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Apsley Letterpress Cards

It's always good to have a set of "Thank You" notes on hand - you never know when your charming personality will result in you receiving several gifts from admirers. The Apsley Letterpress Cards ($8 for 6) have a cute pattern and, even better, they're made of 100% recycled bamboo paper. They're an eco-conscious way of saying, "I appreciate you buying me things, please keep the gifts coming."

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Pacifica Enlightened Lip Gloss

Will swiping on this Enlightened Lip Gloss ($12) allow you to reach spiritual nirvana? Um, no. But it will make your lips look awesome, and that's just as good, right? If you're looking for less shallow reasons to buy this gloss, how about these: it's 100% vegan and cruelty-free, it's filled with antioxidants to make your lips healthier, and Pacifica strives to have zero-product manufacturing waste and uses recyclable packaging.

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Winnie Laser Cut Shell Top

You may not be ready to throw the windows wide open to your stomach, but perhaps you'd be comfortable throwing out the heavy drapes and putting up a nice, laser cut crepe curtain instead? This is all, of course, a clumsy metaphor to describe this Winnie Laser Cut Shell Top ($33), a great alternative to this year's hottest trend -a crop top - if you're not ready to bare all quite yet. (Just a few more weeks of a hundred crunches a night to go!)

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Mixing Bowl Set

This stoneware Mixing Bowl Set ($80) was made in a French factory that's been around for almost 150 years, so we think they know what they're doing when it comes to building sturdy cookware. What we love about these bowls is not only their earthy qualities, but the incredibly helpful spouts. We're averaging about a 70% transfer rate right now, and we think this will help us get closer to 99% (we want the 1% left in the mixing bowl for licking!).

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Easy-Grip Battery-Operated Nail File

The makers of the Easy-Grip Battery-Operated Nail File ($10) list its target customers as people with "arthritis, limited sight, or mobility challenges," but what about people who are just flat out lazy? We lazy people deserve a hassle-free way to groom our finger and toenails, too! You expect us to just file our nails the old-fashioned way? Ain't nobody got time for that!

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Calder Sandal

Until we saw these Calder Sandals ($195), we didn't realize how... symmetrical all of our sandals were other than a subtle buckle on one side or the other. Take a walk on the wild side with these patent leather beauties, which will lend some serious avant-garde cool to your outfit.

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Emotional Baggage Tote Bag

Try wearing your heart on your sleeve and your emotional baggage on your shoulder. Your courage will help you with the former, and this Emotional Baggage Tote Bag ($55) will help you with the latter. Why not lay it all out on the table from the get-go? We're all at the age where we obviously have some emotional baggage, and if we meet a guy who claims that he doesn't, it's clear that he's got a much bigger problem: hardcore repression.

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Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays

If you've ever wished there was a spray for other people's bad moods, then stand up and rejoice. Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays ($15-16) have made your wish come true, and they'll help with your bad moods as well. "Ego" has been described as smelling like "a big basket of lavender and kittens," so anyone who comes near you can't help but get that weak, mushy feeling. "Apathy" claims to bring you out of your slump and give you the energy and focus you need to care again. "Aggressive" relieves anxiety. There are more! And to sweeten the deal, all products are not tested on animals at any stage of development, and most of the ingredients are organically sourced, so you can feel like you're saving the world one spritz at a time.

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Your Life is Over Card

This looks like a very mean card to give to somebody - but wait! Open it up and the message inside this card ($5) is not a tale of doom and hopelessness, but a message of love and well wishes for the recipient's wedding day. But be sure the couple you give it to is a happy one: if you see your best gal pal's face turn white when she sees the outside of the card, you might have accidentally touched upon something you didn't mean to. Whoops.

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50 Cups of Coffee Tub o' Caffeinated Candy

Your boss might not be on board with you taking a coffee break every hour, but if you buy this tub of coffee candy ($10) you'll never be more than a few seconds away from a glorious caffeine high. Four of the chocolate-covered morsels are the equivalent of drinking a cup of joe, and you won't even have to leave your desk to partake. Just make sure you hide your stash, or you'll be swarmed by co-workers every day at 3 p.m.

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Ryan Gosling Phone Case

"Your phone's ringing."
"Is it Ryan Gosling?"
"Uh, no, it says it's your sister."
"I'll call her back. Ryan might be calling me soon."
"Why would Ryan Gosling be calling you?"
"I don't know, but you'd hate to miss that call, wouldn't you?"

The Ryan Gosling Phone Case ($20): the next best thing to having him actually call you.

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Essie Summer 2014 Mini Four-Pack

It's so hot that we can barely move without breaking a sweat. Luckily, painting our nails is something we can do without perspiring, and we love the colors contained in Essie's Summer 2014 Mini Four-Pack ($17). The cocoa, cobalt, hot pink, and orange hues are reminiscent of a desert sunset, and they look equally great on their own or mix-and-matched across your nails.

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You Tell Us: White Bunny Ear Scrunchie

There have been rumblings in the fashion world of the return of the scrunchie for quite some time now, but we've been diligently covering our ears. But now one of our favorite blogs is telling us that it's not just worth hiding anymore. So we took our time browsing and found this White Bunny Ear Scrunchie ($10), which adds a twist to the ol' hair staple.

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Polaroid Pic-300 Instant Print Camera

Rumors of Polaroid's extinction have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, you can still purchase a modern incarnation of the classic photography instrument: the Polaroid Pic300 Instant Print Camera ($95). Snap photos and hand them to your friends just seconds later. In an Instagram world, it just doesn't make sense to take photos that you can't enjoy immediately anymore anyway.

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tarte Rainforest After Dark Limited Edition Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette

tarte's new eye and cheek palette ($38) lets you channel the pretty colors of the rainforest without dealing with the humidity, bugs, and spiders the size of a hubcap you'd encounter if you actually went there. Using Brazilian clay for vibrant color and serious staying power, this is one limited edition palette you'll want to snap up before it's too late!

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