Sugoi Lucky Knicker

No one relishes the idea of putting on padded garments, but if you're spinning in the gym or cycling around your neighborhood to get in shape, chances are you're doing it long enough to get a sore booty. Maintain a little bit of style while... [More]

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Rainbow Boat Kite

We personally don't fly many kites, due to a fear of Charlie-Brown-scale failure, but we might just give it a try this time. Seeing the Rainbow Boat Kite ($15) floating through the blue sky would improve our lives.... [More]

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You Tell Us: Vuvuzelas

The 2010 World Cup is in full swing in South Africa, and we hear it's quite the party, especially once the vuvuzelas start blaring. What the hell is a vuvuzela, you ask? Click here to hear 'em in action. These South African plastic horns sound... [More]

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Two in the Shirt Spain Futbol Tee

As all soccer/football fans know the FIFA World Cup is currently living large in South Africa. We can't help but get swept up the excitement of the event. We love getting in the spirit of things and we rather like the cheeky appeal of this... [More]

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Culture Club: Yoshitomo Nara Towel

When we saw the Yoshitomo Nara Towel ($95), we decided its time to chuck our Simpsons towel (sorry dudes!). This towel is especially spectacular because it's an exclusive reproduction of an art piece by Yoshitomo Nara and was made possible by the Art Production Fund,... [More]

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Pocket Shower

In our world, camping means eating more hot dogs than we thought possible and collecting an impenetrable layer of dust and bug spray all over our body. We'd be a lot happier if we could chow down aforementioned dogs without the grimey exoskeleton. Sea to... [More]

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Water Walking Ball

Just give us a Water Walking Ball ($549) and a lake. Great, see you at the end of the summer!... [More]

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IDEA Soccer Ball 100.jpg

Design Soccer Ball

Gooooooaaaallll! We're only a few weeks away from Match 1 of the 2010 World Cup, and it seems like soccer is all anyone is talking about these days. Sadly we haven't owned a soccer ball since the 8th grade, so now is as good a... [More]

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Sweetheart Saddle

Things can get rough n' tough on your morning bicycle commute through the city, but let the Sweetheart Saddle ($40) serve as a reminder that under all that bike gear, you're really just a sweetheart.... [More]

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Lilly Pulitzer Printed Cruiser

Lilly Pulitzer Printed Cruiser

Your friends will be a bright shade of green (similar to Lilly green) when they see you rollin' down the block on your Lilly Pulitzer Printed Cruiser ($450). This awesome bike is one accessory the true Lilly lover can't live without. The frame features fun... [More]

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Star Bright Bike Helmet

We understand that our heads are carrying some precious cargo and we'd like to protect our lovely brains while being active - but do helmets have to be so darned ugly? No they don't, friends! The Star Bright Bike Helmet ($50) by Nutcase makes your... [More]

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Vapur Anti-Bottle

Carrying a reusable water bottle is just great... until the bottle's empty and you're left toting around an empty piece of plastic that's not doing you any good at all. Well, Vapur solved that problem with the so-simple-it's-brilliant Anti-Bottle ($16 for a set of 2).... [More]

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Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag

You've been there before - out in the elements, roughing it, it's cold, and you just wanna do the no pants dance pee without having to get out of your sleeping bag! Well friends, no longer will this plague your camping trips! The Sexy Hotness... [More]

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GSI Vortex Blender

The next time you're camping or at a concert, mix up your favorite liquor laden drink fruit smoothie with this awesome GSI Vortex Blender ($82). This blender runs on pure muscle, so it's handy in the house for those black-outs - when only a margarita... [More]

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Bloom Flower Golf Club Covers

Your partner's clubs are decked out in sweet Collegiate mascot covers and you're stuck with the drab factory issued ones. No longer, ladies. Bloom Flower Golf Club Covers ($54) will save your clubs from feeling under-dressed on the greens. Four fully lined club covers are... [More]

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Nokko Umbrella

Spring showers abound, but those raindrops aren't fallin' on our heads, no sir! We're darling and dry under our Nokko Umbrella ($65). This is just one of the many urbane umbrellas at pare*umbrella. Check 'em out, especially if you reside in a rainy region.... [More]

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Window-Mounted Birdfeeder

The urban spaces in which many of us dwell are not always conducive to our love of nature. Born in Sweden's Window Mounted Birdfeeder ($18) is a bubble of recycled plastic that is mounted to your window through a double-sided suction cup. Designed for small... [More]

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Moistly Grilled Grill Humidifier

You're putting your foot down this grilling season... No longer will the man of the house hog the tongs! Of course, you put this foot down in a dainty manner while bringing something new outdoors. Moistly Grilled Grill Humidifier ($30) is the cast iron wonder... [More]

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Gerber Daisy Umbrella

Geez Louise, the Gerber Daisy Umbrella ($25) could brighten anyone's day! It gives the rain a big "eff you" with the age old floral trend. Even the edges are cut like petals. Flower girl or not, this umbrellas a boost of energy that's welcome on... [More]

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Reebok Easy Tones

Try on a pair of Reebok EasyTones ($100) - wearing them is like walking on wee pillows of happiness. There is a small, round pocket of air below the heel and ball of the foot. The pockets function similarly to balance balls and not only... [More]

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