Ben Folds Presents; University a Cappella!

Whether you sang in your college glee club or have never even listened to an a cappella performance, you're going to seriously dig Ben Folds Presents: University a Cappella! ($10)—his punctuation, not ours. This sixteen track album features gloriously re-mastered Folds songs sung without instrumentation by college groups across the... [More]


Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk

Skin cancer sucks, and with dermatologists consistently warning that SPF alone may not save ya, we're pretty thrilled with this dual-protection Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk ($32). First line of defense here is an SPF 60 UVA/UVB complex, which features the unique "Cell-Ox Shield" to protect your skin down deep... [More]


Genius G-Shot HD520

OK, here's the story: With their new G-Shot HD520 ($149), the long dormant Genius is offering something that lives up to the company's moniker—a combination still and video camera that's both lightweight and easy to use. The Genius can capture 11 megapixel stills and H.264 compression format high def video,... [More]


Swine Flu: Bacon's Revenge

You were all such fans of the bacon lip balm (Have we mentioned how much we love you guys?), that we figured we'd be doing you a disservice if we didn't let you know that you could get a Swine Flu: Bacon's Revenge ($10) t-shirt to go along with it.... [More]



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Folding Strainer

Utterly simple, yet incredibly useful, this Folding Strainer ($60) is just the kind of thing that gets us all hot and bothered. Made of soft touch rubber, the strainer is hardy enough to hold even the heaviest carb loads, while light enough to fold down to a quarter of its... [More]


Jive Pod

It claims to be for ages eight and up, which means it's totally acceptable for us to super duper want our own Jive Pod ($13), right? Seriously, this gizmo is cool because it takes your music listening experience and turns it into a rather amusing game. Just plug the Jive... [More]


Spiegel Short Sleeve Jacket & Sheath Dress

So, the temperature's heating up at last? Sizzle right along with it, in this Short Sleeve Jacket ($54) and Sheath Dress ($49), from Spiegel's Signature Stretch Seersucker Collection. This two-piece ensemble is every bit as much the power suit as your winter wear, but in soft, striped patterns and a... [More]


Badass Hair Spray-In Condition

Whether you spent the day at the beach or the night on the town, you can bet that combing your hair later will not be a pleasant experience. Luckily, Badass hair eliminates the headache (literally) with their Spray-In Condition ($18), a gentle, leave-in product. Not only does this stuff detangle,... [More]


Marquee Frame

We're really at a loss as to what is going on with the girl in this photo, but that (alterable) strangeosity aside, we really think this Marquee Frame ($20) is pretty groovy. The molded frame's series of grooves + a set of 141 numbers, letters and symbols + your creativity... [More]



Picture this: You're floating on a peaceful, crystal blue sea. You've got a drink in hand, a cabana boy to bring more, and your favorite tunes floating right next to you. While we can't supply the sea or the drink or the cabana boy, (wow, our batting average is not... [More]


Bestow Legs Spoon Sugar Bath & Creamer

Last week, we gave you a reason and a setting to have a tea party. Now, we're giving you the must-have serving dishes to make it memorable, Bestow's Legs Spoon Sugar Bath and Legs Creamer ($60 each). Handcrafted in England from durable earthenware, both feature textural raised patterns, delicate gold... [More]


Kate Somerville Anti Bac Clearing Lotion

When it comes to acne (and buttne and backne), we don't waste time messing around—it's body baring season, after all. Luckily, Kate Somerville doesn't mess around either, and her Anti Bac Clearing Lotion ($39) zaps zits faster than you can say "pizza face." The prescription strength formula owes its prowess... [More]


J & D's Bacon Flavored Lip Balm

The swine flu epidemic is creepy and weird enough (killer pigs!?)—but add in the devastating fact that we're gonna have to lay off the bacon for awhile, and we're kind of curled up in the fetal position here. Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and... [More]


Ellington Leather Belmont Satchel

A purse is just a purse, except when it isn't—and the Ellington Leather Belmont Satchel ($200) definitely isn't. Because it's really the only bag you'll need all summer, it demands full focused attention. So do we have your attention? The Belmont is totally capable of carrying everything you need for... [More]


Kiel Mead Camera Necklace

What can we say about the gorgeousness that is Kiel Mead's Camera Necklace? It's handcrafted by a 24-year-old genius. It comes in sterling silver ($150) or 14K gold ($200). It's a work of art. It's pure love.... [More]


AK Rock Box Gaming & Storage Ottoman

There's a guitar on your TV and a drum set serving as your coffee table. If you've hopped on the Rock Band revolution, we know you're following us here. But! Where once we felt doomed to live in cluttered spaces for the sack of our game, an ingenious solution has... [More]



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Davek NY Traveler Umbrella

Sure, it's an investment, and an unexpected one at that, yet Davek NY Traveler Umbrella ($95) is worth the price tag. "But it's an umbrella!" you say. "It's more," we respond. Aside from being pretty (love the color choices) and petite (weighs less than a pound), the Traveler is perhaps... [More]


Inevitable Betrayal Babydoll

When it's a fight to the death, poor herbivorous Stegosaurus doesn't stand a chance against his meat loving T-Rex opponent. Bummer. The good news is that you can show your sympathy for the underdog with this chocolate brown Inevitable Betrayal Babydoll ($20). The tee features the two cream-colored dinos face-to-face,... [More]

sheerin-okho-first-class-flight-mask-t.jpg `

Sheerino'Kho First Class Flight Mask

Beauty at 35,000 feet. How does the First Class Flight Mask ($100) do it? We'd love to tell you, but the folks at Sheerino'Kho are pretty damn good at keeping it secret—rather like the mystery of what really goes on behind those first class curtains (not something we here at... [More]


Plia Designs Venetia PDA Universal Case

Whether you're obsessed with your Blackberry or devoted to your iPod, your third arm deserves to be as fashionable and fabulous as the rest of you. This is the very reason that you need a Plia Designs Venetia PDA Universal Case ($72). In a print inspired by ancient Venetian glass,... [More]


Butterfly Bistro Set

When was the last time you had a good tea party? You were probably serving water and toadstool caps to your entourage of stuffed animals, weren't you? Yeah, us too, but this dainty Butterfly Bistro Set ($527) brings that outdoor dining urge back. Made of rust-free aluminum, the powder white... [More]


Clinique Almost Bronzer SPF 15

When it comes to the summer sun, the most beat-up part of your bod is inevitably, consistently your face. The good news? By using Clinique Almost Bronzer SPF 15 ($29), you'll save your nose, cheeks and forehead from cooking like a lobster or peeling like a banana (yay, food analogies!)—while... [More]


Sounds of the Universe by Depeche Mode

We're just gonna come right out and say that Sounds of the Universe ($10) is not Depeche Mode's best album. That stated, this is, a) the group's twelfth studio album—everyone gets a pass at that point and, b) still damn enjoyable. In SOTU, Depeche Mode has taken a chance on... [More]


Babooshka Paperbag High Waisted Mini Skirts

When the weather merits something lighter than your jeans, get the best of every figure flattering world with one of Babooshka Boutique's Paperbag High Waisted Mini Skirts ($40). Each MTO skirt (that's made to order, for those more used to shopping off the rack) is short enough to show off... [More]


J-41 Aquarius Water Ready Sneaker

Remember when water shoes were synonymous with "damn unattractive? (Refer to figure #1). We do too, which is all the more reason to be psyched about figure #2: The J-41 Aquarius Water Ready Sneaker ($99). This slip-on shoe has cute criss-cross straps and tightens with a hook-and-loop closure. A cushy... [More]


Kiss Art Portrait

Don't be such a kiss up. And don't give us any lip, either. In fact, don't say a word. Instead, let your very personal Kiss Art Portrait ($290 and up) do the talking for you. This kiss collection from DNA 11 (the folks who brought you those kick ass DNA... [More]



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Victoria's Secret Brilliant Shine Mist

Ever wanted to look like a Victoria's Secret model? Mmm yeah, us too. We don't like to focus on unattainable goals, however, so instead have settled for having a Victoria's Secret model's hair—which is still pretty hot, no? Victoria's Secret Brilliant Shine Mist ($13) is an aerosol spray that credits... [More]


Elecom Graphic Design Earphones

Give your morning commute a piece of 80s-inspired pop, with Elecom Graphic Design Earphones ($30). Artfully mastered by two prominent graphic design firms, each set of funky headphones (there are 12—six pictured (duh)—to choose from) features a whole body design, meaning that outside sound gets filtered at the same time... [More]


Blue Avocado Go-Pack Cool Kit

It's Earth Day (yay, Earth!), but because we think every day should be, we suggest giving your other Mother a gift that'll last: The Blue Avocado Go-Pack Cool Kit ($50). This grocery bag replacement set starts out as a deceptively tiny (we're talking clutch-sized) "grow pack," which opens to reveal... [More]


Zip-It Necklaces

Remember that scene where Dr. Evil tells Scott to "zip it" in approximately 20 different ways within, like, one minute? Yeah, we do too, and we'd link to it, but those WMG jerks made it all MIA on YouTube. Anyway, we digress. What we meant to mention was how cool... [More]


Tarte Cosmetics Be Good to Your Mother (Earth)

Do you love yo momma (earth)? Prove it (momma's not just gonna take your word) with Tarte Cosmetics Be Good to Your Mother (Earth) ($35), a fabulous purple tote adorned in gold and green. Open your new go-to grocery bag, and you'll find three of Tarte's completely natural, SPF 15... [More]


Tessa Nightstand

We love that "found in a cobweb-y corner" look (although we aren't the biggest fans of antiquing), which is precisely why we dig Crate & Barrel's Tessa Nightstand ($349). Here, old-fashioned curved legs and a pear shaped body are finished off with a taupe-grey whitewash and antique brass hardware fixtures.... [More]



The moment is 1977. The figures are a disgraced ex-President, Richard Nixon (Frank Langella) and a swanky TV persona, David Frost (Michael Sheen). The movie is Ron Howard's Frost/Nixon ($18). In this dramatic adaptation of Peter Morgan's play by the same name, the title characters engage in a bitter fight—Nixon... [More]


Hello Kitty Sigg Resuable Bottle

We recognize that not all adult women share our somewhat bizarre juvenile fascination with all things Hello Kitty. But even haters will have to appreciate this Hello Kitty Sigg Reusable Bottle ($20), if for no other reason than its earth-friendly impact. Made of a single piece of aluminum, this Kitty-emblazoned... [More]


Adi Bakshi Fashion Scarves

The new recipe for serious chic? Fasten button. Repeat as desired. We wouldn't lie to you—with Israeli designer Adi Bakshi's Fashion Scarves ($34-$42), it really is that easy. Each fashion forward scarf (there are almost 20 patterns and colors to choose from) wraps loosely around your neck, then sits tight... [More]


Ramnarace Mika Bowl

If you've ever been struck by the form of a Mustang or the body of a Thunderbird—that's Ford cars, not wild animals—then you already appreciate Sid Ramnarace's work. This car design aficionado has now turned his talents to creating wares for the home, and the Ramnarace Mika Bowl ($112) is... [More]


SporteeGal Journals

We hate to point this out, but its almost bikini season. If your beach bod is looking a little worse for winter, though, no worries. Whether you're training for a triathlon (we salute you), passionate about pilates, or the mom of your own little meatheads, there's a SporteeGal Journal ($22)... [More]


Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Eye Definer

All the sex appeal of liquid liner without the time investment to get it right? Absolutely possible with Kevyn Aucoin's new Precision Eye Definer ($27). This gentle gel formula comes with a super precise brush, allowing you to apply a stand-out fine line in half the time. You can also... [More]


Triple Hook Up Strip

Your front hall is a mess. People are afraid to enter. We know this because we're in the same boat—which is exactly why we're digging the Triple Hook Up Strip. While it won't guarantee guests venture all the way to the living room, this magnetic strip will make 'em feel... [More]


Twisted Grandma Pretzels

We confess we barely got more than a mouthful of Twisted Grandma Pretzels ($8-$32) before they were spirited away by some men who shall not be named. Still, that one bite and said spiriting lead us to the conclusion that these snacks are good. Aside from the wicked fun name,... [More]


Samsung LED TV Series 6

We have very specific requirements for what makes a good television set. 1) Must be kind to the environment, 2) must provide serious picture quality, 3) must look. damn. hot. Of course, until recently, those "requirements" were more of a fantasy. Then the Samsung LED TV Series 6 ($2,300-$3,600) came... [More]


Fusca Design Small Comic Bookshelves

While perhaps not right for chandelier-carrying homes, Fusca Designs' Small Comic Bookshelves ($Inquire) are perfect for starter/bachelorette/dorm/generally fun loving abodes. Sure, the wooden frames store stuff (which is useful), but make your friends stand under them and voila—thought bubbles! This is clearly a much more interesting purpose and can provide... [More]



How many times have you been with a guy that just does not get the signals you're sending? Because dudes are dense, but most do have a sense of humor, we suggest picking up the hilarity that are HTTPanties ($8). In this collection, four panties correspond to Hypertext Transfer Protocol... [More]


Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist

Read to glow like L.Lo? Uh, yeah, we weren't so sure we were either when a sample of the actress's brand new Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist ($35) arrived at our doorstep. Still, atrocious "catchy" spelling aside (it's OK, Linds, spelling is tawf), we were super pleased with the results of... [More]


Fantasies by Metric

An album that you can enjoy knocking boots to as much as you'll love screaming down the freeway doesn't come along often. So when we picked up Fantasies ($10), the fourth studio album from Metric, we knew we'd found a keeper. This kick ass mix of electronic, punk and indie... [More]


Grass Sleeveless Floral Tiered Dress

A spring fling is pretty much nonnegotiable for the single set, but what to wear while wooing your object of lust? We absolutely recommend this Sleeveless Floral Tiered Dress ($41) by Grass. Frothy floral and white tiers cascade down your upper body while a scoop neckline and thin straps keep... [More]


Anika Engelbrecht Swell Vases

It's the simplest ideas that somehow turn out to be the most attention-worthy, and these Swell Vases ($Varies) by German designer Anika Engelbrecht are no exception. Engelbrecht's white ceramic vases are each made with deep perforations, then filled with a colorful balloon. Once water (and flowers, of course) is added,... [More]


Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color

Step outside your comfort zone with Max Factor's Vivid Impact Lip Color ($8). The collection of lipsticks comes in 20 pure pigment colors and offers up a deep conditioning, shea-butter formula. In other words, you'll look every bit the lipsticked lady and feel as if you're wearing chapstick. Our personal... [More]


Coupon Sherpa

If you don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch yet, we just found your new reason to get one: Coupon Sherpa ($2), the most shopper-friendly app out there. When browsing a brick-and-mortar store (you still do that occasionally, no?), you can use Sherpa to find any coupon that location is... [More]


Peapod Mobility

Get ready to do some serious smiling. Chrysler's Peapod Mobility ($12,500) is the brand new car about town—quite literally as this vehicle keeps its speeds to a minimum (about 40 mph). Still, that's a small sacrifice to make in light of a car that emits zero emissions, requires no gas... [More]


Rubik's Salt & Pepper Mills

We could never figure out the mystery that was the Rubik's Cube and we were always totally envious of those absolute jerks smarties who could. Two decades later, there's good news for the Rubik's slighted. These Rubik's Salt & Pepper Mills (~$17 for one; ~$32 for the set) require no... [More]


L'Occitane Honey & Lemon Foaming Jelly

Even a rushed AM shower can be head-to-toe indulgent when L'Occitane Honey & Lemon Foaming Jelly ($20) is part of the routine. Actually though, there's nothing routine about this hair and body cleansing foam. The gentle formula contains pure honey from Provence, a totally natural product which moisturizes and hydrates.... [More]


Leviticus JewelryTick Tock Earrings

Warning: These Tick Tock Earrings ($25) from Leviticus Jewelry should never be worn with loose (read: concealing) locks. Warning: Wearing them may result in stops and stares. Warning: Fellow females will be envious. Question: Why haven't you purchased these clock-inspired danglers yet?... [More]


Radius BlitzGrill

Grilling is so not just a "guy thing" anymore, and the Radius BlitzGrill (~$6,000) proves that point without even trying—kinda like you behind the BBQ. Assembled and ready for action in five minutes flat, the stainless steel grill offers effortless gas cooking (see ya, smoky charcoal) and a removable cast-iron... [More]


Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Edelweiss Pocket Knife

There's a reason your man carries his Swiss Army Knife everywhere—it's damn useful to have around. And while older versions were boring at best, the Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Edelweiss Pocket Knife ($11) takes all the function in a way prettier form. Aside from a small knife blade, this gadget... [More]


Avon Advance Techniques Heat Infusion Treatment

If you color/straighten/dry/otherwise abuse your hair (did we cover everyone?), it deserves a TO for some TLC—ASAP! (OK, we're done now.) Enter Avon Advance Techniques Heat Infusion Treatment ($5), a three-pack of one-time-use treatments designed to deliver serious moisture to your sad, overworked locks. The heat-infused product also works to... [More]


The Open Door EP by Death Cab for Cutie

One year after the release of their critically-aclaimed Narrow Stairs Death Cab for Cutie offers up that album's EP (dropped tracks), The Open Door. With five songs (four of which are brand new), the album features Death Cab's traditional "stick in your head-itivness" tunes with lyrics that are truly thought-provoking.... [More]


Sparrow Hooks

Like the rest of the world, we're totally obsessed with all things Twitter-related—or all things that remind us of Twitter—so was it any wonder that we fell in love with these Sparrow Hooks ($20)? Sweet and springlike, each set of two hooks arrives with all hardware included to hang 'em.... [More]


L.A.M.B. Henna Crossbody Flap Bag

We've had a girl crush on Gwen since she was rocking out with No Doubt (the first time). Years (and years) later, she's as hot as ever, and remains a total style icon—partly due to a clothing line that makes stuff like this L.A.M.B. Henna Crossbody Flap Bag ($295). The... [More]


Shu Uemura Pink Collection

It's no secret that we here at OB have an unhealthy obsession with all things pink. It goes to show, then, that we almost died of happiness when we learned that the beauty folks at Shu Uemura had actually discovered a new pink hybrid pigment, one of the purest—and now... [More]


Lucha Libre & Robot Keycaps

Whether you choose Luche Libre or Robot Keycaps (both $6 for 2), there's no better way to (cheaply) express yourself. Each fierce-looking set of keycaps is made of heavy duty vinyl to keep your keys secure and sorted.... [More]


Jackie Stretch Seersucker Wide Leg Pant

When we say seersucker, you say sexy. Seersucker! Sexy? Yes, when it's Liz Claiborne's Jackie Stretch Seersucker Wide Leg Pant ($69) in a flattering high waisted, flat front fit. Wide legs give you a comfy bit of "give" and tab accents add a playful touch. Choose this nautical navy version... [More]


Passe Partout Clock

Whether you're wasting time or watching it fly by, the process is way more enjoyable when measured with the help of this Passe Partout Clock ($65). Made up of 12 individual photo frames, you can customize each with your favorite photos, wallpaper, images or whatever. Then, arrange the frames (which... [More]


Ceci New York Jet Set Save the Dates

Set your wedding guests up for the time of their lives with these Jet Set Save the Dates (from $1,600 for 100). Aside from being way more interesting than your standard magnet reminder, each mock plane ticket is printed on 100 percent cotton with mod, readable font in your chosen... [More]


Chikuno Cube

Throw away the ineffective baking soda in your fridge and get rid of that creepy tree-shaped air freshener in your car. Replace both with this Chikuno Cube ($29), a natural air freshener made with bamboo charcoal. Already one of the most absorbent materials around, the charcoal's effect is amplified by... [More]


TV Digital Photo Frame

The instructions may read like Japanese to you ('cause they, um, are), but that doesn't mean you won't dig this "TV" Digital Photo Frame ($100) from Greenhouse. Shaped like a mini reto television set, the 3.5" frame can store and play up to 32 gigs of photos with ridiculous resolution.... [More]


Bobbie Brown Refill Your Makeup

Paying a small fortune for fab-o makeup is one thing, but feeling like you wasted big bucks on packaging? Not cool, which is why we dig Bobbi Brown Refill Your Makeup. This collection includes Brown's best stuff in very portable, snap in/snap out versions. Choose your favorite lip quad (four... [More]


SkirtSports RunnersDream Long Sleeve Shirt

We always thought a runner's dream was to just stop running. But SkirtSports RunnersDream Long Sleeve Shirt ($52) oddly proves otherwise. Available in five fashion-friendly colors, this shirt's got breathable mesh at the sleeves, front and back, plus a solid bust panel to keep the girls secure. The favorite feature... [More]


Cupcake Floss

Oh the sweet, sweet irony that is Cupcake Floss ($4). Twenty-seven yards of yummy, vanilla frosting flavored floss deliciously mimic the very treats that are supposed to cause cavities/gum disease in the first place. In fact, Cupcake Floss actually claims to be a "party in your mouth"—and well—we're gonna stop... [More]


Kor One Hydration Vessels

These aren't your ordinary "water bottles." No, Kor One Hydration Vessels ($30) are clearly of a more elite class, and they've got a pretty damn great purpose, too. Each water bottle ('cause, OK, let's be honest about what we're dealing with here) holds 25-ounces of liquid and has a hinged... [More]



Looking to get Mr. Right Mr. Right Now in the mood? Ready to sink into relaxation? Low on living room decoration? Whatever your reason for picking up Colorlight ($25), it's a damn good thing to have around. A totally simple, yet oddly ingenious concept, the DVD rotates through a series... [More]


Bow Pleated Tank

We recognize that posting about Gap's Bow Pleated Tank ($22) is kinda sorta wishful thinking. (Also, we really wanted an excuse to listen to that song). But we still love the super swing-y fit and adorable bow at one shoulder—and we think you will, too.... [More]


Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader

We can't think of a better reason to get your pre-order on than the Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader ($300). The first ever digital recipe reader that's also 100 percent kitchen friendly, this gadget can hold up to 2,500 recipes and pictures and can withstand every kitchen hazard. The... [More]


Marie Louise Cosmetics Cleansing Clear Gel

Cosmetician Marie Louise has been hailed in Japan as the "Mother of Modern Beauty" for nearly 100 years. We thought the title was extreme. Then we tried Cleansing Clear Gel ($57). Uh—we still thought the title was extreme—but that doesn't mean we weren't totally in love with this ultra hydrating... [More]


Kingdom of Rust by Doves

At last, Doves return with their first album in four long years, Kingdom of Rust ($14)—and trust us when we say that it was worth the wait. If you liked the British trio's previous work, there's nothing you won't love here. The album is rich with brooding vocals, intense guitar... [More]


Christian Louboutin Petal Sandal

Could we walk in these shoes? Probs no. Could we afford them? Doubtful. Do we want them more than anything? Duh. Christian Louboutin's Petal Sandal ($999) boasts a 4" heel, pink or black crepe satin petal detail, silver hardware and Louboutin's signature red sole. Really, spring deserves to be welcomed... [More]


Vera Wang Rock Princess

Honestly, Vera Wang's newest scent Rock Princess could smell like prunes and diesel fuel, and we'd still wear it. ('Cause like, who doesn't want to be a rock princess?) But if you're a little more discerning than we are, you'll be happy to know that this eau de toilette seriously... [More]


Pottery Barn Comfort Sofa

Can one couch really be the most comfortable? We confess to lacking a precise measuring tool, but we do know that the Pottery Barn Comfort Sofa ($999-$2,100) got its name for a very good reason. This sofa has three layers of padding on the arms and back and extra deep... [More]


MSK Moleskine

From the most basic model to the fabulous city books, we can't get enough of our Moleskine desk diaries and notebooks. And just when we thought they couldn't get any better, the company has made the entire Moleskine experience all about you (quite literally), with MSK Moleskine ($Varies). The offering... [More]


Possibilities Cardigan

Anthropologie's Possibilites Cardigan has our heads spinning in a totally good way. At first glance, this fine-gauge cotton sweater appears to be a simple (albeit, very pretty) crossover cardigan, but start altering and adjusting the garment's front panels and you'll be truly amazed at, well, the possibilities. In ivory, purple,... [More]


Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum

Cleaning sucks, but so does the Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum ($180) from Hoover's Platinum Collection. (Sorry, we couldn't resist that one.) Bypassing the bag altogther, the Linx uses Wind Tunnel technology and a motorized power brush to deep clean both carpets and hardwood like whoa. Even cooler, the vacuum runs... [More]


Artecnia Dada Clock

Sure, you've got a clock on your computer, but sometimes telling time is more than just a functional thing. Enter the Artecnia Dada Clock ($55), a very cool pop art piece designed with the surrealism movement in mind. Reminiscent of an egg-shaped kitchen timer, the clock—which, we assure you, refrains... [More]


Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200

Sink your teeth into something delicious and nutritious, with Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200 ($14), which features—wait for it— 200 recipes all under 200 calories. OK, so the concept isn't rocket science, but the offerings truly are. From cheesy corn muffins to pretzel bottomed ice cream pie, the recipes here... [More]


StringFix Accessory Holder

Imagine a clutter-free vanity. Now picture a pristine desk, organized tools and accessible kitchen gadgets. The clutter-free possibilities are pretty much endless with this insanely affordable StringFix Accessory Holder (~$7 for two). Each black, red, or transparent (shown) StringFix has two discs on either end which attach to your wall... [More]



Do you like music? Oh you do? Interesting. Let us take this opportunity then, to stress how much that music-listening life of yours will improve with TuneUp ($20 for a year; $30 forever). The smartest software to hit the market in years (yes years, dammit), this ingenious program combs your... [More]


Gigi Skinny Minnie Belt

When is a sloppy white t-shirt and ripped jeans a fashion statement? When a Gigi Skinny Minnie Belt ($92) is thrown into the mix. To make your own style statement, pick both the fleur finish (nickle? 14K gold?) and the leather color (galaxy purple? red diesel?) of your belt. Order... [More]


USB Tulip Hub

We've got 24 days until May flowers make their appearance (not that we're counting or anything). Get through the grey seconds until then by adding this USB Tulip Hub ($22) to your workspace. Both fun and functional, this simple gadget boasts four high-speed USB ports masquerading as cheerful red tulips... [More]


Three-Tier Cupcake Stand

Even though it's been several years since the cupcake craze hit, they're still the new black of desserts—cakes, we assume, being the original black. So it's little wonder that we love this Three-Tier Cupcake Stand ($30), exclusively from Crate & Barrel. The lacquered steel stand boasts three tiers (duh) of... [More]


Gilded Garden Mosaic Shimmer Bloc

Get your glow on with this Gilded Garden Mosaic Shimmer Bloc ($38) from Laura Mercier. Just use a fluffy brush—our favorite set is here—to blend the pink-y "flowers" in the palette, then sweep the light-relecting formula over cheeks, lids and anywhere else you want a serious "someone just kissed me... [More]


Vivienne Tam HP Digital Clutch

Last year we wrote a cryptic entry on Vivienne Tam and HP's collaboration Digital Clutch Notebook—cryptic because HP wasn't giving us much more than the fabulous design to consider. Fast-forward to today and that same red and purple peony print we loved is splayed on the brand new Digitical Clutch... [More]


Wink Sensual Blindfold

Whether your preferred bedroom activity is sleeping or sexing, the Wink Sensual Blindfold ($75) is sure to enhance the experience. This bias cut blindfold is attached to three full yards of colorful, hand-dyed silk. Offer up the "Z" emblazoned side to inform your partner that bedroom action will be limited... [More]


Kraftwerk DIY Cardboard Chair Plans

Can't afford to go out these days? Make your time at home mildly to wildly (specific adjective depends on just how broke and sad you really are) more fun by ordering a set of Kraftwerk DIY Cardboard Chair Plans (~$10). The plans offer step-by-step instructions to create cool-looking chairs from... [More]


Fossil Analog Multi Dial

Seriously now. Isn't it about time you stopped using furtive phone checks as your sole means of telling time? Quit bugging everyone around you and get a watch—particularly this watch: The Analog Multi Dial ($105) from Fossil. This stainless steel beauty artfully mixes modern (an encasement of sparklers) with retro... [More]


Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing

We took a poll, and it's official: No one at OB HQ knows the difference between bobbins and basting. We took another poll and found that despite this, we all still totally dig Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing: Fabu-Low-Sew Projects for the Everyday Crafter ($15). The book begins with... [More]


Pro-Form 850 Elliptical with Gamefit

Are you looking for a way to say thank-you to your very favorite site, OB? Then please take our survey. Are you looking for a way to pledge undying gratitude to your very favorite site, OB? Then please purchase us a Pro-Form 850 Elliptical with Gamefit ($644). How freaking cool... [More]


Elegant Eva Solo Easy Care Flower Pot

We want you to get a plant. And then we want you to put said plant in an Elegant Eva Solo Easy Care Flower Pot ($53) and pretty much forgetaboutit—when you're not busy admiring it, that is. After all, that's what this smart pot is designed to help you do,... [More]


Headphonie MP3 Speaker

Cute-ify your listening experience with Headphonie MP3 Speaker, a little dude-shaped speaker that boasts big sound. Plug Headphonie into your computer or MP3 player and let him play for up to four hours per USB charge (a rechargable battery in his roly-poly body makes this possible). A guy we want... [More]


Schick Quattro Trimstyle

Until the day that certain, OK, all, guys accept that we'd really like our nether-regions to just do the damn thing and look like this, we're gonna have to keep grooming the old hedge. The good news is that the Schick Quattro Trimstyle ($13) makes that process a helluva lot... [More]


Aoyama Itchome Ogami Collection

When Japanese fashion designer Hogo Natsuwa started his own line (Aoyama Itchome) and his own stores (Callalilai) in New York, a beautiful thing happened. Actually, many beautiful things did, but Natsuwa's Ogami Collection ($249-$329) is our favorite. Each dress in the four part collection is made with luxurious silks set... [More]


Dell Inspiron Towers

As every desktop devotee knows, a home computer can give any laptop a run for its money when properly done. Maybe not surprisingly, Dell's Inspiron Towers ($300 and up) do just that. The new offering allows you to customize the color of your desktop (choose from eight options), as well... [More]


It's Blitz! by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

NYC-based trio the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back—and dare we say better than ever—with their third studio album, It's Blitz!. While we could wax poetic about lead singer Karen O's edgy vocals, or the garage band meets disco feel they've perfected here, we really suggest you just check it out... [More]


Pal + Smith London Wing Chair

Get a little regal with the Queenly Pal + Smith London Wing Chair ($Varies), our favorite piece from the spring '09 collection. Made for you to melt into, this plushy chair boasts a vividly hued leather finish (choose from a variety of colors) and proud claw feet.... [More]


Lush The Pink One

A calorie-free indulgence for Easter—where has this been all our lives? The Pink One ($30) from Lush arrives as a Candy Fluff Bath Bomb, a limited-edition cotton candy "bomb" that will fill one magical bath with pink, frothy goodness. Open the egg-shaped base to find Rock Star Soap, a sugary... [More]


Abercrombie & Fitch Cayla Bikini

We know, we know. Some of you are still shoveling yourselves out (ouch). But that's exactly why we're highlighting Abercrombie & Fitch's Cayla Bikini ($74) now and not in two months. While we don't recommend wearing it in the snow, this skimpy navy blue two-piece is a) vacation inspiration and... [More]