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Dead Writers Perfume

Dead Writers Perfume ($28) isn't going to win any marketing awards. With a name that evokes - at best - stale whisky, cigarettes, and zombies, it doesn't sound like something you'd want to splash on before heading to your book club. Thankfully, the actual fragrance of this literature-inspired perfume is a much nicer blend of tea, clove, vanilla, and tobacco.

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Leap Motion Controller

We feel cheated. The future is supposed to be now, and we were promised hoverboards, flying cars and self-drying clothing. But is that a flying car in your garage? No. It's probably a Ford Focus. But at least with the Leap Motion Controller ($80), we can start to get a taste of what life in a technological dystopia might feel like. The Leap turns your digits into controllers for your computer - and no, we're not talking about touch screens. Wave your hands around over the sensor to interact in three dimensions with hundreds of apps. It's not time travel or a butt-kicking android, but it's a darned good start.

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Belted Utility Jacket

We acknowledge that there are plenty of sociopolitical issues with the term "safari chic" and the idea of dressing to the nines while "glamping" in a luxury yurt in Kenya (or former "British East Africa"). However, we do support the idea of emulating Meryl Streep in Out of Africa as much as possible in your everyday life. This Belted Utility Jacket ($110) from Topshop should help you out, perhaps in snagging a young Robert Redford of your own.

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Lissette La Coquette Hydrating Lip Color

Still searching for that perfect Taylor Swift lip? Give this Lissette La Coquette Hydrating Lip Color ($30) a try. The La Bella Figura shade glides on like a cross between a stain and a gloss to give you a lovely ruby lip that sticks around through the night. We were also pleased as pie to learn that it's a completely organic product, made with figseed, maracuja, and avocado oils.

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Bow and Arrow Necklace

Whether your own personal heroine is Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, or Katniss, the mockingjay of the revolution, you can find some pretty badass bow and arrow toting women in stories. (Geena Davis, too.) Channel their defiant and brave spirit with this bold Bow and Arrow Necklace ($84) from Datter Industries when you've got some important business to do.

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DANNIJO Henrik iPhone 6 Case

Can someone make this Henrik iPhone 6 Case ($98) from real jewels, please? Even in a hard shell print, it's pretty darned fabulous, but we might be willing to part with a digit or two to get our hands on a genuine bead and crystal encrusted article.

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The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette

You know what your morning routine needs? More nudes. And no, we don't mean catching your elderly neighbor mowing his lawn in the buff. We're talking about the twelve hues in The Balm's Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette ($36). Mix and layer them to create a range of stunning yet subtle looks.

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Mira Fitness Tracker and Bracelet

On one hand (no pun intended!), the Fitbit and other sporty-looking trackers look great when you're dogging it on the treadmill. On the other, they don't exactly look classy when you're meeting a client out for a business lunch. This Mira Fitness Tracker and Bracelet ($169) looks less like a daily fitness tool and more like a modern cuff you'd wear to the office. We assume you're spending more time at work than you are at the gym or on the trails, so maybe the Mira will fit into your lifestyle a little more seamlessly. It still tracks your routine so you can keep fit and healthy.

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Night Sky Vase

There's nothing like being out in the wilderness (the mountains for this scenario) and looking up at the stars. They'll illuminate the outlines of the peaks, and you'll be set forever with that amazing moment etched in your mind. But in case you want a tangible memento, Young in the Mountains has etched this scene into the Night Sky Vase ($56), a petite precious handmade object perfect for freshly picked mountain wildflowers from your trip.

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Due Date Card Light Pashmina

In a long ago age, card catalogs were for more than fancying up the background of Anthropologie photo shoots. Books were printed on paper, and if you were late bringing one back, you'd be out a nickel. This Due Date Card Light Pashmina ($44) hearkens back to those good old pre-digital days, with a vintage library print on soft, silky viscose linen.

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Je Suis Un Pamplemousse Grapefruit Clutch

This Je Suis Un Pamplemousse Grapefruit Clutch ($36) looks good enough to eat, if we broiled it with a little brown sugar (or squeezed it into a glass full of ice and vodka). Made with lusciously colored vegan leather, it's the perfect size for a morning jaunt to the diner. Use it to add a little sunshine to your day.

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BB Dakota Akasha Coat

Your entire wardrobe used to be sourced entirely from the thrift store near campus, but now you're looking at your ill-fitting polyester coats and the camisoles you used to wear as tank tops and wondering why you haven't given them back to the secondhand stores already. You can still keep your funky, unique vibe, however, with the BB Dakota Akasha Coat ($125), an updated take on the furry, bright orange giraffe print coat that made its appearance so many times on weekend nights (and often weekend mornings).

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Bumble and bumble. White Hair Powder

Marie Antoinette. Madame de Pompadour. George Washington. Alright, so maybe we don't get hair envy from George. But our other historical examples of extraordinary locks got those high volume looks by packing on the powder. Sky-high mountains of immoveable curls might have gone out with Louis XVI, but big hair still reigns supreme. A healthy spray of this Bumble and bumble. White Hair Powder ($36) on blonde, silver, or thoroughly bleached locks will get them defying gravity faster than you can say "Let them eat cake!"

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Drift Light

What's worse than lying awake, trying to fall asleep and failing desperately at it? That's right - nothing. Insomnia sucks, but before you turn to a prescription, try a more natural way of telling your body it's time to relax. The Drift Light ($29) mimics sunset, gradually lowering from light to near darkness, which helps to trigger your body's melatonin production. A soothing moonlight mode gives you just enough illumination to get yourself to bed, and works great as a nightlight for sleep-resistant kiddos.

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You Tell Us: Red Thong Rose Bouquet

We're dying to know who Hanky Panky, the makers of this Red Thong Rose Bouquet ($300), thinks is going to purchase this pricey set of barely there lacy underwear. It's intended for a lady on the occasion of Valentine's Day, of course, but this thing is even more expensive than a bouquet of roses (at least if you do any planning more than an hour before dinner, at least). And although we're pretty impressed by their undies origami, we're not sure how we'd feel if our main squeezes showed up at the door with this bouquet of "flowers" for us.

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