Italian Olive Tree Adoption

We love the idea of the Italian Olive Tree Adoption ($109) as an alternative kind of present this year. Your year adoption lets you reap the fruits of someone else's labor. You'll receive a certificate and booklet about your tree, come Spring you'll get a... [More]

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Long Heart Print Walker Umbrella

In some regions, winter is synonymous with rain. Or at least unrelenting drizzle. So we found a useful accessory for all you damp state dwellers! The Long Heart Print Walker Umbrella ($44) in cream has pretty little black heart detailing and a ruffled edge, giving... [More]

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Nike Sport Shoulder Bag

It's a mystery to us why we want to look good on our way to and from the gym, but we do. It's a simple fact of life for some of us. Sure, we have mad respect for girls who don't bother to brush their... [More]

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rain hat-s.jpg

Eco Rain Hat

Old lady chic is good with a little irony and a lot of colorful pattern. Carry the matronly-cute Eco Rain Hat ($22) when there's a chance of rain, and remind yourself it's a Euro thing. Thanks, Cocoboheme, you make the French ingenue vibe easy.... [More]

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Plyones Orchid Bicycle Bell

Sorry, sweetie, we won't be getting you a new bike for Christmas. BUT! Until then, you can put this shiny new Plyones Orchid Bicycle Bell ($20) on this old 1974 cruiser. Just like new!... [More]

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Tubbs Wilderness Series Snowshoe

We haven't the slightest clue what snowshoes have to do with breast cancer awareness, and that's ok, because the Tubbs Wilderness Series Snowshoe ($220) are super awesome. We're pretty sure they're going to be the impetus for your new found love of hiking during the... [More]

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Henri Bendel Ping Pong Set

With the summer months setting behind us we're in desperate need of a good indoor activity to keep our blood pumping, and perhaps it's time we switched from the reality show marathon kind. The Henri Bendel Ping Pong Set ($48) brings style and class to... [More]

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GSI Outdoors JavaPress

If your reluctance to go camping comes not from the bugs, bears and lack of TV, but from the lack of coffee - then we're about to eliminate your excuse. The GSI Outdoors JavaPress ($30) will keep your favorite morning ritual intact after your snooze... [More]

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Junk Food NFL Collection

If you aren't super jazzed about the upcoming NFL season - you should be! And if the only way you can get into the spirit is by shopping, then we're ok with that too, and ask you to take a gander at the Junk Food... [More]

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Erickson Longboards

We've decided walking just takes too damn long, but we're still conscious enough of the environment to know it's not ideal for us to drive to the liquor store two blocks away. So, we've taken up longboarding, which doesn't require an extraordinary amount of balance... [More]

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ParaCord Survival Bracelet

Here's something out of left field for the action-adventurer woman: the ParaCord Survival Bracelet ($22). Don't dismiss it as a thick friendship bracelet--this intricate woven braid bracelet contains 16' of military spec paracord for emergency situations. To use, unravel the bracelet, tie your pulley knot,... [More]

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Road Popper

We would never condone drinking and riding, but what's a cyclist to do when she wants a cold one after safely arriving at her destination? Easy peasy, open that brewski (or fancy soda pop) with the Road Popper ($40). No need to fumble around looking... [More]

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Halex Platinum Bocce Set

If you haven't spent any of Summer boning up on your Bocce skills, now's the time - while the temperature still reads above 40 degrees. The Helix Platinum Bocce Set ($100) features clear resin balls that seem to glow in red and blue. The set... [More]

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Oxford Collection Court Bag

Sometimes we can't hide our love of all things preppy - like wanting to take tennis lessons and rock the court with some lovely accoutrements. The Oxford Collection Court Bag ($75) is the perfect accessory for our foray into tennis. This preppy sports bag is... [More]

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Juicy Couture Beach Cooler

Nothing bums us out like getting out of the salty sea water on a hot day and reaching for a beverage only to find that our carefully shaded beers sodas are warm. Although, we're not going to load up the camping cooler for a little... [More]

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It's picnic season, kiddos! Have you gotten out there for some outdoor eatin' yet? We just got inspired to get out when we saw the badass Boxsal Picnic Boxes ($35). We don't have one of those wicker fancy pants baskets because it doesn't fit our... [More]

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Marimekko Picnic Blanket

Are you having a picnic this holiday weekend? We will, and we're kicking ourselves for not picking up this Couples Marimekko Picnic Blanket ($145) from SewnNatural. With a denim backing and padded inner layer, this would sure be a sturdy and comfy addition to the... [More]

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Callaway Moc Golf Shoe

It's easy to see how some of us would shy away from swinging the wrenches - seriously, have you seen the fashion on those links! Well, fashion based excuses may have to go out the window with items like the Callaway Moc Golf Shoe ($108).... [More]

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Powder Pouch

We all love the beach, but that doesn't mean we want to take it home with us. The Powder Pouch ($11) makes removing all that unwanted sand a snap. A drawstring bag encloses a soft cotton pouch with a starter supply of talc powder. Washable... [More]

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Sports Scout Backpack 100.jpg

Sports Scout Backpack

It happens every summer. The boyfriend gets this crazy idea that you and your blow dryer would enjoy some sort of rugged, no toilet paper, no air conditioning, no box spring camping trip. Why not compromise on a day hike? You'll splurge for the hotel.... [More]

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