Mother's Day Personal Shopper: Mikey's Frazzled First-Time Mom

Mikey wrote: "Dear Outblush; You might be surprised to be getting an email from an infant, but as you can see, I'm a pretty advanced little guy. Anyhow, I'm a handful and a half: dirty diapers, midnight feedings, the whole nine yards. Any suggestions on... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Fisticup Brass Knuckles Mug

Does your Mom totally kick ass? Then get her this Fisticup Brass Knuckles Mug ($15). Is your Mom a total wuss? Get it for her anyway. It might fool her students at the elementary school.... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Little Feet Baby Shoe Pendant

You're not a baby anymore, but anyone who's a Mommy knows that your precious spawn will ALWAYS be your little babies. To your mother, you're just as sweet and precious as you were when you spit up every five minutes, giggled into the middle distance,... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Cheese and Wine Basket

Wanna know what your mom told us in the shower this morning? She said she likes to get sloshed and eat dairy products. You should probably order her this Cheese and Wine Basket ($74) from Cheese and Wine Unlimited. It contains your choice of wine... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Mama Bird Necklace

At the park, when some little jerk tries to push your kid off the slide and calls him a baby, out comes Mama Bear. After you break all his stupid fingers one by one intervene, you say, "Yes, he is a baby, but he'll grow... [More]

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Mother's Day Personal Shopper: Mrs. Bennet

Dear Outblush - My mother, while a dear soul, is a high-strung meddler of the first order. Mother's Day is always a challenge as she promises up a storm that she doesn't want anything, but then goes into hysterics if we don't throw a party... [More]

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Trio of Miniature Nesting Hearts

Awe, how much will mom love this Trio of Miniature Nesting Hearts ($30) hand-crafted by JD Wolfe Pottery? And if you really want to get mom's heart-a-bursting, wrap each separately with with some of her favorite things nestled in the bowls: candy, jewelry, lotions, etc.... [More]

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Mother's Day Personal Shopper: Gifts for Wally C.'s Homemaker Mom

Wally C. writes: "Dear Outblush, My mother, June, is the perfect housewife and mom. She does so much for me and I really want to get her a nice gift for Mother's Day, but I don't know what to get because she seems like she... [More]


Mother's Day Personal Shopper: Peg Bundy

Mr. Bundy writes: "Dear Outblush: As if her birthday isn't enough my wife, Peg, is forcing me to get her something for Mother's Day. She thinks that just because she has two kids that means she did something right and deserves something for it. Don't... [More]


Clinique 'Smile and Be Happy' Mother's Day Set

Stumped on what to get a friend for Mother's Day? Clinique 'Smile and Be Happy' Mother's Day Set ($53) That was easy.... [More]

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Baby Be of Use Books

Hey, babies of the world! Your mom could use a little help. Why don't you make yourself useful already? McSweeney's Baby Be of Use Books ($25) are several instruction books on things she's probably going to need your help with. Let's see. We've got Baby... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Lil Da Vinci Art Cabinet

If moms have precocious little artists at home, the Lil Da Vinci Art Cabinet ($28) lets them proudly display and archive their work in an snap. A spring-loaded pocket and easy-open glass door holds up to 50 "cherished masterpieces." Gosh, the rotating cast of cartoon... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Herb Garden

What cook or foodie would rather use store bought, or gasp, freeze dried herbs? We can't think of any either - unless they are seriously lacking in the green thumb department. The Herb Garden ($49) by Royal VKB is perfect for those of us with... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Kitchen Garden Box

The eco-conscious mom will be dazzled by the recycling techniques in Kitchen Garden Box: Save and Sow Seeds of Your Favorite Vegetables ($13). This all-inclusive kit teaches us how to collect, store, use, and replant seeds of their favorite veggies. To make things easy, gardening... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Rwanda "Big Sky" Bowl

We know socks and bathrobes are reliable Mother's Day crowd-pleasers, but consider your mom's reaction when you give her the hand-woven Rwanda "Big Sky" Bowl ($46). The purchase of the bowl supports Fair Winds Trading, a fair trade organization that allows for the fair employment... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Medallion Jewelry Box

Chances are pretty good your mom has plenty of jewelry. Or, perhaps more likely, your mom wears the same jewelry every day and even when you gift her with new items, she rarely deviates from her standards. So instead of a new piece she'll wear... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Vintage Silver Herb Markers

For a mum who loves everything green, these quaint Vintage Silver Herb Markers ($49) are the perfect Mother's Day surprise. Tuck these five repurposed antique silver spreaders (patterns may vary) engraved with herb names into wee pots of oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, and basil for... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Heart-in-Hand Soap

If your mother exhibits the tell-tale signs of overwrought sentimentality (sobbing at Hallmark commercials, getting too worked up looking at lost pet signs, or falling victim tearjerker trailer triggered breakdowns) she'll probably like Heart-in-Hand Soap ($22). This "lovely expression of affection and appreciation" is a... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Yama Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot

Some of us have coffee aficionados for mothers, and our lattes never stand up to the tests. Hooray for technology - get her the Yama Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot ($59) by Northwest Glass, and the rest will take care of itself. Made of heat resistant... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Fortune Chicken

At first, the Fortune Chicken ($16) may seem a trivial and pointless knick-knack. We're sure your mom, like ours, would appreciate the thought and fondly think of you every time she saw it in her kitchen. However, this chicken carries more weight than it appears... [More]

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