So much for the "insta" in Instagram, but that was out some time ago with the release of editing apps like Afterlight and VSCO. But now you've got to run that selfie through yet another app - Facetune ($4), which lets you fix blemishes on... [More]

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If you're obsessed with color coding your Google Calendar on your MacBook but feel a loss once you need to access it on your iPhone, try CalenMob (Free)! The app syncs with your web-based Google Calendar whenever you make an edit and vice versa. You... [More]

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Strings App

We've all experienced it: texter's remorse, that agonizing moment when you realize you've just hit "send" when you absolutely, positively shouldn't have. Until now, the only cure has been to crawl into a corner and die of shame. But if you'd been doing your messaging... [More]

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Stress management gurus usually advise you to turn off your phone, but with buddhify ($5), plugging in might be a better way to get your Zen on. Available for both Apple and Android platforms, this app invites you to select your current status from a... [More]

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Ultrakam 4k Professional Production Suite

Channel your inner Scorsese with nothing more than your iPhone 6. The Ultrakam 4k Professional Production Suite ($10) lets you pass on the big budget equipment, turning that plastic in your pocket into a virtual GoPro. Manually control your camera's focus, shutter, and ISO, live... [More]

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Hi.Q App

You take the time to figure out how often you need to change the transmission fluid on your car or tune up your snow blower. But do you have the knowledge you need to properly care for your most important machine - the one that... [More]

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Plowz App

It's snowing. The wind is blowing. And your trusty John Deere has decided to throw a belt. Who you going to call? With Plowz (Free), you can skip desperate rounds of punching in every number you manage to find on Yelp. Tap a button to... [More]

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Isn't Uber great? It saves you cash on your ride home, keeping more money in your pocket for another round. That is, until it's time to leave and you realize you're standing in a "surge" zone, facing a hefty surcharge for your pickup. Enter SurgeProtector... [More]

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When it comes to tracking down amenities while on a long haul, conventional map apps fall flat. After all, you don't want to know where the nearest Cracker Barrel is if it means going 30 miles out of your way. You want the next Cracker... [More]

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This time last year, your Facebook feed was probably blowing up with unfunny cartoon versions of your friends or colleagues. If that made you want to run screaming for the nearest WiFi-free hills, brace yourself. The makers of Bitstrips recently released Bitmoji (Free), an app... [More]

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Whew! Going to all that effort of hitting the button for your weather app sure is exhausting. Wouldn't it be easier if someone just delivered a forecast to your phone exactly when you wanted it? Especially if that someone was an adorable cartoon cat? Well,... [More]

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It's probably third on our list of things that suck, right after food poisoning and Carrot Top movies: doing laundry. Bad shellfish and Carrot Top can be avoided, but there's no getting around the need for clean clothes. Thankfully, if you live in one of... [More]

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Life is full of little surprises, from blind dates to spur of the moment job interviews. And that means a girl never knows when she's in need of a blowout. With StyleSeat (Free), booking appointments for beauty services from highlights to pedicures is a breeze.... [More]

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Fed up with Match.com? Worn out by eHarmony? Maybe it's time to give your own love life a break, and focus instead on someone who's been there for you the whole time, through breakups and chocolate binges: your dog. DoggyDatez is a free app that... [More]

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Do you look at your Instagram shots and think, "Damn, I'm good!" Maybe it's time to turn that smartphone snapping talent into cold hard cash. ScoopShot (Free) is an app that connects amateur photobugs to companies and publishers looking for content. Tag your images and... [More]

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Dark Sky App

Chance of showers, your left foot. What good does knowing there's a 60% likelihood of precipitation do you when you're trying to squeeze in an extra hour on the beach? Get Dark Sky ($4) and stop guessing. This premium app gives hyperlocal short-term forecasts. Take... [More]

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Put the phone down and back away slowly. Just because your fridge looks like an arctic wasteland does not mean you need resort to Pizza Hut. HealthyOut (Free) is an app that will guide you to delicious, good-for-you delivery or takeout options, whether you're supposed... [More]

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Be honest with yourself; you're probably going to buy a tube of lipstick or a bottle of nail polish this month - probably both. For that cost you might as well sign up for Glossybox ($21), a makeup subscription box that we tried out last... [More]

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Your contact list is a beautifully organized, painstakingly complete record of everybody you need or want to know - right? If you've got an intern to manage it for you, then maybe. For the rest of us, the contacts folder is an unwieldy beast of... [More]

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Makeup Genius

Love hitting the makeup counters to try on new hues, but hate that pressure to buy? Meet Makeup Genius (Free), the app that turns your iPhone into a virtual beauty consultant. Pick out new shades of real-life products, and the app will show you what... [More]

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