Leaf Peepr App

It's inevitable. Fall is almost here. We know because the tree by our front door has started turning a bright shade of orange. While we'll mourn the long summer days, we're psyched to once again witness the brilliance of fall colors. With our newly downloaded... [More]

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Reddit Secret Santa 2011

Have you heard about Reddit Secret Santa 2011 (Free to sign up)? In an effort to spread a little goodwill across the vast expanse of the Internet, reddit is initiating a cyber Secret Santa project. They're going for the Guinness Book of World Records title... [More]

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ArtStudio for iPad

Sure, you can get made fun of for obsessively playing Plants vs. Zombies on your iPad (we won't judge, we lost a lot of sleep playing that game, too), but no one can knock your budding artsy fartsy while you're crafting a masterpiece on the... [More]

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There's a certain sense of giddiness that comes with becoming a Mrs., until you realize that there's an entire file cabinet's worth of paperwork that you need to fill out in order to change your name on everything from credit cards to insurance and notify... [More]

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Pocket Hipster App

Hipsters are good for two things: being snarky and finding good music. Which is exactly what the Pocket Hipster App ($2) does. Impressive, huh? The teeny hipsters living inside your phone take a look at your current music collection, and after a bit of mocking,... [More]

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Man Saver App

We can't help but laugh at the Man Saver App ($FREE). Designed to protect men from O.F.I.R.D.S., Often Forgotten Important Relational Dates Syndrome. Your man simply enters the beginning date of your dating, or marriage, and every relational dates comes to his phone with push... [More]

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Last Night Never Happened App

As much as we really enjoy reading Texts from Last Night, we're less than happy to wake up realizing we've sent our incriminating text messages. And since we've been known to throw a few back and be unable to put our phone down, we're investing... [More]

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Checking the weather outside your window is all well and good, but more times than we care to admit we've been dressed completely wrong for what we thought the weather was. Sure, the sun was shining, but it was 58 degrees out and that sundress... [More]

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You do it, we do it, everyone we know does it. Whether you're writing a term paper in high school, a thesis in college, or a proposal in your corporate American job, sooner or later you hear the siren song of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (do... [More]

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HP Envy 17

We don't do a lot on technology here at Outblush, but lately we've been hearing a new buzz word all over the internet: Sandy Bridge. When we finally did some research, we found that it's a new Intel processor and supposedly up to 17 percent... [More]

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This is where online social networking interacts with the real world. Planely (FREE) is a service that allows you to upload your flight itinerary and see profiles of people on your aircraft who are also using the site. Planely suggests you use their service to... [More]

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It's always such a miraculous event to have a misplaced item turn up in a Lost & Found and make its way back to you. Sometimes, though (especially when you're traveling), there's just no damn way to a) know where you lost it or b)... [More]

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StillTasty iPhone App

Have you ever used StillTasty.com? No? Well now you will, cause it's awesome! It lets you search for any food item that may be sitting in your cupboards or waaay back in your fridge, and it will tell you how for how long it's good... [More]

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Maghound.com Subscription

We don't know if any of you have stumbled upon the awesomeness that is Maghound.com ($5-10 monthly), but we just heard about it and have already signed up for its services. The general ideas is that you pay monthly and get between 3-7 magazines delivered... [More]

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Mad Men Cocktail Culture

Dust off your old shaker, strainer and jigger and imbibe with the Mad Men Cocktail Culture ($1) app. Tom Collins, Old Fashioned, Mint Julep, Blue Hawaiian - you name it, they got it. You'll be mixing like Betty and Don in no time - 60s... [More]

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I Can't Find My Phone

Forget flying cars, the future is here. If you have misplaced your phone and don't have anyone around to call it for you to aid in its location, simply go to I Can't Find My Phone (Free), enter your number, and moments later you'll get... [More]

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Unhear It

If the misfortune of waking up with "Hey, Soul Sister," or "California Gurls" in your head is followed by thought of ripping your hair out - don't mess with your tresses girls, instead, head over to Unhear It. This lovely little website is designed to... [More]

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Star Trek Captain's Log App

Captain's Log, Stardate 2010, we're boldly going where no phone has gone before. The Star Trek Captain's Log App ($2) turns your iPhone into a Starfleet communicator, allowing you to record audio, text entries, snap photos and map your location via GPS. These aren't your... [More]

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Weber's On the Grill App

Warning - the following product may cause you to salivate all over your desk. The Weber's On the Grill App ($5) features over 250 classic Weber recipes as well as recipes for rubs, marinades and sauces. Find one you like - tag it. Have problems... [More]

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Hulu Plus

We love Hulu! In an age where cable is too damned expensive, a free Internet service that provides TV shows aplenty is a God-send. But even Hulu has its limits, and watching the same 5 available episodes of Glee is getting a tad redundant. Enter... [More]

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