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Pumpkin Patch Loaf Pan

You always serve your famous pumpkin bread on Thanksgiving morning, and this year you can make it even more special by baking it into the form of a pumpkin patch. Pour the batter into this pretty loaf pan ($30) and bake as usual. For the best results, make sure to grease the pan well and let your bread cool a bit before turning it out onto a plate!

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COUVRé Scalp Concealing Lotion

So you've got a bit of a funky hairline. Or maybe you've noticed your hair thinning since you had your second kid. Looks like it's time to stock up on this Scalp Concealing Lotion ($25)! It effectively hides thin spots and makes your hair look instantly thicker - just use the included sponge to rub it onto your scalp and blend into the surrounding hair. It'll stay put until the next time you shampoo, even if you complete a sweaty workout or head outside in the rain.

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DIY Tea Towel Stamp Kit

Does clomping a stamp onto a piece of flour sack really count as a DIY project? Maybe it's a bit of a stretch, but hell, sometimes we all need a sure bet to help boost that pesky self-esteem. Failing miserably at transforming a pile of old T-shirts into a cute party dress or pallets into an attractive backsplash is not the way to make one feel better about oneself. Save this DIY Tea Towel Stamp Kit ($30) for those days when you just can't handle disappointment.

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Vintage Library Card iPhone Case

Show off your literary street cred in a way that no one under twenty-five will recognize. This Vintage Library Card iPhone Case ($15) turns an obsolete tracking system into a chic accessory for your high-tech device. Use it to show the young'uns how quaint you are.

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One Love Organics Chia Whip

You really tried to like chia seeds, but the slimy coating that forms when they've been sitting in your oatmeal makes you want to gag. Fair enough, but that doesn't mean you can't still benefit from the ancient Aztec superfood - this face cleansing foam ($28) uses the seeds to nourish your skin while removing dirt, oil, and makeup. Just massage a few pumps onto wet skin and rinse with warm water!

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Pink Glitter iPhone 5 Charger Set

Why settle for simply recharging your iPhone when you can juice it up in bold, blinging style? This Pink Glitter iPhone 5 Charger Set ($20) makes a powerful statement while it powers up your device. That statement might come in shades of Hello Kitty - but hey, that's cool by us.

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Westwind Orchard Maple Syrup

What's a towering stack of flapjacks without a cascade of amber-colored maple syrup dripping down it? Nothing, we tell you, nothing! So the next time you get your pancake on, make sure you've got some of Westwind Orchard's syrup ($26) on standby. Tapped from the trees of Hudson Valley in New York, the syrup has a rich, bold flavor that'll make you go back for "just one more" so you can sop up every iota of the sweet stuff.

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Original Queenie Spray

The Original Queenie Spray ($26) does so much more than hold your style in place - it actually removes excess oil, acting like a hairspray and dry shampoo in one. We're fans of any product that lets us go longer between washes!

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J Brand x Rob Pruitt Super Skinny Jeans

It was love at first sight when we spied this pair of Super Skinny Jeans ($325), a collaboration between J Brand and artist Rob Pruitt. Of course, it was disappointment at second look when we viewed the price tag. Why are all good things out of our budgets?! While we whine, we'll also daydream about what to wear with these jeans - a soft pair of black leather ankle boots and a cute boy cut cardi sound pretty ideal!

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Puppy Porcelain Coasters Set

We call them accessory dogs: cute, pocket-sized breeds that serve no practical purpose except going nicely with our Prada pumps (and making us feel needed). Turns out, they also make great themes for home decor. This Puppy Porcelain Coasters Set ($48) features heart-melting depictions of four super cute varieties, set off against colorful, eye-catching patterns.

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Om & Roam Pullover

That awkward moment when you somehow manage to get yourself tangled up in your hoodie while putting it back on after yoga class. (It's not just us... right?) The extra zippers on the Om & Roam Pullover ($108) are just the thing to maintain your om before you hit the road. Become one with the universe, not your pullover.

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Akari Gold Massager

It's not just your back that needs loosening up. Your face needs a little help, too. This Akari Gold Massager ($195) can be used either hot or cold to relax muscles, increase circulation, and generally brush things up. It'll leave you looking like you just got a happy ending.

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Peel Off Tea Light

This Peel Off Tea Light ($25) looks as though it was inspired by a citrus strip tease. No oranges were harmed in its construction - just a hand-cut sheet of brass. Use it to add a gravity-defying accent to your coffee table.

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Citizen Eco-Drive Sunrise Watch

We know your phone does everything and recommending a watch may sound like us recommending an 8-track player, but hear us out. The last time a stranger asked us for the time, we had to fumble around in our purse to find our phone. Our point being: there's something suave and sophisticated about wearing a watch - one flick of the wrist and you're in tune with the time. And a watch by Citizen is a lot more technologically sound than your old watch, which is probably hanging out - dead - in the back of your jewelry drawer, right? The Citizen Eco-Drive Sunrise Watch ($325) is solar-powered, so no need to ever think about batteries again - it only takes two minutes in the sun for it to fully recharge for the day.

Full disclosure: Outblush received a free sample of this product.

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Maijan Pure Argan Oil & Mint Hydrating Shampoo

Breathing in the scent of mint is said to make one feel more awake - we can't think of a more perfect fragrance for shampoo, since we're normally half asleep when we're using it. Not only does this hydrating shampoo ($8, on sale) harness the invigorating power of mint, it uses argan and grapeseed oils to leave your hair shiny and remove product buildup.

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