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7 A.M. Enfant Nido Quilted Wrap

Hello, cozy! This 7 A.M. Enfant Nido Quilted Wrap ($60) looks like something you'd bring to an Antarctic expedition. A car seat-friendly design means you don't have to unwrap your baby to get them in or out of the car. Plus, watching those little quilted legs wiggle around is so cute, it makes us squishy.

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Vermont Maple & Sea Salt Popcorn

Quinn is here to revolutionize the microwaved popcorn experience, and it couldn't come too soon. We know PopSecret is awful for us, but sometimes the urge for junk food is just too strong. Quinn uses a compostable paper bag (which means it's all-natural, with no chemical liner) and real ingredients in a line of scrumptious artisanal popcorn flavors, like this Vermont Maple & Sea Salt Popcorn ($5, box of 2). It's a little salty and a little sweet, kind of like kettle corn but with the sweetness obtained via natural maple syrup goodness.

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Heavenly Tea Custom Tea Sampler

Feeling calmly indecisive? You must be contemplating which brews you'll use to fill out this Heavenly Tea Custom Tea Sampler ($30). It includes four sample-sized cans of your choice of Heavenly blends, from Chocolate Rooibos to Sencha Green. Go ahead. Take your time - or maybe even a nap - while you make up your mind.

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AM Labs Spray Screen Cleaner

When you look at something long enough, you cease to see it. This truth applies to devoted spouses, pets, and the gunk currently crusted on your laptop or tablet screen. AM Labs Spray Screen Cleaner ($20) is an all-in-one crud removal device, combining a bottle of antibacterial spray with a microfiber cover to wipe things clean without scratching any expensive surfaces.

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Dō Heavenly Cookie Dough

We guess you could scour the internet for a recipe as awesome as Dō's already mixed Heavenly Cookie Dough ($17), but why bother? They'll deliver a concoction of sugar, Nutella, chocolate chips, and caramel pieces to your front door. All you have to do is parcel it out on a cookie sheet and bake. Oh, and scarf down with big glass of milk, of course.

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Sinap Earrings

What do you see when you look at these Sinap Earrings ($18) other than a great deal? (They're on clearance.) A pair of staircases, spiraling down infinitely, and what does that say about your current state of mind? Are they a pair of wings, from some crazy robot bird/pegasus? Or are they an homage to modern sculpture master Richard Serra? Whatever you determine, it's porbably more interesting than a regular ol' pair of hoops.

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Breath Smart Humidifier

It's about damned time. For those of us tired of choosing between dried-up sinuses and a bedroom that feels vaguely like a sweltering equatorial jungle, the Breath Smart Humidifier ($130) will seem like a miracle. This fabulous gadget actually senses the level of humidity in your room and only turns on if things start drying out. Brilliant.

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Cat Boot Socks

Chances are good that you'll be the only one to see the cute cat face on this pair of Cat Boot Socks ($11), especially if you're wearing them under a pair of thick Sorels or other winter boots. All the same, we bet you'll be glad you've got them on; the cotton will keep your tootsies comfy and the smiling kitty will lift your spirits when you take off your shoes at the end of a long day.

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Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask

Forget diving into a swimming pool full of money à la Scrooge McDuck. We've just discovered our new ultra-rich fantasy: rubbing gold all over our faces. The Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask ($80) is about as posh as it gets, using powdered peridot gemstones for a dose of magnesium and gold to preserve moisture and create an opulent glow. Smear some on when you want to see the 1% staring back at you from the bathroom mirror.

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Spherovelo Rider

Anybody else kind of want someone to make a version of this Spherovelo Rider ($99) for grown-ups? This funky toddler cruiser gives us the kind of toy envy we haven't had since Power Wheels debuted the pink Barbie Jeep. With spheres instead of wheels, this vehicle can move in any direction, propelled by tiny feet and legs.

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Aphrodisia Love Potion Cocktail Kit

Forget online dating. If you're on the hunt for love, do it the old-fashioned way: with a magic potion. Aphrodisia Love Potion Cocktail Kit ($42) comes with a potent blend of spices designed to boost amorous intentions. Please note: like most recipes for romance, this one will require that you add some booze.

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Grumpy Notebook Set

If keeping a journal of your happy thoughts helps boost your health, we're not sure exactly what scribbling in this Grumpy Notebook Set ($7) will do for you. But since the overuse of antibiotics, genetically modified soybeans, and alien scanner rays are probably destroying your immune system anyway, who cares? At least you'll have the satisfaction of recording all your gripes and complaints in three conveniently organized volumes.

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Comme de Garcons Series 8: Energy C Grapefruit Eau de Toilette

We've found the perfect perfume for the gym! Comme de Garcons Series 8 Energy C Eau de Toilette ($55) is part of a trio of three citrus-inspired fragrances that uplift and inspire. A fresh squirt kickstarts things with a burst of grapefruit, then mellows into a light, fresh aroma. Dab some on before hitting the elliptical to energize your senses (or at least cover up some of that gym stank).

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Baby Bjorn Baby Cradle

There's no escaping a newborn. Babies that constantly need to either eat or sleep have to stick close to mom, and that means either living in the nursery, strapping the little monsters on, or enjoying some remaining shred of personal liberty by way of this Baby Bjorn Baby Cradle ($350). Made with safe, breathable material, it's light enough to cart into the next room when you get tired of staring at the same wall, and easily produces the sort of gentle, soothing motion that lulls your tiny tyke into dreamland.

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Adagio Zodiac Teas

Astrology is so bogus, right? And we're sure you're only reading your daily horoscope for a laugh. I mean, it's not like you huddle indoors when Mercury is in retrograde or only ask people out on dates when Venus is ascending. So we're sure you're only interested in these Adagio Zodiac Teas ($9) because they come in cute, colorful boxes, and not because you think they might help balance your elemental predisposition.

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