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Channel Your Inner Golden Age Starlet Atop The Betty Retro Double Bench

Who would have thought a utilitarian piece of furniture, like a bench, would stir up such emotions of lust?! Not I ... until I found this Betty Retro Double Bench at zinc door. That gold geometric frame! The exquisite faux fur seat! Don't you feel a sudden urge to imagine yourself as a mid-century starlet powdering her nose atop this bench while wearing a silk dressing gown? Or, if you prefer to a more modern scenario, you can certainly pretend you're on the set of Scream Queens gearing up for your role as a numbered Chanel. Either way, this fantastic bench is the common denominator.

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How To Wear Sneakers Everywhere

By Cailyn Cox

Once considered to be terribly uncool, sneakers are now worn by many fashionable women, and their feet are rejoicing because of it. But when is it suitable to wear sneakers? And can they be worn with everything?

Sneakers can actually be worn in almost every setting - some people even argue they can be worn to the office -- but the most important thing to know about sneakers is how to use the right ones.

And this means choosing a pair that
is comfortable but still fashionable.

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Prime Directive: Cool Bags

My primary complaint about any accessory I have is that it isn't Star Trek-themed, and that's where this amazing satchel-style Star Trek Retro Tech Purse from ThinkGeek comes in. It's perfect for any situation, especially comic cons where your cosplay doesn't have any pockets and you desperately need a place to stash all the weird stuff you've bought. You don't want Brent Spiner's autograph getting smeared from sweaty palms.

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Twist Me Pretty's Creative Hair Tutorials Are Exactly The Thing To Shake Up Your Hairstyle Routine

By Chantel Delulio


Have you fallen into a hairstyle rut--stuck cycling between the same lackluster 'dos? Twist Me Pretty has just what you need to give your tresses and inspired (and surprisingly easy!) makeover.

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Be a Man - Wear Some Makeup

By Ryan Boyd

Put down your Axe Shower Tool and Powerful Yogurt and listen to me, bud -- it's time for you to buy some makeup. There's room in your medicine cabinet next to the dozens of tiny, half-full Listerine bottles and clumps of hair for a decent makeup kit, I promise you.

"But makeup isn't shredded OR explosion-punching," I hear you grunt muskily. "How can I communicate to everyone in my life that I'm the manliest dude who ever punched a bear square in the Grizzly Bits if I'm walking around WITH STUFF ON MY LANTERN-JAWED MAN-MUG?"

But here's the thing.



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Get Prepped For Valentine's Day With The Soho Soft Shirt

On Valentine's, you don't want a super-obvious shirt splashed with hearts, because you're subtler than that. But the Soho Soft Shirt from New York & Company has a rad pattern of keys and hearts, and even comes with a little patch pocket on the chest with enough room for phone numbers hastily scrawled on napkins, or possibly one (1) Tic-Tac if you're nervous about your breath.

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Look Lovely In The Printed And Pocketed Silk Stencil Blossom Dress

Do you want to know the best feature on the Silk Stencil Blossom Dress by Madewell? It's not the adorbs floral print or the shirt tails hem. It's not even the easy fit or casually slimming silhouette. It's the pockets. Dresses with pockets are seriously the best. These pockets are not so big and sturdy that you can use them to store your keys or your phone--keep those in your purse--but in an effort to battle a bit of a spring sniffle, you can tuck in an extra tissue or two. Make sure to also slip in a couple of bills so you don't have to lug your bag with you when you make your inevitable mid-morning coffee run.

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7 Things You Should Avoid Wearing To The Office

By Cailyn Cox

It's great relaxing at home in your oversized sweats and three year old T-shirt, but of course you'd never be caught dead going to the office in that get up.

Yet, without realizing it you're probably making countless style mistakes everyday, and they're all completely avoidable.

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Map Of Beauty's Wigs Are Easy To Use, Natural Looking And Cost Less Than Your Shampoo

By Angela Germano

At one time or another, everyone has wondered how they would look with different hair, whether it's a different style, color, or hell, even texture. Sometimes you don't have a choice, and you're forced to consider this question, or whether you just want you hair the same as always.

This is where wearing a wig comes in. 

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Smith & Cult's Filth Noir Nail Lacquer is Ten Pounds of Trouble in a Five-Pound Sack

If you can look at a product line called Filth Noir and not immediately want to buy it, you have more willpower (and probably stronger moral fortitude) than I do. This Opaque Dark Burgundy Plum nail lacquer is ideal for ruining a private detective's life and taking the poor schmuck for all he's worth, and if you don't have the right nails for the job, what's the point of anything?

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Serve Up A Little Playfulness With The Mog Plate

Animals on homewares is definitely trending. Most often, the beasts are dressed in funny clothing, which is entertaining, but a touch disconcerting, too. If you want to stay on trend, but don't like the thought of a llama in a silk dress staring you down, opt for Donna Wilson's more simple Mog Plate. This kitty may be unadorned, but the clean lines and basic outline still manage to portray a feline with attitude. As if there's such a thing as a cat without attitude!

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6 Reasons Your Wardrobe Needs A Classic Mule

By Cailyn Cox

Mules are looking to be one of the biggest shoe trends for 2016, so it's clear that we all need to get onboard with the rebirth of the classic mule.
Mule is a French word used to describe a style of shoe that is backless and often closed-toed -- anyone who ever loved Sex and the City will already be in love with this style as it was a Carrie Bradshaw's favorite.

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Lighten Up With Lush Love And Light Hand Cream

This winter has been so hostile and brutal, I'm tempted to think that it's all been a promotional tactic from the makers of Star Wars to boost ticket sales, and we're all living on ice planet Hoth. When the weather turns mean, this frequently translates to cracked hand skin and flaky fingers. No good.

Lush has you covered, though, with their new Love And Light hand cream. This stuff is made with softening neroli and fair trade cocoa butter, and the Brazilian orange oil makes it smell delightful -- organic jojoba oil sinks into the skin, hydrating your paws without leaving them greasy or gross, and trust me, you're going to need the moisture when winter decides to gnaw on your hands.

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Close The Blinds, Drink Some Water And Help Your Skin Bounce Back With The X-Treme Hangover Mask

You pride yourself on your good decisions after a night of drinking; you used Uber to get home, preemptively placed a big glass of water by your bedside, and managed to avoid drunk texting an ex before bed. Keep the responsible streak going and rehydrate your skin the morning after with Rodial's SUPER ACIDS X-Treme Hangover Mask. It's chock-full of exfoliating and moisture-enhancing fruit extracts. Wash up, apply the mask, and let it dry for 10 minutes while you make yourself a big pot of coffee. Rinse off and pat yourself on the back for being totally responsible.

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Power Dressing: How To Look Like A Stone Cold Boss

By Cailyn Cox

If you want to dress for success you need to understand the concept of power dressing.

Modern power dressing is nothing like its 1980s forbearer, it's much less formal and instead only part style and part confidence (both are needed to guarantee your success in the workplace -- your clothes have to send a message to your colleagues and your boss).


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