The Cycle Care Kit

You and your bike have put in a lot of miles together. Trips to the beach, morning rides of shame to get your daily Diet Coke/coffee/bear claw fix, and (in our case lame attempts at) mountain biking. It deserves a little TLC once in a... [More]

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The Snowball Slingshot

Surprise your husband with The Snowball Slingshot ($40) this Christmas and watch him revert back to a 15 year old boy, minus the acne and squeaky voice. This totally beats the Nerf dart gun he's been hinting about.... [More]

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Camelbak Groove Water Bottle

This limited edition Camelbak Groove Water Bottle ($25) has two things a regular Camelbak lacks: style and charity! We love our solid color bottle, but ya gotta admit the pattern on the Goove bottle is pretty cute. Plus, when you purchase a Groove, not only... [More]

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Holabird Sports Holiday Sale

Holabird Sports is having a holiday sale! This Black Friday through Cyber Monday enjoy great deals on name brand running shoes, tennis equipment and more. Be sure to take advantage of the special sale on running, tennis, and squash--you can save up to 70% on... [More]

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Burton Red Avid Grom R2D2 Helmet

And the award for nerdiest snowboard gear goes to...(drumroll, please!)...the Red Avid Grom R2D2 Helmet ($100)! Good thing it's cool to be a nerd these days. Quite literally, we suppose, if you're wearing this on the slopes.... [More]

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Burton Chopper Star Wars Snowboard Series

Okay, Burton. We're keen on boarding in style this winter and as much as we get why all the ladies' boards feature groovy flowers and feminine colors, we were thinking more along the lines of your Chopper Star Wars Snowboard Series ($190) for boys. But... [More]

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Terrain Marshmallow Twig Roaster

It's too damn cold to think about using this Marshmallow Twig Roaster ($18) outside, but what's the point in being able to have fire inside your house if you can't roast marshmallows? S'mores are not just for camping, people!... [More]

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Restoration Hardware Original Disposable Flasks

If you're going to tailgate and then try and sneak into the game with a flask, we're going to point you in the best "smuggle it in" direction we can! We don't like paying 8 dollars per beer, either! These Original Disposable Flasks ($15, set... [More]

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Bookman's LED Bicycle Lights

We've been so sad to see the sun set earlier and earlier each day. *Sigh* Pretty soon we're going to find ourselves curling up in PJ's right after we leave work at 5pm. But until then, we're going to squeeze every last second out of... [More]

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Contigo Kangaroo Water Bottles

Even though we paid a pretty penny for our latest top of the line water bottle, we're going to have to put it back on our shelves in favor of the Contigo Kangaroo Water Bottle ($10, on sale). It's not that we're not into the... [More]

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GSI Halulite Microdualist Cookware and Mess Set

We love the idea of backpacking into the woods and roughing it for a few days. Except there are bugs, and that pack is really heavy, and we won't be able to check our facebook account to see if anyone 'liked' our cute camping braid... [More]

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The Netted Cocoon Hammock

After a week of camping with no showers, we're not even going to imply you'll emerge from The Netted Cocoon Hammock ($100) as a beautiful butterfly. We will tell you that you'll emerge bite free and rested from not having mosquitoes buzzing in your ears... [More]

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Light My Fire Grandpa's Fire Fork

We don't know who grandpa is, but his idea for the Light My Fire Grandpa's Fire Fork ($5) is genius! Make use of random sticks or your extremely drunk uncle's finger and start roasting some marshmallows and wieners. There are a lot of bonfires coming... [More]

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G-form Shin Pads

Protection against biking spills, soccer mishaps, and well placed kicks from incredibly grumpy children, G-form Shin Pads ($40) protect those sensitive areas from things that make us laugh in movies, but cry in real life. Feel free to get bad-A in your next soccer match,... [More]

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Hammerhead Pro XLD Sled

It's been a while since you've broken your arm, right? Designed to go about a billion times faster than the ol' college cafeteria trays we used all through college, the Hammerhead Pro XLD Sled ($349) carves and glides down mountain faces like an animal. Are... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Soap to GoTravel Size Adventure Sticks

We've been looking for something like these Soap to Go Travel Size Adventure Sticks ($5 for 10) by Prunella Soap for a while now. We're not keen on hand sanitizer in our purses ever since it exploded all over our favorite leather bag, and public... [More]

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Case Yellow Handle Small Texas Toothpick

If you weren't aware (and we weren't before today!), a "Texas Toothpick" doesn't not refer to a teeny piece of wood perfect for teeth cleaning after a meal. In the instance of this Case Yellow Handle Small Texas Toothpick ($30), it refers to a 3-inch... [More]

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Hedge Sweet Hog Doormat

Stepping on actual hedgehogs prior to entering a house would be quite uncomfortable, but stepping on this Hedge Sweet Hog Doormat ($35) is quite pleasant and leaves us smiling after every entry and exit. See more doormats.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Flash Tyre Valve Cap Light

Safety first, followed closely by style. With these Flash Tyre Valve Cap Lights ($3) you'll be more visible to motorists and your evening bike rides now feel like something out of Tron. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse... [More]

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H2OMG Bottle in Indoor

Yep, we're telling you right now: we don't do bottled water. We drink straight from the tap, baby! (Well, occasionally we filter, but you get out point--no wasted plastic here!) Inspire the rest of your Pilates group to go earth-friendly by carrying the H2OMG Bottle... [More]

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