You Tell Us: The DivaCup

The DivaCup ($22), a period juice receptacle that lives inside your vagina until you reach in, pull it out and empty it into the toilet. With your bare hand.

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Posted on 09.30.11 at 12:40 PM

I'm not a hippie and have to say, the diva cup is amazing. Sure the first time you use it is a little odd but it is cleaner than a nasty tampon and much cheaper. I would never go back.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 12:41 PM

Awe, I happen to think my DivaCup is AWESOME. It's 10 times better than shoving a stick of dry cotton up in there, and a million times better than leaking through a big ol' pad!


Posted on 09.30.11 at 12:50 PM

Can't say I expected this kind of response. You gals have almost sold me on using this bad girl.

Found of You

Posted on 09.30.11 at 12:50 PM

I would totally try this, except I'm deeply in love with my continuous cycle birth control pills. Never having a period = awesome.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 12:54 PM

Absolutely LOVE my Diva. I can't use anything else and can't live without it. I wish every woman of menstruating age would realize how incredible a menstrual cup is!


Posted on 09.30.11 at 2:34 PM

Oh Outblush. How completely disappointing. You had the chance to do some good here & instead you acted like a 12 year old squealing about cooties. If you're that uncomfortable with your own body, perhaps you shouldn't be writing for grown ups!


Posted on 09.30.11 at 2:35 PM

It sounds gross, but honestly I don't think it's any worse than pulling a bloody tampon out with your bare hands. Plus it's cheaper, better for the environment, lasts longer, and does not leak. Even the best of tampons will occasionally screw you over. Luckily I'm in a similar situation as Found of You, and I'm only on the dot 4 times a year. The DivaCup used to really disgust me, but I got over it when I realized how awesome it was. People need to stop being so sensitive about the monthly business. FYI, it's not dirty and shameful.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 2:38 PM

I was skeptical about the Diva Cup at first, too. After I tried it 2 years ago, I decided to never go back to anything else. It's awesome. You don't ever have to worry about going out to buy pads and tampons anymore. It's really easy to clean and it made my body feel cleaner. No leaks, even on my heaviest days or at night. It really got me more in touch with my body as well. Don't knock it until you've tried it.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 2:58 PM

It does sound pretty gross, especially with the description accompanying it here. But the idea really intrigued me after reading the comments here. I use the NuvaRing for my birth control, so I've already got to shove one thing up inside with my own fingers. This Diva Cup can't be any more complicated than that, and sounds so much more convenient than the $$ and effort into pads and tampons (that I constantly feeling on edge about all through my period). It's a major plus that it benefits the environment. I'm definitely going to try this.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 3:05 PM

Glad to see the support for the Diva Cup. I was definitely grossed out when I first heard of them, but I hit a point where I just couldn't stand tampons anymore, so I tried a Diva Cup. I've been using them for 3 years now, and I'm not going back. You can keep them in for 12 hours, so you never really have to change it some place indiscreet, like a public restroom. And even then, it's not a big deal. I promise it's no worse than changing a soaked tampon, and it's more comfortable. Anyone else know the feeling of inserting or removing a tampon into your too dry vagina? Just saying... Lastly, if you use these (and don't have endometriosis), it's pretty amazing just how little we actually bleed each month.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 3:46 PM

For me, a girl who works 2 jobs 4 days of the week nothing can beat being able to wear the Diva Cup for 12+ hours without ever having leakage. I tried it out just over 3 years ago and have never looked back. Since trying it I have turned many lady friends to the diva cup side. I can't say enough great things about it!


Posted on 09.30.11 at 4:23 PM

Come on, Outblush. I've had it with the narratives running through your copy that demonstrate disordered attitudes towards food, eating, and body image and now you're doing this puerile squeamish body hate thing? There's nothing wrong with vaginas and there's nothing wrong with putting your hand IN your vagina. It's YOUR vagina. Reading toxic stuff like this on Outblush makes me feel like reading it is a bad habit I need to break myself up.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 4:44 PM

Thanx for that Lily. I agree. I commented on the number of extreme alcohol-fueled posts the other day and got slammed by 3 of them, vowing that they drink like fishes except when pregnant! Oh well.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 4:54 PM

Diva Cup = best thing that's happened to periods since... I got my period. I bought one of these my freshman year of college and love it. F you outblush for making it sound grosser than tampons. It's not.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 5:28 PM

I admit, I've been too sqeamish to try it. My uh monthly is REALLY heavy.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 5:30 PM

Also, my main concern is making a giant mess while emptying it. How likely is that for someone who's a massive clutz in a cramped bathroom stall? Cuz like, spilling that on your shoe, would be not so awesome.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 6:43 PM

I'm with Kimberly on this one. I understand the whole not knocking it til I try it thing, and I am all for recycling, but this is just too much for me. Not to get too personal, but I remove my tampons with a wad of toilet paper so that I don't get blood on my hands. So no, it is not the same. I don't understand what makes removing a cup of blood (read CUP, not SPONGE) from your vagina an easy task. Will one of you Diva Cup lovers explain please?

I will say one thing though - to all those that are now disowning Outblush - how did you get to "vagina-hating"? No one said vaginas are gross, or even touching them is gross. But theoretically, this is a strange product, and I think the writer is entitled to be as weirded out as I am.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 7:06 PM

Personally, I can get behind the IDEA of the Diva Cup, and approve of the eco-friendliness. But, I can ALSO freely admit to not being able to get past the "squick factor" of reusing something that goes in my hmm-hmm, no matter how much it gets washed/disinfected etc. I would also be really really nervous that I'd drop it on the floor when I was trying to empty it out, and then get to try and clean up the resultant mess. Because I'm just klutzy like that, and I KNOW it would happen to me at some point, i.e. when I was at my mother in law's or something.

But, if it works for you? Awesome. Go forth and Diva Cup!

I think that's where a lot of the sentiment behind this post came from... I might not agree with how all of it is phrased but hi, this is the internets, people can have their own opinions. Hence, they made it a You Tell Us, not a straight-up Doubtblush.


Posted on 09.30.11 at 9:24 PM

Tampons now seem archaic to me. The cup is much cleaner and easier. I'll never go back.


Posted on 10.01.11 at 7:22 AM

I've never tried this, but from all the positive comments on here I'm thinking maybe I should! Question for you dedicated users, does the blood leak out when you take it out? I would think you need to pull it out pretty straight to keep all the blood inside, is that hard to do?


Posted on 10.01.11 at 9:25 AM

Okay, I'll bite! I'll be that person who gets all personal about the deets of the Diva Cup. It's silicone-based, so there is nothing unsanitary about it. That's what vibes and dildos are and we use those, wash em off in warm water with mild soap and we're good to go, right? Similar theory here.

As for insertion, you fold the cup, tuck it up in there and it will kinda pop back into its cup-like shape. Once in properly, you don't feel a thing at all and it has never once leaked on me in my 6+ years using one.


Posted on 10.01.11 at 9:33 AM

To take out, you reach for the little grabby part that sticks down from the bottom of the cup, pull down, re-adjust your fingers so you've got a decent grip, and yes, pull straight down. It's easier than it sounds and as a self-proclaimed klutz, I've never once dropped the sucker on the floor or all over my shoes, etc. In fact, you can do it sitting ON the toilet so you don't even have to see blood or stand or anything. Dump it into the toilet, rinse, reinsert, and wash your hands.

It takes like, 3 minutes tops and since you can wear it for up to 8-12 hours, I've always been able to find a private bathroom for peace of mind!

So to each her own, of course. No judging here, but the DivaCup sounds pretty scary at first. Once tried, the lightbulb goes off and the simplicity of it all makes it a totally viable period juice option!


Posted on 10.01.11 at 6:10 PM

I won a diva cup in a YouTube guru's giveaway and I was reluctant to try it. Ive been using it for about 4 months now and I could never go back to tampons. It's so much more convenient and clean! Also, you can put it in the morning/night you are due to get your period and no surprise stained undies or bed sheets! Yesssss!


Posted on 10.01.11 at 6:11 PM

I won a diva cup in a YouTube guru's giveaway and I was reluctant to try it. Ive been using it for about 4 months now and I could never go back to tampons. It's so much more convenient and clean! Also, you can put it in the morning/night you are due to get your period and no surprise stained undies or bed sheets! Yesssss!


Posted on 10.01.11 at 10:23 PM

It's called a vagina. You don't have to use euphemisms that try to obscure the fact that you're talking about your genitals by only referring to it with sounds or geographical locations.

The attitude from grown women that touching your own vagina is gross or dirty is getting really, really old. It's the cleanest place on your body and probably the most fun too. Grow up, Outblush, and edit your copy a little better.


Posted on 10.02.11 at 11:21 AM

How is the word "vagina" in the text a euphemism for the word "vagina"? This post says nothing about vaginas being gross, just the period blood. And yeah, period blood is gross.


Posted on 10.02.11 at 9:41 PM

Outblush, I am disappointed. Seriously disappointed. As in major fail! So period blood is gross. So is wearing a soggy diaper, oh I mean pad. So is spending hundreds of dollars buying hundreds of pads and tampons that end up in landfills. Diva cups are awesome.


Posted on 10.03.11 at 12:33 PM

Way to make the MOST amazing tool for women out there seem disgusting and unsanitary."a period juice receptacle that lives inside your vagina until you reach in, pull it out and empty it into the toilet. With your bare hand. " .... SERIOUSLY???!! It's your OWN vagina lol, how can you be this freaked out by your own body part???

Oh well, if you want to use tampons the rest of your life or diapers (pads) feel free... I'll be laughing over here with my Diva Cup, aka the best thing that has ever happened to me.


Posted on 10.03.11 at 12:42 PM

I've been using the Instead Cups since the late 90s and I'd never go back. I've finally seen the Diva Cups locally and as soon as my Instead Cups are used I'm splurging on the Diva Cup. The idea of having to deal with the area "down there" is not actually a "deal" at all. Seriously, go get one for all the ladies in the office and thank us later!

I never have to worry about the smell from a pad that needs to be changed (or the feeling that it's not absorbing as well as it claims) or making sure a tampon string doesn't get soaked when I have to use the bathroom.


Posted on 10.03.11 at 9:37 PM

I agree with pretty much all of the positive Diva Cup sentiments.

The first month I tried it, I had SO MUCH TROUBLE. It was really tricky to figure out, and I almost didn't stick with it. However, all my friends who tried it had similar experiences, and once they figured it out, they said it was the most amazing thing ever.

The second month, it was still a little tricky, but I was starting to get the hang of it.

The third month? Fantastic. I'd never go back. Near the end of my period, I empty it just once a day and have never had a problem.

My only complaint is that it can make my cramps worse. There have been a couple times it's gotten REALLY bad and I've had to take it out, but for the most part it's tolerable. Obviously this is something that will be different for everyone.

So yeah, give it a shot (or three), and I swear you'll love it.

Amy C

Posted on 10.04.11 at 10:24 AM

Jeeze, BACK OFF the outblush ladies. As someone else pointed out-they didn't do a straight up doubtblush, they did a "you tell us"-not a you crucify us for being apprehensive about something we're completely unfamiliar with." Several of you diva cup converts even admitted that you yourself were apprehensive about it until you tried it.

And don't say just because it's OUR vagina, the things that can come out of it aren't gross. Unless you think your own shit doesn't stink either.

marilyn j

Posted on 10.08.11 at 5:00 PM

I am a lot older than most of you. They had this same product in the late '60's-early '70s, called a Tassaway. It failed in the market. Didn't try it myself then and am so glad that I don't need it now. Just thought it interesting is what is old is new again.

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