Madsen Cargo Carrying Cycle

If you like the idea of being eco-friendly enough to forgo the old automobile every once in awhile when you run errands, but you aren't sure how you would cart the kids to the store and still manage to bring home groceries, this is your... [More]

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Viking Ship Row Boat

If news of Viking artifacts exposed by melting ice in Norway has you racking your brain for ancestral memories of singing loudly, pillaging, and hunting reindeer, we're pleased to provide you with something more socially acceptable than a battleaxe, and just as much fun! These... [More]

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Worksman Mover Industrial Tricycle

Bothered because you can't carry anything like a real load of groceries on your bicycle without falling over? Feel guilty because you've been driving to a market only six blocks away? Have sore arms because you have been carrying it all home? Behold the solution:... [More]

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Silveira Personal Watercraft Samba XRS

We're thinking they should re-shoot Tomb Raider so Angie can sail through the water on the Silveira Personal Watercraft Samba XRS ($16995+). Sleek and sexy, this watercraft is more stealth fighter than Sea-Doo. This fine piece of machine is made from carbon fiber and powered... [More]

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Beach Cruiser

It's perfectly fine to be the last cool kid on your block with a two-wheel form of transportation as long as you bust out some serious chrome when the time comes. The Beach Cruiser ($550) from Cynthia Rowley is enough to make all those other... [More]

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Schwinn Cruiser Bike 100.jpg

Schwinn Cruiser Bike

We could wax poetic on the laudable history of Schwinn, and why this 26-inch Schwinn Cruiser Bike ($187) is the perfect investment for easy summer travels, but that all seems besides the point. The truth is Schwinn, you had us at pink.... [More]

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Chanel Inflatable Raft

Nothing says luxury like the Chanel Inflatable Raft ($Inquire) and now you and two of your closest friends can brave the rapids in style. If only Jack had Chanel on his side, he could have gotten off the island quicker.... [More]

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Dahon Mu Uno Folding Bike

If you ditched the bicycle craze due to the constant struggle of carrying your bike up and down the stairs in your apartment, or had a not-so-pleasant subway ride with your two wheeled transport, we've got the solution. The Dahon Mu Uno Folding Bike ($549)... [More]

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LINUS 100.jpg

Linus Bike Roadster Classic

Admit it, sometimes you like to pretend that you were meant to live in the 1960s - and not just any version of the era - the very acutely stylized 60s of Godard, Truffaut, Demy, Rohmer, and all the other New Wavers. Recognizing a market... [More]

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Seismic + Temple Fish Longboard

Who says only dudes can rock the longboard? Not us, and certainly not when they look like the Seismic + Temple Fish Longboard ($265)!... [More]

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Sawako Furuno Ribbon Cycling Helmet

You're taking the eco-initiative and biking or scooter-ing to work each day - good for you! But that helmet... So drab. So not you. A Sawako Furuno Ribbon Cycling Helmet ($104) will keep your noggin safe and keep you looking chic, with its muted celadon... [More]

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Honda U3-X

After the novelty of the Segway wore off - we were left with a bunch of tourists and cops running into everything while wearing funny helmets. Thank goodness that madness has segway-ed into the Honda U3-X (TBA)! This latest and greatest personal mobility device from... [More]

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Amish Made Scooters

Combining bicycle size with scooter fun, these Amish Made Scooters ($245) are just the thing for running weekend errands... or just 'cause. With ball bearing wheels and a rear foot brake, they handle like a dream and can just about turn on a dime. Also... [More]

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Focale 44 Noble Cruiser

While we're fresh into April and focused on some greenness, both in our lives and on freshly sprung grass, we've found the perfect mode of transport to slash that carbon footprint. The Focale 44 Noble Cruiser ($500) has a modern classical frame and the sweetest... [More]

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If Mode Bicycle

Sick of high gas prices, fighting over parking spots, and endless hours idling in traffic - or even hours spent on public transportation? The If Mode Bicycle ($2250) was designed specifically for city commuters: it folds into a compact, easy-to-carry package so you can store... [More]

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Coffee Cup Power Inverter

We use caffeine to recharge when we're slumping on the go. Why can't our gadgets? This whiz-bang nifty Coffee Cup Power Inverter ($30) allows you to forget trying to find car chargers for your phone, laptop, or iWhatevers and just plug 'em into the top... [More]

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The Laptopper

Yes, the Laptopper ($18) turns your car's steering wheel into a table for those times when you're eating or working on the go. BUT we beg of you, do not be that one idiot who tries to use this while actually driving. We've already got... [More]

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Taga 2-in-1 Stroller

Finally a stroller that is as functional for baby as it is for your ass! Taga has combined a stroller with a bicycle to create a totally new way to travel with your young one. The 2-in-1 Stroller ($2400) has plenty of storage capacity, hand... [More]

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boardman bike-s.jpg

Chris Boardman High Tech Theft-proof Bicycle

Maybe the Jetsons had a bike like this...the color choice is right, at least. The High Tech Theft-proof Bicycle ($Inquire), designed by Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman, has serious chops plus reassuring theft-proof technology featuring self-inflatable puncture-free tires and fingerprint-only activation. We won't have to count... [More]

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Urban Outfitters Bike

Urban Outfitters has wowed us again by collaborating with Republic Bike to provide customized Urban Outfitters Bikes ($399). Nearly every piece of this fixed gear cycle is customizable to a color of your choice, leaving you with wheels that are uniquely yours. Cruise on over... [More]

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