necklace

Hello, jewelry bargain! We love the vibe of this Paradise Tiered Statement Necklace ($15), with its rows of faceted pendants. We've also spent more cash on a sandwich than we'd have to shell out to make this ours. It even comes with a bonus pair of matching earrings. All we... [More]


A-Z Place Mat Coloring Pad

Just because kids have entered the picture doesn't mean you wanna dine only in establishments that serve chicken strips and chocolate milk. Your cultured kid can take down a California roll with the best of 'em. Stash the A-Z Place Mat Coloring Pad ($20) into your diaper bag/giant kid-stuff-holding-purse and... [More]


Barbara Bui Flame Metallic Leather Pumps

We admit it: we want to be supervillainsheroines. And if we were, we'd get ourselves these Barbara Bui Flame Metallic Leather Pumps ($985) for those incognito appearances at penthouse cocktail parties. When we have to shuck our little black dresses for leotards, we wouldn't have to worry about changing footwear.... [More]


Filson Cover Cloth Umbrella

Pathetically, all three of our last umbrellas have ended up inside-out with broken wires. It makes us sad, mostly because of the terrible hair days we've had to endure at the hands of flimsy construction. No more, we say! The Filson Cover Cloth Umbrella ($100) ain't no cheap, fragile thing!... [More]


Sue Devitt Microquatic Tinted Body Moisturizer

Fake a beachy glow with Sue Devitt Microquatic Tinted Body Moisturizer ($36). We slick it on to get an even skin tone on our otherwise speckled appendages. Bruises were a sign of toughness as a kid, but we'd rather not rock them on date nights or beach trips. Consider this... [More]


Vitra Nelson Sunflower Clock

If you prefer your timepieces to be more aesthetic than accurate, you could do worse than the Vitra Nelson Sunflower Clock ($1,185). It looks like it's blooming, right there on the wall, and bridges the gap between high art and Art Deco. At least, that's what we're assuming, considering the... [More]


Coated Metallic Skinny Jeans

Somebody throw a dance party, because we finally got ourselves a pair of gold pants. These Coated Metallic Skinny Jeans ($27) make us want to shimmy till we drop. And we'll probably do our shimmying to this catchy song about our newest favorite fashion piece.... [More]


Gizmon Clip-On Lenses

If we were to be taken to court on charges of Instagraming our lives away, the jury would find us guilty. And then we'd take an interestingly angled photo of the judge's bench, filter it to death, and then upload it to our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr feeds. These Gizmon... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Soap Soap Dish

Early-morning bleary eyes or not, you won't make any mistakes re: where the soap goes with the Soap Soap Dish ($5) from Matt Carr. We appreciate items that tell it like it is. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items... [More]


Natural Stone Nail File

Chances are you have about a gazillion nail files stashed around the house. But toss 'em all out! The Natural Stone Nail File ($32), made from stone harvested in the Pyrenees, will last you forever. That's right, forever. It won't wear down, or run out of buffing power. You've made... [More]


Perch! Birdfeeder

When it comes to feeding the birds, we're more apt to go simple. Our neighbor has a whole system rigged up to let the birdies in and keep the squirrels out. Who are we to tell him that it's not working and it's ugly to boot? We'll just quietly hang... [More]


Kevin.Murphy Powder.Puff

Maybe you're a lucky ducks who wakes up with envy-worthy bedhead (Um, jealous!). We do not. Not even a little. We achieve sex-kitten tresses with the help of Kevin.Murphy Powder.Puff ($22). Sprinkle a little into the roots of dried or damp hair and enjoy yes-I-did-just-get-lucky locks. We have a feeling... [More]


Organ Transplant Lunch Cooler

We're tired of someone stealing the brownies out of our carefully packed lunches, so we're picking up this Organ Transplant Lunch Cooler ($20). We're sure our food-snatching co-worker will peek, of course. But if we put all of our snacks into Ziploc bags and bury them in ice, we just... [More]


Gone to Heaven Pecan Candies

We don't know about you, but we get a little crazy if we don't eat often enough. And by "a little" we mean ape-shiz. Instead of risking a meltdown when someone asks in a less than sugary way if we've paid the rent/made dinner/showered today, we'll take a few deep... [More]


Stud Detail Tie Neck Sleeveless Blouse

This Stud Detail Tie Neck Sleeveless Blouse ($34) has just the right amount of glam. We love the shiny stud detailing on the long tie neck - along with the fact that said tie is in no way designed to be made into a big, stupid bow. There's a time... [More]


Tentacle Doorstop

Want to keep the kids from snooping in your Christmas closet? Keep the door shut with this Tentacle Doorstop ($20), and tell them you managed to capture an alien inside that will de-petrify if anyone should be so foolish as to open the door. They may end up needing years... [More]


Cross My Brown Heart Necklace

To hell with diamonds or turquoise - when it comes to jewelry materials, we're jumping on the paper bandwagon. This lovely Cross My Brown Heart Necklace ($40) is crafted by artist Akwele Suma out of recycled newspapers and magazines, carefully twisted and held together with silk and cotton thread.... [More]


Lipsy Floral Trim Vest

There are a million different kinds of tank tops, but only one kind that should be worn outside of the gym. This Lipsy Floral Trim Vest ($44) fits the bill. From its tantalizing teal color to the waterfall of fabric on the front, this tank has serious office-to-bar potential. Take... [More]


Preserved Lemon Syrup

This summer, we have been using our bottle of Preserved Lemon Syrup ($21) from Morris Kitchen in everything, from the obvious, like gin and lemon tonic, to the fun, like on top of homemade blueberry ice cream. The sky is the limit, since the syrup adds a little sunshine to... [More]


Belle Noel Wishbone Necklace

We don't want to like this Belle Noel Wishbone Necklace ($60). Buying it will put more money in Kim Kardashian's pocket, helping her continue to clutter up our televisions. But damn the woman, whoever she hired to design her jewelry did a good job with this piece. So much for... [More]


Wine Sack

We're calling this our "weekend purse". It won't hold our phones, wallets, makeup or other generally necessary goodies, but it does accommodate three liters of wine perfectly. Just yank the bag out of the box of your choice and fit the tap through the airtight spout, and this Wine Sack... [More]


Dusk to Dawn Sweatshirt

When life slows down and we actually have the chance to get comfortable, we cozy up in this Dusk to Dawn Sweatshirt ($59). It provides that special snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug feeling that we want as we swing effortlessly in the breeze in our back patio hammock. Add some UGGs (go ahead and... [More]


Trina Turk Deco Palm Ice Bucket

Mixing a fruity cocktail and sipping it on our postage stamp of a balcony makes us feel a little bit like we're on vacation, but putting together a pitcher of fruity cocktails and setting it alongside this fab Deco Palm Ice Bucket ($58) definitely makes us feel like we're off... [More]



No time to hit the gym? No extra cash left over in your junk food budget to afford a personal trainer? Then pull out your phone or pop open your computer, because Sworkit ($free!) is about to rock your love handles. This iPhone, Android, or computer-based app is all about... [More]


Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray

According to an article we wasted our time with read on Yahoo!, the Duchess of Cambridge gets her hair blown out three times a week at $75 a pop. Although we don't really believe it (or care for that matter) we do feel a little cheated that we have to... [More]


Glass & Twine Lanterns

What better way to set the mood for your outdoor party than by hanging a bunch of Glass & Twine Lanterns ($20, set of 2 ) from tree branches? Come dusk, light a few tea candles inside the jars and watch the flames dance to your party playlist.... [More]


Manicure Set

They say idle hands are the Devil's playthings. And we've found ourselves stuck with nothing to do once too often. Now we carry this Manicure Set ($40) around to make quick work of shabby nails and messy cuticles when we find ourselves with some downtime. And just in case El... [More]


Personal Shopper: Matching Wedding Attire for Kelly and Company

Kelly writes: "My sister's wedding is Sept 8th and I am struggling to find dresses/outfits for me and my two daughters for the rehearsal dinner. I want us to coordinate/match and the only place I know to look is Lilly Pulizer. It's the first real time I have had an... [More]


Grey Textured Peplum Jacket

There's a naughty Victorian schoolmistress in all of us just waiting for her chance to get out. No? Just us? To hell with it - we'll engage in our ruler-slapping fantasies with this Grey Textured Peplum Jacket ($79), which looks like it was tailor-made to fit over a hobble skirt... [More]


Masai Weave Rug

If your itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny apartment lacks character, warm it up with a Masai Weave Rug ($340-2510) from Armadillo&Co. These fair-trade, handwoven wool rugs come in five different color options, all of which add depth and character to concrete, tile, or questionably-solid floors.... [More]


Eyebobs Honeyed Sunreaders

We're pretty sure the Eyebobs Honeyed Sunreaders ($75) are actually just sunglasses, but we love the name all the same. It conjures up images of a lazy afternoon spent reading in a garden hammock while the honeybees buzz. We've got a good book in mind, but we'll probably have to... [More]


Yves Rocher Citrus Flower Body Lotion

We have a serious soft spot in our heart for Yves Rocher's Citrus Flower Body Lotion ($8). It smells, in a word, heavenly. This non-greasy lotion rubs in smooth, gives your skin a dewy glow, and features a light orange blossom scent that will have you dreaming about reading a... [More]


Thirty Four Disciples Hi Lo Lace Trim Dress

This Thirty Four Disciples Hi Lo Lace Trim Dress ($81) reminds us of some sexy vintage slip we wish we could get away with wearing out of the house. But this classic black-on-blush piece is totally kosher for public viewing, thanks to its modest cut (at least on top), opaque... [More]


Sasha Multicolour Animal Print Leggings

It appears as if we missed an item when compiling our tribute to Lisa Frank. These leggings ($18) are so rainbow-fab that it almost hurts. Not omg-Dylan-McKay-is-so-hot-he's-painful-to-look-at kind of hurt, but damn-I-wish-my-hair-was-Poison-big kind of hurt.... [More]



Well, isn't this convenient? The Walkstation ($3,959) allows you to get your workout done while you work. Or is it your work done while you work out? No, you can't run or train for a marathon while preparing spreadsheets. But you can burn more calories this way than you can... [More]


MAC Tinted Lipglass in Lychee Luxe

The hot guy down the hall won't be able to take his eyes off your lips when you're wearing MAC's Tinted Lipglass in Lychee Luxe. We have a feeling you won't be carrying up your own groceries any time soon. Yup. And go ahead and preemptively change your Facebook status... [More]


Multicolor Shapes Throw

Add a little rainbow to your baby's nursery by tossing the Multicolor Shapes Throw ($195) over the arm of the rocking chair. This throw is made mostly of wool and alpaca (with a little acrylic thrown in for durability), making it the perfect blanket to cuddle under as the days... [More]


Downtown Manhattan Streets Earrings

Celebrate your love of the Big Apple with these Downtown Manhattan Streets Earrings ($59), a pair of stainless steel discs cleverly laser-cut into the pattern of, well, guess what? Now when strangers ask you directions, you can point them out on your accessories.... [More]


Lipstick Flask

We're always on the lookout for shady ways to drink, and this Lipstick Flask ($13) certainly fits the bill. Pretend you're preparing to touch up your pout, then unscrew the top and sauce up that Sprite. Of course, it's about twice as big as an actual lipstick. And we also... [More]


USB LunchBox Warmer

We know there's no real reason for it, but we don't particularly trust our microwave. Anything that can cook food with invisible rays kind of freaks us out. Well, except for the sun. This USB LunchBox Warmer ($32), on the other hand, seems like a totally non-scary way to heat... [More]


You Tell Us: Othermix Chevron & Chiffon Panel Asymmetric Top

The day that we found this Othermix Chevron & Chiffon Panel Asymmetric Top ($68), we loved it. And now that we're looking at it again, we aren't as thrilled with it. So, going off first impressions, how do you readers feel about this one? poll by [More]


Wood Fruit Bowl

The old saying "out of sight, out of mind" is true. Hide a bag of fruit in our fridge and we're bound to reach for Cheez-Its and Twizzlers. Plunk a Wood Fruit Bowl ($100) full of peaches and plums on our table and we're on track to eat our daily... [More]


Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencil

It's amazing what a well-defined brow can do for the face. If you're going to spend an extra ten minutes applying the perfect cat eye, you'd best be framing your peepers with a strong brow! You wouldn't buy a masterpiece and pin it up with pushpins, would you? No, you'd... [More]


Stella McCartney Contrast Printed T-Shirt

We take graphic prints very seriously. And while we thought we had a respectable collection of tees and tops that expressed this love, we were proven wrong as soon as we saw this Stella McCartney Contrast Printed T-Shirt ($247). We now feel that our wardrobe will be incomplete until this... [More]


Branched Necklace

The natural and the man-made meet beautifully in this Branched Necklace ($54). The lovely little pendant on this simple accessory is made from a piece of actual coral, gold-plated and hung from a chain. The result is a subtly stunning piece of jewelry.... [More]


UnHampered Collapsible Laundry Basket

As handy as they are for carting and transporting laundry, traditional baskets are a bit on the bulky side when you're looking for a place to store them, especially in closet-sized studio apartments. Those of you tired of tripping over yours when you get up in the middle of the... [More]


Little Leather Backpack

This Little Leather Backpack ($28) looks to be just about the right size for making off with some ancient artifact. Of course, we're more likely to use it for carting around our phone, wallet, and emergency makeup kit. But those items are far less likely to trigger any deadly booby... [More]


Booty Parlor's Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Infused Breath Mist

You know what we love to do? Make out. You know what we don't love to do? Worry about our breath smelling like the pastrami that we had for lunch. Deli mustard isn't the spice we have in mind for our relationships. Keep a bottle of Booty Parlor's Kissaholic Aphrodisiac... [More]


Bauhaus Bauspiel Building Blocks

If you're the sort of parent who read your baby War and Peace while it was in the womb and now has it fall asleep to Carl Sagan lectures, then this set of Bauhaus Bauspiel Building Blocks ($160) is probably right up your alley. After all, why settle for ordinary... [More]


I Only Date Super Heroes Tank

If The Avengers was anything to go by, we'd be happy to institute the policy on this I Only Date Super Heroes Tank ($14). That movie was stocked like a Baskin-Robbins. We'll take a double scoop of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., thanks.... [More]


Essex Printed Ottoman

If you're looking for one piece of furniture that can really update a living space, an oversized ottoman is definitely a good choice. This Essex Printed Ottoman ($349) is large enough to serve as a coffee table or as seating, and the neutral tones allow the bold pattern to blend... [More]


Fekkai Advanced Full Blown Volume Styling Whip

All right, we're guilty of mocking '80s prom photos and the pervasive rad French twists and variations thereof. Well, guess what? They're back! And we're a wee bit excited this time around. Fekkai Advanced Full Blown Volume Styling Whip ($25) lets you recreate the look with extra texture and hold.What... [More]


Hook & Chain Wrap Bracelet

The only time we'll let anyone go Christian Grey and tie our wrists with leather is if he's presenting us with one of these Hook & Chain Wrap Bracelets ($115) from Sleeveless. We'll be submissive for the two minutes it takes for him to fasten the hook, then back to... [More]


Bird & Tree Stacking Measuring Cups

We've entertained the idea of cleaning off our countertops - but how can we, when we keep finding adorable gear like these Bird & Tree Stacking Measuring Cups ($29) to clutter them up with? It would be a crime to hide these stackable kitchen tools away in a drawer or... [More]


Holly V-Neck Tulip Back Tank

Excuse us, but how cute is this Holly V-Neck Tulip Back Tank ($20)? We love how it gives us that NASCAR-merch vibe with its soft, faded cotton and ultra-casual style, but without anything too automotive emblazoned on the front.... [More]


Burberry Pump

As little girls, we all probably had dreams of ruling the universe and running a major business by the time we were old (read: twenty-two). That projected timetable may have come and gone, but we're still working on those goals. And if boots were made for walking, we're going to... [More]


Pen Zen

We're so over this overstuffed coffee mug packed with pens (who knows how many of them actually work), paper clips, stray staples, and gum wrappers. No more! We're cleaning up our act with the help of the Pen Zen ($20). We'll weed out any unnecessary clutter and store the rest... [More]


Hand-Stamped Brass Wallet Insert

Give your sweetie a heartfelt message to carry everywhere. The Hand-Stamped Brass Wallet Insert ($58) is the size of a credit card and can be stamped with a personal message. Make it a line from your favorite song or poem.... [More]


Yves Rocher Mini Nail Polish

Reason #476 why we love mini nail polishes? Because they hardly make a dent in the diminishing space available in our train case. #327? They allow us to try a color without actually committing. #358? They fit so easily in our purse that we can pull off a mani practically... [More]


Disappearing Dinosaurs Heat Sensitive Mug

Teach the burgeoning coffee fiend in your home about evolution the fun way, with this Disappearing Dinosaurs Heat Sensitive Mug ($12). Just hit it with a sudden blast of heat - say from a meteorite, or else a hefty pour of steaming joe - and the giant reptiles on this... [More]


Nosegay Sheet Set

If you don't get a good night's sleep atop the Nosegay Sheet Set ($36-171), then it might be time to join a sleep study! These Egyptian cotton sheets are soft and luxurious, and we're pretty crazy about the print, too. We think we'll be replacing the visions of sugar-plums in... [More]


Hot Sake Silk Dress

Assuming we had a hundred and fifty-eight bucks to blow on a new dress, Viereck's Hot Sake Silk Dress ($158) would be the one to pry the money out of our little fists. We love it for the way it incorporates flowy sleeves, a perfectly slouchy fit, and teahouse chic... [More]


Vegetable Chop & Measure

Chopping vegetables can be a Zen experience... or a massive pain in the rear. For those days when it's feeling more like the latter, we break out this Vegetable Chop & Measure ($20). Set your victim on top of the grate-shaped blade, give the durable plastic top a good whack,... [More]


Mario Badescu Honey Moisturizer

Honey, ah, sugar, sugar! You make our face look great! And we can't stop buying you... Mario Badescu Honey Moisturizer ($25).... [More]


Going back to college means a lot of things. Pulling off the greatest beginning-of-the-year house party, signing up for those required classes, purchasing the required new wardrobe, and the task of buying oh-so-expensive new textbooks. Adding insult to injury, you know that trying to sell back those books at the... [More]


lululemon Pack Your Practice Bag

No matter what you're toting to the gym, the Pack Your Practice Bag ($58) is sure to be a perfect fit. When you've got a lot to carry, this bag holds gym clothes, shoes and accessories like a pro, and you can slide your yoga mat into the sleeve on... [More]


Plump Flump Beginner Knitting Kit

We suffer pangs of really, really wanting to learn how to knit well, especially after we peruse places like Etsy. Talk about knit-envy. The trouble is, our total output consists of about a dozen lopsided pot holders and a few sad little dishcloths. Not really the kind of crafting that... [More]


NARS Brow Shader Brush

Big brows are in! Not Joan Crawford big, maybe, but frame-the-face big. Think of the best of old Hollywood. The NARS Brow Shader Brush ($21) sits at the perfect angle to fill in sparse brows with your favorite powder. Now go werq it!... [More]


White Crochet Flower Shoulder Puff Sleeve Blouse

When we're in full-on earth-loving, rabbit-hugging, daisy-crown-wearing hippie mode, we don this White Crochet Flower Shoulder Puff Sleeve Blouse ($30), a flowing skirt, and a pair of Birkenstocks and find ourselves a meadow to do cartwheels through. Then, once we've got that out of our system, we go back to... [More]


Little Thank You Notes

Most of the time, a grateful "thank you" is sufficient to get your server/barista/sales clerk through her shift (we know, we've been there!). But occasionally, an extra gesture of kindness is needed. Keep a pack of Little Thank You Notes ($14) from Fifi du Vie (in the second column) in... [More]


Luxe Ingenuine Mirror

If we've learned anything from old Hollywood sirens, we've learned that your makeup mirror isn't just for applying lipstick and checking your chignon. Use it for observing your surroundings or ensuring that the strut you did while passing the J.Crew Model look-alike caught his attention. A quick glance at ten... [More]


Sophie Conran Drink Homemade Lemonade Kit Bucket Of Fun

Our plan is to eke every last drop out of summer. Which means that we still need to 1) attend an overly-crowded, hellishly hot theme park, 2) go to the beach in entirely too-small bikinis which require slow movements to keep our belly fat from jiggling, and 3) host a... [More]


Blazer with Gathered Shoulders

This Blazer with Gathered Shoulders ($100) is more eye-catching then a unicorn and a dolphin doing a waltz through Times Square. Maybe it's the slim, tailored cut, or the bold-as-brass scarlet hue. Either way, we're going to make it our wardrobe's not-all-that-secret weapon.... [More]


Wai Hope Seawater Recharging Mist

You know how your skin looks all beach babe after a week in Maui? Wai Hope Seawater Recharging Mist ($40) can do that, too. Dewy moisturized skin, no crazy-expensive airfare necessary. That leaves us with plenty of money to pay for a spray tan, a sexy bikini or two, and... [More]


Tropical Print Envelope Clutch

Hawaiian print? Leopard detailing? Fuchsia and beige? This Tropical Print Envelope Clutch ($39) is all over the place, and to hell with the consequences. Since we've gone through the odd season or two like that ourselves, we can appreciate a little devil-may-care in our accessories. At least this clutch comes... [More]


Piggy Corn Holders

There are tons of kitschy corn holders out there, but we've got to give it to these Piggy Corn Holders ($7, set of 4). They hit the nail on the head. When it comes to fresh, sweet ears of grilled corn on the cob dripping with melted butter, we're pigs.... [More]


Traditional Mexican Paper Flowers

We love the idea of decorating for our next party with these festive paper flowers ($33, bouquet of twelve). The big blooms and bold colors will make for standout centerpieces. We've needed an excuse to try our hand at churros for a while now!... [More]


Silk Road Necklace with Gemstones

Is it a scarf, or is it a piece of jewelry? We'll let the merchandisers worry about that, and simply enjoy wearing this Silk Road Necklace with Gemstones ($29). Made with simple knotted chiffon accented with delicate coral and turquoise charms, it's a perfect statement piece no matter what section... [More]



He likes to think he's the King of the Grill. And he's not bad - but we'll be ready to give him a run for his money when we get hold of this Stake ($30), which is very possibly the ultimate barbecue tool. The Stake is a combination spatula, fork,... [More]


ILIA I Put A Spell On You Multi-Stick

This isn't witchcraft; ILIA I Put A Spell On You Multi-Stick ($34) is just that good. Pull double-duty by swiping some tangerine onto your lips and then rubbing a little onto your cheeks for an extra pop of color. We love it for keeping our look beach-ready. Even if we're... [More]


Restoration Hardware Stonewashed Belgian Linen Sheets

We used to think we only wanted to sleep on luxurious satin sheets, but you know what? Those suckers make us sweaty. And not in an ooh, sexytime working up a sweat in bed kind of way. More of a we just ran five miles kind of way. We've found... [More]


J.Crew Painter Boatneck Tee

Boatnecks rock our wardrobe vessels in all the right directions. And this J.Crew Painter Boatneck Tee ($45) sets sail right into our heart's harbors. It can float on its own as a top or act as an anchor for a layered maritime ensemble. This topsail is essential to any summer... [More]


StickyGram Instagram Magnets

We're constantly on the lookout for things we can do with our super hip Instagram snaps other than clog up our friends' Facebook feeds. Using them to gussy up our fridge seems like a fabulous plan to us, which is why we've picked some of our favorite shots to turn... [More]


Honeycat Warm Milk Martini

Honey child, after that rotten week you've had, you deserve a soak in a giant tub filled with Honeycat Warm Milk Martini ($20)! Normally we're okay with our miniature bath, but sometimes we dream of having a giant tub to enjoy this sweetly scented treat. Having a honey and milk... [More]


Personal Shopper: NSFW Vibe Guide for "Looking for Relief..."

Looking for Relief writes, "I am looking for a feminine product that will fill the void in my now single life. I have never ventured into this territory before and I have absolutely no idea what would be a good product to look at and what would be apropos. I... [More]


Travel Stub Diary

Having a fun, travel-filled summer? Do you actually think you'll remember it all come mid-January? Our money's on no, especially if you're sampling the local libations at each of your destinations. Keep mementos from your travels in this Travel Stub Diary ($15). It'll help you recall your voyages and be... [More]


Lief Glitter Tart Server

Fruit tarts are fancy-shmancy to start with, but when you serve them up with the Lief Glitter Tart Server ($22), you're entering a whole other dimension of gorgeous. (The glitter is suspended inside the acrylic coating, so you won't find pieces shedding into your desserts.) Set the stage by dimming... [More]


Cool Leaf Keyboard

Touchscreen keyboards are a big pain in the butt on phones and tablets. Why would we want to pay a bunch of money for a touch screen keyboard to replace our traditional push-key peripheral? Probably because we're sloppy, and have already gummed up the works on our laptop keyboards to... [More]


Oribe The Collection Travel Set

We were intrigued by this Travel Set ($20) of Oribe products, since hotel shampoos and "conditioners" wreak havoc on our manes. And we decided that this was a must-purchase because of the first two lines of the website copy: "One is good. More is better." Oribe gets our life philosophy,... [More]


Daniel Rainn 3/4 Sleeve Print Blouse

Whether you have an artistic bone in your body or not is irrelevant. This breezy Daniel Rainn 3/4 Sleeve Print Blouse ($69) creates the artsy-fartsy look for you, you cheater. Though we suggest dipping your hands in a little paint or ink before you try to play it off at... [More]


Striped Seagrass Tumblers

Sure, beer bottles and cans get koozies, but what about your fabulous mixed drinks? Surely some cold-glass-to-hand barrier is needed. Enter the Striped Seagrass Tumblers ($32, set of 4). Each glass comes with a good-looking striped sleeve made from seagrass. They're modern and sophisticated, which is more than we can... [More]


Reclaimed Barnwood Bed

We've always romanticized the idea of living on a farm. We never think about the nitty gritty of farm life (read: animal poop), preferring to focus on beautiful wooden barns, rolling fields, and open sky. This Reclaimed Barnwood Bed ($1925) captures the rustic farmhouse look we adore while incorporating clean... [More]


butter LONDON Rock Off Glycolic Callus Peel

We've built up a lot of calluses from opening stubborn Nutella jars lifting weights at the gym. And our feet haven't fared much better, what with our summer sandal habit. Thank goodness we found butter LONDON Rock Off Glycolic Callus Peel ($30) to do the heavy lifting when it comes... [More]


Cambria Pitcher

Your husband keeps bugging you about where you're going to put all the wicked cool colored ceramics you've been collecting. Well, you can go tell him that the space above your kitchen cabinets is perfect for housing your awesome assortment of amphorae. You're not a silk plant girl. We get... [More]


Mara Hoffman Tank Dress

We've already come awfully close to spending far too much money on one of Mara Hoffman's adorable tribal print bathing suits this year. Now we're jonesing hard for this Mara Hoffman Tank Dress ($220). There's nothing spectacularly innovative about the design: a simple tank style with a rounded hem. We're... [More]


Balance Ball Cover

We hopped on the exercise-ball-as-office-seating bandwagon pretty early on, but while we still use the ball occasionally, we're more likely to perch on something that's harder to fall off of. Since we like to have the ball around - it's great to watch the boss try and sit on it... [More]


Holst & Lee Color Block Bracelet

We've told ourselves a billion times that we could make this Holst & Lee Color Block Bracelet ($145) with a bit of rope and string. But the fact is, we won't. And we neeeed it. And we have no idea where we'd find the fabulous magnetic clasp. Is it worth... [More]


Drinklip Portable Cupholder

At first, you wouldn't think there'd be much call for the Drinklip Portable Cupholder ($20). We mean, it'll obviously provide a cupholder where there isn't one, but flat surfaces pretty much do the same thing. But now that we've got ourselves one, we clip it everywhere. After spilling a full... [More]


You Tell Us: Fully Dome Studded Distressed Levi's Denim Jean Shorts

We're still on the fence about whether these Fully Dome Studded Distressed Levi's Denim Jean Shorts ($88) are the mullet of denim shorts. The plain front suggests business as usual, but, hold up, the metal studs say "party hearty-possibly-hardy." What say you? We're also a little concerned about sitting, to... [More]


Violet Fatale Lip Color by Tom Ford

Violet Fatale ($48) is something we'd wear while being chased down the corridor of a dilapidated keep (yes, we've been reading old gothic novels again), à la The Castle of Otranto. Except in our version we save ourselves and look ravishing doing it. Of course.... [More]


Stretch Burlap Belt

We'll admit it: we're painfully vulnerable to what we've been thinking of as the abandoned barn home decorating trend. Think rustic chalkboards, furniture made of distressed pallet pieces, and hay bales for patio furniture. We've decided we need a wardrobe to match, which is why we're snatching up this Stretch... [More]


California Baby Year-Round Sunscreen Stick

Want to know how Selma Blair keeps her skin baby-soft? California Baby Year-Round Sunscreen Stick ($15) - it's true, we read it in a magazine... Apparently she keeps her, and her baby's, skin protected with this gentle sunblock. We suggest popping it into your tote for a little extra coverage... [More]


THML Clothing Printed Crew Sweater

The narrow cut of this THML Clothing Printed Crew Sweater ($69) tells us it's for ladies, but what we're really drawn to is the tomboy vibe this sweater is rocking. As soon as the weather starts giving us the A-OK, we're matching this masculine pullover with dark denims and a... [More]


Sugars Gift Set

Salt's been getting a lot of attention lately. And although we're guilty of jumping on the bandwagon, let's not forget our sweet little friend, sugar. Give your foodie friend this Sugars Gift Set ($33) for her birthday. Everyone already has Himalayan and Black Sea salt, but can they say they... [More]


Match Candleholders

We're impressed with the simple design of the Match Candleholders ($19, set of 4). Thanks to the notch in each one, you can hold a match low enough to actually light the wick of a votive inside without scorching your fingers. We could use a long-necked lighter, sure, but we... [More]


Giovanni Cool Mint Lemonade Salt Scrub

Good glob, it's hot outside! Between no A/C and sweltering temps, what's a girl to do? Keep it cool with Giovanni Cool Mint Lemonade Salt Scrub ($15), of course. Fueled with mint essential oils, this scrub offers an instant hit of freshness to overheated bodies. Treat yourself after a day... [More]


Blythe Blouse in Silk

We can't imagine a place (or outfit) in which the Blythe Blouse in Silk ($110) wouldn't look absolutely marvelous. Don't even pretend you wouldn't want to wear it to a country-posh wedding with a breezy maxi skirt and wellingtons. Or that you wouldn't consider it with dark denims and layers... [More]


Brass Key Bottle Opener + Corkscrew

The key to our heart. (And a bottle of red. No coincidence...) Brass Key Bottle Opener + Corkscrew ($12).... [More]


Stud-y Session Bag

You know what we've really needed this season? A little more tangerine. We're obviously kidding, but we can't help but love this adorable little Stud-y Session Bag ($55), which accents its so-hot-right-now hue with rows of tough girl brass studs.... [More]


Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

Sometimes skin can be a real bitch. Pop-up zits, redness, and a dull complexion are just facets of the attitude it tries to pull off now and again. We say "tries," because we recently discovered the makeup equivalent of mean-girl repellent when we smoothed on Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid... [More]


MICHAEL Michael Kors Stretch-Cotton Tapered Chinos

Some articles of clothing benefit from the personality boost provided by something like crochet trim or neon. But these MICHAEL Michael Kors Stretch-Cotton Tapered Chinos ($80) are fine just the way they are. Simple and straight to the ankle, there's no bedazzling, no lace, and no fussing over which accessory... [More]


Gold Musical Wine Glasses

We failed at the spoons and the washtub bass. We've spent hours trying - and failing - to make a jug hum. Our last hope at fulfilling our weird instrument fetish is this set of Gold Musical Wine Glasses ($80). Fill each one to the level of the pitch you... [More]


Antiqued Brass Wire Wrapped Cobalt Blue Glass Necklace

Simple, elegant, and featuring fall's favored royal blue, this Antiqued Brass Wire Wrapped Cobalt Blue Glass Necklace ($20) from The Green World Shop could easily become next season's go-to accessory. Featuring hand-blown Czech glass beads and antique brass bead caps, this necklace has more old-world charm than an episode of... [More]


Famous Objects from Classic Movies for iPad

If you haven't already wasted hours of your day playing Famous Objects from Classic Movies online, we're sorry for just ruining your productivity. And if you're already familiar with the addictive game, you may be pleased to know it's now available for the iPad (FREE) so you can test your... [More]


Personal Shopper: Kiki to the Rescue!

Kiki writes: "Ok Team Outblush...HELP! My bride loves these shoes. She loves the crystals, loves the heel height but could use something in a peep toe with more foot support. It's been hard to find shoes with actual crystal accents. Thanks, in advance, for doing some digging for us!" This... [More]


Venturini-Baldini Lambrusco Dell'Emilia

You know that friend who always invites you over for chef-quality meals? You know how you always feel sort of guilty that you end up bringing a bagged salad and a bottle of dressing? Venturini-Baldini Lambrusco Dell'Emilia ($14) will take care of that guilt. Give her a bottle of this... [More]


Tarnish Blocks of Color Scarf

The Tarnish Blocks of Color Scarf ($46 on sale) reminds us of color swatches we'd pick up at the hardware store. And everyone knows your palette determines how you decorate. In your case, gold or silver layered necklaces? Hoops or chandeliers? We say gold and hoops - and definitely this... [More]


Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color in Midori

We wish that we had Jesse's Girl (In Midori). Where can we find a polish like that? Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color in Midori ($4).... [More]


Bed Fan with Wireless Remote

Why waste energy to cool your whole room down when the part of you that's hot is under the covers? This Bed Fan with Wireless Remote ($100) circulates the air underneath your sheets, helping to blow away the pesky body heat that's really to blame for sweaty sleepless nights.... [More]


Tinley Road Large Button Stud Earrings

We're fairly certain Olivia Newton John was talking to these bold cobalt Tinley Road Large Button Stud Earrings ($12) when she said "Tell me about it, stud." These little beauties will whisper sweet nothings in your ear all night, starting with, "You look kickin'."... [More]


Belle Pant

We'll feel lovely indeed in these printed silk Belle Pants ($330). With their high waist, pleats, and loose, ankle-length fit, they're a fabulous example of how everything you thought you couldn't stand in trousers five years ago was worth the wait.... [More]


Burlap Owl String Lights

Too early to start stocking up for Halloween? That's blasphemous. These Burlap Owl String Lights ($40) are perfect for lighting up our apartment for our favorite holiday (aside from Christmas). We take the three months before Halloween (and the ensuing fun-sized candy bars) very seriously.... [More]


Chloe K Polka Dot Chiffon Top

Wearing the Chloe K Polka Dot Chiffon Top ($25 on sale) is the only reason we'd be cool with acquiring a spotty reputation. And we'd look damn good whilst acquiring it, too.... [More]


The Clutch for iPad

Instead of seeking out a purse that fits your iPad, why not find an iPad case that fits the things you usually carry in your purse? The Clutch for iPad ($90) has a separate zippered compartment that features secure pockets and slots for cash, cards, a phone, pens, and any... [More]


Chanel Le Blanc Fresh Brightening Foam Cleanser

Word on the street (okay, we read it in Martha Stewart Living) is that Martha uses Chanel Le Blanc Fresh Brightening Foam Cleanser ($60) as a body wash to keep her skin looking camera-ready. If we headed a multi-billion-dollar empire we'd use this rich formula to keep ourselves looking fabulous,... [More]


The Cat Pack Socks

Our kitties shed all over our everything. But hey, once we're done lint-brushing our clothes, we'll be happy to rock these The Cat Pack Socks ($12) while we're out and about. With leather wedges and a breezy sundress with flutter sleeves, we'll feel confident that our cute and eclectic taste... [More]


You Tell Us: Madewell Mini Coin Purse Belt

And the award for the most asinine accessory of 2012 goes to this Madewell Mini Coin Purse Belt ($45). We understand its purpose. We have quarters that need containing, we get that's what it is meant for. But who the hell uses quarters anymore? Parking meters don't even want your... [More]


Hot Mesh Chair

You know what our furniture needs? A sense of humor. We've spent all morning chuckling over the Hot Mesh Chairs ($99). (It's a slow day 'round the office, okay?) Mesh they are indeed, but way cooler than their name suggests. We're digging the bright colors and modern hexagon pattern. And... [More]


Adorable Acrobat Necklace

We've definitely flipped for the Adorable Acrobat Necklace ($55) by Tatty Devine. (See what we did there?) We're also positive that we have unrealized acrobatic potential. Maybe it's time to stop being so chicken and sign up for a trapeze class!... [More]


Towelmate Luxury Towels

We used to think that just having time to lie on the beach at all was the greatest seaside luxury, but our worlds changed when we found Towelmate Luxury Oversized Beach Towels ($45). They're large enough to cover any beach chair, so we won't have to stick to sunscreen-coated plastic... [More]


daniPro Antifungal Nail Polish

You want to pick up a cute pedicure, and not an infection, when you go to the salon, right? daniPro Antifungal Nail Polish ($18) contains undecylenic acid and helps fight fungus picked up from moist places like pools, footbaths, and shoes. And since it comes in pretty colors, no one... [More]


Ferm Living Geometry Cushion

Math may never have been your strongest subject, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it now. This Ferm Living Geometry Cushion ($73) sports a clean triangle pattern in curry. Put it next to some striped and polka dotted pillows, and you've got yourself the makings of a class right... [More]


Bauble Bar Lime Braid Bangle

It's nice to know that, when we're bobbing hundreds of feet off shore after falling off our stand-up paddle boards, this Lime Braid Bangle ($24) might act as an emergency messaging system, letting the lifeguard know that we'll be needing mouth-to-mouth pretty soon. And oh what a shame that would... [More]


Hair Off Shower Buff Hair Remover

Shaving in the shower is one of our least favorite daily maintenance chores. Ugh. Between razor burn, nicks, and dried out skin, we're sometimes tempted to go granola and opt out. Luckily we found Hair Off Shower Buff Hair Remover ($5). The simple buffing action keeps our gams fuzz-free without... [More]


Palm Beach Leggings

We've seen a lot of prints this season that look like they could have been used to decorate the home of that crazy super-tan lady from There's Something About Mary, and you know what? We're loving it. Take these Palm Beach Leggings ($38). With their early-MTV pink and funky scattered-palm-frond... [More]


Sheet Metal Belt

We're in love with a piece of metal. And no, we're not talking about Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages - we're burning for this Sheet Metal Belt ($70). This ridiculously cool accessory features a rose-gold hued metal panel at the front and adjustable vegan leather in ivory at the... [More]


Lady Soma Renewal Serum

We recently had a few of our girlfriends over for a much-deserved spa night. After we let our skin soak up a berry masque, we smoothed on some of this Lady Soma Renewal Serum ($43). You'd think we'd unveiled the fountain of youth by the excitement it caused. Within minutes... [More]


Bianca Green You Make Me Home Shower Curtain

You love your work (or maybe not). You love your boyfriend's apartment (or maybe not). You love spending hours browsing J.Crew and Zara (obviously). But Dorothy said it best, "There's no place like home." The Bianca Green You Make Me Home Shower Curtain ($89) is a visual reminder that home... [More]


Betsey Johnson Ivory Playground Coin Purse

We thought "Ivory Playground" was some sort of illegal poaching tour - which we are not at all in favor of. But as it turns out, this Betsey Johnson Ivory Playground Coin Purse ($38) is named for the array of flowers, feathers, and other tidbits adorning its ivory-colored exterior. We... [More]


Meal Measure

It never fails to amaze us that the amount of food we're actually supposed to be eating is so darned small. We'll put carefully weighed portions onto our plates - then heap on a few extra spoonfuls because the tiny piles of green beans and potatoes look so lonely. Put... [More]


BILLY BOY Condom Funpack

What is it about buying condoms that turns us into 7th graders again? We're grown women, and even we get awkward slipping a box of rubbers into the grocery cart (hidden under the bananas and sandwich bags, no less). You too? Discreetly order one of these Billy Boy Condom Funpacks... [More]


MADELINE girl Marsh Ankle-Strap Sandals

These MADELINE girl Marsh Ankle-Strap Sandals ($54-70). They have everything we adore in wedges: the weave on the heel, the colorblocked sole, the print on the straps. What's not to love about these cuties?... [More]


Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens

None of us have ever been nicknamed Steady Hands Sanderson. So you might see why fancy manicures with elaborate designs haven't exactly been our most successful beauty endeavors. We tried getting our SOs in on the craze, asking them for help painting our nails. You can imagine how well that... [More]


Alice & Olivia Romie Flare Skirt

This Romie Flare Skirt ($146 on sale) is thinking outside of the paint can with its cuter-than-kittens swatch motif. Made of printed silk and worn high to flatter, this skirt could take anybody from paint-by-number to museum-quality.... [More]



We just finished our latest book club book, Karen Russell's Swamplandia! ($17), and seriously came right here to tell you to read it! It's the perfect August novel - threaded with the heat of the Florida Everglades, a good dose of magical realism, and cleverly-crafted main characters. The storytelling is... [More]


Cashmere Polka Dot Sweater

We'd happily skip past summer and deposit ourselves directly into crisp fall if it meant we could wear this whimsical Cashmere Polka Dot Sweater ($268) tomorrow without melting our faces off. In the meantime we'll have to purchase it, fawn over it creepily, and wait.... [More]


Sephora Collection Harmony Face Powder

Orange eye shadow is a teensy bit intimidating. Instead, we got our feet wet with the Harmony Face Powder ($19). It's a versatile product that acts as a highlighter, a bronzer, or a blush. We thought that the orangeness might be too harsh for our coloring, but it's surprisingly light... [More]


Cotton-Gauze Long Dress

Why, yes, we will be wearing this Cotton-Gauze Long Dress ($49*) every day until it gets cold. We plan on rocking it at the resort we've been dropping hints about to our husband. We'll throw it on over a bathing suit during the day and wear it as an out-to-dinner... [More]


Mercedes-Benz Eau du Toilette Spray

We're just not at the point where we can afford to surprise the men in our lives with cars. We are, however, going to find those GIANT red bows we see in the car commercials every holiday season and find a way to attach them to bottles of Mercedes-Benz Eau... [More]


Metal Stacking Trunks

We've got to get ourselves a set of Metal Stacking Trunks ($240-280) at Platform 9¾ The Paris Market. We might as well be prepared in case Hagrid shows up on our doorstep to whisk us away. Okay, so we're well beyond eleven years old, but maybe we're just late bloomers?... [More]


Max Studio Empire Waist Blouse

When some people are pregnant, they take it as an opportunity to buy entirely new wardrobes. Some of us can't afford that kind of thing. Instead, we buy things like this Empire Waist Blouse ($78 on sale) to wear before, during, and after. The asymmetrical neckline covers up ever-increasing mammary... [More]


Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women

We know we're not the only ones who read and re-read Little Women during our adolescent years. We identified with Jo's attitude and wished we were kind like Beth. Somehow Louisa May Alcott was able to capture the emotions of girls and women, irrespective of era. As children we enjoyed... [More]


Chocolate Cake Balls

Much more enticing than Rocky Mountain oysters, these Chocolate Cake Balls ($18) are a delicacy we'd love to have on hand. Made with balls of chocolate cake that are dipped in milk chocolate, then drizzled with dark chocolate, and then topped with white chocolate, these little desserts are a chocolate... [More]


Shaveworks The Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion

One of our best friends literally gasped when we told her we dry shaved. You'd think we'd told her that we shaved with cast-off razors from a cheap motel. She recommended Shaveworks The Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion ($25) to remedy our bumps and occasional ingrown hairs. We were a... [More]


Burt's Bees Super Shiny Mango Shampoo

Honestly, they had us at mango. We're mad for mango, so it's no surprise we're smitten with this Super Shiny Mango Shampoo ($8). Not only does our hair look luscious, it smells lush, too! We say show off your gleaming tresses with a half-up side pony and a pretty clip!... [More]


Fly Flap

Call us twisted, but we love the irony of whacking flies with a device designed to look like one of their wings. It's sort of like stomping on spiders with a funny, eight-legged shoe. Of course, actually buying and using this Fly Flap ($7) will probably guarantee that we'll be... [More]


Silver Compass Locket Necklace

Outblush would never, ever lead you astray. See? Silver Compass Locket Necklace ($27)... [More]


Vivid Blue Glow SlickWrap

The list of dimly lit places we've dropped our phones in is long and varied: under car seats, in movie theaters, off the nightstand, in parking garages, under couches, and so on. We're thinking it's time for a solution, in the form of this Vivid Blue Glow SlickWrap ($25). Not... [More]


The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is a favorite book of ours. It's an easy read and is full of useful advice on ways to uncover more happiness in your daily life without being trite or cheesy. Not surprisingly, one way to be happy is to think about the things... [More]


New York Coffee Cup

A whimsical take on the classic Big Apple to-go cup of Joe, this New York Coffee Cup ($12) is a nod to all the crappy cups of coffee we grab on the street. We normally can't be bothered to wake up a few minutes early in morning to brew our... [More]


Alexandria Ruffle Bottom Skort

We've been watching athletes perform amazing feats at the Olympics for the last two weeks, and we're inspired. It's time to take our run-two-point-whenever-this-song-is-over workout and crank it up a notch! Venus and Serena Williams continue to wow us with their tennis prowess, so we think we'll pick up a... [More]


Personal Shopper: Piece of Prom Sunshine for Lindsay

Lindsay writes: "I am OBSESSED with this dress but I cannot find it anywhere except blogs and Tumblr and Pinterest. Is there any way y'all could help me find this dress (or something insanely similar) so that I could purchase it for my senior prom? It would mean so much... [More]


La Mer Crystal Plum Chain Wrap Watch

We're waaay to busy and important to be bothered with putting on a watch aaand a bracelet. That's why we added this gorgeous La Mer Crystal Plum Chain Wrap Watch ($160) to our collection of accessories. With it, we save at least five seconds getting ready each morning, which means... [More]


NARS Eyeliner Stylo

We used to be scared of liquid eyeliners. Applied wrong, they make you look like a cocktail waitress after a particularly rough night. But the NARS Eyeliner Stylo ($27) takes the terror out of applying the tricky stuff. We figure if you can doodle all over your notebook with felt... [More]


dELiA*s Love London Olympics Shirt

We've got a serious heart-on for the Olympic divers/volleyballers/swimmers/archers this year. More so than ever, really. And this dELiA*s Love London Olympics Shirt ($20) is great way to show our support. We can think of a few other ways we could "show support" to the athletes, but this will have... [More]