Edge of Urge's Surprise of the Month Club: A Missing Pieces Care Package

Do you like surprises? Do you like trinkets? Is your shopping compulsion so strong that you find yourself shouting things like, "I"ll pay for it now, tell me what it is later!"? Answering yes to any of these questions makes you a great candidate for... [More]

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Traveling this summer? These SuperSmartTags ($20+) aren't pretty, but they'll be an invaluable tool as you pass through airports. Each tag carries with it a unique code that you can register at supersmarttag.com. Once registered, the site will link the tag with your e-mail address... [More]

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Stitch Fix

Hopeless at shopping online and in stores? Never fear, Stitch Fix ($20 styling fee; item prices vary) is here. It's an online styling service, which means that you get professional wardrobe help but get to try on all the clothing your virtual stylist picks out... [More]

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Breeze App

Those boots were made for walking...but just how far have they gone? You can keep tabs on that sort of thing with the new Breeze App (free). It may not be the first pedometer app available, but Breeze keeps the information straightforward and sends helpful... [More]

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Have you ever wanted to raid the closets of that super chic fashion blogger that you follow on Instagram? Her posts have you envying her OOTD, but you secretly despise that she received a free pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes for using the Nashville filter... [More]

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Humans of New York

The wildly popular Humans of New York blog has struck a cord with internet readers even outside of NYC by showing the human side of some of the city's eight million residents. Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York book ($18) maintains the blog's magic by... [More]

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Cloak App

Tired of awkward run-ins with frenemies? Prevent these chance encounters with help from the Cloak App (free). Cloak utilizes certain people's propensity for geo-tagging themselves on social media - and let's face it, these people are usually the most annoying - and warns you when... [More]

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Avocado App

Already found your soulmate? Okay, okay, no need to rub it in. Resist the urge to exhibit PDA by keeping your love restricted to your phones. The Avocado App (free) links up phones between two true loves so they can share photos, sync calendars, and... [More]

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Ravensburger Puzzle App

Don't have the space on your dining room table for a giant five-hundred-piece puzzle? Cuddle up with your iPad and the Ravensburger Puzzle App ($3) and all the frustrating things that come with analog puzzles - flipping all the pieces over, knocking pieces off the... [More]

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Calm App

Turn your iPhone from a thing of distraction into a tool for relaxation and rejuvenation with the Calm App (FREE). The idea behind it is exceedingly simple, but that's something people these days seem to have trouble with (we're guilty, too). Choose from ten different... [More]

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American Red Cross Earthquake App

Do you find yourself stressing out about what do if the "Big One" hits? If so, you're not alone, but don't let that fear prevent you from creating a safety plan for you and your loved ones. Take your first step toward becoming an emergency... [More]

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UP Coffee App

You like coffee? That's obviously a rhetorical question; we could already tell from how jittery you are. Perhaps it's time to track your caffeine intake with the UP Coffee app (FREE). Chart your daily coffee drinking to see not only what it's doing to your... [More]

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Lily and Eve Artisan Boxes

Do you like supporting the independent homemade craft industry? If your browser history is embarrassingly Etsy-heavy, Lily and Eve Artisan Boxes ($20/month) may be just the subscription for you. Each month, Lily and Eve mail you a box with different handcrafted products. No need to... [More]

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Treatsie Monthly Subscription

There is nothing fun about running to the convenience store in your pajamas on a Sunday afternoon because your usual supply of post-breakup Ho Hos has run out. Thankfully, subscription service Treatsie ($15) solves this dilemma by delivering a box of delicious goodies to your... [More]

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Chronicle Touch Bill Reminders App

Remember the good ol' days when you had only one bill to pay each month and it was for your phone? Unfortunately, those days are long gone and it's now common for people to juggle enough monthly expenses to make their heads spin. Thankfully, the... [More]

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Being the designated driver is a pretty thankless job - unless you consider your pals managing to puke in a bag as opposed to on your leather interior thanks enough. And if you've been DD, you've probably figured out that you don't get charged for... [More]

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We're not going to say that this fun app, CHIC-Finder (free), promotes your covert operation to snap a photo of your coworker's to-die-for snakeskin heels so you can find a similar pair for yourself, but it does help you reach your goal faster. Once you've... [More]

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FuelMyRoute App

We're sure you've got it down to a science in your own neighborhood, but finding the cheapest spots to fuel up gets more complicated when you're on the road - that is, unless you're packing FuelMyRoute ($free) on your Android device. This simple app points... [More]

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Felt App

Steps to send a greeting card to somebody through the U.S. Postal Service: acquire card, find pen, write message, find envelope, find stamp, and finally, locate mailbox and go to it. Steps to send a greeting card to somebody through the Felt app ($4 per... [More]

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Can't afford Rosetta Stone? (Why does stuff that's good for us, like health food and education, have to be so expensive, while McDonald's has an entire dollar menu?) With the new software Duolingo ($0), learning a language is free, but you have to pay in... [More]

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