Wired Candy Bead Bracelet

Go ahead: Wear your favorite ratty t-shirt. No one will notice a plain ensemble with this Wired Candy Bead Bracelet ($24) adorning your wrist. A trendy jumble of glass, wood and acrylic beads are affixed to a seed bead covered wire, ensuring a comfy fit for every wrist. Screams "summer!"... [More]


Concrete Nesting Bowls

Do good for the environment, do even better for your decor, with this trio of Concrete Nesting Bowls ($95) by ingenious eco-designer, Robin Wilson. Made from recycled concrete, the tapered angle bowls are available in three neutral hues to complement any room. Who knew asphalt could look this good?... [More]


Garden Tote and Tools

Everything the gardening enthusiast could ever want is included in this stylish nylon canvas Garden Tote ($60). Packed full with two trowels, gardening sheers, a stainless-steel fork and, (because your knees shouldn't suffer, even for beauty) a foam kneeling pad. Easy to wipe clean, easy to tote everywhere—just easy in... [More]


Jurlique Purifying Foaming Cleanser

For those weeks (er, months) when you don't have the time or the cash for a real facial, there's Jurlique Purifying Foaming Cleanser ($40). This skin-reviving miracle worker features natural green tea and calendula to soothe skin, lactic acid to exfoliate it and honey to moisturize. Gentle enough for any... [More]



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Equal Measure

At last! With Equal Measure ($13) you'll finally have a way to gauge the amount of water in a cumulus cloud the size of a bus. OK, while it's not the most practical kitchen gadget, it's definitely one of the most fun. This measuring device does contain ounce and milliliter... [More]


Garden Butterfly Dinner Plates

The last time you had a tea party, the only guests were your stuffed animals. Bring leisurely midday gatherings to adulthood, with these Garden Butterfly Dinner Plates ($36). Each stoneware plate features a darling pastel butterfly identified with its official entomological name. Too cute to keep to just your teddy... [More]


Gentle Heat Double Curl Lash Curler

We're all envious of naturally full-lashed women, but for those of us who need a little help in that arena, there's the Gentle Heat Double Curl Lash Curler ($25). This brilliant battery-powered tool indicates heated readiness by changing color. Once warm, it gently curls lashes in two places: At the... [More]


Kix by Katie

Get your "kix" in long pants that don't bunch under your sexy, open-backed shoes with new Kix by Katie ($13 for 3 pair). These handy devices temporarily secure to the inside hemlines of your pants to give them the little extra weight they need to stay put, effectively eliminating "heel... [More]


Anne Taintor Flask

On those days when you need a drink badly enough to carry it with you, you'll appreciate the extra laughs that come with an Anne Taintor Flask ($22). Each is decked with retro '50s images made (even more) hilarious with modern quotes, like, "Surely it must be five o'clock somewhere",... [More]


Caroline OKA b. Wedges

Because the only thing we love more than comfort is style, we're worshiping these Caroline OKA b. Wedges ($30), which manage to achieve both. Designed to pamper your feet with ergonomically correct fits and built-in massage beads, these brilliant shoes are also antimicrobial and dishwasher safe. Choose from five summery... [More]


Tarte Embrightenment

Get "embrightened!" New Tarte Embrightenment ($26) allows you to whiten your smile on the go with two innovative products in one wand. On one side, goji-berry-infused lip gloss features blue undertones that make your teeth look brighter. On the other, minty BriteSmile tooth whitener, which whitens your grin over time.... [More]


Olivia Sofette

The perfect cure for the common couch! We're a little bit in love with Pottery Barn's custom-designed Olivia Sofette ($1,149-$1,449). Ideal for small spaces with its armless silhouette, yet still comfy with its plush cushions, this sofette is old-world elegance with a modern day twist. Available in a variety of... [More]


Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit

Experts attest that 75 percent of overeating is actually triggered by out-of-control emotions. If tough times mean you're more apt to reach for the ice cream than the elliptical, you'll love the new Emotional Eating Support Kit ($24) by Bach Flower Remedies. The kit contains three 10ml bottles of natural,... [More]


Tranquil Garden Tank

We actually feel cooler just looking at this Tranquil Garden Tank ($65), exclusively from J.Jill. Feather-light and decked with ferns, this summer essential boats figure-flattering darts along the seams. Perfect for wearing to work on a day when you'd rather be anywhere but.... [More]


Willow Flat Print

Bring the outdoors in with the striking Willow Flat Print ($330-$395), inspired by nature, designed by Amenity. This cotton wall hanging is imprinted with graceful willows in simple, stand-out cocoa and cream hues. The print is designed in an eco-friendly environment, with non-toxic paint. Also available in a sienna brown... [More]


American Eagle Bounce Elastic Ballet Flat

You always wanted to be a ballerina when you grew up. While we don't necessarily suggest a sudden career change, we do recommend checking out the American Eagle Bounce Elastic Ballet Flat ($20). This absolutely adorable shoe is super comfy, with an elastic topline and a flexible fit. Available in... [More]



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VTech IS6110

Your sister-in-law has a really annoying voice and this high-pitched laugh...And you just don't like talking to her. With the VTech IS6110 ($96), you no longer have to. The first cordless device to feature a full QWERTY keyboard and instant messaging (IM), the unit allows you to enjoy instant communication... [More]


Bliss Get out of Hair

Your swimsuit-self is so not enhanced by stubble and ingrowns. To the much-needed rescue, Bliss Get out of Hair ($35), an innovative new hair-minimizing cream from Bliss Spas. This moisturizing formula contains willow bark extract to limit ingrown hairs and new "fuzzkill" complex to minimize the appearance of hair growth... [More]


The Rookie Mom's Handbook

New to this whole "mom" thing, or do you know someone who is? The Rookie Mom's Handbook ($10) is the newest must-have for nurseries everywhere. Featuring 250 fun outings and activities for mom and baby to do together during the first year, this cute book is designed to boost mom's... [More]


Laurel Straw Hat

Funky, flirty, floppy...this fabulous Laurel Straw Hat ($28) is everything a summer accessory should be. Boasting a wide-brim trimmed with a thin band, our new favorite hat comes in four muted colors. Oh yeah: It's also really good at protecting you from a scorched scalp.... [More]


RuMe Bag

Want to do something good for the environment and look great while you're at it? Introducing the RuMe Bag (3 for $29), a brilliant new carry-all designed for use again and again. RuMe bags are generously sized to hold up to 50 pounds, yet they roll up to just 6"x2"x3"... [More]


Sephora Makeup Eraser Pen

So you still haven't mastered the art of liquid eyeliner. With the notable exception of Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, who has? Luckily, with the Sephora Makeup Eraser Pen ($12) in your makeup arsenal, no one will know about your heavy hand with the mascara. This chunky "pen" works like... [More]


Botanical Block Shower Curtain

We never thought we'd see the day when we would rave incessantly about a shower curtain of all things, but one look at this Botanical Block Shower Curtain ($60) and you'll see why we're obsessed. An adorable addition to any bathroom, the pretty pink and orange-based block pattern mimics the... [More]


Isaac Mizrahi for Target Triangle Swimsuit

"Cute suit!" Get ready to bring in the compliments with the Isaac Mizrahi for Target Triangle Swimsuit ($35). This bright red one-piece boasts a lingerie-inspired neckline and simple halter straps that tie at the neck. Holds you in place while still looking sensational.... [More]


Springboost Motion Shoes

Work-out without the work, just by adding Springboost Motion Shoes ($144) to your gym apparel. Using exclusive "DORSI" technology, these smart sneakers feature a slight incline which engages your legs, butt and core for dramatic toning. The sneaks also improve your posture. We can't think of a reason not to... [More]



Go ahead: Skip the shower. Whether you're the mom of a newborn or rushing from work to a date, we guarantee that your unwashed hair will adore Shampowder ($16). This pigmented powder adds body to lifeless locks while absorbing oil and dirt. The light vanilla scent leaves hair smelling sweet,... [More]



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Yotta Chewy Granola Bars

Do you still hear mom's "Eat your veggies!" refrain echoing in your head as you reach for a candy bar? We feel your pain, and so do the makers of Yotta Chewy Granola Bars ($15 for 12 bars). These surprisingly yummy snacks each contain a full serving of six different... [More]


Tania Dress in Riviera Print

He-llo, summer! We really couldn't think of a better way to welcome the warmth than by donning this Tania Dress in Riviera Print ($118) by Jams World. Featuring a figure-hugging drape, a deep halter and bright "look at me" patterns, this daring dress is not for the self-conscious. Then again,... [More]


Money Tree

Sure, money doesn't grow on trees, but this pre-potted Money Tree ($38) is worth having around anyway. According to feng shui practioners, the tiny plant has big power to bring wealth and good fortune to its bearer. Even if you don't believe the lore, you'll still love this classy, low-maintenance... [More]


The Ultimate Home Journal & Organizer

Whether you have a massive home improvement project on your plate, want to buy a new entertainment center, or you just need a way to keep track of paint swatches, The Ultimate Home Journal & Organizer ($20) is for you. This big three-ring binder is packed full of expert advice... [More]


Zeal Optics Airestream Sunglasses

Get glamorously protected peepers with the new Zeal Optics Airestream Sunglasses ($110). Featuring adjustable nose pads and a durable, yet lightweight fit, these sunglasses are perfect for all activities, from sporting to shopping. Available in a variety of polished solids and playful stripes.... [More]


Michael McHale Five-Bulb Symmetrical Chandelier

All that glitters is not gold, but in the case of this Five-Bulb Symmetrical Chandelier ($2,480) by Michael McHale, that's part of the appeal. McHale defies traditional design by starting each unique piece with distressed brass pipes. The lawyer-turned-designer then drapes bright Swarovski crystals over low-wattage bulbs for a breathtaking... [More]


INGREDIENTS Ultra-Moisturizing Scrub

Crushed cloves, sweet orange oil, ground cinnamon...Yes, they're the makings of a delicious recipe, but this yummy treat is for your skin. INGREDIENTS Ultra-Moisturizing Scrub ($40) contains all-natural ingredients that gently exfoliate ashy, dead skin, leaving a hydrated, polished you behind. We're loving the Citrus and Spice variety in particular,... [More]


Long Tiered Sundress

We can't get enough of the much overdue long sundress trend, and this Long Tiered Sundress ($55) from the Gap stands out as one of the best of the bunch. Boasting a soft-knit tencel/cotton blend and criss-cross spaghetti straps, this flowy model is both comfy and eye-catching. Available in five... [More]


Ethel Gloves

Behind those rows of beautiful blossoms are hands that sacrificed a great manicure and suffered more than their fair share of blisters. If this sounds all too familiar, Ethel Gloves ($18) come to the rescue, with the most comfortable fit around. Featuring rubberized grips, stretch spandex and a variety of... [More]


Vita-Mix 5200

Sure, your trusty blender can mix up a mean margarita—but when's the last time it kneaded bread dough? With the Vita Mix 5200 ($449), you can churn ice cream, grind grains to create flour, make whole food juice and even create piping hot soup heated by the super-speed blades. The... [More]


Cover-Me Strap

Effortlessly transform your infant's favorite blanket into a secure nursing cover with the Cover-Me Strap ($12). Designed by a mom, for moms, this pocket-sized invention will quickly become your newest "How did I live without it?" item. This smart strap works with any blanket, is fully adjustable for discreet nursing... [More]


Microplane Foot Buffer

Because rough, dry feet are not a sexy addition to sandal season, you'll love the new Microplane Foot Buffer ($20). The perfect way to keep feet soft and smooth between pedicures, the compact unit fits perfectly in your palm or—for those on-the-go emergencies—in your purse. The buffer also boasts a... [More]


Floral Cupcakes

Sweeten your next celebration with from-scratch Floral Cupcakes ($48). These nine delightful delicacies arrive in an old-fashioned pink bakery box, but it's what's inside that really counts. In vanilla and chocolate with real buttercream frosting, each cupcake features an adorable fondant flower. Tell everyone you made them yourself — we... [More]


The North Face Padda Water Shoe

For the ultimate outdoor sports enthusiasts, the Pradda Water Shoe ($90) by The North Face is an all-terrain amphibious shoe that helps keep you dry and safe on the trail. Available in several Spring-worthy colors, they offer tons of features, giving you maximum comfort and traction.... [More]


FridgeFork Condiment Fork

Remember the old saying, keep your hands out of the pickle jar? Well, with the Fridge Fork Condiment Fork ($6) you can do just that. Perfect for picnics or family gatherings, this helper consists of a silicone loop that conveniently fits around pickle jars, olives and other jars, and holds... [More]


Fetty Braille Bangles

Have something important to say, but feel like the spoken word falls short? Enter Fetty Braille Bangles ($625). This line of polished and oxidized sterling silver bangles feature meaningful words spelled out in American Braille with real diamond chips. Among them: "Yes," "Forever" and "I Love You." Made by Brooklyn's... [More]


Village Lantern

This Village Lantern ($30) is the perfect way to upgrade any space without spending a fortune. The funky black wire globe contains a protective glass lantern designed to hold a large candle. Hang outdoors by the durable chain, or rest on your table for a subtle light shift.... [More]


City Style Roll Sleeve Tunic

What's more flattering than spring's must-have top, the tunic? Since the answer is clearly, "nothing!" you'll be thrilled with this fashion find from New York and Company, the City Style Roll Sleeve Tunic ($37). This soft cotton top features a slightly flared silhouette and thigh-slimming side slits. The funky pattern... [More]


Dyson DC24

Your most hated chore just got a lot more fun. The Dyson DC24 ($400) is the smartest thing to happen to vacuums, well... ever. This brilliant little unit sits on a ball that makes maneuvering behind the couch, below the bed and around the dog absolutely effortless. The vacuum is... [More]


Butler Bag Hybrid

Fashion and function mesh at last in this must-have carry-all. The brilliant Butler Bag ($165) comes equipped with rows of internal compartments, ensuring that you'll never have to dig through a black hole of "stuff" to find your keys or cell. Made of stylish, top-grain leather in a variety of... [More]


The Sneaky Chef

Because sometimes, a girl has to cheat a little to get the job done. The newest offering from Missy Chase Lapine, aka "The Sneaky Chef", How to Cheat On Your Man (In the Kitchen) ($14) offers ingenious recipes and advice for sneaking prostate- and heart-healthy fruits and veggies into your... [More]


Incase Hardshell Case For MacBook

If you own a MacBook that's seen its better days, it's time to cover and protect it with the this pinkalicious Incase Hardshell Case ($50). This stylish and durable case features exterior rubberized soft-touch coating, precise cut outs for wiring as well as vents and rubber feet for added protection.... [More]


Gap Chambray Pintuck Top

A smart move for the perfect summer wardrobe, the Chambray Pintuck Top ($50) from Gap comes in a terrific blue indigo chambray fabric. This pullover style 3/4-length sleeve top features slimming pintucked pleat detailing with button-loop placket and banded cuffs.... [More]


Skinny Songs

Looking to lose in time for swim-suit season? Those last ten pounds could be just a motivational song away! We can't stop listening to Skinny Songs ($15), an upbeat mix of work-out tunes in genres ranging from country to rap. With titles like "Skinny Jeans" and "Objects in Mirror (Will... [More]


Lace Thank You Notes

Weddings and graduations and baby showers, oh my! 'Tis the season for celebration, but with the season comes the dreaded thank you note. While your mother is right — email won't suffice — these Lace Thank You Notes ($25) make expressing your gratitude a whole lot easier. In sage, aqua... [More]


Essence of Beauty Soy Lotion Candle

Bring the spa to your boudoir with the Essence of Beauty Soy Lotion Candle ($10). Made from all-natural soybean oil and enriched with Vitamin E, this sweetly scented candle melts at just several degrees above body temperature and transforms into a skin-softening lotion or sensual massage oil. Available in Passion... [More]


Mini Travel Bar

Because we firmly believe you should never have to be without a stiff drink in times of need, we're loving the Mini Travel Bar ($42). This insulated case includes a flask, corkscrew, stir stick, ice tongs, collapsible shot glasses and funnel (hey, you never know!) A must-have for drinkers wherever... [More]


Gold Plated Sunburst Necklace

Word on the red carpet is that celebs like Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz are snatching these necklaces up as fast as designer Anna Beck can make them. But we don’t need the celebrity endorsement to want this gorgeous Gold Plated Sunburst Necklace ($275). Featuring a 26-inch gold chain, this... [More]


Nikon CoolPix S210

We're totally digging this camera, and not just because of its cool purple face. The Nikon CoolPix S210 ($150) is not only friendly on your wallet, it's considerably smaller in size. At .7 inches, the S210 will fit in the pocket of your tightest jeans without problem. And Nikon's newest... [More]


Ellen Cart Bag

Even if you don’t play golf, this so chic Ellen Cart Bag ($375) from Kerri Golf may convince you it’s time to pick up your first 9-iron. The leather bag is water-resistant with gold-plating, and features all kinds of pockets and compartments for your balls, tees—or lip gloss. Also available... [More]


Supermodel by Victoria’s Secret Shimmering Body Lotion

Shimmer like you mean it with Supermodel by Victoria's Secret Shimmering Body Lotion ($20). This summery, seductive treatment contains fruity notes of Chinese berry and peach blossom, and leaves a light golden sheen on your skin.... [More]


What's a Dame to Do?

Bring this to your next girl's night. What's a Dame to Do? ($34) is the hilarious new board game just for women, that presents players with a challenge, ("What do you do when a guy 20 years your senior hits on you?") and asks each participant to decide how the... [More]


Antique Hemp & Lace Clutch

Imagine looking good for spring and lending a helping hand to Mother Earth at the same time. With designer Heather Heron's Antique Hemp and Lace Clutch ($55), imagining is no longer necessary. This must-have accessory is cleverly crafted from old hemp military bags, made feminine with lacy extras. ... [More]


Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device

Why settle for covering an unsightly pimple when you can actually eliminate it? The Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device ($159) is an FDA-approved, battery-powered gadget that uses a precisely controlled dose of high heat to zap a zit at its source. As if that weren't miraculous enough, the device works... [More]


Isaac Mizrahi Ponte Dress

Shock your Grandmother by wearing white before Memorial Day. One look at Isaac Mizrahi's little white Ponte Dress ($30) and she might just forgive you. A jeweled neck makes this simple shift stand out from the pack, and the A-line skirt is flattering for every shape. Available in French Cream,... [More]


Colorescience Sunforgettable Shaker Jar

The best thing to happen to sun protection since spray-on formula. Colorescience's revolutionary Sunforgettable formula ($50) offers broad-spectrum protection with an SPF of 30. The ingenious mineral powder is gentle enough for sensitive skin and comes in a convenient shaker jar. Our favorite part? It's effective as soon as you... [More]


Distressed Wood Tray Table

Get him to serve you breakfast in bed (or on the patio, or in front of the TV...) with this adorable Distressed White Wood Tray Table ($35). The perfect complement to your favorite outdoor space, this folding table features a built-in tray with pretty carved rim and pull-out drawers. Looks... [More]


Patagonia Morning Glory Dress

If you're ever in need of a dress that is so versatile that you can wear it to a wedding one day, and the beach the next, then you need to check out the Morning Glory Dress ($60) by Patagonia. Made from a soft synthetic jersey-knit, this flattering halter style... [More]


Happytails Travel Dog Spa Set

With Happytails Travel Dog Spa Set ($20), taking your best friend on the road just got a lot more fun (for both parties). This virtual dop kit for dogs includes flea repellent, yummy-smelling bath-replacement spray, peppermint and dill breath freshener, and — for when bath-time just can't be avoided —... [More]


Gardener's Supply Wet Pot

The Gardener's Supply Wet Pot (from $20) offers a clever way for the gardening-impaired and the forgetful alike to grow gorgeous, thriving houseplants. Just fill the glass outer pot with water and allow the clay inner pot to absorb the liquid as the plant within desires. Your indoor garden is... [More]


Express High-Waist Shorts

Combining two of this season's must-have trends — shiny satin and a slimming high waist — Express' High-Waist Shorts ($55) are perfect for work or play. You'll love the slightly stretchy (read: forgiving) fit and unique three button waist. And just for fun, the black shorts come decked with racy... [More]


Microplane Citrus Tool

If you're a sucker for cool kitchen gadgets, make sure to add the Microplane Citrus Tool ($13) to your collection. Made of stainless-steel with a yellow soft-grip handle, this handy, dandy little tool works as a grater, scorer, and stripper for your favorite citrus fruits, dishes, and home baked goodies.... [More]


Victoria's Secret Biofit Uplift Bra

Tired of being lifted when you want padding, and plumped when all you need is a gentle boost? Victoria's Secret Biofit Uplift Bra ($45) puts an end to every woman's underwear woes with size-specific fits. The A-cup, for example, boasts natural padding, while the D-cup contours and lifts. Available in... [More]


Recycled Magazine Picture Frame

And now, for something truly different, we present: The Recycled Magazine Picture Frame ($20). This brightly-colored, highly-textured frame is made entirely of cast-off glossies, so it's as kind to the planet as it is to an empty endtable.... [More]


Gracyn Wedges by Coach

Listen up, ladies: Your summer wardrobe absolutely needs these shoes. Thanks to the work of a trendy straw wedge, the Gracyns by Coach ($188) sport four inch heels that you can actually walk in. Soft leather lining keeps you comfy and a buckle ankle strap ensures you step out in... [More]


Intelligentsia Desk

The simple structure of the Intelligentsia Desk ($1,298) will be a welcome addition for your home office or any room you choose. Constructed from hand forged steel, polished wood and with a textured glass surface, the Intelligentsia Desk  offers two drawers for convenient storage space. [via]... [More]


Rowenta Ultra Compact Steambrush

How many times have you vowed to throw in the (wrinkled) towel on ironing? With Rowenta's Ultra Compact Steambrush ($40), you can finally hang up your ironing board for good. This super-compressed unit provides continuous steam at the touch of a button, so you can restore that wrinkly tablecloth, or... [More]


AE Burlap Love Tote

Go green, and in this case a little pink, with this adorable Burlap Love Tote ($20) by American Eagle. This eco friendly tote features a double sided LOVE screenprint and two straps. It's the perfect carry-all tote for your summer fun.... [More]


Trojan Her Pleasure Vibrating Touch

If you need a little help to have some fun, check out the Trojan Her Pleasure Vibrating Touch Fingertip Massager ($19/2 pack). The discreet toy is washable and reusable, and isn't anywhere near as formidable as other options.... [More]


Covered Copper Hose Pot

Your gorgeous garden needs regular exposure to your hose, but that same hose makes the garden look a little, well, less gorgeous. To the rescue, Brookstone's Covered Copper Hose Pot ($100), a smart storage solution for up to 75 feet of hose. This hammered container features a side opening for... [More]


Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset Style Edition

Sometimes, technology isn’t pretty. Lucky for us, the folks at Sony Ericsson have finally made it possible to have our gadgets and look good too, with the HBHPV705 Bluetooth Headset Style Edition ($61). The trendy gadget comes with three faceplates that are easy to snap on and off, and boast... [More]


Hanky Panky Cotton Lawn Babydoll

The Hanky Panky Cotton Lawn Babydoll ($68) from Bare Necessities more than speaks for itself. Delicately fashioned in sheer woven cotton, this sexy little number features crochet lace trim, an empire waist with sweetheart neckline, and floral embroidery detailing. Comfortable for lounging, yet flirty enough for starting up some serious... [More]


Model In A Bottle

Sure, your make-up looks flawless at 9 a.m., but how's it holding up by your dinner date? If you're tired of being bare-faced by day's end, you'll adore Model in a Bottle ($18 for 2-ounces). One spritz of this ingenious matte setting spray ensures your make-up stays put until you... [More]


Porn for Women

"Ooh, look, the NFL playoffs are today. I bet we'll have no trouble parking at the crafts fair!" No, it's not your wildest fantasy — It's Porn for Women ($11), compiled by the ladies at the Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperation. These smart, sassy pages are loaded with strapping young men... [More]


Burton Ahoy T-Shirt

Graphic tees are definitely in and the Ahoy T-Shirt ($21) by Burton is for sure a must-have for the summer. Available in black and sporting a cute anchor, this long tee offers a slim fit that's sure to be a favorite.... [More]


Vintage Wall Phone

Add character to any room and draw attention to detail with this 1940's Vintage Wall Phone ($395). Swedish-made, the Ericsson bakelite original comes fully restored, complete with an authentic ring.... [More]


Heirloom Tomato Plants

With these seed collections passed down from generations of farmers, you can now grow delicious Heirloom Tomato Plants ($25). These USDA certified organic plants are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and you can choose from the Cherry Tomato Collection or the Salad Tomato Collection. Happy planting.... [More]


Cynthia Rowley for Avon Petal Fragrance

Mmm, it smells like spring around here. You’ll be swept away by Avon’s just-launched Petal fragrance ($15), made in conjunction with designer Cynthia Rowley. Petal is a lighter scent, resplendent with fresh notes of lily of the valley. We can’t decide which is sweeter: The aroma, or the adorable pink... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply Cosmetic Case

Men have their all-important shaving kits, and now women can tote their ever so much more important cosmetics around in the Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply Cosmetic Case ($72). Available in army and twig, this durable cotton canvas case carries with a single handle and features a top zip... [More]


Volcanic Votives

There are so many reasons to love designer Pernille Vea's Mini Volcanic Votives ($50) it's hard to know where to start. Made from real magma, these candle holders have cool grey exteriors that contrast elegantly with the fiery red, yellow and orange glazed interiors. Simple white tea lights set off... [More]


Ant Tablecloth Weights

Ants and picnics aren't the best matches — that is, unless you have these whimsical Ant Tablecloth Weights ($8/set of 4). Crafted from hand-painted metal, these three-dimensional little critters will keep your tablecloth battoned down like nothing else.... [More]


Old Navy Banded Halter

It's all in the details. Old Navy's Banded Halter ($25) remakes this summer staple into something you haven't worn before. The low gathered neckline ensures the top is slouchy enough to keep you comfy, yet the extras (a cute bow, a banded waist) guarantee that it's sexy enough to turn... [More]


Hershey's Lip Balms

At last! Sweet indulgences that will treat your lips — but bypass your hips. The Hershey's Lip Balm Ultra-Moisturizing Trio ($16) comes from on10's newly launched line, in decadent Milk Chocolate, smooth Vanilla Bean and crisp Almond. These hydrating balms are made with olive oil and real cocoa butter for... [More]


Puma Pulse Work Bag

The Puma Pulse Work Bag ($65) combines fashionably chic with function and durability. Carried with double handles, the medium laptop bag is available in vibrant green with pink accents.... [More]