Personal Shopper: Symbolic Jewelry for Jolene and her Mom

Says Jolene: "Hello Outblush! I'm hoping you can help me find the perfect item for my mom and I...without going in to a lot of details, the last year has been filled with some pretty crappy circumstances for us. I feel like we have both developed and grown stronger from it, though, and would like to get some sort of matching token or gift to symbolize this. I was thinking some type of jewelry that we could both wear and something that symbolizes change or growth, like a butterfly. Any ideas? My mom is a classy but fun lady and so I'm looking for something elegant yet not too expensive (maybe around $100) and yet still unique. Thank you!!"

Hi, Jolene. This is Marian, and when it comes to difficult stretches of time, I feel you. I'm glad that you and your mom had each other for the duration. Finding these selections was way fun and way interesting, so I hope you see something you like!

Since you specifically mentioned butterflies, we'll start with the 1) amber butterfly necklace ($102) at the bottom. The material of choice was what really drew me to it, since it's effectively a butterfly made out of the past. (Literally, it's a butterfly made out of tree resin . . . but you can disregard that.) It's also a lot less juvenile than much of the butterfly jewelry out there.

There also pretty much had to be a 2) phoenix (pendant, $56), didn't there? It might be a little hard to see in the collage, but I loved the elegant silhouette of this one.

The crocus is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, reappearing from a bulblike structure called a corm, and so it's also used as a symbol of renewal. This 3) crocus they-call-it-a-necklace-but-it-looks-like-a-pendant-to-me ($34) is made from a perfectly lovely image of several of the blooms, and it's nice and colorful.

The other floral option here is a lotus, meaningful to Buddhists because (as it grows in slimy water) it represents purity rising from the mud. For that reason I specifically looked for a lotus piece with a dark background, of which there surprisingly aren't that many. I liked 4) this one ($24), though - the image of the flower is actually made with laminated silver leaf, so it has a texture and a shimmer to it.

The Egyptian goddess 5) Nephthys, less-famous sister of Isis, was the protector of the sun as he passed through the underworld every night, known both for her great kindness and for her tendency to appear in rather grim surroundings. As, figuratively, she who sees you through the hardest times, she might be a meaningful choice for you and your mom - and I love the pose she's in with her wings here, part imposing and part come-have-a-hug (pendant, $64).

And just in case you'd like a black humor sort of option, we've even got this 6) walking zombie necklace ($10). That's one way of coming out of difficulties as a new and more motivated person . . . um, don't be mad.

The best of wishes to you both, Jolene. Take care.


Loretta Rizzo

Posted on 05.05.11 at 12:14 PM

Love your blog & all your suggestions!


Posted on 05.05.11 at 3:52 PM

Jolene--check out jewelry by Dogeared! They have lots of cool charms but are small and classy, and def under $100. Think anchor, bird, butterfly, etc. Good luck!

Pamela Daley

Posted on 05.05.11 at 7:32 PM

Looks like the Outblushers have completely forgotten about me: I make symbolic jewelry out of silver and gold, by hand and to order! Women are goddesses - symbolically:

and - actually:


Drop me an email (see those links) and I'd love to make something for you.

It's OK, Outblush - you're busy I know! :)(:

Found of You

Posted on 05.05.11 at 10:34 PM

Zombies are so exciting.

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