Aspire/Acquire: Jeggings

Everyone is buzzing over "jeggings" (jean leggings) as the second coming of the skinny jean. They fit easily into boots, making them a good choice for fall, and thanks to a heavy dose of stretch in the fabric, they're easier to wiggle into than thicker... [More]


Paige Premium Denim Verdugo Jeggings

Jeggings are not right for everyone. There is really only about two percent of the population who can actually pull them off, most of which are 15 year-old boys. However, when you need a white pant, these Paige Premium Denim Verdugo Jeggings ($158) hit the... [More]


Hue Corduroy Leggings

Denim leggings (a.k.a. "jeggings", a term we can't decide if we love or hate) are everywhere, so the next logical step is other legging-y pants. While we don't know that we'd wear them with a short shirt, these Hue Corduroy Stretch Leggings ($34) would certainly... [More]


YOU Be the Stylist: What should Taylor pair with her J Brand jeggings for her engagement photo shoot?

Sometimes, we get a Personal Shopper request that gets us so intrigued, we find it impossible to narrow down our options. We decided, therefore, that our beloved readers should help, since you're all as fashion-obsessed as we are. Introducing.... YOU Be the Stylist: We're faced... [More]


MICHAEL Michael Kors Lara Platform Booties

"Jeggings" is not a term we use often, nor does it signify a garment we endorse. But these MICHAEL Michael Kors Lara Platform Booties ($245) are just begging to be worn with a pair of skinny jeans and a red flannel button-down. And as we... [More]


AELLA Bancroft Cigarette Pants

Jeggings have their place in your wardrobe. It's called the back of the wardrobe. These AELLA Bancroft Cigarette Pants ($185) offer the same amount of bend and flex that jeggings provide, with a thousand percent more style and class. The front seams elongate legs into... [More]

Gianni Bini Ruby Boot

Gianni Bini Ruby Boots

Two of our favorite trends combined in one - peep-toe and bootie silhouette! We're soo diggin' the Gianni Bini Ruby Boots ($110) for the Fall. They're made of buttery soft, supple suede in a gorgeous tan color that will coordinate with...just about everything in our... [More]


Antipast Tights

Lace tights, tie die tights, jeggings, patent leather leggings, blahblahblah... we've tried it all, but the Antipast Tights ($38) are a welcome breath of fresh air. Hand-drawn sketches climb up our legs like a game of chutes and ladders, and the varied pattern is a... [More]


You Tell Us: Silver Jeans Aiko Joga Jeans

Are you ready to meet the new generation of jeggings? We're undecided - we haven't peeped these Silver Jeans Aiko Joga Jeans ($78) in person yet but they boast featuring a "radical new fabric" that's part denim and part sweatpants. That doesn't sound like the... [More]


YOU Be the Stylist: What should K.B. wear with her red sequined dress for New Year's Eve?

Sometimes, we get a Personal Shopper request that gets us so intrigued, we find it impossible to narrow down our options. We decided, therefore, that our beloved readers should help, since you're all as fashion-obsessed as we are. Introducing.... YOU Be the Stylist: We're faced... [More]


Socialite Bootcut Jeans

Trust us, we're out there grabbing as many pairs of skinny jeans and jeggings as our credit cards allow. But we're also keeping our eyes peeled in our never-ending quest for the right pair of classic bootcut jeans. You know, the ones that pair perfectly... [More]


Doubtblush: Hunter Men's Footless Tights

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything.... [More]


American Retro Flash Leggings

Different interpretations of leggings are all over the place. We've been feeling overwhelmed between jeggings and regular leggings with any button, snap, or sequin on them. Nothing's really excited us enough to make a purchase quite like these American Retro Flash Leggings ($199). They've got... [More]


Siwy Sophie Skinny Jeans

We've heard of jeggings - a mixture of leggings and jeans - but this combo of tights and jeans is something new altogether! Siwy's Sophie Skinny Jeans ($242) offer a little bit of the best of both. We love the slenderizing black denim mixed with... [More]


Free People Vintage Sweater Socks

We're not just looking forward to layering on top this fall--our sweaters, coats, and scarves are gonna have to take a backseat. With the Free People Vintage Sweater Socks ($20), we can't wait to tuck our legs into a pair of tights, slip these on,... [More]


Forever 21 Mock Denim Knit Pants

Who needs another pair of jeans when you could do much, much better and grab yourself a pair of wonderful jeggings! Sure, the new combo of leggings and jeans is a bit confusing/humorous at first but what's more important to focus on is how comfortable... [More]


Geren Ford Liam Jeans

Jeggings and every other super skinny in the book burnt us out on the too tapered cut real fast, but the "slouchy" version of slender pants is a vision in black. See: the Geren Ford Liam Jeans ($59). Forgiving lightweight stretch denim will slide on... [More]


Tipped Tuxedo Jacket

The Tipped Tuxedo Jacket ($98) will bring a little class to any outfit, even jeggings and boots. We're fans of the heather-colored trim and single center button. And like all good jackets, it has the necessities: pockets and our favorite cold weather fabric, wool.... [More]

Hue Skegging

Hue Skegging

Leggings have evolved since their return! First jeggings and now skegging. The Hue Skegging ($34) are pretty cool and look super comfortable. One may ask "what exactly is a skegging?' Well it's leggings with a skirt attached. ... [More]

Caftan Stylist

YOU Be The Stylist: The Cool Way To Wear A Caftan

Caftans can be a fashion statement or a tragedy. We certainly aren't ok with looking like Mrs. Roper! However, we'd wear a caftan with any of the ensembles pictured here, but you tell us...which one would you rock? Orange You Glad I Wore This Tara... [More]


Personal Shopper: A comfortably chic flight outfit for LL

LL wrote, "I am traveling to Europe in two weeks with my husband and in-laws. I am looking for a cute, yet comfortable outfit to wear on the airplane. I am petite (5'2) and would like to spend under $150-200." LL, our fave items to... [More]