Vintage Bike Bell

Ah, the good old days, when bicycle helmets were optional and bicycle bells made that classic "ding-ding" sound. Adorn your bike with this Vintage Bike Bell ($14) for that old-fashioned sound your iPhone app just can't replicate!... [More]

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Shinola Women's Bixby Bike

Even as casual bikers, we can take one look at the Shinola Women's Bixby Bike ($1,950) and know it's a keeper. With impeccable construction and attention to detail, it'll have you cruisin' around on its two wheels for decades to come. Invest in a bike... [More]

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Bowery Lane Tandem Bicycle

As with Doc's DeLorean, a little speed on the vintage-inspired Bowery Lane Tandem Bicycle ($1,500) is sure to send you and your pedaling partner back in time. To be safe, you should tie up your hair into a bouncy ponytail and don a full skirt... [More]

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6-Bottle Bike Bag

We think we need to invest in one of these 6-Bottle Bike Bags ($53). If we're going to spend many a summer afternoon drinking our calories with friends, we may as well bike to and from each get-together to burn them off! Each six-pack saddlebag... [More]

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Huffy Deluxe Ladies' Bike

Sure, we love the Huffy Deluxe Ladies' Bike ($150) because of its cool mint color, white wheels, aluminum basket, and overall vintage design. But we really love it because it's well within our budget. Casual bikers don't have thousands to spend on a ride, so... [More]

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Little Guy Rough Rider

Take a walk with us down fantasy lane... We dream of the day when a Ryan-Gosling-type lumberjack takes us and the dog for a road trip, towing the Little Guy Rough Rider ($inquire) behind the Jeep Wrangler, doors off and top down, of course. We'll... [More]

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Martone Cycling Company Women's Grand Bicycle

Sure, the price on the Grand Bicycle ($899) may be steep, but think of the money you'll be saving by biking everywhere this summer. It beats tossing away your coin at the pump, that's for sure! Plus, you're more likely to get a buncha "sweet... [More]

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Danish Bicycle Bell

It's almost time to dust off the ol' bike for spring riding. But before you get going, check the chains and wheels and update your bell! The Danish Bicycle Bell ($65) is as simple and sturdy as they come. What's more, each one is made... [More]

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Berg Ferrari FXX Racer Pedal Go-Kart

Santa failed to deliver the Berg Ferrari FXX Racer Pedal Go-Kart ($899). But that's cool. We have a birthday coming up and we know words like "competition" and "would have kicked your ass anyway" are pretty much sealing the deal on the main squeeze buying... [More]

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Raging Red Bike Light

Now that it's getting darker sooner, we implore all you bikers out there to keep a light on. The Raging Red bike light ($29) from Bookman will not only insure that we drivers see you so we don't accidentally run you off the road, but... [More]

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Spokin' Bike Spoke Beads

We don't care if you're pedaling a Trek: we know our bike is cooler than yours. Why? Because we're sure that your fancy-pants two-wheeler isn't sporting these Spokin' Bike Spoke Beads ($9). Not only do they add an attention-grabbing bit of color to our wheels,... [More]

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The Only Scootercase

We admit that at first, we laughed at The Only Scootercase ($300). But after we finished giggling over the expression of pure joy on the model's face, we realized that we sorta want one. Riding our luggage totally beats being ridden by our forty-pound duffel.... [More]

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Spot Me Reflective Buttons

Winter may be waning, but it's still kinda dark out there on our bike rides home from work. Until the sun decides to stick around longer, we're going to keep on wearing our Spot Me Reflective Buttons ($20) as we pedal in the dim of... [More]

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Topeak JoeBlow Sprint Floor Pump

Last time we tried to pump up our bike tires before heading to the gym, our pump burst its tube and ended up draining all the air out of our tire. We spent the next ten minutes reinflating our tire with a tiny handheld travel... [More]

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Electra Cup Holder

The only thing we miss about selling our car and biking more often is the cup holder. Sometimes a girl's just gotta have a place to hold her coffee, you know? This Electra Cup Holder ($15) attaches to our eco-ride so we still get the... [More]

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Basil Front Carrier

This summer we plan on riding our bike to the beach every day to work on our tan writing and enjoy a little sunshine. We figure it would be smart to get a jump start on strategic packing with this Basil Front Carrier ($68). By... [More]

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Amish Made Scooters

Try as we might, we're just never gonna master the skateboard. Thankfully, these Amish Made Scooters ($265) are available in adult size so we can get around town efficiently without falling over. Doesn't it look like so much more fun than riding a bike?!... [More]

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The Cycle Care Kit

You and your bike have put in a lot of miles together. Trips to the beach, morning rides of shame to get your daily Diet Coke/coffee/bear claw fix, and (in our case lame attempts at) mountain biking. It deserves a little TLC once in a... [More]

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Petal Brite Reflective Bike Basket Bouquet

Petal Brite Reflective Bike Basket Bouquet

Let these pretty flowers light your way as you go for a cruise at dusk! The little wreath has fabric flowers with reflective centers that will illuminate you and your bicycle. How cute would this floral bouquet look attached to your vintage basket? Petal Brite... [More]

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I Have to Poop Bumper Sticker

I Have To Poop Bumper Sticker

We've all been there before....stuck in a car behind the wheel. Totally NG. We wish we had this on the back of our car. See...our speeding is sometimes warranted. I Have To Poop Bumper Sticker ($5)... [More]

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