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A-ok Pin

Peachy keen. Totally great. Everything is awesome. At least, it was until we got that earworm stuck in your head, huh? A-ok Pin ($55) by Casa Malaspina... [More]

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Zen Collection Cord Corral

While just about anything is better than staring at a pile of tangled cords, this Zen Collection Cord Corral ($65) is downright lovely to look at. It's got enough room on the inside to hold a power strip and six cords, each one getting its... [More]

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Floral Lazer Cut Skirt

First, the bad news. Gap, Inc. is shutting down Piperlime. We know! It's bad news. So enjoy your Olivia Palermo edited picks now, because they're not going to be around much longer. The good news is that you still have time to make a final... [More]

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Ficks Hangover Preventative Cocktail Mixer

With delish flavors like lemon and ginger, these bottles of Ficks Hangover Preventative Cocktail Mixers ($16) should be a staple in your home bar. Each time you mix up a drink, add a half ounce of Ficks to give it a little something extra... and... [More]

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Desert Rose Earrings

These Desert Rose Earrings ($318) look like they were made from a slice of stalactite from some magical cave where all the rocks are made of candy and you can grab colorful rainbow popsicles from off the ceiling. So, in a word, these amethyst druzy... [More]

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Glerups Petrol Slip On

A felted wool upper paired with a sturdy rubber sole? Okay, the Glerups Petrol Slip Ons ($95) just might be worth their slightly steep price. Besides, when you think about it, you probably spend way more time shuffling around your house than you do stepping... [More]

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Dog Inspired Spirit Squeaky Toys

Want your house to look even more like a frat? Toss Fido one of these Dog Inspired Spirit Squeaky Toys ($13), which come in the shape of your favorite budget tipples, reimagined with a clever canine theme. House guests are sure to find it hilarious... [More]

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Smiles & Toast Luggage Tag

If your suitcase goes through customs wearing this Smiles & Toast Luggage Tag ($8), do you think it will make it more or less suspicious? We're hoping the latter, but be prepared to have your panties thoroughly riffled through if you get stuck in the... [More]

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Halston Heritage Ombre Faille Dress

To tell you the truth, we don't get invited to many black tie events, so it's not like we need this Halston Heritage Ombre Faille Dress ($490). But it's just so dang lovely, classic, and ready to live in our closets forever. The cut is... [More]

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So Much Better Valentine's Day Card

There is so much truth written on the front of this card ($5) by Emily McDowell that we think you need to order one for each and every friend you have. Well, maybe not the married or in-a-serious-relationship friends because it might accidentally imply that... [More]

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Lilly Pulitzer Organizational Bin

You vowed to get organized in 2015 and while you tore through your closet with the abandon of a mad woman, separating clothes into keep, trash, and donate piles, your office desk is still piled high with stacks of... stuff. At this point, you don't... [More]

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LORAC Pocket Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette

Sure, two dozen eyeshadow colors are fun to have in one monolithic palette, but sometimes you've just got to keep it simple. And for that we're loving the LORAC Pocket Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette ($15). It comes with just three essentials - a neutral gold,... [More]

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Canada Goose Camrose Parka

Canada Goose made parkas for the crew working down at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, so they know a thing or two about thermal insulation. The Camrose Parka ($678) will protect you from temperatures down to -13 degrees Farenheit, which is way more effective than any... [More]

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Piece of Cake Packaging Set

Leftover cake: it sounds great in theory. In reality, it's a high-speed track to the destruction of all your dieting dreams. This Piece of Cake Packaging Set ($15) lets you share the burden. Slide those slices into these neat cardboard boxes and send them home... [More]

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Dipped Martini Glasses

It seems people fall into two camps: those who like their stemware to have stems and those who like their stemware to skip the stems (okay, three camps if you include those of us who don't care how our alcohol reaches our mouths). If you're... [More]

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Universal Expert Notice Board

Pretty piece of home decor or organizational powerhouse? When it comes to this Universal Expert Notice Board ($38), the choice is yours. You could mount it in the hallway as a way of uselessly showing off postcards and ephemera, or stick it in everybody's line... [More]

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H by Hudson Core Booties

We know your obsession with boots is probably waning in favor of obsessing over cute flats. The good weather can't come soon enough, but while you're still slogging through the damp and the cold, you might as well drool over this pair of H by... [More]

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Treasure Fortune Candle

You could splatter wax across your cake with some ordinary birthday candle, or take the fun to the next level with this Treasure Fortune Candle ($19). So much more than a boring stick of wax, this colorful party event burns down to reveal a capsule... [More]

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Red Enamel Teapot

Perfect for one or two, this Red Enamel Teapot ($35) holds four cups of water so you can pour plenty of water into your mug and steep your new favorite loose leaf blend. Even if you sip slowly, we bet the remaining water will still... [More]

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I Am So Creative Pouch

Well, that's what everyone's going to assume if you carry around a pencil/pen/artistic instrument pouch everywhere. So you might as well brag about it (even if on a particular day it's filled with more pedestrian things like make-up brushes and loose change). I Am So... [More]

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New Year's Un-Resolutions Taster

It's been almost a month since the start of 2015. How are those resolutions treating you? If you've already started skipping the gym because there's a new episode of The Vampire Diaries, it's time to acknowledge defeat. Celebrate throwing in the towel by treating yourself... [More]

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Red Pomegranate Necklace

Are pomegranate seeds still good for you, or has there been backlash to the juicy little bits, just like there has been for kale, eggs, and just about every other food that we once were told was "good for us" by experts? Still good? Great.... [More]

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Face Soap and Clarity

Your colon isn't the only thing that needs a New Year's detox. Your face could use a fresh start, too. Face Soap and Clarity ($14) from Soap and Glory is like a juice cleanse for your skin. Microbeads slough away dead skin while a yuzu... [More]

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Sponge-Worthy Card

It has recently come to our attention that many youths have never seen an episode of Seinfeld. *GASP!* So even though it ages us, we're going to give this Sponge-Worthy Card ($6) from Lemonwood Imprints to our valentines this year. Especially if they manage to... [More]

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Illamasqua Hydra Veil

Guess what looks great? Hint: It's not foundation collecting in the lines and cracks of an overly dry complexion. Illamasqua Hydra Veil ($51) provides an instant fix for dry days. The gel formula slides onto your skin, smoothing and evening while dosing you with that... [More]

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Lion Mug by Jane Foster

You can use a coffee mug covered with as many aphorisms and friendly exclamations as can fit, and those will probably help you start your day off on a more positive note than you would have otherwise. But no words are going to give you... [More]

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Banned Book Scarf

The world might have embraced Fifty Shades of Grey, but plenty of other (far better) reads faced opposition or outright censorship when they hit the shelves. This Banned Book Scarf ($30) transforms their titles into a colorful celebration of your right to read.... [More]

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Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off Instant Eye Gel

Sure, drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding stress, and getting a full night's rest are the best recipe for avoiding under-eye puffiness. But who has time for that? For us non-imaginary people struggling with overloaded schedules, coffee addiction, and a lack of available hours for snoozing,... [More]

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Hi.Q App

You take the time to figure out how often you need to change the transmission fluid on your car or tune up your snow blower. But do you have the knowledge you need to properly care for your most important machine - the one that... [More]

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Gia Hat

Unless you're actually planning on riding a horse, don't go full cowgirl. This Gia Hat ($72) lends a romantic, western vibe to your look without putting you at risk of being a total poser. Skip the fringed leather and pair this with a flowing sundress... [More]

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