Saltbox Plaid Travel Bag

Sweet weekend get aways - sleeping in, no phones, no TV, no obligations, no worries, lots of sex - yeah we need more of them. Well we can't be schlepping away to the Hamptons with any old bag, but the Saltbox Plaid Travel Bag ($152),... [More]

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Aviary Pleated Tote

Get out of your cage and take flight! This Bird Cage Aviary Pleated Tote ($55) makes a perfect carry-on for that end of summer getaway you're daydreaming about. You could even use it for a weekend getaway if you pack light (easy enough to do... [More]

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Mighty Tags

Next airport go-round, instead of yelling, "Get your grubby paws off my Louis," simply point to your Mighty Tags ($6) and let them know, "That's mine, not yours."... [More]

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Keep Calm Luggage Tag

In one sense, sure, this is just another reproduction of the classic print. In another sense, the Keep Calm Luggage Tag ($20) is a very clever reminder that sometimes travel's a bitch, and the easiest way to deal with it is with a cool head... [More]

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Six Senses Hideaway Samui

Perhaps your vacation at Disney World was a *leetle* less than relaxing, what with screaming babies and obligatory awkward photo with Mickey (a.k.a. random person inside a giant stuffed animal), not to mention getting sick off the mountain of cotton candy you devoured. It's time... [More]

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Coccinelle Travel Bag

If your Irish roots have you cheering Erin Go Bragh, you'll most likely be drooling over the Coccinelle Travel Bag ($170). Its Celtic-inspired print has us yearning for Dublin. Don't be alarmed if we mysteriously disappear only to return with our bag packed to the... [More]

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Travel Wine Protector

What's the point of duty free booze buying if it never makes it home in one piece? Never again dear friends, never again. The Travel Wine Protector ($8) will make sure your cheap alcohol makes it home safe and sound. Bubble wrap - not just... [More]

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Marshall Travel Wallet

No more fumbling for your passport, tickets and money to exchange - the Marshall Travel Wallet ($345) will keep all your travel essentials handy. This classic Smythson travel accessory is gorgeous in a Magenta printed calf skin leather, with gold-stamped dividers for Tickets, Passport, Boarding... [More]

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Safety Misinformation Toiletry Bag

Let's be honest, when was the last time you stopped checking email and listening to your iPod to read the airplane safety information card? Yeah, never! So, for all we know they could read like the Safety Misinformation Toiletry Bag ($36). With funny symbols and... [More]

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fruit slice luggage-s.jpg

Fruit Slice Nesting Suitcases

Yes, we're definitely eccentric enough to pull off the Fruit Slice Nesting Suitcases ($32). These mini cases won't cover our daily dose of Vitamin C, but they're so bright and happy, we feel healthier already. Take these vivacious totes on your travels, or use as... [More]

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Priority Pass

We don't know about you, but we've always wondered what goes on in airport lounges: are grapes fed to you by hot man-servants?...are there private bedrooms for nap-taking? a full on rave taking place?! We have no idea really, but we admittedly get a little... [More]

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suitcase sticker-s.jpg

Suitcase Stickers

There's nothing we love more than stirring up some controversy, and that should be no problem at all with Suitcase Stickers ($25). Find your bag in a hurry while you get your fellow travelers' blood pumping with bricks of hard drugs, a kidnapped victim, erotic... [More]

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Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock

You're traveling, your body is out of whack and you're sleeping when you should be awake and enjoying your vakay. The Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock ($40) is a throwback digital alarm clock that has two displays, one for time and the other for the alarm,... [More]

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tree hotel-s.jpg


Holy shit, people, treehouses have been trumped. Swedish Lapland should get a medal for their green luxury resort project opening this week, Treehotel. With a philosophy centered around "ecological values," architects and designers behind this complex built a harmonious interactive natural environment in a real... [More]

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Cloud Luggage Tag

We're having a hard time pretending that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars. We can, however, imagine how fabulous our luggage will be in the night sky with the Cloud Luggage Tag ($38) to keep them straight!... [More]

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Restful Traveler Essential Set

Oh the trials and tribulations of a world-traveler - uncomfortable seats, too much light, loud neighbors, you name it; well, the Restful Traveler Essential Set ($160) has all these problems covered, literally. A beautiful butterfly print graces a silk blanket, silk eye mask, and ear... [More]

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togo cup holder-s.jpg

Travel Coffee Cup Holder

Oh, we get it, the daily grind can just make you snap, and then it's suddenly vacation time. When a self-prescribed mental health weekend is finalized on the fly, and we're running out the door, beverage in hand, we've gotta outsmart the coffee spill meltdown.... [More]

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Gingham Insulated Cooler on Wheels

We don't think this is quite the right statement piece for carting your beers at Ozzfest, but the Gingham Insulated Cooler on Wheels ($60) is great for plenty of other summer outings. Perfect for the beach, a picnic, or concert, this bag features an adjustable... [More]

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Smithfield's Gym Bag

We used to think nothing of it when we threw on a grungey 'ol tee and toted our things to the gym in a plain duffel bag. Then we realized that we didn't have to look like a bum on our gym outings. It's totally... [More]

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Cat Eye Sleeping Mask

Planning some travel this summer? We can't sing the praises of a good sleep mask enough. Whether you just catch some shut eye on the plane or use it to create some serious darkness for your midday snooze after you were out all night, you'll... [More]

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