White Rose Twinkle Lights

Sure, White Rose Flower Party Twinkle Lights ($42 for a 35-bulb strand) would be fabulous as wedding décor, or at a little girl's tea party... but why can't we use them in our everyday apartments? Individually made translucent roses crafted from wire and Bodhi leaf surround white twinkle lights and... [More]


Lusa Organics From Belly to Birth Deluxe Gift Collection

Every mommy-to-be needs - nay, deserves pampering - how else are you supposed to get that expectant mother glow? Lusa Organics' From Belly to Birth Deluxe Gift Collection ($50) is the perfect way to get it. It includes Belly Balm, Mama Massage Oil, Labor Massage Oil, Small Lavender Sugar Scrub,... [More]


Aqua Satin Boyfriend Blazer

Aqua's Satin Boyfriend Blazer is one of those pieces that should either be accessorized very sparingly, or adorned with every necklace, bracelet, and scarf you can find - there's no in-between ground with a jacket like this. The lustrous satin fabric has a romantic sheen that contrasts fabulously with the... [More]


Life NK Tomato Rhubarb Candle

A tomato rhubarb... candle? It sounds more like some sort of salad Alice Waters would come up with, but we promise you that this Life NK Tomato Rhubarb Candle by Space NK is an exhilarating, cheery scent that extends to every corner of the room and lasts for hours. Crisp... [More]



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Ray-Ban Sunglasses

They might be a little Mugatu-ish, but these Ray-Ban RB4127 Sunglasses ($101) are perfect for those Sunday morning brunches where the only thing that'll cure your pounding headache is coffee, gravy, and minimal sunlight. (Don't act like you don't know what we're talking about.) Or, if you're not the kind... [More]


Modiss Valentina Lamps

These Valentina Lamps ($1435, $2065) by Modiss are definitely out of our budget for lighting solutions right now, but, sigh, aren't they gorgeous? The velvet fabric is so opulent, and we're particularly pleased to see the white option, because while we love the black, it's a bit dramatic. Though we... [More]


Jonathan Adler Butter Dish

We haven't actually used a butter dish since a couple of Thanksgivings ago when we dropped ours and broke it into a million pieces, but this Whale Butter Dish ($68) by Jonathan Adler is totally cute enough to make us want to revisit the idea. Sure, it may look a... [More]


Doubtblush: Cube World Toys

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Eek. We're not just calling... [More]

Personalized Fairy Tale Storybook

Personalized Fairy Tale Storybook

Wow! As a little girl, we certainly dreamed of being the princess in a fairy tale...now it's very possible and what a way to impress that precious princess of yours! The Personalized Fairy Tale Storybook ($35) is a beautiful hardcover book that allows your doll to become the princess star... [More]

Lotta Kuhlhorn-cuttingboard-small.jpg

Lotta Kuhlhorn Cutting Board

The retro look of this Lotta Kuhlhorn Cutting Board ($38) will look sweet in any kitchen. Choose from the popular Black Apple design or the Multi-Colored Apple one; or you can get both and use one for meat and one for veggies like Mrs. Ray taught us when we were... [More]


Worn Gold Love Necklace

Are you in love? Do you love love? More importantly, do you love jewelry? Then you'll love this Worn Gold Love Necklace ($50) from Rachel Roy. It's good to be in love, and it's even better to have good accessories. Love it!... [More]


Fleece Helmet Covers

Safety first! Fun as a close second...at least that's what we're trying to teach our little ones. Helmets are obviously a necessity when learning to bike, rollerblade or, uh, walk, and now look how freaking cute they can be! This Princess Fleece Helmet Cover ($39) is just one of many... [More]


Minted Round Flourish Personalized Stationary

Minted's design challenges give us the creme de la creme in stationary options, and the Round Flourish Personalized Stationary ($35-42) by Whisker Graphics has elegance that embellishes our words instead of overwhelming them. Calling this design classic couldn't be more appropriate; Whitney, the designer behind Whisker Graphics, admits that the... [More]


Celeb Style: The Many Sides of Drew Barrymore

Doc Martens ($115) are so unfortunately grunge 1990's that it's tough to think that they could ever be in style again. However, Drew Barrymore, our Celeb Style pick of the week, has been spotted wearing a pair in a relatively cute way! We can't believe she actually pulls the look... [More]


Stack Magazines

Stack Magazines ($146) is not an actual magazine per se. What it "IS" is an awesome subscription to some of the best independent magazines from around the globe. Each month you'll receive a surprise stack of cool magazines like Foam, PoCa, and Good. They pick only the best alternative lit... [More]

bewitching brews-small.jpg

Bewitching Brews

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Poisoned Apple Scented Oil ($15) is, my sweet, with wisps of narcotic plum, poisoned oleander and hemlock picked from a graveyard. Perfectly fairytale-creepy, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab releases intoxicating, bewitching scents every year. Try the Under The Harvest Moon... [More]



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Nine West Button Down Jacket with Lace Trim

So, maybe we're late to the party on this one, but Nine West is making clothes now! No longer purveyors of solely (ha!) uber-cute shoes, Nine West has a lot of great pieces from wide-leg trousers to trapeze tops to party frocks. It's all worth a look, but this Button... [More]


Jigsaw London Bath Milk

Not only is Jigsaw-London Organic Bath Milk ($54) packaged in an apothecary-style glass bottle and adorned with a bow, so it spruces up your bathroom counter, it smells amazing. A blend of 17 essential oils including mandarin, sweet orange, lime, and bergamot is rejuvenating and relaxing all at the same... [More]


Floral Scuplted Nesting Bowls

Attractive and useful, these Floral Sculpted Nesting Bowls ($32) in hues of tangerine, orange, and pumpkin, are just the thing to accent any autumn table. Wow, we just sounded like Martha Stewart... But, anyways, this set of four melamine dishwasher-safe bowls are bright, fun, and cheery, and just make us... [More]


Lirola English Rose Ruffle Dress

Etsy designer Lirola's English Rose Ruffle Dress combines three of our favorite fall trends into one fabulous frock: vintage tailoring, pleats, and ruffles. Custom made for you in your choice of over 20 colors, it's super comfortable and flattering. It's currently sold out in the ready-made version, but she's happy... [More]

apple jacket-s.jpg

Apple Cozy

We've heard of fashion for our pets, but for our fruits? The Apple Cozy ($5) is a senseless decorative solution to fruit bruising. This happy-go-lucky fruit garb is pretty much a non-sequitor that happens to make a perfect gift for a home economics teacher, but beyond that, we're not sure... [More]


Foodzie.com - Taste Something Different!

Big city living is great - especially all the gourmet food stores and restaurants at your disposal practically 24/7. But what if you live in the sticks, and the closest to gourmet your local supermarket gets is Parmesan in a green can? Foodzie.com to the rescue! It's basically an edible... [More]


Komenuka Bijin Cleansing Powders

We don't know what all the label says on these nifty Komenuka Bijin Cleansing Powder Packets ($38 for 30 packets) since we don't speak Japanese (or is it Chinese?), but the results speak for themselves. Each little packet contains rice bran, aloe, seaweed, and coconut oil to gently exfoliate and... [More]


Shopping Spree - Janetor's $1000 First Date Outfit at ShopBop.com

SHOPPING SPREE: 2 Editors. One store. $1000. GO! Welcome to our newest feature, Shopping Spree, where we get to play our own version of Fantasy Football: Fantasy Shopping! Two of our crackerjack editresses are given "$1000" each to "spend" at an online store, and the assignment of shopping for a... [More]


Shopping Spree - Robin's $1000 First Date Outfit from Shopbop.com

SHOPPING SPREE: 2 Editors. One store. $1000. GO! Welcome to our newest feature, Shopping Spree, where we get to play our own version of Fantasy Football: Fantasy Shopping! Two of our crackerjack editresses are given "$1000" each to "spend" at an online store, and the assignment of shopping for a... [More]


Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: Red Camper 35mm Slide Bag

It's time for another installation on how you can bring the fine art of photography into your daily life! Today's special visitor to Outblush is our always popular, super cool, go to gal for photography, Meggan Haller of Keyhole Photo. Meggan and her husband Jeff provide documentary-style photography to a... [More]



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Vers iPhone Wooden Case

We fancy a touch of the Old World with the New, and the handcrafted Vers Wooden Case for the iPhone ($40) elegantly bridges both worlds. The authentic cherry, walnut, and bamboo flavors provide naturally tough protection for your Precious. Don't (gasp) have an iPhone? Try one of their cases for... [More]


White Bunny Mask

Having a Donnie Darko moment? Why not try this White Bunny Mask ($55) on for size? Tooled from soft leather, each mask is hand painted white with the just the slightest hint of pale pink in the ears. If going "Dark" is not your thing...we think it'll be just as... [More]

Betsey Johnson Satin Zoot Pant

Betsey Johnson Satin Zoot Pant

Quirky, whimsical (and did we mention fabulous) designer, Betsey Johnson, has decided to revive some of her vintage pieces! The Satin Zoot Pant ($370) is truly awesome! It's like a throwback to the days of Grease when Olivia Newton John was dancing around the fair in those skinny black pants....you... [More]


Fiancée Dress

We're not sure why it's called the Fiancée Dress ($148), but we like its style. Bright Nordic designs on black go with everything. You could throw this over jeans or tights. It would also look amazing with this little Free People Vest and some braids ala' Heidi.... [More]


This Is Book Series

There are 18 books in the This Is Book Series ($12) and we love them all. Illustrated by Miroslav Sasek, they were first published back in 1960. With whimsical characters and breathtaking architectural drawings, you'll be delighted with the turn of each page. This Is New York, This Is San... [More]


Animated Ominous Eyes

These Animated Ominous Eyes ($40) ought to keep those little tricksters outta your yard this Halloween. They can adhere to bushes, walls, and windows and there's no need to change light bulbs because all you need is two AAA batteries and you're good to go for the haunted season. We're... [More]

Diane Von Furstenberg-Luggage-small.jpg

Hearts 2 Suitcase

It's a pain in the a$$ when you can't find your luggage at the turnstyle. We can't think of anything more annoying. Well, maybe we can, but luggage is up there. You'll be traveling in style with this Diane Von Furstenberg Hearts 2 Suitcase ($162). Not only does it ooze... [More]


Echo Pleated Woven Scarf

Keep warm and stylish with this Echo Pleated Woven Scarf ($42). It'll make sure you're cozy as those fall winds blow without adding too much bulk. Plus, it's got ruffles! But it's not overly ruffly, because no one wants to look like they're wearing a tutu around their neck. All... [More]

slumped wine cheese board-s.jpg

Wine Bottle Cheese Board

We realize that slumped over and smushed down is much more functional (and eco-friendly) than broken on the kitchen floor. The Wine Bottle Cheese Board ($23) by Glass Creations can be customized with etchings to include text messages, berries, leaves, grapes, or roses, but we like this deformed vessel more... [More]


Flat Flower Vases

Flat pack vases? Luv it! Store a few of these Flat Flower Vases ($24) in a drawer and pop them out as needed. The design is ingeniously simple and pretty. All you do is add water and they instantly puff-up to create a three dimensional holder for your blooms.... [More]


Lady Bug Costume

ACK! Babies in costumes just kill us. How adorable is this little Lady Bug Costume ($50)? World-renowned baby photographer, Tom Arma, has teamed up with Halloween Express this year with some of the most adorable costumes we have ever seen. Do you think these will fit a dog? Probably not.... [More]


Linea Pelle Double Buckle Waist Belt

Punch up your fall neutrals with this lemony yellow Double Buckle Waist Belt ($88) from Linea Pelle. The nickel grommets and buckles add a bit of edgy hardware to this wide belt that's sure to give you a stunning feminine silhouette. The color's great because it'll make your fall outfits... [More]


The Threepenny Opera Donmar Warehouse Cast Recording

If you only know "Mack the Knife" as some kind of easy-listening tune, prepare yourself for a jolt. This London production of the Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill masterpiece The Threepenny Opera uses a translation as dark and dirty as the German original laid over the incredible score, a big portion of... [More]


Dancing Helix Yin Yang Mobile

We would balance the energies in our homes with the Dancing Helix Yin Yang Mobile ($80) by Twirlythings. Think of it as an indoor, soundless wind chime; it's motorized, so it'll be in lovely motion all day long. Whether this kinetic moving ornament will soothe us or drive us crazy,... [More]


Quotation Sanctuary Zoya Floral Tunic

This Quotation Sanctuary Zoya Floral Tunic ($96) goes so perfectly with our wide leg denim trouser pants for work that we find ourselves wishing it came in other colors and patterns. The ultra-feminine tunic is so simple to just throw on and look put together immediately. Looking faboosh without trying... [More]


Bemz IKEA Slipcovers

It's true, we're still vegging out on the same IKEA couch we've had since we moved out of the dorms. It's a good, sturdy couch, but man, are we sick of the white, industrial, well-worn slipcover. Bemz has come to our rescue with slipcovers made specifically for Ikea furniture. The... [More]


Ojon Nurturing Hair Ritual Kit

Making over our look is a habitual for us, and our damaged, chemically-treated hair is hurting. Ojon products, made from rare, organic Ojon oil from Central America's tropical rainforests are here to help; get the best pickings of the line in theOjon Nurturing Hair Ritual Kit ($50). Repair the damage... [More]

Jezebel Rockstar Bra & Panty Set

Jezebel Rockstar Bra & Panty Set

Party like a rockstar underneath your work clothes! The Jezebel Rockstar Bra ($29) and Boyshorts Panty ($14) are the perfect lingerie set that will show your true colors underneath your otherwise boring, dismal and sometimes drab career casual attire. This set will cause you to experience uninhibited feelings, possibly causing... [More]


Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk

The Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk ($3995) is not cute, or pretty, or delicate, or feminine, but...It. Is. Awesome. We've always loved steamer trunks as coffee tables or storage solutions; they have so much character and seriously hold a ton of stuff. This takes that concept to the next level with... [More]


Celeb Style: The Many Sides of Drew Barrymore

At one of her many movie premieres Drew Barrymore wore a stunning floor-length gown with a bright and bold accessory. Her bib necklace, much like this Mixit Hematite and Gold Bib Necklace ($24), stood out strong on her decolletage and helped put her on the best dressed pages of the... [More]

Gucci Messenger Diaper Bag

Gucci Messenger Diaper Bag

Gucci Gucci Goo! The Gucci Messenger Diaper Bag ($975) is a couture must-have for all fashionista moms and well worth the splurge! This haute bag is covered in the coveted designer logo in a fabulous shade of beige/ebony with brown leather trim. This baby bag has lots of room (front... [More]

monokuro clear file-s.jpg

Monokuro Boo Clear File

The Monokuro Boo Clear File ($3) puts school-girl cuteness back into our drab office lifestyle. Carrying a couple of adorable pudgy piggies around makes the best of our boring paperwork, reminding us that we have imaginary animated friends to keep us company. We'll be in a good mood all day... [More]


Jedi Dressing Gown

Chances are, if you're not a Star Wars nerd yourself, you're dating one or related to one, so no matter who you're buying for, this Jedi Dressing Gown ($96) - a.k.a. bathrobe - is sure to make the recipient happy. Plush and cozy to keep your favorite Jedi warm on... [More]


Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill Mascara ($28) is one of the rare products with high-tech hype that actually delivers. The same MicroFil technology that's used to great effect in his Face Fabric Foundation for a silky-smooth airbrushed finish: only here, it seeks out every lash and plumps them individually with... [More]


Williams-Sonoma Culinary Round Wreath

If you're living in a small space, you want your decorative tchotchkes to do double duty. They've gotta be useful and attractive. The Williams-Sonoma's Culinary Round Wreath is beautiful, adds a light herbal scent to the air, and you can clip off bits of the dried oregano, marjoram, dill, sage,... [More]


Sue Devitt Hydrating Marine Minerals Destination Eye Palette

Longtime celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt has finally come out with her own line of makeup and skincare! We've long admired her work on stars like Hilary Duff, Eva Longoria, and Claudia Schiffer, so any wisdom we can absorb through her paints, powders, and gels, we'll happily take. The Hydrating... [More]


Novela Wonder Color Block Mary Janes

Oh, hai there, Novela Wonder Grey & Blue Color Block Mary Jane Heels. ($29) You are too cute. A classic silhouette made modern with industrial-strength neutral colors and an ocean blue accent ankle strap. Perfect for pretty much every fall fashion trend. Only $29. We can has you? Kthxbai.... [More]


We Do Wedding & Anniversary Cards

Pagibbons' Etsy Shoppe is full of colorful, quirky Victorian-inspired cards for every occasion, but we have to say our favorite is this We Do Card. ($5) Featuring two men holding hands, it's a sweet tribute to all our gay & lesbian friends out there in loving, committed relationships or marriages... [More]


Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie

We're all for health and fitness, when it tastes good and doesn't hurt, and we can do it from the couch...which, admittedly, isn't very often. However, smoothies are healthy, right? Right. So, logically, using Clinique's Vitamin C Lip Smoothie ($17) means we'll be losing weight in no time. Sigh, if... [More]


Banana Republic Silk Printed Sheath Dress

There are so many things to love about this Silk Printed Sheath Dress ($130) from Banana Republic. First off, that color! It's downright wonderful: bold without being over the top, and the subtle print in the fabric only adds further intrigue to an already interesting shade. The shape is both... [More]


Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket

We live in a dangerous world. Surf the TV or the internet anytime and you'll find a natural disaster happening somewhere on the globe. So, we -- please, hold your laughter; disasters are serious business -- we present the Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket ($480). Made from flame-retardant material certified by... [More]


How To Take Over Teh Wurld: A LOLcat Guide 2 Winning

Liek, srsly, fellow hoomins, wen Professor Happycat asked us 2 revu the new I Can Has Cheezburger book, How to Take Over Teh Wurld: A LOLcat Guide 2 Winning, ($9) we wur like, "OMG yeah catz is tewtally awesum!" And dey is. For all u catz out dere, it haz... [More]


Our Gift to Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom - The Nest Newlywed Handbook: An Owner's Manual for Modern Married Life

At first, we were hesitant to do a post on yesterday's wedding of Khloe Kardashian to Lamar Odom, since a) girl is on her honeymoon and is *busy*, and b) we don't know if she can actually read. But we're plunging into the abyss anyways, and recommending that Mrs. Kardashian-Odom... [More]


Special Guest Post by La Coquette: Christian Louboutin Button-Up OTK Boots

Listen up, guys and dolls! Today, we're lucky enough to have another visit from our very good friend La Coquette, a confirmed not-quite-lady-of-the-night (and therefore one of our heroes), who's here to let us in on a secret or two from her bottomless box of tricks. Want more? Check out... [More]


DiamondShark Giveaway #1

Need a new watch? Scratch that...want a new watch? What a co-inky-dink...Outblush is giving away one of our favorite watches! Roddy, tell 'em what they could win... The lovely Amber is modeling the classic Barcelona from Accutron by Bulova. This timepiece's bezel is accented with 34 twinkly white diamonds, making... [More]


Boo-Boo Vegan Handbag

Stewards of the Earth rejoice...the Boo-Boo Vegan Handbag ($45) by Parapette is 100% eco-friendly, and if you're a boho chick, 100% fashionable. The ancient Indian practice Gujarati appliqué created this hand embroidered, organically dyed cotton bag. Unique side clasps make the brass-finished frame special, and if you're not sold, try... [More]


Estee Lauder Sensuous Gold Collection

We're blaming everything on the economy these days. It's our scapegoat for sure. Bad hair day? The economy (no $ for fancy products!). Dinner turned out overcooked and underseasoned? It's the economy's fault (no $ for eating out!). One thing we can legitimately blame on the economy is the lack... [More]

glider chair-s.jpg

Glider Chair with Tray

Nothing than sounds nicer than enjoying a cocktail in the garden right now, and with the Glider Chair with Tray ($117) by Jack Post we may just drift into dreamland we'll be so comfortable. The design is classic, and the side tray is large enough to hold a beverage and... [More]


Erin Kleinberg Velvet Chain Dress

Call us crazy, but we can imagine ourselves wearing this Erin Kleinberg Velvet Chain Dress ($340) with black tights and our hair up in hippie braids. The delicious dark teal crushed velvet material catches the light in the most elegant way. It's not often we see velvet done as well... [More]


Arbor Jacquard Gardens Collection Hammock

Relax in the last breezy days of sunshine with the Arbor Jacquard Gardens Collection Hammock ($143) by Pawleys Island. The powers of fashion, performance and comfort are combined in this quaint floral hammock made of dura cord fabric, zinc-plated hardware and oak spreaders. Best of all, this weather-resistant fabric won't... [More]


Better Than Beauty

We love to tell you all about the latest and greatest beauty products, but you know and we know that there are some things that no amount of makeup can fix. Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm ($10) was first published in 1938, but the advice and tips found... [More]


O.R.E. HamperTote

Limit laundry disasters with the self-explanatory organization of the nylon canvas O.R.E. HamperTote ($40). Just the other day we accidentally ruined our delicate white lace blouse in the color load (talk about a blonde moment). We never have to worry about a load mix up again with modern block lettering... [More]


Stuart Weitzman Bridge Slingbacks

Every girl could use a good pair of shiny red shoes - we learned that lesson from Dorothy. These Stuart Weitzman Bridge Platform Slingbacks ($213) bring a little something extra with their pop of pink. We especially love the bit of pink that peeps out from the toe of these... [More]

stopper cat-s.jpg

Pretty Girl Calico Cat Bottle Stopper

When we're meowing for more wine, we know our crazy cat lady's coming out, which is probably a sign to put that bottle down. With the cuddly cute Pretty Girl Calico Cat Bottle Stopper ($16) we can keep the feline frenzy going while we're taking a break from our beloved... [More]


Alice + Olivia Sequin Cascade Vest

This Alice + Olivia Sequin Cascade Vest ($330) is a great, refreshing take on the ever-popular vest. The ultra-flattering layered cascade look is excellent for bundling up when cold, or tucking underneath a belt for a cinched look. Either way, this vest can we worn a number of different creative... [More]

pet carrier-s.jpg

Teafco Argo Pet Peek-A-Boo Carrier

Furry friends and their abiding owners will be delighted with the Argo Pet Peek-A-Boo Carrier ($73) by Teafco. Its asymmetrical design is mega chic and tapered to fit our pet's shape perfectly. Amazingly, our pet gets enough leg room to walk around, enough headspace for ventilation, EVA molding on the... [More]


Nigella Lawson Bliss Measuring Cups

Cute, clever, and lovely, these Nigella Lawson Bliss Measuring Cups ($25) are beyond perfect. We love that they stack up in such a way that we'd be happy to leave them out on a counter or shelf because they're just darn pretty. Functional and fabulous!... [More]


Abigail Bunny Rabbit, Catching Stars

Dear Abby, we love your striped stockings, your lacy dress, and your jack-o'-lantern full of stars. Strange black bird, vintage color pallet, and a creepy pumpkin, the Abigail Bunny Rabbit, Catching Stars Print ($13) is a mysterious witching season scene. Did a spell get cast on this little girl or... [More]


Celeb Style: The Many Sides of Drew Barrymore

In honor of her directorial debut, this week we are going to share with you the many different looks of one of our favorite celebrities out there: Drew Barrymore. Her fearless style lets us watch her grow up and make many fashion risks (and sometimes mistakes). We love her for... [More]


Devon Leigh Earrings

You can make such a great statement with some big ol' earrings; they dress up any jeans and tee outfit or LBD with ease. There's a fine line between earrings that are large and lovely and earrings that are slowly pulling our earlobes down to our ankles. These lovely Devon... [More]

Swarovski Studded Padlock USB Charm

Swarovski Studded Padlock USB Charm

Charmed...we're sure! The Swarovski Studded Padlock USB Charm ($180) is a fabulous gift for the woman that truly has it all. She would, of course, love a Swarovski-studded padlock, which disguises a 1GB USB key to store essential photos, songs and other information. Believe it or not, this blingy little... [More]


Spanish Hold Everything Containers

Finally, the junk drawer has gotten chic enough for countertop display. These artfully austere Spanish Hold Everything Containers ($32) holds keys and other miscellany right where you can see them. Alternatively, employ 'em in a more arty fashion to hold candies or cookies at a party, or even as an... [More]


Nanette Lepore 16 Candles Chiffon Blouse

There is something so elegant about this blouse, and we can't just name one thing that does it for us. The pintucking in the sleeves gives us a draped look that creates an interesting overlay of texture while the luscious cream color shows off any other color we're wearing. This... [More]


TheBalm Stainiac

We love lip & cheek stains for their staying power, but the color can be too intense for everyday wear and the color sometimes sets before we're finished blending it in. TheBalm's Stainiac ($15) is the perfect compromise; this sheer water-based formula is designed to take just a little while... [More]


The Whole Green Catalog

It's clear that we all need to be making steps to take care of this planet, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start, and once you're started, it can be difficult to discern what's actually worth investing in versus what products are just sucking money out of your... [More]


Bluebird & Trees Carafe by Shinzi Katoh

Japanese Zakka designer Shinzi Katoh clearly shares our love for all things tweet. His Bluebird & Trees Carafe features etched graphic designs of trees, flowers, and a few bright blue birdies. It's made of heat resistant glass, so you can use it to hold 1 liter of hot or cold... [More]


Mash Studios LAX Series Wall Mounted Desk

This Wall Mounted Desk from the LAX Series by Mash Studios instantly opens up cramped spaces and creates a calm, uncluttered work environment. Understated, clean lines and an English walnut finish help it to blend in while still standing ut. The piece itself is emphasized through its lack of hardware... [More]


Built by Wendy D'Uberville Smocked Top

Hello, haute hippie. This 100% silk D'Uberville Smocked Top by Built by Wendy ($172) is like Holly Hobby, all grown up. The easy, voluminous silhouette and dark pattern are flattering on a wide range of silhouettes, and the contrast ribbon print on the hem and sleeves along with the smocked... [More]


Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding

We'd heard a fair bit of positive press about Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding ($22) on the beauty blog circuit, but our interest was officially heightened when it was named one of Allure's Best of Beauty 2009. It endows even the most stubborn, frizzy, kinked hair with softness, shine, and beautiful... [More]


Heal Depression Hypnosis

The changing seasons have got us mourning the loss of summer. Being bummed out isn't cute, so Heal Depression Hypnosis ($20) peaked our interest. We have a sneaking suspicion that this snake oil uses the placebo effect more than actual healing techniques, but if it helps us relax a bit... [More]


Soak Fragrance Starter Kit

Sick of ruining expensive lingerie in botched laundry missions? Try the Fragrance Starter Kit ($29, available at FreshPair.com) by Soak, a set of hand-washing soap made especially for our unmentionables. Simply submerge your lovelies in a gallon of cold water, and add cap full of citrus, flora, or acquae Soak;... [More]

print bowls-s.jpg

Print Bowls

Print Bowls ($50) by PT Designs are ideal for party snacks inside or out. These fun servers are decorated on the outside with a bold color and on the inside with a photo print of a yummy foodstuffs - a munchie group portrait, if you will. Toss them around, but... [More]

sea spray-s.jpg

California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray

We got the Cali girl look with KMS's California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray ($14) no matter where we are. Fullness and piece-y texture from a day at the beach is ours year round, without the sand grit. Sea salt, grape, and peppermint are the secret ingredients that allow us... [More]

bubble ring-s.jpg

Silver Bubble Ring

The unique luster of the Silver Bubble Ring ($80) by Manon von Gerkan is simply spectacular. If this piece were super shiny it would be an overwhelming statement, but the brushed silver softens the look. Subtle enough to wear with other jewelry, it's a great focal accessory without stealing the... [More]


Black Stacked Pumpkins

Oh Martha, you always have the best decorations for every holiday! And you're not disappointting with your annual Halloween décor. Just check out these Black Stacked Pumpkins ($139). These guys are going to look frightfully spooky in your yard, (Halloween is not that far away people!), and since they're made... [More]


Citroën REVOLTe Hybrid Concept

The Citroën REVOLTe Hybrid Concept vehicle was unveiled this week to much acclaim. Attempting to bring a more fashion forward feel to hybrid technology, the Citroën features an interior that looks more like a lounge than the inside of a car and a rear seat that resembles a sofa. This... [More]

usb scent drive-s.jpg

4GB USB Scent Drive

Hold onto your seats (and your noses), ladies... Aromatherapy and after-hours work stresses cancel each other out with the 4GB USB Scent Drive ($50). No, we're not pranking you, this flash drive thing works as a fragrance diffuser when plugged in, so now we have to decide between lavender and... [More]

style strategy-s.jpg

Nina Garcia's The Style Strategy

Leave it to Project Runway judge and Elle fashion director Nina Garcia to guide us to perfect-10-status with her new book (!!!) The Style Strategy: A Less-Is-More Approach to Staying Chic and Shopping Smart ($15). Armed with this fashion bible, we develop an alternative eye for fashion and learn to... [More]


Missoni Platform Pump

Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe has her favorite picks of the week on Piperlime, and recently she was really into these Missoni Platform Pump ($510). We can totally see where she's coming from - look at these killer heels! The famous Missoni pattern is featured all around the comfortable platform pump... [More]


Mackage Lilyan Fur Jacket

Ever since the Olsen twins and Rachel Zoe stepped on the fashion scene, fur has become a big hit again. This ">Mackage Lilyan Fur Jacket ($680) is an interesting take on fur outerwear and as you well know by now, we appreciate new interpretations of closet classics anytime. While we... [More]


9/25/09 Sales & Steals

There are some days when "TGIF" isn't just a saying, it's a mantra we repeat all day. TGIF so we can go shopping! As always, enjoy your weekends, and stay safe out there. Love, all of us here at Outblush. Couture Candy - Shop for hot designers like Alice +... [More]


Special Guest Post by Loren Ridinger: LBD Motives Nail Candy

We're ringing our beauty bell with our newest gorgeous Guest Blogger, Loren Ridinger. As senior vice president of Market America and creator of Motives Cosmetics and Cellular Laboratories, we're lucky to have been penciled into her schedule. Loren is an advocate of custom formulated cosmetics in the chase after ageless... [More]


Reader Challenge: Daytime Woodland Nymph Dresses for @kristyfruition

We received a tweet this morning from Outblush fan @kristyfruition, who wanted a daytime-appropriate woodland/nymph inspired dress to go with her cydwoq shoes. Well, we can't resist a challenge, especially on a Friday when we have deadlines looming and are looking for any excuse to procrastinate! We've rounded up a... [More]


Daughter of Fortune

Imagine being 16 and painfully in love (remember may be a better word). Now imagine being a 16, painfully in love, and pregnant stowaway aboard a ship bound for San Fransisco from Chile in pursuit of your wayward lover, and you'll be able to sympathize with Eliza, the remarkable heroine... [More]


Wicked necklace

Something wicked this way comes, and let them know you're arriving darling, by adorning yourself with this Victorian Style Wicked necklace ($27). Hand-drawn on antiqued parchment paper, then strung onto an 18-inch chain, this is certainly a statement piece. There's only one in stock, but the designer has many other... [More]


Russian Tea Glasses and Holders

Cutesy mugs are fine if you're not in the mood to be serious, and you'll never catch us saying anything against fine china. But if you've been hoping to add a sense of the exotic to your daily tea-drinking ritual, and you've decided not to do so with the aid... [More]


DKNY Wool Coat

This DKNY Wool Coat ($164) has pretty much everything we look for in a good winter jacket. The soft grey isn't at all drab, and the fit is structured enough that we won't look sloppy, but the a-line cut is flattering and comfortable, even for those of us who prefer... [More]


Pure Komachi 8-inch Chef's Knife

Slicing and dicing just got a whole lot more colorful! How fun is this fuschia Pure Komachi 8" Chef's Knife ($10)? The color makes it stand out, but is also a nonstick coating over the stainless steel blade to prevent what you're chopping from sticking to the blade. Pretty cool.... [More]


Cutie Creepers

Aren't these the cutest sugar decorations that you've ever seen? I guess that's why they are aptly named Cutie Creepers ($5). These little morsels of pure sugar yumminess are made to decorate cupcakes, cakes, and even cookies. Spread on some icing and then smoosh these little ghoulies into place. A... [More]


Greenaid Reusable Bag

Carry your groceries like a total badass. This Greenaid Reusable Bag ($10) comes packed in a small pouch that looks like a grenade! Not only are you doing your part to help the planet, but now you can carry around a little grenade in your purse. You know we're going... [More]

new york ring-s.jpg

Philippe Tournaire Architecture Rings

French jewelry designer Philippe Tournaire's Architecture Rings ($Inquire) are a part of his Dream House Collection, and they are the prettiest punching aids we've seen all day. The mini cityscapes are pure architectural ambition, and even the small pieces in the collection, like the New York Ring ($Inquire) are demonstrative... [More]


Sephora Brown Smoky Eyes Palette

A good dark, smoky eye is sultry and really makes your eyes pop, but there are definitely times where it's not quite right, whether it doesn't match your ensemble, or the occasion doesn't merit it. Sephora offers an alternate color combo with their Brown Smoky Eyes Palette ($38). You'll have... [More]


Black Vinyl Lace Placemat

This Black Vinyl Lace Placemat ($2) is actually pretty perfect for Halloween dinners, but would also be AMAZING worked into fall wedding décor. We're picturing lots of silver, with bright fuchsia dahlias or blood red roses mixed with white candles and perhaps this Scroll Cake Plate at the epicenter? You... [More]


Tolouse Weekender

We're thinking that owning this Tolouse Weekender ($348) is going to make us the jetsetters we desire to be. This stylish bag will hold everything we need for a quick weekend away, which we just haven't had enough of lately! It's the same concept as buying new gym clothes to... [More]


Opening Ceremony Knot Pant

Okay, we can hear you all saying "Are you guys crazy?" or "How do we wear these?" but we are fully confidant that you will see just how amazing these are fairly quickly. These Opening Ceremony Knot Pant ($370) are so cute with a tucked in tee or tank and... [More]


Custom NFPA Diamond Signs

So you've seen these signs (actually called NFPA panels) hundreds or thousands of times, but aside from a vague notion that you shouldn't touch anything behind one, you don't really know what they mean. Here's a quick explanation, and here's something even cooler: a site where you can make custom... [More]


D&G Anthology 18 La Lune Eau de Toilette

In the tarot, the Moon (number 18 of the major arcana) is one of the creepy cards, symbolizing deception. The folks at Dolce & Gabbana, in promoting their new white floral scent, have apparently opted to stay away from the unsettling visuals of a giant moonface, howling beasts, and a... [More]


Allison Daniel Cuff

The name makes us laugh, but the design is just gorgeous on this Big Fat Mama Cuff ($88) from Allison Daniel Designs. It's particularly lovely because the large antique gold bloom is resting on two small bands of gold, as opposed to a wider band, which makes the flower really... [More]

Position of the Day Playbook

Position of the Day Playbook

TMI? I'm afraid not...this handy book will work wonders in your boudoir! The Position of the Day Playbook ($12.95) features a very unique position per day for an entire calendar year! So there will be no more bedroom boredom thanks to this little book. This book also includes just how... [More]


Stella McCartney Crepe Dress

The emerald green color of this Stella McCartney Crepe Dress ($760) is so stunning that it was hard to pass up. The beautiful craftsmanship of the dress's design shows us just why Stella McCartney has time and time again been one of the top designers of the season. This cocktail... [More]


Autumn Barley Candy Birds

Mmmm....Barley Candy! Just teasing, we don't really know what barley candy is, but apparently you can make amazing edible creations out of it and we're super impressed. We fell in love with these Autumn Birds ($7). They are approx. 3 inches tall and would look beautiful on a wedding cake... [More]

bad cop-s.jpg

Bad Cop Costume

In our minds, Halloween is just around the corner, and Leg Avenue has got us covered (barely) with all their fabulous costumes. The Cops and Robbers Line really got our attention, and the Bad Cop Costume ($68) took the cake for its badassery. We're not gunna be some weak-sauce gimmicky... [More]


Cloud Shelf

If you haven't welcomed whimsy into your stark, modern house, we suggest trying Modern Dose's Cloud Shelf ($70) on for size - if not for you, at least for your kids. Everyone needs to get their heads in the clouds at the end of the day, and this storage solution... [More]


Fruits & Passion Cocoa Nourishing Body Butter

Chocolate has antioxidant powers... so why not inject some of those into your skin? Skip the calories and massage Fruits & Passion's Cocoa Nourishing Body Butter onto dry, cracked skin this fall & winter. Cocoa seed butter, oatmeal, and vitamin E infuse skin with moisture, protecting it from further damage... [More]


Lotus Flower Wrapping Paper

Are you a wrapping paper ripper, or one of those people who delicately, tenderly removes each bit of tape and folds the paper to save for another day? If you're of the latter persuasion, the beautiful designs at Paper Source, including our fave new print, Lotus Flower Wrapping Paper ($2-8)... [More]


Lorac Special Effects Mascara

There's a slew of double-ended mascaras out on the market right now with a primer or conditioner on one end and mascara on the other. The idea is just like with foundation primer: providing a smooth, supple surface for your foundation to stick to, it protects and softens eyelashes. Lorac's... [More]


Superb Fair Wren

It was so hard to figure out which Josh Brill Flora Fauna Print to feature. We finally decided on this Superb Fair Wren Print ($20) after much deliberation. You see, Josh has so many fabulous prints that we want them all. Each archival print identifies birds from around the world... [More]


Lacy Blue Bird Bowl

If you're going to clutter your dressers and tables with decorative tchotchkes, make them useful ones like this handmade Lacy Blue Bird Bowl ($22) by Etsy ceramics artist PrinceDesignUK. Made by pressing vintage lace into the clay while it's still soft, then glazing to reveal the pattern, it's pretty enough... [More]


Sleepypod Air Carrier

We cannot wait until the Sleepypod Air Carrier ($150) is released. There will be no need to worry anymore if the carrier will fit under the plane seat or not. The Sleepypod website has tons of informational graphics that show you exactly how to position your Sleepypod Air according to... [More]


Elie Tahari 'Faith' Dress

We've always had a soft spot for Elie Tahari, and this 'Faith' Dress ($448) just turned it into a bona-fide crush. A wool & cashmere pinstriped skirt is paired with a floral printed sleeveless silk bodice, and accented with a wide obi-style belted waist. The mixed media keeps it from... [More]

evil garden cuff-s.jpg

Evil Garden Cuff

The Evil Garden Cuff ($538) by Fenton inspires us to grow claws and uplift our tulip beds so we can make a place for our poison apple orchard (we're that bad). We didn't know that bejeweled dainty butterflies and posing jumping frogs could look so gangster. It's the mysterious matte... [More]


Doubtblush: Heated Cat Blanket

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. If you need only a... [More]


Guest Post by Scent-sational: MAC Asphalt Flower

Hey everybody, meet Kevin, the brains behind the awesome Perfume Blog that's got oodles of reviews of all the latest and greatest fragrances and colognes. The blog alone will save you hours of sniffing and agonizing at perfume counters, but we wanted to bring you a special highlight from the... [More]


She Said/He Said: All About Us by Phillip Keel

We're proud that Outblush is woman-researched and written, but sometimes even we have to step back from the estrogen haze and venture in a new, manlier direction. Well, sort of. That's why we've enlisted a Token Male to provide point-counterpoint on our girlish ramblings in She Said/He Said. Together, we'll... [More]


He Said/She Said: All About Us by Philipp Keel

We're proud that Outblush is woman-researched and written, but sometimes even we have to step back from the estrogen haze and venture in a new, manlier direction. Well, sort of. That's why we've enlisted a Token Male to provide point-counterpoint on our girlish ramblings in She Said/He Said. Together, we'll... [More]


Happy 250th Birthday, Arthur Guinness! Pint-Sized Ireland: In Search of the Perfect Guinness

Today, dear lads and lasses, 'tis what would have been the 250th birthday of that famous brewmaster, Arthur Guinness. Now, nobody lives that long, we know, but we're still intending to head to our local Irish pub in honor of that great man to raise a pint of bitters in... [More]


Mustache Mug

Oh, we're sorry. Did you think this moustache thing was going away? Wrong! More moustache madness with this a-mazing Mustache Mug ($15)! You know you love it. How could you not smile when drinking your morning joe out of this bad boy?... [More]


Britney Spears - Circus Fantasy

Surprisingly enough, we really like Britney Spears' newest fragrance, Circus Fantasy. ($45) (Ow! Stop hitting us!) It's not quite as candy shop sweet as her previous scents, with darker notes of red sweetheart orchid, blue peony, and creamy musks. Still, though, the predominant layers of sugar-coated raspberry, violet candy, and... [More]


Alexis Bittar Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Ring

The newest jewelry designer to make a big splash is none other than Alexis Bittar. His pieces are huge right now and his name is just about as hyped as the MTV Video Music Awards. While his pieces are luckily drama-free, they certainly don't go unnoticed. This Alexis Bittar Crystal... [More]


A Walk in the Woods

Ever shat in the woods? Well Bill Bryson has and he wants to tell you all about it. In his book A Walk in the Woods ($7) Bill Bryson describes his sojourn up the Appalacian trail from Georgia to Maine. The journey begins, not at the tip of the trail,... [More]


Autumn Cashmere Blazer

Blazers can often be restricting and stiff, a combination in clothing that we do not revere very highly. We want comfy clothes no matter how formal they're supposed to be. The key is to find a way to have a rare yet ingenious combination of both formality and comfort. This... [More]


Pottery Barn Bill Organizer

Life is busy, and some of us weren't blessed with great organizational prowess. If you fall into that category, may we suggest this brilliant and streamlined Bill Organizer ($59) from Pottery Barn. Not only can you slide your bills into the appropriate day slot to make sure they're paid on... [More]


Ash Pearl Over the Knee Boots

Let's face it ladies - gravity is a huge bitch and she's after us all. We might as well enjoy and celebrate these bodies while we still have them. These Ash Pearl Over the Knee Boots ($462) are an ideal way to revel in your youthful sexiness. Zip these puppies... [More]


Rose Print Corset

We are positively drooling over the vintage look of this bee-yoo-ti-ful Rose Print Corset ($50). Can't you just imagine it with sweet black panties, a garter belt and stockings? We'd look like a regular Elvgren pinup! Some of you who are more daring than we are may even have the... [More]


BDG Printed Henley Silk Tee

So spring may have already sprung and gone but there's no reason we can't reminisce with this glorious floral top, right? BDG's Printed Henley Silk Tee ($48) brings a smile to our faces and warms our outfits, which generally speaking are always a little too bland and neutral for fall.... [More]


Philosophy The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas SPF 15

Maybe we're behind the times, but we didn't know that Philosophy had makeup, in addition to their fantastic skin care and yummy scented bath gels! On a visit to our local Sephora (where we're shocked they don't know us by name already) we discovered Philosophy The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas SPF... [More]


Celeb Style: Model Off Duty - Claudia Schiffer's Ankle Boots

God bless the genes that brought this woman to the planet, that's all we gotta say. Claudia Schiffer has just gotten better and better with age and she didn't exactly start off too shabby either. Here she's spotted walking around, still looking all kinds of stunning, in cute beige ankle... [More]

chloe Dress-s.jpg

Valerie Dumaine Chloe Dress

The Chloe Dress ($81) by Valerie Dumaine is something else... Military-inspired double-breasted button placement is a little androgynous, but the sheer sleeves, bow-cinched waist and bubble skirt make it undeniably flirtatious. Look closely to find too-cute anchor detailing on the buttons; if this were the uniform, we'd definitely join the... [More]


Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers

Used by Japanese geishas since the 1800's, Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers ($12 for 30, $30 for 90) are made of 100% Abaca leaf and contain tiny flecks of real gold leaf. Blot on your face for a "petal fresh" oil-free complexion - the gold will not transfer to your... [More]

canal house organizers-s.jpg

Canal House Box

It makes a whole lot of sense that Dutch By Design would make organizers that were incredibly culturally Dutch-centric. Duh, it was totally obvious to us that their Canal House Box ($35) was based on "original 17th century Dutch canal houses." Don't feel bad, we're just born knowing that kind... [More]


Water for Elephants

Carnies, dancing horses, forbidden love, protective pachiderms- Sara Gruen's debut novel Water for Elephants ($10) has it all. The book is narrated by its hero, Jacob Jaknowski. He is in his eighties, alone and lonely in a nursing home prison of taupe walls and salisbury steak. He escapes into the... [More]

bali rug-s.jpg

Liz Eeuwes Bali Rug

Canadian born, Glasgow-based designer, Liz Eeuwes hand makes beautiful rugs that draw from landscapes from a bird's eye view. Her free flowing Bali Rug ($Inquire) is inspired by rice paddy terraces, and the pattern is energized by soft, cool colors that create unique visual paths every time we look down... [More]


French Connection Fast Dazzi Sequined Miniskirt

This, OB-ers, is herringbone done right. Not only is it done right but it's done in a way that we have never seen before and we are kind of obsessed! French Connection's Fast Dazzi Sequined Miniskirt ($188) is so sexy without being too obvious about it and will definitely turn... [More]

berry branches-s.jpg

Jen Metals Berry Branches Earrings

Jennifer Moss crafts fuzzy statement pieces that explore the material limits of accessories, and her Etsy shop, Jen Metals highlights her most wearable items. Her Berry Branches Earrings ($28) mimic branches with fresh new buds or berries. Merino wool tidbits are adorned with half drilled freshwater pearls to create pretty... [More]


All-Clad Chicken Roaster

Thinking about making Engagement Chicken anytime soon? Or perhaps you're the independent hostess with the mostest who likes to throw shmancy dinner parties. Either way, this All-Clad Ultimate Chicken Roaster ($180) is the tool for you. Not just your ordinary roasting pan, the arm on this ingenious contraption holds your... [More]


Double Dye Tights

When you're short on cash and bored with your threads, think way outside of the accessory box. Go beyond silver hoops and studded belts to really freshen up your staples. Thrift store scarves and grandma's costume jewelry give you a lot of options for not a lot of money. Patterned... [More]


Miniature Bug Hair Clip

Plated with 18k yellow gold and accented with a real pearl, Banana Republic's Miniature Bug Hairclip ($18) can do more than provide a sparkly accent accent for a tousled updo or demure bun. Use it to clip a scarf together at your collarbone, or as a brooch over a shirt... [More]


Peeka-Bu Intimate Grooming Mirror

You're cutting back on salon visits, doing your own pedicures and facials; good for you! But we bet you haven't tackled the last DIY frontier. Down there. The Peeka-Bu Intimate Grooming Mirror ($29-32) is specially designed to help you see what's up in the nether regions. It's got a long,... [More]


Lancome La Laque Fever Lipshine

A high-tech lipstick-gloss hybrid, Lancome La Laque Fever Ultimate Lasting Full Color Lipshine is formulated with special polymers and pixilated pearls for a multi-dimensional shine that lasts up to six hours. You get vibrant, dense color and softness - this stuff feels like butter going on. We love Raze Red... [More]


Multi Candle Pin

For an ethereal floating candle centerpiece, Sebastian Bergne's Multi Candle Pin for Eno ($46) is simplicity itself. Seven metal pins of varying heights are designed to support any size of candle, from tealight to hurricane pillar, and will create visual interest. Use multiple colors and/or coordinating scents to jazz things... [More]


Report Signature Kane Over the Knee Boot

Crazy times call for crazy clothes, wouldn't ya say? Some of the things coming out the stores right now are just too insane for words! Are designers making fantasy clothing because they're depressed with the economical times too? Whatever the reasons are for this particularly unwearable season, we kind of... [More]


Erbaviva Organic Baby Washbag

Whoever invented Erbaviva Organic Baby Washbags ($32 for 20 sachets) was definitely someone with baby-bathing experience. Ever tried it before? Fussing with soap, water, washcloth, and a slippery-skinned nekkid infant gets messy, fast. Erbaviva Washbags have a 100% organic soap sewn into unbleached cotton sachets. Just wet, rub over baby's... [More]


Atomic Bonzai Tree

No green thumb? Japanese designer Joji Okazaki's Atomic Bonzai No-Maintenance Tree ($25) is perfect for you or any fellow cubicle-dweller who has, as yet, failed to train a potted plant to thrive on leftover coffee. Made from 100% recycled paper and non-toxic ink, it's a sculptural puzzle kit that the... [More]


French Connection Ziggy Knit Dress

A little bit 1930's, a lot bit soft and comfortable, this French Connection Ziggy Knit Dress ($168) is flattering to a wide variety of figures, thanks to the elongating black strips, scoop neck, and scarf-tie belt that enables the wearer to customize the waistline. Crafted from a cotton/angora-cashmere blend, it... [More]


Tarte Green Siren Cheek Stain

We've heard a lot about chemicals in beauty products as potential cancer-causers, so it's nice to know that a lot of companies are taking note and introducing special au natural products that don't just look good, they do your body good. Tarte's limited-edition Green Siren Natural Cheek Stain ($30) not... [More]


Brad and Angelina Cupcake Painting

We didn't know that Seattle-based artist Jessie Olson, of the always adorable blog of anthropomorphized baked goods, CakeSpy, had her own Etsy Shop where she sells original artwork, cards, t-shirts, and more.... But we can promise to be one of her best customers from here on out. After all, who... [More]


Joyful Bath Co. Ginger Snap Releasing Bath Salts

Who knew a bath could be relaxing and invigorating? The Joyful Bath Co. clearly did, since they invented Ginger Snap Releasing Bath Salts. ($5-23) Made from just six all-natural ingredients, so we can pronounce everything on the label: sea salts, Epsom salt, ginger root, coconut milk, ginger essential oil, and... [More]


Flensted Birdfeeder Mobile

Hand-crafted in Denmark, the Flensted Birdfeeder Mobile ($54) is sure to entrance armchair ornithologists and nature lovers alike. The elements of the birdfeeder are in constant motion, but always carefully, harmoniously balanced. Fill the net sacks with birdseed balls, (get your mind out of the gutter) and watch the parade... [More]

rite-aid-hair accessories-small.png

A Fall Gift of Fashion Savings at Rite Aid

*Sponsored Post Looking for a little spark to give your look an update? Have you thought about hair accessories? They can go cute or tough, they're not permanent (we love tattoos, but will we really still love that butterfly when we're 80?), and they can totally set the mood for... [More]

Anthropologie Cirrus Duvet

Anthropologie Cirrus Duvet

No need to dream of sleeping on fluffy clouds anymore! We found the perfect bedding ensemble to update any bedroom and instill serenity instantly. The Anthropologie Cirrus Duvet ($208) is made of a soft and cozy 300 thread count cotton so this fabulous duvet can be washed when necessary. And... [More]


Special Guest Post by La Coquette: The Vamp

Listen up, guys and dolls! We're getting some more love from our friend, La Coquette. Well, not that kind of love - she is, after all, a confirmed not-quite-lady-of-the-night (and therefore one of our heroes), and she's here once again to let us in on a secret or two from... [More]


Intensive Rebuilding Moisturizer

Oh no! Estee Lauder announced that they are closing Prescriptives down as of January 2010. No more Intensive Rebuilding Moisturizer ($95)? Noooooooo- What's a girl to do? Stock up, stock up, stock up on this super moisturizing wonder cream now. Something in it called Hydrabuild smooths out the surface of... [More]


Skechers Shape-Up Sneakers

If you're anything like us, you have *cough* more days than there should be when you just don't have time to work out. As crazy as it sounds, though, what if you could get a great core muscle workout just by walking around and doing your regular daily routine? Skechers... [More]

Wolford Stay-Hip Tights

Wolford Stay-Hip Tights

Ahhh....how gorgeous are these! They give new meaning to "sexy hosiery," don't they? The Wolford Stay-Hip Tights ($75) are not your plain ol' stockings that you come across everyday. These stunningly beautiful tights are as comfortable as they look. If you're like many women who prefer thigh-highs or stay-ups because... [More]


My Wonderful World of Fashion

Sure, sure, you may think we're too old for coloring books, but you would be SO wrong. Check out the insanely awesome My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book for Drawing, Creating and Dreaming ($13) by Nina Chakrabarti. Pages include prompts to design your own henna, everyday fashion advice like... [More]

nonstick brownies-s.jpg

Baker's Edge Nonstick Brownie Pan

An undying need for brownies is nothing new, and when we must have a hot brownie fresh from the oven, but can't pry our gooey buddies from the pan, nothing makes us more angry. Well the Nonstick Brownie Pan ($35) by Baker's Edge makes this age-old problem a non-issue thanks... [More]


Karen Kane Belted Sweater with Scarf

Can you get a look at this color? Fall is here and we remind ourselves of this every time we wear this sweater out and about. The stunning Karen Kane Belted Sweater with Scarf ($118) has a draped cardigan feel with a built in scarf so you can toss extra... [More]


Poetry Bracelet

We've always loved personalized jewelry, even though some of it may fall on the cheesy side. This Poetry Bracelet ($400) is on the opposite spectrum from anything resembling Velveeta. Delicate, yet chunky and industrial at the same time, you're allowed up to 60 characters to create your own one of... [More]

taika collection espresso cup-s.jpg

Iittala Taika Espresso Cup

We're running with this cute owl trend, even if it's been around a while. Here it is in the beautifully colored iittala Taika Espresso Cup ($11). The Taika ("magic" in Finnish) ceramic pattern was orchestrated by acclaimed Finnish designers Heikki Orvola and Klaus Haapaniemi. Their multi-generational perspective has yielded a... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Airbrushed Foundation - Temptu vs. Carmindy for Sally Hansen

If you watched the Emmys this past weekend, you probably sighed over the perfect skin and makeup sported by stars like Blake Lively and January Jones. Ditto for flipping through any fashion magazine: everyone looks so flawless yet natural at the same time. Why? Airbrushed makeup - we're not talking... [More]


Gap Wool Duffle Bag

With the Equinox behind us, we're going to embrace fall - despite the fact that some of us are still sweltering in 90 degree weather. Visions of crisp apples and falling leaves dance in our head when we glance at this Wool Duffle Bag ($50). A charming carry-all in the... [More]


Fierce Style

Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self ($16). Christian Siriano knows F-I-E-R-C-E. He was destined to be famous with his small stature, big hair and a snappy catch phrase that caught on like wildfire in the fashion community. He's now penned his own book to show us common... [More]

recycled plastic speakers-s.jpg

NEO Recycled Plastic Speakers

Merkury makes tons of electronic fixings, and their NEO Recycled Plastic Speakers ($9) use pink trees to make them extra cute. Their fold-flat capability make them great for party-time only usage in extra small spaces or for on-the-go stereos. Who says speakers have to be basic black? We have enough... [More]


Silence & Noise Fitted Colorblock Ponte Dress

Nude and black go together like peanut butter and jelly. No other colorblock pair has been quite as successful in creating a buzz other than, well, black and white perhaps. This sexy frock has all the right angles, cuts, and pinings to make your bod look super curvaceous (and that's... [More]


Teeth Mug

Thinking about drinking out of this Teeth Mug ($24) makes us giggle first and then makes us a little sick. Is that coffee drool spilling down the sides? Ugh! Maybe you could just put some pencils in it or use it as a vase. Know anyone with a tooth-fetish? Perfect!... [More]

lynca shoes-s.jpg

Lynca Greyscales Marcello Toshi

Marcello Toshi knows how to make an oxford pump something special, and his Lynca Greyscales ($51) are rocking our socks off. Thanks to the tender loving craftsmanship of local artisans in Lima, Peru, our feet look fabulous donning sensual refined lines and snazzy patterning. Expertly designed curvature means one thing... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Faux Fancy Oval Bangle

Fashion darling Marc Jacobs (the other famous MJ) has been making baubles and accessories for years that make us smile from ear to ear. His taste for items that are clean, classic, and offer a bit of a sense of humor is what makes him stand out in a sea... [More]


Foosball Coffee Table

This Foosball Coffee Table ($600) is gonna be the hit of your Thanksgiving get-together... well, besides your fabu turkey, that is. The coffee table has a built-in Foosball game that can be enjoyed at any time without taking up precious space in the house. We love that it can really... [More]

diana brooch-s.jpg

Down and Out Chic Diana Brooch

Down and Out Chic presents the Diana Brooch ($18), an accessory that's "a bit mod, a little romantic, and kind of funky"...and that we would adorn our boyfriend blazers with in a New York second. The gorgeous ivory flower has vintage glamor that pops against a violet flat cabochon -... [More]


Altus Athletic Foam Roller

We know, this looks like a little log of Styrofoam, and what on earth could be noteworthy about that, right? Ladies, meet your new personal massager (uh, not that kind). With a Foam Roller ($23), you use your own body weight to apply pressure to areas where muscles are tight... [More]


Celeb Style: Model Off Duty - Kate Moss' Waistcoat

Kate Moss has always thrilled our eyes with some of the best outfits to hit street style. Her always menswear-inspired looks make them all that much more approachable and easy to recreate. This New York & Co.'s City Stretch Ruffle Vest ($45) looks like something she would wear on the... [More]


Ceramic Boot Planter

Even though it's dreary outside, bring a little springtime into your apartment/home/hovel? (j/k) with this cute little Ceramic Boot Planter ($18). Each planter comes with a packet of seeds and planter mix. Just throw together, add water and place on a windowsill. If you're feeling up to the task, we... [More]


Patterson J. Kincaid Fontana Ruffle Dress

This tiered dress might seem a bit summery, but we can't wait to wear it with black opaque tights and a denim jacket to really bring it into the fall cooler weather. The dark colors in the beautiful floral pattern make for an easy transition into autumn, and that makes... [More]

ribbon stool-s.jpg

Cappellini Ribbon Stool

We're channeling our inner ribbon dancer (come on, we all have a twirling past) with the Cappellini Ribbon Stool ($1430). As usual, Nendo for Cappellini made this piece way too much fun, but very controlled at the same time, and we love that boiling-over yet restrained vibe. Flowing lines in... [More]


Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred

If you watch The Biggest Loser, then you've seen how insane Jillian Michaels can get. When she gets really worked up, they have to bleep out half of her tirades. But she produces seriously impressive results, so we decided to get on the bandwagon and try the 30 Day Shred... [More]


Sprout Jewelry Chrysler Ring

The architectural inspiration behind this gorg piece of jewelry isn't too hard to guess. The New York City centerpiece, the Chrysler Building, features the same structural elements as this Sprout Jewelry Chrysler Ring ($39). The piece is so complicated and interesting and we love how an accessory can have so... [More]


Stila Holiday Smudgepot Collection

Stila recently came out with a new smudgepot in the same shade as their universally flattering best-selling eyeshadow, Kitten. It's a beautiful shimmery champagne that is our go-to shade when we just want a sweep of shadow to brighten our eyes, and now it's available in a creamy smudgepot so... [More]


Kiehl's Acai Damage-Repairing Skincare Collection

There's currently a feverish debate going on as to whether acai berries really provide all the benefits skincare & food companies claim they do, but we happen to like these little gems, particularly in Kiehl's new Acai Damage-Minimizing Skincare Collection. ($25-48) Comprised of a cleanser, ($25) toning mist, ($26) damage-reparing... [More]


TT Collection Pari Blouse

Simple but statement-making, TT Collection's silk georgette Pari Blouse ($140) is trimmed with gold silk charmeuse and gold buttons for a vintage flair. Pair with demurely feminine pieces for work, or skinny jeans and cage heels for a night out. Either way, the capped sleeves and self-tied bow neck will... [More]


Amelie Green Duvet Set

Feel like you're sleeping amongst the treetops in this Amelie Green Duvet Set. ($225) A graphic silhouette print of treetops in tonal green add leafy appeal to this 100% cotton sateen that's lofty soft to the touch. Includes duvet and two envelope shams that reverse to solid sage green for... [More]


Twilight Mortal Glow Blushing Crème

We are a house divided here at Outblush, and ne'er the twain shall meet. Over what, you ask? Twilight. Half of us are beyond obsessed with Edward & Bella, while half of us think it's some of the worst pap ever written. All of us, however, have gotten behind the... [More]


D.I.Y. Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

This looks totally hard, but trust us, it's easy, fun, and you'll have awesome treats in about 2 hours. First you'll need to decide what type of fortune cookies to use. You can buy a large box of fortune cookies at the grocery store, or you can order custom fortunes... [More]


Catherine Michiels Set of Three Silk Ties

This simple yet interesting Catherine Michiels Set of Three Silk Ties ($53) is an eye-catching set to wear together or apart, depending on whatever colors you've got in your outfit that day. We love a simple tie bracelet because we can add little charms and little trinkets as we please!... [More]


Chicago Metallic Specialty Lasagna Trio Pan

Unleash your inner Marthas and prepare to have a dinner party where you can please your More Meat Man (yeah, we're coining that term) as well as your vegetarian and plain-Jane cheese-only guests. This ingenious Specialty Lasagna Trio Pan ($30) from Chicago Metallic allows you to make 3 different kinds... [More]


Chain Knot Cloche

Who needs a hat to keep warm in the coming months? We do! Anything that toasts our noggin makes us super stoked for accessorizing in the freezing cold. This Chain Knot Cloche ($38) from Urban Outfitters is a perfect price point for an item we might only wear a few... [More]

flower geode ring-s.jpg

Geode Flower Ring

Sarah Lewis Jewelry brings expert custom blown glass jewelry into the light, and looking at her Geode Flower Ring ($250) is like peering into another world. Layers of glass serve as a dimensional container holding a beautiful bunch of flowers distorted by irregular facets in the clear lens. Craftsmanship has... [More]


Lucky Brand Gwen Boot

We think a woman can never have too many shoes, right? So why not start building on your collection of sorts with a staple - the boot. This Lucky Brand Gwen Boot ($239) screams "wear me with skinny jeans and a crisp white oxford" and we're listening to our inner... [More]


3.1 Phillip Lim Knotted Front Cocoon Dress

This interesting little striped number has a great knack for being one of the most comfortable dresses we have worn all year. The cocoon fitting is far more forgiving than just another regular sack dress and we love the metallic black and silver striped contrasting. This 3.1 Phillip Lim Knotted... [More]


Dior Miss Dior Cherie Perfume

At once youthful and dignified, fresh yet classic, Dior Miss Dior Cherie Parfum ($45-92) captures every side of a woman's personality. Sweet notes of strawberry leaves, violette, and pink jasmine mingle with playful caramelized popcorn and green tangerine, playing off the base of soft patchouli and musk for a fragrance... [More]


Comic Strip Bandages

"Holy owie, Batman! That's one swell bandage you've got covering your boo-boo." "Why, thank you, Robin. Yes, these Ouch! Comic Strip Bandages ($5) are a must-have for any superhero. Why should we have plain bandaids when we can use ones that match our fighting noises? Proclaim our toughness to the... [More]


Nine West Ambelu Pumps

We actually whimpered, "Want! Want! Want!!" when we saw these Nine West Ambelu Pumps ($79) Available in blue-green, berry, or black, these suede cutout Mary Janes with a 3" heel are destined to pair perfectly with fall's menswear (Um, hello, tweed pants + lace blouse + these shoes = magic)... [More]


Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask

You may want to avoid answering the door to cute delivery guys when wearing Chantecaille Clay Detox Mask, ($75) but we promise the end results will be worth it. This deep gray kaolin clay mask uses all-natural ingredients like rosemary, peppermint oil, essence of honey, and rosewater to detox stressed,... [More]


Prepara Neoprene Ice Cream Pint Sleeve

We all have days when only Chubby Hubby (or Hubby Hubby for the month of September '09) will suffice for dinner, and it's damn annoying to scoop the entire pint (yes, the *entire* pint) into a bowl, but holding the container leaves our hands numb. Prepara's Neoprene Ice Cream Pint... [More]

owl handbag-s.jpg

Leather Owl Purse

Words of wisdom: check out this Leather Owl Purse ($75) by BP Leathercraft (hoot hoot). This fun bag has four zippered compartments, a spunky owl face on the flap, and the entire body is patterned with feather. It's cute, charming and available in a wide variety of colors.... [More]


Zac and Zoe Tigerlily Wedge

We love to call out larger companies who are following after some of their smaller, independent counterparts and are (finally) hopping on the earth-lovin' green bandwagon. Payless Shoesource has just released Zoe and Zac, a new line of eco-friendly shoes that's making sustainable fashion affordable for those of us who... [More]


Ren Ginger, Revivo-Tonic Sugar Body Scrub

This sugar body scrub will not only exfoliate and clean, but it will enhance cellular turnover leaving you with glowing and more youthful looking skin. What's not to love about that? Ren's Ginger, Revivo-Tonic Sugar Body Scrub ($40) is second to none by incorporating the active ingredients of Muscovado and... [More]


Don't Believe the Hype Print

Sometimes we all just need a reminder: Don't Believe the Hype ($19). It's that simple. We're thinking of getting one of these handmade prints for the guy a few cubes over who's always talking about his success with the ladies. Zing!... [More]


Alisha Levine Zani Long Side Leopard Top

Ever feel that fashion has too many rules to remember? Then just have fun with it, we say! Like try skipping around in this Alisha Levine Zani Long Side Top ($202) the next time you're feeling a little like letting go (we prefer the one in black)! The flowy top... [More]


Octopus Ring

What is it that's so alluring about octopi? They're kinda ugly (sorry seacreature fanatics), but they're so cool at the same time. And despite 8 legs, they still manage to be graceful, something we'd never be able to claim. It must be the grace and swirly-twirly nature of the cephalopod... [More]


Alfi Modern Classic Carafe

The Alfi Modern Classic Carafe by Ole Palsby for Kaiser gives our hot or cold liquids double wall insulation to maintain their temperature for 16 hours and comes in a lovely shade of cognac that seems so wonderfully 1970s. Its large volume capacity holds up to seven cups of liquid... [More]


Cynthia Steffe Lia Plaid Vest

How funky is this? We aren't quite sure if this is more sweater vest than just plain vest but the slouchy unstructured element to this Cynthia Steffe Lia Plaid Vest ($375) leaves us wanting more! The front snaps add a surprising detail along with the folded sleeves and shnazzy plaid... [More]


Kathy Griffin's Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin

Hysterical comedienne Kathy Griffin is at it again with her latest book entitled Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin ($15). Her latest gab fest features tidbits of her divorce and life-threatening liposuction and other plastic surgeries which help to understand the personal side of the loose-lipped... [More]


Clinique Superbalanced Powder

Y'know how you go to a restaurant and your server offers "fresh cracked pepper" or "fresh grated parmesan"? It's because fresh is better (duh). Now, that same concept is being applied to makeup (go with us on this one). Clinique 'Superbalanced' Powder Makeup ($35) is a little brick of powder... [More]


Christian Louboutin Bridget

We are usually gaga over all things Louboutin, just as most girls are right? Then we stumbled across this interesting pair. The Christian Louboutin Bridget ($1795) seem a little too larger than life to be taken seriously or worn in public (let alone in the daytime) but we will forgive... [More]


Letter Pressed Recipe Box Set

How cute is this Letter Pressed Recipe Cards and Box set ($46)? Do you have a hodge-podge mix of ripped out magazine dinner ideas and half written recipes taking over your kitchen? This little recipe box is going to save you from yourself; it will organize your recipes by entrees,... [More]


Faux Fur Russian Baby Hat

Winter's coming, and why shouldn't your babe be cute, fashionable and warm? We're seeing hats like this Faux Fur Russian Baby Hat ($35) pop up all over the place, from runway models to fashion ads and while the snow's not falling yet, we know that once it does, they'll be... [More]

flowering tea-s.jpg

Primula Flowering Tea Set

The Primula Flowering Tea Set ($25) by Epoca lets us grow a fragrant tea garden as we enjoy a relaxing and unique tea time. It includes a complementary a loose tea variety pack with Oolong, English Breakfast, and Lung Ching tea varieties and six reusable jasmine tea flowers that bloom... [More]


Sophomore Longsleeve Purple Dress

Long sleeve dresses are one of those catch 22 situations where you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. It can be tricky to pull off this look because, let's face it, if it's cold enough to wear long sleeves than how the heck are you not gonna... [More]


Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

Yes, it's true, there is another awesome mascara on the market. It's good to have options, right girls? We're actually pretty excited about Clarins 'Wonder Perfect' Mascara ($23). The product is actually aptly named, because this mascara lengthens, thickens and helps curl your lashes (the mascara trifecta), and its natural... [More]


Organic and Chic

Minty Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Cake with marshmallow frosting are just a few of the deliciously wonderful recipes in Organic and Chic: Cakes, Cookies, and Other Sweets That Taste as Good as They Look ($19). Instead of a regular old cake at your wedding, we're envisioning four different organically made... [More]


Celeb Style: Model Off Duty - Cindy Crawford's Python Handbag

Next up on our Models Off Duty Celeb Style week is the woman that probably made the mole more famous than anyone else that came before her. Cindy Crawford, who became famous in the days when beautiful glamourous models were bigger than waifs (but more on that this week!), reps... [More]


Kiki de Montparnasse Driving Gloves

We'll let someone else put on these gloves for the sole purpose of driving because we would much rather add them to an ensemble as a "tough girl chic" accessory. Whether it be an LBD or a denim vest and red lips, we want to wear these out at night... [More]


Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Card in Pink Innocent

It's Monday, and you woke up 30- okay, 45- minutes late. While on the way to work, you realize... no makeup! No problem. Keep mascara, powder, and the palm-sized Trish McEvoy's Beauty Emergency Card in Pink Innocent ($28) in your purse, and you'll never be face-less again. It includes brightening... [More]


Special Guest Post by Michelle Baldwin of TDM Design

Here is yet another super duper special guest post by our friends at TDM Designs. Michelle Baldwin wants to share with us her latest pick for fashionable yet environmentally conscious items this fall! When buying a new accessory to enhance our wardrobe, we always look to a checklist of requirements:... [More]


Jay-Z The Blueprint 3

Jay-Z's third installment of The Blueprint series has finally hit stores and is already causing quite a stir. His collaborations with some of the hip-hop's biggest stars like Kanye West (okay we might not like him but his music still makes us shake our tail feather) and Rihanna. Jay-Z's natural... [More]

leopard clutch-s.jpg

Tiger Beaded Clutch

Carlo Fellini has convinced us to hand ourselves over to the leopard trend (not that it takes much) with the Tiger Beaded Clutch ($125). Full beading feels so divine especially when it spells out a lovely animal print (grrrr...) that's so hot for Fall. Seriously, this bag takes the cake... [More]


Nine West Favist

Nine West always has the latest trends and these Nine West Favist Pumps ($89) are certainly no exception. We dig the denim dark blue coloring and the platform which help make this shoe not only adorable but easier to walk in than our regular pumps. Believe it or not, the... [More]


Butterflies and Branches Place Cards

These Butterflies and Branches Place Cards ($20) are perfect for a fall wedding or a harvest moon dinner party. (This harvest moon, not this one!) You'll receive two each of three different butterfly designs printed on lux ivory card stock that you can place into their cute little branch holders.... [More]


Smythe Camel Hair Bolero

Boleros used to be one of those trendy items that we wished would just disappear. Those awful cheap sequined boleros of years ago were far from fashionable yet everyone we knew still lusted over them (blech!). We prefer this sophisticated version of the bolero in a lovely tan neutral color... [More]


Ellis the Elephant

Ellis the Elephant ($20) designed by Allen Ave. is a fun take on the plush variety. Sewn-up in vintage patterned prints, he's sure to add a little sumthin' sumthin' to a plain crib set. It's not safe to put stuffed animals in the crib with the baby, so set him... [More]

kabuki bottle opener-s.jpg

Kabuki Bottle Opener

Bonzai! Let's get our drink on with the Kabuki Bottle Opener ($5). These cute theatrical faces are made of heavy duty plastic metal bottle, so they won't break on us in the most desperate of times (drinking time). We can get dramatic and keep ourselves from giving into belligerence with... [More]


David Yurman Diamond & Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Jewelry maven David Yurman has done it again with these Diamond & Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings ($975). The simplicity of Yurman's designs is what keeps his most loyal clients coming back for more as each piece is truly an extension of a larger, widely recognized brand. We love how these... [More]


Be Prepared Handbook

The Be Prepared Handbook ($10) is a handy guide to fatherhood that every guy (and women) should own. It's filled with helpful tips like how to change diapers at a stadium, what's up with breast feeding, and what your newborn is gonna look like. We even saw some tips that... [More]

sputnik lamp-s.jpg

Torino Sputnik Wall Sconce

Murano glass, a mainstay of fine home decor, gives the Torino Sputnik Wall Sconce ($200) an abstract hydrangea bouquet to make a subtle oh-so-elegant statement. Each hand-formed glass petal is mounted on individual arms that reach outward. This stunning fixture adds soft sparkle to a dress up a dim room... [More]


Janetor's DWTS Makeup Must-Haves

Melissa Joan Hart. Donny Osmond. Chuck Liddell. Kelly Osborne. What do these seemingly unrelated famous names have in common? They, along with eleven others, are part of the cast for season 9 of Dancing With the Stars, which starts tonight. Now, we've got two left feet, but we do know... [More]

Kate Somerville Exfolikate

Kate Somerville Exfolikate

Calling all beauty buffs! You may not be able to rub elbows with celebrities, but you can rub your skin with a fabulous exfoliating cleanser that many A-list celebs use! The Kate Somerville Exfolikate ($85) is an intense exfoliating treatment that you can do at home, but will leave you... [More]


I'm Isola Marras Twill Dress

The adorable menswear and retro styling of this parachute dress make us so happy! The cute combination of a bibbed front and a colorful play on collars is what originally made this dress catch our eye. The I'm Isola Marras Twill Dress ($255) comes in navy only...which (luckily) has been... [More]


Current/Elliot Moto Skinny Jeans

Denim enthusiasts Current/Elliot have been covering the bums of celebs the world over, so we were a little curious as to what the fuss was all about. Their ridiculously popular boyfriend jean created quite the stir months ago and now they're taking over the shops with this dyed number. The... [More]



Time to update your at-home workout routine. We find that adding in new workout equipment (and clothes!) or at least new exercises tends to keep us motivated, and right now our interest has been piqued by the Valslide ($30). Created by celeb trainer Valerie Waters (yes, the product name is... [More]


Celeb Style: Model Off Duty - Gisele's Leopard Flats

For this week's Celeb Style, we thought we would mix it up a bit and feature those envy-inducing models in their own candid, street style element. Unfortunately, they do really look that good without makeup and stylists, but that aside, they also always look adorably put together too! First up,... [More]


Lily of the Valley's Spring 2010 NYC Fashion Week Roundup

This season's fashion shows in New York City were clouded with unfortunate weather but that didn't stop the designers from showing their flashy pieces in the famous Bryant Park tents. Though we've seen numerous trends, some seem more fleeting than others, so we want all you OB-ers to be... [More]


Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler

This might just be more fun than the George Forman grill, folks. The Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler ($108) is a fantastic four-in-one appliance that saves cabinet space and does more jobs than we've been able to count. Removeable plates allow it to function as a Panini press, open grill, griddle, or... [More]


Philosophy Trick-or-Treat Set

The latest limited-edition Philosophy scent duo, Trick-or-Treat, ($20) contains two 8 ounce bottles of Pumpkin Spice Muffin and Caramel Apple, both of which evoke crisp fall mornings and autumnal goodies with the added benefits of some serious moisturizers. Instead of blowing upwards of (eep!) 470 calories on a venti Pumpkin... [More]


Surf Shelf

Okay, this is incredibly cool, and another one to add to the "Why didn't we think of this?" files. The Surf Shelf ($40) allows you to safely attach any laptop or portable DVD player to your treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical. No more lugging your TV into the garage, or... [More]


Sticky Lamp

Outlook need brightening? Or, perhaps, just your bedside? Sticky Lamp ($47) to the rescue! This self-adhesive lamp attaches to any surface you like - just add the lightbulb of your choice. Buy several and make a fun pattern on the wall as a form of useful art, or just illuminate... [More]


Charles Darwin Evolution of the Fittest T-Shirt

In honor of the new Charles Darwin biopic Creation, starring the always-handsome Paul Bettany and deemed "too controversial" for American audiences, we'd like to wear this Evolution: Survival of the Fittest tee shirt ($18) every day until it finally comes out on NetFlix. But that might get a little smelly,... [More]


Clinique Lash Power Mascara

Search online at YouTube or any cosmetics store's site for Clinique Lash Power Mascara, ($14) and you'll find lots of reviews from very, very satisfied women. Why? The long-wearing formula combined with the unique seed-shaped brush enables you to get even the tiniest lashes easily and the volume and color... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Scoop Neck Pleated Dress

Rebecca Minkoff, long known for her sweet handbags, has recently decided to expand her eponymous brand into women's wear. Thank you, Rebecca! Her wearable, easy pieces are just what any girl could want - it's dresses like this Rebecca Minkoff Scoop Neck Pleated Dress ($450) that make us light up... [More]

fruit bowl-s.jpg

Collapsible Apple-Shaped Basket/Trivet

The Collapsible Apple-Shaped Basket/Trivet might be the coolest "thanks-for-the-hospitality" gift we've ever seen. It saves space and time by giving kitchenware forms multiple functions. Watch in awe as it goes from bearing the burden of hot pans to dramatically displaying fruit as a free-standing, air-circulating spiral-cut basket. This adorable apple... [More]


Christian Louboutin Studded Zipper Ballet Flats

Who doesn't love to mix a little high-end designer flavor with a little punk rock twist? The always daring Christian Louboutin has spruced up his usual ballet flats with studs and zippers to scare those prissy ballerinas right out of their tutus. These Christian Louboutin Studded Zipper Ballet Flats ($680)... [More]


Barneys New York Embossed Leather Cigar Set

Need to get a man in your life a gift and are not sure where to even start? This gift is great for brothers, bosses, fathers, or even boyfriends who enjoy a celebratory cigar every now and again. This Barneys New York Embossed Leather Cigar Set ($85) features a tortoiseshell... [More]


Ahava Pure Spa Dead Sea Liquid Salt

Thank goodness we don't have to go all the way to the Dead Sea for this miracle worker. The Ahava Pure Spa Dead Sea Liquid Salt ($18) is a concentrated formula of the Dead Sea minerals that will improve your skin's condition instantly by detoxifying and exfoliating dry skin. The... [More]


ModKat Litter Box

We can't stop pampering our pets, but we also can't afford to pay for a ritzy pet hotel room with powder room assistants; so the ModKat Litter Box ($180) will have to suffice. In myriad colors and ultra modern design, this ironic item will work with our décor. And the... [More]

stitch stool-s.jpg

Adam Goodrum Stitch Stool

Adam Goodrum's Stitch Stool ($Inquire) takes the concept of a folding chair to new heights. This patchwork design has nothing to do with lawn chairs or beach loungers - Its distinctive pieces make it "a tangible design solution in its form and technique." To us, it's just a curious contraption... [More]

own pillow blast-s.jpg

Design Your Own Inmod Pillow

We're all excited about an arts and crafts project that takes no sewing machine talent (we're all thumbs, we're afraid). In four easy steps we can Design Our Own Pillow ($40-50) with the help of Inmod Pillow Design Studio. Simply select a theme pattern (Blast and Marilyn pictured), choose the... [More]


Haute Hippie Tutu Mini Dress

There seems to be one thing for certain during this season's Spring 2010 Fashion Week runway shows and it's the strong silhouette. Dresses with tight upper halves and really voluminous bottom halves are everywhere right now. We prefer the look over a pencil skirt bottom for gals on the pear-shaped... [More]


Wallter Fish Wall Applications

We're sick to death of wall decals so here's something new, ladies. Wallter Fish Wall Applications ($88) are especially designed for modern kids aiming to make their room the coolest hang-out in town (We like them for our space too, but don't tell anyone...). The strong hold binds to the... [More]

Shu Uemura-eyelashes-small.jpg

Lashes in Nature by Shu Uemura

Remember those effing awesome rainbow eyelashes we were in love with a little while ago? With the accessory for fall being fake eyelashes, we decided to call another pair out. And they're not just any fake eyelashes, but the Shu Uemura Lashes in Nature in fleur-ever ($79), which reflect theHarajuku... [More]

pretty file totes-s.jpg

Pretty Files Totes

Welcome in the Fall work season with these Pretty Files Totes ($20). Because we like to keep our daunting papers in lovely organized packages, these hit just the right note. Eight interior dividers, sixteen labels, and an elastic closure will hold our worst nightmares on paper; we can haul them... [More]


Celeb Style: Kate Beckinsale's Workout Tee

Kate Beckinsale's new movie Whiteout is coming out and while we aren't running to the theaters to see her get trapped in scary Antarctica, we are rushing to see what she wears on her days off from being an A-list actress. Here she's spotted (presumably) post-workout in tight spandex pants... [More]


Sales & Steals: 9/18/09

We've got a bit of a grab bag for you this week - everything from lamps to diamonds to Prada. Have fun... and, of course, a fabulous weekend from the OB staff! Design Within Reach - Through 09/29/2009, all lighting is discounted 15%, plus you'll get free shipping. Famous Footwear... [More]

sans souchi-s.jpg

Special Guest Post by Kelly Rinehart: Sans Souci Copper Necklace

Loyal readers stand at attention - we've got a new Guest Blogger on board! Please welcome Kelly Rinehart, principal designer for the adorable stationery company, Purple Lemon Designs. If you want more, her blog, Within Purple Lemon Designs, is a collection of everything design-related and also a peek into the... [More]


Doubtblush: Landscape Curtains

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Now, we understand that pretty... [More]


Nanette Lepore "Party Girl" Studded Knit Coat

The craftsmanship on this Nanette Lepore "Party Girl" Studded Knit Coat ($548) is, in the wise words of super stylist Rachel Zoe, B-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-S! We want to work this number in the winter so badly it hurts! The Victorian style is so dainty and feminine and will keep us so toasty... [More]


Konzuk Embellished Braclet

Love it. Bold and elegant, durable enough for everyday wear, yet still a standout piece, this Konzuk Embellished Bracelet ($310) is on the top of our wish list and we're pretty certain it'll end up as a gift for one of our fabulous girlfriends. We love the simplicity the silver... [More]

fashion illustration-s.jpg

100 Years of Fashion Illustration

100 Years of Fashion Illustration ($26) is a historical feast for the eyes featuring 400 dazzling images of the last century of fashion art and advertising. Spotlighting the best illustrators interpreting the finest fashion of the ages, we'll be peeing ourselves flipping through this page-turner. Author Cally Blackman knows what... [More]


Peacock Market Sling

Here's one for our hippie-chic mamas: the Peacock Market Sling ($129) will have your little one snug and cozy against you, and you'll have your hands free and your sanity since there aren't any complicated buckles, fasteners or crazy boy scout knots involved. The embroidery is sweet and unique and... [More]


The Uniform Project

Inspired by the memory of breaking the dress code conformity of Catholic school as a child with whatever accessories she could get her hands on and a desire to give back where she knew there was a need, Sheena Matheiken started The Uniform Project. Everyday, for an entire year she... [More]


Michael Kors Very Hollywood Solid Perfume Ring

Remember that sweet, juvenile lip gloss ring we showed you yesterday? Well here's its sassy sophisticated older sister: The Michael Kors Very Hollywood Solid Perfume Cocktail Ring ($40). True to the Hollywood attitude, this ring has plenty of presence and adds definite bling to your ensemble. You're sure to always... [More]


Robert Rodriguez Silk Belted Bow Dress

Elegant cocktail dresses are kind of like shoes, you can never EVER have enough! We like to collect them in in all sorts of colors, lengths, levels of formality etc. Call us crazy, but when you invite us to the party we are surely the best dressed of the ball.... [More]

Juicy Izzy Platform Boots

Juicy Izzy Platform Boots

Platforms have made a comeback, and boy oh boy do we adore the Juicy Izzy Platform Boots ($395), which are seriously stunningly beautiful. These posh boots are available in a fabulous, ultra versatile color for this season: taupe. You can wear them with bright, bold colors or understated neutrals. Plus,... [More]


Kymera Magic Wand

We are not making this up. This is a wand (yes, like magical, hocus-pocus, abracadabra wand) that serves as a universal remote. We know, our minds are boggled too. The Kymera Magic Wand ($81) is motion sensitive and depending on the different swirls, twirls and flicks of your wrist, it... [More]


Bling Strands

What's cheaper than a hair extension, shiny, and will make you feel like a princess from outer space? If you guessed Bling Strands then you get a gold star. Bling Strands ($13) are thin, brightly colored, sparkly strips that are tied into the hair and can last up to three... [More]


Bend the Rules with Fabric

For some reason, fall and winter always seem like craftier seasons for us - maybe because the weather doesn't beckon us outside, or because we have a fantasy that this year, we'll hand make ALL of our Christmas presents! Really, we will! Bend the Rules with Fabric ($15) has our... [More]


PeterThomasRoth Acne Gel

We're adults, we have big girl jobs and decent credit - why then, we wonder furiously, does acne still get all up in our business? There should be some kind of cosmic law or genetic trigger that slams the door in acne's face when we turn 21. While we wait... [More]


Celeb Style: Rumer Willis' Everyday Bag

Rumer Willis' new movie Sorority Row features a bunch of bitchy girls at each other's throats, and while we can always relate to that, we'd much rather relate to Rumer from a fashion standpoint. She was recently seen strolling the streets of Los Angeles with her famous parents and stepparents,... [More]


foofbag Macbook Sleeve

We love foof. And with a name like that, how can you not? If you don't know what foof is, foof is the name of an Australian company that makes some of the most unique, funky, and fun Macbook and iPod sleeves around. And handmade to boot! foof uses a... [More]

ivy makeup bag-s.jpg

Bindi Makeup Bag

A Touch of Ivy presents their Travel With Style Collection featuring the Bindi Makeup Bag ($24), and we're loving this cute and functional piece. We would be grinning like a goofball toting this little bag around. Bright multicolored paisley keeps things exciting, and the zippered silk case is lined with... [More]

design history dresslittle.jpg

Cowl Neck Dress

This Merino Wool Cowl Neck dress by Design History ($95) is a great new piece for fall. The merino wool is a soft, mid-weight knit that wears well and feels lovely. The cowlneck and tie-back give the dress shape and depth, but the basic style is incredibly versatile. Tights and... [More]

the national gem collection-s.jpg

The National Gem Collection

The problem with coffee table books is topical subjects go out of fashion as fast as passing seasons. Allow us to suggest a timeless solution: The Smithsonian Museum's The National Gem Collection ($30), because priceless jewels never go out of style. Dr. Jeffery E. Post, curator of the National Gem... [More]


SweetSpot On-The-Go Wipettes

Hey, you. Yes, you, over there, with the computer. Yer hoo-ha needs cleaning. Or at least, we assume it does. We can't smell you from here, nor do we want to. SweetSpot Labs On-the-Go Wipettes are designed to help you stay fresh as a daisy down there. Traditional soaps and... [More]


Haute Hippie Scarf Sweater

Yum. Comfy, cozy, fringe-y, cabled, oversized, big pockets, soft. This Haute Hippie Scarf Sweater ($396) is just the thing for a lazy weekend brunch with friends, or on days when you're a little *ahem* bloated from nature's gift curse and you still want to look presentable. The café mocha hue... [More]


Stript Crushed Mineral Foundation

Vegan foundation? You may be skeptical - we heard that phrase and immediately wondered how they made beauty products from tofu - but Stript Crushed Mineral Foundation ($36) is amazing. 100% paraben free and produced with sustainable resources, it uses marine botanicals rich in energizing minerals, amino acids, and vitamins... [More]


Librarian Bookended Print

We were entranced and amused when we discovered the Etsy Shoppe of Los Angeles-based artist Miss Brigette. Delightfully whimsical, each work is imbued with character and verve. Our favorite piece is this print of her painting "Librarian Bookended," ($25) since we a)heart books, b)love librarians, c)adore tea, and d)go gaga... [More]


Pama Pomegranate Liqueur

First there came the Cosmopolitan: equal parts vodka, Triple Sec, and cranberry juice, with a twist of lime. Then the pomegranate craze elevated it to a whole new level, especially since you could claim you were doing something good for yourself by adding antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice to your adult beverage.... [More]


Special Guest Post by Hanger Envy: Twisted Tassel Necklace

Heads up, fashionistas! Today we've got some new insight into what's en vogue at the moment from our friend Samantha, who's keeping her eye on the runway and her head in reality and providing great advice for everyone. If you're looking for more ideas and tips on how to get... [More]


Jaqua Lip Gloss Ring

We're young at heart. Sometimes really young, and that's why this Lip Gloss Ring ($8) totally appeals to us. Sure, it's not haute couture, but it's super fun! Plus, some days we feel like we're losing years of our life digging around in our purses trying to find one of... [More]


Stadium-Cloth Winnie Jacket

J.Crew always debuts fab coats every fall, and this year they are not disappointing with their Stadium-Cloth Winnie Jacket in Butternut ($245). Fitted in the shoulders, this coat swings out a bit in the torso, with a hint of an A-line that looks wonderful with pants and skirts. If the... [More]


Gry Fager Kitchenware

As her final project at The Danish Design School (where gals and gents apparently have bitchin' street style), Gry Fager made her final project, Kitchenware ($Inquire), one to remember. In these pieces, she tried to combine practicality and style by basing her porcelainwares on kitchen textiles, so familiar patterns on... [More]


Davies Gate Buffing Soap

We love some good pampering, but we've been trying for the past two weeks to find the time to bliss out in the tub and scrub our tootsies for that much needed home pedicure. It's time for a new plan of attack, and now we're keeping Davies Gate Seeds and... [More]


Mr. + Mrs. Muse Salt and Pepper Shakers

Cute! (And a little weird, but mostly cute.) Wouldn't these Mr. + Mrs. Muse Salt and Pepper Shakers ($48) be a good gift for newlyweds, or perhaps a fun anniversary present? Extra bonus if the guy has a moustache. (You know how we love our moustaches around here!)... [More]


Radka Design Crochet Earrings

We all appreciate some fine jewelry, but you crafty ladies out there will get a special kick out of these Crochet Earrings ($48) by Radka Designs. As the name implies, these earrings are indeed hand-crocheted with gold fill wire. Those of you who know the skill, put down that afghan... [More]


Lippmann Collection Celebrate 10th Anniversary Set

If you're afraid of the blinding metallics showing up on everything this fall, a great way to make it wearable for everyday is to show it off on your manicure. The Lippmann Collection's Celebrate 10th Anniversary Set ($35) has three eye-catchingly sparkly favorite shades: Superstar, a dark copper with chocolate... [More]


Florence Credenza

While there is, of course, something to be said about simple basic furniture as a base for other accent pieces, we love it when our furniture is an accent piece. The Florence Credenza ($2600) is available in a variety of finishes, but the best part is the fabric paneling on... [More]


Tengu - USB-powered lip-syncing character

Have you ever wanted a friend to lip-sync songs with? Someone who won't laugh at you if you miss a word or lyric and who'll make you smile? Someone who will listen but never speak? Your wishes are answered because now there's Tengu ($35), the lip-syncing character, and possibly your... [More]

depeche dress-ss.jpg

Violator Red Rose Dress

We'll make an exception in our Jackie O style for this rocker chic Violator Red Rose Dress ($235) by New York based Fashion Rocks. This goth graphic draws directly from Depeche Mode's re-released album Violator. Whether out to dinner or out to club, this dark dress looks good.... [More]

Simone Camille Handbag

Simone Camille Handbag

Ok, so Nicole Richie not only has a cute husband, two gorgeous children, a celeb Dad and....vintage looking handmade handbags designed just for her! Hmmm...how much would you love a handmade handbag created just for precious lil' you? We know we certainly would, which is how we stumbled upon this... [More]


Guerlain Le 2 Mascara

As women, we're all looking for the best mascara. One that magically makes our lashes fuller, longer, separated, not clumpy and enhances our eyes. Some of us have found the one that we'll stick with forever because it works. Well, whether you want to explore newer mascara possibilities or you... [More]


Flaming Tantrum of Death

Think of all the craziest shit that's ever happened to you. Whatever hairbrained scheme or out of control night you can come up with, author Laurie Notaro has got you beat. Luckily for us, she's been grateful enough to record her tribulations and triumphs in a series of painfully funny,... [More]


Cheat Chips Suede Ballerinas

Dear Cheat Chips Suede Ballerinas ($715), We saw you today and cannot live without you. You're luxuriously soft black suede skin has us swooning, your rhinestone jewels are like stars in the heavens and your gold braiding has our heart tied in knots. Speaking of hearts, we see that you... [More]

milk moustache-s.jpg

Yunju Lee Milk Mustache

We've been going a little crazy with this mustache trend, but the Milk Mustache ($80) by experimental jewelry designer Yunju Lee is the first actually wearable mustache, and by far the most ironic. With her avant-garde designs, Lee tries to make stains immortal as objets d'art, and this disconcerting idea... [More]

show doorstop-s.jpg

Foot in the Door Doorstop

Show an unwieldy door that you mean business with the Foot in the Door Doorstop ($10). Shove a hot red or black (we'd go with the red) playful rubber pump under the crack of the door and it'll stay open in style. These pumps have a cute but commanding presence.... [More]


Diesel Jersey Ienex Dress

This strapless little number is too cute for words. We want to wear this out to a daytime event or cocktail hour with a big wide-brimmed hat and pumps. The polka-dot print keeps this almost-formal dress from being too serious which is a great quality in a day dress. The... [More]


Kawaii Bento Boxes Book

The N.Y. Times had an article on Bento Boxes last week and got us all hyped around here about food that looks like animals. Think about it, if you're already brown bagging it, (more $$ for shoes!), then why not make it fun to eat? We did a little digging... [More]


Viliv S5 Ultra-Mobile PC

Whether we like it or not, we pretty much need 24/7 access to the internet. Well, unless we decide to live off the grid. (Yeah, right.) But let's face it, being tethered 24/7 to the computer isn't exactly the fast track to a healthy lifestyle. Netbooks? Phht. Passė. Smartphones? Precious,... [More]


Kaylee Tankus Dolman Sleeve Jacket

This Kaylee Tankus Dolman Sleeve Jacket ($298) is such an adorable alternative to a heavy coat that we can't wait until the weather gets cool enough to wear it! The neutral grey color matched with the flattering waist belt gives us the nipped and tucked shape that we just love.... [More]


Chi Farouk Dryer

Ceramic versus porcelain heat, ionic output regulator, exponential temperature control - you almost need a dual degree in geology and biophysics just to pick out a good hair dryer. You could spend a walloping 300 samolians on the most elite machine out there. But seriously girls - unless that sucker... [More]


Celeb Style: Sarah Michelle Gellar's Pregnancy Chic

After managing to stay out of the public eye for all these years, Buffy sweetie Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant with her first child with Freddie Prinze Jr. When news broke that she was carrying a bun in the oven, the paps went nuts and gave us a ton of... [More]

skiwsh classic-s.jpg

Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic

Manhattan Toy makes researched, award-winning toys specially designed to encourage healthy early brain development. The Skwish Classic ($13) offers kinetic intrigue in colorful shapes on intertwined dowels. This toy promises to appeal to babies' visual and tactile senses to promote curiosity that will aid in future learning, so our smart... [More]


A Gift Wrapped Life: Boxed Gift Sets

Want to make a girlfriend or your mom feel insanely pampered & special, without breaking the bank? A Gift Wrapped Life's Boxed Gift Sets ($39-$129) are beautifully packaged, coordinated sets sure to delight. There are different themed boxes to suit anyone's tastes, each wrapped in luxurious fabrics and wribbons. Some... [More]


Frankie Creeper Hi-Top Boot

Alexander Wang has redefined the punk staple Creeper Shoe with his Frankie Creeper Hi-Top Boot ($480). Totally updated in kidskin, this is not the old chunky style of 80s lore. Sporting a bit of a thinner sole, antique hardware, fringe detail and pointy toes, these boots are going to look... [More]


Apple Cider Tea

Cool weather is on its way and there's nothing better than a steaming cup of deliciousness on a chilly fall evening. Skip the calories of hot cocoa and the caffeine of coffee and grab yourself a stash of Republic of Tea's Apple Cider Tea ($10). We're not talking nuked apple... [More]


August Ridge Waist Wrap Dress

Soft, swirly, and flattering, this August Ridge Waist Wrap Dress ($88) will add a bit of ballerina style to your everyday looks. Wear it to the office with a camisole underneath and some cute opaque tights, or punk it up on a night out with the girls in sky-high ankle... [More]


Bliss Poetic Cosmetic Waxing Kit

While we love the smooth, long-lasting results of a professional waxing job, every time we go, we always end up with a surly aesthetician who thinks "gentle" isn't really a word, it's just something wimpy customers made up. And, really, showing our lady parts to someone who is a) not... [More]


How To Take Over Teh Wurld: A LOLcat Guide 2 Winning

Liek, srsly, fellow hoomins, wen Professor Happycat asked us 2 revu the new I Can Has Cheezburger book, How to Take Over Teh Wurld: A LOLcat Guide 2 Winning, ($9) we wur like, "OMG yeah catz is tewtally awesum!" And dey is. For all u catz out dere, it haz... [More]


Keep Calm & Carry On Earrings

Like mixed messages? Wear the Bloody Hell, We're Buggered Now t-shirt with these delicate Keep Calm and Carry On earrings ($100) by Sophia & Chloe. Based on the original WWII British government propaganda poster, these cinquefoil-shaped hammered silver dangles are embossed with H.R.H's crown on the front and "keep calm"... [More]


Supersmile Whitening Flouride Toothpaste

Ah, Diet Coke, coffee, and red wine. Saviors of the working woman (at appropriate times of day, of course). Not so great for a nice white smile. Combat the dulling effects of your daily indulgences with Supersmile Whitening Flouride Toothpaste. ($21) It combines Calprox and baking soda to remove stubborn... [More]


Clara French Elle Cake Stand

Handmade by ceramic artist Clara French, this perfectly lovely Elle Cake Stand ($160-398 based on size) would be equally at home housing a collection of antique perfume bottles on your vanity, or a sweetly decorated cake at a party or wedding. Available in alpine rose, lemon yellow, silk blue, or... [More]


A Fall Gift of Beauty Savings at Rite Aid

*Sponsored Post We've said it a million times in the past weeks: Summer's over, Autumn's coming. ...So you're probably aware of the seasonal changes. But what you may not be aware of is what the cold weather can do to your skin. Or what you should do to keep your... [More]


Special Guest Post by dkirkward: Under Armour Two-in-One Short

So ladies, we think it's time for a male perspective. Certainly, we're expert shoppers, but even us pros can get stumped when shopping for the men in our lives. We went to one of our favorite tweeters, dkirkward, for some help. You can check out his blog, Discoveries of the... [More]


Urban Outfitters Leopard Burnout Curtain

Sheer curtains are good at diffusing light, providing privacy, and giving a sexy silhouette show to your neighbors. Sheer curtains are also kinda boring (except for that silhouette thing). Not so with these Leopard Burnout Curtains ($34); they give you the functionality of a sheer in a totally versatile color... [More]


By Boe Double Drop Leaf Lariat

We're not always the most dainty, graceful, elegant ladies and we've got the bruises on our shins (and elbows, and hips, and pretty much everywhere) to prove it. That's why we l-o-v-e the beautiful pieces at By Boe. Everything is light, delicate and so elegant, yet not so teeny-tiny to... [More]


Tsumori Chisato Zig Zag Beam Wallet

Scrawling zig-zags are in, and the Zig Zag Beam Wallet ($32) by Tsumori Chisato for Honey in the Rough is a vivacious piece that has lightning bolt energy. Maybe this wallet will jolt our money into stretching its fund power a little further. At least the ring embellishment makes us... [More]


Ochre Yellow Glass Full Skirt

So perfect for Autumn! This Ochre Yellow Glass Full Skirt ($78) is going to look fantastic with just about everything in your wardrobe. You might think that yellow is a difficult color, but it's surprisingly forgiving and looks great on just about everyone. Pair it with navy sweaters, black tops,... [More]


Physicians Formula Felt-Tip Eye Marker

Eyeliner: we love the effect, we hate the steady hand that's required for an even line. Constantly searching for new (easier) ways to apply the defining product, we've found Physicians Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker ($7), which is as easy to use as the markers we used to doodle... [More]


Suede Boot with Studded Trim

Studs and anything biker related are everywhere right now. The edgy look is somewhat reminiscent of Rihanna's good girl gone bad image, but we prefer a less literal translation. These Suede Boot with Studded Trim ($21) do just the job in bringing some seriously functional flat boots with the perfect... [More]

free people bandeau bra-s.jpg

Lace Bandeau Bra

We'd feel so dainty in the Lace Bandeau Bra ($32) by Free People that we might have to don a tea hat. Fall demands more lace, and this piece is incognito adorable until we break it out while lounging around home with our honey. Or we could go bold and... [More]


Woodland Boots

Adorable. Why must they make children's shoes that grown-ups want to wear? Your little one is going to look smashing in these Woodland Boots ($47) designed by Livie & Luca. Super soft brown leather, velcro closures, and flexible soles make these as comfortable to wear as they are stylish.... [More]

fern headband-s.jpg

Grecian Fern Headband

Traverse the lovely halls of the Mylavaliere Etsy shop and find sunken treasure strung and soldered together in dainty, one-of-a-kind arrangements. While perusing the trinkets, we found something to rebel against the huge accessory trend: the Grecian Fern Headband ($18). This delicate vintage piece is silver plated brass, but not... [More]


Bare Minerals Heal and Conceal

Zits still happen to the best of us, and since we try to treat our skin with TLC, the non-chemical, non-synthetic formula that Bare Escentuals uses is our go-to for banishing blemishes. Bare Minerals Heal and Conceal ($25) is the perfect kit with a powder treatment to zap zits and... [More]


Orage Barbara Insulated Jacket

Look snowgirl chic in this Orage Barbara Insulated Jacket ($250) and ward away the frosty weather! Keep your arms and core as warm as ever while you're skiing, snowboarding, or just enjoying your time out on the mountain doing what you do best: supervising! We prefer to stay indoors with... [More]


GoDelight Snack Pack

These GoPicnic Snack Packs are such a great idea! Take the GoDelight Pack ($5) for instance. This little package of yumminess has French strawberry jam, organic crackers, sun butter spread, apricots, pomegranate raspberry cashew crunch and an organic dark chocolate sandwich cookie. All for five dollars? In one package that... [More]


Celeb Style: Carrie Bradshaw's Sneak Peak Look

The Sex and the City sequel is being filmed on location in New York City and every so often we get a sneak peak at the ridiculously stylish ensembles that the four girls are wearing. Sarah Jessica Parker, aka our beloved Carrie Bradshaw, is seen wearing a cool monochromatic look... [More]


Aqua Cashmere Hooded Cardigan with Kilt Pin

This Aqua Cashmere Hooded Cardigan with Kilt Pin ($178) has comfort written all over it. We cannot seem to get enough of this throw-on-and-go item. We love the kilt pin idea to close up the cardigan to create a cool layered scarf look for when we want another way to... [More]


Po Campo Rack Bag

The Rack Bag ($158) from Po Campo is not only stylish, it's super functional and durable as well. Store your magazines, wallet and a makeup bag while you're tooling around town or commuting to work. It comes in some amazing textiles and you can easily convert it to a purse... [More]

slater necklace-s.jpg

Slater Mixed Necklace

Leave it to Charm and Chain to put Mr. T's chains to shame. We're talking about the Slater Mixed Necklace ($200) by Fallon, the twisted chain statement piece we've been waiting for. A smorgasbord of stuff swirls in chunky chains, and it looks more badass than Tina Turner in Mad... [More]


Sephora Vanity Brush Set

Stop misplacing/losing/mangling your makeup brushes when you throw them in that one catch-all drawer in your bathroom. These brushes do wonderful things for us, ladies, we've got to treat them right! This great Vanity Brush Set ($48) keeps your tools organized and ready at a moment's notice. The lid protects... [More]


Loeffler Randall Elodie Leather Tote

This is the bag of all bags, the Elodie tote ($425). It's a carry-all, do-all, can-do bag from the great shoemaker, Loeffler Randall. Made of soft, pliable leather with enough room to fit all the other necessary goodies for the day, it's the ultimate bag with a hint of luxury... [More]

lodge candleholder-s.jpg

Winter Lodge Iron Hurricane Candleholder

Makers of distinctive candles and giftware, Biedermann & Sons have created a lovely rustic piece with the Winter Lodge Iron Hurricane Candleholder ($25). Not sure where the hurricane is, but those trees look strong and unaffected by weather disasters. This piece is sure to add a forested character to any... [More]


Fustini's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nom-Nom-Nom, thanks to O.B. reader Lauren, we can barely write this without drooling. Fustini's Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($16) is so yummy. Each one is flavored with unique scents and infusions and then...they suggest a Balsamic Pairing to go with your oil. Yes, a pairing, like wine! Oh swoon. A... [More]


Geox Hermosa Suede Pump

We've been waiting for fashion to meet function in the footwear world, meaning comfort in this case, and it's finally here. We've found a superb pump that encompasses style, chicness, comfort, and guess what ladies....it's waterproof! The Hermosa suede pump ($160) is a gorgeous, great with everything, even works for... [More]


Old Navy Belted Trench Coat

Who wouldn't want a closet staple for way under $100? A trench coat is a must have for this time of year and whether you want to go with a classic khaki color or a more sophisticated black this Old Navy Belted Trench Coat ($50) is your answer. For just... [More]


Bombolulu Salad Server & Apron Set

Sure, this Bombolulu Salad Server and Apron Set ($38) is beautiful. The salad servers are made from sustainably harvested wood, sealed with natural oils, and topped with small hand-carved gorillas. The apron is screened with a delightful tribal animal print. But the best part? As a part of the Amber... [More]


Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes

Eyeliner is great! Defines, makes lashes look thicker, adds color. That is, until it runs or smudges, and you look like this. Attractive on wild animals, but not so much when you've got a meeting at work. Solution? Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes. ($17) Twenty four shades of pure... [More]


Yixing Crescent Moon Tea Set

Looking at this Zen Yixing Crescent Moon Tea Set, ($84) you might feel the urge to start going back to yoga class so you can meditate again. And that's okay! The swooping crescent moon-shaped purple clay ceramic pot and two cups is the perfect accompaniment to a post-yoga green tea... [More]


The Unbelievabra and Tankee + 10% off coupon

Okay, so you've been cardio dancing up a storm and eschewing salads in favor of salmon with brown rice & zucchini, but every time you put on that sexy-as-all-hell tight dress, there are somehow more lumps and bumps underneath it than God ever intended. Urgh. Enter your new bestest friend,... [More]


Alterna TEN Hair Masque

We've always admired Jennifer Aniston's long, super shiny locks and Scarlett Johansson's bouncy, healthy hair, so when we found out they're both fans of the Alterna TEN Hair Masque ($55) and full line of hair products, you'd better believe we clicked "Purchase Now" as if our lives depended on it.... [More]


What's Next? Outblush Comments!

Hey there, faithful OB-ers! You may have noticed that we recently enabled comments on all of our posts. The usual rules will apply: feel free to be your snarky, witty, fabulous selves, but don't be mean. Be sure to keep an eye out for the handles of our crackerjack team... [More]


Do It Yourself Jerk Style

The west Coast has a funny new trend that we've noticed has spread to NY and is now hitting the mid-country states. Have you heard of "Jerks" yet? This trend is all about dancing and fun music mixed with old school hip-hop and eighties flash fashion. We're loving it because... [More]


Samsung DualView TL220 Digital Camera

Finally... a camera for the social networking narcissist. (Oh, wait, we're talking about ourselves again, aren't we? On second thought, let's not overthink this.) The Samsung DualView TL220 Compact Digital Camera ($289) has a feature that frankly we're surprised has taken this long to appear on the market. That's right,... [More]


Patrick Swayze: The Time of My Life

We were sitting at home surfing the web last night when we found out that our first girlhood crush, Patrick Swayze, passed away last night after a battle with pancreatic cancer. From Dirty Dancing to that Chippendales SNL skit with Chris Farley, everything Swayze did was touched with his signature... [More]


VPL Summer Breaker Tank Blue

Sometimes a casual yet defined tank is all an outfit needs. The days of jeans and plain tees are often overlooked, but we find that when done well, a simpler look can speak volumes. This VPL Summer Breaker Tank Blue ($195) can be extremely casual yet put together when paired... [More]


Who What Wear: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life

One of our favorite fashion blogs has finally created a book fully dedicated to street style, trends, and celebrities that are obsessed with all things fashion. Who What Wear: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life ($19) features some of the world's most famous stylists and actresses and they all... [More]

pearl light-s.jpg

Rosalie de Kruyf Parelsnoer Motion Light

Designer Rosalie de Kruyf goes avant-garde in the lighting department with new project collection, jewelXLery. Her playful pearl-like strand, the Parelsnoer ($Inquire) is a light fixture that doubles as a trendy oversized accessory. A lamp is fixed to the end of the string, which we can windup or loop around... [More]

balance pod-s.jpg

Aeromat Balance Pod

For fitness fine tuning, try the Aeromat Balance Pod ($15). A targeting tool for balance training and motor skill development, these are great for keeping you on your feet by strengthening minor muscles that are often neglected. Arrange the pods on the flat side down for moderate balance training or... [More]


Double Barrel Six Shooter Pendant

We found the theme for this Double Barrel Six Shooter Pendant ($450) a bit odd, or dare we say morbid? Apparently, it's part of a "Don't play with your life" series that is focused on objects that have a positive or negative effect on us. The barrels of each gun... [More]


P'kolino Toddler Bed and Chair

Every tiny tot deserves a throne, but they also need regular naps (or mommy needs regular martinis, but the naps are the "healthier" way to go). P'kolino has developed this brilliant Toddler Bed and Chair ($189) so you can save space and quickly have a bed for your little one... [More]


Peacock Feather Headband

There really isn't enough peacock ornamentation in the world these days. This Peacock Feather Headband ($10) is just the thing - big enough to be noticed, but not too much (this is too much). Be wary of overdoing it - you're wearing the headband, it looks fab and a little... [More]

this economy sucks coin purse-s.jpg

This Economy Sucks Coin Purse

We're stating the obvious with the bold This Economy Sucks Coin Purse ($4), but what else can we do? Yes, we're collecting all of our change and quite literally counting our pennies because we aspire for bigger and better things one day. For the price, we can't get a cooler... [More]


The Stephen Sprouse Book

Stephen Sprouse has been a longtime artist that has always been a fan of bright neon colors. His designs are a little more well known with his recent collaboration with Marc Jacobs, the designer for Louis Vuitton, with his painted on Vuitton bags. In The Stephen Sprouse Book ($41), Sprouse's... [More]


YSL Gloss Volupte

Here at Outblush, we believe that everyone could use a little more luxury in their lives. Whether or not we can afford it, that's another story. Here's a little luxury we're willing to splurge on. Yves Saint Laurent recently released a stunning new makeup item that's making us feel like... [More]


Chloe 2119 Sunglasses

When Pheobe Philo was designing for Chloe she was creating some of the most luxurious easy-to-wear pieces out there. Nowadays another designer has taken over the fashion house, but we like to reminisce about Pheobe's glory days by grabbing these fantastically retro Chloe 2119 Sunglasses ($239). They make aviators look... [More]


Nick and Mo Nessa Top

Some mornings, we're a little lazy. We hit the snooze more than a few times and we opt for a ponytail instead of styling our hair. On mornings like that, it's items in our wardrobe like this Nick and Mo Nessa Top ($55) that really save us. This piece is... [More]


Casio Exilim C721 Silver Mobile Phone

With all the choices out there in the mobile device world, it's sometimes difficult to find the perfect phone. Everyone's needs are different, but if you are looking for that amazing, 'can-do everything with a great price' phone, we've found it. Now, the iPhone is pretty darn kickin' but dare... [More]

dish towel-s.jpg

Blue Q Artist Dish Towels

With Blue Q's Dish Towels by Celebrated Artists (all $10) (Hot Mama Dish Towel and the One and a Half Dish Towel pictured) we can "clean up with art" and be totally sassy while doing so. Now we can express our conflicted feeling of being a woman in the kitchen.... [More]


Celeb Style: Eva Longoria's Killer Boots

Before making an appearance as a guest judge on tonight's highly-anticipated Project Runway, Eva Longoria takes a stroll with her basketball superstar hubby in the camera-filled LA streets. Eva dons an adorable dolman-sleeved jacket and dark denim jeans as well as some seriously sexy footwear. Her brown steel-toe high heel... [More]


Book Club Vintage Bookends

Two's Company makes delightful home products that keep us guessing, and these Book Club Vintage Bookends ($30) disguise themselves with the rest of our classy books (just ignore the trashy romance novels...). So what if the fine leather is all a sham. We're in the business of fooling people with... [More]


Alexander Wang Mocha Crocodile Leather Belt with Silver

As we're still obsessed with Alexander Wang's stuff we decided to highlight some of his amazing new pieces from his accessory line. This Alexander Wang Mocha Crocodile Leather Belt with Silver ($450) jumpstarts our boring LBD into a whole new realm of fashion forward-dom. The gorgeous croc lining on the... [More]


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Even the best high-performance makeup can settle into facial creases & wear off in spots over the course of a normal, active day. Plus, if your skin is at all oily, the chemicals in your complexion can actually change the colors of your makeup over time! SmashBox Photo Finish Foundation... [More]


Fingerprint Wedding Bands

Fabuluster's stunning Custom Fingerprint Wedding Bands ($150 and up) offer up a much more original version of engraving than the standard date/initials/I love you Pooky-Wookums inscriptions. Once ordered, you'll receive fingerprint impression kits in the mail that will allow you to imprint yours or your beloved's fingers and send it... [More]


Guerlain Meteorites Powder

Guerlain's Meteorites Powder For the Face ($53) has long been a beauty-industry secret, but no more! We're blowing the luminous lid off of these miracle spheres, since we think good products are meant to be shared. Variegated powder orbs brighten and even skin tone with a blend of hues, and... [More]


Lisa Bengtsson Svarmor Wallpaper

Every girl has it: the mental image of her perfect closet. Whether you drool over department store-style lighting, plush carpeting, teak drawers, or a butler to fold your unmentionables, you've got to admit that Lisa Bengtsson's Svarmor Wallpaper (on sale for $69 per roll) is what you simply must have... [More]


Kara Ross Amethyst & Purple Python Ring

A darling of New York's fashion scene, jewelry & handbag designer Kara Ross creates organic, elegant pieces with varied textures and colors. We covet but can't afford her line of fine jewelry, so this ready-to-wear Gold 2 Petal Flower Ring with Amethyst and Purple Python ($216) is a great compromise.... [More]


Special Guest Post by La Coquette: Spin Me

Listen up, guys and dolls! Gracing us with her charms again is our good friend La Coquette! A confirmed not-quite-lady-of-the-night (and therefore one of our heroes), La Coquette has deigned to let us in on a secret or two from her bottomless box of tricks. Want more? Check out her... [More]


Spanx Houndstooth Tights

Give your legs some ooh-la-la and your figure some va-va-voom with these Spanx Tight End Houndstooth Tights ($28). No need to wear plain black tights (how gauche!), when you can create instant style and interest in your long, lovely legs with these Houndstooth textured tights. Plus, the control top guarantees... [More]

Birds Water bottle-s.jpg

Royal Birds Water Bottle

Staying hydrated ensures healthy, glowing skin and hair, and with the Royal Birds Water Bottle ($22) we'll have extra motivation to chug down good ole H2O. Adorable crowned birds perch in a vibrantly colored environment on this cutesy water bottle. Dent-resistant food-grade stainless steel and durable lead-free inks ensure worry... [More]


Banana Republic Classic Skinny Corduroy

Corduroy jeans are always a little risky when it comes to women's fits. They tend to be bulky and not flattering on your curves which is so unfortunate, because man are they comfy! Good thing Banana Republic finally took notice and made some Classic Skinny Corduroys ($80) for real women.... [More]


FlowerbyKenzo Essentielle

Though spring is decidedly behind us, and summer is fading fast (or gone, if you're a realist), you can still get plenty of new floral oomph with FlowerbyKenzo Essentielle ($58). This fragrance takes the most basic elements of the ever popular Flower by Kenzo and focuses solely on those, bringing... [More]

nordic lights-s.jpg

Jonas Grundell Nordic Light Candelabra

Swedish designer Jonas Grundell has made a name for himself out of his iconic lighting piece, the Nordic Light Candelabra ($70). The possibilities are endless with this seductively simple modern piece because it's ever-changing to suit your mood... twist the four-arm or seven-arm model to your liking to create a... [More]


Fratelle Orsini Italian Silk Lined Leather Gloves

Everyone should have a sturdy pair of leather gloves, no matter what part of the world you live in because they will last you for years and they will keep your digits toasty when you're on vacation in the Swiss Alps. Okay, back to reality, gloves are always useful in... [More]


Trixiedelicious Addict Espresso Cup

The Etsy shop of Trixiedelicious is full of all sorts of saucy saucers and snarky cups and plates, and even a disclaimer about 'mature content', which made us instant fans! This Addict Espresso Cup and Saucer ($20), may be tame compared to other items, but for those of us who... [More]

Kiehl's body-lotion-small.jpg

Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Body Lotion

Love, love, love, everything from Kiehl's and it's hard to pick just one outstanding product, but we've recently lathered on the Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion ($35), and it is to die for. This lightweight, fast-absorbing lotion left our skin supple and so-so-so-very soft, so soft that we kept... [More]


Curved Bar Ring

Gurrrrl, there is no reason why you shouldn't be sportin' some tough girl bling with all the ruffles and velvet you'll be donning this fall. This Curved Bar Ring ($230) is made to be worn on your middle finger so that the bar lays fat across your hand. Think of... [More]


Vince Sequined Tank Dress

So we don't always encourage such a hoard of sequins all at once but in this fabulous instance, we'll make an exception. This Vince Sequined Tank Dress ($375) is so flippin' cute for a night out that we cannot believe how long we've gone without loving sequins to their full... [More]

domsai home-s.jpg

Matteo Cibic Domsai Planters

Italian based design company Monotono claims to "maintain unique order" by blurring the boundaries between art, design, fashion and architecture. Their take on desert plants is Domsai ($146-730) by Matteo Cibic, and they're more than a cacti. Each cactus is planted in ceramic legs and shielded by a hand-blown bell... [More]


Neon Rabbit Shirt

Brat and Suzie shirts are so awesome. Is it the softness of the fabric? The colors? No, it's the fact that every design is hand-illustrated and absolutely adorable. Squirrels on motorcycles, cats in bow-ties and our favorite, this Neon Rabbit Shirt ($37). What is he doing? Rolling around in ribbons?... [More]


Teardrop Fringe Earrings

All we could say when we saw these were FAB-U-LOUS! The movement, the fringe, the feather-like shape, the bangle to match...wheeeeew, so knock-out gorgeous, we wanted everything by this fab jewelry designer, Anna Sheffield, who created these Bespoke teardrop fringe earrings ($350).They're a little punk, a little 70's, and can... [More]


Suede Lace Front Platform Heel

Attention ladies who have trouble wearing heels (maybe that's all of us?): platforms are where it's at. The huge height booster at the ball of the feet diminishes the torturous incline that your foot's arch is forced into with regular high heels. These Suede Lace Front Platform Heels ($23) are... [More]


Danish Aebleskiver Pan

Mmmm, have you ever had a Danish Aebleskiver before? An aebleskiver (pronounced able-skeever) is basically a puffy pancake ball that's sometimes stuffed with a fruit filling or topped with powered sugar. There's a great recipe for them at Diana's Desserts. Get yourself a traditional Aebleskiver Pan ($30), your favorite fruit... [More]

total bitch balm-s.jpg

Total Bitch Nectar Lip Balm

Look, sometimes we're a total bitch - we just can't help it, and we refuse to fall into the sexist trap of making excuses about what time of the month it is and where our Aunt Flo is, even though it can be a pertinent point. So on those spiky... [More]

wine party-s.jpg

Wine on Lime Party Invitation

Ok, listen up winos, with these Wine on Lime Party Invitations ($46 for 10) by Cross My Heart, we're going to have to stock up on swanky gourmet cheeses and hangover remedies because with invites this cute, everyone's showing up. Nothing's classier, and dare we say more fun than a... [More]


Celeb Style: Nicky Hilton Laid Back Cool

The lesser sensationalized hotel heiress, Nicky Hilton, has been strutting her rich and skinny stuff around Hollywood lately and it's been nothing short of a paparazzi nightmare. We generally like the sexy numbers she puts together for the red carpet, but we rarely get a glimpse of what she wears... [More]


Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior, Freshly Updated

Kanye West, you are a phenomenal douchebag. Whatever you may have felt about Beyonce's videos, (and, btw, when she won something later on in the evening, she displayed some serious class when she gave Ms. Swift a chance to finally give her acceptance speech.) it was not your place to... [More]


Summit Vodka Freezer

If you're serious about your spirits, take note: Summit Vodka Storage and Serving Freezer ($797) promises to keep your Russian libations, shakers, and glasses at the precisely perfect serving temperature of -5˚ farenheit. There is, of course, a lock on the door to discourage guests and children from anything more... [More]


2010 Shoes Calendar

Mmmm. Shoes. High heeled, low heeled, flat, chunky, stiletto, pointy, round, booties, shooties, embellished... we can't help but love them all, even the really, REALLY ugly ones. The 2010 Page-a-Day Shoe Calendar ($25) from the Victoria & Albert Museum is a great mini-splurge if your shoe budget has shrunk, like... [More]


Mango M-B Fann Jeans

A fun take on jodphurs that's actually (gasp!) flattering, Mango's M-B Fann Jeans have suede-lined knees and pockets for a new twist on the standard skinny jean. A low rise, medium denim rinse, and sleek silhouette mean you'll be wearing these all fall and winter long.... [More]


AeroPress Coffee Maker

Your daily $5 latte is a thing of the economically happy past... still, if you live on your own, making coffee for one can be a pain. But if you owned the AeroPress Coffee Maker, ($30) you could be drinking a cup of high-quality caffeine in under 1 minute with... [More]


Laura Geller Baked Basics

Are they liquids or powders? Both! Laura Geller's Baked Basics Set ($50) is a great intro set to her Baked cosmetics line. Each product begins as several different colored liquids, which are then swirled together & baked on low heat for 24 hours to set. The result? A rich, velvety... [More]


Pluma Cubic Kugel K Light

Angelic and elegant, the Kugel K Light ($4700) doesn't have a heavenly price, but its simple feathered body (also available in white) is fascinating. German designer Heike Buchfelder made this fanciful fixture under the supervision of his fine feather specialty company, Pluma Cubic. The plume-puff effect of combining goose quill... [More]

Burt's Bees Radiance Lotion small.jpg

Burt's Bees Radiance Body Lotion

Don't you love it when you find a super great product that's so affordable it makes you almost feel guilty because it's such a steal? We did when we found a super buy on all-natural lotion that makes us feel so darn pretty! Burt's Bees Radiance Body Lotion ($9) contains... [More]


Pour La Victoire Paley Chain Sandal

Strappy and sexy? What more could we want in a heel? These Pour La Victoire Paley Chain Sandals ($395) have got it going on with their chain link detailing and their chunky heel. Instantly amping up an outfit, these pumps are sure to cause quite a stir when trying to... [More]

grey capelet-s.jpg

Berniolie Elegant Grey Capelet

Etsy dealer Berniolie gives us lovely knitted and crochet creations for Fall, and her Elegant Grey Capelet ($115) infuses the modern knit topper with Victorian charm. The standout stand-up collar frames our cute faces in a vintage-inspired plumage to give us an old-timey air. Keep those eyes peeled for the... [More]


Throwing Star Magnets

Seriously, what looks more badass than having a couple ninja shurikens lodged into your refrigerator or oven vent? Right - nothing. If you had attempted to provide a different answer a totally awesome ninja would have descended upon you in a fury of mind-blowing vengeance. Pick up a pair of... [More]

unfurled vase-s.jpg

Lenore Lampi Unfurled 1981 Vase

The Unfurled 1981 Vase ($240) by Lenore Lampi mimics birch bark at its finest, with pale layers curling off the dark trunk. Don't be misled by the title ... this isn't from the 80s. The number indicates family and friends' birth dates as a larger metaphor for unfolding time (omg... [More]


Make/Shift Kukuma Top

Make/Shift clothing is a uniquely innovative line of economically and ecologically conscious Women's and Men's vintage reworked and original pieces. All pieces are specially one-of-a-kind so hurry up and email them your order with them asap when you find something that tickles your fancy! Fed up with the fashion industry's... [More]


Kris Van Assche Long Debbie Dress

Kris Van Assche is one of those designers where we fear that the pieces are better on the runway rather than on the streets. This Kris Van Assche Long Debbie Dress ($948), however, doesn't take too much consideration when planning how to wear it in real life. Just pair this... [More]


Sur la tete Leopard Cloche

Used to be a lady wouldn't even consider leaving the house without donning her hat and slipping her elegant hands into tailored gloves; these days hats are far from standard and people like Britany Spears think it's appropriate to trod unshod into gas station bathrooms. A hat can add an... [More]

diamond mandala-s.jpg

Susan Cummings Diamond Mandala Pendant

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, especially since glam is back with a vengeance, and the Susan Cummings Diamond Mandala Pendant ($1870) is something worth gawking at. This stunning pendant is cast 18K gold and diamond, hand formed by the artist. Create dueling textures by stringing this on a leather... [More]

Irregular Choice suede boots-s.jpg

Irregular Choice Ayre Boots

Leave it to Irregular Choice to straddle the thin-as-paper line between hideous and stylish. Their Ayre Boots ($176) are no exception, as they teeter on the edge of bold pseudo-Southwestern statement and a shout out to the fashion police. In vivid hot pink, yellow, sky blue, purple, and black geometric... [More]

molcule doorknob-s.jpg

Sherle Wagner Molecular Doorknob

Single-sphere doorknobs fit nicely in our palm for an easy grip but they seem insanely lackluster compared to the radiating clustered orbs of the Molecular Doorknob ($Inquire). The playful metallic orbs make this strangely organic piece a homerun out of left field for Sherle Wagner, who usually sticks to beautifully... [More]


Pupa Big Puposka Makeup Kit

Milan is cranking out some hot items, and cosmetics company Pupa keeps turning up the heat with their Big Puposka Makeup Kit ($124). Never again will we rummage through our handbag searching for lipstick, this matrioska (Russian doll) holds everything we need, and reveals every element seductively. The mirror hides... [More]


Chat Plates

Talk about dinner conversation, right? These Chat Plates ($48) will ensure your guests always have something to talk about as you nibble on h'ors deurves served up on these cute and quirky plates.... [More]


Success Mary Janes

While we may not be going back to school, there's no reason why we can't shop like we're getting ready for our first day! These sexy and stylish Success Mary Janes ($30) are the grown up version of one of our favorite back-to-school shoes. The detailing on the strap makes... [More]


Delia's Graffiti Peace Pillow

We've been looking for cute ways to spruce up our beds and couches lately, and all we can find in the way of throw pillows are overly serious, decorative squares. We aren't swooning for those, but this Delia's Graffiti Peace Pillow ($30) does just the job. The almost-humorous decor with... [More]


Miso Soup K Workstation

Too bad dorm rooms never look as elegant as the Miso Soup K Workstation ($Inquire). If Bill Gates was our sugar daddy (sexy), maybe we'd get this sleekly modern two-toned workspace as a back to school present... But until pigs fly, we'll have to appreciate this ingenious furniture from afar.... [More]


Anthropologie Izmir Cups

What is it about the Anthropologie kitchen wares that make us what to chuck every plate, rag, and teaspoon we've got and start from scratch? Everything from the drinking cups to the aprons is so charming. While few of us can afford to buy whole store sections at one time... [More]


Ideeen Black Jersey Dress

We love interesting pieces that are a departure from what we see everyday in the stores. Pieces that stand out as works of art with their highly considered detailing, shapes, and fabrics. We appreciate the finer things rather than the obviously trendy ones most of the time and that is... [More]


Absinthe Soap

It's probably not a good idea to treat yourself to real absinthe every morning before work, but it's definitely appropriate to lather up with Absinthe Soap ($6). Get your day going right with this sweet sudsy treat that won't leave you at risk for a DUI.... [More]


EVGA InterView Dual Monitor

We here at Outblush are dual-monitor jockeys, and we haven't looked back. With so much of our lives revolving around computers these days, the extra screen real estate is totally worth it. The new EVGA InterView Dual Monitor ($650) is making us see double all over again. It features two... [More]


Pirate Self Portrait Mirror

Avast mateys! You know ye be needin' this Pirate Self Portrait Mirror ($35) for yer captain's quarters. Stand before this lookin' glass to see what ye'd look like as a swarthy swashbuckler. It'll be mighty entertaining after a few pints o' grog with yer wenches.... [More]


EO Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray

We're starting to hear coughs and sniffles around the office, and dangit, it's not even cold and flu season yet! We're protecting our bodies in a natural way by not coming into work ever again with EO's Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray ($3). It's a natural alternative to the chemical-laden... [More]


The Global Shortlist

We've got wanderlust BAD these days - probably because we know our cash stash is too low to afford a grand vacation. We're scratching our itch with The Global Shortlist ($25). This book is a compilation from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, fine purveyors of all sorts of lovely, glamorous, shwa-shwa... [More]


Wall Art at Areaware

When we stumbled upon these delightful wall art pieces at Areaware, all we could think about was how much wall space was available in our offices. We concluded that we didn't have to own each and every piece, even though they're all something we could look at everyday, like this... [More]

C'mere hand hook-s.jpg

Harry Allen C'mere Hand Hook

Harry Allen Designs gets witty with the C'mere Hand Hook ($75), ready to give us a hand whenever we need one. The hilariously provocative all-purpose hook has creepy come-hither shock appeal that will surely amuse or bewilder anyone sauntering through our place. Don't hate us for saying it's handy.... [More]


Catherine Holstein Pleated Gold Skirt

With the holiday parties and events looming (we can't deny it, they are), this Pleated Gold Skirt ($128) from Catherine Holstein is worth its weight in gold. (Ha!) Currently on sale for a mere fraction of its original price, that's bling we can afford. Grab it while you can, and... [More]

poem cup-s.jpg

Design House Stockholm Poem Teacup and Saucer

Stellar as usual, Design House Stockholm brings us the Poem Teacup and Saucer ($40) which supplies the fixings for our creative writing fits. The soothing green sipper is Functionalist designer Katarina Häll's graduation project. She must've known we work best when overly caffeinated, and somehow she offers a moment of... [More]

French Maid Panty

French Maid Panty

Pardon my French, amour! Well not really...but you certainly can wow your lover with the French Maid Panty ($16)! This panty is ultra sexy and oh so flirty yet a tid bit naughty. These sinfully sexy skivvies have an embellished satin front with a lace back. And needless to say... [More]

umbrella tiffany stained glass-s.jpg

Stained Glass Butterfly Umbrella

The Smithsonian Store never fails to amuse us, and crikey, this Stained Glass Butterfly Umbrella ($30) must be pretty darn heavy! Only joking, this beauty is not made of glass, but it does have sturdy fiberglass ribs to prevent it from buckling under high winds. The printed polyester pongee is... [More]


Sephora Midnight Train Case

We've been struggling with our burgeoning makeup collection as of late (c'mon, we gotta buy all this cool stuff we write about!), and have finally given in to the ultimate in makeup organization. Sephora's Midnight Train Case ($90) holds all of our powders, potions, glosses and the ever-multiplying tubes of... [More]

hothead pot holder dog-s.jpg

HotHead Pot Holder

Now we can follow our animal instincts in the kitchen without endangering our soft skin with the HotHead Pot Holder ($15). These insulating silicone mitts will save your hands from burns and make us smile while they're at it. Stubborn kids? Try using them for an impromptu puppet show.... [More]


Celeb Style: Hilary Duff's Statement Necklace

Hollywood starlet Hilary Duff knows how to take a drab outfit into the fast fashionista lane with the snap of a finger, or the help of a very well-considered accessory. Here she is pairing a Fiona Paxton Sylvie Necklace ($288) with a daytime outfit that really doesn't say much in... [More]

the coolest chair ever made-s.jpg

The Coolest Chair Ever Made

British designer Charlie Davidson's newest seating solution is called The Coolest Chair Ever Made ($Inquire). Now, that doesn't sound arrogant or anything... But seriously, this is a pretty effin' cool chair. It's a gas-welded powder-coated punched steel design based on a plastic prototype with an all-over subtle trefoil flower pattern... [More]


Loopa Gyroscopic Toddler Bowls

In the ongoing quest to raise your kids into self-sufficient adults (Please, God, will they ever turn eighteen?), you've mopped up a mess or two. Or two thousand. And you know that teaching kids to feed themselves results in an awful lot of spills, some cuter than others. Take care... [More]


Foodie Fight: A Trivial Game for Serious Food Lovers

What is the difference between cake flour and bread flour? Who invented peanut butter? Why should egg whites be whipped in copper mixing bowls? How did Rachael Ray get her start on TV? If you know the answers to any of these questions and want to show off your chefly... [More]


Panache Porcelain Seamless Underwire Bra

For those of us whom God hath blessed cursed endowed with ample "tracts of land," the search for an everyday bra makes mountains out of, well, mountains. Panache's Porcelain Seamless Underwire Bra ($56) is the answer to prayers, designed specifically for women in the D-cup-and-above group. Not only does it... [More]


Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Gift Set

Citrusy. Spicy. Fresh. Juicy. Irresistibly scented. Oh, and really stinking good for your skin and overall level of cheeriness. Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange Gift Set ($16) is 100% vegan and made with organic ingredients and natural essential oils, thick with the perfumes of strawberry, raspberry, mandarin, and blood orange. We... [More]


Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Why did we not know about this Fruit Infusion Pitcher($25) the second the weather turned "Oh my God so hot and sticky it's like moving through mud"? Insert the fruits or whole spices of your choice into the cylinder & drop it into the acrylic pitcher of bevvies for a... [More]


Special Guest Post by Elephantine: Belissima and Koko Necklaces

If you're looking for sweetly simple jewelry perfect for everyday wear, made by a woman whom you instantly want to be bestest friends with, then Rachel of Elephantine (pieces range from $28-40) is your gal. Her blog is chockablock full of her quirky, inspiring online finds and scenes from life... [More]


French Connection Sophia Swirl Dress

Gorgeous! French Connection's Sophia Swirl Dress ($228) is a perfectly elegant party frock without being too sparkly, clingy, short or bare. The simple cut will flatter any shape, and there's a sexy (not slutty) peek-a-boo back to the dress. Give your LBD the night off.... [More]

unch box-s.jpg

Munchler Four-Pack Lunchbox Set

Built NY's cute food and drink containers make great back to school solution. Meet Benny, Boo, Lefty and Meadow, the cast of characters that make up the Munchler Four-Pack Lunchbox Set ($23). Thanks to award-winning ilustrator Stephen Savage, our zoo animal friends have tons of personality. Any kid would be... [More]


Kenzie Lock Bracelet

We're still shopping for that perfect fall handbag (which is hard since they all seem so perfect), but in the midst of all that, we found the perfect handbag-inspired accessory: the Kenzie Lock Bracelet ($135). The orange coordinates with the turning leaves while still giving a nod to fun summer... [More]


L'Occitaine Shea Butter Mom & Baby Balm

Double duty products are always great, but for a new mom, they can be a lifesaver. L'Occitaine's Shea Butter Mom & Baby Balm ($40) is safe to use to keep the little one's skin baby soft, but it's also a great product for mom to use to soothe any dry,... [More]


Wooden Bird Coat Hanger

Wouldn't your closet be so much cooler if each garment was hung on a Wooden Bird Coat Hanger ($41)? Yes, it would. Although, on second thought, it might be kind of like The Birds when you stumble in and try to pick out something to wear to work in the... [More]


Oven Bakestone

Fall may not quite be here, but it's definitely football season. Spare yourself from greasy delivery pizza every Saturday (college games), Sunday (NFL), and Monday (Monday Night Football) by making your own pizza at home. The best way to get an evenly cooked, doughy-yet-crispy pizza crust is to bake it... [More]


Stylestalker One Shoulder Lace Dress

We've been causing quite a stir for all the right reasons in this Stylestalker One Shoulder Lace Dress ($148). Little black dresses have been a bit boring as of late, so this show-stopper is a perfect alternative for someone who doesn't want to stray too far from her LBD uniform.... [More]

haba sunshine mobile-s.jpg

HABA Sunshine Mobile

Babies are gonna go bonkers over this Sunshine Mobile ($32) by Haba. Safety is our first priority, (although you wouldn't always know that on a Friday night... ) and this kinetic toy is plush and lightweight, so it's totally child-friendly and safe. Each brightly colored flower smiles at the playful... [More]


Franco Sarto Palm Pump

We like the sophistication on this Franco Sarto Palm Pump ($100) because it resembles our oxford flats and doesn't seem too uncomfortable to wear all day long. It's hard to pull off a shoe like this without looking to stuffy, but paired with a sexy dress, these shoes are taken... [More]

confetti pitcher-s.jpg

Rose Ann Hall Confetti Pitcher

Rose Ann Hall Designs has thought-up delightfully festive glassware with her Confetti series, and if we can't have it all, we at least want the Confetti Pitcher ($50). This beautiful handcrafted piece takes on the spirit of its place of origin, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. With 80 ounces of... [More]


Estee Lauder Sumptuous Color Mascara

It seems the beauty goddesses have deigned that this fall, colored lashes are in! We continue to be surprised by how great a little bit of color looks on our lashes, and while the color may look intense on the brush, once applied, it's subtle and stylish. Estee Lauder Sumptuous... [More]


Marc Jacobs Frame Wallet Sequined Purse

A girl can dream, can't she? This stunning one-of-a-kind Marc Jacobs Frame Wallet Sequined Purse ($595) is chock full of fuschia sequins and even has a long strap to add when you want to throw it over your shoulder. The eighties look is all the rage this season and doesn't... [More]


Recycled Plastic Bowls

Want to be green, altruistic, and offer education and healthcare to the people of Nepal? These recycled plastic bowls ($28) are handcrafted by Nepalese artisans and are made from discarded plastic wrappers, or basically, other people's garbage. This is waste turned into something beautiful. Along with bowls of all sizes,... [More]


Spanx Bra-llelujah

In addition to the fact that it's got one of the most creative names for undergarments ever, Bra-llelujah ($36) from our tummy-tuckin' friends at Spanx is a pretty awesome contraption. Made of a fabric that is essentially thick pantyhose, the bra is oh-so-comfortable and won't give you any lines. The... [More]


Diane Von Furstenberg Pleated Top

Diane Von Furtsenberg has been working her magical designs on the runways for decades and is no where near slowing down anytime soon. This is good news for us because each season she comes up with another piece that we absolutely have to have our hands on like this Diane... [More]


Knobstoppers Fleur De Lis Wine Bottle Stopper

With a delicious aged wine, it makes good sense to keep the wine accessories vintage. Knobstoppers makes custom bottle stoppers from antique doorknobs and other nostalgic fixtures. The popular Fleur De Lis Wine Bottle Stopper ($22) is made from iron gate finials, for example. Vintage charm is the first priority... [More]

lamb watch-s.jpg

L.A.M.B. Gold-Tone Chateau Bracelet Watch

L.A.M.B., Gwen Stefani's fashion and accessories line, has been a big hit even outside the harajuku girl demographic since its launch in 2003, and with items like the L.A.M.B. Gold-Tone Chateau Bracelet Watch ($199), it's no wonder. This pretty turquoise piece has delicate gold chain embellishments with a lamb coin... [More]

LACMA lace journal-s.jpg

LACMA Lace Pattern Journal

We like to keep our dark little secrets in pretty packages, so the Lace Pattern Journal ($13) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art online store feels like it's made especially for our personal confessions. Wrapped up in lace, wrongs seem a little more right (at least that's what... [More]


Celeb Style: Victoria Beckham's Short Shorts

Sourpuss-cum-fashion darling Victoria Beckham hasn't been seen looking this rough since...ever. Normally we see her all dressed up wearing her matching Hermes Birkin bags and YSL sky-high platforms but here she is running errands with one of her sons in none other than (gasp!) Abercrombie & Fitch Karen Shorts ($30).... [More]


Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick

As a former fashion model, six-time Glamour cover girl, and face of both Guess? and Maybelline Cosmetics, Josie Maran knows makeup. Her line of organic cosmetics and skincare has been a hit with beauty bloggers and makeup artists since its' launch in 2007, and this is one of our favorite... [More]


Valentino: The Last Emperor

Without a doubt, Valentino is one of the last great fashion houses. For a half a century, Valentino Garavani and his partner in life and love, Giancarlo Giametti, have produced countless runway shows and legions of devoted followers for their perfectly cut & sewn couture. Valentino: The Last Emperor is... [More]


Be Nice or Leave Pillow

Whether you display this on your bed as a warning to one-night stands, on your couch to ward off nitpicky relatives, or in your office at work to discourage office naysayers, Alexandra Ferguson's Be Nice or Leave pillow ($69) will ensure that you are only ever surrounded by good. Or,... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Stephanie Slouchy Bag

The Queen of the Wrap Dress, the most sovereign and regal Diane von Furstenberg, has come out with what we think might be one of the most kick-ass handbags in existence. The Stephanie Slouch Bag ($875) is covered in metallic chain links, adding punk rock street cred to any outfit.... [More]


Laura Mercier Limited Edition Essential Eye Organizer

This amazing Laura Mercier Essential Eye Organizer, ($125) exclusively at Neiman Marcus for a limited-edition run, has "OURS" written all over it. Twelve perfect eyeshadows in some of our favorite matte & sateen hues like African Violet, Buttercream, Stellar, and Baroque, plus three high-quality double-ended brushes, with a total retail... [More]


Beatles Stereo Box Set

It's Beatles day! So brush up on your semaphore, grab your snazzy Sgt. Pepper jacket, and get ready to hear your favorites re-mastered. With this complete selection, you'll probably even discover a few songs that are new to you - who can commit the whole Beatles catalog to memory? Pick... [More]


iPods, Nanos, Cameras, Oh My!

We'd be crazy if we didn't mention that some little company named Apple rolled out a slew of new product updates today. Have you heard of iTunes? iPod maybe? Yeah, well, now they have new colors, video cameras, radios, yada yada yada. Right, nothing to see here. Moving on. Just kidding!... [More]


The Worst Baby Name Book Ever

Oh, Nicole Ritchie. Nicole Ritchie. You named your newborn son SPARROW? That poor, defenseless creature. What did he ever do to you? (Besides, well, kicking your ribcage for nine months.) In honor of terrible celebrity baby name choices (Ickydd! Pilot Inspektor! Kal El!) and prospective new parents everywhere, we'd like... [More]

gossip girl soundtrack-s.jpg

OMFGG Original Music Featured On Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl fans check this out... OMFGG Original Music Featured On Gossip Girl No. 1 ($10-16) is out now, so we can transport ourselves into the dramatic lives of Blair and Serena. With hot bands like The Kills, Phantom Planet, The Ting Tings and The Virgins, this compilation is sure... [More]


Benefit Get Bent Liner Brush

Sometimes having the right makeup can make all the difference, but the thing most women don't consider is that having the right tool to apply said makeup can take your makeup routine from functional to flawless. One of our favorite tools is an angled eyeliner brush, like Benefit's Get Bent... [More]

MetroMamma Baby Wrap

MetroMamma Baby Wrap

Love, peace and babies! If you're expecting a bundle of joy in 2009 or early 2010, have we got the perfect thing for you! The MetroMamma Peace Baby Wrap ($75) is something you, as a new mom, and your little precious one will LOVE! Your baby will find peace and... [More]

mrs beetons household tips-s.jpg

Mrs. Beetons Household Tips

We're no good at housekeeping, no matter how hard we try, but maybe with Mrs. Beeton's Household Tips ($16) we'd improve just a bit. Apparently, Mrs. Beeton has guided generations or prim and proper British folk to the holy grail of cleanliness, so it's got to be good enough for... [More]


Elizabeth Cole Mohawk Earrings

These badass Elizabeth Cole Mohawk Earrings ($218) are something we can see Rihanna wearing. They're delicate without being too dainty and are certainty not your everyday earring. We love Elizabeth's design and can't wait to wear them the next time we have a messy chignon going on!... [More]


Gorilla Mobile

Sure, you can use this Gorilla Mobile ($30) virtually anywhere you can wrap it's little legs around a sturdy surface, but what sold us on the idea was seeing it wrapped around a bike handle. Cool idea! You can now listen to your ipod, use your GPS, or take a... [More]


Woody Chalkboard Table

Let's face facts: Once your kids are old enough to hold a crayon/marker/lipstick, they're going to start drawing on any and every available surface. Why not encourage their artistic abilities in a way that's a little bit kinder to your walls? This Woody Chalkboard Table ($399) will give your petite... [More]


MICHAEL Michael Kors Ocelot Pencil Skirt

Sexiness just oozes out of this skirt. The leopard print, the pencil tight silhouette, and the daring person who fills out the skirt all contribute to making this otherwise office-appropriate skirt just a bit too scandalous for our cubicle world. This MICHAEL Michael Kors Ocelot Pencil Skirt ($100) might be... [More]


The Racktrap Fourpack

Don't want to deal with carrying your crap around on a particularly debaucherous night out? Fear not fabulous ones... don this easy to use and conceal Racktrap ($20) and worry not about your credit cards, cash and ID. The Racktrap is a small pouch that fits right into your bra... [More]


L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

While it may look like a mace, the round ball of spikes on the mascara wand of L'Oreal's Telescopic Explosion Mascara ($11) is really the perfect tool for separating and covering your lashes. The unique design allows you to really reach all of your lashes - even the little ones... [More]


Fett For Real Hoodie

Yeah, Christmas/Hannukah is like, 3 months away and we're trying not to even think about it yet, but this Star Wars Fett For Real Hoodie ($98) is gonna make some man out there so freaking happy and we're afraid they will all be sold-out come holiday time, so we're showing... [More]

impressionist memo-s.jpg

Impressionist Memo Game

We can remember picturesque scenes how the masters wanted us to with the Impressionist Memo Game ($24). Whether we're trying to improve our memory bank or just sharpen our mental skills, this 72-card matching game will hone our brain power as we uncover the like images. A booklet with fun... [More]


Vortex Portable Mixer

Why bother with all that pesky shaking when you're trying to make your 3:00 5:00 martini? The Vortex Portable Mixer ($20) will mix your beverage to perfection. Plus, it totally reminds us of that science-y thing we did in 1st grade when we connected 2 liter soda bottles and made... [More]

1940s necklace-s.jpg

Calla Lily Leaf Necklace and Bracelet Set

Browsing the collection of A Vintage Whim is truly a treasure hunt. Their lucite and enamel Calla Lily Leaf Necklace and Bracelet Set ($275) is a special 1940s gem that looks like something out of a storybook. Truly a rare gem, these pieces are held together with a gilt brass... [More]


Celeb Style: Linday Lohan's Police Obsession

L.Lo, when the heck are you gonna get your act together girl? We loved you in Mean Girls but ever since then, we've been hard pressed to find something we like you in (nightclubs included). We are rooting for you, and until you can find something amazing to stick your... [More]


Baby Hampton Bagg

If you're a stylish mom on the go, you're going to love the Baby Hampton Bagg ($65). This thing is seriously bottomless. You can throw a whole heap-o-stuff in these babies and it will still have room for more. Lightweight and water-resistant, it folds up into next to nothing and... [More]

cat playhouse tank-s.jpg

Cat Playhouse Tank

Any cat lady knows that cats are always leaping into boxes. We don't know what's so exciting in there, but our furry friends will be setting up a photo-op every time they make their way into the Cat Playhouse Tank ($25), which is comprised of cardboard, a cat's favorite temptation... [More]


Tucker Smocked Collar Blouse

Cute, flowy blouses are like shoes - you can never have too many of them! We prefer this Tucker Smocked Collar Blouse ($264) paired with a skinny cigarette jean and pumps to a tight dress sometimes, and this top is perfect for the office and looks great going out for... [More]


Velana K Lip Glosses

Been searching for that perfect lipstick-gloss hybrid? Velana K. Lip Glosses, ($20 each) just on the market, are cropping up in the makeup bags of beautistas everywhere. Available in ten shades, (all named after close friends or family members) they're packed with shea butter, vitamins A and C, and golden... [More]


So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk

Skreeeeee! The sixth season of So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight! We can't wait to catch up with the judges, watch the heinous auditions, and start casting our votes for our faves. You won't be seeing us on that show anytime soon, 'cause we cannot dance. At all.... [More]


Marni Pink Sandy Pumps

We've a feeling that if the fashion mixing genius Pat Field got her hands on these Marni Pink Sandy and Black Cherry Pumps ($660) for the new SATC movie sequel, they'd be slapped onto Carrie's feet with an outlandish-yet-awesome ensemble faster than you can say "couture." A retro-inspired silhouette in... [More]


Minimal Lamp

The hand-crocheted cotton cords on Jed Crystal's stunning Minimal Lamps ($260 each) hide their double-duty function; they serve as décor and deliver electricity to the lamp, distilling the basic function of the lamp down to its core components. It's tough, yet elegant and graceful.... [More]


Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser

Sensitive-skinned ladies are taught to avoid exfoliating cleansers like the plague, since they can be harsh and irritating. Thankfully, Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser ($29) has changed the no-exfoliant rule. The gentle tourmaline & jojoba exfoliating beads remove impurities and dead skin cells, and mango butter conditions & softens, leaving... [More]


Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: Polaroid One 600 Classic Camera

Hey kiddos, wanna know more about the fine art of photography? Today's special visitor to Outblush is our go to gal for photography, Meggan Haller of Keyhole Photo. Meggan and her husband Jeff provide documentary-style photography to a variety of industries and are rad people to boot. Want more?... [More]


Large Silhouette Chandelier Mobile

We're always lusting after chandeliers, but it seems like we can never find one that we can hang in a way that there isn't a big ol' cord snaked along our ceiling. Plus, it's not realistic for us to get that glitzy behemoth of a light fixture for our one... [More]


Iwave Cube Microwave

We're not gonna lie, the first thing that came to mind when we saw the Iwave Cube ($99), was that we could put a microwave next to our bed! Oh, the possibilities... we'd definitely start with chocolate cake (what, you didn't know you could make chocolate cake in a microwave?).... [More]


Garmin 405 CX Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Running around the neighborhood is such a refreshing way to get our heart rate up, get those endorphins flowing, and kick our butts into fabulous shape. We always prefer the great outdoors to the boring treadmil at the gym but hate that we don't have anything to monitor our progress.... [More]

nonoo lyons peplum loita jacket-s.jpg

Nonoo Lyons Lolita Tweed Peplum Jacket

Hoorah, the debut collection from Nonoo Lyons (Misha Nonoo and Deborah Lyons) allows tweed to transcend its prim and proper trappings once and for all. Their jacket-heavy line is epitomized by the Lolita Tweed Peplum Jacket ($700) where royal blue and subtle silver patterns are organized in an expertly tailored... [More]


Greenbees Emma Boot

Grab these Greenbees Emma Boots ($198) quick because they will surely be the thing to wear on our feet this fall. The mid-calf height is very in at the moment and the rugged leather makes wearing in these boots completely obsolete. So say goodbye to new-boot-blisters and hello to completely... [More]

Proust Gemoetrica-s.jpg

Alessandro Mendini Proust Geometrica Chair

Illustrious architect, designer and image consultant, Alessandro Mendini may have outdone himself with his Proust Geometrica Chair ($Inquire). The man behind Milan's Atelier Mendini sure has a way of making mad-hatter-esque chaos coherent. This colorful explosion of disparate styles is an overwhelming aesthetic experience, colliding flouncy French furniture design with... [More]


Delia*s Stella Waist Belt

As we transition into fall (boo hoo!), we're stretching our summer dress collection (and our buck) with some smart layering and accessories. This Stella Waist Belt ($20) from Delia*s transforms our outfits and our figures by giving us hourglass curves and crating new shapes for our dresses. At that price,... [More]


Amethyst Chain Bracelet

We remember as kids how fascinating big amethyst stones were and how pretty each ring of purple was to us. The fascination hasn't subsided with our growing maturity and fortunately for us, this Amethyst Chain Bracelet ($24) is made for big girls just like us. Our inner child would be... [More]

sarco backpack-s.jpg

LACMA Egyptian Sarcophagus Backpack

LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) brings us a bold whimsical back to school treat, the Egyptian Sarcophagus Backpack ($30). Little did we know that an Egyptian sarcophagus could be so cute ... the soft red plush sure doesn't hurt. This particular piece was inspired by the Egypt's 21st... [More]