You Should Be Rocking a Neck Scarf

March 16, 2017
By Cailyn Cox
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You're not from the Wild West, but that doesn't mean you can't unleash your inner cowgirl and wear a neck scarf. And you definitely should, because this accessory is proving very popular.
The neck scarf has been making a wave in the accessory world and has already been given the stamp of approval by many famous faces, including Kendall Jenner. But apart from the fact that it's the perfect accessory for those fashionistas on a budget, it's also super stylish and has the ability to transform an outfit from drab to fab.
The beauty of this accessory is its versatility and you can tie the skinny scarf around the neck in a variety of different ways: roll your scarf diagonally and tie it at the side, fold it into a triangle and wear it in the front like a cowgirl, or tie it in a bow like you would a bowtie — but the first option is our favorite.

One thing to remember about this trend is to treat it as you would a necklace — and it's basically replaced the statement necklace. It looks great with open necklines like a bardot or a buttondown shirt (leave the first few buttons open) yet equally impressive when tucked into the top of your sweater. Just ensure that the neck scarf is your only accessory because it's a stand-alone feature.

But when it comes to actually purchasing a neck scarf there are a few things to remember. Firstly, print is a big factor and if you are going to opt for print (solid colors work well too) then ensure that it's something simple like a checkered or paisley print.

As far as materials go, the scarves come in a wide range of options, but the most luxurious is definitely silk. Not only will silk feel better against your skin, it also looks more polished and put together than the cotton alternatives (that's not to say that you can't wear these though, because silk doesn't always come cheap).

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