Some Very Good Advice + 4 More Things We Love This Week

February 13, 2017
By Heather Jackson
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Don Quote Print

Wanna feel old? Mad Men first premiered ten years ago this spring. It might be time to rewatch the Golden Globe-winning drama from start to end in an attempt to work out more of the enigmatic Don Draper (okay, or just salivate because Jon Hamm is so dreamy). And while I don't recommend paying heed to much of Don's actions or advice, this Don Quote Print from Chasing Paper actually is a pretty solid tip — both in the advertising agency boardroom and in your own home office.

Moon River Floral Dress

This week has me dreaming about romantic getaways to tropical places, and while I might not yet have one penciled into my schedule, I think it's always good to be prepared. After I'm done setting up flight price alerts, I'm going to head over to Shopbop and snag myself this Floral dress by Moon River. With its off-the-shoulder top, drawstring waist, and breezy ruffled hem, it has evening beach walk written all over it.

Happy Tuesday Booze Bags

These Power & Light Press Happy Tuesday Booze Bags are everything. Mostly because the good, the bad, and the ugly don't always wait to happen until the weekend. Your sister's job is driving her bonkers by Tuesday evening, you usually ditch Wednesday afternoon pilates in favor of happy hour, and Thursday is practically Friday anyway. Buy the booze, slip it into one of these bags, and head on over to a friend's place to celebrate or commiserate life's ups and downs with your favorite people.

Ambre Home Spray

It feels like this winter will never come to an end. Nevertheless, it's good to proceed as if spring really is right around the corner. If you can't yet throw open all your windows in a mad attempt to usher in clean air and start your spring cleaning, break out a bottle of Ambre Home Spray from Annick Goutal. The scent isn't a traditional floral or a lemon fresh, but the combination of vanilla and musk is less heavy than you might expect. It has a soft sweetness to it; certainly, it's miles above the smell of last night's curry sauce!

Star-Shaped French Sugar Cubes

Leave it to the French to take a fancy item, like a sugar cube, and make it even fancier. These Belle De Sucre Star-Shaped French Sugar Cubes will stun your guests with their sweet little shape. They'll assume that you're the type of person who totally has it all together when you hand over a warm cup of coffee and then pass them a bowl full of crystallized stars. If you want even more cool person points, package up a box of these with a bag of your favorite loose leaf tea and give it as a hostess gift.

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