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Stop Spending A Small Fortune On Your Shaving Amenities With Dollar Shave Club

By Angela Germano

When I first saw the ads for the Dollar Shave Club, I was super skeptical. Even though I buy most of my life on the Internet, I still couldn't get into the idea of having my razors sent to me monthly instead of schleping my way to the store every few whenevers to buy the same stupid razors that I have been using for roughly 30 years.

But, they sent me a coupon for a free box, my choice of blades, and I was like "to hell with being old and crotchety, free is cheap!" and took them up on their offer, and I'm so glad I did. I opted for the mid-level blades, because I didn't want to get out of control here with my razor habits, and it turned out to be the perfect choice. I'm a lazy shaver, I put it off until I feel like I have squirrels in headlocks, and the 4-blade end is like "armpit squirrels? I EAT THOSE FOR DINNER" and gets that business in line.

Get ready to save on your shave!


You'll For Sure Love The Fur Sure Faux Fur Infinity Scarf

You spent a fortune on your new winter coat so now that it's time to accessorize, your budget is a little less robust. But you're a savvy shopper so I know you can manage to snag a few solid pieces for the price of a large pizza (with extra toppings!). Start with LuLu's Fur Sure Taupe Faux Fur Infinity Scarf. Sure, it's made with acrylic yarn and faux fur trim, but it looks and feels almost as luxurious as the real deal. Plus, if you want to switch up your look mid-winter, you won't feel guilty about tossing this in the back of your closet for a few months.

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5 All Too Common Style Mistakes You Need To Avoid

By Cailyn Cox

Are you making a terrible style mistake without even realizing it? While individuality is encouraged in the fashion world, it's also extremely hard to get a flawless look every time.

But that could be avoided if you educate yourself on some of the most common style mistakes that many women fall victim to.

The first thing to look out for?

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Poppy Delevingne and Aquazzura Collaboration Will Be Magnificent

By Cailyn Cox

Almost every week Cara Delevingne's name is mentioned in the fashion world, but she's not the only model in the family. And her older sister Poppy Delevingne is putting herself firmly back on the radar thanks to her latest collaboration with Aquazzura.

The stunning blond has collaborated with the luxury footwear brand and it's co-founder Colombian designer Edgardo Osorio to create an eight-piece collection entitled Aquazzura x Poppy Delevingne.

The inspiration behind the line is even more magical:

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The ASOS Western Shirt Dress Is Going To Be Your New Everyday Go-To

Oh la la, who knew corduroy could be so sexy? And yet ASOS's Grey Cord Western Shirt Dress manages to make it look easy. The a-line dress stops with a mid-thigh hem making it a perfect piece to wear with your fabulous above-the-knee boots. It's pretty versatile, too, for those days when you prefer a little more coverage. Wear it over a pair of thick tights and add a chunky knit infinity scarf to give it some fall flair.

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Fall Wardrobe [Pumpkin] Spiced Up!

By Christina Broat

It's here. You can't avoid it. Even if you somehow stay out of every Starbucks for the next two months, Pumpkin Spice will find you. It will attack you on grocery endcaps with Pumpkin Spice Oreos and Pumpkin Spice cereal. It will infiltrate every coffee shop seasonal beverage and baked good -- yes, even your local independent corner cafe. It will meet you when you visit your girlfriend's house by smacking you in the face with syrupy spicy sweet wafts of Pumpkin Spicy Candle. Resistance is futile, which is why I've stopped resisting and started embracing Pumpkin Spice. No, not in my lunch (pumpkin spice soup!) or my skincare routine (hydrating pumpkin masque!), but in the one place where I have ultimate control -- my wardrobe.

That's right, I put together a pumpkin spice outfit.

Happy *@&$^#% Pumpkin Spice Season!!!

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5 Places To Shop For Your Eco-Friendly Beauty Regimen

By Carly Zinderman

Everybody has a favorite shampoo. Whether you're a "wash and go" girl that "just likes the smell" or a curly-haired beauty that is constantly searching for the prefect frizz fighter. What you might not know is that most hair products are filled with chemicals that might actually be doing more harm than good.

Shampoos from the big names often contain a cocktail of unpronounceable ingredients that can cause problems with your health in the long run. Also, because they literally go straight down the drain, they also upset the environment. Luckily more consumers, and therefore, more companies, are taking notice and creating products that are eco-friendly.

First step -- a little research:

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The Navy Chunky Knit Sweater From Zady Is Like Taking Your Blanket Cocoon On The Go

Brrr, waking up on a weekend morning is getting harder and harder. If you're going to be roused from your blanket cocoon, you're going to need to immediately shrug into something oversized and cozy. You could steal your boyfriend's sweater if you wanted to, but Zady's Navy Chunky Knit Sweater is loose and long in all the right places. The neck and shoulders, on the other hand, maintain a flattering fit so if you decide last minute to join the girls for brunch you can just toss on a pair of jeans, pull your unwashed hair into a pony, for a casual yet completely pulled together look.

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6 Easy Ways To Copy Kylie Jenner's Style

By Cailyn Cox

Kylie Jenner may be the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan but she's on her way to becoming the most popular and most stylish member of the household.

Kylie has grown up in the media and her style transformation has been well-documented, from a little girl who wore short-shorts and oversized tops, to becoming Kim Kardashian's mini-me, to developing a look that's all her own.

Blow are six tips you need to copy Kylie's style.


3 Fashion Friendly Twists On Classic Halloween Costumes

By Carly Zinderman

For fashion lovers, nothing is more exciting than Halloween. After all, the opportunity to go all out with the glam and create looks so good that they're scary comes but once a year. Which is a shame, since creating the perfect Halloween look can get expensive. 

Start your costume with a basic piece and then get creative with finishing touches, like makeup and hairstyles, to pair with accessories.

This year, skip the costume shop and
instead head for your closet or a department store.


Smell Fantastic With Just A Dab Of CO Bigelow's Musk Perfume Oil

At such an affordable price, collecting CO Biglelow's perfume oils to mix and match is one of our favorite pastimes. A little dab here and an extra drop there ... it's fun to experiment with unique scents (even though not every combination is a winner!). Of course, you can always use the oils separately; musk has a ton of depth and staying power. A little on your pressure points goes a long way, and the warm, subtly sexy scent will have others leaning.

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The Cozy Outerwear Accessories From Twice As Warm Keep More Than Just Your Own Hands Toasty

By Samantha Arroyo

It's sweater weather! Crisp clean air, pumpkin-spice lattes and a snow flurry or two make the season come alive leading up to the holidays. And while crackling fireplaces, boots and a hot cup 'o Joe are just a few of my favorite ways to keep warm this time of year, the scarves, hats and gloves over at Twice As Warm are doing double duty: keeping customer's faces and digits toasty -- and someone else's, too.

Twice As Warm is spreading the warmth around the globe
-- and has been since 2010.

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Creator Crushes: The Incredibly Clever DIY Tricks From Hocus Kocis

By Chantel Delulio


Amanda Kocis takes seems to have a handy DIY trick for just about everything from copying high end designers to making chic jewelry out of Shrinky Dinks.


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Get The Bug Flameless LED Pillar Candles For Spookiness That Never Goes Out!

Ghosts and goblins may be Halloween's spooky staples, but I'd rather come across a questionable apparition than the trio of creepy crawlies on these Bug Flameless LED Pillar Candles from World Market. Just looking at those spider legs is giving me the shivers. If you think you can handle it, grab a set (they're currently on sale!) and arrange them on your fireplace mantel alongside a hauntingly empty metal birdcage and a thick layer of faux cobwebs. When the LED switches are turned on, these candles will cast a ghastly glow around the room and set the mood for your Halloween bash.

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6 Rules For Cultivating The Ultimate Workwear Wardrobe

By Cailyn Cox

We love rocking sweaters and jeans around the house (and even the occasional pair of sweatpants) but when it comes to workwear your outfits require a little more thought. We all know what not to wear, and the list is pretty lengthy: don't show too much skin (crop tops, plunging necklines, and mini skirts) and say no to unforgiving fabrics.

Your appearance says a lot about you, and if you want to be taken seriously by your colleagues and clients you need to dress appropriately for your field of work.

This can be a daunting task but we have
a few tips to make everything much simpler.

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