The Worst Trends of 2009: Please, God, No More!

2009 was an interesting year... The first African-American was elected president, Jon and Kate split up, Michael Jackson passed away, and the hottest toy of the year was a (possibly lead-laced) electronic hamster (We Americans are nothing if not practical.). Looking back on '09, we've come up with a list... [More]


Happy New Year from Outblush!

Hey there, hi there, ho there, faithful readers! It's New Year's Eve (duuuh), so we wanted to quickly remind you of essentials you should bring with you as you party this evening... And, of course, Happy New Year, from all of us to all of you! Black Bar Glasses -... [More]


Deep Steep Candy Mint Foot Stick

You might be over the peppermint-y goodness of candy canes by now, but we love 'em year round, so this Candy Mint Foot Stick ($5) caught our eye. This vanilla mint balm is uber-hydrating and it absorbs quickly, so you can treat your dried out tootsies (or cuticles) during these... [More]

Bombs Away Shot Set

Bombs Away Shot Set

Do you have intentions of spending New Year's Eve getting bombed? If so, get bombed with the Bombs Away Shot Set ($18)! These clear plastic shot glasses have a frosted bomb-shaped section to hold your alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage of choice. Bombs away!... [More]



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Hand-Blown Martini Glass

We love ourselves a good martini or six two over here at Outblush, but damn it all, if those aren't the flimsiest glasses. Whose idea was it to fill a wide-brimmed glass full of precious, precious booze and then put it on a teeny stem? We dig this Hand-Blown Martini... [More]


Jacklyn Red Leather Sofa

Looking for love in the New Year? Set the stage in your apartment with this Jacklyn Red Leather Sofa ($799). Ultra soft leather and supportive construction makes this show piece a fantastic buy for the price. Make it the showcase piece in your living room, add in some soft lighting,... [More]


Gold Link Bracelet

A clear break from a tennis bracelet, this Gold Link Bracelet ($449) is much more understated and casual. We can wear this thing everyday and are proud of showing off our interesting taste in jewelry. The circle links create a unusual chain that speaks to us on a level we... [More]


Peacock Dustpan & Brush

You're going to need to clean up after the raging bash you're throwing tonight, and you might as well get a smile out of it. Use this Peacock Dustpan & Brush ($22) to pick up stray crumbs and confetti tomorrow morning, you wild thing, you.... [More]

Satin Bow Heel Shoes

Satin Bow Heel Shoes

Pretty in pink! The Satin Bow Heel Shoes ($98) are fancy and darling to say the least. They have a Marie Antoinette feel combined with an edge. These buttery soft suede peeptoes have a fabulous 4" heel with a comfy cushioned footbed.... [More]

fabric purse brooch-s.jpg

Fabric Purse Brooch

It's a coin purse - wait, it's a brooch... Hold on, we think the Fabric Purse Brooch is meant to be daintily confusing. It is indeed a "playful combination of pattern, print and color" that makes textile work a jewelry piece, but we're still not sure if we should put... [More]


Doubtblush: Cat Pounce

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Yes, it's modern and sleek... [More]


Spring Street Design Group Handbag Hanger

We're tired of going to restaurants where the only option for our handbags is to plop them on the floor. We invested big bucks on our bags and refuse to treat them like throwaways! That's why we always bring a Spring Street Design Group Handbag Hanger ($28) along with us.... [More]


Lush Solid Shampoo

A solid shampoo, whodathunk? Just rub Lush's Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo ($9) around your head three times and you'll have suds and shine like with any liquid shampoo you've ever used. It's perfect for your gym bag or for traveling, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your shampoo hasn't... [More]


Vannesa Tosoni Rosary Cacao

Made from pearls and quartz, this Vannesa Tosoni Rosary Cacao ($286) offers a contemporary twist to a very traditional-looking rosary. The maroon color of the beads is exquisite and reminds us of old wooden rosary beads that we love.... [More]

pet lounge-s.jpg

Sweet Lounge Cat Bed

In our minds, seating is a quality of life decision, so our pets deserve the best in relaxation options. With the Sweet Lounge Cat Bed ($159) by Marmalade Pet, they'll be cat nappin' in style. We mentioned Marmalade's Wallpaper Cardboard Scratcher ($28) a while back, and this ditty uses similar... [More]


Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil

It might seem counterintuitive to use an oil to combat acne, but devotees of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Normalizing Day Oil ($43) will swear otherwise. Used religiously at night on problem areas, it tightens pores and heals breakouts faster. A blend of herbal extracts (anthyllis, carrot, and St. John's wort,... [More]



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Pastry Stand

We don't know if you would ever really eat cupcakes off of this Pastry Stand ($85), although we absolutely adore the idea of you lounging on a chaise with baked treats at arm's-length. We're thinking that since it's such a pretty piece with gold flowers and a tiny bird to... [More]


Kris Van Assche Drape Front Shirt

This silk and cotton blouse is all sorts of fun. The draped front and wrapped back tie make for a flattering top no matter what your size or shape is because your can wear it however how you like. The model rocks this top with black slacks but imagine how... [More]

20th Century Fashion Book

20th Century Fashion Book

For all of you fashionistas that can't ever find an appropriate coffee table book, we can help ad-dress that issue. The 20th Century Fashion Book ($40) from Taschen is a compilation of the best apparel ads. It is a retrospective of the last hundred years of style featuting 400 fashion... [More]


Alessi Handheld Vacuum

A dustbuster that's a work of art? Forget our old Kone, we're displaying our Alessi Handheld Vacuum ($169) front and center in the kitchen. Crafted from stainless steel and white thermoplastic resin, it comes with a wet nozzle (handy for spilled bevvies at parties) and an integrated crevice tool (good... [More]


Sophia Ring

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better vintage-inspired cocktail ring than this Sophia Ring ($1350). Options include cushion cut diamonds, quartz, amethysts and topaz stones placed into oxidized settings of silver or gold. The tiny details on this ring make it extra lux and special.... [More]

Diane dress-s.jpg

Diane von Furstenberg Nomarr beaded silk dress

Because we're trying to find you the perfect party dress, we'd like to put Diane von Furstenberg's Nomarr beaded silk dress ($411) on your radar. Hello, DVF is always blipping in our fashion world like a strong heartbeat of style, but this dress is especially killer. She takes everyone's right... [More]


Art Lebedev Heart Umbrella

Granted, it's a wee bit early for Valentine's Day, but then again you just might want to start saving up your pennies for the Art Lebedev Heart Umbrella ($60). Aww... (That's right, no more procrastinating in the new year!)... [More]


Dolce & Gabbana Suede Wedge Shoes

Fair warning: it takes a certain someone to pull these off. The face says it all on Dolce & Gabbana's Suede Wedge Shoes ($970). 'Nuff said.... [More]


Floaty Hotchpotch Dress

Add a pair of bright tights and knee high boots to this Floaty Hotchpotch Dress ($89) and you've got a winning outfit that will carry you straight through until spring. A bright floral print and contrasting yoke detailing make this Boden dress extra special. Wear it now with your winter... [More]


Top of the Pops for 2010: LinenMe

We've been chatting with Inga at LinenMe for quite a while now, since we heard some great things about her kitchen and bathroom towels. As we were ignorant of "huckaback", we inquired about getting some swatches, and were more than pleasantly surprised when an entire huckaback towel showed up at... [More]



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Oribe Volumista

The things women do to get their hair big & bouncy are legion: blow drying upside down til your face is burgundy and you get dizzy; layering on twenty different products, each designed for a different part of the hair; teasing and back-combing until your hair breaks... the list goes... [More]

tress floor lamp-s.jpg

Tress Floor Lamp

It's like Marc Sadler rolled a light fixture and a decorative screen into one with his Tress Floor Lamp ($1374). Architectural crosshatching of woven thread and resin has a way of dynamically displaying and dispersing light that's both dramatic and different, and the fact that it comes in red adds... [More]


Ben-Amun Chain Necklace with Star Dangles

Forget waiting around to wish upon a star. When you've got a Ben-Amun Chain Necklace with Star Dangles ($116) you can wish whenever you darn well please. The shooting star rhinestone charms are delicate enough to wear everyday but will absolutely shine in a more formal setting. If you're not... [More]


Pomaireware Salt Pig

This little piggy went to Chile and brought us a Pomaireware Salt Pig ($25)! This little porcine fellow is said to bring good luck, and is made by fair trade local artisans in the village of Pomaire, Chile. We love his cheerful little clay snout and (slightly mystifying, but still... [More]


American Retro Flash Leggings

Different interpretations of leggings are all over the place. We've been feeling overwhelmed between jeggings and regular leggings with any button, snap, or sequin on them. Nothing's really excited us enough to make a purchase quite like these American Retro Flash Leggings ($199). They've got faboosh gold paneling that lengthens... [More]


Milk Crown Tray

The Milk Crown Tray (449) by Japanese artist Masashi Hanayama captures the split microsecond image of a drop of milk hitting the surface of a pool of liquid. It's beautiful, organic, and incredibly useful - we love it as a jewelry organizer, as shown, but it'd also show off appetizers... [More]


Happy Hour Kit

Take the party with you this weekend with this Dumpling Dynasty Happy Hour Kit ($18). The cute little box stashes parasols, cocktail stirrers, and party decorations that are ready to whip out at a moment's notice. This little package will make even coffee with a friend a festive occasion.... [More]


Seamus Blouse

Say hello to our new blouse obsession! The Seamus Blouse ($160) is going to get so much use in the coming months we'll be shocked if it makes it to March. We can barely wait for the shipment to arrive! We've been checking our doorstep daily and look forward to... [More]


Diamond Flower Ring

Simple and sweet, that's what best describes this Diamond Flower Ring ($499). A great gift for anyone who needs a little cheering up, this ring's bound to make someone smile with each glance. This piece will always be in style - we can even see it being passed down through... [More]


Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara

Tired of cakey, flaking mascara? Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara ($38) promises to never get hard or chip on lashes, thanks to a formula rich in natural waxes and red seaweed extract. It lengthens and thickens lashes dramatically, better than falsies, and a special filming agent makes it supposedly humidity-resistant. So... [More]


Complete National Geographic Hard Drive

File this one under cool. Say your goal in the new year is to get organized. A backup hard drive sounds like a good start. Say you also want to broaden your mind. Try stuffing 120 years worth of National Geographic Magazine in your noggin. Now merge those two and... [More]


Mesh Slasher Leggings

Some peeps might say that these Mesh Slasher Leggings ($38) are a 2010 no-no, but we kind of like the slashed look paired with chunky army boots. The whole ensemble reminds us a bit of the nineties baby doll legging look. Is it too early to start bringing that decade... [More]


Markus Lupfer Sequin Sailor Dress

The Markus Lupfer Sequin Sailor Dress ($1330) is full on glamour in the form of a dress. The horizontal stripes seem understated in certain lighting until you get a good glimpse of the sequin embellishments!... [More]

aviator hat s.jpg

Leather Kitty Aviator Hat

We know letting the Leather Kitty Aviator Hat ($85) out of the costume bag and into the fashion world warrants suspicion that we're an anime fanatic or something, but with Lady Gaga and other eccentrics opening doors, we feel ready to let loose. Since pastels are predicted to be huge... [More]

panda bento-s.jpg

Panda Bento Box

We could very well pack our own sushi and sashimi lunch in the Kotobuki Panda Bento Box ($18) and be the cutest girl in town. This two-tiered delight is adorable and functional as a lunch box containing any type of food. But, hey, we totally have the time to run... [More]


Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse Set

In our day, missy, everything was made of wood. None of this highfalutin' polymer plastic hybrid whatevers, but good, old-fashioned TREES. Hrmph. Get the resident tech freak in your life a Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse Set ($52) and claim that it was the original precursor of the plastic variations we... [More]

ginfer treat set-s.jpg

Origins Ginger Treats Giftset

We're happy to kill the continuous Christmas soundtrack come December 26th, but the holiday scents still make us feel warm and fuzzy. Indulge in seasonal smells for as long as you'd like with the Origins Ginger Treats Giftset ($29). This trio contains Ginger Souffle Body Cream, Incredible Spreadable Scrub Exfoliate,... [More]


Elie Tahari Naomi Satchel

The famous designer Elie Tahari has finally branched outside of the gorgeous runway gowns we've become accustomed to seeing on the red carpet. Quality craftsmanship isn't limited to stunning dresses when it comes to all things Tahari. As you can see, this Elie Tahari Naomi Satchel ($698) has all the... [More]


Belle Epoque Sweater

We've a thing for vintage-style embellished cardigans, as they make an outfit all on their own without much thought on our part. Knitted Dove's trés charmant Belle Epoque Sweater ($72) is knit from a cashmere-cotton blend that feels like silk against the skin. Chic black floral appliqués and ruffled trim... [More]

Baby Gorgonzola Burgers

Baby Gorgonzola Burgers

We certainly believe in love at first....bite! The Baby Gorgonzola Burgers ($65) are scrumptious to say the least. If you're hosting a New Year's Eve soiree, you may want to consider these friendly, bite-size appetizers that are always a huge hit. These tiny 1½" burgers are topped with herbed carmelized... [More]

Diana Mini Camera-s.jpg

The Diana Mini Camera

Capture the craziness of New Year's with the adorable Diana Mini Camera ($60).'Lil sis of the classic beauty Diana F+, this cam's got a lot to prove, but she's got the most important part down: she looks great. Blue detailing, an accentuated square bulb fixture, and 1960's fonts give this... [More]


Vintage Scalloped Lace Silver Cuff Bracelet

Thanks to OB reader Jenna for pointing out this stunning Vintage Scalloped Lace Silver Cuff Bracelet. ($1500) Nope, it's not lace, it's sterling silver, hand-cast from a piece of antique lace. We love how you can see each individual stitch and knot, intricately worked by hand. Sure, at $1500, or... [More]


Know It All No. 2 Pencil Set

We've all got a know-it-all in our lives, and now we can beat 'em at their own games with a set of Know It All No. 2 Pencils. ($11 for set of 6) Keep 'em at your desk , and you'll feel ever so smart knowing that 1920 was the... [More]


Top of the Pops for 2010: Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serums

With recessions comes an upswing in DIY beauty. With DIY beauty comes an upswing in DIY mistakes, like overplucked eyebrows or thin, weak eyelashes from too many mascara experiments, hence our choice of eyelash and eyebrow growth serums as one of our top trends for 2010. We've reviewed some brow... [More]

bamboo clock-s.jpg

Green Bamboo Petals Clock

Maybe it's just us, but the Green Bamboo Clock ($69) reminds us of an ice skating rink. The layered white lacquer is supposed to look like flower petals, but we see an ice skate trajectory. Seasonal thinking, we suppose. In any case, the retro shape, green bamboo pattern laminate and... [More]


Christian Louboutin Ernesta Bow Sandals

Would that we had the spare change lying around to complete our New Year's Eve ensemble with Christian Louboutin Ernesta Bow Sandals!! ($875) Bold teal satin t-straps accented with a double-folded bow add a kicky (ha!) punch of color to a standard party outfit.... But, come on, girls, let's be... [More]


Prana Mahdia Ono Pant

Now we normally don't advise patterned prints on your derriere, but we'll make an exception with the Prana Mahdia Ono Pant ($74). These slim fit yoga pants are super soft, don't fall down in downward dog and yes, they have a print on the butt; but it's actually pretty dainty... [More]


Flying Saucer Bowl Set

Ring in the new decade with atomic serving ware like this Museum of Robots Flying Saucer Bowl Set ($230). Carved from acacia wood, this modern piece features two bowls that when rested on top of each other create a wooden space ship replica, complete with antenna and chrome landing gear.... [More]


Costa Blanca Studded Skinny Belt

There are plenty of words that we can never say no to. Studded and skinny just so happen to be two of them! The Costa Blanca Studded Skinny Belt ($12) fulfills our love of all things studded and helps keep those tight jeans on extra tight. We're kidding, our pants... [More]


Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Shampoo

Delicately scented with camellia petal, Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Nourishing Shampoo for Dry Hair ($40) nonetheless packs a potent punch. Why? Camellia japonica oil, rich in essential lipids, injects nutrients and moisture deep into hair for long-lasting softness and shine. It's expensive, as shampoos go, but a little dollop goes... [More]

Juicy Couture Vento Towel Sling

Juicy Couture Vento Towel Sling

Ahhh now a day at the beach can be as relaxing as you hoped it would be! The Juicy Couture Vento Towel Sling ($85) is a versatile, handy bag that easily converts to a beach towel. After a fun day at the beach, all you have to do is pull... [More]

bow embellished peacoat-s.jpg

Moschino Bow-embellished Peacoat

Screw menswear inspired and military tinged coats - we want flounce. With the Moschino Bow-embellished Peacoat ($1519) we get a bevvy of bows and a classic look combined into one beautiful look. Structure and frills all in one incredibly expensive package? Sorry, ladies. This one's for the inspiration board.... [More]


Sony Reader Daily Edition

So's ya wanna ebook reader, do ya? There's the Kindle (classic), the nook (new kid on the block), and now the X factor: the Sony Reader Daily Edition ($400). It's got lifetime 3G network access (browse the public library), a seven-inch touch screen, two-page landscape mode (à la the picture... [More]

giuseppe shoes s.jpg

Zanotti Swarovski Sandals

Kick on a pair of Swarovski-embellished Sandals ($690) by the extraordinary Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti and elevate an everyday LBD to party girl status. Not only do they have enough bling to light up a room, but the daring shape of these statement shoes is on fire. We can rock... [More]


Show Pony Shadowbox

We've expressed our love for artist Kime Buzzelli before and we were totally stoked when we ran across her new line for Urban Decay. Each Show Pony Shadowbox ($30) features brightly hued glittery shadows, a black eye pencil and a totally cute bottle of eye shadow primer so you don't... [More]


Safari Giraffe Jumper

This Safari Giraffe Jumper ($45) is a fantastic all-year-round go to piece for toddlers. They can don it as a dress for a few months and then as they shoot up, it will look fantastic over jeans and leggings. Each dress is custom made to order and will fit your... [More]


Tubereuse 2 Virginale

The name Tubereuse 2 Virginale ($185) makes us giggle, but the major sexy-ness of this scent is no laughing matter. Creamy vanilla is mixed with notes of mandarin, frangipani, patchouli, and white musk with a top note of yummy tuberose. Mmm, sultry!... [More]


The Frugal Foodie Cookbook

If you're like us, you set a strict budget for the holiday season and it promptly got thrown out the window... and now our your bank balance is hurting. An easy save-money solution is to cook at home, but if your palate is used to the high life, the thought... [More]


ASOS Boucle Jacket

This jacket's got shoulders, plaid, and a great professional look that fits into our normal workplace garb. Tone it down with jeans or dress it up with a LBD, the ASOS Boucle Jacket ($102) is a must have. We always feel elegant in this sucker!... [More]


Popcorn Bowl Set

At our next movie night at home we've made a promise to ourselves: to eat popcorn the right way. We'll be serving up some tasty kernels in serving bowls from our favorite Popcorn Bowl Set ($20)! The popcorn decor instantly puts guests in the mood for a movie night and... [More]

Nautical Chain Earrings

Nautical Chain Earrings

If you're an antique lover and nautical fanatic, the Nautical Chain Earrings ($18) are right up your alley. These antiqued chandelier drop earrings have charming nautical detail with vintage looking coins, nautical wheels and anchors. Plus they're finished with a fishhook earpiece.... [More]

chess table-s.jpg

Chess Side Table

Checkmate someone's furniture expectations with the Chess Side Table ($945). This table has a game board built right in, so when we flippantly challenge someone to a test of strategy and honor after wine tasting, we're all set to win the war. We like that this chic geometric table keeps... [More]


American Apparel Nail Polish

Ah, American Apparel... Denizens of ill-fitting lace unitards and LAME lamé leggings... You may have finally hit on something good: American Apparel Nail Polish. ($6 per bottle) The collection features 18 Warhol-bright, opaque hues that are designed to last just about as long as it takes you to get sick... [More]


Repetto Leather Ballerinas

Repetto Leather Ballerinas ($230) are the creme de la creme of flats. They've been popular for years and can withstand any amount of rough and tumble that may come your way. We wanted to steer clear of blah black and go for a more authentic ballerina look with this salmon... [More]


Anya Hindmarch Save Me Leather USB Keyring

We city girls have to stick together. That's why we're here to share some of our secrets to keeping everything in order. One of them comes in the form of an Anya Hindmarch Save Me Leather USB Keyring ($145). It's the best way to make sure our precious files are... [More]


Blue Corduroy Dress

This Blue Corduroy Dress ($100) looks vintage, but it's totally new. Bring on your blue velvet dreams in this soft, comfy pinafore. Featuring a fitted bodice and an a-line silhouette, this is one dress you'll be pulling out of your closet repeatedly. It's seriously that flattering.... [More]

Suzette Silk Romper

Suzette Silk Romper

Romp around town in the Suzette Silk Romper ($465). This lightweight silk, ultra feminine romper offers spectacular styles and ultimate comfort. And the cinched waist tie belt will show off your pretty little waist line.... [More]


Honibe Honey Drops

We daresay Winnie the Pooh would be quite enamored with Honibe Honey Drops ($10 for a 20-pack). These golden gems are made from 100% pure dried honey, with no additives or preservatives, so they're perfect for on-the-go hot beverage sweetening... without the sticky, gloopy mess! Just drop one into hot... [More]


Top of the Pops for 2010: Aspinal of London Red Buffalo Handbag + giveaway winner

One of our New Year's resolutions is to be more classy and refined - okay, we see you sniggering, enough from the peanut gallery - and an easy place to start is with accessories, yes? Just changing your coat, purse, or shoes can re-tool an entire ensemble. We're starting our... [More]


Essential 10 - Great books by women

There are so many great books written by incredible women. This is a list of some of our favorites - beautiful books that we read over and over again for comfort, pleasure, strength, and inspiration. Obviously this list is by no means definitive. If we left one of your most... [More]


Sandra Tube Dress

With the plethora of adorable dresses out there, it's a challenge to find one that perfectly suits you. We're here to take away the stress of the search and offer you yet another dress candidate for you! The Sandra Tube Dress ($262) is multi-colored and pleated in the front for... [More]


Doubt Blush: HairRings

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Hmm...human hair earrings? These HairRings... [More]


Annie Havlicek Roxie Dress

Do you have an outfit for New Year's Eve? No? Good. We found one for you. Annie Havlicek's Roxie Dress ($460) will make you stand out in the crowd - and maybe want to do the Charleston. We expect a thank you note after everyone tells you how fabulous you... [More]

Rubbish Button Scarf

Rubbish Button Scarf

If you crave chunky knits in the winter like we do, you're going to adore the Rubbish Button Scarf ($20)! This chunky knit scarf is available in four awesome colors - black, pewter, cream and twine. And it has button-and-loop closures at the ends for numerous styling options. Wrap it... [More]


The Daughter-in-Law Rules

Let's face it, you'll never be able to replace your husband's mother. You can attempt to make her meatloaf, but you will probably always f-a-i-l. Well, we've found a little helper that will keep the nagging at bay..we hope. The Daughter-in-Law Rules,101 Surefire Ways to Manage (and Make Friends with)... [More]


Email Internet Ring

A fab gift for your resident tech-head, this Email Internet Ring ($42) features a chunky, classic "@" symbol wrought in sterling silver. Now we kinda want to get letter rings that spell out "@Outblush" and wear 'em all at once! See more typewriter jewelry.... [More]


BioGreen Sport Bottle

Fact: It takes a plastic bottle an average of 450 - 1000 years to biodegrade in a landfill. Fun Fact: BioGreen Bottles decompose in 18 months. Treat your earth and your body right by getting your daily does of water out of an eco friendly bottle; we like this BioGreen... [More]

Turtle Night Light

Turtle Night Light

Your little bundle of joy will be on cloud 9 when he/she drifts off to sleep with the Turtle Night Light ($34) in her room. This fabulous little stuffed turtle has a luminous shell that projects a starry night sky on ceiling and walls. Plus you can change the color... [More]


Komforte Chockolate

Ramen noodles mixed in chocolate? Did anyone else get this Komforte Chockolate Ramen Noodle Bar ($3) in their stocking this year? We can't decide if it means we were naughty or nice. We totally hate the idea of it, but for some strange reason we keep taking tiny bites of... [More]


Vincent Longo Concealer/Illumina Pencil

Save some space in your makeup bag with Vincent Longo's ingenious Illumina Concealer Pencil. ($33) The double-ended crayon has a creamy gel-based concealer at one end and a highlighting pencil at the other. Both contain lightweight moisturizers that blend with skin perfectly and won't cake up or build up, thanks... [More]


Erickson Beamon Bead and Swarovski Earrings

Sport a pair of Erickson Beamon Bead and Swarovski Earrings ($515) for some Aztec flair that'll step up your bland color palette. The silver-tone brass plated drop earrings are a costume jewelry lover's dream. You can traipse the globe for something as festive as these, but why go through the... [More]



Gall Stones, appendix, a baby delivery; whatever the reason for your hospital visit be sure to look stylish in your own Digni-Tee ($30). Digni-Tees are the ingenious idea of two women who were sick of the ugly paper gowns that you are given at admittance. These super soft gowns offer... [More]


Dell Vostro V13 Ultraportable Laptop

Since it's as svelte as the Adamo but nearly a grand less, the new Dell Vostro V13 ultraportable laptop ($649, Core 2 Duo model) had to lose something in the process. Looks like it was just the pretentious name that landed on the chopping block. And we're fine with the... [More]


Dwell Pitted Vase

We adore getting flowers, but really hate looking at the icky green water that collects in the vase. This Pitted Vase ($104) is opaque, allowing us to enjoy the beauty of our buds without the distraction of murky water. Plus, it's a nice accent piece on its own, in case... [More]


Timex Calculator Watch

We just got a Timex Calculator Watch ($85) as a present and are completely smitten! The nostalgic timepiece brightens up our arm and always gets noticed. We've heard everything from "we used to have one of those" to "that's a sweet watch" and the compliments just keep on coming.... [More]


Tipsy Toes Ice Cubes

We wish we'd had Tipsy Toes Ice Cubes ($6 for a set of 6) back when Sex and the City was still airing on HBO for our weekly viewing parties--how perfect are these? The mini red polyethylene stiletto heels can be frozen and reused again and again, and won't dilute... [More]


Graham & Spencer Drape Hem Top

This jersey shirt creates the illusion of being a halter top but you can leave your uncomfortable bra at home! This tank top is fully covered in the back and offers an extra amount of fabric for an ultimately flattering look. The Graham & Spencer Drape Hem Top ($129) comes... [More]


TheBalm TimeBalm Concealer

For serious undereye circles and other uneven skin tone issues, a heavy-duty concealer is a must, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The beeswax-based formula of TheBalm Time Balm Concealer ($18) glides on effortlessly and gives you that "I had a massage and then got ten hours of sleep"... [More]


CauseWorld iPhone App

Wouldn't you love it if giving to charity was as easy as browsing in your favorite store? Thanks to the new iPhone app, CauseWorld, ($free), it is! Download the app to your iPhone or Android phone, and check in with the app every time you walk into one of thousands... [More]


Vero Moda Feather Skirt

Do a little dance and make a lot of heads turn in this little number! Evoke a roaring twenties goddess in theVero Moda Feather Skirt ($68) in a way that's easily wearable in present times. This skirt makes plenty of appearances on our girl's nights out and never fails at... [More]


Hanky Panky Peek-A-Boo Briefs

We like sexy gear like everyone else but sometimes lingerie is so uncomfortable we can hardly stand it. We were shocked when we tried on these Hanky Panky Peek-A-Boo Briefs ($38) because we felt like we were wearing our everyday pair! At $38 bucks a pop we keep these for... [More]


Barking Maddison Vintage Wallpaper Earrings

The vintage flair to the pieces at Barking Maddison will get you in touch with your inner 1950's retro housewife without all that pesky homemaking b.s. Hand-crafted pieces of jewelry that showcase vintage wallpaper like these Extra Long Spring Vintage Wallpaper Earrings ($35) will give a retro twist to your... [More]


Tub Tea Everyday Blend

Bath time is always an indulgence but it's become even more so now that we've got ourselves some Tub Tea Everyday Blend ($18) tea bags. We plop one in as the water runs and soak ourselves in pure herbal bliss. With scents of lavender, lemon verbena, and chamomile, this bath... [More]


Lin Pod Bench

De La Espada makes gorgeous furniture way out of our price range, but we can't help but love them anyway. The Lin Pod Bench ($Inquire) is no exception. You'd think we'd object to a planter in our seating, but slender contours of upholstery are so seamless, we don't even mind.... [More]

olive cape-s.jpg

Batwing Victorian Cape

We know. This is teetering on the edge of a Doubtblush pick, but hear us out. Styled appropriately, somebody can pull off the Batwing Victorian Cape ($169). Instead of pairing this outlandish wave of ruffles with distressed jeans, go sophisticated with a pair of black or navy super skinny equestrian... [More]


Kashimiri Bangles

The gleaming hand-painted Kashimiri Bangles ($30) glow with jewel tones and ornate patterns. It's the papier-mâché coating that gives them surface texture that glimmers oh-so-lightly. So we did some research... We found out that the Smithsonian's Indian sub-continent collections in their National Museum of Natural History holds the inspiration pieces... [More]


Bestow Wall-Mounted Vase & Candleholder

Need someone to grab that bunch of flowers you just picked up from the farmer's market? Perhaps you need someone to lighten up the room as well? Your helping hand is here in the form of a Bestow Wall-Mounted Vase & Candleholder ($75). It's the best thing that's been mounted... [More]


Blue Life Chiffon Swing Top

Ah, the glory of the holidays and swing tops. You can eat all you want and never have to think about sucking in! Breathe, let it all hang out, and be confident that you still look adorable because you're wearing a Blue Life Chiffon Swing Top ($107)! We may need... [More]


Cropped Slim-Fit Pants

Slap on a pair of Cropped Slim-Fit Pants ($49) for an adorable look full of retro flavor. Switch up the plaid shirts and opt for plaid bottoms with a subdued top like this model is wearing. These pants hit right above the ankle which is optimal for showing off your... [More]

seductive shoe-s.jpg

The Seductive Shoe

The shoe obsessed are gonna go gaga over the The Seductive Shoe: Four Centuries of Fashion Footwear ($26) this season. We'll feel like we're walking in the shoes of a period duchess while flipping through these pages. Maybe the historical footwear could become an inspirational wardrobe tool... However you use... [More]

rose powder-s.jpg

Scented Dusting Powder

Yeah, we admit that the Scented Dusting Powder ($6) by Enchanted Garden is basically glorified baby powder. What sets it apart from regular old talcum powder is its cutesy hat box style packaging and the light rose and honeysuckle scent. A lovely aroma and soft skin with no greasy lotion... [More]


Sabichi Ribbed Canister Set

This shiny stainless steel Sabichi Canister Set ($18) looks hard and ribbed for our pleasure. Excuse that dirty joke, but seriously, modern kitchenware is sexy, chic and practical - it makes our cluttered counters look put together (kinda like how Mary Kate's mod sunglasses pull together her bag lady style).... [More]


Acne Print Asymmetric Silk Dress

Vavavoom! This is one fun dress! We're dreaming of where we can wear this without looking ridiculous and can't seem to think of anything! So, in the interest of living vicariously through you, we offer the Acne Print Asymmetric Silk Dress ($840) for those who've got an appropriate event coming... [More]

bag of jewels-s.jpg

Bag of Jewels

It's no secret we're mad about sparkle. Whether decorating or indulging in a gemologist guilty pleasure, we'll feel like a princess with this Bag of Jewels ($8) in tow. Handling huge gems is probably more satisfying than wearing them around, right? Ok, maybe not, but we think these shiny sensations... [More]


Rachel Roy Retro Beaded Tee

Rachel Roy is known for thinking outside the box for her sportswear line, which features basics with a twist. Her Retro Beaded Tee ($79) features an easy fit, nightshirt hem, and an intriguing variation on a ruched sleeve with one point drawn up and pinned at the sides of the... [More]


Recycled T-Shirt Rugs

Now this is a shag carpet we actually like! Snag one of TalkingSquid's upcycled Recycled T-Shirt Rugs ($54 and up) and you'll be taking your socks off just to run your toes through the fringe. Super soft and durable, they'll amp up the funky style of any room. See more... [More]


Eva Franco Toulse Skirt

You can be sexy at work without being too literal about it. Go for an Eva Franco Toulse Skirt ($172) that's full of fabulous ruffles. You don't have to worry about revealing too much leg in the office on those days when a pantsuit just wont do. This will demand... [More]


My Little Beating Heart

Think about it: babies spend nine long months nestled just under their mama's heart, listening to the rhythmic thump-thump, thump-thump of her heartbeat. It's little wonder, then, that My Little Beating Heart ($42) is proven to help relax and calm infants. A nifty microcomputer inside the pillow exudes a calming,... [More]


Peace Sign Belt Buckle

Need a cute gift idea for your sweetheart? Is she a boho gal more than anything else? Why not make her distressed jeans sparkle by sending a Peace Sign Belt Buckle ($98) her way. The rhinestones won't upset her granola ways too much because they're being used for a groovy... [More]


Scattering Snow

Because it doesn't snow everywhere, some of us need Anthropologie's Scattering Snow to make our white Christmas. See the sparkle? That's actually the natural glimmer of mica in the mix. Centerpieces, hanging garlands, and piles of presents will be gaspworthy with a generous sprinkling of this special snow.... [More]


Ren Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask

Done a number on your skin over the years? Ren Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask ($55) can help. Without irritating skin, it gently resurfaces skin to reduce fine lines & acne scars, and improves elasticity, firmness, and skin tone with a complex of four fruit acids and papain enzyme. Use... [More]


Oak Black Long Sleeve Square Cardigan

Everyone's got to have a simple black cardigan in their closet. This wardrobe staple gets so much use that we hardly ever notice our other sweaters! The Oak Black Long Sleeve Square Cardigan ($110) is the perfect combination of your favorite boyfriend blazer and wrap cardigan. The warmth of the... [More]

hinge variety pack-s.jpg

Hinge Variety Pack

In no time, the holiday season will be winding down, and thank you cards will be in order. We think it's wisest to stay neutral but flaunt the pretty, so the Hinge Variety Pack ($13) by Sub-studio makes the mark. Since it wraps around both sides, the design's a little... [More]


Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Moist Glow

Snicker-worthy product name aside, Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Moist Glow ($24) is a great blusher for winter-parched skin. Full of moisturizing ingredients, it's got a sheer, natural finish that's easily buildable. We like Euphoria, a baby peachy pink, for day looks, and Liquifuchsia, a hot pink, for evening--don't be scared,... [More]


Joie Linen Knit Henley Dress

A thermal top goes a long way in the wintertime. That's why the Joie Linen Knit Henley Dress ($198) seems like a natural progression for us. The casual knit dress goes on over everything from jeans to leggings and gets better every time we throw it on. We've been wearing... [More]

crayon rings-s.jpg

Crayon Rings

We're so glad that someone remixed the Ring Pop to be more creatively constructive and less crammed with calories. Introducing the Crayon Rings ($50), a fun new tool to make jewelry and art interchangeable. Use one of eight colors when there's no a pen in sight, or make a crazy... [More]


Terrifying Evil Anti-Santa-Hat

Okay, just to get this out of the way, we're perfectly aware that that's not really what this is. Anime fans (since there just might be some of them on the internet) may recognize this as the sleeping cap from Naruto. ($14) To anyone who hasn't seen it, though, this... [More]


Adam Sequin-Embellished Jersey Sweatshirt

If you've had a yen to be the lit-up disco ball dropping on New Year's Eve, just slip on this Adam Sequin-Embellished Jersey Sweatshirt ($273 on sale) and dance around in front a of a flashlight in the dark as the countdown begins. It brings a whole new meaning to... [More]


Merry Christmas From Outblush!

Weeeeeee wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, from Outblush to you! We hope all of you and yours have a wonderful Christmas full of family, friends, and love, and that you all get everything you wished for. And if... [More]


The Pussycat Dolls Workout DVD

We're easily bored with workout routines, so were intrigued by the new The Pussycat Dolls Workout DVD ($11). Yes, the routines are hyper-sexualized (think cardio striptease amped up a notch or ten), but it's a welcome break from Pilates or the treadmill. Robin Antin, the creator of the PCD, teaches... [More]


Netflix Gift Subscription

So, know anybody who still doesn't have Netflix? Guess they don't have electricity, either. Anyhoo, give 'em the gift of the red envelope. As far as last-minute gifts go, a Netflix subscription is easy. All you gotta do is e-mail it to them. You can choose from one month up... [More]


Vin-Eau Carafe

The sleek design on this Vin-Eau Carafe ($48) will fit seamlessly in your modern home. Both red cups fit neatly inside of the carafe for perfect storage in small spaces. You can keep this by your bedside for nightly quench sessions or at the table of your next dinner party.... [More]


CoverGirl Disco Dazzle Topcoat

You know you can't rock a ho-hum french manicure at the NYE party you're going to, right? Get party-worthy nails in a snap with CoverGirl's Boundless Color Sparkle Nail Topcoat in Disco Dazzle($4).... [More]


Doubtblush: Siberian Tiger Snow Hat

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. This ($140) must be how... [More]


Langoliers Gunmetal Kindergarten Necklace

The Langoliers Gunmetal Kindergarten Necklace ($238) features woven chains unfolded into an awesome pattern that we can't find anywhere else. The undone look is great with a casual tank or tee and offers a refreshing break from big statement necklaces too. So for those days that you want something a... [More]


Shirred Matte Jersey Dress

Put those sack dresses aside for one night and show off that fierce bod of yours! A Shirred Matte Jersey Dress ($158) hugs all your curves the right way without making you look too scandalous. So don't stress, this dress has got your best interests and assets in mind.... [More]

pan am messenger-s.jpg

Pan Am Messenger Bag

This classic 60s style Pan Am Messenger Bag ($100) still brings back sweet memories, and it's still as glamorous today as it was back in the day. Don't let the throwback look fool you - Whether it's a kindle, Nintendo DS, or a regular ol' laptop we're toting, modern technology... [More]


Bare Escentuals Radiance Rocks

These Bare Escentuals Radiance Rocks ($35) make us think of some otherworldly planetary pebbles when we open the box, and we have to say, they do make us look ethereal. Sweep a brush over these pressed powder orbs and give your face an instant glow. You can focus one one... [More]


Print Handkerchiefs

Still using Kleenex, are you? We understand that disposable tissues are convenient, but old-fashioned cotton handkerchiefs are more environmentally-friendly - and a lot more stylish. We were absolutely wowed by the incredible array of prints at FlyingNeedleGallery, and we're sure that you'll be smitten with them too. They measure 17"... [More]

circus animals-s.jpg

Circus Animals Candle Set

Hiring a real circus for our kid's party would be a bit much (not to mention the premature death of our Persian rug). Don't fret, there's plenty of fun to be had with the Circus Animals Candle Set ($30) by Hudson. It's got a full cast of animal characters: lion,... [More]

credit card cutlery-s.jpg

Credit Card Cutlery

"As convenient as a credit card." (Hah. We all know how far into the hole that mentality got us). Personally, we hate stupid utensils that don't fit nicely in our hands, but the clever Credit Card Cutlery ($9) may have mini appeal behind its industrial design facade. Most likely, our... [More]


LC Lauren Conrad Dolman Cardigan

Lauren Conrad's been doing a ton of designing for Kohl's lately. Her stuff tends to lean on the bland side, but who doesn't always need more basics in their closet? This LC Lauren Conrad Dolman Cardigan ($44) is great for layering in any climate and comes in three girly colors.... [More]


Mr. Darcy Cross-stitch

Uh-oh, we've fallen into swoon town, and we can't get up. Can you blame us after layin' yer eyes on the Mr. Darcy Cross-stitch ($86)? Didn't think so. Man, we could hang this charming mug anywhere except our necks. Take a gander at the Heart Cross-stitch Locket ($33) if you're... [More]


Ben Amun Circular Necklace

It can be a hell of a lot of work to get ready for a party, and at this point in the season, we're over it. The next event we go to, we're throwing on a simple tunic dress, some tights and a big ol' necklace and calling it good.... [More]


Holland Family Cheese

There are many levels of wonderment when it comes to le fromage. There's "oh this would be tasty in a plucky grilled cheese," then there's "this cheese is so good I could eat a hunk of it like an apple," and then there's the really good stuff, "I would unabashedly... [More]

aveda replenishment-s.jpg

Aveda Holiday Source of Replenishment

Style wars take their toll, and our hair deserves a spa day. The Aveda Holiday Source of Replenishment ($70) gift set does the trick in the comfort of our own home. Including the Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, Travel-Size Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque, and Light Elements Smoothing Fluid,... [More]


Doubtblush: Sunken Garden Car Wreck Aquarium Ornaments

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Little car wrecks for your... [More]


Breath Palette Toothpastes

For those of you who can't stand another day brushing with minty toothpaste, we present Breath Palette Toothpastes. ($5) Made in Japan, each is made from mostly natural ingredients and cleans your teeth with ultrafine microbeads and helps prevent plaque buildup with Xylitol. The best part? Choose from offbeat flavors... [More]

lace tape=s.jpg

Lace Tape

Make all gift wrapping projects as dainty as could be with Lace Tape ($5). This lovely embellishment comes from the our fabulous friends from across the pond at Papermash, and we are squealing. It's like they pulled some inspiration from paper dolls to put the finishing touches on giftwrap. The... [More]

Ruffle Front Jumper

Ruffle Front Jumper

We've got big plans for New Year's and we're sure you do too! Now all you need to do is find the perfect outfit - something comfortable yet chic. And the Ruffle Front Jumper ($58) is honestly just perfect. This one-piece has a soft tube top trimmed with layers of... [More]


Cork Dinner Mats

Ferm's always reminding us that organic is in, and their Cork Dinner Mats ($33 / two piece set) are a great way to step out of the festive (we mean, crazy colorful) holiday mindset. Super calming bare branches say winter, but the warm browns are inviting. These are green, and... [More]


A. Ok. Black Snakeskin Flats

These A. Ok. Black Snakeskin Flats ($72) are the perfect go-to for when your feet need a rest from painful pumps. They're textured so they don't look like just another ballet flat and are bound to make your feet breathe easy. So give your toes some much need R&R and... [More]


iS Clinical Cleansing Complex

Thought pimples would end once you hit your mid-twenties and you'd be able to start focusing on an anti-aging regimen? Yeah, us too, naïve creatures that we were. Since most anti-acne products dry skin out and can actually worsen the appearance of wrinkles, what's a starting-to-wrinkle-but-still-pimply gal to do? We're... [More]


T. Cyia African Stones Necklace

Well, this sure makes a statement! When it comes to our New Year's Eve ensemble, we need just the right jewelry to get our night right. The bigger, bolder, and flashier the better! We'll be wearing our T. Cyia African Stones Necklace ($228) with a sparkly LBD for an all-around... [More]


Mutts Figures

We at Outblush happen to think that Patrick McDonnell's Mutts is the best comic strip in a long, long time. We love the pithy comments, the endearing animals, and the offhand references to everything from Hair to Jenny Linsky. If you love it too, we imagine that you've already got... [More]

shaving set-s.jpg

Olive Wood Shaving Set

Charm your guy by giving him old fashioned man glam with the Olive Wood Shaving Set ($200). Handcrafted in Germany, this set has vintage beauty with the modern practicality of Gillette® Mach 3® blades. Of course, the dashing metal accents don't go unnoticed... Display it proudly on its own minimal... [More]


Sretsis Dress

If you're going to wear a dress, it might as well be an amazing one like this! That's why we suggest this Sretsis Dress ($547) for an unique party look that will light up any room. The ruffled one-shoulder strap puts us in party mode as soon as we slip... [More]


Yochi Black and Gold Starburst Ring

Forget combing antiques stores and flea markets for vintage jewelry; just don Yochi's Black and Gold Starburst Ring ($55) to add one-of-a-kind flair to your outfit. The black enamel pendant topper is intricately carved and embellished with gold plating, and is a great stand-alone statement piece. Just make sure your... [More]


Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series Blu-ray Set

If Santa drops off an HDTV and Blu-ray player at your place in the next couple days, we urge you to pick up a copy of Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series ($39) on Blu-ray disc. Thanks to acclaimed British naturalist Sir David Attenborough, this is one nature documentary that... [More]


The Bridget Fit Cuffed Wide Leg Pant

There are days when we want to incinerate all of our skinny pants. They're too tight, binding, and uncomfortable to wear all day at work. The Bridget Fit Cuffed Wide Leg Pant ($40) comes in to save the day as a chic work pant that's anything but uncomfortable. The best... [More]

sephora pack-s.jpg

Sephora Glamorous 360 Deluxe Palette

Tired makeup be gone, the Sephora Glamorous 360 Deluxe Palette ($36) has us makeover-ready and set for life. One all-in-one makeup kit covers all our makeup worries: complexion, eyes, and lips. Dear readers, this stunning array of versatile eyeshadows, lip glosses, blushes, powders, and brushes is truly inspirational. Since everything's... [More]


Little Whirl Serving Dish

One of the most novel "chip and dip" serving pieces we've come across, Kim Westad's hand thrown Little Whirl Serving Dish ($60) will add sleek style to your dinner table. Viewed from above, it resembles a small Nautilus shell, and the crisp white porcelain finish lets the organic lines stand... [More]

drop earrings-s.jpg

Drops 1 Earrings

A few months back we told y'all about the Vacuole 1 Earrings by Molly M, and we're still crushing on her style. Drop something different in your oeuvre with the Drops 1 Earrings ($46 / small - $56 / large). Made from gunmetal leather, mahogany and birch wood, they're a... [More]


Colin Stuart Devon Convertible Boot

Who says boot season is over after winter? We can't wait to wear ours with springy sun dresses and trench coats! The versatility of the Colin Stuart Devon Convertible Boot ($149) is almost more attractive to us than its price. For the price of one pair you can wear these... [More]


Issey Miyake A Drop of Cloud

Clean, modern, and spare, yet complex in design. That always applies to Issey Miyake's stunning clothes and accessories, and now to Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey A Drop of Cloud perfume. ($65) This limited-edition scent is ethereal and fresh, symbolizing a cloud's journey through the sky. Soft notes of white tea,... [More]


ASOS Tab Side Cotton Kick Flare Trouser

If you've ever felt like your current workplace slacks feel outdated then these are just for you! These pants are pitch-perfect when it comes to cut, fabric, and price and thats a tough trifecta to find. These ASOS Tab Side Cotton Kick Flare Trousers ($38) are bound to be a... [More]


Recipe Cocktail Shaker

The perfect gift for the party-throwing raconteur of your group? Pottery Barn's Recipe Cocktail Shaker. ($39) At first glance, it's a classic, debonair silver cocktail shaker. Look closer and you'll see 15 cocktail names engraved around the rim, with small indentations along the tumbler. A twist of the lid reveals... [More]

armani code-s.jpg

Armani Code Set

Get with the program with the Armani Code Set ($70), a three piece gift pack featuring the infamous Eau de Parfum Spray, Body Lotion, and Shower Gel. Even though it debuted two years ago, people still love it, and we continue to have fantasy flashbacks to the sexy "scandalous" ad... [More]


JD's BaconPOP

The obsession with all things bacon flavored continues with BaconPop Microwave Popcorn ($4). Beyond bizarre, but potentially tasty...If nothing else, it's a good gag gift for your bacon-lovin' man.... [More]


Sparkle-Licious Clutch

We guarantee you won't accidentally leave this Sparkle-licious White Clutch with Large Black Crystal Brooch ($90) behind in a cab on New Year's Eve - it's too pretty to forget! We're loving the just-right size (big enough for the essentials), and the adorable black net overlay on the white satin... [More]

apple bottoms dress-s.jpg

Apple Bottoms Hooded Dress

Rawwr. The Apple Bottoms Hooded Dress ($21) looks like a collaboration with Project Runway's Michael Knight, and we're a little confused. It's like, an animal print soccer uniform for the club. Honestly, we're on the fence about this crazy combination of wild prints and ultra mini length, but on the... [More]

billie candleholder-s.jpg

Billie Candleholder

Put the bedazzler away, seal the glitter bag, retire the rhinestones and go back to basics with the Billie Candleholder ($40) by architect, artist, designer extraordinaire, Jean Pelle. The smooth angled slice of the wood exposes the path of wood grain beautifully and reminds us of sabering a wine bottle... [More]


BeneFit Stay Don't Stray Primer

Who doesn't love a good cosmetic multi-tasker? Apply BeneFit's new Stay Don't Stray Concealer & Shadow Base Primer ($24) all around your eyes and you'll be rewarded with makeup that stays on all day long. Eye shadow stays bright and holds to the eyelid better, with less fallout, making it... [More]


Kid Made Modern

Todd Oldham: clothing and housewares designer extraordinaire, and now... Babysitting aide? Cart his new book, Kid Made Modern, ($16) along the next time you watch your nieces and nephews and you'll be rewarded with well-behaved, attentive kiddos who think you're the best aunt ever. Oldham presents mid-century modern crafts inspired... [More]

Sequin Racerback Tank

Sequin Racerback Tank

A lot of bang for very little buck! The Sequin Racerback Tank ($19) is a great little layering piece for the winter. Throw a funky blazer over it or a trendy wrap and look oh so stylish. Plus it is dressy enough to even wear alone.... [More]


Planetary String Lights

Ostensibly, Planetary String Lights ($98) are Christmassy. But we happen to think they'd be a beautiful way to add light and ambiance year-round. Tiny sunbursts of white glass surround small golden lights, reflecting a sweetly dappled, floral pattern. We've got a few of these pomanders strung up in our bedroom... [More]


Charm NYC Reversible Newsboy

Baby, it's cold outside! Finding a cute hat to keep your ears warm can be a challenge(especially if you're not digging the earflap look), but we found a great option we couldn't keep to ourselves. Charm NYC has a ton of great handmade hats, but the style that we dig... [More]


Philip B. Maui Wowie Beach Mist

At first we thought the name was kind of silly, but after we spritzed Maui Wowie Beach Mist ($22) on our tresses, we actually uttered a quiet "wow!" The fine spray gave us a ton of texture without any gunk-y feel like you can sometimes get from products that promise... [More]

Santa Pimp Cup

Santa Pimp Cup

Ho ho ho! Sip your milk like a king this Christmas Eve from the Santa Pimp Cup ($24). This oversized glass cup is encrusted with glitter and gems and is perfect for sipping milk and munching on fresh baked cookies while putting together your lil' ones' gifts.... [More]


Karen Walker Gertrude Dress

Surely you can see how this Karen Walker Gertrude Dress ($414) would be amazing for the office. Don't let the pleated front fool you, this cut is great at highlighting your bust without making it look huge. The waist cinches in to draw attention to the smallest part of your... [More]


Magneto Siempre

Maybe you remember these guys. Maybe you don't. But if you've been thinking that NOTHING could turn "Sugar, Sugar" into a song that you'd actually want to listen to for longer than fifteen seconds, you're wrong. It's actually a lot better when sung (mostly) in Spanish by a boy band... [More]


Pogoplug Media Sharing Device

The simplicity of this gadget is appealing to us, because when we hear the words "internet" and "file sharing," our eyes start to glaze over. But, you know, we like the idea of being able to access our home computer files from just about anywhere. The Pogoplug Media Sharing Device... [More]


Stila Lip Glaze Collection

Whether you have a lot of stockings to stuff, or one girlfriend you want to treat extra nice, Stila has you covered with their Lip Glaze Collection ($25). Eight mini lip glazes in a range of colors are sure to have your friends smiling bright this year without breaking the... [More]

amika ceramic styler-s.jpg

Amika Zebra Ceramic Styler

We're going buck wild, which usually means big ass hair, but in this case it's silky smooth, thanks to the Amika Zebra Ceramic Styler ($81). FYI, ceramic plates use far-infrared heat, which actually preserves and improves the quality of our hair shafts and cuticles. Get the same salon style with... [More]


Elizabeth and James Shipwrecked Blouse

Good lordy if we had to choose between taking most of our closet or just this top alone on an island, we would pick this top every time! The gorgeous saturated purple hue looks great against our skin and we can't find anything that doesn't match it well. Under a... [More]


Rick's Picks

If you're a pickle connoisseur you've got to check out the array of cleverly named delights on offer at Rick's Picks. They have the traditional pickle options - Bee n' Beez (bread and butter), The People's Pickle (garlicky dill) and the more radically tasty - Smorka (Paprika Okra), Whup Asp... [More]


Ring Salad Servers

We don't need the entire matching set to enjoy the colorful pattern on the Ring Salad Servers ($15) by French Bull. Tossing our salads has never been so delightful. Looks like we can't get enough melamine this season, and the stripes are tot def on point... If we didn't need... [More]


Doubtblush: Judith Leiber Honey Comb Pillbox

We completely understand that Judith Leiber is known for her fantastical creations, but sometimes she designs items that are just plain unwearable. This Judith Leiber Honey Comb Pillbox ($695) seems more like a paperweight than a pillbox. Its flashy appeal would be perfect for someone like Donatella Versace, and that's... [More]


Long Sleeve One-Shoulder Sweater

For all of you who are tired of wearing dresses, we've got another formal option for you. A Long Sleeve One-Shoulder Sweater ($89) is a sexy alternative for when you're sick of that LBD you've been wearing for a while. So switch it up a little and opt for a... [More]

moose towel rings-s.jpg

Moose Towel Ring

Forget reindeer, we're paying homage to another snow loving steed with the Moose Towel Ring ($26). A horse head is available too, but this guy's more goofy and lovable. Think about it... When we're all alone and wanna convince ourselves we're not really talking to ourselves in the morning, he's... [More]


Drumstick Pencils

You're basically encouraging your little brother to drum on every available surface by giving him these Drumstick Pencils ($9), but he'll be happy. Don't expect a thank you note from his teachers, though.... [More]


Blackbird Stuffed Stocking

The Black Bird Stuffed Stocking ($56) is the perfect little gift for the nut lover in your life...ha, that just sounds so funny to us. Anyhoo, authentic woolen stockings are stuffed with two whole pounds of hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and pecans for optimum cracking pleasure.... [More]


House of Harlow 1960 Feather Pointed Necklace

Nicole Richie does it once again in her latest collection from her House of Harlow 1960 line. This time she takes a departure from her black and gold designs but remains true to her Art Deco theme (which we love). This colorful House of Harlow 1960 Feather Pointed Necklace ($113)... [More]


ASOS Animal Print Sequin Embellished Jacket

The colors pop on this ASOS Animal Print Sequin Embellished Jacket ($136). We got countless compliments on this that last time we wore this out and we loved every minute of it. The colorful embellishments are great for this time of year when everyone's wearing basic blacks to match the... [More]

fingerless warmers-s.jpg

Fingerless Arm Warmers

Going fingerless sounds gruesome, but it's actually cute. The pretty patterned Stewart + Brown Fingerless Arm Warmers ($48) prove our point perfectly. In soft yak down, our forearms would stay cozy while our fingers are fancy free. For ladies that don't feel comfortable in a full on classic stitch pattern... [More]


Bowling Pin Salt and Pepper Mills

The Dude abides, even in the kitchen. (If you're not a Big Lebowski fan, just enjoy these Bowling Pin Salt and Pepper Mills ($44) for their clean and simple design.)... [More]

Python Embossed Clutch Wallet

Python Embossed Clutch Wallet

We'd love to have this wallet slip...rather, slither into our handbag! The Python Embossed Clutch Wallet ($98) is truly a gorgeous piece. The bright python-embossed jewel-tone pattern is a beauty plus it is very easy to find in the bottom of your handbag. Wallet features a metal clasp closure with... [More]


Amanda Uprichard Penny Dress

Here you go ladies, yet another faboosh cocktail dress to feast your eyes on! This one's good for all shapes and sizes and will last for numerous holiday seasons. The Amanda Uprichard Penny Dress ($193) is a colorful addition to your already full dress collection, but who says a girl... [More]


Mociun Night Coat

Can you imagine how perfect this coat would be in the middle of romantic ski trip? Complete the dream with a hot cup of joe and some toasty slippers and we are in hog heaven. This multicolored print coat is glorious for those frosty days when a wool jacket just... [More]


Spudski Potato Masher

Slalom your way through spud duty during Christmas dinner! Black + Blum's Spudski Potato Masher ($25) is modeled on an old-fashioned ski pole and has an ergonomic rubber grip. The mashing plate is also specially designed to help you work faster without the plate clogging. The cherry on top (or... [More]


Walk Of Shame Kit

New Years Eve is fast approaching, and as we all know that innocent midnight smooch sometimes turns into an all-night make out session. Don't get caught trying to use a piece of hair as floss, and your finger as a toothbrush in the early dawn of 2010. Pop this Walk... [More]

red leaf-s.jpg

Red Leaf Room Spray

Mmmm we love the smell of coffee in the morning. Waking up to the natural scents of Red Leaf Room Spray ($14) sounds awesome too. Fake flowery fragrance can only go so far, but aromas like Basil Lime, Black Tea, Fresh Clover, and Beach will make our homes feel like... [More]


A Sartorial Tribute to Brittany Murphy: Pink Tartan Plaid Tulip Skirt

Our initial reaction to the rumors of the death of actress Brittany Murphy was a classic "As if," but we were genuinely shocked and saddened to find out it wasn't just another Hollywood rumor. As a sartorial tribute to Ms. Murphy, we found this Plaid Tulip Skirt by Pink Tartan... [More]


The Art of Simple Food

In 2010 we're making a concerted effort to take better care of ourselves and our earth, and local, sustainable food is a smart, easy, and tasty way to do both. We're not quite so ambitious as to be planting our own gardens (yet), but we will be thumbing through The... [More]


Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour Palette

If you'd like some holiday shimmer but don't want to look like a glitter-covered ornament, forego the sequin shift and get your shine from sparkly eye shadow. Laura Mercier's Baked Eye Colour Palette ($48) has five silky shimmery shadows that will give you glimmering lids to complement the twinkle in... [More]

cinderblock necklace-s.jpg

Cinderblock Necklace

You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl; for ladies who feel more at home in a concrete jungle than in a marble mansion, Kiel Mead's silver plated Cinderblock Necklace ($130) makes the mark. Shrinking down an urban icon... [More]

toms slippers-s.jpg

Amigo Fleece Lined Toms

The Amigo Fleece Lined Toms are comfy slippers that even a mountain man can appreciate. We're giving back to others (If you haven't heard, Toms donates a pair of shoes to the needy with your purchase) and relieving our feet at the same time, and that feels pretty damn good.... [More]


Self-Stirring Mug

Still looking for the ultimate last-minute Christmas gift? Friends and loved ones will swoon over the mighty power of the Self-Stirring Mug ($19). From this battery-powered maelstrom will arise frothy, swirly deliciousness. That, or it will be a catastrophic disaster eclipsing all previous holiday disasters. The fun is in the... [More]


Living Stones

We don't have to tell you how amazing these hypoallergenic, 100% virgin wool, Living Stones ($210 & up) cushions are. The picture speaks for itself. How fun would it be to lounge around in a huge pile of these?... [More]

snowman boxers-s.jpg

Doubtblush: Make Me Melt Boxers

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. 'K, we would talk about... [More]


Miss Oops Pucker Protector

Our lips are dry and chapped thanks to Old Man Winter, but Carmex just doesn't complement our party frock the way we'd like. Miss Oops has come to our rescue with Pucker Protector ($14), which slicks on like a gloss and gives our pout megawatt shine, but has the consistency... [More]


Spearmint Green Floral Tunic by JWLA

Now this is loungewear. It's unfortunately a little wrinkled in the picture, but otherwise we're quite taken with this floral tunic by JWLA, for Johnny Was ($140). Sure, we may do our TV-watching in "aerated" tees and college sweats . . . and it's been kind of a while since... [More]


Potato Chip Coaster Set

The trend of artists using discarded wrappers and packaging to create useful items like bowls and plates is nothing new, but our only gripe is that they often look like recycled trash. Sleek and metallic, like mini UFOs, these Potato Chip Coasters ($24 for set of 6 + a carrier)... [More]


F*ck Yeah Bone Necklace

Keep it positive in 2010 with a glass half full attitude, and this F*ck Yeah Bone Necklace ($312). Created from real bone and India ink, all we have to say is, "F*ck yeah, this necklace is f*cking awesome."... [More]


Cool Cat Night Shirt

Get a good night's sleep in this kitty cat ensemble that will leave you purring throughout the night. The sexy animal print makes us feel less ridiculous than our usual nightly garb that we toss and turn in. Maybe we end up looking more ridiculous, but this Cool Cat Night... [More]


Fresh Sake Experience Set

Although the Sake Bath Soak in the Fresh Sake Experience Set ($95) does contain 50% pure sake wine, for the love of all that is holy, do not try to drink it. (We know y'all are smart, but there's always one in every crowd...) Japanese Geishas use sake to exfoliate,... [More]


Stanley Ruiz Raw Maple Clock

We're here to remind you about how wonderful wall-mounted clocks are for your home. Digital clocks and cell phones shouldn't completely replace time keepers and our walls have been looking a bit bare without some timely decor. The Stanley Ruiz Raw Maple Clock ($230) is an artisan piece made of... [More]


Squirrels With Branches on Leaves Necklace

Only a little nutty (sorry), this Squirrels on Branches With Leaves Necklace by DayDefyProject ($24) will help your wardrobe branch out (sorry again). The brass leaf and squirrel pendants are all hand-cut, full of intricate detail and a surprising amount of life. We can also safely say that no one... [More]


Nili Lotan Rivington Dress

Casual, easy, and always looking good. That's exactly what first comes to mind when we glance at this wonderful dress. This is the perfect foundation to build a plethora of fantastics looks with the help of a few key ingredients. Grab this Nili Lotan Rivington Dress ($285) and you'll be... [More]


Jolly Holiday Thigh Highs

Santa Baby, get-a-load of this! Rock these Jolly Holiday Thigh Highs ($5), and you just might make Mr. Claus have a heart attack this holiday season. We think that they'll be a better treat than just the plain old milk and cookies left on the mantel.... [More]


Doubtblush: Santa's Pants Treat Holders

Santa's Pants Treat Holders ($7 for set of 6) might seem innocuous enough at first glance, but think about it: "Hey, kids! Santa's got candy in his pants! Come 'n get it!" It just seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Well, that or a new pickup line for Quagmire.... [More]


Cody Belted Peacoat

Here's another reason why we love winter! Dressing for cold weather is such a blast that we completely forget that it's freezing outside. To take our attention away from the frosty weather we'll turn to the Cody Belted Peacoat ($100). It's got all the makings of a fun winter coat... [More]


Issa Kimono Dress

Kimono dresses can go either way on our radar. They teeter between looking chic or really costumey. While it always depends on the girl wearing it, we rarely see kimonos as well done as this Issa Kimono Dress ($352). Just be sure you're the one wearing the dress, rather than... [More]

flower clocks-s.jpg

Flower Clocks

Emi Ozawa's Flower Clocks ($46) are cute as buttons. Plant a little garden of time keeping or pick just one for an accent piece. The cartoony effect of the solid layering petals makes us feel like we've stepped into an animated alternate dimension, and we like the fantasy.... [More]


No. 6 Ankle Boots

These No. 6 Ankle Boots ($345) are the perfect boots for any activity that requires lots of time on your feet. We've been looking for functional yet fashionable shoes for weekends in the garden and doing not-so-glamorous tasks around the house and these are the most comfortable ones we could... [More]


Porcelain Tumbler

Grab one to go or collect them all! The Porcelain Tumbler ($42) comes with either a snake, double tiger, or squirrel graphic that's both screen printed and hand painted. These cups are perfect for everyday and can be used for a variety of different purposes.... [More]


Unearthen Digital Gold Watch

It's time to give the always-classic wristwatch a facelift. For the edgy girl at heart, this timepiece is the best gift a girl can get. The Unearthen Digital Gold Watch ($561) is sure to be a hit with the ladies, so gents, take note!... [More]


Vanessa Bruno Maille Fourrure Sweater

No one will resist hugging you when you're wearing this Vanessa Bruno Maille Fourrure Sweater ($585). We were recently caught wearing it and noticed that it almost begs to be touched, leaving us feeling a little like a petting zoo by the end of the day. If you're looking for... [More]


Cole Haan Hand-Stained Pebble Grain Leather Kindle Cover

Who's got a kindle that needs a little lovin'? Nothing says luxe like this Cole Haan Hand-Stained Pebble Grain Leather Kindle Cover ($100) to keep your kindle warm at night. The gorgeous leather will last a lifetime and will protect your favorite e-book from those clumsy spills and scratches. We... [More]


Lutz & Patmos Antique Beaded Collar

Shoulders are big and bold this season, but what else is new!? We'll opt for something unexpected like the Lutz & Patmos Antique Beaded Collar ($695) rather than wearing a jacket with shoulders out to the high heavens. This will push you into fearless fashionista territory because it has so... [More]


Antipast Tights

Lace tights, tie die tights, jeggings, patent leather leggings, blahblahblah... we've tried it all, but the Antipast Tights ($38) are a welcome breath of fresh air. Hand-drawn sketches climb up our legs like a game of chutes and ladders, and the varied pattern is a lot more interesting than your... [More]

mercier body honey-s.jpg

French Vanilla Honey Bath

We can't go wrong with the illustrious Laura Mercier's French Vanilla Honey Bath. It's got way more than common counter sweets; packed with Tahitian and Bourbon vanillas, velvety caramel notes, luscious Kadota fig, creamy sandalwood and smooth amber, this mix makes us feel like a goddess. As we twirl the... [More]

Memopad stuff-s.jpg

Memo Pad Dinnerware

We just got the memo that Memo Pad Dinnerware ($3-25) is friggin' sweet, especially for office parties. Do a double take - you can't tear off a sheet for notes. This ballsy dining set's a perfect way to deface pseudo office supplies while we're taking a load off, wine and... [More]

Rubberband Balls

Rubberband Ball

Now you can always be on the ball....when it comes to neat and tidy hair! The Rubberband Ball ($8) is an ultra convenient accessory to store in your handbag. It is a nearly endless supply of non-snag hair bands in complementing colors, conveniently wrapped around a foam ball core. No... [More]


Jacquie Aiche Silver Amethyst Slice Cuff

This sparkler is sure to make our wrists happy, and our eyes too! The Jacquie Aiche Silver Amethyst Slice Cuff ($540) is a step away from those layers of bangles we've been wearing as of late and this new approach to a statement piece is quite delightful. Wear this to... [More]


Odette (Tie-Back Sweater)

Sure, we'll never be onstage with ABT or the Bolshoi, but we can always cope with our leftover ballerina daydreams by putting together an elegant outfit at White House | Black Market - what better way to express our inner swan? (Other than, you know, hissing and biting people.) For... [More]


Doubtblush: Teppan Sofa

This Teppan Chair ($4550) has got to be the unnatural offspring of our grandmothers' wicker love seat and an egg pod chair. The description says it's "comfortable and relaxing," but we can't see how it would ease our tired minds to perch inside a scratchy, dark, glorified bird's nest with... [More]


Mittens Wooden Bookmark

It's getting to the point where paper books are "old school" as we hit up blogs for entertainment and take in tomes on our Kindle, but the sweet wooden placeholders at Beacon Bookmarks are making us revisit our paperback pals. This Mittens Wooden Bookmark ($8) inspires to curl up with... [More]


Dragonfly Jasmine Soap

We first heard about Dragonfly Soaps when they got a little too friendly with our comments function, so we challenged them to put their soap where their mouth is! (Um. Hold on a sec.) Anyway, we're total free sample floozies, so we're very happy to present their Jasmine Queen of... [More]


Drapey Neck Tunic

Sometimes it's nice to throw on a top and get on with your day. For days like that, a Drapey Neck Tunic ($110) is an absolute necessity. Just toss this over your shoulders, pull on some jeans, and free up your mental space for much more important things to concentrate... [More]


Terai Folding Chair

Anthropologie has fueled our costume infused fashion collection forever, so warming up to their home stuff isn't hard. Their Indian inspired Terai Folding Chairs ($198) make the everyday into something fresh. We especially like the Starburst, Paisley, and Ikat styles, but all the eclectic patterns have something to offer. The... [More]


See by Chloe Chambray Princess Jacket

Would it be too obvious if we said that this jacket was fit for a princess? Well, trite or not, we stick to our cheesy guns and think this coat is going to make you swoon. The See by Chloe Chambray Princess Jacket ($540) is bound to set your Victorian-loving... [More]


The Bee Bar

What looks like a cute antique pillbox filled with lip balm is actually The Bee Bar, ($7) a solid moisturizing bar that pops out of the container for use. Rub it between your hands to warm up the formula of shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba, lanolin, sweet almond oil, vitamin... [More]

Vertical Bar Corset

Vertical Bar Corset

Savvy style will be under your belt if you're sporting the Vertical Bar Corset ($38). This wide corset belt has gold metal bar detailing finished with a zipper at the front. If you're a fan, we suggest you zip over as this beautiful belt is an Urban Outfitters exclusive style.... [More]


Daily Adhesive Notes

Those of you who can't ever manage to fill in a day planner might want to try out 12 Months of Daily Adhesive Notes ($48) this year. Yes, they're glorified post-it notes, but let's be honest, you need a better system than writing stuff on the back of your latte... [More]


Dachsund MyPetLamp

We can think of a lot of kids (and adults, for that matter) who'd love having a MyPetLamp Dachsund Lamp ($59) as a night-light. Available in six colors, the molded plastic contains a replaceable low-wattage halogen bulb that emits a soft, comforting glow. And, come on, it's just plain cute...... [More]


ABS Strapless Bow Dress

We've thrown in the towel on finding the perfect gift for our man and have decided, damnit, we're gift enough. To really drive the point home, we're wrapping ourselves up like a present in this ABS Strapless Bow Dress ($250). It might sound like a cop out, but hey, he... [More]


LaCorte Sonoma Noir Tennis Bag

Wanna beat your girlfriends on the court in more than just tennis prose? Wow them with your new tennis bag and they'll be too jealous to concentrate on the game. The LaCorte Sonoma Noir Tennis Bag ($295) has such a chic design that it's hard to only wear it only... [More]

dali lamps-s.jpg

Black Label Lamps

We didn't know Salvador Dali was such a sensuous guy... He designed the Muletas and Cajones Black Label Lamps ($Inquire) way back in yesteryear, and they're shocking today. If the shimmery cast bronze patina isn't sultry enough for you, the rest of this thing gets sexier: black satin and lingerie... [More]


Rodial Glam Balm

Rodial Glam Balm ($80) has been around for a few years now - it made a big splash when it arrived on the scene, but after awhile, interest in it kind of dwindled. We're pretty sure that's probably due to the fact that although it's super stuff, it claims to... [More]


Sun Sets in the West Boots

Half country western, half Sargeant Pepper-esque military, these Sun Sets in the West Boots ($48) are 100% comfortable and stylish. Use them to take a basic skinny jeans & sweater combo to a new level of cool, or keep your calves warm with a dress & patterned tights. The low,... [More]


Rachel Comey Detention Skirt

Go wild with Rachel Comey's Detention Skirt ($334) and try not to get yourself into too much trouble! We can't wait to get our naughty little mittens on it ourselves! We may play a good girl by day, but this skirt will bring out the bad girl in us fairly... [More]

Snuggle Bunch Swatch Watch

Snuggle Bunch Swatch Watch

Add a pop of fun, retro style to your wrist! The Snuggle Bunch Swatch Watch ($55) is adorable yet chic (in a cute way). It is sleek and lightweight bursting with a palette of playful pastels. And the little snuggle bunch creatures are precious..to say the least.... [More]


Celeb Style: Marion Cotillard of Nine

Marion Cotillard manages to stay out of the limelight fairly well. She isn't one of those celebrities who's going to the latest club. Her acting chops have established her as one of Hollywood's leading ladies and her recent advertising campaigns have given her muse status. In a more casual look,... [More]

snowflake place cards-s.jpg

Snowflake Place Cards

Not everyone is into seasonal decor, but if you're having a winter wonderland holiday party, we don't see how you could go without the Snowflake Place Cards ($16). Delicate, but clean cut, these eye-catching place cards really set the mood. Hell, we couldn't cut out primary school style snowflakes half... [More]


Altru Remembrance Candle

One whiff of an Altru Remembrance Aromatic Soy Blend Candle ($55) and you're instantly content, relaxed, and invigorated, as if you'd just had an aromatherapy massage. Redolent with the unexpected combination of crisp grapefruit, spicy-fresh rosemary, and exotic woods, it comes in a hammered copper candleholder that casts a warm,... [More]


Doubtblush: Ed Hardy Water

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. The infamous Bobby Bottleservice introduced... [More]


Jewels and Pearls Necklace

Baubles, jewels, and pearls, oh my! Fancy jewelry doesn't have to take up a huge portion of your paycheck, that's why we bring you options that look like you spent a ton more than you actually did! This Jewels and Pearls Necklace ($38) is a perfect example of sophisticated accessorizing... [More]


Black Lotus Wall Clock

Small space? Nuevo Living's Black Lotus Wall Clock ($169) doubles as art and a functional timekeeper. Open, airy, and modern, the concentric open latticework design is a zen take on George Nelson's iconic sunflower design. And that will have your 60's mod fan friends nodding in hipster approval. Attractive? Check.... [More]

gray hat-s.jpg

Privee L'ux Hat

Jesus, this Privee L'ux Hat ($98) is dashing and adorable. It's all in the details, and the fabric on the fitted brim is a subtle paisley surprise. Mixing cool soft gray with a warm colored pattern is a nice way to make this go with all of our outfits (yay).... [More]

Lip Gloss Locket

Lip Gloss Locket

We're smacking our lips about the Lip Gloss Locket ($16)! This charming vintage-inspired locket has a luscious lip balm packed inside....just for your pretty pucker! And the black satin bow fob adds a darling touch.... [More]


Bern Muse Helmet

Taking a little break and hitting the slopes this winter? Make sure you wear a helmet, in case you literally hit the slopes! This Muse Hard Hat Helmet with Knit Liner ($110) by Bern is actually pretty stylish for protective headgear. The small bill helps shield your eyes from sun... [More]


Elgato EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner

Over the last few weeks, a lot of us have been snapping up great deals on those snazzy flat panel high definition TVs. If you're a Mac user, you can upgrade your computer to HDTV status with the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner ($125). Just plug the Hybrid into an... [More]


D&G Duchess Satin Dress

Stand out in a sea of black cocktail dresses at the office holiday party. If you're feeling up for the confidence challenge, and want to draw as much attention as possible, we suggest investing in this sexy dress asap! The bold D&G Duchess Satin Dress ($937) is made for the... [More]

Tulle & Satin Babydoll

Tulle & Satin Babydoll

The Tulle & Satin Babydoll ($58) is just the item you need to spice things up in the boudoir! This frilly ivory delight will invoke feelings reminiscent of your honeymoon.... [More]


Guiltless Purse.com - Genuine designer overstock

We love designer handbags, but the price tags usually result in us carefully placing the bag back on the shelf and walking away grumbling. But we're still craving the purses, so when we found out about GuiltlessPurse.com, happy dances ensued. They've got overstock bags from hot designers like Botkier, Linea... [More]


Giorgio Armani Black Lace Palette

If you really, really, really love your girlfriends, then the Giorgio Armani Beauty Black Lace Palette ($98) should be at the top of your gift shopping list. Part of the limited-edition holiday 2009 collection, it features a bejeweled compact cover and two tiers of makeup goodness: an embroidered shimmery highlighting... [More]


Aspinal of London Giveaways: His & hers travel sets

Hallo, ladies and gentlemen! Can y'all believe Christmas is next week? Gulp. Luckily, our British friends over at Aspinal of London have hooked us - and you - up with another great giveaway! With these stylish his 'n hers travel sets, each worth $220, you'll be the envy of everybody... [More]


Valextra Italy Passport Holder

Going away for the holidays? Make your passport pretty as can be with this posh Valextra Italy Passport Holder ($295). You can choose from any country but we particularly like 'the boot' to adorn our passport. This way we get through those ridiculous holiday airport lines with a bit more... [More]


Icebreaker Chakra Zip Top

Staying warm doesn't have to mean wearing tons of bulky, lumpy layers! The Icebreaker Chakra Zip Top ($80) is form-fitting and sleek, available in eight colors & made from cozy, soft New Zealand merino wool. The big surprise is how breathable and lightweight it is, making it great for everything... [More]


Suitcase Dog Bed

Despite attempts with cute fabrics and different shapes, a dog bed in the corner is usually kind of an eyesore. Not so with the stylish Suitcase Dog Bed ($1800). When closed, you'd never have any idea that's where Fifi makes her bed each night, but it's also pretty stylish when... [More]


Eberjey Godiva Chemise

Lingerie can be a tricky thing because the pieces that are "sexy" aren't usually comfy enough to want to be in for very long, but the pieces we like to lounge in usually do very little to suggest to our partners we'd ever want to do more than sleep in... [More]


Code.ai Brow Boosting Shaper B-216

We've all been there: in a quest for perfectly arched eyebrows, you got a little overzealous. And eyebrows, once plucked too often, don't grow back very evenly, if at all. Instead of snitching your dad's Rogaine and praying it works on brows (Don't!! It's dangerous!), try Code.Ai Brow Boosting Shaper... [More]


Ice Cream Bench

It's a little cold for ice cream these days (although that's not stopping us), but it could never ever be too cold to hang out on this awesome Ice Cream Bench ($950). Fashioned after a favorite treat, this cushy seat looks good enough to eat!... [More]


Celeb Style: Kate Hudson of Nine

Happy-go-lucky Kate Hudson sings her heart out in the film Nine and we can't wait to hear her belt a few notes! Lately she's been giving us plenty of fashion fodder with all of her bi-coastal outings, much to the chagrin of A-Rod. Always trying to hide from the paps... [More]

peapod bowls-s.jpg

Peapod Tray and Bowls

Party planners, rest your feet and mind. Simple appetizers get dressed up in a snap in the Peapod Tray and Bowls ($17). Noshers and nommers look so much cuter when they look like peas in a pod. Our niblet presentations are instantly styled and ready for a night in.... [More]


JBL Creature III Speakers

If you've got a discriminating techie on your holiday gift list, surprise them with the JBL Creature III Speakers ($100). The latest in JBL's line of idiosyncratically designed computer speakers, the compact Creature III features otherworldly lines and touch-sensitive controls (thus avoiding the dreaded static caused by a dusty volume... [More]


Beer Advocate Magazine

For those of you who know that hops aren't just what bunnies do and that wheat isn't only for bread, you might want to pick up an issue or two of Beer Advocate ($4 each, $30 for a year subscription). This magazine includes standard articles like Ask the Beer Geek... [More]


How to Sew a Button

So maybe we don't want to be Suzy Homemaker, making our clothes by hand or canning our own peaches. Who's got time for that? But it is rather handy to know basic little domestic skills like tying a necktie, making pancakes from scratch, and folding a fitted sheet neatly. Enter... [More]


The Dancer Platform Boots by Illex Kinni

Wedge ankle boots are probably one of fashion's most forgiving trends lately. Not only are these super cute shoes great for adding height but they are THE most comfortable heels we've worn in a long time! Platforms have always been on the comfy side, but these take the cake when... [More]


Wire Dress Mannequin

True, most of us don't make our own clothes anymore, so we can't use this Wire Dress Mannequin ($244) for its originally intended purpose. But hear us out! The vintage-y vibe is perfect for shabby chic décor schemes, and can be used to hold jewelry, handbags, and other accessories. Just... [More]


Gold Frog Ring

We can't wait to see the Princess and the Frog movie; we've always loved the idea of the little green guy turning into the man of our dreams. If you know a deserving fan, this Yellow and White Gold Frog Ring ($1000) would be the perfect gift. We'd totally buy... [More]


If You Give a Mom a Martini..

Do you dream of when you could sleep in until 10am and take a long hot bath without being interrupted twenty times with howling cries of "Mo-oomm"? If you're raising your hand right now, you need a copy of If You Give a Mom a Martini.. . 100 Ways to... [More]


Despair, Inc. 2010 Custom Calendar

Ambition: Aspire to climb as high as you can dream. Determination: It is the size of one's will which determines success. Potential: Not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up. Now that's more like it. We're longtime fans of Despair, Inc.'s Demotivational posters, which for us, are... [More]

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Outlaw Clutch

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Outlaw Clutch

We're seriously crushing on the Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Outlaw Clutch ($298)! We're loving the combo of tribal influence with a bit of a city edge. The gorgeous colors, leather tassel, studs and whipstitching are also fab little details. And best of all, this clutch is rather oversized so... [More]


Jillian One Shoulder Top

When putting together an outfit, it's sometimes hard to visualize what to wear with certain items in our closets. This Jillian One Shoulder Top ($196), for instance, will go great with a formal pencil skirt that hits at the knee. The top has lots of volume so its best to... [More]


Sun and Sky Bracelet

This Sun and Sky Bracelet ($64) is by turns ladylike and earthy, reminding us of a muted, opaque nod to the surreally beautiful Technicolor hues of a Caribbean beach. The huge chunks of faceted amazonite and yellow jade set into hammered silver would set off a vintage beaded cardigan or... [More]


Doubtblush: Festive Felines Pillow

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Nothing says, "I'm thinking of... [More]


Great Traditions of Christmas

Ever wonder why we celebrate Christmas the way we do? If you're curious about the origin of trimming trees and hanging stockings check out Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas ($12) by Ace Collins. For example - the shopping season used to be only a few weeks long -... [More]

Betsey Johnson Leopard Tights

Betsey Johnson Leopard Tights

Take a walk on the wild side! We've been wowed yet again....the Betsey Johnson Leopard Tights ($28) are great when you want your legs to be your best accessory. These tights can be worn traditionally with a dress or skirt...or you can turn them into cut-off socks paired with fun... [More]


Spool No. 72 Thicket Earrings

Spool No. 72 offers wonderful clothes and accessories that all have the same handmade, crafty aesthetic. These Spool No. 72 Thicket Earrings ($24) feature a dangling bouquet of colorful Swarovski crystals that simply scintillate. Try showing off these chandelier stunners to their full potential by wearing them with a messy... [More]


Gilt Groupe - Couture designers, chain store prices

The best designer brands, yours for sample sale prices. That's exactly what's behind Gilt Groupe, where new member-only sales are always on. Register through this link and you'll get exclusive instant access to Gilt Groupe. As a special holiday treat, Gilt has gotten ahold of some fabulous Prada perfumes and... [More]


Lipstick Queen Fifteen Minutes of Fame Pop Art Glosses

Inspired by Andy Warhol's prediction that, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes," Lipstick Queen's new Fifteen Minutes of Fame Pop Art Glosses ($16.50 each) are sure to be snapped up in just one hot minute. The colors are pure glossy pigment: no shimmer, no sparkle, no... [More]


Dickens' A Christmas Carol

The perpetual charm and allure of A Christmas Carol ($20) by Charles Dickens is indisputable. The book was first published in 1843; it was a resounding hit both in England and the United States. Not only was it popular, it was also a phenomenal cultural influence. Many credit this secular... [More]


The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox

We can't get over the look of Wes Anderson's latest movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox. Done with painstaking stop-motion animation, the film is mesmerizing. It boggles our brains to think about all the detailed work that went into this film, and the more we look into The Making of Fantastic Mr.... [More]


Corum Admirals Cup 48 Tourbillion Watch

Think your car outside is expensive? It's not. Unless it's a Porsche, and even then it's not much to write home about when compared to this Corum Admirals Cup 48 Tourbillion ($127,500) wrist watch. What we have here is not just a simple time keeping device; it's a way for... [More]


[Blank] Denim Motorcycle Skinny Jeans

Craving more edge in your winter wardrobe? [Blank] Denim Motorcycle Skinny Jeans ($78) are a tough-girl update on the standard skinny jean. We're digging the motocross-inspired stitching on the thighs and knees, plus zipper-backed ankles and artfully distressed rips and tears. Paired with some bad-ass boots and a leather jacket,... [More]


Celeb Style: Penelope Cruz of Nine

Red carpet looks are chock full of cocktail-length dresses and perfect hairdos. Penelope Cruz likes to do things a little differently. She's a refreshing break from the pack in her floor-length gown and bulky leather jacket. Her wind-blown hair also emphasizes how sexy going against the grain can be. Try... [More]


LA Don't Love U Tee

Yeah, yeah, we all know you ::heart:: NY, and you might ::heart:: LA just as much (palm trees, sunshine in December, beautiful people, what's not to love?), but that West Coast city of cosmetic surgery and brand whoredom has their noses in the air, and it's only fair to let... [More]


Inglourious Basterds

Mmmm. Brad Pitt with a mustache. In uniform. Could there be anything better? Nope, didn't think so. The plot of Inglourious Basterds ($16) is just a wee tad all over the freaking place, and the coterie of Pitt's basterds is only onscreen for about 45 minutes of the 150-minute runtime.... [More]


Gama-Go Coin Purses

Gama-Go has cute little tidbits for all of your friends, like these adorable Coin Purses ($10). Why? Besides being freakin' sweet, they're just large enough to hold a gift card and they make the perfect present when you tie a bright satin bow through the key chain loop.... [More]


Seed Pod Ring

We just can't wear our 2 carat diamond every day, dahlings, so we often opt for simpler jewelry. This Silver Seed Pod Stacking Ring ($34) has captured our hearts because it's tres affordable, simple enough to wear with our old college sweatshirt, and it's custom made so we've got a... [More]


Cortica Chaise Lounge

Now this is our kinda recycling... DMFD's Cortica Chaise Lounge ($5,000) is made from cork waste material from the bottle stopper industry, so what you're sitting on might once have been part of a bottle of Two Buck Chuck. The sinuous, swooping design is curved and balanced in a way... [More]



Remember Mr. Sketch markers? Meet their subtly scented successor: Smencils ($15)! While we definitely think that these would be great stocking stuffers for kids this season, we secretly want a set of our own. These colored pencils are scented with great flavors like cinnamon, orange and cotton candy and we... [More]


Rogue Confections Design Your Own Chocolates

Got a budding miniature Picasso? Have your kids' drawings turned into edible art with Design Your Own Chocolates from Rogue Chocolates. ($30 for 6, $3 for each additional chocolate) Download & print the six-circle template, let the Pollocks and Monets go to town with crayons, paints, and pencils, then send... [More]


Darling Sequin Jacket

Here's a sweet little topper that will work just as well over cocktail dresses through the holiday season as it will with jeans and a t-shirt when you need to pull a simple outfit together. The Darling Contrast Trim Sequin Jacket ($93) has great glam factor with its sequins, but... [More]


DiorShow Extase Mascara

DiorShow Mascara already has a cult following, so we're not surprised that the newest variation, DiorShow Extase Mascara, ($28) is quickly garnering rave reviews. Although it features a special tiered brush with alternating short & long bristles to coat every single lash with product, the formula is what's getting the... [More]


LaCie Rikiki Mobile Hard Drive

They named it after the French word for "tiny," and the LaCie Rikiki Mobile Hard Drive ($75, 250GB) is truly diminutive, just a smidge bigger than most smartphones. It's a fantstique way to take your computer wherever you go...without your computer. Just plug the Rikiki into any computer's USB port... [More]


Helen Ficalora Charms

Helen Ficalora Charm Necklaces are simple, unique, and lovely. In addition to the alphabet charms shown here there are also a variety of extras available - flowers, a paw print, a crown, and many more. Some of the proceeds from a selection of the charms go to benefit specific charities.... [More]


Vintage Leaf Earrings

Break up the monotony of your solitaire studs and lighten your lobes with some Vintage Leaf Earrings ($20). We generally switch up our earrings for formal events but these are a great day-to-day pair that we never get tired of. The oxidized leaves aren't too flashy or shiny and look... [More]


Herb Keeper

Our refrigerators are pretty ghetto, and the humidity sealed veggie drawers are a little worse for wear (like, they've totally fallen apart...). Eating sad salads isn't fun for us. Luckily, Crate and Barrel's Herb Keeper ($20) is a stylish way to preserve ingredients for herb salads and everyday garnish. Inside... [More]


123 Texas: A Cool Counting Book

123 Texas: A Cool Counting Book ($9) is a cute way to teach toddlers to count while teaching about the Lone Star State. Full color illustrations of blue bonnets, longhorns, and armadillos will teach your little one to count all while learning about the vast state where the cowboys roam.... [More]


Candy Striped Boxer Set

Hay-looo hunky Santa! Every once in awhile it's appropriate to make your significant other, or just some drunk guy you picked up, wear some festive undies just for your viewing pleasure. Might as well have this Candy Striped Boxer Set ($11) on hand just for the occasion. Happy Holidays!... [More]


Love 21 Flowing Chiffon Panel Top

Love 21 often has stylish items for a steal compared to most designer duds. We plan to splurge on more classic items next year and be thrifty with trendier purchases. This blouse, however, is a mix of both closet staple and trendy chic which is why its price point gets... [More]


Signature AllSaints Levlon Dress

Brunch on Sunday isn't an excuse to let it all out and dress like a hobo. Look effortlessly chic with this Signature AllSaints Levlon Dress ($135) the next time you've got mimosas on the brain. You never know who you may run into and dressing up is always better than... [More]

rogue pillow-s.jpg

Rogue Pillow

Finding throw pillows with that special something is getting harder and harder. Not everyone has to draw style inspiration from Ikea. Break away from the pack with the Rogue Pillow ($129). The deep plum color is the hottest thing on the block right now, and the shredded fabric adds a... [More]


Odile (Layered Chiffon Skirt)

Sure, we'll never be onstage with ABT or the Bolshoi, but we can always cope with our leftover ballerina daydreams by putting together an elegant outfit at White House | Black Market - what better way to express our inner swan? (Other than, you know, hissing and biting people.) We'll... [More]


Peacock Gypsy Tote

Are you a bohemian momma that loves the smell of incense more than baby powder? This Peacock Gypsy Tote ($164) is the perfect purse for the new-age mom on the go because once you're no longer on diaper duty, you'll still have a stylish accessory to toss over your arm.... [More]


Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: Vintage Photo-A-Day

Hey kids, it's time once again for a word from our go-to photog, Meggan Haller. Meggan and her husband Jeff, the owners of Keyhole Photo, serve up documentary-style photography and are some of our favorite people to boot (and see how much Meggan loves Jeff below. ;) Want more? Check... [More]

pucci rain boots-s.jpg

Pucci Rain Boots

Get 'em while they're hot, ladies. These Pucci Rain Boots ($111) are on super sale, and rocking the bold indigo graphics of a renowned designer while stomping through puddles must feel pretty damn good. Yeah, pairing these babies with an afternoon of running in the rain might just beat the... [More]


AIAIAI Pipe Earphones

Blaring our iPod really helps us cope with our morning commute. Oddly enough, that tiny bit of music therapy helps us wake up and get into work mode. These AIAIAI Pipe Earphones ($52) give us crystal clear sound and a piece of mind for under a hundred bucks. Now that's... [More]


Kimono Kicks

They kind of sound like a new Kung-Fu move, but Kimono Kicks ($17) are really sweet shoelaces made from recycled kimonos! Jazz up your shoes with a bright pair for flair or one of the more understated options. No matter which you choose, these stylish laces will add a unique... [More]


Raquel Allegra Shredded Dress

This worn-in dress is like heaven to touch. Cotton generally doesn't come this soft and this shift is in such a simple shape that you can wear it nearly everyday. This Raquel Allegra Shredded Dress ($285) comes pre-washed, pre-shredded, but definitely not pre-loved. That, Ob-ers, is your job.... [More]

frosted votive gold-s.jpg

Gold Frosted Votive

'Tis the season for golden swag, and Lekker Home has it all figured out. Their Gold Frosted Votive ($35) combines two things that we don't usually see together: frosted glass and metallic bling. The result of the soft glow against geometric shimmer is a dramatic statement. A little bit holidays... [More]


Goddis Hooded Wrap Sweater

It's been chilly lately and we weren't prepared for how thin and useless all our sweaters are! For the perfect snuggly sweater, we go straight for this Goddis Hooded Wrap Sweater ($230). The oversized wrap is almost like a blanket and is far more fashionable than those ridiculous Snuggies. Oops,... [More]


Thomas Paul Gothic Dinner Plates

Get that cool antique store/flea market vibe without spending hours combing through old Army boots and Kewpie dolls by setting the table with Thomas Paul Gothic Dinner Plates. ($36) They look like fine china, but are actually sturdy melamine, so you don't have to fear for the life of your... [More]


Style A to Zoe

Clothes can be kind of tricky to give our friends for the holidays, but there are definitely a few of our girls that we'd like to give the gift of fashion. Instead of trying to eyeball if girl X will fit in tunic and leggings Y and Z, we're picking... [More]


Red Wooden Julbok Ornament

We think that the researchers who've spent their time looking for the mathematical basis of beauty might want to move on to the mathematical basis of cute, because this little Christmas ornament ($4) has got it down. It's a little red piece of wood on a string, but it's also... [More]

gunmetal cuff-s.jpg

Chunky Gunmetal Cuff

We're on a one way ticket to sparkle town with the Chunky Gunmetal Cuff ($130) by Kenneth Jay Lane, and we're never coming back. Can't really tell how much these diamanté-embellished discs move around, but their variation catches the light beautifully. Blind someone at a cocktail party with the mirror-like... [More]


First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

We've waxed rhapsodic about First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream and Detox Eye Roller before, so it's little wonder we're ga-ga over First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. ($18) Formulated with an antioxidant booster of white tea, licorice root, and feverfew extract to protect skin from the elements, it's soothing and... [More]



Even though we're full-grown adults, on occasion, we slip into a pair of cranky pants thanks to traffic, work, boyfriends, bills, etc. We try and remedy the situation quickly (especially once we've been called out for our crankiness). Our younger counterparts can often drag out the cranky bouts for much... [More]


Spiff Upper Lip

Aside from the fact that the first time we saw the name of this product, we thought it was called "SPLIFF Upper Lip" and wondered what those Bliss gals were smokin', we've been quite impressed with what we're hearing about Bliss Spiff Upper Lip. ($38) People don't usually think about... [More]


AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9000 White Edition

We're pretty sure it won't be as white as the driven snow once we've laid our grubby hands on it, but the AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9000 - White Edition ($100 with 2-year activation and rebate) makes for an apropos winter-themed tech gift, especially since people are switching phones as regularly... [More]


Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Kit

The perfect stocking stuffer for friends with a $15-a-day latte habit, Starbucks' Caramel Macchiato Kit ($10) may just put you in their good graces for life, especially once they realize that they can add as much syrup and caramel as they want if they make their lattes themselves. Of course,... [More]


Celeb Style: Nicole Kidman of Nine

Nicole Kidman oozes elegance during the London premiere of her new movie Nine. Her all-white look is demure without aging her in any way. You can perfect this monochromatic look with a DVF Georgette Ruffle Blouse ($285) and a matching cream pencil skirt or trouser pant. Channel your inner Nicole... [More]


Bella Bow Bag

This handbag is perfect on its own but when you throw a big bow on it, it's even more amazing! The Bella Bow Bag ($230) is a girly girl's dream purse and we're happy to lift your spirits with this tote's happy vibes!... [More]

gardeners salve-s.jpg

Organic Gardener's Salve

Organic Gardener's Salve ($10) is a wonderful stocking stuffer for everyone's favorite garden enthusiast, not to mention a super healing skin softener. Formulated from the America's Original Fine English Lavender Estate, this treatment takes care of rope burns, chapped hands, elbows, knees and heels. Extra virgin olive oils, pharmaceutical grade... [More]


Teething Bling

What an awesome concept. Babies love to gnaw and tug on jewelry, so why not give them something safe to teeth on? That's where Teething Bling ($34) comes in. They're made of food-safe, phthalate free silicone, that your little one can chew on all day without harming themselves. Now, these... [More]


Passive Aggressive Notes

Tensions run high around the holidays, and we've seen our fair share of meltdowns over crowds, costs, and social obligations. Even our calmest friends have become frazzled to the point of passive aggressive behavior, and what better way to overcome that demon than to see how others are coping with... [More]


Apsaras Vintage Gold Grass Necklace

This multi-charmed wonder shines brightly on our neck. The different pendants and hearts strewn along the gold chain of the Apsaras Vintage Gold Grass Necklace ($300) are each unique in their own way. We could stare at this thing for hours and never lose sight of the pleasure it brings... [More]


Lululemon Racer Pullover

Do you hear that new year's resolution calling your name? All the stuff at Lululemon Athletica makes us want to be lithe, fit, athletic women because it's stylish and super functional. This Run: Racer Pullover ($118) is one of our favorite layering pieces, because it's jam-packed with awesome. The zipper... [More]

Poppy Corkboard-s.jpg

Poppy Corkboards

Dorm dweller on your list? If you're really stumped check out these Poppy Corkboards ($14 - $20)... They're lightweight, functional, and most importantly, totally adorable. Notes, reminders, and photos become petals on this playful piece. We're going wild thinking about the endless DIY decorating possibilities here.... [More]


J. Crew Stone Garden Tote

*AHEM!* Dear Santa, We've been very, very good this year. One might even say, too good. Which is why we think we deserve this sparkly J. Crew Stone Garden Tote ($395) come Christmas morning. It'll make carting our daily must-haves a glamorous, red-carpet affair- and, c'mon, who wouldn't want a... [More]


Doubtblush: The Necky

We were recently introduced to the wonder that is The Necky, ($10) "...the World's First Scarf Designed To Keep Your Neck & Chest Totally Warm & Protected," (And your shift key in gear) and realized something profound: the Snuggie folks aren't going to rest until every human and animal on... [More]


Essential 10 - Holiday Travel Tips

We're sure many of our dear and divine OB readers are seasoned travelers, so for those of you who know you can pack a carry-on in ten minutes you might not find much here you don't already know. But for those of you new to the holiday travel extravaganza (college... [More]


Philosophy Senorita Margarita

It's winter and you're freezing. There's snow and ice and rain and grey skies and you are COLD. So here's what you do: draw a hot, steamy bath and treat your dry, cold self to a rejuvenating soak with Senorita Margarita ($16). The refreshing lime scent will make you feel... [More]


Fibonacci Lampshade

Based on the classic Fibonacci sequence, where each number in the sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13...) is the sum of the previous two, this Fibonacci Lampshade ($70) graces any space with charm. When the Fibonacci sequence is plotted graphically, it results in an outward-winding spiral pattern... [More]


Lauren Kiyoma Tunic

Ok, we saw this Lauren Kiyoma Tunic ($48) on the cutest pregnant lady ever this weekend, and we were so surprised that it's an under $50 find! Get it in black and you can totally rock this look even without the baby bump. Fully versatile, with adorable crocheted trimming, we're... [More]

birds oof paradise puzzle-s.jpg

Birds of Paradise Perpetual Puzzle

Bring the entire family together with the Birds of Paradise Perpetual Puzzle ($15). Since it's simple and never-ending, there's plenty of entertainment for people of all ages to go around. That's right - no stomach sinking feeling of being stumped by a puzzle. These tessellating patterns and shapes are pure... [More]


Doucette Duvell Sophie Dress

Made out of pre-existing fabric and trim, this environmentally friendly dress is something you can look and feel good in. The three-quarter sleeves are great for any season and nothing can beat this 100% rescued teal silk. The Doucette Duvell Sophie Dress ($385) is truly a marvel so don't miss... [More]


The Body Shop Cottonseed Curl Boost

Calling all curl girls! Beauticians recommend not blow-drying curly hair, as that often adds frizz, but what do you do in the wintertime, when going out with wet hair means you end up with a head full of icicles? Protect your ringlets from the heat blast of the dryer with... [More]


The Hangover

Is there anyone on your holiday list who wouldn't love The Hangover ($10)? We think not (though you may want to skip the unrated version for great-aunt Maude). It comes out tomorrow, and if nothing else, you should pick up a copy of it for yourself and have a little... [More]


Coal Candy

This bag of Coal Candy ($6) is for all of the naughty people on your list. This yummy cinnamon candy looks like real coal, but we'll let you in on a little secret; these little chunks of confection will temporarily turn your victims mouth blue. What better revenge for those... [More]


Windrider Bicycle Clips

We'd like to buy you a new bike for Christmas, really, we would, but it's just not in the budget this year. We can, however, afford some snappy bike accessories like these Windrider Bicycle Clips ($18). Particularly clever if you happen to be a bike messenger (as Hermes was the... [More]


BB Dakota Faux Mink Jacket

Faux fur is all over the place and nothing looks like it could keep us any warmer than this BB Dakota Faux Mink Jacket ($149). We want nothing more than to be bundled up and can just imagine how cozy it'll be with a knit beanie and gloves! This jacket's... [More]


The Perfect Snowball Maker

The Calvin in us said, "Duuude. YES!" when we found The Perfect Snowball Maker. ($10) Make up to 45 snowballs a minute, each one perfectly packed and spherical, each designed to collapse on impact. We are so winning our next snowball fight with the neighbor kids. Bring it! See more... [More]


Canon Selphy ES40 Photo Printer

So it's that time of year again where we find ourselves either taking lots of pictures or actually being in lots of them. Sure, we've gotten used to snuggling up to that 2.5" screen on the back of the camera to ogle our holiday pics, but it can be handy... [More]


Longer Torso Ring Bandeau One-Piece

While the rest of us are slaving away and taking very few hours off this holiday season, there are some who get to visit warmer climates for vacation! Now we're not jealous or anything (ok, we are), but we're here to help those lucky ladies find something sexy to wear... [More]

lips  bandages-s.jpg

Boo Boo Kisses Bandages

We're prone to wounding ourselves, and even though kissing it all better sounds nice, we're still bleeding over here. Kissing the pain away becomes a reality with the Boo Boo Kisses Bandages ($9). Remember our post about the wacky bacon bandages? Well, these are a bit more ladylike, in that... [More]


Miss Doodle Doll

Our friend Barbie might have a slew of wardrobe options, but Babs doesn't have anything like the hand-drawn creations our favorite little girl will create on the Miss Doodle Doll ($50). Let your little artist/fashionista go to town creating a stylish look and stunning makeup on this doll, then toss... [More]

Tie Back Leggings

Tie Back Leggings

Tie one on when you strut your stuff in these fabulous Tie Back Leggings ($58). These stretchy, slim-fitting leggings are perfectly finished with ties at the back hem just below a tiny keyhole. They look awesome paired with a boyfriend tee layered with a v-neck cardigan and ultra sexy peep... [More]


Obesity & Speed Zip Hobo Bag

The Obesity & Speed Zip Hobo Bag ($150) is a day-to-day bag that's crucial for those who need to take a lot with them through the day. The hobo shape is great for storing your life in so you never accidentally leave anything at home! We dig the grommet detailing... [More]



Have you been trying to get your kids to use more of their imagination during playtime? This bag of PlayShapes ($185 USD) might just do the trick. With 74 different shapes to choose from, your child will enjoy endless hours of creating characters, houses, towns, heck, even whole cities. Each... [More]


Celeb Style: Fergie of Nine

This week we want to highlight the gorgeous ensemble cast of the upcoming flick, Nine. We can't wait for the musical stylings of these famous stars, but we'll settle for their fashion choices until opening night. First up on our list is Fergie! We admit she's a surprise to see... [More]


Project Runway Sewing Machine

Project runway may be over for this season; can you believe the queen of mean, Irina, won? Her clothes are awesome, but that attitude belongs in the gutter. Anyhoo, even though Season 6 is over, keep the fashion alive with this limited edition Project Runway Sewing Machine ($500). Grab some... [More]


YSL Your Lovely Palettes

While we'd advise a luggage tag to keep your suitcase differentiated from all the others on the baggage carousel this holiday season, here's one you'd be better off putting in your bag than on it. YSL's Your Lovely Palettes are designed to look like a luggage tag from Yves Saint... [More]


Sarah Swell Jewelry

Inspired by all things in nature, jewelry designer Sarah Swell crafts simple, stunning gold & silver jewelry that is as modern as it is timeless. Using weathered finishes cast from driftwood, ships, and flotsam & jetsam, she creates unique pieces studded with tiny diamonds and gemstones that become an organic... [More]

gilles marini calender-s.jpg

Gilles Marini 2010 Calendar

Can't figure out what to get that girlfriend that hates everything? Well the hunkahunkaburnin' love of Sex in the City fame has a calender that'll make her sweat. We dare you to take one peek at the Gilles Marini 2010 Calendar ($20) and keep your cool. It can't be done.... [More]


Rescue Beauty Lounge Treatment System

Given up the biweekly mani/pedis in favor of your own skills with a bottle & brush, but realizing that all those fancy creams & gizmos manicurists use really do make nails healthier & polish jobs last longer? Use the Rescue Beauty Lounge Treatment System ($48) to whip 'em back into... [More]


Rozae Nichols Draped Fringe Dress

The Rozae Nichols Draped Fringe Dress ($560) is a highly unusual-looking dress that takes more than once glance to fully comprehend. Doing a double take isn't the only plus, we love how the combination of leather fringe and a graphic print makes everyone immediately interested. This is definitely an attention-seeking... [More]


Chiffon Flower Handbag

Like snowflakes, each Chiffon Flower Handbag ($85) is one-of-a-kind and made to order by Mojo Spa Style. The simple, classic silhouette of the handbag allows the delicate, six-layer (and three-dimensional) chiffon flower with a vintage brooch center to be the visual focus. Rest assured, though, the bag itself is constructed... [More]


Gnome Shakers

You know that friend who's impossible to buy for? They have everything, and anything they want they buy it themselves immediately, making gift-giving nearly impossible. We usually go with something kitschy that'll make her smile, and then a gift certificate. We've found the ultimate random item this year, and we're... [More]


B. Ella Cashmere Socks

Cashmere generally sounds like a luxury item but for less than twenty bucks, toasty toes can be your reality! These fun B. Ella Cashmere Socks ($15) get the job done when our feet need some major warming up. These make a great stocking-stuffer idea too!... [More]


Seneca Rising Jess Top

We love the mix of colors in this top and how it fits into our closet. The Seneca Rising Jess Top ($75) is key element that instantly adds a pop of color to any outfit. By keeping it relatively muted and neutral, this top's been getting tons of wear!... [More]


Mustache Pint Glasses

Who wouldn't want to drink a pint of Guinness or a hot buttered rum out of Mustache Pint Glasses? ($52 for set of 4) The curly-tipped 'stache is permanently etched into the glasses by sandblasting, so it won't chip or fade, and the thick, sturdy glasses are dishwasher-safe. See more... [More]


Pamela Love Double Talon Ring

Warning: this ring is not for the faint of heart or those who need full range and mobility of their fingers. Your digits will be a bit tied up with this Pamela Love Double Talon Ring ($575) but at least you'll be the talk of the town. The famous jewelry... [More]

marble pastry roller-s.jpg

Norpro Marble Pastry Roller

Something about the smooth cold stone of the Norpro Marble Pastry Roller ($15) makes it cooler than its wooden counterpart. Only the classiest chefs need a special roller for pastry dough, and this swirly marble tool is pretty enough to satisfy 'em all. Rollers like these double as nutcrackers, in... [More]


Brightening Serum

Winter does our skin no favors. Extreme cold leeches the natural moisture out of your pores leaving your skin looking dull and dry. Putting on makeup over that alligator skin is not easy - powders and foundations will highlight those dry spots rather than cover them up. Nars Brightening Serum... [More]


Silver Chain Skirt

Part skirt and part jewelry, this is something we haven't seen before! We love this skirt's homage to S&M with it's chain detailing. The model in this pic certainly rocks the heck out of it with attitude! The Silver Chain Skirt ($32) is a perfect way to avoid accessorizing and... [More]


Doubtblush: Il Profumo Dog Perfume

Yes, dogs can be smelly. No arguments there. And we really, really like perfume, which you probably already know. But somehow Dog from Il Profumo ($18 for the smallest size) doesn't have us reaching for our credit cards. It's not a perfume to make one smell like a dog, because... [More]


Ice Orb

This is the kind of present that you think you will never use, and then it turns out to be the best thing anyone has ever given you. Introducing the Ice Orb ($16). It's a round ice cube tray that you can chill Champagne in, fill the removable inner container... [More]

raunchy wrapping paper-s.jpg

Raunchy Wrapping Paper Boys

Our friend Megan has set a bright gift idea on our horizon: the Raunchy Wrapping Paper Boys ($9) (Raunchy Wrapping Paper Girls pictured). Take our word for it the Boys version features pink stripes on the outside with naughty boys on the inside. Heighten the playful mood of a bridal... [More]


La Mer Sunset Gold Multi Chain Watch

This watch and bracelet combo is a really nifty layered look! The La Mer Sunset Gold Multi Chain Watch ($106) is on our holiday wishlist because it covers all bases. We've got our trusty time keeper alongside some adorable chains and that makes for a very trendy look without going... [More]


The Hanukkah Roundup

Mia, an Outblush reader, pointed out that Hanukkah (Hannukah? Chanukah?) doesn't get much gift roundup love this time of year, and we wanted to amend that. Without further ado, we present eight gifts for the eight nights of Hanukkah! LUSH Bathtime Favorites Bath Bomb Set ($43) - We were going... [More]


Twilight Apple Ornament

We've all got one on our gift list: a Twihard. Be they a Twimom or Twitween, go easy on yourself and just grab 'em this surprisingly elegant, tasteful Twilight Apple Ornament ($10) for Christmas. We can't guarantee you'll get the following reaction, but will be surprised if you don't: "Skreeeeeeee!... [More]


Sephora Fragrance Sampler

Perfume can be a pretty personal thing, so we wouldn't normally advise it as a gift (unless you know what your recipient wants), but we're breaking that rule for Sephora's Collector's Edition Fragrance Sampler ($75). Not only will you be treating a friend to samples of seven fragrances, she'll also... [More]

bowling knights-s.jpg

Bowling Knights Game

Check it: it's pronounced k-nig-its, but don't worry yourself with the intricacies of Monty Pythonisms... Just concern yourself with the loads of fun packed into the Bowling Knights Game ($25). The object of this clever table game is to uphold the knights code of honor by protecting the Princess from... [More]


Warehouse Embroidered Dress

Complete with black and white embroidery, this dress has adorable written all over it. We love the front bib detailing and the easy fit of the dress because it makes for a really great dress that is worth every penny. The Warehouse Embroidered Dress ($110) is exactly what we are... [More]


Lobel's Meat Bible

We've heard tell that Natalie Portman is set to produce and star in a film adaptation of the bestseller book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Sweet. We think she'll make a lovely zombified Elizabeth Bennett, but a thought did occur to us: Portman is a famous vegan, so how will... [More]

badge maker-s.jpg

Cool Badge Maker

We're wondering if getting crafty for the holidays could end up saving us a bunch of money. There's only one way to find out. With the Cool Badge Maker ($15) we can make customized pins for our friends and family and encourage our kids to accessorize creatively (someone has to... [More]


Rustic Multi Taper Candelabra

Set the mood at your next dinner party or soiree by switching off the overhead lights and using just this Elegant Multi Taper Candelabra ($99) for ambiance - we don't know why, but it gives off a very Tim Burton-esque vibe. Twenty different tapered candlestick holders set at varying heights... [More]


Jennifer Behr Crystal Wing

If you need an outfit-finishing piece or a gift for a cherished girlfriend, Jennifer Behr makes stunning hair accessories that stand out in an exquisite way. The versatility of this Crystal Wing ($68) makes it an ideal piece for anyone, as it can be used in updos, to tame bangs,... [More]


Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara

A new Bobbi Brown mascara? Yes, please! Extreme Party Mascara ($22) promises to deliver unbelievable volume and separation for a classic fanned-lash effect that usually requires falsies. The flexible formula stays clump- and flake-free even as it dries, which enables you to layer on as many coats as you like... [More]

VA Garden Tools-s.jpg

V & A Garden Tools

It doesn't matter if we're a master gardener or not, the V & A Garden Tools ($35) are art objects. The Daisy, Anemone and Cray design hand trowel and cultivator feature beautiful sprawling flowers on leaves against a dramatic dark background. With a strong aluminum body and an ergonomic grip,... [More]


The 2010 Hot Guys and Baby Animals Calendar

Okay, the whole "Handsome young beefcake + insert various cute item of choice here" calendar/book/mug/tee shirt thing has been done before, we know. But how cute is the 2010 Hot Guys and Baby Animals calendar? ($13 for 1, $35 for 3) We're not ashamed to admit we'd enjoy viewing a... [More]


CB2 6-piece Botella Set

Hello, bargain! This 6-piece Botella Set ($23) would make a lovely hostess gift and is basically unbeatable at under $25. The glasses are even dishwasher safe, and we love that the set includes a funnel to make filling the decanter a snap! If wine's not a beverage of choice, you... [More]


Happily Ever After Disney Princess Doll Set

The Outblush office has achieved consensus for perhaps the first time ever, though it might just be because we don't have perfect attendance today: we're agreed that pretty much every little girl in the country would love one of these. The Happily Ever After Disney Princess set ($70) contains eight... [More]


Micro Gem Headphones

Whether you're the perpetual gym fanatic or you're looking ahead to a New Year's resolution that includes fitness, these Micro Gem Headphones ($32) will have you stylin' for your sweat session. Think of them as pearl earrings for the gym, and take comfort in the fact that the lightweight headband... [More]


Organic Glam Smokey Eyes & Hot Red Lips

We were recently introduced to a new makeup line, Organic Glam and are in love. All of the products are free of artificial preservatives and fragrances, plus use mineral colors, herbal extracts, and antioxidants, meaning this makeup is truly good for your skin. Get an on-trend vintage glam look with... [More]


Secret Key Necklace

This necklace reminds us of our childhood girlier days when bows and sparkles were all the rage. We would play dress-up and pretend to be in The Secret Garden sipping tea out of pretty china. Today, however, we are a little bit more grown up about our fashion (and literature)... [More]

marble wine cooler-s.jpg

Fossil Marble Wine Cooler

Whip out your magnifying glass and peer into the depths of the Fossil Marble Wine Cooler ($30) when the holiday conversation goes stale. In natural fossilized marble, this naturally insulated cylinder has an original, organic look that's much more intriguing than the poor man's mirror of an ice bucket. The... [More]


Grey Dottie Ankle Boots

Who says gray or navy has to mean boring? Pair Not Rated's Grey Dottie Ankle Boots ($62) with all your cozy winter gear for a modern take on the Victorian ankle boot. A velvety soft navy blue mini-dot lining keeps tootsies warm and folds over to add visual interest to... [More]


B&B Button Band

Between winter winds and hat hair, there's plenty of potential to have a less-than-stylish coif this season. We're using our Bumble & Bumble Button Band ($15 for 2) pretty much every day to keep our hair smooth and in place. These brilliant headbands are adjustable, with button holes along the... [More]

Kiehl's KAWS Coloring Book

Kiehl's KAWS Coloring Book

Kiehl's and KAWS have partnered to launch a helping hand to children in need! The Kiehl's KAWS Coloring Book ($10) will raise awareness through the sales of this limited-edition coloring book with complimentary Kiehl's crayons. 100% of Kiehl's net profits from the sale of these products will benefit RxArt, a... [More]


Yigal Azrouel Jersey Chiffon Dress

Yigal Azrouel has been a favorite of many a celebrity lately and we can definitely see why. His cool creations are always youthful and classy, but are for the girl who never takes herself too seriously. This superb little number, a Yigal Azrouel Jersey Chiffon Dress ($1240), is a great... [More]


Siman Tu Aventurine Chandelier Earrings

Green aventurine isn't just a lucky talisman for gamblers, it's also a fabulous emerald fake-out. Top off a holiday party dress with Siman Tu Faceted Green Aventurine Chandelier Earrings, ($275) and everyone will wonder where you got the thousands to blow on a pair of antique emerald earrings. Only you... [More]


Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: Shopping - Men vs. Women

Time to git yr learnin on! Everybody Loves Coupons, of UltimateCoupons.com fame, is a blog about, what else, coupons: how to use 'em, where to get 'em, and saving serious cash with 'em. But lurking inside this unassuming blog are some surprisingly well-researched and interesting articles about the economy, seasonal... [More]


Michael Aram Poppy Bowl

Yes, technically, this is a bowl, but we're not going to blame you if you'd rather hang it on your wall. This beautiful Poppy Large Bowl ($198) is made of polished aluminum and enamel and is, in our opinion, nearly too gorgeous to put anything in! We're thinking it might... [More]


E.L.F. Get the Look Neutral Eyes

While we are constantly at odds with how to apply makeup on ourselves we seem to have perfected our application techniques on other people. Now, for us, we can finally learn how to use the almighty tricks of the trade by referencing this E.L.F. Get the Look Neutral Eyes ($5).... [More]


Gamer Girl - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Outblush Operative Clare writes: I've been looking forward to Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood since I played Assassin's Creed 2. I was looking forward to Assassin's Creed 2 since I played Assassin's Creed. You may be sensing a theme. But stay with me, Outblush girls. There's a really good reason for my... [More]


Blue/Sunny Days Journal

Keeping a journal to process less-than-wonderful life experiences can be just as important as chronicling the great stuff that happens, which is why this Blue/Sunny Days Journal ($11) seems like a good idea. Flip your journal from sunshine-y yellow to grey, rainy blue depending on how life's going on any... [More]


Harmony Dress

This little cocktail number has quite an adorable tuxedo bibbed top to really push this flirty frock into possible office wear (if accessorized appropriately). We love this dress because it's empire waist makes it easy to wear and feel comfortable in without it being too overwhelming or baggy. The Harmony... [More]

koh-l-Noor dog collar-s.jpg

Koh-I-Noor Prime Dog Collar

Yes, our dog is baller enough for the Koh-I-Noor Prime Dog Collar ($290 - $370) by UK designer Diamond Dogs (Thanks for the suggestion, Megan.). We're a little afraid of being upstaged, but our dog deserves a statement necklace to match his stylish mama. The gold and silver jewels and... [More]


The Exovault

Clumsy girl, meet iPhone. iPhone wary of being dropped and broken, meet The Exovault. ($95) One of the toughest iPhone cases we've found - well, okay, probably have ever or will ever find - you can choose from either aluminum or brass. Steampunk and retro design fans will appreciate the... [More]

stevemadden denim leggings-s.jpg

Steve Madden Denim-Like Leggings

Hey look. We found some Steve Madden Denim-Like Leggings ($9) for real cheap. Now we don't have to show our faces in a Wet Seal out of recession desperation. Thanks for the boot toppers, Amazon.... [More]

poncho ornament-s.jpg

Doubtblush: Poncho Ornament

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Ponchos are already in the... [More]


Cookin' With Coolio: 5 Star Meals At A 1 Star Price

Wanna to make pasta like a rasta? Become a kitchen pimp? Learn to cook Blasian or Ghettalian feasts? Then, sister, you will love Cookin' With Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price, ($11) the new cookbook from, yes, that Coolio. The rapper turned Ghetto Gourmet taught himself how... [More]


Mistletoe Necklace

Ooh-la-la! This Mistletoe Necklace ($65) is gorgeous and has an air of understated festivity that we're really into (read: swap your giant jingle bell necklace for one of these). Wear it as a conversation starter that could lead to a kiss; it's much less desperate than hovering under a sprig... [More]



The CakeVase ($20) is a wonderful idea created by Kathleen of Kathleen's Cakes. It's a food safe disk that you place on top of your cake that holds fresh flowers. Little water reservoirs will keep your blooms fresh without contaminating your confection, and it's reusable, so you can create tons... [More]


Diesel Step Clutch

We're suckers for a good detail on a handbag, whether it's fringe, studs, sequins or anything in between. We like to stand out, and this Step Clutch ($120) from Diesel has just enough of an eye-catching detail with the large framed clasp that it'll garner a second look (hopefully from... [More]


Bejeweled Magnets

Every girl likes a little bling. These Bejeweled Magnets ($6) are perfect for stuffing stockings or as a small secret Santa gift. They may be pretty, but these jewels are strong and will hold pictures and cards securely to any metal surface. We also think they would be a funny... [More]


DwellStudio Silver Lake Convertible Crib

Calling all parents! If you own a Stork Craft Drop-Side Crib, be aware that you need to return it, ASAP: The company has just recalled over 2.1 million of their cribs, the largest crib recall ever. You can order a free repair kit from Stork Craft by calling (877) 274-0277... [More]


A Magical Beauty Gift Set

Here at Outblush, we grew up on the classic hand-drawn Disney princess movies of the 80's and early 90's - seriously, who in Gen Y didn't grow up wanting to be Ariel, Jasmine, or Belle? Which is why we're beyond excited to see The Princess and the Frog this weekend,... [More]

bensherman cardi-s.jpg

Ben Sherman Belling Cardigan

Woohoo Ben Sherman is preparing us for a golfing outing in the Belling Cardigan ($33). Slightly preppy, a little dorky, but mostly chic, we're loving this hounds tooth and striped number. There's something about black and white pattern on pattern looks that makes sophistication more fun.... [More]


Silicone Bird Whisks

We always love a stylish or useful kitchen tool, especially in this season of baking, but it's been a while since we've seen anything new in the whisk category - it's a pretty basic item. While we wouldn't call these Silicone Bird Whisks ($10 for 2) revolutionary, they are darn... [More]

mason bee house-s.jpg

Mason Bee House

Usually bees get our panties all in a twist and send us into a cold sweat. The Mason Bee House ($15) holds a harmless, peaceful, non-stinging breed, so we can just rest easy and watch our garden become a cornucopia of edible delights; the bees are to thank for all... [More]


Deco Mesh Necklace

Nothing looked more fantastic against our black turtleneck this weekend than this Deco Mesh Necklace ($35). It gracefully decorated our outfit and turned our day-old ensemble into something new and fantastic. While the silver bib detail reminds us of a trashy top we may have indulged in during our more... [More]


Grandma's Dead: Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals

In poor taste? Oh, definitely. Funny? Oh, hell yes. Grandma's Dead: Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals ($10) takes I Can Has Cheezburger to a whole new, inappropriate level. Warning: do not actually use this book to break bad news to someone. You might get sucker punched.... [More]


Bistro Flatbed Toaster

We heart us some multitaskers, but in cold weather, we heart toast and grilled cheese as much, if not more. The Bodum Bistro Flatbed Toaster ($80) kind of looks like the back end of an old VCR, but it's really one of the coolest toasters we've ever seen. Set bread,... [More]


Jay Godfrey Exposed Shoulder Blouse

Show off what you've been working hard for all year, your glorious shoulders! This Jay Godfrey Exposed Shoulder Blouse ($245) comes in the most gorgeous shade of purple and looks super conservative underneath a blazer. Upon taking off your outerwear, however, you'll wow the crowd and dazzle in this unexpected... [More]

Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum Travel Set

Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum Travel Set

This is a great stocking stuffer for the Juicy Couture gal on the go! This Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum Travel Set ($35) is packed with three sweet scents - Juicy Couture, Viva la Juicy and Couture Couture. Now these adorable little purse sprays can always be right at your... [More]


Restoration Hardware Cashmere Robe

Have you been very, very good this year? Then, honey, you know you want need this sumptuous Restoration Hardware Cashmere Robe. (on sale for $249) Available in six colors, it's guaranteed to warm you up and treat you to an irresistibly soft feel - you may find yourself sleeping in... [More]

TOMS Classic Glitter Slip-On

TOMS Classic Glitter Slip-On

Starlight, star bright! Twinkle your toes in the fabulously comfortable TOMS Classic Glitter Slip-On ($55). This sparkly slip-on has a soft leather footbed and durable rubber sole with elastic goring at the instep. And the best part about this slipper is that for each pair sold, TOMS will donate a... [More]


Special Guest Post by The Grab: Cath Kidston Handbag

Since you're here, we know you love shopping, so we thought we'd give you a little holiday present and introduce you to another awesome shopping blog. Today's guest post is from our pal Melanie at The Grab, 'a shopping blog for the monetarily challenged' - check it out, because surely... [More]


GIANTmicrobes Common Cold Soap Dispenser

Somewhere in your domicile, you probably have a bottle of liquid hand soap depicting flowers, tropical fish, or citrus fruit, but it's an entirely different kind of visual association we're after. This GIANTmicrobes soap dispenser ($10) is shaped like a gigantic, cutified rhinovirus - a critter responsible for common colds.... [More]


Aerie Horoscope Undies

Maybe it's because we don't wear them every day, but satin undies always seem like such a luxurious treat. We're thinking about picking up these Aerie Horoscope Undies ($6 on sale) for some girlfriends this year. They're a super comfy fit and not too racy to give one of our... [More]


YSL Holiday Collection 2009

This is one of those no-brainer gifts, truly, it is. Get any beauty- or label-obsessed gal pal the Yves Saint Laurent 2009 Holiday Collection ($60) and you're guaranteed a squealing, screaming, ecstatic reaction. It contains four of their best products - Touche Éclat highlighting concealer, Golden Peony lip gloss, Luxurious... [More]

Adidas Cambridge Watch

Adidas Cambridge Watch

Perfect timing! Now you can sport a stylish watch with all the benefits of your favorite sports watch. The Adidas Cambridge Watch ($75) has a decked out Swarovski crystal bezel, cool textured grid dial and a black polyurethane strap. Plus you can swim, dive and even shower with it on;... [More]


Ann Taylor Cashmere Ruffle Scarf

If you like the ruffle trend but aren't sure if you can pull it off, let us assure you, of course you can! We get the trepidation, but it's easy to start simple with this Cashmere Ruffle Scarf ($125). The beauty is that you're able to try out the ruffle... [More]


Rococo Gold Leaf Lacquer

Fashionistas everywhere are dizzy with excitement over Rococo Gold Leaf Nail Lacquer ($33) and it's easy to see why: this clear polish infused with dazzling flecks of real gold leaf makes bare nails glisten, or takes a colored mani/pedi to the next level. It's currently sold out, but no worries:... [More]


Uninterrupted Pour Champagne Set

Got 5 Benjamins to spare & just can't quite perfect the champagne tower move at parties? Fake it with this Uninterrupted Pour Champagne Glass Set, ($500) featuring six graduated-height champagne glasses with small spouts on one edge. One standard-sized bottle of champers (Dom, if you please) will slide into all... [More]


Leifsdottir Efface Et Croise Cardigan

How divine is this sweater? Betty Draper from Mad Men would go nuts over this little number (and you KNOW we love her style). Retro cardigans are great for dressing up or down and will last a lifetime in your closet. The Leifsdottir Efface Et Croise Cardigan ($298) is such... [More]


Allsaints Star Necklace

Straight from the ultra-hip London line Allsaints comes what might be our favorite statement necklace of the season, their Star Necklace. ($70) A little bit punk, a little bit ironic, the variegated gold-tone and brass star pendants and chains add visual interest to a plain tee and jeans, or a... [More]


Bliss Spa-la-la-la-'aaah' Set

We find it prudent during the holidays to stash a few small items that we can use as hostess gifts or last-minute presents for surprise gal pals or out of town guests. This Bliss Spa-la-la-la-'aaah' Set ($25) contains body wash and a soothing lotion in a bright lemon scent that's... [More]


Topshop Velvet Mini Square Bag

Square-shaped satchels are all the rage right now. Just take a peek at our favorite fashion mogul twins donning both vintage and new Hermes Kelly handbags. It's too bad we don't have an unlimited budget to set aside for accessory purposes only, but that's why we love this great find!... [More]


Sally Black Dash Tube Dress

We have here, dear Outblush devotees, what we like to call ombre at its best; this fine example of dip dye gradient coloring is about as perfectly executed as one can get. Since we're getting pretty sick of those cheesy other approaches at ombre, you can understand how elated we... [More]


KitchenArt Spice Carousel

Ok, so it looks a little bit like a UFO, but not only does this KitchenArt Spice Carousel ($40) have removable compartments for twelve different spices, each container has a futuristic mechanism that allows you to dispense exactly ¼ teaspoon at a time with a simple twist, as well as... [More]

Argyle Heart Scarf

Argyle Heart Scarf

We would love to have the Argyle Heart Scarf ($28) wrapped around our neck! The heart argyle pattern is ultra sweet and this scarf is buttery soft. And this soft wool-blend scarf is crafted in Italy....needless to say, you get a lot of bang for very little buck!... [More]


D.I.Y. Peppermint Schnapps

Peppermint Schnapps is sooo good in the winter months for baking with or just sneaking some nips into your hot chocolate to warm the bones. There are plenty of different Schnapps out there that you can purchase, we like Bols Peppermint Schnapps ($15) for a quick fix, but to get... [More]


T-Rex Wooden Dinosaur

There's just something about this homemade T-Rex Wooden Dinosaur Toy ($8) that made us smile. It harkens back to the days of simple toys that required a kid's imagination, before lead-infused toy hamsters became popular. The chunky construction makes it easy for small hands to grasp, and, gosh darn it,... [More]


Lanvin Emblem Glass Brooch

We know that there are some fabulous ladies out there reading Outblush, and we're pretty sure that means that some of you have fantastic moms, too. So we're suggesting this particular item as a Mom gift, be it for Christmas or another special occasion. Or none at all. This historical... [More]


Keurig Single-Cup Brewing System

This Keurig Gourmet Single-Cup Brewing System ($122) is on a lot of wish lists this year. You can brew delicious cups of coffee, tea or even just hot water in just a few minutes. There is an attachment that allows you to brew your own ground beans, and it's super... [More]


Tory Burch Reva Flats

Every girl needs a coterie of ballet flats in a rainbow of colors in her wardrobe, wouldn't you agree? These sprightly fuchsia Tory Burch Reva Suede Ballet Flats ($195, also available in navy or mustard) with the signature T.B. logo medallion are sure to make you grin every time you... [More]


Outblush Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

First Row: Chances are someone will be thrilled to get the super-sized Amazon Kindle DX ($498), with its magazine- and textbook-friendly screen and native PDF reader. If not, you will be.All the kids have 'em, but the Toshiba Mini NB205-N330 10.1-inch netbook ($405) stands out among the crowd.The sleek and... [More]


Nanette by Nanette Lepore

Long smitten by Nanette Lepore's signature design aesthetic of modern, yet über-feminine clothes, we were delighted to find out her new scent, Nanette by Nanette Lepore ($19-68) can be described in just the same way. An undeniably girly heart of violet, rose, and muguet is accented with top notes of... [More]


Stalagmite Vase

Like you all learned in second grade, stalactites are rock formations hanging from the ceiling of a cave. Stalagmites are the ones growing up from the floor of the cave, and said floor-growers inspired this quirky new Stalagmite Vase ($16) at Urban Outfitters. Each of the tiny variegated vases is... [More]


BeneFit Powderazzi

We ask you, what beautista doesn't have some Benefit blushers & bronzers in her makeup arsenal? You don't? Well! Snap up the limited edition holiday BeneFit Powderazzi 3-in-1 Face Powder Kit ($30) and be amazed. It includes three of their bestselling shades: Coralista, a glistening peachy pink; Dallas, a slightly... [More]


Topshop Snakeskin Pyramid Clutch Bag

Every so often we need to ditch the classics in our closet and go out with a bang! Nothing gets this feeling out of our system more than this funky Topshop Snakeskin Pyramid Clutch Bag ($65). Okay, it's a bit intense at first glance, but trust us, the overwhelming urge... [More]


Temple St. Clair Rock Crystal Enhancer

Maybe we'd call it a pendant instead, but we can't deny that this rock crystal and yellow gold enhancer from Temple St. Clair is beautiful. Although it's perfectly solid, the delicate shape reminds us of a drop of water caught in a spiderweb, or some kind of fairy-tale egg. Strung... [More]


Zak Designs Amore Nested Heart Bowl Set

This Amore Nested Heart Bowl Set ($29) will take baking with love to the next level this holiday season. They're adorable, but also tremendously practical because the pointed bottom of the heart makes pouring easy.... [More]


Tumi Travel Guides Box Set

Jet setters and travel junkies will drool over this perfectly gift-able Travel Guides Box Set ($125) from Tumi. Eight Hedonist Guides are packaged together in sleek Tumi ballistic nylon, with each book highlighting the very best that a city has to offer. We like the idea of using these guides... [More]


LampGoods: Custom Reworked Vintage Lighting

We were recently introduced to the work of Etsy shop owner LampGoods ($10-149) and were instantly smitten. She takes vintage lamps and re-works them into one-of-a-kind art pieces that become the focal point of the room. Her use of antique frosted, etched, and milk glass vintage globes makes the light... [More]


Samara Fold Up Ballet Flats

Samara Fold Up Ballet Flats ($50) can be total lifesavers on the nights where we foolishly decide that those oh-so-cute but not-quite-broken-in 4 inch heels are a good idea. They're available in a bunch of colors, including some great metallics, and they're flexible enough to fold up and toss in... [More]


Popomomo Shimmery Remnant Scarf

Equal parts eco-friendly, stylish, and cozy, this Popomomo Shimmery Remnant Scarf ($48) is handmade from remnant pieces of poly shimmer fabric from the designer's line. The black and gold strips of fabric can be arranged a dozen different ways, from belt to bandita-style face wrap, adding a snap of sparkle... [More]


Lucky Brand Computer Sleeve

We're keeping our laptop cozy while staying stylish with this sleek blue floral Lucky Brand Computer Sleeve ($49). The vibrant purple interior makes pulling out our little work machine a bit more bearable and the removable crossbody strap means we can use the sleeve inside another bag or carry it... [More]


Moda Spia Ojai Dress

This cute cocktail dress is made from surplus designer silk fabric that would have otherwise been left for the garbage. Reusing old or otherwise unwanted fabric is a great means to make the most out of what it means to be sustainable. Green fashion is on the rise and we... [More]

marble game-s.jpg

Classic Marble Mat Game

Go old-school with the Classic Marble Mat Game ($15) by Channel Craft. The wrinkle resistant soft touch mat has a marble tournament grid that can be used indoors and out, so we can have fun anywhere. We don't even have to try to remember anything before our time with the... [More]


Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer

A good concealer? Worth its' weight in gold. Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer? ($22) Worth its' weight in platinum - that's how good this stuff is. It contains tensine to firm puffy, saggy skin and vitamins A & E to regenerate & nourish skin cells, but the best part... [More]


2010 Year Planner

Weekly planners and monthly calendars are all well and good, but when you need to think big picture, this 2010 Year Planner ($17) from Crispin Finn is the way to go. We think it would be supremely helpful to those of you who might be planning a wedding, and we'll... [More]

rachel ray cookware-s.jpg

Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel Cookware Set

We know and love Rachael Ray for her fiery personality and practical cooking ideas. Now she's put out the Porcelain Enamel Cookware Set ($139), a perfect kitchen starter-kit, wedding gift, or generous house warming gift. Including two saucepans,a six quart stockpot, a ten inch saute pan, and two skillets, the... [More]


Moustache Hot Short Fundies

You can only imagine our delight when we went trolling for some new fun underwear (which we now know as "fundies") and found these Moustache Hot Short Fundies ($16). The epitome of comfort, these maybeyoushoulddie hot shorts will make you giggle as you go about your day, and are sure... [More]

very new york christmas-s.jpg

A Very New York Christmas

Everyone says that no one cares about Miranda from Sex and the City, but we actually like Cynthia Nixon's foreward in A Very New York Christmas ($14) because she's playing herself. Flipping through the pages this book, it feels like we're participating in fantastic New York traditions no matter how... [More]


The Lazy Baker Cookie Mixes

As much as we love baking things from scratch, most of the time we do the "fake 'n bake' route: logs of cookie dough or powdered mixes with some flavored extracts added. But if you take a look at the ingredients list of those premade confections, you'll be hard-pressed to... [More]


De Nada Eternal Knit Looped Scarf

Now here is a scarf that is a refreshing break away from those thick knitted patterns that we're seeing everywhere. This loop de loop scarf features multiple layered strands made from a jersey heather gray fabric. This De Nada Eternal Knit Looped Scarf ($54) is definitely going to be seen... [More]


Professional Travel Brush Kit

We hate packing everything that's in our cosmetic case whenever we go on a trip. We try to downsize as much as possible but whenever we leave something home, it miraculously becomes a necessity on our vacation! That's why we just nabbed this E.L.F. Professional Travel Brush Kit ($5). It... [More]


Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Platform Wedges

What a wacky wedge we see! These Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Platform Wedges ($198) are a form of art more than they are a pair of shoes to waltz around in. While these may be better suited for a place on our bookshelf, these beauties are a party on your... [More]


ZenCardz Arcane Playing Cards

If you've ever taken a look at a normal deck of playing cards, you'll notice that they're all more or less similar and rather dull. Zencardz now has released a special Signature line of playing cards for magicians and card sharks that they call "Arcane". Since we don't dabble in... [More]


Rachel Rachel Roy Necklace with Hematite Bow

A great holiday season isn't complete without a perfect seasonal piece of jewelry. This necklace is a great example of just that and that doesn't necessarily mean that it's limited to getting use just during this time of the year. This Rachel Rachel Roy Necklace with Hematite Bow ($75) is... [More]


Fresh Black Tea Mask

Instant gratification and perfection combine in the uber-luxurious Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask ($85). Apply this creamy mask to help restore hydration to your skin, leaving you instantly moisturized with plumper skin (in a good way). We can't live without this stuff in the dry winter months!... [More]


The Itsy-Bitsy Gifty Roundup: Inexpensive. Cute. Fun. More appreciated than fruitcake.

In case you've been hiding under a rock and didn't realize it, Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes shopping - office Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchanges, those last minute gifts you end up scrambling for because someone else got you something and you weren't... [More]

giant gummy bear-s.jpg

The World's Largest Gummy Bear

Thanks Sara for the fantastic gift ideas. Our job is a little easier writing about the The World's Largest Gummy Bear ($30). We hear that when you put a gummy bear in water it blows up, so we'd need a kiddie pool for this thing. Sure, it starts as a... [More]


Street Gang

Sesame Street was a huge part of our childhood, so we're definitely putting Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street ($11) on our list for Santa. We've never thought much about all it took to get the show on the air and what a wide impact it's had, so... [More]


bareMinerals Eye Looks on the Go

Brilliance, thy name is bareMinerals. We're fans of the makeup line, as you know, but a recent shopping research expedition yielded a beyond brilliant last minute face-saver. Eye Looks on the Go ($20) contains 30 individual single-use cards that each contain enough eyeshadow to complete one coordinated look for both... [More]


Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

Finally, a stainless steel alternative for bottle babies. Little ones want to be BPA & lead free too, and Organic Kidz has come to the rescue. They have designed a stainless baby bottle that is easy to hold and easy to clean. We like the Insulated Raspberry Baby Bottle ($22),... [More]

rice paper tealights-s.jpg

Rice Paper Tealight Votive

Thanks to OB reader Megan for enlightening us... Forgive the lame pun - we promise these delicate Rice Paper Tealight Votives ($7 each) are a a delightful semi-transparent lighting experience. Perfect for mood lighting or meditation, the stenciled designs on the delicate paper offer a burst of spirited color. Line... [More]


Mawok Cradle

The Mawok Cradle ($247) is a soft modern hammock that allows your baby to lie safely within arms' reach while snuggled in its own little bed. You can hang it from the ceiling or from a doorway, and it folds up in a snap into its' own hip carrying case.... [More]


Janna Conner Asymmetrical Swarovski Cocktail Ring

While it may not be realistic enough to fake an engagement if some slack-jawed lothario corners you at a holiday party, this Janna Conner Asymmetrical Swarovski Crystal Ring ($105) will set off any festive ensemble. The huge, chunky Swarovski stone carved into an off-set abstract hexagon sparkles and shimmers in... [More]


Auryn Pendant

Please tell us we're not the only ones who were obsessed with the Neverending Story movies back in the 80s... Well, hopefully we're not alone in our appreciation of this Auryn Pendant ($110-265/sterling silver, $285-650 gold and argentium). The sterling silver version is hand carved and the gold mix model... [More]


Butterfly Party Tub

How could you resist something as charming as a Galvinized Party Tub ($25) with dainty butterflies stamped into the sides? Well you shouldn't - there are a world of uses for such a tub as this, and you'll be glad to have it around. Didn't have time to make a... [More]


Billy Jealousy Cool Medium Hair Gel

From mohawks to fauxhawks, hair gel can do it all - except maybe curing diseases (or can it?!). Well, we've had a chance to test out Cool Medium hair gel from Billy Jealousy. Billy Jealousy isn't a name that is commonly seen here since they specialize in men's grooming products,... [More]


Allison Palmer Dancer Candleholders

Call us crazy but we find these little Charleston-ing candlesticks just too cute for words. Decorate your dinners year-round with these twee table toppers that boast some serious cha-cha spunk. The Dancer Candleholders by Allison Palmer ($80) are excellently priced and are bound to be a conversation starter, if not... [More]


Beck Blouse

This Beck Blouse ($164) is great for those days when planning what to wear to work seems like just too daunting a task to take on before noon. Throw this sucker on and leave the scarf-tie neck undone, or knotted up for an always put-together look with a hint of... [More]


Christmas Squirrel Cards

Really, who wants another Christmas card with a picture of cute widdwe snowmen, angels, or puppies? Send out NiceDesigns' Christmas Squirrel Cards ($18 for 20) and we bet they'll still be displayed on the recipients' fridges in July. Because, really, we know the squirrels are planning world domination, so what... [More]

liquid lunch-s.jpg

Liquid Lunch Martini Kit

Before checking ourselves into rehab or attending our first AA meeting, packing this Liquid Lunch Martini Set For Two ($48) sounds like a great last straw. Best not used to create a daily habit, it does make a lovely and sophisticated gift. Use it at a classy small get-together, romantic... [More]


Hearts Challenger Megaphone

Make a name for yourself, you modern day Norma Rae, you! Pull this Hearts Challenger Megaphone ($2500) out and let the world know your thoughts, ideas, or pet peeves. Covered in Swarovski crystals, it might not make you popular in rush hour traffic or long Starbucks lines, but you'll certainly... [More]


Lulu Guinness Cameo Tote

Finally: an all-around great tote that will not only hold our daily must-haves fairly easily thanks to extra pockets and a generous interior, but do it with great style! We love this Lulu Guinness Cameo Tote ($322) because Lulu's items are always adorable, but never overdone. The glossy black patent... [More]


Doubtblush: Photo Pants

Remember back in the day when custom calendars and mugs were cutting edge?The photo development industry has grown drunk with its own power since then. You can now slather your snapshots on dog leashes, baseballs, stuffed animals, trivets, and perhaps most abhorrently, pants. That's right! For a mere $40, you... [More]


Amy Butler Print Towels

We've sung the praises of Amy Butler before here at OB, since we love her fun, peppy patterns and colors. That's why we're so happy to show you these delightful just-released Amy Butler Print Towels. ($13) Soft organic cotton makes these towels extra plush and absorbent, and the prints -... [More]


Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar

'Tis the season to be baking up all sorts of delicious goodies, but what if you're lactose intolerant? Or allergic to eggs? Or wheat?You're pretty much stuck with those nasty sugar-free diabetic candies that taste like cough drops. Not very holiday cheer-inducing, that. Check out the new cookbook by... [More]


Via Spiga Corset Coat

Winter coats are a necessity, but just because we have to keep warm doesn't mean we have to take a break from looking fabulous. Grey, black, and brown coats are all well and good but there's no rule against your outerwear being plucky and bright. Stay as warm and delightful... [More]


Jane Iredale ChocohoLICKS Lip Glosses

Packaged like fine chocolates in little brown truffle wrappers, the dreamy little pots inside Jane Iredale ChocohoLICKS Lip Glosses Gift Set ($44, a $76 value) are hard to resist. Four flavors, strawberry cream, chocolate orange, caramel, and chocolate truffle, crafted from 100% natural ingredients and sugar crystals for a sweet,... [More]


Beatrix Ong Donelle Suede Victorian Boots

These little strappy steppers are all we need to set off our night in style! The tan suede is a refreshing break from all the darker colors we've seen this winter and we love the sexy up-the-leg ties. These Beatrix Ong Donelle Suede Victorian Boots ($826) are unexpected and really... [More]

nowball launcher-s.jpg

The Snowball Launcher

Our brothers have met their match when we're armed with the The Snowball Launcher ($30). That's right ladies, launching softball-sized snowballs up to 50 feet in long-range assaults during neighborhood snowball confrontations is pretty empowering. We don't even have to get our hands cold and icy - the forming chamber... [More]


BCBG Max Azria Strapless Metallic Print Dress

If you plan on going somewhere a bit exotic over the holiday season, you're going to be needing a seriously fantastic dress that wows the crowd. Just any ordinary frock won't do in this kind of a situation so we did all the hard work for you and found this... [More]


Magical Menagerie Book

The Magical Menagerie Book ($17) features 20 different animals to create and display. Pop out the Kangaroo or Lion and fit the matching slots together, no tape or glue needed. It's perfect for a snowy, wet afternoon indoors.... [More]


Sales & Steals: 12/4/09

Oh, Christmas season, oh, Christmas season, how lovely are thy sa-aaaales! We wish the deals were this good all year 'round, but we'll just have to content ourselves with some new clothes, lotions, and jewelry. Such a hardship. Ashford - Save an extra 25% on all Golana Swiss, Ebel, Raymond... [More]


Roman Glass Necklace

We love Roman glass for its combination of roughness and delicacy (and for its pretty, pretty colors) but it's more of a challenge than it should be to find a setting for it with the necessary discipline. Oblong and chunky just won't do it. This beautiful double-stranded silver and glass... [More]


Anne Kimball Manzanita Top

All of Anne Kimball's items, including this lovely Manzanita Top ($176), are created from vintage recycled fabrics in shapes and silhouettes that honor the retro look of the reclaimed materials. This top's square neckline and pleated bodice are incredibly flattering, taking you from daytime to evening in a cinch.... [More]