A Collegiate Collection: For the Northern Frosty Vixen

Gimme a "S"! Gimme a "T"! Gimme a "Y"! Gimme a "L"! Gimme a "E"! What's that spell? BACK TO SCHOOL FASHION! Ok, no it doesn't. But we weren't English majors (we totally were) so don't expect much. But what we do expect from you as a loyal Outblush readers... [More]

Personal Shopper Yacht Party Shoes

Personal Shopper: Perfect shoes to go with Michelle's dress for the yacht birthday party

Michelle writes: "I'm attending a birthday party on a yacht. I've got the fab dress (white with silver sequins and sleeves in case I get cold), but I don't know what shoes to wear. I'm a self professed "shoe addict" and own way over 150 pairs, but not the "perfect... [More]


Zoot Endurance Tri Tank Top

If you're gonna work out (sigh), then you might as well do it in style, right? We think the Zoot Endurance Tri Tank Top ($52 on sale) with its dramatic collar looks like something a Disney villainess would wear to work out in on her day off. Maleficent didn't keep... [More]


Fred Flare French Fry Lip Balm

"A moment on the lips, forever on the hips." Ha! Not so! We found a loophole. Take that, outdated adage. We're keeping our lips kissably smooth (and a little salty) with this French Fry Lip Balm ($4). It's a little unconventional, but that hasn't stopped us yet. See more lip... [More]



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Aqua V-Neck Striped Maxi Dress

Easy breezy! We love the simplicity and ease of the Aqua V-Neck Striped Maxi Dress ($108). The v-neck on this maxi dress makes it super sexy and the bold ivory and black stripes will draw attention (as if you really need it).... [More]


Acco Klix Clips

Will these Acco Klix Clips ($4) work better than tradition paper clips? Maybe. Are we just a little bit enamored over the bright colors and funky shape of these little guys? Yup. They're almost as cute as the Barbie purse paper clamps we stole from our dad's desk drawer.... [More]

Jimmy Choo Crystal Kiln Bootie

Jimmy Choo Kiln Crystal Bootie

We'd L-O-V-E to add these pretty purple pups to our shoe collection, but we're afraid to admit that we can't afford a heel....a measly heel! The Jimmy Choo Kiln Crystal Bootie ($1,995) are absolutely stunning and purple-fect for a night out as well as a formal fete.... [More]


Amon Post Partum Support Girdle

Adios baby belly! Thanks to Amon Post Partum Support Girdle we don't have to do much except...wear it. If you're expecting any time soon, order a pair or two and pack them in your hospital bag because these are little miracle workers. Save yourself hours of stomach crunches and Zumba... [More]


Lafco Guest Pastille Soaps

Made for impressing your guests or insanely germaphobic people, the Lafco Guest Pastille Soaps ($20) come with 15 individual soaps so you can impress your guests with hotel quality room service, or make sure you don't have to share a bar with anyone else. We think they'd be a cute... [More]


Sleek Spoon for Jars

It was so embarrassing to have our boyfriend come home while we were frantically trying to get our hand un-stuck from inside the peanut butter jar. He's a sweet guy, though, and he bought us one of these Sleek Spoons for Jars ($11). The thinner spoon fits perfectly in jars... [More]


Anne of Green Gables DVD

We all know chicken soup is good for a cold (and soul according to a million book series), but everyone forgets about the classic watch-when-you're-sick movies. You know, the ones that make you feel better, distract from that runny nose, and even make drinking Robitussin a little more palatable. One... [More]

I Heart Me Compact

I Heart Me Compact

You're so probably think this post is about you...don't you don't you? I Heart Me Compact ($30)... [More]


Aroha Silhouettes Molecular Addictions Caffeine Necklace

Oh all our vices (sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, chocolate, sex, chick flicks, lip gloss, sex.....) we'd have to say the least embarrassing is our need for at least two strongly caffeinated beverages a day. Not that we're anxious to shout our addiction from the rooftop, but we are digging... [More]


Manduka Lyrics Practice Tote Yoga Mat Bag

We know we shouldn't be thinking about anything but our chi during yoga, but we can't get our mind off our new Manduka Lyrics Practice Tote Yoga Mat Bag ($69). Ok, focus... Ommm, Ommm, OMMMG it's so cute!... [More]

Personal Shopper Wilhemina

Personal Shopper - Strapless tops for Wilhemina to wear to the music festival

Wilhemina writes: "Dear Outblush Staffettes, I have a request that is looking increasingly tricky as this summer winds down: I am getting married in October, in a strapless dress, and despite doing everything possible to not tan this summer, I have developed some noticeably white straplines. Making matters worse, in... [More]


Heavenly Treasures Gecko Ring

Geckos make chirping sounds while socializing with other geckos. Let this Gecko Ring ($1,695) do the chirping for you with its sparkly goodness in the form of multicolored saphires, green garnets, and ruby eyes. Some species of gecko will, in defense, spray a foul-smelling material onto their aggressors. They also... [More]



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Little Play Spaces The French Cafe

Your bon bebe is far to sophisticated for a simple playhouse, non? Begin his or her wanderlust and appreciation of a good latte by setting up this French Cafe ($79) for playtime. The best possible outcome? Your child grows up to be a successful restaurateur with a penchant for Paris,... [More]


Cretacolor Calligraphy Set

We have a feeling the next few entries in your journal are going to look like this: 'Dear Journal, I just got a new Cretacolor Calligraphy Set ($18) that I found through my favorite website Outblush! Do you love the way I write my curly t, y, and rs? Doesn't... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 5.29.15 PM.png

Multicolor Navajo Drop Earrings

Whether certain folks like it or not, Native American inspired stuff is verrrrry trendy right now. Instead of being a huge hipster douchebag and wearing a feather headdress or some giant "tribal" printed crop top, go for these Multicolor Navajo Drop Earrings ($45) from Oliphant Designs. If someone tries to... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 5.39.44 PM.png

Jeffrey Campbell Munroe Heels

We might not actually wear these rare birds on our feet. We might just keep them in our closet as visual nitrous oxide. Bestill our beating hearts; these Jeffrey Campbell Munroe Heels ($140) are the happiest shoes we've ever seen.... [More]


Sequence Game

We know the Sequence Game ($16) box looks underwhelming. And the fact that it has to tell us it's exciting on the box makes us suspect it's got the board game version of the little man syndrome. But we promise that this game is addicting. Like, losing four times in... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 4.17.26 PM.png

Recycled Hummingbird Drinking Glasses

These Recycled Hummingbird Drinking Glasses ($10 each) from Bambeco are made of 100% recycled hummingbirds, and since no two hummingbirds are exactly alike, no two glasses will be exactly alike. Just kidding! They're made of recycled glass and are all unique because they're handblown, but whoever named them is making... [More]


Bath and Body Works Passionfruit Colada Anti-Bacterial Soap

If you see us walking around sniffing our hands, it's not because we're channeling Mary Katherine Gallagher, it's because we're getting lost in the scent of our Bath and Body Works Passionfruit Colada Anti-Bacterial Soap ($6). It somehow manages to smell like tanning oils and fruity cocktails, which is to... [More]

Chocolate Pizza

Gayle's Chocolates Chocolate Pizza

Ummm we love to sink our teeth in crispy crust, thin pizza topped with sausage, peppers, mushrooms and onions late at night...especially after a few cocktails. But we think we we'd love Gayle's Chocolates Chocolate Pizza ($25) any time of the day. This one is topped with creamy caramel, coconut... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 4.43.47 PM.png

House of Harlow 1960 Estelle Shoulder Bag

Rarely do western, boho, and leopard print come together, and we had to take a second to think about it, but we like it. We could see carrying this House of Harlow 1960 Estelle Shoulder Bag ($545) to a vegan rodeo in the jungle. Wait a minute! What are they... [More]


Portland Design Works Shiny Object CO2 Inflator

The only flats we enjoy around here are a pair of Tod's and the occasional bad singing. The Portland Design Works Shiny Object CO2 Inflator ($26) makes pumping a flat or prepping your bike for a Saturday ride a cinch. And it's small so it takes practically no space in... [More]



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Spider Web Cupcake Wrapper

We may or may not freak the heck out when we walk through a spider web (and make our husbands spend ten minutes triple checking us for spiders), but we're certain we'd forgive past traumatic experiences if you offered us a red velvet cupcake in this Spider Web Cupcake Wrapper... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 4.02.52 PM.png

Ariz Necklace by Miju

Joke about wood. Another joke about wood. A joke about wood being near your throat... We've got such big ladyboners for this Ariz Necklace by Miju ($36), which is made out of walnut that has been spray painted into a smokin' chevron design.... [More]

Bendel Neck Pillow

Henri Bendel Brown & White Striped Cashmere Pillow

Before you jump in the car or head to the airport this holiday weekend, make sure you grab the uber-luxurious Henri Bendel Brown & White Striped Cashmere Neck Pillow ($98). Traveling is can make friendships stronger or it can break 'em. However this lil' guy is loyal; he'll always... [More]


Claus Porto Large Bar Gift Assortment

Yeah, it looks like it's a treat for your mouth, but unless you've been dropping some naughty words (tisk, tisk!) this Claus Porto Large Bar Gift Assortment ($54) of soaps is for your body. Choose from one of three collections and enjoy knowing you or a lucky recipient is getting... [More]


A Collegiate Collection: For the Southern Belle

Gimme a "S"! Gimme a "T"! Gimme a "Y"! Gimme a "L"! Gimme a "E"! What's that spell? BACK TO SCHOOL FASHION! Ok, no it doesn't. But we weren't English majors (we totally were) so don't expect much. But what we do expect from you as a loyal Outblush readers... [More]


Personal Shopper: Amanda and her Jewelry's Guest Appearance

Amanda writes: I have two weddings to attend in September, one on the 10th and one on the 17th (Ugh.), and I've bought the perfect dresses, but I can't figure out how to accessorize them. I love Banana Republic's Carol dress--so I bought both colors (Is that cheating?). I already... [More]


Paper Collage Monkey Fluorescent White Thank You Notes

Nothing says thank you like a monkey. Get your mind out of the gutter. The Paper Collage Monkey Fluorescent White Thank You Notes ($13) don't monkey around about saying thanks! We think they'd make a great stationary set for the young, or for the people who refuse to be anything... [More]


Murad Acne Rapid Response Set

Our mom, the dermatological statistician (yes, our childhood was as exciting as it sounds), continues to harp on us about our skin care routine. And believe us, as many times as she has said it, it must be true: salicylic acid is the best way to beat those breakouts. Murad... [More]


Tassel Bracelet

Personally, we think it's a sad, sad world that flapper dresses aren't the norm anymore. Dresses that shimmy when you're strutting your stuff across the dance floor? Yes please! We guess a cute Tassel Bracelet ($80) is the next best thing. Show off your roaring 20's flair whatever your age.... [More]


How To Cook Everything by Mark Bittman

Literally. Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything ($14) is an awesome reference book for beginning cooks to grand chefs. With over a 1000 recipes, great step-by-step instructions, and the entertaining straight-forward writing you'd expect from his food critiques, this is one book you will want in your arsenal.... [More]


Present Dress

Relax, you're not getting older, it's not your birthday, we just wanted to give you this little present. Well, Present Dress ($140) by Out Of Line. And it's not really give, so much as tell you where to buy it. But, it's still a present, right?... [More]


You Tell Us: Golden Bronze Criss-Cross Pendant Light

When we first saw this Golden Bronze Criss-Cross Pendant Light ($200) we were excited; it's just modern enough, with a little bit of unique interest, and on clearance to boot. But then our eyes focused in on that criss-cross pattern and all we could see is "XXX", and red light... [More]


Serena & Lily Zodiac Pillow

Maybe we're just preparing our wee ones for bad flirting later in life, but these Zodiac Pillows ($88) from Serena and Lily are too cool to miss. Toss them on a bed, or use them as a throw pillow in your living room. And if they're out in the open,... [More]


Clark's Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Tint

We're sure a few of you, dear readers, have heard of Clark's Botanicals. But have you ever read the story detailing how the company began? Heartwrenching. Francesco Clark's adoring father helped him develop a line of botanical based products to help his son after suffering a debilitating spinal cord injury... [More]


BHLDN Trained Vine Candleholders

There comes a point where putting the same number of candles on your birthday cake as the number of years you're turning becomes a significant fire hazard. When you reach that age, there's no reason to stop celebrating. But, in the interest of safety, let us point you toward the... [More]


R2-D2 USB Hub

You've already got a Star Wars figurine on your desk, why not have one that's useful? This R2-D2 USB Hub ($40) adds a little bit of flair to your cube while giving you four additional USB ports for your computing needs. Best of all, he beeps, boops and whirrrs when... [More]


Natural Horn Necklace

Finally, charity and chic go hand in hand. No boxy cotton tee shirts here. Each Natural Horn Necklace ($95 on sale!) is handcrafted by Vietnamese artisans and 10% of all profits go to funding a school and health center in Rural Vietnam. Sweet.... [More]


Petunia Picklebottom Adorn iPhone Case

Petunia Picklebottom stuff has always caught our eye, but since there's no baby in our future (thank you, modern marvel that is The Pill), we just earmark it for later and move on. Happily, we just came across the Adorn iPhone Case ($38) and realized that this is a stylish... [More]


Santa Maria Novella Custom Gift Boxes

Is anyone else terrified that the holidays are coming? Braving the malls, dealing with cranky saleswomen, and tuning out crying children is not something we are looking forward to. Surpass all the gift-giving drama by putting together your own perfect gift box. Santa Maria Novella Custom Gift Boxes (various prices)... [More]


Prevage Day Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream

Ever since Allure named Prevage as one of their Best of Beauty Award Winners, people have been in a frenzy trying to save enough to afford the stuff. While Prevage Day Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream ($129) may cost a huge chunk of change, you save a lot more money sticking... [More]


The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald

With descriptions so rich they practically paint pictures in your head, The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald ($17) are worth savoring over a lazy afternoon or an evening cozied up by the fireplace. Start with 'The Off Shore Pirate', move on to 'A Diamond as Big as the Ritz',... [More]


Mya Textured Top

We like stripes and we like roomy sweaters, so we totally love this Mya Textured Top ($27). We think it's perfect for those days when you want to give off the impression you're just a jeans and tee girl, while still looking like million bucks.... [More]


Orca Fullrange LoudSpeaker by Blumenstein Ultra Fi

We would never want to dis the giant black plastic speakers that decorate so many man caves, but come on guys, there are better ways to blow out your eardrums than those ugly black boxes. The Orca Fullrange LoudSpeaker by Blumenstein Ultra Fi ($550) passes the style test and won't... [More]


Catamount Microwave Popcorn Popper

Let's set a scenario: The hot guy across the hall invites himself over for a hot movie night. Awesome! You grab a bag of movie butter popcorn, pop it in the microwave, and pour it in a bowl when the buzzer rings. As you're about to make a move you... [More]


Le Metier de Beaute Fall/Winter Kaleidoscope Lip Kit

This summer was all about the eyes but the falls is all about the lips. Or so Le Metier de Beaute would have us think with their Fall/Winter Kaleidoscope Lip Kit ($95). They suggest layering the colors from top to bottom for everyday wear but we feel that would leave... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 9.02.47 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Alissa Breastfeeds her Baby at her Bro's Boda in Barcelona

Alissa wrote: "I'm going to be attending my brother's wedding in Barcelona in a few weeks with my husband, our toddler and baby, whom I'm breastfeeding. Of course I'd like to turn up in a fabulous frock, but I can't find anything that is 'breastfeeding-friendly'. There are maternity/breastfeeding dresses that... [More]


Caroline Hadilaksono Harry Potter Travel Posters

Our dream vacation? Running headlong into the barrier between Platforms 9 and 10 at King's Cross Station, then boarding the scarlet Hogwarts Express to jaunt off to Hogwarts for a magical semester. *sigh* Even though that will (probably) never happen, we can't help but dream, and artist Caroline Hadilaksono's gorgeous... [More]


Chairside Storage Table

It doesn't matter if your secret stash is chocolate or something a little less legal - you still need a place to hide it. The Chairside Storage Table ($179) keeps your vice of choice close at hand in case you get the munchies (or wanna get the munchies) while still... [More]


Organix Coconut Milk Leave-In Nourishing Milk

We always heard growing up from our older cousins that slapping egg whites or even mayonnaise into our hair would make it shiny and resilient. Well, we have a mayo phobia thanks to a fight with a two gallon container of the putrid white devil in the back of a... [More]


EmersonMade Bag-o-Dresses

You know how when you find a great wardrobe staple you buy it in a few colors? Clearly, EmersonMade understands how we shop, because they took all the effort out of it and bundled the perfect anytime dress together in a set of three and shoved 'em in this Bag-o-Dresses... [More]


Piaget Cocktail Limelight Rings

We're not sure if you need a stronger addiction to alcohol or bling to convince yourself to drop some serious dough on one of these Piaget Cocktail Limelight Rings ($Inquire). Taking the concept of a cocktail ring quite literally, these whimsical baubles come fashioned after such recognizable favorites as a... [More]


Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder

We know the cupcake craze is a little overdone, but when it comes down to it, we love the darn things. Red velvet, salted caramel, triple chocolate, filled cupcakes... we kinda hope this treat du jour never goes away. As any fashionista knows, if a trend is going to be... [More]


The Body Shop Chamomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Still wearing the same waterproof mascara that you applied back in June? Seriously, that stuff is clingier than our 12-year-old Jason Priestly obsessed selves. Finally get it off with The Body Shop Chamomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover ($15) so you can put a fresh face forward this fall. Four month... [More]


My Dad is a Hipster Douchebag Baby One-Piece

We doubt expecting hipster mommies and daddies can tear themselves away from painting owls on their changing table and blaring Bon Iver into the womb to buy the My Dad is a Hipster Douchebag Baby One-Piece ($22). So do them a favor and wrap one up with a pair of... [More]


Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum)

If you're going to garden, we don't see why you should grow the same plants everybody else grows. After all, your neighbor's daylilies always look better than yours anyway, and someone you don't even know already leaves guerrilla zucchini on your front porch. Instead, we think you should turn your... [More]


Pocket Strip Wall Organizer

So maybe you're not going back to school (you know, 'cause you're old a grown up), but this is still a perfect time to embrace your inner office-supply lover and get your workspace organized and ready to start a, we guess. This Pocket Strip Wall Organizer ($25) keeps useful... [More]


Zoya Raven Nail Polish

There are plenty of new polish collections for the fall, but sometimes we like to defer to a tried and true color--especially after we hear that it's an "in" shade for the season. We're taking a little "me time" tonight to give ourselves a home manicure with Zoya Raven Nail... [More]


J. Crew Sardinia Wedge Espadrilles

You're not fooling us, back to school hoopla. It's still hot, so dammit, it's still summer, and we are going to rock these J. Crew Sardinia Wedge Espadrilles ($98) until we're feeling frostbite symptoms.... [More]


Emergency Cocktail Station

Why does every house not come with one of these built in? In fact, they should be in offices, too. And malls. And airports, oh lord, airports. Yeah, Emergency Cocktail Stations ($850) need to be standard issue. How do we make that happen? Time to write to your congressman, ladies!... [More]


Chia Herb Garden

Far beyond the Chia Pet that looked like our high school English teacher, the Chia Herb Garden ($16) is just in time for 'more herbs, less salt day.' We think a nice little herb garden in your window is a good way to honor it, even if you never ended... [More]


Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer

While we can't say for absolute certain that we saw all those helpful little ions flying out of this snazzy Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer ($85) and improving our hair, we can say after using it that it provides a real but gentle heat that handles damp tresses without... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: August 29, 2011

If you combined all of the entries in this week's Shopping List poll over at The Purse Page, you'd have something that was part fringe, part metal, part leather, and part bubble wrap. And colorblocked. But that would be hard to wear, probably. So go vote for your favorite.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 1.04.34 PM.png

A Collegiate Collection: For the Hippie in the California Forest

Gimme a "S"! Gimme a "T"! Gimme a "Y"! Gimme a "L"! Gimme a "E"! What's that spell? BACK TO SCHOOL FASHION! Ok, no it doesn't. But we weren't English majors (we totally were) so don't expect much. But what we do expect from you as a loyal Outblush readers... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-17 at 4.21.18 PM.png

YOU Be The Stylist: A wedding guest ensemble for Kerri

Sometimes, we get a Personal Shopper request that gets us so intrigued, we find it impossible to narrow down our options. We decided, therefore, that our beloved readers should help, since you're all as fashion-obsessed as we are. Introducing.... YOU Be the Stylist: We're faced with a reader who can't... [More]


GSI Halulite Microdualist Cookware and Mess Set

We love the idea of backpacking into the woods and roughing it for a few days. Except there are bugs, and that pack is really heavy, and we won't be able to check our facebook account to see if anyone 'liked' our cute camping braid hairdo we posted. The GSI... [More]


Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color

What good is waterproof mascara, waterproof foundation and waterproof lipstick if your eyebrows are melting off your face the second humidity touches your skin? Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color ($21) allows you to fill in those gaps and missing arches with confidence thanks to the smudge-proof, waterproof formula.... [More]


Doubtblush: Maison Martin Margiela Goat Hair Scarf

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. If you are into that... [More]


Cityscape Stamp Set

Satisfy your architectural fancies with the Cityscape Stamp Set ($30) by Yellow Owl Workshop. Handmade in the USA, you can re-create that charming little scene in your local neighborhood. You know, the one where the old lady refused to sell her house so she now lives in the middle of... [More]


Joy Mangano 900-Watt My Little Steamer

Hanging our dresses in a steamy shower or tossing our blouses in the dryer with some wrinkle release is really starting to get old. At some point we realized that these tips and tricks seem passable at 18, but we're grown-ups (more or less) and if we're gonna spend good... [More]


O.M.G. Wafer Notebook

Dear Diary, We wish we could tell you about what went down this weekend in Vegas. Unfortunately, the little parts we remember seem unwise to record for posterity. OMG for realz. xo Outblush O.M.G. Wafer Notebook ($60)... [More]


Bliss Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask

We love ourselves some Bliss products but can't always afford as much as we like, leaving us bitter and lackluster. Not no mo', ladies! This glorious deal comes straight to you from Macy's (gotta love 'em). Bliss Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask ($38) is a six-pack of their incredible masks saving... [More]


Tea Collection Mila Embroidered Dress

So you know how sometimes we show you awesome kids stuff and wish it came in our size? Yes, this is true for ev-er-y-thing by tea collection. In particular, we're swooning over this Mila Embroidered Dress ($45, on sale). But let's be honest, even at that 'sale' price, it'd probably... [More]


3D Bloggie HD Camera

It seems like everything nowadays is 3D. We're just waiting for the produce section at our local market to come with 3D displays. (Apples for 1.29 lb- in your face!) In the meantime, catch random moments of awkwardness in 3D with the 3D Bloggie HD Camera ($250). Can't you imagine... [More]


Endgrain Moso Lamp by Schmitt Design

Add a little mood lighting to your next romantic dinner. The Endgrain Moso Lamp by Schmitt Design ($288) casts a warm glow over your space, just like your meatloaf casts a warm glow over your husband's tummy. Which means it's the perfect time to discuss purchasing a new pair of... [More]


Jenny Jenny Tassel Earrings

We got a pretty stern talking-to when we showed up at the office in our tassels on casual Friday. Apparently 'casual' still means 'wear a shirt'. Psssh. Since we're stuck in such an uptight place, we're sneaking our fringed fun in with these Jenny Jenny Tassel Earrings ($30). We still... [More]


You Tell Us: Sweet Cheeks Lip Candy

We went scouting around the interwebs trying to find some product lines we have never mentioned before and stumbled upon Sweet Cheeks Cosmetics. Seemingly harmless, we waltzed on over to the site seeking something fresh and new to bring you ladies. After just a few minutes of investigation, we would... [More]


Maple Syrup Favors

We've got the perfect favor for your Vermont (actually, anywhere) fall wedding! Use one of these charming Maple Syrup Favors ($5) as a place setting, send them as thank you gifts, or even forget the wedding and dress up your Thanksgiving table.... [More]


Little Castle Buckingham Chair

The Little Castle Buckingham ($758): It glides. It swivels. It reclines. It rocks. It comes in glorious fabric and is cushy as all get out. It's basically a throne for any new mom to rest with babe in arms. And you know she deserves it after pushing something that big... [More]


Air Touch Full Size Flexible Waterproof Keyboard

As much as we love our iPad and smart phones, they can't compete with the ease of typing on our laptops. We think the Air Touch Full Size Flexible Waterproof Keyboard ($37) makes capturing that snarky email you plan on sending your lazy co-worker a cinch. Cause seriously, who wants... [More]


Adam Broderick Hydrating Rinse Conditioner

The world is a buzz with the news that Beyonce is expecting her first America's Next Top Triple Threat child and we know that in a few months everyone will be talking about how luscious her hair looks thanks to pregnancy hormones. Fake the look (the hair, not the baby... [More]


Personal Shopper: Navy Bridesmaid Dresses for Kirsten

Kirsten writes, "I am a long time Outblush fan and I have enjoyed watching the blog evolve. Today I have finally decided to write in with my latest problem since there hasn't been a bridesmaid dress request for a few days. My older sister is getting married and I am... [More]


San Angel Mole Mix & Match 3-Pack

Mole sauce = crack, end of story. Simmer meats in it for rich flavor, use it instead of enchilada sauce, or just do what we do and drizzle it over nachos for a quick PMS-crushing dinner (NOT the fake cheese kind, mind you). But mole sauce, comprised of spices, nuts,... [More]


Nu Skin Clear Action Acne Medication Foaming Cleanser

Although we miss the high school sized jeans, kissing our boyfriend under the bleachers, and all our babysitting money going towards make-up and eating out with friends (bills, what are those??), we don't miss puberty face. Nu Skin's Clear Action Acne Medication Foaming Cleanser ($23) feels creamy and leaves your... [More]


Pixie Market Sheer Beaded Cardigan

It's not going to do a damn thing to keep you warm, but this Pixie Market Sheer Beaded Cardigan ($62) sure will glam up any less-than-stunning ensemble. It's reminiscent of a peignoir, so using it as a topper for your favorite LBD gives you instant sex-kitten appeal, and possibly a... [More]


Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It

Winter's coming. We know you don't want to face that cold, harsh reality, but there it is. Time to get prepared, ladies. With Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It: And Other Kitchen Projects ($17) you'll have all the info you need to stockpile some of summer's best fruits to enjoy... [More]


Animal Planet Triceratops Costume

omigawd....can't....stop....laughing.... can't....see...screen through tears..... Bwaahahahahahah!!!!!! Pets in costume = best part of Halloween! Animal Planet Triceratops Dog Costume ($10)... [More]


Givenchy Rose Net Tights

Everything's coming up roses! Set the world spinning when you rock these Givenchy Rose Net Tights ($16). You can do it, Outblush is gonna seeeeee tooooooo iiiiit! (Looks like we're in need of a little Gypsy fix).... [More]


Essie Fall 2011 Mini Cube

Mini collections have a few things going for them, if you ask us. First, we can never go through a whole bottle of polish and second, mini things are sooo cuuuute. Collections can be iffy, but all four opaque shades in this Essie Fall 2011 Mini Cube ($17) are stylish,... [More]


Qupid Onyx 17 Nude Velvet Glitter Platforms

Less than forty bucks for velvet platform pumps with a sassy bow detail and glitter? Girls, if this ain't a deal, we don't know what is. We're going to wear these Qupid Onyx 17 Nude Velvet Glitter Platforms ($37) every day, ensuring as many people as possible comment on them,... [More]


The Stud 2G USB Drive

Not only does it look like a stylish key fob or snappy purse accessory, The Stud ($45) also has the best name for a flash drive we've ever heard. Oh, let me get that report for you, my stud has it. My stud knows all my important secrets. Honey, could... [More]


Beech Wood Alarm Dock

Docking station, alarm clock, or both? Sure 40 bucks is a little spendy for a block of wood that requires your phone or iPod to transform it into an alarm clock, but the Beech Wood Alarm Dock ($40) by Jonas Damon reminds us of our first alarm clock. The one... [More]


Louise Gray French Fries Pendant

Much better to wear them around our neck than on our hips, no? Louise Gray French Fries Pendant Necklace ($302) p.s. If french fries actually cost that much, we'd totally still fit in our skinny jeans.... [More]


Gold Hawk Drape Tunic

We fully acknowledge that most of us could only pull off something slinky, silky and draped like this Gold Hawk Drape Tunic ($152) with some serious Spanx underneath. Otherwise, every little bump and bulge would show - not the look you're after, yes? We've also got to acknowledge that, DAMN,... [More]


Mario Kart for the Wii and Two Extra Blue Wheels

No one was more excited than us when Nintendo Wii brought back Mario Kart. We were so excited to show off our prowess in battle mode. We couldn't wait to pop our challenger's bubbles (get your mind out of the gutter) and send them spinning with the drop of a... [More]


Fake Bake Anti-Aging Facial Self Tanner

If we wanted to wear head to toe leather we'd just slip into our old femme fatale costume from last Halloween. Since we're not really into looking like an old leather wallet we'll be lathering our faces in Fake Bake's Anti-Aging Facial Self Tanner ($25). Made to give you a... [More]


McClure's Pickles

Don't even think of eating that sandwich without a pickle! Turn sourdough grilled cheeses into masterpieces, pastrami on a baguette into a romantic attachment, and oven roasted turkey on rye into a religious experience when you pair them with McClure's Pickles ($13). Mmmmmmmmm, sooo hungry!... [More]


Alvin Multi-Roll Tape Dispenser

If you happen to be one of those Martha-Stewart-esque uber crafty people who's jumped on the Washi tape bandwagon and is using it for everything under the sun, you'll be pleased to see this Alvin Multi-Roll Tape Dispenser ($36). Now you can scrapbook, wrap presents, decorate letters and follow any... [More]


A4 Saddle Stitched Leather Portfolio

Budding fashion designers, architects, and poets take heed! Show off your sketches and ideas with a stylish A4 Saddle Stitched Leather Portfolio ($169). Nothing says 'I'm artsy, take me seriously while I'm scribbling away at Starbucks' like a leather bound portfolio. All joking aside, this would make an awesome gift... [More]


The Netted Cocoon Hammock

After a week of camping with no showers, we're not even going to imply you'll emerge from The Netted Cocoon Hammock ($100) as a beautiful butterfly. We will tell you that you'll emerge bite free and rested from not having mosquitoes buzzing in your ears all night. We think a... [More]


European Cultures Blazer

We could tell you that a structured jacket is a valuable piece to have in your wardrobe. Or we could tell you that fall is coming and your arms won't keep themselves warm. Or we could even remind you that a blazer will make you look pulled together at work,... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sephora Collection $1 Nail Polish

For she's a jolly good fellow that nobody can deny! We want to congratulate Sephora on their recent opening of the Times Square Nail Art Studio by featuring three nail shades that will cap off this summer in fresh style for only a buck. That's right, one whopping dollar. Coffee... [More]


Extreme Portfolio by G-form

We think the Extreme Portfolio by G-form ($80) looks more like a case for weapons dealing than an iPad tablet case. Made to be nearly indestructible, it can withstand just about anything you dish it- which is a good thing, because we're giving it to our extreme-sports-loving boyfriends/sons/fathers for Christmas.... [More]


Coppola Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner

Vanilla isn't only good for flavoring chocolate chip cookies (mmmmm, cooooooooookies) but it is also amazing for your hair. In Coppola Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner ($16), the actual chemical makeup of the vanilla bean helps improve shine and nourishment of each individual strand of hair. This is the... [More]


Faith Platform Peep Toe Sandals

Hello, gorgeous. We know that you're all wrong for us. We can't afford your extravagant lifestyle. Or the way you require designer jeans and events to be shown off at. We're pretty sure you have other admirers that might come between us. But, just remember, we loved you first and... [More]


Cloud B Twilight Turtle Constellation Nightlight

We're torn between whether the Cloud B Twilight Turtle Constellation Nightlight ($35) is creepy (just a little) or cool. Made to cast starry projections in your child's room, we think its ability to shut off after 45 minutes, or stay on all night as a nightlight is pretty sweet. It... [More]


Mineresse Airbrush Minerals

Mineresse Airbrush Minerals ($50), makeup made from red wine. Need we say more?* *Our bosses just told us "yes" so we'll include the following: 1: we love the four shades this product is available in (Nude Camelia, Rose Dahlia, Peach Blossom and Diamonds [currently sold out]) 2: it increases collagen... [More]


How To Host A Murder- The Last Train From Paris

No, this isn't a shameless way to use your 1940's costume you've been hiding in your closet! How To Host A Murder- The Last Train From Paris ($29) is the perfect game for your next Halloween party! Serve a fancy meal, decorate your living room like a railway car, and... [More]


100% Pure Sugared Lime Peel Juicy Body Scrub

We love all things lime! Margaritas, key lime pie, and cute little English men. Oh, and 100% Pure Sugared Lime Peel Juicy Body Scrub ($22). Yumm!... [More]


Light My Fire Grandpa's Fire Fork

We don't know who grandpa is, but his idea for the Light My Fire Grandpa's Fire Fork ($5) is genius! Make use of random sticks or your extremely drunk uncle's finger and start roasting some marshmallows and wieners. There are a lot of bonfires coming up, are you prepared?... [More]


1,000 Watt Travel Hair Dryer

As much as we loved not carrying a blow dryer on our last backpacking excursion, when we looked at our photos on a screen larger than two inches we wanted to die. Fuzzy hair, wild fly-aways, and creepy cowlicks galore! Eeek! We would have loved having the 1,000 Watt Travel... [More]


Radius Cranberry Floss

Mint is soooo, um, 2010. Keep your chops tidy with Radius Cranberry Floss ($3). It almost makes us feel ten again.... [More]


Allie Tank

We're absolutely certain we'd look amazing rocking the Allie Tank ($33) at the next board meeting. Like, who-is-this-lady-and-why-isn't-she-running-the-PR-department amazing.... [More]


Ada Cosmetics Mineral Foundation

We are super thrilled to see a high-end cosmetic line that finally appeals to the whole rainbow of the skin spectrum. Ada Cosmetics is the first mineral makeup line that caters specifically to women of color. And thank goodness for it because their Mineral Foundation ($25) is as dreamy and... [More]


Water Leak Alarm

You know what's more annoying than waking up to a loud alarm? Waking up to a flooded basement or downstairs. Prevent the hassle and expense of major damage by placing Water Leak Alarms ($20 for three) near possible flood zones. Not that we don't think huge puddles of water are... [More]


Cheap Thrill: NYC Smooch Proof 16 Hour Lip Stain

Lip stains can literally suck the life out of your lips, leaving them dry, parched and wondering why they were even brought to this earth. NYC Smooch Proof 16 Hour Lip Stain ($5) is a life affirming stain that is packed with pro-vitamin B5 for super moisturizing powers. The matte... [More]


Just Married Bride Wedding Flip Flops

Lest anyone should mistake you for an old married couple (excessively making out is not giveaway enough) on your Hawaiian honeymoon, slip on a pair of Just Married Bride Wedding Flip Flops ($17). On top they look like a casual pair of white flip flops, on the bottom is a... [More]


Nuskin Polishing Bar

Made from glacial marine mud and sisku'pas (ground bark), the Nuskin Polishing Bar ($11) is designed to improve more than just your bathroom's visual appeal. Completely soap-free, polish your face, remove impurities and excess oil, and enjoy the benefits of having baby soft skin without the drying effects of traditional... [More]


G-form Shin Pads

Protection against biking spills, soccer mishaps, and well placed kicks from incredibly grumpy children, G-form Shin Pads ($40) protect those sensitive areas from things that make us laugh in movies, but cry in real life. Feel free to get bad-A in your next soccer match, mountain biking excursion, or Halloween... [More]


Sales & Steals: 8/26/11

Woot! It's Friday! We made it through another week, y'all, high fiiiive! If you're in the mood to treat yourself, how about a little online shopping? As always, thanks to our pals at The Bargainist for rounding up this week's best online sales and coupons. Have a great weekend, everyone!... [More]


Curve Appeal: Lushly Lacy Plus-Size Tights for Rebecca

Rebecca commented on our Aristocrat Lolita French Lace Pantyhose post, saying: "Why, oh why, is everything only for the skinny girls?!?! I love these, but every time I find them somewhere, they are only for the teeny tiny. Arghhh! Oh well." Rebecca, Janetor here, and as a proud size [redacted],... [More]


Babushups Glass Set of 3

Space saving and adorable, we think we need a set of Babushups Glasses ($18) to stack in our china cabinet. And just so they'll feel at home, we'll also stock a full freezer of vodka.... [More]


You Tell Us: MAC Colourization Pro Palette Eye Shadow X2

If you look at all these MAC Colourization Pro Palette Eye Shadow X2 ($25) for long enough, you'll think that you've actually stared yourself into one of those rumored retroactive acid trips that you started back in high school. Yet disappointingly, none of these duos have names. So let's dream... [More]


Links Peony Vase

If your kitchen table could speak it would say, 'Hey, pick up the crap that's littering my dining space, throw away the fast food coupons, give me a good scrubbing, and make me respectable with a Jill Rosenwald Links Peony Vase ($58) filled with geraniums!' But it can't talk, so... [More]


Cowboy Comb

It's been nearly a week since we've brought you a kitschy moustache item. We were starting to shake a little from withdrawals, but then we came across the Cowboy Comb ($6). Sure, it's pretty small since it's designed for combing moustaches and beards, but we plan to keep it in... [More]


Doubtblush: Coast Weber Ahaus Sleeveless Ruffle Dress

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


New ID Cosmetics i-gel Liner Trio

We here at Outblush can never make up our minds as to which shades of any product are our favorite. Do we like red lips or a more natural lip color? Do we prefer shiny, sparkly nails or a more subdued single coat? New ID Cosmetics i-gel Liner Trio ($34)... [More]


Steve Madden Mony Loafers

The Steve Madden Mony Loafers ($80) are style that's right on the money. Ahhh, yeah!... [More]


Nellie's Oxygen Brightener

While we think the idea of oxygen bars are just nonsense (seriously, who would pay money for something that's free? Aside from bottled water, of course...), we totally dig the idea behind Nellie's Oxygen Brightener ($12). Not only does it add a brightening boost to your load of laundry without... [More]


Hammerhead Pro XLD Sled

It's been a while since you've broken your arm, right? Designed to go about a billion times faster than the ol' college cafeteria trays we used all through college, the Hammerhead Pro XLD Sled ($349) carves and glides down mountain faces like an animal. Are you prepared for winter?... [More]


Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Pads and Fluid

Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Pads and Fluid ($75) make us feel super smart for starting this intense of a skin care regimen this early on. But what makes us feel stupid is the fact that "Consult a doctor before use on children 6 months and younger" has to accompany the... [More]

bookrenter-reversed-small.JPG Exclusive Deal for You People!

The tiki man is back and, wait for it, facing the other way to tell you once again about the offers just for Outblush readers that are currently available at Save five percent on two book rentals with code OBLUSH5AUG or ten percent on three or more with OBLUSH10AUG... [More]


Escher Dove Silk Bow Tie

So summer has passed, and your art history grad boyfriend still hasn't found a job. Get him this Escher Dove Silk Bow Tie ($20); not only will it give him cred at that museum curator interview, it'll still look sharp when he eventually gives up and applies for a boring,... [More]


Nike + Sportsband 2

We know accountability is totally overrated, but the Nike + Sportsband 2 ($59) is designed to track just how much you rocked that 4 mile run and how many calories you've earned to scarf that pint of chubby hubby. Connect up to to really keep yourself motivated.... [More]


L.A. Story DVD

Arguably one of Steve Martin's best movies, L.A. Story ($8) is the perfect flick to prep you on your trip to the city of angels. Prepare for earthquakes L.A. style (cause they're no big if you're from California), open season on the L.A. freeway, lots and lots of cobb salad,... [More]


Billabong Neve Dress

We're sure you can find at least one or two end-of-summer events to wear the Billabong Neve Dress ($30 on sale!) to! We're a little smitten with the detailed bodice stitching, hook and eye exposed placket, and dainty spaghetti straps. We think a pair of shimmery gold sandals would look... [More]


Mini Blown Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers

These Mini Blown Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers ($14) remind us of our trip to Venice and eating boatloads of gelato. We think they'd make an awesome hostess gift, or add a little color to your table. And since they're a unique pair, they're perfect for those people who refuse... [More]


Cliché Cosmetics Stuck On You

You know that annoyingly catchy, will never release you from its grips Sugarland song "Stuck like Glue"? If you don't, go listen to it and come back. Hey again and sorry about that. But now you'll understand this reference: Cliché Cosmetics Stuck On You ($12) will keep your eye liner... [More]


Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Clutch

We're pretty sure your IQ will jump 30 points when you purchase this Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Clutch ($128). After all, Sherlock Holmes, the entire science department at Harvard, and all the intelligent sounding English gentry favor tweed. Plus, it's just plain smart looking.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper

Feeling like your lips aren't living up to their most inflated potential? NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper ($6) boosts your pucker's ego with one swipe of the needle wand leaving your mouth just as big as Heidi Montag and Spencer "Crazy Brains" Pratts' heads combined. What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]


Marini's Chocolate Covered Bacon

Let's be honest, there are two foods we can't live without. Chocolate and bacon. Marini's Chocolate Covered Bacon ($13) is the kind of gift that could totally be given to our boyfriend, but we'd rather keep it for ourselves. If we could sum up the experience of eating chocolate covered... [More]


Stretchable Book Cover

School's in! Protect your kiddo's textbooks with a cute Stretchable Book Cover ($2)! We've found it's also good for warding off creepy conversations with strangers on the bus, hiding our deeply seedy (and totally embarrassing indulgent) romance novels, and adding a little whimsy to our stack of books. Now if... [More]


Bernardo Distressed Lambskin Leather Jacket

Finally, a plus-sized leather jacket that doesn't look like something that would've been trendy in 1998! (Dear designers: Shiny pleather jackets in neon colors with giant blazer-style lapels and randomly placed zippers, rhinestones, and sashes are NOT what we curvy chicas want!) This gorgeous, on-trend Bernardo Distressed Lambskin Leather Jacket... [More]


Gingerbread House Cuckoo Clock

You know that clock your grandma had on her wall? The one that no one was allowed to touch, even though all your five-year-old self wanted to do was pretend you were a little Heidi living in the Swiss alps? Guess what? We found it for you! The Gingerbread House... [More]


La Bella Donna Sedona Sunset Eye Palette

La Bella Donna Sedona Sunset Eye Palette ($55) was intended as a spring compact but we've been saving it for fall. (Shut up, it's almost fall.) Rust, bone, grey and deep taupe are perfect for colder weather, taking their inspiration straight out of the windy deserts of Arizona. Pile on... [More]


The Cardstick

Hey, is that a ruler in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? Oh... it is a ruler? Well that's handy. The Cardstick ($4) is a clever vinyl sticker that fits any standard size credit card. Stick it on your card of choice and one side will... [More]


Old Navy Openfront Crochet Cardigan

It's no secret that we have a love affair with Anthropologie around here. So many of their pieces are just fabulous in an artsy, unique way, we can't help but show them to you. However, one of our biggest pleasures is when we find a piece at another (more reasonably... [More]


Adjust-A-Bowl Soft Cork Bowls

Crafted from two durable layers of cork sewn together, the Adjust-A-Bowl Soft Cork Bowls ($34) make a gorgeous centerpiece full of fall apples and pomegranates. Or, use one as the perfect place to hold keys, spare change, and random pocket lint that accompanied the contents of your pockets.... [More]


Josie Maran R.E.M. Pen

When you don't actually get enough R.E.M. sleep the night before, pull out the incredible Josie Maran R.E.M. Pen ($32) to fake that morning face lickety split. Argan Gel Liner and Argan Eye Shadow (available in six color combos) transform your look just as easily as this pen transforms back... [More]


Tracy Melton Tree Ring Paintings Colors of Autumn

We never thought we'd put any wood up on our walls again after ripping out that awful, 1970s paneling, but these Tree Ring Paintings Colors of Autumn ($300) by Tracy Melton have us thinking otherwise. They come in a number of different color combinations, but this fall series is warm,... [More]


Vince Camuto Jasper Platform Pumps

Plain black Mary Janes? Eff that. What are we, 12? We're punching up the classic staple with a pop of fuchsia in these Vince Camuto Jasper Platform Mary Jane Pumps ($119). We've come a long way since grade school and we're certainly not going to dress like we're still there.... [More]


Kama Sutra Strawberries and Champagne Honey Dust

Make sure you're delicious for your mate with Kama Sutra's Strawberries and Champagne Honey Dust ($19). Reenact that French maid fantasy you've been harboring by dusting your lover's body with the sensual feather duster and saying, 'Voulez vous coucher avec moi, c'est soire?'... [More]


No You Cannot Have My Number Cuff

Actions speak louder than words. Especially when the action is holding up your wrist while wearing this No You Cannot Have My Number Cuff ($65). Take the hint, douche hat.... [More]



One of our tried and true tactics for not forgetting something before heading out the door is taping it to the door itself. A little ghetto? Maybe, but it works. Now we can class up our act with these cute and colorful Tapehooks ($13). They'd also be adorable in an... [More]


Love&Toast Bad Habit Lip Glaze

Keeping your lips smoochably soft and subtly pinked up with Love&Toast Bad Habit Lip Glaze ($7) is not a bad habit. You know what's a really bad habit? Smoking. It doesn't matter how much lip gloss you're wearing if you bring a cloud of burning halitosis into every space you... [More]

Personal Shopper Ivory Wool Coat

Personal Shopper: Ivory Wool Coat for Rebecca in Germany

Rebecca writes: "Hello you beautiful Outblush divas!!! I need help!!! I am in search of the perfect ivory wool coat for winter. I have a black wool peacoat right now that I love, but I bought some killer elbow length Italian kid leather gloves last year that I think would... [More]


Bliss Fabulips

Gives those lips a 1-2-3-4 punch with Bliss Fabulips ($45), a four piece kit that cleanses, exfoliates, plumps and balms your kisser into fighting shape making you a total knock out. Those kissing booth patrons won't know what hit 'em!... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-24 at 3.00.17 PM.png

Doubtblush: Voom by Joy Han Skipper Dress

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash-money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... So we Doubtblush 'em. Please!... [More]


Daily Mail Organizer

We'll be honest, we're just impressed with ourselves when we get the keys into the catch-all by the front door. We can't imagine how life would be if we got our bills and mail organized instead of rushing around looking for the rent check we used as a bookmark last... [More]


Perry Ellis Black for Him

While we may gab on and on about new cosmetics and fragrances for women, we show the men some love from time to time as well. And we also talk about men's products too! (tehehe, See what we did there?) Perry Ellis Black for Him ($39) is a spicy, mysterious... [More]


Tory Burch Brigitte Cosmetic Case

Getting your make-up into your make-up bag shouldn't require advanced Tetris skills. The Tory Burch Brigitte Cosmetic Case ($65) is large enough to fit all your brushes, dramatic eye make-up, and favorite shades of lipstick without you having to sacrifice a single Jemma Kidd gunmetal eyeliner. Tory knows her priorities.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-24 at 3.34.35 PM.png

Eugenia Kim Lula Turban

We've been thinking about cooler weather lately, and we came across this very cozy looking Eugenia Kim Lula Turban ($77, in three colors). First we were all like, "WANT!", but then we were all like, "Pshaw! I could SO make that for a fraction of the price in about 30... [More]


iPad Slim Wall Mount

Cooking dinner is so much more enjoyable if we can watch an episode of The Bachelor Pad (Vienna needs to go, and her muppet boyfriend needs to clear his throat, seriously!) while we're whipping up some Pad Thai. The iPad Slim Wall Mount ($20) makes virtually any room a living... [More]


Ellis Faas Mascara E401

Influential, dynamic and balls to the walls, Ellis Faas is far and above one of the greatest makeup artists of our generation. And while her work and skill may have been previously unavailable to us peons, she has just released her own makeup line making her craft and artistry accessible... [More]


Personalized Stainless Steel Groomsman Harmonica

The weirdness of this has nothing to do with the item itself, really. It's a harmonica. A reasonably nice engraved Hohner harmonica ($21). It's the fact that it's being promoted as a groomsman gift that is making us blink a lot. See, when those of us who are married got... [More]


Delia's Box-Shape Hi/Lo Hem Blouse

We're kinda loving the whole sheer-top-with-a-contrast-print-layer-underneath thing. We're also loving the cuffed sleeves. And the asymmetrical hem line. Ok, we just love the whole thing. Delia's Box-Shape Hi/Lo Hem Blouse ($35)... [More]


Sterling Silver Emu Earrings

Owls here, owls there. Owls owls owls. Cute, no question, but everywhere. So the next time you're looking for some ornithological flair, how about these silver emus ($40) instead? People might not make comments about how wise you are, but you know, owls are pretty dumb birds in the real... [More]


Hercules' XPS 101 Compact Speakers

Small size, giant Sound. Reminds us of our neighbor's eternally barking Chihuahua. Now if only we could get it to bark out Katy Perry's fireworks. Hercules' XPS 101 Compact Speakers ($196).... [More]


OPI's The Muppets Collection

We weren't overly impressed by the rather pedestrian Kardashians for OPI Collection (Kollection?), but this, THIS is an OPI capsule collection we're excited about. In case you haven't heard, the newest Muppets movie hits theaters this November, and as lifelong Miss Piggy wannabes, we can't wait. Neither, apparently, can OPI,... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-24 at 3.43.02 PM.png

Jaqueline Dress by IGIGI

Here, ladies, is a dress that is good for work, play, weddings, your wallet and getting that cute Olive Garden waiter's attention... so you can order another tasty beverage! Those ruffles, that color, and that figure lovin' cut on this Jaqueline Dress by IGIGI ($70, on sale) will definitely get... [More]


The Cubano Bird House

We don't promote smoking. And we certainly don't promote birds smoking. But we do promote birds living in a cigar box. Cause if you're gonna live in a bird house, make sure it's a contraband bird house. That's what all the bad Ash-throated flycatchers do. The Cubano Bird House ($39)... [More]


FaceFront Plum Blossom Cream Blush

We haven't quite started to the feel the cool breezes of fall (we're looking at you, 105degree heat index), but we are already seeing sumptuous fall and winter colors grace the makeup billboards. Take FaceFront Plum Blossom Cream Blush ($11), a very berry cream blush that reminds us of mulled... [More]


The Union Street Camera and Laptop Bag

We at Outblush tend to think that camera bags get the short end of the stick when it comes to design. They're usually black, made of boring nylon, and look like a rushed boxy diaper bag. The Union Street Camera and Laptop Bag ($279) looks like a slick messenger bag,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Fancy Black Wedges for Meghan

Meghan writes: Dear Outblush, I love reading your personal shopper requests and have waited until I really needed that extra help I know only you can deliver!! I am looking for dressy, black wedged shoes for one of my bridesmaids for my upcoming wedding in September. I love these:,... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-17 at 3.58.18 PM.png

Personal Shopper: A wedding guest dress for Laura Kate

Laura Kate writes: "Hi again my favorite website!! I need your help again. My boyfriend's best friend is getting married in late September. He is in the wedding and I am a guest, a guest without a dress!! This is where you come in. I am a size 18 and... [More]

Maternity and Nursing Poncho

Maternity and Nursing Poncho

Who knew you could look so chic while feeding your sweet little bambino? The next time you head out with baby, make sure you grab your Maternity and Nursing Poncho ($45). This fabulous accessory can be worn during pregnancy as well as postpartum and thereafter.... [More]


Paperself Deer and Butterfly Lashes

If camo is the new black and neon pants are the new denim, than Paperself Deer and Butterfly Lashes ($21) are the new fall cosmetic must have. "Why?" you ask. Because they make just as much sense as camouflage dresses on the cat walk in the middle of New York... [More]


nOir Barbie Dream House Ring

We are disappointed that we cannot open the nOir Barbie Dream House Ring ($152) while it is still on our hand, meaning there's an extra step we have to take in order to fiddle with it and imagine miniature people ascending the stairs. However, this is made up for by... [More]


But Mommy, I Don't Want To Grow Up Adult Costume

It's never too early to buy your boyfriend a costume for Halloween, especially when you feel it really fits his personality. But Mommy, I Don't Want To Grow Up Adult Costume ($56)... [More]


Anthropologie Oka Corset Top

Pro: This Oka Corset Top ($88) is simultaneously dead sexy and sweetly demure, giving it a lot of versatility. Con: You're never going to be able to tie the bow to look that good.... [More]


Charlotte Ronson A Summer's Kiss Face and Body Glow

Channel your inner chameleon with Charlotte Ronson A Summer's Kiss Face and Body Glow ($18). Light Filter Technology (aka a load of marketing crap) adjusts the level of light reflection on your skin as you walk in and out of different levels of light creating a multidimensional laser show everywhere... [More]


Trixie + Peanut Sniff Jumper

Because making fun of girls wearing track suits with 'juicy' (waay too close to moist) or 'sinful' (sometimes, yes) written across the butt isn't easy enough, now we get to make fun of their poor pups. We think the Trixie + Peanut Sniff Jumper ($29) is perfect for those who... [More]


Cheap Thrill: The Gazebo Magnet

Geek humor at its best and most life-lesson-y? Yup. While we think that The Gazebo magnet ($4) might do the most good on your office file cabinet, your tool chest or even the fridge might be appropriate too. Not really recommended for the side of your computer. (If you have... [More]


Koostik Acoustic Speaker

Whose house will still be rocking Pandora loud and clear next time the power goes out? Yours, thanks to the Koostik Acoustic Speaker ($90). No plugs, no cords- just the exceptional use of acoustics and design. And wood. Who doesn't love wood?... [More]


Aristocrat Lolita French Lace Pantyhose

Fishnets ain't got nothin' on these babies. The Aristocrat Lolita French Lace Pantyhose ($29) may not be everyday stockings, but they're the kind of hose you only need to wear once to be forever memorable. Any ol' tramp can wear fishnets; it takes a special kind of guts and glam... [More]


Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation SPF 25

You wake up one morning ready to conquer the day but only after you piss like a race horse. While washing your hands, you look up and realize that those dark circles under your eyes are getting dangerously close to the Crayola shade "Eerie Black". Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation... [More]


Snoopy Sno-cone Machine

Some of you are going to look at this Snoopy Sno-cone Machine ($25) and your childhood is going to come flooding back to you...sticky summers spent working way too hard to get a few tiny ice shavings you could coat in sugary deliciousness. The rest of you won't get it,... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-24 at 3.20.42 PM.png

Glimmer Field Necklace

This Glimmer Field Necklace ($52) is sparkly (it's made of golden druzy), but not obnoxiously so, and it has a heavy metal funky feel we're loving. We also like the name, and we think Glimmer Field would be an OK band name, although we don't think we'd like their music,... [More]


Perpetual Produce Calendar

Everyone is always talking about eating locally and seasonally. That's all nice and dandy, but how can we know what's in (or will be in) season? It's not like we have all day to do random google searches... (what?) The Perpetual Produce Calendar ($26) helps you know what to look... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-24 at 3.23.49 PM.png

Lipsy Frill Sleeve Lace Trim Dress

A little naughty, and a lot nice, this Lipsy Frill Sleeve Lace Trim Dress ($91) is a dream lover of a dress. It's a hot color, and it has black lace, but it's modest, BUT it's modest without being matronly. This dress would pair nicely with leggings and flats on... [More]


Bumble and Bumble Sumotech

If you have a hair genie for a stylist, then you probably have hair you can wear more than one way. Unlike us and our limp tresses that began their rebellion the instant the receptionist said "$20 for a haircut but 15% off if you choose a student stylist". Bumble... [More]


Nood Silicone Penguin Jar Opener

We've never really seen a need for a jar opener since we've got a boyfriend, but the other day we were struck with a wicked pickle craving (no, not that kind of wicked pickle) and he was nowhere to be found. We tried everything - running the jar under cold... [More]


Personal Shopper: Sweet 16 Party Outfit for Cristina

Hello Outblush. I have just recently discovered your website and I am in love. I have been religiously been checking your page everyday. I am loving your suggestions and it has been putting a dent in my wallet. Hopefully you can help me by providing some suggestions. I will be... [More]


Fox Ink Blot Mug

Forget about reading tea leaves, what do you see in the Fox Ink Blot Mug (£20)? We see some delicious tea and an afternoon reading a great book you picked up courtesy of Outblush's awesome literary suggestions... And maybe a biscotti.... [More]


Gone Away Velvet Pants

Velvet blazers? Cute, but done to death, and we've all got at least one in our closets. Velvet dresses? A little too reminiscent of those stiff party frocks our moms used to make us wear during the holidays. Gone Away Velvet Pants ($39)? Oh, now we're talking. 70's-inspired, without being... [More]


You Tell Us: Scott Barnes Cream Color

When we came across Scott Barnes Cream Color in Sultry ($19), we genuinely thought it read "slutty" and were disappointed to find it was more politically correct than we had hoped. But it got us thinking: poll by [More]


Meant To Bee Personalized Clover Honey (Set of 12)

Just in time for your fall wedding, the Meant To Bee Personalized Clover Honey ($43 for a set of 12) looks perfect nestled on a table with fall leaves and bouquets of the last wildflowers of the season. Hipster? Yes. Totally want worthy? Absolutely!... [More]


Animal Adventures Sticky Notes

Maybe if our passive aggressive college roommate had attached these cool Animal Adventures Sticky Notes ($10) to the random dirty dish or misplaced textbook (with instructions to clean up our messes), instead of the pale yellow ones she blew through, all us roommates would have taken her suggestions to tidy... [More]


Poppy King for J. Crew Lipstick

You know that fabulous, peppy, retro orange-red lipstick you've seen on models in J. Crew catalogs & ads of late? Coveted it for your very own? Salivate no more! J. Crew gave in to our obsessively frequent persistent "What is this miracle lip color? We must have it!" emails* and... [More]


BLK Water

There are rumors going around the web that BLK Water ($55 for a case of 24) which is made from mined fulvic acid and water, is actually mammoth poop. We don't know about that, but we're all for supporting the families of The Real Housewives of New Jersey so we... [More]


Karlsson Table Clock Book

We always wish we had more time to read. This Karlsson Table Clock Book ($20) won't necessarily get our tedious tasks done so we have that time, but it's funky design will remind us that we've been meaning to crack open a hardcover instead of turn on the t.v.... [More]


Regatta Races Print Mini Skirt

The Regatta Races Print Mini Skirt ($38) kinda reminds us of the time we decided to try out for the school's rowing team and then we discovered that it actually took work, and the uniforms weren't that cute after all, and maybe we'd just prefer wearing a sailboat bedazzled skirt... [More]


The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

If ever there was a book that required complete solitude, a giant diet coke, a box of See's candy, two pillows, one amiable cat, various cups of tea, and one human to overhear you gasp or laugh to yourself without ever asking for an explanation, it's The Forgotten Garden by... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Zents Soap - Ore

We are always on the lookout for ways to spruce up our guest bathroom. Apparently novelty soaps and rubber duckie themed towel sets aren't appropriate once you graduate into adulthood. Zents Soap - Ore ($11) is a cottage-meets-floral shop-meets-high end lingerie shop soap that instantly upgrades your water closet from... [More]


Bobbling Skulls Wine Bottle Stopper Set

Obviously we're a little excited about Halloween at Outblush (did the multiple posts for Halloween decorations during August give us away?). We think the Bobbling Skulls Wine Bottle Stopper Set ($15) would make a classy and refined addition to your Halloween party. By classy and refined we mean in the... [More]


PB Teen Revolving Bookcase

Short on space, long on books, knick knacks and crap you want out of sight? This Revolving Bookcase ($699) works perfectly in a corner or against that little awkward wall. Just make sure you spin it around every once in a while or you'll completely forget what you've stashed in... [More]


Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo

Thanks to a small case of miscommunication at the salon, we've been growing our eyebrows out for the past two weeks. While it may look like two wookies dueling over a blow dryer somewhere above our eyes, we do have to maintain that upper lip in the mean time. Olay... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Agata Sleeveless Ruffle Dress

When faced with an undeniably gorgeous, but undeniably expensive, potential acquisition like this silk Diane von Furstenberg Agata Sleeveless Ruffle Dress ($345), we force ourselves to come up with at least three legitimate occasions/places to wear it. Here are our three: -Tuesday -Wednesday -ThursdayClose enough, right? Right. Guess we'll be... [More]


Tone Fitness Adjustable Weighted Jump Rope

Does anyone else remember when we used to jump rope for fun? The Tone Fitness Adjustable Weighted Jump Rope ($9) may not have you begging your friends to come over and take turns swinging the rope, but it will burn close to 1000 calories an hour, tone your entire body,... [More]


La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach

If you're hoping to break gender stereotypes and keep your little girl from growing up with princess fantasies and knight-in-shining-armor delusions, this is not the bed for her. However, if you have a sh*t ton of money and are raising a little Veruca Salt, you should totally buy her this... [More]


Le Bon Garcon Mango-Passionfruit Caramels

You had us at passionfruit. Le Bon Garcon Mango-Passionfruit Caramels ($6)... [More]


Personal Shopper: Modest Vegas Dress for Janel

Janel writes, Hey guys! So I am going to Las Vegas for the first time in a few weeks, and we're planning on going out to the really nice clubs. I want to find a dress to go out in...I'm only able to find dresses that are way too revealing,... [More]


Philosophy The Travel Agent Travel Set

Just because the TSA limits the size of toiletries to 3.4 oz, doesn't mean we're gonna go load our stylish clear plastic bags full of cheap face wash and miniature frizz-tastic shampoos! The Philosophy The Travel Agent Travel Set ($35) comes stocked with face wash, shower gel, firming body emulsion,... [More]


Le Creuset Halo Tea Kettle

If you're going to buy a tea kettle, you might as well buy one that'll last through the zombie apocalypse, right? This Le Creuset 1 1/2 Quart Halo Tea Kettle ($55) is stylish, functional, and will serve as a great blunt object for self defense, not to mention a free... [More]


Vera Necklace

If you google powers of crystals you're gonna pull up all kinds of crazy info about the magic of healing crystals. While we don't have an opinion either way, we're pretty sure that if you rock the Vera Necklace ($90) you'll feel awesome about your style, which will make you... [More]


Kittys Garden

We know, we know, the name Kittys Garden makes you think of a bad Hallmark movie or a seedy club downtown. The real Kittys Garden ($10) will help your cat's digestion and prevent hairballs, so you won't be woken up in the middle of the night by the lovely sound... [More]


CARGO Lumieres du Monde Eye Palette

We light up our own lives on a daily basis with our quick wit and stunning smile so we clearly don't need* CARGO Lumieres du Monde Eye Palette ($21). However, it would make a great gift for a friend who has recently done you a solid or a sister in... [More]


Watch the Throne

Here's the deal. When a new Kanye album comes out, we fight it. Because sometimes, that guy's kind of an ass. But then all that happens is we're late to the party when we finally listen. This is the case with Watch the Throne ($13). We should've known it'd be... [More]


The Settlers of Catan

Forget about strategy and bartering, like always, it all comes down to who has the most wood. It's like high school all over again. The Settlers of Catan ($36), one of the most addicting games on the planet.... [More]


Funktional Lapel Fold Front Top

Silk in summer is a good idea in theory, but in practice, it can be akin to wearing leather in the summer - a hot, sticky, sweaty mess. Silk in fall, however, is just perfect, and we've already snapped up this Funktional Lapel Fold Front Top ($120, in 2 colors)... [More]


Cinemin Slice Micro Projector

Help me, Cinemin Slice Micro Projector ($430), you're my only hope. Now you can rely on your mobile devices to project important media on your walls (like the most recent Netflix releases, your latest pix from ladies night, and the video of Kim Kardashian getting booted off the stage at... [More]


Exotic Fruit Rack

The banana hammock is old news. Not that we've ever really understood the point of that thing, other than to make us giggle. This Exotic Fruit Rack ($25), on the other hand is an all new fruit storage adventure. What will they think of next? We're thinking that this will... [More]


Suki Brow/Lash Brush

Tame those caterpillars and cut back those thorn bushes. The Suki Brow/Lash Brush ($11) allows you to hold up those eyebrows and chop them to a manageable size quicker than you can say "this is a stick up...literally."... [More]


Vera Bradley Curling Iron Cover

Blast! Your damn straightening/curling iron just burned a hole into another one of your favorite tops! Stop adding your own 'special touches' to your favorite pieces with the Vera Bradley Curling Iron Cover ($20). Sure, thrifted items are all the rage, but the grunge era ended in the 90's.... [More]


Queen's Wardrobe Jackson Military Stripe Jacket

Sargeant Pepper-y? Maybe, but we can't resist saluting the regimental appeal of this Jackson Military Stripe Jacket ($122) as a great summer-to-fall transitional topper. Ten-HUT!... [More]


Gold Watchpart Necklace

Never be late for a very important date again! Ok, that's not true, but wearing the Gold Watchpart Necklace (£22) more or less insures that someone else will be. Each necklace is uniquely made from the random, but necessary, innards of an old watch. We think it's worth spending a... [More]


Simus The Rhinoceros

Those wooden artist dummies are so Art 101. We prefer to channel a little C.M. Coolidge and paint rhinos doing every day things like playing Skipbo, dancing ballet, or reading a paper while eating breakfast in the south breakfast nook. If dogs can play poker we don't see why Simus... [More]


Unif The Flower Dress

Yes, the originality of the name The Flower Dress ($76) by Unif overwhelms us, too. But what the Flower Dress lacks in name it more than makes up for in styling. With flowy sleeves, gathered shoulders, a flattering waist tie, and a dramatic v-hem in the back, this frock transitions... [More]


Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine

If mainstream beauty magazines have taught us anything, it's that guys really dig a girl who is easy going about her appearance. While that may not translate to mean "Leave the makeup and bra straps at home" it does mean not to fuss too terribly much over our hair. Bumble... [More]


Enter the Outblush Goodie Drawer Giveaway! (No, not THAT kind of goodie drawer)

**ATTENTION: THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who entered!** You naughty minx, you saw the words, "goodie drawer" and your mind immediately went towards NSFW pursuits, didn't it? Admit it. It's okay. Anyhoo. We get a lot of samples here at OB HQ, and much as we'd like... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-17 at 3.34.47 PM.png

Personal Shopper: A more grown up wardrobe for Halie and her 36G boobs

Halie writes: "Hello! I've got a bit of a vague plea that I was hopping you could have some fun with. I turned 23 this week and I've come to realize that I never left my college jeans and t-shirts wardrobe behind. I'm a preschool teacher, so I work in... [More]


Fee Brothers Bar Cocktail Bitters Complete Set

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! Make sure all your drink needs are taken care of with the Fee Brothers Bar Cocktail Bitters Complete Set ($75). With 12 flavorful bottles of bitters from Grapefruit to Cranberry, you'll be able to recoup between holiday parties. Cause that's a lot... [More]


Barex Gloss No-Gas Hairspray

A no-gas hairspray that holds style, brushes out easily and helps defend against split-ends? Why Barex Gloss No-Gas Hairspray ($27), we do believe we have found a new home for you nestled between Baron von Brushinstein and Sir Flat Iron, Murderer of Hair as Barex, Peacekeeper of Tresses.... [More]

bookrenter-small.JPG Exclusive Offer!

Judging from some of the emails we receive, an awful lot of you lucky jerks Outblush readers are in college or in graduate school, which is why we made a deal with the tiki man here. Through 9/16/11, we've got two exclusive coupon codes for OBLUSH5AUG will take five... [More]


USB Bottle Opener

We're not going to actively encourage you to drink at work. We are simply going to point out that you usually use your USB stick at work. And that you usually want a drink at work. But we're also going to note that you could use this USB Bottle Opener... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 9.23.22 PM.png

Doubtblush: Reef Bottle Opener Sandals

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


bareMinerals Naturally Luminous Wrinkle Concentrate

Although it was probably too much concentration in college* that caused that furrowed brow, bareMinerals Naturally Luminous Wrinkle Concentrate ($38) will hydrate your weathered skin into a youthful plumpness you'll recognize as "Sorority Longevity". While this concentrate is busy shrinking pores and brightening your skin, you can get back to... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 10.40.52 PM.png

Judith March Elephant Print Shag Dress

We're deeply in lust with this Judith March Elephant Print Shag Dress ($98). We're not sure why this is called a "Shag Dress", but we know that's what we want to do with it. We want to make sweet love to it, and then put it on and wear it... [More]


Deluxe Beer-B-Q Bucket

Has anyone else noticed all classy things come in a bucket? Fried chicken, balls, and now beer and BBQ. With the Deluxe Beer-B-Q Bucket ($70) we're thinking an end of summer party is in order. Let us know what to put on our calendar.... [More]


Fall '11 Trend Alert: Funky Oxford Shoes

Some of you might harbor the same "Eugh!" feelings towards oxfords as towards Sperry Top-Siders. Some of you, like us, might feel that oxfords. Are. Awesome. Those of you in the second camp might like to join us in a brief, "Wahoo!" at the news that oxfords, particularly funky, jazzed... [More]


By Terry Ombre Soyeuse Ultra Fine Eye Shadow in Venetian Brown

For those among us with green eyes, we can't suggest By Terry Ombre Soyeuse Ultra Fine Eye Shadow in Venetian Brown ($35) highly enough. We fell in love with this shade as soon as it graced our lids with its deep, sultry tones and silky formula. Morning, noon, night, office,... [More]


Jem and The Holograms Shirt

If you were like us, you woke up early every Saturday morning to get your fix of Jem and Holograms. Aside from dealing with weighty issues like how to deal with Pizzazz' jealousy, boy trouble, and protecting Synergy, their music actually kicked the trash out of some of the crap... [More]

Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD

Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD

There are so many helpful products out there that will help you get your post-partum bod back in tip top shape, but nothing truly works like good ol' exercise and hard work. The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD works on your entire body, but we have to say... [More]


You Tell Us: Ardell Brow + Lash Growth Accelerator

Ok, normally we would look at something that claims to enhance the length of our lashes with a healthy dose of skeptism. Add on top of that the magic potion only costs a single dollar and we've got all sorts of ghetto/hackjob/will-give-you-cancer red flags going up. But according to the... [More]


Idea International Cubic Timer

Three minute shower for a man. Ten minute shower for you. Thirty minute shower for two. Sixty minutes for 'recreational' activity. Looks like the Cubic Timer ($34) from Idea International works just as well in the bathroom as in the kitchen. Handy.... [More]


Clark Desert Boots

These Clark Desert Boots ($100) make us want to stroll the streets of London with a worn out map, a favorite umbrella, and a tailored tweed jacket. Can't you see yourself chilling in a pub, your boyfriend jeans rolled up to show the tops of your soft suede boots?... [More]


Sir Richard's Condoms

Kinda like the Tom's Shoes of condoms, Sir Richard's Condoms ($13) mixes charity with pleasure by donating a condom to someone in need for every rubber sold. The whole charity with pleasure reminds us of a few college dates. We're assuming they're not going to the overly anxious creep 'ladies... [More]


Ben & Jerry's Pint Lock

There are two ways to tell when your roommate's been doing the chunky monkey with your Ben and Jerry's. One, she's starting to look a little chunky monkey herself, or two, you've noticed your stash has been creeping down a spoonful at a time. Protect your territory with the Ben... [More]


Klorane Shampoo with Papyrus Milk

During the good ole days (read: Egyptian heyday), they didn't exactly have our modern-day hygiene standards. But maybe they can teach us a thing or two about keeping clean and managing our manes. Klorane Shampoo with Papyrus Milk ($18) contains the same ingredient that grew abundantly on the shores of... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-17 at 3.16.42 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Comfy walking boots for Yessie to wear in Quebec

Yessie writes: "Hello! I'm a HUGE Outblush fan! I'm planning a trip to Montreal, Quebec in September (Weather is expected to be 72 F (Hi) to 49 F (Lo) to visit a friend. Along with some sightseeing, we'll be visiting and just hanging with other friends and their families. I'm... [More]

Belabumbum Flutterby Nursing Gown

Belabumbum Flutterby Nursing Gown

Who says you can't look sexy when you're nursing? The Belabumbum Flutterby Nursing Gown ($60) is great for the nights that you spend half in bed with hubby and half in baby's nursery. This flirty little chemise is perfect for work and play.... [More]


Jeni's Bourbon Buttered Pecan Ice Cream Pint

Somewhere, someone had a bad day out there. That's a good enough reason to sympathy eat for us. A pint of Jeni's Bourbon Buttered Pecan Ice Cream ($12) and a cosmo (magazine or drink, your choice) should do the trick.... [More]


Fels Naptha

The fact that Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar Soap ($4) has been around for 100 years has nothing to do with it being so hard it literally takes 100 years to use. This little yellow bar can be used for eliminating stains (like yellow pit stains your roommate left on your favorite... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Fran Wilson Nail Tees Swabs

We're broke. And you're probably broke too. The summer just brings out the worst in our budget. So we've been doing manicures at Chez Moi lately. These Fran Wilson Nail Tees Swabs ($4) do a fantastic job of hiding the fact that we are too strapped for cash to splurge... [More]


French Connection Vaity Lace Dress

We're having the odd craving to watch Sabrina around here at Outblush. Maybe it's the fact that we're going to be taking a trip to France in a few months, or this gorgeous French Connection Vaity Lace Dress ($188)... Made to look very glamorous and chic, tu est magnifique! All... [More]


10 Assorted FOOD CAKE DESSERT Japanese Erasers

Don't let your kiddos go back to school without a way to erase all the mistakes that are made on the path to knowledge. They'll look sweet with these 10 Assorted FOOD CAKE DESSERT Japanese Erasers ($6) lined up on their desks. We like them because they're shouting at us... [More]


AAA 63 Piece Emergency Roadside Kit

We always thought an emergency roadside kit constituted a current issue of Glamour, OPI nail polish in Pompeii Purple, and a bag of freeze dried wasabi peas. What do we know? With jumper cables to boost a dead battery, an emergency first aid kid, and a flashlight to shine in... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 10.10.08 PM.png

Modernist Tiger Eye Star of David Pendant

We love our teensy gold star we got for our Bat Mitzvah, but now we're all grown up and we've been looking around for something a little more modern and edgy. We saw one of our friends shmoozing at the kiddish after shul in something similar to this Modernist Tiger... [More]


The Tao Of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff

Deep thoughts made simple for the likes Winnie the Pooh make for some easy, entertaining reading. Benjamin Hoff explains Taoist principles in his charming book The Tao of Pooh ($12). 'When you discard arrogance, complexity, and a few other things that get in the way, sooner or later you will... [More]


Always Feminine Clean Wipes-To-Go

According to Emily Post 'a lady is always fresh and feminine and should never smell like a fish taco in July.'* When your lala is smelling less then magical, pick up some Always Feminine Clean Wipes-To-Go ($3). You never know when you'll need to freshen up, discover the skank in... [More]


Popcorn Bags

Germ-o-phobes, rejoice! Are you sick of sharing your popcorn? Do multiple hands in your popcorn bowl freak you out? Do you sometimes worry that the grease on the glass bowl has nothing do with the butter on the popcorn? Divvy up popcorn in these cute little Popcorn Bags ($4) without... [More]


Klhip The Ultimate Clipper Nail Clippers

We love our men, we really do, but there is a limit to how many times we feel their scratchy toe nails rub our legs in one evening. Designed to cut smoothly, prevent nails from flying all over the place (gross!), and to look like modern art, we're pretty sure... [More]


Layla Grace Personalized Photo Ring

Your little one is more beautiful than any stupid diamond, are we right? Take that awesome face you can't stop kissing, and make it into a big fat ring you can wear constantly and kiss surreptitiously in your cubicle at regular intervals. This Layla Grace Personalized Photo Ring ($240) is... [More]

beautyticket-back-to-school-sale-100x100.jpg coupon - 15% off Back-to-School Sale items

Heading back to school & want to impress the unwashed masses with your gorgeous, glamorous self? Or, are you like us: Adults who never quite got over loving back-to-school shopping and who LOVE taking advantage of B2S sales so we can update our own looks, just 'cause? Either way, you'll... [More]


Dotty the Wiener Dog

Some folks decide not to find out the sex of their baby before he or she is born, and they end up with a big old pile of depressing clothing and toys in pale green, yellow, brown, and various sad shades of white and beige. That's not OK, folks. Not... [More]


Best Made First Aid Kit

We'd prefer to be rescued by a Saint Bernard, or better yet a Swiss alps guide named Bernard, but in a fix we can do with the Best Made First Aid Kit ($89). We suggest keeping it near the knives in the kitchen or next to your scroll saw. Stocked... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: August 22, 2011

Ribbons, sequins, crochet, and vivid color adorn the options in this week's Shopping List poll at The Purse Page! But not all of them on every bag. Because that would be awesome in a way, but only for about five minutes. Go vote for your favorite, and come back a... [More]


Personal Shopper: Elle's Break-up Make Over

Elle writes: Hello ladies. I'm in a bit of a rut and was hoping you could help pull me out of it. I need a new hairstyle in a bad way. I'm finally over that terrible breakup and need a hair transformation to complete the healing process. (Is it just... [More]


Caswell-Massey Freesia Foaming Bath and Shower Gel

'Cause we're freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Freesia foaaaaaaaaam-ing! Caswell-Massey Freesia Foaming Bath and Shower Gel ($12).... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 12.05.16 PM.png

Cheap Thrill: GirlzLyfe Music Stud Earrings

You've got your standby pearl studs and your dangling golden chandeliers, but sometimes, you want something a little less mature more fun. Wear these GirlzLyfe Music Stud Earrings ($10) in matching pairs, or mix them up to suit your mood. Our favorite are the pink cassettes, because they remind us... [More]


Clinique Aromatics Elixir

In some cases, like with Clinique Aromatics Elixir ($75), people get it right the first time. And then sometimes, the motto of a story should be try, try, try again. Like this group that needs to try again on this video. (Seriously, that was just bad. Thank god they tried... [More]


Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths

Waterproof mascara has its place but at the end of the day that place is not our face. Our usual makeup remover does a fine job getting rid of the other thirty pounds of makeup we wear but that waterproof mascara just. does. not. budge. Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths... [More]


Golden Girl: Titan EDC Belt

Gifts - Sure, we expect them on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. - but those are the easy ones. Don't you love when you get a "just because" bouquet or naughty piece of lingerie? Well, it works both ways, sister - you gotta give a little to get a little. With this... [More]


Tend Skin Purefection Deodorant

Y'all expressed your love and devotion for Tend Skin so we bring you another of their products, Purefection Deodorant ($14), an aluminum-free odor eliminator that also helps combat ingrown hairs. Considering how fantastic Tend Skin works on your delicate lady parts, we imagine it does wonders for your most ticklish... [More]


Chiasso Countour Vases

Men like curvy things - like us. We like getting flowers. So these Contour Vases ($38) are totally a purchase for both of us, right? In case you were wondering, yes, we can always find a way to justify our purchases as something our man wants us to buy. Always.... [More]


Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches

While some men may look at this and think they've found the elixir to their manhood youth, Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches ($87) applies only to the hair on your head. But what we don't quite understand is the marketing text for this product, specifically this line: "Hair is... [More]


Urban Decay Supersaturated High Gloss Lip Color

Match Maker, Match Maker found us a match! We've been looking for an alternative to sticky lip gloss without having to rely on the drying effect of a lip stain and boy did our Match Maker deliver. Urban Decay Supersaturated High Gloss Lip Color ($24) is a lip pencil that... [More]


J. Crew Biella Satin High-heel Loafers

You ladies who frequently feel like a sexy schoolgirl, a naughty teacher or a hot librarian need these Biella Satin High-heel Loafers ($295). You ladies whose fantasies are more tame need to liven up.... [More]


Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Body Oil

Why did the Black Chicken cross the road? To Love Your Body (oil) ($75).... [More]


Go Nails Nail Growth Treatment

We love manicures. Love love love manicures. They are our once-a-week escape from the world outside complete with intoxicating fumes that leave us light headed without the bar tab. But what good is a manicure if you don't have good nails underneath that sexy new shade of glittery magenta? Go... [More]


Umbra Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer

You know how you bought a cute little bird shaped ceramic dish to keep your earrings nice and tidy in? How's that working for you? Ditch the impractical and sort your stuff with the Umbra Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer ($25), which fits nice and neatly into your closet,... [More]


NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss

We're not terribly certain why the brush on NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss ($26) is smaller than our chances of ever landing our dream job of full-time live mannequin in the Sephora window. But we also don't care too terribly much. We heart NARS and trust they know what... [More]


Thai Deluxe Cotton Wrap Around Skirt

Need separates that will actually coordinate without being boring? You might need this wrap skirt from Thai artisan Jariya Kakaew ($33). Show a little midriff on the weekends, and then swap to a sedate top for work!... [More]


Gatineau Peeling Expert Microdemabrasion Cream

Pandas are arguably some of the cutest wittle cudd-a-wee creatures on the planet. And we know for a fact* that their cuteness can be 100% contributed to their bamboo consumption. We're hoping that the bamboo particles in Gatineau Peeling Expert Microdemabrasion Cream ($43) impart the same adorable effect onto our... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bow, Collars and Ruffles, OH MY! for Natasha

Natasha writes: Writing you for help currently has me in a state of nervousness and giddiness all at the same time, but I am definitely in need of your shopping powers! My brother is getting married in 4 weeks (9-10-11 to be exact), and I am in need of a... [More]


Marimekko Mini-Unikko Kids Set

Sure, our kids would look darling eating their Easy Mac off of this Marimekko Mini-Unikko Kids Set ($69) but yeah, $69. Instead, we will keep this set all to ourselves for those dreary morning meals where no amount of coffee will perk us up. Because bright floral dishes + Cookie... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads

Do you get those tiny little blackheads on the tip of your nose? We do. And we hate them. With a passion. But Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads ($8) impart a sense of calm over our much hated blackheaded nose of doom. Their vegan mindset has us... [More]


Spooky Soda Bottle Labels

Get out your sexy SpongeBob costumes, it's Halloween! Okay, so actually it's just late August but before you know it, the back to school section at Target will disappear only to be filled with aisles and aisles of October goodness!!! We have big party plans for these Spooky Soda Bottle... [More]


Tangle Teezer Magic Flower Pot

Mason Pearson, eat your hair out. This Tangle Teezer Magic Flower Pot ($17) is 1000x more adorable than a boar bristle brush, infinitely more girly and is shaped like a flower for Lisa Frank's sake! Plus, it holds our 80's inspired hair do-hickies. Let's see some $250 brush do that!... [More]


Moscot Ginger Glasses

Despite the fact that a) it is now somewhat socially acceptable to wear lensless glasses and b) our eyesight is just fine but we look soo cute in glasses, we just can't bring ourselves to get in on this trend, because it all feels a bit too let's-order-Pabst-Blue-Ribbon-ironically. Instead, we... [More]


Nails Inc. Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

If you match your wardrobe to the season, then paint those nails every shade of fall with Nails Inc. Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection ($35). Deep red, charcoal khaki and sumptuous browns will match the turkey on the table, the cranberries in the wreath and our Scrooge-like attitude come New Year's Eve... [More]


Rubik's Cube Speaker

This Rubik's Cube Speaker ($38) has two benefits: 1) Tunes wherever you want 'em. 2) People will think you actually have the skills to solve a Rubik's Cube.... [More]


You Tell Us: Marc by Marc Jacobs 70's Flare San Francisco Wash

High waisted jeans, like the Marc by Marc Jacobs 70's Flare San Francisco Wash ($228), are coming back with a vengeance, and we're torn. Should this trend make another strut down the Soul Train line or should it be banished forever to the attic (like your mom's Captain and Tennille... [More]


Mini Me! Bath Ice Cream

We've always wanted to have our ice cream and eat it the bath. And while we don't suggest eating soap, we do suggest suds-ing up with Mini Me! Bath Ice Cream ($21), a deliriously dreamy sundae of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pomegranate, pearberry, apple, coconut, papaya and peach ice cream... [More]


Liberty Book of Home Sewing

We're sure that anything you make with Liberty fabric would be insanely stylish, even if you can't sew a straight seam to save your life. However, if you want the pinnacle of chic hand-sewn stuff, take a look at the patterns in the Liberty Book of Home Sewing ($18). It... [More]


Avalon Organics Lavender Facial Cleansing Gel

A few weeks ago we shared our woefully inadequate skincare regimen with a good friend. Days later she showed up at our door bearing a gift of luxurious Avalon Organics Lavender Facial Cleansing Gel ($12). Apparently, the bar of soap that our husband uses on his butt is not meant... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 8.56.15 PM.png

Tiny Pen Knife Necklace

If you like to be prepared and fashionable, this Tiny Pen Knife Necklace ($45) by Erica Weiner is the way to go. You can use it to sever errant threads on your clothing, carve your lovah's initials into your desk (but only if the desk belongs to you, we're not... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 8.40.01 PM.png

Cute Mr. P Nude Table Lamp

The description of this Cute Mr. P Nude Table Lamp ($16) says, "It just likes [sic] a boy with a hat on his head." The description then goes on to state that this lamp would be perfect for a child's room or as a gift to friends, and that it... [More]


Make Up For Ever Lesson One Natural Eyes

Make Up For Ever Lesson One Natural Eyes ($44) makes us feel better about eating processed foods, throwing away plastic and filling up our gas tanks once a week. Something about the word "natural" is a guaranteed eco-mulligan. Or something like that.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 7.53.06 PM.png

Knit Your Average Cardigan

Knit Your Average Cardigan ($145)!!! Nope, that's not a command to go forth and create mediocrity. It's Modcloth being clever with their clothing names. Stop sweating, put down those needles, and take a look at this sweet cardigan. You could wear it with almost anything, so it's a great wardrobe... [More]


Stila Lip Rouge

Are we the only ones who colored their lips with red marker as a kid? Now you can get that same fabulous pout (minus the lead poisoning) without it smearing off when you lick your lips (or eat a popsicle, or drink a soda, or breath...) compliments of Stila Lip... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 4.34.37 PM.png

Robert Rodriguez Animal Print Halter Top

There is no better seasonal piece than this Robert Rodriguez Animal Print Halter Top ($265). The shape and material are great for warmer weather, but the color and pattern make it work under a blazer on a crisp fall evening as well. If you don't like animal prints, you could... [More]


I Am A Key USB Flash Drive

You know what they say about knowledge is key. Well now the key is knowledge, or music, or random pix from Christmas 1984 that your mom asked you to scan onto your computer and then put onto her computer, which you did even though you work two jobs, because oh... [More]


Dimension Burger Bell with Sesame Bun and Mustard Ooze

Outblush Operative Jenna S. writes: Just like the pony who is motivated to walk because of the carrot dangling in front of it's face, so too can we be motivated to excercise with visual food queues! Prop this Burger Bell ($8) on your handle bars and suddenly it's way easier... [More]


Sephora Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner

Every once in a while we come across a product that's so awesome it sends our other make-up bag items to the corner of shame. Sephora's Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner ($9) glides on smooth, doesn't smudge no matter how many times our allergy induced tears interfere with watching Steel Magnolias, and... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 8.32.25 PM.png

DL1961 Emma Legging

Colored denim is a big thing this Fall, and these DL1961 Emma Leggings ($158) are a great way to get your toes damp in the non-blue jeans waters. They're red, but they're a shade of red that can almost read as a neutral. Pair them with a chunky sweater in... [More]


Marimekko Kippis Plywood Tray

We have made the decision to class up our parties a little bit. Like a supposedly fictionalized Joan Crawford, we've declared "No red Solo cups!" and won't be supplying our friends with any more hot wings from the deli counter. And even if that just means we're upgrading slightly to... [More]


Say Cheese Camera Tape Dispenser

The only thing that could make this Say Cheese Camera Tape Dispenser ($22) any cooler is if it was filled with Japanese masking tape. And that, literally, is the only thing.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 8.10.25 PM.png

Needham Lane Sandals

Did you sunburn the tops of your feet this week? Poor little you. Instead of judging you for not lovingly smearing sunscreen on the tops of your delicate tootsies, we're just going to show you these Needham Lane Sandals ($40), which are made of oh-so-soft padded cotton poplin that will... [More]


Pop-Up Flash Bounce

We know how much you enjoy all those awesome pictures of you looking extra shiny and bright with eyes like white mice, but sometimes there's too much of a good thing. Photojojo's Pop-Up Flash Bounce ($30) takes care of shadows and reflections, while giving natural, even lightening. Looks like you're... [More]


Maple Pangolin Earrings

Lately, we've been feeling like ironic animal choices for clothing and accessories have become few and far between. Everyone's donning owls of all kinds. T-shirts emblazoned with wolves and tigers are all over everyone and their mother and their cousin and their neighbbor's kids. What animal can you totally claim... [More]


Angela Ingram Tea Drinker's Sidekick Cup

After we realized the Tea Drinker's Sidekick Cup ($25) wasn't just the old tampon in a teacup trick, we got super excited about this brilliant idea. No longer will our desk amass a giant tea bag stain from those cute-but-useless tiny tea caddies!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Blush

On any given day, you can find us browsing drug store shelves for e.l.f. Cosmetics before they go out of stock. And boy do they go out of stock fast. Especially the new shades of e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Blush ($3) in Twinkle Pink and Giddy Gold, which of course we... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 3.04.54 PM.png

Mustache Pillowcase Set

Outblush Operative Jenna S. writes: Finally! A mustache that won't give you contact dermatitis when you press your face against it. Think of all the ol' timey phrases you'll be inspired to incorporate into your daily routine: Why this new hatrack I purchased at Bergdorf's is the cat's meow! My... [More]


Dolce & Gabbana Yellow and Black Netted Dress

For some reason, we've had yellow and black dresses on the brain lately (predating that stupid song, in case you were wondering). Could it be the first sign of bee-related superpowers? Anyway, so long as we're fantasizing, we'd like to devote some eyeball time to this Dolce & Gabbana number,... [More]


Guinot Nurtizone Corps Nourishing Body Cream

Look at your elbow. Does it look like our elbows? Dry, flaky and just downright icky-poo-poo? Slather on some Guinot Nurtizone Corps Nourishing Body Cream ($60) to solve the problem. It quenches skin from a cellular level leaving you icky-poo-poo no more.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 4.40.58 PM.png

Zombie Fighter ID Tag

Who's gonna have your back when the zombie apocalypse comes? Is it your stupid boyfriend? Your cowardly parents? Your backstabbing roommate? Ummmm, NO. It's your lil' doggie. Start training her now. This Zombie Fighter ID Tag ($12) won't actually deter any zombies, because they don't seem like big readers, but... [More]


Totem Cups

There's something charming about any cups stacked up. Maybe it reminds us of afternoons studying in a coffee shop just off campus, sitting in your grandma's kitchen with the vintage china she brought over from Europe, or registering for house wares to fill your first married apartment. We love these... [More]


Nuskin Epoch Glacial Marine Mud

Most of us don't have the tear duct production capacity necessary to land us a spot as the new bachelorette on ABC, and since we're not getting whisked away to a mud bath anytime soon, Nuskin brings the skin softening benefits to your bathroom. Though you can probably rub it... [More]


Crate & Barrel Gala Fondue Set

Jenna S., Outblush Operative, writes: We can't all be supermodels... There wouldn't be enough cigarettes, laxatives and nose candy to sustain us all! For those of us who enjoy food, especially food that can be dunked into pots of other food, there's this precious Gala Fondue Set ($40). Dunk away!... [More]


Sales & Steals: 8/19/11

August is more than halfway over already: Have you started shopping for your fall wardrobe yet? If not, let us tempt you with this week's sales & steals, courtesy of our coupon-hungry pals over at The Bargainist... Have a great weekend, everyone! 1. Anthropologie - Get free shipping + free... [More]


Personal Shopper: Cassi's Healthier Her (and the Clothes To Go with Her)

Cassi writes: Hey Outblush- I've A) recently gone on a weight loss revolution and B) am starting a new job next week where I have to dress up beyond skinny jeans and a blazer. The result of the two is that I don't have any clothes! I am looking for... [More]


Dual Paddle RainShower Shower Head

There's no worse way to put a cold shower on a hot moment than an actual, um, cold shower. Romantic showers for two are significantly less romantic when you're cowering in the cold air while your significant other gets a turn under the warm water. The Dual Paddle RainShower Head... [More]


You Tell Us: Cigar Pen with Gold Bullet Casing

This . . . this just might be the most macho writing implement ever created. It's a pen made out of both a .30 caliber bullet casing and a cigar. We're pretty sure that ALL past winners of the Bad Hemingway contest used these. Perfect for the person who feels... [More]


Tree of Life Poster

At first glance this cool Tree of Life Poster ($45) just looks like tree rings, but get up close and personal and you'll see it's actually made of tiny animal illustrations. Just a reminder that we all live on this earth, so we'd better share it.... [More]


EquaVie Luminous Moisture Cream

Forgot the moisture qualities, disregard the delicious fragrance. EquaVie Luminous Moisture Cream ($44) has us craving banana jelly beans something fierce. We are definitely those kinds of people who pick out favorites in the office candy bowl and we have. no. shame. We just know how to get what we... [More]


Elephant Teapot

We're assuming this Elephant Teapot isn't some covert way of brainwashing us into connecting the teaparty and Republicans. We just figure it's a cool Elephant Teapot ($16) and won't read into it. When we start stocking up on guns and listening to too much talk radio we'll reconsider. And just... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Soap to GoTravel Size Adventure Sticks

We've been looking for something like these Soap to Go Travel Size Adventure Sticks ($5 for 10) by Prunella Soap for a while now. We're not keen on hand sanitizer in our purses ever since it exploded all over our favorite leather bag, and public restroom soap dispensers are always... [More]


Estée Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée

Powder gelée? Huh? Wuzzat, some sort of molecular gastronomy dessert? Nope. New Estée Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée ($40) is like molecular makeup: A supposed "tri-blend" of gel, powder, and liquid, the gold-ish champagne highlighting powder can be applied dry or wet for different levels of sheen. We love... [More]


Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie Kit

Alas, there is no more excuse to blame aliens/hypnotists/government scientists for causing you to simultaneously eat an entire pan of brownies while spending your last pay check on The Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie: Practical Mind Control Protection for Paranoids ($15) blocks any excuse for erratic behavior using its advanced... [More]


Le Creuset Stoneware Petite Pear Casserole Dish

Aside from the fact that it's just so darned delightful, Le Creuset's Stoneware Petite Pear Casserole ($40) is perfect for intimate dinners for two or for dressing up your fall festivities (How cute would this be for a Autumn Equinox party or on the table for thanksgiving?). We think it... [More]


Marc NY Vintage Retrocalf Weekend Duffel

Not that the old high school sports duffle bag is inefficient at carrying all your favorite get away items, but we think we can do a little better than the bag that once held your lacrosse mouth guard. Marc NY created a Vintage Retrocalf Weekend Duffel ($345) that's awesome for... [More]


Giorgio Armani Beauty To-Go Set

What else does a girl need to stay gorg' on the go besides what's in the Giorgio Armani Beauty To-Go Set ($65)? Perhaps some mascara, blush, spot concealor, breath spray, oil blotter sheets and a mirror. Or maybe that's just us being high maintenance.... [More]


Woven Seagrass Triple Laundry Sorter

One side for darks, one side for lights, and one side for your poo poo undies. Woven Seagrass Triple Laundry Sorter ($56).... [More]


Submarine iPhone Case

Maybe we don't technically live in the yellow submarine, but our phones can. Full of contact info, important calendars, favorite websites, apps we can't live without, and snapshots of the crazy people we love, we pretty much live through our phones. And though it's more tan than yellow, the super... [More]


The Cross Bird Twine Holder With Scissors

We could go quoting Julie Andrews and tell you that brown paper packages tied up with string is one of our favorite things, or we could just show you the Bird Twine Holder with Scissors ($35) from The Cross and let you swoon for yourself. Tie up gifts, baked goods... [More]

Hopscotch Watercolors Nail Polish

Hopscotch Kids Watercolor Nail Polish

Our little divas LOVE to give themselves mini manicures as well as pedicures! However we cringe when we see our favorite bottle of Essie Coney Island Cotton Candy be spilled and we've found Hopscotch Kids Watercolor Nail Polish ($8 on sale), which is perfect for kids and safe for... [More]


That's The Ticket Book

We're already spread thin enough without having to give multiple pep talks to our roommate/spouse/best friend (kidding! That would make us awful people to say that out loud). Next time someone stops you on your way out to get coffee make an important business meeting, hand them a pep talk... [More]


Camera Strap Tee

Just another way to say 'screw you' to all those places that won't let you bring your camera inside their facilities. The Camera Strap Tee ($20) is made for Japanese tourists, teenaged girls who think even eating french fries is worthy enough for taking pictures, and anyone who has a... [More]


Personal Shopper: Kerrie's Blue/Pink/Yellow/Green Tie Gala Dress

Kerrie writes: My best friend just turned me on to your website and I love it! Not sure if this is the right place for stylist request but I need help finding a dress for a Centennial Celebration for the college I graduated from. They are calling it a Blue... [More]


Sia Some People Have Real Problems

Some people have real problems, singing is not one of Sia's. We're gonna crank up her CD and get to the bottom of some of our most recent dilemmas. Namely, what we're gonna be for Halloween, and should we really invest our lives into another season of the Tyra Banks... [More]


Porcelain Owl Lamp

How many licks does it take to get to the center of the Porcelain Owl Lamp ($44)? We'd say just one before your dad comes in and wonders what the devil you're doing with that owl. Turn this lamp on for a (hipster jealousy inducing) accent light or perch it... [More]


Aqua Chalcedony Carnelian Earrings

Don't these Aqua Chalcedony Carnelian Earrings ($47) remind you of your vacation to Italy and the blue grotto, where the guides sang to you in Italian and then charged you a mint for ducking under the cave and exploring for two minutes? At least with these gorgeous glowing blue earrings... [More]


William-Sonoma Chocolate Croissants

Eating Williams-Sonoma's Chocolate Croissants ($40) reminds us of our vacation to Spain and eating boatloads of mini chocolate croissants in Pamplona called napolitanas or garrotes. What we wouldn't give to go back and eat those again! We'd even take the achy feet, green olive overload, and frightening tuna empanada we... [More]


Organic Cotton String Bags

Kinda like a hammock for your groceries, the Organic Cotton String Shopping Bags ($8) gives them a place to hang out until they meet the dreaded chopping board. Made from organic cotton, they're lightweight, compact, and can stretch to hold up to 40 extra pounds (why can't our favorite jeans... [More]


Sultra Heat Safe with Thermastress Complex Protective Spray

Used before or during trips into the depths of hell, Sultra Heat Safe with Thermastress Complex Protective Spray ($18) will protect your soul from becoming ensnared in Dante's circle of hell reserved for those who don't know how to care for themselves and become slobs, killing themselves with slovenliness.... [More]

Plush Stirrup Thigh Highs

Plush Stirrup Thigh Highs

Dig out your stirrups from the 80's because they're making a big comeback! We're liking the Plush Stirrup Thigh Highs ($37) shown here. They're marvelously mod to pair with a mini and they're super comfortable because they're fleece lined.... [More]


Clue DVD

Mrs. Peacock, with the wrench, in the kitchen. We've just pretty much given you a new quotecabulary (That's a word right?). Full of awesome one-liners, classic slap stick comedy, and Tim Curry/Madeline Kahn, you'll be wondering how you lived so long without the Clue DVD ($5) in your collection. Seriously,... [More]


Reisenthel EasyBags

Last time we hit up Costco and were asked if we wanted our 20 pounds of chicken, 6 heads of romaine, 5 pound block of cheese, and vat of hummus in a box we had to think about it. Do we really want to heft a box to the dumpster?... [More]

James Joy Dress

James & Joy Jules Off Shoulder Dress

We're loving the ease and simplicity of this flowy, boho James & Joy Jules Off Shoulder Dress ($70). It looks like it's ultra comfortable while being very chic - always a difficult thing to achieve! Pair the vibrant coral color with metallic sandals and accessories for a real South Beach... [More]


Oopsey Daisy Wall Mural Cherry Blossom Birdies

We're pretty sure your little mini-me will be waking up on the right side of the bed every morning when their eyes fall on Oopsey Daisy's Wall Mural Cherry Blossom Birdies ($126) first thing. It kinda makes us think of Japanese cherry blossom festival. And that makes us think of... [More]


Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Glosses

Glittery lip products are reserved for tweens and Halloween, but shimmers - gimme! It's glitter for grown-ups, right? At least, that's what we told ourselves when we purchased a few tubes of Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss ($23) Available in 15 nicely pigmented shades, the gloss contains crushed pearls... [More]


Contour+ HD Video Camera

With all the fuzzy or shaky amateur videos popping up all over the internet it's about time we started getting some super clear cameras on board. The Contour+ HD Video camera ($500) features the largest lens of any PoV camera, minimal fish eye distortion, connection to your mobile phone for... [More]


Steve Madden Serenite Sandals

A few minutes ago we saw a girl come into Target rocking a lace dress and the coolest most comfortable sandals we'd seen all summer. She walked in 'The Devil Wears Prada- Andy gets a makeover' style and we couldn't help but ask where she'd gotten her gorgeous gold sandals.... [More]


Japanese Washi Masking Tape Set of 2

We've pretty much determined that all gifts from now on will be taped with Japanese Washi Masking Tape ($7). Not only does it add a little color to your present, but it can even substitute as a bow in a pinch. Use it to get all crafty fancy schmanchy by... [More]


Global DJ Gold Sequin Dress

Anyone who says all that glitters is not gold has never experienced the Global DJ Gold Sequin Dress ($79) from Lulu's. Perfect for all those holiday parties that are coming up (squee!), getting you noticed at school dances, or making a daring statement about every day life (we need more... [More]


NIA24 Rapid Exfoliating Serum

Kayla E., Outblush Operative, writes: How many "skin rejuvenating" products do you have in your bathroom? Go ahead and count, I'll wait... Like most of us, you probably have dozens of lackluster products that you've barely used because they don't work. Step aside, all you good for nothin' creams! NIA24... [More]

Personal Shopper Disney

Personal Shopper: Shoes and a bag for Marie's Disney vacation

Marie writes: "I love your website and suggestions and check it almost every day! My question for you is a request for help! I am going to Disney for a week at the end of the month and need two things: Comfortable shoes / sneakers and something to carry the... [More]


Support Somalia Drought and Famine Relief: Thakoon Masai Plaid Scarf

As you're no doubt aware, Somalia is experiencing its worst drought & famine in 50 years. The devastation is horrible, and if you want to help out, purchasing this beautiful Thakoon Masai Plaid Scarf ($250) is a great way to start. Why? 100% of the proceeds from this lightweight 100%... [More]


Julep Nail Polish and the Julep Maven Program

What's that? You've never heard of Julep Nail Polish ($14)? Actually, we hadn't heard of Julep either until this awesomely informative post on Beauty Stat. Julep is basically your new best friend plus stylist plus budget guru plus gift advisor. You subscribe to the Julep Maven program ($9.99 the first... [More]


Assorted Ceramic Bottle Stoppers

Assuming you don't polish off the third bottle in one evening (don't even pretend that never happens), keep your bottle fresh with these cheerful Assorted Ceramic Bottle Stoppers ($4 each). Perfect for artsy bottles of vinegar, olive oil, or wine, now you can instruct your loud guest 'put a cork... [More]


Geometric n Abstract Printed Dress

No one's ever gonna notice that one boob is smaller than the other with the distracting pattern on this Geometric n Abstract Printed Dress ($39). Oh yeah, plus the obligatory b.s. about wearing it with tights in the fall! Add a belt and it's day to night! And omg, it's... [More]


Jimmy Choo Fairview Embellished Sandals

Damn it all! Why didn't we find ourselves a millionaire husband? Marrying for love instead of money is all well and good until you find Jimmy Choo's that cost more than the rent you and your lovely hubby scrape together each month. Jimmy Choos that you cannot. fathom. living. without.... [More]


Green Stoneware Compost Crock

Next time the Martha Stewart in you comes out for a visit, be sure to save the scraps from your homemade vegetable lasagna in this adorable Green Stoneware Compost Crock ($30). Designed with a filter to protect against the terrorist grade smells old potato peels or cantaloupe rinds emit, this... [More]


Doubtblush: Dolce & Gabbana Illuminating Powder

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash-money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... So we Doubtblush 'em. Every... [More]


Gendarme Hat

Too early to be thinking about Halloween costumes? Oh no. We're thinking that with this kepi ($15) and a good rampage through the applique rack at the nearest craft store, we'd be well on our way to dressing up as Louis Renault from Casablanca - the world's very favorite corrupt... [More]


Paloma Poster

Infographics rock our socks because they make a sh*t ton of information easily digestable. We usually learn quite a bit from them, though we've never felt particularly emotionally connected to one. Until now. The Paloma Poster ($150) takes milestones of your child's life and turns it into a visually appealing... [More]


L'Occitane Aromachologie Volumizing Conditioner

Staying at a hotel is a bitter-sweet experience for those who love a good beauty product. You enjoy the day lounging by the pool getting buttered up by locals aka smile prostitutes only to come back to your room to fall madly in love with the in-room bath products that... [More]

Heat-Sensative- iPhone-small.jpg

Laserworks Heat Sensitive iPhone 4 Backing

The last time we wore a mood ring the cute boy next to us casually leaned over and said to our geeky 13 year old selves, 'It's black. That means you're horny.' Much to our horror (how did HE know?!). Get that same excitement from the back of your iPhone... [More]


Miha Embellished Necklace Top

Embellished tops are usually such a no-brainer. A shirt with a necklace built in? Sign us up! However, when we looked at this Miha Embellished Necklace Top ($160 on sale) we thought that instead of being effortless, this looks more like the kind of shirt we'd have to have assistance... [More]


Bridget Jones's Diary

Maybe the reason we love Bridget Jones is because she's so dang relatable. Who hasn't dressed up in a bunny costume to a garden party, flashed your bits sliding down a fire pole, or fallen for the wrong (and sometimes same) guy countless times? Right? We prefer to pop Bridget... [More]

Deja Poo

Poo-Pourri Deja Poo

Have a roommate that always bombs the bathroom and never turns the fan on? Slip Poo-Pourri Deja Poo ($15) into the medicine cabinet...or better yet leave it out on top of the toilet.... [More]


Darleen Meier Raven Necklace

Wonder what to wear around your neck, nevermore. Darleen Meier's Raven Necklace ($68) kinda looks like a modern dream catcher without anyone expecting you to wear braids in your hair. Oh wait, braids are totally in. Never mind.... [More]


Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man

We've all had those mornings where we're waiting in line for our coffee and the guy in front of you tattoo shifts or winks. Morning fuzz, or something more sinister? Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man ($7) tells the story of a man whose tattoos are more than what they seem.... [More]


Maybelline Great Lash Designer Limited Edition Mascara Collection

40 is the new 30 and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara is inviting you to the party. Their Designer Limited Edition Mascara Collection ($6) features three new tube designs from artists Max Azaria, Vivienne Tam and Tracy Reese. We think it was awfully kind of Maybelline to keep this mascara at... [More]


Lulu's Born Charmer Ivory Lace Top

Summer might be quickly coming to a close (sob!) but this Born Charmer Ivory Lace top ($40) from Lulu's crosses from hot weather to hot holiday top in a snap. Equally adorable with jeans or tucked in to a velvet skirt, we can think of a million ways to wear... [More]


Personal Shopper: Lime, Turquoise, and Orange Kitchen Tchotchkes for Kristi

Kristi writes : "Much to the dismay of my husband, I have chosen a new color palate for my kitchen. I have decided on orange (more toward the salmon end of the spectrum), turquoise, and lime green. With white and cream as my neutrals. I am having a hard time... [More]


Gravity Feed Can Rack

We don't think we're the only ones who have wasted ten minutes resorting our cupboard in search of the coconut milk we need for our go-to guest impressor Thai curry. Make sure you never forget about random cans of black olives, mandarin oranges (cause they are soo delicious), or chipotle... [More]


Suki Luscious Lips - Berry Cream Trio

Ahhhhhhh Suki to me now! Luscious Lips - Berry Cream Trio ($28) contains three shades of suki-lent suki-tash. Wineberry Kiss and Sugarberry Pout are perfect fall/winter shades that will put even the biggest Scrooge in the mood for some suki-suki. Suki-cess!... [More]


Tsala Hotel

We don't think it would be appropriate to shout 'Rufioooo!' every morning, but waking up in a tree house would be a pretty awesome way to live out our lost boys (non vampire version, although we're sure that's a nice one, too) fantasy. The Tsala Hotel ($550 a night and... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Robot Ballerina Necklace

Okay. We're not sure what's not to love about this Robot Ballerina Necklace ($3). First, it's a robot. Second, it's a robot wearing a tutu. And third, it's three dollars! We'll take kitsch when it's this cheap and cute! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you... [More]


Cadbury Wunderbars

We know you're thinking that a case of 24 Cadbury Wunderbars ($29) is quite a lot of chocolate. We're here to tell you, A) there is no such thing as too much chocolate, and B) Wunderbars are like lays potato chips, you can't eat just one. Imagine the harmonic blend... [More]

Island Escapade Cardigan

Island Escapade Cardigan

The Island Escapade Cardigan ($45) is just what we've been searching for - a stylish cardi that we can throw on when it gets chilly at night. This pretty cardigan will definitely be packed in our beach bag. You never know when a beach day will turn into a beach... [More]


Yudu Personal Screen Printer

Forget about wearing same ol', same ol' graphic print tees. The Yudu Personal Screen Printer ($195) makes it easy to start cranking out tee shirts for that clothing brand you've been talking about doing forever. You can also use it to decorate totes, reusable grocery bags, pillow cases or place... [More]


Benefit Stay, Don't Stray

Ever notice how your end-of-day makeup never looks as fresh as your morning makeup? Try Benefit Stay, Don't Stray ($26) to keep that eye shadow in check. This stuff is also good at hiding dark circles. But don't get too overzealous with the pump action; very little goes a long... [More]


Mod Cloth Stones in the River Necklace

We gotta be honest, sometimes the product descriptions at Mod Cloth are so good, we feel like just showing you a product and telling you to go read what they wrote because we can't top it. That's definitely the case with the Stones in the River Necklace ($30). Not only... [More]


The Art and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet

There's something to that old saying about cooks being relaxed while bakers are rigid (anal, crazed, animals). We think bakers are considered a little bit nutty because all it takes is looking at bread wrong the wrong way for it to refuse to rise, get hard as a brick, and... [More]


Agent Provocateur Margot Suspenders

Outblush Operative Kayla writes: After the first season of HBO'S Boardwalk Empire and their frequent use of the word Connie to describe the female anatomy (thank you, Mrs. Schroeder!) my boyfriend and I have decided that we like this word much better than "Britney" or "vajayjay", which, respectively, always bring... [More]


Cap Outdoor Furniture

We're hoping that there are at least a few of you readers who get the reference when we tell you that this Cap Outdoor Furniture Set ($2000) reminds us of Mork's egg spaceship. Just go ahead and nod so we don't feel like we're ridiculously old, ok? Sci-fi sitcoms aside,... [More]


Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths

While we understand the term "hot as balls" and its application to the current temperature outside, we think the phrase "hot as crotch" also applies. It isn't just our armpits and foreheads that get sweaty. Our delicate twinkleflower suffers from this genitally-themed heat as well. We keep a pack of... [More]


Personalized Fairytale Birds Name Bannerama

So what if it looks like it's for a kid's room or party! We totally want one of these to celebrate ourselves on our birthday! Made of whimsical birds hand-crafted from felt, each bird is grasping a letter to spell out your name. Maybe they'll even help us great dressed... [More]


Wild Blue Zebra Taupe Top

Zebra print is so 2008. Update your wild side with Lulu's Wild Blue Zebra Taupe Top ($30)! We think this top looks ultra flattering paired with a pair of dark denims and sexy heels, or a bright printed skirt and flats. You animal, you!... [More]


Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones

The bitch is back! Ok, not really, Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones ($9) has been around for ages but no one talks about it because it strikes fear into the hearts of all those who have experienced it. Seriously, a baby is crying in the distance as we type... [More]


Trish McEvoy Portable Romance Set

Yeah, yeah. The Trish McEvoy Portable Romance Set ($75) is lovely. Sure. But this product picture is like OCD porn. Such clean lines. Such fine spacing. Such an improvement from pictures where all the products are scattered across the screen. We almost want to bust out our rulers to measure... [More]


Personal Shopper: Hot pink flats for Sabrina's wedding

Sabrina G. wrote: "Help please! I got engaged this past January, and my wedding is set for next April. The first thing on my list to get was some hot pink shoes for the wedding...cause this would be a fun easy thing to do right?! Au contraire...this has turned out... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Rag & Bone's Darlington Cardigan for Less

It's basically our job to shop online, which is both fan-freaking-tastic and terrible (for our wallets) at the same time. So, when we see a gorgeous, expensive piece we just HAVE TO HAVE but then remember that, hi, we have to pay rent this month as well, we actually cheer:... [More]


The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook

If you get only one cookbook to impress your guests, let it be The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook ($22)! This book is more than chalk full of awesome recipes (The Tarragon Chicken with a white wine reduction will leave you speechless, seriously), tips to save time, the how and... [More]


eShakti Ruffle Front Cotton Dress

We feel the need to hold out against cooler weather as long as we can. Do you think we can mentally keep the temp up by just refusing to give up wearing our sundresses and sandals? Should we just walk around in this eShakti Ruffle Front Cotton Dress ($55) for... [More]


Catbird Aphabet Rings

We're big fans of dainty things, and nothing could be daintier than these little Catbird Aphabet Rings ($88). We can wear a few on each hand to spell out something, stack two on one finger for our (or our sweetie's) initials, or just go completely simple with one letter. Oh,... [More]


Mavala Eye Lite Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner gets a bad rap. People claim that it is too messy, applies crooked or is too difficult to touch-up. Well, if those people purchased Mavala Eye Lite Liquid Eyeliner ($14) they'd probably stop singing the Debbie Downer Blues. Womp-womp.... [More]


Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun by Munro Leaf

Brushing your teeth is a lot more fun than getting a root canal, but that's a little bit depressing for the title of a book. The perfect gift for kids or one of your hygienically challenged buddies, Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun by Munro Leaf ($15) originally started out... [More]


Photojojo Chalkboard Speech Bubble

Ever wonder what someone was really thinking when the photo was being taken? Grab a caption for just about every thought. Or, write a caption and have people act them out. We see a night of hilarity in your future... Chalkboard Speech Bubble ($29)... [More]


Nails Inc. LONDON Special Effects Electric Lane Holographic Glitter Top Coat

You know what we love? Nails Inc. LONDON nail polish. You know what we love even more? Special Effects Electric Lane Holographic Glitter Top Coat ($10). You know what we love the most? Sephora now carries Nails Inc. LONDON nail polish making it easier than ever to buy our favorite... [More]


Victorian Wallpaper Logitech M305 Wireless Mouse

Because convenient, functional computer peripherals can be pretty too. The Logitech M305 wireless mouse, in Victorian Wallpaper ($30). Eight other patterns are available, tending heavily towards purple and pink.... [More]


Urban Decay Clearance Sale: Awesome stuff from $1

If you love Urban Decay makeup as much as we do, and you have a few extra bucks at the moment, listen (erm, read?) up! To make room for some new product launches, a ton of favorite items are on clearance for as little as $1. What's on offer, you... [More]


Vera Bradley Travel Wallet

We're in the market for a new wallet and have been browsing our favorite brands. We did a big "Whoohoo!" when we found that the Vera Bradley Travel Wallet ($23, on sale) is currently 50 percent off. Vera Bradley is the queen of giving functional items great style with her... [More]


Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Honey Bath

We first encountered Laura Mercier at a swanky hotel on the Florida coasts years ago when we couldn't actually afford to stay there. We were working there. And the only way we could afford anything from Laura Mercier was during the bi-annual Employee Discount Sale held on the bottom floor... [More]


Carly Shoe Clips

Add new life to a plain pair of pumps with the Carly Shoe Clips ($42) from The Headband Shoppe. The rich, jewel-toned colors in the peacock feathers are perfect for fall and your shoes are just a start. We're pretty sure you're all clever enough to find plenty of places... [More]


DHC Touch-Up Trio

Claiming to eliminate the need to visit the powder room, the DHC Touch-Up Trio ($24) needs a reality check. Clearly its Q10 Moisture Care Pressed Powders has gone to its head because a visit to the powder room is one of the great benefits of being a lady. When else... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Anniversary Doe Studs

Whatever milestone Marc by Marc Jacobs is celebrating, we're glad he included his consumers by releasing these ahh-dorable Anniversary Doe Studs ($48). As hipster as woodland animal items are, we're pretty sure Mr. Jacobs was going for cute and classy with these little guys...err girls, since does are female. Great.... [More]


Toro Legno Kitchen Bull

It's a knife block, it's a book shelf, it's a cheese board! No, it's the Kitchen Bull ($inquire). Well, actually, if you guessed any of the first three you would have been right too. This Australian pine hand-crafted taurus will make sure the rest of your utensils behave with its... [More]


Japanese Condom Tin

So you've got a preggo friend with a sense of humor that you're hosting a baby shower for? Skip the lame "Guess the number of cotton balls in this baby bottle!" game and throw out the gender specific breath mints. Set out the Japanese Condom Tin ($25) next to the... [More]


The Bee's Knees Tights

We're already working on collecting a large stockpile of tights for fall and winter. They give longevity to our summer attire, especially our favorite dresses. We'll just trade in sandals and tanned legs for boots and tights. Our favorite pair by far are The Bee's Knees Tights ($25) at Modcloth.... [More]


Monkey and Squirrel Bulldog Bottle Opener

We can't have a dog in our apartment, but if we could, we would totally teach him to open our beers for us. Though maybe that wouldn't be so good for his teeth. Ok, ok, we're sticking with this English Bulldog Bottle Opener ($28) from Monkey And Squirrel. We'll even... [More]


Personal Shopper: Maximum Impact for Celina

Celina writes: i was hoping to get some suggestions and help on what to wear to my boyfriends brothers wedding. my boyfriend is in the wedding party. im thinking maybe a peach maxi dress. or a cute darker blue dress. on the cheaper side is always a great thing to... [More]


Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar

How much would you pay for perfect skin? $100? $200? What if we told you that you could have perfect skin for one low payment of $38.99 (minus the 99 cents)! Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar ($38) is a powerful, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying facial and body cleanser that sucks out the bad... [More]


Kate Spade Chunky Alyssa Sweater

Nevermind that the Kate Spade Chunky Alyssa Sweater ($495) is the the sum whole of our Fall wardrobe budget, we can't help but salivate over it anyway. It effortlessly combines crazy comfort with classic style, you know, in that way that only Mizz. Spade can pull off. It's magic, we... [More]


Urban Outfitters Over-the-Door Vanity Station

Well, isn't this clever? Dorm dwellers and tiny apartment inhabitants, streamline your priming process and score some extra shelf space with this Over-the-Door Vanity Station ($89). It also comes with mounting hardware if you're living in the lap of luxury and happen to have some wall space.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Philosophy Peppermint Bark Lip Shine

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, coming down Santa Claus lane! Sort of. Not really. But eventually, yes. Which is why we are stocking up on Philosophy Peppermint Bark Lip Shine ($10) before it sells out during the impending Christmas season. We can't count on Santa to put... [More]


Shabby Apple Danty Doll Flat

Step into the past with the Danty Doll Flat ($98) at Shabby Apple. The cheerfully yellow shoe is patterned with little cherries and a peep-toe adorned with a red bow. We're going to have to spend some time at our local vintage clothing store to find the right outfits to... [More]


Cake Wrecks

Sometimes you just need a laugh, and it's always nice to have one at someone else's stupidity. Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong ($10) isn't going to do anything for you but make you giggle, and that's ok. This book is full of professional cakes that have somehow... [More]


Think Geek Secret Decoder Ring

We can't help but recall one of our favorite A Christmas Story scenes when we see the Think Geek Secret Decoder Ring ($16). Poor Ralphie spent months waiting on his Little Annie Decoder Ring and all he got was a stupid advertisement! Luckily, with this decoder ring, you can make... [More]


Freeze 24/7 Ice Sticks

The first time we tried a lip plumper back stage at our senior vocal showcase in high school, we absolutely swore off lip plumpers for the remainder of our makeup wearing lives. Our lips got so fat and bee-stung that we couldn't correctly sing a single song making us sound... [More]


Eberjey Colette Racer Back Bralet

When we think of racer back, we think of sports bras, athletic swimsuits and damn uncomfortable convertible bras we're forced to wear because we didn't think about the cut of a dress exposing our bra straps. The Eberjey Colette Racer Back Bralet ($56) is shifting our perception, bringing us the... [More]


Space Intruder Multi Tool

This Space Intruder Multi Tool ($24) is so much more useful than your boyfriend who's currently sitting on his ass playing actual Space Invaders.... [More]


Angry Birds Key Caps

We'll spare you the definition of addiction, chances are if you're an Angry Birds fan you know, but don't care! You'll just keep on flinging those dang boomerang birds into pigs for as long as it takes to get a perfect 3 star score on every board ever created. You... [More]


Afterglow Organic Lip Love

Here at Outblush we advocate safe practices in all areas of your life: safe driving, safe schools and certainly safe sex. We extend that mentality to what Afterglow calls practicing "Safe Sexy". Their Organic Lip Love ($24) leaves out all the dyes and chemicals that cock block our love affair... [More]


There's a Dog in the House

Dog strollers. Dog slings. Dog water bottles. Dog massages. There's a lot of ridiculous things people do for their dogs. Making your home livable and comfortable for your prize pooch isn't going over the top. There's a Dog in the House ($29) gives tips and tricks for making your home... [More]


Sturbridge Culinary Herb Wreath

Artichokes, bay leaves, oregano, cherry peppers. Do you wish this was your tasty lunch salad? We do. But - what a twist! - these mouthwatering ingredients are actually components of the Sturbridge Culinary Herb Wreath ($60). It's delish decor that's actually quite useful...if you know your way around a kitchen.... [More]


It's A 10 Miracle Hair Mask

When most people pray for a miracle, it's usually so they can win the lottery, exact a swift undetected death on their mother-in-law or a receive a deserving promotion. We pray for It's A 10 Miracle Hair Mask ($22). This summer brutalized our hair in ways only our childhood Barbies... [More]


Special Guest Post by Sexy Is For Everybody: The Expert Guide to Oral Sex, Part 2

...Ready to dim the lights and learn a couple of new boudoir tricks? Say a warm, breathy Outblush welcome to our newest guest poster, Lupe Sino of, a blog devoted to all things naughty (obviously, NSFW, so take heed). Take it away, Lupe! Why The Expert Guide to Oral... [More]


Personal Shopper: Kaity's Amsterdamian Garb

Kaity writes: Hey there! Love you guys! You did a great job last year finding me some riding boots, I wear them all the time! So now I have another request for you, my boyfriend and I are going to Amsterdam and London in the middle of November! Its going... [More]


SpaRitual Holiday Duo - Dream a Little Dream

So you got SpaRitual Holiday Duo - Dream a Little Dream ($20) for Christmas last year and were thinking of using it as your White Elephant Christmas gift at the office party this year. Shame on you. No reason to ditch that ruby red shimmer and gold shine just because... [More]


Doubtblush: Zero + Maria Cornejo IQ Dress

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


House of Harlow Mixed Media Cluster Ring

There are some mornings - usually the ones preceded by way too much drinking or enthusiastic bedroom romps - where it's nearly impossible to make sure we have on matching shoes, let alone worry about accessorizing. Days like that, the House of Harlow Mixed Media Cluster Ring ($110) is our... [More]


Estelle and Thild Ecorganic Rose Otto Age Prevent Eye Cream

Well this is a new one on us. Estelle and Thild Ecorganic Rose Otto Age Prevent Eye Cream ($43) uses figs to promote hydration levels in the upper layers of the skin around the eye. Figs are delicious and all but we've never heard of them being used in beauty... [More]


Have We Met Yet? Dress

The Have We Met Yet? Dress (85) at Modcloth reminds us of HIMYM and Barney's attempts to set up Ted with a special lady at the bar. We're pretty sure any lucky lady wearing this dress won't need a wing woman to help her get attention. She'll look pretty jaw... [More]


Ms. & Mrs. Minimergency Kit for Her

Screw the women and children. When that ship is sinking and we've got 20 seconds to grab what we need, we're going for our Ms. & Mrs. Minimergency Kit for Her ($13). You never know when you're going to start bleeding from the vagina on a deserted island.... [More]


The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers Print

At least once a month we're asked by or men what our superpowers would be if we found ourselves to be superhuman. Clearly, this is something they think about often because when we reply, "Oh, I don't know--flight?" we get an earful about how boring that is. So we're going... [More]


Korres Materia Herba Regimen Kit

Korres Materia Herba ($44) what-ah? Before you try to wrap your head around what any of those words mean, just know that this kit contains anti-ageing night, day and eye cream plus a 3-in-1 cleanser. Need you know more? Maybe you'd care to know this is the lowest price for... [More]


Cable Drop Cord Organizers

We kind of think these CableDrop Cord Organizers ($10) look like little fortune cookies. We predict your office is about to get crazy organized... and that you'll never lose a cord behind your extremely heavy, totally un-moveable desk again. And you will meet a tall dark stranger and possibly win... [More]


Ebi Nigiri Baby Halloween Costume

The only thing better than planning our own Halloween costumes is planning a kid's Halloween costume! And when they're young, they don't really care what they can dress 'em up in anything instead of tactfully trying to change their minds about being something with fake blood squirted all over... [More]


You Tell Us: Ben-Amun Brass Bee Cuff

Buggy jewelry is clearly a hit here at OB HQ - dragonflies, butterflies, what have you - and we're pretty sweet on honeybee jewelry, too (heh). The name alone drew us to this Ben-Amun Brass Bee Cuff ($97 on sale), but then we looked at the "bee" and realized it... [More]


Givenchy Les Ombres de Lune Shadow and Light Eyes

Givenchy Les Ombres de Lune Shadow and Light Eyes ($58) literally translates from French to mean "the shadows of the moon". Which makes us think that using this product would give us dark circles under our eyes. Which is counterproductive to the rest of our beauty routine. Which would piss... [More]


Rebecca Taylor Shadow Daisy Tie Front Dress

Move from summer to fall with grace in this Rebecca Taylor Shadow Daisy Tie Front Dress ($335). It's got a great vintage print and a neutral-enough shade of pink to wear on a cooler summer day with sandals, or a warmer fall day with tights. Maybe the crossover of season... [More]


Knucks Temporary Tattoos

Go badass on a temporary basis with Knucks Temporary Tattoos ($5, set of 2) at Tattly. You can adorn your knuckles or wrists with clever words and phrases like, "Lost Luck" or "Stay Fast." Okay, so they're not exactly on the rebel without a cause side of badass, but they're... [More]


Williams Sonoma Fontana Gusto Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Think about all of the money you've spend on pizza over the years. If you're like us (certified pizza fiends), that's probably a pretty significant chunk of change. Then, if you tak intoa ccount how much MORE pizza you're going to eat over the course of your life, maybe the... [More]


Alterna Caviar Perfect Blowout

Achieve that winning blowout all year long with Alterna Caviar Perfect Blowout ($24). We hear that it's what the mothers of toddlers in tiaras use to help those tots win those big pageants and lord knows those women are the real winners in life. And we wanna be winners too.... [More]


Animal Kingdom Eraser Buddies

Send your little mini off to school with a pre-made posse courtesy of Animal Kingdom Eraser Buddies ($10). Perfect for slipping into a lunch bag or in a pencil box, these cute little erasers even come with a little wooden pen. Is that an eraser in your pocket, or are... [More]

BCBGMAXAZRIA Runway Printed Maxi Dress

BCBGMAXAZRIA Runway Printed Maxi Dress

Make everyone's head spin when you attend your 10 year high school reunion wearing the BCBGMAXAZRIA Runway Printed Maxi Dress ($458). The cobblestone, red and yellow colors are absolutely stunning and the side slits are super sexy.... [More]


h.wood beauty Lip Tea Scrub Pot

Scrub those dry lips goodbye and give a fat, sloppy kiss hello to supple, smooth lips thanks to h.wood beauty Lip Tea Scrub Pot ($20). Made with organic raw sugar, extra virgin coconut oil and honey, we understand why the usage directions state "Lick off once finished." Perhaps we'll take... [More]


Personal Shopper: Laura R.'s Hall of Fame induction ceremony outfit

Laura R. writes: "Hi Outblush! I love checking the blog daily and I am hoping you can help me be as successful as some of your other readers. I am being inducted into my college athletic hall of fame, and I need something for the induction ceremony. I am a... [More]


Linley Fabric Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman is a pretty good idea, we think. Except for that part about how once you put stuff in it you can never get to it since the surface is always covered with empty wine glasses, trashy magazines and brownie crumbs. We're turning over a new leaf with... [More]


Cosabella Mood Swings Gift Set

It can be tricky to buy a beloved gal pal lingerie when she's a blushing bride. You want to give her something she'll like, but also something she'll be able to take out of the bag at a bridal shower. Enter the lifesaving and thoughtful Cosabella Mood Swings Gift Set... [More]


SK-Li Facial Treatment Essence

We'll be adding SK-Li Facial Treatment Essence ($141) to our bag of tricks. Not those tricks; that bag is chock full. We're talking about the bag that helps us trick people into thinking we are really good looking. (Seriously, click the link. It will make you glad you are in... [More]


Merry Muscles Baby Bouncer

You guys, we totally looked at this Merry Muscles Baby Bouncer ($85) and thought "that baby looks like it's IN a MARTINI!!" Unfit to be mothers? Possibly. Ready for a cocktail? You betcha.... [More]


MoMA Peas USB Hub

Old school: peas in a pod New school: iPods in peas Charge and sync your favorite pods, pads and other techno gadgets with the Peas USB Hub ($32) from the MoMa store. Modern indeed.... [More]


479° Popcorn Fleur de Sel Caramel Popcorn

We have a new favorite snack, and we're getting everyone we know on the 479° Popcorn Fleur de Sel Caramel Popcorn ($19/case) bandwagon. It's deliciously sweet and salty, with a flavor that's familiar and complex. It's not sticky or greasy. It's organic. And best of all, it's 100 calories for... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks

You spend all night getting ready for your hot date making sure to effortlessly coordinate shoes to bag to nail polish. You glance in the mirror just as the door bell rings to make sure your face looks perfect, touch up your makeup one last time and suddenly realize your... [More]


Alessi 05 Walter Wayle II Wall Clock

Very possibly the least clocklike clock we've ever seen. You couldn't use it to tell time unless you were, you know, the Human Protractor, but you could certainly use it to intimidate people into thinking that you're cooler than they are, that you are the Human Protractor, or that your... [More]

Ladybug Poncho

Ladybug Poncho

Back to School List: X Notebooks X Binder X Pencils X Erasers X Pencil Sharpener X Backpack X Lunchbox Rain Coat Look no further...we found the most adorable rain ponchos for your dolls and dudes. We love the Ladybug Poncho ($18). Others to choose from include - tiger, monkey, butterfly,... [More]


Trilogy Botanical Moisture Masque

If Australia endorses this product as a remedy for dry summer locks, then it must be good. Trilogy Botanical Moisture Masque ($28) is made of marshmallow, coconut fruit, avocado oil and rosehip oil which sounds like four different kinds of awesome to us. We're totally going to spend the next... [More]


Delia's Vintage Eyelet Dress

The Vintage Eyelet Dress ($35, on sale) at Delia's looks like it was made to be worn on a late August day to an End of Summer Fair or Festival or even just on a beach walk as you contemplate the coming fall. It was a good summer, huh? Maybe... [More]


Schwarzkopf Dust It Mattifying Powder

Ever since we discovered the Schwarzkopf Dust It Mattifying Powder ($13), we've been keeping a bottle of it in our purses. The idea is to sprinkle a little powder into your hair, fluff with your fingers, and watch the magic happen. It adds lift and life to our dull locks--perfect... [More]


Personal Shopper: Chic Comfort Sandals for Elena

Elena writes: Hi Outblush! I am looking for a pair of fashionable but super walkable sandals. In a few weeks I will be lugging my stuff from San Francisco to Washington, DC, to start law school and trading in the foggy climate and my car in favor of heat waves... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: August 15, 2011

Crinkly, scaly, suede-y, or outright BIG - all of the bags in the newest Shopping List poll at The Purse Page have some serious texture. Go vote for the one you want to pat, polish, and play with! Next week, they'll feature a rundown of some of the winner's more... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-06 at 3.01.33 PM.png

Personal Shopper: A fun bag for Eve's baby-free outings

Eve writes: "Hello there Outblush, I need help. I am in search of a cute shoulder bag for everyday. In my former (pre-baby) life I carried dressy sophisticated handbags that def. don't compliment my new shlubby look. I have a diaper bag when baby is with me, I need a... [More]


Full Tilt Lace Top

We like the idea of using this Full Tilt Lace Top ($23) as a staple piece in our fall wardrobes. It comes in five different colors and the price is right to nab ourselves more than one. Maybe we'll buy one in our regular size to wear with skirts and... [More]


Obliging Bird Clip

Certainly displaying this Obliging Bird Clip ($18) from Anthropologie makes our homes look way more put together than the mail and receipts we currently have just scattered about our dining room table and office desk. It's just an added bonus that he's so adorable we want to name him and... [More]


Perlier White Almond Moisturizing Cream Bath

We aren't the kind of girl who wants to smell heavily of anything once that bath is over. We prefer a light scent like that of Perlier White Almond Moisturizing Cream Bath ($17). Easy on the nose and delicate on the skin, it's the perfect combination for the lady with... [More]


Adidas Honey Stripes Low Shoes

We haven't rocked a pair of casual Adidas shoes in ages. In junior high, if you were anyone, you totally had a pair. We wore some, but our parents insisted that we buy them with our own babysitting money. Maybe we'll watch our nieces and nephews a few times over... [More]


Robot Salt & Pepper Shaker Combo

Everyone at your dinner table likes to play with their food anyway, so why resist? At least you can get them to add a little oomph to their meals when they use the Robot Salt & Pepper Shaker Combo ($20) from Plasticland. Pretty soon he'll be a staple at meal... [More]


Doubtblush: Orlebar Brown Best in Class Bulldog Shorts

Sometimes we're just poking along here at work (or down the street, or through our mail) and we see something that is so delightful and desirable and new and clever that we smack a big old mental sticky note on it to remind us to share it with you. And... [More]


XEN-TAN E! Live From the Red Carpet

What's short and tan and on the red carpet (probably standing on a soap box)? No, sillies. Not Ryan Seacrest. It's XEN-TAN E! Live From the Red Carpet ($43), an adjustable, customizable self-tanner which puts you in the spot light without putting your ensemble on the d-list by sparing your... [More]


Golden Girls Sophia Necklace

If you're serious about your love and fandom for The Golden Girls (and who isn't?), then find your favorite girl over at Anomaly Jewelry. We've always been faithful to lovely Sophia, so we just may beat you to ordering the Golden Girls Sophia Necklace ($140). The back of each pendant... [More]

Juicy Couture Watercolor Neoprene Laptop Case

Juicy Couture Watercolor Neoprene Laptop Case

Whether you're an artist or not, you'll love the gorgeous colors of the Juicy Couture Watercolor Neoprene Laptop Case ($68). This vibrantly accented neoprene case has a supple velour lining to protect your goods. Art smock not included.... [More]

Lunchbox Love for Kids

Lunchbox Love for Kids

Sometimes our hectic morning routines get in the way of us telling our little ones how much we adore and love them so we're definitely going to stuff these fun little notes inside their lunch totes each and every day. We almost can't wait for Back to School season. Lunchbox... [More]


Hunter Dixon Million Pleats Midi

The Hunter Dixon Million Pleats Midi ($158) reminds us of oh so many layers of pink frosting--but not in that cloying, ate too much and now I have a stomachache and don't want to see pink frosting ever again way--more like, "OMG, this stuff is so light, fluffy, and perfect... [More]


Shiseido Refreshing Sun Protection Spray SPF 16

As if it's not bad enough to have fine hair, us follicularly challenged discriminatory gals have to deal with either the option of wearing a hat to the beach during the summer months or loading our parts with greasy sunscreen to ward off 3rd degree burns and a few days... [More]

LELO Gigi Personal Massager

Celebrate: LELO Gigi Personal Massager

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


AEO Graphic Pencil Case

OOOOH, so that's where we put it! The AEO Graphic Pencil Case ($10) has taken the guesswork out of where we stashed that important item that we didn't want to lose. Usually we, well, lose it thanks to our insistence of storing it some place safe that it turns out... [More]


Stay Calm and Join the Rebel Alliance Tee

We were fully prepared to be totally over the whole "Keep Calm" trend until we saw this Stay Calm and Join the Rebel Alliance Tee ($25). We changed our minds. Well, at least about rocking the geek love for as long as we can. Besides, we have our annual viewing... [More]


Regina Andrew Lighting Wood Bead Chandelier

We have a joke in our house that all ugly furniture is cabin furniture. But beach house furniture is laid back, refreshing and totally stylish. This Regina Andrew Lighting Wood Bead Chandelier ($1,248) is definitely going in the beach house. Made with hundreds of natural wood beads it epitomizes laid... [More]


Castañer Ula Canvas Espadrille

Just when we think bold colors reign supreme and bells and whistles come at a dime a dozen, we're refreshed to find fashion items that take simplicity and make a statement with it. The Castañer Ula Canvas Espadrille ($107, on sale) are playfully sophisticated in black and white with printed... [More]


Juice Beauty Lip Trio SPF 8 Lip Moisturizers

Ever been in one of those relationships (kiss) where you can't do anything (kiss) without leaning over (kiss) to kiss your new beau square on the mouth (kiss) because he's just too yummy not to (kiss)? Stock up on Juice Beauty Lip Trio SPF 8 Lip Moisturizers ($15) (kiss) for... [More]

Screen shot 2011-08-06 at 2.06.18 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Dresses for Kristina to wear to her man's Police Academy graduation events

Kristina writes: "Hey Outblush!! I am a loyal Outblush reader and have hit a fashion road-block that I initially didn't think would be a problem. My boyfriend of three years is graduating from the Police Academy at the end of September. We've been doing the long-distance thing for a while... [More]

Sparkle Star Crayons

Sparkle Star Crayons

We find coloring with crayons rather therapeutic so we'd love to break out our Sparkle Star Crayons ($2) and go to town. We, of course, love the sparkles and star shape, but we love the fact that each crayon has 2 colors.... [More]


Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Harder Hair Spray

Some of us don't have the fabulous volume Conan O'Brien flaunts every night on TBS. For the rest of us there's Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Harder Hair Spray ($10). If he can play hard and rock a gorgeous bouffant, why can't we dammit?!... [More]


Society 6 The Invincible Summer iPhone Case

Switch up your iPhone style with the The Invincible Summer iPhone Case ($35) from Society 6. Whether we like it or not, the summer's coming to an end--at least, outside. If we take the advice of our new phone case, we'll be seeing the sun in summer even when it's... [More]


Citrus Hair Pins

After seeing these adorable Citrus Hair Pins ($13 for 2) by JP With Love, we're going to give up all our bows and flowers. We're in the mood for something a little more refreshing. The only thing that could possibly make these pins better is a scratch 'n' sniff effect;... [More]


Dancing Witch's Broom

We refuse to believe that Halloween is anywhere near close enough to be preparing for, so instead of telling you we found an interesting decoration for that spooky eve, we're bringing you the original Roomba. Dancing Witch's Broom ($28)... [More]


Roxy Phanny Stripe Pack

Wait, what? Are fanny packs making a comeback? Roxy is usually pretty hip when it comes to laid back, teen/20's girl fashions but we're skeptical about the Phanny Stripe Pack ($13, on sale). We mean, as far as fanny packs goes, it's not ugly. But are we really ready to... [More]


SEPHORA Collection Pro Lesson Palette - Brown Eyes

Need some guidance in the ways of matching color? Or just need a new fresh look for a special event but don't want to spend mondo bucks on new makeup? The SEPHORA Collection Pro Lesson Palette - Brown Eyes ($28) is perfect for both. Complete with six hot-to-trot eye shadow... [More]


Williams-Sonoma Ravioli Stamps

We've been wanting to try our hand at homemade pasta for a while, but it's always seemed like a bit of a daunting task. Maybe we'll start simple and use these Williams-Sonoma Ravioli Stamps ($14, set of 2) to work on some cheese-stuffed pasta. It'll be just like cookie baking:... [More]


Rosy Rings Neroli Orange Flower Candle

We take really good care of the people around us and when it is time to take care of us, we do it by starting off with a lit Rosy Rings Neroli Orange Flower Candle ($44). The scent of mimosa, orange flower and ylang ylang combined with a good bag... [More]


Enamel Swallow Studs

We're going to go ahead and thank Kristen Wiig for rekindling our interest in teensy enameled stud earrings. We're seeing them everywhere these days, and are--for better or worse--adopting the habit of collecting every cute pair we come across. Our current fav are the Enamel Swallow Studs ($40) by EB... [More]


The Butt Station Blue Assistant

Depending on the humor level of your bosses, you may or may not be able to get away with The Butt Station Blue Assistant ($19) at work. It's pretty tacky, but in a harmless way so even if you're not about to stash this on your cubicle desktop, you could... [More]


Sparkle and Fade Basic Knit Swing Dress

We see a world of potential in the Sparkle and Fade Basic Knit Swing Dress ($20). We can rock it with those patterned tights we never know how to wear, we can throw on our favorite sweater to make it a little more buttoned up. We could probably even layer... [More]


Korres Showergel

Korres Showergel ($20) Heh heh. They said "douche". Now back to your regularly scheduled mature programming...... [More]