Personal Shopper: Fleece Peacoat for Jamie

Jamie writes: "Hi ladies! You've come to my rescue twice before and I'm back again! I recently lost my fave lightweight spring coat. I think it was Roxy or Billabong and it was a glorious cropped peacoat in a comfy sweatshirt-y material that I could put over anything. I have... [More]


Gallant & Jones Deck Chairs

Soak up the sun in style this summer by relaxing in a Gallant & Jones Deck Chair ($420). The chairs come in a plethora of modern UV-resistant fabric options, from floral to paisley to stripes. We're pretty keen on this orange chair, but wouldn't mind filling our backyard with a... [More]


Custom House Gull Tote

We've got to get ourselves one of these Sea Bags. Each eco-friendly tote is made from pieces of recycled sails, meaning that the bags are both durable and completely unique. The Custom House Gull Tote ($130-150) takes the latter quality a bit further, for that matter: the designers hand-stitch the... [More]


Emotionally Unstable Dish Towel

When we need to have ourselves a good cry, we've generally got two choices: watch Beaches, or chop onions. At least with the latter, we'll be part way towards a tasty dinner, whereas Beaches only gives us a pile of nasty tissues and sore throats from singing along with Bette... [More]



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Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set

Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses? Please. We see the world through all the colors. And not just on the weekends. This Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set ($37) is awesome for passing your vibrant attitude towards life on to smaller, more malleable wee people. Buy it as a gift for... [More]


Rosemary Mini Flatbread

We can think of at least three reasons why these Rosemary Mini Flatbreads ($7) should have a special place in your kitchen/diet. One, they turn basic chicken salad into a mouth-watering experience. Two, they're an easy addition to Italian fare. Three, they make a delicious snack dipped into hummus. Those... [More]


ASOS Canvas Fish Shopper

While we may not tote around the ASOS Canvas Fish Shopper ($44) at the fish market (it's a little too meta for us), we could be convinced to pack it up and hit the beach. It's one-hundred-percent cotton canvas, so when we inevitably find sand in all its corners and... [More]


COOLA Sunscreen for Body

When we apply sunscreen, we do so with a plugged nose. We hate that faux banana scent that accompanies most sun protection formulas. The unscented version of COOLA Sunscreen for Body/a> ($30) gives us all the sun protection that we need without all the stankonia. Plus, it's super moisturizing thanks... [More]


Kimchi Blue Silky Lace Hem Midi Dress

Come summer we'll be wearing this Kimchi Blue Silky Lace Hem Midi Dress ($99) every. Single. Day. We'll gladly swap out sweaty-crotch denim shorts and stinky-armpit tees for a breezy frock. Wear it as a beach cover, or top it with gobs of vibrant bead necklaces for the perfect wedding... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Dripping Branch Earrings

These Dripping Branch Earrings ($12) definitely have some gothic overtones: gold-hued branches accented with faceted teardrops of blood-red coral? Sounds like the perfect accessory for the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere, which we expect will also be full of cheap thrills. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of... [More]


Original Thoughts Recycled Scout Journal

Jack Handey had SNL. You've got this Original Thoughts Recycled Scout Journal ($6). Though not so public, this notebook has the potential to make you laugh just as hard at your own clever musings (think middle school diary) as at those of Sir Handey.... [More]


Tiered Brass Pendant Shade

Add some major art deco attitude to your apartment with this Tiered Brass Pendant Shade ($64). Aside from the fact that it jazzes up stark apartment lighting, it also doubles as the coolest lampshade you'll ever drunkenly wear on your head.... [More]


Sephora by OPI Indian Summer Mini Set

The colors in the Sephora by OPI Indian Summer Mini Set ($18) are so enchanting, we bought them the moment we stumbled across them in the store. But when we took them home and actually paid attention to the names on the bottles, we realized how good an idea this... [More]


Bleached Flowers Thermos Flask

This Bleached Flowers Thermos Flask ($26) is so sweet they'll never guess it's not just pink lemonade in there. What's a picnic without a pick-me-up anyway?... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Thora Platform

We couldn't decide on a color for our new pair of summer sandals, so we we opted instead for the Jeffrey Campbell Thora Platform ($175). We're thinking it's got us covered no matter what hues we choose each day. Plus, it adds a fierce seven inches to our height, for... [More]


Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves Spray

If you're one of those people who waits eagerly all year for salty beach hair, wait no more. Achieve those tousled locks no matter what month it is with Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves Spray ($25). Part of the Summer Hair collection, this stuff gives you the look of those... [More]



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Din Din Platter

Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter

It is so important to introduce the five food groups to your little one at an early age, and the Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter ($18) makes that so much more fun for him (and for you). Plus, it keeps each course perfectly separated for those picky eaters who... [More]


Kenzo Wavy Stripe Knit Sweater Dress

Chevron print is a little too uptight for summer apparel. We much prefer the relaxed lines in the Kenzo Wavy Stripe Knit Sweater Dress ($1,125). Perfect for dates on chilly summer nights or meeting clients in a restaurant that is just a tad bit too nippy, this frock will keep... [More]


David Yurman Fragrance Limited Edition Essence Collection Quartet

David Yurman does a lot of things well, but he does fragrance perfectly. This David Yurman Fragrance Limited Edition Essence Collection Quartet ($75) contains his three popular Essences, Exotic, Fresh, and Delicate. But it also contains a the new limited edition Summer Essence, which is a zippy floral scent which... [More]


Nigella Express

Recently we saw a grown woman purchasing a cartful of frozen cardboard pizzas and canned soups. Honestly? That's teen boy food. Life's too short. Sure, we're all crazy busy, but that's no excuse to suffer through freezer-burned TV dinners. We deserve more! Call an end to that madness with Nigella... [More]


Braydon Cuff

We're loving the combination of pink and gold in this Braydon Cuff ($50). In fact, we think we might make it the inspiration for a completely pink and gold ensemble. Unfortunately, our recent attempts at getting that perfect summer gold in our tan have resulted in something much closer to... [More]



Did you know that every year you waste an average of five hours* (that could be spent watching reruns of The Walking Dead) wrapping gifts? It's almost guaranteed that you'll lose the tape while cutting the paper, or that the scissors will wind up on the other side of the... [More]


Gamago Record Placemats

Girl, put your records on (the table, and don't let us see you spill your dinner on your brand-new furniture). Keep your dining table looking like new with these cool Gamago Record Placemats ($18). Go ahead, let your hair down. Just not at the expense of a nice wood finish.... [More]


Yves Saint Laurent Terre Saharienne - Poudre de Soleil Bronzing Powder

What is there to say about Yves Saint Laurent Terre Saharienne - Poudre de Soleil Bronzing Powder ($50) other than everything?! Its beauty in the package is rivaled only by how fantastic it looks on the skin. Sun Radiance pigments highlight all the right places, giving your face a gorgeous... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Hot Wedding Guest Dress for Halie

Halie writes, "I really really need some expert help here. I've had a rough start to the year - broke up with my boyfriend, job stresses, major illness that has caused me to put on weight - and I've really been feeling down on myself going into the summer. In... [More]


Julie Rofman Wide Beaded Bracelet in Galapagos

Every so often, we discover a product that needs no words. It just sits there and sells itself. So... Wide Beaded Bracelet in Galapagos ($175) But for those who need a little verbal encouragement, might we point out how perfectly this bracelet works for any girl from any walk of... [More]



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No7 Poppy King Lipstick in Power

Sometimes, a product comes into your life that you didn't know you were looking for, and upon finding it you know that you'll never be able to live without it. That's what No7 Poppy King Lipstick in Power ($20) was for us. We've been wearing pink lipstick for as long... [More]


The Cooler Outdoor Eucalyptus Cooler

Not that we have anything against a big plastic bucket holding the drinks at a BBQ (we're getting free drinks, right?), but once in a while something a little more classy is nice. The way we see it, if everyone else is going to get sloppy by the end of... [More]


Badgley Mischka Surplice Stone Blousson One-Piece

We certainly won't be winning any Olympic swim medals wearing this Badgley Mischka Surplice Stone Blousson One-Piece ($120). The draped front is gorgeous, but towing a small rowboat might result in less drag than would this. But the only event we're planning on participating in at the pool this summer... [More]


Sweet Little Note Cards

You know what's sweet? Giving a friend an awesome tote (that you sewed yourself) for her birthday. You know what's not sweet? Never getting thanked for your efforts. As Stephanie Tanner would say, "How rude!" We make sure we're never on the offending side of this particular story by having... [More]


Artisanal Bamboo Salt Chest

During our formative years, there were three kinds of salt in the house: table, kosher, and rock. And that seemed like a lot. We confess that we're still trying to figure out the whole salt pairing movement, but we think it would be fun to hold a tasting party with... [More]


GAP 1969 Perfect Boot Jeans

It seems like current trends are changing faster than we can change our underwear. And in case you were wondering, that takes about five seconds. Less, if we're motivated. Thankfully, there are things that never go out of style: a perfect pair of figure-flattering jeans, a basic black tee, or... [More]


Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press

We estimate the likelihood of our overeating frozen treats this summer to be upward of ninety-nine percent. Who can resist making mini desserts? Honestly. Aside from being cute, the Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press ($15) allows us to make a plethora of dreamy sweet bites in flavors you can't find... [More]


T3 Lace Obsession Featherweight Styling Set

A quick search for the word "lace" on our site would yield a bajillion results. We love to post about it, talk about it, and wear it - and now we love to blow-dry our hair with it! Sort of. The dryer in the T3 Lace Obsession Featherweight Styling Set... [More]


Anna Rabinowicz Agate Coasters

Crystals are reported to have magic powers. We don't really care. We'll think these Agate Coasters ($64) are magical enough if they prevent water rings from ruining our newly refurbished coffee table.... [More]


Crinkle Silk Self Belt Short

We will be extra careful not to sit down in a puddle of melted ice cream while wearing these Crinkle Silk Self Belt Shorts ($195). We somehow doubt the delicate tangerine silk would hold up well to a big splotch of rocky road, and we're looking forward to a long,... [More]


The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

We've been gobbling up Alan Bradley's delicious Flavia de Luce mysteries as fast as we can order them! Flavia, an eleven-year-old amateur detective who spends her days conducting experiments in the chemistry lab of her family home, seems to have a knack for finding trouble and solving crimes. The series... [More]


Banana Flask

Is that a banana in your pocket? Or are you just...drunk? Guess that's definitely a banana. Get your recommended five servings with this Banana Flask ($24). One banana, two banana, three banana, floor.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: POP Beauty Brit Pop Eyeshadow Palette

Spice up your life with the POP Beauty Brit Pop Eyeshadow Palette ($10). It's a little sporty, not at all scary, great for a ginger, probably not suitable for babies, and has just the right amount of posh for the ultimate girl power experience! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our... [More]


Multi Stripe Boat Neck Zip Pocket Dress

This Multi Stripe Boat Neck Zip Pocket Dress ($28) is the perfect frock for our Italian summer vacation. The modest neckline and cap sleeves mean we can wander into rustic churches to check out paintings without getting yelled at in a language we don't understand. But overall, it's still plenty... [More]


Ice Cream Scoop & Stack

Anyone who's had the pleasure of living near a Thrifty (now Rite Aid) with an ice cream counter understands the timeless appeal of their inexpensive (and tasty!) stacked scoops. But finding a scooper like that is nearly impossible - or so we thought. The Ice Cream Scoop & Stack ($16)... [More]


AHAVA Nature Delights 3 Piece Gift Set

We've been all about sets lately, realizing how much time they save us when we can't decide what to buy. The AHAVA Nature Delights 3 Piece Gift Set ($25) takes care of our bath and body needs, eliminating the need to look further in that department. (For now. For the... [More]


Artecnica Icarus Light

Icarus flew too close to the sun and melted his beautiful wings. This Artecnica Icarus Light ($100) gives you all the glory with none of the hubris. We plan on hanging it over a desk to stir creative thoughts and artistic musings.... [More]


Loup Charmant Silk Habotai Bloomers

We're tempted to take up cheerleading just so we'll have an excuse to bounce around in these Loup Charmant Silk Habotai Bloomers ($48). They're a perfectly adorable way to class up any accidental flashes of what's beneath our skirts (Take note, Britney Spears).... [More]


Pom-Pom Makers

At this very moment, we're adding pom-poms to everything. They're perfect for topping gifts, embellishing tea towels, and fancifying bed linens. We draw the line at jazzing up a bikini, though. That's a little too kitschy-sexy-Mexican-restaurant-hostess for us. Pom-Pom Makers ($6).... [More]


J.R. Liggett's Shampoo Bar

Prepare for a revelation: shampoo does not have to be a liquid. And no, we're not talking about the powdery stuff you throw on when you can't be bothered to actually wash your hair. We're talking honest-to-goodness solid-state cleanliness for your locks. J.R. Liggett's Shampoo Bar ($9) handily works up... [More]


EAT Wall Letters

You don't have to tell us twice! We already know our kitchen is where the magic happens, but these EAT Wall Letters ($29) remind our guests that we take stuffing the face serious. Eat up!... [More]


ULTA Pop Aganda Professional Nail Lacquer Set

We're too clumsy for jewelry. We're constantly bending bangles, snagging necklaces, or accidentally drawing blood with rings. So our makeup has to be what makes the statement. And, girls, the ULTA Pop Aganda Professional Nail Lacquer Set ($10) says a lot. Wham!, Bam!, Ka-Pow!, Bang!, and Zoom! speak volumes, telling... [More]


Owl Groove Mug

After a few too many cups of coffee in the morning we start looking like the birds on this Owl Groove Mug ($15). And we're fine with that. Who wouldn't be? Who?... [More]


Stone Floral Print Pleat Skirt

We adore the combination of coral pleats and elegant floral print in this Stone Floral Print Pleat Skirt ($78). We have absolutely no idea which of our tops would go with it, but we don't care. When we're planning what to wear for the day, we'll take it out and... [More]


Hazelnut Pear Frangipane Tart

Everyone already knows you're awesome. There's no need to take time from total world domination to bake a pastry. This Hazelnut Pear Frangipane Tart ($25) tastes as good as a homemade dessert (or even better, depending) and takes no effort to prepare. That leaves you with another few hours to... [More]



Been hounded by an imaginary rabbit lately? If you're feeling left out of the club, pick up Frank ($10). We can't guarantee that he'll predict the apocalypse, but he'll probably do a darned good job of looking cute and bunny-like while he holds up your coats or kitchen utensils.... [More]


Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector

We would never let the summer sun prevent us from spending time outside. We simply apply some Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector ($19), pull on a hat, pack an umbrella, and head out. This broad-spectrum sun protection blocks UVA and UVB rays, and also manages to prevent... [More]


Hermann Mini

Hey all you Summerfest-bound hippies and/or hipsters - listen to your mama's advice and bring plenty of sunscreen and water. Listen to our advice, and make your friends carry it, while you carry this Hermann Mini ($188). You'll look casually chic and your hands will be free for waving in... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: May 29, 2012

Neutral, neutral, neutral, neutral, GOOSE - we mean YELLOW! That sunny hue definitely stands out, but the more subdued options in the newest Shopping List poll from The Purse Page might be even more winsome in the long run. Which would you carry, if you had a lucky day at... [More]


Personal Shopper: Lindsey Attends a Traditional Muslim Wedding

Lindsey writes: "Dear Outblush, I am attending a traditional Muslim wedding this June....and I have NO idea what to wear. HELP! I am 5 foot 7 and a size 16. I typically like to have my arms covered a little, and I am not afraid of color or print. I... [More]


Soft Tones Blending Chalks

As much as these Soft Tones Blending Chalks ($17) look like an eye palette, resist the urge to do a smoky eye on your peepers. They're meant for coloring those cool pen-and-ink cards you've been crafting. We already have waaaaay too many art supplies, but we seriously want this set.... [More]


I Was Here Travel Journal

No more scrawling your name on bathroom doors and scratching your initials into dinette booths (though we hope you already know not to do that). The I Was Here Travel Journal ($17) is a cool notebook that helps keep track of where you've been, which restaurants you've tried, and what... [More]


Denby Monsoon Cosmic 4 Piece Place Setting

We're a long way off from tying the knot, so we're thinking we'll just buy ourselves a few of these Denby Monsoon Cosmic 4 Piece Place Settings ($62). Our mismatched college-apartment-era dishes could use an upgrade, and we love the spacey, Timothy-Leary-meets-Art-Nouveau paisley swirls much more than we would any... [More]


Pink Floral Bralet

We've found the perfect piece for that hot date to the drive-in: this Pink Floral Bralet ($38). Add a pair of skintight black capri pants and sky-high wedges for a sexy retro look that'll all but guarantee a movie make-out session. That, or a role with whatever local theater company... [More]


NVEY ECO Creme Deluxe Flawless Foundation

Humidity and heat do terrible things to our skin. We break out underneath all the sweat and makeup, which requires us to wear more makeup, which then leads to more breakouts. A good friend of ours turned us onto NVEY ECO Creme Deluxe Flawless Foundation ($60) earlier this year and... [More]


'80s Cell Phone Case

Break out your acid-washed jeans, neon tees, and... iPhone? This '80s Cell Phone Case ($20) uses your iPhone to recreate cool old-school style. Zack Morris would be soo proud.... [More]


Honey Badger Don't Care Koozie

Make yourself the life of a YouTube-lovin' party with this Honey Badger Don't Care Koozie ($10), which playfully celebrates the lovable characteristics of our favorite crazy nastyass mammal while keeping your cans of PBR cold and frosty. We think it's the perfect accompaniment to a "Bed Intruder" t-shirt and "Double... [More]


Emma Two Tone Pumps

Now that we're safe from gusts of frozen wind and black ice patches on the sidewalk, we're finally wearing our short skirts and high heels with confidence. The Emma Two Tone Pumps ($265) from Jean-Michel Cazabat are just screaming to be be worn with our shortest summer skirt on date... [More]


Special Edition Powder Foundation Case by Mamechiyo

Makeup is great and all, but the packaging is usually what grabs our attention. The Special Edition Powder Foundation Case by Mamechiyo ($13) for Shu Uemura Face Architect Glow Enhancing Powder Foundation doesn't even come with the makeup, and we still want it. The bright pop of pink combined with... [More]


Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Sauvignon Blanc

With the temps climbing and the sun shining, we need to switch out our favorite red vino for a light, refreshing white. Though the Diamond Sauvignon Blanc ($16) is on the drier side for a white, it has a full, fruity taste. If we're not careful, we may end up... [More]

animal-hands-temporary-tattoos- small.jpg

Animal Hands Temporary Tattoos

Take your hand puppetry to the next level with these Animal Hands Temporary Tattoos ($8). They'll make you the life of toddler birthday parties, and later might come in handy as a way to chat with your adolescents about awkward topics such as sex, drugs, and their real-life chances of... [More]


Jubilee Earrings

Don't do your summer celebrating without a pair of Jubilee Earrings ($26) adorning your lobes. They've got the right amount of red, white, and blue to help you show off your patriotism without going overboard. (Why do we always seem to get stuck standing next to the American flag spandex... [More]


Greenbo Railing Planter

Much to our disappointment, we don't have a ton of space for planting this summer. But the Greenbo Railing Planter ($28) is a great substitution for our absent garden! We've used a few planters for annuals and a few for herbs and small veggies, like banana peppers and cherry tomatoes.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Stila Fiesta Lip Glaze Trio

We can't imagine a better Cheap Thrill than the Stila Fiesta Lip Glaze Trio ($12). For what should cost us forty-one smackers, we can pay less than the cost of two drinks at the bar. And these three shades of summer will look a lot better on us than any... [More]


The Only Scootercase

We admit that at first, we laughed at The Only Scootercase ($300). But after we finished giggling over the expression of pure joy on the model's face, we realized that we sorta want one. Riding our luggage totally beats being ridden by our forty-pound duffel. We have a feeling that... [More]


Peach Hi Low Skirt

If you are anything like us, you have already bought six hi-low skirts this season. Well, meet lucky number seven. This Peach Hi Low Skirt ($37) has successfully tempted us into overstocking our wardrobe, thanks to its mouthwatering color and beautiful bands of sheer lace - which, by the way,... [More]


Desert Kimono Jacket

If we spent more than ten minutes in Sedona, we'd probably be stamping our feet and demanding someone find us a signal tower for our iPhones. But we can pretend we're earthy, chilled-out types while wearing this Desert Kimono Jacket ($98). A loose, comfortable piece in a light knit, it's... [More]


Retro Rocket Ship Cast Iron Bottle Opener

The Retro Rocket Ship Cast Iron Bottle Opener ($15) is ideal for exploring just how drunk you can get over a weekend. Given how easy this makes it to pop a lid, we're expecting your answer will be "very." Houston, we don't have a problem.... [More]


Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette

Browsing through Urban Decay makeup for work really causes problems with our impulse-buying tendencies. Before we know it, we have seven million different shades of eye shadow in our mailboxes with no way to organize them all. Luckily, they released the Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette ($18) this year,... [More]


Gypsy Chandelier

$65. Srsly. $65 for this Gypsy Chandelier (or $131 for a larger version), dripping with colored beads and crystals that give it that Versace mansion in Miami feel? We are going to have the most decadent dining room (okay, nook) EVER! Now all we need is gold leaf wallpaper, rococo... [More]


Pi'lo Correspondence Pillow

As much as we love the bold patterns and colors of modern decor, we still have a soft spot in our hearts for shabby chic. We swoon over lace duvets, sigh over ruffled lampshades, and give an audible "aww" over romantic accessories like the Correspondence Pillow ($88) by Pi'lo. We've... [More]


Old School Repp Lead

If someone were to walk us (this is not a kinky bedroom confession), we hope they'd at least pick a slick lead. No plain nylon shackle for us, thankyouverymuch. This Old School Repp Lead ($42) comes in many different colors and patterns, and is perfect for adding personality to your... [More]


Inflatable Medium T-Rex

We can think of about thirty awesome things we could do with this inflatable T-Rex ($20). Here's a sampling: - Hide him on the porch to scare away undesirable visitors - Use him as a pool float - Make him an excellent substitute lawn reindeer at Christmas time - Let... [More]


Hibiscus Print Maxi Dress

The color of the Hibiscus Print Maxi Dress ($90) is called Lemon Tart, which immediately makes us want to bake. No, scratch that. It makes us want to take this sweet summer dress out on the town, eat an expensive dinner, and order a fresh lemon curd tart for dessert.... [More]


The New Black Floyd - Ombre Shades 5-Piece Nail Polish Set

How is it that The New Black is releasing all these great polish collections at the same time? STOP!! Our wallets do not approve! Their latest need-it-now indulgence is the Floyd - Ombre Shades 5-Piece Nail Polish Set ($22). These five pink shades, ranging from dainty to deep, are handpicked... [More]


Venchi Crema Cacao

Oh, Nutella, you have a little competition. Venchi Crema Cacao ($17) steps it up by using roasted Piedmont hazelnuts and rich chocolate. We want to smear it on fresh croissants, on a warm shortbread crust, and directly on our tongue. A jar of this might even sweeten our disappointment over... [More]


Chill Cropped Tank

Feeling stressed? Fight the cortisol with this Chill Cropped Tank ($11). For one thing, you can't get away with wearing it anyplace that isn't fun - i.e. work. And if everyone you run into follows its clearly printed instructions, your day is bound to be a seriously laid-back one.... [More]


Shiprock Gold-Plated Multi-Chain Necklace

The Shiprock Gold-Plated Multi-Chain Necklace ($430) by Assad Mounser takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect combination of accessories to accent our summer duds. It also takes a good chunk out a summer paycheck, but goodness knows we've done worse damage in the past!... [More]


7 Billion Hearts Perfume

Humanity, rejoice! We just took our first whiff of 7 Billion Hearts Perfume ($30-225) by CB I Hate Perfume, and it all but restored our faith that this world is full of good and beautiful things. (We get the same feeling when we dip our toes into a lake or... [More]


Evidence Laundry Bag

The Evidence Laundry Bag ($25) is perfect for tossing your walk-of-shame clothes into when you get back to your room on Sunday morning. No one will ever know that you borrowed your roommate's lacy white tank top and ended up with jungle juice all over it.... [More]


Joseph Joseph Baking Gift Set

We're going to buy a few of these Joseph Joseph Baking Gift Sets ($45) and keep them on hand for any random bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, or just-because gift giving occasions that come up. Not only is this a useful combo of tools, but the colors are simply the best,... [More]


Too Faced Sun On The Run

Here's to you, Too Faced Sun On The Run ($20), for keeping us fierce and fresh. For ensuring our cheeks are sculpted and tan, no matter where the day takes us. For always being by our side, tucked neatly into our purse or pocket. For allowing us to be our... [More]


Old Navy Mixed-Print Split-Sleeve Tunic

We recently got back from a fab vacation in Puerto Rico (it's okay, you can be jealous) and we've got a little insider tip for you ladies. A pair of leggings and something like this Mixed-Print Split-Sleeve Tunic ($20) from Old Navy make for perfect comfortable travel garb if you're... [More]


Rachel Zoe Madison Colorblock Shift Dress

What's the difference here between colorblocking and just plain stripes? Truthfully, we don't really know, but apparently Rachel Zoe deems this Madison Colorblock Shift Dress ($325) to be the former. Stripes must be too pedestrian for someone as fabulous as Zoe. All the same, if we get compliments on our... [More]


Kimchi Blue Skimmer

After a weekend of flip flops it seems cruel to shove our carefully pedicured toes back into the tiny prisons we call shoes. Of course, we want to remain the picture of professionalism, so instead of wearing our flippies to the office, we're choosing the Kimchi Blue Twist Peep-Toe Skimmer... [More]


Seattle Chocolates Komforte Bars

We couldn't decide which Seattle Chocolates Komforte Bar ($4 each) to eat, so we may have bought all five. Each bar is made with yummy chocolate and nostalgically comforting flavors like French Toast, Ramen, and Apple Pie. The kooky Savory Ramen ended up being our favorite. Who figured out that... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Jean Pierre Cosmetics Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Nail polish isn't always ready for the adventure that is life. Our daily schedule can cause lesser lacquers to crack and chip under the pressure. But we can't let a little beauty mishap slow us down, so when that happens, we whip out one of our Jean Pierre Cosmetics Nail... [More]


J.Lingnau Crossed Fingers Necklace

There are plenty of good luck charms out there, but nothing beats closing your eyes and crossing your fingers! Designer J.Lingnau must have created the Crossed Fingers Necklace ($378) for those of us who are chronic finger-crossing types. With this, we can keep some fingers crossed at all times, leaving... [More]


Petal Dome Tent

Hold it right there. Before you go passing over this teepee as a kids' play tent, we need to make you aware that this is for adults! For adults, people! As in a grown up campout. Who says you have to go all Coleman to go camping? This whimsical Petal... [More]


Guerlain Summer Terracotta Gloss

Whether you're a bronzed beauty, blushing bride, or daring night owl, Guerlain Summer Terracotta Gloss ($32) has a color for you. Named after Pucci scarves, each of these shades has a personality and a story to tell. Porto Fino (coral pink) gossips about the bachelorette party in Vegas. Porto Ercole... [More]


IMAN Sweet Temptations Collection Luxury Lip Colors + Sheer Bronzing Powder Compact

There's a sweet little temptation down on the third floor who's been eyeballing us over meatball soup in the building cafeteria lately. There's no way we're going to be making him dessert without the IMAN Sweet Temptations Collection Luxury Lip Colors + Sheer Bronzing Powder Compact ($10). A little touching... [More]


butter LONDON Rock Off Glycolic Callus Peel

Sandal season means one thing: calluses. Yucky, ugly, rock-hard calluses that refuse to come off even with dedicated application of Ped Eggs and pumice stones. Naturally, the mani-pedi experts at butter LONDON have a solution that doesn't involve us using a power sander on our heels! Simply apply some butter... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Forever 21 Daisy Elastic Headwrap

[Insert obligatory sophomoric "daisy chain"* joke here] Forever 21 Daisy Elastic Headwrap ($1.50, available in 6 colors) What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping. *What, you think we're going to link to that on Urban... [More]


Odalisque Matches

Why go the the boring BIC lighter route when you can use these Odalisque Matches ($12) to ignite the flames candles at your sexy anniversary dinner? After all, you went to a lot of trouble to make an erotic (asparagus, anyone?) dinner. A box of strike anywhere matches doesn't quite... [More]


Turquoise Necklace

We really love this paper Turquoise Necklace ($12) from the charity Because of Hope. And we like that we're supporting the widows and orphans in Uganda who make these gorgeous handmade necklaces. We want to wear this all spring with a cool apron dress and earthy sandals. "Charity never faileth"... [More]


Peanut Butter and Himalayan Pink Salt Truffle Fudge Bites

You know what we really want for our birthdays? To hang out in bed with a good book, a box of chocolates, and an ice cold Diet Coke. We don't need the breakfast in bed or the flowers. We just want to overeat these rich peanut-buttery-fudgy confections. Is that too... [More]


Jute Tote

Nothing says summer like a relaxed Jute Tote ($75). They're so versatile! We plan on filling this roomy bag with beach essentials. You know: a current gossip magazine, a giant bottle of sunscreen, an extra pair of bikini bottoms to replace the itty bitty pair that are guaranteed to wash... [More]


Mineral Hygenics Light Coverage Flawless Face Brush

We started using mineral makeup years ago when our dermatologist suggested that our acne-prone skin might need a break from heavy foundation. Boy, was he right! Almost as soon as we took the makeup off and put the minerals on, our skin sighed a breath of relief. But with mineral... [More]


Open Back Sweater

We like our sweaters the same way we like our BBQ: a little saucy. Not that we'd gnaw on any drumsticks while wearing this Open Back Sweater ($50). A classic, elegant piece in the front, it adds just a bit of spice to the back with a split design. It's... [More]


Personal Shopper: T-Strap Heels for Commenter Gabi

Gabi asked in the comments for this Gifford Fringe Skirt: "Never mind the hula skirt... where can I get those hot t-strap heels?!" They're the L.K. Bennet Sail T Bar Sandals ($345). But since we know that not every reader has $345 set aside for strappy sandals, here are a... [More]


Global Blends Spice Kit

We've made it our mission to sample as many different cuisines as we can. Of course, our pocketbooks aren't deep enough for us to eat out every night, so when we're not eating duck confit at the new French place down the street, we'll be flavoring our homemade meals with... [More]


Korres Wild Rose Regimen Kit

Need to get your skin in tip-top shape before the summer officially starts? We love the Korres Wild Rose Regimen Kit ($40). The rose oils contain natural vitamin C for brightening skin and reducing dark spots and lines, and the overall formulas are mild, so even those of you with... [More]


Marais Open Oxfords

The Marais Open Oxfords ($110) are a delicious blend of a smart oxford shoe and a sweet Mary Jane flat. Can't you just picture them looking oh so perfect with your new mint-colored jeans? In fact, all these pretty shades are making us hungry. We need a cupcake swirled with... [More]


Nanette Lepore Pep Rally Dress

Summer elegance at its finest, the Nanette Lepore Pep Rally Lace Dress ($398) is an easy yet exquisite piece. You'll feel comfortable and look polished while you sip that boozy lemonade at an afternoon garden party. In fact, this dress is so stunning that even if you get a bit... [More]


Cooperative Shark Duffle Bag

Cooperative sharks are our favorite kind, as opposed to, you know, the sort that chew through your boat in order to chow down on you and your friends. This Cooperative Shark Duffle Bag ($39) helpfully enables you to tote around all sorts of useful stuff, from gym clothes to a... [More]


Leather Cargo Shorts

We love the idea of leather shorts, but it seems like most of the styles on offer were designed for ladies who work nights dominating corporate executives. These Leather Cargo Shorts ($75), however, would look perfectly appropriate without a whip and a ball gag as accessories. In fact, we think... [More]


Babell XL Tiered Serving Tray

This Babell XL Tiered Serving Tray ($52) reminds us of something the Mad Hatter would have on his tea table. Instead of pastries and a mouse in a teapot, we'll probably stack it high with party snacks or dinner party nibbles. It's an ideal space saver for our apartment-sized table... [More]


Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup

Being without the sun is no excuse to be without a tan. Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup ($38) gives you that radiant glow you've come to expect from catching a few rays without wasting your time (or your health) to get that deep bronzed glow. Rub a little onto your... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Bootie Babe Nail Polish

Freddie Mercury spoke the truth when he told us that fat-bottomed girls make the rockin' world go round, but despite Sir Mix-A-Lot's best efforts, they're still burdened with a bad rap. We're personally looking forward to the day big bottoms come back into mainstream vogue and we can pare back... [More]


Adore Me Arianna Lingerie Set

Maybe it's a quirk of ours or maybe it's just good sense, but when we have on a matching panty and bra, we feel organized, powerful, and prepared in case a hot nurse sees us in our underoos. But so many matching lingerie sets are mega-expensive or heinous. Or both.... [More]


Personal Shopper: An Ombré Swimsuit for Amy

Amy writes: "Hey outblushers! I was recently browsing online and found an absolutely gorgeous bathing suit that I must have this summer. The only issue is that it costs a little more than I was hoping to spend. The suit is on the Nordstrom website. Could a girl ask for... [More]


Jump Shirt

How we miss the days of our youth when we would hang upside down from the monkey bars for hours or daringly jump from a moving swing. Even if we're a tad timid in our old age (hey, we don't need any broken bones!), we can reminisce through the Jump... [More]


Alice + Olivia Butterfly Shorts

The designers at Alice + Olivia are clearly reading our site every day and the header has just as clearly made its way into their collective subconscious and manifested itself in these Butterfly Shorts ($198). If there was an official Outblush uniform, it would definitely include these shorts and glitter... [More]


Tory Burch Darya Dress

We've heard of mixing contrasting prints in the same colors in one outfit, but the same print in two different color palettes in one outfit? Now that's new, and of course, Tory Burch pulls it off with flair. This hammered silk Tory Burch Darya Dress ($180 on sale) is sure... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Heliotrope Moisturizing Natural Soap

Don't be that hostess who sets out a used bar of soap when guests come over. Stock up on Heliotrope Moisturizing Natural Soap ($9). At less than ten bucks a bar, you can afford to treat your guests to fig-, honey-, or sandalwood-scented soap that won't dry out their skin... [More]


Clarins "Relax" Body Treatment Oil

While everyone else is at the beach, poolside, or boating on the lake, we are still here, stuck in the office and working the best months of the year away. Understandably, we need something to help us unwind from stressful days. Clarins "Relax" Body Treatment Oil ($54) is filled with... [More]



Not too keen on placing your little one in those dirty, wobbly restaurant high chairs? Fear not! The mylittleseat ($30) safely hitches baby to chairs of all proportions so she can sit at the table with you. Younger children may not be tall enough to reach the tabletop, but she... [More]


Doutbtlush: Maria Oiticica Cross Section Necklace

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. This Maria Oiticica Cross Section... [More]


Pixi Lumi Lux Eye Palette

We are as indecisive about our eye shadow as we are about our boyfriends. Some days we want something warm and sensual, and other days we'd rather play around with something light and flirty. The Pixi Lumi Lux Eye Palette ($30) is like speed dating for girls with commitment issues,... [More]


Ainsley Lola Dress

What's the point of having a tan if you can't show it off? Since prancing around in a bikini anywhere other than the pool or the beach is frowned upon, may we recommend the Ainsley Lola Dress ($275)? Everyone will know how hard you've worked at your bronzed body. Or... [More]


Chip-Zel-Pop Pail Gift Tin

The Chip-Zel-Pop Pail Gift Tin ($41) from funkychunky may have a strange name, but the contents are plenty familiar! The salty-sweet snack packs potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn drizzled with caramel and three types of chocolate (dark, milk, and white) into one ginormous tin. We die! First from love and... [More]


Costume Department Silk Bralette

We know this Costume Department Silk Bralette ($66) isn't a real bra, because real bras are either uncomfortable or unflattering. This cobalt beauty, on the contrary, is a perfectly easy and flattering wear. Rock it solo on leopard print like this courageous model, or use it to sexify a white... [More]


AHAVA Gift of Small Pleasures

When we travel with a bag full of "small pleasures", it isn't full of All In One Toning Cleanser, Purifying Mud Mask, Essential Day Moisturizer, Mineral Body Lotion, or Mineral Hand Cream. If you know what we're saying. But we suppose the AHAVA Gift of Small Pleasures ($23) has its... [More]


36 Pencil Bowl

Why toss your pretty colored pencils in a craft box or desk drawer? The 36 Pencil Bowl ($59) from Shapeways helps you create a gorgeous tabletop piece out of your pencils. We like that we'll be able to see exactly what shade we're reaching for when we draw (and by... [More]


Lands' End Sleeveless Pieced V-neck Dress

Grandma's birthday is coming up, and we need an outfit that won't give her a stroke. This Sleeveless Pieced V-neck Dress ($99) looks like a safe bet. The classy cut, knee-length hem, and orange and pink pastel stripe pattern combine into a pretty package as sweet as strawberry sorbet. And... [More]


Cheap Thrill: ULTA Carnivale Nail Mini Set

Is that a Carnivale on your nails or are you just happy to see us? The ULTA Carnivale Nail Mini Set ($8) is so saucy and sexy that we'd be silly not to bring it along on all of our summer trips. It's the Rio Deal, Masque-parade, I Want Samba... [More]


Carol´s Daughter Ecstasy Shea Souffle

We admit that we have a tanning problem. Not the day-glow orange kind. We are natural tanners, wearing tank tops to garden, bathing suits to wash the car, and birthday suits on the back deck. Of course we wear massive amounts of sunscreen. But we still bronze. Carol´s Daughter Ecstasy... [More]


Anna Sui for Hush Puppies Fish Skimmer

Forget boat shoes, we're in love with these Anna Sui for Hush Puppies Fish Skimmers ($110)! The textured canvas upper and leather fish detailing put these streets ahead of all the other flats in our collections. We have a feeling we'll be living in these this summer, whether on the... [More]


Byredo Green Body Wash

We're all for going to the pool. And we're certainly not opposed to wearing sunscreen. But once we leave the deck, we don't necessarily want the scent of sun protection to linger around. We much prefer the petitgrain, sage, jasmine, and honeysuckle notes of Byredo Green Body Wash ($50). It... [More]


Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher

We've been meaning to find new ways to drink more water during the day, so when we found the Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher ($20), we were stoked. We'll fill up the pitcher with water, pack the center tube with the yummies of our choice (we love a melon-cucumber-mint combo), and... [More]


D.E.P.T. Paisley Border Flower Dress

Dress? It might just be the Amazon-legged model, but we're not so sure we'd be comfortable rocking something quite that short out in public... This D.E.P.T. Paisley Border Flower Dress ($79), though, has a lot of other cute stuff going for it, so we'd happily toss it on over leggings... [More]


butter LONDON Remover Trio

Changing up your nail polish is one of the fastest ways to add a new pop of color to your outfit. But with regular polish removers, you're left smelling like the bottom of a vodka bottle (that is your polish remover, right?). The butter LONDON Remover Trio ($19) contains three... [More]


Lolita Handcrafted Wooden Faced Sunglasses

We've had our eyes on several pairs of new plastic-framed sunglasses this spring, but they were all quickly forgotten when we saw the Lolita Handcrafted Wooden Faced Sunglasses ($75) by TUMBLEWEEDS. Each pair is finished with walnut veneer, which surrounds oversize purple lenses. We're pretty sure these will stop people... [More]


Blood is the New Black Metal Bears Distressed Tank Top

You know what's really metal? Not James Hetfield. Grizzly bears. We're entirely certain that a grizzly bear would out-metal every member of Metallica in about two messy seconds. That's why we're skipping stupid human band shirts in favor of this Blood is the New Black Metal Bears Distressed Tank Top... [More]


AMOREPACIFIC Natural Protector SPF 30 PA+++

You may get sick of our preaching about it now, but you'll thank us later. Wear sunscreen. Not just when you go to the beach or go camping over a weekend. Wear it every day. When you apply AMOREPACIFIC Natural Protector ($65) under your makeup, you aren't just wearing sunscreen.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Marrakech Spreader

We may not be creative enough to think past a cheese log when it comes to bringing appetizers to a party, but we are internet-savvy enough to have found this Marrakech Spreader from Leif ($10). This instantly perks up any platter with its bold print, and it's dishwasher-safe and small... [More]


Teal Knit Bikini

We're calling the rest of the ladies in our Crochet Club, because we're pretty sure we've found the coolest project ever: copying the pinup cuteness of this Teal Knit Bikini ($300). Sure, it'll put our needle skills to the test, but we figure that with careful study, we'll be able... [More]


Stila Set & Correct Baked Powder

If your face looks anything like ours do, you probably need some Stila Set & Correct Baked Powder ($34). We've got some blemishes, two sets of black circles, and less than radiant skin. So every morning, we apply a little peach, green, and lavender powder to counteract those issues. We... [More]


Huntington Dress

If we were going to a party at a Frank Lloyd Wright house, we figure we'd fit right in wearing this Huntingon Dress in Sundeck ($437). With its boxy shape and structured shoulders, it has a distinctly modern-art feel, which is a nice change from this season's flowing, bohemian styles.... [More]


Lola Haze Pink Launderie Bag

Wash your ooh la la delicates in something just as lovely, but twice as sturdy. The Lola Haze Pink Launderie Bag ($15) is perfect for laundry day and for travel; we feel better knowing that if our suitcases are rifled through at the airport, or our basket is left sitting... [More]

Personal Shopper Boarding School Bedding

Personal Shopper: A Funky Duvet For Boarding-School-Bound Tessa

Tessa writes: "Hello! I must say that I absolutely LOVE outblush! As of current, I am looking for a duvet cover. Next year I am heading off to boarding school (grades 9-12) and having the perfect bedding would be AMAZING! I am a teen who loves crisp bright designs. The... [More]


Bobeau Peplum Blouse

We can already imagine the way those summer breezes will feel brushing against our skin through this soft chiffon Bobeau Peplum Blouse ($58) We also think it would dress up the heck out of a pair of simple white shorts and some wedges. Comfort and class? That's a killer combination.... [More]


Clark's Botanicals Peter Som Limited Edition Travel Kit

Samples, samples, samples. Every company out there is tossing in samples to entice us to buy their products. Well, Clark's Botanicals, we like where you're going with this. The Peter Som Limited Edition Travel Kit ($59) is a set for full-size people and comes with two full-size Ultra Rich Lip... [More]


Trollied Dolly Sunflower Tea Dress

We want to go to tea! We'll wear tiny lacy hats and white gloves, and nibble on crustless cucumber sandwiches while we exchange social niceties. This Trollied Dolly Sunflower Tea Dress ($84) will have us looking and feeling demurely pretty as we sip our Darjeeling...hopefully with actual friends, instead of... [More]


Bungalow Bath and Body Raspberry Lemonade Sugar Scrub Cubes

This is going to be another one of those bath products we have to repeatedly tell ourselves, "Do not eat! Do not eat!", isn't it? Bungalow Bath and Body Raspberry Lemonade Sugar Scrub Cubes ($9)... [More]


ASOS Tank in Watermelon Print

Don't limit yourself to red, white, and blue outfits for your Memorial Day and 4th of July parties. The ASOS Tank in Watermelon Print ($31) is so much fun! It's loose-fitting and over-sized, so you can toss it on over your swimsuit when you're poolside, grab another mojito, and relax... [More]


Kiehl's Creme de Corps Soy Milk Honey Whipped Body Butter

During the hottest parts of the summer, the last thing we want is a heavy moisturizer. That combination makes sweating, moving around, and just general living so uncomfortable. Kiehl's Creme de Corps Soy Milk Honey Whipped Body Butter ($36) is a lighter-than-air lotion that delivers hydration without weighing us down.... [More]


Y Plywood Stool

The majestic lines of the Y Plywood Stool ($112) remind us of a diving whale. How cute would it be to plop a nautical-themed cushion on the seat and stick this bad boy in the corner of our reading room? And by reading room, we really mean living room, because... [More]


Aldo Hardenburg

The jelly sandal has come a long way from those sparkly cages of our youth. These minimalist Aldo Hardenburgs ($19 on sale) have a great pop of color and an even better price. Available in fuchsia, yellow or orange, these jelly sandals won't be going out of style nearly as... [More]


Burberry Nude Honey Lip Mist

We dig the whole nude look that is happening this year. But we don't dig going fully naked. We still need just a touch of color on our lips, and Burberry Nude Honey Lip Mist ($30) gives us a touch of color and a whole lot of hydration. Wild rose... [More]


Sea Adventures Necklaces

We're having trouble deciding which of the Sea Adventures Necklaces ($19 each) we want to call our own. Anchors are popular nautical symbols, but the ship appeals to our childhood dreams of high-sea adventure. What we do know is that we love how one side of each pendant is painted... [More]


Florence Wrap Dress

If we ever go through a crappy divorce, we're going to follow in Frances Mayes's footsteps and put ourselves directly on a plane to Tuscany. Once there, we'll don this adorable Florence Wrap Dress ($239), with its gorgeous wrap style and elegant zigzag print, buy ourselves a villa with all... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Simple Pleasures Melon Mist Hand & Body Cream

Maybe it's the packaging, maybe it's the South Carolina palm tree, or maybe it's the sweet melon scent, but this Simple Pleasures Melon Mist Hand & Body Cream ($10) has us singing James Taylor's "Carolina in My Mind" and longing for sweet tea, sunset, and summer naps in tree-slung hammocks.... [More]


Balenciaga Glycine Wedge Espadrille

We're looking to join the Mile High Club this summer. No, not the kind where initiation takes place in a jet lavatory - we're talking about the Mile High Shoe Club. But stilettos leave us wobbling like Weebles, so we'll opt for these Balenciaga Glycine Wedge Espadrilles ($935) to give... [More]


Mermaid Hooded Beach Towel

Though we wonder if there might be a smidgen of copyright infringement going on here, this Mermaid Beach Towel ($8) is something we would've been all over as kids. After we were done splashing around in the ocean pretending to be Ariel, this towel would've kept our fantasy going on... [More]


Tiffin Lunch Kit

Sure, it's fun to go out for lunch every day, but you know what's not fun? Realizing you can't buy the sex-on-a-stick wedge sandals you found at Bloomingdale's because you spent two hundred bucks on turkey and Swiss sandwiches from the crappy food cart. Bring your lunch in this Tiffin... [More]


Angel Dust Dress

If this dress had anything to do with actual angel dust, then wearing it would convince us that we could fly and read minds. Given that this could lead to some less-than-desirable consequences, we're glad that the Angel Dust Dress ($100) is free of hallucinogenic properties, sticking instead to being... [More]


Andre Walker Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner Gift Set

There have to have been a bajillion keratin-infused products released this year. We saw a blow-dryer in a store just this week that apparently somehow blew keratin out with the hot air. Is that even possible? Anyway, the wide selection causes some confusion as to which products are best, but... [More]


Mystical Night Jumper

If Studio 54 reopens for a night, we are so wearing this Mystical Night Jumper ($32). And we're really hoping it does reopen, because we are completely in love with this gold-accented, curve-hugging piece of polyester-spandex and have absolutely no idea where else we could possibly get away with wearing... [More]


American Apparel Multicolor Floppy Summer Hat

We've all been told to go big or go home at some point, but if you go big with a Multicolor Floppy Summer Hat ($38) from American Apparel, you won't have to go home. You can stay out in the sun much longer than your equally pale yet less prepared... [More]


Korres Cheek Butter

During the summer months, we like switching from our usual powder blush to a cream. It adds color to our cheeks without the matte heaviness. Our favorite Korres Cheek Butter ($25) glides on smoothly, wears well all day, and provides us with a flush of natural-looking color, as if we've... [More]



Why did no one think of the RAINRAP ($48) sooner?! It's a lightweight waterproof wrap that folds up into a tiny, easy-to-carry square. Out on the town and it starts to drizzle? No bigs, you've got a chic RAINRAP to keep you dry and covered. You can wear it in... [More]


Phantom Light Armchair

Want your pool deck to look like it's being haunted by the ghosts of furnishings past? Then the Phantom Light Armchair ($609) is for you. The polyethylene shells of these hollow light-up seats even make them look like they're wearing sheets, for a paranormal decor style straight of out Scooby-Doo.... [More]


Aegean Dress

We've been wanting to get our butts to the Greek Islands ever since we saw Mamma Mia! We're currently a few grand short in our vacation accounts, but we know it's only a matter of time, so we're going to pick up this Aegean Dress ($68) now. That way, it'll... [More]


Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Anti-Aging Total Body Elixir

The Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Anti-Aging Total Body Elixir ($30) has instructions that go a little something like this: 1. Find a suitable partner you wouldn't mind seeing naked. 2. Take a long, hot, luxurious shower or bath. 3. Light some candles and incense while your partner sets up a... [More]


Kimchi Blue Scallop Sandal

We need the right shoe to go with all of those flowing maxi skirts we've been stocking up on for summer, and we think we might have found it in these Kimchi Blue Scallop Sandals ($29). We love the flat style for how easy it will be on our feet,... [More]


Tuc+Wes Broke City Scoop Tee

Yep, we've lived there. It was during our post-college-36-cents-in-my-account-until-payday year (or three). We couldn't even afford the Broke City Scoop Tee ($32) from Tuc+Wes. It would have made us feel better about sipping a travel mug of Folgers while walking by our local Starbucks. Of course, we do realize that... [More]


Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition "A Powerful Punch" Mini Nail Set

The pint-size polishes in this "A Powerful Punch" Mini Nail Set ($10) are perfect for summer: minimal commitment, incredible vibrancy, an instant pick-me-up. Basically, this is the beauty version of that short-lived fling you're trying to start with the lifeguard.... [More]


Timed Race Watch Necklace

We want to ride our bicycles. We want to ride our bikes. And while riding them, we'll celebrate all things two-wheeled by accessorizing with this Timed Race Watch Necklace ($28), which features an adorable vintage-style bicycle pendant with a cute little clock built in. It'll be a sweet way for... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Mallory Stripe Jersey Jumpsuit

We're so excited to see that the romper trend is still going strong! Rompers rival sundresses as the most-worn summer pieces in our wardrobes. They're easy to wear, flirty, and casual, and come in plenty of flattering styles. Take the Mallory Stripe Jersey Jumpsuit ($198) from Marc by Marc Jacobs,... [More]


Origins Sunny Disposition Bronzer

Wouldn't you know it? Office buildings are not the best places to catch some sun. That would explain why, even though it's May, we still look like we're posing for Halloween pictures. Fortunately, Origins Sunny Disposition Bronzer ($21) turns any office bathroom into a trip to the beach. We swipe... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gold Shorts for Ryan's Girlfriend

Ryan writes: "Although I'm a guy, I still am a pretty avid Outblush reader. You always give me the best advice for gifts and other fun findings. I have a personal shopper request that I've been stumped on. My girlfriend has been looking for some gold/metallic shimmer shorts all spring.... [More]


Pipa Silk Coverup

Who cares if we're living in Nebraska? Even if we're a thousand miles or so from the surf and sand, we can think of plenty of reasons to wear this Pipa Silk Coverup ($180). We love its laid-back style and bold, poppy zigzag print, which we think make it a... [More]


I Could Eat A Horse Spaghetti Measuring Tool

Has the carb hunger come upon you again? Get exactly the fix you need with this I Could Eat A Horse Spaghetti Measuring Tool ($17). It's got four handy slots for measuring different portions of pasta, from child all the way up to the horse-shaped "family size". Though we're pretty... [More]


Givenchy Mister Radiant Body

When we're looking to add a little color to our skin without adding fourteen layers of Jersey-Shore-whore orange, we apply a little Givenchy Mister Radiant Body ($49). It deposits a subtle layer of tan while imparting a heavy dose of vitamin E, keeping our skin radiant and healthy without any... [More]


Woven Stripe Skirt

Summer? Winter? This Woven Stripe Skirt ($38) knows no season. We'll pair it with a slouchy white tank for a stylish July ensemble, or add some tights, tall boots, and a sweater for a January outing. We're digging the colorful zigzag knit, which seems thick enough for us not to... [More]


Lytess Body Shaper

We have been working out harder than ever in preparation for beach season. We are thrilled with the results and actually feel comfortable enough to hit the shore sans sarong this year. But there's no shame in a little extra help to keep our body looking fierce once we rinse... [More]


MarshHome Hand Painted Pastel Cupcake Stand

We tend to avoid cupcakes during bikini season, so we're perching some fruit on this colorful Hand Painted Pastel Cupcake Stand ($18). Our apples look much more appealing displayed on this than they do tossed in a bowl. Yet somehow we're still craving buttercream frosting...... [More]


Cha-Cha-Cha Sliding Triangle Bikini Top

We'll look cha-cha-cha indeed in teal, once we've self-tanned our way to our ideal summer gold. Yes - self-tanned. We want to maintain our youthful skin texture, thank you very much. Plus, real sun turns us pink, not brown. This Cha-Cha-Cha Sliding Triangle bikini top ($66), with its crochet texture... [More]


Trish McEvoy Classic Getaway Set

Trish McEvoy did the makeup-wearing population a great service when she put together her Classic Getaway Set ($68). Mascara, eyeliner, gloss, shadow: everything we need to primp and prep is right at our fingertips. Literally. We don't even need to find a brush to apply this makeup. A fingertip does... [More]


Cream Lace Lined Blazer

When we were kids sneaking episodes of Dynasty back in the 1980s, Krystle Carrington gave us some serious shoulder pad envy. The sleeve toppers on her seemingly endless series of sassy blouses and blazers always looked big and sharp enough to double as serving trays. With this Cream Lace Lined... [More]


Shark Bookends

In anticipation of Shark Week 2012 on the Discovery Channel, we're doing a little light library book reading on our favorite underwater predator. The books look so great all lined up and held together with Shark Bookends ($43) that we're seriously considering buying a few books on fish, seals, and... [More]


Mark and James Ritchie Heel

The lovely Mark and James Ritchie Heel ($240) comes in our favorite spring color: the pastel green-sage that reminds us of melt-away mints. We debated whether we should teeter our way to the grocery store in these shoes to buy some, but as much as we're interested to see how... [More]


eShakti Floral Embellished Patch Pocket Skirt

While it's neither neon nor pastel, the eShakti Floral Embellished Patch Pocket Skirt ($60) still makes us feel flirty and fresh for spring. It probably has something to do with those big gold flowers adorning the hem. Besides, if we're craving more color, this skirt'll look amah-zing with a bright... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Nail Rock Waikiki Palm Tree Nail Wraps

Waikiki is a magical place with bars, restuarants, hotels, shops, and markets to suit any fancy. We would know, because we live there. Go ahead, be jealous. It's okay. Soothe your pain with Nail Rock Waikiki Palm Tree Nail Wraps ($13): every time you look at your nails, you can... [More]


Big Buddha Angle Clutch

Our bigger-is-better handbags are great for lunch or the beach, but on those hot summer nights we need something with a sleeker profile. This Big Buddha Angle Clutch ($50) fits the bill. We love the slim shape and the keep-it-to-the-essentials size, but we're also fans of the fact that it... [More]


Black Floral One Shoulder Dress

Those light summer floral frocks are all well and good, but sometimes we're looking for something a little more dramatic. This Black Floral One Shoulder Dress ($35) sports a flirty, single-shoulder style with a gorgeously contrasting print in rich black and rose, all for a price tag that won't require... [More]


Winks by Georgie La Starlette Faux Lash Compact

We saw our sister recently at some borefest family function. She was looking particularly perky. We thought perhaps she'd gotten knocked up by her too-hot-for-her live-in boyfriend. Turns out she was wearing the lashes that come in the Winks by Georgie La Starlette Faux Lash Compact ($28). We knew something... [More]


IDEA Manual Paper Shredder

We've always thought of paper shredders as completely mundane appliances. But the IDEA Manual Paper Shredder ($44) is as cool as shredders come. Its minimalist aesthetic will fit in well in our office, while the hand crank means we can work out our arm muscles, destroy incriminating evidence, and protect... [More]


Missoni Chuck Taylors

Two-hundred-dollar tennis shoes seem ridiculous. But a pair of Missoni shoes for $200 seems like a steal. So, of course, we're looking at these as Missoni! For $200! Missoni Chuck Taylors ($200)... [More]


Molami Twine Headphones

Is that lovely headband pumping our ears full of "Enter Sandman"? It sure could be, if it's really a set of Molami Twine Headphones ($200). However hard Apple worked to make those little white earbuds cool, they've still got nothing on this twisted piece of silk and chiffon (with gold... [More]


plenty Papaya Diagonal Plaid Shirtdress

We actually haven't seen much of anything like this plenty Papaya Diagonal Plaid Shirtdress ($268) so far this year, and that's probably a big part of why we dig it. It sports an impressively innovative combination of design elements (a mandarin collar, a wide band hem with button details, puffed... [More]


Lime Bug Necklace

This Lime Bug Necklace ($68) is handcrafted in Czech glass and silver, each one made individually and charmingly imperfect. Which makes it utterly unlike the Volkswagen classic it pays tribute to, which was mass-produced at a factory in Mexico. Irony aside, we think it makes for a perfect gift for... [More]


Le Couvent des Minimes Complete Moisturizing Fluid with 4 Beneficial Roses

Every rose has its thorn. Or so Poison would have us believe. According to Le Couvent des Minimes Complete Moisturizing Fluid with 4 Beneficial Roses ($30), every rose has its unique ability to tend to our skin. Made with Gallic, wild, Damask, and musk roses, this lotion revitalizes, moisturizes, softens,... [More]


Michael Antonio Kaya Open Toe Pump

The colors in this Michael Antonio Kaya Open Toe Pump ($75) remind us of a tropical sunset, and we are card-carrying members of the Tropical Sunset Fan Club. That's because seeing one generally means we're someplace really warm and pretty. Now that we think of it, the Kaya Pump's swirled... [More]


Large Chamba Casserole

All right, foodies: we've got another piece of must-have equipment for you. This Large Chamba Casserole ($70) is super heat-proof, thanks to a traditional Colombian pot-making technique using mica-infused clay. It's also totally natural and unglazed, and will hold up just as well in your microwave as it does plopped... [More]


Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Wham Bam High Intensity Nail Color

The cost of a product does not always dictate its performance. Some expensive nail lacquers flake and fall flat the moment they dry. And Jesse's Girl Wham Bam ($4) has the staying power and gusto we'd expect from an eighteen-dollar bottle! Wham Bam is a bodacious red shade that pops... [More]


Trina Turk One Piece Swimsuit

Send us our invitations, because we're ready for the pool party! Sporting this Trina Turk One Piece Swimsuit ($111), we know we'll look brightly fashionable - and that our garment won't come flying off the first time we attempt a cannonball. Its full coverage also means we won't be forced... [More]


Dwell Studio Big Floral Citrine Rug

Grey and yellow, excuse us, grellow, is one of our favorite color combinations, so when we saw the Big Floral Citrine Rug ($248, on sale) at Dwell Studio, we instantly knew a project was on tap. We're going to redecorate our home office space to highlight the soothing yet ultra-modern... [More]


Silk Multi Stripe Cami Dress

This Silk Multi Stripe Cami Dress ($339) reminds us of a really fabulous Pantone palette. In fact, we think we might wear it to Home Depot to pick out paint and fabric swatches for our living rooms. Then, when we wear the dress in our living rooms, we'll become virtually... [More]


Stila On the Road Make-Up Palette

We travel to music festivals so often that we've mastered the science of the pocket purse. By that, we mean that we no longer carry a purse, relying solely on the pockets of our pants, dresses, or vests (you totally know we're wearing denim vests to outdoor concerts, right?). We... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Miu Miu Check Bow-Detail Slingback Pumps

Amanda writes: "I love these shoes!! Please do a "desire/aquire" for them. $600 is too much for me!" Down the yellow brick road we go in these gingham heels. *Matching dog and dress not included. 1. Ellie PINKY 5'' Heel Gingham Open Toe Heels ($62) 2. Penthouse Melanie ($78) Available... [More]


Slobproof! Megan Sofa

Nice looking sofa, right? But maybe you're thinking the beige upholstery is a poor choice. Sure, it'll look great for a month or so, but after that first spilled cup of coffee / dropped pizza slice / magic marker episode, you're figuring you'll wish you bought brown. Except that this... [More]


Lavera Glow & Go Self-Tanner Spray For Legs and Body

Getting ready for the beach is an experience for the mind, body, and soul. Our Kindle takes care of our mind. Our happiness at the prospect of finally getting some fresh air takes care of our soul. And the Lavera Glow & Go Self-Tanner Spray For Legs and Body ($30)... [More]


Michael Stars Isabel Strapless Maxi Dress

Finally, a swimsuit cover-up/dress that can ACTUALLY be worn as a dress or a cover-up! (We've had too many experiences with cover-ups that claimed to be dresses and then earned us the side-eye from fellow diners when we actually showed up at a restaurant wearing one.)This Michael Stars Isabel Strapless... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Summer of Love Cory Pouch

Just in case you were looking for a very special condom case now that short skirt weather is upon us. Okay, okay, you could use this Summer of Love Cory Pouch ($55) to hold a variety of things other than condoms, but it just seems too perfect.... [More]


C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Lip Balm No. 303

C.O. Bigelow got it right when they named this product My Favorite Lip Balm ($8), because sure enough, it is. That's why one sits in the desk drawer at work, one's on the vanity at home, and one waits in the center console in the car. We layer it over... [More]


Turquoise & Green Layer Necklace

If our collarbones were a museum, we'd call them The Institute of Statement Jewelry. We'd place this Turquoise & Green Jewel Layer Necklace ($29) straight into the Cute and Affordable wing. Then we'd proceed to overanalyze how its triple layers of semi-translucent colored acrylic baubles speak profoundly about the state... [More]


Kishu BottlesUp Glass Water Bottle

Normally, the idea of buying a water bottle that arrives with a burnt stick in it would have us jumping on the class action lawsuit bandwagon (Hello, expedited student loan payoff!) But the lump you'll find in this Kishu BottlesUp Glass Water Bottle ($30) is a unique form of Japanese... [More]


Reverse Belted Petal Shorts

We kinda feel like we have to be super fit in the abdominal region to pull off these Reverse Belted Petal Shorts ($58). Every little lump or bump could be visible through the lightweight tangerine fabric. However, we may just decide to take our chances since they're so adorbs. They'll... [More]


Sabi 2-Step System

Growing up, we thought we were the only girls on the planet who had such prominent upper-lip hair. It wasn't until our kind, gentle mother pulled us aside one day in high school to suggest a trip to the drugstore in search of hair removal cream that we realized that... [More]


Gypsy Rose Romper

La Fee Verte knows where we prefer to do our romping: in the bedroom. While we can appreciate the cuteness of this season's denim and seersucker onesies, we're glad that someone, at least, is keeping things on the adult side with this Gypsy Rose Romper ($125). Now we just have... [More]


Smile Squared Toothbrushes

How many products do you know that help both the environment and needy children while simultaneously keeping your dentist happy? We can only think of one: Smile Squared toothbrushes ($6). Made from biodegradable bamboo with soft, high-quality bristles, these lovely tooth-scrubbers come in both child and adult sizes. Either way,... [More]


Sisley Paris Sunleÿa Age Minimizing After-Sun Care

The sun provides us with energy, a tan, and a beautiful garden. But it's damaging too. We tend to our skin with Sisley Paris Sunleÿa Age Minimizing After-Sun Care ($235), a non-greasy formula that fights against the signs of aging caused by too many rays. It hydrates our skin, keeping... [More]


Monbento Original Bento Boxes

We wish we could bring a beautiful bento box for lunch every day. One with some maki, some tempura, and maybe a stick of yakitori or two. (Look, this is a fantasy lunch, okay?) We would open it up during our break and sigh with delight before snarfing the Japanese... [More]


Martha Sunglasses in Green Pearl

When we head to our next Bauhaus reunion show, we'll sport these sassily industrial Martha Sunglasses in Green Pearl ($308). Their avant-garde style will help us look indifferently cool while they rock out "Bela Lugosi's Dead" and other time-tested classic jams. We can also probably weld in them.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sally Hansen Zero Bumps Bikini Spray

We're heading to the beach, we've got our waterproof tote all packed up, the cooler is iced down and full, the radio is blasting, and our bathing suit is tied on tight. We look down to take a sip of our Diet Coke - and realize that our razor bumps... [More]


Printed Palazzo Pants

Are these Printed Palazzo Pants ($45) the most comfortable trousers on the planet? Very possibly. They're silky, with a relaxed fit and an easy elastic waist - which could also describe many of our pajama bottoms. But the prints of our pajama bottoms often involve penguins or snowflakes, which earn... [More]


Designer Toilet Roll Set

We are seriously considering ordering our toilet paper from Europe. Here we've been trapped for years in a world where we thought our toilet paper choices were limited to cheap-and-scratchy or soft-and-pricey. We had no idea that a bonanza of funky prints were available to us in this Designer Toilet... [More]


Sinking Ships Platform

Iron Fist is the most badass name for a clothing and accessory brand we've heard in a while, but we'd like their Sinking Ships platforms ($45) even if Iron Fist changed their name to Butterfly Stardust. Navy and fuchsia? Stripes and polka-dots? Way to give the finger to fashion rules,... [More]


Bare Escentuals Wanderlust Desert Collection

1962 Peter O'Toole could Lawrence our Arabia any time. Just as long as we had a few minutes notice so we could apply the Bare Escentuals Wanderlust Desert Collection ($49). We wouldn't want to be caught without Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner or Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen Mascara. We'd... [More]


Moon Clock

Our apartment came with a view...of our neighboring building's vinyl siding. Luckily for us, the Moon Clock ($32) lets us experience a bit of astronomy even when we can't see the sky. Turn off the lights, and just like the real moon, this clock glows in the dark. If we... [More]


Asymmetrical Neck Sheath Dress

It's about time fashion started entering the Jetsons era. This Asymmetrical Neck Sheath Dress ($27) comes in a wonderfully spacey shade of hyper blue with a contrasting neon belt we suspect might glow in the dark. The asymmetric cut to the neckline and slight ruche at the bodice make it... [More]


Barre Bars

We may have been ballet class dropouts back in the seventh grade, but the makers of Barre bars ($3) reassure us that we can still nom on their goods. The tasty, healthy bars were created with dancers and athletes in mind, but they're a healthy midday option even for us... [More]


Rachel Roy Small Sequin Minaudiere

True, $79 is a lot to pay for a handbag that will barely hold our iPhone, some cash, and a single house key, but it's so cuuuuuuuute! We can never resist miniature things, sequins, peachy nudes, or crocodile-textured leather, and the Rachel Roy Small Sequin Minaudiere ($79) combines all four.... [More]

Rebecca Minkoff Baha Sandal

Rebecca Minkoff Baha Sandals

Neon colors are all the rage this season, and this combination of camel and neon yellow is particularly gorgeous. (Or appetizing. It reminds us of Key Lime Pie ice cream.) These Rebecca Minkoff Baha Sandals ($165) would look amazing paired with a white shirtdress or with our favorite denim cutoffs... [More]


LaLicious Tahiatian Flower Sugar Souffle

Now here's something we can sink our teeth into...oh wait, it says not to do that. Okay, well, at least we can sink the LaLicious Tahiatian Flower Sugar Souffle ($34) into our skin. This eight-ingredient treat is natural and delightful, leaving our body exfoliated and hydrated. The only thing that... [More]


Odor Remover Soap

Whipping up an Italian feast for that hot dinner date tonight? Too bad all that garlic chopping has left your hands smelling worse than last summer's espadrilles. Regular hand soap wimps out when confronted with stubborn food odors like garlic or shellfish. But this Odor Remover Soap ($25) - actually... [More]

Blue Bird Pencil Skirt

Blue Bird Pencil Skirt

Pretty birds make us think of springtime, happiness, music, and Portlandia. Of course we're already sold on this print. And the silhouette? The pencil skirt is one of our favorite styles, since we love looking svelte. The Blue Bird Pencil Skirt ($45) is a no-brainer.... [More]


Mint Lemonade Bracelet

Whoever is directing marketing for Pree Brulee is a genius. Case in point: their decision to photograph this Mint Lemonade Bracelet ($20) with a cup full of delicious cake. This bracelet could probably be made of coal, and we'd still be drooling over it. Why? It's sitting on a freaking... [More]


Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil

The funny thing about adulthood that nobody explained to us when we were mere teenagers is that some of the problems and issues of adolescence never go away. Namely, awkwardness poor hairstyle choices poor romantic choices limited cash flow acne. But add on top of that redness, dark circles, and... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: May 21, 2012

The blues and browns of this week's Shopping List poll at The Purse Page seem to suggest a wide range of settings, from a relaxing resort to the Wild West to the swankest of soirees. And, um, your office. But they've all got dignity in common, so sit up straight... [More]


Dried Hibiscus Flowers

You're probably wondering why on earth we're showing you these Dried Hibiscus Flowers ($7/lb). Well, what if we told you that you could make hibiscus margaritas or a hisbiscus margarita sorbet with these? Then you'd be all over them, right? Well, feast your eyes and mouths on this recipe we... [More]


Personal Shopper: Wedding Guest Dresses for Stacy's Fabulous Tory Burch Beverly Pump

Stacy wrote: "Hi Janetor! I have 2 weddings to attend this summer and figured this would be a perfect excuse to splurge a little on the amazing yellow Tory Burch Beverly heels. But I'm having a difficult time finding a dress (or 2...) to wear with them. I definitely do... [More]


Lited Ice Cubes

These Lited Ice Cubes ($34) won't actually keep our drinks cold, but they will certainly make it look like we're drinking the coolest martinis at the party. Each light-up cube is fully submersible, which means - once you wash them - you can plop them into whatever beverage you choose,... [More]


Coy Lift Thickening Spray

During the summer, we want all things associated with our bodies to be perky. This includes our butt, boobs, abs, and hair. Coy Lift Thickening Spray ($20) takes care of the last part. The rest of it is left to our personal trainer Wii Fit. When spritzed at the roots,... [More]


Ankara Chair with Cushion

We're sort of hoping that the elegantly fractured frame of this Ankara Chair with Cushion ($699) is totally uncomfortable. We think its chaotic geometry would make a deliciously distinct addition to our living rooms, and we'll be able to enjoy looking at it more if no one actually sits in... [More]


Mista Horse Flat

Horse Flats sounds like a small western town where we'd best watch our mouths when we enter the local saloon, lest we find ourselves in a high noon gunfight. Turns out it's also what you call flat shoes with pictures of horses on them. The Mista Horse Flats ($139) might... [More]


Woven Body with Fawn Print

This Woven Body with Fawn Print ($43) serves a double purpose. First, it serves as an elegant, slim-fit cami to go with those summer shorts and skirts. But it's also a fun piece for some bedroom romping. That is, as long as your significant other wasn't unduly traumatized by watching... [More]


Trish McEvoy No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Fragrance Collection

Did you miss Mother's Day again this year? We did too. Don't worry. It happens to the worst best of us. But take our belated advice and send the Trish McEvoy No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Fragrance Collection ($95) to your mom's doorstep. The No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla... [More]


Cream Bird Print Chiffon Tail Hem Dress

Somewhere, some textile mill is turning out a massive supply of cream chiffon with cute animal prints on it, from birds to butterflies. We've been seeing asymmetric hem dresses and skirts in a range of them this season, and we'll happily buy every one, thanks. This Cream Bird Print Chiffon... [More]


Dove Clear Tone Skin Renew Deodorant

When we saw Dove deodorant commercials in the past, we always figured those armpits must have been Photoshopped. Our armpits were darker in comparison, as if shaving or using non-Dove deodorant had somehow changed the tone of our underarm skin. Turns out, that was actually the case. Within a week... [More]


Ok Monday, Let's Do This Print

Yes, we'd rather be back in bed. Yes, we feel like the weekend is always too short. But hey, the Mondays are gonna keep coming no matter how much we grumble and groan. We might as well suck it up and tackle them like the big girls we are. This... [More]


Lanuos Global Limited Motorcycle Bag

We know this Lanuos Global Limited Motorcycle Bag ($93) is made with faux ostrich - but it looks like pretty darned good faux ostrich. And we're a car payment or seven away from being able to afford the real stuff, anyway. This is a hot piece that we think manages... [More]


simplehuman Bamboo Frame Dishrack with Knife Block

Clean dishes are much more attractive than dirty ones. And they look even nicer when drying in this simplehuman bamboo frame dishrack with knife block ($80). If we can make washing up after dinner a more aesthetic experience, maybe we'll be more likely to actually do it instead of just... [More]


Camero Earrings

Last time we went to Aldo, we never made it to the shoes. We got sucked into the accessory rack, thanks to the fact that it was packed with gorgeous, cheap goodies like these Camero earrings ($12). We always ooh over real peacock feather earrings until we put them on... [More]


J Brand Large Floral Print Skinny Jeans

Some flower print jeans are a little too Laura Ashley wallpaper for our tastes - we left the early '90s behind for a reason, no? These J Brand Large Floral Print Skinny Jeans ($203) manage to be fun and ladylike at the same time, thanks to the simple silhouette and... [More]


Two Bees Cashmere Lobster Sweater

Second only to eating a feast of fresh-caught Maine lobster would be rocking this Two Bees Cashmere lobster sweater ($220) on a cool summer evening. Which means that the best night of the season would involve stuffing our faces with butter-soaked lobster while wearing this preppy cashmere knit!... [More]


Caribbean Joe Purifying Mask For Normal - Combination Facial Skin

Give your skin the vacation it needs after a crazy spring work schedule. The Caribbean Joe Purifying Mask For Normal - Combination Facial Skin ($26) is a breath of fresh air (fresh goop?), made with organic shea butter, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, passion fruit, and litchi. These ingredients... [More]


Large Copper Garden Tumble Torch

When we light this Large Copper Garden Tumble Torch ($93), we shalt count to three: no more, no less. Three shalt be the number we shalt count, and the number of the counting shalt be three. Four shalt we not count, nor either count we two, excepting that we then... [More]



When we find makeup that we like, we buy it. All of it. And then we suggest it to you just before it sells out. Today's pre-sell-out special is MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Shadow ($20), available in matte and pearly shades. The fact that they created a formula that... [More]


Uptona Shoe

Remember Keds? Those tennis shoes available in all those bright colors and patterns? They were the cat's meow when we were in sixth grade, but now that we've passed thirty, our obsession has faded. These Uptona Shoes ($40) have some of the same traits we loved in our junior high... [More]


Miss Selfridge Neon Spot Embroidered Dress

You don't know what heat is until you experience a summer in the armpit of the South. That's right. Columbia, South Carolina. It's as if the sun has a personal vendetta against that town. If you come down for a short visit, don't be surprised if you see us ambling... [More]


Wine Cork Love Statue

Whether you're headed to a wedding at a winery this summer or just have a girlfriend who's a drunk a classy oenophile, this Wine Cork LOVE Statue ($275) is certain to be a gift that's greatly appreciated...especially if the recipient is half in the bag!... [More]


Natio Meditate Body Butter

We've been feeling a little frazzled lately, which means it's probably time to suck up the international shipping and treat ourselves to one or two of these Natio Meditate Body Butters ($10). Each one features a different relaxation-friendly fragrance, such as pink lotus attar, jasmine, or nag champa, infused into... [More]


Green Apple Compost Crock

We know composting is an awesome thing to do. But it is also generally ugly and stinky. Who wants a Tupperware tub full of rotting food sitting on their counter? Hiding it beneath the sink or in a cabinet is worse, because then we forget its existence until the contents... [More]


Gold Hair Cuff

We love ponytails, but elastics always look a bit lame, and we've never quite managed to master that technique of neatly wrapping a piece of our hair around the band to elegantly disguise it. This Gold Hair Cuff ($28) is therefore looking like the answer to our ponytail prayers. It's... [More]


Elizabeth and James Women's Lafayette Cat Eye Sunglasses

In life, when two things come together that were destined to be one from the start, time stops for a moment. When we saw these Elizabeth and James Women's Lafayette Cat Eye Sunglasses ($155), our whole world was suspended for a full minute. They are the fiercest spectacles we have... [More]


nails inc. Ladbroke Nail Polish

Our little cousin posted some screenshots of the recent Kids' Choice Awards to her Facebook wall...okay, whatever. WE were watching it. was a nice trip down nostalgia lane seeing all the celebrities covered in that familiar neon green slime. When we saw nails inc. Ladbroke Nail Polish ($18) a... [More]


Ninja Mobile

We're pretty sure we mention this all the time, but it's true: kids get the coolest stuff! But has anyone in our lives hopped aboard the baby-makin' train so that we could grab this Ninja Mobile ($120) for a shower gift? No. Apparently, our promise of ninja nursery decor isn't... [More]


Tory Burch Adelaide Dress

Talk about vintage: we're pretty sure Tory Burch ripped the design for this Adelaide Dress ($595) out of a 1920s issue of Vogue. If we deck ourselves out in it, we're likely to be mistaken for the ghost of Zelda Fitzgerald. It's the perfect look for driving our automobiles too... [More]


Be A Good Sport iPhone 4 Case

In honor of the Summer Olympic Games in London, we're wrapping our phone in this fanciful Be A Good Sport iPhone 4 Case ($40). It's just a reminder that tripping, performance enhancement drugs, and poor sportsmanship are bad ideas even for us regular non-Olympic humans.... [More]


Laura Geller Real Deal Remedy Stick 3-in-1 Under Makeup Primer, Perfector, Mattifier

Even though we pine and drool over skin care products all day and every day, we will freely admit that we don't have perfect skin. So we rely on the Laura Geller Real Deal Remedy Stick 3-in-1 Under Makeup Primer, Perfector, Mattifier ($26). Although we are writing from the comforts... [More]


Carpreena Mini Dress

We are always keeping an eagle eye out for fashion that successfully combines a vintage design with a modern aesthetic, and the Carpreena Mini Dress ($485) does just that. The jacquard fabric and mini skirt remind us of a late-60s cocktail dress while the pattern gives us the spring color... [More]


skyn ICELAND Cloud of Moisture Kit

Our skin sees just as much action as we do. Not like that, you pervs. But wherever we go, our skin goes. Obviously. So in the same way our bodies need rest and relaxation, our face needs the skyn ICELAND Cloud of Moisture Kit ($39). It includes Pure Cloud Cleanser,... [More]

Adidas Honey Mid Shoes

adidas Originals Honey Mid Shoes

We're suckers for cool kicks, especially when they remind us of the ones we used to rock when we were teenagers. The adidas Originals Honey Mid shoes ($70) are a modern twist on a classic style thanks to the chic perforated upper.... [More]


Global Keratin Leave-In Conditioning Spray

The moment the robot vacuum is done cleaning the six months of dead leaves out of the pool, we are in that oasis 24-7. Unfortunately, our hair doesn't enjoy chlorinated water as much as we do. So in order to appease it, we treat it to some Global Keratin Leave-In... [More]


Sail to Barnstable Headband

Whether or not you get out on the water to sail this summer, look like you do with the Sail to Barnstable Headband ($35). We have a soft spot for the preppy nautical trend, and we don't often get a chance to try our hand at hoisting the sails, so... [More]


Modcloth Beyond Blending In Skirt

We're making this Beyond Blending In Skirt ($33) the official Outblush uniform. Not only is it in the right color scheme and leopard print, it has the right attitude. We're not here to blend in, we're here to do what we want and to do it our way, bitches!... [More]


Clinique Happy Summer Spray

Clinique Happy has always been one of our tried and true fragrances, so when we saw 2012 limited edition Clinique Happy Summer ($60), we had to check it out. It's a lighter version of Happy with a distinct musky citrus scent. We love catching a hint of it on our... [More]


Achiote Rub

Can't make it to Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen in Orange, California? Bring that style to your own kitchen. Famous for its unique take on "Old World" Mexican fare, Gabbi's knows how to create mouthwatering dishes that you'll crave day in and day out, and several of their special condiments are available... [More]


TOMS Savannah Women's Wedges

We can't help but admire the philanthrophy behind TOMS Shoes, but sometimes we don't want our footwear looking quite so overtly hippie-esque. Now, we can satisfy our love of cute, towering shoes and our wannabe do-gooder selves with a pair of Savannah Women's Wedges ($79). Perfect with a cotton sundress... [More]


Guerlain By Emilio Pucci Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush

We've often looked at Pucci prints and thought that they would make some really fashionable nail polish stickers. But until someone more inclined than us to do actual work comes up with those, we'll gladly use the Guerlain By Emilio Pucci Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush ($75). Guerlain's signature... [More]


Victorian Vixen Totes

When we're feeling classy and sassy, we'll hit the produce aisle with one of these Victorian Vixen Totes ($95). Extra long and printed with the image of a demurely naughty Victorian lady, each one features a catchy phrase that reflects our elegantly irritable mood. Today's favorite? "If I want your... [More]


Le Métier de Beauté Limited-Edition Spring Haute House Hues Lip Creme Set

We are having the time of our lives this spring, and we see no reason to stop using the Le Métier de Beauté Limited-Edition Spring Haute House Hues Lip Creme Set ($65). It includes Two Lips and Mums the Word, and we just can't keep this never-sticky set a secret.... [More]


In Bloom by Jonquil Lyon Bouquet Wrap

It's finally time to stash away our fluffy oversize winter robe and don something sleeker (and, dare we say, much sexier). We like the In Bloom by Jonquil Lyon Bouquet Wrap ($58). Its floral print and bright color remind us to bring on the morning with vigor and cheer. And... [More]


Bowling Zombies

Sure, these Bowling Zombies ($20) are supposed to be a game for kids, but we think they're also perfect for a party on your back deck or as a breakroom pastime. We've always thought we'd use a good high-powered rife as our go-to zombie apocalypse weapon, but now we're thinking... [More]


Asymmetrical Maxi Dress

Whoever the stylist here was, we want to give them a high five. This Asymmetrical Maxi Dress ($39) looks all right when worn alone, but turns into a piece of boho rocker magnificence when matched with that studded belt, a knit vest, and slouchy pirate boots. The website should list... [More]


NARS Beach Lover

We do love NARS, and we probably love the beach just a tiny bit more. So it seems like we are the perfect match for their NARS Beach Lover set ($49). Add a tube of mascara to this collection and you'll have the quintessential vacation makeup routine. The illuminator (in... [More]


BCBGMAXAZRIA Scalloped Waist Belt

Much to our pleasure, we've been seeing a lot of scalloped frocks and accessories this spring. We're all for fashion details that create visual appeal while keeping us free of added bulk. The BCBGMAXAZRIA Scalloped Waist Belt ($48) will take any of our current outfits and give them a trendy... [More]


Burberry Kickback Lace Trench Coat

File this one under "Distant Fashion Fantasies": this Burberry Kickback Lace Trench Coat ($5,500) is a positively stunning take on the lace trend, with a classic look in kelly green. Of course, it's also astronomically out of our price range. A girl can imagine the sudden death of a distant... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Turquoise Circular Wood Ring

Our inner Earth Momma is totally digging this Turquoise Circular Wood Ring ($12). The turquoise and rich, natural wood finish make for an eye-pleasing color combination. Our not-so-inner Broke Momma is loving the $12 price tag. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy!... [More]


Rnd_Time Infinite Wall Clock

It might take us five minutes to figure out what time it is using this Rnd_Time Infinite Wall Clock ($288). But that's okay - who uses wall clocks to find out the time these days? That's what cell phones are for. We get them because they're cool home accessories, and... [More]


Jill Stuart Dress Gown

No, the slinky silk Jill Stuart Dress Gown ($328) isn't for sleeping in. We'd like to think it's for dancing under the stars on a sweetly-scented summer night. But then again, we don't usually gallivant around town in expensive silk gowns, so maybe we'll just save this one for special... [More]


Laura Mercier Sheer Crème Eye Color

When we first started wearing makeup, we started with cream eyeshadows alone, later learning that if you applied a cream shadow first, a powder shadow would stay on longer. So for years, we did both - but we no longer have quite so much time to spend in front of... [More]


Juicy Couture Thin Striped Fedora

Things that are cute: - sunkissed shoulders - puppies wet from playing in the ocean - multicolored umbrellas - the Juicy Couture Thin Striped Fedora ($58) Things that aren't cute: - sunburnt cheeks - puppies left in the car - umbrellas flying down the beach, ready to stab the anyone... [More]


I Heart Keenwah

We heart quinoa for its super healthy combination of protein and nutrients. And we're pretty big fans of I Heart Keenwah ($5) for taking it easy on our pronunciation. Quinoa, let's face it, is no easy mouthful, and the last thing we want to do is blow our health food... [More]


Juicy Couture Pineapple Earrings

Although there are many things we can associate with pineapples (tropical vacations, summer grilling, fabulous desserts), we always seem to start humming the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song. Do you think it's strange if we pretend mini-SpongeBobs live inside these Juicy Couture Pineapple Earrings ($58)? Okay, yeah. Carry on!... [More]


Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen

Our skin is high maintenance, to say the least. It requires continuous hydration, but never too much, for fear of breaking out. It needs to be pampered, looked after, and told that it is beautiful at least once a day. Fortunately, Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen ($38)... [More]


Pan Am Brands Original Secret Agent Bag Reloaded

Apparently, since ceasing to be an actual airline, Pan Am has switched over to marketing kitschy swag emblazoned with its defunct logo. We're not sure precisely what makes this Pan Am Brands Original Secret Agent Bag Reloaded ($145) secret-agenty. Is it supposed to help us disguise ourselves as stewardesses? Any... [More]


Salt and Pepper Y Grinder

We've got a little Rorschach-style test for you. Take a good look at this Salt and Pepper Y Grinder ($19) and tell us what it makes you think of. Getting anything? While you're thinking about that, we'll tell you how this grinder simultaneously fires from both barrels, unleashing a flow... [More]


Ralph Lauren Blue Label Helena Crochet Dress

If a floor-length ball gown wasn't what you had in mind for your summer wedding, say yes to the Ralph Lauren Blue Label Helena Crochet Dress ($299 on sale). With delicate all-over crochet detailing, this sweet dress might look like an antique treasure, but it can still count as your... [More]


bebe Peplum Knit Pencil Skirt

We're gonna do it. We're taking the plunge and ordering the bebe Peplum Knit Pencil Skirt ($69). Peplum skirts and dresses have been weighing on our minds for weeks now, and while we certainly don't want to wear anything that creates the illusion of bigger hips, the trend is just... [More]


ZAD Multi Color Woven Cuff

Remember that Osmond song about those two siblings being a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll? Funny how they never mentioned being a little bit crazy. Well, this ZAD Multi Color Woven Cuff ($24) is little bit tribal, a little bit rock and roll. We can... [More]


Simple Garden Starter Pack

Want a garden but lack the skills? Perhaps the Simple Garden Starter Pack ($36) is for you. It has everything you'll need to get you rolling, including planters, seeds, greenhouse lids and - very important - dirt. Pick one up and be amazed at the sudden emergence of your green... [More]


Ambatalia Bento Tote

If we put this Ambatalia Bento Tote ($26) on the end of a pole, our hobo costume will be almost perfect. If we carry it around by hand, it'll be a wonderfully different farmers' market accessory. It's made with all-natural linen right here in the USA (Northern California, to be... [More]


SEPHORA COLLECTION Sunkissed Glow Essentials

The family picnic we have to attend next week is sneaking up fast, but our skin doesn't seem to be catching up, so we picked up the SEPHORA COLLECTION Sunkissed Glow Essentials ($22) the other day to fake our way into early summer. The mist covers our body in a... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Martini Stud

We've been looking for a pair of reliable everyday loafers, but we don't want them to be - gasp! - boring. These Jeffrey Campbell Martini Studs ($165) are a traditional loafer in classic, go-with-everything black, but happily give dull a pass with the addition of all-over rock star metal studding.... [More]


Serge Normant Meta Blonde Reviving Shampoo

Natural blondes have all the fun during the summer. Well, in terms of hair. We know some redheads who get down any time of the year. But the blondes in our friend circle always seem to get blonder as the summer months fly by, and we thought it was the... [More]

Wee Drool Wee Cycle Bib

Wee Drool Wee Cycle Bib

If your wee one is a food masher, we've found the perfect garment for him! The Wee Drool Wee Cycle Bib ($28) is a super soft organic cotton and bamboo fleece shirt bib. This protects bruiser's stylish polo from those almost-impossible-to-clean stains from his favorite sweet potato and green bean... [More]


Diesel DM0012 Sunglasses

We probably won't be racing out to drop $120 on these Diesel DM0012 Sunglasses ($120), but you can bet we'll suggest that you do exactly that while we turn the eyewear rack at the drugstore around and around and dream. We're loving the 1980s-a-go-go frame shape and neon green detailing,... [More]


Gold One Shoulder Sequined Homecoming Dress

We're a longer way past homecoming than we like to admit, but we're pretty sure we could still rock the heck out of this Gold One Shoulder Sequined Homecoming Dress ($338). Bring on the saucy gold sequins, the elegant shoulder twist detail, and the daring back. Time to go prom-crashing.... [More]


Kids' Swiss Army Knife

Giving a Swiss Army knife to a little kid sounds like something you'd hear about an idiot parent doing on the six o'clock news. Now you can be that parent, minus the idiocy (and probably the fame, sorry). This kids' Swiss Army knife ($8) is designed and sanctioned by Victorinox... [More]


philosophy sunny girl

Here comes the sun!!! And thank goodness. Our skin has been dying for some vitamin D since October. The philosophy sunny girl set ($48) contains three things we need if we want to get that scrumptious sun exposure without the awful side effects: here comes the sun age-defense water-resistant broad-spectrum... [More]


SnApp Shots: How to Take Great Pictures with Smartphones and App

Every time a photo op happens, the most accessible camera on hand is on our phone. For better or for worse, you'll rarely see us lugging around a separate point-and-shoot or SLR. We're hoping that the tips and tricks in Adam Bronkhorst's SnApp Shots: How to Take Great Pictures with... [More]


J.Crew Cotton-Silk Perfect Shirt

When the sun is setting, the drinks are sweating, and the fun is coming to a peaceful end, we slip on our J.Crew Cotton-Silk Perfect Shirt ($88) to keep us warm and fashionable until summer's bittersweet close. Inspired by lively prints found in India, this boyfriend-styled top goes with nearly... [More]


Blackbird with Ionantha Plant

Seeing this adorable Blackbird with Ionantha ($33) sitting on our windowsill has us humming one of our favorite Beatles songs. A little morning coffee, a little plant life, and a little McCartney is a great way to start our day!... [More]


Gold Tone Wood Rectangle Drop Earrings

Wood and gold are one of those classic combinations, like Laurel and Hardy, or peanut butter and Oreos. (And if you don't think peanut butter and Oreos are a classic combination, you haven't lived.) We love how they're used in these Gold Tone Wood Rectangle Drop Earrings ($32), which combine... [More]


Origins Reinventing The Heel

Summer means the end to socks. It also means the beginning of dragon-foot, a little term we coined for when our lowest appendages start sprouting scales and horns, thanks to the friction caused by all those adorable sandals and wedges. Origins Reinventing The Heel ($21) uses salicylic acid to help... [More]


Kamakura Dress

It's possible that people who see us in this Kamakura Dress ($330) will think we've gone out on the town in our sexy bathrobe. And - well, yes. From a distance, it does look kind of like a really pretty bathrobe. But upon closer inspection, this long, flowing beauty of... [More]


Lavanila The Healthy Baby Block

In the same way we are particular about the food our child eats, the books she reads, the children she associates with, and the education she receives, we are picky about the products we put on her body. The Lavanila Healthy Baby Block SPF 40 ($20) is the only 100%-natural,... [More]


Doubtblush: Ancient Greek Sandals Ikaria

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. While the rest of the... [More]


Tangerine Pocket Skirt

We know, we know - you've seen enough tangerine already this season, thank you Pantone. If we hit you with another bright orange piece of clothing, you will throw citrus fruit at us. Got it. But we'll suffer the fruit blitz this time for the sake of this Tangerine Pocket... [More]


Le Happy Bluebird Totem Necklace

Get in touch with your cheerful side with this Le Happy Bluebird Totem Necklace ($44) from le animalé. Each little chirper is handmade and -painted, which means every one is just a little bit different. Bluebirds not quite your bag? Perhaps your soul is more aligned with the narwhal or... [More]


KMS California Hair Play Paste Up Spray

For those of you lucky enough to be hitting the beach this year, you suck. For the rest of us landlocked mermaids, we have to use KMS California Hair Play Paste Up Spray ($17) to get those wavy beach curls. We hop in the shower, pretending to be in a... [More]


Sublime Stitching Owl Scissors

Planning on getting artsy? Who would dare darn and stitch without a pair of Sublime Stitching Owl Scissors ($20)? We think you'd be wise to keep these teeny shears on hand in the crafting room, or, as we like to call it, on the kitchen table.... [More]


Jenny Aspen Green Kitten Heel

We love the vintage-preppy look of these Jenny Aspen Green Kitten Heels ($155), which we suspect would look adorable with jeans or one of those cute floral skirts we've been collecting. We're also digging their perfect shade of fern green. But most of all, we love the kitten heel, because... [More]


Damsel Cleopatra Neon Fringe Bandeau Bikini Top

Looking for something different for your summer swimwear collection? We think this Damsel Cleopatra Neon Fringe Bandeau Bikini Top ($25) looks like a piece you'd pay a couple hundred for, rather than a bargain-basement $25. The funky combination of neon with zigzag stripe fringe is cool and innovative, and will... [More]


DERMAdoctor Total NonScents

We are compulsive armpit shavers thanks to an awkward incident at gymnastics camp when we were ten. Having never been taught that armpit hair was weird, we were unaware it needed to be removed. Jessie Steiner teased us into thinking otherwise. Even into adulthood, we are haunted by her mean-spirited... [More]


Dooney & Bourke Tassel Tote

This Tassel Tote ($178) is available in your choice of five different stripe colors - but why would you want anything other than navy? We love the nautical feel it gives this casual bag, and how nicely it contrasts with the red accents and pale leather trim. We're going to... [More]


Be & D Irina

So you've been eyeballing one of those beauty box subscriptions, full of high-end samples and hard-to-find favorites, but you're too afraid to make a long-term commitment? The Be & D Irina bag ($148) costs the same as a full year of deliveries without the hassle. Those monthly boxes get lost... [More]


Le Edge

You're probably just as confused about Le Edge as we were when it landed on the desk. So we can break it down for you in technical terms, or we can tell you all about our experience with it. And frankly, the experience part is better and more graphic, so... [More]


Rokkaku Scarf

If your budget doesn't want to stretch far enough to include a whole new summer wardrobe, no problem! Grab a few cute sundresses and let the Rokkaku Scarf ($68) transform your current basics into warm-weather-friendly duds. It'll lighten up any plain white blouse with effortless charm.... [More]


8-Bit Bumper

What is it about having the newest gadgets that makes us long for the good ol' days? We love that we can carry around thousands of songs in our pocket, but if we see a hipster listening to a cassette tape in a Walkman, a pang of nostalgic jealousy rises... [More]


bareMinerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen

We never thought we could be SO IN LOVE with a sunscreen, but we are! bareMinerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen ($28) is a powder. We can dust it on our faces and bodies for perfect sun protection minus the greasy, runny, smelly mess that sunscreen usually involves. Plus, it comes... [More]


Geode Earrings

The rocks in these geode earrings ($270) are actually honest-to-god minerals, not plastic. That's why they come with a $270 price tag. But that also makes this pair a seriously stunning accessory. We'll just try to figure out a way to reinforce our earlobes so that the weight of these... [More]


Belted Aztec 2-Fer Dress

Pretty much all of the asymmetric hems we're seeing this season are dropping from front to back. This Belted Aztec 2-Fer Dress ($33) is aptly rocking the asymmetric hem style from side to side - which, to be honest, will probably be way more flattering to our thighs. We think... [More]


Urban Outfitters Henna Kit

Temporary tattoos are so out and permanent tattoos are a little too badass for our demure tastes. So we're going with the Urban Outfitters Henna Kit ($24) to spice up our birthday suit this summer season. It will also add something to our Pre-Beach Spa Party that the girls won't... [More]


Deux Lux Gigi Card Holder

We are big fans of clutch purses, but we all too often find ourselves trying to cram our full-size wallet and who knows what else inside of them. To eliminate some of that bulk, we're picking up the Deux Lux Gigi Card Holder ($21), which comes in six fun colors... [More]


Eugenia Kim Jordana Hat

Could you say that the Eugenia Kim Jordana hat ($238) is colorblocked? Sure, why not? That makes it that much more spring-appropriate. We're digging the coral sash and floppy brim, almost as much as we're digging the fact that we have an excuse to hit the beach now. "But Mom,... [More]


THE NEW BLACK Typography Collection Times Late Edition Nail Polish 4-Piece Set

Remember that craze on Pinterest involving newspaper and nail polish? The idea was to transfer the print from the paper onto your nails. Well, we never did quite figure that out. But apparently THE NEW BLACK has. Their Typography Collection Times Late Edition Nail Polish 4-Piece Set ($16) makes it... [More]


Arnuvo DSLR SLR Rose Garden Camera Strap

You've done some spring cleaning on your wardrobe and we're here to remind you to switch up your camera strap, too. If you're always behind the lens, we don't think there's a better warm-weather accessory for you than the Arnuvo DSLR SLR Rose Garden Camera Strap ($23). It's simple and... [More]


Dawn Cropped Tee

If you're gonna do a cropped shirt, this is how to do it! The Dawn Cropped Tee ($78) by Patterson J Kincaid has that darling girl-next-door sexiness we're always striving to achieve. We like that we can show off just a hint of our new Zumba-sculpted tummies. If this top... [More]


Alcove Highback Sofa

Looking for a way to tell the world, "Bugger off, I'm reading?" This Alcove Highback Sofa ($7,850) is a lovely way to do it. The high back will hide you from most of the people trying to track you down while you're furiously trying to finish the last pages of... [More]


Klipper Diagonal Bag

If Tim Burton turned handbag designer, we think the result might be something like this Klipper Diagonal Bag ($895). The blocky look and funky, asymmetrical shape remind us of something from the set of Edward Scissorhands. Except if Burton made it, it would probably come with Johnny Depp, like pretty... [More]


Ankle-Zip Liquid Legging

Leather leggings are about as hot as it gets, but they're also a total budget buster. And they have be to be broken in: hello, chafing! That's why we're thinking these Ankle-Zip Liquid Leggings ($17) are an attractive alternative. We get the shine and second-skin fit of leather without the... [More]


Skip Hop Palette Plate

We thought we were feeding Junior a good array of food until we were forced to fill each of the compartments on the Skip Hop Palette Plate ($37) with something different. Then we had to face facts. Corn and chicken nuggets were not enough for him or this plate. We... [More]


Arianne Heidi Chemise

Ahh, warm weather! Don't get us wrong, we love getting cozy at night in our yoga pants and favorite college hoodies, but we're ready to quit feeling like blobs in sweats. The Arianne Heidi Chemise ($58) sure changes things up. And you know what? If we're going to sleep in... [More]


Faux Geode Statement Cuff Bracelet

When it comes to jewelry, we advocate going big. So when we read the review of this Faux Geode Statement Cuff Bracelet ($21), where it is described as being "seriously huge", we knew we'd hit accessory pay dirt. Hopefully we'll have to alternate which arm we wear it on so... [More]


CODAGE Sérum No. 6

We WISH we could afford something as powerful as the CODAGE Sérum No. 6 ($165). That would mean we could also afford $400 hair appointments, $800 dresses, and $900 pairs of shoes to compliment our outrageously well-cared-for skin. Le sigh. However, if you think of all the money we save... [More]


My Other Bags Are Prada Tote

It 's true, we swear! But we can't very well take Prada to the market, thus, the My Other Bags Are Prada Tote ($30) from bagladies!... [More]


Gifford Fringe Skirt

Forget floral - the hippie throwback we're in love with at the moment is fringe. This Gifford Fringe Skirt ($470) takes it to the next level with three gorgeous layers of sway and swish. Do note that the skirt is unlined - you'll have to buy a slip separately, or... [More]


Lemon Casablanca Lanterns

We're dying to have an outdoor shindig now that we've gotten our hands on a few of these Lemon Casablanca Lanterns ($8-50). The lanterns come in a few other bright hues, but the lit-up yellow is so luminous and magical that it's quickly become our favorite. Once the summer is... [More]


Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Hair Serum

Despite the joy it brings us, sticking our head out the window on the drive back from the beach doesn't give our hair a warm, happy glow. In fact, it's the worst form of hair-related cruelty: wind damage. Our hair gets knotty, frizzy, and altogether sullen. Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil... [More]


OBEY Shaman Necklace

This OBEY Shaman Necklace ($48) sounds just the tiniest bit creepy to us. Maybe they named it "shaman" because the series of gemstones combine to give the wearer mind-control powers. If we're the ones to be mind-controlled, this would obviously not be cool. But we might be okay with it... [More]


COVERGIRL Outlast Lipstain

Stain is usually a word we avoid - damn all those red wine splatters on our party dresses! But we love it how it applies to Outlast Lipstain ($9). These Magic-Marker-looking tubes apply a light splash of color to our lips that sticks around for hours. The secret? It's actually... [More]


Eva Franco Liberty Dress

Sure, it's lace, but the hue of this Eva Franco Liberty Dress ($318) is a nod to the perfect denim shift we've been searching for to wear this summer. We think we just elevated our go-to summer dress from a pedestrian chambray to this luxe lace look. Aren't we fancy!... [More]


Cane Banneton Round Bread Proofing Basket

Want your bread to look like something they'd put in Food & Wine? Let it rise in this Cane Banneton Round Bread Proofing Basket ($113). The dough will form a perfect round loaf with those signature ridges you're familiar with if you're lucky enough to be anywhere near a Parisian... [More]


Chinese Laundry Gisenna Flat

These Chinese Laundry Gisenna Flats ($60) are so sweet, we're half afraid to wear them, lest we scuff up one of those cute little satin rosebuds. We almost want to wrap them in plastic like our grandmother's sofa. But, as with our grandmother's sofa, that would probably make them extremely... [More]


Cefian Peacock Maxi Dress

We need to snatch up this breezy, beachy Cefian Peacock Maxi Dress ($54) before it sells out. We have a feeling it'll be a popular dress, what with its boho chic Olsen twin vibe. We're thinking we'll wear ours to the beach, Then we can slip it on after a... [More]


Large Enamel Bowl

This bit of home decor is about as classic as it gets: the design of the Large Enamel Bowl ($37) hasn't changed much in the last hundred years or so. Solid steel is heavily enameled for a durable, dishwasher-safe finish, accented with a touch of blue trim. We're pretty sure... [More]


Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure Oil-Free Skin Smoothing Face Primer For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin has problems upon problems, but few solutions exist. And some of those solutions create even more problems. (We would know. Sad face.) Finally, a problem solver that stops at that. The Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure Oil-Free Skin Smoothing Face Primer For Sensitive Skin ($30) minimizes pores,... [More]


Roxy Beach Blanket Coverup

This Roxy beach blanket dress ($48) is obviously the ultimate beach garment, but our daydreams are about wearing it far from the sand. We love its slouchy-chic, super-casual look for the café or for a visit to the grocery store when we can't be bothered to put pants on. With... [More]


PA Series Power Assisted Suitcase

Hate dragging your luggage through the airport? With the PA Series Power Assisted Suitcase ($1,200), your luggage can pretty much drag you. Grab the handle and tilt, and this admitted not-very-sexy-looking suitcase revs up its tiny battery-powered engines, driving itself along for about 1.5 miles. Which would be super cool... [More]


Bella Sandal

These Ariana Bohling Bella Sandals ($288) make us want to run through Salzburg singing "Do-Re-Mi" in a dress made from old curtains. But if the captain couldn't be bothered to buy the kids new play clothes, he certainly wouldn't have bought three-hundred-dollar shoes. But that doesn't mean we can't buy... [More]


Sequin Neon Lei Bangle

Two parts animal print, one part Pee-wee's Playhouse, the Sequin Neon Lei bangle ($32) might just be the perfect bracelet. Combining two of our favorite trends (neon and ol' reliable leopard) with a sprinkling of rhinestones is a brilliant move on Sequin's part - it's no wonder they played with... [More]


Betsey Johnson Rio Cherry Drop Earrings

We ran into the Chiquita Banana lady the other day and were totally in love with her accessories. These Betsey Johnson Rio Cherry Drop Earrings ($40), for example, totally caught our eye. When not paired with a giant fruit bowl for a hat, we think they'll make for a playful... [More]


Urban Decay Baked Bronzer

Until the fickle spring sun decides to come out and stay out, we're in need of cosmetic help to take away the winter white. We dust on a little Urban Decay Baked Bronzer ($26) each morning before we leave the house. It comes in three shades, all of which provide... [More]


Simone One Shoulder Diamonte Snake Bandeau Bikini Top

We probably wouldn't wear this Simone One Shoulder Diamonte Snake Bandeau Bikini Top ($165) to our local beach, where showing up with a sparkling bejeweled snake on our elegant one-shoulder bikini would feel somewhat like visiting the 7-Eleven in Oscar de la Renta. But it'd be a show stealer at... [More]


White Bird Door Stop

Forget ugly rubber wedges or wooden blocks that refuse to stay put: we're going to keep our doors open with this adorable White Bird Door Stop ($18). That way, when we inevitably stub our toe on it, we'll at least be comforted by the fact that our pain was inflicted... [More]


Hermès Voyage d'Hermès Spray

Our little sis is getting married in a few months and we've been assembling a honeymoon tote full of fun goodies, ranging from small trinkets to fill with sand during her time in Egypt to a spa bundle, including Voyage d'Hermès ($138), meant to be opened on the shores of... [More]


Cincinnati Recipe Chili Mix

Chili on spaghetti. Chili with cinnamon and chocolate in it, served on top of spaghetti with a big pile of cheese, onions and - as if this wasn't weird-sounding enough yet - oyster crackers. Cincinnati-style chili is an entity all its own, but once you try it, you'll be willing... [More]


Hot Pink and Mustard Silk Organza Full Skirt

There are plenty of cute colorblock skirts out there, but if you want to go high-end designer, we'll suggest the Hot Pink and Mustard Silk Organza Full Skirt ($830) from Roksanda Ilincic. The banded waist hits right at the smallest point on your figure and poofs out for a full,... [More]


CLEAN Original Moisture-Absorbent Deodorant

You're minding your own business, sipping a cold-brewed green tea in the local bookstore, when out pops the most handsome man your small town has ever seen. With emerald-green eyes. He asks about your book selection, revealing that he's just picked up the same. Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger. He... [More]


Molton Brown White Mulberry Liquid Hand Wash & Hand Lotion Set

Whenever a new neighbor moves into our apartment building, we immediately show up with the Molton Brown White Mulberry Liquid Hand Wash & Hand Lotion Set ($56). It demonstrates that we are A) generous people, B) wise in the ways of the gift-giving arts, and C) going to be using... [More]

Owl Money Bank

Owl Money Bank

Whoo whoo... We wonder if the Owl Money Bank ($10) would be scary enough to repel burglars? (We suppose that if they're the kinds of burglars who go for loose change instead of electronics and jewelry, it might.)... [More]


Erickson Beamon Smoke & Mirrors Earrings

Forget leather and lace. Diamonds and lace - that's way more our style. Granted, the sparklers in these Erickson Beamon Smoke & Mirrors Earrings ($408) are high quality Swarovski crystals rather than actual diamonds, but that much rock would pretty much cost ALL of our lunch money, so we'll compromise.... [More]


butter LONDON Queen Vic Nail Lacquer

Prince William and Kate Middleton are rounding out their first year of marriage. Things seem to be going well. But we'll give it just a few more months until some British monarchy tabloid disaster sours the whole situation. When the time comes, we'll be wearing butter LONDON Queen Vic Nail... [More]


Elastic Remix Mid Sandal

This Elastic Remix Mid Sandal ($240) is a rainbow neon explosion in shoe form. And neon rainbow goes with everything, right? We sure hope so, because we're planning on wearing the heck out of these shoes.... [More]


Beer Puzzle

Wondering what to get your beer-obsessed, puzzle-loving husband for Father's Day? How about a subscription to a beer of a month club and a Beer Puzzle ($16)? You can promise not to judge him to his face for turning the puzzle into a piece of art for his man cave.... [More]


Dorothy Perkins Aqua Bird Tea Dress

We're loving the length on the Dorothy Perkins Aqua Bird Tea Dress ($57). It hits right at our knee, so it's a bit more modest than most of our sundresses. We'll toss this one on with a neon yellow skinny belt and blazer for dinner at grandma's house or a... [More]


Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 Powder

Remember those days in college when your suspiciously-red-eyed poetry teacher suggested class be held outside? Channel those happy thoughts by taking your lunch hour in the courtyard. But before you do, apply some Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 powder ($30). It blocks UVA, UVB, and infrared rays without... [More]

Catherine Meeting Family Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper: Catherine is Meeting her Boyfriend's Family at his Brother's Wedding

Catherine writes: "Hey there! I absolutely adore your's certainly one of many forms of procrastination for me during my work days...shhhh don't tell anyone! I love your personal shopper requests and I'm in desperate need of some help! My boyfriend has invited me to his brother's wedding in St... [More]


Harry Potter Themed Refrigerator Word Magnets

Every day, while we wait for the microwave to finish zapping our lunch in the break room, we play with the fridge magnets. Our sentences used to be hilarious, but now they're just...boring. We've been staring at the same words for ages. It's time to invest in a set of... [More]


Logona Haargel Style & Shine Styling Gel

One of the cutest creatures on the planet has to be the panda bear. But there is more to the cuddly panda than meets the eye. Looking at Strong Panda, we're thinking there must be something in the bamboo he eats that we too could benefit from. So in the... [More]


Lionel Richie Hello Travel Mug

You can see it in our eyes. You can see it in our smile. All we've ever wanted to complete our hot beverage fantasies is this Lionel Richie Hello Travel Mug ($20). It's dishwasher-safe, eco-friendly, and instantly adds one of our all-time-favorite soft rock hits to our mental playlist. It's... [More]


Sawdust ManCan

Oh, dear readers, there are about eighteen levels of awesome to the ManCans! Level one: The company was started by a middle schooler. Level two: Each candle has a manly scent, like sawdust ($10). Level three: The candles are made in recycled soup cans Level four: Each purchase of a... [More]


Ariella Collection Flower & Faux Pearl Stack Rings

One of our favorite things to wear these days is a stack of rings. These flower and faux pearl beauties ($68) look amazing when piled on top of each other (fashionably, and just the way we like them) - but if stacking isn't your thing, they make amazing stand-alone pieces... [More]


Wild for TANtalizer Collection

Lorac put a spell on us and now we are required to do everything they tell us to do. At least that's what we told the boyfriend when the Wild for TANtalizer Collection ($39) showed up on our doorstep. The gold-and-bronze eye palette was calling to us. And the bronzer... [More]


Linen Bow Shorts

These Linen Bow Shorts ($59) are just too sweet. We love the bright red color, the comfy leg width, and the pleated waistline. The bow finish is just the icing on the adorable cake. They're so darn cute, we'd like to pinch their cheeks. But the only cheeks here belong... [More]


Himalayan Salt Plate

Recently a friend of ours tipped us off to the Himalayan Salt Plate ($30). Needless to say, we were intrigued. What exactly do you use a salt plate for? Turns out, a lot. Aside from using it for grilling and roasting in the oven, you can chill it and use... [More]


Envelope Chest

This Envelope Chest ($1400) is ever so clever. Viewed from the right angle, it tricks the eye into seeing a classic manila envelope. It's a classy illusion, and playful enough to be a perfect accent for a kids' room. Though if we did put it in the kids' room, the... [More]


SEPHORA by OPI Nailed It! Top 10 Best Sellers

Each of these ten shades held a special place in our polish organizer at some point over the last few years: we took Mermaid to Order and It's Bouquet With Me to Mardi Gras, Nonfat Soy Half Caff and Bare To Be Different to a job interview in Chicago,... [More]


Ted Baker Top with Ruffle Sleeve

We bet this Ted Baker ruffle sleeve top ($107) has you thinking, "I could make that!" You could try. But we know that if we made the attempt, it'd come out looking like crap instead of scrappily cute. We'll stick to letting Ted Baker (what do you mean it's not... [More]


Keybrid Two Pack

Is it a key, or a keyring? The answer is both, of course. Almost every front door in the U.S. uses one of the two key blanks in this Keybrid Two Pack ($17), which means it probably includes yours. (Finding out which blank you need before you order will save... [More]


Kissing Bee Belt

We like this Kissing Bee Belt ($128) much better than we would a Stinging Bee Belt, which would be more in line with what we're normally thinking when we run into bees. Kissing Bees sound warm and friendly, like they'd happily rest on your finger in between bouts of busy... [More]


You Tell Us: Blink Sneaker Wedges

We know it's easy enough to slip on a pair of pumps to add a little height, but what if we don't want to dress up the look so much? We think Blink Sneaker Wedges ($70-80) might be the casual solution to heels - but then again, we think they... [More]


Heat Wave

Did you know that don't have to be a fictional person to read Richard Castle's best-selling crime novel, Heat Wave ($11)? We can't wait to dive into the mystery, intrigue, and romance surrounding Kate Beckett...err, we mean Nikki Heat! We know, we know! It's just a network gimmick, but we'll... [More]


Smashbox Shades of Fame Eye Shadow Palette

Dark smoky eyes are very winter, and summer is sooo very close. We've ditched our deep purples and sultry greys for the brighter pops of color found in the Smashbox Shades of Fame Eye Shadow Palette ($48). Instead of creating gloomy cat eyes, we're purring up the catboardwalk in Pacific,... [More]


Giant Doughnut Pool Float

It seems cruel that the food we spent the past two months avoiding in order to look good in our bikini is what we ultimately end up floating in. Giant Doughnut Pool Float ($25)... [More]


Lauren by Ralph Lauren Sun Hat

Summer is just around the corner, and we're going for the perfect balance of enjoying the sunshine and protecting our skin. Thanks to this big and beautiful hat ($45), we'll have a special, stylish, shield from the sun. Since it's available in several color combinations, we can keep a hat... [More]

Motel Elsa Bodycon Dress

Motel Elsa Bodycon Dress

The Motel Elsa Bodycon Dress reminds us of a smooth, creamy strawberry milkshake! The sweetheart neckline and pastel lace are oh so girly, and this may be the perfect frock to rock at our bridal shower.... [More]


blowPro Damage Control Daily Repairing Conditioner

Air dry your hair and it looks more like a brush fire than the sexy, tousled tresses you wish for. Blow-dry, and you get actual heat damage. blowPro Damage Control Daily Repairing Conditioner ($17) extinguishes the flames, adding a touch of silkiness and shine thanks to the 100%-organic-shea-butter formula. Your... [More]


Shadow Chair

No, this image has not been digitally manipulated: the Shadow Chair ($961) is for real. The trick? Look a little closer and you'll see that the shadow is actually part of the chair. We think it'll be a fantastic way to convince your friends that you can defy gravity.... [More]


PHYTO phytoLium Energizing Shampoo

On a scale of one to ten on the strength scale, our hair gets maybe a two. Strands break off whenever we brush, blow-dry, flat iron, or bobby pin our hair. We've tried magic hair vitamins only to discover that they are good for one thing: wasting money. We wised... [More]


Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker

We don't know if you know this but babies eat. A lot. Unfortunately, because they are so new at eating, it takes them quite a while to wolf down a meal. And it's important for new parents to utilize every second of the day. The Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Finch-Print Peplum Maillot

Bathing suits with skirts are almost always terrible. We suspect the women who wear them are hoping that little scrap of ruffled fabric will hide what nature has given them a bit too much of, but the result is generally the least flattering outfit imaginable. This Marc by Marc Jacobs... [More]


Diablo III

Pssst! Wanna make your man's day? Diablo III ($60) drops today. If you're not the type to also nab a copy for yourself and roll a Witch Doctor, then make sure you've got some other activities planned. Once you plop this in his lap he'll be occupied for days, leaving... [More]


Birds in Flight Dress

Just like frat boys at the bar, there are some days when all we're looking for is to take home something cheap and pretty. This Birds in Flight Dress ($20) fits that bill nicely indeed. We love the soft blue, the sweet print, and particularly the low price tag. Heck,... [More]


The Zuma Bag

We love the slouchy style of The Zuma Bag ($68). It's the handbag equivalent of our favorite old t-shirt - easy, comfortable, practical and flattering. Best of all, when our lip gloss explodes inside of it or we set it down in a puddle, it will happily go through the... [More]


Origins Brightening Musts Gift Set

Got a lady in your life who needs an excuse to slow down and take a night off? (cough, cough, RIGHT HERE, cough, cough...) Reward her with the Origins Brightening Musts Gift Set ($37), a collection of the brand's best skin care products for the gal who needs a break.... [More]


Eliza J Embellished Metallic Satin Strapless Dress

Got an invitation sitting on the table? We've got your frock. The sheen and metallic tone of the Eliza J Embellished Metallic Satin Strapless Dress ($118) give it a great cocktail party vibe, but the polka dots make it fun enough to go casual. Colored wedges and a statement necklace... [More]


Lori Bracelet

Geometry is awesome! It means we get to live in a three-dimensional universe, instead of just being featureless points in space-time. It also looks fantastic on this Lori Bracelet ($55), which contrasts elegant zebrawood with polygons in a bright array of colors. Artist Brian Everett says this will be the... [More]


Felt Floral Wristlet

We love the indie feel of this Felt Floral Wristlet ($13), with its fun little accent of a cluster of felt blossoms. It looks like a great alternative to have around for when we don't feel like carting our entire lives in our purses. There's just enough room for the... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: May 14, 2012

A reusable bag from the grocery store is a great little helper. Your black leather portfolio? A business partner. But if you want a handbag that's friendly, and fashionable for that matter, then you want something like one of the options in the most recent Shopping List poll from The... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Mexican Graduation Guest Dress for Marissa

Marissa writes, "I have an international fashion dilemma that I am hoping you can help with. You see, my boyfriend is taking me to meet his family for the first time in Mexico City. We will be there mid-June and we will be attending his sister's university graduation. This event... [More]


Milani HAUTE FLASH Full Coverage Shimmer Lip Gloss

We would like to blame Paris Hilton for the way in which we say the word "hot". And the word "haute". It all sounds like "haht". So, sorry, Milani, but your HAUTE FLASH Full Coverage Shimmer Lip Gloss ($7) is actually "Haht" Flash, which sounds decidedly less awesome. But we... [More]


Atlas of Remote Islands

The biggest obstacle we face in our plans to see the world is being broke. Author Judith Schalansky had a different problem: the Iron Curtain. Deprived of the right to travel, she instead played tourist in her mind, exploring the planet through books. In her Atlas of Remote Islands ($29),... [More]


All Wrapped Up Pavé Stud Earrings

These beautiful bow earrings from Kate Spade ($58) are one of the best purchases we've ever made. Simple, yet stunning, they look amazing with our everyday outfits and fancy formal wear. We've never been so excited to show off our ears.... [More]


Tangerine Leaf Canvas Bucket

We need at least eight of these canvas buckets ($12-21) around at all times. They keep odds and ends picked up and packed away, and out of the eagle-eye vision of our mother when she drops in for a surprise visit! We could also keep a few on hand for... [More]


Fake Turn Up Capri Trousers

Go bold or go home, that's what we here at Outblush like to say. No bones about it, these Fake Turn Up Capri Trousers ($710) by Maarten van der Horst take bold to a whole new level, what with this daring birds-of-paradise print we think we last saw gracing couch... [More]


Ciaté Caviar Manicure

Ladies. How sweet is this? The Ciaté Caviar Manicure ($25) is a two-step process that will take you straight to celebrity status at the bar on Friday night. And we only say Friday and don't include the rest of the weekend for a reason. You can only get one good... [More]


Le Bunny Bleu Kassay Ballet Flats

Our biggest complaint about most ballet flats is the material that they are made of. Whoever thought flexible rubber would be a suitable choice for footwear was painfully mistaken. We much prefer the soft natural leather of the Le Bunny Bleu Kassay Ballet Flats ($55). Luckily they are available in... [More]


SafeMade Gimme Gummy

We aren't the only ones who want to devour gummi bears. Turns out our pups have a sweet tooth, too! The SafeMade Gimme Gummy ($10) is a dishwasher-safe, oven-safe doggie toy created to meet standard child safety regulations. Bake a few treats in it, reward your dog with playtime, wash... [More]

FLUFF Doggie Cosmetic Case

FLUFF Doggie Boudoir Cosmetics Bag

The FLUFF Doggie Boudoir Cosmetics Bag ($17) is the perfect cosmetic bag for the beauty junkie and dog lover. This pretty blue toiletry case is covered with all sizes and breeds of our favorite pups, from poodles to pugs to Great Danes. And inside you'll find organizer pockets and slip... [More]


Piglets Salt & Pepper Shakers

We didn't buy our mom these Piglet Salt & Pepper Shakers ($24) for Mother's Day. If we had, she would probably think we were sending her the not-so-subtle message that we think she's fat. Our mom is paranoid like that. We played it safe and got her flowers; we're saving... [More]


Te Amo Colour Block Chiffon Skater Dress

We're all about bold and bright this season, which is why we're digging this Te Amo Colour Block Chiffon Skater Dress ($40). The rich cobalt and the municipal-worker orange make for a pleasing contrast, and the adorable rope belt could turn out to be functional as well as fashionable.... [More]


Aspinal of London Ladies Scarf Belt

The Aspinal of London Ladies Scarf Belt ($49) is an elegant change from our collection of big, blocky leather waist-cinchers. It's also a fabulously different way for us to show off some of our scarves. Pick your favorites and thread them through the belt ends to create an endless variety... [More]


Ojon Super Sleek Smoothing Shampoo

We have dry hair. And by dry hair we mean brittle, frizzy, unmanageable hair. (We can thank our mother's genes for that one.) So we took matters into our own hands with Ojon Super Sleek Smoothing Shampoo ($24), which is jam-packed with ojon oil and plant keratin, two naturally occurring... [More]


Floral Metal Beverage Dispenser

Spruce up your summer parties by using the Floral Metal Beverage Dispenser ($144) to distribute your Arnold Palmers (Arnolds Palmer?). Your festivities could have a whole garden theme centered around your drink dispenser. If Pinterest has taught us anything, it's that you can DIY a whole party from goat cheese... [More]


Mini Cannon

When we were told to check out a website called, we thought we were in for an NC-17 experience. Instead, we found a great way to embrace our inner problem child. The Mini Cannon ($29) is a fully functional BB gun - though ammo, powder, and fuses have to... [More]


Elizabeth and James Otto Asymmetric Satin Trapeze Dress

We'd pay very close attention to the quality of our bloomers if we were actually wearing this Elizabeth and James Otto Asymmetric Satin Trapeze Dress ($495) while executing circus tricks. We're far more likely to wear it while sipping cocktails and feeling fancy, though, in which case we could probably... [More]


Recycled Record Guitar Picks

Grab a few of these Recycled Record Guitar Picks ($5) and you'll have fun trying to guess whose tunes you're using to pick your strings. We're guessing it's most likely something really crappy, because otherwise somebody would be hawking the vinyl on eBay, not punching it into picks. Nickelback? Insane... [More]


The High Potency Collection by Perricone MD

The High Potency Collection by Perricone MD ($155) does two things: it takes half a decade off your face and it gives a whole new meaning to the term "sleeping beauty". The High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift contains a higher concentration of anti-aging ingredients than any other Perricone MD... [More]


Kenneth Jay Lane Sculpted Branch Cuff

This Sculpted Branch Cuff ($159) looks like it might have been salvaged from a shipwreck. How awesome would that be? We're pretty sure nobody engaged in saturation diving for it, but that doesn't mean we can't use the art of creative dissembling (aka lying) to try to convince people that... [More]


Rachel Roy Techno Tape Yarn Dress

We have always daydreamed about crocheting ourselves an innovative, eye-catching evening gown, but somehow keep ending up with piles of scarves. This Techno Tape Yarn Dress ($448) is definitely what we didn't know we were aiming for. We love the color contrast of the soft grey and the startling orange-red,... [More]


Migi Nail Art Neon Nail Polish

Promotional images for the Migi Nail Art Neon Nail Polish set ($20) demonstrate that you can use these fun nail polish pens to put pictures of snowmen or daisies onto your manicures. Is this fashion or fourth grade? We'll pass on the snowmen, but we think these look easier than... [More]


Hollywood Heartbreaker Chemise

If you're looking to spice things up (we know we are), we've found the perfect chemise ($38) to switch that old t-shirt out for. The structure up top will give your lovely ladies a much needed girls' night out, and we know you'll love the gorgeous black lace overlay as... [More]


Starbucks Stainless Steel Cold Cup

Yeah, yeah those coffee aficionados think they're soooo cool. But they aren't as cool as you are when you stroll into your local Starbucks with the Starbucks Stainless Steel Cold Cup ($20). The cup holds iced teas and coffees like a champ so you can get your branded buzz on... [More]


Ivanka Trump Rock Crystal Diamond Accent Ring

We've decided that it's time to treat ourselves to a beautiful Ivanka Trump ring ($4,000). Between the diamond pavé band, the gorgeous rose gold, and the perfect emerald-cut crystal, we're assured that this fabulous piece of jewelry is worth our hard-earned money. Feel free to commend us on this most... [More]


Dreaming in French

We read Dreaming in French: The Paris Years of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Susan Sontag, and Angela Davis ($16) in one sitting. (We finished on a Sunday morning at 3:00am!) Kaplan captures Kennedy, Sontag, and Davis as young women during their coming of age years abroad. Though they all went on... [More]


Amika 19mm Tourmaline Curler

Ever start curling your hair, go to touch it, and get the piss burned out of your fingers? Yeah, us too. Like, all the time. We didn't know our hair could be so hot and not physically fall off. So when we saw that the Amika 19mm Tourmaline Curler ($112)... [More]


'Move on Mint' Bag

We've been stocking up on certain spring colors, and this mint bag ($372) is a must-have for us this season. It's the perfect match for our coral jeans and nude heels! We love having the option to use the detachable gold chain strap instead of the two top handles. Regardless... [More]


Peacock Paper Lantern

As we're no longer undergraduates, we thought we'd left paper lanterns behind us along with the tie-dyed tapestries and NIN posters. But this Peacock Paper Lantern ($10) is inspiring us to rethink that decision. We're enjoying the rich mix of colors and the cloisonné feel. It just might work in... [More]


blowPro Hydra Quench Daily Hydrating Shampoo

After years of having short hair, we forgot what it was like to blow-dry our locks. It only took a couple of weeks of unprotected heat torture to realize we were doing it wrong. A coworker turned us onto blowPro Hydra Quench Daily Hydrating Shampoo ($17) to help combat the... [More]


Sol Vibe Blouse

Ethereal layers of breezy silk and a crochet yoke make this Sol Vibe Blouse ($128) a sunny addition to your spring/summer wardrobe. We love the brilliant golden color and relaxed fit. Contrast it with a structured floral skirt and towering buy-me-a-margarita wedges for a steamy summer look.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gold Chain Sandals for Sasha

Sasha writes: "I love the Nine West Tenara which is a style from about 3 years ago. I haven't found anything like it since. The gold links and the gladiator type look is something I plan on wearing to a beach wedding reception in a couple of months time. Can... [More]


The Big Bobber Floating Cooler

You know what we really wish we had? A way to get beer without leaving the pool, especially one cleverly disguised as a giant piece of fishing tackle. And that makes The Big Bobber Floating Cooler ($25) proof that dreams really can come true. Showing up with it to the... [More]


Oh, Skunk! Wash and Spray

It's an inescapable truth: dogs love rolling in the nastiest crap they can find. And by "crap" we mean actual poop, along with rotten dead animals, trash, and vomit. In addition to this bouquet of revulsion, they also occasionally frighten critters who make it their business to spray foulness at... [More]


Alice and Olivia Arthur Pant

We'd sort of forgotten that capri pants don't have to cling to our thighs as if they were painted on. A cute above-the-ankle look that shows off our adorable strappy heels is totally kosher with a looser, more comfortable trouser fit. These Alice and Olivia Arthur Pants ($198) exemplify just... [More]


Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing For Face & Body With Fresh

We recently had a little too much time on our hands and took the opportunity to really analyze our bodies, paying close attention to the quality of our skin. And we gotta tell ya, we were pretty grossed out. There was a lot of dead skin and dullness wrecking an... [More]


Sephora Favorites The Fresh Florals Deluxe Fragrance Sampler For Her

Our little sis just graduated from college (Go Seminoles!!) and is hoping to put her fashion merchandising degree to good use. But how could she get anywhere in that business without looking and smelling the part? We may not be able to buy her a new wardrobe, but we can... [More]


Striped Tank Dress

Summer is about lounging by the pool, sunning on the beach, meeting new people, and looking our absolute best. We can't imagine doing any of those things without the Striped Tank Dress ($60). This relaxed fit frock is casual enough for a barbeque, but with the right accessories, would be... [More]


Essie Action Nail Polish

We see your yellow nail polish and raise you Essie Action Nail Polish ($8). This brighter-than-bright orange shade is part of their Poppy Razzi Collection. Is this more futuristic than some of the other throwback '80s colors swirling around fashion town? Meh. We can't tell the difference between vintage orange... [More]


Bobbi Brown Rose Gold Set

If Bobbi Brown walked up to us and said "I'll give you one of every anything of makeup I have ever ever made in exchange for your firstborn", we'd do it. But only if it included the Rose Gold Set ($85). We'd give up our dog just for the Instant... [More]


Mixed Purple Flower Travel Irons

Turns out we have a problem differentiating between our private bathroom at home and the office bathroom, and this seems to be annoying some of our coworkers. Apparently, the shared WC is no place to keep gigantic hair appliances. We argued that unkempt hair also has no place in a... [More]


Percy & Reed Dry Shampoo

On the rare occasions when we find the energy to work out, we reward ourselves with a trip to the HomeGoods store next to the gym. We don't necessarily want to look like we just worked out, though, so before leaving the locker room, we spray on some Percy &... [More]


Ultra CHI Fuzzy Dot Dryer

This Ultra CHI Fuzzy Dot Dryer ($100) isn't just standing out from the rest of the blow dryer population, it is doing jumping jacks. And, baby, we're looking. And mama likes what she sees. It reduces frizz and shortens dry times - but what is that in comparison to the... [More]

Lulu Shay Seahorse Earrings

Lulu & Shay Seahorse Earrings

We're definitely feeling the nautical trend this spring, but we're not into anchors or ships hanging from our ears. We'd much rather let these precious Lulu & Shay Seahorse Earrings ($95) dance on our lobes.... [More]


Nina Jewelry Maribella Headband

Ho. Lee. Moses. The Nina Jewelry Maribella Headband ($300) is beautiful. Sure, we should probably urge our best friend to wear this on her wedding day in June, but COME ON! How could we pass this up? She'd wear it for one special day. We want to wear this every... [More]


Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette

Every so often, we get this wild hair up our ass to change something radical about ourselves. Once, we cut our hair completely off, basically to the scalp. Another time, we threw out every pair of pants we owned and opted only for skirts and dresses. Neither of these phases... [More]


Thakoon for NARS Lal Mirchi Nail Polish

We never thought we'd be so excited over an orange nail color, but we are! The Thakoon for NARS Lal Mirchi Nail Polish ($18) was part of a spring 2012 collaboration between designer Thakoon and NARS which resulted in six bold shades. Lal Mirchi is listed as a "Mandarin red,"... [More]


LuLu's Web of Dreams Teal Dress

Oh, this? This old thing? Why, this is just our LuLu's Web of Dreams Teal Dress ($40) we ordered online. You think it makes our back look svelte and toned? Well thank you for noticing. We thought maybe you'd be too distracted by the plunging cowl neck to even notice... [More]


Ciru Poncho

Attention, Grateful Dead fans: at last, you are vindicated. The poncho is officially back. "As if it ever went out of fashion," we imagine you murmuring. Well, it did. But this Ciru Poncho ($245) is made with soft merino wool in a traditional style, and we can't wait to wear... [More]


Olde Bronze Fresnel Lens Pendant Light

We're ready for our close-up, Mr. DeMille. This Olde Bronze Fresnel Lens Pendant Light ($316) looks like it was ripped off of a classic movie set. We'll put it over our kitchen islands, then pretend we're waiting for our leading man to come along as we chop onions and cry.... [More]


Takenaka Bento Boxes

We adore the bento concept for our workweek lunches, but many of the boxes we've seen have been designed with kids in mind. The Takenaka Bento Boxes ($30 each), on the other hand, come in modern, solid colors (no cartoon characters here!), and are microwavable and dishwasher-safe for easy, daily... [More]


Aspinal of London Make-Up Brush Roll

Now that we're all adults, it isn't appropriate to wrap makeup brushes in toilet paper and rubber bands anymore. Invest a little money into something like the Aspinal of London Make-Up Brush Roll ($199). Available in four colors (shown in Smooth Black with Ascot Pink), each roll can hold up... [More]


Hurley Coachella Dress

We feel like getting our Pocahontas on today. That's why we wish we were sporting this Hurley Coachella Dress ($70). The crochet-style fringe reminds us of something a certain Disney princess might be seen wearing while singing her way through a forest. We will most likely wear it while going... [More]


Camano Coffee Mill

Everyone knows that freshly ground coffee is the best. But waking up everybody in the house with the obnoxious screech of an electric coffee grinder is less than awesome. With this Camano Coffee Mill ($72), you'll be able to grind your java the old-fashioned way: quietly. It's also probably a... [More]


English Campaign Desk

We're making our summer travel plans, and it looks like we're more likely to be visiting our cousin in Fresno than trekking through some exotic jungle. We still think we should bring along this English Campaign Desk ($90) so we can feel like we're on an exciting expedition when we... [More]

Manzanita Bench

Manzanita Bench

If we won the lottery, we would purchase our own private island in the Florida Keys and then plop the Manzanita Bench ($3,998) in the sand along the shore. And we'd celebrate like it was five o'clock every hour with key lime daiquiris and frozen mudslides.... [More]


philosophy italian soda bar shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath trio

In high school, we met our first love at a coffee bar. It lasted about as long as our caffeine buzz, but we had enough time to be introduced to a lot of things. Most delicious of all was Italian soda. That café was stocked with every flavor imaginable, and... [More]

Juicy Couture Halter Swim Dress

Juicy Couture Halter Swim Dress

Talk about a hot tomato! You'll be sizzlin' before you even set foot on the beach in the Juicy Couture Halter Swim Dress ($164). The plunging neckline will surely turn all the boys' heads and the fine details are sure to catch any fashionista's eye - gold buttons with a... [More]


Domaine Houchart Côtes de Provence Rosé 2009

Sometimes a girl just wants a pretty pink wine to wash away a crap week. When that need strikes we grab this Domaine Houchart Côtes de Provence Rosé 2009 ($12). We think it would be good for toasting Mom on Mother's Day, too. Just a thought...... [More]


KMS California Silk Sheen Shampoo

If you had run your fingers through our hair before we discovered KMS California Silk Sheen Shampoo ($14), you'd have thought you were having an up close and personal interaction with a yak. Thank goodness KMS California took care of that situation. It has done wonders for our hair, giving... [More]


American Vintage Desert Flower Skirt

This ain't your grandma's floral print skirt, girls. The short, short American Vintage Desert Flower Skirt ($90) isn't quite suitable for work, but it's is perfect for brunch with the girls or date nights with the boys. We wear our flirty frills with some wedges and a form-fitting cotton tee.... [More]


Bright Color Block Cuff by Katch

The pair of GoJane High Waisted Sailor Shorts in khaki we bought earlier this month have been dying for a springtime pop of color. The Bright Color Block Cuff by Katch ($250) is just what the doctor ordered. This hand-beaded 24K bracelet delivers the prescribed dose of color and whimsy... [More]


David Yurman Delicate Essence Eau de Toilette

Not all perfumes are created equal. Some smell downright poop-tastic (we once got a sample in the mail that literally had us on our hands and knees gagging). Not the case with David Yurman Delicate Essence Eau de Toilette ($85). Notes of amber and blonde wood whisper out from this... [More]


Well-Kept Screen Cleansing Towelettes

Anybody who wears glasses understands the power of a good lens cleaning. It's like going from a tube television to HD. These Well-Kept Screen Cleansing Towelettes ($5) do the same thing for all your electronics, from e-readers and iPhones to computers and TVs. Each pack contains fifteen pre-moistened wipes, each... [More]


Vince High Waist Shorts

You may not have said it out loud but we heard you asking for 'em. These Vince High Waist Shorts ($236) are exactly what you were looking for. The cotton and linen blend is beyond comfortable, making them as relaxed as it gets, and the adult-length inseam creates a far... [More]


Ethel's Fleur-de-lis Gloves

We like cute garden gloves as much as the next green thumb, but they've gotta be durable, too, because we tend to wait until the very last minute before we tackle weeding our shrubs and garden plots for new spring growth. Ethel's Fleur-de-lis Gloves ($22) have silicone grips for easy... [More]

Motel Skinny Jordan Jeans

Motel Skinny Jordan Jeans

Okay, right about now you're probably having flashbacks from Beetlejuice. And we admit we're usually not fans of stripes on our rear, but the Motel Skinny Jordan Jeans ($90) are flattering on just about all of us. They're awesome for elongating our legs and making us look like elegant vertical... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Forever 21 7-Piece 'Electric Nails' Polish Set

We're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue and then we're gonna color our nails with the vivid shades in the Forever 21 7-Piece 'Electric Nails' Polish Set ($10). We're feeling the deep purples on our toes, but layering the silver sparkle over the bright blue creates a nice '80s feel... [More]


Equipment Coriander Ava Silk Shirt

Is it just us, or does this Equipment Coriander Ava Silk Shirt ($329) have a slightly New Wave vibe? When we imagine ourselves wearing it, our hair becomes extremely large and we can vaguely hear Falco playing in the background. And we're okay with that.... [More]


Flame Top Pizza Stone

Grilled pizza always tastes awesome when we order it at a restaurant. But when we gear ourselves up to make an attempt on the BBQ at home, the result is usually disaster. Sliding our pies straight onto the grill surface results in burnt crust or a sticky, drippy mess. But... [More]


Deluxe Wonder Wheeler

We do not pack lightly when we go to the beach. We're bringing our beach chair, towel, radio, umbrella, sunblock, emergency makeup kit, cooler full of snacks, and several issues of Us Weekly. And that doesn't include the stuff we need to keep the kids entertained. There is no graceful... [More]


A.L.C. Floral Dress

During a semester abroad in college, we spent a week in Paris meandering through all the museums and art galleries. We saw some of Claude Monet's Water Lilies in person and have wondered ever since what it would be like to bathe near the cream, blue, green, and yellow lilies... [More]


SuckerPunch Gourmet Gift Set

Technically, it's not a sucker punch if we tell you in advance that the SuckerPunch Gourmet Gift Set ($22) has a kick to it. Don't say we didn't warn you.... [More]


Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats

Does the forlorn look your indoor kitty gives you through the sliding door when you're relaxing in the backyard break your heart? Or maybe you dream of enjoying a picnic in the park with your beloved furry roommate. With the Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats ($70), your cat can now... [More]


Monogram Silk Bracelets and Necklace

Remember how much fun it was to send secret messages? We eated-sway over our Pig Latin skills so that the notes we passed in class would be utterly indecipherable to outsiders. (Because no one outside of our group understood Pig Latin, duh.) Now we have a much cuter way to... [More]


Polo Ralph Lauren Explorer Messenger Bag

Rugged. Useful. A little rough around the edges, but always ready for the unexpected. And did we mention sexy? Sounds like the ideal bag to us. This Polo Ralph Lauren Explorer Messenger Bag ($295) is supposed to be for the gents, but we'll happily cross the gender fashion divide to... [More]


Sex and the City: The Complete Series

These four leading ladies have succeeded in teaching us the values of friendship, good fashion sense, and following our hearts. As we sit in our office, we wish we were curled up on our couches with Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. We've watched our beloved stars fall in and out... [More]


Buxom Color Choreography Hip Hop Eyeshadow

We can't dance. Heck, we can't even walk in a straight line. And that's sober! The Buxom Color Choreography Hip Hop Eyeshadow palette ($36) adds a little zip to our step without the expense or embarrassment of dance lessons. The blue, gold, and brown shades make for true coordination.... [More]


Bocci-Style Modern Lighting Chandelier

We love Bocci's 14 Series pendant chandeliers, but aren't so enchanted by the several-thousand-dollar price tag. But we happily buy generic medications. Why shouldn't we enjoy generic lighting? This Bocci-Style Modern Lighting Chandelier ($1,840) looks almost as lovely as the original, but for less than a third of the price.... [More]


Newaz Skirt

Unlike your other glittery clothes, the Newaz Skirt ($275) will not leave a trail of little sparkly things behind you wherever you go. Take a closer peek: the gorgeous, shimmering pattern on this simple block skirt isn't made with sequins aching to stick to your couch's upholstery. Almost all of... [More]


Ivana Helsinki Feather Print Blouse

We're digging the generous use of elastic in this Ivana Helsinki Feather Print Blouse ($190). Oodles of ruffly gathering at both the waistline and the wrists? How very daring! We think the look pairs nicely with this funky Finnish feather print.... [More]


Lunardi Black Truffle Honey

Lunardi Black Truffle Honey ($23) really shouldn't be compared to the contents of the little honey bear in your tea cupboard. This tasty sweetener is infused with rich black truffles and will turn a basic cheese and bread appetizer into an out-of-this-world experience. We wouldn't be surprised if your guests... [More]


Personal Shopper: Non-Metal Flatware for Meg

Meg writes: "I have a friend who cannot stand putting metal flatware in their mouth. They ask for to-go forks at restaurants and they have these day-glo kids forks and knives from Ikea at home. My dear friend is about to turn 32 and we've been trying to set them... [More]


Candied Flower Sampler Box

Your spring garden party is not a kids' party. Don't top your delicious desserts with sprinkles! This Candied Flower Sampler Box ($22) is an adult way to polish your pastries. Choose sugared rose petals, whole violets, mint leaves, or mimosas to gorgeously garnish your treats. Your friends will be impressed!... [More]


Zigzag Rug

Ugly wall-to-wall apartment carpeting got you down? Landlords, decorating troglodytes that they are, frown upon our helpful offers to pull that industrial nastiness up for them. Reach a compromise that won't screw your deposit by covering up with a couple of these Zigzag Rugs ($39-79). Available in a range of... [More]


Chesapeake ALICE Knapsack

No, ALICE isn't just a cute name: it's the military term for All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment. We're individuals who do a lot of carrying, which is why we really like the sound of this Chesapeake ALICE Knapsack ($340). The tough cotton canvas and gleaming leather are made to be... [More]


The Bird and the Bee: Interpreting the Masters, Volume 1

You are a Hall & Oates fan. Even if you are too young to have heard of Hall & Oates, trust us: you love them. And you'll really love the adorably catchy versions of their hits you'll hear on The Bird and the Bee's Interpreting the Masters, Volume 1 ($14).... [More]


Bittersweets Sword Earrings

These Bittersweets Sword Earrings ($325) are the perfect accessory for those who follow the sacred warrior creed. We're totally going to wear them to our next Dungeons & Dragons night, and the rest of our geek squad will burn with envy. And in a pinch, we could use these to... [More]


Cashmere Long Wrap Robe

What do we want to be when we get out of the shower? Warm, damn it. Fleece and terry are dowdy, but all those cute little robes we've collected over the years have one thing in common: they leave us shivering. And shivering is not sexy. Doing your Sunday morning... [More]


Otis & Maclain Geisha Floral Top

At first, we thought this Otis & Maclain Geisha Floral Top ($125) looked a bit like a hospital nightgown. Then we realized it was just lousy styling on the part of whoever gave the model that crossbody bag. Mentally remove the annoying black strap, and you're left with a darling... [More]


Skinny Mustard Jean

It's a ray of sunshine for our buns! These Skinny Mustard Jeans ($125) are a bright and happy change from our usual blues. You might be wondering what the heck you could possibly pair them with. We say give them a whirl - think outside the box and we expect... [More]


Filson Pumps

Strutting through our day in these Filson Pumps ($90) would feel like walking on top of our own little art gallery. We love the soft watercolor print of the fabric upper so much that if we could find out who painted it, we'd probably get something from them for our... [More]


Tsumori Chisato Double Breasted Trench Coat

Every girl needs a classic trench. After all, how else are you going to get to your significant other's house in your underwear for a little birthday surprise? It's definitely not as sexy if you're wearing a parka. But we love this Tsumori Chisato Double Breasted Trench Coat ($998) even... [More]