Outblush Hearts (Your) Mom Giveaway and Personal Shopper

So you were so proud of that awesome gift you found for Mom last year . . . and you haven't had an idea a fraction as good since? Be strong. Don't resort to random bath products. We at Outblush have got your back.

Between now and noon Pacific on April 27th, all you need to do is email us at or post a comment here or on our Facebook page telling us a little bit about your hard-to-shop-for mom. We'll pick six lucky readers for the full personal-shopper treatment, finding potential gifts from the practical to the luxe. And if you're not chosen, all hope is not lost. We'll also pick a bunch of you at random to receive one of the following gifts, gratis:

And go ahead and put down that little decorated box, by the way. She'll never put anything in it.

Read the full rules and restrictions.

****UPDATE 4/27/2010: GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED**** Thanks to everyone who entered!


Stephanie Smith

Posted on 04.19.10 at 3:42 PM

My mom used to be so predictable..but then she had gastric bypass, lost 125 pounds and has literally done a 180 as far as personality and has come out her shell. I'm so proud of her, but have no idea how to shop for her anymore!


Posted on 04.19.10 at 4:08 PM

My mom is really hard to buy for. She has no real hobbies or social life outside of the family. The standard go to gift for me is an Amazon gift card she can use with her Kindle.


Posted on 04.19.10 at 4:36 PM

My mom is difficult to shop for because she has a house full of papers and things, a scene right out of hoarders. I always have mixed feelings about buying her anything else because I know it's just going to contribute to the piles of stuff at some point. So when I do get her something, I'd like it to be really nice, so she'll hold on to it as long as possible before it disappears in the clutter!


Posted on 04.19.10 at 5:06 PM

My mom's birthday is within a week of mother's day, and every year, my sister and i struggle to find the perfect gift that can make an impact for both occasions. She is typically easy to shop for, but last October she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dealing with the emotions, and going through chemotherapy has made her understandably fickle. She can't drink some of her favorite teas, or eat some of her favorite food. But all along, she has remained optimistic. I'd love to be able to do something really special for her as she gears up for radiation.


Posted on 04.19.10 at 5:23 PM

My mom is fairly hard to shop for. she deserves a ton because she's got a kidney disease and always focused on that and everyone else. she deserves to be pampered and to relax and think of herself, so it's hard to find something that would be perfect!!


Posted on 04.19.10 at 6:09 PM

Hey Outblush!
My Mama is a pediatrician, former child of the sixties, make up eschewing (but arm pit and leg shaving) one woman work machine. I think she's a closet product junkie but she would never admit it or buy anything for herself...however if my sister or I leave a tube of something lying around she will swipe a bit to try it out. She spends all her time either taking care of her patients, her dogs, or her garden and rarely takes care of herself. She is a book worm and a fan of white wine. She became a grandmother this year and although she is thrilled, I think it made her feel old.


Posted on 04.19.10 at 6:49 PM

My mother isn't particularly hard to shop for to be honest. But three years of grad school has put me in such debt that I can't afford to properly thank her for what she has done for me.


Posted on 04.19.10 at 7:24 PM

My Mom will soon be 94 and in the past year lost her husband, her daughter, had to move out of her home of 45+ years and give up driving. Through it all she has kept a positive attitude, has been an inspiration to me and has passed on to me her love of any and all bags/totes.
She is hard to buy for because she lives in a care center where she has limited space and there are rules about what she can/can't have.


Posted on 04.19.10 at 7:25 PM

My Mom will soon be 94 and in the past year lost her husband, her daughter, had to move out of her home of 45+ years and give up driving. Through it all she has kept a positive attitude, has been an inspiration to me and has passed on to me her love of any and all bags/totes.
She is hard to buy for because she lives in a care center where she has limited space and there are rules about what she can/can't have.


Posted on 04.19.10 at 7:30 PM

My mom is hard to shop for because she owns almost everything under the sun, plus our tastes are almost completely different. I would love to see here get a makeover & have great weekend getaway.

Pamela Daley

Posted on 04.19.10 at 7:34 PM

My 'mom' is my step-daughter actually (!) who is having her first baby at the age of 35. Said baby being due on her birthday in August too - a bizarro deal that runs in the family: her sister and her father have the same birthday and her niece and I do too.

I have known this fabulous woman since she was 9 years old and I just love her all to pieces. I've never tried to be her mom but we've been good friends from the beginning. I'm so happy for her but she is so far away from us and the rest of her family too that I'd just love to 'luxe out' on her for Mother's Day - so she knows what a super mom I know she will be.



Posted on 04.19.10 at 11:26 PM

I love my mom but she does not like my gifts. She's returned dresses that "show too much shoulder," knee length skirts that are "too short," lotions that "smell weird," home appliances that "take up too much space," and jewelry that was too expensive so I had to return it and "save my money." Even flowers "die too soon." My entire family is at a loss. My mom's birthday is a week before Mother's Day, and I'd love to finally give her something she loves because as fickle as she is, she does deserve to finally receive something that she'll love!


Posted on 04.20.10 at 6:56 AM

My mom got married at the tender age of 16 years old. She was a young, italian girl who was told my Dad would make a good husband. She married in Italy, left her family and then moved here to America where he took care of her for 30 something years. They got divorced a few years ago, and she is slowly picking up the pieces, and learning how to survive on her own. She really deserves a treat!


Posted on 04.20.10 at 7:30 AM

My mom is a nightmare to shop for! She's very selective, and anything you can think of she either already has - or knows a place to get it cheaper! I really want to surprise her this time!


Posted on 04.20.10 at 7:58 AM

My mom is one of those people that already has everything because if she wants it, she buys it! I would love to surprise her with something that she wouldn't think to get herself!

James S Z

Posted on 04.20.10 at 8:10 AM

My mom is hard to shop for because I'm away from her for school for 8 months a year so its hard to keep up with what she's been listening to, or what direction her tastes have been moving. Inevitably, I end up trying to find some music I think is cool that I think she'll like too.

Of course, she's also hard to buy for when I have 11 weeks a year to work and you want to find something awesome that won't break the bank.


Posted on 04.20.10 at 8:12 AM

My mom is very difficult to shop for! She's not good at receiving gifts and just prefers that everyone else gets spoiled. She always says she "doesn't want anything," which is clearly untruthful! She really deserves to be treated!


Posted on 04.20.10 at 8:22 AM

My mom is hard to shop for because she has opposite styles. Her wardrobe is rather bright while her home is rather dull. Every room in the house is either white or beige with plain brown furniture! I want to help her see how great and uplifting splashes of color can be beyond her clothing. She deserves some bright and cheery presents!


Posted on 04.20.10 at 9:06 AM

My mom is one of those people who always gets you the perfect gift. She's retired so she has time to shop. Plus, she likes a minimalist house so it's hard to get her anything. Add to that, she lives in Houston and has access to everything. I live in Tallahassee and have access to nothing except via the Internet. So even if I could find her the ideal present, I don't have any stores available for the types of stuff she likes.


Posted on 04.20.10 at 9:42 AM

My mom is hard to shop for because she never wants anything, just for the family to get together and share some laughs. Me and my brothers usually conspire to get her a card that will make her cry tears of love. The better the card, the more tears. We're so mean, I know. We usually tuck in a spa certificate or I take her to get a mani-pedi, so we're not all bad. Love ya mom!


Posted on 04.20.10 at 2:20 PM

My Mom is hard to shop for because she knows as a broke graduate school student that I have no money, therefore she never tells me anything that she likes. She is a big fan of classic and elegant but trendy, which makes Outblush a great place to look for affordable things for her.

And to everyone else, if you've never heard of Saddleback Leather Company you've just been blessed! It's fantastic products, great costumer service, and bags that literally last your entire life.

Lauren Gomez

Posted on 04.20.10 at 5:28 PM

My mom literally has everything that she could want, or so she says. She has done everything for me and has always stood by my side. She takes care of both of her parents and always sacrifices herself for her family. I am 20 years old and for most of my life have just gone out with my dad and brother a few days before Mother's Day and bought her a few things. It's always the same though. Some Bath and Body Works stuff, a CD or two, a book, etc. I want something original that will let her know just how much I love her and care about her. I know its not about what I get so much as the thought behind it, but still.

Katie M.

Posted on 04.20.10 at 6:59 PM

My mom is hard to shop for because she never admits she needs anything and she's very indecisive. It takes a lot to convince her to try something different or new. Add the fact that I'm a poor college student, and you can see my mom deserves some great gifts.

beckie tunon

Posted on 04.20.10 at 7:19 PM

I am a single mother of 3 beautiful girls who I adore. Money is so tight that at times I cant drive to school. I always make sure my kids have what they need but that never leaves money for me to have anything new. I would love to have something new such as a bag from your compnay. thank you


Posted on 04.20.10 at 7:23 PM mom is an old hippy/new rastafarian/christian/wife of an inmate. I feel like I've already exhausted the obvious gifts (no innuendo intended ; )


Posted on 04.20.10 at 7:33 PM

My mom is tough because she doesn't like to give gift ideas because she feels bad asking for things and wants shopping for her to be easy but in reality it makes it harder for us to buy for her.


Posted on 04.20.10 at 7:36 PM

My mother is very hard to buy for, every year I struggle to get her something, a giftcard, spa treatment, home improvements. Each year is harder and harder. My mother got laid off last year and is struggling to see her children and grandchildren. I would love to be able to give her something special.

Thank You OutBlush



Posted on 04.20.10 at 7:39 PM

My mother doesn't ask for much, but here's what I know. Shes' a seamstress, and she loves sewing; she would like to have time/money to make doll clothes, or beautiful dresses/clothes. She's very creative, and I'd love to do something special to give her some inspiration :)


Posted on 04.20.10 at 7:53 PM

My mom is impossible to shop for due to the fact that she will not tell anyone what she wants. She loves gardening, but if there is anything she want she will not say a peep and will go buy it herself. It makes it tough to anticipate what she wants. On top of this, if she thinks a gift is too pricy, she will insist we return it.


Posted on 04.20.10 at 8:16 PM

My mom is an incredible woman. She is strong, independent, intelligent, and loves to travel. One of these days I'll be paying to send her to some exotic place, instead of the other way around. In the meantime though, I have a tough time deciding what to get her. She's practical, doesn't like anything too ostentatious, but she is particular that everything is just to her liking. I think she would appreciate the things I've said about her here, but chances are she'd enjoy winning one of your great gifts just as much, if not more!
Thanks for the great give-away!


Posted on 04.20.10 at 8:26 PM

My mother can be difficult to shop for due to the fact that she really has everything she needs, and has very few wants. I would like to be able to give her something so that she could pamper herself. She has always taken care of our family, and she deserves a little pampering herself.


Posted on 04.20.10 at 8:54 PM

My mother's beauty, inside and out, radiates. She has an incredible eye and flair for fashion but is hard to shop for because she is so humble and rarely buys things for herself. She insists that me and my sisters save our money over buying her gifts. The reason why my mother deserves to be honored with this giveaway is because our family has been going through hard times these last two years and she continues to keep a positive attitude for me and my sisters. She turns heads everywhere we go through her positive spirit. Her style is simple, chic, and fun. Her energy, vivacity and spirit is infectious. I am so thankful for her. She is a beauty inside and out, and is my role model, in every sense. Please choose her.


Posted on 04.20.10 at 9:07 PM

I've gone from perfume to jewelry to pajamas to framed photos to books and have finally run out of ideas. For the last three years I've sent restaurant gift cards. This is Mom we're talking about so this just won't do. Even if I don't win, I have several good ideas from the list of prizes.


Posted on 04.20.10 at 9:17 PM

My Mom is pretty hard to shop for. Every year, I scratch my head on what to get her. She doesn't have much interests in perfumes and getting her clothes and jewelry really isn't my forte. Help! ;-)


Posted on 04.20.10 at 9:23 PM

I can never find anything my mom want's. and she doesn't seem to need anything.


Posted on 04.20.10 at 9:50 PM

Well, what DO you get for the woman who has everything?


Posted on 04.20.10 at 10:36 PM

My mother is very difficult to shop for in that she makes no bones about returning anything that you may give her-- which, I suppose, in a way makes her very easy to shop for.

Does that count?


Posted on 04.20.10 at 11:22 PM

No need to shop for Mummy. Just spend quality time, and bring the grandchildren to visit as often as possible!

Frank Lerod

Posted on 04.21.10 at 1:51 AM

Mom is simply the best there is and deserves nothing but the best!!!


Posted on 04.21.10 at 2:27 AM

Im in japan for college for the next 2 years, I just would really like to get my mom something special since she is always worried about me!


Posted on 04.21.10 at 2:59 AM

my mother is wonderful but badass, sweet but no push over. She fights for the rights of children but teaches responsibility....what to buy?

Jerry M

Posted on 04.21.10 at 3:44 AM

My wife(who is mom to our seven year old) would love it.And he would love giving it to her for her b-day.


Posted on 04.21.10 at 4:19 AM

It's getting harder and harder to find gifts for my wonderful mother, and I could really use your help!


Posted on 04.21.10 at 4:24 AM

My mom would rather spend money on others instead of buying things for herself, that is a hard person to buy for.

Mike Mc

Posted on 04.21.10 at 4:25 AM

This year has been very tough for my mother and I'd really like to do something special for her. I just returned from a year in Afghanistan (which caused her alot of stress) only to discover she'd just been laid off from her job as a full time teacher in FL. To make matters worse, when she flew up to MD to welcome me home, her house was burglarized and nearly everything of value was stolen. Down on her luck with no job at the moment and still upset about family heirlooms that were stolen, I want this year's Mothers Day to be very special amidst all the chaos and turmoil. Any ideas would be appreciated and thanks for your consideration.

Ryan S

Posted on 04.21.10 at 4:28 AM

While I sit here commenting, somewhere, someone is contemplating exactly what to give my mother for christmas/birthday/mother's day (whichever comes first). A farm raised super woman with almost inhuman amounts of energy, always putting the family above her own choices, its nigh impossible to tell what my mother wants. Working full time as a health professional all the while successfully raising 5 children, despite a brother with ALS, my mother is truly something to behold. And she definitely needs a shopping break.


Posted on 04.21.10 at 5:04 AM

My mother has always put herself last behind everyone in the family-she'll take my children to get school clothes and supplies, and get them what ever they want, not just what is cheapest like I do. They are autistic, and she feels that any little bit that helps them fit in is worth the money. She is so selfless, that when my dad needed a kidney transplant, she insisted on donating the kidney, rather than us kids, because "we might need two kidneys down the road, and her road was shorther than ours".


Posted on 04.21.10 at 5:16 AM

My mom is pretty tough to buy for, most of what she needs, she already gets for herself. I've been polishing her silverware for her everyyear.


Posted on 04.21.10 at 5:50 AM

Mom is hard to shop for as she has no room nor desire for stuff, few hobbies and is currently recovering from a broken back. But I also need to consider my wife (yes, every husband should get his wife a Mother's day gift!) She home-schools, has an embroidery business and all that she needs except time.

Jaimie I.

Posted on 04.21.10 at 6:02 AM

My mom is amazing. 5 years ago she survived cancer, and 2 years ago she decided to finish her degree while working full time so she could help put my brother and I through college. She is a survivor and a provider. She never does anything for herself unless it will benefit my brother and I. My mom will be fifty and fabulous this August, and being a college student on a budget does not make buying the most selfless woman I know a present an easy feat. This is a momentous year for her and I want to show her how much she means to me (with a little help from outblush!)
Thank you, Jaimie.


Posted on 04.21.10 at 6:02 AM

This would be the best gift for my wife, a wonderful mother of three. She always gives 110% of herself for her family and never does anything nice for herself.


Posted on 04.21.10 at 6:20 AM

My mom insists on not getting anything but a letter expressing how much I love and care for her...


Posted on 04.21.10 at 6:30 AM

My Mom is hard to buy for because charity is her passion. She lives a simple life and her material belongings all have special meanings in her live. What do you give to someone who has everything they desire in life and who finds joy only in giving to others.

walter daniels

Posted on 04.21.10 at 7:47 AM

I would love to give my mother a present, but she died of cancer 45 years ago. Instead, I'd like to give a young mother, and friend of mine, something. She's a single mother, with a 10 month old son. I'd liked to find something that he could give her, for their first Mother's Day.


Posted on 04.21.10 at 7:51 AM

My mom is another of those who has everything she wants (which is to say, she prefers a simple life with intangible gifts, and not a whole lot that she has to dust and clean and worry about someone stealing). She gives whatever she can, and expects (or wants) little in return.

Even so, she deserves all I can give her, and I hope to win one of the prizes here to help show her all she means to me and the whole family. (Though I suspect she'll appreciate the contest entry--this comment--most of all, knowing her... 8>)

Thanks for running this contest, and good luck to everyone who loves their mom, and enters on her behalf!!


Posted on 04.21.10 at 8:15 AM

My Mom grew up in a very frugal family and doesn't spend money on clothing or much of anything else. She does like her garden though, so I try to find a different and beautiful plant for her, and then I go plant it wherever she wants it.

Sasha Bunger

Posted on 04.21.10 at 8:45 AM

Of her 70 years, more than 50 have been spent caring for others. Rarely indulging in self pampering, placing others first she says “some day”. How wonderful a surprise it would be if that “some day” was now.

Aaron Schnabel

Posted on 04.21.10 at 8:53 AM

I never know what to get for my mom. She has a lot of interests, but as far back as I can remember she has exchanged about 80% of the gifts given her in order to get what she wanted. At this point I basically just pick something and expect her to exchange it.

Josh Smith

Posted on 04.21.10 at 9:40 AM

My Mom never really wants anything in particular so finding something for her is difficult. She loves quilting, but as with anyone's hobby, they either already have it or what you get isn't the right kind. She also loves books, but has millions of them already and I have no clue what she wants but doesn't have.

Colin McKearnan

Posted on 04.21.10 at 11:58 AM

I would like to give a gift to one of the young single mothers at Moutain Home Missoula. Mt Home is a small non-for profit that houses young, single moms. They get great support from our community but donations are often used products. It would be awesome to give one of the mothers something new. Yuo could even send the gift directly to Mountain Home should you choose.

Susan Scott

Posted on 04.21.10 at 11:58 AM

My mum's reached that age when she claims to have everything she needs or wants, and is probably right!

Alan Guagliardo

Posted on 04.21.10 at 12:34 PM

My mom always complains about everything I get her, telling me that I shouldn't have spent the money! I don't know what to do.


Posted on 04.21.10 at 12:41 PM

The thought of getting a Mother's Day gift turns me off. Don't get me wrong, I love her dearly. But, the sentimental/photo frames/tchotchke gifts are totally lost on her. I can only buy so many manicure gift certificates, even I'm bored with giving those.
Nothing says 'I love you' to her like a pint of ice cream and a pack of cigarettes. Let's be honest, it's a littttle trashy.

Um, please pick me to win some awesome stuff. I beg you.

Dan Gaston

Posted on 04.21.10 at 1:25 PM

My mother can be quite difficult to shop for. She has enough money and time to buy nearly anything that she really wants that is also within my price range, so I'm forced to be creative when I can. This can be especially difficult for Mother's Day. While I know flowers and a card show that I am thinking of her, it just doesn't seem like enough.

richard garcia

Posted on 04.21.10 at 1:37 PM

My mom is hard to shop for because she does not like gifts and I try to find things for her that I think she likes. She lives in CA and I live in the east coast. I have not seen her for several years so I am not aware of her tastes

Isaac Richert

Posted on 04.21.10 at 6:00 PM

Hope I win!


Posted on 04.22.10 at 6:41 AM

My mom has a lot of interests, but dislikes receiving presents. She'd rather not have people fuss over her. I think this would be a great opportunity for her to get what she truly deserves.


Posted on 04.22.10 at 8:04 AM

Mom doesn't care about things, but she does love books...but as a librarian, she doesn't BUY books for herself!


Posted on 04.22.10 at 12:01 PM

As a medical student, I'm usually cooped up in my own little world - when I come home to visit, my mom, despite draining herself dry at work with the elementary school children she teaches, always manages the energy to look her best and make sure my room is the perfect homecoming. I'd love to buy her something unique she'll cherish, but quite honestly, she's more fashionable than I am and I can never keep up with her stylishness!


Posted on 04.23.10 at 5:36 AM

My mom is very hard to buy for because all she does is think about me and my two younger sisters. The thought of me buying her anything, i always here the "don't waste your money on me, use it on yourself for food and or bills" I'm 24yrs old, live on my own in Pittsburgh, she and my family are 4.5 hrs from me, so I'm a starving student, so 9 times out of 10 she is always handing me over money, buying me gift cards, or stocking my house with groceries, its been a long time coming for me to pay this woman back, and i have yet to find anything to get her for mothers day that would have that wow factor. I always have to resort to gift cards for her favorite restaurants, but that results in her going out to dinner with her husband, and in my eyes i didn't buy the card for both of them, id love to get her something just for her and something that she would love, maybe even cry over..ha ha. i just love my mother and appreciate all the things she does for me, so i feel like a big jerk getting her useless presents each year. HELP ME OUT!

Julia S.

Posted on 04.23.10 at 7:18 AM

Please help - my mom is really hard to shop for. She doesn't want food because she's trying to diet. She's allergic to perfume and many flowers. She's not a big reader and doesn't have much of a social life. She also doesn't go to many movies. Oh - and I live 6 hours away from her so I can't take her out to do something. I'm stumped.


Posted on 04.23.10 at 8:50 AM

I just want to get her something quality. Thanks

Sydney and Bethany

Posted on 04.23.10 at 8:54 AM

Dad works for a consulting company and travels all week, so our mom is like a "single mom" all week looking after us. (note, girls are 1 and 5, dad is writing this...)

Mom deserves a lot for her patience, understanding and how hard she works during the week.

She never asks for anything, so we thought it would be nice for her to be the center of attention for a change.


Posted on 04.23.10 at 8:57 AM

My mom is hard to shop for--I have a limited budget and she always says she doesn't need anything! Plus she and my dad will be moving within the next few years so I don't want to give her stuff she won't use. Help!

Sarah Wilson

Posted on 04.23.10 at 11:42 AM

My mom is a wonderful woman, but difficult to shop for! She values comfort above all else, especially in shoes, but now in her new job she needs to dress a little more stylishly to fit in and make a better impression. She usually only buys clunky, flat shoes that are either black or brown. I'd like to get her in something with a heel, maybe a wedge, that's fun and business at the same time, but that she can stand to wear around!


Posted on 04.23.10 at 1:59 PM

My mom means the world to me! Growning up, my mom was a Thrift Store shopper to the maximum. Every day or every other day we would go shopping for bargains because my mom is very picky about items on sale. I still have trouble finding an awesome gift for my mom because she doesnt like just anything. I've tried the traditional items such as microwave, fridge, and toaster. Yet, these items are too expensive, too new and so on! LOL.


Posted on 04.23.10 at 2:11 PM

My mom loves the art of scrapbooking. I spend countless hours in arts and craft stores shopping for materials to satisfy her hobby. Shopping for my mom is difficult because no one seems to see her vision for scrapbooks except for her. Not many material given as gifts complete my mom when shopping for her hobby. Out of all the madness, I still love her and enjoy the times we share.


Posted on 04.23.10 at 6:53 PM

My mom has passed away and this will be my first mothers day without her. Her memory is a treasure in my heart and mind and I think daily about the many ways she showed her love for her family and me. If she were here today, I would just hold her and tell her how much I love her and how truly beautiful she is both inside and out. I think that would be the best gift to her. I am comforted to know that I will see her again in Heaven.
Give your mother your time and love and don't hold anything back.


Posted on 04.24.10 at 1:05 AM

my mom returns nearly everything I give her, like a sweater and a necklace.


Posted on 04.24.10 at 8:35 AM

My mom is awesome but a bit of a martyr ... always has been. It's hard to shop for her because she rarely says what she wants or likes. I'd love to shower her with wonderful gifts.


Posted on 04.24.10 at 8:45 AM

My mother is very giving and selfless, which makes it hard to shop for her. She never wants us to spend anything on her. She does so much for me with medical problems I have and takes care of me so much that I just want to give her something that will show her how thankful I am for her. She rarely tells up things she wants, because she never wants us to spend our money on her. But I feel she deserves something great for all she has done for me. She takes care of me cook for me even though I am old enough to do it on my own, sometimes I can't and my mother is there to take care of me, or just give me a hug. She gives me everything and never gives herself anything. This would be great. She deserves something special. She deserves to given nice thing because she won't buy them for herself. My life would be so much harder without my mom. I am so thankful for her and this could be a way I could really show her that I appreciate all the things she does for me. A thanks you doesn't seem good enough for what she does.


Posted on 04.24.10 at 6:53 PM

My mom is awesome but I always have a hard time shopping for her because her interests are very eclectic! She is also very thrifty and doesn't want us to spend too much on her. She's in a book club, loves to knit, values her bible study, and spends lots of time on the cell phone touching base with her own mom, friends, and me. She has supported me through A LOT in my life and I wish I could give her the PERFECT gift this Mother's Day!


Posted on 04.24.10 at 10:39 PM

I try so very hard to get my Mother the perfect gift every year. My budget is limited and well Mom's likes run out side of my limited bank account. She does so much for me. Just once I would love to get her an amazing gift.


Posted on 04.25.10 at 7:58 AM

My mom is hard to shop for because she does not like to keep too many things. She would rather give it to someone else who needs it more. She is very selfless and put's family way before herself. Not only is she extraordinarily kind, she is tough. My mom has properly raised all six of my siblings and I by herself! She had to do it alone because both my dad and step-dad passed away when we were young. She did her best to provide for all of us as well as her family back home. She sends money to her siblings overseas any time she gets a chance. She is always talking about how they are so less fortunate and we should help. So any gift we give her, she usually re-gifts it to her family there. Whenever we ask her what she wants for her birthday or Mother's Day, it's always the same answer, "Don't get me anything, just send money for your aunts, uncles, and grandma". She does so much for us and her family back home--my mom deserves a gift for herself.


Posted on 04.25.10 at 9:24 AM

My mum is super hard to buy for. For Christmas I bought her a purse, because it's what she needed... now mothers day and I'm clueless. Flowers for her to plant? Sounds like more work than *fun*. I need help! :) Would love to spoil her... but how?!


Posted on 04.25.10 at 11:05 AM

My mom is really hard to buy for. She is incredible woman. She’s strong, independent,and intelligent. She always put herself in the back to take care of our family.My mother is 40 and pregnant.The pregnancy is hard on her I want to help but every time I ask she will not let me.My mother is very giving and selfless, which makes it hard to shop for her. She never wants me to spend anything on her.


Posted on 04.25.10 at 2:14 PM

My Mom's wardrobe needs a makeover, her usualy shoping spot is Walmart and although comfortable her tings are just not stylish. She deserves better because she is sooooo good to her 5 kids, not to mention she is 85 years old!!!

Lana P.

Posted on 04.26.10 at 2:29 AM

As a dedicated law student, I'm quite busy and always broke. Being the kind and giving mom she has always been, every time I try to get her something she always tells me not to worry about her, which makes it harder to know what to get for her. I would love to be able to do something special for my mom!


Posted on 04.26.10 at 9:41 AM

My mom is so hard to shop for. She is always doing something for someone else. She is so frugal, I don't know what she REALLY enjoys because she never splurges for herself. She is constantly working for our local junior auxiliary in ways that help to give less fortunate children a better life. If she is not doing that, then she is serving in some capacity in our local church, whether it is working in the nursery, numerous committee meetings, or putting together a canned food drive for our local food pantry. My mom definitely deserves to receive something nice for herself, but I am beside myself trying to figure out the perfect gift!


Posted on 04.26.10 at 10:08 AM

Sure, she's hard to shop for, but this year I'd like to get her something special. She was diagnosed with rectal cancer at the beginning of February 2010. Two weeks ago, she suffered from a perforation in her colon, leading her to a life-threatening surgery. She made it, and as she was healing up (1 week later), she had multiple other perforations. She is currently in a hospital an hour away in recovery. The cancer is still there, but it will be at least 9 weeks until she can continue her chemo. I would just love to get her something that means the world.


Posted on 04.26.10 at 10:42 AM

Isn't every mother hard to shop for after you give her flowers a few years in a row? Even the prettiest of peonies get old after the fourth year ... and Hallmark can only do so much! I'd love help putting together a perfect poolside gift set for my mom, since she recently moved to a house with a gorgeous pool. No more poppies or peonies this year!

Shannon M

Posted on 04.26.10 at 1:12 PM

My mom's had some ups and downs over the years, like anyone but she is so fearless and resilient that she seems to just bounce back. Growing up the eldest of nine she knows what it is not to have, her thriftier side often over-ruling even minor indulgences. Thus shopping for her is pleasurable and painful as she is appreciative of any gift I give, but finding something truly spectacular often proves elusive. This would certainly offer her an opportunity to embrace luxury guilt free.


Posted on 04.26.10 at 4:18 PM

My mom is an amazing woman who works so hard to take care of everyone else. When we ask her what she wants she says, " I don't need anything". We're all like, "THAT WASN"T THE QUESTION!" ha ha! I'd love to shower her with this!


Posted on 04.26.10 at 5:57 PM

My mom has done so much for me, I have completely run out of ideas on what to get her. She deserves the world because that is what she has given to me. If I need something, or one of the kids needs something, she is there. It just totally stumps me on what to get her for mother's day, especially because the money I do have goes on bills and the kids.


Posted on 04.26.10 at 8:28 PM

My mom is difficult to shop for because she loves anything I get her. Sounds like a nice problem to have (and it is), but it's impossible to know when I hit the mark or when I get her something she'll never use. I always agonize trying to find just the right gift, because I know she'll react just the same if I get her a pack of M & M's or a book as she will if I get her a nice jacket or the perfect pair of shoes.

jaime miner

Posted on 04.27.10 at 7:10 AM

My mother grew up in Arkansas and was picking cotton fromt the time she was in first grade. She came from a poor family with 6 kids. She has worked for everything she has ever had. Now that she is getting older, and still working, her back has arched and she is having to have accupuncture a couple times a week. She is an amazing mom who has always put me and my two sisters first, and now she is amazing to her grandchildren and great grandchild. She has a hard time finding clothes to fit right, she is short, but "petite" clothing never fits around the middle. She always has to hem her pants. Now she is fighting osteoperosis, and winning, but may have fibromialgia. My mother really deserves a special gift like this... She is an amazing woman!

Elizabeth Presson

Posted on 04.27.10 at 8:14 AM

My mom is a hard working woman on-the-go. She is the ultimate independent, strong-willed woman, who taught me to stand up for myself and never depend on anyone else for happiness. She is not only a hero in my life, but she has been a RN for over 10 years. Saving the lives of many in Detroit, Michigan. She completed nursing school as a single mother while my brother and I were in elementary school. She now is working on her master's degree.

My mom wears a smile everyday while supporting every decision my brother and I make. One of the hardest for her being our decision to "leave the nest." I'm in Washington D.C. working my way up at a small start-up and he is a Marine living in California, getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan. No matter what situation comes her way, my mom sets a perfect example for those around her.

With her strong-willed mind, my mom can be hard to shop for. This year I would really like to show her how much my brother and I appreciate the love and support she has given us.

Thank you for your consideration.



Posted on 04.27.10 at 10:01 AM

My mom is very simple at heart. She spends most of her time at work or home. Whenever I ask her what she wants for Christmas or her birthday or Mother's Day, she says she doesn't need a thing because she has me and her beloved corgi, Bowser.
My mom has been my greatest supporter. She's raised me on her own, with some help from her family, but she always made sure I got what I needed and even most of the things I wanted. I went through a particularly difficult time in high school and she helped me through it. She set aside what she was doing at the time to make sure I got the medical treatment I needed. She held me through countless crying fits and breakdowns. When my principal told me that perhaps I should drop out and get my GED, she fought for me and told me I could do anything I wanted. She is the biggest reason why I overcame the obstacles I faced and went to college and now grad school. Her love has never wavered, even when I act like a selfish brat.
Even in the 5 years I've been away from home and in school, she's still more concerned with how I'm doing than with anything else. Now that I'm about to graduate with my Master's I've begun to question my plans and ability to land a good job. She has been my biggest cheerleader through this period of uncertainty for me. She continually reminds me that I'm too hard on myself and that I will find my way, even if it takes me a little while.
My mom is smart and resourceful, but she hardly thinks about herself. She believes that she doesn't need to indulge herself, but she deserves to be pampered. I can never really fully repay her for all the love and support she's shown me. I have just begun to fully understand all the sacrifices she made for me, so that I might have a better life than she does, and I want to at least try to show her that I appreciate that. It can't have been easy to raise me on her own, especially through my teenage years. I just want her to know that she is much loved and appreciated and that she deserves everything good in this world, even if she thinks she doesn't need it.


Posted on 04.27.10 at 10:35 AM

My mom is the most caring, helpful woman I know. She has always given 100% of herself to her family. Since she has 11 children (Yes, Biologically!)that means she has had zero time for herself. At 63, she so deseves to be spoiled!

Chris Gerber

Posted on 04.27.10 at 11:14 PM

My mother never really wants me to know what she really wants because that would entail me "spending money", so instead all i've been told to get her for the past 20 years is tea towels.

Alan Richman

Posted on 04.28.10 at 4:27 AM

At 80 years old, there is nothing my mother needs that she doesnt have already. Anything we get her must be practical and we "shouldnt spend our money".As long as we can be together shes a happy lady.

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