How to Achieve Easy Elegance

April 21, 2017
By Cailyn Cox
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What woman doesn't love getting dressed up and looking like a princess? But elegance can be hard to achieve, and it's often not a look that we want to wear day in, and day out.
However, easy elegance, which refers to a new way of dressing, is the perfect balance of sophistication and more casual vibes — and can be easily worn in a variety of different settings.
To achieve this look you need to focus on basic, classic pieces, that when worn look effortlessly elegant. For example, a simple black dress like an open-back maxi dress, a sheath, or a fit and flare dress are all great options -- the clean lines and uncomplicated style lends itself well to a look that is both girly yet modern.

Tailoring is another guaranteed way to achieve this look. Instead of opting for a classic suit and blazer combination try out a blazer and shorts combination, and pair it with a sheer blouse -- this will create a laid back, yet sophisticated look.

Focus on neutral colors, but make your garments more interesting by wearing textured pieces. For example, a classic black-and-white skirt and top combination is beautiful, but to make the look more modern and visually interesting try to mix up the fabrics by wearing a leather or tweed skirt with a silk or satin top.

Layering two key pieces is another surefire way to achieve easy elegance. Pair a shift dress with a fitted coat, or wear a simple lace dress with a cropped knit and throw the look together with a classic blazer.

Stick to classic cuts, both fitted and loose, and layer them artfully to create a feminine silhouette.

Finish off strong by ensuring your makeup and your jewelry compliment your look. Keep your hair and makeup mostly natural and the accessories to a minimum. If you do want to wear jewelry limit it to one or two pieces, like a pretty tennis bracelet of a pair of pearl earrings.

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