Go Jane tiered ruffle dress

Do you ever feel that attempting to put together an outfit before having that first cup of coffee in the morning is sometimes so difficult that you just climb back into bed and give your closet the death stare hoping that your clothes will somehow fuse together into the perfect... [More]


Pig Bank by Harry Allen

Lux taxidermy…err..what? We can’t tell if it’s an “I gotta have it” or an “eww, weird” but this little piggy is making us squeal like a…well, you know. Formed in gold plastic resin, this Harry Allen bank was cast from a pig that died naturally (of course) and is also... [More]


Fitszu Whisky Stones

Whiskey river take my mind…. Whether you like your cocktail straight up or on the rocks, here is some stone cold service for your favorite libation or hooch, the Fitzsu Whisky Stones. These non-porous rocks are made from Vermont soapstone and are for the gal who likes her liquor chilled... [More]


Stripe Conductor Cap

We love all things about the 1920’s, with the exception of prohibition of course. This ticking striped Conductor Cap in navy would be perfect paired with a soft fluttery dress and flats for evening cocktails or shorts and a striped tee for a day by the sea. Did you see... [More]



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Eco-Delightful Reusable Dry Cleaning Bag

If you’re trying to cut down on your plastic bag usage like we are, then this Eco-Delightful Bag is for you! It’s washable, recyclable and converts 1-2-3 from a humble laundry bag to a hanging garment bag or a reusable dry cleaning bag that is perfect for long dresses and... [More]


Ben Collection at SCAD

The new SCAD ( Savannah College of Art & Design ) store is open and has some drool worthy items. These nod to the mid-century 15-ounce Ben Collection glass tumblers are perfect for a spring get together. Think cherry lemonade and season one of Mad Men. Hip design, nice price... [More]


Henry Road St. Tropez tote

When the perfect work tote swoops into your life you just have to say “Hello”. Introducing the St. Tropez tote from Henry Road. Measuring 21"x17"x3" it is roomy enough for a 13-inch MacBook and can fit your phone dujour in the outside pocket. We are partial to this stylish koi... [More]


Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker

First and foremost, the Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker is an indispensable appliance for small kitchens. It’s a great multitasker, serving not only as a rice cooker, but makes risotto with no stirring, and can be used as a steamer for lean proteins and veggies. (Tip: try layering aromatic veggies like... [More]


Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

We know a workout video is good when we’re whimpering and sweating like pigs less than fifteen minutes in, but we can’t stop because it hurts so good, and that has to do something for our asses. Jillian Michaels' Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism is that kind of video. Best known... [More]


Special Guest Post by Become.com: Le Cirque Fringe Clutch

We've run out of time to scour the malls for the perfect shoes, bag, lipstick, whatever, so we've turned to shopping online. Now, there's so much stuff online, that we need a better way to sort it. Become.com is turning into quite the lifesaver - think of it like Google... [More]


Very Irresistible Givenchy Summer Sorbet

It’s impossible not to adore the classic, rose-centered Very Irresistible Givenchy perfume line. The collection’s latest offering, Very Irresistible Givenchy Summer Sorbet, layers notes of violet, peony, verbena, and star anise for a fresh, citrus-y twist. This fruity floral scent is light enough to wear to the office, just right... [More]


Sylene Brooch

The Sylene Brooch by Bel Kai designs is accented with antique Parisian buttons, trim, and an iridescent purple freshwater pearl. Pin it to a cardigan or blouse for some retro flair, or affix it to your hair with a bobby pin. The designer also suggests repurposing it as home décor,... [More]


Bumblebee String Lights

We never got over the whole “Christmas lights as acceptable year-round decor” thing that college dorm life instilled in us… We just grew up (a little) and started using these twee Bumblebee String Lights. It’ll turn a tiny balcony into an alfresco dining spot where we can imagine being served... [More]


J.Crew Scoopneck Corsage Tee

J.Crew never disappoints when it comes to tailored, classic clothes with a twist. This Perfect-Fit Corsage Tee is a great soft cotton tee with the unexpected twist of a fabric corsage trailing daintily over the left shoulder. We’re seeing ourselves in this all summer long, all done up for Margarita... [More]


Playboy Beauty Stay The Night Brush Kit

We definitely don’t consider ourselves the Playboy type (our ta-tas are 100% real), but a magazine with that much skin in their photos has to know a thing or two about quality makeup… and one-night stands. Regardless of your opinion of the Bunny brand, the Playboy Beauty Stay the Night... [More]


Candy Ass Sampler Kit

One of the OB staffers’ grandmothers tried to teach her how to needlepoint long, long ago, but the patterns were so damn boring – who wants to stitch another picture of peaches or petunias? – that she quit. She is seriously considering taking up the hobby again, solely to make... [More]



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Yacht Rock Jumper

So, like, Chrissy and Janet were totally fighting over this super cute Yacht Rock Jumper and then Jack, like, jumped in the middle and said “Ladies, ladies!”and we all started laughing, and then lost track of time for awhile… And then we somehow ended up at the Regal Beagle drinking... [More]



We’re not picky. We just want what we want, when we want it, and with ingredients we can pronounce, mmkay? Okay, fine, yeah, we’re picky. Which is why MixMyGranola is so frakkin’ awesome. No high-fructose this or methlaltyate-lethicin-ex that, just natural oats, grains, fruits, nuts, and cool extras like oat... [More]


Kelly Cuff by Stella & Dot

Who says you need someone else to buy you flowers & jewelry? Get them for yourself in one fell swoop with this vintage-inspired Kelly Cuff by Stella & Dot. It’s very ladies-who-lunch, yes, but sometimes we want to feel like a country club doyenne, even if the most refined thing... [More]


Rhonda Allison Cherry Jubilee Enzyme

Free radicals. Pollutants. Smog. UV-A and UV-B rays. They’re everywhere, and they’re coming to get you, or so skin care companies would have us believe. But – and we hate to say this – they’re right. Chemicals and sunlight do harm our skin, and unless you don’t ever want to... [More]


Bull Sculpture by Herb Williams

Got $14,000 lying around and a yen for childhood-inspired art? Of course you do. Therefore, you need the Bull Sculpture by Herb Williams. He apparently never quite outgrew the whole love of Crayolas (and possibly eating library paste), and has made quite the collection of crayon sculptures. Our favorite is... [More]


ASOS Roll-Up Crop Trousers

We’ve a bit of a thing for all things Brit around the OB office (you should see our monthly high tea!), so we’re loving these ASOS Roll-Up Crop Trousers. A wide fold-over tie waistband emphasizes the, well, waistline, and the soft grey color goes with just about anything. The roll-up... [More]


Dump ‘Em: How to Break Up with Anyone from Your Best Friend to Your Hairdresser

Women are taught to be polite, quiet, demure. Making waves = a big no-no, even if someone’s done you some serious wrong, whether it’s your boyfriend cheating on you or a manicurist nipping your cuticles one too many times. But all this sweetness and light on the outside can lead... [More]


Milk Bottle Lamp Chandelier by Droog

This Milk Bottle Lamp Chandelier by Droog is kind of weird, yet so amazingly cool. And it’s really useful (unlike the chandelier of gleaming chrome vibrators we once saw in a design store in Venice, CA – it didn’t light up, just, um, buzzed). Made from 12 repurposed milk bottles,... [More]


ERA FACE Spray On Foundation

Most foundations & concealers tend to clump up, get cakey, and flake off at weird moments. And don’t get us started on finding foundation smudges on our clothes! Celebrities never seem to have that problem, do they, with their makeup artists and personal slaves assistants and stylists and, and, and…?... [More]


Purple Highwaisted Petal Skirt by Lipglossandblack

It’s funny how the whole low-rise jean thing has made women forget that their natural waist is actually much closer to their bustline! Not that we’re saying low riders are unflattering, but there’s just something undeniably feminine about a high-waisted skirt, like this whimsical petal skirt from Lipglossandblack. Pieces like... [More]



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Go Girl’s Smudge-Sponge

You’ve spent forever picking out the perfect outfit – a girl’s gotta look good, even at the grocery store – and you stop short in front of the mirror. White streaks mar your pristine vintage sundress. Deodorant!? #$*&!!! The sad truth is even clear “no-streak” antiperspirants don’t always live up... [More]


Badger Sleep Balm

Sleep can be quite the elusive little bitch. Inevitably, when you’re exhausted, your mind starts running faster than online gossip websites and, like said sites, can’t ever seem to ceaste and desist. Badger Sleep Balm is the answer to your prayers. It’s a soothing aromatherapy balm composed of lavender, bergamot,... [More]


Wrapped Around Karlene Dress

Why this dress? Because every girl needs a swirly, floaty, fun summer dress that makes her feel like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.That’s pretty much the best reason we could come up with to buy the Wrapped Around Karlene dress from Eye Candy Buy Candy, and the only one we... [More]


Sterling Bird Necklace

We’ve demonstrated our love of sterling silver birds before, and we’re happy to say that the same designer has come back with a covetable new sterling bird necklace. Made of reclaimed silver, this wee sparrow perches on a small branch, waiting to nestle on your collarbone and add a touch... [More]


Belmacz Blitz Gold Leaf Eye Shadow

If you’re like us, these days, your fine jewelry budget has been slashed to nil. All right, we confess, we didn’t have one. We still love gold, though, and this cult UK favorite, Belmacz Blitz Gold Leaf Eye Shadow, gives us our fix without the prixe. It contains leaves of... [More]


Radioactive Budclicks

“You’re so hot, you’re radioactive, baby.” Um, thanks, but no thanks, to that or any other lame-o pick up line. Really, it’s just our Radioactive Budclicks. You snap them on over your regular earbuds for your iPod, phone, whatever, and instantly you’re Untouchable (results not guaranteed, although a mere $8... [More]


Tetrad Bamboo Shelving

We saw this clean, modern Tetrad Bamboo Modular Shelving unit and immediately started humming the old “Tetris” Russian theme music and doing a little kick-dance around the office (no, didn’t get fired, just weird looks). It’s covetable for several reasons: 1)Bamboo is a sustainable resource, so it’s an eco-friendly purchase.... [More]


Melissa Sugar + AH Tie Flats

The gladiator sandal trend has reached rather extreme heights of late, what with cage shoes and extreme stilettos popping up everywhere you look. That’s precisely why these sweet, simple Melissa Sugar + AH Tie Flats are a breath of fresh air for spring. Brazilian designers Alexandre Herchcovitch and Melissa teamed... [More]


Block iPod Speaker

Imagine… A party you can carry around in your pocket! GD-it, get your mind out of the gutter, we’re not talking about drugs, but about the Block iPod Speaker. It’s supremely twee and super useful, just like a certain favorite childhood toy that it’s not affiliated with, no, not at... [More]


Jesus Hates it When You Smoke Ashtray

In the grand tradition of Cheesus and Pancake Jesus, we OB staffers have found Our Lord and Savior in an unexpected location. Drumroll, please.... WE FOUND JESUS IN AN ASHTRAY! Kidding, kidding, but the Jesus Hates it When You Smoke ashtray is a snarky way to let your friends smoke,... [More]


Wonder Girl Thong by UjENA

This post is dedicated to a certain someone who shall remain nameless (*cough, cough, ahem… What? You actually thought we’d tell? We like our jobs, thanks.) who has been asking us to post about UjENA swimwear pretty much daily. We had originally thought all of their swimwear was similar to... [More]


Korres Natural Lip Butters

In our ongoing efforts to find the perfect daytime red lip color, we stumbled across Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose & were intrigued. A 100% natural lip balm that tints your pout with a sheer wash of color, it also does double duty as a cheek stain. Rice wax... [More]


Convertible Cape by Free People

It's a peasant top! It's a halter! No, it's the Convertible Cape by Free People! Channel your inner stylist with this intriguing twist on DIY clothing. The 100% cotton banded-bottom knit top ties at the top with braided cords and can be cinched, twisted, and folded any which way your... [More]


Small Conceal Floating Bookshelf by Smart Furniture

Your mother will probably say, “Why on earth did you glue perfectly good books to your wall?” Your friends will say, “Um. Dude. I think someone is playing a practical joke on your library.” You will say, “Nuh-uh. I am a storage genius.” For, you see, the Small Conceal Floating... [More]


Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp

You already know we’re obsessed with old Hollywood glamour, so the Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp at Restoration Hardware is destined to be ours. It swathes rooms in a soft, film noir glow and can be pointed in any direction, all the better to flatter from any angle. It makes... [More]

small photo: joseph-joseph-cutting-boards-100x100.jpg

Joseph Joseph Index Cutting Boards

If our mothers are right (and dang it, they often are), it’s suicide to use the same cutting board for every job in the kitchen. Cheese cannot touch fruit, veggies will be contaminated by meat, fish… well, forget about fish. It’s enough to make a gal reach for the takeout... [More]


French Girl Sweater by Cutiemus

Wooo la la, zees eez one cute swetair, as zee French would say, non? So maybe our Pepe le Pew accents leave something to be desired, but this tres adorable French Girl Sweater from Cutiemus is destined to be one of our new spring favorites. Black and white goes with... [More]


Cassette Tape Tote Bag by Fred

This functionally hip Cassette Tape Tote Bag by Fred reminds us of 1980's Memorex commercials, but it’s also literally a throwback! You throw it over your back! And… Okay, we’ll stop now. Nobody else seems to be laughing. Suffice it to say, this could be your new favorite way to... [More]

libre tea glass small.png

Libre Teaglass

A portable, thermal, to-go cup for loose-leaf tea? Where has this been all our lives? Even a morbidly-addicted coffee drinker can appreciate the soothing benefits of tea. And the loose-leaf variety is so much tastier and healthier than those bags. Preparation goes thusly: boil water. Stick foliage of choice inside... [More]

necklush small.png


Even before the weather on this here planet went a little cuckoo, Spring was a fickle tart. Warm? Cool? Windy? Sunny? All of the above? During this transitional period, breathable layers are the way to go. Enter the awesomely-named Necklush (which admittedly sounds a bit like a particular type of... [More]

the good the bad and the ugly small.png

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Movie Poster

There are two types of people in this world: those who love Clint Eastwood, and those who don’t. If you fall into the latter category, right about now you may want to skip to the next item*. We’ll wait. Okay, we’re alone now, O Appreciators of Fine Films! Check out... [More]


Comma Sutra Shirt

Those crazy commas. They can't stop...experimenting. Celebrate punctuation's refusal to bend to one position with this uber hilarious Comma Sutra Shirt ($18). In black or blue, the tee "speaks" for itself, so we'll sign off without further commentary.... [More]


Dekuyper Burst Bar Shots

Deep thought for the day: Shots are fun. Unsurprising insight of the day: Shots can become an expensive venture, whether you're knocking them back at the bar, or (probably unsuccessfully) mixing at home. Ingenious idea for the day: Dekuyper Burst Bar Shots ($11). These pre-mixed shots are as easy to... [More]


Siren of the Sea Hydrating & Brightening 7-Piece Set

We confess that we totally want the seasonal straw clutch that houses BareMinerals' Siren of the Sea Hydrating & Brightening 7-Piece Set ($49). Aside from this perk, let us point out that this mermaid-inspired collection is pretty hot (in a totally cool way.) After all, the lip gloss, blush and... [More]



Sure, the Uten.Silo ($350) don't come cheap—but neither, darling, does peace of mind. Luckily, this organizational wonder will provide plenty of that, as its various containers and metal clips, hooks and storage units, work harmoniously to replace your junk drawer. A perfect replica of German-designer Dorothee Becker's original 1960's version,... [More]


Dow Jones Hanky

There's nothing we love more than a good recession. Except, perhaps, good sarcasm. And whether you've got your own thing for witty humor or are genuinely shedding tears, this Dow Jones Hanky ($28) is sure to provide helpful backup. Embroidered with a red graph of the Dow Jones from 2004... [More]


Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers

Fire up some serious fun this summer, with these amazing Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers ($14). Set of two stainless steel skewers are designed to bend and twist easily, securing twice as much yummy kabob food, while also allowing you to stuff finished skewers in a marinade bag. These grilling... [More]


Selvedge Chambray Shirt

Boyfriends ($88) are so hot right now, and we're not talking about the kind that actually require effort—or fidelity. Take, for example, this guy-inspired Selvedge Chambray Shirt ($88) from J.Crew. Stonewashed to a comfy feel and sized to a forgiving fit, this denim number is bound to become your next... [More]


Tarte CelluFIGHT

If we told you that you could get tanned and toned in one simple step, would you be on board? Then read on. CelluFIGHT ($40), the newest offering from our friends at natural cosmetics line, Tarte, is an ingenious 2-in-1 concept cream. Rich with an exclusive caffeine and bio-nutrient complex... [More]



You know the drill: Post-work and you're fighting with your man over what to watch. He wants action. You want sap. You both want to stop bickering and zone out already. May we solve your Thursday night fight by suggesting Taken? ($16) This killer flick stars Liam Nesson, who has... [More]


Goody Grams Animal Shot Glasses

RARRR. As if shots weren't wild enough, Goody Grams Animal Shot Glasses ($32) take the party to a whole new level. Available as a pewter Deer, Moose, Rhino or Bull (or as a super animalistic set of five for $112), each of these glass vessels are designed to balance on... [More]


Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss

Is that lip gloss in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? If there's Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss ($19) on your person, it's probably both. Combining the best of the makeup and the man world, this creme brulee scented gloss comes in your choice of... [More]


Telephone Cord Watch

There's something about this Telephone Cord Watch ($65), not the least of which is that it reminds us of The Telephone Song in Bye Bye Birdie. (Best. Movie. Ever.) Plus, this wrist candy is made of real vintage telephone cord, accessorized by an equally old phone key. Choose black or... [More]


Nokia E71x

We took a vote and it's official. The coolest phone we've seen in forever is the brand new Nokia E71x ($100). The thinnest smartphone on the market, the E71x allows you to seamlessly blend all your pocket devices—from MP3 player to computer browser—into 4.4 ounces of awesome. Fabulous features abound,... [More]


Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets ($6-$8)—amazing doesn't even begin to cover them. In fact, neither does time-saving or simple, genius or neat. But this product is all of these and more. Available in three fresh scents, (Spring Oasis, Tropical Escape and hypoallergenic Pure & Clean) these laundry sheets contain one... [More]


Juicy Couture Beach Butterfly Bandeau One-Piece Swimdress

We heart ruching. In fact, forget diamonds; ruching is a girl's (figure's) best friend. And with this Beach Butterfly Bandeau One-Piece Swimdress ($178) from Juicy Couture, ruching finally receives its figure-flattering due. Adorably emblazoned with shimmering butterflies, this cute suit is shirred at the sides for the maximum flattering fit.... [More]


Condiment Gun

Are ya feeling saucy? We thought as much, and this Condiment Gun ($24) will allow you to express those feelings. This innocent-looking plastic gun (as much as a gun can look innocent, of course) comes with two cartridges ready to be loaded with your favorite condiment. Pop them in the... [More]


Where the Wild Things Are Tee

Invited to a wild rumpus and have no idea what to wear? Used to happen to us all the time, but then we got hooked up with this Wear the Wild Things Are Tee ($24). Featuring an adorable monster replication from Maurice Sendack's children's book, this tee is super soft... [More]


Flying Pig Watering Can

This is a Flying Pig Watering Can ($20), available exclusively at Pier 1. We think your garden, indoor plants and mood would all benefit greatly from its ownage. Just saying.... [More]


Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is nothing new, but Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo ($19), on the other hand, is. This product is rich with natural rice, oat and tapioca starches, which act to absorb grease and leftover product while also increasing volume. Triclosan and tea tree oil, meanwhile, reduce dandruff and leave... [More]


Design Your Life

In a funk? Blame your furniture. Covered with crap? Use it to decorate. We don't know what we're talking about like, even a little bit here, but twin sisters Ellen and Julia Lupton sure do, and they've imparted their invaluable knowledge in their book, Design Your Life ($17). This clever... [More]


Locher's Necklaces

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who always said the right thing and looked the right way and ended up happily ever after. That girl was not you—so celebrate the fact that you're interesting with one of Locher's Necklaces ($69-$71). While each is completely unique, all of... [More]


Drop-Front Shoe Boxes

Ohmigod, we're in shoe heaven, and it's not even due to a new pair. In fact, what we're jazzed about here is a shoe storage solution that (if you ask us), is way too long coming: Drop-Front Shoe Boxes ($6-$8). Because these babies offer clear windows, you can easily see... [More]


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

There's nothing curious about our appreciation of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ($16-$26). Inspired by the F.Scott Fitzgerald story of the same name, this epic film spans the life of Benjamin (Brad Pitt), who is born as an old man, and must then live his life backwards until he... [More]


Flora by Gucci

It's totally impossible not to adore Grace Kelly. From American film actor to Her Serene Highness the Princess of Monaco, the style icon was the epitome of elegance and, well—grace. We presume that Gucci agrees, because their newest perfume, Flora by Gucci ($52) is a breathy, classic tribute to the... [More]



There's nothing we dig more than a hot bath and a hotter "cuppa" (tea, that is). So while we didn't think it was possible, we're damn pumped to announce that our ritual has become a little more awesome, thanks to T(r)eacups ($100 and up)—l-o-v-e the pun, right? Designed by Dutch... [More]


Matador Headphones

These Matador Headphones ($50) caught our eye immediately, and not just because of their 80s-inspired neon hues (although that helped). What we really liked was the listening experience you get here, which is super clean and crisp, and the old school form, which features lightweight, swivel headphones. The Matadors come... [More]


FeelGoodz Flip Flops

Whether you're on a boat flipping burgers or at Kinkos flipping copies, you still need the comfort of a damn good pair of flippy floppies. Enter FeelGoodz Flip Flops ($20), two-toned and solid hued shoes that provide the most spring-in-your-step wearing experience around. Made of 100-percent natural rubber, these flip... [More]


Amazon Kindle DX

We love us some Amazon Kindle, so you won't be shocked when we tell you that we're completely psyched about its big—and we do mean big—brother arriving on the scene this summer. In fact, the Amazon Kindle DX ($489) has an almost 9-incher (display, that is) as opposed to its... [More]


Retromodern Mini Grill

If you're living in a pint sized apartment and secretly grilling on the fire escape when your landlord is out (not that we've ever done this or anything), then this Retromodern Mini Grill ($98) will definitely hit the spot, so to speak. Described as a "futuristic throwback" (we don't get... [More]


Oxidized Bird Earrings

While this post could be misconstrued as another thinly veiled attempt to get you to follow us on Twitter (we're rolling out all kinds of cool new stuff in the coming weeks), it's totally not. What we're actually and honestly posting about here is Lyn Nieri's stunningly simple—and simply stunning—jewelry... [More]


BabyCakes Cookbook

Some of our best friends are vegan (we think they're totally weird, but we still love 'em.) Meanwhile, your friendly editor has celiac disease, which, (she'd like to assure you), sucks. But there's actually, finally ecstasy-inducing news for the wheat, dairy, vegan and diabetic among us: BabyCakes: Vegan, Gluten-Free and... [More]


Tweezerman Lighted Slant Tweezer

How many times have you walked out of your house freshly tweezed and feeling great, only to notice that you missed like, four little blonde hairs invisible without sunlight? We feel your pain. But never again shall this common female plight plague you, thanks to the Tweezerman Lighted Slant Tweezer... [More]


Designer Duct Tape

Everyone knows that duct tape is the greatest substance on earth. It's also, unfortunately, one of the ugliest. Or it was before Designer Duct Tape ($10) arrived on the scene. DDT (sorry, it walked right into that one) offers the function of the gross grey stuff with all the fashion... [More]


Kate Spade Preston Hollow Large Flower Pot

While we don't actually recommend potting perennials in Kate Spade's Preston Hollow Large Flower Pot ($495) (that price suggests it's better for other purposes) we do believe you should admire it from all angles. Made of cowhide leather in bright green or sunshine yellow, the purse boasts charming daisy-shaped perforations... [More]


Ice Cream Pint Tub

As every (occasionally despondent) girl knows, there's no better companion than Ben. Except Jerry. And now you can take both of your favorite men with you (to your girlfriend's house to lament life) in this super convenient Ice Cream Pint Tub ($13) from Crate & Barrel. The pint-sized container provides... [More]


Cyber Clean Electronic Cleaning Putty

OK, so the concept behind Cyber Clean Electronic Cleaning Putty ($10) isn't brilliant—but you didn't think of it, did you? This gooey yellow goop attracts dirt and dust and yucky stuff rather like a magnet. Just press it into the cracks of your keyboard, your cell, your remote, whatever, and... [More]


Pureology Essential Repair System

There's not a hair product in the world that doesn't claim to make your locks look and feel amazing. The difference with Pureology's new Essential Repair System ($24-$59)? They actually follow through. This insanely effective treatment for color-treated, damaged, dry hair (aka, everyone) uses natural products like soy milk and... [More]


BoConcept Storage Bed

Ever noticed that no matter the size of your place, you always need more room to store stuff? That anomaly is precisely the reason we think the BoConcept Storage Bed ($1,649) is so cool. While it looks and acts like your standard Queen-sized sleepy space, this super smart bed raises... [More]


Bigfoot Vs Bunyan T-Shirt

ROAR! It's a serious war for the woods on this Bigfoot Vs Bunyan T-Shirt ($10). While we're not sure who wins, we do know that this model would kick ass in a "whitest teeth competition." (Seriously, what's going on there?) Anyway, about that tee. It's 100-percent cotton, super soft, fitted... [More]


Customizable Dog Leads

We're constantly touting the idea that your pets should be as fashionable as you are (we're in NYC—dogs wear booties here) and these Customizable Dog Leads ($16-$19) from Preppy Princess are a damn good way to start. Choose from over 25 fun patterns (we're big fans of these lobsters, as... [More]


Wine Vivabox

Give your favorite wine-o a gift like no other—that of complete, uninhibited inebriation— with the Wine Vivabox ($109). When mom opens this boxed present, she'll find a hardcover book, Wine Spectator's Essentials of Wine, plus a coupon for a year of "Wine Spectator" magazine. All this is just foreplay, however,... [More]


Soap & Lotion Caddy

The price is right for this elegant-looking Soap & Lotion Caddy ($15) from Bath & Body Works, but mom'll never know that (unless she reads this blog, in which case, you've got bigger problems—like surprising her.) Featuring full-sized bottles (12 oz.) of a rich lathering soap and its matching luxurious... [More]


Earth Cairn Necklace

There's really nothing she won't love about this Earth Cairn Necklace ($45), but let us give you the highlights. Styled in the spirit of the cairn (a traditional stacking of stones to commemorate the achievements and events of one's life), this necklace will remind mom of all that she's got... [More]


White Lies for Dark Times by Ben Harper & Relentless7

Ben Harper & Relentless7's White Lies for Dark Times ($10) isn't for every mom—but if yours still fondly remembers her hippie years, digs on rock or gospel, or just enjoys her some good music, then you can safely bestow this groovy album. Harper's ninth, this is a compelling mix of... [More]


Filigree Hummingbird Feeders

Aaaa-nnnd, we're back with Day Two of our must-read Mother's Day Gift guide. To kick it off, the spotlight's on these fabulous Filigree Hummingbird Feeders ($40). Handmade with love in Mexico, the thick-walled feeders feature graceful etchings of sweeping florals and delicate hummingbirds. Each is specifically designed to attract the... [More]


Ten Reasons I Love Mom Truffles

There's no way you could ever quantify your love for mom, but these Ten Reasons I Love Mom Truffles ($35) make a damn good start. Here, ten adorable daisy-print boxes are labeled with simple, heartfelt reasons you're likely to love your mother ("Nothing fazes you...and I've certainly tried," for example).... [More]


J.Jill Oversized Wrap

Wrap mom up in warmth and style with an Oversized Wrap ($39) from J.Jill. This soft, linen scarf comes in five pretty colors (we're particular fans of the sea-blue "aegean") and is as useful for light warmth on a walk as it is to accessorize any outfit. Best of all,... [More]


Premium Margaritaville Trio Frozen Concoction Maker

The Premium Margaritaville Trio Frozen Concoction Maker ($500) is the gift that keeps on giving—and not just to mom. After all, this magnificent machine flawlessly creates 72-oz. of frozen goodness at once. The secret to its superiority is two drink-making mechanisms: one for shaving ice, one for dispensing perfect amounts... [More]


Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

That fabulous skin and youthful look you get so many compliments about? It's all in your genes, and you can thank mom for that by "reactivating" hers, with Lancome's new Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate ($78). The result of ten years of research, this amazing formula actually boosts youth-enhancing gene's activity... [More]


Pink Drill Kit

Let us make plain that we're definitely not suggesting your mom (or our moms, or you for that matter) only dig pink gadgets. We know that's totally not the case, but still—what better way to distinguish her tools from dad's stuff than with this Pink Drill Kit (~$54)? This 12v... [More]


Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here at Outblush, we like to think that we're always giving you mom-appropriate gifting ideas (with a few notable exceptions.) Still, a little gift guide never hurt anyone, which is why—today and tomorrow only—we're posting nothing but items we particularly think mom'll love, so you can get your last minute... [More]


Solid Petal Bandeau Tank

Two piece bathing suits are sooo last year, and we swear we're not just saying that 'cause we're still packing too much winter weight to look good in them. Luckily for us (and you), there are adorable offerings that flatter, like this Solid Petal Bandeau Tank ($80) from J.Crew. The... [More]


iShower Curtain

Do you pretend to be Kelly Clarkson in the shower? Yeah, us too, which is why we can't stop raving about this fun and funky iShower Curtain (~$21). Inspired by the original moving and grooving iPod adverts, this shower curtain features dark silhouettes singing, scrubbing and washing against fluorescent hued... [More]


The Art of Shaving for Women

Why should men get to shave in barbershops, complete with lather and hot towels, while we're forced to hack away in our bathrooms with dull razors and pithy, pink shaving cream? While we can't promise the hot towels, we can tell you that you'll never get a better shave than... [More]


Suspension Side Chair

In the words of our hero, Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there." There, of course, being wherever this Suspension Side Chair ($598) is located (although we'd prefer this dock, we're pretty flexible). Because this indoor/outdoor seat features artfully strung cradle of taut jute and a gorgeous chestnut wood... [More]


Iiamo Go Self Heating Feeding Bottle

Even if you don't have kids, the Swedish-made Iiamo Go Self Heating Feeding Bottle (~$38) is enough to make you want one of the little boogers angels. OK, so that's a total lie, but if you have a baby already, you'll be pumped to know that this bottle features an... [More]