You Tell Us: Short Nail Ring

This Short Nail Ring ($163) fits over your nail and is a squeeze-to-fit design, ensuring that it stays snugly in place. We just can't decide: is this the easy way to add one statement nail to your manicure without the effort? Or is this basically... [More]

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You Tell Us: Censored Statement Dress

We're really not sure what to make of this Censored Statement Dress ($180). Ridiculous? Definitely. Cleverly charming? That's where we're waffling. poll by [More]

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You Tell Us: Othermix Chevron & Chiffon Panel Asymmetric Top

The day that we found this Othermix Chevron & Chiffon Panel Asymmetric Top ($68), we loved it. And now that we're looking at it again, we aren't as thrilled with it. So, going off first impressions, how do you readers feel about this one? poll... [More]

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You Tell Us: Madewell Mini Coin Purse Belt

And the award for the most asinine accessory of 2012 goes to this Madewell Mini Coin Purse Belt ($45). We understand its purpose. We have quarters that need containing, we get that's what it is meant for. But who the hell uses quarters anymore? Parking... [More]

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You Tell Us: Omen Eye Mira Shorts

We're torn between loving these Omen Eye Mira Shorts ($88) and running away from them as fast as possible. At first glance, it appears as it our DivaCup overfloweth. But upon closer inspection, we see that the worn-down seams and nearly obliterated front panels fall... [More]

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You Tell Us: *NYC Boutique The Iris Leggings

Just when you thought this season had hit its tribal threshold, these *NYC Boutique The Iris Leggings ($32) rode into town. There is nothing about these that is timid, which makes us wonder what exactly we'd wear with them. So we bring the question to... [More]

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You Tell Us: Kate Spade Armadillo Handbag

We didn't deem this Armadillo Handbag ($328) Doubtblush-worthy, because it's a cute purse in a quirky and whimsical way... maybe? If nothing else it makes us think of that great armadillo cake scene in Steel Magnolias. But would anyone actually carry this purse? You tell... [More]

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You Tell Us: Blink Sneaker Wedges

We know it's easy enough to slip on a pair of pumps to add a little height, but what if we don't want to dress up the look so much? We think Blink Sneaker Wedges ($70-80) might be the casual solution to heels - but... [More]

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You Tell Us: Jessie Williams Junkie Crop Leggings

Did you guys know that Zooey Deschanel went to West Beverly High? We don't need you to tell us that the styling here is pretty Doubtblush-worthy. (For that matter, they're being advertised as unisex.) But deep down, we kind of have a thing for the... [More]

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You Tell Us: Steve Madden Taxxi Shoes

We understand only wanting to dip your toes into the whole neon fad, but we didn't expect Steve Madden to take it so literally. Their Taxxi shoes ($90) are certainly eye-catching and on trend - but we fear they tread into clown shoe territory. Hence... [More]

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You Tell Us: Coco de Mer Peacock Print Cushion

This seemingly innocent, vaguely floral Coco de Mer Peacock Print Cushion ($120) caught our eye for its interesting pattern and, well, the fact that there was a throw pillow on a site that sells lingerie and sex toys. We actually thought it might be a... [More]

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You Tell Us: Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Rejuvenation Titanium Dermaroller

We don't mind a little pain for beauty every now and then. Moustaches need to be waxed and bikini lines need to be tended to. But the Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Rejuvenation Titanium Dermaroller ($50) might be taking it too far. What looks like a million needles... [More]

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You Tell Us: Tibi Floral Print Dress

We were intrigued by the bold red and the unique design of this Tibi Floral Print Dress ($570) when we laid eyes on it. We knew it would turn heads, but we couldn't decide if the pattern looked too much like a Rorschach test. So,... [More]

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Screen shot 2012-02-02 at 11.48.09 AM.png

You Tell Us: Type Z Trina Snake Print Legging

We love leggings, and we've recently ventured into patterned territory. We've got leopard print of course, and some lace print leggings in black, but then we saw these Type Z Trina Snake Print Leggings ($32). Do we dare? You Tell Us.... [More]

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You Tell Us: Moo Facebook Timeline Cards

We were pretty sure that you're supposed to keep business and Facebook as far away from each other as possible. Nevertheless, Moo has unveiled their Facebook cards ($15+), which are business cards stylized after the new Facebook timeline - another thing we were pretty sure... [More]

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cosbby shorts-s.jpg

You Tell Us: Urban Renewal Cosby Knit Bloomer

Are the Urban Renewal Cosby Knit Bloomers ($20) slightly off or just plain offensive, OB readers? Tell us if this Cosby Show homage is rotten or your next choice in lounge-wear. Proceed to the comments section - we'd be glad to hear your comments, but... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 5.08.18 PM.png

You Tell Us: Lisa Frank Denim Rainbow Skirt

We love you, Lisa Frank, but we are going to have to question your judgement here. We can see this Denim Rainbow Skirt ($30) being a cute wardrobe addition for a little girl, but it's not for a little girl; it's for an adult woman.... [More]

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chain gojane boots-s.jpg

You Tell Us: Draped Chain Rain Boot

The price is right on the Draped Chain Rain Boot ($18), but we're weary of the styling. Maybe this is too biker-ish, even for us. We have never said no to silver skulls before, but it's something about the hanging strands here that rubs us... [More]

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You Tell Us: Maison du Posh One Another Black Fur Teeth Clutch

We were visiting our friends over at ThePursePage when we saw this Maison du Posh One Another Black Fur Teeth Clutch ($1,134), and we wish we'd seen it first so we could take credit for discovering it. Just... look at it! We're pretty much farklempt.... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-11-14 at 3.18.15 PM.png

You Tell Us: Heel Condoms

We can get on board with the idea of shoe clips, but this? Heel Condoms ($varies)? The name is poorly chosen, and they look tacky to us. We think they'd be hard to pull off. What do you think think? Would you purchase and wear... [More]

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