Doubtblush: Hot N Wild Shower Curtain

This Hot N Wild Shower Curtain ($26) is everything you don't want to find in a guy's apartment (sex toys that clearly require four or more persons to operate, lifetime subscriptions to at least eight porn magazines, Precious Moments figurines, a shrine to his ex, etc) the first time you... [More]


Personal Shopper: Kentucky wedding guest dresses for Lauren D

Lauren D. wrote, "Hi Guys!!! I love, love, love your site! I read everyday and have actually purchased some of your recommendations to others. I need a little help- I am headed to a wedding in Louisville, KY (I am from Maryland) which I know will be a huge party... [More]


Special Guest Post by Natasha at GLO: JimmyJane AfterGlow Candle

Today's guest post is brought to you by dating, sex and relationships enthusiast (read: obsessive ponderer) Natasha Burton, the Relationships Editor at Glo, a recently-launched lifestyle e-magazine for women. She'll be bringing you her picks of the best products, accessories and books for your love life, or lack thereof. I'm... [More]


Golden Girl: Desktop Porkstone

If your man would flip his lid knowing his paperweight had been within ten feet of Paulie Walnuts, then the Desktop Porkstone ($25) is a must (don't judge - you've been on that Sex and The City tour ten times!). Taken from the famous Satriale's Pork Store featured in the... [More]



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Casale Tower Base with Hutch

Is it okay that we're just a little In love with the Casale Tower Base with Hutch ($849)? At only 22 ½ inches wide and 16 inches deep, it will make the smallest of spaces look and feel like home. What a practical piece of furniture for the spatially-deprived.... [More]


OXO Tot Whale Pail

Make bath time cleanup a whale of a good time with the OXO Tot Whale Pail ($30)! Okay, terrible pun aside, this nifty little scooper helps you and Junior easily corral all those bathtub toys at the end of tub time, then rinse them in the perforated scoop, and, finally,... [More]


Grippies® Bear Stick-On Non-Slip Adhesives

It's no secret - you're in love with your new clogs, you've only been wearing them for two weeks straight. It's also no secret that you're tripping, falling, and coming out of them all the time. The Grippies® Bear Stick-On Non-Slip Adhesives ($5) are here to help. Just peel and... [More]



Just because you regret the dolphin scene you got inked on your lower back during Spring Break '97, that's no reason to let it get all faded and runny. TattooBrite ($25) uses an Inkbrite complex to penetrate your dermal level and enhance your colors - making them bright, intense and... [More]


Junk Food NFL Collection

If you aren't super jazzed about the upcoming NFL season - you should be! And if the only way you can get into the spirit is by shopping, then we're ok with that too, and ask you to take a gander at the Junk Food NFL Collection ($36-38). Featuring all... [More]


Kraft Moving Announcement Cards

Congrats lady! You just got your first big girl house. Now how are people supposed to send you fabulous finds for decorating if they don't know your new address? The Kraft Moving Announcement Cards ($13) feature your sweet new addy along with a map and dot cut out of your... [More]


Coach Audrie Boots

There's nothing quite as luxurious as a new leather handbag. (We're not gonna lie, sometimes we think about rolling around naked with our snappy new purchase.) We've found a new indulgence for fall - buttery leather boots! The Coach Audrie Boots ($378) are just as delicious as the handbags we... [More]


Mag Table

We love that they call this a "Mag Table" ($199), like it's just a little too hip to be referred to by its full name. Even though the name gives us a giggle, the clever styling of this magazine table means it looks as cool in a contemporary room as... [More]


Tetris Cozy

Who among us has played Tetris, closed their eyes, and not seen blocks falling from the sky? We didn't think so. Give an ode to one of your favorite, no frills, no nonsense video games with the Tetris Cozy ($22). The perfect size for your iPod or iPhone, this pouch... [More]


Clarified Key Lime

You'll amaze all your snobby classic cocktail loving friends when you bust out the Clarified Key Lime ($5) bottle at your next soiree. This juice made with real Key limes and pure cane sugar tastes amazing in gimlets, a Tom Collins or Cosmos. You can also wow them with this... [More]


Apartment Feeder

Just because we're big city girls doesn't mean we don't have a part of us that misses the great outdoors. We're being kind to our feathered friends even though we don't have a backyard or a tree within sight by hanging Pigeon Toe Ceramics Apartment Feeder ($30). This small feeder... [More]


CC Skye Flash Earrings

::Cue Freddie Mercury & Queen, all attired in metallic gold leggings, fringe, and not much else:: "Flash!..... Ah-aaaaah! Savior of the universe!!" CC Skye Flash Earrings ($110)... [More]



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Personal Shopper: Fashionable Longhorns-Orange Attire for Cassie

Cassie K. wrote, "I'm a girl who loves a good live college football game from her alma mater - The University of Texas, down in Austin, Texas - and loves to show her spirit in burnt orange. BUT, I don't want to show my spirit in some run-of-the-mill t-shirt that... [More]


And Now Let The Wild Rumpus Start

Taken from one of our favorite children's books, Where The Wild Things Are, And Now Let The Wild Rumpus Start ($28) will inspire your children to play, create, dream and go wild in their rooms. This lovely blue, green, yellow, pink and orange print will add a splash of color... [More]


D.I.Y. Delicious

So maybe you can't reupholster your own couch, or sew yourself a formal gown, or knit a blanket for your granny, but you can definitely whip up something in the kitchen - even if it's just a bowl of cereal, you did it yourself! Expand your skills with D.I.Y. Delicious:... [More]


Animal Print File Folders

What is it about cute office accessories that make it so much less painful to pay bills and get some work done? Take a look at these Animals Print File Folders ($39/3 sets). Not everyone loves animal print, but c'mon, what a cute way to take the sting out of... [More]


BCBG Max Azria Strapless Banded Minidress

Is there any way we could afford this BCBG Max Azria Strapless Banded Mini Dress ($318) without eating nothing but Ramen for the next two months? No. Is there anywhere we could wear it and be taken seriously, except maybe on Halloween in a modified S&M mistress/ Barbarella costume? No.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Computer Desks for Valerie

Valerie K. wrote, "My fiance and I are looking for a new computer desk for our office/guest room, but everything we have found seems so overpriced or gaudy. Our basic needs include a few drawers to store pens, paper, etc.; a stand, cradle, or other shelf for a tower-shaped computer;... [More]


Plume Perfume Bottle

This is one of those gifts you give yourself as a reward for one honking big achievement. The Plume Perfume Bottle ($325) by designer Chip Scarborough holds your favorite perfume and adds a classic flair to the powder room or bedroom dresser.... [More]


Miles Davis: Bitches Brew (Legacy Edition)

If for some reason you've been living under a musical rock, you might not have had the immense pleasure of an afternoon spent with one of the greatest albums of all time. Not to worry, we can think of no better way to be introduced to these monumental tracks than... [More]


Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo & Conditioner

As cheese-tacular as those 70's and 80's ads for Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo & Conditioner ($15 each) were, that really is the response you'll get. The scent is a spicy floral, and believe it or not, they'll actually leave your hair not only smelling nice, but looking and... [More]


Cooper Armchair and Ottoman

We were drawn to this Armchair And Ottoman Set ($530) made of recycled leather. The cool, contemporary lines with a nod toward mid-century modernism, combined with the luscious colors make us lust for one of these sets in our place.... [More]



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Not Your Mother's Microwave Cookbook

Microwaves kinda get a bad rap in the kitchen - many serious chefs refuse to even have one - and we used to just use ours to nuke frozen dinners and popcorn... 'Til we discovered there was more that little box could do, thanks to Not Your Mother's Microwave Cookbook:... [More]


Tagines with Wood Bases

Not real sure about the name, because from what we understand Tagines are a type of meat and veggie dish from Morocco. But seriously, does it really matter? Not so much because we really dig this Tagines with Wood Base ($79-$139) and can just imagine serving up something incredible on... [More]


Personal Shopper: Dorm bedding for Meghan's second college career

Meghan S. wrote, "I'm 25 and have found myself starting over. I'm a technology teacher and was cut from my position last school year. I've been unemployed for a year and to no avail I'm still jobless. I'm selling all of my things and starting over. I'm headed off to... [More]


Personal Shopper: Flat Black Boots for Dana's Minnesota Winters

Dana B. writes, "Hello all, I'm looking for some ankle to mid-calf boots that are as flat as possible. I live in Minneapolis where winter often involves braving harsh elements. I'm quite tall, just under 6', and am married to a wonderful man who is shorter than me, so I'm... [More]


Doubtblush: YSL Palais Goat Fur Trimmed Pumps

Dear Yves St. Laurent, Did a vengeful janitor jam a manky used toilet brush through the heel of these Yves Saint Laurent 'Palais' Genuine Goat Fur Trim Suede Platform Pumps ($880) because she loved them, but couldn't justify them because couture footwear would hardly be a practical choice, given her... [More]


Personal Shopper: Poker Tables for Ashleigh's Boyfriend's Birthday

Ashleigh Z. wrote, "Hi Outblush, My boyfriends' birthday is coming up and I have started plotting on what to get him for the big day !! I already know he would LOVE a poker table for our apartment - but I can't get over how ugly most of them are... [More]


Baggy Rack

So, the name "Baggy Rack" ($10) may sound like some sort of septuagenarian dirty joke, but we promise this is actually quite the useful little bugger. It holds plastic storage bags open and upright to make them easier to fill - particularly handy when you're trying to store sloppy stuff,... [More]


This Is A Call: The Power

Yes, we own The Secret DVD, book and book on CD - so naturally we were super pumped to hear Rhonda Byrne was introducing a follow-up, The Power ($11). The Power is said to help us understand how to change our relationships, money, health, happiness and career. Thing is -... [More]


Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera

We're calling this Poloroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera ($200) the perfect accessory for the hyperactive adult. Oh sure, you can take your digital camera home and upload the photos onto your computer, but why not achieve absolute instant gratification by seeing the pictures you take right away?... [More]


Pomegranate Stripe Silk Artisan Sling

For the mother that isn't the BABYBJÖRN type, the Pomegranate Stripe Silk Artisan Sling ($340) is just right. This gorgeous wrap features chocolate silk with raspberry, terracotta and red on the reverse. Uniquely designed, this sling fits all Mommy shapes and sizes, as well as all baby sizes. Not sling... [More]


Joe's Jeans Princess Suede Platform Wedges

Not only are we crushing on the idea of Fall being right around the corner, we're crushing on the Joe's Jeans Princess Suede Platform Wedges ($232) to go with all that Fall. Imagine the jeans, skirts, shorts and dresses that will look amazing with these gray suede platform sandals with... [More]


Celeb Style: Rihanna's A.L.C Bandage Skirt

If you follow our sister site, PursePage, we were just discussing Rihanna's uber-cool Dolce & Gabbana clutch the other day, and making note of her professional-yet-chic outfit. Part of the coolness is thanks to her A.L.C. nude bandage skirt, which retails for over $400! If you're like us, you like... [More]


ControlTalk™ Heartbeats™ by Lady Gaga In-Ear Headphones

Crystal clear sound, amazing bass, and the ability to show your Gaga love without dressing in giant hair bows and leotards - the ControlTalk™ Heartbeats™ by Lady Gaga In-Ear Headphones ($150) have it all. Some of the coolest headphones we've ever come across, they feature built-in ControlTalk™ remote for playback,... [More]


Hardback Book Lamp

No doubt about it, this Hardback Book Lamp ($75) is not going to fit into the décor of just any room. But if you've designed a fun, slightly funky place, it will make an interesting conversation piece. Oh, and you can hide things you want out of sight under the... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Tan Messenger Bag for Allison

Allison P. wrote, "Hello Outblush! My boyfriend attends an out of state college and I plan on doing a lot of travelling to see him. I'm looking for a faux leather, tan messenger bag with a vintage feel that will qualify as carry on size, but not scream LUGGAGE BAG!... [More]


Doubtblush: The Treadmill Desk

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


ModKicker Catnip Toy

We imagine if you filled a small sac with Louboutins and Manolos - we'd act much like a cat does when given catnip. The ModKicker Catnip Toy ($4) is a designer cat toy perfect for snuggling, attacking, licking and loving. Stuffed with organic catnip and polyfill, these sturdy toys feature... [More]


Warhol Style 4 Panels

Think of a face you love. Now, imagine that face printed on a Warhol Style 4 Panel ($200) piece of art. It can be anyone (even your goldfish, if you so desire - we won't judge).... [More]


The Weepies: Be My Thrill

We've been singing the lyrics of "Gotta Have You" for some five years, so it's lucky for us The Weepies: Be My Thrill ($11) gives us something new to hum obsessively. This Indie duo continues to provide us with pure organic acoustic sounds and juicy pop harmonies for consumption. Accessible... [More]


Badgley Mischka Sequin-Top Gown

Your mother is no slouch when it comes to fashion, so there's no reason she should be schlepping around your wedding in some mix and match number. The Badgley Mischka Sequin-Top Gown ($650) screams mother-of-the-bride divinity. With a v-neck black and silvery sequined top and black evening gown skirt with... [More]


Tili Bags

Like we need another incentive to brown-bag it to work. Spending less money and eating fewer calories usually convinces us, but now we can add being greener to the mix. Tili Bags ($8-9) are reusable resealable bags that come in two sizes for our lunch time staples. Chic and colorful,... [More]



Start 'em young learning their alphabet and developing an eye for clever design with Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types ($14). The animals formed out of letters bring out our inner typography geek, and it's time to pass that on to the next generation.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Oxford Outfits for Taylor

Taylor writes: I recently bought the wonderful light brown oxford heels from J. Crew the only problem is I can't really think of many outfits that would go with them. I want to wear them to work and in my normal life as well. Any ideas? Hi Taylor! Great buy... [More]


Loft Cable System

If you live in an urban loft (or simply want your place to resemble one) this Loft Cable System ($44) is your ticket to sophisticated design style. The 20' long cable and heavy duty brackets are sleek, modern, and strong enough to hold a sturdy pair of drapes.... [More]


Mario Badescu Cleansing Gel & Aloe Moisterizer

Mario Badescu is perhaps most well known for their Drying Lotion ($17). But their entire line of botanical skin care products are well worth looking into. It's rare to pick up a bottle of cleanser, lotion, or toner, and not only be able to read all of the ingredients easily... [More]


Breuckelen Gin

Things we heart: Great taste. Great packaging. Great buzz. Breuckelen Gin ($34).... [More]


Monster Friends

Whether you have a little kid whose nightmares you're trying to stave off or a boyfriend who's still a kid at heart these Monster Friends Posters ($25 each) are a fun nod to the big and bad without being overly intimidating (or unattractive, if you happen to be sharing wall... [More]


Splendid Lace Tank

Oh the versatile tank top, winter or summer, layered or on its own, it's always just the right top. Comfy and casual or dressed up with snappy accessories, we're bound to look good. The Splendid Lace Contrast Tank ($24) adds a sexy detail with a lace panel that starts at... [More]


Teardrop Mobile

Do we ever really grow up, and why do the kids get to have all the fun anyway? This Teardrop Mobile ($70) is designed to stimulate our minds, to provide us with hours of enjoyment. Oh, and it makes for an interesting decorating detail.... [More]


Nonpareil Rhinestone and Pearl Headband

For the bride who feels that a veil is too traditional or stuffy, the Nonpareil Rhinestone and Pearl Headband ($132) is perfection. Composed of a large vintage rhinestone ornament, this one of a kind hair piece is hand-wired with tons of pearly white glass beads on a flexible silver plated... [More]


Twisted Fruit Bowl

A little twisted is kinda nice and this Fruit Bowl ($40) is no exception. We've seen pretty much every other fruit bowl on the planet (okay, a wild exaggeration) and this one is visually interesting and useful. Plus, you can see enough of your fruit to make sure the stuff... [More]


Manuka Prana Acupressure Mat

We don't need a yogi guru to know that the Manuka Prana Acupressure Mat ($35, including cute bag) is a good buy. Apply the ancient philosophy of Chinese Acupressure to everyday lady pains, and feel smarter for it. 6000 points in our body get undivided attention to help to alleviate... [More]


Tabac Eau de Cologne

So you've done the gourmands. You've done the big aldehydes and the big orientals. You've done the white florals and the fruity florals - and you're still looking for a scent that makes you feel sexy and grown-up and unique. And Outblush is seriously recommending a cheap-ass ex-Soviet men's cologne... [More]


Birth Announcement Cuff Links

Dads are often overlooked when it comes time to celebrate a new baby. Hey, have an idea here. Why don't you be that one thoughtful soul who gives the new dad a nod by gifting him with these Birth Announcement Cuff Links ($100), commemorating the name and birth date of... [More]


T-Fal 4-Slice Digital Toaster

We were looking for a toaster with ample room for our thick, crusty bagels - but what we found was so much more! The T-Fal 4-Slice Digital Toaster ($40) has it all - a bagel function that toasts the inside while gently warming the outside, extra high-lift function, extra-wide slots,... [More]


The "Ex" Five-Piece Knife Set

Sometimes you just gotta have something because looking at it makes you giggle. Such is the case with the "Ex" Five-Piece Knife Set ($70). Regardless of how mad you are at him, we've watched enough Law and Order to know you can't actually stick a knife in his cheating gullet.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Birthday Frock for Vanessa M

Vanessa M. wrote, "Hi Outblush! I love your site! I've actually written to you guys before and you were such a tremendous help I was hoping for some more good luck! My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I've been searching for the perfect outfit. I fell... [More]


Personal Shopper: Professional-but-sporty grad student attire for Monique

Monique S. wrote: "Outblush staff: Just as so many of your readers.... I LOVE your blog. That being said, I have a difficult request! I work as a graduate research assistant for the Human Performance- Exercise Physiology lab for my University. I will also be teaching this fall for the... [More]


Personal Shopper: Leopard Print Maternity Dresses for Naya

Naya W. wrote, "Hi Outblush! I've been a long-time reader and fan! I always enjoy the recurring themes of bacon and mustaches in the blog. I would like to put in a personal shopper request of my own. I love that leopard print is going to be a very big... [More]


Clear Shoe Bins

Why, oh why are the simple products so dreamy? Imagine storing your shoes in these Clear Shoe Bins ($49). Not only are they contemporary enough to look like art stacked in a corner, but now we can find our shoes without having to look under the bed or sorting through... [More]


Metal Wine Bottle Holder

Cute but not kitschy, right? That can be tough to find in kitchen décor. We know; we spend all day looking for it. The Wine Bottle Holder ($24) is a whimsical way to display a single bottle of wine, a message to the world that you don't take life too... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Black Capri Romper for Natalie

Natalie G. left a comment on our Facebook page, saying, "Help! I need, ok crave, a capri black romper for a Labor Day weekend in NYC. Can you help me find one that is not trashy but fabulous???" No problem, Natalie! There are a lot of rompers/jumpers/jumpsuits on sale right... [More]


Sales & Steals: 8/27/10

Wait a sec... It's already the last weekend in August? What the... Where'd this summer go, anyways? Eh, whatever, we're just excited for the weather to cool down and for sweater season! Enjoy this week's Sales & Steals below, and, as always, we wish you a fabulous weekend! The Body... [More]


Personal Shopper: Dark Purple Twin Sized 300 Thread Count Duvets for Laurie S

Laurie S. is one picky gal: "Hi Outblush, When it comes to bedding I'm sort of a princess -- think the Princess and the Pea -- in that I want a soft, but pretty, dark purple duvet (a la this quilt here). This may seem easy, but with a twin... [More]


Philosophy Cookies n' Crème

Dear Philosophy: We have been waiting many, many years (okay, like, two, but, stay with us here) for you to release a cookies n' crème ice cream-scented body wash. And now that you've done it, with new Cookies n' Crème Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath ($16), you're trying to... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Sequined Mesh Clutches

Good things have been happening at Halston Heritage ever since Sarah Jessica Parker stepped in. The line has honed its signature streamlined style to a razor-sharp edge. Case in point? This Halston Heritage Susan Evening Clutch ($235, #1 in pic). It distills a flashy sequined evening clutch into something refined,... [More]


Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Collection

We just never got enough of Jemaine and Bret - and now we can have them all to ourselves with Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Collection ($39). Join this rag tag team of musicians as they chase fame, fortune and ladies in New York City. During the most inappropriate... [More]


Luminous by Lorac

Not into layers of makeup floating on your skin, but want a little glow? We absolutely adore Perfectly Lit Luminous By Lorac ($32). One quick swipe across the face with a soft bristled applicator and our faces look dewy and fresh.... [More]


Pilates Gym Bag

We know we don't have to look pulled together when we go to Pilates class, but as long as we're paying so blessed much for use of the equipment, we might as well dress ourselves up a bit. This very hip Pilates Gym Bag ($42) is made of rice bag... [More]

Bear Bottle Opener

Bear Bottle Opener

Does this mug look all too familiar? We think don't mess with us when it comes to our beer puuuhhhlease! The Bear Bottle Opener ($14) will be appropriate to affix on the wall in your bar or game room. No need to worry, your guests will grin and bear... [More]


Rustic Coffee Table

If you're a girl with imagination (and we believe you are), you might imagine that the wood used to build this low, rustic coffee table ($499) was gleaned from the door of an old castle, or collected from the planks of a barn where lovers once met. In any case,... [More]


Elizabeth and James Kyra Cardigan

Found: The sweater we're going to live in all fall and winter long. This Elizabeth & James Kyra Cardigan ($395) features a relaxed boyfriend silhouette with an unexpected chiffon ruffle along the placket contrasted with a masculine leather belt. It's sumptuously soft, and plays well with everything from jeans to... [More]


Nomskulls Cupcake Molds

Oh, how our hearts delight at the first sign of Halloween decor and candy! The Nomskulls Cupcake Molds ($12) is tops on our list of must-haves for upcoming fall festivities. From those ghoulish minds at Fred, four silicone skulls hold your yummy baked goods. Whip up some grey batter and... [More]


The Beatles 100 Greatest Songs

Oh! Darling, Because You Can't By Me Love, Please Please Me with The Beatles 100 Greatest Songs ($10). After A Hard Day's Night, I'm So Tired but It Won't Be Long... Here Comes the Sun. Love, Sexy Sadie... [More]


Sterling Silver Whisk Necklace

In a pinch over what to get the baker that has everything? Well, we can pretty much guarantee that they don't already have a Sterling Silver Whisk Necklace ($48). This adorable whisk is hand fabricated out of sterling silver and hangs from a 16"-18" silver cable chain. If by chance... [More]


Indie Film Of The Month Club

If you're a girl with an independent streak (and we suspect you are) there's a part of you that shuns the commercial. The more advertisers tell you that you must see a particular movie, the less likely you are to do it. Independent films are more your thing. So, how... [More]


Erickson Longboards

We've decided walking just takes too damn long, but we're still conscious enough of the environment to know it's not ideal for us to drive to the liquor store two blocks away. So, we've taken up longboarding, which doesn't require an extraordinary amount of balance or coordination - a big... [More]


Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette

Part of their 2010 holiday collection (and doesn't it just look like the world's most fabulous Christmas tree star?), the new Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette ($38, back in stock soon - dammit, it already sold out! Keep refreshing your browsers, kittens!!!) is a shadow addict's dream come true.... [More]


Harlow Fedora

Fedoras are interesting. Yeah, they're visually appealing and all that....but they're fascinating because you can wear them with just about anything and they make everything look jaunty. How does that work, anyway? Everyone looks pulled together in a fresh fedora; cool, casual and laid back. Today we really like this... [More]


Personal Shopper: Chic Wooden Jewelry Boxes for Reseigh

Reseigh wrote, "Hey Outblush, I have grown weary of detangling necklaces and finding matching earrings. I need a nice wooden jewelry box I won't be ashamed to have on my dresser. Any chance you can help me? Thanks, Reseigh" Janetor here, Reseigh, and I've rounded up six intriguing (not cheesy)... [More]

village laptop backpack-s.jpg

Village Hardware Bag

Messenger bags work well most of the time, but we're a little slouched to one side from the crooked weight distribution. Our man likes watching movies and working hard, and the fully padded Village Hardware Bag ($80) can fit the broadest widescreen (up to 17˝ notebook). Plus, the backpack straps... [More]


Claire Burke Original Gift Bundle

Listen up, ladies. If this Claire Burke Original ($50) reminds you of the vappouri your mother used to mist the house with before company came, there's good reason. Claire Burke Original has been awhile for a while, but doesn't that tell you something? There's nothing quite like it to make... [More]

make your own corsage-s.jpg

Make Your Own Corsage

In many ways, we don't fit the profile to Make Your Own Corsage ($10). We're not a child, and it's not prom season... But that doesn't mean we can't use these pretty supplies for our own beautiful creations. Try adding some studs to these blooms for some much needed edge.... [More]


Birdcage Pendant Light Chandelier

Way tweeter cuter than that Ikea lamp you were planning to study by, no? Birdcage Pendant Light Chandelier ($63) See more chandelier pendant lights.... [More]


French Wire Hamper

Finally, dirty laundry turns into décor you don't mind your guests seeing. Use this antique-style French Wire Hamper ($129) to wheel your whites & darks down to the laundry room, or store neatly rolled towels in a guest room. Trés chic! See more laundry hampers.... [More]


In Case of Fire, Exit Before Tweeting Tee

Dude. I am totally at that fire. So not everyone has as much common sense as you do. Be the public safety reminder person for your friends and coworkers in this civic-minded tee ($20 for most women's sizes). IN CASE OF FIRE EXIT BUILDING BEFORE TWEETING ABOUT IT, indeed.... [More]


Picture Frame Lamp

We're girls who love to conserve space. Anytime we can find one product that does two jobs, we get a little giddy. As long as we're going to have a lamp next to our bed, why don't we make it one of these Picture Frame Lamps ($38)? Better to display... [More]


Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More

Sometimes you have to overlook the fact that someone came late to the party and be glad they showed up at all. That's how we're feeling about Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More ($5). Released earlier this year, this album of awesomeness needs to find its way to your iPod... [More]

lace bLAZER-s.jpg

Lace Hook & Eye Blazer

Let's be honest--the Lace Hook & Eye Blazer ($59) is the cheapest decent looking unlined black lace blazer we've seen. With padded shoulders balanced by and shirred 3/4 length sleeves, this pocketed jacket is prim but not proper. Well, the seamed bodice is too sexy to be proper, and we... [More]


Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids

Only Cynthia Rowley could make a paper cut into an opportunity to accessorize. Cover up your next boo-boo with a faboosh, limited edition Cynthia Rowley Band-Aid ($10 for box of 20). $1 from the sale of each tin goes to Design Ignites Change, an organization that "engages high school and... [More]


Metal Bird Bookmark

It's always nice to sit quietly and read with a buddy. It's even nicer when that buddy doesn't breathe too heavily, laugh loudly at things in their book, or hog the footstool. We've appointed this Gold Bird Metal Bookmark ($8) our new reading companion.... [More]


Spooning Poster

The large Spooning Poster ($56) is a lovely bit of kitsch - perfect for your bedroom. Deciding who gets to be the big spoon is a little more complicated.... [More]

magnetic ring-s.jpg

Magnetic Ring Necklace

Sure, we have plenty of toys, but they in no way shape or form can be worn (We don't want to scandalize the entire neighborhood). The interactive Magnetic Ring Necklace ($36) is a toy and an accessory. Shape the magnetic balls into a strand, and build embellishments on the included... [More]


Garlic Keeper

For those of us who spend hours in our kitchen, whipping up gourmet meals that astound our friends (and who among us doesn't) there is this simple Garlic Keeper ($15). Seriously, we're never sure where to keep those cloves that seem to last forever...What is it with garlic anyway?... [More]


Rainforest Tree

We've all faced the "gift dilemma" as we've attempted to purchase a gift for someone who, literally, has everything under the sun. The idea of giving someone a Rainforest Tree ($50) is twofold: you give a unique gift, and you help save the planet. The lucky gift recipient will receive... [More]


Bargain Betty: NYX Studio Liquid Liners

We all have our Holy Grail beauty products, ones we'll buy until the day we die, no matter how expensive they get. Everything else, however, is up for grabs - after all, experimenting is part of the fun of being a girl! (Or guy, we're not judging.) And, yet, who... [More]


Happy 19th Amendment Day, Ladies!

Did you know that on August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment, which grants women the right to vote, was officially certified (by then Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby) and made a part of the U.S. Constitution? Which makes today the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment - shout hurray, sisters!... [More]


Personal Shopper: Alternative Suit Jackets for Jamie M

Jamie M. wrote, "Hi Outblush, I'm a loyal reader and love your personal shopping feature. You are a godsend for those of us who are fashion-challenged. I'm a lawyer who is allowed to wear business casual clothes during the summer, but we're supposed to go back to full suits for... [More]


Silk Scarf Necklace

Even though the Silk Scarf Necklace ($56) by Kapow! Wow! is a little bizarre, we have to say, it has panache. Using a patchwork of fabrics from Beyond the Valley Spring/Summer 2010 collection, this limited edition piece makes a bang. We're still wrapping our heads around the whole necklace-that-keeps-you-warm idea.... [More]


Dear Cab Driver Napkins

We certainly hope you'll never have to use one of these Dear Cab Driver Napkins ($5), but we're guessing if you do, you'll have had a pretty awesome night. Call your friends the next day to find out what happened. See more cocktail napkins.... [More]



If you're going to spend ten grand on a piece of exercise equipment, you damn well better not use it to drape your laundry on. We don't know if its jaw-dropping design will actually make you work out more, but the Ciclotte ($10,700) is certainly too gorgeous to sit collecting... [More]


Mrs. Godfrey Chair

We don't know who Mrs. Godfrey is, but she must have good taste! We'd like to thank her for inspiring Jonathan Adler to create the Mrs. Godfrey Chair ($1495). We'd love to have this comfy and sophisticated chair in our posh pad. It has a retro feel, but is definitely... [More]

Personalized First Dance Print

Personalized First Dance Print

We're bombarded with summer weddings this year, which is great, but sometimes we need to find the perfect gift for that lovely couple (instead of stuffing the envelope with a check). We're loving the Personalized First Dance Print ($500), which has a vintage feel with a personalization twist. Chicago-based artist... [More]


Claudia Dress

Well hello, gorgeous! If you're looking for a LBD that goes beyond a simple silhouette, this silky, lacy, Claudia Dress ($187 on sale) is a good bet. The demure high neckline is counteracted by a sexy zippered slit up the back, so you'll have all eyes on you coming and... [More]


LLAP Shirt

It's no secret that we love a good bit of geeky insider-ness. It's with that in mind that we invite you to wear your LLAP Shirt ($23) with pride - while feeling free not to tell anyone what it means.* *Live Long And Prosper... [More]


Scoiattolo Nutcracker

It's rare that we find ourselves wishing we had a nutcracker, but it's pretty often that we consider buying items in the shape of cute animals. So, while we don't really see a need for this Scoiattolo Nutcracker ($120), we definitely want it. We're getting a hankering for walnuts already...... [More]

Mushroom Kingdom Eraser Pot

Mushroom Kingdom Eraser Pot

Ohh how love our erasers! They're the only little gadgets that can truly erase our mistakes. And we can't think of a more fun way to store them. The Mushroom Kingdom Eraser Pot ($5) comes with approximately eight little erasers to help you correct any blunders made.... [More]


Harbinger Co. Cat-Eye Glasses Ring

Don't make a spectacle of yourself! (Sorry.) Even 20/20 folks can appreciate the whimsy of this sterling silver The Harbinger Co. Cat-Eye Glasses Ring ($64), handmade in San Francisco. Boys will definitely make passes at girls in these glasses! (Again, sorry.)... [More]



Somehow, we're never able to find a bottle opener when we need one, but we always know where our iPhone is. Thus, the brilliant iBottleopener ($20) was born. It's the practical accessory every beer-loving social butterfly needs. Call and invite your friends over and then open their brewskis with the... [More]


Wallies Peel & Stick Chalkboards

For nifty chalkboard walls without having to pick up a paintbrush, we're digging on Wallies Peel & Stick Chalkboard ($23 for a set of 4). Available in four colors (slate gray, grape, green, and blue), you can mix & match them to create a Mondrian-esque patchwork canvas on your office... [More]


Street Legal Leather Motorcycle Jacket

We dare you to look at this insanely cool motorcycle jacket without hearing "Beat It" in your head. Sure, you'll probably get comparisons to Michael Jackson when you wear this jacket out, but hello! Captain E-O just reopened at Disneyland, and Michael Jackson is SO 2010 (and probably 2011). The... [More]


Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation

$50. For one wee pot of foundation. New Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation ($50) had better be good, but the buzz 'round the beauty blog-o-sphere is indicating it's worth it. The formula is infused with tons of moisturizers, plus "advanced optical diffusers" to smooth away lines and wrinkles. Recommended for... [More]


The Smoking Gun

You ever sitting around, and suddenly get the urge to know what smoked apple pie would taste like? How about smoked broccoli, or bologna? Or, what about smoked Skittles? Come on, you've thought about it, right? The Smoking Gun ($100) can smoke just about anything you've ever dreamed of giving... [More]


Bacon Jam

Skillet Street Food provides creative chef driven food to the streets of Seattle in none other than an Airstream. One of their crowning achievements is Bacon Jam ($12). They take a load of the good stuff, bacon, render it down and add spices and onions and let it simmer for... [More]


Personal Shopper: Individualistic Wedding Guest Dresses for Katy

Katy C. wrote, "Allright, I am loving all your recommendations for everyone else, so I'm going to throw my plea into the mix. My BFF is getting married in October, and I don't know what to wear. It's an evening ceremony and reception, relatively fancy but still kind of funky/individualistic.... [More]


Diaper Bag Vests

It's a vest! It's a diaper bag! It's... Diaper Vest Wearable Diaper Bags ($80)!! Most guys we know wouldn't be caught dead toting many of the diaper bags we've featured before, so these seemingly innocuous fleece vests are a perfect compromise. With tons of pockets for everything from wipes to... [More]


Petrified Wood Slabs

Hey, we have an idea. Let's bring the 70s back by decorating with slabs of Petrified Wood ($90-$145). After all, it was such a great idea the first time. None of those chunks of wood ever ended up in a garage sale. Sometimes we just have to ask, "Why?"... [More]


Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: Consumers Putting off Back-to-School Shopping

Time to git yr learnin on! Everybody Loves Coupons, of fame, is a blog about, what else, coupons: how to use 'em, where to get 'em, and saving serious cash with 'em. But lurking inside this unassuming blog are some surprisingly well-researched and interesting articles about the economy, seasonal... [More]


Chinese Take Out Trash Can

Confucius say, "Take out garbage before smell ruins more than just your chances of getting laid." Or, at least, just fold the flap lids closed on this Chinese Take Out Trash Bin ($14).... [More]


Silk Peignoir Set

Remember the Queen, the bug-nutty chick who was so jealous of our girl Snow White? Well, the vain old Queen would have forgotten all about her young rival if she'd peered into that mirror wearing this Silk Peignoir Set ($465). Look, if you're going to stand in front of a... [More]


Secret Identity Kits

Need to elude an old boyfriend, landlord, boss or credit card company? The Secret Identity Kit ($8) is the answer. With each kit you'll receive a troubleshooting guide, signature practice sheet, registration form and more. Choose between six new identities including Hank "Shank" Sherman, Ruben Fletcher, Marcy Fine, Andrew Larson... [More]


Wedgwood Alphabet Set

The perfect present for the new baby girl in your life, the Wedgwood Alphabet Set ($60) features the fabulous illustrations of Eric Ravilious. A painter, designer and book illustrator, Ravilious' life ended tragically while accompanying a Royal Air Force rescue mission off Iceland. This plate, bowl and mug set features... [More]

bebe dress-s.jpg

Foil Print Spandex Dress

Judging from the name of the Foil Print Spandex Dress ($98), we'd think slipping it on would make us a straight up hoochie. Good thing Bebe made the right choice and gave this mini dress sleeves. The shine is bright enough without too much bare skin. This'll be our war... [More]


I'm With Fatty

We tend to think that we ladies are the only sex that struggle with weight issues and constant struggles with the scale. Not that we delight in the suffering of others, but I'm With Fatty: Losing Fifty Pounds in Fifty Miserable Weeks ($14) is a welcome view of weight loss... [More]

Triple Berry French Toast Casserole

Triple Berry French Toast Casserole

We can't wait until Sunday morning brunch! And our stomachs are rumblin' already...the Triple Berry French Toast Casserole ($30) is a decadent, delicious brunch treat. We also love it because our guests will think we slaved in the kitchen all morning, but little do they know that this incredible treat... [More]


Isabel Toledo for Payless Toreador Pumps

You may know Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo as a favorite of our First Lady - she designed Michelle Obama's yellow inauguration ceremony ensemble - but fashionistas everywhere adore her couture collection, which starts around $3,000 a piece. Ow. Which is why we were so excited to hear that she's put... [More]


Arte Italica Vintage Ice Bucket

Oh, nuts. Sometimes something is just so cool we have to show it to you. Could we live without this Arte Italica Vintage Ice Bucket? Um, yes. Do we want to? Heck, no. Think of all the things we could use it for. We could store rolled towels in the... [More]


Ted Baker Foose Football Trunk

You love your man in his skivvies. He loves goofy underwear with sports related patterns that make him feel 4 again. We'd call the Ted Baker Foose Football Trunk ($30) a win on all fronts.... [More]


Shoe Trap Organizer

We're amazed by the attractiveness and versatility of these simple pieces. Sure, they're being sold as shoe storage (price depends upon configuration chosen) and would work well in that capacity, but consider all the other things you can stow in there. Wouldn't it be the perfect out-of-the-way spot for beauty... [More]


I'm Sorry Chocolate Bar (for Kiss-and-Make-Up Day)

You were a total jerk, and you know it. Yes, you do. Fortunately, August 25th is Kiss-and-Make-Up Day, so we can nag you about it as much as we want to. It won't work for a cataclysmic misdeed, but if you've neglected or disrespected someone recently, we suggest a sincere... [More]


Personal Shopper: Elopement Dresses for Emily N

Emily N. writes, "Dear Personal Shopper, In a months time, I am traveling to New York to get married in a small informal "elopement" wedding. The plan is for the both of us to pick a wedding outfit the day of the wedding for a low-budget price. Although I can't... [More]


Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster Collection

187 makeup products for $48. A $435 value. An automatic entry into a Sephora Silver Ticket Sweepstakes, which could win you a $1,000 Sephora shopping spree and a 1-year supply of Sephora Collection products. Um. We don't see many downsides to this, do you? Available for the next 48 hours... [More]

one of a kind boot-s.jpg

Doubtblush: One-of-a-kind Boot

Sometimes we're just poking along here at work (or down the street, or through our mail) and we see something that is so delightful and desirable and new and clever that we smack a big old mental sticky note on it to remind us to share it with you. And... [More]


Game Piece Magnets

First, buy these magnets made out of old game pieces ($4). Second, draw a game board on a big piece of paper and play on the fridge with your roommates.... [More]


Curved Wedge Heels

Since y'all loved the Melissa + Vivienne Westwood rain-boot collaboration so much, we figured we'd have another go at a Melissa tag team. Together with visionary designer, Karim Rashid, they give us the futuristic Curved Wedge Heels ($100). As if the dark metallic rubber surface wasn't enough, there's an embossed... [More]

BabyLegs Leg Warmers

BabyLegs Leg Warmers

BabyLegs Leg Warmers ($12) are a necessity for all stylish babies! These fun leg warmers will keep your little one's legs toasty warm. Plus they'll protect 'em when they're crawling around your hardwood floors. Most importantly these fun little warmers are available in tons of cool prints for dudes and... [More]

Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo

Be sure to pack your Road Trip Bingo ($9) the next time you take a car trip! It will certainly decrease the frequency of the annoying question - Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Ughh...we wish we knew about this fun lil' game before our Spring Break car... [More]

Bright Idea Dress

Bright Idea Dress

We've got a bright idea that we think you're going to like! Wear the Bright Idea Dress ($110) to your next afternoon soiree. It's fun in a modern day Rainbow Brite sorta you're bound to brighten up the room!... [More]


Melange Solid Perfume Palettes

Always wanted a custom-blended perfume, but can't afford to hire a professional nose (perfumer)? Do the work yourself! Melange Solid Perfume Blending Palettes ($28 each) are floppy disk-sized palettes that look for all the world like yellow concealer, but are actually single-note scents you can mix & match at will.... [More]


Fiery Denim Rose Scarf

It's gonna take a girl with panache to pull this stunning Fiery Denim Rose Scarf ($200) off, but man, is she going to look great! Designer Jenne Giles blended Merino wool with silk for this sturdy, yet delicately soft piece. The colors are muted, but dramatic, and no two scarves... [More]

bollywood booty-s.jpg

Hemalayaa: Bollywood Booty

Ever since Slumdog Millionare came out, we've been intoxicated by upbeat dances of Bollywood choreography. Hemalayaa: Bollywood Booty ($15) is our at-home Dance Your Ass Off, except we don't wanna lose our bubble butt. Hello, curvaceous behinds are totally in, and we just need a little dance toning.... [More]


Mar Y Sol Bora Bora Tote

Ladies, do not go gently into that good Fall. Instead, rage, rage against the dying of Summer with the Mar Y Sol Bora Bora Tote ($34). Amp up the beach days, and rage, rage against the dying of Summer.... [More]


Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes

We just found our new travel cleanser! Distilling the popular On the Go Vitamin C Cleanser into convenient towelette form, Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes ($15 for 30) cleanse and moisturize your skin in one easy step. Infused with the same vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, and green tea as... [More]


Puffer Backpack

So, basically, a puffy jacket and a backpack got together in a dimly lit room after a few martinis, and shortly thereafter we got the Puffer Backpack ($118). Your kids'll love it. And maybe you can use it as a prop for the birds and bees talk.... [More]

busy body-s.jpg

Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug Dog Toy

We're very busy dog moms, and the ingenious Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug Dog Toy ($12) dispenses treats, so we don't have to. Give yourself a break from hard-ass training regiments and let your mind wander. This problem solving exercise will keep your dog busy for more than a few minutes. Hooray!... [More]


Belted Turtleneck Dress

Who expected the turtleneck to come roaring back onto the runways this season? They're called "Sexy Turtlenecks" and for good reason. There's something feminine and appealing about covering up strategic areas of the body, while highlighting others. This Belted Turtleneck Dress ($49) does just that. It cinches your waist and... [More]


Recycled Film Reel Gift Bows

The perfect topper for DVD box sets gifts - or just gifts given to your resident film buff - these Recycled Film Reel Gift Bows ($10 for 3) are made from actual film strips from Hollywood movie trailers. Who knows? You might be putting cut footage from Deep Throat on... [More]


Mrs. Stamped Bracelet

OUT: Your future last name plastered across your booty. IN: A tasteful Mrs. Stamped Bracelet ($10) announcing your new title.... [More]


Leather Photo Album

Do you have hundreds of photos languishing in shoe boxes and ugly old photo albums? Oh, us either. Just thought we'd ask. If we did, though, we'd be sure to stock up on these classically-designed leather photo albums ($40). Not only do they serve a purpose by organizing the pictorial... [More]


Tokyo Milk Lip Balm

We like when our lips are dewy soft (and suspect you feel the same way about your's). Your lips will feel pampered by the conditioning agents in this Tokyo Milk Lip Balm ($20). It has a cool iced green tea flavor, but coats your smackers with beeswax, aloe vera and... [More]

Commanding Coaster Set

Commanding Coaster Set

Let the good times roll when your Commanding Coaster Set ($16) takes charge! Sometimes a set's gotta do what it's gotta do...which is why this set of coasters literally spells it out for you! Set includes six individual coasters and each one is a different hue. This set does have... [More]

show and tell-s.jpg

Show and Tell Dress

Uh huh, we have plenty of LBDs to keep the Audrey Hepburn inspired world going round, but a girl can't always stick to basic back. Aside from the oh-so-trendy camel and gray, let's not forget about navy, especially when it comes in pretty little packages like the Show and Tell... [More]


Perfect Portions Nutritional Scale

Confession time, kids. No matter how many times someone says to us, "Well, a portion is about the amount that will fit in the palm of your hand," we're confused. Aren't all of our palms different sizes? What if we pile the portion high in the palm of our hand?... [More]


Lomography Gold Camera

Why yes, we do want everything we own to be gold and sparkly! Lomography Gold Sparkle Fisheye Camera ($60)... [More]


Personal Shopper: Fitness Incentives for Bekah

Bekah P. wrote, "Oh, Outblush, how I love you! So much so, in fact, that I am trusting you enough to broach a topic I NEVER bring up in public --- my weight. Recently, my husband and I started a new diet, and whenever I feel like a big ol'... [More]


Edgar Allan Pillow

"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I studied, weak and bleary Over many a dull and pond'rous volume of organic chem..." Forgive our bastardization of "The Raven," but we couldn't think of any better way to send a smile to your favorite college student (especially if they're an English Lit... [More]

monet floral skirt-s.jpg

Culture Club: Monet Floral Skirt

Let's keep the floral trend rolling with the Monet Floral Skirt ($34). We're blushing for this landscape of swirling roses and irises. If you ask us, this is the perfect piece to extend your summer. Just pair with a gray grandpa cardigan if ya feel a chill coming on. This... [More]


Morticia's Nails

In case you haven't heard, the most fabulous Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane are appearing side by side in the Broadway show, The Addams Family, A New Musical. If that weren't mind blowing enough, the show has teamed up with Essie to bring you Morticia's Nails ($30). Inspired by Morticia's... [More]


Corso Como Raquel

If you're going to drop a couple benjamins on boots this season, you're wise to pick something classic. You absolutely cannot go wrong Corso Como's Raquel Boots ($198). The clean lines and simple riding boot style will work season after season, and the two barely noticeable elastic gussets in the... [More]

mirrored globe-s.jpg

Mirrored Globe

One part disco, and another part explorer, the Mirrored Globe ($50) is an eccentric home decor item that we can't help but like. Set this guy down at the reading nook (as if we have a reading space), and spin it on occasion. Weird, yes, but so are we.... [More]


Bronze Rooster Utensil Holder

For anyone who has ever been told by a beautiful, quirky Italian girlfriend that she must keep an image of a rooster in her kitchen to ensure good fortune, this Bronze Rooster Utensil Holder ($20) would be a fine choice. It covers all your bases: it makes your dear friend... [More]


Red Cherries Glass Sculpture

Oh, we dream of this: A totally monochromatic room with one or two shocking splashes of color. Right now, we're fantasizing about creamy eggshell-white walls, furniture and area rug (there are no pets or children in this particular fantasy). On one wall is a stunning red piece of art, and... [More]


Stain Glass Poker Themed Light

We deeply, truly, terribly dislike the Hollywood lights kits that come standard in many bathrooms. Shouldn't they just be outlawed and be done with it? It's such an easy fix. If you're not handy (or you're simply bright enough to stay away from anything electrical), ask someone who knows wiring... [More]


Butterfly Plant Bracket

Oh, alright. You could hang plants on your patio from any random plant hook, but why? Why not opt for something with a little personality, a little style? This 15-inch Brown Butterfly Bracket ($13) is an inexpensive way to infuse your patio with your decorating style. Sure, the plant is... [More]


CD Style Scale with Clock & Thermometer

Wanna get rid of all those measuring cups rolling around in your kitchen drawer? Here's an idea. This Scale With Clock & Thermoter ($80) is not only a clock (styled to look like a CD), but also serves as your measuring cups: You place the clock/scale on the counter, pour... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Sorority Cocktail Dress for Alexandra

Alexandra writes, "I'm so excited to be writing into personal shopper - I just LOVE everything that you all do for so many women! Anywho, I'd like to put in a little personal shopper request of my own: I'm a college student (and that of course means that I'm tight... [More]


theBalm Balmbini Palette

Perfect for keeping in your purse (or backpack, for you students), the new limited-edition theBalm Balmbini: Babies of theBalm Face Palette ($28) offers up a wide variety of looks on the go, from good girl to bad. Enclosed in the mirrored compact are two lip colors, two blushes, and three... [More]


Golden Girl: O-Grill 3000 Portable Grill

Gifts - Sure, we expect them on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. - but those are the easy ones. Don't you love when you get a "just because" bouquet or naughty piece of lingerie? Well, it works both ways, sister - you gotta give a little to get a little. With this... [More]

chloe ring-s.jpg

Chloe Engagement Ring

We all saw Khloe's Engagement Ring when that so LA whirlwind romance took flight. The Chloe Engagement Ring ($45) is less glitz and more "fluffy, cottony, raw, organic love." Yes, we can be frou frou and natural with this airy fabric and brass accessory.... [More]


Golden Girls Nesting Dolls

Thank you for being my friend. And fitting into me end to end. You're head is round, you're a doll, and a bon vivant. If you pulled a Pinocchio - I'd come alive with you. And the world would see what badasses we would be. Yes, I'd still be proud... [More]


Celebrate Card

You guys, we finally found a card for our friend who loves Kool and The Gang. Celebrate Card ($5)... [More]


Doubtblush: Tadashi Shoji Ombre Mesh Gown

Sometimes we're just poking along here at work (or down the street, or through our mail) and we see something that is so delightful and desirable and new and clever that we smack a big old mental sticky note on it to remind us to share it with you. And... [More]


David Gray: Foundling

One listen to David Gray: Foundling ($10) will make you feel like you've discovered a new artist that just hit the music scene. Soft, sweet, sweeping and ethereal, this collection of tracks is not to be compared to the likes of "Babylon" and other catchy tunes you might associate with... [More]


Giraffe Studs

Gone are the days of wearing humongous oversize earrings to add some flair to our otherwise standard ensembles. Now, we dress to impress, but there's still a little part of us that wants some funky earrings to make us smile while we accessorize. These Betsey Johnson Giraffe Studs ($30) are... [More]


Harrington & Squires Shopping List Magnets

A pen and paper on the fridge? So passé. Harrington & Squires Shopping List Magnets ($31, or ₤20) are definitely more up our alley. These brightly colored moniker magnets do double duty as grocery reminders and embarrassing photo/takeout menu tacker-uppers. PS - Not interested in paying for international shipping? Check... [More]


Wanderlove Lip Wand

If you ever get tired of carrying lip liner, lip gloss and lipstick at the same time inside your bag (especially if you carry a clutch!), raise your hand! We're probably all on the same page here, so without further ado, we present the Wanderlove Lip Wand ($16.99). Ta da!... [More]


Rectangular airCORE™ Bolster

A bony butt isn't always a sought after thing - especially when you're trying to get comfortable in Lotus pose. The Rectangular airCORE™ Bolster ($65) is the perfect boost in sitting positions to help keep your bum comfortable and elevated. Allowing you to go deeper into forward and side bends,... [More]


Celeb Style: Leighton Meester's Mulberry Moccassin Booties

Oh, Leighton Meester, look at you matching your shoes to your shorts on your way to the set of Gossip Girl. Did you know before you put them on that they were heels? Were you afraid you would step on the tassels while you were walking and fall in front... [More]


Petal Pusher Wallpaper

Mad props to you if you're the kind of woman who will undertake wallpapering a room in your home. Us, we curl up in the fetal position and whine about wrinkles in the paper and how much work it is to get the damn stuff off. That doesn't keep us... [More]


iPod Desk Organizer

Look at the photo to your left. If this apparatus does not make you feel slightly queasy, you may be physically equipped to handle cute in small doses. The nice thing is that this desk lamp is both cute and practical. It has a built-in speaker and built-in docking for... [More]

Reina de la Fiesta Dress

Reina de la Fiesta Dress

We think Mr. Lionel Richie envisioned his girl in the Reina de la Fiesta Dress ($90) when he wrote Fiesta Forever. This fun dress features one-shoulder with a ruched waist and lots of frilly ruffles in various shades of blue and grey. We hear the dance floor calling your name... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gifts for the Parents of the Bride (Jen!) and Groom

Says Jen:"I am getting married in a couple months and have been stumped about what to get my parents and the grooms parents. When I search around on the internet I find a lot of poems and picture frames, but I want something more unique than that. I would like... [More]


Clinique Redness Solutions Targeted Corrector

Love Clinique's Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder, but you need more precise application and longer-lasting coverage? New Clinique Redness Solutions Targeted Corrector ($20) offers relief from skin irritations and quickly and gently covers up red spots, while offering the portability of a tube of concealer. We plan to keep... [More]


Wee Waldorf Forest Friends Cookie Cutters

We didn't know we needed a hedgehog cookie cutter, let alone one shaped like the Travelocity Gnome, but one glance at the adorbs Wee Waldorf Forest Friends Cookie Cutters ($5 each) and we knew we had to have 'em all. Okay, so the closest we get to baking from scratch... [More]

Get A Life Saver Top

Get A Life Saver Top

Ahoy mateys! Help the landlubber in your life get a life when it comes to style. Thankfully the Get A Life Saver Top ($28) is the perfect remedy. This fun nautical tee has stripes, a graphic front and navy banding at bottom. With this top on your bow, you'll be... [More]


Thierry Mugler Womanity

The makers of the fabulous Angel and Alien are taking our noses in a different direction with the new Thierry Mugler Womanity ($58-98). As opposed to their traditional dark, sensual scents, Womanity is sweet and savory and built around the fig fruit, a symbol of femininity. In addition to the... [More]


Dog Walkers Dumbbells

Is it wrong to be jealous of your dog because she's snapping into shape faster than you are? Okay, so we've vowed to do something about this odd little competitive steak we have going on. Take a look at the Dog Walkers Dumbbells ($60). We carry these nifty little weights... [More]


Lionette Brazilia Necklace

We need another statement necklace like we need a hole in the head, but dammit, we just can't resist the siren call of this Lionette Brazilia Necklace ($185). The checkerboard-cut cabochon champagne stones dangling pell-mell from chunky gold lariat-tied chains.... Heavenly. ::Clicks "Add to bag" and swoons with delight::... [More]


Why You Shouldn't Eat Your Boogers and Other Useless or Gross Information About Your Body

What better book to read in the bathroom than Why You Shouldn't Eat Your Boogers and Other Useless or Gross Information About Your Body ($11)? Full of random, gross and morbid tidbits about the human anatomy, this book will give you tons of facts to use as ice breakers at... [More]


TIGI Sweepstakes: Official Rules

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. 1. Eligibility: TIGI Sweepstakes (the "Sweepstakes") is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the... [More]


Hamlet Blu-ray

There are some masterpieces of literature that should never be condensed into CliffsNotes or hour long plays - lucky for us Kevin Branagh agrees and has set Shakespeare straight. In his 1996 production, Branagh filmed Hamlet Blu-ray in full star-studded glory. As director and actor, Branagh risks it all, filming... [More]


Coastal Scents 66 Color Lip Palette

Many of the makeup artists we know (and a few of the more hardcore makeup enthusiasts) swear by Coastal Scents Palettes. Available in nearly every premade permutation imaginable, plus customized ones, the colors offer great pigment payoff and a huge variety of shades to suit any look. We're puckering our... [More]


Ann Taylor Sculpted Sleeveless Sheath

Look at the polish! And the tailored-ness! (Hey, we're all allowed to make up words every once in awhile.) It's feminine and pulled together as well as any dress from some big-name designer, but it's a fraction of the cost. The Ann Taylor Sculpted Sleeveless Sheath ($90) is the perfect... [More]


USB Mail Box Friends Alert

How much time do you waste switching between Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live and your POP3 account? Yeah, a lot! The USB Mail Box Friends Alert ($18) connects you to all of your online obsessions accounts while working in the background. A new Tweet, friend request... [More]


Lorac Double Feature Concealer/Highlighter

One concealer can't do it all... Or can it? Lorac Double Feature Paraben-Free Concealer/Highlighter ($24) isn't an all-in-one product, per se, but it does have everything you need to fake great skin in one piece of packaging. One end contains a long wearing full coverage concealer stick + a "blending... [More]

Oui Love Paris Crop Top

Oui Love Paris Crop Top

What's not to love about the Oui Love Paris Crop Top ($20)? It's French, cropped, sexy, metallic and a vibrant color! Plus it's only $20, which makes it fun, affordable fashion.... [More]


Cool, Blue and Lonesome

Look, we've all been there (unless you're some kind of mutant freak). We've all had our heart broken, often more than once. It stinks and there's no way around in. In fact, a very wise women recently said that the only way to get over grief is to go through... [More]


French Inspired Hand Carved Writing Desk

Be honest. Is it just us? Has the fact that we sit in front of a computer screen 25-26 hours a day caused us to take a second look at all things office-related? We practically tear up at the sight of an ergonomically designed chair, and this insanely-graceful French-Inspired Hand... [More]


Edwardian Extendable Shaving Mirror

Okay, in spite of his occasional slips into the realm of grossness, the guy is a real prince. You adore him, and enjoy seeing him look his best. This Edwardian Extendable Shaving Mirror (Call for price) will be a welcomed addition to his bathroom. It tucks away neatly when he's... [More]


Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: Photopaddles

Hey, hey, hey Outblushers, it's time once again for a word from our resident photo-know-it-all, Meggan Haller. Meggan and her husband Jeff, the owners of Keyhole Photo, serve up gorgeous wedding and documentary photography, and recently won the 2010 Bride's Choice Awards from Want more? Check out their blog,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Rugs for Lauren

Says Lauren:"So I absolutely adore this rug by Megan Park sold at The Rug Company. Unfortunately, I nearly fainted when I saw the pretty little price tag that went along with it ($1,950 for 5' x 3' up to $28,080 for a 18' x 12'). I thought I would ask... [More]


Gap Varsity Cardigan

Football season is upon us, and this Varsity Cardigan ($35) is the perfect sweater to wear to a game. Maybe its letterman style will inspire a high school style make out sesh like you used to have under the bleachers after class!... [More]


Harmonica Plate Napkin Rings

Well, we suppose if you get bored at a dinner party, you can always strike up a spoon band and add harmonies with HarmonicArt Harmonica Plate Napkin Rings ($12 for set of 4) See more napkin rings.... [More]


Deco Save the Date

For those of you planning a Great Gatsby inspired wedding, and we know you're out there, we've found the perfect reminder for your guests. The Deco Save the Date ($78) features rounded corners and a lovely flapper style couple on the front - reminding your guests to set aside your... [More]


Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

Looking to add a little fierceness to your professional wardrobe? A leather skirt is certain to give you a hearty dose of take-charge confidence and sexy swagger, and the clean, classic shape of the Knit & Faux Leather Pencil Skirt ($118) is perfectly office appropriate. Work it, girl!... [More]


Full Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

It's a mirror, it's a jewelry case... Talk about finding a way to utilize a small space, this 48 x 14 1/2" jewelry case ($239) hangs on the wall and acts as a mirror in your room until you open it to find all of your jewelry, neatly arranged. Another... [More]


Floral Hammer Set

"We feel pretty, oh so pretty..."And in the mood to build something. Actually, with this Floral Print Hammer Set ($14) we'd pretty much use any excuse to hammer something. Need help hanging that picture? See a nail that needs pounding down? Boyfriend on your nerves? Just kidding about that last... [More]


Cause & Effect Retroz Bracelet

Yes, your favorite maxi-dress is great, but couldn't it use a little extra pizzazz with the help of the Cause & Effect Retroz Bracelet ($75)? This handmade large multi-colored bangle is made of natural resin and is the perfect compliment to your summery maxi or a jacket and scarf in... [More]


Levi's Funnel Embroidered Sweatshirt

We're not sure when we're going to be able to browse the new dENIZEN line from Levi Strauss & Co., seeing as it's aimed squarely at shoppers in China, but in the interim we're happy to poke around in the corners of the U.S. Levis website. We might need this... [More]



If you're slightly above the acceptable age for doing Whip-Its, if there ever was one, but still like your buzz in aerosol form, then CREAM ($10) is right up your alley. In cherry, raspberry, orange, chocolate, vanilla and caramel, this 30 proof alcohol infused whipped cream can be added to... [More]


Avon Eternal Magic

We initially checked out Avon Eternal Magic Eau de Toilette ($24) because Zoe Saldana is the spokeswoman for it, and we have a major girl crush on her (girl can work blue skin and a tail like nobody's business). But, we were pleasantly surprised by this "bargain" scent: it's a... [More]


Personal Shopper: Inexpensive first job-worthy blouses for Rachel

Rachel K. wrote, "Dearest Outblush, I know you've answered a couple similar personal shopper requests recently, but please hear my plea! I graduated from college recently, and started my first real job a couple of weeks ago. I am good on pants and shoes, but what tops can I wear... [More]


Taylor Momsen, Please WEAR REAL CLOTHES!

Dear Taylor, You're 17, the age of rebellion and experimentation. We get it. We understand that you're trying to distance yourself from your squeaky clean Cindy Lou Who days, and proudly refer to your personal style as "high class hooker". We wore a few naughty things in our teenaged years,... [More]


Mushroom Table

If you've always wanted your living room to feel like an enchanted forest, we've found the solution for you! Thomas Wold's Mushroom Forest Coffee Table ($985). Certainly, it's not quite right for everyone, but it's definitely one of the more unique pieces of furniture we've seen in a while. It'd... [More]


Personal Shopper: Travel Necessities for Cody, Amy, and Hallie

Cody wrote: I'm going to Europe this fall and trying to pack as light as possible. I need to find a dress that's simple and easy to pack--I just want to roll it up in my suitcase--but will be nice enough to wear out to dinner, the theatre, etc. Along... [More]


Aviary Pleated Tote

Get out of your cage and take flight! This Bird Cage Aviary Pleated Tote ($55) makes a perfect carry-on for that end of summer getaway you're daydreaming about. You could even use it for a weekend getaway if you pack light (easy enough to do if you plan to spend... [More]


Brooklynese Bowls

"Pass me the shuguh." "What?" "Pass me the shugah!" "What?" Use the Brooklynese ($10-11) coffee, sugar and creamer bowls as visual aids for your morning coffee routine - it sure beats the hell out of all the screaming.... [More]


Bluebird Belt Buckle

When we think of belt buckles, images of gilded, saucer-sized "Rodeo Queen" monstrosities spring to mind, and that's not something you'll ever find in our closet, no matter how fondly we feel of strapping young cowboys. However, this sweet Bluebird Belt Buckle ($36) from Redraven Studios would be a welcome... [More]


Eco Jute - Bring Your Own Bag

We will never stop searching for the cutest in reusable bags and you will never stop trying to out-do the person standing next to you in line for cutest bag. We think the Eco Jute - Bring Your Own Bag ($28) might give you a leg up!... [More]


Cotton-Candy Machine

If the boys get their man-caves full of sports memorabilia and beer paraphernalia, then we should get a girl-den full of unicorns, ponies and Barbie dream houses. Just kidding, but how cool would it be to have a room to house this Cotton-Candy Machine ($311)? Imagine the fun you'll have... [More]

crysanthymum dress-s.jpg

Chrysanthemum Wrap Dress

We'd pick up the bright white Chrysanthemum Wrap Dress ($55) before Labor Day in a hot second. It's all about the details in this glamorous number; delicate folds grace the front skirt, and the embroidered bodice wraps all the way around to expose a peek-a-boo back. Word to the wise:... [More]


Spock Monkey Kit

It's never too early to get a jump-start on your holiday shopping list - especially for those hard to buy for friends. What better gift for the Trekkies in your life than the Spock Monkey Kit ($20)? Make it for them or provide them with the needle, thread and fiberfill.... [More]


Tarte Smooth Operator Finishing Powder

Don't be fooled by the appearance of Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder ($28) and think that it's going to leave you with a chalky, ashy face. Quite the contrary! It dusts on clear and keeps makeup in place while soaking up oil and minimizing pores. We also love... [More]


Come Over Announcements

If you've recently moved and finally have your boxes unpacked and things mostly settled, it might be time to let your nearest and dearest know where to find you. These Come Over Sometime Moving Announcements ($10 for 8) let your pals know they're welcome to drop by, which is a... [More]


Cashmere Waterfall Draped Coat

How much do you love fall? Football games, campfires, cuddly clothes...everything about the season speaks to the senses. This Cashmere Waterfall Draped Coat ($385) is for those cool fall days when you want to wrap yourself in something soft and warm, but still want to look pulled-together.... [More]

shackle bracelet-s.jpg

Shackle Chain Bracelet

We stared at the Shackle Chain Bracelet ($119) in disbelief, thinking, "umm, but how does it stay up?" The magic's in the adjustable chain clasp at top of forearm and wrist. Nice engineering, dude. Now we can enjoy this sturdy gunmetal chain arm cuff to the fullest. Since we need... [More]


Cooking for Geeks

Geeky foodies, rejoice! Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food ($23) is your savior from a life of greasy takeout and frozen Hungry Man dinners. Author Jeff Potter shows you the science behind food maxims, like the Maillard reaction and why medium rare steak tastes so damned... [More]


Facebook Reminder Card

We congratulate you on having the balls to say what everyone already knows - "Thank Goodness facebook reminded me that it's your birthday." Facebook Reminder Card ($4).... [More]


Wheel Barrow Bench

At first we looked at this Barrow Bench ($Inquire) by Rogier Martens and thought, "Good Lord, that is one ugly contraption; nothing more than a simple garden bench with a wheel barrow wheel attached to one end." As so often happens, though, upon further reflection we came back to this... [More]


Classic Address Plaque

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home." Dang, you just can't take the Kansas out of some of us. Kansan or not, there is no other place on the planet that feels as "right" as your own home." This Address Plaque ($99) can be customized to proclaim... [More]


Personal Shopper: What can Ami and Laura wear with flat black knee high boots?

Ami S. wrote, "I bought these awesome boots in black (they read more weathered and dark gray than black), but now I'm stumped as to what to wear with them--besides tucking in skinny jeans. I'm a big fan of the "show-a-sock-cuff-above-the-top-of-the-boot" look, but I never know how to wear that.... [More]


Skellington Decanter

Your extensive liquor collection already lets us know you're a badass; why not take it up a notch? Note: Not recommended for those of you who don't drink often enough to remember which bottle you emptied into this Skellington Skull and Crossbones Decanter ($70). See more decanters.... [More]


Women=Power T-Shirt

Okay, girls, we gotta celebrate it: 90 years ago this month the 19th Amendment was ratified, giving women the right to vote. Only 90 years? Interesting...but we digress. This T-Shirt ($17) is perfect for us, or better yet, for the guy in our life. Whether he'll slip it on to... [More]


ParaCord Survival Bracelet

Here's something out of left field for the action-adventurer woman: the ParaCord Survival Bracelet ($22). Don't dismiss it as a thick friendship bracelet--this intricate woven braid bracelet contains 16' of military spec paracord for emergency situations. To use, unravel the bracelet, tie your pulley knot, or what have you, and... [More]


"Weird" Books

Leave it to a couple of guys blessed with great senses of humor and a bunch of time on their collective hands to come up with this Book Series ($14). The "Weird" books cover the U.S. east to west and north to south, highlighting the weird, funny and truly bizarre... [More]

sweet sprite #2-s.jpg

Personal Shopper: Style the Sweet Sprite Skirt for Amy #2

Amy wrote, "Hi Outblush! I've been in love with your site for ages and finally have a need to employ your awesome personal shopped skills. My request is a little different. I have ModCloth's "Sweet Sprite" skirt and am at a loss on how to style it! I want... [More]


Personal Shopper: High Heeled Oxfords for Deirdre

Deirdre wrote, "Hello Outblush, I never thought I'd have a reason to make a personal shopper request, but here I am. I fell in love with these Steve Madden two-tone Harah oxford heels but now they have sold out and I can't find them anywhere! I like the black and... [More]


Personal Shopper: Blue and Green Lampshades for Ty S

Ty S. wrote, "Hey Outblush- Years and years and years ago I bought a lampshade from Anthropologie. It's a blue/green color with fabric flower cutouts (apparently, no record of this lampshade exists on the internet). My husband's side of the bed has (until recently) been outfitted with an ugly purple... [More]


Wild Spirits Ceramic Glass Topper

How can we gesture emphatically at a cocktail party when one hand is holding our wine and the other our food? Put one down? We think not! The Wild Spirits Ceramic Glass Topper ($20) feature four wine glass appetizer plates with animal prints. A rubber ring backing keeps the topper... [More]


The Jewel in the Crown DVD

The beauty, the pageantry, the awe-inspiring (breathtaking) love story...The Jewel in the Crown ($50) has it all. We don't care if you were born after this historical masterpiece first aired (1984); we care enough about you to want you to experience the grandeur of this story, set in India during... [More]


Feterie Personalized Lunch Boxes

The timeless sign of a new school year: a new lunch box! This year, get your school-bound buddy one no one else will have with these Personalized Lunch Boxes ($37) from Feterie. There are nine designs to choose from, but we love the sophisticated simplicity of the Busy Bee design.... [More]


Sales & Steals: 8/20/10

Enjoy this week's Sales & Steals, ladies n' gentlefolk, and have a fabulous weekend from all of us here at Outblush HQ! We get to do what we love because of you, and we appreciate each and every one of ya! Aeropostale sale - Save an extra 50% on sale... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bedding and Sheets for Brittney

Brittney writes: I am having the most difficult time trying to find a nice bedding outfit for my king size bed. Im currently deployed so all I can do is shop for it online... I'm not as good at online shopping as ya'll, so do you mind giving me a... [More]


Doubtblush: Vanessa Bruno Lambskin Shorts

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Take Note Desk Set

What better to keep your desk accessories in than containers that look like office items themselves? We love the paperclip bowl in this Take Note Desk Accessories Set ($19) and briefly considered trying to melt and mold our own massive stash of paperclips (what is it? do they multiply when... [More]


Betrothed Pendant

Okay, so pendant lights don't normally make our hearts go pitty-pat, but we challenge you to look at this unusual light and not palpitate a little. The Betrothed 6-Light Multi Pendant ($580) is practically a piece of art and we can imagine it hanging in any room of the house.... [More]


Josie Maran Argan Bear Naked Wipes

Josie Maran's cosmetic line's motto is, "Luxury with a conscience," and as long as she keeps making high quality stuff like these Bear Naked Wipes ($12 for 30), we're so on board. A portion of every package sold goes to the Natural Resources Defense Council's Polar Bear SOS initiative, but... [More]


Wrapped Fox Tee

Sometimes we find stuff so great we let out an audible squee and clap our hands at our desks. After our coworkers stop what they're doing to give us the evil eye (or, more likely, make fun of us), the next step is obviously to share that find with you!... [More]


Love At First Sight Dog Collar

Finding cool pet gear for your little guy is almost as difficult as finding cute gear for your little boy, so when we come across items like the Love At First Sight Dog Collar ($11), we gotta share. Featuring a blue, green and brown diamond pattern, this adjustable collar with... [More]

crochet necklace-s.jpg

V Necklace

The crafting revolution ushered in a ton of accessories for the DIY diva, but the V Necklace ($100) is to die for. A sculptural hand-crocheted pendant cluster hangs from several threads, and the end result is pure poetry. Available in black, white, light pink and red, this textured piece may... [More]


Gap Herringbone Blazer

We can always rely on a fitted blazer to make us look pulled together, whether we're meeting a new beau for drinks or headed into the boardroom. Gap's Herringbone Band Blazer ($98) takes a classic and updates the look with a fitted, modern approach. You'll look stunning whether you pair... [More]

gentle biker-s.jpg

Personal Shopper: Style the Sweet Sprite Skirt for Amy #1

Amy wrote, "Hi Outblush! I've been in love with your site for ages and finally have a need to employ your awesome personal shopped skills. My request is a little different. I have ModCloth's "Sweet Sprite" skirt and am at a loss on how to style it! I want to... [More]


Phytodensium Anti-Aging Shampoo

We want to use this PHYTO Anti-Aging Shampoo ($24) all over our bodies. Oh, alright....not all of us are admitting to that. But for those of us who do love the promise of elasticity and protection against free radicals, this stuff strikes us as a delicious choice in shampoo. Oh,... [More]


Yamaha Component System

We've never put much thought into whether our electronics match our decor, but now that we've found the Yamaha Micro Component System ($399), we can't imagine it any other way. Available in ten, yes, TEN different colors, this stereo system allows you to wirelessly connect your iPod and play your... [More]


Diamond Light Bulb

Are you kidding? Who needs a light fixture at all when you have a bulb as gorgeous as this? Each Diamond Light ($38) looks like a beautiful....well, diamond. It truly would be a shame to cover one of these gems. Really, what self-respecting fixture wants to be upstaged by the... [More]


Keep Calm and Conjure a Patronus Charm Print

Yes, we've been geeking out every time we see the Harry Potter preview. Yes, we have a countdown on our calenders to November 19th. Yes, we have the Keep Calm and Conjure a Patronus Charm Print ($21) hanging in our cubicle. What of it?!... [More]


Sara Happ Lip Slip

Already fans of Sara Happ Crème Brûlée Lip Scrub, we were delighted to discover her latest offering, Sara Happ The Lip Slip ($24). Simply put, it's the shiznit of lip treatments. With a silky, pudding-like texture, high sheen gloss, a sweetly nutty flavor, and mega moisturization, one application will convince... [More]


Skinny LaMinx Specimens Cover

Floral doesn't have to mean bright pinks, yellows, and purples or overly feminine design. We're smitten with the flowery-yet-understated Specimens Cushion Cover ($25) from Skinny LaMinx. It's a particularly nice choice if you happen to be cohabitating with a someone of the male persuasion who doesn't want all that girly... [More]


Personal Shopper: Jaime's Holy Grail Leather Pumps

Jaime H. wrote, "Dear Outblush Staffers, I've been following your blog from probably almost 4 years. I religiously view it on a daily basis and it's my favorite part of the day. I'm also VERY pleased to see you are fielding personal shopper requests. For about two years I've been... [More]


Parker Beaded Jacket

Kinda hippie, kinda haute, kinda 80's, kinda freakin' fabulous, this Parker Beaded Jacket ($285) is accessory enough on its own. Paired with a simple cami, skinny jeans, and flats, it'll make you look like you put some serious effort into your outfit, instead of just throwing it on and heading... [More]



We don't host enough formal dinner parties to necessitate lovely candlestick holders for dramatic tapered candles, but we suppose it would be nice to have them on occasion - like if the boyfriend ever wants to make a romantic dinner for two (ha!). This CandlestickMaker ($32) is just what the... [More]


Animal Sound Alarm Clock

Let's put it this way: If you have to get up at stupid o'clock in the morning to get to class, you'll be cheerier if woken up by a hooting, bug-eyed owl Animal Sound Alarm Clock ($20) than a nasal, invasive beepbeepohfuckshuddupbeepbeep. Available in owl, puppy, or monkey. See more... [More]


Pearl and Crystal Vine Cuff

Have you been looking for the perfect bridesmaid gift that you have reason to believe they might actually wear again? Have you been looking for a way to tie your dress to your bridal party's look without the cheese factor? The Pearl and Crystal Vine Cuff ($18) is just the... [More]


Orchard Mason Bee Box

To quote our hero, "I wanna keep bees." Andrews Reclaimed Orchard Mason Bee House ($23)... [More]


The Gift of Wine

Look, it's fine with us if you wanna buy a cheap bottle of wine for a housewarming/ hostess gift - just stop leaving the $5 price tag on it, please. Instead, spice up that inexpensive vino with The Gift of Wine ($11). With twelve decorative sleeves and gift tags, elastic... [More]


Take a Cue Dress

Let's be frank for a minute: we're not always the stylish, sophisticated women we want to be. Sometimes we spend the weekend in sweats, drink OJ out of the carton, and save the dishwashing for another day. But you'd never know it when we waltz into the party in this... [More]


Playboy Jazz After Dark

You know that grown-up party you're planning; the one you hope evokes no memories of a college kegger? Well, this is the kind of sophisticated music you want playing in the background. It doesn't matter if you think you like jazz, Playboy Jazz After Dark ($50/two-disc set) will get under... [More]

fonforte shoes-s.jpg

Ribbon Lace Trainers

No one should feel too girly to throw on a pair of sneakers. If tennis shoes make you scream bloody boyish, slip on the soft canvas-cotton Ribbon Lace Trainers ($101) by Forte Forte. In neutral khaki, these just work it out for Summer-Fall ready wear, and we're in love with... [More]


Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

Of course you need a copy of Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things ($10). Mostly because you always wanted to be the person who could pull out a penny and a rubber band, do something scientific with them, solve someone else's problem thereby, and then give them that look that says... [More]


Lancôme Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolor Base

Lancôme rarely disappoints, and one of their newest offerings, Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolour Base ($25), is no exception. Smooth some over your eyelids (we hear it even works under eyes to prep for concealer) and your eye shadow & liner will last longer and stay true. Genius! See more eyeshadow primers.... [More]


Modular Storage Cabinet

Let's face it, sometimes storage is just storage. Not so with these small, modular storage cabinets ($60). This is one sexy way to store those little items that drive you nuts in the kitchen. Spices, measuring cups and melon ballers would all fit nicely. Oh, and they attach easily by... [More]


Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: Retailers Pull out the Stops to Lure Teen Apparel Shoppers

Time to git yr learnin on! Everybody Loves Coupons, of fame, is a blog about, what else, coupons: how to use 'em, where to get 'em, and saving serious cash with 'em. But lurking inside this unassuming blog are some surprisingly well-researched and interesting articles about the economy, seasonal... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Just-Right Blouse for Jordan's Wife

Jordan writes: "I just bought this Michael Kors Papaya silk skirt for my wife for our upcoming 3 year Anniversary and I have had a hard time finding top for her to wear with it. I want her to be able to wear it out for a nice dinner or... [More]

Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

Brighten up your face with a gorgeous pop of color and lots of sparkle! The Blue Topaz Drop Earrings ($300) are perfect for doing just that! These briolette drop earrings feature blue topaz and yellow gold. Each topaz stone is approximately 4 cts. Talk about some brilliant bling bling!... [More]


Two's Company Wood Grain Picture Frame

Wooden picture frames are (literally) a dollar a dozen at crafts stores, but there's something about the tonal contrasts of these Two's Company Wood Grain Picture Frames ($29 each) that's delightfully different. Made from resin and sustainable Sheesham wood, known for its varied tones, each frame is unique and organically... [More]


Novel Teas

Add a touch of refinement to tea time with a quote from one of your favorite classic authors. Novel Teas ($13) contain 25 teabags tagged with quotes from authors like Alice Hoffman, CS Lewis, Louisa May Alcott, and JW Eagan. English Breakfast complete with thoughts on the delights of tea... [More]

Precious Poppy Cardigan

Precious Poppy Cardigan

The Precious Poppy Cardigan ($128) is a gorgeous wool/angora/cashmere blend sweater that we can't wait to wear this winter. The cardigan silhouette has a ribbed waist and lavender appliques. It's a dainty and delicate yet thick and warm sweater.... [More]


Worksman Mover Industrial Tricycle

Bothered because you can't carry anything like a real load of groceries on your bicycle without falling over? Feel guilty because you've been driving to a market only six blocks away? Have sore arms because you have been carrying it all home? Behold the solution: the Worksman Mover Industrial Tricycle... [More]


Lush Glorious Mud

We much prefer the French translation of Lush's newest body soap/body mud mask, boue glorieuse., to the actual moniker: Glorious Mud ($6). But, despite the fact that this brown cube looks like a hard lump o' brown sugar, and the name is a wee bit off-putting, we promise, you'll be... [More]


Stroll Down Penny Lane Trench

This is the kind of trench coat that makes us want to forget about the intrinsic danger to life and limb and sign up to work as a world-class spy. Tulle got it right when they put the Stroll Down Penny Lane Trench Coat ($80) together. They remembered that a... [More]


Origami Toilet Paper

Before you accuse anyone of spending too much time in the powder room, take a look at this Origami Toilet Paper ($7). It's fun, it's functional (if you know what we mean), and it's educational. Always wanted to learn to make Origami art? Where better to practice than the privacy... [More]


Spy Gear Evidence Kit

Now, there's the perfect gift for the most curious kids you know (look at us, being all polite as we describe them). Allow your budding CSIs to put their investigative power to work with this nifty Spy Gear Evidence Kit ($14-$16). Just imagine what Encyclopedia Brown might have discovered if... [More]

la tete vase-s.jpg

La Tete Tank U Vase

"Make love, not war" is a golden sentiment perhaps best epitomized by the La Tete Tank U Vase ($180). Whether it's a love story or a plea for peace, this handmade porcelain vase really makes a bang. A big metallic bang.... [More]


Jurlique Baby's Calming Bath Oil

Hush little baby don't say a word... Mamma's gonna buy you a bottle of Jurlique Baby's Calming Bath Oil ($18). And if that oil infused with lavender don't make you sleep... Mamma's gonna buy you a diamond ring. Well, maybe a pacifier in the shape of a diamond ring.... [More]


Larosée Moss Rug

A Midsummer Night's Dream in your... bathroom? Yep. HoO Design's Larosée Moss Bath Rug ($110) brings the outdoors in, literally. Made from live moss planted on a recycled latex base, it's "fed" with the water from your feet when you exit the shower. We suppose we should be glad we're... [More]


Pewter Rescue Charm

You want the world to know that she's adopted. You loved her so much that you went to the humane society and looked until a special little someone touched your heart. Now, she's joined your family and you want to celebrate. Attach this Rescued Bone Charm($10) to her collar to... [More]


Personal Shopper: Silky High-Waisted Shorts for Tina N

Tina N. wrote, "Hey Outblush! I've been on the hunt for a very certain pair of shorts for a while: silky (or a breezy material, like rayon), high waisted, probably with a tie waist, in a neutral color... simple! Why is it so difficult to find? Do you have any... [More]


Raining on Sunday Top

Look, if you're built more like Marilyn Monroe than Kate Moss, you know how special it is to find a top that flatters your womanly curves. This stunning Raining on Sunday Navy Plus Size Top ($25) is designed to make you glad that you've got Jessica Rabbit's curves. Now, if... [More]


Guerlain Terracotta Intense Indian Kohl

Trying to rock the Cleopatra look with a skinny eyeliner pen - you could be coloring in that line all day. With the Guerlain Terracotta Intense Indian Kohl ($35) you'll master that iconic look in one fell swoop. This wonder liner is made of a highly concentrated formula, is smooth,... [More]


Agree to Disagree: Mother-In-Law Vase

We're fond of our lil' Outblush Editorial family, and are usually in accord regarding product selection, but sometimes we look at an item that a fellow editor has chosen and do a double take. Which is why we bring you Agree To Disagree, a new feature that'll show you another... [More]


Laser Scissors

Not all of us are great gift wrappers. Some - and we're not naming names - present gifts that look like they've been through the Johnstown Flood. At this point we're going to take the opportunity to say that part of the problem may be due to faulty scissors. These... [More]


Vegan College Cookbook: 275 Easy, Cheap, and Delicious Recipes to Keep You Vegan at School

It's hard enough to cook for yourself in the first days away from home, that freshman 15 has affected far too many of us, but we can't even imagine college life as a young vegan. The Vegan College Cookbook: 275 Easy, Cheap, and Delicious Recipes to Keep You Vegan at... [More]


Personal Shopper: A cute, leak-proof coffee travel mug for Cassie's college years

Cassie P. writes, "Hey Outblush, So... First off, I gotta do the gushy fan thing and let you all know how much I love you! You're in one of my Google-Chrome-thumb-tacked-homepages and I'm probably on your site more than facebook (well that's a lie, but you're definitely a close second).... [More]


Jack the Boston Terrier Backpack

Attain youarethecoolestauntever status instantly when you gift your niece this anerable, googly-eyed Jack the Boston Terrier Backpack ($35). Far less messy than an actual Boston Terrier, but nearly as cute, this backpack will be a hit with the under-twelve set. (Oh, who are we kidding? We want to take this... [More]


Metalicious Modern Rock Emerald Cut Ring

So, Mr. (or Miss, we consider ourselves equal opportunists in matters of love) Right is nowhere in sight, and we can't possibly afford to gift ourselves with the diamond we deserve (see: Hilary Duff's monstronormous engagement ring). Rather than drown our sorrows in a bucket of Oreos dunked in Kahlua,... [More]


Tower Of Clips

Keys, ID, money, credit card, business cards, pens, pencils, pictures - no wonder your desk is a mess! The Tower of Clips ($38) provides you with twelve ways to get your life and desk more organized. This part moveable display, part God-send is made of remnant steel and will fancy... [More]

Well Wisher Jacket

Well-Wisher Jacket

The Well-Wisher Jacket ($148) is a cool combination of military inspiration and feminine style. We're loving the ruffle waves and gold buttons just as much as the stand-up collar and asymmetrical hem. And the crisp linen fabrication is wonderful for those cool nights ahead.... [More]

crop circle lantern-s.jpg

Crop Circle Wooden Lantern

We're not the type to go "find ourselves" and change our name at Burning Man, but products designed for the ultimate hippie fest are pretty wicked. Graphic cut outs on the Crop Circle Wooden Lantern ($30) proudly show the spookier side of agriculture. All we're saying is, this rice paper... [More]


Crude Products Heart of Gold Lip Balm

Made with, yes, real 24kt gold powder, Crude Products Heart of Gold Lip Balm ($24) gives you a Goldfinger-kissed look without the whole skin suffocation thing. Chock full of all-natural oils, like jojoba, avocado, and safflower, it leaves lips lushly soft and glowing with a subtle gold sheen. $24 for... [More]


Korssett Duel Silk Modal Tank Top

En garde! Women as the weaker sex? We think not! Korssett Duel Silk Modal Tank Top ($58) - show your support of strong females with sharp objects, and maybe get psyched to pick up an épée yourself.... [More]


Baggy Wine Coat

Want to class up that box 'o wine at your next soiree? This baggy wine coat ($70) is just the answer. Okay, here's how it works: you buy a three liter box of wine, lift the bag out, throw the box away (do not forget this step!), place the wine... [More]


Thanks For The Sex Card

Nothing says "howdy" like the Thanks For The Sex Card ($4). It was super fun. We should do it again sometime. Like right now.... [More]


Classic Monogrammed Hooks

We're intrigued by these Classic Monogrammed Hooks. We can attach them near the front door for our keys, in the bathroom as towel hooks, or in the kitchen to display our favorite coffee mug. Or, we can buy enough of them, priced at ($30 each) to spell out words, both... [More]


Banana Guard

Alright, there are bigger problems in the world, we admit it. But come on, how often do we have to experience the horror of bringing a banana with us for afternoon snack, only to pull it out of our bag, bruised and pathetic looking? We're thinking that the Banana Saver... [More]


Doubtblush: Teddy Bear Lamp

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Fix Malibu Wish Wash

Creams. Gels. Foams. Cloths. We love all kinds of cleansers, but admit to never having heard of a powdered cleanser - exfoliator, yes, cleanser, no. Fix Malibu Wish Wash ($40) is a finely milled powder that is activated by water into a light foaming cleanser that exfoliates and deep-cleans pores... [More]


Mother-In-Law Vase

Sometimes you just gotta laugh and this ceramic vase ($124), called "mother-in-law," is one good way to make it happen. You can't quite tell by looking at the brightly painted surface whether it's the mother or daughter-in-law in mid-scream. In any case, once you've purchased one of these beauties, you... [More]


Jessica Simpson JS Nellia Pumps

These Jessica Simpson JS Nellia Pumps ($87) are like a mullet, only not in poor taste: business in the front, party in the back. Available in black-on-black or natural with a red heel, which we prefer for the extra oomph of color, these corset-laced babies amp up the naughty factor... [More]


I Am Not Your Doormat

Good for: 1) Scaring away reeeeally overenthusiastic door-to-door salesmen and proselytizers. 2) When your scumbag of an ex comes back to beg your forgiveness again. 3) Cleaning your shoes off - it is, after all, made from recycled truck tires with nylon flocking. Rebecca Chitty's I Am Not Your Doormat... [More]

bicycle dress-s.jpg

Bicycle Sweatshirt Dress

Keep it casual with the Bicycle Sweatshirt Dress ($123). Swirling bike line drawings make an interesting pattern on the top part of this comfy dress, and sailor stripes decorate the skirt. Sure, we can accept an ode to the 80s. No problem--as long as it's this adorable.... [More]


Sleek Acid i-Divine Palette

Love seriously - and we do mean seriously - bright eye shadow? Welcome to the Technicolor wunderkind that is the Sleek Makeup Acid i-Divine Palette ($10). You get twelve mineral-based eye shadows, all with full coverage, velvety texture and great pigment payoff, for ten bucks. Yep. Ten bucks. Welcome to... [More]


God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise

Ray Lamontagne is the kind of guy we imagine sweeping into our lives, serenading us with us words and guitar and whisking us away into the sunset. Daydream sets in. Ok, back to reality. We can't snag Ray, but we can snag his new album God Willin' & The Creek... [More]


Personalized Newlyweds Luggage Tag

Okay, let's assume that two people you care about have gotten married and rather than buy them that weekend with a couple's therapist you have seriously considered, you spring for a mixer. Want to jazz it up a little? Add these luggage tags ($9 each) to the top of the... [More]


Japanese-Style Batik Robe

What's not to love about something this soft and silky? It's easy to appreciate the artistic process that goes into making one of these babies. This Japanese-style batik robe ($55) is created through the use of melted wax and dye with each batch of fabric ending up as unique as... [More]


Finial Cutout Hanging Candle Lantern

We'd let the Finial Cutout Hanging Candle Lantern ($75) dangle a few feet from our bed, on call for sexy time. It may not look like much unlit, but we think the cutout patterns would really perform with some candlelight. Bow chicka bow wow.... [More]

born famous top-s.jpg

Born Famous Couture Stripe Top

Despite the couture title, we doubt the Born Famous Couture Stripe Top ($24) is exclusive or one of a kind, but it is a bit special. Its sheer polka dot panels and ruched sleeves are hot, rather than haute, and we don't look down on that. Who knew we'd turn... [More]


New Kids on the Block + Backstreet Boys touring together? Ladies, dig out your memorabilia!

Kids today are all about Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers, but us kids of the 80's and 90's had real boy band fandom down. We slept on NKOTB sheets. We drew Nick Carter's face on our jeans in 6th period math class. We knew each boy's birthday, favorite foods,... [More]


Pür Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation

Love mineral foundation, but hate the messiness of those loose powder formulas - you know, when you finish applying, then look down to see splotches of pigment on your bathroom counter, your sink, and your shirt? You might want to give Pür Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation with SPF 15... [More]


Cherry Blossom iPad Case

An iPad is a beautiful thing, with its big shiny screen and hip-and-trendy apple logo on the back. But a scratched, cracked iPad is no good, and besides, you're not the only one with the latest and greatest, so better to differentiate yourself with the JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Axis Case... [More]


You Tell Us: Monistat Chafing Relief Gel as Makeup Primer?

We've all heard of strange beauty tricks, but this one really takes the cake. Beauty blogs everywhere are buzzing about using Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel ($8), which is meant to soothe chub rub when you're wearing skirts, as a makeup primer. Supposedly, it contains many of the same... [More]


Poketo Desk-It

Planning is for suckahs! Ok, maybe not, but that's what we tell ourselves when we can't think beyond what might be happening tomorrow. For planning a bit beyond our 5:00 cocktail but not too far into the future, we rely on Poketo's Desk-It ($8), a handy-dandy sticky strip of week-at-a-time... [More]


Mod Dog Print

We don't know of a dog owner who isn't a tad obsessed with their four-legged friend. That being said, entire shrines to your pooch are downright creepy girls. The Mod Dog Print ($20) offers a tasteful alternative to the hundreds of pictures and candle thing. Hand-drawn and digitized, this fine... [More]


Retro Brum Pedal Car

You love the little guy and want to buy him something none of the other little curtain crawlers in the neighborhood have. Take a look at this Retro Pedal Car ($278). Won't he be styling with his shades on, just peddling his little heart out down the sidewalk? With its... [More]

thorn studs-s.jpg

Thorn Stud Earrings

In case someone missed the memo, we have a bad-ass side. Take notes on how to effortlessly scare the weak away with the Thorn Stud Earrings ($126) by Dominic Jones. These silver rose thorns put an unexpected twist on the spike/stud trend and add some much needed edge to any... [More]


Nailtique Formula 2

A friend from the University of Michigan suggested this product to us, and boy is she on to something. Those of us cursed with paper thin nails know the frustration of watching them peel and split. After a few days of painting it on, we noticed that Nailtique Formula 2... [More]


Personal Shopper: Dainty Pendant Chokers for Sara

Sara writes: I saw this girl at a party and she had THE COOLEST necklace ever. But I only saw it for a second and I didn't get to ask her where it was from. Now I can't find it anywhere or anything like it, and I have to have... [More]


If This Sign's A' Hangin'

While leaving a rubber band or marking a star on your dorm door's white board is way classier, you'll definitely become a legend on your floor if you use one of the signs from If This Sign's a' Hangin' . . .: 36 Ways to Say Do Not Disturb ($11).... [More]


Miele Bianco Sequin Hobo

The Miele Bianco W10-160 Pewter Sequin Handbag ($84)? Carries your stuff. Pulls double duty as a hack disco ball when hung from a ceiling fan. Tosses sparkly light into your face, giving you instant photo shoot glow. Seriously. Is there anything this bag can't do?... [More]


Wabelerbeler Wall Art

The phrase "so ugly it's cute" kinda applies here. We had to look at this wall art ($299) a few times before deciding we really, really like it. Here, we list its advantages: no one you know will own the same wall art; there is no way that it won't... [More]

shoulder pad lace top-s.jpg

Camera Lace Backless Top

Too bad the flash of skin exposed in the Camera Lace Backless Top ($182) is a little too scandalous for the office... These lace puff shoulders would knock everyone's socks off, not to mention make us feel all powerful. Pair with a pair of skinnies or a pencil skirt for... [More]

patent top sider-s.jpg

Patent Leather Top Siders

Every girl needs a Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Boat Shoe, and thanks to their material, the slick bright blue Patent Leather Top Siders ($40) are stain and water-resistant. With contoured arch support and a shock-absorbing EVA heel cup, these guys are as comfortable as they are cute. Remake a classic,... [More]


Psycho Kitty Book

Let us begin by saying that we're not quite sure why a new edition of this Book ($63) cost as much as a college text (although there are much less expensive used versions available on, but if you love your sometimes-Pyscho kitty to pieces, this is a must read.... [More]


Carol's Daughter Wash Away the Oil Face Lotion

If you've got oily skin, you've likely tried everything short of a vacuum to sop up the excess grease. You may have even wondered whether you could sell your skin's oil to biodiesel conversion companies for a profit.We know how you feel! Carol's Daughter Wash Away the Oil Face Lotion... [More]


Wicker 5-Basket Stand

Oh, we've all be there - a tiny, cramped apartment and no idea where we're going to store anything. It's while living in a teeny apartment, though, that we learn about the creative use of space. This pyramid shaped Five-Basket Stand ($249) by Hillsdale will hold a surprising number of... [More]


Timepiece Bed Frame

It's not as though it would take much to entice us to spend a few extra hours in bed each week, but man, this incredible bed frame from Anthropologie ($2,500) sure calls our name. It looks a little like an old timepiece, but is fun and funky enough to make... [More]


Decorative Fan

These Decorative Fans ($110) are popping up in specialty stores around the country, but they never cease to surprise us. The fine detailing that goes into one of these beauties makes fans cool again. And a really nice thing about them (other than the fact that they will help lower... [More]


Lenora Dame Turquoise Bird Earrings

True confessions time: One of the Outblush editors was sitting outside at lunchtime last week and became a victim of a fly-by pigeon attack. Yep. Poo. On head. Much screaming and antibacterial soap involved. Rather than take her revenge on said foul fowl, however, she'll just take pleasure in these... [More]


Personal Shopper: Formal Navy Bridesmaids Dresses for Sara B's Wedding

Bride-to-be Sara B. wrote, "I'm looking for navy blue bridesmaid dresses. I really like the style of the JCrew Blakely dress but I'm looking for true navy and a little more formal! Can you please help?" Hi, Sara, Janetor here. I couldn't find anything in a true navy that really... [More]


Bunk Bed Shelf

"Where am I supposed to put my beer up here on the top bunk?" Step into the light girls! The Bunk Bed Shelf ($10) solves the age-old problem of where to put books, magazines, drinks, clocks or fans when you're riding high in bunk beds. Fitting on the post of... [More]


Stash Camera Bag

Forget those tiny "slip in your pocket" cameras, we want something grand, big and beautiful so we can carry them around in the Stash Camera Bag ($115). This gorgeous plaid bag is doing anything but concealing your picture-taking love. In messenger bag style, it's made of water-resistant tent canvas with... [More]


Gourmet Dessert of the Month

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for".....wait, wrong chant. Okay, if there isn't a pithy-saying for raspberry white chocolate cake there darn well should be. Everything about this dessert (as well as the other 11 - including this yummy triple chocolate) from Gourmet Grocery Online's Dessert of the Month... [More]


Sushi Style PJs

Even if you're not in love with sushi, how can you resist these Jordan Taylah Sushi Style pajamas ($30)? The short-style boxers are laced with trim. Could you get any girlier than that? We think not. And take a look at this coordinating top that has been appliqued with Japanese-styled... [More]


Reclaimed Bottle Ring

This reclaimed bottle ring ($75) takes us back to the days of first kisses and going steady. Artist Kathleen Plate actually uses quarter size pieces of recycled glass to create these little gems. So, raise your hand if you're going to buy yourself one of these unique beauties as a... [More]

green tea mask-.jpg

Green Tea Wasabi Mask

After sun skincare is essential in these hot summer months, and the Green Tea Wasabi Mask ($49) is our new favorite five minute facial. Wasabi gently warms skin to stimulate circulation while Japanese herbs reduce puffiness. Green tea fights free radical damage and natural anti-oxidants wake up dull skin for... [More]

Personal Shopper: Tabletop Mirrors for Kathleen A.

Personal Shopper: Tabletop Mirrors for Kathleen A.

Kathleen A. writes: "I'm looking for a tabletop mirror for my vanity, the look I'm going for is shabby chic/ brocade home. Please help!" Hi Kathleen! I'm Carlotta and I adore shabby chic decor so I'm stoked to help you out. There are so many beautiful mirrors that lend that... [More]


Dog Crate End Table

Hey, remember Toto, that little ankle-biter from Kansas? Well, according to our sources Toto slept in a crate just like this one. Okay, that was a complete fabrication, but if Dorothy had been born with enough sense to stay out of a tornado, she might have bought something like this... [More]

thank you-s.jpg

Cavallini Typewriter Thank You Notes

Ya probably can't tell from our rants, but we're team players. When someone steps up and picks up some slack for us in return, the perfect message of office appreciation fits nicely in Cavallini Typewriter Thank You Notes ($12). Charming vintage typewriters make us smile, and we hope to dole... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Chanel Fantastic Nail Polish

Isn't it funny how you can slap a designer logo on something and the price quadruples? A high-end name doesn't necessarily mean high quality, and you can often get the same exact effect for a fraction of the price. On a recent department store makeup counter swatching trip (What? It's... [More]


Exhibitor Tote

It's three, three, THREE bags in one!! Waitaminute, sounding like an infomercial is way too cheesy for the uber classy Exhibitor Tote ($325). This badass leather tote can be carried by its handle or worn as a crossbody with the detachable shoulder strap. It can fold over for a smaller... [More]


Samurai Umbrella

Put a little Hai! into a rainy morning's commute when you cart along a sword-handled Samurai Umbrella ($36). Warning: Not advised for use against muggers.... [More]

diamond for a day-s.jpg

Diamond Ring for a Day

Who knew the hardest, shiniest gemstone didn't have to break the bank? With Myia Bonner's playful Diamond Ring for a Day ($47), we can have all the fun we want, in pink even. Bonner questions this rock icon while she glorifies its shape. It's, dare we say... kinda genius.... [More]


Whimsical Cuckoo Clock

Nope, it's not Grandma's Cuckoo Clock ($28), and it sort of makes us giggle. This painted creation touches the whimsy in all of us. We can now pay homage to the cuckoo clocks of our grandparent's generation while celebrating our own take on the design.... [More]


Gargyle Martina Dress

Oh, Martina Dress ($175), let us count the reasons we lust for you: 1. Hello, that color! 2. Flattering silhouette 3. Versatility - sandals in the summer, tights in the fall 4. Goooorgeous silk 5. Itty bitty detail buttons that add so much 6. On sale!... [More]


Prince Tole Wastebasket

Any of us who live with a male know the joy of hearing the restroom referred to as the john, head, or crapper. Men are pretty that way. For those of us who prefer to think of our restrooms as an oasis, there is the Prince Tole Wastebasket ($79). We... [More]


Double Dutch Club Luggage Paisley Wheeled Tote

Once your little lady has gotten her first taste of college life, it might be hard to lure her back home. You can attempt to sweeten the deal by getting her to travel in style with the Double Dutch Club Luggage Paisley Wheeled Tote ($64). The perfect carry-on size, this... [More]


Personal Shopper: Clip-On Earrings for Lihi

Lihi wrote, "Hi, I am writing this hoping your personal shopper can help me... I'm looking for clip earrings, chandeliers or hoops, in reasonable prices. Thanks and have a beautiful weekend. Lihi Janetor here: No problemo, Lihi! Here are seven pairs of clip-on chandelier or hoop earrings, all under $70.... [More]

Volume Express Falsies Mascara

Volume Express Falsies Mascara

We're obsessed with finding the best mascara and we think we def found one of 'em! The Volume Express Falsies Mascara ($7) creates more visible lashes because it fills in the gaps. The unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes. And it builds 8 times more volume without... [More]


Fold-Out Convertible Desk

We once featured a convertible desk that hid in the shape of a small freestanding cabinet, for those with more work to do than space to do it in. However, what if you don't even have that much permanent floor space to devote to a desk? Readers, especially those in... [More]


Mustache Bottle Opener

This Mustache Bottle Opener ($12) will make for some great party pictures. Especially after you use it a few times, ifyaknowwhatwemean!... [More]


Indexed Postcard Book

If you're not familiar with Indexed*, you're missing out on some wise and witty charts and graphs. If you happen to be acquainted with the genius of Jessica Hagy, you'll be just as excited as we are to pick up this Indexed Postcard Book ($10) and share the humor with... [More]


Satin Nickel Toilet Brush Holder

Is it just us, or is there something less than cool about leaving our the toilet brush out for everyone to see? Oh sure, we know that everyone cleans their toilet, but really...We've found a somewhat refined solution to this little dilemma -- this quietly elegant Toilet Brush Holder ($40)... [More]


Celeb Style: Michelle Trachtenberg's Rebecca Taylor Maxi Dress

It seems like every women's store this season has had some version of the maxi dress. There are even kids' stores getting in on the action this year. 2010 is without a doubt the year of the maxi dress. Which is why it's no surprise Michelle Trachtenberg stepped out in... [More]


Almond Delight Striped Handbag

Okay, girls, a handbag is a handbag, until we find one that's just right for those days we're going to the beach and into town. This doesn't sound like an earth-shattering problem, until we realize that now we don't have to transfer everything from our purse to our beach bag,... [More]

Money Grows on Trees Checkbook Holder

Money Grows on Trees Checkbook Holder

Fashionistas with their wallet open all the time will certainly appreciate the Money Grows on Trees Checkbook Holder ($20). This cheeky checkbook holder will be an innocent reminder when we (aka the lenient loot ladies) forget that money really doesn't grow on trees afterall.....despite how much we wish it did.... [More]


Stylin' Book Boxes

Oh, the things we can hide inside one of these amazing sets of book boxes ($49 per set). They're authentic looking enough to hide among our books, but hollow enough to house all those items we'd like to keep from prying eyes. Whether we're hiding important papers, love notes, or... [More]

The Way to My Heart Season Rack

The Way to My Heart Season Rack

The way to a woman's heart is through....spice! We're talking about spices and seasonings...that is! And The Way To My Heart Season Rack ($27) is a fun lil' gift for the couture cook in your life. She'll fall in love with these six colorful herb and spice jars adorned with... [More]


Marni Open-Toed Pumps

As far as Fall office shoes are concerned, the Marni Open-Toed Pumps ($170) stomp the competition (if you're a size 10). It's like someone looked at leather elbow patches on grandpa's tweed blazer and decided to seriously ramp up the sex appeal. The wooden sole and heel of these sophisticated... [More]

honey nectar perfume-s.jpg

Honey Nectar Roll-On Perfume

We'd love if Love + Toast could be our in-house organic beauticians, but for now, rolling on their Honey Nectar Roll-On Perfume ($12) will tide us over. With notes of apple, peach blossom, apricot and jasmine petal, this fruity floral scent sounds light and bright--best worn on a summer day.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Turquoise Bridesmaid Accessories for Melissa H

Melissa H. wrote, "Dear Outblush, I'm in a wedding coming up in September. I need to find my own turquoise accessories to dress up my black bridesmaid dress. An example is: I have to wear these shoe clips in pool from David's Bridal and am left to my own... [More]


Dear Rachel Zoe: Stop Making Us Want Fiendishly Expensive Things

We're not huge Rachel Zoe fans (Girl needs to eat her some cheeseburgers, get that permanent "I just smelled something bad" expression off her face, and stop wearing $5000 mumus), but we were begrudgingly impressed by her "I Die!" themed photo spread for the September 2010 Harper's Bazaar. And we... [More]


Happy 52nd Birthday, Madonna!

Only Madonna could make verging on AARP membership look hot. Her Madgesty turned 52 over the weekend, and celebrated with a party in London in a gunmetal satin dress that showed off those muscles she works so hard for. And, we thought, if we had an unlimited budget, what would... [More]

Rough Roses Riley Hobo

Rough Roses Riley Hobo

If you're looking for a handbag that you won't see all that often, but also don't have to spend an arm and a leg to buy, the Rough Roses Riley Hobo ($280) may be the bag for you! Rough Roses is dedicated to cutting edge yet understandable fashion combined with... [More]


Key Pete

We don't need a man for anything! But we sure do like when we've got one to help out. Key Pete ($13) is our new favorite super-strong beau. His mega-magnet limbs keep him secure on the fridge, hanging out to hold whatever we need.... [More]

Miss Me Flap Pocket Jeans

Miss Me Flap Pocket Jeans

We're loving the Miss Me Flap Pocket Jeans ($118). They don't look like your ordinary everyday pair of jeans. These have contrast stitching and trim outlining the front and back pockets. And the slimming bootcut style will shape your legs and curve your booty just the way they should.... [More]


Woven Brass Side Table

For those of us who were ever accused of taking basket weaving courses in college, there's a fun reminder in this stunning woven brass side table ($559). Its jartistic weave and mirrored top makes this stunner an objet d'art and functional piece of furniture.... [More]

lina bracelet-s.jpg

Wide Mesh Chain Bracelet

Oh snap, we're gettin' our chain on with Lena Bernard's Wide Mesh Chain Bracelet ($77). Stockholm-born, Malibu-raised, and now Bali-based Bernard is quite the world traveler, and it shows in her eclectic work. Interwoven turquoise cord gives this brassy piece a cool color profile. We'd join the chain gang for... [More]


Heartbreak Gift Basket

Okay, let's face it; any guy who breaks the heart of a friend of yours is a world-class bastard. Why not celebrate his true nature while noshing on confectionary treats, and revel in the fact that cold, dark oil flows through his soulless body while sipping a Sangiovese? The break... [More]


You Tell Us: Fringed Kneelet

Bracelets are great. Anklets? So cute! But... Kneelets ($36)? The fringed one (pictured) just looks like it would tickle like crazy. Maybe we're just super ticklish - to the joy of our loved ones, who adore pinning us down at family gatherings and tickling us 'til we gasp like a... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Slouchy Khaki Blazers for Nora

Nora left a comment on our Celeb Style: Sarah Jessica Parker's Slouchy Khaki Blazer post, saying "I love this jacket, but I'm fresh out of college with a limited amount of money to spend on the finer things in life. Do you think that you could do an Aspire/Aquire for... [More]


Macho Grip Bookends

Okay, he's a guy. Other than renewing a subscription to his favorite sports/car/gaming/girlie magazine, what are we gonna buy him as a gift? How about these brilliant macho-style grip bookends ($25) for a truly unique gift? If he doesn't immediately recognize what they are, we're (a) going to have to... [More]


Personal Shopper: A White Sorority Formal for Christine H

Christine H. writes, "I am in a sorority and need an all-white dress for our formal ceremonies. I need something that is fairly versatile, as we have ceremonies year-round (including in the winter). Additionally, I have a large bust, so spaghetti strap or strapless dresses don't usually work for me.... [More]


Banana Republic Boyfriend Cords

This is embarrassing, but, what the hell: We once owned a pair of hot pink corduroys. We were about seven years old, so it's okay (it was the 80's), but, it still shames us, big time, to admit that those zipp-zapp-zupp sound-making pants were one of our favorite pairs of... [More]

Gianni Bini Ruby Boot

Gianni Bini Ruby Boots

Two of our favorite trends combined in one - peep-toe and bootie silhouette! We're soo diggin' the Gianni Bini Ruby Boots ($110) for the Fall. They're made of buttery soft, supple suede in a gorgeous tan color that will coordinate with...just about everything in our closet. The bootie is typically... [More]


Silver-Plated Fortune Cookie

Wanna make sure your guy thinks of you while he's on the road? Try slipping one of these sentimental fortune cookies ($15) into his suitcase before he heads out. You can choose from over 25 fortunes, or request a blank message so that you can titillate him by writing your... [More]


Tuxedo Ring

The bows, they are big for fall, on everything from shoes to bags to dresses. At the risk of looking like a Japanese Lolita (unless that's your thing), it's best to keep it subtle for day-to-day wear. With black & clear glass gems tucked neatly into each loop of the... [More]


Chalk It To Me Bank

Saving for a rainy day is a good practice... except that seriously, who cares whether or not it's raining? Whatever you're saving for is likely to change, whether that's because you reach your goal and buy your heart's desire, or, if you're like us, because you are constantly finding something... [More]


Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Sick of having your lunch disappear from the office fridge? Work with people who wouldn't be put off by anything less than a roach crawling across your sandwich? Try grossing them out before they reach for your food by wrapping it in an anti-theft lunch bag ($10 for a box... [More]

Marriage License Necklace

Marriage License Necklace

Now you can wear your marriage license around your neck (literally). The Marriage License Necklace ($69) was created for the girl who always dares to be a little different and who expresses her personality through jewelry. This personalized necklace features a brass marriage license charm with a heart tag where... [More]


Organic By-The-Yard Fabric

Not all of us are Martha Stewart-like in our ability to whip up a pair of drapes, using nothing more than old bandages and dental floss. But really, for those of us with just enough skill to sew a straight line, or better yet, to use a staple gun, these... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bedding for Laura

Laura writes, "Hi Outblush! I follow your blog nearly everyday and am looking for some help in the bedding department. I am planning on moving in with my college roommate in late August and need a bed spread that will match the theme of our rooms. I have been looking... [More]


Honeydew Intimates Bralette

Allowing a lace bra to juuuuust peek out from underneath a blouse or low-cut dress is one of the easiest ways to seduce your honeybunch (or whoever...), and much classier than a direct, "Wanna come back to my place?" This barely-there Honeydew Intimates Bralette ($32) is modest, but offers up... [More]

kate spade_barrow street coin purse-small.jpg

Barrow Street Coin Purse

Has it ever been so chic to feed the meter? Kate Spade Barrow Street Coin Purse ($50)... [More]


Style Eyes

Totally clueless about eye makeup? You're not alone. Lipstick, foundation, and blush are pretty self-explanatory and you can easily fix your mistakes, but branching out beyond basic beige eye shadow has stumped many a fashionista. Makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babian gets it, and she wants to help. Her new book, Style... [More]


Camilla Skovgaard Saw Pumps

Here's what happened when we initially laid eyes on these Camilla Skovgaard Saw Pumps ($495): "Yeah, yeah, another nude platform pump, what's the big - whaaaaaaaa? A saw-toothed sole? Oh, hello, come to MOMMA!" With a 4.5 inch heel and zigzag lug sole, they're anything but boring.... [More]


Origins Multi-Grain Bronzer

Okay, what is going on with the ingredients list of new Origins Multi-Grain Bronzer ($20)? Oats. Soy. Tapioca flour. Rice flour. Goji Berry. Pomegranate. It reads more like a vegan muffin recipe than makeup! We suggest, however, that you use it as directed instead of mixing it into batter. The... [More]


Whale Box

We're going to have to come up with something to keep in this a-freakin-dorable Whale Animal Box ($35), which is fine. We think it's the cat's pajamas (err, the whale's bathrobe??) and we've got until November to figure it out, since this little guy's a preorder.... [More]

Namesake Cardigan

Namesake Cardigan

Lisa, Pamela, Angela, Renee I love you you're from around the way! The Namesake Cardigan ($25) features various names printed on the front and back. For Pete's sake, pick up yours to see if your name made the list.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Kimono Bridesmaids' Dresses for Brieanna's Friend's Wedding

Brieanna writes, "My friend is having a wedding in January of next year. They are having an Asian themed wedding and she would like to find Empire Dynasty Kimono's in an evening gown type thing. I know it sounds complicated! And this will be for the bridesmaids to wear, she... [More]


Vintage Style Trunk

Finally, cool looking storage ($50-$70) that will last a lifetime, literally. We love these vintage style trunks because we can fill them with all those out-of-season clothes we're not wearing and free up enough space in our closet to hold a cotillion. Okay, maybe no grand galas in our closet,... [More]


Tyche Coin Pendant

You don't have a yard, so hunting for a four-leafed clover is out unless you want to be stared at in the park. You'd never buy a rabbit's foot. And you rolled all your pennies one afternoon last week when you were bored. So what are you to do for... [More]


Respect The Earth Flashcards

Curtain crawlers...rug rats...ankle-biters...whatever you call 'em: Kids have to be taught, you know. Respect The Earth Flashcards ($12) are an easy way to open up a dialogue about the role each of us plays in sustaining this planet. Isn't it nice to know that even mini-adults can do their part?... [More]


Rissa's Pave CZ Heart Anklet

How sweet is this Heart Anklet ($60)? It's so supremely feminine and says to the world, "Look, I'm so pulled together that even my ankle gets accessorized."... [More]


Sales & Steals: 8/13/10

It's Friday the 13th, but it's definitely not an unlucky day for shopping! Save on everything from shampoo to sapphires with this week's Sales & Steals, below. And, as always, have a great weekend, from all of us here at Outblush! The Body Shop coupon - Save $5 on any... [More]


Special Guest Personal Shopper: A FUN-ctional Camera Bag for Alena

We're crafty like the next gal, but definitely not born artistes, so when we heard Alena's plight, we knew just where to go. Alena says, "Hi Outblush Team! I have been saving for a loooong time and finally bought myself a good (i.e., expensive) camera. It's a Canon EOS 50D... [More]


Animal Print Flats for Fall

Accessories in animal prints are going to be big this fall so get ready to let your inner wildcat roam free. Feral stripes or cheetah spots can be overwhelming and occasionally trend towards tacky on a large scale (think skin tight leopard microdress), but a hint or peek of something... [More]


Happy National Peach Month!

Did you know that August is National Peach Month? We love this most summery of fruits, not just because it makes a mean cocktail, but because it's just about impossible to not like peaches. They're bright, sweet, tart, and delicious, and peach is also one of those colors just about... [More]


This Is A Call: O.N.E. Cashew Fruit Juice

Much to our chagrin, we don't have the money, time, or resources to sample every awesome or bizarre product that we come across. That's where you - the lovely Outblush readers come in. "This Is A Call" asks you to give us your feedback on the products that we're dying... [More]

crochet modular necklace-s.jpg

Crochet Modular Necklace

Thanks to the Crochet Modular Necklace ($46) our eccentric jewelry collection just got a little more interesting. Since this necklace is literally in pieces, we get to pick our pendants and our length. We like choices, and we'd choose the coral option over the weird bleeding yellow lump any day.... [More]


Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Shampoo

Cashmere elevates a basic cardigan or scarf to new heights of luxurious softness, so why shouldn't it do the same for your tresses? Beauty divas are buzzing about the cashmere protein formula of Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Shampoo ($22), and we're intrigued. It promises to actually slow down... [More]


ID Blocker

If you think tearing up your credit card and bank statements is enough to protect you from all those identity stealing scoundrels out there - think again. The super awesome low-tech ID Blocker ($20) will help protect your identity without shredding. Thousands of tiny symbols block out numbers, names, addresses,... [More]

moth lavender-s.jpg

Donna Wilson Lavender Moth

It takes a quirky stuffed thing for us to realize that we need to take a sec and relax. Tuck the Donna Wilson Lavender Moth ($16) under your pillow or lay it over your eyes to feel the calming effect of aroma therapy. This herbal remedy happens to be a... [More]


Stripe Manilla Cardigan

A crisp Autumn afternoon, leaves on the ground, smell of cider in the air, your pup on a leash, cup of coffee in your hand, and you in your beautiful new Stripe Manila Cardigan ($70). Heaven.... [More]


Russian Tulips Necklace

Delicate, dangling tulip buds make for a most exquisite accessory in this Russian Tulips Necklace ($98). It's a nice twist on floral without being an open, large-petaled bloom.... [More]


Mr. Darcy Cross Stitch Pattern

We will have to tell you, Mr. Darcy: you have be-stitched us, body and soul, and we love, we love, we love you. Mr. Darcy Cross Stitch Pattern ($7).... [More]


Knife Hooks

At your next get together, spice up the party by busting out an old school magician's knife throwing trick. On second thought, that could get messy, so instead make it look like your wall already took the beating by hanging these Knife Hooks ($79 for a set of 5). Let... [More]


Celeb Style: Vanessa Hudgens' Blu Moon Sunglasses

Don't you love it when celebrities pick up budget accessories and manage to make them look so cool? That's just what Vanessa Hudgens did with this extremely affordable Blu Moon heart-shaped sunglasses ($18). These babies are sold out on the Planet Blue website where they're sold, but luckily for those... [More]


Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe

Sheer navy polish with metallic, chunky green, teal, and blue glitter. Um. Hmmm... Let us think... GIMME GIMME GIMME! Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe Nail Lacquer ($18)... [More]


Russian Doll Measuring Cups

Matryoshka Doll Measuring Cups ($16) - the sweetest way to measure anything ever. It would be like making a cake with a bunch of tiny little sisters who are not only adorable but also are nice enough to let you lick the bowl all by yourself. While we're on the... [More]


Coach Mia Carryall

Coach makes an elegant return to classic handbags with the back-to-basics Mia Carryall ($298 - $398). If you're looking to splurge a bit on a handbag that will keep you in style and look sharp for years to come, you absolutely can't go wrong with the clean lines of this... [More]


Juliet & Company Love Spinner Necklace

Do you like us? Check Spin yes or no. This Juliet & Company Love Spinner Necklace ($78) is a throwback to middle school notes in the best way. Wear it to your next date to keep him (or her) wondering, or just hand one to your honey with the spinner... [More]

fiat lux-s.jpg

Fiat Luxe Felted Soap

Maybe loofahs are a thing of the past with the Fiat Luxe Felted Soap ($14) keeping us sudsy. Anti-fungal wool felt encases a luxurious bar of French green clay soap and shrinks with the soap as we use it (smart). Keep the clean train going without drying out with olive,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bridesmaid Dresses For The Pear Shaped

Carolyn writes us with an all-too-common wedding day dilemma: "I'm getting married next June and I wanted to provide as much help finding a dress as I can for my bridesmaids. All three happen to be under 5'4", gorgeous and pear shaped. I think the rule is to draw the... [More]


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Happy Friday! Need some upbeat tunes to help you finish out the week? You can't go wrong with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ($6). Though the self-titled album is a year old, the band is just now gaining in popularity - you may have heard the single Home on... [More]


Paris Hilton Destiny Heels

First things first: Paris Hilton, you showed up at your Tease Perfume launch looking like a $10 hooker dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween, even though we have it on good authority that your diamonds were real and the dress was Hervé Léger. This, unfortunately, proves the maxim that... [More]

lace bLAZER-s.jpg

MP Black Lace Blazer

Here y'all go: have a lacy thing that won't break the bank. The MP Black Lace Blazer ($59) is near the top of our list for saucy basics. This is how you make last season's boyfriend jeans sexy.... [More]


I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

If you haven't heard of I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore ($11) yet, don't worry. By the end of next year, you'll know all about it. That's because this is widely projected to be the next "big" series, and the first film is slated for release in 2011. You... [More]


Turtle Mouse

Sure, novelty mice are a little juvenile, but how happy would it make you to have this little Turtle USB Mouse ($12) greet you at your desk every morning? We're naming ours Herbert.... [More]


Kronos Slique Serum

Silicone: from breast implants to hair products, is there anything it can't do? While we're not so much fans of the former, we're quite enamored with the results we get from Kronos Slique Shine & Smooth Defrizz Serum ($20 on sale). Just a weensy dab rubbed through wet hair before... [More]


Jewel Embellished Flats

On days we feel like going over the top, the Jewel Embellished Flats ($53) will take us there in leaps and bounds. The glimmer of gold isn't enough--we call for gold beads and jewels, goddamn it. Yeah, we like looking like we got our foot caught in the Bedazzler. Editor's... [More]


Doubtblush: Handerpants

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash-money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome like this (link to a recent really great OB post). But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just... [More]

felt vanity tray-s.jpg

Felt Vanity Tray

When we get home from a hard days work our s*** explodes all over our apartment. Solution: the adorable Felt Vanity Tray ($15) works as our catch all at the door. Who can say no to this frilly border--the cut out lace detail is cutesy as hell.... [More]


Golden Opportunity Polish

Finding the right accessories to go with an outfit can be a challenge sometimes (we know, life is so hard!). When in doubt, we take a few minutes and slick some sparkly gold nail polish on our digits, like Dashing Diva's Golden Opportunity ($8). It's got just the right amount... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bridesmaid Goodies for Jess

Says Jess: "First, I absolutely L-O-V-E your site and can't even count the number of purchases I have made directly from your recommendations! And now I am hoping you can help. I will be getting married in March and I am preparing to ask my friends to be in my... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Rafael Cennamo White Dress for Lucy G's Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Lucy G. wrote, "Hi! So I am in love with the Rafael Cennamo short white dress that Carrie Underwood wore while accepting her award for Entertainer of the Year at the 2010 ACM Awards this year. It is the short a-line one (#1 in pic). I would love to wear... [More]


Celeb Style: Sarah Jessica Parker's Slouchy Khaki Blazer

Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted last night at a Hamptons screening of Laura Linney's new show, The Big C, in this gorgeous Donna Karan Asymmetric Crepe Drape Jacket ($549 on sale, only left in size 6) over a minidress, and we're definitely digging this slouchy, updated take on the boyfriend... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Kimono Wrap Jackets for Sarah N

Sarah N. wrote, "Hi! I love this kimono style wrap jacket but not the price. Can you help? I love the look and think it would be a great addition to my closet but the pricetag doesn't fit into my nonprofit employee salary. Cute jacket, Sarah! But the price? Not... [More]


Aqua Vitae: Chambord

If you've never had the immense pleasure of peering into your liquor cabinet and seeing the beautifully elegant bottle that houses Chambord ($26), you're missing out, kids. Originating in the Chambord region of France, it's been made by Charles Jacquin Et Cie for about 300 years. Using a triple process... [More]

stem vase-s.jpg

Stem Vase

Pigeon Toe Ceramics is a lot more stylish than it sounds (good thing there's no catwalk involved...). The Stem Vase ($60) looks like it grew in the forest, but it's right at home on our windowsill. A plain jane porcelain cup sits pretty in this rustic alder branch.... [More]


Wooden Sofa Box

You're right, Captain Obvious, the Wooden Sofa Box ($2200) doesn't look that comfy, but it IS faaaabulous. Reclaimed coffer wood adds a new level of grandeur to this large and in charge piece. Topped off with strategic squares of paint and some antiqued edges, this bench is patina-licious.... [More]


Hue Corduroy Leggings

Denim leggings (a.k.a. "jeggings", a term we can't decide if we love or hate) are everywhere, so the next logical step is other legging-y pants. While we don't know that we'd wear them with a short shirt, these Hue Corduroy Stretch Leggings ($34) would certainly be a stylish and comfy... [More]


Doubtblush: Ingrid Ikea Bag Halter Dress

Our mother taught us "if you can't say something nice. . .," so here it goes: this Ingrid Ikea bag halter dress ($79!!!) is a very creative repurposing of an Ikea bag. Whew! That was tough. You'd have to really like Ikea (as in, enough to marry it) or blue,... [More]


Royal Plaid Ruffle Dress

We'd like to believe this model is getting ready to fist pump because she's so stoked about her awesome Royal Plaid Ruffle Front Dress ($169). Probably not the case, but that doesn't matter since the dress is so damn cute. Pair it with leggings for a warmer look or unbutton... [More]


Cinched Bachelorette Invitations

Of course every girl needs to let loose before her big day, but we're putting our feet down on this penis/sex obsessed debacle some women are calling bachelorette parties. Invite your lady pals to your classy affair with the Cinched Bachelorette Invitations ($15). Completely customized with your specifics, these naughty... [More]


Crochet Bear Toque

Your daily dose of "Awwwwwwww." Crochet Bear Toque ($23).... [More]


Personal Shopper: Rachel McAdams' The Notebook Wedges for Cassi

Cassi D. wrote, "Team~ I've always wanted Rachel McAdams wedge ankle strap shoes from the notebook. Can you help me find them!?!? I've attached the best pics I can find. Thanks! Cassi" Janetor here, Cassi - aren't you just a romantic at heart? I couldn't find the precise wedges, but... [More]


Valentine Cargo Pants

We threw on our old pair of cargo pants the other day and realized the shape wasn't doing anything for us. It didn't help that our friend told us they looked like mom pants (only a true friend lets you know these things). Skinny cargos are fab, but we want... [More]


Mighty Tags

Next airport go-round, instead of yelling, "Get your grubby paws off my Louis," simply point to your Mighty Tags ($6) and let them know, "That's mine, not yours."... [More]


Lyric Culture All You Need Is Love Bangle

All you need is love. . .well, love and this stylish Lyric Culture bangle set ($95) to remind you that love is all you need. This three-piece set is engraved with some of the most recognizable lyrics from one of the most recognizable songs from those four chaps from Liverpool... [More]


Farmhouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Usually when someone asks you if you've been bathing in whiskey, it's not a compliment. But when it's authentic Kentucky whiskey mixed with brown sugar and gingersnap-pecan scent, it is! The Farmhouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler Brown Sugar Body Scrub ($33) is a celeb favorite because it leaves your skin silky... [More]


High Heel Speakers

These days speakers come in all shapes and sizes, but our current favorites are these Gimme Tunes High Heels Speakers ($30). They come with a standard audio cable and plug into your computer's USB port - so you'll be ready to rock out within seconds. Unfortunately you can't wear them... [More]


V-Wire Bikini

It's not too late to shop for bikinis...right?! We still have one last blow-out: LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Who wants to end the summer with a flop? We're going out in a blaze of glory! It's going down with the V-Wire Bikini ($168) from Mara Hoffman, a stunning little purple peacock... [More]


BeneFit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner

We can't help it: Every time a new liquid eyeliner comes out on the market, we buy it (If there's a 12-step program, please advise). Nothing against our beloved gel and pencil liners, but there's something so undeniably female about the precise, sex-kitten look you can get with black liquid... [More]


Instrument Cable

Plug in and rock out with this unique and styling Instrument Cable ($38)! Colorfully rad, this cable is the perfect gift for the guitarist, bassist or keyboard player in your life. Hand wrapped in heavy duty acrylic and wool yarns, the 6-foot cable is Scotchgarded to protect against the nastiness... [More]


Penguin Sport Wash

While we love getting our sweat on - we don't love how our expensive workout clothes are ruined by the process. Penguin Sport Wash ($13) will keep your high-tech gear in tip-top shape. Not only does it keep your workout clothes fresh and odor free, it can actually restore old... [More]


Kate Nash: My Best Friend Is You

Follow-up record to the fabulous Made of Bricks, Kate Nash: My Best Friend Is You ($10) is full of all the fabulous Brit cheek, sass and crass that came with the original. A breath of musical fresh air, Nash writes her own songs, plays guitar, bass, drums and piano on... [More]


Personal Shopper: Can Billie Jo pull off pants at a wedding?

Billie Jo wrote, "I will be attending a wedding in October just as a guest and would really prefer to wear pants instead of a dress. I don't typically wear dresses and am not excited about storing another one-time-use dress in my closet. Is there any way to pull off... [More]


Black Fleece for Men

Now here's the best kind of gift: the kind you can steal for yourself. We recently tested the men's Black Fleece EDT from Brooks Brothers ($125) and while we think it's a great scent on a guy (thanks, model, you know who you are), we don't see why a daring... [More]

stone circle ring-s.jpg

Stone Circle Ring

Ok, the Stone Circle Ring ($13) is an accessory for someone with nerdy niche interests... Why we're attracted to something clearly made for a history buff, occultist, or wizard is unknown, but the truth is out there. We think it's the cool shape that gets us, and duh, wearing our... [More]


Clifton Coat

Oh hi Fall! Didn't see you standing there. Guess we should put on our cozy Clifton Coat ($120) from BB Dakota. Its tiered skirt and sharp brass buttons will have us looking put-together and cute all the way through to December!... [More]


El Caballero Macbook Skin

Ever on the prowl for the coolest in computer skins, we return from the hunt with the El Caballero Macbook Skin ($6). Lovely señoritas, you're welcome!... [More]


Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

If you've got problem-free skin, we hate you. Well, no, we don't, but we do envy your glowing wrinkle- and zit-free visage. The rest of us get to fake perfect skin with Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint ($38), which contains SPF20 and a healthy dose of antioxidants to protect and nourish... [More]


Demitri's Bacon Flavored Bloody Mary Rim Salt

Question - What's better than a refreshing Bloody Mary in the morning? Answer - A Bloody Mary rimmed with bacon flavored salt! Demitri's Bacon Flavored Bloody Mary Rim Salt ($9). YUMMMM!!!... [More]


Max Headroom: The Complete Series

Any of you readers remember Max Headroom from the 80's? ::crickets:: No? Okay, clearly, we're dealing with a younger demographic than we thought. For those of you not in the know, Max Headroom was this weird quasi-computer animated* music video-cum-quiz show-cum talk show that somehow captured the attention of the... [More]


Wine Bottle Still Life

Hey, how come they wouldn't let us paint wine bottles instead of apples when we were doing our water-color still lifes in junior high? Oh, that's right...we were idiots. Well, we're old enough now to own this Bottle Art Canvas ($100). And, how great would the simple piece look in... [More]


Personal Shopper: Shoes for Meagan M's Non-Traditional October Wedding

Meagan M. wrote, "howdy outblush, to continue the wedding theme, i'm getting married in october to a wonderful guy in a non-traditional ceremony. my dress is a vintage pattern from 1930 in a silky champagne-colored fabric. my only problem is that i haven't been able to find the perfect pair... [More]


Road Popper

We would never condone drinking and riding, but what's a cyclist to do when she wants a cold one after safely arriving at her destination? Easy peasy, open that brewski (or fancy soda pop) with the Road Popper ($40). No need to fumble around looking for a bottle opener!... [More]


CC Skye Spike Hoops

Hoops. Dainty, refined, subtle, timeless...Yeah, yeah, yawn. Add spikes to that equation, and now, you've got our attention! CC Skye Spike Hoops ($125)... [More]


Old Tom Foolery Thank You From Grad Cards

You gradu-ma-tated! Congratulations! You're on your own now! Did you remember to send out thank-you cards for the gifts you got yet? We're guessing no, since your Mom isn't there to nag you any more. So, here: Old Tom Foolery Thank You (From Grad) Cards ($15 for set of 10).... [More]


Wave Patch Legging

Sometimes we get in a bad-girl, Pink-Ladies kinda mood, but we don't want to risk looking too costume-y (or ridonkulous) in a pair of leather pants. David Lerner's Wave Patch Legging ($105) does just the trick! These luxe black leggings come with a hint of leather along the outside of... [More]


Hug Mug

Although you don't exactly hug it while drinking out of it (okay, you could, but it would make a huge mess) you do sort of cradle the Hug Mug ($9) in your hands, and it is indeed a sweet, comforting experience. The Hug Mug was designed to be the perfect... [More]


Personal Shopper: Leopard Print Ankle Boots for Emily

Emily? Oh, she walks on the wild side, this one: "Hi there! I'm looking for a leopard-print bootie - 3 to 4 inch heel, fairly classic in shape. These would be ideal, but they don't come in my size and are a little pricey at $200. I'd be willing to... [More]


United Nude Lo Res Heel

We love the story of United Nude. A dutch architect and a shoe designer (no, this isn't the beginning of a bad joke) joined forces to make this innovative design label, but how? After having his heart broken, Rem - the Dutch architect - made one last effort to regain... [More]


National Lampoon's Blu-ray

Spend the end of this blistering hot summer cuddled up in the AC and enjoying some nice belly laughs with the Griswolds. Newly remasted and re-released, National Lampoon's Blu-ray ($38) gives you the original National Lampoon's Vacation and European Vacation. You might be inspired to plan your own little late... [More]

Snowy Snack Scarf

Snowy Snack Scarf

Winter is still a few months away, but we're cravin' some cold, snowy weather so we can rock the Snowy Snack Scarf ($64). Soon enough we'll be chilling out in the ski lodge, sipping hot cocoa with fluffy marshmallows and making sweet snow angels...soon enough!... [More]


Multi4M Elephant Lamp

Thank goodness, this elephant won't require a metric ton of peanuts every day. Our only gripe? It doesn't come in pink (at least that we can find). Multi4M Elephant Lamp ($70)... [More]


Macra Knitted Cord Necklace

Updating 70s macramé with a nautical twist, the Macra Knitted Cord Necklace (£35.00) is all the statement you need, but in a softer, more peaceful voice. Start your Fall fashion wardrobe off in the right direction with this super Boho necklace featuring three long cords knotted together and finished with... [More]


College Is Awesome

Dear (insert family member name), College Is Awesome ($10)! Please send more money. Love, Your Favorite Freshman... [More]


Keep Calm Luggage Tag

In one sense, sure, this is just another reproduction of the classic print. In another sense, the Keep Calm Luggage Tag ($20) is a very clever reminder that sometimes travel's a bitch, and the easiest way to deal with it is with a cool head and a roll-aboard.... [More]


Double Dot Mini Cooler

Oh, won't you be the coolest Mom, sending your baby off to college with the Double Dot Mini Cooler ($59). This adorable little cooler is perfect for keeping beer water and soda in her dorm room - no dealing with that nasty communal fridge! This guy is even economical, consuming... [More]


Litter SF Leafy Arm Piece

We used to use the term "statement making" for oversized bling, a bright colored bag, or even a particularly dramatic dress. But now we've seen jewelry that really catches the eye - Litter SF's body jewelry almost reads like jewelry tatoos. They range from edgy to elegant, and are certainly... [More]


Carmen Clutch

We're ending our summer with one last burst of color. Mad Import's Carmen Clutch ($60) is not only a stylish little handbag, but you'll also have a fantastic story to tell people when they ask you about it! Mad Imports began in 2003 with Laurel Brandstetter whose family had a... [More]


Personal Shopper: An Eastern King-Sized Espresso Finish Platform Bed for Andrea N.

Andrea N. wrote, "Hey there!! Love your blog! I'm writing because I'm in serious need of help finding an eastern king sized platform bed with espresso finish. The thing is I love the modern and simple look of this kind of bed but most are so low on the floor... [More]


Mini Locker Notes

Not that we would ever encourage anything other than solid, focused dedication to proper schooling, but if you were going to pay attention to something other than algebra (like Justin Bieber's hair... is that what the kids are into today?), wouldn't you want to write about it on one of... [More]


Artecnica Transglass Carafe

Modern. Sleek. Repurposed and recycled, yet not kitschy. What's not to like about a Artecnica Transglass Carafe ($39)? See more glass carafes.... [More]

Whirl & Wind Cardigan

Whirl & Wind Cardigan

The Whirl & Wind Cardigan ($88) is an absolute must-have cardi year round! This fun 3/4 sleeve cardigan has a flirty posy applique with a frilly, pickstitched placket. And the vibrant gold color is a nice pop to any wardrobe.... [More]


OPI Fall 2010 Swiss Collection

We're seriously addicted to rich, deep, jewel-toned nail polishes... Even if we're just wearing sweats, it makes us feel so refined! (Okay, pipe down over there in the peanut gallery!) Lucky for us, the OPI Swiss Collection for Fall 2010 ($3 each) is a jewel-aholic's dream come true: twelve velvety,... [More]


I Know You Are Print

Pee-wee gave us the greatest comeback since, "sticks and stones," and it's high time we celebrated it. I Know You Are Print ($20).... [More]

Heartthrob Dress

Heartthrob Dress

Pitter patter...pitter patter! You'll hear hearts a-throbbinnnn' all over when you strut on by in the Heartthrob Dress ($60). We adore the sweetheart neckline and jewel green heart printed skirt.... [More]


Ready to Roll: A Celebration of the Classic American Travel Trailer

We've never met a coffee table that didn't like a giant picture book resting on top, but we have met a few that are tired of the same old fashion, photography and cooking ones. Ready to Roll: A Celebration of the Classic American Travel Trailer ($22) is the ultimate book... [More]


Zid Zid Cape And Mask Set

There's not a former child amongst us that didn't love fashioning a cape out of an old nasty sheet and terrorizing flying around the house. Nurture the super hero in your babe with the Zid Zid Cape And Mask Set ($65). Double sided for your super-hero's alter ego and made... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Prep School Wardrobe for Laura K's Senior Year

Laura K. writes, "Okay so I'm a big fan of Outblush and have been since I was like twelve (which is a line that I know you've gotten about sixty times but it's true!), and I'm a tad apprehensive about sending in a personal request but I'm absolutely desperate now.... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Steely Blue Eyeshadow Palettes

True confessions time: We buy makeup sometimes just for the label. There's something so satisfactory (and, yes, shallow) about whipping out a couture-label compact in public to do a touch-up. But what's even more smug-inducing? Finding a cheap alternative that does the job just as well. This Dior 5-Colour Designer... [More]


Personal Shopper: Travel Trunk for Laura

Laura writes: I'm in a long-distance relationship with my wonderful boyfriend of 3 years. We met in college, but for the last year and a half he's been in Illinois and I'm in New York. When I end up going to visit him, or we meet in the middle, I... [More]


You Tell Us: Desigual Crochet Sweater

Seriously, who would pay $144 for a Desigual Crochet Sweater when they could hit up the clearance bin at Michael's, stock up on $4 worth of itchy, clearance bin sherbet-dyed acrylic baby blanket yarn, and hand it to their grammy with a, "Pretty please?" and get the same God-awful result?... [More]


Rococo ChalkBoard

For instant decadence that you can pull of no matter your decor, swap your boring white board for a Rococo ChalkBoard ($36). Whether you're sprucing up your kitchen or a dorm room, this detailed decal is sure to add a touch of elegance - and organization!... [More]


Culture Club: Rosetta Stone Watch

We're all about being a mystery girl, so the cryptic symbols on the Rosetta Stone Watch ($32) are right up our alley. Black and white characters make a great pattern that make any black outfit a little more interesting. But wait there's more... This is ancient history 101, people. The... [More]


Balms Away

As much as we hate to admit when our mothers are right, sleeping in our makeup isn't the best idea. We've found that the easier it is to get our 'face' off, the more likely we are to hit the sack with clean skin. The Balm's Balms Away ($20) is... [More]


Personal Shopper: Knockoff House of Harlow 3 Strand Coin Headpieces for Robin P

Robin P. wrote, "Hi Outblush! I love your site. I am looking for something similar to Nicole Ritche's House of Harlow Three Strand Coin Headpiece, but I can't afford the $210 price tag! Do you know any awesome knockoffs? Here's what I'm looking for. Thanks! Robin" No prob, Rob! (Heh,... [More]