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Personal Shopper: Mother of the Bride Dresses for Cynthia

Cynthia writes: "My daughter's wedding is coming up in August 2012 and I need a mother of the bride dress. I hate the shapeless-with-jacket gowns available in bridal stores, but obviously still need to be appropriate as the mother of the bride. I'll wear either a size 6 or 8,... [More]


Restoration Hardware Vintage Birdcage Chandelier

Putting a bird on it is no longer the hip thing. Now the cool kids are decorating with birdcages. At least, that's what the cool kids with money to burn are doing, given how incredibly awesome and exorbitantly expensive these Vintage Birdcage Chandeliers ($2395 - $3295) are. Do you think... [More]


Strawberry Disco Dust

We don't just make the best cupcakes, we make the prettiest, most sparkly ones, too! Sprinkle some edible Strawberry Disco Dust ($4) on cupcakes and cookies to add a little glitz to any baked good.... [More]


JUARA Invigorating Coffee Scrub

THIS GUY obviously got into the JUARA Invigorating Coffee Scrub ($37). We prefer to rub it on our legs before we shave in the shower. But to each their own.... [More]



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Celebrate: Little Bird Nestled in Vintage Inspired Books

So "Inspire Your Heart With Art Day" sounds a little cheesy, but once in a while we need to be reminded to enjoy the beauty around us. We love this Little Bird Nestled In Vintage Inspired Books ($15) print for the way it uses calm colors and nudges us to... [More]


Topeak JoeBlow Sprint Floor Pump

Last time we tried to pump up our bike tires before heading to the gym, our pump burst its tube and ended up draining all the air out of our tire. We spent the next ten minutes reinflating our tire with a tiny handheld travel pump. Never again, thank you... [More]

dior cream-s.jpg

Dior Crème Abricot Fortifying Cream For Nails

Some of us started chewing on our nails in the second grade, and whenever we're stressed, they're goners. The rich Dior Crème Abricot Fortifying Cream For Nails ($24) can replenish our cuticles and nail beds, encourage nail growth, and improve nail strength. Here's to hoping it really is "the key... [More]

sequin skirt-s.jpg

Warehouse Square Emb Skirt

Grid lines cut up the gold on the all sequins, all the time Warehouse Square Emb Skirt ($31). We'd recommend this high-waisted skirt for the itsy bitsy waist types (damn you). You won't have to think about any of the basic blacks you throw on with this attention-getting number. You're... [More]


Butt Rub Dry Rub

We love us a good butt rub. For our meat, that is... Award-winning Butt Rub Dry Rub ($5) will give your backyard BBQ a competitive edge. Even if the competition is between you and your husband for bragging rights. We love bragging rights.... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-29 at 3.00.30 PM.png

River Island Jewelry Print Shift Dress

We have a few dresses and tops with beading on the bust or at the neck that we don't wear jewelry with. We say these items have "built-in jewelry" and we use that as an excuse not to bother with accessories when we wear them. Of course, we were floored... [More]

perfume bottles-s.jpg

Egyptian Glass Bottles

Store perfume, mouthwash, astringent, liquor, and any other liquid you require a glass-on-glass closure for in Egyptian Glass Bottles ($55). These handmade pretties are sure to add some interest to the countertop.... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-29 at 2.42.06 PM.png

Fossil Penelope Wristlet

Our two-year-old mini-human has developed an obsession with robots. He calls them 'bots and points them out wherever we go. We never realized there were so many 'bots out there in the world, and now we're kind of obsessed with them too. This Fossil Penelope Wristlet ($48) will hold our... [More]


Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Ultimate Foundation Brush

The Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Ultimate Foundation Brush ($45) is good for: -applying foundation -stenciling blush circles on your bathroom wall -tickling your boyfriend's ear while he brushes his teeth causing him to spray toothpaste spit all over the mirror Things the Ultimate Foundation Brush isn't good for: -living in accord... [More]


Mango Sequin Design Bolero

Before we say anything about the Mango Sequin Design Bolero ($110), we want to note that we disagree with the styling pictured. Don't pair this Art Deco flapper-fantastic number with a pale romantic skirt! Wear it with a high-waisted trouser or equestrian pant so those lines have something to live... [More]


Forest Gnomes Kit

Did anyone else craft shelters for fairies and gnomes in their backyard as a kid? We remember using pine cones, pine needles, ivy, pieces of bark, and large leaves to craft cool woodland homes. We would have loved to have this Forest Gnomes Kit ($20) so we could make a... [More]


BHLDN Scintillation Heels

Sequined and glitter heels are everywhere this winter, and we're on board with the trend because we've been swooning over sparkly shoes since our first glimpse of Dorothy's ruby slippers. They may not be red, but the Scintillation Heels ($220), made exclusively for BHLDN, have a multi-colored shimmer that pairs... [More]



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Chef's Pencil Set

If you're anything like us, your cookbooks are a mess of written notes, substitution suggestions, and other tips, so why not have some "Chef's" pencils ($10) at your disposal? They might not make you the queen of crème brûlée, or the princess of pastry, but they'll add a cool feel... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-29 at 3.38.57 PM.png

Justified: Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD

Om nom nom nom nom nom Timothy Olyphant. If you haven't experienced the Timothy Olyphant sexual daydream that is Justified, you'd better get started now. He plays Raylan Givens, a troubled, handsome man with a few anger issues who happens to be a U.S. Marshal, and who is forced to... [More]


D:FI D:Struct Pliable Molding Cream

We recently whacked off half our hair. And not in the sense that it is now half as long as it used to be. More like we literally shaved off one whole side. It was brought on by the "yearlong business trip" Husband left for. Drastic times call for drastic... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: January 30, 2012

You want, nay, need a new handbag. But your bank statement disagrees. What to do? One, you could always stop looking at those pictures of pricey purses - but that's not going to happen, and you know it. Two, you could vote for your favorite piece in this week's poll... [More]

Personal Shopper Katie White Swimsuit

Personal Shopper: White Ruched Halter Swimsuit for Katie

Hey, Outblush! I'm in need of your magic. I've fallen in love with this J. Crew swimsuit. I love the ruching, the halter, and the white. All very old Hollywood, glamorous, and just happen to flatter my shape very well. The problem is, they're sold out of the white. Could... [More]


Wee Wonderfuls

One of our very best childhood memories is of making dolls with our mom. (One rainy day she decided that sewing matching dolls for us and a best friend would be a fun craft.) We've thought about those dolls often, and would love to recreate that experience with our own... [More]


An Apple a Day Greeting Card

An apple a day keeps the blues away when you send this An Apple a Day greeting card ($5) out. Slip one in the mail to a friend who's been sick. Better yet, make up a gift basket of chicken noodle soup, peach tea, honey, apples, and the first season... [More]


You Tell Us: Cube 57 Maple Bar

Does a brick of maple sugar merit a fifty-dollar price tag? We're not so sure. The Cube 57 Maple Bar definitely makes a cool gift, and it looks unique on the breakfast table, and it has the potential to make eating oatmeal fun again (fresh grated maple, anyone?), but we're... [More]


Candle Tin Sampler

Use the contents of the Candle Tin Sampler ($40) as unique take-home place card holders at your next dinner party, or fill gift bags with your favorite spa samples and these candles after a girls' night in. Or just keep it for yourself and enjoy nine unique scents. Selfish.... [More]


Grain Electric Love Bangle

As little girls, we were weirdly entranced by electrical wire at the hardware store. It's so colorful! So bendy! We're glad to see it repurposed as the Grain Electric Love Bangle ($28). And while you might be tempted to go to The Home Depot and start spooling the stuff onto... [More]



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Bonnie Jean Corduroy Jumperset with Zebra Belt

Since we feel too old classy to get away with zebra print, hot pink, studs, bell sleeves, and corduroy all in the same outfit, we're going to dress our kid in this Bonnie Jean Corduroy Jumperset with Zebra Belt ($19, on sale). Because, let's be honest, that's what little kids... [More]


Bisley 5-Drawer Cabinet

One drawer for cardstock. One drawer for origami paper. One drawer for craft paper. One drawer for construction paper. And one drawer for the stash of chocolate-covered caramels we don't want to share with our husband while we craft. Bisley 5-Drawer Cabinet ($79).... [More]


Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Quad

This may come as something of a surprise, especially to our boyfriends, but we are hardly perfect creatures. And our complexions will be the first to give that away. But we've gotten pretty good at faking certain things (something that may also surprise our boyfriends). Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer... [More]

Lime green Macau teapot-s.jpg

Butterfly Home Macau Teapot

The birds and flowers that encircle the lime green Butterfly Home Macau Teapot ($77) will brighten up your kitchen and then some. The fabulous flair of this vibrant tapered cylinder is just our cup of tea.... [More]


Glitzy Glam Tampon Holders

Your period is nothing to be embarrassed about. But for some reason tampons are. They aren't appealing. They aren't even cute. Tampon companies have tried making them easier on the eyes by making them collapsible. Like some sort of absorbent telescopes. But we're still not going to tote them around... [More]


Mollaspace Microphone MP3 speaker

Testing, testing, is this thing on? DJ iPod is in da hoouzze! The Mollaspace Microphone MP3 speaker ($15 on sale) plugs into your earphone jack for a serious boost in sound. Given how small the speakers are, it's actually pretty solid, and it makes a cool accessory for carrying while... [More]


Woodcut Vintage Valentine Puzzle

If your vision of the perfect Valentine's Day date looks less like an overpriced set menu in a crowded restaurant and more like cheap wine, takeout, and a bad movie, consider assembling this Woodcut Vintage Valentine Puzzle ($98) on your romantic night in. May we recommend some Birdemic with your... [More]


Personal Shopper: As Seen on TV Lace Shirt

Courtney writes: I was watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and one of the bride to be's on the show was wearing the shirt in this picture. I LOVE IT! I'm not usually one for lace, but I seriously want to find this shirt. Please, please, help me find it,... [More]


Miss Albright Pointed Laurel Heels

Bring the outdoors into your outfit by slipping on these naturally alluring Miss Albright Pointed Laurel Heels ($168). We like them in this dusky green color because we think it would be surprisingly versatile, but they also come in a more daring shade of warm yellow. Both hues of shoe... [More]


Dice For Change

Aside from the addicts in casinos who never go home, most of us don't start our day by rolling dice. But what if we did? And what if they helped us to make a few conscious efforts to better our life and world? These Dice For Change ($12) give suggestions... [More]


Kitchen Gnomes Dish Towel Embroidery Pattern

As we look around the kitchen and focus on the shabby state of our dishtowels, we feel a little embarrassed at how much our kitchen gets abused. Don't get us wrong, we love that we roll homemade meals out of it every evening and that we have tested hundreds of... [More]


Alterna 1 Night Highlights

Barney Stinson (and yes we're talking about NPH's character from HIMYM) is famous for going to a party, failing with the hottest girl in the room, changing clothes in order to appear like a new face in the crowd, and trying again. Alterna 1 Night Highlights ($29) is just like... [More]


Transitions Wastebasket

Crafted from repurposed Japanese newspapers and magazines, this rad Transitions Wastebasket ($25) actually makes your pile of crumpled papers, banana peels, and stacks of shredded junk mail look cool (sort of). We think adding it to the home office might inspire us to do more creative writing. And we'll just... [More]


Rei Self-Inflating Travel Pillow

Camping? Love. The sleeping part of camping? Not so much love. Maybe we're getting older, but without a pillow that supports the neck we wake up stiff as Frankenstein. Not pretty. This REI Self-Inflating Travel Pillow ($20) won't take up much space in your pack but offers the support and... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-29 at 2.53.09 PM.png

FOREVER 21 Mixed Print Beach Towel

So, you spent $124.99 on your new bathing suit... bottoms, and you still need to save up for the top. That doesn't leave much left in your Bathing Beauty Budget for any other swim essentials. You need something to sit on when you're eating beach snacks and slathering yourself with... [More]


Tarte One Fine Clay Amazonian Collection and Bag

Looking for a way out of your makeup rut? BOOM! Tarte One Fine Clay Amazonian Collection and Bag ($39) is the spice that your beauty routine needs. Packed with Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum, Park Ave Princess Amazonian Clay Bronzer, and Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush, this combo will create... [More]


Taza Guajillo Chili Chocolate Mexicano

There's a time and a place for your fav packet of Swiss Miss hot chocolate (curled up with a good book and a blanket!), but there's also a time and a place for the real deal, like the Taza Guajillo Chili Chocolate Mexicano ($5). Deep, rich, and with a hint... [More]


Bead-N-Tease Cat Teaser

Your cat teases you by sitting on your face when you're trying to take a nap. Tease him back with this Bead-N-Tease Cat Teaser ($3). It might not be the most effective form of revenge, but you and Mr. Whiskers seem to enjoy it. So, hey, what can you do?... [More]


Pear Box of Chocolates

Move over, Harry & David, this Pear Box of Chocolates ($26) is the kind of fruit box we're dreaming about. Made from marbleized and hand-painted chocolate, these delights boast a delicate essence of Pear William and Hazelnut Gianduja swirled into chocolate buttercream. And since there are six in the box,... [More]


Celebrate: Pencil Collage Jigsaw Puzzle

We still have our folding table out from our traditional Christmas jigsaw puzzle, so we were excited to see that "National Puzzle Day" gave us an excuse to keep our puzzle mania going. The Pencil Collage Jigsaw Puzzle ($12) should keep us busy for a while, seeing as it looks... [More]


DevaCurl Spray Gel

We remember this girl in middle school who was clearly having a hair identity crisis. She would do anything to straighten her unruly curly hair. She would literally take an iron that you would normally iron your clothes with to her hair on an ironing board the night before the... [More]


ULTA Baked Eyeshadow Trios

Bust out those maps and chart your course to Glamville, ladies. ULTA Baked Eyeshadow Trios ($10) are your tickets to looking smoking hot times three. Michigan Avenue (shown in large) is just the pop of color your spring wardrobe needs. Or you could take a cab down to Wall Street... [More]


Strawberry Cupcake Stitch Markers

The sheer cuteness (that's a word, right?) of these Strawberry Cupcake Stitch Markers ($14 for 4) makes us want to take up knitting. We hear it's a relaxing and stress-relieving activity, so first we'll buy all the materials (retail therapy is also relaxing) and then we'll actually learn the craft.... [More]


Horizon Round Crunch Can

Anyone who lives in a small space knows the value of collapsible, space-saving housewares. Use these Horizon Round Crunch Cans ($20 each) for laundry, toys, sports gear, or whatever else you can dream up. Crunch them down and keep them under the bed so they're out of the way and... [More]


Handmade Derby Critters

Don't you just want to surprise your nephew with these rad Handmade Derby Critters ($39) for his birthday? We think they're about a thousand times cooler than the plastic and metal Hot Wheels you find down at Wally World. We're betting on the gorilla in the banana car.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Yves Rocher 360 Length Mascara

You don't often see a mascara available in grey. Normally, your choices are brown, black, very black, how much more black can you get, and midnight. Yves Rocher 360 Length Mascara ($12) actually comes in Charcoal Grey (along with Black and Brown) which we prefer when we're going for a... [More]


Essential Paella Ingredients

Add a little Spanish influence to weeknight meals with the Essential Paella Ingredients ($65) kit. Stocked with everything but the meats, you're ready to whip together an authentic Spanish meal for your friends and loved ones. Add a few bottles of wine, a fresh salad, and you're ready for dinner.... [More]


Shu Uemura Celestial Garden Gloss Unlimited

Pucker up, gal pals. Shu Uemura Celestial Garden Gloss Unlimited ($23) wants to adorn your lips with springtime fancy. Shown in Blooming Pink, it also comes in Corona Orange. We aren't huge fans of orange lip apparel, but seeing how it is all the rage right now, we'll give it... [More]


Gold Highlighter

We have a sneaking suspicion that until we fully use up the edible Gold Highlighter ($6), every baked good that comes from our kitchen will look like it was touched by King Midas himself. Just mix in a little lemon extract, and you've got gold paint for your culinary marvels.... [More]

Personal Shopper Lace Skirt

Personal Shopper: Lace skirt for Jacqui's engagement photo shoot

Jacqui writes: "Hello hello! I have to say, your site gets me through the long afternoons at work - I don't know what I'd do without you guys and your fabulous finds! I have been searching high and low for a white lace skirt. Here is my inspiration. I'd like... [More]


Geometric Rolling Pin

Technically this Geometric Rolling Pin ($15 on sale) is for clay or fondant, but who's to say we can't roll out our cookies with this? We think shortbread with a cool geometric pattern would add a little extra oomph to our gift baskets.... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Carmilla Boot

Feeling a little Victorian? We are after re-watching Sweeney Todd. (We needed a Johnny Depp fix!) Maybe that's why we're drooling over the Jeffrey Campbell Carmilla Boot ($204). Though we may not be able to pull it off with our winter tights and wool coats, this work of art will... [More]


Nutty Valentine

We love the way our husband's offbeat sense of humor (he calls our cold butt cheeks "ass-cicles"), his squirrel-like obsession with nuts (almonds, pistachios, etc.), and his unnatural obsession with electronics. We're gonna surprise him with this whimsical Nutty Valentine ($4) and a box of Nuts and Chews from See's... [More]


Doubtblush: Sula Paint and Peel Nail Polish

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Not all nail polish is... [More]


Nanette Lepore Riviera Stripe Tunic Cover-Up

Headed out for on winter vaycay? We're sure you've got a sexy suit (or two, or three) all picked out and packed, but don't forget about protecting your skin from that tropical sun! Pack a straw hat and this sexy Nanette Lepore Riviera Stripe Tunic Cover-Up ($104). The sailor trend... [More]


Harissa Hot Sauce

Swirl in Harissa Hot Sauce ($4) whenever you want to add a kick of spice to a dish. We use it in a Turkish Chicken and Chickpeas dish for extra heat, but it also adds another dimension to hummus, mayonnaise, and Crock-Pots of chili. Keep a tube in the fridge... [More]


Echo Design Snakes Silk Scarf

Eep! We love reptiles and the more creepy crawly members of the animal kingdom, but the idea of putting this Echo Design Snakes Silk Scarf ($85) around our necks kind of gives us the willies. It's chic and quirky, but we might leave this one for the Slytherin fangirls.... [More]


Paul & Joe Beaute Limited Edition Spring 2012 Face & Eye Color CS

As aspiring and/or full-fledged cat ladies, we obviously love this Paul & Joe Beaute Limited Edition Spring 2012 Face & Eye Color CS ($36). And as cat ladies who work from home sometimes, we're definitely fans of the fact that this eyeshadow doubles as blush (well, okay, not the green... [More]


Beeswax Aromatherapy Pillar Gift Set

Oooommmm... Oooooommmm... OMG, your house smells heavenly! Maybe it's the Beeswax Aromatherapy Pillar Gift Set ($57) you've been burning. Give your abode a relaxed feel with the scent of 'Harmony' or 'Radiance'. We don't know what those states of being smell like per se, but if these names are accurate... [More]


Skinnygirl Glamouflage Boudoir Waist Cincher

Remember Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City? She recently launched her collection of chic shapewear and yoga-style loungewear, and we're personally loving the Skinnygirl Glamouflage Boudoir Waist Cincher ($30) because it's a shapewear style we wouldn't be embarrassed by should we happen to be seen in... [More]


Fit Body Yoga DVD

Some of us are still recovering from our holiday benders. Some of us still can't fit into our favorite jeans. Some of us need to pop in the Fit Body Yoga DVD ($15) to get ourselves balanced again... some of us, um, right here.... [More]


Mini Cable Car Kit

Are you looking for new ways to keep your kids entertained without resorting to video games and Disney movies? We always are. This rad Mini Cable Car Kit ($12) teaches kids about the mechanics of a pulley system while transporting traveling dolls, cargo, or secret notes back and forth. Oh,... [More]


Korres Mattifying Treatment

On the weekends, we prefer to run around town au naturel sans makeup and certainly sans heels (with the exception of mascara, which we literally never leave home without). However, without our usual foundation and powder routine, our skin gets pretty shiny by the end of Sunday brunch. Korres Mattifying... [More]


Personal Shopper: Garnet and Gold for Angela

Angela writes: "My husband is finally graduating from college and I need an amazing dress. Much like wedding pictures, I feel like these are going to around of the rest of our lives so I want to look good and timeless. Price range should be no more than 150 dollars.... [More]


Lomography La Sardina Camera and Flash

While it's true that every cell phone has a camera, there is something wonderful about using a real film camera to capture a moment. Unleash your artistic side with the Lomography La Sardina Camera and Flash ($110). Aside from the fact that it comes in a super cool print, you... [More]


Colorful Moroccan Tea Glasses

Ever since our trip to Egypt we've been hankering for a glass of hibiscus tea in a bright tea glass. These Colorful Moroccan Tea Glasses ($8 each) fit the bill and would make cool statement pieces at your next tea party. Forget the white doilies and pastels - we're going... [More]


Cheap Thrill: New York Color Liquid Lipshine

We thought we were done shopping for our spring makeup collection, but clearly we were kidding ourselves. New York Color Liquid Lipshine ($3) is one of those trusty companions you buy a thousand of in case you lose your favorite shade in the bathroom of that new club that opened... [More]


His And Hers Flavored Dental Floss

So... assuming you're trying to attract a mate and not scare anyone away, you'd think the bacon floss would be for the girl and cherry floss for the guy. No girl wants to kiss a bacon face, so her man should use the cherry. And all guys love the smell... [More]


Rogue Chocolate Stout

Not that we need an excuse to focus on all things chocolate, but we love having Valentine's Day as our scapegoat for totally overdoing it mid-January through February. Rogue Chocolate Stout ($7) is one of many chocolate goodies on our list. Rich and creamy, this stout has a mellow chocolate... [More]


Rugby Stripe Bin

Tuck a few of these inside an old bookshelf to make a modern dresser. Or replace the wicker baskets in your bathroom with these cheerful striped Rugby Stripe Bins ($15). In a perfect world, we imagine, our apartment would stay extra clean and organized if we had these to corral... [More]

Parker Sequin Dress

Parker Sequin Dress

Valentine's Day may be on a random Tuesday this year, but we're steppin' out and making sure our Valentine's jaw will drop to the ground! And we think the Parker Sequin Dress ($264) is just what we need to make it happen.... [More]


Physicians Formula Brow Definer Automatic Pencil

Some trends may come and go, but a well groomed brow is always in style. Physicians Formula Brow Definer Automatic Pencil ($6) keeps your brows manicured and tasteful. Rock a Brooke Shields brow by filling in with a shade that is darker than your hair color. Or keep it Kate... [More]


Chicken and Egg

Admit it, even the most city-chic of all of us has had one of those "Man, I want a backyard so I can raise chickens and grow a garden" moments. More and more women are re-touching their roots (we're not talking at a salon, people!) and getting back to their... [More]


Betty Carre Turquoise Drop Earrings

There's something about the rustic finish and simple bezel setting that makes us crave these Betty Carre Turquoise Drop Earrings ($55). We figure we can eat Top Ramen and Tang for a week to fit these into the budget. What a girl does for love!... [More]


Pop Daisy Thank You Cards

After all the Christmas presents (we were spoiled this year with awesome homemade gifts and goodies) we're just about out of thank you cards. We plan on replenishing our stock with these cheerful Pop Daisy Thank You Cards ($12) by Heather Bailey. They remind us of vintage prints, and we... [More]


Who's Your Daddy Star Wars Onesie

We all know who Luke's daddy is. And chances are you know who your baby's daddy is, too. But that doesn't mean the Who's Your Daddy Star Wars Onesie ($16) isn't totally awesome. We'd put it on our kid!... [More]


Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette

We were almost getting bored with the nude trend until we saw Bobbi Brown's Ultra Nude Eye Palette ($45). This limited edition collection contains more shades of nude than just Caucasian. We love doing a subtle smokey eye with Stone Eye Shadow (4th from left) and Praline Shimmer Wash Eye... [More]


Pinterest: Now With Even More Outblush!

Sorry dear readers, we are furthering the spell the internet has over you by fueling your addiction to Pinterest*. Those of you with eagle eyes may have noticed the new Pinterest sharing buttons on Outblush. We wanted to make it easier for you to pin and share all of our... [More]

Something Blue Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper: Something Blue for J.R.

J.R. writes "I am getting married in November of 2012 and I want my 'something blue' to be my shoes! I am looking for a pair of comfortable navy blue shoes to wear under a classic lace and satin dress. I don't want too much fabric on the shoe-so something... [More]


Juicy Couture Champagne Lipgloss & Nail Polish Set

Even though 2012 is well under way and all your bubbly is dry at the bottom of the bottle, we suggest keeping up that celebratory feeling throughout the year. The Juicy Couture Champagne Lipgloss & Nail Polish Set ($15, on sale) is a collaboration with Deborah Lippmann and guaranteed to... [More]


Miette: Recipes from San Francisco's Most Charming Pastry Shop

If you've never had the opportunity to visit Miette Patisserie in lovely San Fran, we suggest you put it on your bucket list. In the meantime, take a peek at the patisserie's recipe book, Miette: Recipes from San Francisco's Most Charming Pastry Shop ($17). Not only will you find heavenly... [More]


Old Scotch Whiskey iPhone Case

Wouldn't you rather be holding a glass of scotch than talking on your phone? Good thing you have two hands. Old Scotch Whiskey iPhone Case ($35)... [More]


Pretty Ballerinas T Strap

While nude pumps are still all the rage, wouldn't you like to actually wear your pale patent shoes for more than a few hours at a time? The Pretty Ballerinas T Strap ($279) has a bit more style than your average flat and is right on trend with its muted... [More]

White paper bag vase -s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: White Paper Bag Vase

If something's clever and inexpensive, our ears perk up. The White Paper Bag Vase ($12) didn't exactly make us LOL, but we're amused by the thing. Designer Ben de Lisi might just be a genius for making a paper bag that doesn't make us think of mediocre lunches. Cheers. What's... [More]


Hydrangea Blossom Diamond Stacking Ring

Get shmancy with your stacking rings by adding the Hydrangea Blossom Diamond Stacking Ring ($192) by Patrick Irla Jewelry to the pile. The 18k yellow gold hydrangea is almost as dainty as the tiny, conflict-free (woo, our consciences are clear!) bezel set diamond sitting next to it. Classy, huh?... [More]


Mammut Ophira 3 Slide Climbing Harness

This New Year's Goals: 1. Try something new 2. Be more active Looks like this Mammut Ophira 3 Slide Climbing Harness ($55) will take care of both those goals. We think we'll start out at the local rock climbing quarry and then move on to the scarier stuff... just to... [More]


Thomas Paul Luddite Collection Owl & Bike Canvas Pillow

We didn't think there could be anything more hipster-tacular and twee than a pillow featuring an illustration of a fixed gear bicycle. But Thomas Paul just had to take it to the nth degree and put a bird on it. Thomas Paul Luddite Collection Owl & Bike Canvas Pillow ($70)... [More]


Effie & Ollie Elephant Pattern

Calling all crafters! This adorable Effie & Ollie Elephant Pattern ($9) will make you the coolest gift giver at the baby shower. Whip up a sweet little elephant for your niece for her birthday, or for your friend who's having a baby boy. Since they're fairly small, you can probably... [More]


Viktor and Rolf Valentine's Petite Flowerbomb

Got yourself a lady that loves to be treated on Valentine's Day but despises the usual flower routine? Treat her to Viktor and Rolf Valentine's Petite Flowerbomb ($50), a bouquet of jasmine, rose, freesia and orchids in a bottle. If the smell doesn't entice her senses, perhaps the whimsical packaging... [More]


Kitchen Icon Labels

Winning the Most Brilliant Thing We've Seen All Week Award are these genius Kitchen Icon Labels ($19) from Tasty Suite. This set of eight labels allows you to easily identify where everything in your kitchen goes. Now your guests, husband and children can all pitch in and actually put things... [More]

Magzilla Personal Shopper Shoes

Personal Shopper: Magzilla's ready to strut her stuff in smokin' shoes

Magzilla writes: "Hey girls hey. Size 7.5-8 seeking budget friendly heels to accompany this darling dress to my best friend's wedding in June. Color coordination need not apply. Not afraid of a high heel, love a platform wedge but dying for an excuse to buy some hot to trot court... [More]


Bella Mantra Scissor Bracelet

We're really into this Steampunk Scissor Bracelet ($20) from Bella Mantra. Our only question is this: how much extra time will we have to allow at the airport for the TSA to determine whether they'll let us wear it on the plane or not?... [More]


Italian Grill by Mario Batali

Sometimes we think everyone in America except us is infatuated with Italian cooking. Sure, we love a good lasagna or pasta carbonara once in a while but on the whole we'd prefer to eat Indian, Thai, or Mexican food. Italian grilled dishes are the big exception. We salivate for tasty... [More]


Gud Vanilla Flame Natural Softening Conditioner

Ever wish you could rub the soothing power of Burt's Bees all over your hair? Well, now you can-ish. Gud, an offspring of Burt himself, created this line of natural-ish products that will leave your hair, body, and hands invigorated and begging for more. Vanilla Flame Natural Softening Conditioner ($7)... [More]


iHome iP4

Technology keeps evolving, but who says the old stuff isn't still the coolest? The iHome iP4 ($200) lets you rock your tunes like you did last century - out of a boombox! While the color is a bit more audacious than your average boombox, it's still perfectly portable and has... [More]


Amedei Box of 4 Monocru Napolitains

We're always on the lookout for a new favorite chocolate and we might have found it with this Amedei Box of 4 Monocru Napolitains ($5). Made with rich, pure chocolate with undertones of walnut, vanilla, and persimmon, these bars would make a perfect on-the-go snack for those stressful days when... [More]


iQ Derma SkinTensive xCel

What we call laugh lines other people may call crow's feet. And what we call little pools of skin chocolate other people may call age spots. Tomato, tomatoh. iQ Derma SkinTensive xCel ($12, usually $120) gets rid of all your laugh lines and chocolate swimming pools and basically stops time... [More]


Diamond Candles White Chocolate Candle

You either love it or you hate it, and here at Outblush, we LOVE it! We're not even going to try and tell you how many Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark Squares we ate over the holidays. White chocolate makes us happy, and the White Chocolate Candle ($25) by Diamond Candles puts... [More]


MSR Evo Ascent 22 Snowshoes

We've been wishing for more opportunities to get out in nature, despite the cold, wet weather. We think these MSR Evo Ascent 22 Snowshoes ($160 on sale) will help us (and you!) plan some cool weekend activities. Just fill a pack with a few waters, some trail mix, and beef... [More]


Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick

Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick ($32) is inherently awesome not only because it is beautiful, hydrating and super sleek, but because Edward Bess is from Charleston, South Carolina. And Charleston, South Carolina is home to the most attractive people on. the. planet. And we Southerns know a thing or two... [More]


Chock Full Of Goodness Pack

We once read this article about a lady who saved candy wrappers, store bags, newspaper clippings, tickets, cards, and any other paper or plastic with an interesting design. She'd use her cache of goodies to create cool art projects and unique graphic designs. We thought that was pretty cool, but... [More]


Made by Daisy Resin Hundreds and Thousands Bangle Bracelet

All those poor sprinkles inside the Made by Daisy Resin Hundreds and Thousands Bangle Bracelet ($40). Stuck in resin for all eternity, they'll never know what it's like to coat the top of a cupcake, to touch frosting. But they're making the sacrifice so that you can sport this whimsical... [More]


Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash

Is there anything better than the smell of a baby fresh from the bath? We think not. This Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash ($9) is sulfate, phthalate, petrochemical and paraben-free, so your baby gets the best, most natural bath. Nothing but the best for you and your brood.... [More]


Wooden Spools Of Ribbon

Part decorative, part for decorating, we want the Wooden Spools Of Ribbon ($59) to reside in our crafting corner. We're already imagining all the gorgeous presents we can wrap with the luxurious satin and grosgrain. And once you've used all the original ribbon, refill the spools with the irresistible cat... [More]


Electra Cup Holder

The only thing we miss about selling our car and biking more often is the cup holder. Sometimes a girl's just gotta have a place to hold her coffee, you know? This Electra Cup Holder ($15) attaches to our eco-ride so we still get the comforts of driving with the... [More]


Stila Love at First Blush Palette

Makeup isn't generally a go-to gift for romantic holidays, but when it's covered in hearts it's fair game - right? Well, that's what we think about the Stila Love at First Blush Palette ($14) anyway. The beautiful shades of pink with just a hint of shimmer make this the perfect... [More]


Book Darts

Nope, Book Darts ($10) are not the dirty looks you give the girl who's talking uber loud into her cell phone while you're trying to read a novel at the coffee shop. Book Darts are thin stainless steel, brass, or copper markers that you can attach to favorite passages and... [More]


Cheap Thrill: The Labors of Hercules

People talk about reading on the beach, it's true, but for us winter has always been the real season for fun, junky books. A warm mug of tea or cocoa, a window looking out at the rain? Perfection. The Labors of Hercules is, for some reason, our favorite Agatha Christie... [More]


Pashley Princess Sovereign Bike

If thirteen hundred bones just fell into our lap, you can bet we'd pick up this gorgeous traditional Pashley Princess Sovereign Bike ($1,295). We dream of riding this bike down a little English country road, wearing our tweeds and Hunter boots. *sigh*... [More]


Apothecary Match Bottle

Much cuter than the smashed box of matches in our kitchen junk drawer, this cool reclaimed Apothecary Match Bottle ($20) comes with green eco matches and looks adorable on our fireplace mantel. It's all about the finishing touches with decorating, you know?... [More]


Betsey Johnson Adrienne All Lace Dress

Got some place swanky to go for Valentine's Day this year? Lucky you! It's still up in the air whether we'll be slurping down scallops at our favorite seafood place or stuck sitting at home with a big ol' box of Cap'n Crunch OOPS! All Berries. And believe us when... [More]


Red Letter Paper Company Not Sent from My iPhone Card

There's something to be said for actually sending a real note that you wrote with a pen instead of a badly-spelled text message that you pecked out with your fingers on a tiny glass screen. Tell someone they're worth an extra ten minutes and forty-five cents by sending them this... [More]


Laura Mercier Exclusive Colour Collection

Sometimes we're lazy. Other times, we're really lazy. And on those days of supreme laziness, we can't be bothered to fish around in our makeup drawer for coordinating shades of eyeshadow, blush and lipwear. We need go-to bags of makeup made specifically for these days, sort of like our day-of-the-week... [More]

silver thorn headband-s.jpg

Sting Of Remorse Silver Headband

A crown of thorns has never looked so secular (yeah, we went there). The gorgeous rose thorn Sting Of Remorse Silver Headband ($237) by GALA Curios is how we get into character for our GOP debate screenings/drinking games, readings of Shakespeare, and practically everything else. It looks menacing, but don't... [More]


Mor Marshmallow Tea Cup Candle

All the sugar rush with none of the calories, this Mor Marshmallow Tea Cup Candle ($49) doubles as a tasty-smelling candle and a functioning tea cup once the candle has burned down. We think it would make an awesome hostess gift or a pretty addition to your gloriously girly bedroom.... [More]


Mitica Homemade Membrillo Quince Paste

Keep your cheese platter interesting with new options like this Mitica Homemade Membrillo Quince Paste ($8). Made from quince, a Mediterranean fruit, this thick jelly can be paired with delicious hard cheeses or flaky crackers for a flavor-brightening boost.... [More]


Personal Shopper x2: Luggage To Go for Christine and Vidya

Christine writes: My boyfriend and I are about to embark on a semi-long distance relationship (Philadelphia to Baltimore)...I am looking for a cute weekender large tote style bag or even a duffle. Most of the weekenders I keep finding look super masculine or are beautiful but way out of my... [More]


Mini Pies Cookbook

If anyone else offers us a cupcake we might throw up. It's not that we don't love a good cream cheese frosting (cause we do, ohh, we do), it's just that we've eaten ever so many cupcakes in the last few years and our taste buds are starting to get... [More]


Kronos Volumizing Cleansing Treatment Duo

Pump up the jam with Kronos Volumizing Cleansing Treatment Duo for $12: a rick-dick-u-lous 84% off the regular sale price of $75. It is fantabulous for girls with fine hair that are looking for fuller locks. But it is also amazing for girls with thick hair looking for some eighties... [More]

Striking Beauty Heel  Mod Retro Vintage Heels  ModCloth-s.jpg

Striking Beauty Heels

The gold and black harlequin sequin-encrusted Striking Beauty Heels ($65) could actually distract from your beauty if you allowed that to happen. (Big bows, bigger sparkle - such is a shoe by Irregular Choice.) But you won't. No jesting, keep the rest simple; pair with opaque black tights and a... [More]


Best Husband Card

We love our husband. He only moderately teases us when we cry during cheesy movies. He does the dishes. He makes mean a mashed potatoes. And he doesn't shrink away when we have our bi-monthly melt down. That's why we're gonna surprise him with this Best Husband Card ($5). Cause... [More]


DiorShow New Look Mascara

Dior always helps you put on a show, and their DiorShow New Look Mascara ($25) is no exception. This brush, with its chiseled tip, is designed to capture even the tiniest of eyelashes. It also works wonders when you're trying to get into the very most difficult corners for your... [More]


Dean Jacob's Molten Lava Cake Mix

Every year we have the best-laid schemes to create the greatest Valentine's Day dinner possible. And every year proves to us that Valentine's Day weekend is a magnet for deadlines, drama, and disappointment. This year we're keeping it simple. No five-hours-of-preparation dinner, no grandiose dessert. We're planning on making Dijon-Tarragon... [More]


Winter Kate Pushpa Blouse

The Winter Kate Pushpa Blouse ($299) is just what we've been looking for to rock with white jeans and colorblock wedge platforms this spring. The asymmetrical hem and flowy sleeves make this silky chiffon nude blouse look rather ethereal. It's definitely on our list of must-haves as the weather heats... [More]


Five-Tray Dehydrator

Rather than spending a mint on dried fruits (full of preservatives and extra sugars), we've invested in a Five-Tray Dehydrator ($50). We turn slightly wrinkled apples into tasty apple chips, cheap seasonal fruit into fruit leather, and even thin strips of beef into beef jerky with our handy dehydrator. And... [More]


Sticky Note Matchbook

Even though we never seem to have a match when we need one, we're hoping that having these Sticky Note Matchbooks ($2) stashes in our purses, in our cars, and by our computers will mean we'll have somewhere to put down our brilliant (but small) ideas when we need to.... [More]


SUPER SALE! Raw Skincare Natural Radiance Kit

Hold the phone. Shut the front door. And go call your mother...after you've finished holding the phone. This Raw Skincare Natural Radiance Kit ($12) is normally $141, but it is currently on mega-super-OMG sale for TWELVE DOLLARS! Honestly, with a sale like that we couldn't care less what the product... [More]


Sauna Boy Humidifier

Maybe it's all the yelling we do at our computers, or the muttering to ourselves as we work, but dang if we aren't dry as Ben Stein after a day of Outblush-related electronic toil. This cute little Sauna Boy Humidifier ($22) plugs into your USB port and lets off a... [More]


Flossy The Pony

Sure, you can keep your crafting floss on a piece of cardboard, or you can wrap it around this adorable Flossy The Pony ($12). It's all about the details, and we think this pony makes a sweet addition to your craft box. Pick up all the animals for a full... [More]


Kimono Collection Chocolates

Aside from the fact that these Kimono Collection Chocolates ($38) look totally adorable, they taste fantastic, too! Decorated in gorgeous patterns inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms, these tasty bonbons come filled with smooth ganaches, scented caramels, and crunchy praline boasting both savory and sweet Japanese ingredients. This is the ultimate... [More]


Hourglass Cosmetics Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation

Hourglass Cosmetics Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation ($55), which sounds more like an oxymoron than a beauty product, is an oil-absorbing, age-defying, mattifying, camouflaging makeup that lasts all day and decreases the look of wrinkles over time (give it a month). Even though it sounds a little unbelievable, this stuff is... [More]


Personal Shopper: The Do It All Foundation for Elizabeth

Elizabeth writes: I've been searching and searching for the perfect face "lift" and can never find this: a face moisturizer, with spf, tint and a shimmer. I dislike caking on makeup - and prefer not to, though every moisturizer I've tried is either too light or too heavy - not... [More]


Paradise Lost Cross Stitch

We would have much rather done this Paradise Lost Cross Stitch ($20) than read and dissect Milton's Paradise Lost for our Early English Lit class in college. Featuring a full menagerie of animals, unique plants, and quotes, we think this could be turned into a cool conversation piece pillow or... [More]


Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1

Few things in life go according to plan. Take our faces for example. We plan for them to be beautiful, clean and clear every morning we wake up. That happens about 2% of the time. Now with Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 ($20), we can count on it happening more... [More]


Celebrate: Lotus Necklace

Maybe "National Compliment Day" isn't about giving compliments but about getting them? Or dressing to complement your awesome style? We think this gorgeous Lotus Necklace ($42) has got both those options covered. Ok, we know the day is really about giving compliments, and maybe since you'll be feeling so good... [More]


Rubik's Cube Mug

We're too stupid impatient to learn how to do the Rubik's cube, so it would naturally be a disaster if we had to figure out a puzzle before we could have our morning cup of Joe. Thankfully this Rubik's Cube Mug ($18) is just a mug with no moving parts... [More]


CatEye Wireless Bike Computer

Have you ever wondered how far you have to ride to get to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts for your morning coffee fix? Or somehow got to work 5 minutes early and wondered just how fast you were cruising on your bike? Or maybe you're just obsessive like us and think... [More]


Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Powder and Puff

Whether you are in need of some bronzing, a touch of pink or just a little extra radiance, Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Powder and Puff ($39) has what you are looking for. These multidimensional shades blend beautifully on your face. Just swirl your kabuki brush in the palette, smile and apply... [More]

moserrat luca-s.jpg

Monserat De Lucca Equis Petite Handbag

Oh snap, someone called in the brass. The brass hardware on the Monserat De Lucca Equis Petite Handbag ($320), that is. There's something tough about the gold rush on this lambskin purse, and we like it. Maybe it looks like someone shot a bunch of rounds. We wouldn't know. Not... [More]


How To Get Along With Boys Or Girls

Just in time to 'catch a man' for Valentine's Day, How To Get Along With Boys (Or Girls) ($8) will teach you all the wiles your grandma used during the 1940's. With 80 pages of unintentionally funny tips and tricks for working your feminine magic, it's like a manual for... [More]

ginko pot holder-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Green Ginkgo Pot Holder

We swear we didn't accidentally leave our pot holder too close to the gas burner and sorta kinda almost burn the kitchen down. We're not that silly (we are). Anyhow, we're in the market for new pot holders and the interesting shape of the Green Ginkgo Pot Holder ($8) caught... [More]


Bird Letterpress Bookplates

We love lending out our favorite books, but we hate having to track them down and pester people to get them back on our bookshelf. Those well marked up pages and highlighted paragraphs took thought and effort, you know? That's why we're sticking these Bird Letterpress Bookplates ($6 for 10)... [More]


NapForm Eye Mask

Anything that can get us just a few more minutes sleep before morning rays of sunshine work their way through our blinds is endorsed by us. This uber padded NapForm Eye Mask ($35) makes catching some shuteye a plausible reality while you're traveling, being a house guest, or trying to... [More]


Voluspa Coeur de Cassis 2-Wick Candle

Much like calling lily of the valley "muguet", indulging in unnecessary French and calling blackcurrant "cassis" makes the plant in question sound ever so much more mysterious and interesting. Wait, no. "Cassis" sounds cool, but "muguet" just sounds kinda goofy when you stick it in the middle of a bunch... [More]


Peach Butter

We've never eaten Peach Butter ($6) before so we went looking to see how the enlightened folks eat it and what we came up with is "on everything." Replace traditional jams and preserves with Peach Butter for a lower sugar, but not lower flavor, treat. Some people top oatmeal with... [More]


Tom Ford Violet Dusk Eye Quad

What a new coat of paint does for a salvaged chair you've found on the side of the road, Tom Ford Violet Dusk Quad ($75) does for green eyes. Or really any eye color. This stuff is purple magic for your eye lids, emphasizing their natural beauty and bringing out... [More]


Personal Shopper: Headboards and Decor to Match Jamie's Rosette Quilt

Jamie wrote: "Gah! I need your expert advice! I've decided that this year I'm going to beautify my very first home, a townhouse that I bought last year. I'm trying to do everything on a budget, but I don't necessarily have budget-friendly taste. I love the vintage look of the... [More]


I Want My Hat Back

We don't often review kids books on Outblush, but we couldn't help but want to share this adorable book, I Want My Hat Back ($11). Between the cool animation and funny story, we think it's one of the best new children's books we've found in a while. We plan on... [More]

Hunter Boots Arnie High Heel Boots-s.jpg

Hunter Arnie High Heel Boots

The Hunter Arnie High Heel Boots ($165, available in cafe latte or black) are the height enhancing rain boots for us. These rubber wellies will literally keep us high and dry in wet Winter storms. A durable crepe platform, heel and rubber sole mean that we can get a grip... [More]


Mixed Vintage Stamps Set

If you're looking for unique ways to stamp wedding invitations (rather than the cheesy love stamps they offer at the post office), or you just want to add some special touches to thank you cards, a cool Mixed Vintage Stamps Set ($2) from The Paper Nickel Stamp Co. is the... [More]


Yellow Bug Boutique Nerdy Laptop Sleve

Why try and deny our true selves? When we pull our Mac out of this Nerdy Neoprene Laptop Sleeve ($14), the bright red will catch the eye of the cute four eyes across the coffee shop and he'll know we're ready to talk Star Wars at the drop of a... [More]


The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook

Get your mind of out of the gutter. Not that we are against a little love in the kitchen, but The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook ($21) is more about Asian cooking than steamin' up the ol' kitchen. Full of 101 tasty recipes easy enough to make for a weeknight dinner, author... [More]


Magid Beaded Side Leaf Headband

Thank goodness were are moving on from large-than-life hair wear onto much more reasonable pieces like the Magid Beaded Side Leaf Headband ($15). Much more low key and far more stylish, this piece is the perfect accessory to the peacock fad that has yet to go extinct.... [More]


Travel Pill Case

We hear about a Travel Pill Case ($13) all we can think about is Meg Ryan freaking out about her bags and vitamins being stolen in French Kiss. We couldn't care less if someone took our once-a-days but don't nobody be stealing our prescriptions. Keep all your essentials together in... [More]


Lomasi Mani/Pedi Gel Manicure System

We simply do not have the time to stop at a salon every week to get a fresh manicure. Hell, we don't even have the time to shower everyday. But we do have time every two weeks to stop, take a breath and use the Lomasi Mani/Pedi Gel Manicure System... [More]


Red Leather Sweetheart Box

Is getting a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day cliché? Maybe. Do we still demand expect it, nonetheless? Absolutely! Ain't no one goin' to take away the one holiday that gets us a giant box of chocolates! And we want the Red Leather Sweetheart Box ($42) this year.... [More]

leather skirt-s.jpg

BGSD Belted Lambskin Leather Pencil Skirt

If we just glance at the first four letters in the BGSD Belted Lambskin Leather Pencil Skirt ($150), our brain scrambles to something that's NSFW. Don't get us wrong, there's no denying its hotness, but the tie waist gives it a certain softness. Pair with a white blouse, and that's... [More]


Recession Sympathy Card

We're not too sure how this Recession Sympathy Card ($3) would go over... but we still kinda want to get it anyways...... [More]



Made from the recycled scraps of chew toys from other manufacturers, RecycleBone ($12) offers a premium chew toy with an eco-friendly story. We love the fact that they manufacture the product in the U.S. and prevent tons of Orbee-Tuff material from littering our landfills.... [More]


Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick

One thing we hate about some lipsticks is how weighed down they make our lips feel, as if we had just applied tasteless Vaseline all over out mouths. G-ross (pronounced like it's hyphenated). Lancome Rogue in Love Lipstick ($25) is different in that it is super light and super appealing.... [More]


Beads and Braids by Jacqui Carey

Make your own on-trend bead and braided jewelry with help from Beads and Braids by Jacqui Carey ($40). Full of pictures and step by step instructions, we're looking forward to making cool bracelets while we get our fix of watching crazy women compete for Ben on The Bachelor.... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: January 16, 2012

We're not saying (green) exactly which purse (green) you should be voting for in the poll for this week at The Purse Page (green), but we will point out (green) that we rather like the Proenza Schouler one in green. You can find the results here in a week. We'll... [More]

andrea -LL.pdn

Personal Shopper: Motown Prom for Andrea

Andrea writes, "Hi Outblush lovelies, I'm having something of a conundrum. I'm surprising a friend of mine for her bday next month with a spontaneous visit, and the theme of her party is going to be Motown prom. The only problem is, I have nothing Motown! I don't even know... [More]


Celebrate: Perfect Slice Pie Pan

Not that we need a day like "National Pie Day" to give us permission to indulge in a tasty berry pie, but we'll take any opportunity we can get to guiltlessly stuff ourselves with pie crust and tart fillings. We're particularly smitten with this Perfect Slice Pie Pan ($7). The... [More]


Key Lime Hydrating Body Wash

Since our shower functions as both a place to wash and a place to peace out from the world for a few gloriously toasty minutes, we take our bathroom products seriously. This Key Lime Hydrating Body Wash ($15) makes us feel like we're at a spa with its rich lather... [More]


Canary Diamond Candy Ring

Here's an idea, instead of celebrities treating each other to quarter million dollar engagement rings, why not just surprise each other with a Canary Diamond Candy Ring ($28)? Especially since the majority of the relationships last as long as it would take to actually eat the ring. Just a suggestion...... [More]


Soothing Salve With Lavender

As much as we love winter weather and the cute clothes that go with it, we're not so in love with the cracked winter skin and sandpaper heels we manage to get (yes, we wear sandals in all weather, even when we lived in the snow) every year. This Soothing... [More]


Poolside Party Canvas Wine Totes

Any place can be a party if you have these Poolside Party Canvas Wine Totes ($19 on sale). And we mean anywhere. Made from durable 100% cotton canvas, we think these would make really cool gift bags for giving wine as a hostess gift or they can double as a... [More]


Johnny Cash Necklace

Flattering as it is, we can't wear black every day just to be like Johnny Cash. We do wear this sweet Johnny Cash Necklace ($42) on the regular, though. Man in Black, meet Woman in Necklace.... [More]


Bite Summer Vintage Trio

According to the spring 2012 makeup Twitter feed, Bite Summer Vintage Trio ($36) has this season on lock. Luminous Crème Lipstick in Retsina, Lip Shine in Champagne Pearl and High Pigment Matte Pencil in Zinfandel are three shades of red that will keep us popping all season long. We're especially... [More]


300 Best Bread Machine Recipes

So you're telling us we can have fresh bread (and that fresh bread smell) in our apartment every day with minimal effort on our part?! Sold! 300 Best Bread Machine Recipes ($16).... [More]


Finn & Emma Boys 'A Little Something' Gift Set

So, it seems like everyone we know is having a baby right now. And though we sometimes want to join the bandwagon, we've gotten pretty good at being the cool aunt, helpful friend, and surrogate mommy. Plus, we really, really love sleeping in on Saturdays. That doesn't mean we can't... [More]

Forever21 Starry Night Robe

Forever21 Starry Night Robe

Twinkle twinkle little star How I wonder what you are Up above the sky so high Like a diamond in the sky You'll sparkle like a 5 carat cushion-cut diamond when you don the Forever21 Starry Night Robe ($21).... [More]


Yakkay Bike Helmet

If we have to wear a bike helmet, we'd prefer to wear the cool Yakkay Bike Helmet ($65). At least it doesn't make us look like a 7th grader with braces again. Who says safety can't look cute?... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-17 at 3.08.33 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Beachy Wedding Flats for Gabriela

Gabriela writes: "I'm getting married in three months so I'm looking for the perfect flat shoes (due to the height of my boyfriend). I have seen several options on the internet but are very expensive or informal. My dress is long, off white organza, though the wedding is on the... [More]


All Bamboo Felts 6-Pack

We're always on the hunt for cool crafting supplies and this All Bamboo Felts 6-Pack ($24) is full of colorful and unique felt squares. We think it would make a cool gift for your craft-happy sister, or a nice addition to your craft corner. We're thinking of making cute hair... [More]


Stila Pastel Eye Whitney Eve Look

Steal the look right off the runway with Stila Pastel Eye Whitney Eve Look ($40). This whole collection is pieced together to give you an effortless spring appeal. The tinted moisturizer brightens up your face while the yumberry crush lip/cheek stain gives your complexion the boost it needs after a... [More]

Heart Truffle Sampler

Heart Truffle Sampler

As much as we say we don't like to receive candy on Valentine's Day....we really do! This year we certainly wouldn't mind if our Valentine picked up the Heart Truffle Sampler ($24) for us. This delectable 24-piece set consists of 4 pieces of each scrumptious flavor; flavors include lavender honey,... [More]


ShaveBoss Subscription Service

Initially, we saw the ShaveBoss subscription ($6-10/month, $110/year) as the quintessential gift for any brother, boyfriend, dad, or dude-friend this year. But you know who would also benefit from this box? Us. We shave our legs, our pits, and our lady bits with the exact same kind of razor. And... [More]


Turquoise Stone Necklace

Simple, stunning, and a total statement piece, we love this Turquoise Stone Necklace ($38) for adding a pop of color to dreary winter days. Crafted by fair trade artisans from Thailand, we're keen on the idea that we're supporting a global economy while staying in style.... [More]


Basil Front Carrier

This summer we plan on riding our bike to the beach every day to work on our tan writing and enjoy a little sunshine. We figure it would be smart to get a jump start on strategic packing with this Basil Front Carrier ($68). By our estimate we can carry... [More]

Pecan Pie Caramel Bars

Celebrate: Pecan Pie Caramel Bars

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Hand Painted Alpaca Sock Yarn

Right about now we're feeling real, real grateful that our mom-in-law and grandma-in-law are primo knitters. We're thinking a pair of socks knitted from this cool Hand Painted Alpaca Sock Yarn ($14) would keep our poor frozen toes a little less like a popsicle for the remainder of winter. And... [More]

Brian Atwood Bambola Pumps

B Brian Atwood Bambola Pumps

We're just thinking about how sexy we could look strutting our stuff in the B Brian Atwood Bambola Pumps ($300) and our favorite LBD or...nothing else. Yeah...we need to add these to our shoe collection.... [More]


Essie A Crewed Interest Nail Polish

Perfect for a Sunday in the park with your two little boys. Perfect for a brunch with Leslie, Samantha and Carrie. Perfect for walking down the aisle to marry your perfect Patrick. Essie A Crewed Interest Nail Polish ($8) is simply the perfect shade for all those perfect moments in... [More]


Skwoosh Pro Traveler Seat Cushion

We love to travel, but man if sitting in a plane seat isn't the most uncomfortable thing on the planet. The Skwoosh Pro Traveler Seat Cushion ($40) keeps your bum from going numb on those flights to exotic locals you hop on at the last minute. It takes work to... [More]

sequin stripe sweater-s.jpg

Alice + Olivia Shelia Striped Sweater

Choosing knits with sparkly is an easy way to add some glamor into our lives. Slipping on the Alice + Olivia Shelia Striped Sweater ($165) is easy as pie, and it goes with almost everything. Wear it with a pencil skirt and pumps for a ladylike look, or get out... [More]


Marigolds Wrapping Paper

Half the gift giving experience is how it's wrapped, right? No one 'oohs' and 'aahs' over a shabbily wrapped present (we know, snarf, snarf, but it's true). This cool Marigolds Wrapping Paper ($8) makes a present look like a million bucks, even if it only cost you five. Add some... [More]


Paul & Joe Kitty Lipstick C

Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Pre-order Paul & Joe Kitty Lipstick C ($20) and you will have all your friends purring with envy. These sumptuous shades of pink have just a touch more attitude than the nudes of fall but not as much oomph as the red shades of spring. These... [More]


Goal Zero Nomad 7M Foldable Solar Panel

Last time we went camping we spent the majority of our trip with dead batteries, or running our car in an effort to charge our electronics. This year we're going to pack the Goal Zero Nomad 7M Foldable Solar Panel ($80) to keep our cell phones and iPad amped up.... [More]


Celebrate: Toffee Crunch Blondie Brownies

They say blondes have more fun. And they'd be right... if they were talking about these Toffee Crunch Blondie Brownies ($30). Made by Sweet Street Desserts, we're going to serve these up in honor of "National Blonde Brownie Day." We'd actually serve these up no matter what the day, but... [More]


Color 'n Kids Thank You Go Set

Start teaching your kids manners early on and they might actually look forward to writing thank you notes for birthday and Christmas presents (or at least they'll except it as an inevitable and do it without an argument). This cute Color 'n Kids Thank You Go Set ($8) comes with... [More]


butter Disco Biscuit Nail Lacquer

Call your sorority sisters. Ring up your favorite cousin who is more like a sorority sister anyway. Butter has done us the most incredible favor by creating Disco Biscuit Nail Lacquer ($14). It is like every Barbie fantasy we have ever had bottled with glitter and hopes and dreams of... [More]


Handmade Harvesting Hares

Is it too early to start hounding you with Easter items? We think not. Set up these adorable Handmade Harvesting Hares ($49) tucked in a bed of grass as a playful Easter decoration. Hand carved from wood and painted by hand, we think these unique statuettes will compliment your Easter... [More]


Big Little Book of Jewish Wisdom

We remember being excited to go to our best friend's Jewish grandparents house because there was always good old world food, witty banter, and excellent advice. We miss our childhood and the opportunity to glean a little wisdom from Nana, but the Big Little Book of Jewish Wisdom ($11) will... [More]


Lancôme La Roseraie Illuminating Smooth Powder

Lancôme La Roseraie Illuminating Smooth Powder ($42) is so beautiful just sitting there that we want to just rub the whole compact directly on our faces. Skip the brush. Just slap that powdery rose right on the apple of our cheeks. The multidimensional color will be the perfect compliment to... [More]


Giorgio Armani Eye Palette #1 - Spring 2012

What the Giorgio Armani Eye Palette #1 ($59) lacks in titular creativity, it makes up for in spring relativity. It's like an Easter egg in a quad-eye. No, it's like wedding mints. No. No. It's like a pastel rainbow all over our eyes raining shimmery pearl violet, jade green, sheer... [More]


Shapemaker Wood Blocks

The last time we played with wood blocks that looked like Shapemaker Wood Blocks ($74) we were having an IQ test. We think these little blocks are a smart gift for any kid in your life. Use them to make patterns, shapes, and whatever else you can dream up. Clever,... [More]


Alice Die Cut Note Cards

It's more than a pack of cards, it's a pack of Alice Die Cut Note Cards ($15). Curiouser and curiouser!... [More]


Benefit Ooh La Lift Under Eye Brightening Boost

Our ass is dragging to the office Monday mornings after a weekend of being lazy, watching re-runs of Real Housewives, clearing out the freezer via our mouths and working out our mouse clicking fingers. And our asses aren't the only things suffering. Our under eye bags are just as droopy.... [More]


Valor 'Taza To Go' Thick Hot Chocolate

A cross between hot chocolate and pudding, Valor 'Taza To Go' Thick Hot Chocolate ($17 for two), is so rich and thick it's intended for dipping. Whip up some churros like the Spaniards do, or pick up some fresh scones from your local bakery for a tasty cold weather treat.... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-17 at 2.36.59 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Leopard Oxfords for Amanda

Amanda writes: "Fabulous Outblushers! Can you help me? I've been obsessively searching everywhere for some Leopard Sam Edelman Alvin loafers with absolutely no avail. I'm pretty much reached the end of my rope and have decided I need to find another designer. Can you help me find a good one?... [More]

tuxedo trench-s.jpg

Tibi Tuxedo Trench

We see the Tibi Tuxedo Trench ($400) helping us take control of any situation. Ya know how Batman's whole black getup makes him seem superhuman? That mentality applies to this bad-ass coat (we'll still working on the killer ride ... all with time). The oversized collar, wide belt, buckle cuffs,... [More]


it Cosmetics My Sculted Face Palette

So maybe you have already failed miserably with New Year's resolution #1. Don't worry. We never stepped foot inside a gym either. Nor did we throw out a single bon-bon; we just ate them to "get them out of the house for good". And bought more. Bygones. Instead, we're opting... [More]


Doubtblush: Alexander McQueen Butterfly Jacquard Leggings

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Liddabit Sweets Beer & Pretzel Caramels

Our man doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, but we're pretty sure he'll dig into these Beer & Pretzel Caramels ($14/doz) from Liddabit Sweets without any hesitation. Worst case scenario - he doesn't like them and we have to eat them all. Oh darn.... [More]

authentic mexican-s.jpg

Authentic Mexican: Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico

If you want to jump in to Mexican cuisine head first, the standard blueprint is Rick Bayless' Authentic Mexican: Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico ($21). Rick and Deann Bayless traveled all over Mexico researching flavors from the six distinct regions of Mexico and have taken what they've learned... [More]


Benefit Cosmetics Chachatint

Straight up truth - we have no tan left, and we were born brown. Even girls with natural color need some help sometimes, though any complexion could rock the mango hued Benefit Cosmetics Chachatint ($29). Apply dabs on the cheeks and lips, pair with a brush of bronzer, and voila,... [More]

SweetBliss Polka Dot Chocolate Pump and Purse

SweetBliss Polka Dot Chocolate Pump and Purse

We don't know if we have it in us to take a bite into these pretty little chocolates....ehhh we're sure we could force ourselves. The SweetBliss Polka Dot Chocolate Pump and Purse ($52) are strikingly beautiful and sinfully delicious. It's an accessory lover's dream.... [More]


Cynthia Rowley Relax Picnic Blanket

Ironically, we're a little stressed about getting one of these Cyntia Rowley Relax Quilted Picnic Blankets ($120) because they're limited edition - only 65 were created! C'mon payday! We're looking forward to lounging on this sumptuous blanket with a chilled glass of wine and some pasta salad once the weather... [More]


Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint ($24) claims to be able to increase moisture levels in your lips by 6000% within 28 days. SIX THOUSAND PERCENT??!?!! That makes us think that our lips would absolutely explode clear off our faces. And then we realized how absolutely ridiculous it was of us to... [More]


Vegan Snake Clutch with Gold Chain

Look sexy while staying animal-friendly with this Vegan Snake Clutch with Gold Chain ($47). Made with authentic feeling "snake skin" this completely vegan clutch is made for nights out and chic uptown events.... [More]

angora fedora-s.jpg

Bop Basics Angora Fedora

We get it. You're considering a fedora, but think they're played out. Well, go off the beaten path with the Bop Basics Angora Fedora ($60). It's fuzzy, which is a plus, and the double cord band is simply chic. Throwing in a surprise in a style standard is always advisable.... [More]

lavender foot cream-s.jpg

LATHER Lavender and Eucalyptus Foot Crème

When our dogs are barking, they need something with serious healing power. The soothing botanical formula of LATHER Lavender and Eucalyptus Foot Crème ($18) gets rave reviews. It's not just lavender and eucalyptus, working to stimulate circulation, sage and arnica give our feet a full herb rub. Dry, cracked feet... [More]

alberta ferri galazy dress-s.jpg

Alberta Ferretti Galaxy-print Silk Dress

The Alberta Ferretti Galaxy-print Silk Dress ($336), makes our day, our world, our whole galaxy. If you think our cheesiness just maxed out, you're wrong - this semi-fitted shift dress is a rocket of style, shooting right into our hearts. Subtle draping and a bodacious pattern easily make this dress... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 11.43.46 AM.png

Personal Shopper: Purple Bridesmaid Dresses for Super Nice Nikki's Country Chic Wedding

Nikki writes: "I'm hoping you can help me like you have so many of your other readers. My fiance and I are planning our destination wedding in Jackson Hole WY and I'm having trouble finding bridesmaids dresses. I recently came across your Personal Shopper: Texas hill country bridesmaid's dresses for... [More]

Hatchd Neoprene Baby Food Protector

Hatch'd Neoprene Baby Food Protector

Nothing is worse than spilled organic prunes, squash or carrots at the bottom of your baby bag, right? Avoid the unnecessary cleanup by storing your baby food-to-go in the Hatch'd Neoprene Baby Food Protector ($8 on sale). You'll thank us the next time your little terror doll decides to throw... [More]

Ted Baker - Grey Marle Fabric Detail-s.jpg

Ted Baker Grey Marle Fabric Detail Cardigan

Raise your hand if you need a new, not so basic cotton cardi. If your hand's up, take a look at the stylish Ted Baker Grey Marle Fabric Detail Cardigan ($135). The ribbon applique detail adds figure flattering lines to the mix, and the slight metallic sheen makes this sweater... [More]


Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Before dry shampoo became all the rage a la Heidi Montag, people were using baby powder to soak up excess oil between shampooing. Even though it soaked up the oil, it left hair looking like it had just stepped out of an 80s Miami dance club. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo... [More]


Table Topics DIY Therapy

Of all the things you can DIY, we don't know that therapy is necessarily the best one to undertake. But, if you're looking for your conversations to get a little deeper in 2012, the Table Topics Do-It-Yourself Therapy Set ($17 on sale) offers up 135 thought-provoking questions. Don't worry, they're... [More]

posinni light-s.jpg

Possini Euro Crystal Strand Bath Light

Maybe the Possini Euro Crystal Strand Bath Light ($200) looks like just another bathroom item to you. Trust us, this sleek chrome fixture has real potential to build Art Deco atmosphere. Geometric lines decked out in crystal go a long way in making your everyday vanity space upscale.... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at 12.14.07 PM.png

Vince Camuto Deric Pumps

There are so many, many, many reasons why we have fallen in love with these granite and lemon hued Vince Camuto Deric Pumps ($111), but the main reason is that we're bad at styling the back of our hair, and these will definitely distract from our less than polished rear... [More]


Zoya Gems and Jewels Holiday Glitter Nail Polish

Zoya Gems and Jewels Holiday Glitter Nail Polish ($8 a bottle) is not your average glitter nail polish. They amp up the glam factor by a thousand. Take a look at this swatch that Karla Sugar posted. That sparkle is nearly blinding. Outblush Secret #57: Super sparkly nail polish is... [More]

Deliciously G Free Book

Deliciously G-Free Cookbook

A year ago we wouldn't have believed that gluten-free foods could be all that and a bag of chips, but we're totally convinced after flipping through Elizabeth Hasselbeck's Deliciously G-Free Cookbook ($18) that gluten-free foods can be just as delish. Learn how to make meatballs, lasagna, ziti, pierogies and more.... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at 11.48.57 AM.png

Cheap Thrill: Forever 21 Vibrant Braided Necklace

We love a necklace like this Forever 21 Vibrant Braided Necklace ($9) because we know we can put it on, make very little effort with the rest of our outfit, and still look fabulously fashion forward and perfectly put-together. We love it even better when it costs half as much... [More]


Episencial Protective Face Balm with Sunscreen

We've all heard the warnings about skin cancer, which is why it's so important to keep your babies sensitive skin safe with this mild Episencial Protective Face Balm with Sunscreen ($7). Made just for baby, this balm protects against wind, sun, runny noses, and drool. No more chapped, dry baby... [More]

prubal grubgal dress-s.jpg

Prabal Gurung Short Dress

A bit confounded by the Prabal Gurung Short Dress ($445)? We are too. This green lamé number has a lot going on, but it somehow ended up on the thumbs up side of the fence for us. The drapery, black piping, v-neck, and kimono reference looks like something an old... [More]


Trash Ties

We pretty much live with our hair in a ponytail, so it's only fair that our neglected tresses get something pretty once in a while. These hair Trash Ties ($10) satisfy our boho style and lessen the guilt of pulling our partially damp hair into a messy bun or pony.... [More]


Amika Obliphica Oil Treatment

A little bit of Obliphica Oil Treatment ($34) goes a reaaaaaallllllllllllly long way. Add it to damp hair before blow drying for a super sleek finish or you can smooth down fly away ends after a good hot iron workout. It adds insane shine and a sleek finish, two things... [More]


Celebrate: Super Moose Munch Gift Tin

Yeay for popcorn and a movie! It's National Popcorn Day which means you don't have to justify eating an entire bucket of salty popcorn at the theater or share this super delicious Super Moose Munch Gift Tin ($50) with anyone. Offering more than stale cheese, caramel and plain popcorn, Harry... [More]

Personal Shopper Engagement Photo Shoot

Personal Shopper: Garb for Kelly's Fabulous Engagement Photo Shoot

Kelly writes: "Hello Fabulous Ladies @ Outblush, I am recently engaged & my fiance and I are planning our engagement photo shoot with an amazing photographer. We are planning on shooting at his country club in Upstate NY. We want to do photos while playing golf, tennis and mah jong.... [More]


BHLDN Feather Trimmed D'Orsays

so, you decided not to go with the feather-tufted ball gown on your big day for fear that your first look pictures would include a grimace on your grooms face. We get it: you love him, bit he doesn't quite love all of your style choices. No worries. Get your... [More]


Gump's Dragon Etched Barware

Hold your horses, new year's celebrations aren't over yet. We're picking up this Gump's Dragon Etched Barware ($75-80) for the year of the dragon, which starts next week. We appreciate that the highball glasses, old-fashioneds, and decanter come separately - because really, who uses a decanter? This antique-feeling set is... [More]


Gift Tag Stamp Set

Add a handmade touch to your gifts with this Gift Tag Stamp Set ($19). Attach tags to cellophane bags of cookies, brown paper packages tied up with string, and dainty gift bags.... [More]


Weleda Moisture Cream for Men

Our husband spends more money on moisturizer products than most men spend on their monthly subscriptions*. Thankfully, we found Weleda Moisture Cream for Men ($20) and now he's hooked. Affordable and effective, it gets the job done on a budget. Now we can spend more money on our makeup habits... [More]


Catherine Malandrino Short Sweater Dress

Um, ladies, the Catherine Malandrino Short Sweater Dress ($115, on sale) just brought sweaters to a new level of chic. We're flabbergasted by our emotional response to an over-sized cable knit and a big border of silver beads and sequins. The contrasting textures alone do it for us, and that... [More]

iphone pouch-s.jpg

Mata Hari Tayla iPhone Pouch

The Mata Hari Tayla iPhone Pouch ($64) is a handy accessory that pops. Red leather already has us tethered - add velvet lining, a built in mirror on the inside flap closure, and a tassel keychain to this guy, and our heart rate quickens. Not on-the-go? Take off the detachable... [More]

Be My Brush

Be My Brush

Jan would have been a zillion times more jealous of Marcia if she had the Be My Brush ($23) to brush her luscious golden locks.... [More]

Godiva Crazy For Caramel Set

Godiva Crazy For Caramel Gift Set

Is your lover crazy for chocolate and caramel? If so, we suggest you snatch up the Godiva Crazy For Caramel Gift Set ($49 on sale) for your Valentine. This mouth-watering set consists of caramel pecan brownies (yum) swirled with vanilla caramels, chocolate covered caramels and nuts as well as large... [More]


21 Drops 11 De-Stress Essential Oil Rollerball

If deep breathing, OOMs, and yoga haven't worked so far, give the 21 Drops 11 De-Stress Essential Oil Rollerball ($29) a try. Smooth it on during a long plane ride, before a board meeting, or while waiting for the kids in your carpool.... [More]

Zagat Survey New York City Pack 2012

Zagat Survey New York City Pack 2012

Some of the best kept secrets are hidden in the pages of this must-have (for native New Yorkers as well as tourists) book pack. The Zagat Survey New York City Pack 2012 ($47) covers everything important to us - the best shopping, most thrilling nightlife, most delicious restaurants and most... [More]

Vinci Genius Tablet

Vinci Genius Tablet

How young is too young for a wee one to have her own tablet? One of us has a little diva that thinks her mom's iPhone is really hers. Every day it's truly a battle to get the phone out of her hands. Anyway we think the Vinci Genius Tablet... [More]

black swan scarf-s.jpg

Black Swan Scarf

We can always count on Donna Wilson to bring the whimsy. She turned the whimsy amp up to eleven with her Black Swan Scarf ($90). She came up with this cozy knit in 2011, surely inspired by Natalie Portman's dancing and performance in Black Swan, and we don't mind one... [More]


DVF Mandy Leather Combo Bag

Perfection in purse form, could it be? This DVF Mandy Small Leather Combo Bag ($595) is sophisticated while still being fun and flirty. It's got a comfortable slouchy shape but isn't so big as to be a bottomless pit, and really, that pop of pink sold us no matter what... [More]


Liquid Palisade by Kiesque

Step aside scotch tape. Liquid Palisade by Kiesque ($22) is replacing you as the great assistant to french manicures. This mystic nail potion can be applied on the cuticle to prevent any polish spillage that is impossible to remove without also sacrificing the rest of nail polish. Or it can... [More]


Personal Shopper: Floral and Lace iPhone Cases for Amy

Amy wrote: "Hi Outblush! Personal shopper request time! Like so many others, I adore my precious iPhone 4. In fact, I adore it to the point that I bought an Otterbox Defender case and snapped that sucker on as soon as I took my shiny new Apple toy out of... [More]

sephora kit-s.jpg

Clarisonic Plus Floral Print with Philosophy Set

Clearly, our potential gift list from the holidays is still tempting us. Going in for the kill on the Clarisonic Plus Floral Print with Philosophy Set ($225). If sonic cleansing technology really does remove six times more makeup and two-times more dirt and oil than the usual method, we need... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at 12.03.35 PM.png

Plenty by Tracy Reese Striped Stripes Dress

Well, hello there! Can it be spring right now please? Because we are so ready to slip into this generously striped, juicy-hued Plenty by Tracy Reese Striped Stripes Dress ($198), put on some flips flops and big earrings, and go get our hands on a frosty adult beverage. We may... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Pavlova

You'll never find Pavlova at Sephora, much less at Saks Fifth Avenue, but one of the awkward facts of the perfume world is that you don't necessarily get what you pay for. There are some lavishly expensive clunkers out there, and likewise there are some little gems that you could... [More]


Letter Pressed Cookie Stamps

Skip the boring thank you notes and show your appreciation in cookie form. These cool Letter Pressed Cookie Stamps ($21) come with a complete alphabet plus an ampersand and exclamation point. From now on we demand to be spoken to in sugar cookie and shortbread.... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at 11.38.52 AM.png

Holy Harlot Navy and Lime Isis Wings Necklace

Your outfit will soar to new heights with this Holy Harlot Navy and Lime Isis Wings Necklace ($185)! Because, as you can see, it's wings. Wings = Soaring. The combination of blue, green and snakeskin is making our hearts soar, so there's that too.... [More]


Art Harding's Instant Face and Neck Lift

Some very wise, quotable person once said that "history repeats itself" and given the age of this clip, it's safe to say that writing about this product today would qualify as history repeating itself. Art Harding's Instant Face and Neck Lift ($25) is a gimmick; there is no denying that.... [More]


Heart Cup and Saucer

We officially want to plan a Valentine's inspired tea party for our lady friends, thanks to these adorable Heart Cup and Saucer Sets ($53 for 6). We're thinking heart shaped chocolate chip scones, dainty lemon tea cakes, and strawberry fruit skewers dotted with chocolate covered raspberries.... [More]

Loft Flower Slippers-s.jpg

Loft Striped Flower Slippers

We love our pooch. What we don't love is when he eats our slippers (bad dog). The knit Loft Striped Flower Slippers ($20) are fun replacements. The silky flower accent lends a splash of style to these super soft looking feet warmers.... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at 12.34.35 PM.png

Happy When You're Naked Card

When we look at our husband, we see a very wonderful man. We see a man who stimulates us intellectually and urges us to try new things. We see a man who is sweet to our parents and loving to the gorgeous children we made together. We see a man... [More]


Hanky Panky Signature Lace Open Panel Thong

Don't get your panties in a bunch....we're not getting all skanky on you guys, but we have to admit - the Hanky Panky Signature Lace Open Panel Thong ($16) is super hot. It looks like our favorite Hanky Panky signature lace thong, but it's missing a piece.....a very crucial piece... [More]

French Aioli Sauce

French Aioli Sauce

Oh boy we'll certainly take some French Aioli Sauce ($6) with our super healthy steamed fish and vegetable dinner. Afterall aioli is just garlicky mayonnaise...and we're big fans of mayo! It isn't the lowest calorie condiment around, however; we'll just take a smidgen.... [More]


Little Bits Quilting Bee

Finally, a book that shows us how to turn all the scraps of fabric we've been saving (to our husband's bafflement) into adorable quilts and crafts. Little Bits Quilting Bee ($17) is designed with scraps in mind. With 20 unique projects from giant king sized quilts to intricate wall hangings,... [More]


ASOS MACABEE Patent Loafers

In a perfect world, our life would look like a Wes Anderson movie. We can picture these ASOS MACABEE Patent Loafers ($65) being a defining wardrobe piece for one of his characters, and that makes us want them even more. Speaking of, have you seen the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom?... [More]


Lavanila Healthy Fragrance Deluxe Mini-Rollerball Set

According to this really old article about which scents turn off men most when it comes to a woman's fragrance, vanilla is safely a turn on. So that means you can attract men four different ways with Lavanila Healthy Fragrance Deluxe Mini Rollerball Set ($34). All their fragrances start with... [More]


Personal Shopper: An Orange, Pink, or Coral Bridesmaid Dress for Chels

Chels wrote: "I need your help... I have a family member's wedding coming up in March. I'm in the wedding party and need a FAB dress. The color choices I have are bright oranges, pinks, and corals. I prefer solid, but I'm open-minded. I'm 6' tall (and don't want to... [More]


Stila Holiday Dream in Full Color Palette

We apologize for not getting the Stila Holiday Dream in Full Color Palette ($28) to you readers faster. We were busy popping out babies over the holiday season. But thanks to our improper use of birth control, our tardiness has proven beneficial. Now that we have rung in 2012, we... [More]


In Bloom by Jonquil Tonight Lace Romper

Need something to light his fire this Valentine's Day? We suggest slipping into the In Bloom by Jonquil Tonight Lace Romper ($40) for a little romp in the sack.... [More]


Multi-Purpose Silicone Lids

The thought of never again needing saran wrap for our leftovers makes us almost giddy. These Multi-Purpose Silicone Lids ($18 for 3) attach to almost every container you've got in your kitchen. They even work in an oven, freezer, or microwave. The only thing they can't do is make the... [More]


Celebrate: The Complete Tales of Winnie-The-Pooh

Oh the wisdom we've gleaned from a little yellow bear. As kids we loved reading about his adventures and watching his simple mindedness triumph in the end. And since it's "Winnie The Pooh Day" be thought we'd share The Complete Tales of Winnie-The-Pooh ($22) with you. Because you never know... [More]


The Sisters Brothers

Even though The Sisters Brothers ($21) is a western (bear with us) set in the 1850's, we had to suggest it based on the compelling story telling, pitch perfect comedic timing, and authentic painting of the old west's grit. Telling the story of two brothers who are sent on an... [More]

domo backpack-s.jpg

Domo Plush Fur Backpack

We usually deflect novelty backpacks to some kid that's waaaaay too cool for school (see also: hipsters), but we're kind of charmed by the Domo Plush Fur Backpack ($27). Is it because we're a huge Domo fan? (Maybe.) It doesn't hurt that this guy packs extra side pockets for makeup... [More]


Brown Butter Duo

We don't know what we love more- the fact that Batch From Scratch uses only ingredients that we have in our own pantries (no chemicals or preservatives), or the insanely addicting butter flavor in their Brown Butter Duo ($11) cookies. Sure, they come in two tubes perfect for giving as... [More]


Beaded and Banded in Beauty Flutes

Be the toast of the town with these Beaded and Banded in Beauty Flutes ($26). Way cooler than traditional champagne flutes, each glass is uniquely crafted for a playful twist on elegant flutes. No stuffy drinking for us.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Hollywood Fashion Tape with Travel Tin

You know what's super embarrassing? Boob leakage. And not the kind of leakage that happens when you hear another infant crying in public while your breastfeeding baby is at home with the sitter. The kind of leakage that happens when you're wearing a button down shirt that is just a... [More]


Potato and Onion Storage Baskets

Not that we will judge you for having your potatoes and onions in the netted plastic bag on your counter, but if you want your veggies to last without growing sprouts and eyes, it's best to keep them in a dark place. These Potato and Onion Storage Baskets ($49) add... [More]


The North Face Upper West Side Jacket

Nothing beats walking around in a coat that has a chic fitted look to it but feels like you're snuggled in a giant sleeping bag. The North Face Upper West Side Jacket ($299) is a good looking, well insulated jacket, and while it might be a bit pricy, you can... [More]


Ice Cream Sandwich Collection

These ain't your average ice cream sandwiches, thank you very much! Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream has crafted an Ice Cream Sandwich Collection ($56 for 8) that will put the Good Humor man in a sour mood. Featuring flavors like Oatmeal Cream, Pistachio, Orchid Vanilla, and Salty Caramel with Smoked Almonds,... [More]


Olivina Bath Soap in Classic Olive

Our sister-in-law is, how do we say, crunchy. And we can only stomach so many flax seed pancakes and wheat grass soup over one holiday weekend before our attitudes turn dirtier than her backyard compost pile. In order to apologize for our less than holistic demeanor, we'll be sending her... [More]

Spring Street Design Group Rooster Ring

Spring Street Design Group Rooster Ring

You'll surely rule the roost when you show up wearing the Spring Street Design Group Rooster Ring ($58).... [More]


ExtraSeed Cotton Flats

We're over grey skies and colorless days, so we're injecting some pops of color into our wardrobe until the sun decides it's time to come out again. These ExtraSeed Eco Friendly Cotton Flats ($48) in orange gold add a perfect punch of panache with just the right amount of shimmer.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Kayla's Black Tie Affairs

Kayla writes: Hey Fabulous Outblush ladies!! Help me!! This July I have 2 weddings to attend that are 2 weeks apart, at the same venue, and with some of the same guests in attendance at both. The first wedding is black-tie, and the second wedding is pretty close to black... [More]

dara ettinger ring=s.jpg

Dara Ettinger Victoria Stacking Rings

The Dara Ettinger Victoria Stacking Rings ($106) are a perfect marriage of glamor and raw beauty. This set of three 24k gold-plated stacking rings stands out from the rest with its unique bead shaped band. A bezel-set agate does it's best to remind us of our inner earth mother, but... [More]


My Stache Jar

Sure, you could use this cute My Stache Money Jar ($15) to keep extra cash in, but we picture keeping our recreational drugs airtight and fresh in this little mustachioed container. Oh and just to clear things up, our recreational drug of choice is chocolate covered espresso beans. Don't get... [More]


Philosophy Sweet Talk Trio

Sitting at a booth and a fancy schmancy restaurant with a glass of decently priced wine in our hands, our lover saunters over with their scotch on the rocks and the scent of cigar on his breath and slowly slides next to us. He wraps his arm around our shoulder... [More]


Power Foods

Ever wonder how to use that Swiss chard you found yourself buying at the local farmers market? Or, have you ever stood in front of the butternut squash, baffled on using it for more than a pureed soup? Power Foods ($17) consists of 150 recipes full of flavor and nutrition.... [More]


ThinkGeek Equal Measure

Kitchen nerds and random fact lovers rejoice! Now you can accurately measure the volume of the brain of both a t-rex and a human all while getting your bake on. The Equal Measure ($13) will come in handy both in the kitchen and at trivia night with its wealth of... [More]


Artisan Seville Bitter Orange Marmalade With Chocolate

We guess we can start off by saying, "Yummy." Slather Artisan Seville Bitter Orange Marmalade With Chocolate ($17) on cookies, toast, or your tongue. We're pretty sure however you eat it you can't go wrong.... [More]


Bumkins Sleeved Bibs

We all know that feeding a baby is a messy job which should require an artists smock and nerves of steel. Ok, we might be over exaggerating. but we have noticed that when we give our wee-ones the spoon, rice cereal and peas tend to go everywhere but the mouth.... [More]


Origins Starting Over Moisturizer

We take the New Year as an opportunity to flush away the old and usher in the new. We like the idea of incorporating this into our beauty routine with Origins Starting Over Moisturizer ($46). What's best about this product, aside from its ability to de-age us at least a... [More]


Instant Marinator

Hallelujah, something that can help us save some time in the kitchen! The Instant Marinator ($39) cuts time waiting for meat to marinade by creating a vacuum to open pores and fibers of the meat. That means the balsamic and honey chicken you crave last minute can be ready and... [More]

Halston Heritage Dress

Halston Heritage Gathered Dress

We wish we had somewhere to go to rock the Halston Heritage Gathered Dress ($200 on sale). This gorgeous gold strapless dress is gathered silk chiffon trimmed with a ravishing ruffle at the bottom.... [More]


The Quick Fix Hangover Detox

Don't even pretend that you haven't needed The Quick Fix Hangover Detox ($10) at least once in your life? Was it the college years? That bachelorette party? Or, was it for the night after you drunk dialed your ex and told him how you still want to have his babies?... [More]

LoudMouth Shagadelic Golf Cart

LoudMouth Shagadelic Golf Cart

Is your guy an International Man of Mystery? Would he lover a shaguar? We bet he would also think the LoudMouth Shagadelic Golf Cart ($8,125) was groovy B-A-B-Y!... [More]


Yves Saint Laurant L'Homme Libre

Our man piece may not be a "free man". In fact, he's very unfree and if you approach him thinking otherwise we have no problem setting you straight. But that doesn't mean he can't smell like a delicious bachelor wearing Yves Saint Laurant L'Homme Libre ($74). Basil, nutmeg and pepper... [More]


Giraffe Paper Holder

Make every trip the to the pot an exotic experience with the Giraffe Paper Holder ($35). (Or, keep your kitchen wild by using it as a paper towel holder.)... [More]


Stay Stress-Free in 2012 with these Simple Suggestions

2012 is here and we want to make sure that this year is as fun, stress-free, and relaxing for everyone as possible. We know that life can throw in a couple of unexpected surprises (good and bad), but there are some simple things we can do each day to keep... [More]


Personal Shopper: Pewter Rehearsal Din Dress For Lisette

Lisette writes, "I am looking for a pewter mini dress or knee length dress for an upcoming Rehearsal dinner. Do you have any suggestions? I am 5'3" and a size 2... Petite with a boyish build. (My curves have gone away having to chase around two toddlers!) I would like... [More]

billy jealousy sake bomb scrub-s.jpg

Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Body Scrub

With a name like Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Body Scrub ($36), it better do more than just exfoliate our skin. Yes, the jojoba esters exfoliate dull skin away, and there's more going on here. Sage extract cleanses and tones skin, and peppermint extract antioxidant wakes our a** up and stimulates... [More]


National Geographic Explorer Kit

Encourage mini expeditions in your town with this National Geographic Explorer Kit ($25). Perfect as a gift for your niece, or to jazz up home study science lessons with your kids, this kit is fully stocked for experiencing the nature in your neighborhood.... [More]


Fossil Colette Sewing Kit

Sew cute! Sew practical! Sew sorry about the puns, we wanted you in stitches. Ok, seriously, we're just excited about the Colette Sewing Kit ($35) because it's way sassier and much more useful than the crappy paper envelope full of needles and oddly colored thread we swiped from that Marriott... [More]


Jumbo Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

Make your party an event to be envied with these delicious Jumbo Bacon-Wrapped Scallops ($30 on sale). Omaha Steaks wraps premium scallops in crisp bacon and lavishly glazes them with a maple sugar for a slightly sweet flavor. Any seafood lover will go nuts for them. Serve them as an... [More]


Pet Food Scoops

The days of accidentally using the old cup measuring scoop that currently serves as dog food scoop in your flour jar is over, thanks to these cute Pet Food Scoops ($9) from Martha Stewart. No more liver flavored laced cookies!... [More]


Philosophy Microdelivery Mini-Peel Pads

Winter has got to be the worst season for our skin. Our elbows crack, our knees get scratchy and our complexion is about as dull as this guy. Philosophy Microdelivery Mini-Peel Pads ($35) work on all those problems areas leaving our skin silky and smooth without the the harsh effects... [More]


Parasols Necklace

Nope, we didn't save the umbrellas from our tropical drinks and turn them into this adorable Parasols Necklace ($50), thank you very much. Made by female artisans in Peru, each necklace is handmade and slightly unique. We can see wearing it all winter to keep our spirits cheerful while we... [More]


Menu Raw Diamonds Thermo Cups

Though the whole 'Raw Diamonds' thing doesn't make a whole lot of sense to us, these Thermo Cups ($69 for 2) are different from any other cups we've seen, and they've definitely caught our eye. The swirl of colors inside these multifaceted cups has us almost unwilling to fill them... [More]


Container Store Battery Rack and Tester

Good Angel says: What with all the toys the kids got over the holidays, this Container Store Battery Rack and Tester ($20) will make sure they are always operational all while keeping the garage tidy. Naughty Angel says: Adult toys need batteries too.... [More]


Gold Twinkle Collar

Twinkle, twinkle, little Shar (pei)... Gold Twinkle Collar ($20).... [More]


Delfonics Pens

Crafted from wood in a cool hexagonal shape, these Japanese Delfonics Pens ($10) just might take the place of our current favorite pen (does anyone else go through phases of pen obsession?). We love the smooth feel, the unique design, and the durable construction. This is not the pen you... [More]


Deborahh Lippman Don't Tell Mama Nail Lacquer

We saw the most sumptuous nail polish on the most sensual lady the other day that instantly turned us green with envy. We've been scouring the interwebs trying to find a shade that would channel her inner diva ever since. Today, we found it. Deborahh Lippman Don't Tell Mama Nail... [More]


Culture Club: Playbutton Mark Borthwick Light Up

"Playbutton is a wearable button that plays music: A record that plays itself." A clever idea needs equally intriguing content. A British experimental filmmaker, photographer, author, and musician gives us what we want. Mark Borthwick's Light Up ($35) is a collection of soft songs characterized by faint chimes and a... [More]


GloMinerals Glo Lip Gloss

Dry up those raindrops on roses and trim the whiskers on those kittens. Tarnish the copper kettles and tear up the woolen mittens. Every shade of GloMinerals Glo Lip Gloss ($16) is one of our new favorite things. Mango and Persimmons especially have us singing from the hills which are... [More]


Churro Maker and Classic Churro Mix Combo

We stopped for churros and hot chocolate in a station café while we waited for our train in Spain and we haven't been able to get them out of our head since. Crisp churros dunked in thick hot chocolate are, to us, the ultimate breakfast indulgence. Use the Churro Maker... [More]


Ouidad Ultimate Frizz Fighting Trio

Frizz, be gone. We want no part of you. Our Three Musketeers, the Ouidad Ultimate Frizz Fighting Trio ($46) will kick your ass from here to there, where ever "there" may be, never to be heard from again. You will never stress us with your flyaways and unmanageable ways ever... [More]


Ready Player One

Full of adventure, 80s nostalgia, puzzles, and "nerdy romance" Ready Player One ($18) is a novel about protagonist Wade Watts, a man who prefers to spend his life playing in OASIS, a virtual reality world, rather than live in the grim world of reality. Through the novel Wade goes on... [More]


Jenna Rose Handmade Honeycomb Bucket

We're always keeping an eye out for good containers - that's the only way we keep our life even remotely organized. This Honeycomb Bucket ($46) is currently housing a scarf we're knitting, but we've also used it to corral remotes, hold our hats and gloves and carry toys for our... [More]


Ya Los Angeles Floral Pleated Day Dress

We can't wait to wear this Ya Los Angeles Floral Pleated Day Dress ($54) to spring garden parties and Sunday brunches. Sweet and flowy, we're amping the feminine vibe with lose waves and elegant nude heels.... [More]


Lace Heart Edge Punch

Just in time for Valentine's Day decorations, party favors, and cards, the Lace Heart Edge Punch ($13 on sale) can be used for a plethora of ideas. Make your own cute cake stand trims, cones for holding candy, or create a template for powder sugar dusting a flourless chocolate cake.... [More]

greay heels-s.jpg

Alexander Wang Constance Felt Ankle Boots

Yes, please, Alexander Wang Constance Felt Ankle Boots ($195), we'd like another serving of gray style. Strutting in soft, comfy felt sounds perfect to wear Winter into Spring. The drawstring makes these slightly casual, but the high cut tongue and wooden block heel lend a strong sense of sophistication to... [More]


Space Invaders Business Cards

Sure, these Space Invaders business cards are an obvious choice for tech types who aren't afraid to be a little goofy. (Which is just about every tech type we've ever known.) But we'd like to see this fun batch of designs used by people in other lines of work, too.... [More]


De Struise Pannepot Reserva Beer

With the taste of fig and a "tart sulfurous aroma", De Struise Pannepot Reserva Beer ($9) is a unique flavored ale you've got to taste. Aged in oak barrels, the ale is a deep mahogany color and boasts a dry finish. We're looking forward to testing it out. Have you... [More]


Vera Wang Princess Night

We were never terribly big into prom but now that our much younger sister is getting ready for her final big night in high school, it seems infinitely more important. We want to give her something to make it really special since we can't be there to celebrate with her.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Mustache Lollipops

Mustache Lollipops ($3). Brings a whole new meaning to the term "flavor saver". What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]


Hippo Tee

What better why to say 'hip-hip-po-hurray ' for your bestie having her first baby than this cute Hippo Tee ($24)? We think this adorable tee would be great paired with soft bottoms and a mini pair of chucks. Aww!... [More]

handpainted bowls-s.jpg

Eva Hand Painted Bowls

*Chirp chirp* the birds are back. The Eva Hand Painted Bowls ($12) will add color and cuteness if your kitchen is lacking. We could see these charming hand painted bowls holding popcorn and looking adorable at movie night with gal pals.... [More]


Wine Bites

Ever wonder what to pair with the tasty wine your sister-in-law gave you for your birthday? Wine Bites ($16) is full of tasty nibbles that go perfectly with any wine you have on hand. And since they're simple to make, you spend less time in the kitchen and more time... [More]


Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer

We're going to write a book entitled "Words of Wisdom Our Mothers Never Shared" and the first chapter will be "Waxing your upper lip will cause the skin to darken making it look like you have a shadow 'stach." Had we known that little tidbit we would have never started... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: January 16, 2012

Hmm. Aqua, coral, khaki, and a white suitcase. Could someone be subliminally longing for a tropical vacation? Are you? Go vote for your favorite in this week's Shopping List poll from The Purse Page if you need a small free getaway from whatever you're doing - in a week, the... [More]


Personal Shopper: Jenny on the Color Block

Jennifer writes: I'm looking for a pair of colour block heels (anything bright, really) in a size 9.5 or 10, which would be simple enough except that I'm on the tall side (5'11") and also sort of inept in heels, so I'd like to keep the heel height under 2.5... [More]


Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine

When you find something that works, stick with it. Thank goodness for us, Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine ($21) works well in all ten of these slick-tastic shades. Made with maracuja oil and vitamins A and E, this lip luminizer replenishes, conditions and brightens. Really, the only thing it doesn't do... [More]


Ruffled Tank

Obviously we don't care if we look cute while we're working out (anyone who's seen us attempt Zumba knows that now), but anything that automatically ups our adorable factor without our even trying is endorsed by us. This Ruffled Tank ($58) is made for getting your workout on, without resorting... [More]


Chevron Cosmetic Bag

Chevron is all the rage this season (especially since no one could their hands on anything from the Missoni for Target collection) and we're smitten with this grey Chevron Cosmetic Bag ($26) from Lovell Designs. Made from organic cotton, there's plenty of room for all your essentials plus the crazy... [More]


Roast My Weenie Hot Dog Cooker

We don't mind over confidence, but the "Roast My Weenie" Hot Dog Cooker ($18) website claims the little iron man is anatomically correct. Mmmhhmmmm... Before or after the hot dog enhancement?... [More]


Fresh Sake Bath and Candle Set

Got a significant other who loves a good night out for sushi? Surprise them with an evening of homemade, hand rolled sushi followed by some green tea ice cream and a hot soak in the tub with Fresh Sake Bath and Candle Set ($80). By the end of the night,... [More]


Sof'ella Caramel Monkey Bread

We have no idea why monkey bread is called monkey bread, we only know that anything that consists of balls of soft bread surrounded in chewy caramel has the right to call itself whatever it wants to. Enough said. Sof'ella Caramel Monkey Bread ($5).... [More]


Kotobukiya Han Solo in Carbonite Silicone Ice Tray

Star Wars turns 35 this May, and obvs we're already planning our viewing parties. If you want to get nitpicky, ice cubes made with this Han Solo in Carbonite Silicone Ice Tray ($10) are more appropriate for our Empire Strikes Back party in three years, but it's definitely the coolest... [More]


T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers

If we could put diamonds on everything and bejewel the rest, we'd be happy campers. The T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers ($99) come pre-blinged with black diamond shaped ends so we can focus on the parts that are actually relevant to the product. These barrels of style heat hair from the... [More]


Puzzle Playhouse

Looking to give your kiddos a new play space, but short on real estate in your home? The Puzzle Playhouse ($650) assembles and disassembles easily (no tools!) and folds flat so it doesn't need to permanently take up valuable floor space. Plus, that natural maple wood is a beautiful blank... [More]


The French Laundry Cookbook

If you've ever had the luck to eat at The French Laundry in Napa Valley, you'll already know that owner Thomas Keller is responsible for making the most delicious and elegant French food imaginable. If you haven't gotten to Napa Valley we suggest picking up his The French Laundry Cookbook... [More]


The FKN Lady Tee

The FKN Lady Tee ($33). FK yeah we are.... [More]


T. LeClerc Chocolate Nail Enamel

Seasonally appropriate? Yerp. Reliably branded? Yup. Appropriately named for those of us who think it is still the holidays as long as the hot chocolate is flowing? You know it. T. LeClerc Chocolate Nail Enamel ($16)... [More]


Celebrate: A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. is arguably one of the most influential and inspiring men our country ever had the honor of claiming as a citizen. He peacefully fought for equality, spoke of hope, and reminded our nation that we were not a united whole until all people have a voice.... [More]


Floral Elephant Toothbrush Holder

We are so over cutesy frogs and purple butterflies that seemed to have infiltrated every little girl and boy's bathrooms across this fairyland. We are far more partial to this delightful Floral Elephant Toothbrush Holder ($12). The perfect amount of functional and adorable, we may just have to give this... [More]

frock heart dress-s.jpg

Eileen Kirby Red Games and Gossip Dress

Already thinking about Valentine's Day, and don't know if something's really wrong or really right with us. We'll drool at the Eileen Kirby Red Games and Gossip Dress ($479) as a neurosis distraction. A sweetheart neckline, tasteful amount of tulle, and floppy petal-like skirt are a recipe for love. This... [More]


Tocca Graciella

There is no such thing as too many good influences for a generation. Lucky for us, we had Grace Kelly to grow up watching, admiring and aspiring to be. Tocca Graciella ($68) is meant to replicate her essence with scents of apricot, orange and watermelon. Poised and polished, Graciella would... [More]


LaPlumeEthere Black Pumps with White Venise Lace

Can we just please stop for a second to appreciate how beautiful these are? ------------ Doesn't that feel rewarding? Want hear the cherry on top of this dreamy high heeled sundae? These glorious LaPlumeEthere Black Pumps with White Venise Lace are only $60. Go ahead. Take a moment to recollect... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Hello Kitty Nail Clippers

Try getting your three year old daughter to sit still long enough to trim all ten fingers. Don't even think about cutting her toe nails. But with these super cute Hello Kitty Nail Clippers ($7), you can convince her that the friendly feline is simply trying to make her claws... [More]


Just a Slice Pan

Call it another redundant kitchen gadget if you like, but the Just a Slice Cake Pan ($10) is a pretty minimal investment for even slices and portion control. Not to mention that you can't bake half a cake in a standard cake pan!... [More]

john hardy hammered gold earrings-s.jpg

John Hardy Palu Collection Dangling Earrings

John Hardy seems to want a medal for his green values. We'll give him our admiration for now, since his Palu Collection Dangling Earrings ($1195) are so gorgeous. A short video illustrates the hand hammering technique that gives the Palu Collection its unique textured glimmer, inspired by the surface of... [More]


Bumble and bumble Concen-straight Smoothing Treatment

Let's play (clap-clap-clap) concentration. (clap-clap-clap) No repeats (clap-clap-clap) or hesitation. (clap-clap-clap) I'll go first (clap-clap-clap) and you go second. (clap-clap-clap) Topic is.... Bumble and bumble Concen-straight Smoothing Treatment ($45), a single use hair straightening miracle elixir that keeps your frizz down to a minimum for 30 shampoos allowing you to... [More]


Alexander McQueen Black Cowl Neck Crepe Floor Length Dress

We just keeled over and died a little after seeing this Alexander McQueen Black Cowl Neck Crepe Floor Length Dress ($3,545). Perhaps it is the model's death stare, maybe even the fantastic triple buckle belt or just possibly the to-die-for clutch this chick is toting but we are totally gasping... [More]


The Book of Disquiet

We suspect that there are really only two reactions possible for any of you who pick up this book: you'll either be exasperated or mesmerized. Put us down for mesmerized. The Book of Disquiet ($12) is a collection of fragments written and compiled under that title by Portuguese author Fernando... [More]


Koh Gen Do Makeup Trial Set

We're new to Koh Gen Do even though it has been around for 25 years. What? We can't keep up with every beauty line in existence. So in order to get a real grasp on this new-to-us product line, we're going to order the Makeup Trial Set ($20). For only... [More]

World Market - cloud stool-s.jpg

Tibetan Cloud Ceramic Drum

The Tibetan Cloud Ceramic Drum ($70) isn't as soft as a cloud, but it certainly is dreamy. It's whatever you want it to be - a side table or a stool - waiting for you to use it. The subtle swirling lines make a great graphic accent; pause and tie... [More]


Joules Floral Wellies

Thunderstorms in the spring time always get us down. But these Joules Floral Wellies ($59) certainly turn this frown upside down. How fun are these? We can totally imagine ourselves dancing with the ghost of Gene Kelly in these boots, twisting an umbrella and singing horribly at the top of... [More]

ginder lime-s.jpg

Eight Body Ginger Lime Moisture Treatment

It can't just be our skin that s getting crackly in this cold, dry weather. The zesty Eight Body Ginger Lime Moisture Treatment ($43) is a two step process that can help us out. Just brush the body before showering, shower, and apply on the eight body lotion post shower.... [More]


Creminelli Wild Boar Salumi

Satisfy your inner foodie with this unique Creminelli Wild Boar Salumi ($16). Set it up with a cheese platter, another meat selection or two, crackers, and some wine and artisan beers and you've got the makings of an awesome girls night. Whether or not your choose to invite anyone else... [More]


Benefit Benetint

In the past we have stayed far away from lip tints that also double as cheek tints simply because we were wary of the application process. We were afraid such a skinny brush would leave our cheeks looking like sunburned zebras. But the PDF instructions that come with Benefit Benetint... [More]


Celebrate: Laundry by Shelli Segal 'Nicole' Sun Hat

They say 'sun hat' and we see the glorious moment on My Fair Lady when she screams "Come on Dover! Move your bloomin' ass!" In honor of National Hat Day we bring you the Laundry by Shelli Segal 'Nicole' Sun Hat ($68). Look like an aristocrat while you stylishly shade... [More]


Cake Beauty Satin Sugar Hair and Body Refreshing Powder

Your best friend calls you at the office at 5:30pm. You're packing up the brief case after a long day of meetings and deadlines. She tells you she finally tracked down the bar that her ex-boyfriend's smoking hot brother frequents on Tuesday nights (hello, Tuesday Blues Day with PBR on... [More]


North Coast Old Rasputin Stout

Deep and slightly bitter, North Coast Old Rasputin Stout ($11) is one of those stouts you pair with chocolate cake or a rich dessert. Surprise your love with a bottle and a chocolate ganache smothered cake for Valentine's.... [More]


Bath Ice Cream-Cosmopolitan

So you swore you wouldn't have so many treats after the New Year, you didn't say you'd stop indulging in everything? Have a cheat with a Bath Ice Cream-Cosmopolitan ($9). This pretty bath fizz lets out a relaxing scent of orange, lime, and cranberry, and is perfect for taking the... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Trunk Sipper

We are going to make all the other kids soooooo jelly with this Trunk Sipper ($5) at our son's next play date. Good thing we can afford to buy more than one. We are horrible at sharing. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse... [More]


Archipelago Botanicals Pomegranate Soap

We have strayed away from bar soap entirely thanks to the invention of bottled bubbles. But this Archipelago Botanicals Pomegranate Soap ($13) has converted us back to yesteryear's hygiene routine. Super lathery and lightly scented, this triple milled masterpiece has earned its spot in the highly coveted throne soap dish... [More]


Sliced Serrano Ham

The Spanish take their Jamon Serrano very seriously. Dozens of hams were strung up in every restaurant, bar, and grocery that we visited while roaming Spain. Make yourself a bocadillo (sandwich) with thin Sliced Serrano Ham ($20) and a crusty roll for a pub style lunch. Easy and yummy!... [More]


Celebrate: Teacup Dublin Classic Cable Knit Dog Sweater

There's something so endearing about dressing our pup in a sweater. And since it's "Dress Up Your Pet Day" we're going to bust out the Teacup Dublin Classic Cable Knit Dog Sweater ($9). Can't you just see him chillin' in the pub? Maybe even tipping his cap and saying "Top... [More]

yoga bag-s.jpg

Cocoki Yoga Bag

We're finally making good on our New Year's resolution to go back to yoga and need a new bag. The lovely peacock-esque pattern on the Cocoki Yoga Bag ($29) caught our eye. This yoga bag makes everything easier with its full length zipper and extra pockets. This bag wins brownie... [More]


Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude Body Glow

We met the most eligible bachelor at our neighbor's New Year's party this year. And wouldn't you know that our resolution to accept more of life's curve balls paid off in full when we agreed to a date with the fine gentleman. Now what to do about these lack luster... [More]


Petite Treats Magnet Set

Got yourself a pretty new girl or guy but don't want to scare them away with a huge Valentine's Day gift? Try these Petite Treats Magnet Sets ($8 on sale). Precious and delicious without adding pressure to the relationship or pounds to their waistline.... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 12.20.36 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Wedding dresses for ReadyForLife2.0

ReadyForLife2.0 writes: "Hi ladies! I'm a daily reader and a big fan! The love of my life recently popped The Question, so I'm happily starting to plan a wedding. Each of us has been married before, so we're hoping to have a small, intimate celebration rather than a traditional big... [More]

vintage half apron-s.jpg

Vintage Floral Half Apron

Chinese artisans of the fair trade collective Scarlet Threads made the adorable Vintage Floral Half Apron ($23). Its red and white flowers and ruched pinwheel pocket are sure to be a hit at our next soiree. Your purchase goes toward funding artisan wages for women and extending their children's education... [More]


Misala Little Orange Lion Clutch Purse

Holy mother of cute, this Misala Little Orange Lion Clutch Purse ($27) renders us speechless (aside from random bursts of "squeee!"). They say money can't buy happiness, but we think you'd be receiving a pretty significant heap of happy if this guy came to you in the mail.... [More]


Buster Bowl

Even though the Buster Bowl ($48) kind of reminds us of some of the pottery projects we did in our Freshman ceramics class, we like the whimsical look of it. And it definitely beats the bone motif most dog bowls are rocking.... [More]


Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream

Fine lines, dullness, dry skin! Oh my! Fix all your facial blunders with Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream ($115). This Good Witch is infused with Jasmine Absolute, a precious oil that will zap zits and ward off bad ju-ju sent to destroy all your good looks. Think of it as... [More]

mexican plate-s.jpg

Handpainted Mexican Platter

We deserve beautiful serving ware, and so do our tamales. The Handpainted Mexican Platter ($85) is a stunning choice in black and white, decorated with lovely flowers and an ancient border motif. When we shop from Aid to Artisans, we feel better, knowing that our purchase supports craftsman the world... [More]


Quick and Easy Japanese Cooking

We like quick prep meals, and we love eating ethnic, so Quick and Easy Japanese Cooking ($15) is a perfect cookbook for our hectic schedules and discerning tastes. Using simple preparation and tools most of us have already (although a donabe pot would be a fun addition to your kitchen),... [More]


Clarins Collector Face Palette

We can feel the breeze of spring blowing against our cheeks already. Or is that just the visual effect of the pinwheels in the Clarins Collector Face Palette ($35)? Fresh and fancy free, this palette is light as air and perfect for the girl that loves those dewy spring cheeks.... [More]

MICHAEL Michael Kors Salvador Sunglasses

MICHAEL Michael Kors Salvador Sunglasses

We've been on the hunt for fab glam sunglasses and we think we've found them. The MICHAEL Michael Kors Salvador Sunglasses ($98) are on our must-have list for the Spring season. As much as we love 'em, you won't find us rocking our specs at night like the Jersey Shore... [More]


Mozzarella Di Bufala

Have you ever tried Mozzarella Di Bufala ($7) skewered with fresh basil, a sliced strawberry and then drizzled with thick balsamic vinegar? We think it's an awesome and easy appetizer that is sure to impress your dinner guests. Forget the mini quiches. Seriously. Forget them.... [More]


Shaving Tester Vials Kit

With Christmas over and Valentine's Day fast approaching, we're yet again on the quest for a cool gift for our man. We love this Shaving Tester Vials Kit ($16) from Prospector Co. Surprise your man with a metal tin full of fabulous shaving essentials in perfect sample sizes. Thoughtful and... [More]


Lomokino Camera and Viewer

Make your own rad home movies with the Lomokino Camera and Viewer ($99). Ten bucks if you can convince your nieces and nephews you time warped back to the good ol' days. 20 bucks if you can make a film anyone will actually want to watch. The camera is guaranteed... [More]


Classic Bale Jar Drink Dispenser

Tuck one of these Classic Bale Jar Drink Dispensers ($59) on your picnic table between bowls of potato salad and berry pies for a vintage-inspired event. Fill it with Basil Lemonade or fresh Mango Lemonade. Yum!... [More]


Love Birds Charm

Charm bracelets are popping up everywhere this season and we're crushing on this Love Birds Charm ($15) in a big way. These gold birds are perfect because we "wouldn't want a pair of birds that were... too demonstrative..." (Name that movie!).... [More]


Stoneware TV Dinner Trays

We eat in front of the TV so much, we might as well convert our dinnerware to fit the atmosphere. Stoneware TV Dinner Trays ($20) have that cool vintage vibe we're going for, without the strange fake meats and applesauce side course you get in traditional TV dinners. We're thinking... [More]


Laura Geller Spackle

Gone are the days of going out in public without makeup. Now we carry our whole makeup kit with us even if we're just going to the grocery store. But now we've found this gold in a bottle. Laura Geller Spackle ($25) goes on under our makeup creating a fresh,... [More]


You Tell Us: Painting Wall Stickers

Okay, so your plans for 2012 didn't necessarily include art investment. So? These reusable wall stickers of famous paintings, complete with frames, will either add some class and good humor to your decor or just look completely ridiculous. But when the prices max out at two dollars and twenty-three cents,... [More]

nixon necklace-S.jpg

Nixon The Flower Pendant Watch

Screw watches. They make things hard to reach and leave us with terrible visible tan lines. Ok, maybe the necklace idea of the Nixon The Flower Pendant Watch ($43) doesn't save us completely from wrist baggage - there will always be bracelets. One thing that's undeniable: the vibrant blue and... [More]

Heart Pie Pops

Heart Pie Pops

Dearest Valentine, Spare us the chocolate.....we'd love something new this year. hint hint - Heart Pie Pops ($30) feature a flaky crust with a tart cherry filling inside. XOXO, Your Sugar Plum... [More]


Zoya Feel Collection

The Zoya Feel Collection ($8 a bottle) is sending shivers up our spines. Cool and calm, these serene shades will turn any hot headed winter hater into a striking Ice Queen. Part winter wonderland and part pastel, these shades will also effortlessly carry you into spring.... [More]


Marcona Almonds

You have not tasted an almond until you taste Marcona Almonds ($37 for 2.2 lbs). Sauté them in olive oil, sprinkle them with sea salt (or add rosemary for a twist) and you've got the most delicious snack on the planet. We love them for dressing up cocktail parties or... [More]


Celebrate: Fright Night

In honor of "Friday The Thirteenth" there's nothing better than a scary movie to get your evening going. We recently indulged in Fright Night ($20) and were pleasantly surprised with the sexiness of Colin Farrell as a vampire (yumm!). We were also excited there was no sparkling, huffing and puffing... [More]


Sephora Favorites Deluxe Fragrance Sampler for Her

New year, new you, new attitude. So of course you need a new fragrance to keep up with all this newness. Sephora Favorites Deluxe Fragrance Sampler for Her ($50) is the best way to test out ten delicious new scents without committing to a single one. Think of it as... [More]


The Folding Tripod

Finally, someone was genius enough to create a tripod that can be folded up like tent poles. Lightweight and quick to assemble, The Folding Tripod ($50) stands 44 inches tall and weights only 1/3 the weight of average tripods. Now you can take those cheesy glamour shots in your bathroom... [More]


Ben Amun Long Byzantine Triple Drop Necklace

Necklaces that look like they belong in a museum are up there in our favorite types of jewelry (along with redonkulous animal cocktail rings and big ass diamonds, natch). This Ben Amun Long Byzantine Triple Drop Necklace ($245) passes for a beautiful piece of precious, antique jewelry, but with the... [More]


Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Stout

Suggested to be the best stout in a can, Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Stout ($4) boasts it's "the beer equivalent of decadently rich milkshake made with whopper malted-milk balls and heaven's best chocolate ice cream." No more persuading necessary, thank you very much.... [More]


Everyday Box of Greeting Cards

Simple and cool, make sure you're prepared for any occasion with the Everyday Box of Greeting Cards ($70 for 30). Filled with 7 Birthday, 4 Thank You, 4 Holiday, 2 Valentine's Day, 2 Wedding, 1 Get Well, 8 Blank, and 2 Good Luck cards, you'd be hard pressed to find... [More]


Apple Bottle Opener

You know what they say about an apple a day... How about an Apple Bottle Opener ($15 on sale!) opening a bottle a day? How about them apples?... [More]


Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting Duo

The winter holidays have finally packed their bags and retreated back to the North Pole. But unfortunately our anti-tan did not hitch a ride with them. With spring fast approaching, we've got to do something to liven up these collar bones of ours. Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting Duo ($45)... [More]


Big Little Felt Universe

With all our friends having babies, we figured it would be more personal to give handmade gifts (and cool toys) rather than generic onesies and bottles. Or, give Big Little Felt Universe ($17) and a giant stack of unique felt as a fun gift for a nesting mom. However you... [More]


Personal Shopper: New Dresses for the New Elkie

Elkie wrote: "Dear Outblush, I can not tell you how much I enjoy the blog and avidly await new posts to help break up the day at work. I bought the Wonder Woman socks (the ones with tiny capes!) for my Halloween costume this year and they were a HIT!... [More]


Wood Sign- Love

For the non-schmoopy romantics out there (we dabble in schmoop occasionally, but are mostly relaxed about the lovey-dovey stuff), we love this Wood Sign- Love ($29). We think it makes a cool Valentine's Day Decoration that can actually last longer than Feb. 14th. Made with Eucalyptus and marquee signing, you... [More]

Ultimate Blackout Cake

Ultimate Blackout Cake

Ok what's not to love about the Ultimate Blackout Cake ($34)? Think of it as a slice of chocolate heaven.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: geoGirl GR8 Lip Shine

The month of January is all about new beginnings: new year, new resolutions (that we've probably already broken the majority of) and a new opportunity to refresh our makeup. And while we could go to the beauty counter of our favorite department store to sample this upcoming season's new colors,... [More]


Valentine Vintage Style Pillow Candy/Treasure Boxes

There's something about Valentine's Day that makes us want to wrap up boxes of candy and give them to everyone who has been even remotely nice to us in the last year. Maybe it's all the pinks and reds and lace. These Valentine Vintage Style Pillow Candy/Treasure Boxes ($20 for... [More]


The High Life Stone Tile Coaster Set

We wish we could fly through the air with the greatest of ease, especially if we were flying to Paris or Aruba with the circus! But we cannot run away and join the circus. We're stuck here with our jobs, kids, and day-to-day chores. This The High Life Stone Tile... [More]


Bossier Assortment Of Aromatized Chocolate Petals

Ok, let's just step away from the fact that the tin these dreamy chocolates come in is gorgeous on its own, and admire the selection of dreamily crafted chocolates in this Boissier Assortment of Aromatized Chocolate Petals (€34). So light and pretty, it's temping to strew them around our room... [More]


Point the Way Nail Stickers in Confetti

Not everybody loves fancy nail stickers. But we do. And we're going to talk about them. So nanny nanny boo boo. We jest. But in all seriousness, we're especially fond of these Point the Way Nail Stickers in Confetti ($12). They would have been purrrrfect for New Year's Eve but... [More]


MOTO Unicorn Print Skinny Jeans

Deep down, we know these MOTO Unicorn Print Skinny Jeans ($90) are some serious Bad Idea Jeans, but we can't help but love them anyway. Who said animal prints just meant prints you'd actually find on animals?... [More]


Celebrate: Wild Boys Calendar

We could barely type we were laughing so hard when we stumbled across this Wild Boys 2012 Wall Calendar ($15). We're bringing it to you just in time for the "Feast Of Fabulous Wild Men Day." We're assuming the feast of fabulous wild men is more about lumberjacks creating meals... [More]


ELEMENT Paradise Tee

It might be the Eric Carle-like style of the peacock on the ELEMENT Paradise tee ($28) that drew us in, it may have been the harmony between the bird's vivid colors and the pale citrusy shade of the fabric, and it may have been the relaxed feel of the dolman... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 11.32.54 AM.png

AHAVA Caressing Body Sorbet

We visited the Dead Sea in Israel a number of years ago, and at the time we had this incredibly gnarly spider bite. Our knee was swollen and purple, and it refused to bend properly. Long story short, we took a dip in the uber-salty waters of the famous landmark... [More]


Asparagus Ravioli

Anything that saves us from spending hours in the kitchen making a meal for two people is fine by us. We stumbled across this tasty Asparagus Ravioli ($5) and think it would make a divine dinner paired with sautéed summer squash and a rustic roll. A little Pellegrino wouldn't hurt... [More]

Bright Patterned Birthday Cake Stand

Bright Patterned Birthday Cake Stand

If you're planning on getting us a cake just because we're your favorite, we're more into the sweets than the display (most of the time). Besides....the Bright Patterned Birthday Cake Stand ($8) reminds us of treats that would be served to Alice in Wonderland.... [More]


Hippo Art Print With Hamburger

At first we were embarrassed someone had caught us having our last bit of fun before we committed to our New Year's Resolution to lose weight and eat better, but then we realized we don't like cheese on our hamburgers and the picture couldn't have been of us. Wheew. That... [More]


Personal Shopper: Mackenzie's Mack-tastic iPhone Case

Mackenzie writes: Hi Outblush! I need help, I'm looking for an iPhone 4 case thats under $40. I'm tired of the boring purple one on my phone now...I'm looking for something unique and chic, I really like chevron stripe print. Hope you can help me! Magzilla here on your case!... [More]


Colorescience Let Me Be Clear Finishing Brush

This whole zero sunshine thing that winter has going on has got to go. It makes our skin look like the bottom of a fruit cake, splotchy and uneven. Colorescience Let Me Be Clear Finishing Brush ($55) covers up all those problems areas, including acne, leaving our skin smooth and... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 11.24.38 AM.png

Jessica Simpson Calie Pumps

Less is more with these Jessica Simpson Calie Pumps ($79)! All they need is a punchy color and a sexy dip at the insole to make them the perfect shoe for spring. They also remind us of blackberry sorbet, which is another spring must have. Pair your new shoes and... [More]

Pottery Barn Kids Birdcage Canopy

Pottery Barn Kids Birdcage Canopy

The Pottery Barn Kids Birdcage Canopy ($100 on sale) is just what we've been scouring the net for. Our little princess definitely needs this breathtaking canopy atop her gorgeous panel bed.... [More]


Horizon Stripe Dress

Why hello there, little puff of spring... We're feeling the urge to go sailing or stroll down the boardwalk in Quiksilver Women's Horizon Stripe Dress ($58). We'd probably pack a whole suitcase full of sundresses for Spring break and end up wearing this dress day after day. Pair it with... [More]


Yellow Submarine Recycled Shopping Tote

If you're anything like us, your drawer full of plastic grocery bags is now a drawer full of reusable shopping totes that you got as freebies from every market in town. If that's not the case, why not pick up the Yellow Submarine Recycled Shopping Tote ($6)? Made from 25%... [More]


Acquarella Nail Polish

We love freshly painted nails as much as other women (and some men), but we'd prefer to go glam without a side of toxic chemicals. Thanks to beauty products from Acquarella, we can apply as much nail polish as we want, and not to have to breathe in the dreaded... [More]


2008 Nino Negri Ca Brione White Wine

Made for pairing with lobster or shellfish, this 2008 Nino Negri Ca Brione White Wine ($28) matches perfectly to seafood as a light dinner wine. With notes of yellow apricots, nectarines, and poached pear, we think this would go lovely with lobster risotto, or crisp crab cakes.... [More]


Laid Back Beach Blanket

We know that beach weather is a distant dream, but we're already starting to plan our spring getaway. We've been on the hunt for the perfect beach blanket and we think we found it in Roxy's Laid Back Beach Blanket ($42). Light, large enough for two (or to luxuriously sprawl... [More]

AVMAX- monogram-ring-small.jpg

A. V. Max Monogram Coin Ring

The A. V. Max Monogram Coin Ring ($20) makes us want to write romantic love notes to the husband and seal it with red wax and stamped with our monogram. We think if we get it for "Valentine's Day" it's a justified "holiday" purchase. Right?... [More]

Safavieh Coral Table Lamp Set

Safavieh Coral Table Lamp Set

Escape to your seaside retreat without leaving your family room. The Safavieh Coral Table Lamp Set ($164 for 2) is a must-have for every and any beach lover.... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 11.04.19 AM.png

Raina Vixon Leather Belt

Our New Year's resolution to get in shape is going well so far, and we're pretty sure we've already jogged away the extra pound or two gained during at least one of our holiday cookie binges. We can't wait to show off our newly defined waist this spring with this... [More]


Philosophy Full of Fortune Lotion

We totally passed out before we could make our New Year's Resolution at the stroke of midnight. Having two kids is exhausting, y'all. We're surprised we can stay awake at the dinner table. Luckily, we can just slather on Philosophy Full of Fortune Lotion ($24) in the hopes that it... [More]

Italian Braising Gravy

Williams-Sonoma Italian Braising Gravy

Who says you have to slave every week making gravy for Sunday dinners? We've stumbled upon a gravy that tastes authentic and really like Mom's - Williams-Sonoma Italian Braising Gravy ($17). Add a little pork shoulder and sausage for a mouth-watering dinner that will please everyone's palate.... [More]

Pirate Sandboat

Pirate Sandboat

Shiver me timbers! The Pirate Sandboat ($334) may be the next best thing doubloons. Your little pirates will love this ship-shaped sandbox, which is large enough for a captain, a few mates and possibly a stow-away. Moms will love the UV-protected canopy to protect our little treasures while at... [More]

Personal Shopper Eloping Dress

Personal Shopper: A wedding dress for our eloping anonymous gal pal

Anonymous writes: "Hello Outblush...I am a faithful reader of your website (or scanner), as I peruse your website daily. I adore finding all of these unique items you offer daily! Now, I need some help for myself! I am eloping in 4 months! I need your help because we are... [More]


Traveler's Atlas

There is nothing nerdy about loving geography (and knowing where different countries are), after all a fifth of Americans can't even locate the US on a world map. Don't be part of the 20%. Traveler's Atlas ($58). For all your happy travels.... [More]


Antidote KAKIA Red Flower-Berry Chocolate Bar

What is the antidote for those crappy mid-week blues where you realized you already watched modern family and still have 2 more work days to get through before you can sleep in again? Antidote's KAKIA Red Flower-Berry Chocolate Bar ($7) of course. Ok, it can't speed up time and it... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 10.49.42 AM.png

ROMWE Color Block T-shirt Dress

We want to look stylish, but we're tired and we don't want to waste precious snoozing time picking out cute outfits every single day. This ROMWE Color Block T-shirt Dress ($45) would look good with dark leggings, flats, and a long necklace. Done! Now we just need some mascara and... [More]


Mason Jar Lighting Glass Lamp

For a minimalist look in your bedroom or as a way to add rustic charm to back yard BBQ's, we love this Mason Jar Lighting Glass Lamp ($49). Cluster a few on a table for a romantic mood, or ease your I-need-to-relax-at-a-cabin-fever by lighting this lamp up and reading a... [More]


Belle Noel Scarab Resin Ring

We are so having an Aladdin fantasy right now. Magic carpet rides, harem pants (and flat abs), and obviously a genie to grant our every wish. We really fell down the rabbit hole looking at this Belle Noel Scarab Resin Ring ($38). Ooooh, rabbit hole... tea parties and croquet and... [More]


AirFoil Sport Kite

Even though we've just barely got through the beginning of winter, we're looking forward to spring days and flying a kite at our local park. We plan on packing a picnic, carting our bazillion nieces and nephews to the playground and having a run with this AirFoil Sport Kite ($30).... [More]

Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 10.18.15 AM.png

Tang & Song Heart Shaped Earrings

Even if your heart is as black and hard as these Tang & Song Heart Shaped Earrings ($40), you may still have a secret soft spot for Valentine's Day. It's OK to show a little love, even if it's covered by your long, sulky hairstyle.... [More]


Johnny Cash Diaper Bag

Ensure your kid will grow up cool with this Johnny Cash Diaper Bag ($16). Or, at least insure that you'll look hip, even while avoiding getting poop on your fingers. With a matching changing pad and bottle pockets, this awesome Diaper Bag even passes the dad-test.... [More]


Jousting for Jocelyn Brown Lace Dress

At some point we have all been guilty of asking if the lace dress we're trying on makes us look like a doily. The Jousting for Jocelyn Brown Lace Dress ($49) most definitely does not. Match it with a chunky, bright beaded necklace, sexy boots, and a slouchy cardi for... [More]


Lily Queen Bath Whipped Soap

How exciting! This Lily Queen Bath Whipped Soap ($6) is a change from bar soap or body wash. Our favorite flavors are Caramel Cinnamon Latte and Coconut, but if you're looking for something fresh and fruity, you've got options a plenty. Not only is it a nice soap, it makes... [More]

opening ceremony bootie-s.jpg

Opening Ceremony Agyness Suede Wedge Booties

We've gone bananas for the Opening Ceremony Agyness Suede Wedge Booties ($134). All we need is suede and a wedge heel to get our engines roaring, but these booties' sculpted stiletto styling and contrast leather heel take us right over the deep end. Can't stop drooling over this calfskin.... [More]


Cork Side Table

Is anyone else tempted to wrap a few balls of yarn around this Cork Side Table ($405) and live out your 6-year-old dream of being one of Cinderella's mice or a Borrower who used a spool of thread as a side table? Anyone? Anyone? Aside from it costing over 400... [More]


French Hollandaise Sauce

Let's see, you can spend all morning whipping up Eggs Benedict for you and your man, or you can pop open a bottle of this delicious French Hollandaise Sauce ($10) and be back in bed within minutes. Hmm... snuggling up under the covers or cold tile beneath your feet? Hmmm....... [More]

Parker Navajo Sequin Jacket

Parker Navajo Sequin Jacket

Sequins combined with a trend that we're loving right now....we're convinced. We'd love to have the Parker Navajo Sequin Jacket ($418) in our closet for those nights we feel like throwing on a fabulous glam going-out jacket.... [More]


Pose Prints Zig Zag Wedding Programs

Before you know it, love, spring, and then wedding season will be in the air. If you're getting hitched soon and need something for your guests to distract themselves while you get gussied up, check out these Pose Prints Zig Zag Wedding Programs ($175+). We obviously love the zigzag print... [More]

Five After Flatware Clock

Five After Flatware Clock

Your mom called it's 5 after and you need to pick up the Five After Flatware Clock ($43) for your humble abode. The loud utensil will be a welcome addition to your kitchen.... [More]


Dig It Fedora

One of the joys of having kids is forcing them to wear the clothes you pick out for them (hey, you birthed them, you deserve to have a little fun, right?). We're seriously smitten with this rad Dig It Fedora ($28). Made to make your little man even more dapper,... [More]


Fat Witch Tin Of Favs

Ooooooohhhhh, brownies. We love them. What's not to love about chocolaty, chewy, dense brownies? We confess, we've even made a pan to eat (all by our lonesome) while our husband was away for a night. He never knew what he missed. This Fat Witch Tin Of Favs ($39) comes with... [More]


Celebrate: Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Boots

Even though it's been rain free in Southern California, we're all for "Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day" if we can get our hands on these adorable Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Boots ($70). Hell, we'll even bust out the hose and flood our front yard if necessary.... [More]

Woodland Bench Planter

Woodland Bench Planter

Do a little tinkering in your backyard and garden to make room for the Woodland Bench Planter ($448). This gorgeous bench is woven from roots of Latin America. It's certainly a conversation piece that will transform your garden into an elegant space.... [More]


ASOS Scallop Edge Satchel

Pink and girly with a hint of ruffle, yet sturdy and boxy enough to hold all of our belongings, this ASOS Scallop Edge Satchel ($36) is a perfect purse for those of us who like our accessories on the feminine side. It may have elicited a squeee from us when... [More]


No Staple Stapler

We're always on the hunt for something to keep our desk organized and fresh. This cool No Staple Stapler ($38 on sale) is capable of "stapling" up to 4 pages together without an actual staple. That means no gouging yourself under your nail bed, no shredded corners, and no jammed... [More]


Kate Spade Anchors Away Stud Earrings

Do you think Olive Oyl donned anchor studs and caught Popeye's eye? Maybe. We're willing to give it a shot if it means we could possibly snag a sexy sailor, fine fisherman or dapper yachtsman. Anchors away! Kate Spade Anchors Away Stud Earrings ($48)... [More]


Rocky Top Winter Skin Soap Set

As much as we'd like to pretend that dry winter skin is just a part of the cold weather months, we all know that if we keep up with our skin care and give our epidermis a little extra love, we'll make it into spring hardly the worse for wear.... [More]


LEGO Project Storage Case

We seem to be on a storage kick lately, despite our resistance to making any New Year's resolutions whatsoever. Anyway, this LEGO project storage case ($12) is supposedly for, um, LEGO (and it even comes with one of those flat green squares that passes for a residential lot in plasticbrickland)... [More]


Lululemon Energy Bra

We're sincerely hoping that this Lululemon Energy Bra ($42) is so named because it'll give us more energy for our workouts. Because seriously, this resolution to work it out is making us pretty dang tired. But, if it doesn't give us more energy, at least it's cute.... [More]

Love You To Pieces Dress

Love You To Pieces Dress

In 2012, we resolve to wear more color! Needless to say we're kicking off the new year with a fabulous dress - the Love You To Pieces Dress ($36) features a blue and taupe print, which can be accessorized with a bright belt and colorful pumps.... [More]


Brambleberry Crisp Pint

Why hello there, Brambleberry Crisp Pint ($12). Where have you been all our life? Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream crafted their delicious pint from a rich mix of blackberries and black raspberries swirled with black currents and oven toasted oat streusel in a rich vanilla ice cream. Frankly, we're surprised your... [More]


Chegg Giveaway on Win an iPad2!

One of our favorite coupon sites,, is hosting a giveaway from Chegg! If you order your textbooks from Chegg, you're already saving a load of cash. What will you spend that cash on? New pajamas to wear to class? More EasyMac to fuel those late night study sessions? If... [More]


Design Mafia Capacitive Tip

Up until now we were unable to eat Cheetos and use our iPad at the same time. Now, our struggle with cheesy fingers and a touch-sensitive device is over. This Capacitive Tip ($16) fits an ACME Rollerball Pen and replaces your fingertip for playing Angry Birds or online shopping or... [More]


RUBR I Series Watch

For those of us who live our lives in uniforms - whether that's a black polo and green apron as mandated by corporate or simply the jeans and sweater that we live in - it's always nice to find an accessory that livens up our look and shows a little... [More]


Tart Collections Courtney Dress

A lovely, albeit brief rise in the temperature last week had us eager to shop for lightweight sundresses and shorts. This week? Not so warm, so we are back on the lookout for cute, winter appropriate dresses to get us over the hump. This Tart Collections Courtney Dress ($98 on... [More]


Mani Designs Field Flower Posts

While these Field Flower Posts ($110) are clearly modeled after tiny flowers found in the field, their shape reminds us of succulents. And we're really into succulents right now. Mostly because plants that are hard to kill are the only kind we can keep, and these sweet post earrings definitely... [More]


The Darth Vader CD Player

Trust us, we're weirded out that in this digital age, the idea of playing a CD in a CD player feels really retro. Make it doubly so by playing your favorite disc in this The Darth Vader CD Player ($70), because let's face it, it feels like a long time... [More]


CJCrew Skeleton Locket

This Valentine's Day, most ladies expect to be showered in gemstones, flowers and chocolate. For the more morbid misses, or just those who don't feel that 'til death is enough of a commitment, there's the CJCrew Skeleton Locket ($44).... [More]


Garima Dhawan Earth Gold Laptop and iPad Skin

In our dreams, our home decor is almost to Martha levels of put-togetherness, but there's no saving those chunky, dark electronics like our TV and computer. At least the ol' laptop can get a little makeover; we think the Garima Dhawan Earth Gold Laptop and iPad Skin ($30) is the... [More]


Kate Heart Print Leggings

These Kate Heart Print Leggings ($38) might be borderline ridiculous and entirely juvenile, but we're envisioning them as great transitional wear while we wait for the weather to warm up. In our future, we see pairing them with a bold, yellow tunic and flats - or maybe boots to hide... [More]


You Tell Us: Ficoco

Figs and cocoa? Does it work? Are we scared or intrigued? We love figs, and we love cocoa, so maybe this Ficoco ($6) will be tasty on shortbread cookies or as a filling for tarts...... [More]


Z Gallerie Calais Chandelier

You guys, we have serious lighting lust for this Calais Chandelier ($399). While we don't have anywhere even remotely reasonable to hang this beauty right now, we feel confident that this is a chandelier we could actually work into our decor, as opposed to those fancy shmancy ones dripping with... [More]


Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick!

Do you need a reason to get this beautiful Supercalifragilipstick! ($24) beyond the name? We didn't, and when we did we fell hard for the color. Adventurous Red is a true blue-based red that's quite flattering and adds serious punch to any outfit, which is right in line with everything... [More]


VivaTerra Lighted Branches

The Christmas tree is on the curb and the ornaments are packed away, but we miss the soft glow in the corner of the room that its twinkle lights used to cast. We're thinking about setting up a permanent display of these VivaTerra Lighted Branches ($49-89) to keep that warm... [More]


Make Collaboration Vertical Calendar

Still hunting for the perfect calendar for this new year? Why not switch things up a little and go in a different direction with Make Collaboration's Vertical Calendar ($30)? It's a minimalist design, but it leaves you plenty of space to write in all of your exciting dates and events,... [More]


Restoration Hardware Louis XV Sleigh-Back Chaise

Ooh la la!! We'll feel like such royalty lounging on this Louis XV Sleigh-Back Chaise ($1395 - 1860)! Never mind the fact that we'd have to be actual royalty to afford this luxurious furniture and we'd have to live in a palace to have room for it. Let us have... [More]


Express Keyhole Halter Dress

Is it spring yet? How about now? Now?! It's just so cruel that all of these beautiful spring clothes are hitting the stores while its still bone-chilling cold outside! Sure, we could wear this Keyhole Halter Dress ($80) with tights and a cardigan, but we're longing to feel the sun... [More]


Valentina Ramos Aaron Shower Curtain

Our bathroom already feels like a tropical oasis after each steamy shower, so we're fully embracing that vibe with this Valentina Ramos Aaron Shower Curtain ($75). Do you think Aaron is the name of the elephant? It looks more like a Daphne to us.... [More]


Como Drop-Front Shoe Box

We're not exactly saying that we're easily amused, but we are saying that when we ran across one of these this past weekend, we had way too much fun pulling the little door open and then letting it snap back shut thanks to the tiny magnets under the fabric. That... [More]


Femme Arsenal Military Dress

Make those men stand at attention when you walk by in this Femme Arsenal Military Dress ($72). And by stand at attention, we mean notice you as you walk by... we're not making any sort of boner joke. But we could - ready? What do you call a guy who... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: January 9, 2012

We won't say that retail therapy is the right solution for everything (except that we're a shopping blog and we kind of implicitly say that by existing we guess) but it can be hard to face the post-holiday blues. If looking at some fund handbags would cheer you up, why... [More]

Personal Shopper M Dress

Personal Shopper: A dress for M. to wear to the upcoming beach wedding

M. writes: "Dear Outblush, I love your site and desperately need your help! I'll be attending a wedding in April by the beach. The color code is white or tan (!) with flip flops. I'm a bit horrified to wear white to a wedding and would like to wear something... [More]


Echo Marble Swirl 20 Piece Set

Can't decide on one color for your dining room? We can relate, and that's why we're endorsing this Echo Marble Swirl 20 Piece Set ($130). This porcelain set comes with four place settings, which may not seem like much, but each setting includes two salad/dessert plates which quickly increase your... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Lite Brite iPhone App

So, there's really not much of a point to this Lite Brite iPhone App ($1), except to allow you to relive your awesome 80's childhood. And let's be honest, how much more of a selling point do you need? You're downloading it right now, aren't you? Yep, us too. What's... [More]


Seed Bombs

Throw a Seed Bomb ($8 for 5) anywhere you want a cluster of wildflowers to grow. We suggest throwing it in the empty patch by the garage, in the planter boxes in front of the house, or over the dead body you buried in the back yard. They might not... [More]


Ame & Lulu Wet Bathing Suit Bag

You may not be beach bound anytime soon, but if you're heading anywhere with a pool this season (be it indoor at the Super 8, or a on the deck of a fancy cruise ship), come prepared with your Ame & Lulu Wet Bathing Suit Bag ($22). Maybe this brightly... [More]


Homestead Leatherworks Leather Lunch Bag

Here's a product that might be able to kill two of your resolutions with one stone; the Homestead Leatherworks Leather Lunch Bag ($47) will encourage you to pack yourself or your loved ones more homemade meals for the office - you did pay almost $50 for a lunch bag, after... [More]


You Tell Us: Moo Facebook Timeline Cards

We were pretty sure that you're supposed to keep business and Facebook as far away from each other as possible. Nevertheless, Moo has unveiled their Facebook cards ($15+), which are business cards stylized after the new Facebook timeline - another thing we were pretty sure nobody approved of. But maybe... [More]


DVF Juana

The winter sun is ever-so-cautiously peeking its head from between the cloud cover these days, but it's not bright enough to be blinding. It's the perfect time for these DVF Juana shades ($175), which make us feel glamorous even in our 2 sweatshirts and long underwear. Brr!... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-30 at 9.24.45 AM.png

Marion Vidal Jabot D'or Necklace

We love yellow and grey together, and if the yellow is gold-toned brass and the grey is luxurious satin ribbon, we like it even better. This outfit-making Marion Vidal Jabot D'or Necklace ($283) is definitely our next statement piece aspiration. Time to give up our daily latte and start saving... [More]


Unison Maritime Rectangle Pillows

You love colorblocking all over your dresses and shoes, now it's time to take it to your home decor. These Unison Maritime Rectangle Pillows ($26-52) come in a variety of chic and modern color combos, but we're feeling mustard. And maybe tomorrow we'll be diggin' mistletoe, so we're stocking up!... [More]


Snout Cups

These Snout Cups ($35 each) are totally the classier version of those paper cups that look like a nose when you drink out of them. You know, if you have a need for that.... [More]


Sobral Collage Small Treasure Box

While we are often pushing sleek, simple designs, we'd be lying if we didn't love a little chaos every now and then in our decor, like this Sobral Collage Small Treasure Box ($140). Covered in various resin shapes, we think it's a fitting vessel for all of the weird odds... [More]


West Elm Owl Dessert Plate Set

Eating more dessert won't make us any skinnier, but perhaps meditating on the wise owls staring back at us from these West Elm Owl Dessert Plates ($32) will help us gain some insight on the diet plan we're starting...tomorrow.... [More]


Forever 21 Leopard Strapless Dress

Let's get real here - sometimes, we just wanna dress a little trashy. Whether it's a weekend in Vegas, a party where we know we'll see our ex, or a night out on the town that hopefully becomes a morning in a new bed, we all have our reasons. However,... [More]


Piu by Celapiu Scarf

Finally, a fox we actually love. You don't even have to be a fox fanatic to appreciate the adorableness of this Piu by Celapiu Scarf - because, really, how many of us can confess to a love of foxes? Use this little fella to tone down your sheer fuchsia lace... [More]


Mr. Mustache Earrings

We thought we'd seen it all. Mustache mugs, crayons, pillows, rings, bracelets and even candy. But it wasn't until we saw these adorably inconspicuous Mr. Mustache Earrings ($10) that we realized we'd yet to see some moustachioed lobes. Whatever will they think of next? We're not sure, but we'll show... [More]


Mophie Juice Pack Air

Having the battery on your phone die is the worst. Adding a battery pack that makes your phone so thick it no longer fits in your pocket or clutch defeats the purpose of having a super slim smartphone. What's a girl to do? Get a Mophie Juice Pack Air ($80),... [More]


Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick

With a name like that, Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick better live up to the most almighty of expectations - to transform us into seductive, sensual, Marilyn-like screen goddesses with a simple swivel and slick. Natch, the shade "Legendary" (a true red) may be our best bet for achieving the desired... [More]


RUBR Animal Print Slap Watch

You may not know this if you don't have a little one, but slap bracelets are making a bit of a comeback. They're not as prolific as they were when we were younger, but we spot them every now and then. For those of you looking to relive one of... [More]



While we might have dreams of owning a VW van and touring around the country, the likelihood of that happening is slim. We're living out our fantasy by playing our vinyl using this sweet Soundwagon ($100). It drives around the grooves of our vinyl and plays our favorite tunes using... [More]


Volcom Fooled You Beach Cooler

Oh, how we long for the days of summer when we could lounge on the beach drinking cheap beer and not worrying about anything but our tan lines. Winter's harsh chill has almost made us lose hope, but when we came across this Volcom Fooled You Beach Cooler ($60) we... [More]


Hugs & Kisses Garland Kit

Not that we've already forgotten about Christmas, but we sure do love decorating our apartment in all its Valentine's glory! We're planning on stringing up this Hugs & Kisses Garland Kit ($11) above a table set with cupcakes, candy hearts, and chocolate covered strawberries at our Valentine's Day Party. Such... [More]


Jockey Riding Ostrich Dish

It really doesn't matter what you decide to use this Jockey Riding Ostrich Dish ($46) for, you just need to make sure it's out somewhere that your guests are sure to notice it. It's far too awesome to be hidden away in a corner of your bedroom. We recommend stashing... [More]


Milly Sabrina Still Life Dress

No need to seek out the perfect colorful skirt and find a top that complements it as well as tucks in nicely with no bunching issues - Milly has done it for you. Wherever/whoever you are, Milly, thanks so much for this Sabrina Still Life Dress ($395). Or maybe it's... [More]

fur ipad case-ss.jpg

Doubtblush: Jagger Edge Fur iPad Case

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]