Personal Shopper: Roguish Gloves for Caitlin

Caitlin writes: "Y'all have never led me astray in the past. Lately my style icon is Rogue. You know, from the X-Men. I've already got a tan leather jacket with an X patch I sewed on myself, red ombre hair, and a few pieces of clothing I imagine Rogue would... [More]


Edible Lemon Flavor Candy Shot Glasses

Take your tequila to a whole new level with Edible Lemon Flavor Candy Shot Glasses ($7). Yes, that's right - they're glasses made out of candy. As if drinking weren't bad enough for us already.... [More]


Paul & Joe Aval Pelican-Print Silk-Crepe Top

You may be asking yourself why you would ever need a pelican shirt. And we ask you why you wouldn't. This Paul & Joe Aval Pelican-Print Silk-Crepe Top ($245) is an avian anomaly of the best kind. Pair it with a feather fascinator for a ridiculous combination, or with jeans... [More]


Auto Measure Spice Rack

With the stackable Auto Measure Spice Rack ($30, on sale), you'll be able to get rid of all of those mismatched jars and tough-to-find containers. Each rack comes with twelve label-ready containers that, get this, also measure out your spices for you! Just click the built-in auto measure and pour!... [More]



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Take Me To The Beach Top

We would far rather be at the beach then where we are right now, and can therefore appreciate the sentiment behind the naming of this Take Me To The Beach Top ($16). If some Rhett Butler type were to turn up to sweep us away from our desks to a... [More]


Mossimo Kalea Boots

If loving these Mossimo Kalea Boots ($24 on sale) is wrong, then we want to be all kinds of politically incorrect, bold-faced, liar-liar-pants-on-fire wrong. We normally love a folded-front black leather boot, but these rainbow striped cuties are too adorable to walk away from. We just want to squeeze into... [More]


Spa2Go Inflatable Hot Tub

Full-time hot tubs are a pain in the rear. For the three or four times a year you actually use the darned thing, you've got to spend ages - and plenty of cash - filling it with chemicals. Never mind the cost of the electricity to keep it hot. That's... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Casabella Sink Sider Suction Cup Sponge Holder

We have one sponge for cleaning pots and pans, and another sponge on a stick for cleaning glasses and cups. We don't mix the two, ever. It's a weird compulsion we have to avoid ever cross-contaminating our dinnerware and our drinkware. And we rely on this Sink Sider Suction Cup... [More]


Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret

Yes, we're grown women. Yes, we have full time jobs and juggle family and personal drama like champs. Yes, we bought our own cars and paid for our own apartments. So why exactly do we revert to giddy little girls when we hit the perfume department at Saks? We're quite... [More]


Marilyn Checkered Bathing Suit

As our summer diets devolve into a frenzy of cheese puff consumption and binge drinking, we become even more appreciative of full bum coverage in our one-piece bathing suits. This Marilyn Checkered Bathing Suit ($79) sports a boy-short cut in the rear, while the ruched front provides the added having-a-fat-day... [More]


Hollow Out Flower Black Belt

We're really, really hoping that when this Hollow Out Flower Black Belt ($19) shows up, its cool cutout design doesn't squeeze that bit of extra belly we're sporting into intricately unflattering patterns. Maybe we'll just play it safe and wear it over our SPANX.... [More]


Anthropologie Flared Anabelle Dress

If we were forced to pin down our favorite flower on the bouquet that is Earth, it would have to be the hydrangea. And the fact that we can now wear them without having to pluck them makes this Flared Anabelle Dress ($198) from Anthropologie that much sweeter. The cut... [More]


Butter Me Up Tea Towel

After our last fiasco (our soufflés were more like souflops), we could use a little humor in the kitchen. The Butter Me Up Tea Towel ($15) always seems to give us a chuckle, even when we're wiping eggy batter off of the undersides of our kitchen cabinets. Seriously, how did... [More]


Fingerprint Bookmark Band

We've been known to read the same paragraph several times over before remembering that we left off several sentences below that the last time we set down our book. If that sounds familiar, you'll be happy to learn that there couldn't be an easier way to mark your place than... [More]


UNIF Guess What Shorts

Like nibbling on cotton candy while riding a unicorn somewhere over the rainbow, these UNIF Guess What Shorts ($92) fulfill all our sweet-toothed fantasies. This is what summer fashion should be. They're shown with a hardcore pair of leather boots, but we think it would also work to go full... [More]


Cinder Block Magnets

Unfortunately, these Cinder Block Magnets ($12, set of 6) may be the closest we can come to an "exposed brick wall" in our apartment. We'll take it. They give a funky, urban vibe to the front of our fridge (if that's even a thing!), and do their job of holding... [More]



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Rag and Bone Bristol Straw Fedora

Floppy straw hats à la J.Lo went out a long time ago This Rag and Bone Bristol Straw Fedora ($149 on sale) is much hotter and 1000x more current. Perfect for the mom on the go, the coed stuck in summer school, or anyone with a face that needs shielding... [More]


Oasis Floral Scoop Vest

Oh, how we wish we had found this Oasis Floral Scoop Vest ($22 on sale) before the middle of summer. It is spring perfection in cloth form. The wildflower print has our allergies flaring up from just looking at it. We're definitely still going to buy it, despite the fact... [More]


Belkin WeMo

As much as we'd like to, we simply can't afford to have the air conditioner running all day. But now, with the Belkin WeMo ($50), we can turn on the window unit AC at home while we're still at the office and come home to a cool house. All we... [More]


Chaps Tropical Cross-Body Handbag

Blue on white is a combination that will never get old. This Chaps Tropical Cross-Body Handbag ($36) is a charming and easy addition to an already established wardrobe - just slip it on over a coral tunic with some white linen shorts, for example, add a set of royal blue... [More]


Grady's Cold Brew

Try as we might, our iced coffee has thus far ended up tasting like, well, watered-down iced coffee. We hot brew and cool, we cold brew and wait...and still, the perfect cuppa iced java eludes us. Since we're trying to cut down our monthly Starbucks bill, we've bought a jug... [More]


Razzle Dress

Give 'em the old razzle dazzle - razzle dazzle 'em in this sequined beauty ($298). No one will be the wiser that you've just walked away with the perfect pair of redbacks from the shoe pile at your neighbor's party. After all, how can they see with sequins in their... [More]


Steve Madden REALOVE Blush Patent Heels

We caught a glance of the Steve Madden REALOVE Blush Patent Heels ($100) and had to share. These minimal pink shoes totally get us our Barbie fix, without in-your-face girlishness. Sure, they come in a handful of other more neutral shades, but we think you might be able to find... [More]


Notes of Riesling Eau De Parfum

Fancy yourself a wine enthusiast? Take your love of vino to the next level by wearing Notes of Riesling Eau De Parfum ($84) by Kelly & Jones. It smells so much nicer in perfume form than it does when it's a stale stain down the front of your dress. The... [More]


The 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth

We won't judge you if you're thinking "I can't even name a hundred and fifty different types of food.. unless you count potato chip flavors." (Though we don't.) The 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth ($17) gives a comprehensive guide to the foods our body craves, what they offer nutritionally offer... [More]


Personal Shopper: Chelsea and Her Wedding Bells

Chelsea writes: "I need some help, and because you all have fabulous taste and great suggestions I thought I would come straight to you girls! I have a wedding in September. I need a dress and shoes and don't want to break the bank. I would like to spend no... [More]



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Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: July 30, 2012

We're having a hard time picking the most deserving bag in this week's poll from The Purse Page. We could use a charming floral handbag to bulk up our wardrobes for the fall, but we're so not ready to let go of silky summer clutches! Of course, if you're more... [More]


Lily and Leona Chair Set

You could have no sweeter duo gracing your living space than the effervescent Lily and Leona Chair Set ($6,000) by Wild Chairy. In a mix of aqua, orange, and polka dots, they're pieces to build a room around. Would we be crazy to contemplate pairing a slightly shaggy orange rug... [More]


Tory Burch Ruby Skirt

Normally, the name Tory Burch conjures up images of logoed flats and branded handbags. All we can see right now, though, is this Ruby Skirt ($237). Striped in gold and royal blue, this knee-length skirt flatters most any figure. Start with a structured solid top, slip on some (Tory Burch)... [More]


Fracomina Denim Pants

After a long work day, all we want to do is slip out of our office attire and into these comfortable Fracomina Denim Pants ($69), a non-underwired bra, and a jersey knit t-shirt, beer in hand and sandals on our feet. None of those neon leggings or crocheted shorts. Simple,... [More]


Brunch in a Bag

Find all the fixings for the perfect Saturday brunch in the Brunch in a Bag ($100) from New York Mouth. They combine some of the country's yummiest indie-made goodies into one scrumptious bagged meal. Start the day off right with coffee from the Brooklyn Roasting Company and Bloody Marys made... [More]


Zigzag Print Tube Maxi Dress

All our Tumblr friends are already posting pictures of cute cardigans and tall boots, but we're not ready to even start thinking about fall yet. Fall means winter, and winter means cold. For a little while longer, we'll keep true to our stubborn summer shopping fantasies, and spend our extra... [More]


Reel Roaster Marshmallow and Hot Dog Skewer

Getting that perfectly roasted campfire goodie requires the perfect rate of rotation. Sure, we can twist a stick with the best of them, but how much cooler will we look when we use this Reel Roaster Marshmallow and Hot Dog Skewer ($18) for our s'more making? Set your preferred distance... [More]


Scotch & Soda Checkered Shirt

Even with our laid-back weekend attitude, we still want to look as cute as possible while we're tidying up, making brunch, or sitting around playing Call of Duty. We want to feel good about ourselves, and sweats and tank tops aren't going to get us anywhere on that front. This... [More]


Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm

We're suckers for packaging, so we'll admit to taking a chance on the Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm ($8) from TONYMOLY because we liked its cute golden egg container. The balm exceeded our expectations, so all's well that ends well, right? It's more like a primer - you spread it... [More]


Rosamosario Mezza Luna Lace-Appliquéd Silk-Chiffon Robe

In our wildest dreams, we might be able to afford something this grand and beautiful in a couple of decades. Then, when we retrieve our morning paper with a piping hot coffee in hand, the neighbors will have something other than our young stallion of a pool boy dead porch... [More]


Wei of Chocolate

You know what makes us feel totally at ease? Curling up on the couch with a box of chocolate, a tasty drink, and absolutely nothing to do but listen to the Meet Joe Black station on Pandora. Life's hella busy, so when we find a chill moment we make sure... [More]


Kelsi Dagger Nadeen Blue Suede Shoes

When the occasion calls for drinking, we call on these Kelsi Dagger Nadeen Blue Suede Shoes ($100). They are as comfortable as a warm glass of whiskey and stick to our feet like a hangover on Sunday morning. Once we're strapped into these blue beauties, it's a party until the... [More]


Original Pocketwrench II

Make room for the (ironically named) Original Pocketwrench II ($15) in your purse, and instantly become the handiest boy on the block. Dudes are always getting it into their heads to tinker with things, and inevitably the need for a wrench comes up. You'll be able to save them a... [More]


Kate Spade New York Island Flora Melinda

Sometimes, we feel like our life is stuck on repeat. Wake up, work, dinner, book, sleep, repeat. But then something like the Kate Spade New York Island Flora Melinda ($278) steps in to remind us to stop and smell the birds-of-paradise every once in a while.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Zig Zag Printed Headwrap

Fabric-wrapped headbands with no print or pattern in sight? Bor-ing. We much prefer the zip and pizazz of this Arden B. Zig Zag Printed Headwrap ($14). It works well for lazy mornings when we simply can't bother with styling our hair. And even better on those days when a headband... [More]


Opening Ceremony Platform Sandals

At first, we were drawn to these Opening Ceremony Platform Sandals ($148) for their Olympic wearability. Seriously, with a pair of white pants, we'd all but look like an American flag. But the longer we looked at them, the more we wanted to grill some salmon on the back deck.... [More]


Off Your Face Wipes

We can't be the only ones who are terrible about washing our faces every night before bed. We try, we really do, but over the summer when we tend to be out longer and up to more debauchery, face-washing takes a back seat to falling headfirst into our waiting pillows.... [More]


Farmers Market Rack Basket

Add the Farmers Market Rack Basket ($45) to your ride as you pedal around town and you'll always have somewhere to put your impulse market buys - some cave-aged blue, some farm-fresh broccoli florets, or some small-batch roasted coffee beans. Why can't it be summer year-round? We eat like queens... [More]


Vix Buzios Tie Side Fringe Bottom

If you aren't afraid of getting a little sun where the sun don't usually shine, then you might be brave enough for this Vix Buzios Tie Side Fringe Bottom ($90 on sale). It covers what would otherwise land you in jail on most public beaches, but not much more than... [More]


Pretty in Pomegranate Bag

We weren't always about bows and frills. But by the powers of the fashion gods, we have grown to love those symbols of all things girly. This Pretty in Pomegranate Bag ($43) isn't just a beacon of intrigue, it's a vegan faux leather friend with houndstooth lining that is begging... [More]


Eternity Summer 2012

Here for a limited time, much like summer, is Eternity Summer 2012 from Calvin Klein ($45). Japanese pear and white peony exude happiness and a certain summer spirit. Whether you're new to the classic line or looking to renew your love for Eternity, this limited-edition buy is a good one.... [More]


Harness Tank Dress

We have been looking for a dress that doubles as bondage gear. Luckily for our love life, this Harness Tank Dress ($58) does just that. So the next time our libido kicks it into overdrive on the drive home, we can tie someone obliging up in the back seat without... [More]


Emsa Flow Carafe

We already try and go with the flow around here, but now that we've found the Emsa Flow Carafe ($53), we're taking that trite phrase more seriously. This 'flow' keeps wine - or any other beverage, if you happen to be teetotaling or knocked up - cold for up to... [More]


Cooperative Applique Flats

Fruit salads cool us down and relax us during the summer. So it seems entirely reasonable to assume that wearing these Cooperative Applique Flats ($20 on sale) would produce the same results. Adorned with lemons, blueberries, and especially delicious faux leather strawberries (none of which are for noms - please... [More]


BAND-AID Active Friction Block Stick

We'll let you in on a little secret. Not only does the BAND-AID Active Friction Block Stick ($6) place a protective barrier between our feet and our prettiest shoes (that, unfortunately, are capable of producing blisters the size of quarters), it also prevents thigh chafing. We're pretty sure it wasn't... [More]


Peacock Necklace

Peacocks have their priorities straight. Sure, they might not be the best at evading predators. But instead of evolving to run like crazy, fly well, or shoot lasers, they put all their Darwinian eggs into the looking-fine basket. After all, what's the use of escaping the hyenas if you can't... [More]


Tassel Hem Shorts

When we're cleaning the house and unable to give our kitty the attention she demands deserves, we slip on these Tassel Hem Shorts ($42). These high-waisted shorts are trimmed in a playful fringe that drives Miss Muffins wild while we're scrubbing out her stinky litter box. We've also noticed that... [More]


African Woven Clutch

If we keep our cash in a fairly traded clutch, does that mean we'll be granted good money karma? We'd be happy to try to find out by using one of these African Woven Clutches ($65). They're made using sustainable materials sourced from Madagascar, which means that buying one helps... [More]


Living Wall Art

The folks over at VivaTerra claim that all we'll have to do to keep our Living Wall Art ($49) from becoming Very Non-Living Wall Art is water it every once in a while. We remain skeptical, thanks to our past track record of houseplant slaughter, but love the lava spray... [More]


Oh Baby by Motherhood Striped Halterkini Top & Scoop Bottom Swim Set

Ladies, when you're pregnant, nothing you wear is going to hide that. So looking for a more flattering bathing suit is almost as useless as trying to sleep comfortably during your third trimester. This Oh Baby by Motherhood Striped Halterkini Top & Scoop Bottom Swim Set ($34 on sale) doesn't... [More]


Oranges Lace Pencil Skirt

Looking to add a feminine touch to your work attire that doesn't mean covering yourself head to toe in bows? Slip into this Oranges Lace Pencil Skirt ($72) for an instant burst of ladylike appeal. It hits at the knee and nips at the waist, obeying all the rules of... [More]


Edmond Chaise

Lie poolside in style on the Edmond Chaise ($799). The sunny yellow cushions are waterproof, so you can come and go from the water, as you please, without leaving behind a seat full of dampness. The only thing that could make this modern chaise better would be the addition of... [More]


Stars & Moon Big Sky Fire Pit

Want the stars to align for your summer bonfire and keep the rains at bay? Up your celestial favor factor by toasting s'mores (burnt offerings, you know?) over the Stars & Moon Big Sky Fire Pit ($166). And please, invite us over? We're in the middle of a s'more deficit... [More]


Clover Canyon Cane Scarf Hi Low Top

Our mother is on our case constantly about our "drab", "uninteresting" wardrobe. She says it lacks "personality" and "creativity". So we bought the Clover Canyon Cane Scarf Hi Low Top ($259) as a counterargument. Full of pizazz and charisma, this sheer graphic top is the retort that we've needed our... [More]


Wooden Tasting Spoon Set

Before we spied the Lief Wooden Tasting Spoon Set ($38), we didn't know we needed a tasting spoon set. Yet, somehow, we find ourselves drawn to this bunch of tiny long-handled spoons crafted from woods like coconut, mahogany, and rosewood. Do you think that if we taste our brownie batter... [More]


Denisa Embellished Dress

This may possibly expose our lameness, but there's absolutely no way we're wearing this Denisa Embellished Dress ($45) as an actual dress. That is, with no pants underneath it. We do indulge ourselves in some pretty cute knickers, but we aren't quite confident enough in the state of our rears... [More]


Tom Binns Dot Dash Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings

If these Tom Binns Dot Dash Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings ($355) are meant to deliver some sort of secret message, we're hearing it loud and clear. Well, at least we think we are. If that message is supposed to read "SOS, we need these earrings to survive the rest of... [More]


Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener

We never tell a lie. Oh, who are we kidding? We're queens of the little white (big blue) falsehood. That's why we're very glad we aren't cursed to have a body part expand every time we stretch the truth a bit, like the sucker fairy tale hero who inspired this... [More]


Horny Toad Morningafter Pants

These Horny Toad Morningafter Pants ($25) are named appropriately, because all we want to do the morning after the night before is slip these pants on, strap on a cold mask, whine until someone makes us a rejuvenation smoothie, and go back to bed.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Bryony Body Con Jersey Basic Skirt

Skirts may seem to be primarily warm-weather things, but with leggings, they can be worn winter, spring, summer, and fall. All you have to do is call...or order grab a couple of these Bryony Body Con Jersey Basic Skirts ($14). What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of... [More]


Ashiato Animal Footprint Sandals

These Ashiato Animal Footprint Sandals ($32) are almost certainly uncomfortable. But that's okay - we won't need to be wearing them for long. All we have to do is walk around our neighbors' house in the middle of the night, leave some prints, and tell them the next day that... [More]


Best In Beauty

The title of Best In Beauty ($25) kind of makes us feel like we're in a dog show. We'd be offended, but within its pages Riku Campo teaches us tricks and suggestions to make us look fabulous whether we're on an adventure with our gay guy friend or taking the... [More]


Panda Print

We are at a loss for words trying to make this Panda Print ($199) sound any better than it actually is. It's a panda. Wearing 3D glasses. Eating popcorn. It just doesn't get any better than this.... [More]


Tulum Flamingo Sky Pouch

We've decided we can't have enough of the tropics in our lives. That's why we've picked up this Tulum Flamingo Sky Pouch ($65). We think the funky, colorized print is an eye-catching tribute to the land of endless summer. It's also much safer than our other favorite way of trying... [More]



This IKEA PS Clock ($69) isn't just a mod way to gussy up your living room decor. Hidden in behind its funky red exterior is a handy little storage space for "small items". We'll be damned if our roommate is going to find our emergency M&M stash this time.... [More]


Amrita Singh Coral Branch Necklace

When a necklace combines as many trends and styles as this Amrita Singh Coral Branch Necklace ($100) does, you'd be silly not to get one. This bib-style aquarium/accessory hybrid racks up the style points, receiving an all-time high score for being available in black, blue, evergreen, fuchsia, ivory, turquoise, and... [More]

colorblock-dress-l.jpg colorblock-dress-s.jpg

Color Block Elegant Sleeveless Dress

Colorblock is such a bold look, it's refreshing to see it with some softness. We picture ourselves twirling at a summer wedding or swaying at an outdoor concert in this Color Block Elegant Sleeveless Dress ($124). We also particularly like that this dress comes with some sort of elegance guarantee,... [More]


Daytrip Pieced Arrow Stretch Belt

We love our bold and funky belts. They're instant upgrades for our cheap Target dresses and on-sale tunics. Slap on something big and eye-catching like this Daytrip Pieced Arrow Stretch Belt ($13), and no one will ever imagine that you selected the day's attire by figuring out which item in... [More]


I'd Rather Be: Horatio Caine

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate... [More]


Lafco Lake House Candle

We haven't been on a lake house vacation since we were kids, but as soon as we got a whiff of the Lafco Lake House Candle ($55), we were immediately reminded of our summers on the water. Technically, the scent is a mix of water hyacinth, aged moss, and damp... [More]


Claw Bracelet Hugs

When we look at it sideways, our overactive imaginations assume that this Claw Bracelet Hugs ($140) is actually a tiny velociraptor. That makes it one of the rare pieces of jewelry capable of triggering our prey response.... [More]


Nicholas Kirkwood Leather and Watersnake Platform Pumps

Initially drawn to the turquoise and yellow combination on these Nicholas Kirkwood Leather and Watersnake Platform Pumps ($875), we were ultimately convinced by the profile. The innovative slanted edge is eye-catching and deserving of many a wear. With a pair of sleek black leggings and a loose hi-lo top, these... [More]


Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace

There are a lot of teething necklaces out there for moms to wear. But none as cute as this Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace ($30). If it weren't for the name Chewbeads, we would have guessed it came out of a department store's jewelry display. The color and shape of this... [More]


No Weight Gain Dark Chocolate Bar

Phew! We were this close to limiting our chocolate intake when we ran across No Weight Gain Dark Chocolate Bar ($5). Follow the directions carefully.... [More]


Style&co. Three-Quarter-Sleeve Printed Tunic

Leggings are not pants. We've gone over this. But if you wear them with something like the Style&co. Three-Quarter-Sleeve Printed Tunic ($31), you're in the clear.... [More]


AG Adriano Goldschmied Sateen Ankle Leggings

Normally, our loud mouths are responsible for statement making in bars or at parties. But when we wear these AG Adriano Goldschmied Sateen Ankle Leggings ($159), it's something else that does all the talking. These fuchsia pants say everything that needs to be said about how far we're willing to... [More]


Atomic Salt & Pepper Shakers

At first, we were worried that buying housewares in trendy pastels would make our place look like Jessie Spano's bedroom. But then we decided to go for it anyway! The Atomic Salt & Pepper Shakers ($50) by Alison Brent add a touch of pastel to our kitchen table without overwhelming... [More]


Woven for the Weekend Clutch

Everyone always joked about majoring in basket weaving in college. We would like to state for the record that we have the utmost respect for basket weavers such as the one who created this Woven for the Weekend Clutch ($28). It took some serious skill and creativity to come up... [More]


Bandeau Dip Hem Dress

Trying to reclaim a bit of your youthful spirit? This Bandeau Dip Hem Dress ($70) by Oh My Love will keep you forever young. Featuring a hi-lo hemline and a fitted bodice top, this frock is fierce and not for the faint of heart. It is short. And by short,... [More]


Crank Clothesline

We'll frankly admit that we have no intention of using this adorably vintage-looking Crank Clothesline ($13) to actually dry clothes. It would, however, be the perfect anchor for our cherished snapshots and antique postcards. After all, what's our priority? Energy-efficient laundering, or gush-worthy home decor?... [More]


BowWow Ballet Flats

We love Kartell for their home decor. We love Moschino for their super cute shoes. But a collaboration between the two of them initially seemed to us a bit like Eddie Vedder putting out an album with Bobcat Goldthwait. Awesome - but just not quite the first match that comes... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Eden Allure Lavender Beauty Bar

Eden Allure Lavender Beauty Bar ($8) came to us in, of all places, Little Brother's bachelor apartment. He alleges that some chick left it there. We think he's too embarrassed to admit that he likes argan oil soap. Either way. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting... [More]


Kitchen Wine Quote Print

Even then, we've been known to swallow the few swigs left in the bottle from the night before. Kitchen Wine Quote Print ($19) by Of Life and Lemons.... [More]


Zoe Karssen Lust Oversized T-Shirt

We have very little on our minds outside of this Zoe Karssen Lust Oversized T-Shirt ($88). Appropriate basically nowhere, we think we'll just tuck this one into our pajama drawer and pull it out on those special nights when we lock the door and ask that our roommates not bother... [More]


Chill Pill Light

Our favorite chill pills come with a prescription. While this Chill Pill Light ($6) from Kikkerland falls a bit short on biochemical modification, it's also free of unpleasant side effects...because it's just a lamp. Shaped like a pill. Set it on a flat surface, and it will wobble around, which... [More]


BCBGMAXAZARIA Multicolor Woven Fedora

We started wearing hats this summer, and one thing led to another, and now we've got a full-blown fedora fetish. This BCBGMAXAZARIA Multicolor Woven Fedora ($38) isn't helping any. It stands out with khakis, juices up our jumpsuits, and adds a hint of pizazz to our sundresses. We should probably... [More]


Vivienne Westwood Union Jack Ball-Tie Dress

When we go to the State House and take a look at the old flag display, we rarely think, "Wow, that would make an absolutely gorgeous dress!" This is why Vivienne Westwood gets paid gazillions. This Vivienne Westwood Union Jack Ball-Tie Dress ($2,997) looks like the aftermath of a couture-minded... [More]


BelleDangles Classic Jewelry Organizer

We have a lot of jewelry. We also have an obsessive need to organize. These two things don't always mix well, but this BelleDangles Classic Jewelry Organizer ($35) allows us to have our charmed cake and eat it too, straightening up our necklaces and bracelets on a series of hooks... [More]


Jade Lightweight Scarf

There's no reason this lovely shade of coral has to stay behind with spring and summer. We fully intend to usher in fall with this Jade Lightweight Scarf ($37). It looks too good with deep browns and jewel tones to toss aside. So excuse us while we go remaster the... [More]


BODUM FYRKAT Charcoal Grill

Show the guys you know your way around a grill by using a FYRKAT ($70-80) as you tailgate this season. Of course, we know you've already shown them up flipping burgers and veggie pockets on your last camping trip, but a little reminder that you're a master never hurts!... [More]


The Gourmet's Guide To Cooking With Beer

If we use beer in our curry chicken recipe, are we still consuming empty calories? Maybe, but we don't mind as much as we used to. The Gourmet's Guide To Cooking With Beer: How to Use Beer to Take Simple Recipes from Ordinary to Extraordinary ($15), by Alison Boteler (really?),... [More]


Framed Stacking Rings

These Framed Stacking Rings ($30) are probably meant to be engraved with your loved ones' initials. But we got ours with the letters E, A, and T instead. Because we know what's really important in this world.... [More]


Nanette Lepore Cap Sleeve Dress

We're having an overt love affair with this Cap Sleeve Dress ($378) from Nanette Lepore. Just looking at the color is like jumping headfirst into the crystal blue waters of the Maldives. And while we don't normally go for a full head-to-toe (or in this case, shoulder-to-knee) lace look, we... [More]


Wooden Animals Boxes

Hide your treasures and trinkets in the belly of a bear. These boxes ($64) from Karl Zahn are carved to resemble different animals (bear, llama, and whale) and open to reveal a space perfect for stashing sentimental things like seashells, antique rings, or small photos.... [More]


Dolce Vita Juna Cami

Life is indeed sweet. We've got the afternoon off, have poured ourselves some cold gin and tonic, and have a hot date with the hammock and a trashy romance novel to look forward to. We're also looking fine in this Dolce Vita Juna Cami ($80), which we put on instead... [More]


Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Flocking Powder

Glitter Flocking Powder ($20) isn't just for dusting cards and cutouts. Oh no, friends. Apparently all kinds of quality nail art can be created with it, too! Usually we achieve the sugared look by overeating Peeps, but for lasting results we paint our nails with polish, roll them in this,... [More]


Rachel Gilbert Zuza Dress

Gatsby is coming, which means that by December, 1920s chic is going to be all the rage. We'd like to get one step ahead of the game by indulging in this Rachel Gilbert Zuza Dress ($895). All those rows of ink blue beading are so perfectly flapper, we can practically... [More]

We may not have Olympics fever as much as everyone else, but we certainly have our eye on London as a destination for our next big vacay. We've picked up London Style ($) and are just enthralled with the lovely...

London Style

We may not have Olympics fever as much as everyone else, but we certainly have our eye on London as a destination for our next big vacay. We've picked up London Style ($) and are just enthralled with the lovely pictures and... [More]

Personal Shopper Ashley Lip Stain

Personal Shopper: Ashley Wants Smokin' Red Lips

Ashley writes: "You've found it... Kind of!! While the ring is great, I was drawn to the amazing lipstick the model is wearing! I have been looking high and low for this color as I have her exact coloring but can't seem to find it anywhere... All I get is... [More]


Skulls and Flowers Turquoise Blouse

We're pretty sure the prototype for this Skulls and Flowers Turquoise Blouse ($38) fell out of the back of Johnny Depp's wardrobe truck. We love the Hawaii-meets-Satan look and also recognize that wearing it is probably the closest we'll ever get to Johnny Depp in real life, thanks to that... [More]


Karen Millen Cotton Lace Panel Dress

Va-va-va-voom your way to the top of your man's to-do list by wearing this Karen Millen Cotton Lace Panel Dress ($105). Featuring this summer's hottest shade of coral and our favorite lace trimming, this body-con sensation will be quick to start a heat wave.... [More]


Pink Floral Knife

Sure, we've already got a Swiss Army Knife floating around somewhere, but what we don't have is a Pink Floral Knife ($21) with a two-and-a-half-inch blade. Those teensy knives with their even teensier scissors and blades don't ever seem to do much. We can barely get them to cut through... [More]


Color Matching Loose Chiffon Shirt

We're having one of those bloated days. That means it's time to break out something wide and flowing in the top department, like this Color Matching Loose Chiffon Shirt ($28). With its funky bands of bright colors, it'll look like we selected it because of its hip style, and not... [More]


Navy Ikat Dinnerware

Once you have the Navy Ikat Dinnerware ($10-14) from C. Wonder, your food won't be the only thing to ooh and ahh over during mealtimes. Or maybe, if you're like us, you'll finally have something to ooh and ahh over during mealtimes! (Fortunately, we can scoop one badass bowl of... [More]


Pierre Hardy Velvet and Suede Open Toe Wedges

Sporting one of our favorite color combinations, these Pierre Hardy Velvet and Suede Open Toe Wedges ($660) are everything we've ever dreamed of for our feet. We're fantasizing about how long our legs are going to look in these and a pair of tight-as-can-be black jeans. Throw on a couple... [More]


Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale: Casual Chic Attire

Perhaps one of the hardest things to master when it comes to fashion is casual chic - how casual is too casual? What's the best way to layer up if it's cold without looking unkempt? The outfit we have here is our newest go-to for days (or nights) when we... [More]


Cartier Baiser Volé Anniversary Duo

We're taking advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to find ourselves a new scent. Our current top contender is the Cartier Baiser Volé Anniversary Duo ($130, on sale). Baiser Volé means "stolen kiss" in French, and the fragrance is as sweet and sultry as the name implies. It smells like... [More]


Slimline Sequin Jacket

Sequin blazers are OMG sohotrightnow. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Melanie Griffith is sporting them, and we'll be damned if we're left out in the cold. With this Slimline Sequin Jacket ($160), we can significantly up our chances of being mistaken for Megan Fox or Liberace while we're walking down... [More]


I Love You Tiny Envelopes Card

When you order the I Love You Tiny Envelopes Card ($8) by Lemon Drop Papers, you're basically getting nine cards in one. Fill up the tiny envelopes on the front with your sweet nothings and save the sonnets for the inside. Or write riddles for your loved one, each one... [More]


Käly Dress

Meet the happiest dress in the world: Käly ($244). We're pretty sure wearing this sunny, cheerful cotton frock would spread a wave of goodness through the world around you. People would stop fighting over parking spaces at the mall. Politicians would hug, pandas would breed, and moms would let their... [More]


Capellini Ribbon Stool

Wooden stools are so, well, wooden! We've got nothing against them, but we prefer the Capellini Ribbon Stool ($552), laser-cut from metal and lacquered in a bold blue. We'd like to think we'll look fresh and modern as we sit on this sipping a whiskey sour, but we're pretty sure... [More]


Mossimo Mix & Match Striped Twist Bandeau Swim Tops

July may be on its way out, but that doesn't mean we have to stop buying swimsuits. The two things that never go out of style, from year to year, are stripes and sales. Take advantage of the prices on these Mossimo Mix & Match Striped Twist Bandeau Swim Tops... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Red To Go Containers

In an attempt to save some money, oh, and the environment, we picked up a few of these Red To Go Containers($11) from Crate and Barrel to pack along for our lunch breaks at work. They're cheap enough that we can use a different one every day of the week,... [More]


Sheswai Fuckyeah Nail Polish

We know, we know, the blue language police are gonna come down on us for this one, but Sheswai fuckyeah nail polish ($16) is so awesome that it really DOES merit its name*! The "violetneonfuchsia", to quote Sheswai, screams summer beach days to us, and it's going on our fingers... [More]


Vivienne Westwood Ellipse Watch

Though we don't always accessorize with a watch, when we do, we reach for our Vivienne Westwood Ellipse Watch ($158, on sale!). This is one we can wear to the beach or the theme park - or while we trudge through the workday in our business casual.... [More]


Paul & Joe Multicolor/Floral Short Silk Dress

Sure, that yellow and blue puffy-sleeved dress that Snow White wore in her Disney premiere was dreamy and completely worth the fairytale it received. But this Paul & Joe Multicolor/Floral Short Silk Dress ($339) seems like a much better contemporary interpretation of what the forest princess would wear. The leaf-and-flower... [More]


Chocolate Colorized Lamp-In-A-Box

It's probably not the best thing for our waistlines, since every time we turn this Chocolate Colorized Lamp-In-A-Box ($40) on, we start craving a sweet snack. But we love the funky vintage style of this bright, playful shade so much, we're willing to suffer for the sake of the contribution... [More]


Tabitha Simmons Dolly Cricket Striped Silk and Linen Lace-Ups

Take your boat shoes, your monotone canvas wedges, and your boring old flats to the dump. Breathe new life into your ensemble with these Tabitha Simmons Dolly Cricket Striped Silk and Linen Lace-Ups ($190). So what if we can only wear them where the floors are varnished and never dirty.... [More]


Kikkerland Country Cutting Mats

Sure, you could invest in one expensive wooden chopping block for all your dicing needs, or you could grab the Kikkerland Country Cutting Mats ($16, set of 4) and save some money to spend on an extra ounce of fancy cheese! Plus, using different mats for your meats and veggies... [More]


Forenza Belted Tank Dress

We love things with a funky Euro style. Gotye, for example. This Forenza Belted Tank Dress ($108) for another. With its colorblock pleats, it begs to be worn while discussing modern architecture in Berlin. Of course, we'll more likely be discussing the latest episode of True Blood in Pittsburgh. At... [More]


Etched Fish Glass and Pitcher

We're not really "Gone Fishin'"-type gals, but we don't mind sitting lakeside with a batch of shandy in our Etched Fish Glass and Pitcher ($12-46). Those sweet little minnows look much happier gracing our glasses than they do as bass bait. Do you use minnows as bass bait? Come to... [More]


Mustard Scallop Trim Tank

We've got a hot date at the German Bierhaus tomorrow night, and we've decided to play it safe and sexy (no, that isn't an oxymoron...) by wearing this Mustard Scallop Trim Tank ($41). With its open back and sweet scallop edging, we'll look hot as well as hip - and... [More]


Reef Beach Haze Bandeau Bra Bikini Top

It's as if we sent our boobs on a Jamaican cruise, and they came back with their cleavage braided and beaded. We're not sure we love it, but we can't stop staring at this Reef Beach Haze Bandeau Bra Bikini Top ($28), which is exactly the same reaction we'll probably... [More]


Pyramid Fruit Holder

Don't just stick your fruit in a bowl, especially now that prices on produce seem to climb on a daily basis. Display your apples in the Pyramid Fruit Holder ($30). (We suggest sampling lots of apple varieties to keep your pyramid colorful.) Hopefully, the holder will also remind you to... [More]


Eclectic Bouquet Bracelet

Jewelry always walks a fine line with us. If it's something we're going to wear regularly, we like it to be versatile yet noticeable, subtle, but sporting some bling. The Eclectic Bouquet Bracelet ($40) hits all the right notes. We pair it with a bunch of colorful enamel bangles when... [More]


Color Appeel Crayons

Everyone knows a kid who refuses to color if the crayon is no longer pointy. Annoying, but understandable, no? How can you be expected to color within the lines if you're using a blunt edge? These Color Appeel Crayons ($10) stay sharp and tidy, and we keep them bundled with... [More]


FLORIDA Simple Buckle Sandals

It's easy to walk like an Egyptian in these FLORIDA Simple Buckle Sandals ($76). These crossover strappy lassies also make it easy to walk through sand, over pyramids, or just through your backyard over the weekend. (Go peek at the close-up image for these cuties - the coral straps are... [More]


Clover Field Lace Back Top

We only made it fifteen minutes into Cloverfield the movie, thanks to a combination of the shaky camera techniques and a stomach still lined with last night's excess margarita. We believe we could have a much longer and healthier relationship with this Clover Field Lace Back Top ($27), which is... [More]


I'd Rather Be: Lisa Frank

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate... [More]


Personal Shopper: Laura, The Cousin Marrier

Laura writes: "I am marrying my cousin (Note: we all had about the same cardiac reaction at this point) - meaning that by the powers vested in me, I am performing the wedding ceremony for him and his lovely fiancée. To jive with the wedding color palette, and to remain... [More]


Othermix Sleeveless Dual-Pocket Dip-Back Blouse

Looking a little Clarissa Explains It All, this Othermix Sleeveless Dual-Pocket Dip-Back Blouse ($47) will go perfectly with our black leggings and combat boots. Just look at the hi-lo hem line and the faux leather yoke. Adolescence is crawling through the bedroom window and right into your closet.... [More]


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: The Perfect Skirt and Shirt

We're always on the hunt for flattering skirts and matching tops. Here we've found just what we had in mind this time: an outfit that's appropriate for a business dinner or an art show with friends. Of course, we've accessorized, with a gorgeous cuff, a fabulous envelope clutch, and trendy... [More]


Fjällräven Pack Bags

Keep your backpack clutter organized with these Fjällräven Pack Bags ($30, set of 5). Sure, that's what bag and purse pockets are supposed to be for, but ours currently contain the following: gum wrappers with ABC gum smooshed inside, an ink-crusted and rusted pen from 1999, and dried out wet... [More]


Snap Button Jacket

Whose life doesn't need a little more shiny aqua polyester? We certainly wouldn't complain were someone to give us this Snap Button Jacket ($19), which brings the blue-green in traditional 1980s style, right down to the elastic cuffs and back. Finally, something that will perfectly compliment our zebra-stripe pants!... [More]


Uten.Silo II

Looking to bring some creative storage solutions to your space? Hang the Uten.Silo II ($385) by Dorothee Becker on your office wall. It has little hooks, lots of nooks, and a few crannies, too. Instead of letting your miscellaneous desk debris clutter your drawers, toss your pencils, paper clips, and... [More]


Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Tote

It's pretty hard for people to take us seriously a lot of the time. We're crass, make the occasional dick joke, and, more often than not, wear novelty socks with our work attire. But when we bring along this Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Tote ($288), people start to take notice of... [More]


New York Naturals Kale Chips Four Pack

We admit it: we have a Ruffles addiction. Especially if they're dusted with a flavorful, sodium-rich coating, like cheddar and onion or salt and vinegar. Our bikini bottoms, however, are not so much a fan of our chip problem. To do them a favor, we're going to try making the... [More]



Got several different Apple products? Charge 'em simultaneously on one outlet with the PlugBug ($35). The PlugBug connects to your MacBook adapter and gives you an extra USB port, perfect for charging your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. (We wanna give a little shout out to non-Apple users. We feel your... [More]


Dara Ettinger Adelaide Earrings

A larger-than-life personality deserves larger-than-life accessories. So, you ladies who command attention and light up a room, pin these Dara Ettinger Adelaide Earrings ($201 on sale) into your lobes and magnify your charm.... [More]


Desert Cedar Backpacker's Cologne

Our at-camp aroma isn't exactly intoxicating. Overwhelming might be a better word. But who squirts on Chanel No. 5 in the bush? Juniper Ridge's mobile lab collects flora from locations throughout California, converting them into some seriously fresh, natural fragrances. This Desert Cedar Backpacker's Cologne ($60) is a woodsy, clean... [More]


Rocket Dog Mighty Flats

We think flats are opportunities for as much embellishment as much as possible. But it seems that a lot of designers fall creatively flat (ba-dun-tss). These Rocket Dog Mighty Flats ($30) are getting there. The monochromatic gathered knot on the rounded toe is just the kind of interest-grabbing detail that... [More]


Walking In The Air Home Spray

Now that our apartment is sweltering, we're missing the cool winter weather. We never thought we'd say that. Walking In The Air Home Spray ($45) is like traipsing over fresh, snow-covered mountains, with the scent of the pine boughs wafting by. We like to pull it out when we're sweating... [More]


Profile by Gottex Tricolore Ruffle Skirted Bottom

The only thing more frustrating than plus-size fashion being advertised by size-four models is how unflattering most plus-size swimwear actually is. We're just fuller, not embarrassed. So we stopped with the gargantuan tablecloth-sized cover-ups and embraced our curves in this Profile by Gottex Tricolore Ruffle Skirted Bottom ($36 on sale).... [More]


Ogon Aluminum Wallet

Tired of the man in your life not being able to get into the bar with you because he broke his ID card in half? That's what he gets for sitting on it all the time. Help him protect those precious resources with this Ogon Aluminum Wallet ($33). Lightweight, thin,... [More]


The Stripe Aquatic Blue Halter Dress

"Ahoy there, hottie!" is what all the boys will be saying as you walk by in this Stripe Aquatic Blue Halter Dress ($47). Royal blue, sea green, and mint panels flow like waves against your skin, and it's as comfortable as it is lovely, making this the perfect summer evening... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Cuisipro Date Dots

Your brother, bless his heart, is not the greatest of cooks. And to add to his adorable lack of culinary skill, he also believes that the leftovers you bring him will just remain edible until he eats them. So buy him these Cuisipro Date Dots ($10), easy-to-read date dials that... [More]


Jungle Tribe Blaster 3.0

While we're still not totally on board with the re-emergence of the fanny pack, we are drooling over the Jungle Tribe Blaster 3.0 ($269). It's more of a leg holster that can be worn around the thigh or over the shoulder. It looks like something Han Solo or Mal Reynolds... [More]


Asymmetric Lace Contrast Dress

Look stunning in the Asymmetric Lace Contrast Dress ($42) from Mikkat Market. The midi length, asymmetrical hem, lace inlay, and slinky straps give it a great romantic vibe, so pin a few flowers in your hair, slip into simple leather sandals, and head out for a picnic date with your... [More]


Baby Shampoo Shield

Your toddler couldn't care less about getting water in his eyes. And the no-tear formula shampoo is still in use in your house. That being said, you'll still find a reason to force your kid to wear this Baby Shampoo Shield ($9): because it looks a-freaking-dorable. Sure, the kid in... [More]


Tux Contrast Blazer

We never know when we might need to crash a black tie party, which is why we're going to keep this Tux Contrast Blazer ($134) in a special spot in the car. It's an instant way to upgrade any outfit from casual to super classy, and is much easier to... [More]


Kid's Royal Rocking Chair

Your little lady is a princess, through and through. She prefers to stay as clean as possible, never stepping outside without shoes on. Lays out her perfectly assembled outfit the night before. Cleans up her toys without being asked, not because she's a good girl, but because she can't stand... [More]


Blowfish Vanamo Heels

These Blowfish Vanamo Heels ($63) are for those of us who love the braided jute that accompanies a lot of wedges, but don't actually like wedges. We fall down a lot. A lot. But the stable heel on these puppies keeps up upright (most of the time). They're available in... [More]


Magid Paper Straw Tote

Nothing says coastal road trip like this Magid Paper Straw Tote ($48). With a towel under one arm and this tote, packed with all our beachy essentials, tucked under the other arm, we are set for a day on the shore. It's big enough to carry lunch. Or, if you're... [More]


ChookaPOP Zipper Wellies

Sure, riding boots are all the rage - but there's still plenty to be said for a pair of wellies, particularly on a rainy day. These ChookaPOP Zipper Wellies ($30) give a perfect twist to the classic look - no pink umbrella prints here, please - by complementing their traditional... [More]


This Many Card

Try as we may, we always seem to forget someone's birthday. But with a stash of This Many Cards ($4 each) on hand, we can make it look like Facebook didn't just remind us twenty minutes ago. It's a cinch - we just grab a colored pencil and color in... [More]


Astroscan Plus Telescope

We keep waiting for a certain blue police box to turn up in our backyard, but so far, the only Doctor in our lives is the one who keeps telling us to exercise more often and eat our vegetables. Maybe we'll have a better chance of spotting our dream man... [More]


hu-MAN-ity Man Scent

Let's face it: we love our men, but sometimes our noses get tired of Old Spice and Axe. We're going to change the pace a bit by buying them this hu-MAN-ity Man Scent ($18). It's a deliciously manly blend of sandalwood, amber, and musk, with just a touch of sweet.... [More]


Etro Stripe & Paisley Scarf

Our boss has taken liberties with the office thermostat, addressing her New England needs and disregarding our LA preference for a warmer climate. So when we show up in a tank and shorts, we have to bring along this Etro Stripe & Paisley Scarf ($280) as well. Which isn't a... [More]


ABS Allen Schwartz Lace Maxi Skirt

We wore this ABS Allen Schwartz Lace Maxi Skirt ($80) to our closet's funeral recently. A funeral for our closet, you ask? Yes. We got so bored and fed up with the same old stuff, we burned it. And by "burned it", we mean that we lit a candle and... [More]



Mom keeps her iPhone in her bra, generally just above her left boob. We'll frankly admit that it's pretty convenient, especially when she doesn't feel like carrying a bag, but Mom also has much more going on in the chest department then we do. We'd be afraid that using our... [More]


Adore Me Kate

No, that's not a cry for affection from the Kates of the world. (Though do you love us? Please say you love us.) This Kate is a pretty bra and panty set, one of the many available from Adore Me, where you fill out a short (and fun!) questionnaire and... [More]


Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale: Trendy Casual Attire

One of the things we're always on the lookout for is the perfect daytime outfit - we want something that's equal parts style and comfort. Thanks to Nordstrom, we have plenty of gorgeous items to choose from; whether we're going out for brunch, hosting an afternoon picnic in our backyard,... [More]


Doubtblush: Gareth Pugh Geometric Viscose Cashmere Leggings

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Gisela Graham Union Jack Cushion

Thinking about tossing back a few beers and watching the Olympics unfold in London? Us, too. Sure, we could let the incredible athletes inspire us to get out there and push ourselves to our physical limit, but it's more likely that they'll just make us feel guilty. Then we'll lean... [More]


Stella & Dot Together Forever Necklace

Ebony and ivory have nothing on this Stella & Dot Together Forever Necklace ($59). Circles of fourteen-karat gold and sterling silver wrap around each other in an eternal embrace that will cause us to stare incessantly at the two loops, trying to figure out how they got them linked like... [More]


New Apartmint Top

There's nothing cute about discovering your new apartment is without water, internet, power, pest control, or air conditioning the day you move. Good thing you're wearing this top ($40). Otherwise the whole day would have been too ugly to bear.... [More]


Lace Trimming Shorts

Of all the pieces of clothing out there, shorts have to be the most boring. Until now. These Lace Trimming Shorts ($39) are cute as a button and fit(ted) as a fiddle. Wear with a cropped tank and wedges or a quarter-sleeve shirt and flats.... [More]


The Land of Nod Not Your Grandma's Crib Quilt

Have a bouncing baby girl on the way? Congrats! Are you dreading living in a world of sticky sweet pastel pink for the next eighteen years? We feel you. Luckily, The Land of Nod has unveiled the Not Your Grandma's Crib Quilt ($99), a purple and yellow number that's a... [More]


Endless Possibilities Shrug

Not every dress that we love comes with sleeves. That's cool, who needs 'em? It gives us an excuse to wear this Endless Possibilities Shrug ($35). Its dolman sleeves flatter our already-dolman arms. (Note: it runs a tad large, so make sure to check the size chart to ensure a... [More]


Carly Shirt in Palm Leaf Mint

Last time we were standing on the lawn smoking and watering our azaleas, we were dressed totally inappropriately in jeans and a t-shirt. Next time, we'll don a pair of this season's ubiquitous high-waisted shorts and this Carly Shirt in Palm Leaf Mint ($54). Add a bouffant and some fuchsia... [More]


Modern Meets Whimsy Sterling Key Ring

There are very few people on this planet who own a key to your heart, but your dear baby sister is certainly one of them. So you gave her this Sterling Key Ring ($28) from Modern Meets Whimsy for her birthday last month. She knew instantly what this sterling silver... [More]


Mario Matteo Womens' Suit

This Mario Matteo Womens' Suit ($448) may not look groundbreaking, but that's what makes it so great. Every working woman (not that kind of working woman, y'all) needs a workable suit like this. It can be worn with heels, flats, oxfords, or booties. And paired with button-down shirts or tops... [More]



We never thought the fanny pack would be cool. But we gotta say, the JammyPack ($65) comes pretty close to redeeming the world's worst fashion accessory. Available in an array of funk-tastic prints and solids, this little waist-hugger comes with a removable speaker unit that easily connects to your phone... [More]


Premium Calypso Sequin Shell Top

Ke$ha keeps telling us to get more glitter on the dance floor, but dumping the craft store stuff over our heads led to discovering rainbow sparkles in weird places for about two weeks afterwards. Next time, we'll get our shiny on in a slightly less messy way with this Premium... [More]


Compass Ring

Our mothers can stop calling us directionless now that the Compass Ring ($38) by TeriLeeJewelry is gracing our fingers. No, we kid! We have super supportive mamas who can often be heard saying, "As long as you're happy, honey." (Though we have a sneaking suspicion that "happy" includes being able... [More]


Park West Belted Jacket

We think this Park West Belted Jacket ($39) is a bit like a puppy: if you don't think it's adorable, there's probably something wrong with you. We love the soft pink hue of the lightweight, silky fabric, the casual rolled-sleeve design, and the utter cuteness of the belted style so... [More]


LED Willow Branches

It's probably a little early to be thinking about our Christmas decor, but like Boy Scouts, we believe in being prepared. That's why we've already ordered these LED Willow Branches ($12 for 3). Scattered around our house and accented with pretty little ornaments, they'll get us into the spirit of... [More]


Tucker Combo Cami

Our closet of tops is as solid as Kim Kardashian's marriage Tom Cruise's marriage a Hollywood divorce lawyer's bank account. And we think maybe it's time to introduce a little patterned instability to our wardrobe with this Tucker Combo Cami ($182). It's still basically a solid, but has a hint... [More]


Nike Statement Rally Tennis Dress

We don't play tennis. We don't even know where to buy a racquet and balls (possible male strip club franchise?). But we can channel Anna Kournikova pretty well while wearing this Nike Statement Rally Tennis Dress ($90). It's so short that we can't see how any person could actually play... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Animal Stack Ring

Damn it. Had we known about this Animal Stack Ring ($18) when that whole mammal silhouette trend was happening last year, we could have killed three birds with one stone. Here's hoping that petting zoo chic becomes a thing again. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting... [More]


Silence & Noise Pleated Front Cropped Pant

When it comes to these Silence & Noise Pleated Front Cropped Pant ($20 on sale), there's a lot more noise than silence, that's for sure. These are louder than Bill Cosby's entire sweater repertoire. And we don't say that casually. We feel like we shouldn't love these as much as... [More]


Bug Repellent Perfume Serum

We can't be bothered to spritz ourselves with both perfume and bug spray for a night out. Bug Repellent Perfume Serum ($28) protects our tank-top-bedecked bodies from the ravages of hungry mosquitoes and the like. As long as there are hot dogs and snacks from the bar, you'll make it... [More]


Marc Jacobs Printed Cotton-Silk Shorts

Basic khaki shorts can get a little redundant and a lot boring. These Marc Jacobs Printed Cotton-Silk Shorts ($734) mix it up with their two-tone paisley print. While pairing them with the matching top is not something we would advise anyone to do, ever, we do suggest wearing them with... [More]


Dino Salad Servers

We're notorious summertime dine-outers, but we're hoping that the Dino Salad Servers ($24) are going to remind us to go easy on the happy hour beer and nachos. They're so cute, we can't help but swing by the store after work and get all the fixings for a monster good... [More]


Black Obsidian Pendant with Chain

When we were kids, we used to hunt for arrowheads. Of course, all we ever found were vaguely triangular rocks. The real thing, as seen in this Black Obsidian Pendant with Chain ($70), looks much cooler - even if by "real" we mean "made recently to be used as a... [More]


Eberjey Colette Racer Back Bralet

No matter how wide the sleeves or shallow the Vs, our bras are going to make an appearance some way, every day, out from underneath our shirts. We've given up on hiding them and decided, instead, to embrace the phenomenon by wearing this Eberjey Colette Racer Back Bralet ($56). Whether... [More]


Magda Gomes Beachwear Printed Bikini Bathing Suit

Hitting the beach for some epic volleyball action, Top Gun style? Don't let your tatters fly around like jet fighters. Land those puppies in this Magda Gomes Beachwear Printed Bikini Bathing Suit ($153 on sale). The double strap on top of each boob flap provides extra restraint with no risk... [More]


Mini Branch Glass Shaker Ring

Why does all of our jewelry have to be so... immobile? This Mini Branch Glass Shaker Ring ($160) happily breaks the stay-still mold, giving a solid stone the pass in favor of a glass oval filled with free-floating bits of cubic zirconia. Choose from a variety of different colors for... [More]


French Bull Electric Travel Mug

When four cups of coffee aren't enough to jolt us out of our Monday slump, we just stare our French Bull Electric Travel Mug ($16) square in the dots for an added dose of energizing power. It keeps our coffee piping hot and our afternoon iced latte super cold, two... [More]


Exposed Bulb Woodland Lamp

We've been seriously considering turning our bedrooms into our own sylvan glades. We're digging botanical-themed wallpaper, but want to up the ante with an Exposed Bulb Woodland Lamp ($80). We're thinking minimalist bedding and simple, white furniture will highlight the natural beauty of the lamp.... [More]


Safety Slap

We thought a "safety slap" was what Mom gave us when we tried to stick a fork in the outlet. Turns out, it's a whole different ball game. This Safety Slap ($20) is a colorful wristband you're meant to "slap" onto your child. It's emblazoned with a QR code -... [More]


Polka-Dot Sidewalk Skimmer

These Polka-Dot Sidewalk Skimmers ($98) are as sweet as hula hoops and ice cream sundaes. We love the dusky pink and true blue color combination, along with the ultra-simple ballet flat style. And unlike most of our cute little flats, this pair are made with real leather - not vinyl... [More]


Sun Bum Face Stick

Even your sunscreen-shy husband can't argue about applying this Sun Bum Face Stick ($9) to his face. It literally takes one instant to pop the top and apply a skin-protecting layer of SPF 30+ to his mug. And since it's made to be ultra sweat-proof and waterproof, he can stay... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: July 23, 2012

This week's roundup over at The Purse Page has an option for everyone. Pick your poison, whether it's studded leather, beaded brights, or demure bows. We know it's a tough call - our preferences always seem to change with our moods - but the stakes are high. The most-voted-for purse... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Jess in Distress Over Sparkly Dress

Jess writes: "Ooohhh, please please please aspire/acquire this! When I first saw it, I thought the top was lace, and I thought it was the best thing ever!! Now I see it's crystals, and twice as much as I expected it to be. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you could... [More]


Casadei Almond Toe Pump

After months of design work and planning, we are happy to introduce the Casadei Almond Toe Pump ($631), an Outblush-inspired masterpiece. Okay, so, we don't actually know for sure whether Casadei used our site header as a colorboard. But it sure looks like it.... [More]


Striped Boatneck Mini Dress

We're not usually too crazy about donning outfits comprised of nothing but horizontal stripes, especially when they're also as far from fitted as this Striped Boatneck Mini Dress ($168) is. But we're going to make an exception for this dress because it's adorable. Besides, we can always add a skinny... [More]


philosophy happy travels

We never thought we'd be happy about the TSA's three-ounces-or-less rule. But our government's fear of shampoo bottles gives us a perfect excuse to pick up this philosophy happy travels kit ($32). It's packed with beauty products specially selected to help overcome the ravages of a day on the road,... [More]


Slate Cheese Boards

Oh my goodness, are we excited about these Slate Cheese Boards ($25 - $42). They beautifully capture that rustic-chic style we see in Food & Wine articles about hipsters who make salami from pigs raised on acorns. We're pretty sure we could stick a lump of Velveeta on one of... [More]


Norwex Enviro Cloth

We'd like to say that we bought the Norwex Enviro Cloth ($16) because we really want to up the earth-friendliness of our cleaning techniques. But the truth is, we got it because it seems like we're perpetually running out of some vitally important cleaning product. With this handy microfiber cloth,... [More]


Gucci Interlocking G Print Carré Scarf

Yes. Yes. Look into the depths of the Gucci Interlocking G Print Carré scarf ($255). You are now going to comment on this post with the lyrics to your favorite song. You will now write in with an amazing Personal Shopper request that all the editors here will clamor for.... [More]


The Newlywed Kitchen Cookbook

We're partway through the usual marathon of summer weddings. And while we learned long ago that the bulk of our present-buying dollars should be used for what's on the registry, we like to throw in a little something extra to make us feel better about how completely boring flatware and... [More]


Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4S

For all the mommies out there brave enough to venture out from the confines of your children, there's the Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4S ($80). Nab it out of the diaper bag, throw it in your back pocket, and run to your car as quickly as your rogue... [More]


Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter

Who's got room for yet another kitchen gadget? Certainly not us. Or, at least, that's what we thought before we saw the Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter ($10) by Tailsman Designs. Our kitchen drawers haven't expanded to make room for this little guy, but our hearts certainly have! It's hard to... [More]


Gleeful Peacock Lacy Turquoise Hair Flower and Brooch

A ponytail can only be flattering so many times before it gets old and predictable. Jazz things up with this Lacy Turquoise Hair Flower and Brooch ($26) from Gleeful Peacock. This hand-painted piece adds two layers of interest to hair or blouses. Personally, we think it would be exquisite nestled... [More]


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Business Chic Attire

There are a few things we look forward to every year, and Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is at the top of our list. We love saving on next season's new looks, which is why we've been stocking up on everything from fabulous dresses, skirts, shoes, jewelry, and more. Here we've got... [More]


More Llama, Less Drama Dress

We're all for having less drama in our lives. We're a little less sure we're in the market for more llama. We would, however, be happy to open our arms to this More Llama, Less Drama Dress ($43). Unlike an actual llama, it is not big, smelly, or in need... [More]


M.D. FORTÉ Hand and Body Cream

Your Meems (short for Mimi) was recently complaining about her nails splitting on her. Something as simple as dinging her finger on the cupboard shelf would cause her fingernails to crack. And ever dutiful and always clamoring for brownie points, you went in search of a cure. Here you go.... [More]


Necklace for Shoulders in Beaded Pearl and Rhinestone

There aren't a lot of things that make us want to get married again. The fact that Gerard Butler is still single is one. This Necklace for Shoulders in Beaded Pearl and Rhinestone ($1,500) is another. Just like Gerard Butler's baby blues, this gorgeous drape of sparkling pearl and elegant... [More]


Collection Pencil Skirt in Colorblock Sequin

Considering how our days are spent, we can't find a reason for splurging on this gorgeous Collection Pencil Skirt in Colorblock Sequin ($695) from J.Crew. Believe us, we looked over our excuses. It's disappointing that a fancy sequin skirt isn't necessary for doing laundry, grabbing lunch at Taco Bell, or... [More]


Ms. Librarian Chest

As ridiculous as it sounds, we've fallen head over heels for a piece of furniture. How could we not swoon over the Ms. Librarian Chest ($875) by heima? It's a eye-catching piece that highlights everything we hold dear: '60's-esque mod design, girly-girl pink, and easy-to-organize storage space (thanks to those... [More]


Cheap Thrill: L'Oreal Colour Riche Wishful Pinking Nail Polish

If we came face to face with a genie this year, we'd have very little to wish for. We already have the fur husband (who needs men when you can have cats?!), the dream job, and the apartment overlooking the city skyline. What we don't have is L'Oreal Colour Riche... [More]



We do love the nautical theme that every summer revisits, but that doesn't mean we have to wear navy blue stripes and boat shoes every day of the week. Instead, we slide on the BCBGMAXAZRIA Metal Knot Ring ($18). It's charming and humble in size. And if we were ever... [More]


Minesweeper Postcards

It's not enough that we've been addicted to Minesweeper for ten-plus years. Now we can fuel our addiction while we're off the grid, too. The Minesweeper Postcard ($2) comes in two difficulty levels, easy (80 bombs) and hard (120 bombs). We suppose we could actually write a note on the... [More]


Furoshiki Shiki Green Vinyl Case

You can't really get any more minimalist in the handbag department than this Furoshiki Shiki Green Vinyl Case ($25), unless you feel like it might be hip to carry your necessaries around in a Ziploc bag. Made from a sheet of transparent vinyl film, this funky handbag sports a self-adhesive... [More]


Open Back Denim Romper

This Open Back Denim Romper ($20) is so downright precious, we're tempted to snatch it away to an underground lair and pet it for a couple hundred years. Of course, that would be a sad waste of how cute we could look. Do note that it doesn't come with the... [More]


The Truck Food Cookbook

Not too long ago, it would've been considered a last resort, a bit sketch, and certainly nowhere near gourmet to get food out of a truck. Now we're not only heading to four-wheeled kitchens instead of brick-and-mortar restaurants, we're tracking our favorite food trucks on our phones and waiting forty... [More]


BCBGMAXAZRIA Lace Ponte Sheath

Given the opportunity to go back in time and declare a mulligan, we'd skip the wedding hullabaloo and hootenanny, fire the caterer, and find ourselves on a beach wearing this BCBGMAXAZRIA Lace Ponte Sheath ($188) with just an internet-ordained minister/older brother and our intended. Even without the thousands of dollars... [More]


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

We like our lip color to stay where it belongs: on our lips. Not on our wine glasses, or our teeth, or various parts of our boyfriends. That's why we're crazy for this Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($22). Paint it on, and you get a bold, super lightweight... [More]


Felix Rey Rain Rain Go Away Clear Umbrella

Two things that make our clumsiness worse: are the rain and the opaque umbrellas our parents gave us back in college. We need something that allows us to see the telephone pole three feet in front of us while the monsoon of the century is pouring down all around us.... [More]


Utopia Bird Feeders

These lovely glass Utopia Bird Feeders ($68) look pretty even when they're embellished with an array of obviously fake birds, as in this Martha-worthy photo. Just imagine how much better they'll be hanging in your backyard with real, honest-to-goodness birds flocking around them. They will look somewhat less awesome with... [More]


Floral Eyelet Scallop Hem Shorts

We've seen our fair share of lace shorts this season, but trust an indie brain to take them to the next gorgeous level. These Floral Eyelet Scallop Hem Shorts ($155) from Etsy seller Leilanni combine a fun, floral lace with a high-waisted style and sweet scallop edging. Topping it all... [More]


Will Leather Goods Pha Sin Backpack

We take public transportation to and from work every day. Carrying around a briefcase is both tiring and incredibly dated. We switched to this Will Leather Goods Pha Sin Backpack ($285) not too long ago and regret not having done so sooner. It protects all our techie gadgetry on our... [More]


Red Wishbone Bracelet

After sitting on our Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and finding out that we have to replace the exhaust in the beloved car in order to squeeze it past inspection, we feel like we could use a little more luck. We're hoping this Red Wishbone Bracelet ($11) will give us that... [More]


My Cape Is In The Wash Kids T-Shirt

He's a monster, a tyrant, a genius, and your best friend. He is the best person you've ever met and he deserves to be recognized for it. The My Cape Is In The Wash Kids T-Shirt ($25) lets the rest of the world know something that you've known all along:... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sarcasm Beer Coolie

We could argue that both beer and sarcasm go great with just about everything, but the Sarcasm Beer Coolie ($5) reminds us that they're especially effective when paired with each other. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under... [More]


First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream

If you want to get some mouth-to-mouth, first make sure you're up-to-date in first aid. With First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream ($18). This wonder moisturizer makes short work of dry skin, roughness, and dull complexions. That should leave you confident enough to work on more complicated "emergency" procedures with... [More]


Curly Dog Roasting Sticks

These Curly Dog Roasting Sticks ($22 for 2) might seem unnecessary at first, but have you ever poked yourself with a traditional roasting stick? Or accidentally split your hot dog in two because you jabbed it at the wrong angle? The memories are coming back now, right? Yeah, go ahead... [More]


Ish Kabibbles Designs Tropical Honeymoon Dress

When we first saw this skirt floating around on Pinterest, we were really excited. We love the shape and the print. It exudes a lot of aloha without being a total luau costume. But then we got sad when we realized we liked that specific tank top with that skirt,... [More]


Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

How much would you pay to keep that garden flourishing? How about $150? That'll get you the Wi-Fi Plant Sensor ($150), an ingenious device that tracks moisture levels, fertilizer requirements, temperature, and more, letting you know via your computer or iPhone when it's time for an intervention. Sounds pretty great,... [More]


Anthony For Mean Clean and Smooth Set

Sometimes, an otherwise respectable boyfriend can turn into a really dirty guy. There was the one time at a wedding upstate that he surprised...oh. Wait. This story might not be appropriate for Outblush. We'll start over... When your manly man gets dirty in a safe-for-work kind of way, we suggest... [More]


Smart Pebbles

We know it's ridiculous, but sometimes we're so plugged in that we end up referencing both our laptops and our phones or tablets at the same time (okay, occasionally all of the above!). Our pack of Smart Pebbles ($15) has come in handy for slip-resistant propping. (We could have gone... [More]


Sequined Solid Waist Irregular Chiffon Dress

We've found the ultimate party frock: this Sequined Solid Waist Irregular Chiffon Dress ($31). In a perfect shade of pink, it's just short enough to be sassy without making us worry about what to do if we drop a fork on the floor. The gold sequin shoulder detailing lends it... [More]


Marco Bicego Jaipur Ring

Dip, drop, and sway into the wave band on this Marco Bicego Jaipur Ring ($505). Stunning blue topaz is set in the designer's signature brushed yellow gold, giving this piece an organic and natural feel that polished bands lack. Made in Italy and perfect for December babies (or mothers of... [More]


Reef Beach Cruisers Bandeau Bra Bikini Top

Boobs are a dime a dozen on the beach or on the pool deck. We set ourselves apart by keeping our cans together with this Reef Beach Cruisers Bandeau Bra Bikini Top ($27). The halter strap is removable, preventing sundress-ruining tan lines. But is just as easy to slip back... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Spot-On Magnet Hook

We've put up our fair share of sticky and magnetic hooks, only to have them come crashing down in the middle of the night and scare the bejeezus out of us, and we say no more! From now on we're trusting in this Spot-On Magnet Hook ($5) which is strong... [More]


Right As Rain Dress

Shake things up during your next girls' night out in this Right As Rain Dress ($46) from Apricot Lane. The bodycon skirt will have all the boys clamoring to buy you and your ladies a round of drinks (hey, they offered!) and that top will give those club photographers something... [More]


Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal-Color And Gunmetal Drop Earrings

We'll have to be careful about wearing these Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal-Color And Gunmetal Drop Earrings ($100), just in case a stray ray of sunshine causes them to blind other drivers with their big, bad brilliance. Even when they're not dangerously lit-up, these fabulously huge faceted crystals are sure to... [More]


Chalk Calendar Wall Decal

We're sure you've got your scheduling down pat, but if you're anything like us, a big, in-your-face, hard-to-miss reminder is sometimes absolutely necessary for date nights, dentists' appointments, and Dad's birthday. We've got a Chalk Calendar Wall Decal ($40, on sale) from PBTeen hanging in the office. When we're on... [More]


Comme des Garçons Play Red

We remember sneaking into Grandma's bedroom to smell all the elegant bottles of perfume she had lined up on her dresser. We vowed to one day have as many pretty and unique scents (and bottles) of our own. While our collection still falls short, we're building up slowly with fragrances... [More]


Helmut Lang Leather Bottom Combo Jacket

It's 2012, and with the Mayan apocalypse reportedly on the horizon, we can't help but feel ever so slightly dystopian. That's why we're loving this Helmut Lang Leather Bottom Combo Jacket ($795). With its structured shoulders, accented waist, and layered leather detail, it's got a distinctly Blade Runner feel to... [More]


High Tea Blouse

Downton Abbey may have gone the way of the daytime soap opera by the end of season two, but we still wish we were women of leisure who could sit back and relax over high tea in the afternoon. Sipping Darjeeling and nibbling pastries sounds like a much better way... [More]


Top Chef Ice Cream Scoop

A friend who worked at Baskin-Robbins in high school told us that Peanut Butter 'n Chocolate was the hardest ice cream to scoop because the p.b. ripples are so cold and tough. Ever since then we've felt guilty every time we've ordered it and watched the poor seventeen-year-old behind the... [More]


Tetris Bracelet

We both love and hate this Tetris Bracelet ($42). We're totally digging its retro video game style, but are frankly depressed by how its stack of blocks reminds us of all those times we lost the game once those pieces started moving faster than turtle speed.... [More]


Tequila Pocket Shot

So you found yourself hostage to the most boring date in the history of singledom. Oh, sweet merciful, no! Between awkward silences and discussions about his love of calculus you were in major need of a little liquid relief. Luckily you packed one (or three) of these Tequila Pocket Shots... [More]


Personal Shopper: Pregnant Gina Needs A Hero

Gina writes: "Anything that you would suggest to feel better during pregnancy ! Im currently 22 weeks (finally made it through my first trimester- it was rough- I had spontaneous barfing) and looking for a pic-me-up. Dresses, makeup, food anything!" Oh, girl. So many of us feel your pain, both... [More]


Sarda by Andres Sarda Tilos Halter Bandeau Swimsuit

While we save up the money to pay for the laser treatment to rid ourselves of the ill-thought-out tattoos we got back in college, we'll be wearing this Sarda by Andres Sarda Tilos Halter Bandeau Swimsuit ($288). It covers us up in all the right places, still managing to flatter... [More]


Talk With Chalk Mug Set

We used to have coffee mugs for every mood. Well, we're walking emotional roller coasters, so our mug collection was taking over the kitchen. We've gotten rid of the lot now that we've found this Talk With Chalk Mug Set ($28). Each of these pretty ceramic mugs comes with a... [More]


Kate Spade Corinne Heel

The gold-and-turquoise color combination always makes us think of a Key West beach - all glittering sand, beautiful blue water, and Jimmy Buffett. We could do without hearing "Margaritaville" for the eighteen-hundredth time, but we'll happily channel a little of that sea-and-sand spirit by way of these Corinne Heels ($328),... [More]


Ditzy Floral Wrap Dress

We secretly daydream about wearing our bathrobes in public. It's not just the easy on, easy off factor. We love how pretty they are, and also the fact that they're made with ultra-comfortable fabrics. What's not so much fun is looking like the token crazy lady in the soup aisle.... [More]


Klip It Microwave Steamer

We'll admit it: we love our microwave. Sure, it's no longer 1984, so we would never attempt to cook a Thanksgiving dinner in there (hello, rubbery turkey skin!). But when it comes to quickly readying sides and veggies, it can't be beat. With this Klip It Microwave Steamer ($14), we... [More]


Agata Ruiz de la Prada Printed T-Shirt

On the days that we wake up late for work, we're lucky if we manage to find shoes that match our outfits. Let alone accessories. On those mornings, we just wear our Agata Ruiz de la Prada Printed T-Shirt ($86 on sale). It comes with printed-on baubles and is great... [More]


Wood Spool Stand with Twine & Scissors

We're on the hunt for things to truss, now that we've got this Wood Spool Stand with Twine & Scissors ($28). We did a turkey. There were a couple of next year's Christmas presents. We put bows on the houseplants, and now the cats seem to be hiding. We love... [More]


Peacock Cuff

Are people still doing peacocks? Well, we are with this Peacock Cuff ($99), since we think these turquoise, lapis lazuli, and opal colors are great for summer pool parties. We wear this with navy wedges, white capris, and our stern do-not-care-about-your-fashion-advice faces.... [More]


Marais Linen Open Oxford

Not quite a sandal but still not quite a shoe either, this Marais Linen Open Oxford ($106) can be whatever it wants to be, as long as it does it from the comforts of our feet. We love that we can wear these, despite the heat, instead of settling for... [More]


SunWorks Solar Food Dryer Kit

We can all appreciate the awesomeness of drying fresh fruits and vegetables. It's a healthy, tasty way to eat local produce all year without overstuffing your freezer. The whole process gets even more earth-friendly when you do it without electricity. This SunWorks Solar Food Dryer Kit ($334) gives you everything... [More]


Kookai Ikat Print Skirt

Ikat. You kat. We all scream for the Ikat Print Skirt ($82) from Kookai. This pleated skirt hits right above the knee and is trimmed with a contrasting black-and-white ribbon on top. The ikat here is fairly tame, compared to some of its neon counterparts, but this one has something... [More]


Cheap Thrill: ULTA Beachy Keen Nail Mini Pack

While many people are gravitating towards neon nails this summer, hot pink doesn't quite read sophisticated. Keep your tips subtle yet sexy with any of the five hues in ULTA's Beachy Keen Nail Mini Pack ($10). These sand-inspired shades come in a good mix of finishes, so you'll have a... [More]


Montemayor Sunglasses

These Montemayor Sunglasses ($12) come in a veritable mosaic of funky colors and boast a hip New Wave style. The only downside is that we can probably only get away with wearing them if we're all in black, since otherwise all those crazy hues will be an express ticket... [More]


Aztec Stripe Flippy Hem Tunic

We could wear this Aztec Stripe Flippy Hem Tunic ($48) just as it is. After all, it is flattering on most any body type and has that cute cutout top. Or, we could pull out the old sewing machine and stitch in some hot neon panels where those cutouts are... [More]


Spicelab Magnetic Spice Rack

We've been meaning to clean out our spice cabinet since searching for the marjoram turned into a twenty-minute expedition. We'll ditch the clutter in favor of a truly artistic storage solution - this Spicelab Magnetic Spice Rack ($65). Twelve lovely round canisters with transparent lids sit on a super cute... [More]


Claudette Dessous Sucre Bra

Bring the neon trend into the boudoir with this Claudette Dessous Sucre Bra ($58). This unlined underwire bra works mesh magic on your ladies, lifting and supporting them in bright orange, trimmed with neon pink. It can be worn under a top, but we think it would be much more... [More]


Colette Crown Bow High Heel

We've decided to hold our own slightly belated Diamond Jubilee celebration with this pair of Colette Crown Bow High Heels ($93). Combining a nautical stripe with a little tribute to the crown jewels, they're a far less irritating piece of pop Britannia than all those "Keep Calm And..." memes.... [More]


Crayola Mini Nail Polish

We'll tell you this much, we're not waiting until school's back in session to unleash the school shopping. And we're beginning with Crayola. Yes, we'll stock our backpacks full of markers and crayons, but we'll get our education started with these Crayola Mini Nail Polishes ($12). Roy G. Biv never... [More]


Callahan Multi You Gotta Regatta Shorts

Golfers love wearing clothing with pictures of golf clubs on it. Boaters love dressing up in seaworthy prints. That's why we'll have no trouble crashing the party at the yacht club in these Callahan Multi You Gotta Regatta Shorts ($64). Their bright-and-cheery sailboat print stops just on the fashionable side... [More]


Pickture Bracelet

Your phone is chock-full of stunning Instagram shots. You can now officially call yourself the master of Walden and Valencia. But what the heck do you do with all those vintage-style square snaps? Maybe you should collage a few together on a custom Pickture Bracelet ($24). Upload your pics, crop,... [More]


Caribou Drinkware in Amber

We've found the ultimate camp cups: this set of Caribou Drinkware in Amber ($40 for 4). For those not in the know, it's a requirement that camp glasses come in some shade of mustard-gold. That this set is also emblazoned with the mighty-antlered caribou is just a bonus. We'd love... [More]


Feeling Free-Spirited Dress

You know what leaves us feeling free-spirited? Not being a sweat fountain. We've got an extensive collection of cute summer dresses, but most of them are in some form of polyester. When Nature really turns up the heat, the combination of polyester and our armpits results in some swampy conditions.... [More]


Turkish Colourful Socks

We thought chilblains were some made-up ailment that existed only in Dickens. Turns out, they're alive, well, and a genuine pain in the toes - as we discovered to our misfortune this winter past. Turns out the best way to keep your feet from turning into swollen red bags of... [More]


Pretzel Pool Float

We. Love. Carbs. We love them so much that we dream about diving mouth-first into a pool filled with pasta, doughnuts, sourdough rolls and soft pretzels. While we realize that's not even a remote possibility, we're satisfying our carby fantasy by floating around on this Pretzel Pool Float ($18) this... [More]


Starbucks Pour-Over Brewing System

When it comes to making coffee, it really doesn't get any simpler than the Starbucks Pour-Over Brewing System ($9). Put in your filter, scoop in your coffee, pour on the hot water, and in a few minutes, you'll be enjoying a perfectly brewed single cup. This manual style of coffee... [More]


ELF Native Ballet Flat

Some fashions are truly timeless. Take these ELF Native Ballet Flats ($90), for example. Completely made by hand from genuine leather, they look like something Ötzi the Iceman's girlfriend might have sported. What was good for the Ice Age is good for us, we always say (with the possible exception... [More]


Water Bottle Stick Ice Cube Tray

Who decided that ice should come, by default, in cube form? Why not spheres, kittens, or - way more practical - sticks? This Water Bottle Stick Ice Cube Tray ($6) forms ice in a shape that can easily be inserted into water bottles, soda, or anything else that lacks a... [More]


You're Awesome Card

Somebody in your life need a little pick-me-up? Use an honest-to-goodness stamp and mail them this You're Awesome card ($6). Made on an antique letterpress with gold foil lettering, it's an elegant, simple way to remind that down-and-out person in your life that somebody thinks they're the bee's knees.... [More]


Betsy & Adam Off Shoulder Stretch Satin Sheath Dress

Break out those SPANX, because we're ready to get our sass on in this figure-hugging Betsy & Adam Off Shoulder Stretch Satin Sheath Dress ($55). Though with that said, we might not even need our go-to belly shapers, thanks to the clever pin tuck pleats criss-crossing (and adding a perfect... [More]


I'd Rather Be: In Willy Wonka's Factory

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate... [More]


Ombre Belt Dress

While we can appreciate the funky style of the high-low hem, it also has a tendency to act like an ornate picture frame for that extra bit of cellulite we've been frustratingly unable to power walk off of our thighs. That's why we're digging the look of this Ombre Belt... [More]


Breckelle's ERICA Candy Striped Ballet Flats

There isn't anything flat about these Breckelle's ERICA Candy Striped Ballet Flats ($20). They are hitting all the right notes in our shoe orchestra. When we wear them with white capris or even with a dress in a contrasting color, we get a symphony of compliments regarding our choice in... [More]


Salad Sac

We don't eat our salad as often as we should. Which means that after a few days, when we finally get up the motivation to opt for a healthy lunch, we find a fridge full of wilted, brown leaves, which sends us right back to the takeout menu. With this... [More]


Kennedy Stencil in Aqua Handbag

When we first saw this Kennedy Stencil in Aqua Handbag ($169) we thought to ourselves, "Sure, that looks great... until the first time we drop it in a puddle." But this bag is one step ahead of us. The satiny, gorgeous fabric used to make it is actually water-repellent, making... [More]


Rose Red Casual Broken Stripe Denim Shorts

Looking for a way to give your casual wear some fancy flair? Then step into a pair of Rose Red Casual Broken Stripe Denim Shorts ($34). These cuffed cuties are sweeter than a malt shop. We wear ours with an updated pair of saddle oxfords and a coordinating yellow tank,... [More]


Poketo Tomorrow Planner

The Tomorrow Planner ($28) answers the perpetual question of "when am I supposed to be doing that?" Sure, it's a fairly standard monthly and weekly planner, but it's open-dated, so you can fill in the dates for whatever year you want. Plus, the name means we can tell the boss... [More]


Eileen Fisher Wide Leg Linen Trousers

No summer is complete without a pair of white linen pants. And this year, we've been casually waltzing around, unaffected by the re-donk-ulous summer heat, in these Eileen Fisher Wide Leg Linen Trousers ($178). Basic, simple, lightweight. It's almost like going around naked, but with pants on. They are literally... [More]


Eye-Vac Electric Dustpan Vacuum

We all know what the worst part about sweeping is: bending over to maneuver that dustpan. We try to brush our dust into that bent piece of plastic, and half the crap we were trying to get off the floor just scoots underneath it. And people wonder why we're tempted... [More]


Monserat De Lucca Origami Necklace

What's better than an adorable origami crane pendant hanging around your neck? Two adorable origami crane pendants, of course! This Monserat De Lucca Origami Necklace ($62) features a big momma crane alongside a tiny-size origami baby. It's a perfectly precious way to complete your outfit.... [More]


Alphabet Cookie Cutters

We're not sure why it's only just recently occurred to us to keep a set of Alphabet Cookie Cutters ($30) from Sur La Table in our baking cabinet. Sugar cookies that spell out the recipient's name or a short message like THANK YOU are a sweet and personal gift. Come... [More]


Candy Confections Gift Wrap

We've been wrapping all of our presents in Candy Confections Gift Wrap ($5 per sheet) this summer. Every time we tape up another birthday or thank-you gift, we salivate over the cola bottles and gummy strawberries. So do our giftees. In fact, sometimes we get the impression that just the... [More]


Drivemocion LED Car Sign

We've all been there: wishing we had a piece of paper and a sharpie so we could scribble a quick message to one of our follow drivers (generally something along the lines of, "%#$@ you, you stupid piece of $@#$!!"). The Drivemocion LED Car Light ($42) doesn't come with a... [More]


Chinese Laundry All Done Navajo Ballet Flats

A male coworker of ours walked by as we were admiring these Chinese Laundry All Done Navajo Ballet Flats ($60) and casually inquired as to what we could possibly wear with these. What couldn't we wear with them? They are nearly every shade of the rainbow (might we point out... [More]


Round Neck Sleeveless Striped Dress

A real-life Missoni maxi dress would cost us - oh, probably a kidney or two. But this Round Neck Sleeveless Striped Dress ($40) gives us Missoni-style flair for a pleasantly plebeian price tag. Get the look and keep your organs - what's not to love?... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Floating Flower Light

Add ambiance to your pool by tossing in a few Floating Flower Lights ($7 each). Each plastic lotus light has a long-lasting votive so you can party by candlelight all night long. Just don't, you know, splash too much. Water tends to put a damper on candle flames! What's a... [More]


Metal Inkless Pen and Key Ring

Tired of your pens running out of ink? Make sure you're never incapable of signing a check or jotting down some hottie's number with this Metal Inkless Pen and Key Ring ($35). This pocket-sized pen makes pencil-like markings with a simple (but still pretty mind-blowing) metal tip. And unlike pencil,... [More]


Tasha Feather Crystal Hair Clip

Updo, downdo, whatever you do, do it with this Tasha Feather Crystal Hair Clip ($38). This piece actually makes paying for a wedding seem doable. Not so much bedazzled as it is flat-out dazzling, this sparkling accent will complement cascading curls, look bewitching in bridal braids, and look spectacular sitting... [More]


Prairie Tranquil Dress

When we were overly emotional teenagers, we desperately wanted to be in a John Waterhouse painting, just about all of which feature gorgeous images of mythical or literary overly emotional teenagers. We now recognize that Ophelia was a drama queen desperately in need of a copy of He's Just Not... [More]


Sip N' Go Collapsible Water Bottle

We look for every excuse we can to avoid exercising. Our shoes aren't good enough. It's cloudy. We know we need to stay hydrated, but we don't want to drag a water bottle along for our stroll run. With this Sip N' Go Collapsible Water Bottle ($8), we've got one... [More]


Bobbi Brown Turquoise Nail Polish

Do we already have enough nail polish at home to try the gingham nail fad? Yes. Do we need a new color to try out the trend? Absolutely. Honestly, is there ever a reason not to try a new shade? We think not Bobbi Brown Turquoise Nail Polish ($18).... [More]


Seletti Pantone Chairs

Do you consider yourself a Honeysuckle girl? Or maybe your affections lean more towards Cool Grey? Either way, you can celebrate you shade and expand your seating options by way of these solidly built metal folding Seletti Pantone Chairs ($91). The padded backs and seats are available in a variety... [More]


Mulberry Rose Crown

We've always considered ourselves princesses. Our dads call us "princess." Our boyfriends call us "princess" (although we detect a slight sarcasm there). Why not wear this Mulberry Rose Crown ($75)? We deserve it.... [More]


Wisa Gloria Rocking Horse

If we were loaded we would buy something like this rad '50s vintage Wisa Gloria Rocking Horse ($200) for each of our ready-to-pop friends (there are plenty). Far preferable to an abundance of messy plastic toys.... [More]


Lucero Chocolate Infused Olive Oil

We're crazy intrigued by the idea behind Chocolate Infused Olive Oil ($17-28). We've always used our olive oil to coat savory foods - our grilled veggies, or rosemary and garlic crusty bread. But we're sure our love of chocolate will motivate us to use this oil in sweet preparations, too.... [More]


IKO IKO Small Jar Series

These sweet jars ($85 each) from IKO IKO don't need to perform a function for us to covet them. We can picture them as decor on a living room shelf just as easily as we can imagine them holding edible stuff. They'd be adorable for storing small amounts of jams... [More]


Tie Dye Icon Skinny Jean

We can already smell the Aqua Net as we await the arrival of our shiny new Tie Dye Icon Skinny Jeans ($109). The skintight, unapologetically tie-dye style make this piece look like something straight out of the 1987 Guns N' Roses groupie catalog, so we're figuring when we wear them,... [More]


Heated Insoles Foot Warmers

We get that these Heated Insoles Foot Warmers ($130) are designed for winter activities like skiing, hiking, or snowblowing the driveway. We plan on using them for watching TV, reading, or possibly just drinking a cup of coffee at breakfast. Our house is cold in the winter. They pack a... [More]


Kanya L Draped Leather Jacket

Sure, bombers are classic - but we've also seen a few too many Top Gun wannabes to avoid regarding them with a slightly ironic eye. This Kanya L Draped Leather Jacket ($795), however, is beautifully different. With its elegant folded front and its warm, gold lightweight lambskin, it takes the... [More]


Pamela Love Picado Cuff

We finally took down our papel picado from our summer fiesta. It's beautiful, but so temporary. Which is why we've decided to invest in a more permanent piece of decor...for our arms. Pamela Love's Picado Cuff ($625) is both bold and delicate, and one of the more unique pieces of... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Haute Hippie Cowl-Neck Blouse

We agreed wholeheartedly with this Haute Hippie Cowl-Neck Blouse ($225) until we saw the price tag. That much money for a simple design doesn't always sit well with us. Enter the following options: 1. Cowl Neck Top by Wal G ($35) 2. Ruched Cowl Shell Top ($50) 3. Alice +... [More]


Ceramic Beer Bottle

Forget flasks, steins and punch top cans - we want to drink our brew out of a Ceramic Beer Bottle ($140) hand-crafted by New York artist Richard Stauffacher. We're thinking about picking up a growler full of our favorite local ale and sipping it all night out of this bottle.... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Georginne Faro Suiting Pant

These Diane von Furstenberg Georginne Faro Suiting Pants ($298) go from office to evening without any fuss. No need for added accessories. Changing shoes isn't even necessary. The only thing we'd recommend is applying a similarly colored red lipstick for a zippy punch of color and a few cocktails for... [More]


Red Elephant iPhone Case

We thought we'd never see a sorrier sight than Eeyore dangling from a red balloon, but the Red Elephant iPhone Case ($35) proved us wrong. This poor elephant is just begging for a little bit of love! We'll have to oblige, and clip him onto our phones. He can protect... [More]


Etro Gold-Plated Swarovski Crystal Armor Ring

When you've got places to go and people to see, get there and be seen wearing this Etro Gold-Plated Swarovski Crystal Armor Ring ($575). Decked out in smokey-grey crystal and gleaming with gold, this is the perfect way to give someone the finger and maintain the highest level of class... [More]


Vespa Headlight Alarm Clock

We love everything about Vespas. We love the bee-like buzz of their little engines, their Playboy bunny curves, and - probably most of all - the adorable men who ride them like maniacs through the streets of Rome. That's why we're going to celebrate our passion every morning with this... [More]


Deborah Lippmann Sweet Dreams Nail Lacquer

Barbie herself would learn to bend her stiff plastic arms in order to cover her nails in Deborah Lippmann Sweet Dreams Nail Lacquer ($18). And we know what a feat that is from trying to get her in and out of the weird sock dresses we designed for her when... [More]


Embroidered Midi Maxi Dress

You know what we love most about this Embroidered Midi Maxi Dress ($32)? It's not the sweet contrast detailing stitched into the bodice. It isn't the gorgeous sky-blue color. It's not even the modest high-low hem - though all of that is certainly pretty fabulous. The fact that it has... [More]


BiKN Starter Kit

After spending three hours searching for our car keys last weekend, we realized we were in dire need of the BiKN Starter Kit ($130). We slipped our iPhone into the BiKN case, downloaded the app, and clipped the two included tags to the things we're prone to lose. The next... [More]


dELiA*s Print Bodycon Skirts

The summer months are full of festivals and outdoor concerts. And in order to fit in with the younger crowd, we've picked up a few of the Print Bodycon Skirts ($17) from dELiA*s. Available in flirty florals and bold neon graphics, there's a skirt for every genre. We just have... [More]

Enchanted Home Snuggle Pet Bed

Enchanted Home Snuggle Pet Bed

The Enchanted Home Snuggle Pet Bed ($140) belongs to Bruno: our best friend, companion, soulmate, and sweetheart. We admit the zebra print may be a bit flamboyant, but it fits his attitude. We know he'll think he's the cat's ass.... [More]



Lets get real. Traveling with an infant is not really anyone's idea of a good time, and anything that can be done to make that experience smoother and less scream-filled (for you and your child) is worth a shot. If you've got a long haul with your little one ahead,... [More]


Handbags Pocketbook Pads

We're still contemplating the metaphysical implications of these notepads, meant to go into your purse, with pictures of purses on them. It's like holding two mirrors up together, or - we don't know - maybe having a Moxie with Immanuel Kant. While we work on figuring the whole thing out,... [More]


Space Intruders Drink Markers

Nobody wants to end up drinking someone else's beer - or, far worse, have someone else snatching up your own. Custom beer koozies are one solution, but when your party includes more than just the usual suspects, turn to these Space Intruders Drink Markers ($4). They'll help you tell whose... [More]


Ariel Gordon Jewelry Mini Heart Necklace

Whether you're attending a big event, getting brunch with your girls, or going to work, show off this beautiful heart necklace ($275). Choose from fourteen-karat yellow or rose gold, or save a few bucks and go for the sterling silver ($90).... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Clementine Art Crayon Rocks

Keep your artwork green by coloring in your Tangled coloring book creating a masterpiece with a set of Clementine Art Crayon Rocks ($6). Each rock is made from eco-friendly ingredients, like mineral pigments and soy wax. Plus, they look super cool displayed on your home office desk! What's a Cheap... [More]


Crystal Feather Top

We need a little more sparkle in our lives. We thought about investing in some body glitter, but realized that might start our friends and family thinking we'd taken up a new nude night job. Instead, we'll satisfy our craving with this Crystal Feather Top ($62), with its elegant, shimmering... [More]


Barkboard Rustic Chalkboard

Wood is hot right now. Chalkboards are so hot right now. These Barkboard Rustic Chalkboards ($38) are so trendy-fabulous, hanging them on your wall might put you at risk of waking up one morning to find yourself in the middle of a Martha Stewart Living photo shoot.... [More]


Gathering Together Dress

We're in desperate need of the perfect frock for the company picnic. It's got to be casual enough to say, "I'm here to have a good time, not impress the boss," - but still professional enough that said boss doesn't think we spend our weekends shooting holes in Miller Lite... [More]


Gold Glitter Envelope Liners

We're going to go glam the next time we throw a big bash! To start with, we'll need a set of Gold Glitter Envelope Liners ($16, set of 10) from The Persian Laundry. They're pre-cut liners that slip right into our invitation envelopes. We probably won't be inviting friends to... [More]


BYO Reusable Coffee Cup

We know that in this heat we should be reaching for some iced coffee, but we just can't do it. Summer weather or not, we have to have our hot cup of java every morning - we brew it to go and toss it in our BYO Reusable Coffee Cup... [More]

Charles Philip Shanghai Anchor Smoking Slippers

Charles Philip Shanghai Smoking Slippers

Smoking jacket, meet your fancy footwear companion - the smoking slipper. The Charles Philip Shanghai Smoking Slippers($125) are truly comfortable and fun. And we're absolutely certain that the anchor print makes these appropriate to wear outside of the house.... [More]



When we are super stressed and feel like we don't have enough time to accomplish everything we need to do, we throw it all to the wind and pull out Tartine ($23). There's something so relaxing about escaping into a cookbook full of desserts and pastries. It's food porn. We... [More]


Ouch! Aches and Pains Body Cream

Remember when you were feeling overly ambitious and you took kickboxing and yoga back-to-back at the gym? You'll regret it less if you rub a little Ouch! Aches and Pains Body Cream ($12) into your sore muscles. You'll regret it even less if you get your hot neighbor to rub... [More]


Vent-Bettina Ceiling Fan

Get funky with your indoor lighting by installing a Vent-Bettina Ceiling Fan (starting at $1,505) in your main living space. Instead of the standard three-light, four-blade fan, the Vent-Bettina boasts a rotating fan of, well, rotating fans. We're no aero-engineers, but we assume that makes for optimal air circulation. At... [More]


Tavi Stud Earrings

We've been wearing a lot of simple jewelry lately. Even with all the great statement pieces out there, we find that we don't want to be weighed down in the heat. Our go-to accessories right now are the Tavi Stud Earrings ($50) by Kendra Scott, in several different colors. Even... [More]


Wellen Suns Out Guns Out Tank

Why do we assume that dudes are the only ones who want to show off their well-earned arm muscle tone? We ladies do our share of push-ups and curls, thank you very much, and have our own respectable tickets to the gun show. That's why we'll be sporting this Wellen... [More]


Reserved Beach Towel

Ever notice that people on vacation seem to leave common sense and courtesy at home? For instance, when your beach bag, towel, sunglasses, and straw hat are sitting on a lounge chair, that usually indicates that you are somewhere in the area and will return soon. For some people, that... [More]


Carol's Daughter Coconut Frappé Body Lotion

Carol's Daughter Coconut Frappé Body Lotion ($18) is one of those products stores just can't keep on their shelves. We can't help but lurve the fresh (but not too sweet) coconut smell, buttery feel, and lingering illuminating effects of this lotion. We think it's an awesome way to embrace summer.... [More]


Goddess Kayla Soft Cup Bra

There are quite a few of us here in the Outblush offices with larger-than-life breasts. (Sulky note: also quite a few without.) And some of you readers will be as excited about this Goddess Kayla Soft Cup Bra ($46) as we are. Most triple-D bras are as flattering as, well,... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: July 17, 2012

This week's poll from The Purse Page is full of guts and glory. You've gotta be brave enough to pick your fav bag, which is no small feat when they're demanding your attention with gorgeous finishes like sequins and snakeskin! The most popular bag gets the glory. Or, in this... [More]


Personal Shopper: Minti Meets the Mountains

Minti writes: "I'm a huge fan of outblush and was hoping you might be able to help me out with a fashion dillema. I (against my better judgement) will be going on a camping trip in July in Caliornia and Oregon. The temperatures will be in the 60s and 70s... [More]



It's not often that we find ourselves staring longingly through the window of a toy store - you know, because we are grown-ass sophisticated women - but yesterday we were captivated by the awesomeness of the Clump-o-Lump ($25) and found ourselves fogging up the glass, we stared so long. These... [More]


MM Couture Grecian Dress

We've got a craving for souvlaki and for this MM Couture Grecian Dress ($75). We will not, however, be eating our souvlaki while wearing this laid-back yet lovely pleated chiffon beauty, lest we end up splattering it with the inevitable spray of tzatziki. We will also not be taking our... [More]


Handmade Carved Oak Rope Swing

We really could spend all day swinging on this Handmade Carved Oak Rope Swing ($200). We're totally digging the retro-vibe and clean design. The only thing that could make a summer afternoon on this swing any better would be a Big Stick (or three) to temper the hot weather.... [More]


Savonnerie London Revitalising Pedicure Collection

After so many dry months in a row, we can practically loofah with our own heels. Disgusting. We're making sure our feet are looking ladylike with the Revitalising Pedicure Collection from Savonnerie London ($34). It comes complete (minus the smokin' coral color we're seeing all over) with all the tools... [More]


Tangram Smart Dot

Remember when laser pointers first came out and everyone thought they needed one? The tamest middle school science fair presentation was suddenly a light show, and there were always at least one asshole at every movie shining a little red dot onto the leading lady's chest. While we'll admit that... [More]


Mojave Earrings

If you've been in the mood to add more color to your wardrobe, we've got a suggestion for you. (Don't worry - it's not another pair of brightly colored skinny jeans.) Instead, check out these cheery earrings ($29). We love how large, yet surprisingly lightweight these beauties are - no... [More]


Paul Smith Cartoon Eyes Print T-Shirt

Hey, buddy! Eyes up here!....Oh, you were looking us in the eyes already? You do seem to have a point there. Paul Smith Cartoon Eyes Print T-Shirt ($83)... [More]


Logitech K760 Solar Keyboard for iPad

We like to travel light, and ever since we got an iPad, we leave the laptop at home as much as possible. Since we do occasionally need to get our type on, though, we found a keyboard to travel with. The Logitech K760 Solar Powered Keyboard for iPad ($120) will... [More]


Parker Lantern

Part the colorful wires on these Parker Lanterns ($10, on sale), put in some scented candles, light 'em, and hang them on your balcony to give your al fresco dinner the perfect ambience. And though these lanterns look like funky bird cages, we suggest letting summer's songbirds provide the evening's... [More]



Just in case giving flowers isn't enough of a gesture, this paper vase allows you to write a sweet note to contain the buds. Paperse ($6) is made from a thick paper and has a vinyl tube inside to hold water. Perfect for those occasions when you want someone to... [More]


Corinne McCormack Le Papillon Cat Eye Reading Glasses

Some people see the world through rose-colored glasses. Well, we aren't gardeners. We're cat ladies. Which is why we see our feline fantasy through these Corinne McCormack Le Papillon Cat Eye Reading Glasses ($65). Without them, we'd never know that our Persians need persistent petting or that we need to... [More]


NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder

Do yourself a sold and slip this NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder ($34) into your makeup bag. This color wears well on everyone! And since it gives your face that copper kiss, you'll spend less time subjecting it to dangerous UV exposure. You'll thank us. We promise.... [More]


Magaschoni Pleat-Neck Cashmere Sweater

This Magaschoni Pleat-Neck Cashmere Sweater ($175) is hot on the heels of spring and summer's neon bonanza and aimed straight at fall 2012. Shown in citron, it's also available in hot orange and poppy. So, essentially, if you buy one in every color, you can skipping boxing up all the... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Credit Card Lightbulb

For when you stumble into an unfamiliar bathroom to prepare an escape plan, afraid to wake sleeping bedfellowsstrangers with the light. For when you walk out to the car and the sensor-activated light does not in fact activate. For when the zombie apocalypse begins. You'll be ready with the Credit... [More]


Coral Floral Cut Out Bow Tie Platform Heels

We heart cut-out leather. It's a nice blend of biker bar and roadside apple stand. These Coral Floral Cut Out Bow Tie Platform Heels ($26) pull from the red leather ladies we see during bike week and the sweet doe-eyed teens serving cherry pie in the local diner...actually this is... [More]


turkish-t Soft Bath Towel

While we covet the turkish-t Soft Bath towel ($45) for ourselves, we've made a habit out of buying them as baby shower gifts for our friends. Baby bathtime is a delicate affair, especially with newborns. What better way to dry and soothe their sweet skin than with the softest towel... [More]


Shaving Pedestal

We do not have good balance. If someone put a video camera in our shower while we attempted to shave our legs, that crap would be on YouTube faster than you can say "Scarlet Takes a Tumble". Standing on one leg is bad enough, but doing it while scraping sharp... [More]


ZShock YOLO Punch Ring

To the people who shout "YOLO" as some sort of excuse to run around our city spray-painting monuments, getting drunk in public (underage drunk, we might add), and generally jeopardizing humanity, this is a fair warning. If we see you do it again, we're going to clock you straight in... [More]


The Ministry of Magic Toilet Decal

We don't have a fireplace, so traveling by floo powder is out. We'll just have to take a risk with a Ministry of Magic Toilet Decal ($15).... [More]


Armani Exchange Banded Fedora

After an afternoon spent on the beach among ladies, we came to a general consensus: this will be the summer of the fedora. And not just any fedora. But a fashionable fedora that, should there happen to be a photographer creeping nearby, would get you on the front page on... [More]


QUIK STYLE Paddle Brush

Blow-drying can put our hair on the fritz. That's why we're intrigued by this QUIK STYLE Paddle Brush ($12). Brush your hair with its super-absorbent microfiber bristles, and it'll be about a third of the way closer to fully dry, which means that much less time spent roasting it before... [More]


Le Baume Absolution

You've been charged with dehydrating your skin, you naughty girl. Earn forgiveness with Le Baume Absolution ($20). This rich balm keeps your lips and skin soft and supple with a blend of organic beeswax, calendula, macadamia nut oil, and other epidermis-rescuing ingredients. We keep it close by in case we... [More]


Hammered-Acrylic Glassware

We tried to class it up and use actual glasses instead of Solo cups at our first barbecue of the summer, but now we only have two glasses left thanks to strong sangria and a brick patio. We've since switched over to Hammered-Acrylic Glassware ($14-$18) which is both sophisticated-looking and... [More]


Pleated Belted Maxi Dress

We like to think of this Pleated Belted Maxi Dress ($77) as our official "run into the ex-boyfriend" summer frock. The maxi cut means it looks effortless and laid-back, but with a bold Camaro-red hue and slit sides to the skirt, it packs a whole lot of sexy. We want... [More]


Bike Handlebar Wristlet

We used to swap out our shoulder bags for crossbodies anytime we were headed out to explore the city by bike, but we've streamlined even further and are now simply tossing wallets and phones into these genius Bike Handlebar Wristlets ($55). They clip easily around our handlebars and unhook for... [More]


Piccantino Chili Scruncher

Anyone who's ever made a visit to the restroom after handling chili peppers knows just how dangerous a sport dealing with those spicy vegetables can be. Save your fingers, eyes, and other tender places the painful aftermath, and process your peppers with this Piccantino Chili Scruncher ($28). Using it, you... [More]


sewnewthings Recycled Vintage Knitting Needle Bracelets

If you knit, there are probably times you want to take your needles and break them in half. Alternatively, you could mold them into funky bangles, like SewNewThings did with these Recycled Vintage Knitting Needle Bracelets ($30). They come in all sorts of colors, but we like the way this... [More]


Vintage Canary Lamp

We consider ourselves risk-takers when it comes to adding bold colors to our decor, but we still paused before purchasing this Vintage Canary Lamp ($650) from Hillary Thomas Designs. It's certainly a swoon-worthy piece, but can we really make the green and yellow work in our homes? Pfft! Of course... [More]


L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick

Somewhere, out there, is a ChapStick heaven where lost lip balms wait to be reunited with their loved ones. We know we have at least twenty cherry, a few mint, and a strawberry or two that are chilling in the ChapStick afterlife. You know what we don't have waiting for... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bathroom Wall Covering for Danielle

Danielle writes: "This is a slightly different request than the ones I typically see - usually clothing in nature. I'm remodeling my 1950s pepto pink bath. I have fallen in love with the Beau Monde glass tile Blossom in Aquamarine at Ann Sacks. But at nearly $10,000 for the 40... [More]


Cagey Cube Ball Toy

Have a Houdini pup who can maneuver his way into everything, including the fridge, the bathroom garbage, and your laundry basket? Focus his attention in a less destructive way with the Cagey Cube Ball Toy ($15). The cage around the ball is squishy so he can weasel his paws and... [More]


Vintage Style Two Step Stool

Lord only knows what's in the top kitchen cabinets in our apartments. Why? Because we've tossed things up there, but have never tried to get them down. Instead of climbing on the countertops, we think we'll opt for a Vintage Style Two Step Stool ($54) from Circle Creek Home. It's... [More]


Fresh Twilight Freshface Glow

Vampires don't sparkle naturally. Twilight Freshface Glow ($36) makes vampires sparkle. And it can make you glow, too. No bloodsucking necessary.... [More]


Kora Pin Necklace

Remember your mother chiding you not to run with scissors as a child? The same could be said about this Kora Pin Necklace ($196). However, if you did fall while wearing this thing, it would be awfully convenient for signing your own hospital discharge paperwork.... [More]


Joey Roth Self-Watering Planter

We love keeping plants in the house, but you wouldn't know that from how routinely we kill them. For some reason we just cannot remember to water our little leafy friends, which is why we are jumping on Joey Roth's Self-Watering Planter ($45). It's in the pre-order stage right now,... [More]


The Original Magnetic Block Set in Tegu Tints

Kids today have it so much more rad than we ever did. Just look at the stuff they have to play with! And no, we're not talking about Call of Duty. Check out The Original Magnetic Block Set in Tegu Tints ($140). Sure, we had lovely wooden blocks in our... [More]


Bombwatcher Fold-to-Flat Surfboard Styled Chairs

Wave riders might be confused as to why you're carrying a surfboard to the beach when the water's calm, but when your board is really a folding chair, there's no reason not to hit the beach, swells or no swells. Bombwatcher Fold-to-Flat Surfboard Styled Chairs ($750) might be a bit... [More]


Slim Trousers

Seersucker is officially our all-time favorite summer fabric. It's light, it's natural, it's comfortable, and it looks fantastic, especially in a classic blue-cream stripe as on this pair of Slim Trousers ($118). It's also been in fashion since the Gatsby years, so we won't have to worry about this pair... [More]


"You're Old" Birthday Cake Candles

Birthday coming up for someone special in your life? If you're in charge of the cake, why bother counting candles? (Let's admit: it gets harder every year.) Instead, cover your bases with these "You're Old" Birthday Cake Candles ($7). Like the Magical Sitar, they only speak the truth. Warning: Usage... [More]


Charlotte Ronson Starry Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow

What, a liquid eyeshadow that won't crease, won't run, and won't pack on so thick we look like accidental clowns? Charlotte Ronson Starry Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow ($18) is perfect light color for warm summer weather. With its sheer application, dewy sparkle, and easy-to-apply formula, this has a permanent place in... [More]


Artecnica Surprise Surprise

No, the coffee table wasn't a gift, why do you ask? Uh...the giant bow on top of it... Right! No, that's just a lamp - we told the boyfriend we wanted a car with a giant bow on it as a thirtieth birthday gift and all he seemed to hear... [More]


Monya Metallic Ikat Clutch

Gold and white is one of our favorite summer color combos, but we'll be damned if we can keep our whites stain-free and find more than two occasions where we feel comfortable rocking our gold pants. We've made a wise choice and are now flaunting our fave color scheme by... [More]



Have a picky toddler? FunBites ($13 each) is a must! It turns adult-sized foods into little bites for little hands - though we use ours for our own food, too. At our last summer barbecue, we spent three minutes using the FunBites to cut through our melons and cheeses, added... [More]


Camera Cookie Cutter Set

We blame Pinterest for the fact that all we want to do these days is bake and take artsy pictures. We're combining those two interests and baking some cute camera cookies using Photojojo's Camera Cookie Cutter Set ($18). We're also asking everyone to say "cookie" instead of "cheese."... [More]


Dandelion Print Dress

Dandelions: they're the bane of our front lawns. No matter how often you mow, they sprout vigorously up above the grass, announcing to the world that you're a crappy lawn weeder. We like them much better on this Dandelion Print Dress ($107), where instead of making us seem like lazy... [More]


Holstee Manifesto Poster

If we said to you, "hey, have you read the Holstee Manifesto ($25)?", we wouldn't be surprised if you went a little cross-eyed trying to remember something from an eighth-grade history class or that foreign policy article you read last week. But if we said to you, "hey, have you... [More]


Boombox Set Pillows

If you're rocking a hand-me-down couch from the late '80s, why not fully embrace the old-school vibe with these Boombox Set Pillows ($70)? Plus, they'll totally cover that unidentifiable and somehow irremovable stain on the center cushion.... [More]


Zoya Nail Polish in Arizona

Zoya Nail Polish in Arizona ($8) reminds us of hot summer days, long road trips across the desert, hot breezes, and melted creamsicles. Essentially, everything wonderful about summer. We like to paint it on when we can't get away for a trip to Sedona. Sob.... [More]


12th Street by Cynthia Vincent Strip Romper

We're not the biggest of fans of the romper trend. Frankly, we think it gives a person a two-foot-long butt area. However, with prints like the one found on this 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent Strip Romper ($308), we're inclined to look past the oblong posterior problem and start looking... [More]


Eye Chart Cocktail Shaker

While it's not as sleek as the classic stainless cocktail shaker, this Eye Chart Shaker ($25) is a pretty decent test of whether or not you've got the capacity to make another batch of martinis. It reads "OMG I am so wasted I can't even read what this says." If... [More]


Izola Three Sheets Flask

Our two summer obsessions - drinking and anything nautical - come together beautifully in this classy Three Sheets to the Wind Flask ($25). Ahoy!... [More]


Necono Digital Cat Camera

Meet the most adorable picture-snapper on the planet: the Necono Digital Cat Camera ($140). That's right, kids: it's a digital camera shaped like an adorable kitten. But before you dismiss Necono as just another silly novelty item, observe his clever self-timer, to help you take those perfect Facebook self-portraits, and... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallpaper Print Backpack

August is coming up, which means school is about to start again (at least, for those lucky enough to still be living in that fantasy world). Start your year off right with this Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallpaper Print Backpack ($200). Sure, it costs as much as your trigonometry book,... [More]


Carrière Frères Industrie Tomato Candle

Anyone who is reading this and thinking, "Huh? A tomato-scented candle? Why on earth would anybody want that?" has obviously never stuck their face into a tomato plant on a sunny August afternoon. Fact: tomatoes smell amazing, like concentrated earth, sun and summer. This Carrière Frères Industrie Tomato Candle ($49)... [More]


Burkman Bros Summer Camp Friendship Bracelets

So what if adults don't have a summer break? We're still wearing Burkman Bros Summer Camp Friendship Bracelets ($30) to show off our team pride and camper spirit. They are made to withstand anything, including kayak races and marshmallow roasting parties. So don't expect us to take these off anytime... [More]


Letter Lights

In the middle of making a modern nursery? Add one of these Letter Lights ($120) over your glider or changing table. And if you and the mister haven't yet agreed on baby-to-be's name, we think it can't hurt to order your pick. After all, you're carrying Junior, your name vote... [More]


Tory Burch Metallic Stretch Logo Belt

People match their belts to their shoes in terms of color. Why not by brand? Slip on your Tory Burch sandals and pair them with your new Metallic Stretch Logo Belt ($123). And for good measure, wear it all with the Darya Dress you bought per our suggestion back in... [More]


The Plant! Herb Seed Kit

Spring and summer always have us wishing for a garden of our own, but we love the city life and are willing to sacrifice playing in the dirt for the convenience of being in a metro area. When we're really getting the itch to feel like a farmgirl, we find... [More]


Rotary Peeler

You don't know it, but you've been living in a box when it comes to vegetable peeling. Think all-or-nothing is your only option? With this Rotary Peeler ($12), you can go full peel or opt for serrated or julienne for those special occasion crudités platters. All three options are housed... [More]


Beehive Cake Stand

The textured dome of this Beehive Cake Stand ($39) will cause your sweet treats to look even more enticing. Best of all, after you polish off your dessert, you'll have an interesting centerpiece if you just put a few flowers or lemons under this buzz-worthy dome.... [More]


TOMS Ikat-Print Ballerina Flats

If you're considering testing the tribal waters but still feel most comfortable with friends like "chevron" and "colorblock", then slip on these TOMS Ikat-Print Ballerina Flats ($79). They maintain the ikat integrity pretty well, but do so with an Aztec influence. We like wearing them around the apartment and around... [More]


Flutter Sleeve Button Down Blouse

We've been trying to cut back on our coffee consumption lately, and as a result have been thoughtlessly accused of being grouchy doom clouds. That's why we're going to put this Flutter Sleeve Button Down Blouse ($70) into regular rotation in our wardrobe. We think of it as our own... [More]


Butter Basic Legging Pants

Ever been in a yoga class, doing your sun salutations, and looked up to the instructor only to see a mass of panties and partially exposed downward dogs? You do realize that the people behind you can see your triangle tips, too? Spare yourself the embarrassment and any unwelcome guffawing... [More]


NARS Body Glow

Cleopatra herself would have worn NARS Body Glow ($59) if she'd had a Sephora nearby. We know from history (and Liz Taylor) that Cleo had some gorgeous glowing skin. Cheat a beachy tan by smoothing a little onto freshly showered gams, arms, and chest. Then strut around in your undies... [More]


Design Your Own Birdhouse

Our twelve-year-old niece is coming to visit this weekend and we're working on ideas for ways to entertain her. We thought she might like to come with us to some of our favorite hangouts, but then we realized that a lot of those are bars. So instead we're going to... [More]


Bloom Utensil Set

Here are some kitchen utensils you'll happily leave out on your counter. The Bloom Utensil Set ($30) includes an array of playfully botanical implements, from a tulip whisk to a leaf-shaped spatula. We'll swap the cheap vase that comes with them for something a bit more substantial-looking, but otherwise this... [More]


Egyptian Nile Long Beaded Necklace

She was a renowned beauty who went through powerful, attractive men like tissues. We're talking about Liz Taylor, of course. We'd like to channel a little more Liz in our lives, and heck, if while we were at it, we could steal her entire wardrobe from Cleopatra, we wouldn't complain.... [More]


Suck UK Mega Silly Notes

It's a proven fact: your roommates view you as way less of a bitch if your note about how people need to do the dishes is on a pink elephant. Mega Silly Notes ($5)... [More]


Café Capri in Silk Foulard

Our legs are tired of having to go in the buff to be the center of attention. That's why we're going to pick one night a week to tone down our tops and don a pair of these Café Capris in Silk Foulard ($160). With a totally eye-catching yet unimpeachably... [More]


AG Hair Cosmetics Beach Bomb

When we swim at the beach, our hair always ends up looking like a matted nest of dry twigs. If we want a natural, salt-coated, sun-lightened wave to our tresses, we've got to come by it with plenty of prep work before we even step outside. Or at least, that's... [More]


BODUM BISTRO Coffee System

We've been crazy about the BODUM French press from the moment we took our first smooth sip of coffee from the depths of its glass body. Maybe it's time to add the BODUM BISTRO Coffee System ($250) to our collection. The sleek, forty-ounce brewer doesn't just whip up a cuppa... [More]


We All Scream Shaker Set

Wishing you were nomming on a double-twist soft serve with sprinkles instead of adding conservative amounts of salt and pepper to your grilled tilapia? The We All Scream Shaker Set ($13) is the perfect way to remind yourself to not skip dessert. (Though we don't often have that problem. We... [More]


Cheap Thrill: dELiA*s Serina Glitter Skimmer

Glittery shoes for $10? We'll take a pair in every color, please. In fact, we know how much we wear glitter, so we'll take two pairs of these Serina Glitter Skimmers ($10) in every color. Can't hurt, right? What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to... [More]


Digital Cordless Jumping Rope

Ladies, we are having a major fitness revelation right now. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this Digital Cordless Jumping Rope ($16). We know that jumping rope torches a ton of calories, and we actually think it's pretty fun, but it seems like every few skips our feet... [More]


Fekkai After Sun Daily Mask

Rumpelstiltskin isn't the only one who can turn straw into gold. Apparently, Fekkai After Sun Daily Mask ($25) also has the power! We love to give ourselves the royal treatment after a day on the shore. Straw into gold! Straw into gold!... [More]


The Ex Tray

Sometimes when a girlfriend suffers a breakup, all we can do is offer ice cream and a shoulder to cry on. And other times, we can throw a big effing party with LOTS of booze and food, 'cause that guy was a d***! For the latter type of breakup, The... [More]


Rad Nails Boob Tube

Is anyone else totally stoked about nail art? We remember when people thought we were so clever for painting flowers on our toes. That's lame compared to the edgy geometric polish options you can find just about anywhere now. Rad Nails Boob Tube ($18) goes the extra mile with quirky... [More]


LED Shoelaces

We're pretty amazed we haven't seen these LED Shoelaces ($7) before, considering the wide market for them. Here's a list of people we thought might be into these: Night joggers Ravers (is that still a thing? maybe this should be ex-ravers) Little kids Cyclists Disney Electrical Parade enthusiasts High school... [More]


Resort Limbo Blue Rug

Our entryway has been hidden under a pile of shoes, boots, dust, and three-week-or-more-old newspapers for far too long. We're giving it the attention it deserves this weekend, starting by laying down this Resort Limbo Blue Rug ($385). The color is easy on the eyes, but pops next to the... [More]


Paul & Joe Color Palette 001

Normally every color palette we find has one or two colors that we absolutely won't wear. And we like to keep dramatic looks for evening and carry only everyday beauty basics in our already loaded purses. So we were a little pumped when we came across this Paul & Joe... [More]


I'd Rather Be: The World's Hottest Lumberjack

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate... [More]


Outdoor Firelights by Sebastian Holmbäck and Ulrik Nordentoft

We all have that one friend who gets a little too festive at summer barbecues and starts running around claiming that the fire-breathing trick they learned at summer camp "is totally the coolest (indiscernible babbling)!!!!" Stop them from burning your house down by setting up some of these Outdoor Firelights... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Eloise Floral Platforms

Filed under Hippie Chic and Fleur de Explosion, these Jeffrey Campbell Eloise Floral Platforms ($150) embody everything we love about warm weather. We can wear them to any type of event, be it relaxed or more formal. Plus, the chunky heel makes for a more graceful stride, be we drunk... [More]


Smiling Hippo Bust

This Smiling Hippo Bust ($198) might look chill, but we learned some fascinating and slightly terrifying facts about hippos the other night. Including the following: Hippos can run faster than humans Hippos can kill crocodiles Hippos are responsible for more deaths in Africa than any other animal Hippos have tusks... [More]


Julep Nail Vernis in Yumi

Aside from the glitterific color and durable coat, you know what we love about Julep Nail Vernis in Yumi ($14)? That it comes formulated without parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, and a bunch of other unnerving ingredients typically found in polishes. Looks like it's time to get our glitter on.... [More]


Speck Candyshell Flag Cases

Ah, the Olympics. A time for breathtaking feats of athleticism, split-second finishes, overjoyed spectators, and of course, bragging that your country is the best. Show some pride in your nation with one of Speck's CandyShell Flag Cases ($40), available in seventeen different flags, including Old Glory.... [More]


noir Neon Yellow Triple Cord Cuff

We can hardly believe something so bright was created by a label called noir, but we're not going to get too deep on this one. The Neon Yellow Triple Cord Cuff ($150) is bright, sparkly, and so chic for summer. We don't really care who made it, just that we... [More]


The Only Coke I Do Is Diet Tote Bag

The Only Coke I Do Is Diet ($39). And cherry. And vanilla, when available. And in root beer floats. Oh, and in glass bottles. But definitely only if it is diet.... [More]


Capellini Ribbon Stool

What a pretty perch! This Capellini Ribbon Stool ($871) will add a lot more color and life to your space than does the worn-out black leather one that you took from your parents' garage when you moved out after college. Isn't it time your decor started looking more like a... [More]


Claudia Pearson Dog Plates

We're guessing you like a little humor with your housewares if you're visiting Outblush, so these Claudia Pearson Dog Plates ($16) are a perfect choice for summer barbecues. Serving up hot dogs on these little plates would be sure to make your guests smile.... [More]


Co-ord Floral Blazer

We scoff at standard solids and hip-hip-hooray for this Co-ord Floral Blazer ($130). It is dry-clean-only, which sucks. But really, all that means is that we'll never wash it. We're thinking super skinny black trousers, a sock bun, and some chunky gold bangles will help pull off this daring look... [More]


Polariod Z2300

Shaking it like a Polaroid picture may be a thing of the past, but Polaroid isn't out of the instant gratification game just yet. They recently introduced the Z2300 Instant Digital Camera ($160) which is both a camera and a printer, spitting out a two-inch-by-three-inch print of your snap in... [More]


Bloom Coco Baby Lounger

We love our children. That's a given. But we don't love the fact that NOBODY knows how to follow a registry anymore. So we ended up with fourteen different patterns on a million different kinds of baby crap. Around the eight-month mark, we just donated every single piece of baby... [More]


Magic Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers

When we were little, we knew what we wanted to be when we grew up: fairy princesses, obviously. Now that we're old and jaded, we know that these Magic Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers ($15) are about as close as we're going to get to the dream. But at least... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Savannah Bee Winter White Honey

You know that one item that you find on vacation and fall in love with, immediately buy, and probably gift to everyone in your family the following Christmas? Savannah Bee Winter White Honey ($6) is that item for us. Delectable Idaho Rocky Mountain wildflower honey is whipped into a frothy... [More]


Jack Wills Doxford Dress

Little Bo Peep lost her sheep, but we bet if she wore this Jack Wills Doxford Dress ($198), she would know how to find them. The scalloped lace tiers would direct her down the lane, the darling silk bow would lead her to the river, and the mid-thigh length would... [More]


Graphic Image Leather Coffee Cozies

Our boss got us all reusable coffee mugs for Christmas last year. And that was great, and all. Until we started mixing up our creams and sugars with vanilla pumps and cinnamon sticks. These Graphic Image Leather Coffee Cozies ($28) keep our Americanos and Dirty Chais separate, and our Skinny... [More]


Monster Shark Smart Phone Cozy

Did you know that the prehistoric megalodon had a mouth large enough for a man to walk upright in? We don't know who would willingly do that, but...according to those specs, your iPhone in its Monster Shark Smart Phone Cozy ($16) is the equivalent of a Tic Tac. A very... [More]


Better Off Wed Whimsical Cake Topper

The wooden cake toppers from Better Off Wed are just as sweet as any cake we'd stick them in. While there are many more than a baker's dozen to choose from, our favorite is the Whimsical Wedding Cake Topper ($55). There are several color options, if you're looking to match... [More]


Pico Range Espadrilles

Just as easy as flip-flops and ten times more polished, these Pico Range Espadrilles ($40) transition from beach to boardwalk with ease. We love 'em matched with rolled denims, a breezy white tee, and a mussed side braid. They're like wearing a South American vacation on your feet. Love!... [More]


Koh Gen Do Organic Cotton Pads

You buy the best eye makeup remover, the best mascara, and the best eye cream. So why are you buying rough cotton pads? Koh Gen Do Organic Cotton Pads ($12) are luxuriously soft and help remove makeup without the drag or scuffing that can happen with everyday drugstore fare. Yes,... [More]

Dryer Mate Balls

Dryer Mate Balls

We cherish the way our freshly laundered clothes feel when they come out of the dryer, but we're not so fond of using chemicals to get them that way. We're getting a lot of use out of these Dryer Mate Balls ($4), which are reusable hypoallergenic balls that reduce static... [More]


Kendra One-Shoulder Tunic

Give your date the sexy once-over in this Kendra One-Shoulder Tunic ($30). Cinched at the waist and forgiving in the buttocks region, this is the kind of top that can really make up for all the sad eating you've (read: we've) been doing since February.... [More]


Flappin' Jack Pancake Mix

Making from-scratch pancakes on a Saturday morning is a nice thought, but our brains are not ready for such complex activities (insert lazy tone) after a late Friday night. We prefer to achieve mom-quality fluffy pancakes with Flappin' Jack Pancake Mix ($11). They're easy, they taste great, and they provide... [More]


Gianvito Rossi Bow Tie Sandals

Black-tie wedding to attend? You can pretty much wear any dress in your closet as long as you pair it with these Gianvito Rossi Bow Tie Sandals ($875). Though, at that price, you might as well buy a fabulous new gown that's long enough to cover your well-worn classic pumps... [More]


Banded Champagne Coupes

You guys, we're pretty freakin excited about the new Gatsby flick coming out this winter. But winter is a long ways away (and thank goodness for that, generally). We plan to maintain our excitement by channeling our inner roaring '20s party gal, sipping bubbly out of these Banded Champagne Coupes... [More]

Rice Eclat Cleanse Oil-small.jpeg

Rice Eclat Cleanse Oil

We came away with baby-smooth faces after using this Rice Eclat Cleanse Oil ($76) to rinse away makeup and the daily grime. And then we wondered... if rice lipids are smoothing, is rice cereal the reason babies have such soft, kissable skin? That stuff gets all over the place. Deep... [More]


Takeya Lemonade Maker

Oh man, it's hot. But instead of complaining (further) about the hundred-degree weather, we're choosing to make lemonade. Literally. A big tall glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade is really hittin' the spot, and with this Takeya Lemonade Maker ($23), it's easy to keep them coming. The juice attachment lets you squeeze... [More]


The Dot Print Backpack in Blue

Is school starting soon? It's only been a week and we're already over summer vacation. Bring on new school wardrobes, fresh pencils, and spiral-bound notebooks! And especially bring on The Dot Print Backpack in Blue ($52). JanSport, we love you, but it's time to have a little fun with school... [More]


Paul & Joe Cosmetics Pouch II

Before you naysay adding another makeup bag to your collection, we'd just like to point out that this Paul & Joe Cosmetics Pouch II ($38) is covered in adorable kittens. How can you say no to sweet little kittens? We thought so.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Nikki's Vacation Duds

Nikki writes: "I must admit that I'm borderline obsessed with your blog, so who better to come to with a personal shopping request? I've come across a couple outfits on Pinterest that I absolutely adore, and therefor must have; however, I cannot seem to find anything like them when shopping... [More]


Laguna Concrete Fire Column

Restoration Hardware calls this item a "Concrete Fire Column" ($129), but we know it by a different name: Anytime S'mores Enabler.... [More]


Groove Crop Yoga Pants

If you're anything like us, finding a pair of yoga pants can be a real hassle. First, you have to find a pair that doesn't cut you off at an unflattering length. Second, they can't be so thin that your cellulite (what, you don't have cellulite? show-off) peeks through. And... [More]


Cascade Chandelier

We've shown you a lot of impractical yet very beautiful chandeliers over the years, but this Cascade Chandelier ($448) has to be the winner in that category. It's made up of tiny vases so that you can have a fixture overflowing with flowers... that doesn't give off any light whatsoever.... [More]


Not So Serious Sea Green Camisole

If ever we wanted to serve as a backdrop for The Little Mermaid: The Musical, we'd be able to do so wearing this Not So Serious Sea Green Camisole ($117). The kelp-like ruffles help to camouflage our lack of clamshells. Sadly, an enthusiastic fishy friend does not accompany this top.... [More]


Cult Nails Divas and Drama Collection

The Cult Nails Divas and Drama Collection ($35 on sale) has every color you need to capture your daily (or hourly) mood. Wear pale pink Enticing when you want to look ladylike. Channel a fresh, beachy feel with the orange Creamsicle-inspired Scandalous hue. Get the hugely popular turquoise tone with... [More]


Milly Tania Printed Coat

Looking a bit like an early version of Tetris, this Milly Tania Printed Coat ($247) appeals to our geekier sentiments. Not nearly as much as these beaker glass tube vases do, but enough to incite us into a Nintendo frenzy. And yes, we kept ours. And it still works. Go... [More]

Hanger Hamper

Hanger Hamper

Does it make you want to scream when your messy beloved significant other throws unwanted hangers on the closet floor? If so, we have just the gadget for you. The ingenious Hanger Hamper ($15) can be tucked away in the corner and your hangers can stay organized. It's a win-win... [More]


Personalized Coral Cell Phone Case

You know what's really embarrassing? Showing up at a party with our iPhone wearing the same dress as someone else's iPhone. We jest. Sort of. Sharing a unique (or so we thought) case with someone we have nothing in common with is annoying. We'll make sure we're rockin' our own... [More]


Loudmouth Golf Hot Dog Skort

So your husband recently picked up golf as a means to get out of the house on weekends. And you'll be damned if he gets off that easily. Weekends are reserved for family time, not drinking time with buddies (well, wine doesn't count). So when he announces that he has... [More]


Flower Garden Outdoor Pillow

If you're not the green-thumb type, no worries! Adorn your outdoor spaces with a few of these Flower Garden Outdoor Pillows ($49) instead. They'll bring depth and texture to your decor, and since polyester poppies don't stain, wither, or die, they'll stay cheerful all year. Make sure to take them... [More]


Kimchi Blue Field Day Romper

When the dog days of summer hit we get laaaaaazy. We think it's half to do with this sauna of an apartment and half to do with our brain remembering a time when summer meant bouncing between reading for pleasure and kicking our brothers' trash at Mario Kart. Whatever the... [More]


Sacred Space Spray

Supposedly, Sacred Space Spray ($30) works to "purify and clear space of negative and residual energy." We're translating that as instructions to spray two squirts directly into the face of your Debbie Downer sister-in-law. Let us know how it goes. P.S. We're kidding about spraying someone in the face. For... [More]


Raviya Cover Up

We spent a stupid amount of money on our bathing suits this year. And we're not about to ruin them with ice cream, shaved ice, or melting popsicles. We'd much rather spill tasty summer treats all over a Raviya Cover Up ($28 on sale). That's not to say this kimono-sleeved... [More]


Salt: Cooking With the World's Favorite Seasoning

We're embarrassed to admit it, but at one point we thought that the Morton iodized salt we purchased in two-pound boxes from Costco was equal to any of the fancy sea salts we'd seen on the market. We've repented since actually discovering the world of salt, we promise. Salt: Cooking... [More]


The Body Shop Coconut Soap

Come summer, we get a little obsessed with coconut. We load our cars with coconut air fresheners, wash our hair with the tropical scent, and try to bake the flakes into a dessert at least once a week. Excessive? Maybe. But it's only natural that we'd buy The Body Shop... [More]


Around the World Leather Watch

According to our watches, it's time to be just about anywhere except work. Which sounds about right. Around the World Leather Watch ($34).... [More]


Owlphabet Indie Print

Literally, three out of every four of our friends either have had or are having babies this year. Talk about trouble finding unique gifts for baby showers. We're skipping the onesies and going straight to cool room decorations. This Owlphabet Indie Print ($20) is perfect for that hipster mama who's... [More]


Jardin Maxiskirt

We love maxi skirts. Partly because they hide the fact that we shave our legs once a week (if we're feeling ambitious), partly because they make us feel like bohemian nomads, and partly because maxi skirts look good on everyone. J.Crew's Jardin Maxiskirt ($118) comes in crisp blues so serene... [More]


SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette

For once, a mega-palette from which we could actually see ourselves using nearly all of the included shades, instead of just going back to four or five colors again and again! The SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette ($55) includes thirty-five shadows spread across most of a rainbow... [More]


Bathing Beauty Swim Bag Set

We've destroyed too many vacation outfits with exploding sunblock in the suitcase to pass on this Bathing Beauty Swim Bag Set ($60). The terry Bathing Suit bag has two compartments and the vinyl Lotions & Stuff bag is easy to wipe up in case of a spill.... [More]


Strolling Through Sunday Dress

Sweeter than a chocolate-covered cherry topped with homemade whipped cream, this Strolling Through Sunday Dress ($110) takes the cake for summer sundresses. Serve it up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a pair of espresso espadrilles for a tasty weekend among friends.... [More]

New-York-In-A Box-small.jpg

New York In A Box

You New York City transplants and West Coast hipsters alike can make sure your kids grow up enjoying one of the coolest skylines on the planet when you buy New York In A Box ($16). Just make sure to also teach them the joys of Central Park, Chinatown, and the... [More]


Cath Kidston Jam Jar Kit

We can't seem to resist picking up a flat of bright ruby strawberries every time we hit the farmers' market. And as much as we love those fresh berries, it's starting to become a problem. Instead of letting those delicious sun-ripened fruits go bad, we're going to hold a preserves-making... [More]


Drive Replica Racer Jacket

True story: one of our girlfriends got invited to a "Villains Party" (years out of college, the occasional theme party still comes around) and decided to go as Gosling's character from Drive. We spent hours of our lives that we'll never get back searching every vintage and thrift store within... [More]


Handy Shredder

We like to keep Handy Shredders ($12) in our purses to destroy all evidence that we (don't judge) sometimes hit up Godiva two or three times a week. No one has to know except us and the waistbands of our favorite jeans. Kidding aside, this small shredder is ideal for... [More]


KIND Healthy Grains

KIND bars are one of our go-to snacks and hunger-abaters, but KIND has now gone beyond (and dare we say above) the bar with their new Healthy Grains ($35/6-pack). They're granola-like clusters that you can eat with milk, with yogurt, or just straight outta the bag. With flavors like Peanut... [More]


Aero Minerale Hydrating Mineral Foundation

We're always keeping one eye out for makeup that truly feels like we're not wearing any at all. But that still, you know, makes us look effortlessly gorgeous and gives the appearance of fresh, dewy skin. The Hydrating Mineral Foundation ($20) from Aero Minerale meets that tall order and raises... [More]


Mara Hoffman Chiffon Long Cocoon Wrap

We have no tropical vacation or luxe resort stay in our immediate future, but we'd consider planning one just so we have a reason to splurge on this über-chic Mara Hoffman Chiffon Long Cocoon Wrap ($396). We're digging the awesome print, billowy cut, and sleek texture of this silk piece.... [More]


Paddle Fan

Remember, you're the one who thought it would be sweet to have a garden wedding in the middle of scorching hot July. Do your guests a solid and make your wedding favors Paddle Fans ($2). They'll keep your guests cool, match your color scheme, and possibly even lead to some... [More]


I'd Rather Be: a Lawn Flamingo Zoologist

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate... [More]


OH NO not you again! Doormat

We reserve the OH NO not you again! Doormat ($23) for a select few. Surprise three-hour-stay visitors (working at home doesn't mean you actually work at home, right?). Noisy in-laws. Neighbors who constantly ask us to babysit their kids while they run to the store. You know who you are.... [More]


Aqua Blue Bottle Opener

If we'd designed this Aqua Blue Bottle Opener ($9) we would have made it say "Open Here. Open Often." Not that we need a reminder. We know exactly where to go for liquid relief.... [More]


Wild Horses Jersey Dress

We used to laugh at t-shirts covered with running horses, their manes blowing in the wind. Honestly, we still get a chuckle out those tees. We would never, however, laugh at this Wild Horses Jersey Dress ($39). The only thing that could make us need want it even more is... [More]


MOR Lychee Flower Soap

We love all things lychee, and MOR Lychee Flower Soap ($14) is def tops on our list. With a fresh, fruity scent and rich lather, this soap is a treat for the shower. But we like to keep it tucked away in our unmentionables drawer so our silkies smell divine.... [More]


Sunset Scarf

Keep your wedding outfit looking sharp long after the sun has set in this Sunset Scarf ($150). We're certain that hot twenty-something groomsman will be bringing you drinks from the free bar all night.... [More]


Tree Crewel Embroidery

With all our friends popping out babies, we're starting to run out of cool baby shower gifts. We're getting a little sick of buying onesies, bottles, and baby shampoo, and we're planning on giving this Tree Crewel Embroidery ($14) to our next round of knocked-up besties. We'll give it as... [More]


MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara

Oh, these gorgeous lashes? We were born with them... Feel free to hate us. MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara ($15).... [More]


Indigo Flats with Peacock Embroidery

We'll have to take extra-special good care of these Indigo Flats with Peacock Embroidery ($195). We have a tendency to tear the crap out of our fabric flats, and these, each one made of hand-embroidered indigo silk, are far too pretty to meet the same fate. Maybe we'll wrap them... [More]


Old Mill of Guilford Gingerbread Mix

We know gingerbread is typically associated with winter and cold weather, but there are plenty of ways to get this spicy dessert into your summer baking repertoire. Top a cake whipped up from Old Mill of Guilford Gingerbread Mix ($8) with tangy lemon sherbet or an orangey dollop of whipped... [More]


black + blum Lunch Pot

We've finally embraced that whole "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" thing and we're working on getting something into our stomachs before noon. Sleep is too precious for us to get up any earlier, though, so each night we assemble some sort of breakfast option in this... [More]


Ruffle Rose Pillow

The innocence of the Ruffle Rose Pillow ($29-35) is what gives it its charm. There's no need for fancy designs or busy prints - the recycled wool and cashmere in soft colors bring a unique, welcoming air to any room. When we get home after long day at work, a... [More]


Scrabble Refrigerator Magnet Set

The Scrabble Refrigerator Magnet Set ($15) lets you spell whatever you fancy on your icebox. For example, LEFTOVERS, crossed with EAT and YOUR. That's a fifty-point bonus for using all seven tiles, a reminder to finish your restaurant doggy bag before making another meal, and a passive-aggressive way to suggest... [More]


Rieuse Ecru Dress

Our dreams of being ballerinas were completely dashed when over the summer after seventh grade we grew nearly five inches and gained more than enough weight. Blast! But that didn't stop us from loving our ballet shoes and the gorgeously breezy wrap skirts we wore to ballet class. We still... [More]


Visage de Layla Line Filler

Remember that joke you keep making? About how you're going to say you're twenty-nine for every birthday until you're forty-five? Now you can. Only it won't be very funny, because no one will notice you're pulling a fast one. (Unless you make the mistake of inviting people who already know... [More]


Explore Reminder Necklace

World starting to seem narrow? It's time for a wearable reminder of the wide range of possibilities waiting in the great unknown. This Explore Reminder Necklace ($48) features a silver compass pendant, and comes with a clever little card to help set you back on the right mental track.... [More]


Chooka Rain Clogs

There are few places we don't wear our heels, but the backyard in the rain is certainly one of them. Instead, we slip on these Chooka Rain Clogs ($15) while taking advantage of the rare summer rain shower. These waterproof clogs also work great for washing the car, running to... [More]


Line Dried Laundry Fragrance

It's something we know we really ought to be doing: line-drying our laundry. It's better for the environment. It lowers our electric bills. And our clothes end up smelling like heaven...or car exhaust or the neighbor's dogs, depending on which way the wind is blowing. Sorry, Earth, but we'll most... [More]


Core Bamboo Bread Slicer

It's an age-old question. Which came first? Sliced bread, or the Bread Slicer ($11)? While you're mulling that over, we're gonna help ourselves to a few fresh hunks of baguette.... [More]


Kabuki Belt

Business in the front, fashion explosion in the back - that's how we'd describe this Kabuki Belt ($71). The simple pale pink band twists into a stunning knot for an eye-catching detail. Don't even think about wearing it with a pattern - solids are a must with this piece.... [More]


Black & White Bullseye Cotton Change Purse

Look into our eyes... You want to take us shopping... You want to buy us a new wardrobe... You will not complain when we try on one of everything in the store... You will happily hold the bags so our hands are free to pick up more things.... At the... [More]